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Latvia Internationally
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Players/Coaches Movement in Latvia in 2016-2017
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Updated on: April 26, 2017

Select League in Latvia:

Players Joined
 Davis Rozitis  (215-C-90)  from Liepaja/Triobet (LBL)  
 Davis Geks  (192-SG-95)  from VEF Riga (LBL)  
 Tauras Jogela  (202-PF-93)  from Vytautas (Lithuania)  
 Denis Krestinin  Lithuanian (202-F-94)  from PGE Turow (Poland)  
 Tyler Larson  USA (190-G-91)  from P.Zvaigzdes (Lithuania)  
 Kristaps Mediss  (188-G-89)  from Jurmala (LBL)  
Players Left
 Arturs Ausejs  (192-G-90)  to Liepaja/Triobet (LBL)  
 Kristaps Gluditis  (191-G-95)  to Gran Canaria (Spain)  
 Roberts Mednis  (205-C-89)  to Gulbenes Buki (LBL2)  
 Nauris Miezis  (189-F-91)  to Kekava (LBL2)  
 Rolands Narkis  (198-F-91)  to Kekava (LBL2)  
 Karlis Silins  (225-F-97)  to Mississippi (NCAA)  
 Reinis Strupovics  (190-G-87)  to Valga (Estonia)  
Players Stayed
 Kristaps Dargais  (198-G-90)
 Roberts Freimanis  (204-F/C-91)
 Salvis Metra  (195-G/F-84)
 Davis Zonne  (184-PG-96)
 Andris Epners  (198-F-92)
Free Agents
 Carl Hipp  USA (206-C-89)
Coaches Joined
 Martins Gulbis  from Jelgava (LBL2)  
 Matiss Rozlapa  from Marupe (LBL2)  

Players Joined
 Aaron Bacote  USA (193-G)  from Old Dominion (NCAA)  
 Modestas Kumpys  Lithuanian (194-G-91)  from St Quentin (France)  
 Jurijs Aleksejevs  (202-C-85)  from Valka/Valga (LBL)  
 Janis Antrops  (193-G-91)  from Liepaja/Triobet (LBL)  
 Andrejs Selakovs  (207-C-88)  from Ventspils (LBL)  
 Mikus Sokolovs  (195-G-89)  from Liepaja/Triobet (LBL)  
 Edgars Stelmahers  (187-PG-94)  from Jurmala (LBL)  
 Roberts Stumbris  (199-SF-93)  from Tarvas (Estonia)  
 Arturs Vitins  (198-F-92)  from Ohio Valley (NCAA2)  
Players Left
 Arturs Duselis  (201-F-89)  to Jurmala (LBL)  
 Davis Gutmanis  (195-F-97)  to LU (LBL)  
 Martins Kravcenko  (194-G-85)  to Limbazi (LBL2)  
 Janis Poznaks  (203-F-83)  to BK Ogre (LBL)  
 Ronaldas Rutkauskas  Lithuanian (203-PF-92)  to Iraklis (Greece)  
 Sandis Silavs  (194-G-88)  to Valga (Estonia)  
 Aigars Vitols  (194-F-76)  to Kekava (LBL2)  
Players Stayed
 Kristaps Miglinieks  (196-G-90)
 Pavels Veselovs  (206-F/C-83)
 Rinalds Sirsnins  (186-PG-85)
 Oskars Virsis  (192-G-89)
Coaches Joined
 Gunars Gailitis  from LU (LBL)  

Players Joined
 Renars Magone  (204-F-92)  from Jekabpils (LBL)  
 Roberts Niedra  (198-G-95)  from BJBS Riga (LBL2)  
 Raimonds Pabrieza  (189-G-88)  from Bradford D. (United Kingdom)  
 Kristaps Plavnieks  (183-PG-95)  from Jelgava (LBL2)  
 Janis Poznaks  (203-F-83)  from Jekabpils (LBL)  
 Rihards Zebergs  (193-F-92)  from Jelgava (LBL2)  
Players Left
 Martins Bremze  (185-PG-91)  to Livani (LBL2)  
 Modris Gundegs  (183-G-95)  to Kekava (LBL2)  
 Michal Hlebowicki  (204-C-76)  to R8 Basket Krk. (Poland)  
 Niks Jansons  (200-SF-98)  to VEF Riga (LBL)  
 Janis Lasmanis  (199-F/C-87)  to Ogre/Kumho Tyre (LBL2)  
 Karlis Stolcers  (197-F-90)  to Livani (LBL2)  
Players Stayed
 Karlis Apsitis  (200-F-92)
 Madars Kokins  (196-F-97)
 Lauris Mizis  (198-F-89)
 Guntis Sipolins  (206-C-93)
 Marcis Vitols  (183-PG-92)
 Sandis Bets  (194-G-92)
Free Agents
 Evan Kelley  USA (193-G-92)
 Rihards Strauts  (199-G-91)
Coaches Joined
 Arturs Visockis-Rubenis  from LU (LBL)  

Players Joined
 Todd O'Brien  USA Armenian (211-C-89)  from Sagesse (Lebanon)  
 Folarin Campbell  USA (189-G/F-86)  from Energa Czarni (Poland)  
 Willie Deane  USA Bulgarian (188-PG-80)  from Le Havre (France)  
 Armands Grazulis  (186-G-96)  from RTU (LBL2)  
 Ingus Jakovics  (186-PG-93)  from N.Novgorod (Russia)  
 Toms Leimanis  (188-SG-94)  from Liepaja/Triobet (LBL)  
 Aigars Skele  (192-F-92)  from Valmiera (LBL)  
 Rolandas Zakis  (206-F/C-87)  from Un.Olimpija (Slovenia)  
 Edgaras Zelionis  (207-F-89)  from Juventus (Lithuania)  
 Maris Ziedins  (203-F/C-90)  from Jurmala (LBL)  
Players Left
 Artjoms Butjankovs  (205-F/C-91)  to Liepaja/Triobet (LBL)  
 Kristaps Kanbergs  (189-G-88)  to Valga (Estonia)  
 Zanis Peiners  (203-F/G-90)  to PAOK (Greece)  
 Damier Pitts  USA (177-PG-89)  to Valmiera (LBL)  
 Andrejs Selakovs  (207-C-88)  to Jekabpils (LBL)  
 Alan Wiggins  USA (206-F-85)  to Aomori Watts (Japan)  
 Andre Winston  USA (185-G-92)  to Erdene Orkhon (Mongolia)  
Players Stayed
 Rihards Lomazs  (187-G-96)
 Artis Ate  (192-G-89)
 Andrejs Grazulis  (202-C-93)
 Kristaps Janicenoks  (196-F-83)
 Maris Gulbis  (200-F-85)
Free Agents
 Marcus Lewis  USA (205-C/F-86)
 Derrick Nix  USA (203-C-90)

Players Joined
 Arturs Duselis  (201-F-89)  from Jekabpils (LBL)  
 Viktors Iljins  (212-C-91)  from Valmiera (LBL)  
 Jekabs Rozitis  (205-C-86)  from Valka/Valga (LBL)  
 Marcis Saulitis  (207-C-97)  from LU (LBL)  
 Edgars Sterns-Stirne  (191-PF-99)  from Keizarmezs (LBA4)  
 Arturs Strelnieks  (196-SG-85)  from VEF Riga (LBL)  
 Kristians Viksne  (191-G-97)  from Jugla (LBL4)  
 Martins Vinauds  (194-F-91)  from Valmiera (LBL)  
Players Left
 Janis Arents  (186-G-87)  to Kekava (LBL2)  
 Ilja Gromovs  (208-C-94)  to VEF Riga (LBL)  
 Kristaps Mediss  (188-G-89)  to Barons Riga (LBL)  
 Andrew Smith  USA (206-F-92)  to Groningen (Holland)  
 Edgars Stelmahers  (187-PG-94)  to Jekabpils (LBL)  
 Maris Ziedins  (203-F/C-90)  to Ventspils (LBL)  
 Ivars Rihards Zvigurs  (198-SF-95)  to Valga (Estonia)  
Players Stayed
 Edmunds Elksnis  (187-G-90)
 Uldis Feldmanis  (187-G-96)
 Edgars Jeromanovs  (186-PG-86)
 Ugis Pinete  (194-G-91)
 Janis Dilevka  (200-F-88)
Free Agents
 Casey Roberts  USA (190-G-92)

Players Joined
 Aivis Lemanis  (196-C-97)  from VeA (LBL2)  
 Renars Birkans  (184-PG-97)  from Jelgava (LBL2)  
 Roberts Dembskis  (205-C/F-98)  from DSN/SB (LBL2)  
 Arturs Grinbergs  (189-G-96)  from BJBS Riga (LBL2)  
 Davis Gutmanis  (195-F-97)  from Jekabpils (LBL)  
 Edgars Leja  (192-G-92)  from BJBS Riga (LBL2)  
 Ricards Melderis  (188-SG-96)  from BJBS Riga (LBL2)  
 Edvards Mezulis  (204-C-0)  from BJBS Riga (LBL3)  
 Harijs Rubenis  (201-F-91)  from Jelgava (LBL2)  
 Adrians Snipke  (192-PF-0)  from BJBS Riga (LBL3)  
Players Left
 Janis Engers  (200-F-95)  to ViA (LBL2)  
 Janis Jukna  (190-G-88)  to Ezerzeme (LBL3)  
 Zigmars Raimo  (200-PF-97)  to Hawaii (NCAA)  
 Marcis Saulitis  (207-C-97)  to Jurmala (LBL)  
 Karlis Vecens  (185-G-95)  to Marupe (LBL2)  
Players Stayed
 Janis Eiduks  (200-F-93)
 Edgars Lasenbergs  (189-G-95)
 Daniels Minajevs  (205-C/F-95)
 Marts Ricards Ozolinkevics  (187-F-96)
 Dmitrijs Brizgalovs  (188-G-94)
 Linards Jaunzems  (198-F-95)
 Roberts Krumins  (187-SF-93)
 Armands Ginters  (196-SF-95)
 Visvaldis Bikse  (188-F-93)
 Peteris Rekis  (197-PF-93)
Coaches Joined
 Guntis Endzels  from Saldus (LBL2)  
 Edgars Suraks  from ASK Riga (LBL)  

Players Joined
 Mareks Jurevicus  (197-G/F-85)  from Targu Mures (Romania)  
 Jalen Steele  USA (190-G-92)  from Lincoln Memorial (NCAA2)  
 Arturs Ausejs  (192-G-90)  from Barons Riga (LBL)  
 Rihards Berzins  (207-PF-97)  from VEF skola (LBL2)  
 Artjoms Butjankovs  (205-F/C-91)  from Ventspils (LBL)  
 Karlis Garoza  (205-C-98)  from VEF skola (LBL2)  
 Malcolm Griffin  USA (193-G-91)  from ASS Sale (Morocco)  
 Karlis Pauls Lasmanis  (200-G-94)  from Vechta (Germany)  
 Carl Montgomery  USA (203-F)  from Canarios (El Salvador)  
 Krists Piternieks  (202-F-87)  from Saldus (LBL2)  
Players Left
 Janis Antrops  (193-G-91)  to Jekabpils (LBL)  
 Arnolds Helmanis  (201-PF-92)  to VEF Riga (LBL)  
 Anthony Holliday  USA (191-G-92)  to Lusitania (Portugal)  
 Raivis Kabineckis  (188-F-96)  to Marupe (LBL2)  
 Toms Leimanis  (188-SG-94)  to Ventspils (LBL)  
 Devonta Pollard  USA (203-F-94)  to Koroivos (Greece)  
 Kris Richard  USA (196-G-89)  to VEF Riga (LBL)  
 Mikus Sokolovs  (195-G-89)  to Jekabpils (LBL)  
 Steve Zack  USA (211-C-92)  to Lukoil Acad. (Bulgaria)  
Players Stayed
 Ingars Aizpurs  (195-F/G-92)
 Elvis Sukteris  (194-G-96)
 Karlis Grigaluns  (191-PG-98)
 Roberts Krastins  (195-G-94)
Coaches Joined
 Agris Galvanovskis  from Barons Riga (LBL)  

Players Left
 Jurijs Aleksejevs  (202-C-85)  to Jekabpils (LBL)  
 Edgars Krumins  (194-G/F-86)  to Jelgava (LBL2)  
 Kalvis Krumins  (185-G-90)  to Jelgava (LBL2)  
 Jekabs Rozitis  (205-C-86)  to Jurmala (LBL)  
Free Agents
 Martins Berkis  (198-F-85)
 Kristjan Evart  (192-G-90)

  VALMIERA/ORDO  (Champion)  
Players Joined
 D'or Fischer  USA Israeli (211-C-81)  from Arecibo (Puerto Rico)  
 Kristaps Valters  (190-G-81)  from Turk Telekom (Turkey)  
 Lauris Blaus  (208-C-90)  from P.Zvaigzdes (Lithuania)  
 Edgars Kaufmanis  (185-SG-99)  from Valmiera/ORDO-2 (LBL2)  
 Rinalds Malmanis  (205-F-96)  from Araberri (Spain)  
 Ashton Mitchell  USA (183-G-88)  from Alba (Hungary)  
 Damier Pitts  USA (177-PG-89)  from Ventspils (LBL)  
 Carson Puriefoy  USA (183-PG-94)  from Stony Brook (NCAA)  
 Akselis Vairogs  (195-F-85)  from Stelmet ZG (Poland)  
Players Left
 Viktors Iljins  (212-C-91)  to Jurmala (LBL)  
 Kwamain Mitchell  USA (178-PG-89)  to Nantes (France)  
 Aigars Skele  (192-F-92)  to Ventspils (LBL)  
 Armands Skele  (192-G-83)  to VEF Riga (LBL)  
 Ovidijus Varanauskas  Lithuanian (187-PG-91)  to Gries/Oberhoffen (France)  
 Martins Vinauds  (194-F-91)  to Jurmala (LBL)  
 Maurice Walker  Canadian British (208-F/C-91)  to Worcester W. (United Kingdom)  
Players Stayed
 Arturs Berzins  (204-PF-88)
 Raimonds Gabrans  (184-PG-84)
 Ervins Jonats  (203-F-91)
 Haralds Karlis  (198-G-91)
 Janis Kaufmanis  (186-PG-89)
 Martins Laksa  (200-SF-90)
Coaches Joined
 Uvis Helmanis  from Liepaja/Triobet (LBL)  

Players Joined
 Gints Antrops  Italian Latvian (201-F-82)  from BK Ogre (LBL)  
 Alex Gordon  USA (184-G-85)  from Final Genclik (Turkey)  
 Nemanja Bezbradica  Serbian (206-PF-93)  from VL Pesaro (Italy)  
 Janis Blums  (191-SG-82)  from Scandone AV (Italy)  
 Abdul Gaddy  USA (193-G-92)  from Virtus Bologna (Italy)  
 Ilja Gromovs  (208-C-94)  from Jurmala (LBL)  
 Eduards Hazners  (192-G-97)  from Pardaugava/Tur. (LBL3)  
 Arnolds Helmanis  (201-PF-92)  from Liepaja/Triobet (LBL)  
 Niks Jansons  (200-SF-98)  from BK Ogre (LBL)  
 Arnas Labuckas  (206-F-87)  from Lietkabelis (Lithuania)  
 Mareks Mejeris  (208-F-91)  from Chalon (France)  
 Kris Richard  USA (196-G-89)  from Liepaja/Triobet (LBL)  
 Armands Skele  (192-G-83)  from Valmiera (LBL)  
 Kaspars Vecvagars  (193-PG-93)  from Zalgiris (Lithuania)  
 Nikolajs Zotovs  (182-PG-98)  from VEF skola (LBL2)  
Players Left
 Janis Berzins  (201-SF-93)  to Betaland Cdo (Italy)  
 Josh Bostic  USA (196-G/F-87)  to JuveCaserta (Italy)  
 Francisco Cruz  Mexican (190-G-89)  to Fuenlabrada (Spain)  
 Davis Geks  (192-SG-95)  to Barons Riga (LBL)  
 Josh Harrellson  USA (208-F-89)  to Osaka Evessa (Japan)  
 Anthony Miles  USA (185-PG-89)  to Polpharma (Poland)  
 Guillem Rubio  Spanish (202-C-82)  to Doukas (Greece)  
 Greg Smith  USA (198-F-91)  to Santos (Mexico)  
 Kenneth Smith  (190-G-93)  to Los Angeles D. (D-League)  
 Arturs Strelnieks  (196-SG-85)  to Jurmala (LBL)  
 Ricmonds Vilde  (211-C-90)  to Evreux (France)  
Players Stayed
 Martins Meiers  (208-C-91)
Free Agents
 Quinn McDowell  USA (195-G/F-90)
Coaches Joined
 Raimonds Feldmanis  from Turiba (LBL2)  

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