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Dominos League Standings
 1. KR 18-4 
 2. Stjarnan 16-6 
 3. Keflavik 15-7 
 4. Haukar 15-7 
 5. Thor Thorl 14-8 
 6. Tindastoll 14-8 
 7. Njardvik 11-11 
 8. Grindavik 9-13 
 9. Snaefell 8-14 
 10. IR 6-16 
 11. FSU 3-19 
 12. Hottur 3-19 

KR clinch Cup trophy (Photo:
Season 2015-2016
All Games
List of Players
List of Imports
Points Per Game
 Sherrod WRIGHT
  Avg: 28.3
 1. Wright, Snaefell28.3 
 2. Carberry, Hottur28.2 
 3. Woods, FSU27.7 
 4. Mitchell, Rueil25.9 
 5. Brown, Keflavik25.4 
 6. Hall, Thor Thorl23.6 
 7. Craion, KR22.8 
 8. Madison, Haukar20.9 
 9. Coleman, Stjarnan20.7 
 10. Mobley, Haukar20.7 
Rebounds Per Game
 Chris WOODS
  Avg: 15.2
 1. Woods, FSU15.2 
 2. Brown, Keflavik12.1 
 3. Nathanaelsso., Tho.11.9 
 4. Coleman, Stjarnan11.9 
 5. Simmons, Leiden11.4 
 6. Hill, Keflavik11.2 
 7. Mitchell, Rueil11.2 
 8. Craion, KR11.2 
 9. Saevarsson, Breid.10.7 
 10. Virijevic, Hottur10.5 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 7.4
 1. Ermolinskij, KR7.4 
 2. Steinarsson, Penas6.8 
 3. Shouse, Stjarnan5.6 
 4. Valsson, Keflavik5.6 
 5. Gudmundsson, Grind.5.3 
 6. Birgisson, Tindast.5.2 
 7. Jonsson, Haukar5.1 
 8. Barja, Haukar5.1 
 9. Carberry, Hottur5.0 
 10. Hall, Thor Thorl4.5 
Steals Per Game
 Michael CRAION
  Avg: 2.7
 1. Craion, KR2.7 
 2. Atkinson, Njardvik2.4 
 3. Carberry, Hottur2.3 
 4. Gudmundsson, Grind.2.2 
 5. Steinarsson, Penas2.1 
 6. Madison, Haukar1.8 
 7. Rikhardsson, IR1.7 
 8. Shouse, Stjarnan1.7 
 9. Birgisson, Tindast.1.7 
 10. Lewis, Tindastoll1.7 
Blocks Per Game
 Michael CRAION
  Avg: 2.2
 1. Craion, KR2.2 
 2. Nathanaelsso., Tho.2.0 
 3. Magnusson, Haukar1.8 
 4. Brown, Keflavik1.7 
 5. Anderson, KFI1.4 
 6. Ermolinskij, KR1.3 
 7. Garcia, Grindavik1.2 
 8. Mobley, Haukar1.2 
 9. Palsson, Njardvik1.1 
 10. Mitchell, Rueil1.0 

KR celebrate SuperCup title (Photo:

KR celebrate third straight League title (Photo:

KR Reykjavik 2015-16
Finnur Stefansson Finnur Stefansson Stefansson
Michael Craion
Pavel Ermolinskij
Darri Hilmarsson
Bjorn Kristjansson
Brynjar Bjornsson
# Name CM (INCH) Pos Bo NAT
7  Craion Michael 195 (6'5'') F 89 USA
15  Ermolinskij Pavel 202 (6'8'') G 87 Iceland
13  Hilmarsson Darri 190 (6'3'') F/G 87 Iceland
8  Kristjansson Bjorn 188 (6'2'') G 92 Iceland
4  Bjornsson Brynjar 188 (6'2'') G 88 Iceland
10  Magnusson Helgi 197 (6'6'') SF 82 Iceland
9  Thorbjarnarsson Thorir 196 (6'5'') F 98 Iceland
10  Baldvinsson Jon 193 (6'4'') F 84 Iceland
6  Steinarsson Aegir 185 (6'1'') PG 91 Iceland
11  Hrafnkelsson Snorri 199 (6'7'') C 93 Iceland
11  Atlason Darri 183 (6'0'') G 94 Iceland
4  Fjalarsson Hagni 189 (6'3'') G 96 Iceland
14  Jensson Vilhjalmur 180 (5'11'') PG 96 Iceland
12  Aegisson Olafur 187 (6'2'') G 81 Iceland
5  Sigurjonsson Olafur 181 (5'11'') PG 99 Iceland
 Holm Helgi 98 Iceland
8  Hermannsson Arnor 175 (5'9'') PG 98 Iceland
41  Hlynsson Andres 173 (5'8'') PG 99 Iceland
Head Coach: Finnur Stefansson All-Icelandic League Awards 2016 - May 10, 2016 All-Icelandic League 1st Team 2016
Pavel Ermolinskij
Justin Shouse
Michael Craion
Al'Lonzo Coleman
Ragnar Nathanaelsson

Finals MVP: Michael Craion (195-F-89) of KR
Player of the Year: Michael Craion (195-F-89) of KR
Guard of the Year: Pavel Ermolinskij (202-G-87) of KR
Forward of the Year: Michael Craion (195-F-89) of KR
Center of the Year: Ragnar Nathanaelsson (218-C-91) of Thor Thorl
Import Player of the Year: Michael Craion (195-F-89) of KR
Domestic Player of the Year: Pavel Ermolinskij (202-G-87) of KR
Defensive Player of the Year: Michael Craion (195-F-89) of KR
Coach of the Year: Finnur Stefansson of KR

1st Team
G: Pavel Ermolinskij (202-G-87) of KR
PG: Justin Shouse (181-PG-81) of Stjarnan
F: Michael Craion (195-F-89) of KR
F: Al'Lonzo Coleman (201-F-89) of Stjarnan
C: Ragnar Nathanaelsson (218-C-91) of Thor Thorl

2nd Team
G: Sherrod Wright (193-G-91) of Snaefell
G: Jon Gudmundsson (192-G-96) of Grindavik
PG: Aegir Steinarsson (185-PG-91) of Penas Huesca
G: Vance Hall (193-G-91) of Thor Thorl
SF: Haukur Palsson (197-SF-92) of Njardvik

Honorable Mention
Maciej Baginski (195-SF-95) of Njardvik
Brynjar Bjornsson (188-G-88) of KR
Chris Woods (195-F-89) of FSU
Tobin Carberry (193-G-91) of Hottur
Sveinbjorn Claessen (195-G-86) of IR
Mirko Virijevic (201-F-81) of Hottur
Sigurdur Thorvaldsson (201-F-80) of Snaefell
Sherrod Wright (193-G-91) of Snaefell
Austin Bracey (190-G-90) of Snaefell
Omar Saevarsson (198-F-82) of Breidablik
Darrel Lewis (192-G-76) of Tindastoll
Valur Valsson (180-PG-94) of Keflavik
Brandon Mobley (206-F-91) of Haukar
Finnur Magnusson (207-C-85) of Haukar
Jeremy Atkinson (193-F-90) of Njardvik
Kari Jonsson (190-G-97) of Haukar
Earl Brown (198-F-92) of Keflavik

All-Domestic Players Team
G: Pavel Ermolinskij (202-G-87) of KR
PG: Justin Shouse (181-PG-81) of Stjarnan
G: Jon Gudmundsson (192-G-96) of Grindavik
PG: Aegir Steinarsson (185-PG-91) of Penas Huesca
C: Ragnar Nathanaelsson (218-C-91) of Thor Thorl

All-Imports Team
G: Tobin Carberry (193-G-91) of Hottur
G: Sherrod Wright (193-G-91) of Snaefell
F: Michael Craion (195-F-89) of KR
F: Al'Lonzo Coleman (201-F-89) of Stjarnan
F: Earl Brown (198-F-92) of Keflavik

KR earn third straight Dominos League title - Apr 29, 2016

Haukar - KR 70-84

KR upset Haukar on the road to clinch the third consecutive Dominos League title. It was a very close game until the last quarter, when KR's pressure prevailed and they won that period 31-21 extending their advantage to 14 points. Worth to mention a great performance of American forward Michael Craion (195-89, college: ORU) who helped to win the game recording 27 points and 9 rebounds. The former international guard Brynjar Bjornsson (188-88, college: Francis Marion) contributed with 23 points and 8 rebounds for the winners. Four KR players scored in double figures. American forward Brandon Mobley (206-91, college: Seton Hall, agency: HMS) replied with 31 points and 7 rebounds (made all of his eight free throws) and guard Haukur Oskarsson (194-91) added 17 points in the effort for Haukar.
Top scorers:
Haukar: B.Mobley 31+7reb+1ast, H.Oskarsson 17+3reb+3ast, H.Stefansson 8+2reb+1ast, F.Magnusson 6+5reb+2ast, K.Jonasson 4+3reb+1ast, K.Marinosson 2+3reb+1ast
KR: M.Craion 27+9reb+1ast, B.Bjornsson 23+8reb+3ast, P.Ermolinskij 12+12reb+6ast, H.Magnusson 11+4reb+7ast, B.Kristjansson 5+1reb, D.Hilmarsson 4+2reb+1ast
gschID: 469951

KR clinch Cup trophy - Feb 14, 2016

KR - Thor Thorl 95:79

KR claimed the Icelandic Cup title. They overcame Thor Thorl in the Final tonight. Helgi Magnusson (197-SF-82, college: Catawba) stepped up with 26 points and 6 rebounds to lead the winners.
KR dominated early in the game. They jumped to a 22:15 lead ten minutes into the game. But Thor Thorl slowed their opponents down in the second period. They erased the deficit and eked out a 40:39 halftime lead. However KR quickly regained composure. KR went on a 24:14 run in the third term to clinch a 9-point lead heading into the fourth term. KR unleashed 32 points in the final period and celebrated the title. Michael Craion (195-F-89, college: ORU) accounted for 17 points and 13 rebounds, while Aegir Steinarsson (185-PG-91, college: Newberry, agency: Pro Partner Sports Management) added 15 points for the winners. Vance Hall (193-G-91, college: Bellarmine) responded with game-high 34 points for Thor Thorl. Ragnar Bragason (189-G-94) had 11 points in the defeat.

KR: Helgi Magnusson 26, Michael Craion 17+13 boards, Aegir Steinarsson 15
Thor Thorl: Vance Hall 34, Ragnar Bragason 11

KR celebrate SuperCup title - Oct 12, 2015

KR - Stjarnan 90:86

KR earned the first trophy of the season. They edged Stjarnan for the SuperCup title. Brynjar Bjornsson (188-G-88, college: Francis Marion) and Michael Craion (195-F-89, college: ORU, agency: Lee Basketball Services Ltd.) provided 25 points each to lead the effort.
KR and Stjarnan went neck and neck throughout the first period. The scoreboard read 22:22 after ten minutes. KR spurred ahead in the second frame. They dropped 25 points in the second period and ensured a 47:43 halftime advantage. Stjarnan narrowed the gap in the third frame. They pulled within three points at the final intermission. But KR stayed aggressive throughout the fourth frame and rallied to the victory. Darri Hilmarsson (190-F/G-87) netted 19 points for KR. Justin Shouse (181-PG-81, college: Mercyhurst, agency: IceBasket) responded with 18 points for Stjarnan. Tomas Tomasson (192-F/G-91, college: Newberry) had 17 points in the loss.

KR: Brynjar Bjornsson 25, Michael Craion 25, Darri Hilmarsson 19
Stjarnan: Justin Shouse 18, Tomas Tomasson 17

by Greg
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