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Kosovo Internationally
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    Dren Shporta

    Drilon Ahmeti

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    SuperLeague Standings
     1. Peja 23-1 
     2. Sigal Prishtina 20-4 
     3. Bashkimi 16-8 
     4. Trepca 11-13 
     5. Ylli 10-14 
     6. Vellaznimi 3-21 
     7. Kerasan 1-23 

    Sigal Prishtina earn Cup title (Photo:
    Points Per Game
     Urim ZENELAJ
      Avg: 23.2
     1. Zenelaj, Ylli23.2 
     2. Jones, Canterbury22.9 
     3. Scott, Targu Mures20.8 
     4. Atterberry, Obregon18.4 
     5. Washburn, Sigal P.17.2 
     6. Qallaku, Vellaznimi17.1 
     7. Uzas, Bashkimi16.9 
     8. Gashi, Trepca16.3 
     9. Berisha, Sigal P.15.7 
     10. Matoshi, Vellazni.15.6 
    Rebounds Per Game
     Urim ZENELAJ
      Avg: 15.9
     1. Zenelaj, Ylli15.9 
     2. Washburn, Sigal P.8.8 
     3. Jones, Canterbury8.6 
     4. Atterberry, Obregon7.5 
     5. Uzas, Bashkimi7.4 
     6. Fetiu, Ylli7.0 
     7. Hysenagolli, Bashk.7.0 
     8. Shima, Sigal P.6.9 
     9. Ajazaj, Kerasan6.6 
     10. Gashi, Trepca6.6 
    Assists Per Game
     Altin MORINA
      Avg: 6.7
     1. Morina, Ylli6.7 
     2. Scott, Targu Mures5.5 
     3. Kemp, Sigal Prisht.5.1 
     4. El-Amin, Goettingen5.0 
     5. Waller, Bashkimi4.8 
     6. Berisha, Sigal P.4.8 
     7. Massamba, Sigal P.4.8 
     8. Burwell, Peja4.3 
     9. Hajrizi, Peja4.1 
     10. Covington, Peja3.8 
    Steals Per Game
     Montrael SCOTT
      Targu Mures
      Avg: 3.6
     1. Scott, Targu Mures3.6 
     2. Morina, Ylli3.4 
     3. Jones, Canterbury2.3 
     4. Covington, Peja2.3 
     5. Nushi, Ylli2.1 
     6. Ramme, Bashkimi1.8 
     7. El-Amin, Goettingen1.7 
     8. Hajrizi, Peja1.7 
     9. Waller, Bashkimi1.6 
     10. Fetiu, Ylli1.4 
    Blocks Per Game
     Urim ZENELAJ
      Avg: 3.4
     1. Zenelaj, Ylli3.4 
     2. Washburn, Sigal P.2.0 
     3. Fall, Azad1.7 
     4. Atterberry, Obregon1.0 
     5. Muldrow, Niaga.0.9 
     6. Zeka, Vellaznimi0.7 
     7. Jones, Canterbury0.6 
     8. Ibrahim, Bashkimi0.6 
     9. Jocovic, Trepca0.6 
     10. Uzas, Bashkimi0.6 

    World Team nip Kosovo in All-Star Game (Photo:
    Season 2015-2016
    All Games
    List of Players
    List of Imports
    Kosovan men teams in Euro cups 2015-2016
     FIBA Europe Cup:
     Balkan League:

    Peja earn SuperCup title (Photo:

    Sigal Prishtina is the champion!!(Photo: Sigal Prishtina)

    Sigal Prishtina 2015-16
    Antonis Konstantinides Antonis Konstantinides Konstantinides
    Mohamed Abukar
    Jason Washburn
    Willie Kemp
    Andrew Warren
    Dardan Berisha
    # Name CM (INCH) Pos Bo NAT
    34  Abukar Mohamed 208 (6'10'') F 85 USA Somalia
    24  Washburn Jason 210 (6'11'') C 90 USA
    1  Kemp Willie 185 (6'1'') PG 87 USA
    13  Warren Andrew 196 (6'5'') G 87 USA
    11  Berisha Dardan 193 (6'4'') SG 88 Poland Kosovo
    88  Massamba Thomas 183 (6'0'') PG 85 Sweden
    4  Azemi Edmond 200 (6'7'') F/G 80 Croatia Kosovo
    10  Shima Gerti 204 (6'9'') PF 86 Albania
    15  Sinani Gazmend 204 (6'9'') F 91 Kosovo
    42  Jakupi Mergim 202 (6'8'') F 97 Kosovo
    5  Peci Rinor 180 (5'11'') PG 97 Kosovo
    23  Marinov Stanimir 192 (6'4'') G 91 Bulgaria
    51  Mazreku Blerim 206 (6'9'') C 81 Kosovo
    Head Coach: Antonis Konstantinides
    Coach Assistant: Albert Sylejmani All-Kosovo League Awards 2016 - Jul 4, 2016 All-Kosovo League 1st Team 2016
    Tre Bussey
    Dardan Berisha
    Drilon Hajrizi
    Nenad Delic
    Jason Washburn

    Finals MVP: Jason Washburn (210-C-90) of Sigal Prishtina
    Player of the Year: Drilon Hajrizi (203-F-91) of Peja
    Guard of the Year: Dardan Berisha (193-SG-88) of Sigal Prishtina
    Forward of the Year: Drilon Hajrizi (203-F-91) of Peja
    Center of the Year: Urim Zenelaj (213-C-91) of Ylli
    Defensive Player of the Year: Urim Zenelaj (213-C-91) of Ylli
    Young Player of the Year: Samir Zekiqi (202-F-95) of Peja
    Coach of the Year: Antonis Konstantinides of Sigal Prishtina

    1st Team
    G: Tre Bussey (190-G-91) of Bashkimi
    SG: Dardan Berisha (193-SG-88) of Sigal Prishtina
    F: Drilon Hajrizi (203-F-91) of Peja
    F/C: Nenad Delic (210-F/C-84) of Peja
    C: Jason Washburn (210-C-90) of Sigal Prishtina

    2nd Team
    PG: Kevin Burwell (180-PG-89) of Peja
    G: Ronald Davis (190-G-82) of Peja
    G: Andrew Warren (196-G-87) of Sigal Prishtina
    F: Mohamed Abukar (208-F-85) of Sigal Prishtina
    C: Urim Zenelaj (213-C-91) of Ylli

    Honorable Mention
    Antabia Waller (188-G-88) of Bashkimi
    Granit Rugova (198-F-85) of Bashkimi
    Rokas Uzas (203-F-88) of Angers BC
    Marcel Jones (203-F-85) of Canterbury
    Gerti Shima (204-PF-86) of Sigal Prishtina
    Alban Veseli (202-F-90) of Peja
    Fisnik Rugova (208-PF-89) of Peja
    Willie Kemp (185-PG-87) of Sigal Prishtina

    Sigal Prishtina is the champion!! - May 21, 2016

    Sigal Prishtina is the champion of Kosovo Superliga once again, for the 3rd straight season! In decisive game they cruised past Peja 70-65 on the road. Guests needed strong 4th quarter to secure the win and league title! Mohamed Abukar (208-F-85, college: San Diego St., agency: Two Points) was the best scorer with 20 points. Willie Kemp (185-PG-87, college: Memphis) had 16 points and 7 assists while Jason Washburn (210-C-90, college: Utah, agency: Pensack Sports) added double-double of 15 points and 10 rebounds. Drilon Hajrizi (203-F-91) responded with 20 points, 11 rebounds, 6 assists and 4 steals for Peja.

    Kemp's buzzer beater gave Cup to Prishtina - Feb 15, 2016

    The most dramatic match in history of Kosovan basketball was played last night in the Final Four 2016 final match between KB Peja and Sigal Prishtina.

    The match has been tied in the end of every quarter while Sigal Prishtina had 8 and 10 points advantage during the game and Peja came back.

    27 seconds from the end, Willie Kemp (185-G-87, college: Memphis) couldn't score from close range, Peja had a last action in match when Nicholas Covington (188-G-85, college: Oklahoma City) lost the ball and in a 4 seconds counter Dardan Berisha (193-SG-88) passed the ball to Willie Kemp who put the three pointer in the last second of the match to bring back the Cup to Prishtina, 81-78.

    Dardan Berisha was the highest scorer of the final with 26 points, while he added also 5 rebounds and 4 assists in this dramatic victory of his team.

    Andrew Warren (196-G-87, college: Bradley) scored 16 points and Jason Washburn (208-C-90, college: Utah, agency: Pensack Sports) added 13 more + 8 rebounds.

    At Peja, Nenad Delic (210-F/C-84) was highest scorer with 23 points + 9 rebounds while Kevin Burwell (179-PG-89, college: Miss.Valley St.) added 19 points and Drilon Hajrizi (203-F-91) continued his great form with 18 more with 8 rebounds and 6 assists - which was not enough to save the Cup.

    Peja earn SuperCup title - Sep 27, 2015

    Peja - Sigal Prishtina 76:71

    Peja celebrated the first trophy of the season. They knocked down Sigal Prishtina for the SuperCup trophy. Nenad Delic (210-F/C-84, agency: Agency) posted 24 points to pace the winners.
    Sigal Prishtina built a 33:30 halftime lead. But Peja turned things around in the second half. Peja went on a 25:15 rally in the third term to spur ahead for a 7-point lead. Sigal Prishtina tried hard to avoid the defeat in the fourth frame. But they just narrowed the deficit and had to surrender at the end. Kevin Burwell (179-PG-89, college: Miss.Valley St., agency: Agency) posted 20 points, while Roland Davis (185-G-89) and Drilon Hajrizi (203-F-91) added 10 points each for Peja. Stanimir Marinov (192-G-91, agency: Interperformances) responded with 21 points for Sigal Prishtina. Mohamed Abukar (208-F-85, college: San Diego St., agency: Two Points) tossed in 15 points in the loss.

    Peja: Nenad Delic 24, Kevin Burwell 20, Roland Davis 10, Drilon Hajrizi 10
    Sigal Prishtina: Stanimir Marinov 21, Mohamed Abukar 15

    World Team nip Kosovo in All-Star Game - Apr 1, 2016

    World Team - Kosovo 127:125

    World Team and Kosovo clashed in the traditional All-Star Game. The event took place at the Minatori Arena tonight. It was an exciting battle. Kosovo maintained the lead throughout the bigger part of the game. However World Team managed to eke out a narrow win. Ronald Davis (190-G-82, college: Wisc.-Milwaukee) converted a late bucket to give Team World a narrow win. Drilon Hajrizi (203-F-91) was named the MVP.

    Kosovo League All-Star Game 2016 - Apr 5, 2016

    Domestic Players All-Star Team

    Dardan Berisha

    Edmond Azemi

    Blerim Mazreku

    Leonard Mekaj

    Urim Zenelaj

    Dardan Berisha (193-SG-88) of Sigal Prishtina
    Edmond Azemi (200-F/G-80) of Prishtina
    Blerim Mazreku (206-F/C-81) of Prishtina
    Alban Veseli (202-F-90) of Peja
    Drilon Hajrizi (203-F-91) of Peja
    Leonard Mekaj (182-PG-95) of Peja
    Fisnik Rugova (208-PF-89) of Peja
    Granit Rugova (198-F-85) of Bashkimi
    Imer Tahiri (187-PG-91) of Bashkimi
    Urim Zenelaj (214-C-91) of Ylli
    Altin Morina (194-PG-94) of Yili
    Korab Prekazi (198-G/F-92) of Trepca
    Gerti Shima (204-PF-86) of Prishtina
    Endrit Hysenagolli (210-C-88) of Bashkimi

    Foreigner Players All-Star Team

    Petar Zivkovic

    Tre Bussey

    Rokas Uzas

    Griffin Ramme

    Willie Kemp

    Petar Zivkovic (193-G/F-93) of KB Trepca
    Tre Bussey (190-G-91) of Bashkimi
    Rokas Uzas (202-F-88) of Bashkimi
    Griffin Ramme (190-PG) of Bashkimi
    Willie Kemp (185-PG-87) of Prishtina
    Jason Washburn (210-C-90) of Prishtina
    Mohamed Abukar (208-F-85) of Prishtina
    Andrew Warren (196-G-87) of Prishtina
    Stanimir Marinov (192-G-91) of Prishtina
    Thomas Massamba (183-PG-85) of Prishtina
    Kevin Burwell (180-PG-8) of Peja
    Nenad Delic (210-F/C-84) of Peja
    Roland Davis (185-G-89) of Peja

    by Greg
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