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Winner League Standings
 1. Maccabi T-A 17-6 
 2. Hapoel Holon 16-7 
 3. Bnei Hertzeliyya 14-9 
 4. Hapoel Eilat 13-10 
 5. Hapoel J-M 13-10 
 6. Maccabi Haifa 12-11 
 7. Hapoel T-A 11-12 
 8. Ironi Nahariya 10-13 
 9. Maccabi Rishon 10-13 
 10. Galil Gilboa 10-13 
 11. Maccabi Ashdod 8-15 
 12. Maccabi K/G 4-19 
Full Standings
National League Standings
 1. Maccabi Raanana 17-7 
 2. Hapoel K/S 16-8 
 3. Hap.R/G Givat. 15-9 
 4. Hapoel B/S 15-9 
 5. Ironi Nes-Ziona 14-10 
 6. Ironi K-A 14-10 
 7. Maccabi H/H 14-10 
 8. Macc.Rehovot 14-10 
 9. Hapoel Afula 11-13 
 10. Hap.Haifa 10-14 
 11. Hapoel Migd.H. 10-14 
 12. Galil Elion 10-14 
 13. Ramat Hasharon 5-19 
 14. Ironi Ramat Gan 3-21 
Full Standings
Artzit Standings
 1. Elitzur Ironi 18-1 
 2. Maccabi K/M 16-3 
 3. Hapoel Acre 12-6 
 4. Beitar K/Y 11-7 
 5. Hapoel Maa lot 11-7 
 6. Hapoel E/H 10-8 
 7. Hapoel Jat 9-9 
 8. Hapoel Zefat 9-10 
 9. Maccabi P/T 8-11 
 10. Macc.Hadera 7-11 
 11. Wingate Acad. 5-14 
 12. Hapoel Nesher 3-15 
 13. Hapoel L/H 1-18 
 1. Maccabi B/Y 15-2 
 2. Elitzur Yavne 12-5 
 3. Maccabi M/A 10-7 
 4. Maccabi M/S 10-7 
 5. Elitzur Ramla 10-8 
 6. Hapoel H/M 9-8 
 7. Hapoel H/A 9-9 
 8. Hapoel B/T 7-10 
 9. Hapoel Lod 7-10 
 10. Ironi K/O 7-10 
 11. Elitzur Ashkelon 6-11 
 12. Elitzur Macc. A 1-16 
Euroleague Standings
 1 Real Madrid 21-7 
 2 CSKA 21-7 
 3 Olympiacos 19-9 
 4 Fenerbahce 17-11 
 5 Panathinaikos 17-11 
 6 Anadolu Efes 16-12 
 7 Baskonia 16-12 
 8 Crvena Zvezda 15-13 
 9 Darussafaka 14-14 
 10 Zalgiris 13-15 
 11 FC Barcelona 11-17 
 12 Brose Bask. 10-18 
 13 Galatasaray 10-18 
 14 Maccabi T-A 10-18 
 15 EA7 Armani 7-21 
 16 Unics 7-21 
Eurocup Standings
Group E
 1 Lokomotiv 5-1 
 2 Gran Canaria 4-2 
 3 Fuenlabrada 2-4 
 4 UCAM Murcia 1-5 
Group F
 1 B.Muenchen 6-0 
 2 Khimky 4-2 
 3 Lietkabelis 2-4 
 4 Ratiopharm 0-6 
Group G
 1 Hapoel J-M 5-1 
 2 Zenit 3-3 
 3 Lietuvos rytas 3-3 
 4 N.Novgorod 1-5 
Group H
 1 Valencia 6-0 
 2 Unicaja 3-3 
 3 Cedevita 2-4 
 4 ALBA 1-5 
Stage One Standings
Basketball Champions League Standings
Group A
 1. Monaco 12-2 
 2. Banvit BK 11-3 
 3. CEZ Nymburk 10-4 
 4. Aris 8-6 
 5. Fraport SKY 7-7 
 6. Ironi Nahariya 5-9 
 7. Helios 2-12 
 8. Bakken 1-13 
Group B
 1. Le Mans 9-5 
 2. Umana VE 9-5 
 3. Pinar Karsiyaka 9-5 
 4. Avtodor 7-7 
 5. Maccabi Rishon 7-7 
 6. Oradea 6-8 
 7. Kataja Basket 6-8 
 8. Khimik 3-11 
Group C
 1. ASVEL 10-4 
 2. Neptunas 10-4 
 3. EWE Baskets 10-4 
 4. PAOK 7-7 
 5. Ventspils 7-7 
 6. Usak 5-9 
 7. Openjobmetis V. 4-10 
 8. Rosa Radom 3-11 
Group D
 1. Iberostar Tener. 11-3 
 2. Scandone AV 10-4 
 3. Strasbourg 9-5 
 4. Juventus 8-6 
 5. Oostende 6-8 
 6. Cibona 5-9 
 7. Mega Leks 4-10 
 8. Mornar Bar 3-11 
Group E
 1. Besiktas 12-2 
 2. AEK Athens 9-5 
 3. Partizan 8-6 
 4. Ludwigsburg 8-6 
 5. Banco di Srd 7-7 
 6. Spirou 6-8 
 7. Stelmet ZG 4-10 
 8. Szolnok 2-12 
FIBA Europe Cup Stage Two Standings
Group K
 1. Chalon 5-1 
 2. Gaziantep 5-1 
 3. Sodertalje 1-5 
 4. Targu Mures 1-5 
Group L
 1. Demir IBB 5-1 
 2. Antwerp 4-2 
 3. Gravelines 2-4 
 4. Prievidza 1-5 
Group M
 1. Telekom Bsk 5-1 
 2. Vytautas 4-2 
 3. Oberwart 2-4 
 4. Apoel 1-5 
Group N
 1. Kormend 4-2 
 2. Nanterre 4-2 
 3. Tsmoki-Minsk 3-3 
 4. Bnei Hertzeliyya 1-5 
Group O
 1. Pau-Lacq-Orthez 4-2 
 2. Alba 4-2 
 3. UBT Cluj Napoca 2-4 
 4. BK Pardubice 2-4 
Group P
 1. Groningen 4-2 
 2. Lukoil Acad. 3-3 
 3. Enisey 0-0 
 4. Benfica 0-6 
Group Q
 1. Cibona 0-0 
 2. Ironi Nahariya 0-0 
 3. Kataja Basket 0-0 
 4. Oostende 0-0 
 5. Oradea 0-0 
 6. Spirou 0-0 
 7. Stelmet ZG 0-0 
 8. Usak 0-0 
Stage One Standings
Stats Leaders
Points Per Game
  Hapoel T-A
  Avg: 21.1
 1. Lyons, Hapoel T-A21.1 
 2. Wyatt, Hapoel H.18.8 
 3. Milbourne, Hapoel E.17.7 
 4. Tucker, Hapoel T-A16.7 
 5. Holloway, Galil G.16.7 
 6. Siggers, Galil Gilboa16.1 
 7. Bowman, Maccabi .16.0 
 8. Selby, Maccabi K/G15.8 
 9. Simon, Maccabi .15.5 
 10. Wayns, Maccabi .15.3 
Rebounds Per Game
  Bnei H.
  Avg: 10.2
 1. Mashour, Bnei H.10.2 
 2. Holloway, Galil G.9.3 
 3. Atkins, Hapoel Holon9.2 
 4. Adrien, Bnei H.8.2 
 5. Singleton, Maccabi .8.0 
 6. Cohen, Maccabi .8.0 
 7. Howell, Hapoel T-A7.8 
 8. Williams, Hapoel T.7.5 
 9. Iverson, Maccabi .7.5 
 10. Carmichael, Maccabi .6.9 
Assists Per Game
 Gregory VARGAS
  Maccabi .
  Avg: 6.7
 1. Vargas, Maccabi .6.7 
 2. Henry, Hapoel Eilat6.2 
 3. Blatt, Hapoel T-A6.0 
 4. Kitchen, Ironi N.5.5 
 5. Lyons, Hapoel T-A5.4 
 6. Mekel, Maccabi T-A5.2 
 7. Taylor, Hapoel Holon4.9 
 8. Ben-Chimol, Maccabi .4.7 
 9. Perez Kaufma., Maccabi .4.7 
 10. Weems, Maccabi T-A4.5 
Steals Per Game
  Galil G.
  Avg: 2.2
 1. Shuchman, Galil G.2.2 
 2. Kinsey, Hapoel J-M2.1 
 3. Carter, Maccabi .2.0 
 4. Ben-Chimol, Maccabi .1.9 
 5. Vargas, Maccabi .1.9 
 6. Perez Kaufma., Maccabi .1.9 
 7. DiBartolomeo, Maccabi .1.8 
 8. Dennis, Bnei H.1.7 
 9. Ziv, Maccabi .1.7 
 10. Taylor, Maccabi .1.7 
Blocks Per Game
 Reginald BUCKNER
  Hapoel Eilat
  Avg: 1.7
 1. Buckner, Hapoel Eilat1.7 
 2. Griffin, Galil Gilboa1.7 
 3. Stoudemire, Hapoel J.1.3 
 4. Jones, Hapoel J-M1.3 
 5. Adrien, Bnei H.1.2 
 6. Mitchell, Maccabi .1.1 
 7. Kelly, Maccabi K/G1.0 
 8. Chubrevich, Hapoel H.1.0 
 9. N'Diaye, Bnei H.1.0 
 10. Williams, Hapoel T.0.9 
Player of the Week

 Rafi Menco
  Hapoel Eilat
  ( 198-SF-94 )

 Anthony Lee
  Ironi Ramat Gan
  ( 206-F/C-104-91 )
Israeli men teams in Euro cups 2016-2017
 FIBA Europe Cup:
 Bb Cham.League:

Israeli Basketball (Men)

Next Round Schedule

Round 24 (Regular Season)

Macc.Ashdod 53% Mar.26 Bnei Hertzel
Ironi Nahari Mar.26 Macc.Haifa 58%
Galil Gilboa 54% Mar.26 Hap.Eilat
Hapoel T-A 83% Mar.26 Maccabi K/G
Macc.Rishon Mar.26 Hapoel J-M 62%
Maccabi T-A 59% Mar.26 Hap.Holon
Next Round Schedule

Round 25 (Regular Season)

Hap.Haifa 50% Mar.28 Ironi Nes-Zi
Hap.R/G Giv 81% Mar.28 Ramat Hashar
Hap.Afula 72% Mar.28 Galil Elion
Macc.Raanana 74% Mar.28 Hapoel B/S
Maccabi H/H 86% Mar.28 Ironi Ramat
Hap.Migd.H. Mar.28 Hapoel K/S 66%
Macc.Rehovot 56% Mar.28 Ironi K-A
Next Round Schedule

Round 29 (Regular Season)

Crvena Zvezd 64% Mar.31 Unics
Galatasaray Mar.31 Baskonia 55%
Panathinaiko 54% Mar.31 CSKA
Real Madrid 73% Mar.31 Fenerbahce
Zalgiris 75% Mar.31 EA7 Armani
Anadolu Efes 58% Mar.30 Olympiacos
Brose Bask. 51% Mar.30 Darussafaka
FC Barcelona 59% Mar.30 Maccabi T-A
Next Round Schedule

Game 1 (Finals)

Valencia 84% Mar.28 Unicaja
Next Round Schedule

Game 2 (Quarter-Finals)

Iberostar Te 60% Mar.28 ASVEL
Umana VE 52% Mar.28 Pinar Karsiy
Ludwigsburg Mar.28 Banvit BK 63%
Banco di Srd Mar.28 Monaco 64%
Next Round Schedule

Game 1 (Semi-Finals)

Oostende Mar.29 Chalon 99%
Nanterre Mar.29 Telekom Bsk 53%
Alex Tyus selected the top Israeli playing abroad in last week's games - Nov 29, 2012

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We bring you last week's top performances from Israelis who are playing abroad and who all have had prior experience of national team duties at youth or senior level.

Alex Tyus
Alex Tyus
   #1. This week's number one is an international center Alex Tyus (205-88, college: Florida, currently plays in Euroleague), who plays in Italy. He could not help Cantu (2-5) in their last game. Despite Tyus' very good performance the sixth-placed Cantu was edged 71-69 at home by the higher-ranked (#4) Panathinaikos in the group A of Euroleague. He was the top scorer with 18 points. Tyus also added 3 blocks in 29 minutes on the court; quite an impressive performance considering it's only his second season in pro basketball. There are only three games left until the end of the Euroleague Regular Season. So now every game will be critical. This year Tyus averages: 8.6ppg, 3.7rpg, 2FGP: 61.9%(26-42) in the seven games he played so far. He is a naturalized American. Tyus is currently a member of the Israeli senior national team. He used to play for Maccabi Ashdod in Israeli league.

Omri Casspi
Omri Casspi
   #2. Second place goes to an international small forward Omri Casspi (204-88, currently plays in NBA), who plays in the NBA. Casspi was not able to help the Cleveland Cavaliers (3-12) in their last game on Saturday. Despite his very good performance the Cleveland Cavaliers were edged 110-108 on the road by the Miami Heat. Casspi recorded 15 points. But this is still an early stage of the season and everything may happen. Casspi's overall stats this year are: 5.4ppg, 2.0rpg, 2FGP: 38.9% and FT: 66.7%. He is in the roster of the Israeli senior national team.

Yuval Naimy
Yuval Naimy
   #3. The Israeli player who performed third best last week abroad was an international point guard Yuval Naimy (188-85, currently plays in Eurocup). Naimy managed to help Triumph Lyubertsy in a victory against the closely-ranked VEF Riga (1-3) 82-77 in the Eurocup on Wednesday night. He recorded 5 points and added 3 passes in 24 minutes. It was the game of the round between two top 4 ranked teams. Triumph Lyubertsy (4-0) is placed first in the Eurocup. So far his team won all four games in the Regular Season. There are only two games left until the end of the Eurocup Regular Season. So now every game is very crucial. It's Naimy's first season with the team. This year Naimy's overall stats are: 9.0ppg, 2.8rpg, 1.8apg, 2FGP: 30.8%, 3FGP: 37.5% in the four games. He is also a member of the Israeli senior national team.

Robert Rothbart
Robert Rothbart
   #4. Center Robert Rothbart (217-86, agency: INVICTUS Sports Group, currently plays in Poland) led Start Gdynia to a surprising victory over the league leader Energa Czarni (7-3) 82-68 in the Polish TBL in Sunday night's game. Rothbart was MVP of the game. He recorded a double-double by scoring 18 points and getting 10 rebounds. KS Start Gdynia (3-6) is placed tenth in the TBL. Rothbart is currently sixth on the list of best rebounders and also on the list of best blockers (fourth place). He has very reliable stats this season: 13.6ppg, 7.8rpg, 1.3bpg and 1.4spg. Rothbart has a dual citizenship: Bosnia and Herzegovina and Israeli. He is also Israeli national team player.

Yotam Halperin
Yotam Halperin
   #5. International shooting guard Yotam Halperin (193-84, currently plays in Germany) was not able to secure a victory for Bayern Muenchen (5-5) in their game against New Yorker Phantoms (3-7) in the German BBL. He recorded 8 points and added 4 passes. Bayern Muenchen was defeated 78-73 in Braunschweig by the much lower-ranked New Yorker Phantoms (#16). But the season just started, so everything may happen. Halperin's total stats this year are: 7.2ppg, 2.3rpg, 2.6apg and 1.3spg. He plays currently for the Israeli national team.

Oded Brandwein
Oded Brandwein
   #6. Guard Oded Brandwein (186-88, agency: N.E.T., currently plays in Poland) faced previously mentioned Robert Rothbart in the Polish TBL last game. Brandwein couldn't help Energa Czarni (7-3) in their game against Start Gdynia (3-6). He scored only 4 points and added 3 assists in 21 minutes. The league leader Energa Czarni lost 68-82 on their home court in Slupsk to the much lower-ranked (#10) Start Gdynia. They ended the series of seven consecutive victories. This year Brandwein's total stats are: 4.9ppg and 1.6apg in the seven games. He is a former U20 international player as he played for the Israeli team four years ago.

Jeremiah Kreisberg
Jeremiah Kreisberg
   #7. U20 international center Jeremiah Kreisberg (208-92, currently plays college basketball in the States) couldn't help the Yale in their game against the University of Vermont (0-0) in the NCAA. He recorded 7 points. The Yale was defeated 65-52 in Burlington, VT by the University of Vermont. Kreisberg has relatively good stats this season: 12.7ppg, 3.6rpg and 1.2spg. He is a naturalized American. Kreisberg used to play for the Israeli U20 national team last year. Strangely he has never played in Israel.

The list of other players, who all have Israeli passport but never been selected to any of Israeli national teams:

   #1. Jason Thomas (191-G-82, college: American, currently plays in Sweden), who plays in the Swedish Basketligan could not help one of league's weakest teams Boras Basket (9-4) in their last game. Despite Thomas' good performance Boras Basket lost 78-93 on the road to the second-ranked Uppsala Basket. He recorded 14 points and grabbed 6 rebounds in 30 minutes. Thomas has relatively good stats this year: 10.7ppg, 7.2rpg and 2.1apg in the 13 games he played so far. He is a naturalized American. Thomas used to play for Ironi Kfar Hamaccabia Ramat Gan in Israeli league.

   #2. Haran Shifman (183-G-84, currently plays in Poland) was not able to help one of league's weakest teams Polonia (5-5) in their game against AZS Radex (5-5) in the Polish 1Liga (second division). He recorded 9 points and added 8 passes. But Polonia was badly defeated 93-75 at home by the higher-ranked AZS Radex (#8). But the season is still in it's first stage and everything can happen. Shifman is currently sixth on the league's list of best passers. He has averaged so far 8.5ppg, 1.5rpg and 5.0apg. Shifman has a dual citizenship: Israeli and Polish. Worth to mention Shifman played also at Eurobasket Summer League, which helped him get the job in pro basketball.

   #3. Guy Aud (188-G-89, currently plays in Germany) was not able to secure a victory for Finke Baskets (5-6) in their game against Duesseldorf Baskets (9-2) in the German ProA (second division). Aud scored only 4 points and added 6 assists in 29 minutes. Finke Baskets lost 78-87 on their home court in Paderborn to the leading Duesseldorf Baskets. Aud is ranked first on the list of the best passers in the league with 7.1apg. This year his other stats are: 12.7ppg, 3.6rpg and 1.2spg in the 11 games. Aud is another player who holds two passports: Israeli and German. He attended previously one of camps at Eurobasket Summer League on his way to pro basketball.  

EuroLeague: Zalgiris outgun Maccabi in Tel Aviv - 11 hours ago
Maccabi - Zalgiris 77:93 Zalgiris celebrated the road win over Maccabi in Tel Aviv to improve at 13-15 record in the ladder. The win though did not help Zalgiris as they got eliminated from the playoff race because of the other results in the day. Edgaras Ulanovas (197-G-92) scored 20 points to pace the winners. Zalgiris eked out a 17:14 lead after ten minutes. The visitors poured in 27 points in the second period to take a 44:33 halftime lead. The Kaunas powerhouse maintained the advan...   [read more]

Alex Tyus
Alex Tyus selected the top Israeli playing abroad in last week's games - 1 day ago
We bring you last week's top performances from Israelis who are playing abroad and who all have had prior experience of national team duties at youth or senior level. This week's number one is former international center Alex Tyus (203-88). He was the major contributor in Galatasaray's surprising victory against the third-ranked Olympiacos in the Euroleague in Friday night's game.    [read more]

Anthony Lee
Israeli National League round 24 best performance: Anthony Lee - 1 day ago
American Power forward Anthony Lee (206-F/C-91) had a great game in the last round for Ironi Ramat Gan, receiving a National League Player of the Week award for round 24. The 25-year old player had a double-double of 22 points and 25 rebounds, while his team beat Hapoel Migd.H. (#11, 10-14) 98-84. The game rather meaningless between the teams, which do not have any influence on top of the standings. Ironi Ramat Gan maintains the 14th position in Israeli National League. Too...   [read more]

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