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This is the last year when the league was called Diekirch League. In 2012-13 it changed it's name to Total League.
Diekirch Standings
1-6 places
 1. T71 24-4 
 2. Sparta 22-6 
 3. Musel Pikes 15-13 
 4. Residence 13-15 
 5. Amicale 13-15 
 6. Etzella 12-16 
7-10 places
 1. Basket Esch 15-9 
 2. Soleuvre 12-12 
 3. BBC Nitia 3-21 
 4. Heffingen 3-21 
Stage One Standings
Diekirch League Stage One Standings
 1. T71 15-3 
 2. Sparta 14-4 
 3. Amicale 10-8 
 4. Etzella 10-8 
 5. Musel Pikes 10-8 
 6. Residence 10-8 
 7. Basket Esch 9-9 
 8. Soleuvre 8-10 
 9. BBC Nitia 2-16 
 10. Heffingen 2-16 
Season 2011-2012
All Games
List of Players
List of Imports

T71 Dudelange celebrate Cup title (
Points Per Game
 Lamonte ULMER
  Avg: 26.2
 1. Ulmer, Soleuvre26.2 
 2. Arre, BBC Nitia25.7 
 3. Raji, Etzella23.8 
 4. McNutt, Heffingen22.2 
 5. Kennedy, Residence22.0 
 6. Schumacher, T7121.8 
 7. Muller, T7120.5 
 8. Rajniak, Basket E.20.4 
 9. Smith, Sparta19.8 
 10. Ulin, Sparta19.7 
Rebounds Per Game
 Lamonte ULMER
  Avg: 12.5
 1. Ulmer, Soleuvre12.5 
 2. Gary, Musel Pikes12.2 
 3. McNutt, Heffingen12.0 
 4. Svitek, Basket Es.10.9 
 5. Stephens, T7110.9 
 6. Kennedy, Residence10.3 
 7. Poznaks, BBC Nitia10.1 
 8. Raji, Etzella10.1 
 9. Smith, Sparta9.7 
 10. Muller, T719.5 
Assists Per Game
 Kasey ULIN
  Avg: 5.1
 1. Ulin, Sparta5.1 
 2. Schartz, Amicale4.1 
 3. Schumacher, T713.8 
 4. Arre, BBC Nitia3.7 
 5. Rajniak, Basket E.3.6 
 6. Delgado, Etzella3.3 
 7. Biever, Basket Es.3.3 
 8. Koster, Residence2.9 
 9. Ruffato, T712.7 
 10. Jones, Amicale2.5 
Steals Per Game
 Christopher JONES
  Avg: 2.5
 1. Jones, Amicale2.5 
 2. Arre, BBC Nitia2.2 
 3. Kennedy, Residence2.1 
 4. Carvalho, Heffingen1.7 
 5. Ulmer, Soleuvre1.6 
 6. Perre, Musel Pikes1.4 
 7. Gary, Musel Pikes1.3 
 8. Smith, Sparta1.3 
 9. McNutt, Heffingen1.2 
 10. Biever, Basket E.1.1 
Blocks Per Game
 Brandon GARY
  Musel Pikes
  Avg: 2.1
 1. Gary, Musel Pikes2.1 
 2. McNutt, Heffingen1.5 
 3. Ulmer, Soleuvre1.3 
 4. Hoffmann, Sparta1.2 
 5. Carvalho, Heffingen0.9 
 6. Jorssen, Soleuvre0.9 
 7. Djerman, Amicale0.6 
 8. Poznaks, BBC Nitia0.5 
 9. Horace, Etzella0.5 
 10. Svitek, Basket E.0.5 

BBC Sparta Bertrange wins the Luxembourg Diekirch League 2011-2012 title (Photo: Sparta)

BBC Sparta Bertrange 2011-12
Olaf Stolz Olaf Stolz Stolz
Kasey Ulin
Larrie Smith
Pit Hoffmann
Patrick Arbaut
Dean Gindt
# Name CM (INCH) Pos Bo NAT
11  Ulin Kasey 184 (6'1'') PG 82 USA
15  Smith Larrie 198 (6'6'') F 75 USA
9  Hoffmann Pit 204 (6'9'') C 82 Luxembourg
13  Arbaut Patrick 183 (6'0'') G 87 Luxembourg
14  Gindt Dean 202 (6'8'') F/C 91 Luxembourg
4  Wolzfeld Rene 190 (6'3'') F/G 91 Luxembourg
10  Hublart Julien 192 (6'4'') G/F 88 Belgium
6  Dreesen Thomas 199 (6'7'') F 88 Belgium
12  Arendt Louis 187 (6'2'') F/G 93 Luxembourg
5  Grandjean Bob 181 (5'11'') SG 94 Luxembourg
7  Gansen Nils 183 (6'0'') G 92 Luxembourg
8  Engel Xavier 185 (6'1'') G 88 Luxembourg
 Wilson Derek 189 (6'3'') G/F 91 Luxembourg
6  Schneider Pit 175 (5'9'') G 94 Luxembourg
Head Coach: Olaf Stolz
Coach Assistant: Rainer Kloss
Coach Assistant: Christophe Flammang All-Luxembourg League Awards 2011-12 - May 30, 2012 All-Luxembourg League 1st Team 2012
Larrie Smith
Kasey Ulin
Marcus Kennedy
Lamonte Ulmer
Brandon Gary

Player of the Year: Larrie Smith (198-F-75, college: Tenn Tech) (198-F-75) of Sparta
Guard of the Year: Kasey Ulin (184-PG-82) of Sparta
Forward of the Year: Lamonte Ulmer (198-SF-86, college: Rhode Island) (198-SF-86) of Soleuvre
Center of the Year: Brandon Gary (202-F/C-83) of Musel Pikes
Bosman Player of the Year: Stefan Svitek (203-F/C-77) of Basket Esch
Import Player of the Year: Larrie Smith (198-F-75) of Sparta
Domestic Player of the Year: Frank Muller (194-F/C-88) of T71
Defensive Player of the Year: Christopher Jones (188-G-90) of Contern
Coach of the Year: Rainer Kloss of Sparta

1st Team
PG: Kasey Ulin (184-82) of Sparta
F: Marcus Kennedy (193-84) of Residence
SF: Lamonte Ulmer (198-86) of Soleuvre
F: Larrie Smith (198-75) of Sparta
F/C: Brandon Gary (202-83) of Musel Pikes

2nd Team
G: Tom Schumacher (190-87) of T71
F: William Arre (199-86) of Etzella
F: Corey Raji (198-88) of Etzella
F/G: Denell Stephens (193-86) of T71
F/C: Frank Muller (194-88) of T71

Honorable Mention
Janis Poznaks (202-F/C-83) of BBC Nitia
Dimitri Jorssen (212-C/F-79) of Soleuvre
Stefan Svitek (203-F/C-77) of Basket Esch
Ivan Djerman (203-F-83) of Amicale
Philip Perre (198-F-79) of Musel Pikes
Helder Carvalho (205-C/F-84) of US Hiefenech Heffingen
Billy McNutt (203-F-85) of US Hiefenech Heffingen

All-Domestic Players Team
G: Tom Schumacher (190-87) of T71
G: Christopher Jones (188-90) of Contern
G/F: Nelson Delgado (188-80) of Etzella
F: Martin Rajniak (204-78) of Basket Esch
F/C: Frank Muller (194-88) of T71

All-Imports Team
PG: Kasey Ulin (184-82) of Sparta
F: Marcus Kennedy (193-84) of Residence
SF: Lamonte Ulmer (198-86) of Soleuvre
F: Larrie Smith (198-75) of Sparta
F/C: Brandon Gary (202-83) of Musel Pikes

All-Defensive Team
Christopher Jones (188-G-90) of Contern
Jairo Delgado (190-G/F-85) (190-85) of T71
Lamonte Ulmer (198-SF-86) of Soleuvre
Helder Carvalho (205-PF-84) of US Hiefenech Heffingen
Larrie Smith (198-F-75) of Sparta

Larrie Smith leads Sparta to the title - May 25, 2012

T71 Dudelange - Sparta 85:93 (OT)

Sparta Bertrange celebrated Diekirch League title. They outscored T71 Dudelange on the road tonight to sweep the title series. Larrie Smith (198-F-75, college: Tenn Tech) scored 31 points and grabbed 16 rebounds to lead the visitors. Sparta returned the title they last won in 2008.
T71 started the game aggressively. The hosts grabbed a 27:24 lead ten minutes into the game. But Sparta answered with 30 points in the second quarter to narrow the margin to a single point 54:55 at halftime. Sparta stiffened their defence in the third quarter to limit T71 at just 12 points. The visitors pulled ahead to build a 4-point lead before the fourth quarter. Sparta led by three points with 7 seconds to go in regulation but Jairo Delgado drained a triple to send the game into overtime. Larrie Smith stepped up for Sparta in extra period. He scored 7 points and led the visitors to the crucial win in the series. Kasey Ulin (184-PG-82, college: Dickinson St.) accounted for 17 points, 7 rebounds and 6 assists, while Xavier Engel (185-G-88) added 16 points in the victory. Frank Muller (194-F/C-88, college: Cuesta JC) answered with 28 points and 15 rebounds for T71. Tom Schumacher (190-G-87, college: Cal.Baptist) and Denell Stephens (193-F/G-86, agency: Scorers 1st Sportmanagement, college: Slippery Rock) provided 18 points each in the loss.

T71 Dudelange: Frank Muller 28+15 boards, Tom Schumacher 18, Denell Stephens 18
Sparta: Larrie Smith 31+16 boards, Kasey Ulin 17, Xavier Engel 16

T71 Dudelange claim Coupe de Luxembourg title - Apr 28, 2012

T71 Dudelange - Sparta 82:62

T71 Dudelange clinched the Luxembourg Cup title. They overcame Sparta Bertrange in the Final tonight. Frank Muller (194-F/C-88, college: Cuesta JC) was unstoppable for T71 scoring 28 points and pulling down 16 rebounds in the victory.
T71 set the tone early in the game. They unloaded 25 points in the opening quarter to build a 10-point lead. T71 Dudelange stretched the lead in the second quarter. They held Sparta to just 5 points in the term to establish a 20-point halftime advantage. T71 Dudelange maintained the lead throughout the third term. They ensured a comfortable 63:42 cushion with ten minutes left. Sparta did not manage to threaten the deficit and had to surrender at the end. Tom Schumacher (190-G-87, college: Cal.Baptist) provided 19 points, while Gilles Ruffato (181-PG-85) added 9 points in the win. Larrie Smith (198-F-75, college: Tenn Tech) answered with 16 points and 8 rebounds for Sparta. Thomas Dreesen (199-F-88, agency: Court Side) and Xavier Engel (185-G-88) had 13 points apiece in the loss.

T71 Dudelange: Frank Muller 28+16 boards, Tom Schumacher 19, Gilles Ruffato 9
Sparta: Larrie Smith 16, Thomas Dreesen 13, Xavier Engel 13

South Wins Luxembourg All-Star game 134-117 in Stadtbredimus!!! - Jan 10, 2012

Sunday, January 8, 2012
Stadbredimus, Luxembourg The 2012 All-Star Game for Luxembourg basketball was held last Sunday, Jan. 8 in Stadtbredimus. The Coaches and players were chosen via a vote from the public, coaches, press and the clubs. The South, coached by Jan Enjebo of T71 won the match 117-134!

Here is a look at the Squads:

Pitt Koster (178-G/F-89) of Residence Walferdange
Jerome Gumbs (194-F-82) of Residence Walferdange
Philip Perre (198-F-79) of Musel Pikes
Laurent Schwartz (180-G-89) of Musel Pikes
Brandon Gary (202-F/C-83) of Musel Pikes
Nelson Delgado (188-G/F-80) of Etzella Ettelbruck
Billy McNutt (203-F-85) of BBC US Hiefenech Heffingen
Tim Schmit (192-F/G-95) of BBC US Hiefenech Heffingen
Christopher Jones (188-G-90) of Amicale Steinsel
Alex Jones (206-F-87) of Amicale Steinsel
Eric Jeitz (191-G-86) of Amicale Steinsel
Head Coach: Frank Baum
Assistant Coach: Kevin Magdowski

Kasey Ulin (184-PG-82) of BBC Sparta Bertrange
Larrie Smith (198-F-75) of BBC Sparta Bertrange
Lamonte Ulmer (198-SF-86) of AS Soleuvre
William Arre (199-F/C-86) of BBC Nitia Bettembourg
Tom Schumacher (190-G-87) of T 71 Dudelange
Rene Wolzfeld (190-F/G-91) of BBC Sparta Bertrange
Thomas Dreesen (199-F-88) of BBC Sparta Bertrange
Jairo Delgado (190-G/F-85) of T 71 Dudelange
David Reichel (203-F-84) of Basket Esch
Andy Schammo (185-G-92) of AS Soleuvre
Head Coach: Jan Enjebo

North: 49 field goals; 7 three pointers; 2/4 free throws; 3 fouls
Koster 13, Schwartz 11, Gumbs 4, Perre 18, Gary 21, also: N. DelGado 5, McNutt 8,, Christopher Jones 14, Alex Jones 14, Jeitz 6 and Schmit 3
South: 55 field goals; 2 three pointers; 2/2 free throws; 4 fouls
Ulin 24, Ulmer 22, Arre 13, Smith 12 Schumacher 16, also: Reichel 13, J. DelGado 8, Schammo 10, Dreesen 12 and Wolzfeld 4

Score by quarters: 1st Q 27-30, Halftime 54-64, 3rd Q 89-97, Final 117-134
800 spectators

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