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Latvia Internationally
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LSBL Stage Two Standings
Places 1-4
 1. TTT Riga 11-1 
 2. Catz 8-4 
 3. Vega 1/Liepaja 5-7 
 4. RSU-Merks 0-12 
Places 5-11
 1. Rapla KK 18-3 
 2. Tallina U. 15-6 
 3. TTT Juniores 12-9 
 4. Tartu U. 7-14 
 5. LU 6-15 
 6. Audentes SG 3-18 
 7. Latvija U16 3-18 
Stage One Standings
JSBL Standings
 1. DU 14-2 
 2. RSU 2 13-3 
 3. Valmiera 13-3 
 4. Jelgava 10-6 
 5. Filter 6-10 
 6. Ogre 6-10 
 7. Ventspils 6-10 
 8. Saldus 3-13 
 9. Ridzene/TTT kad. 1-15 
Eurocup Standings
Group A
 1 Besiktas 0-0 
 2 Gorzow Wlkp. 0-0 
 3 Olympiacos 0-0 
 4 TTT Riga 0-0 
Group B
 1 Enisey 0-0 
 2 Good Angels 0-0 
 3 MBK Ruzomb. 0-0 
 4 Mersin BSB 0-0 
Group C
 1 Artego Bydg. 0-0 
 2 MBA 0-0 
 3 Sparta&K MR 0-0 
 4 Udominate 0-0 
Group D
 1 Energa Torun 0-0 
 2 Hatay 0-0 
 3 Sf.Gheorghe 0-0 
Group E
 1 Abdullah Gul 0-0 
 2 Istanbul Univ. 0-0 
 3 Sleza Wroclaw 0-0 
Group F
 1 Flammes 0-0 
 2 Keltern 0-0 
 3 Miskolc 0-0 
 4 PEAC-Pecs 0-0 
Group G
 1 Cegledi EKK 0-0 
 2 Gernika 0-0 
 3 Girona 0-0 
 4 Landes 0-0 
Group H
 1 GDESSA 0-0 
 2 Nymburk 0-0 
 3 Ragusa 0-0 
Group I
 1 Fribourg 0-0 
 2 Handicap Brno 0-0 
 3 Venezia 0-0 
 4 Wasserburg 0-0 
Group J
 1 Belfius Namur 0-0 
 2 Nantes 0-0 
 3 UNI Gyor 0-0 
Group Q
 1 Hainaut 1-0 
 2 Basket Gdynia 0-0 
 3 Spartak N. 0-0 
 4 Angels 0-1 
Baltic League Standings
Group C
 1 Energa Torun 5-1 
 2 Suduva 4-2 
 3 Interkhim 2-4 
 4 Olimpia 1-5 
Group D
 1 Dynamo-Farm 6-0 
 2 Rapla KK 3-3 
 3 Tsmoki-Minsk 2-4 
 4 Tim-Scuf 1-5 
Stage One Standings
EEWBL Standings
 1 Bornova 2-0 
 2 Good Angels 2-0 
 3 Lulea Basket 2-0 
 4 Kibirkstis 1-1 
 5 Al Riyadi 1-1 
 6 Astana Tigers 0-0 
 7 Dynamo M. 0-0 
 8 H-Sirenos 0-0 
 9 Piestanske C. 0-0 
 10 Samsun 0-0 
 11 Tsmoki-Minsk 0-0 
 12 TTT Riga 0-0 
 13 Udominate 0-0 
 14 Gorizont 0-2 
 15 Royal Eagles 0-2 
 16 Vega 1/Liepaja 0-2 
Stats Leaders
Points Per Game
  Avg: 18.5
 1. Aizsila, RSU-Merks18.5 
 2. Mackay, Tallina U.17.3 
 3. Jones, Catz16.9 
 4. Kasemagi, Tallina U.16.7 
 5. Sutherland, TTT R.15.8 
 6. Stalidzane, LU15.7 
 7. Reshetko, Catz15.0 
 8. Anna-gret, Tartu U.14.8 
 9. Laurimaa, Tartu U.14.4 
 10. Puu, Rapla KK13.5 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 9.5
 1. Lagzdina, RSU-M.9.5 
 2. Kasemagi, Tallina U.9.2 
 3. Rozentale, TTT J.9.1 
 4. Meldere, Latvija .8.6 
 5. Reshetko, Catz7.8 
 6. Jones, Catz7.2 
 7. Walker, Catz7.1 
 8. Mesila-K., Rapla K.7.0 
 9. Kulite, TTT Riga7.0 
 10. Basko-M., TTT R.6.8 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 6.6
 1. Jakobsone, Vega6.6 
 2. Eibele, TTT Riga6.0 
 3. Mackay, Tallina U.5.7 
 4. Puu, Rapla KK5.4 
 5. Basko-M., TTT R.5.3 
 6. Petronelia-D., Rapla K.4.6 
 7. Carter, TTT Riga4.5 
 8. Jones, Catz4.0 
 9. Nulle, Latvija U163.9 
 10. Anna-gret, Tartu U.3.7 
Steals Per Game
  Rapla K.
  Avg: 3.6
 1. Petronelia-D., Rapla K.3.6 
 2. Mackay, Tallina U.3.5 
 3. Stalidzane, LU3.1 
 4. Basko-M., TTT R.2.8 
 5. Krastina, TTT Riga2.7 
 6. Magone, LU2.5 
 7. Vaino, Tartu U.2.5 
 8. Puu, Rapla KK2.3 
 9. Silaraja, Vega2.3 
 10. Laurimaa, Tartu U.2.2 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 2.5
 1. Aizsila, RSU-Merks2.5 
 2. Paugaite, TTT Riga1.5 
 3. Mesila-K., Rapla K.1.4 
 4. Busa, RSU-Merks1.2 
 5. Kliimson, Audentes.1.1 
 6. Kasemagi, Tallina U.0.8 
 7. Rozentale, TTT J.0.8 
 8. Reshetko, Catz0.8 
 9. Arbet-Lenear, Rapla K.0.8 
 10. Strautmane, TTT R.0.7 
Player of the Week

 Gunta Basko-Melnbarde
  TTT Riga
  ( 181-F-80 )


Latvian Basketball (Women)

Next Round Schedule

Round 1 (Qualifying Round)

Bsk Gdynia 58% Sep.26 Spartak N.
Next Round Schedule

Round 3 (Regular Season)

Bornova 60% Sep.24 Lulea Bsk
Good Angels 99% Sep.24 Royal Eagles
Al Riyadi 94% Sep.24 Gorizont
Kibirkstis 95% Sep.24 Vega 1/Liepa
Aija Brumermane selected the top Latvian playing abroad in last week's games - Mar 2, 2013

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Traditionally, every week we bring you a list of the top performances of Latvians who are currently playing abroad.

Aija Brumermane
Aija Brumermane
   #1. This week's number one is an international center Aija Brumermane (191-86, agency: Regeneracom Sports, currently plays in Hungary). Brumermane was the major contributor in Bacsbasket's victory against the sixth-ranked MBK Eurl.Vasas (1-15) 65-58 in the Hungarian A Division last Saturday. She scored 16 points, grabbed 8 rebounds and made 4 blocks. Bacsbasket Kft. Baja (13-3) is placed first in Places 9-14 group. It was her team's fifth consecutive victory in a row. There are only four games left until the end of the Second Stage. So now every game will be critical. Brumermane belongs to league's best rebounders (ranked #6) and also on the list of best blockers (fifth place). She has very reliable stats this season: 11.2ppg, 6.1rpg, 1.5apg, 2FGP: 58.9%(93-158) and FT: 54.2%. Brumermane is currently a member of the Latvian senior national team.

Gunta Basko
Gunta Basko
   #2. Second place goes to an experienced former international forward Gunta Basko (181-80, agency: Josep and Nicolas, college: Siena, currently plays in France), who plays in the French LFB. She could not help Nantes Reze (10-11) in their last game. Despite Basko's good performance Nantes Reze was edged 72-70 on the road by the leading Lattes Montpellier. She was the second best scorer with 11 points in 26 minutes. It was Nantes Reze's fourth consecutive loss in a row. It's Basko's first season with the team. Basko has relatively good stats this year: 11.1ppg, 5.2rpg, 1.6apg, 1.1spg, 2FGP: 56.0%(47-84), 3FGP: 25.8% and FT: 74.2% in the 17 games she played so far. Former TTT Riga starter played for the Latvian national team in 2011.

Zane Teilane-Tamane
Zane Teilane-Tamane
   #3. The Latvian player who performed third best last week abroad was an international center Zane Teilane-Tamane (200-83, agency: LBM Management, college: W.Illinois, currently plays in Euroleague). She was not able to help Nadezhda Orenburg in their game against CCC Polkowice (0-0) in the Euroleague. Teilane-Tamane scored only 4 points and grabbed 4 rebounds. The league leader Nadezhda Orenburg was defeated 76-70 in Polkowice by the leading CCC Polkowice. This season Teilane-Tamane averages: 8.6ppg, 7.9rpg, 2FGP: 56.4%(53-94) and FT: 71.4%. She is also a member of the Latvian senior national team.

Sabine Dukate
Sabine Dukate
   #4. Forward Sabine Dukate (174-93, currently plays in Lithuania) led Suduva to a victory against the closely-ranked Ruta Siauliai (8-16) 77-67 in the Lithuanian LMKL last Saturday. Dukate recorded 15 points in a mere 18 minutes. Suduva-Mantinga Marijampole (15-9) is placed fourth in the LMKL. There are only four games left until the end of the Regular Season. So now every game is very crucial. This year Dukate's overall stats are: 8.0ppg, 2.2rpg and 1.3apg in the 23 games. She is also Latvian U20 national team player.

Dace Brumermane
Dace Brumermane
   #5. Former international power forward Dace Brumermane (187-81, also represented by Josep and Nicolas, currently plays in France), who plays in the French LF2 (12th division) was not able to secure a victory for Dunkerque (6-11) in their last game on Saturday. Despite Brumermane's very good performance Dunkerque was defeated 79-65 on the opponent's court by the higher-ranked Reims (#6). She recorded a double-double by scoring 22 points and getting 13 rebounds. Brumermane is one of the most experienced players in a team as it's her sixth year in Dunkerque's roster. Brumermane is ranked third on the list of the top scorers in the league and also on the list of best rebounders (seventh place). She has individually a very good season with high stats. Brumermane averages: 17.0ppg and 8.4rpg. She used to play for the Latvian national team twelve years ago.

Lauma Reke
Lauma Reke
   #6. Power forward Lauma Reke (185-86, college: St.Peter's, currently plays in Italy) contributed to an easy victory against the 13th-ranked Siena (0-21) crushing them 66-42 in the Italian A2 (12th division) in Saturday night's game. Reke recorded 13 points and grabbed 9 rebounds in a mere 19 minutes. Termocarispe La Spezia (17-3) is placed second in South group. There are only three games left until the end of the Regular Season. So now every game will be important. This year Reke has relatively solid stats: 15.0ppg, 7.7rpg and 1.8spg in the 20 games. She is a former university international player as she played for the Latvian team six years ago.

Ieva Veinberga
Ieva Veinberga
   #7. Former international forward Ieva Veinberga (183-84, currently plays in Lithuania) is a teammate of previously mentioned Sabine Dukate and both played together in the last Lithuanian LMKL game. Veinberga contributed to Suduva's victory against the closely-ranked Ruta Siauliai (8-16) 77-67. She recorded 7 points, 7 rebounds and 7 assists. Veinberga's total stats this season are: 7.4ppg, 4.2rpg and 1.7apg. She used to play for the Latvian national team two years ago.

Liga Surkusa
Liga Surkusa
   #8. Center Liga Surkusa (194-91, currently plays in Italy), who plays in the Italian A2 (12th division) couldn't help Broni (10-12) in their last game. Despite Surkusa's good performance the eighth-placed Broni lost 53-58 in Venezia to the higher-ranked (#5) Marghera in the North group. She was the top scorer with 11 points. Surkusa also added 5 rebounds in 25 minutes. There are only four games left until the end of the Regular Season. Surkusa belongs to league's best blockers and is ranked #2 with 1.2bpg. This year her other stats are: 10.2ppg, 9.0rpg and 1.3spg in the 22 games. Surkusa plays currently for the Latvian national team.

Ieva Kulite
Ieva Kulite
   #9. Former U18 international center Ieva Kulite (191-88, currently plays in Germany) contributed to a Wildcats Wolfenbuettel's victory against one of league's weakest teams Eisvogel Freiburg (1-2) 55-48 in the German DBBL in Saturday night's game. She scored 8 points and grabbed 9 rebounds. BC Wildcats Wolfenbuettel (11-7) is placed third in the DBBL. They ended the series of three consecutive loses. There are only four games left until the end of the Regular Season. Kulite has reliable stats this season: 10.5ppg, 7.8rpg and 1.1apg. She used to play for the Latvian U18 national team seven years ago.

Kristine Karklina
Kristine Karklina
   #10. Guard Kristine Karklina (175-83, another player represented by Regeneracom Sports, currently plays in Turkey) couldn't help Ceyhan Bld (9-11) in their game against Fenerbahce (18-2) in the Turkish TKBL. Karklina scored 6 points and added 6 passes in 23 minutes. Ceyhan Bld lost 81-96 at home to the leading Fenerbahce. It was Ceyhan Bld's third consecutive loss in a row. This year Karklina's total stats are: 9.3ppg, 2.0rpg, 2.8apg and 1.5spg in the 20 games. She is an international player who is currently on the senior Latvian National Team roster.

   #11. International forward Sabine Niedola (184-91, currently plays in Spain) managed to help Cadi ICG Software to win against the closely-ranked Argon Uni Girona 71-52 in the Spanish LFB on Saturday night. Niedola scored only 2 points. Niedola has averaged so far 5.5ppg and 3.7rpg. She plays currently for the Latvian national team.

   #12. Former U20 international center Zenta Melnika (197-91, agency: FCM, currently plays in Romania) helped Alba Iulia win their game against the closely-ranked Timisoara crushing them 82-61 in the Romanian Liga Nationala in Saturday night's game. Melnika scored only 3 points in 8 minutes on the court. Melnika has averaged so far 4.8ppg and 3.2rpg in the 20 games. She used to play for the Latvian U20 national team back in 2010.

One more player who has never been selected to any of national teams, but has Latvian passport:

   #1. Experienced Rima Valentiene (170-PG-78, currently plays in Baltic League), who plays in Lithuania could not help Kibirkstis-Tiche (2-1) in their last game. Despite her good performance the second-placed Kibirkstis-Tiche lost 72-77 on the road to the leading Olimpia GrGAU in the group B of Baltic League. Valentiene scored 10 points, grabbed 6 rebounds and dished 5 assists in 40 minutes. There are only three games left until the end of the Baltic League Second Stage. So now every game will be critical. It's Valentiene's first season with the team. This year she averages: 5.3ppg, 5.3rpg and 3.3apg in the three games she played so far.   

Sindija Kudule signs at Vega 1/Liepaja - 17 days ago
Vega 1/Liepaja (LSBL) landed 20-year old point guard Sindija Kudule (168-97) from TTT Juniores. In 20 LSBL games she averaged 7.8ppg, 4.7rpg, 2.9apg and 1.5spg last season. She helped them to make it to the semifinals. Kudule represented Latvia at the European Championships U20 in Matosinhos (Portugal) this year. Her stats at that event were 7 games: 5.1ppg, 2.7rpg, 3.4apg, 1.4spg, FGP: 15.8%, 3PT: 21.7%, FT: 71.4%. Kudule has played previously for Latvija U16 Riga. By Eurobasket Data Ce...   [read more]

Vega 1/Liepaja inks Ieva Veinberga - 17 days ago
Vega 1/Liepaja (LSBL) agreed terms with 33-year old Latvian ex-international forward Ieva Veinberga (185-84). She has played for the last two seasons at Basket Team Crema in Italian Serie A2. In 31 games she had 11.1ppg, 6.0rpg and 1.4spg last season. The list of the past achievements is quite long as among others Veinberga played in the final of Italian A2 in 2016. She was also voted All-Italian A2 2nd Team in 2016. Veinberga represented Latvia at the Qualifications to Eur...   [read more]

Laura Purina
Laura Purina agreed terms with Vega 1/Liepaja - 17 days ago
Vega 1/Liepaja (LSBL) strengthened their roster with addition of 27-year old guard Laura Purina (174-90, college: Northwest JC). She played most recently at Ogre in Latvian JSBL. Purina also spent pre-season at Kvarner (A2) in Croatian league that year. Great season indeed as she was awarded All-Croatian A2 Guard of the Year and voted to 1st Team. The other team she played shortly was FCR Media-Rapla KK where in three games she recorded 7.7ppg, 2.7rpg, 2.0apg and 2.7spg las...   [read more]

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