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Antonello Varallo
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# Team Games Won Lost Total Points
1EA7 Armani302372584:2384 (+200)
2Umana VE302192447:2330 (+117)
3Scandone AV3019112392:2285 (+107)
4Dolomiti En. TR3018122352:2201 (+151)
5Banco di Srd3017132301:2218 (+83)
6Grissin Bon RE3017132458:2444 (+14)
7The Flexx PT3015152306:2298 (+8)
8Betaland Cdo3015152291:2315 (-24)
9Enel Brindisi3014162495:2465 (+30)
10Germani BR3013172360:2453 (-93)
11Fiat TO3013172455:2551 (-96)
12Openjobmetis V.3013172320:2402 (-82)
13JuveCaserta3012182337:2430 (-93)
14MIA-RO Cantu3011192335:2476 (-141)
15VL Pesaro3010202285:2420 (-135)
16Vanoli CR309212370:2416 (-46)
Points Per Game
 Marcus LANDRY
  Avg: 19.6
 1. Landry, Brescia19.6 
 2. Sosa, JuveCaserta19.3 
 3. Jones, VL Pesaro19.2 
 4. Johnson, AV Cantu19.0 
 5. MBaye, Enel B.17.7 
 6. Ragland, Scandone.17.7 
 7. Johnson, Openjobm.17.6 
 8. Aradori, Grissin .15.9 
 9. Logan, Scandone AV15.9 
 10. Holloway, Vanoli C.15.5 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 11.1
 1. Anosike, Openjobm.11.1 
 2. Jones, VL Pesaro10.1 
 3. Watt, JuveCaserta9.0 
 4. Washington, Auxilium.8.6 
 5. White, Auxilium TO8.0 
 6. Johnson, AV Cantu7.2 
 7. Nnoko, VL Pesaro7.1 
 8. Lawal, Banco d.7.0 
 9. Hogue, Dolomiti.7.0 
 10. Thomas, Vanoli CR7.0 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 7.1
 1. Vitali, Brescia7.1 
 2. Sosa, JuveCaserta5.9 
 3. Maynor, Openjobm.5.5 
 4. Wright, Auxilium.5.5 
 5. Dowdell, AV Cantu5.4 
 6. Moore, The F.5.4 
 7. Ragland, Scandone.5.1 
 8. Craft, Dolomiti.4.8 
 9. Holloway, Vanoli C.4.4 
 10. Green, Scandone AV4.3 
Steals Per Game
 Aaron CRAFT
  Avg: 2.3
 1. Craft, Dolomiti.2.3 
 2. Sutton, Dolomiti.1.9 
 3. Moss, Brescia1.7 
 4. Green, Scandone AV1.7 
 5. Shields, Dolomiti.1.5 
 6. Bostic, JuveCaserta1.5 
 7. Needham, Grissin .1.5 
 8. Goss, Enel Brindisi1.5 
 9. Jones, VL Pesaro1.5 
 10. Ragland, Scandone.1.4 
Blocks Per Game
 Norvel PELLE
  Avg: 2.1
 1. Pelle, Openjobm.2.1 
 2. Cervi, Grissin .1.9 
 3. Watt, JuveCaserta1.8 
 4. Johnson, AV Cantu1.4 
 5. Lawal, Banco d.1.2 
 6. Putney, JuveCaserta1.2 
 7. Thomas, Vanoli CR1.1 
 8. Berggren, Brescia1.1 
 9. Biligha, Vanoli CR1.1 
 10. Archie, Betaland.1.0 

Emporio Armani top Sassari to clinch Cup title (Photo:
Player of the week

     Dominique Sutton
      Dolomiti En. TR
    Season 2016-2017
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    List of Players
    List of Imports
    Italian men teams in Euro cups 2016-2017
     Bb Cham.League:

    Emporio Armani clinch Macron SuperCoppa title (Photo:

    Umana Reyer Venezia crowned Serie A champions (Photo:

    Umana Reyer Venezia 2016-17
    Walter De Raffaele Walter De Raffaele De Raffaele
    Marquez Haynes
    Julyan Stone
    Michael Bramos
    Hrvoje Peric
    Melvin Ejim
    # Name CM (INCH) Pos Bo NAT
    0  Haynes Marquez 191 (6'3'') PG 86 USA Georgia
    5  Stone Julyan 198 (6'6'') PG 88 USA
    6  Bramos Michael 196 (6'5'') G/F 87 Greece USA
    4  Peric Hrvoje 203 (6'8'') F 85 Croatia
    3  Ejim Melvin 200 (6'7'') F 91 Canada Nigeria
    2  Hagins Jamelle 206 (6'9'') F 90 USA
    25  McGee Tyrus 188 (6'2'') G 91 USA
    14  Ress Tomas 208 (6'10'') F/C 80 USA Italy
    22  Viggiano Jeffrey 197 (6'6'') F/G 84 USA Italy
    15  Batista Esteban 208 (6'10'') C/F 83 Uruguay Spain
    16  Ortner Benjamin 206 (6'9'') C/F 83 Austria
    12  Filloy Ariel 189 (6'3'') PG 87 Argentina Italy
    7  Tonut Stefano 194 (6'5'') G/F 93 Italy
    9  Visconti Riccardo 197 (6'6'') G/F 98 Italy
    Head Coach: Walter De Raffaele
    Coach Assistant: Alberto Buffo
    Coach Assistant: gianluca Tucci
    Coach Assistant: Alberto Billio All-Italian SerieA Awards 2017 - Jun 25, 2017 All-Italian SerieA 1st Team 2017
    Joe Ragland
    Pietro Aradori
    Marcus Landry
    Hrvoje Peric
    Jarrod Jones

    Finals MVP: Melvin Ejim (200-F-91) of Umana VE
    Player of the Year: Marcus Landry (201-F-85) of Germani BR
    Guard of the Year: Joe Ragland (182-PG-89) of Scandone AV
    Forward of the Year: Marcus Landry (201-F-85) of Germani BR
    Center of the Year: Jarrod Jones (207-C/F-90) of Pesaro
    Most Improved Player of the Year: Paul Biligha (200-C/F-90) of Vanoli CR
    Import Player of the Year: Marcus Landry (201-F-85) of Germani BR
    Domestic Player of the Year: Pietro Aradori (194-SG-88) of Grissin Bon RE
    U22 Player of the Year: Diego Flaccadori (194-PG-96) of Dolomiti En. TR
    Defensive Player of the Year: Aaron Craft (188-G-91) of Monaco
    Coach of the Year: Vincenzo Esposito of The Flexx PT

    1st Team
    PG: Joe Ragland (182-PG-89) of Scandone AV
    SG: Pietro Aradori (194-SG-88) of Grissin Bon RE
    F: Marcus Landry (201-F-85) of Germani BR
    F: Hrvoje Peric (203-F-85) of Umana VE
    C/F: Jarrod Jones (207-C/F-90) of Pesaro

    2nd Team
    G: Aaron Craft (188-G-91) of Monaco
    PG: Ronald Moore (183-PG-88) of The Flexx PT
    F: Amath M'Baye (206-F-89) of EA7 Armani
    PF: D.J. White (206-PF-86) of Fiat TO
    F: Dustin Hogue (198-F-92) of Dolomiti En. TR

    All-Domestic Players Team
    PG: Luca Vitali (201-PG-86) of Germani BR
    SG: Pietro Aradori (194-SG-88) of Grissin Bon RE
    SF: Brian Sacchetti (200-SF-86) of Banco di Srd
    F/C: Antonio Iannuzzi (208-F/C-91) of Fiat TO
    F/C: Davide Pascolo (201-F/C-90) of EA7 Armani

    All-Imports Team
    G: Aaron Craft (188-G-91) of Monaco
    PG: Joe Ragland (182-PG-89) of Scandone AV
    F: Marcus Landry (201-F-85) of Germani BR
    F: Hrvoje Peric (203-F-85) of Umana VE
    C/F: Jarrod Jones (207-C/F-90) of Pesaro

    Honorable Mention
    Krunoslav Simon (197-G/F-85) of EA7 Armani
    Ariel Filloy (189-PG-87) of Umana VE
    Kyrylo Fesenko (216-C-86) of Scandone AV
    Dominique Sutton (198-G/F-86) of Dolomiti En. TR
    Amedeo Della Valle (192-SG-93) of Grissin Bon RE
    Dominique Archie (200-F-87) of Bnei Hertzeliyya
    Milenko Tepic (202-G-87) of Betaland Cdo
    Durand Scott (196-F/G-90) of Enel Brindisi
    Lee Moore (193-G-95) of Germani BR
    Deron Washington (201-F/G-85) of Fiat TO
    Christian Eyenga (201-SF-89) of Unicaja
    O.D. Anosike (203-F/C-91) of Openjobmetis V.
    Mitchell Watt (208-F-89) of Al Ahli
    JaJuan Johnson (208-F/C-89) of MIA-RO Cantu

    Umana Reyer Venezia crowned Serie A champions - Jun 20, 2017

    Dolomiti En. TR - Umana VE 78-81

    Umana Reyer Venezia celebrated Serie A title. They upset Trento on the road in Game 6 of the title series to capture the trophy. The guests trailed by 1 point at the halftime before their 21-15 charge in the third quarter, which allowed them to win the game. Strangely Dolomiti En. TR outrebounded Umana Venezia 42-30 including a 20-8 advantage in offensive rebounds. The best player for the winners was Canadian-Nigerian forward Melvin Ejim (200-91, college: Iowa St.) who scored 15 points and 5 rebounds (on 6-of-7 shooting from the field). Naturalized Argentinian point guard Ariel Filloy (189-87, agency: Interperformances) chipped in 14 points. Umana Venezia's coach Walter De Raffaele used a ten-player rotation in such tough game. At the other side the best for losing team was American swingman Dominique Sutton (198-86, college: N.C.Central) who recorded a double-double by scoring 23 points and 13 rebounds and his fellow American import forward Dustin Hogue (198-92, college: Iowa St.) added 16 points and 13 rebounds respectively. Four Dolomiti En. TR players scored in double figures.
    Top scorers:
    Dolomiti En. TR: D.Sutton 23+13reb, D.Hogue 16+13reb, A.Forray 15+2reb+1ast, A.Craft 11+6reb+7ast, D.Flaccadori 7+2ast, J.Gomes 4+4reb
    Umana VE: M.Ejim 15+5reb+2ast, M.Haynes 14+1reb+2ast, A.Filloy 14+1reb+3ast, T.Ress 8+2reb+1ast, M.Bramos 8+5reb+3ast, J.Stone 8+6reb+2ast
    gschID: 548270

    Emporio Armani top Sassari to clinch Cup title - Feb 19, 2017

    Emporio Armani - Banco di Sardegna Sassari 84:74

    Emporio Armani triumphed at Postemobile Final Eight. They held off Sassari for the title in Rimini today. Richard Hickman (189-G-85, college: NC-Greensboro) nailed 25 points to lead the Milan team.
    Sassari jumped to an early lead. They secured a 19:11 lead ten minutes into the clash. Emporio Armani cut the distance in the second term. They got as close as 2 points at the interval 34:36. Emporio Armani maintained the pressure throughout the third term. They eventually denied the deficit and surged ahead for a 56:54 lead at the final intermission. Emporio Armani unleashed 28 points in the fourth stanza and rallied to a comfortable success at the end. Rakim Sanders (193-G/F-89, college: Fairfield) tallied 15 points, while Milan Macvan (206-PF-89) delivered 11 points and 7 boards for the winners. Trevor Lacey (190-G-91, college: N.Carolina St.) responded with 15 points for Sassari. Gani Lawal (205-F/C-88, college: Georgia Tech) had 13 points in the losing case.

    Emporio Armani: Richard Hickman 25, Rakim Sanders 15, Milan Macvan 11
    Sassari: Trevor Lacey 15, Gani Lawal 13

    Emporio Armani clinch Macron SuperCoppa title - Sep 25, 2016

    Emporio Armani - Sidigas Avellino 90:72

    Emporio Armani celebrated the first trophy of the season. They topped Sidigas Avellino in Milan to claim the SuperCoppa title. Krunoslav Simon (197-G/F-85) scored 25 points to pace the winners.
    Emporio Armani built a 23:19 lead ten minutes into the game. The Milan team boosted the lead in the second period. Emporio Armani secured a 44:34 halftime lead. They maintained the lead throughout the third term. Emporio Armani arrived at the final intermission up by 16 points 67:51. They did not loosen the grasp in the fourth quarter and rallied to the victory. Richard Hickman (189-G-85, college: NC-Greensboro) delivered 15 points, while Zoran Dragic (196-F/G-89) added 11 points for the winners. Joe Ragland (182-PG-89, college: Wichita St.) responded with 18 points for Sidigas Avellino. Retin Obasohan (185-G-93, college: Alabama) tossed in 12 points in the loss.

    Emporio Armani: Krunoslav Simon 25, Richard Hickman 15, Zoran Dragic 11
    Sidigas Avellino: Joe Ragland 18, Retin Obasohan 12

    by Greg
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