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Super League Standings
 1. Templeogue 20-2 
 2. Swords Thunder 19-3 
 3. UCD Marian 17-5 
 4. Tralee 16-6 
 5. Killester 14-8 
 6. UCC Demons 12-10 
 7. Moycullen 9-13 
 8. DCU Saints 7-15 
 9. Eanna 6-16 
 10. Belfast Star 6-16 
 11. KUBS 5-17 
 12. UL Eagles 1-21 
Season 2016-2017
All Games
List of Players
List of Imports
Points Per Game
 Dillon STITH
  Belfast Star
  Avg: 27.4
 1. Stith, Belfast Star27.4 
 2. Pemberton, Tralee23.0 
 3. Turner, Killester21.4 
 4. Provizors, DCU S.21.0 
 5. Lawrence, Moycu.20.7 
 6. Bonaparte, Templ.18.5 
 7. Killeen, Templeogue17.8 
 8. Murphy, Templeogue17.3 
 9. Moreira, UCD M.16.2 
 10. Lawson, UCC Demons16.2 
Rebounds Per Game
  DCU S.
  Avg: 16.5
 1. Provizors, DCU S.16.5 
 2. Garrow, UCD Marian16.3 
 3. Moreira, UCD M.12.8 
 4. Turner, Killester12.3 
 5. Killeen, Templeogue11.6 
 6. Freeman, Moycullen11.5 
 7. Pantovic, Tralee11.3 
 8. Lawson, UCC Demons11.3 
 9. Gil, Swords T.10.8 
 10. Donaghy, Tralee10.3 
Assists Per Game
  UCD M.
  Avg: 9.7
 1. Kinevane, UCD M.9.7 
 2. Westbrooks, Swords T.9.0 
 3. Drumm, UCD Marian8.7 
 4. Meany, UCD Marian7.3 
 5. Downey, UCC Demons6.4 
 6. Bonaparte, Templ.5.6 
 7. Roe, Killester5.6 
 8. Hosford, UCC D.4.5 
 9. Donaghy, Tralee4.5 
 10. O'Hanlon, DCU S.4.2 
Steals Per Game
  UCD Marian
  Avg: 5.2
 1. Garrow, UCD Marian5.2 
 2. Drumm, UCD Marian4.6 
 3. Westbrooks, Swords T.3.4 
 4. Darling, DCU Saints2.4 
 5. O'Hanlon, DCU S.2.4 
 6. Murphy, Templeogue2.3 
 7. Donaghy, Tralee2.3 
 8. James, Templeogue2.3 
 9. Dolenko, Swords T.2.2 
 10. Lynch, Eanna2.1 
Blocks Per Game
  UCC Demons
  Avg: 3.2
 1. Lawson, UCC Demons3.2 
 2. Killeen, Templeogue2.5 
 3. Gil, Swords T.2.4 
 4. Goldsborough, Swords T.2.1 
 5. Freeman, Moycullen2.0 
 6. Pantovic, Tralee1.9 
 7. Turner, Killester1.7 
 8. Garrow, UCD Marian1.7 
 9. Moreira, UCD M.1.6 
 10. Provizors, DCU S.1.5 
Player of the week

     Jermaine Turner

    Hula Hoops Cups : Dublin Thunder Rolls as Cork teams Win all other Cups (Photo:

    Donaghy the star as Tralee Warriors crowned Mens Champions Trophy champions (Photo: SL)

    Tralee Warriors BC 2016-17
    Mark Bernsen Mark Bernsen Bernsen
    Ricardo Leonard
    Trae Pemberton
    Goran Pantovic
    Dusan Bogdanovic
    Kieran Donaghy
    # Name CM (INCH) Pos Bo NAT
    7  Leonard Ricardo 201 (6'7'') C 70 USA Ireland
    11  Pemberton Trae 193 (6'4'') G 92 USA
    14  Pantovic Goran 208 (6'10'') F 91 Serbia
    15  Bogdanovic Dusan 211 (6'11'') C 93 Croatia Serbia
    10  Donaghy Kieran 198 (6'6'') G/F 83 Ireland
    4  O'Sullivan Fergal 186 (6'1'') G 0 Ireland
     Leonard Ryan 191 (6'3'') SF 98 Ireland
    8  O'Hanlon Darragh 0 (0'0'') 0 Ireland
    6  O'Sullivan Darragh 182 (6'0'') SF 0 Ireland
    5  McMahon Paul 0 (0'0'') 0 Ireland
    13  Murphy Gary 0 (0'0'') 0 Ireland
    Head Coach: Mark Bernsen All-Irish Super League Awards 2017 - Apr 21, 2017 All-Irish Super League 1st Team 2017
    Scott Kinevane
    Lorcan Murphy
    Michael Bonaparte
    Jermaine Turner
    Dusan Bogdanovic

    Player of the Year: Trae Pemberton (193-G-92) of Tralee
    Guard of the Year: Isaac Westbrooks (189-PG-85) of Swords Thunder
    Forward of the Year: Dillon Stith (200-F-92) of McKinnon C.
    Center of the Year: Jason Killeen (211-C-85) of Templeogue
    Domestic Player of the Year: Ryan Leonard (191-SF-98) of Tralee
    Import Player of the Year: Jose Maria Gil (207-C-91) of Swords Thunder
    Defensive Player of the Year: Stephen James (182-PG-92) of Templeogue
    Division I Player of The Year: Tanner Brooks (185-G) of BFG Neptune
    Coach of the Year: Dave Baker of Swords Thunder

    1st Team
    PG: Scott Kinevane (175-PG-87) of UCD Marian
    PG: Lorcan Murphy (182-PG-94) of Templeogue
    F: Michael Bonaparte (196-F-82) of Templeogue
    F: Jermaine Turner (197-F-74) of Killester
    F/C: Dusan Bogdanovic (211-C-93) of Tralee

    2nd Team
    PG: Lawrence Summers (175-PG-83) of Templeogue
    F: Phillip Lawrence (201-F) of Moycullen
    F: Martins Provizors (202-C-87) of DCU Saints
    F: Kevin Foley (193-G/F-83) of KUBS
    F: Justin Goldsborough (203-F) of Swords Thunder

    Honorable Mention
    Conor Meany (185-PG-86) of UCD Marian
    Goran Pantovic (208-F-91) of Tralee
    Jacob Lawson (203-F-92) of Al Rayyan
    Kieran Donaghy (198-G/F-83) of Tralee
    Adrian O'Sullivan (180-G-93) of UCC Demons
    Kevin Lacey (192-G/F-89) of Swords Thunder
    Roy Downey (191-G) of UCC Demons
    Barry Drumm (186-G-87) of UCD Marian
    Matthew Hall (186-PG-75) of UL Eagles
    Kyle Hosford (175-PG-89) of UCC Demons
    Ricardo Leonard (201-C-70) of Tralee

    Donaghy the star as Tralee Warriors crowned Men's Champions Trophy champions - Apr 2, 2017

    Kieran Donaghy (198-G/F-83) was the star of the show in Letterkenny today as Tralee swooped home to glory and scooped the silverware in the final of the Basketball Ireland Men's Champions Trophy. It was a thrilling finale in Donegal as Donaghy drove down the court and laid the ball up in style to send another epic battle with Regular Season champions, Templeogue, to overtime (66-66). That last gasp bucket was just one story of many that can be told from today's game, with Jason Killeen (211-C-85, college: Augusta) shining brightest for Templeogue in one of the closest Men's Super League clashes of the year. The story, however, lies with Tralee and the glory of their achievement and it is one that will be told for many years to come. From Donaghy to Trae Pemberton (193-G-92, college: Maryville, MO) - a guard who has dazzled for the Kingdom throughout the season - to Goran Pantovic (208-F-91, college: Drexel), the team worked as a unit throughout and managed to hold on in the dying seconds to add another page to the history books. It was Pemberton who stepped up to the mark with 7.8 seconds on the clock in overtime as they trailed Templeogue 73-70 and as hearts dropped around the court when his first effort did not find the mark, Donaghy was on hand for the offensive rebound to feed Pemberton once more and he made no mistake second time of asking to tie it yet again, 73-73. With double overtime looming, Donaghy had the final say of the game, adding a free throw in the dying seconds and it was with bated breath for all of Kerry as they watched the clock tick down in agonizing fashion.
    Courtesy of:

    Hula Hoops Cups : Dublin' Thunder Rolls as Cork teams Win all other Cups - Jan 30, 2017

    Hula Hoops Cup Finals Gamezone: Senior Men


    Hula Hoops Men's National Cup - Pat Duffy Cup:
    Pyrobel Killester 51-72 Griffith Swords Thunder
    FIBA Stats:
    Watch back: On

    Hula Hoops Presidents Cup Final Result:
    BFG Neptune 97-85 EJ Sligo All-Stars,National Basketball Arena-Tallaght, 17:30;
    FIBA Live Stats:
    Watch back:

    Hula Hoops Senior Women's Cup Final:
    Marble City Hawks 54-55 Ulster Rockets (after overtime)
    FIBA Live Stats:
    Watch back:


    Hula Hoops Men's National Cup - Pat Duffy Cup:

    Pyrobel Killester 51
    Griffith Swords Thunder 72
    National Basketball Arena

    Report: Ross O'Donoghue

    That's the funny thing about Swords. It's not the sharp edge that does the damage, it's the man at the hilt. For the 2017 Hula Hoops Men' National Cup winners, Isaac Westbrooks new exactly when to parry and when to go for the kill. His Griffith Swords Thunder side saw off Pyrobel Killester 72-51 at a packed National Basketball Arena. Watching from his half-court seat, President Michael D. Higgins might have wondered if he could have been a point guard in his day. Looking down at Westbrooks, it would have occurred to him to leave it to the professionals.

    Westbrooks was up against friends and teammates from his old club. A Killester trio of 2010 National Cup winners all started the game with Al Casey captaining the side alongside Peder Madsen and the indefatigable Jermaine Turner. Coach Brian O'Malley elected to use the 42 year old sparingly in the first quarter as Thunder built up a seven point lead through 20 year old Charlie Coombes.

    It was Killester's young guns who brought them back into contention as Paddy Sullivan let fly with his first touch of the game for three points. Turner's reintroduction late in the first brought with it his first and only Superman impression of the evening either side of an 'and-one' play. 17-15 to Thunder at the end of the first.

    Only four players on the Griffith Swords Thunder squad had competed in the club's maiden final in 2016. New recruit Alex Calvexe chipped in from outside while American duo Justin Goldsborough and Conroy Baltimore rotated to put the squeeze on Turner who did manage to kick out to Cian Nihill for an open three late in the second. It looked destined to be a low scoring game but with 27 points off the bench, Dave Baker's side had enough fire power for a six-point lead at half-time.

    Killester had failed to score from play in the last four minutes of the third. A block, steal and rebound by Jose Gil Narbon teed up six points on the run and it was the Spaniard who clinched the MVP award.

    If Swords were to be bested, Killester would need Turner's tomahawk. Instead it was Westbrooks with the killer blow. He fooled everyone in the Arena with a midair switch to Alex Dolenko for an open triple. Less than a minute later, he repeated the trick for his seventh assist of the night.

    Pyrobel Killester:Ciaran Roe* (9), Peder Madsen* (2), Cian Nihill* (16), Alan Casey (Capt)*, Jermaine Turner* (12), Patrick Sullivan (3), Niall Hegarty (2), Eoghain Kiernan (7), Andy McGeever, Jonathan Grennell, Jody O'Neill, Peter Lacey. Coach: Brian O'Malley

    Griffith Swords Thunder:Isaac Westbrooks*, Kevin Lacey* (3), Charlie Coombes* (10), Jose Maria Gil Narbon* (12), Justin Goldsborough* (14), Conroy Baltimore (7), Alex Calvexe (12), Paul Caffrey (2), Alex Dolenko (6), Conor Gallagher, Eric Westbrooks.Coach: Dave Baker
    HT: Griffith Swords Thunder 33, Pyrobel Killester 27
    MVP: Jose Maria Gil Narbon
    *Denotes Starter

    FIBA Live Stats:

    Hula Hoops President's Cup Final

    BFG Neptune: 97
    EJ Sligo All-Stars: 85
    (Saturday, January 28th, 2017, National Basketball Arena)

    Report: David Naughton

    BFG NEPTUNE secured their second National Cup of the weekend as they were victorious 97-85 in a tremendous team effort over EJ Sligo All-Stars in the Hula Hoops President's Cup Final. Neptune were lead by their talisman Sean Jenkins who finished with 32 points, along with Gary Walsh who made 5 three pointers at crucial times.
    The game started off at a very fast pace with both teams getting scores in the opening thirty seconds. As it usually tends to be for teams that play in the Arena, it took a few minutes for the nerves to settle for both Neptune and All-Stars. Sligo's Oisin O'Reilly and their American, Kaylim Noel both got scores early while Gary Walsh made a bright start for Neptune.
    Noel began to turn up the intensity, showcasing his ability to drive at the defence and pull up for three. Neptune's Sean Jenkins made a statement of his intent by scoring 8 points in just four minutes on the court. Adam Drummond of Neptune made a three just before the buzzer to reduce Sligo's lead to eight at the end of Q1; 21-29.

    Noel made another three to start the second quarter as well as he finished the first. Both Neptune and Sligo exchanged scores during the opening minutes of the second quarter. Noel made his fourth three of the half to give Sligo a ten point lead but after a couple of scores, Neptune's American, Tanner Brooks, made a three to bring the lead down to four. Neptune scored another three to bring the lead to two in the last minute of the quarter. It was looking like Sligo All-Stars would lead going into the break until Neptune's Gary Walsh made a huge three from half court to tie up the game; 49-49.
    Sean Jenkins scored a three at the beginning of the second half to give Neptune the lead for the first time since the first quarter. Neptune coach Paul Kelleher must have had some words of wisdom for the men from Cork as they built up a seven point lead, causing Sligo coach Shane O'Meara to call a timeout in an attempt to settle his players. Neptune began to build a lead and they had big shots from Sean Jenkins and Tanner Brooks. Brooks made a huge block to keep Neptune's lead at 7 heading into the final quarter; 74-67.
    Lovely link-up play from Neptune's Shane Duggan and Sean Jenkins lead to them keeping their lead. Luke McLoughlin made a layup on the fast break under immense pressure from the Neptune defence to claw at the Corkmen's lead. Neptune began to build up a lead again and it was the man of the hour, Sean Jenkins who made it his responsibility to get big-time scores.

    The last couple of minutes were as tense as could be. Sean Jenkins scored with 1:40 left on the clock to put Neptune up 9. Neptune began to play with the clock until Gary Walsh made his fifth three pointer of the game to put Neptune up 10. Sligo tried to get back in the game but time was not on their side as Neptune secured their second cup of the weekend, winning 97-85.

    BFG Neptune: Gary Walsh* (23), Adam Drummond* (8), Tanner Brooks* (14), Shane Duggan* (6), Darren Cronin* (1), Stephen Sheehan, Sean Jenkins (32), David Murray (6), Conor O'Sullivan, Adam Heaphy, Liam Chandler (2).
    EJ Sligo All Stars: Oisin O'Reilly* (15), Kaylim Noel* (31), Philip Hamilton* (2), Ronan McGarrity* (17), Tobi Brockmann* (10), Julian Jarmolowicz, Mark Chambers, Luke McLoughlin (6), Peter Papik (2), Lee Sherlock, Emmet Keogh, Conor Byrne (2).
    HT: BFG Neptune 49-49 EJ Sligo All-Stars
    MVP:Sean Jenkins (BFG Neptune)
    Box Score:

    Hula Hoops Men's National Intermediate Cup Competition Final:
    Blue Demons 78-72 UCD Marian
    FIBA Live Stats:
    Watch back:

    Hula Hoops Men's NICC Final

    Blue Demons: 78
    UCD Marian: 72
    (Saturday, January 28th, 2017, National Basketball Arena)

    A TIGHT and competitive Men's NICC final saw Blue Demons hold firm to finally take the spoils after a thrilling fourth quarter finish that saw the sides neck-in-neck right up to the final buzzer.

    Indeed, it was a close and tight game throughout, and quarter one saw UCD Marian in the lead, with Mark Ryan netting 14 points in style early on and Shane Egan adding to their tally with 10 well-taken points in a fast-paced and lively quarter. Demons weren't too far behind though, with a big spread of scoring and good rebounding from Luke O'Mahony seeing it end 21-27 to UCD at the end of the first.
    The second quarter was just as close, with Shane McCarthy and Niall O'Reilly proving crucial for Blue Demons, keeping UCD to under 10 points for the quarter to drive into the lead, with Shane Coughlan also adding points. Good defence by Demons saw them take the lead and went on to have the advantage 44-36 at half time.

    A stronger third quarter display from UCD brought them right back into it, with Shane Egan and Ryan proving crucial at both ends of the court, while Luke O'Mahony, Shane Coughlan and Shane McCarthy were core for Blue Demons to help to maintain their lead in the face of a good UCD hustle, to see just six in it going into the last, 62-56 in favour of Demons.
    A fantastic fourth quarter had fans on the edge of their seats as just five point separated the sides for most of the quarter. UCD tried to close the gap on numerous occasions with Shane Egan and Mark Ryan working hard to keep the scores coming in and Demons out but Coughlan, O'Reilly, McCarthy and Ryan Murphy proved just too much.

    BLUE DEMONS:Ryan Murphy (16), Shane McCarthy (14), Shane Coughlan (16), Robert McGowan, Dylan Olden, Daniel Thompson, Niall O'Reilly (15), Luke O'Mahony (14), Cian Clernon, Stuart Rodgers, Shane O'Connell, Kyle O'Mahony, Craig Duggan (2).
    UCD MARIAN:John Young, Aran Lee (10), Liam Purcell, Hugh Mitchell, Odhran Eastwood (6)*, Jack Nolan (10)*, Andy Galpo, Eoin Noctor, Shane Egan (20)*, Martin Mulligan, Mark Ryan (24), Breandan O'Rian*.
    MVP: Shane Coughlan (Blue Demons)

    Hula Hoops Cup Finals Gamezone: U18 and U20 Men

    *Detailed results below*
    Hula Hoops U18 Men's National Cup Final:
    BFG Neptune 90-73 KUBS BC
    Watch back:
    FIBA Live Stats:

    Hula Hoops U20 Men's National Cup:
    KUBS BC 75-85 BFG Neptune
    Watch back:
    FIBA Live Stats:


    Hula Hoops U18 Men's National Cup Final
    BFG Neptune 90
    KUBS 73
    National Basketball Arena

    BFG Neptune retained their Hula Hoops U18 Men's Cup title despite a battling performance from KUBS with a 90-73 win at the National Basketball Arena. Eoin McCann's 37 points kept the Dubliners in touch for long periods but a disciplined cohesive performance proved Paul Kelleher's side to be worthy champions with the MVP award going to Cian Heaphy.

    Sean Jenkins showed his prowess inside and out in the opening exchanges for an 11-point quarter. KUBS saw no need to hit the panic button and Donal McKay calmly stroked home a three-point opener with Jordan Fallon strong under the basket. Eoin McCann needed all of his athleticism to go hard and add the extras, but for all KUBS' toil they were still 28-17 down for the first period.

    BFG Neptune were punishing every turnover that came their way and they had the better of the open looks with Cian Heaphy draining his first three-point attempt.

    Neptune went to their bench in the second quarter for some extra zip from the Hannigan twins and Robert Cahill netting one from the top of the key. Conor Ennis came in for KUBS while McCann notched a double-double with some bullish offence and strong work on the boards.

    The Cork men were still ultra-efficient and their zone defence looked imposing until the hot hands of Jordan Fallon changed the momentum of the game. His perimeter shooting brought the crowd to their feet and a 12-0 run reeled in Neptune's 18 point lead to a two-possession game.

    It looked telling that the last basket of the half went to Sean Jenkins for a 50-42 lead, but KUBS burst into the third quarter with a 5-0 run. The noise only switched back to the blue half of the crowd when Cian Heaphy made a three that sparked the defending champions back into life. Jenkins, Murray and Drummond combined on the rest of the 11-0 run. KUBS hung in there with stirring resolve to trail 69-57 for the final stanza.

    Ultimately it was BFG Neptune's strength in depth and cup winning knowhow that won them the day. They had 19 points off the bench from with nine players scoring and Liam Chandler's monster dunk early in the fourth left the crowd in no doubt that the Cup was returning to Cork.

    BFG Neptune: Adam Drummond* (20), Cian Heaphy* (18), Sean Jenkins* (19), David Murray* (8), Liam Chandler* (6), Scott Hannigan (3), Jake Collins, Ciaran Fitzgerald, James Hannigan (6), Darragh O'Sullivan (8), Robert Cahill (2), Ronan O'Driscoll.

    KUBS: Donal McKay* (3), Eoghan McKay* (2), Jordan Fallon* (17), Eoin McCann* (37), Jack Kelly* (6), Evan Downey, Sam Callan, Caleb Bradley, Conor Ennis (6), David Hayde, Sean Smith (2).

    HT:BFG Neptune 50, KUBS 42
    MVP: Cian Heaphy (BFG Neptune)

    (Saturday, January 28th, 2017, National Basketball Arena)

    Hula Hoops Under 20 Men's Cup final

    KUBS: 75
    BFG Neptune: 86
    (Sunday, January 29th, National Basketball Arena)
    BFG Neptune made history on Sunday afternoon in the National Basketball Arena in Tallaght as they stormed home to their third Hula Hoops National Cup final in as many days following a thrilling 10-point win over KUBS in the Men's Under 20 final.
    Indeed this afternoon's game was simply the icing on the cake for a team that has been dazzling spectators in the Arena all weekend. First, they overcame KUBS in the Under 18 final on Friday night, before going on to overcome Ej Sligo All-Stars in a nail-biting President's Cup final on Saturday evening and today, it was three from three as the side - powered by an MVP performance from Adam Drummond - stormed home to glory.

    As expected, the first quarter opened with a thrilling back-and-forth display, culminating in dazzling plays on both ends of the court. Neptune's Cian Heaphy opened his account early, but things heated up when KUBS' Kevin Doran scored back-to-back baskets, first finishing in the key, and following with an aggressive drive to the hoop to keep his side in contention. Marcus Black also shone bright for the Dublin side to tie the sides at 24 apiece going into the second quarter.
    There was an outstanding volley of three-point baskets by both sides to open the second quarter, but play loosened up and Neptune's Jenkins and Heaphy took advantage with a barrage of drives to the basket, giving them a 10-point lead at the end of the half. Adam Drummond continued to unleash scores from all over the hardwood, culminating his outstanding play with a break-out dunk, but the roar was heard from Dublin's KUBS who responded ferociously to keep the sides close at the half when Carroll drained a three-pointer with 15 seconds on the clock (56-64).
    Neptune again were out of the traps to start the final quarter with clinical displays from stars Drummond and Sean Jenkins but yet again, the KUBS roar could be heard and they clawed the margin back to 8 points-a three score difference. As the quarter closed though, it wasn't enough. The explosive Drummond racked up 31 points to earn him Most Valuable Player honours and Neptune took the final, 75-85.
    As the clock ticked down and the cheers rang out around the National Basketball Arena, the story of the weekend was obvious: this Neptune club travelled to Dublin with domination in mind. The Cork club picked up three trophies in three straight finals over the weekend, with the stars mesmerizing in all three.

    KUBS BC: Jack Polion, Robert O'Meara, Eoin McCann (7), Kevin Hughes (6), Kevin Doran (10), Marcus Black (17), Ryan Lawlor, David Quirke, Stephen Allen, Rory Carroll (20), Shane McCann (11), Gabriel Ogundipe.
    BFG NEPTUNE: Alan Morgan, Adam Drummond (31), Cian Heaphy (9), David Murray (6), Dan Maguire, David Madden, Sean Jenkins (28), Conor O'Sullivan, Luke Madden (12), Ross Murphy, Adam Heaphy (5), Liam Chandler, Bryan Murphy.
    MVP:Adam Drummond (BFG Neptune)

    From : Cian Heaphy (189-G-00)

    by Greg
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