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Patrick Maher

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Super League Standings
 1. Templeogue 20-2 
 2. Swords Thunder 19-3 
 3. UCD Marian 17-5 
 4. Tralee 16-6 
 5. Killester 14-8 
 6. UCC Demons 12-10 
 7. Moycullen 9-13 
 8. DCU Saints 7-15 
 9. Eanna 6-16 
 10. Belfast Star 6-16 
 11. KUBS 5-17 
 12. UL Eagles 1-21 
Division 1 Standings
 1. Maree 14-2 
 2. BFG Neptune 13-3 
 3. Killorglin 13-3 
 4. Ulster Elks 13-3 
 5. Kestrels 10-6 
 6. Sligo All-Stars 8-8 
 7. Kilkenny 6-10 
 8. LYIT Donegal 6-10 
 9. Dublin L. 4-12 
 10. Fr.Mathews 4-12 
 11. Titans 3-13 
 12. ITC Basketball 2-14 
FIBA Europe Cup Stage Two Standings
Group K
 1. Chalon 5-1 
 2. Gaziantep 5-1 
 3. Sodertalje 1-5 
 4. Targu Mures 1-5 
Group L
 1. Demir IBB 5-1 
 2. Antwerp 4-2 
 3. Gravelines 2-4 
 4. Prievidza 1-5 
Group M
 1. Telekom Bsk 5-1 
 2. Vytautas 4-2 
 3. Oberwart 2-4 
 4. Apoel 1-5 
Group N
 1. Kormend 4-2 
 2. Nanterre 4-2 
 3. Tsmoki-Minsk 3-3 
 4. Bnei Hertzeliyya 1-5 
Group O
 1. Pau-Lacq-Orthez 4-2 
 2. Alba 4-2 
 3. UBT Cluj Napoca 2-4 
 4. BK Pardubice 2-4 
Group P
 1. Groningen 4-2 
 2. Lukoil Acad. 3-3 
 3. Enisey 0-0 
 4. Benfica 0-6 
Group Q
 1. Cibona 0-0 
 2. Ironi Nahariya 0-0 
 3. Kataja Basket 0-0 
 4. Oostende 0-0 
 5. Oradea 0-0 
 6. Spirou 0-0 
 7. Stelmet ZG 0-0 
 8. Usak 0-0 
Stage One Standings
Stats Leaders
Points Per Game
 Dillon STITH
  Belfast Star
  Avg: 27.4
 1. Stith, Belfast Star27.4 
 2. Pemberton, Tralee23.0 
 3. Turner, Killester21.4 
 4. Provizors, DCU S.21.0 
 5. Lawrence, Moycu.20.7 
 6. Bonaparte, Templ.18.5 
 7. Killeen, Templeogue17.8 
 8. Murphy, Templeogue17.3 
 9. Moreira, UCD M.16.2 
 10. Lawson, UCC Demons16.2 
Rebounds Per Game
  DCU S.
  Avg: 16.5
 1. Provizors, DCU S.16.5 
 2. Garrow, UCD Marian16.3 
 3. Moreira, UCD M.12.8 
 4. Turner, Killester12.3 
 5. Killeen, Templeogue11.6 
 6. Freeman, Moycullen11.5 
 7. Pantovic, Tralee11.3 
 8. Lawson, UCC Demons11.3 
 9. Gil, Swords T.10.8 
 10. Donaghy, Tralee10.3 
Assists Per Game
  UCD M.
  Avg: 9.7
 1. Kinevane, UCD M.9.7 
 2. Westbrooks, Swords T.9.0 
 3. Drumm, UCD Marian8.7 
 4. Meany, UCD Marian7.3 
 5. Downey, UCC Demons6.4 
 6. Bonaparte, Templ.5.6 
 7. Roe, Killester5.6 
 8. Hosford, UCC D.4.5 
 9. Donaghy, Tralee4.5 
 10. O'Hanlon, DCU S.4.2 
Steals Per Game
  UCD Marian
  Avg: 5.2
 1. Garrow, UCD Marian5.2 
 2. Drumm, UCD Marian4.6 
 3. Westbrooks, Swords T.3.4 
 4. Darling, DCU Saints2.4 
 5. O'Hanlon, DCU S.2.4 
 6. Murphy, Templeogue2.3 
 7. Donaghy, Tralee2.3 
 8. James, Templeogue2.3 
 9. Dolenko, Swords T.2.2 
 10. Lynch, Eanna2.1 
Blocks Per Game
  UCC Demons
  Avg: 3.2
 1. Lawson, UCC Demons3.2 
 2. Killeen, Templeogue2.5 
 3. Gil, Swords T.2.4 
 4. Goldsborough, Swords T.2.1 
 5. Freeman, Moycullen2.0 
 6. Pantovic, Tralee1.9 
 7. Turner, Killester1.7 
 8. Garrow, UCD Marian1.7 
 9. Moreira, UCD M.1.6 
 10. Provizors, DCU S.1.5 

Cup Results / Ireland based Academy for Euroleague Club. - Oct 24, 2016

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Gamezone: October 22nd - 23rd

Saturday, October 22nd, 2016
Hula Hoops Men's National Cup - Pat Duffy Cup:
UCD Marian 95-68 Radisson Blu UL Eagles; SSE Airtricity Moycullen 72-71 Belfast Star; Templeogue 96-87 UCC Demons; Pyrobel Killester 69-70 DCU Saints; Irish TV Tralee Warriors 61-55 Griffith Swords Thunder; KUBS BC 72-65 Eanna.

Basketball Ireland Men's Division 1:
ITC Basketball 59-101 BFG Neptune; Kestrels 79-68 Team Kilkenny; Keane's Supervalu Killorglin 91-58 Fr Mathews; Sligo All-Stars 76-71 LYIT Donegal.

Hula Hoops Men's National Intermediate Cup
Moycullen BC 54-86 Phoenix BC.

Hula Hoops U18 Men's National Cup:
KUBS BC 86-54 Limerick Lions; Carraig na bhFear Rebels 54-78.

Sunday, 23rd October 2016

Basketball Ireland Men's Division 1:
Dublin Lions 80-60 Titans; Ulster University Elks 74-71.

Hula Hoops U18 Men's National Cup:
Moycullen BC 60-52 Ongar Chasers, St Vincent's 64-70 Tolka; Malahide 78-76 Sligo

Detailed results:
Hula Hoops Men's National Cup - Pat Duffy Cup:
KUBS BC Head Coach Mark Ingle was delighted with his side's performance as they secured their first win of the 2016/17 season following a nail-biting game against Eanna in the Hula Hoops Men's National Cup.

Fantastic scoring from Brian Edwards (23) and Kevin Foley (20) gave KUBS the edge to win out 72-65.

'We are so happy to get a win, it's our first win and now we go on to play them in the second leg and hopefully we can get a win there too,' said Head Coach, Mark Ingle.

Elsewhere in the Hula Hoops National Cup, UCD Marian overcame Radisson Blu UL Eagles, SSE Airtricity Moycullen just edged Belfast Star, Templeogue defeated UCC Demons, DCU Saints overcame Pyrobel Killester and Irish TV Tralee Warriors won against Griffith Swords Thunder.

UCD Marian 95-68 Radisson Blu UL Eagles
Top scorers UCD Marian: Mike Garrow 32, Conor Meany 16, Anthony Silvestri 10
Top scorers Radisson Blu UL Eagles: Zedric Sadler 17, Neil Campbell 11, Rob Lynch 10
Half time score: UCD Marian 51, Radisson Blu UL Eagles 36
Templeogue 96-87 UCC Demons
Top scorers Templeogue: Jason Killeen 21, Lorcan Murphy 21, Mike Bonaparte 19
Top scorers UCC Demons: Roy Downey 23, Jacob Lawson 22, Ciaran O Sullivan 13
Half time score: Templeogue 49, UCC Demons 39
KUBS BC 72-65 Eanna
Top scorers KUBS BC: Brian Edwards 23, Kevin Foley 20, Jonathan Riles 12
Top scorers Eanna: Neill Lynch 17, Nathaniel Musters 13, Luke Thompson 11
Half time score: KUBS BC 32, Eanna 38
Irish TV Tralee Warriors 61-55 Griffith Swords Thunder
Top scorers Irish TV Tralee Warriors: Ryan Leonard 14, Trae Pemberton 13, Dusan Bogdanovic 11
Top scorers Griffith Swords Thunder: Jose Narbon 18, Isaac Westbrooks 18, Justin Goldsborough 6
Half time score: Irish TV Tralee Warriors 41, Griffith Swords Thunder 21
Pyrobel Killester 69-71 DCU Saints
Top scorers Pyrobel Killester: Cian Nihill 15, Eoghain Kiernan 14, Ciaran Roe 11
Top scorers DCU Saints: Arkadijs Mararenko 15, Eoin Darling 15, Martin Provizors 14, Daniel Nelms 11
Half time score: Pyrobel Killester 38, DCU Saints 19
SSE Airtricity Moycullen 72-71 Belfast Star
Top scorers SSE Airtriciy Moycullen: Dylan Cunningham 17, Paul Freeman 16, James Loughnane 13
Top scorers Belfast Star: Greg Womack 17, Keelan Cairns 17, Conor Johnston 16
Half time score: SSE Airtricity Moycullen 36, Belfast Star 26

Basketeball Ireland Men's Division One:
Meanwhile in the Men's Division One, it was a busy weekend of action, with wins for BFG Neptune, Kestrels, Sligo All-Stars, Keane's SuperValu Killorglin, Dublin Lions and Ulster University Elks.

BFG Neptune had a 101-59 point win over ITC Basketball in Carlow, but Head Coach Paul Kelleher had mixed emotions about the win.
"We played in a hurried way, not the way we are used to playing," he reflected. "I thought we struggled defensively, we didn't work as hard as we normally do but I thought we did a much better job in the second half - we were more disciplined, we were more composed. We executed things a little bit better in the second, but my practise session is already lined out for next week, I know what we need to work on."
ITC Basketball 59-101 BFG Neptune
Top scorers ITC Basketball: Etienne Droullon 12, Mike Klinger 11, Jimmy Ward 11
Top scorers BFG Neptune: Gary Walsh 18, Adam Drummond 18, Tanner Brooks 18
Half time score: ITC Basketball 33, BFG Neptune 46
Kestrels 79-68 Team Kilkenny
Top scorers Kestrels: Karolis Timofejevas 22, Mantas Vilimas 18, Dan Debosz 13
Top scorers Team Kilkenny: James Butler 24, Lukasz Szuk 16, Matt Van Pelt 12
Half time score: Kestrels 45, Team Kilkenny 33
Keane's SuperValu Killorglin 91-58 Fr Mathews
Top scorers Keane's SuperValu Killorglin: Kevin Grey 25, Garny Garcia Nivar 20, Declan Wall 13
Top scorers Fr Mathews: Paul O Driscoll 13, Owen Connolly 12, Sean Cantwell 12
Half time score: Keane's SuperValu Killorglin 42, Fr Mathews 30
Sligo All-Stars 76-71 LYIT Donegal
Top scorers Sligo All-Stars: Kalim Noel 19, Ronan McGarrity 13, Cian Lally 10
Top scorers LYIT Donegal: Oisin Kerlin 17, Kevin Stanley 16, Jack MacKey 10, T John Casiello 10
Half time score: Sligo All-Stars 31, LYIT Donegal 36
Dublin Lions 80-60 Titans
Top scorers Dublin Lions: Tomasz Swiatowy 22, Jurgis Butkevicius 13, Hillary Netsiyanwa 9
Top scorers Titans: Gene Williams 21, Taific Mustapha 9, Emmanuel Saah 9
Half time score: Dublin Lions 40, Titans 26
Ulster University Elks 74-71 Maree
Top scorers Ulster University Elks: McDonald 15, Oliver 13, Banys 13, McColgan 13
Top scorers Maree: Eoin Rockall 29, Kenneth Hansberry 14, E Solsona Leria 7
Half time score: Ulster University Elks 34-30 Maree

Hula Hoops Men's Intermediate Cup
Moycullen BC 54-86 Phoenix BC
Top scorers Moycullen BC: J Cunningham 15, O Carey 11, D Canavan 10
Top scorers Phoenix BC: D Lynn, 20, G Celms 17, D Erickson 12
Half time score: Moyculeen BC 20, Phoenix BC 49

Hula Hoops Under 18 Men's National Cup:
KUBS BC 86-54 Limerick Lions
Top scorers KUBS BC: Jordan Fallon 23, Eoin McCann 17, Sean Smith 9
Top scorers Limerick Lions: Nathan Moore 18, Karoles Vithaites 9, Jack Coyne 8
Half time score: KUBS BC 53, Limerick Lions 29


An oft repeated pattern of Basketball in Ireland is the segmenting of teams into a strong top group a significant middle grouping and a third group who from week to week as the Superleague progresses find the likelyhood that they will take one of the top teams on and beat them an unlikely proposition, a scenario where in The United states N.B.A. league it in reality can happen from time to time where playoff teams at least,lose to bottom of the basement outfits and thus make for at least from the fans perspective make every game potentially at least a viable investment of the hard earned dollar. This past weekend's Pat Duffy Cup games results wise mirrored the Superleague early season form of teams and thus continue to make competitions here interesting and more interesting perhaps given the added dimension of it being a 12 team affair as opposed to the more traditional 10 teams.The standout result in the home and away Cup format was the Templeogue win over U.C.C. Blue Demons at 96 plays 87 again pointing to the significance to Demons of the loss of player coach Colin O Reilly to The British Basketball League. Jacob Lawson the new import replacement for Lehmon Colbert though obviously not in the category of the superstars of the 80's (Marion Elie, Mike & Ray Smith, Bob Stephens, Kelvin Troy etc) is strong enough scoring wise to have the team change their approach offensively and focus on separating their offence into 2 and 3 man units as opposed to the sets being run at the minute which has Lawson waiting for things to happen team wise on offence negating his mental alertness and making things difficult for him to operate as best he might when he does receive the ball. In truth with his leaping ability and finishing skills he is potentially a 25/30 ppg average if set up differently. Lawson's defence too is sharp enough for a higher level competition given the opportunity. Table toppers Templeogue (4-0 after beating the now 3-1 UCD Marian the previous week) will in all probability go from strength to strength after establishing a 9 point advantage to take to game 2 against Demons. Tralee too for their part as returnees to competition after a lapse of 7 years continue to impress and for them too the 6 points advantage going into round 2 of the Cup will give them confidence as they continue to grow and develop together as a team unit. They have reignited interest in basketball locally and provide a home atmosphere many opponents will find more and more challenging as the competitions move on. The added advantage of having an import player to chop and change so to speak will too perhaps become significant.

Ireland based Academy for Euroleague Club.
I need 2 to 3 people to come on board with a new project, the setting up and operation of an Ireland based Academy using my teamsystem for basketball ( The Academy will consist of 2 Men's teams catering to under 16 and under 18 players and is on behalf of a top European Club. I need people in the areas of Basketball Fundamentals Coaching / Administration and Sports apparel Marketing. Ideally candidates will be Cork based though the island of Ireland is fine. P.M. me for further details or call +353 899404605 / E-mail : All correspondence will be treated in the strictest of confidentiality.
Jason Killeen (211-C-85, college: Augusta)   

B.I. Board update / Annual Awards - 10 days ago
Player of the Year: Trae Pemberton Men's Super League Young Player of the Year: Ryan Leonard Men's Super League Coach of the Year: Mark Bernsen Women's Super League Player of the Year: Claire Rockall Women's Super League Young Player of the Year: Sorcha Tiernan Women's Super League Coach of the Year: Mark Byrne Men's Division One Player of the Year: Tanner Brooks Men's Division One Young Player of the Year: Eoin Rockall Men's Division One Coach of the Year: John Finn Women's Division One...   [read more]
Dublin Masters takes centre stage this weekend - 16 days ago
Dublin Masters takes centre stage this weekend May 12,2017 The fifth annual Dublin Masters International Basketball Tournament tip off this weekend in the capital. Games will take place in five venues across south Dublin with plenty of well known names taking to the court to relive their youth on the hard wood. Finals will take place in Oblate Hall from 1pm on Sunday and there is free entry to all games. A tournament party will take place on Saturday night at 9pm in the Louis Fitzgerald...   [read more]

Naismith Memorial Hall of Fame Belfast Classic - 1 month ago
Aer Lingus provides special airfares for guests attending the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame Belfast Classic Mar 3, 2017, 12:00 PM | VICTORY SCHOLARS Jericho, New York, March 3, 2017 -- Aer Lingus, Irelands only 4 Star airline, has today announced special airfares for those traveling to the Emerald Isle for The Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame Belfast Classic, a college basketball tournament held in conjunction with the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference, Sport Chang...   [read more]

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