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Andrea Centenari


Armando Caporaso

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Serie A Standings
 1. EA7 Armani 22-8 
 2. Grissin Bon RE 21-9 
 3. Scandone AV 20-10 
 4. Vanoli CR 19-11 
 5. Umana VE 16-14 
 6. Giorgo Tesi PT 16-14 
 7. Banco di Srd 16-14 
 8. Dolomiti En. TR 15-15 
 9. Openjobmetis V. 14-16 
 10. Enel Brindisi 13-17 
 11. AV Cantu 12-18 
 12. VL Pesaro 12-18 
 13. Betaland CdO 11-19 
 14. JuveCaserta 11-19 
 15. Auxilium TO 11-19 
 16. O.Lavoro BO 11-19 

Grissin Bon RE celebrate Beko SuperCup title (Photo: Facebook)
Points Per Game
 Austin DAYE
  Al Manama
  Avg: 21.2
 1. Daye, Al Manama21.2 
 2. Banks, Enel Brindi.18.9 
 3. Nunnally, Scandone.18.4 
 4. White, Auxilium TO17.0 
 5. Logan, Banco di S.16.6 
 6. Kirk, Giorgo T.16.3 
 7. Dyson, Auxilium TO15.9 
 8. Johnson, AV Cantu15.1 
 9. Lacey, VL Pesaro14.6 
 10. Wright, Dolomiti.14.4 
Rebounds Per Game
  Enel B.
  Avg: 10.1
 1. Anosike, Enel B.10.1 
 2. Hunt, Nancy9.9 
 3. Daye, Al Manama9.0 
 4. Oriakhi, Bucaneros8.8 
 5. Fesenko, Monaco8.7 
 6. Johnson, AV Cantu8.2 
 7. White, Auxilium TO8.2 
 8. Lydeka, VL Pesaro8.0 
 9. Faye, Openjobm.7.9 
 10. Pittman, Aguada7.9 
Assists Per Game
 Taurean GREEN
  AEK Athens
  Avg: 6.8
 1. Green, AEK Athens6.8 
 2. Siva, JuveCaserta6.5 
 3. Moore, Giorgo T.6.2 
 4. Hodge, Arecibo5.5 
 5. Ukic, AV Cantu5.2 
 6. Green, Umana VE5.0 
 7. Wright, Openjobm.4.8 
 8. Vitali, Vanoli CR4.6 
 9. Green, Scandone AV4.6 
 10. Reynolds, Hapoel4.3 
Steals Per Game
  Vanoli C.
  Avg: 2
 1. Washington, Vanoli2.0 
 2. Siva, JuveCaserta2.0 
 3. Logan, Banco di S.1.9 
 4. Dyson, Auxilium TO1.7 
 5. Jones, JuveCaserta1.7 
 6. Lockett, Dolomiti.1.6 
 7. Daye, Al Manama1.6 
 8. Christon, VL Pesaro1.6 
 9. Sanders, Dolomiti.1.5 
 10. Wright, Dolomiti.1.5 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 2.1
 1. Fesenko, Monaco2.1 
 2. Johnson, AV Cantu1.4 
 3. Hunt, Nancy1.4 
 4. Cervi, Scandone AV1.3 
 5. Ebi, Auxilium TO1.3 
 6. Kirk, Giorgo T.1.3 
 7. Daye, Al Manama1.1 
 8. Bowers, Betaland.1.1 
 9. Berggren, Dolomiti.1.0 
 10. Petway, Banco d.1.0 

Cavit All-Star Team celebrate victory in 2016 Beko All-Star Game (Photo: Facebook)
Season 2015-2016
All Games
List of Players
List of Imports
Italian men teams in Euro cups 2015-2016
 FIBA Europe Cup:

EA7 Armani Milano wins the Italian Cup (Photo:

Emporio Armani claim Serie A title (Photo:

EA7 Emporio Armani Milano 2015-16
Jasmin Repesa Jasmin Repesa Repesa
Charles Jenkins
Jamel McLean
Rakim Sanders
Krunoslav Simon
Andrea Cinciarini
# Name CM (INCH) Pos Bo NAT
22  Jenkins Charles 191 (6'3'') SG 89 USA Serbia
1  McLean Jamel 203 (6'8'') F 88 USA
21  Sanders Rakim 193 (6'4'') G/F 89 USA
43  Simon Krunoslav 197 (6'6'') G/F 85 Croatia
20  Cinciarini Andrea 193 (6'4'') PG 86 Italy
3  Lafayette Oliver 188 (6'2'') PG 84 USA Croatia
51  Batista Esteban 208 (6'10'') C/F 83 Uruguay Spain
13  Macvan Milan 206 (6'9'') PF 89 Serbia
9  Kalnietis Mantas 195 (6'5'') PG 86 Lithuania
27  Barac Stanko 217 (7'2'') C 86 Bosnia Croatia
7  Cerella Bruno 194 (6'5'') G/F 86 Argentina Italy
15  Magro Daniele 208 (6'10'') C 87 Italy
5  Gentile Alessandro 200 (6'7'') G/F 92 Italy
16  Pecchia Andrea 194 (6'5'') F/G 97 Italy
16  Vecerina Simone 189 (6'3'') SG 99 Italy
Head Coach: Jasmin Repesa
Coach Assistant: Massimo Cancellieri
Coach Assistant: Mario Fioretti All-Italian SerieA Awards 2016 - Jun 19, 2016 All-Italian SerieA 1st Team 2016
Krunoslav Simon
Alessandro Gentile
James Nunnally
Austin Daye
Dexter Pittman

Finals MVP: Rakim Sanders (193-G/F-89) of EA7 Armani
Player of the Year: James Nunnally (201-F-90) of Scandone AV
Guard of the Year: Krunoslav Simon (197-G/F-85) of EA7 Armani
Forward of the Year: Austin Daye (211-F-88) of Al Manama
Center of the Year: Dexter Pittman (208-C-88) of Aguada
Most Improved Player of the Year: Awudu Abass (199-SF-93) of EA7 Armani
Import Player of the Year: Austin Daye (211-F-88) of Al Manama
Domestic Player of the Year: Davide Pascolo (201-F-90) of EA7 Armani
U22 Player of the Year: Diego Flaccadori (194-PG-96) of Dolomiti En. TR
Defensive Player of the Year: Deron Washington (201-F/G-85) of Vanoli CR
Coach of the Year: Jasmin Repesa of EA7 Armani

1st Team
G: Krunoslav Simon (197-G/F-85) of EA7 Armani
G/F: Alessandro Gentile (200-G/F-92) of EA7 Armani
F: James Nunnally (201-F-90) of Scandone AV
F: Austin Daye (211-F-88) of Al Manama
F/C: Dexter Pittman (208-C-88) of Aguada

2nd Team
PG: David Logan (185-G-82) of Banco di Srd
G: Ryan Boatright (183-PG-92) of Betaland CdO
G/F: Rakim Sanders (193-G/F-89) of EA7 Armani
F: Davide Pascolo (201-F-90) of EA7 Armani
C: Alex Kirk (211-C-91) of Giorgo Tesi PT

All-Domestic Players Team
G: Pietro Aradori (194-SG-88) of Grissin Bon RE
G: Amedeo Della Valle (192-SG-93) of Grissin Bon RE
G/F: Alessandro Gentile (200-G/F-92) of EA7 Armani
F: Achille Polonara (203-F-91) of Grissin Bon RE
F: Davide Pascolo (201-F-90) of EA7 Armani

All-Imports Team
G: David Logan (185-G-82) of Banco di Srd
G: Ryan Boatright (183-PG-92) of Betaland CdO
F: James Nunnally (201-F-90) of Scandone AV
F: Austin Daye (211-F-88) of Al Manama
C: Dexter Pittman (208-C-88) of Aguada

All-Defensive Team
PG: Oliver Lafayette (188-PG-84) of EA7 Armani
G: Bruno Cerella (194-G/F-86) of EA7 Armani
F: Deron Washington (201-F/G-85) of Vanoli CR
F: Achille Polonara (203-F-91) of Grissin Bon RE
C: Riccardo Cervi (214-C-91) of Scandone AV

All-U22 Domestic Players Team
PG: Tommaso Laquintana (187-PG-95) of Betaland CdO
SG: Diego Flaccadori (194-PG-96) of Dolomiti En. TR
SG: Stefano Tonut (194-G/F-93) of Umana VE
SF: Simone Fontecchio (199-SF-95) of EA7 Armani
SF: Awudu Abass (199-SF-93) of EA7 Armani

Honorable Mention
Mike Green (185-PG-85) of Umana VE
Jeremy Pargo (188-PG-86) of Umana VE
Kyrylo Fesenko (216-C-86) of Monaco
D.J. White (206-PF-86) of Auxilium TO
Adrian Banks (191-G-86) of Enel Brindisi
Tyrus McGee (188-G-91) of Umana VE
Joe Ragland (182-PG-89) of Scandone AV
Julian Wright (203-C/F-87) of Dolomiti En. TR
Rimantas Kaukenas (192-SG-77) of Grissin Bon RE
Ivan Buva (208-F/C-91) of Scandone AV

Emporio Armani claim Serie A title - Jun 13, 2016

Grissin Bon RE - EA7 Armani 70-74

Emporio Armani celebrated Serie A title. They snatched a road win over Grissin Bon RE in Game 6 of the title series to be crowned champions. The guests trailed by 5 points after three quarters before their 29-20 charge, which allowed them to win the game. Armani Milano looked well-organized offensively handing out 21 assists. 27 personal fouls committed by Grissin Bon RE helped opponents get some easy free throw opportunities. The best player for the winners was Croatian swingman Krunoslav Simon (197-85) who scored 15 points, 7 rebounds and 4 assists. Uruguayan-Spanish power forward Esteban Batista (208-83, agency: Duran International) chipped in 10 points, 9 rebounds and 4 assists. Four Armani Milano players scored in double figures. At the other side the best for losing team was Lithuanian Rimantas Kaukenas (192-77, college: Seton Hall) who recorded 18 points and 4 assists and international forward Achille Polonara (203-91) added 12 points and 8 rebounds respectively. Both coaches used bench players in such tough game.
Top scorers:
Grissin Bon RE: R.Kaukenas 18+3reb+4ast, A.Della Valle 13+4reb+2ast, A.Polonara 12+8reb+1ast, P.Aradori 8+6reb+1ast, V.Veremeenko 6+7reb+1ast, D.Needham 5+3reb
EA7 Armani: A.Gentile 16+4reb+2ast, K.Simon 15+7reb+4ast, R.Sanders 13+2reb+5ast, E.Batista 10+9reb+4ast, M.Macvan 7+2reb+2ast, M.Kalnietis 7+2reb+1ast
gschID: 472605

EA7 Armani Milano wins the Italian Cup - Feb 21, 2016

In the Italian Cup Final, EA7 Emporio Armani Milano wins an intense match against Scandone Avellino in front of 8.100 fans at the Forum of Assago.

Milano comes out strong since the first minutes of the game with a great defense that lead to 7 turnovers by Avellino. Charles Jenkins (191-SG-89, college: Hofstra) with 5 straight points puts Olimpia up 12-4. Sanders adds 7 points and Milano close the quarter on the 21-11.
In the second quarter Milan Macvan (206-PF-89) goes for 5 straight points coming out of the bench to extend Milano lead to 26-14. James Nunnally (201-F-90, college: UCSB) with 10 points put Avellino under the double digit gap but Milan Macvan (206-PF-89) with a tap in at the buzzer let Repesa's men to go at the halftime up by 7 points (43-36).

In the second half of the game Milan Macvan (206-PF-89) continues to find the basket from inside and from outside the painted area and Milano returns up by 10 points. Alex Acker (196-G-83, college: Pepperdine) and James Nunnally (201-F-90, college: UCSB) with their penetrations lead Avellino to a -5 at the end of the third quarter.
In the beginning of the last quarter McLean dominates inside the paint with 4 offensive rebounds and a couple of buckets. Sanders had 7 points in the quarter with two great steals and Milano flies on the 78-63 with 3 minutes remaining. And that was the crucial break.

Milano wins the Italian Cup and the Forum erupts.

Rakim Sanders (193-G/F-89, college: Fairfield) (17 points and 6 rebounds) was elected MVP of the competition.

EA7 Armani Milano - Sidigas Avellino 82-76

(21-11, 22-25, 17-19, 22-21)

Milano: Sanders 17pt+6rb, McLean 15pt+6rb, Cinciarini 10pt+5rb, Simon 8pt+5rb, Jenkins 8pt+4rb, Kalnietis 5pt+4rb+4as, Lafayette 3pt+4rb+6as, Cerella 5rb.
Avellino: James Nunnally 25pt+4rb+3st, Buva 13pt+5rb, Acker 9pt+4as, Cervi 8pt+2blk, Ragland 8pt+4rb, Veikalas 5pt, Pini 4pt, Leunen 3pt+6rb+4as, Green 6rb+6as.

Grissin Bon RE celebrate Beko SuperCup title - Sep 27, 2015

Grissin Bon RE - Emporio Armani 80:68

Grissin Bon RE earned the Beko SuperCup title. They defeated Emporio Armani for the first trophy of the season. Stefano Gentile (191-PG-89) recorded 14 points to lead the charge.
Grissin Bon RE accounted for a 22:19 lead ten minutes into the game. The teams traded baskets throughout the second quarter. Grissin Bon RE accumulated a 39:36 halftime lead. They boosted the gap in the third quarter. Grissin Bon RE entered the final period up by as many as 11 points 61:50. Grissin Bon RE did not loosen the grasp in the fourth term and cruised to the victory. Amedeo Della Valle (192-SG-93, college: Ohio St., agency: SPORTlab Agency) chipped in 13 points, while Rimantas Kaukenas (192-SG-77, college: Seton Hall, agency: Championship Sports) netted 12 points for the winners. Robbie Hummel (203-F-89, college: Purdue, agency: Priority Sports) responded with 13 points for Emporio Armani. Krunoslav Simon (197-G/F-85) had 11 points in the loss.

Grissin Bon RE: Stefano Gentile 14, Amedeo Della Valle 13, Rimantas Kaukenas 12
Emporio Armani: Robbie Hummel 13, Krunoslav Simon 11

Cavit All-Star Team celebrate victory in 2016 Beko All-Star Game - Jan 11, 2016

Cavit All-Star Team - Dolomiti Energia All-Star Team 154:148

Cavit All-Star Team earned victory in a highly entertaining Beko All-Star Game 2016. Tyrus McGee (188-G-91, college: Iowa St.) came up wit 35 points to pace his side to the victory at the PalaTrento. Alex Kirk (211-C-91, college: N.Mexico) had 31 points and 6 rebounds to be named the MVP.
Dolomiti Energia All-Star Team enjoyed a fast start to the game. They earned a 46:35 lead after the opening frame. They rallied to a 78:66 halftime advantage. However Cavit All-Star Team denied the deficit in the third quarter. They tied things up at 108:108 heading into the fourth period. Cavit All-Star Team unleashed 46 points in the final stanza and sealed the winning outcome. JaJuan Johnson had 27 points, while James Nunnally (201-F-90, college: UCSB) added 14 points for the winners. David Logan (185-G-82, college: Indianapolis) responded with 28 points for Dolomiti Energia Team. Dewayne White netted 23 points and grabbed 6 rebounds in the loss.
Awudu Abass (199-SF-93, agency: Players Group) celebrated victory in the Slam Dunk Contest. Krunoslav Simon (197-G/F-85) was crowned the winner of the Three-Point Shootout Contest.

Italian SerieA All-Star Game 2016 - Dec 30, 2015

Dolomiti Energia All-Star Team

David Logan

Adrian Banks

Awudu Abass

Davide Pascolo

Julian Wright

avid Logan (185-G-82) of Sassari
Adrian Banks (191-G-86) of Brindisi
Awudu Abass (199-SF-93) of Cantu
Davide Pascolo (201-F-90) of Trento
Julian Wright (203-C/F-87) of Trento
Peyton Siva (185-PG-90) of JuveCaserta
Luca Vitali (201-PG-86) of Cremona
Wayne Blackshear (196-G/F-92) of Pistoia
Krunoslav Simon (197-G/F-85) of Armani Milano
Austin Daye (211-F-880 of Pesaro)
Josh Owens (203-F/C-88) of Venezia
D.J. White (206-PF-86) of Torino

Cavit All-Star Team

Alessandro Gentile

Pietro Aradori

Achille Polonara

Jamel McLean

Alex Kirk

lessandro Gentile (200-G/F-92) of Armani Milano
Pietro Aradori (194-SG-88) of Reggio Emilia
Achille Polonara (203-F-91) of Reggio Emilia
Jamel McLean (203-F-88) of Armani Milano
Alex Kirk (211-C-91) of Pistoia
Jerome Dyson (191-G-87) of Torino
Mike Green (185-PG-85) of Venezia
Tyrus McGee (188-G-91) of Cremona
Stefano Tonut (194-SG-93)
James Nunnally (201-F-90) of Avellino
JaJuan Johnson (208-F/C-89) of Cantu
Dario Hunt (206-F-89) of JuveCaserta

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