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Premier League Standings
1. Maccabi T-A 26-1
2. Galil Gilboa 17-10
3. Hapoel J-M 16-11
4. Bnei Hasharon 16-11
5. Maccabi Rishon 13-14
6. Maccabi Ashdod 13-14
7. Hapoel Holon 11-16
8. Elitzur Netanya 9-18
9. Maccabi Haifa 8-19
10. Ironi Ashkelon 6-21

Points Per Game
  Maccabi .
  Avg: 17.7
 1. Bradley, Maccabi17.7 
 2. Nailon, Bnei Hasha.17.6 
 3. Banks, Elitzur17.3 
 4. Killingswort., Mac.17.2 
 5. Carter, Maccabi17.0 
 6. Melzer, Hapoel Hol.16.8 
 7. Turner, Ironi A.16.0 
 8. Hite, Hapoel Holon15.9 
 9. Green, Ironi A.15.7 
 10. Mitchell, Maccab.15.6 
Rebounds Per Game
 Shawn JAMES
  Bnei H.
  Avg: 10.6
 1. James, Bnei H.10.6 
 2. Wallace, Maccabi8.6 
 3. Turner, Ironi A.8.3 
 4. Mitchell, Maccab.7.9 
 5. Brown, Elitzur7.9 
 6. Randle, Hapoel J-M7.3 
 7. Killingswort., Mac.7.3 
 8. Duncan, Maccabi7.3 
 9. Travis, Elitzur7.2 
 10. Melzer, Hapoel Ho.6.7 
Assists Per Game
 Germaine JACKSON
  Maccabi .
  Avg: 6.6
 1. Jackson, Maccabi6.6 
 2. Pargo, Maccabi T-A6.3 
 3. Mekel, Galil Gilboa6.3 
 4. Brener, Elitzur6.2 
 5. Tapiro, Maccabi6.0 
 6. Roth, Hapoel Holon5.9 
 7. Perkins, Maccabi5.0 
 8. Ohayon, Hapoel J-M5.0 
 9. Steele, Bnei H.4.9 
 10. Eidson, Maccabi4.6 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 2.6
 1. Mitchell, Maccab.2.6 
 2. Robinson, Maccabi2.4 
 3. Pruitt, Ironi A.2.3 
 4. Perkins, Maccabi2.3 
 5. Tapiro, Maccabi2.1 
 6. Hite, Hapoel Holon1.8 
 7. Bradley, Maccabi1.8 
 8. Ben David, Hapoel1.8 
 9. Ohayon, Hapoel J-M1.7 
 10. Turner, Ironi A.1.6 
Blocks Per Game
 Shawn JAMES
  Bnei H.
  Avg: 3
 1. James, Bnei H.3.0 
 2. Wallace, Maccabi2.0 
 3. Dunston, Bnei H.1.6 
 4. Travis, Elitzur1.5 
 5. Randle, Hapoel J-M1.4 
 6. Melzer, Hapoel Hol.1.0 
 7. Fells, Galil Gilboa0.9 
 8. Hendrix, Maccabi0.8 
 9. Wilkerson, Galil G.0.7 
 10. Dowell, Hapoel J-M0.7 

Season 2010-11
All Games
List of Players
List of Imports
Israelis Abroad

Maccabi Tel-Aviv are the Cup Holders! (

Israeli men teams in Euro cups 2010-2011
  • Maccabi T-A: took 1st place (9-1) in Group A of Regular Season, took 2nd place (3-3) in Group F of Top16, lost to Panathinaikos 70-78 in the Final (!!!)
  • Hapoel J-M: took 3rd place (3-3) in Group G of Regular Season
  • Galil Gilboa: took 4th last place (1-5) in Group D of Regular Season
  • Macc.Haifa: took 2nd place (3-3) in Group B of Regular Season, took 3rd place (2-4) in Group I of Top 16
  • Netanya: took 2nd place (3-3) in Group D of Regular Season, took 4th last place (1-5) in Group I of Top 16

Maccabi Electra Tel Aviv triumphs in the country (Photo:
Maccabi Electra Tel-Aviv 2010-11
David Blatt David Blatt Blatt
Doron Perkins
Chuck Eidson
Sofoklis Schortsanitis
Lior Eliyahu
Guy Pnini
# Name CM (INCH) Pos Bo NAT
15  Perkins Doron 188 (6'2'') PG 83 USA
13  Eidson Chuck 202 (6'8'') F/G 80 USA
21  Schortsanitis Sofoklis 206 (6'9'') C 85 Greece
8  Eliyahu Lior 206 (6'9'') F/C 85 Israel
10  Pnini Guy 200 (6'7'') F/G 83 Israel
7  Blu David 201 (6'7'') F 80 USA Israel
14  Macvan Milan 206 (6'9'') C 89 Serbia
5  Hendrix Richard 203 (6'8'') F/C 86 USA
4  Pargo Jeremy 188 (6'2'') PG 86 USA
 Miller Nate 193 (6'4'') F 87 USA
12  Labanowski Sean 202 (6'8'') F 92 USA Israel
6  Sharp Derrick 183 (6'0'') PG 71 USA Israel
9  Green Yaniv 206 (6'9'') C/F 80 Poland Israel
11  Burstein Tal 198 (6'6'') G/F 80 Israel
Head Coach: David Blatt
Coach Assistant: Guy Goodes
Coach Assistant: Avi Even All-Israeli League Awards 2010-11 - May 30, 2011 All-Israeli League 1st Team 2011
Dwayne Mitchell
Shawn James
Lee Nailon
Gal Mekel
Doron Perkins

Player of the Year: Dwayne Mitchell (196-G/F-82) of Maccabi Rishon
Guard of the Year: Gal Mekel (193-PG-88) of Galil Gilboa
Forward of the Year: Lee Nailon (204-F/C-75) of Bnei Hasharon
Center of the Year: Shawn James (208-C/F-83) of Bnei Hasharon
Import Player of the Year: Dwayne Mitchell (196-G/F-82) of Maccabi Rishon
Domestic Player of the Year: Lior Eliyahu (206-F/C-85) of Maccabi T-A
Newcomer of the Year: Courtney Fells (198-F/G-86) of Galil Gilboa
6th Man of the Year: David Blu (201-F-80) of Maccabi T-A
Defensive Player of the Year: Frank Robinson (193-G-84) of Maccabi Haifa
Coach of the Year: Lior Lubin of Galil Gilboa

1st Team
C/F: Shawn James (208-83) of Bnei Hasharon
F/C: Lee Nailon (204-75) of Bnei Hasharon
G/F: Dwayne Mitchell (196-82) of Maccabi Rishon
PG: Gal Mekel (193-88) of Galil Gilboa
PG: Doron Perkins (188-83) of Maccabi T-A

2nd Team
F/G: Chuck Eidson (202-80) of Maccabi T-A
PG: Jeremy Pargo (188-86) of Maccabi T-A
F: Romeo Travis (201-84) of Elitzur Netanya
G: Willie Solomon (187-78) of Hapoel J-M
G: Frank Robinson (193-84) of Maccabi Haifa

Honorable Mention
Moran Roth (183-PG-82) of Hapoel Holon
Lior Eliyahu (206-F/C-85) of Maccabi T-A
Josh Carter (201-F/G-88) of Maccabi Ashdod
Marco Killingsworth (202-F/C-82) of Galil Gilboa
Isaiah Swann (188-G-85) of Maccabi Rishon
Aaron McGhee (203-F/C-79) of Maccabi Rishon
Adrian Banks (191-G-86) of Elitzur Netanya
Dan Grunfeld (198-F/G-84) of Bnei Hasharon
Guy Pnini (200-F/G-83) of Maccabi T-A
David Blu (201-F-80) of Maccabi T-A
Sofoklis Schortsanitis (206-C-85) of Maccabi T-A
Yogev Ohayon (189-PG-87) of Hapoel J-M
Rodney Green (196-F/G-88) of Ironi Ashkelon
Germaine Jackson (195-PG-76) of Maccabi Haifa

All-Domestic Players Team
F/G: Dan Grunfeld (198-84) of Bnei Hasharon
F/C: Lior Eliyahu (206-85) of Maccabi T-A
PG: Moran Roth (183-82) of Hapoel Holon
F/G: Sylven Landesberg (198-90) of Maccabi Haifa
PG: Gal Mekel (193-88) of Galil Gilboa

All-Imports Team
PG: Doron Perkins (188-83) of Maccabi T-A
C/F: Shawn James (208-83) of Bnei Hasharon
C: Sofoklis Schortsanitis (206-85) of Maccabi T-A
G/F: Dwayne Mitchell (196-82) of Maccabi Rishon
F/C: Lee Nailon (204-75) of Bnei Hasharon

Maccabi Electra Tel Aviv take the title back from Galil Gilboa - May 27, 2011

Maccabi Electra Tel Aviv revenged for the loss last year and took the title back from Galil Gilboa. The latter became the winner of the Israeli Play-offs in 2009/2010 as they upset Maccabi T-A 90:77 in the Final Game. Trailing 8 points at the halftime, the winners were awesome in the second half and grabbed the Gold of the country.
Tonight Maccabi Electra Tel Aviv dominated the arena and won 91:64. The favorites started with 24-13 and then added 23-22 in the second period. Moreover Maccabi Electra Tel Aviv won the third and the last quarters to triumph in the country. David Blu (201-F-80, college: USC) stepped up with 19 points, while Chuck Eidson (202-F/G-80, agency: Court Side, college: S.Carolina) netted 13. Courtney Fells (198-F/G-86, agency: Strategic Sports, college: N.Carolina St.) replied with 25 points in the losing effort and Marco Killingsworth scored 11.
In the game for the third place Hapoel Migdal Jerusalem overcame Maccabi Rishon Lezion 94:74. The latter played better in the beginning of the game taking 23-18 in the first quarter, but then Hapoel Migdal Jerusalem needed 27-14 in the second frame to seal the win. Yuval Naimy (188-PG-85) paced all the winners with 24 points and Jason Rich (191-G-86) added 21. Nizan Hanochi (194-G-86) replied with 26 points in the losing effort.

Israeli All-Star Game 2010-11 - Feb 28, 2011

Team Israel 122:

Coaches: Effie Barenboim, Oded Katash
Roster: Meir Tapiro 12, Guy Pnini 25, Gal Mekel 7, Ido Kozikaro 10, Lior Hakmon 12, Shmuel Brener, Erez Katz 14, Chris Watson, Dror Hagag 5, Yehu Orland 2, Sylven Landesberg 8, Lior Eliyahu (MVP, 27 points, 13 assists).

Team Foreign 117:

Coaches: David Blatt, Dan Shamir
Roster: Ramel Bradley 26, Shawn James 8, Lee Nailon, Rich Melzer 10, Rahshon Turner 2, Sofoklis Schortsanitis 2, Rodney Green 13, Willie Solomon 18, Aaron McGhee 6, Jason Rich 13, Adrian Banks 9, Marco Killingsworth 10.

Dunk Competitors:
Robert Hite
Adrian Banks (Champion)
Jeremy Pargo (Champion)

Three Point Competition:
Josh Carter 11
Yehu Orland 10
Dagan Yavzuri 15
Frank Robinson 10
David Blu 16 (Finals, 18)
Jack McClinton (Champion) 17 (Finals, 21)

Maccabi Tel Aviv clinch Israeli Cup title - Feb 11, 2011

Maccabi Tel Aviv - Elitzur Netanya 106:70
Maccabi Tel Aviv celebrated the Cup title yesterday. They overcame Netanya 106:70 in the Final to clinch the 38th Cup title in the teams history.
Maccabi held off Ashdod 98:61, while Netanya edged Hapoel Tel Aviv 78:77 in the semis to set up the Final.
Maccabi Tel Aviv did not give too many chances for Netanya in the championship game. They quickly jumped to a comfortable lead. Maccabi accumulated a 22:14 lead after ten minutes. Quick five points from Guy Pnini (201-G/F-83) gave Maccabi a 34:14 lead midway through the second term. Maccabi dominated every facet of the game as they recorded a 49:26 lead at the interval. Netanya struggled to get any close in the third term. Maccabi arrived at the final break up by 32 points 78:46. Netanya could not recover in the fourth quarter as Maccabi cruised to the victory at the end. Guy Pnini delivered 21 points to lead the effort. Sofoklis Schortsanitis (206-C-85) added 16 points, while Milan Macvan (205-F-89, agency: INVICTUS Sports Group) had 13 points in the victory. Adrian Banks (191-G-86, college: NW Mississippi CC) answered with 22 points for Netanya. Elton Brown (206-F/C-83, agency: Impact Basketball, college: Virginia) provided 15 points and 13 boards in the loss.

Maccabi Tel Aviv: Guy Pnini 21, Sofoklis Schortsanitis 16, Milan Macvan 13
Netanya: Adrian Banks 22, Elton Brown 15+13 boards

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