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Latvia Internationally
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  2014-2015     Previous season  

LBL Standings
 1. Valmiera 30-6 
 2. Ventspils 28-8 
 3. VEF Riga 15-5 
 4. Liepaja/Triobet 24-12 
 5. Jurmala 20-16 
 6. Jekabpils 19-17 
 7. Barons Riga 12-24 
 8. Valka/Valga 11-9 
 9. Jelgava 9-27 
 10. BK Ogre 9-27 
 11. LU 5-31 
Season 2015-2016
All Games
List of Players
List of Imports
Points Per Game
 Willie DEANE
  Avg: 15.9
 1. Deane, Ventspils15.9 
 2. Aleksejevs, Valka/.15.7 
 3. Berkis, Valka/Valga15.5 
 4. Richard, Liepaja/.14.8 
 5. Apsitis, BK Ogre14.6 
 6. Larson, Jekabpils14.5 
 7. Zack, Liepaja/.14.0 
 8. Plavnieks, Jelgava13.9 
 9. Gluditis, Barons R.13.8 
 10. Bostic, VEF Riga13.7 
Rebounds Per Game
 Steve ZACK
  Avg: 11.9
 1. Zack, Liepaja/.11.9 
 2. Aleksejevs, Valka/.9.2 
 3. Hipp, Barons Riga9.2 
 4. Rutkauskas, Jekab.7.8 
 5. Kumpys, Jekabpils7.6 
 6. Harrellson, VEF R.7.3 
 7. Krumins, LU7.2 
 8. Smith, Jurmala7.1 
 9. Mejeris, VEF Riga6.6 
 10. Freimanis, Barons6.5 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 6.1
 1. Hakanson, Sevilla6.1 
 2. Jeromanovs, Jurma.5.6 
 3. Deane, Ventspils5.1 
 4. Cruz, VEF Riga4.9 
 5. Mitchell, Valmiera4.5 
 6. Vitols, BK Ogre4.4 
 7. Sirsnins, Jekabpils4.3 
 8. Larson, Jekabpils4.1 
 9. Skele, Valmiera4.0 
 10. Leimanis, Liepaja.3.7 
Steals Per Game
 Kristo SAAGE
  Avg: 1.9
 1. Saage, Valka/Valga1.9 
 2. Deane, Ventspils1.8 
 3. Jeromanovs, Jurma.1.8 
 4. Larson, Jekabpils1.7 
 5. Kanbergs, Valka/Va.1.6 
 6. Pitts, Ventspils1.6 
 7. Richard, Liepaja/.1.6 
 8. Mitchell, Valmiera1.5 
 9. Antrops, Liepaja/.1.4 
 10. Bostic, VEF Riga1.4 
Blocks Per Game
 Carl HIPP
  Barons Riga
  Avg: 1.9
 1. Hipp, Barons Riga1.9 
 2. Smith, Jurmala1.5 
 3. Harrellson, VEF R.1.5 
 4. Cavars, Liepaja/.1.4 
 5. Zack, Liepaja/.1.2 
 6. Nankivil, Betaland.1.0 
 7. Grazulis, Ventspils1.0 
 8. Gromovs, Jurmala1.0 
 9. Rozitis, Valmiera0.9 
 10. Krumins, LU0.8 

Team LBL wins All Star Game, Zanis Peiners named MVP (Photo:
Latvian men teams in Euro cups 2015-2016
 FIBA Europe Cup:
 Baltic League:
 VTB United League:

Valmiera earn LBL title (Photo:

Valmiera/ORDO 2015-16
Roberts Stelmahers Roberts Stelmahers Stelmahers
Kwamain Mitchell
Armands Skele
Martins Laksa
Lauris Blaus
Arturs Berzins
# Name CM (INCH) Pos Bo NAT
3  Mitchell Kwamain 178 (5'10'') PG 89 USA
22  Skele Armands 192 (6'4'') G 83 Latvia
54  Laksa Martins 200 (6'7'') SF 90 Latvia
16  Blaus Lauris 208 (6'10'') C 90 Latvia
14  Berzins Arturs 204 (6'9'') PF 88 Latvia
7  Gabrans Raimonds 184 (6'1'') PG 84 Latvia
5  Kaufmanis Janis 186 (6'1'') PG 89 Latvia
15  Rozitis Davis 213 (7'0'') C 90 Latvia
45  Iljins Viktors 212 (7'0'') C 91 Latvia
55  Vinauds Martins 194 (6'5'') F 91 Latvia
6  Jonats Ervins 203 (6'8'') F 91 Latvia
21  Skele Aigars 192 (6'4'') F 92 Latvia
5  Kaufmanis Edgars 185 (6'1'') G 99 Latvia
33  Vairogs Akselis 195 (6'5'') F 85 Latvia
Head Coach: Roberts Stelmahers
Coach Assistant: Gatis Melderis All-Latvian League Awards 2016 - Jun 7, 2016 All-Latvian League 1st Team 2016
Edgars Jeromanovs
Kwamain Mitchell
Mareks Mejeris
Arturs Berzins
Jurijs Aleksejevs

Finals MVP: Kwamain Mitchell (178-PG-89) of Valmiera
Player of the Year: Arturs Berzins (204-PF-88) of Valmiera
Guard of the Year: Edgars Jeromanovs (186-PG-86) of Jurmala
Forward of the Year: Arturs Berzins (204-PF-88) of Valmiera
Center of the Year: Jurijs Aleksejevs (202-C-85) of Valka/Valga
Import Player of the Year: Kwamain Mitchell (178-PG-89) of Valmiera
Domestic Player of the Year: Arturs Berzins (204-PF-88) of Valmiera
Defensive Player of the Year: Carl Hipp (206-C-89) of Barons Riga
Coach of the Year: Roberts Stelmahers of Valmiera

1st Team
PG: Edgars Jeromanovs (186-PG-86) of Jurmala
PG: Kwamain Mitchell (178-PG-89) of Valmiera
F: Mareks Mejeris (208-F-91) of VEF Riga
PF: Arturs Berzins (204-PF-88) of Valmiera
C: Jurijs Aleksejevs (202-C-85) of Valka/Valga

2nd Team
PG: Willie Deane (188-PG-80) of Ventspils
G: Kris Richard (196-G-89) of Liepaja/Triobet
F: Aigars Skele (192-F-92) of Valmiera
F: Maris Gulbis (200-F-85) of Ventspils
C: Carl Hipp (206-C-89) of Barons Riga

Honorable Mention
Armands Skele (192-G-83) of Valmiera
Andrejs Grazulis (202-C-93) of Ventspils
Kristaps Janicenoks (196-F-83) of Ventspils
Arnolds Helmanis (201-PF-92) of Liepaja/Triobet
Ilja Gromovs (209-C-94) of Jurmala
Tyler Larson (190-G-91) of Jekabpils
Modestas Kumpys (191-G-91) of Jekabpils
Ronaldas Rutkauskas (203-PF-92) of Jekabpils
Francisco Cruz (190-G-89) of VEF Riga
Josh Bostic (196-G/F-87) of VEF Riga
Kristaps Dargais (198-G-90) of Barons Riga
Martins Berkis (198-F-85) of Valka/Valga
Karlis Apsitis (200-F-92) of BK Ogre
Roberts Krumins (187-SF-93) of LU

All-Domestic Players Team
PG: Edgars Jeromanovs (186-PG-86) of Jurmala
F: Aigars Skele (192-F-92) of Valmiera
F: Mareks Mejeris (208-F-91) of VEF Riga
PF: Arturs Berzins (204-PF-88) of Valmiera
C: Jurijs Aleksejevs (202-C-85) of Valka/Valga

All-Imports Team
PG: Kwamain Mitchell (178-PG-89) of Valmiera
PG: Willie Deane (188-PG-80) of Ventspils
G: Tyler Larson (190-G-91) of Jekabpils
G: Kris Richard (196-G-89) of Liepaja/Triobet
C: Carl Hipp (206-C-89) of Barons Riga

Valmiera celebrate historic LBL title - Jun 1, 2016

Valmiera - VEF Riga 78-65

Valmiera celebrated the first ever LBL title. They knocked down VEF Riga in the decisive seventh game of the championship series to conquer the trophy. The hosts were ahead by 1 point but lost the second period ending it with a 2-point deficit before their 24-9 run, which allowed them to win the game. Valmiera shot 27 for 36 from the free-throw line, while VEF Riga only scored eleven points from the stripe. VEF Riga was plagued by 29 personal fouls down the stretch. It was a quality performance for the former international forward Aigars Skele (192-92) who led the winners and scored 14 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists. American point guard Kwamain Mitchell (178-89, college: St.Louis) accounted for 13 points and 7 assists for the winning side. American swingman Josh Bostic (196-87, college: Findlay, OH) came up with 19 points, 7 rebounds and 4 assists and international center Martins Meiers (208-91) added 12 points respectively for VEF Riga in the defeat. Both coaches tested many bench players which allowed the starters a little rest for the next games.
Top scorers:
Valmiera: A.Skele 14+6reb+4ast, M.Laksa 13+3reb, K.Mitchell 13+2reb+7ast, J.Kaufmanis 9, A.Berzins 9+8reb+1ast, A.Skele 8+1reb
VEF Riga: J.Bostic 19+7reb+4ast, M.Meiers 12+4reb+1ast, I.Jakovics 8+1reb+2ast, J.Berzins 6+4reb+1ast, M.Mejeris 4+9reb, G.Rubio 4+3reb
gschID: 472193

3-4 Place
Liepaja/Triobet - Ventspils 95-98

Ventspils clinched the LBL Bronze medals. They nipped Liepaja/Triobets in the decisive fifth game of the seriers. The guests trailed by 3 points after three quarters before their 32-26 charge, which allowed them to win the game. 38 personal fouls committed by Liepaja/Triobet helped opponents get some easy free throw opportunities. It was a great evening for American-Bulgarian point guard Willie Deane (188-80, college: Purdue, agency: Higher Vision Sports) who led his team to a victory scoring 25 points. Forward Maris Gulbis (200-85, agency: Players Group) helped adding 21 points. At the losing side American guard Kris Richard (196-89, college: Tulane) responded with a double-double by scoring 22 points, 13 rebounds and 5 assists and Toms Leimanis (188-94) scored 13 points and 4 assists. Five Liepaja/Triobet players scored in double figures. Both coaches used bench players in such tough game.
Top scorers:
Ventspils: W.Deane 25+3reb+2ast, M.Gulbis 21+2reb+2ast, D.Pitts 16+1reb+3ast, A.Grazulis 9+8reb+3ast, A.Selakovs 8+3reb, R.Lomazs 8+3reb+2ast
Liepaja/Triobet: K.Richard 22+13reb+5ast, G.Antrops 14+2reb, J.Antrops 14+3reb, T.Leimanis 13+2reb+4ast, K.Cavars 12+5reb, M.Sokolovs 6+2reb+5ast

Team LBL wins All Star Game, Zanis Peiners named MVP - Feb 14, 2016

Team LBL-Foreigners 125:102 (29:26, 58:52, 93:78)

Team LBL won the All Star Game in Liepaja as they overcame Foreigners 125:102. The local players opened the game with a 29-26 lead and increased to 6 points at the halftime. The third period was decisive in the game as LBL pushed the tempo for good and reached 93:78 lead after thirty minutes of the game.
Zanis Peiners (203-F/G-90) top-scored for the winners with 20 points and was named MVP of the game. Karlis Apsitis (200-F-92) notched 16 points and Andrew Smith (206-F-92, college: Liberty) delivered 15. Julius Brooks erupted with 34 points in the losing effort, while Modestas Kumpys (191-G-91, agency: Octagon Europe) notched 23. Tyler Larson (190-G-91, college: S.Dakota) collected 17 points and 20 boards, while Alan Wiggins (206-F-85, college: USF) nailed 16.
Kristaps Dargais (198-G-90) ('Barons/LDz') won the Dunk Contest.

Latvian League All-Star Game Rosters - Feb 13, 2016

Latvian All-Stars
Zanis Peiners
Maris Gulbis
Aigars Skele
Armands Skele
Martins Laksa
Zanis Peiners (203-F/G-90)
Maris Gulbis (200-F-85)
Aigars Skele (192-F-92)
Armands Skele (192-G-83)
Martins Laksa (200-SF-90)
Arnolds Helmanis (201-PF-92)
Andrew Smith (206-F-92)
Jurijs Aleksejevs (202-C-85)
Kristaps Plavnieks (183-PG-95)
Kristaps Dargais (198-G-90)
Roberts Krumins (187-SF-93)
Karlis Apsitis (200-F-92)
Head Coach: Uvis Helmanis

Foreign All-Stars
Kwamain Mitchell
Alan Wiggins
Steve Zack
Kris Richard
Tyler Larson
Kwamain Mitchell (178-PG-89)
Alan Wiggins (206-F-85)
Steve Zack (211-C-92)
Kris Richard (196-G-89)
Tyler Larson (190-G-91)
David Hicks (183-PG-88)
Modestas Kumpys (191-G-91)
Ronaldas Rutkauskas (203-PF-92)
Casey Roberts (190-G-92)
Augustas Suliauskas (180-PG-95)
Jason Calliste (188-G-90)
Julius Brooks (206-PF-90)
Head Coach: Varis Krumins

by Greg
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