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Luxembourg Internationally

Paul Missavage
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Total League Stage Two Standings
Places 1-6
 1. Amicale 25-3 
 2. T71 23-5 
 3. Musel Pikes 17-11 
 4. Etzella 15-13 
 5. Basket Esch 15-13 
 6. Sparta 7-21 
Playdowns 1
 1. Residence 15-17 
 2. Contern 12-20 
 3. Heffingen 12-20 
 4. Soleuvre 11-21 
Playdowns 2
 1. Bascharage 23-9 
 2. Arantia 23-9 
 3. BC Mess 18-14 
 4. Grengewald 15-17 
Stage One Standings
Season 2015-2016
All Games
List of Players
List of Imports
Total League Stage One Standings
 1. Amicale 18-0 
 2. T71 15-3 
 3. Musel Pikes 13-5 
 4. Basket Esch 10-8 
 5. Etzella 9-9 
 6. Sparta 7-11 
 7. Residence 6-12 
 8. Soleuvre 5-13 
 9. Heffingen 4-14 
 10. Contern 3-15 

North edges South 119-116 in Contern (Photo: Facebook)
Points Per Game
 Marcus NEAL
  Avg: 28.8
 1. Neal, Bascharage28.8 
 2. Evans, Soleuvre27.3 
 3. Jones, Arantia26.4 
 4. Downing, Soleuvre26.3 
 5. Reese, Heffingen26.2 
 6. Richardson, Resid.25.5 
 7. Harrison, Arantia25.2 
 8. Gulley, Musel Pikes25.1 
 9. Johnson, Contern23.9 
 10. Barden, Soleuvre22.7 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 15.9
 1. Jones, Arantia15.9 
 2. Barden, Soleuvre15.0 
 3. Bachand, Greng.15.0 
 4. Hassan, Montevideo12.9 
 5. McNutt, Etzella12.8 
 6. Anderson, T7112.6 
 7. McDaniel, Amicale12.5 
 8. Ayuba, Residence12.3 
 9. Nesbitt, Heffingen12.2 
 10. Rugg, Musel Pikes11.8 
Assists Per Game
 Marcus NEAL
  Avg: 7
 1. Neal, Bascharage7.0 
 2. Melcher, Amicale5.5 
 3. Richardson, Resid.4.9 
 4. Hodges, Basket Es.4.8 
 5. Schumacher, T714.6 
 6. Koster, Soleuvre4.5 
 7. Anderson, Surrey S.4.2 
 8. Birenbaum, Contern3.9 
 9. Schartz, Amicale3.9 
 10. Ruffato, T713.8 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 3
 1. Harrison, Arantia3.0 
 2. Hammond, Greng.2.6 
 3. Richardson, Resid.2.4 
 4. Gulley, Musel Pikes2.1 
 5. Anderson, Enosis2.0 
 6. Jones, T711.9 
 7. Williams, Contern1.7 
 8. Reese, Heffingen1.7 
 9. Nunes, Arantia1.7 
 10. Evans, Soleuvre1.6 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 2.2
 1. Anderson, T712.2 
 2. Hoffmann, Basket1.6 
 3. Reese, Heffingen1.5 
 4. McNutt, Etzella1.4 
 5. Rugg, Musel Pikes1.4 
 6. Jones, Arantia1.3 
 7. Peterson, Arkhanga.1.3 
 8. Nesbitt, Heffingen1.3 
 9. Sandidge, Basch.1.3 
 10. Bachand, Greng.1.2 

T71 Dudelange celebrate Cup title (Photo: Facebook)

Amicale celebrate the title (Photo:

Amicale Steinsel 2015-16
Ken Diederich Ken Diederich Diederich
Billy McDaniel
Jordan Hasquet
Bob Melcher
Alex Laurent
Samy Picard
# Name CM (INCH) Pos Bo NAT
10  McDaniel Billy 199 (6'7'') F/C 84 USA
15  Hasquet Jordan 206 (6'9'') F 85 USA
5  Melcher Bob 189 (6'3'') G 94 Luxembourg
13  Laurent Alex 196 (6'5'') PF 93 Luxembourg
11  Picard Samy 195 (6'5'') PF 88 Luxembourg
8  Schartz Christian 185 (6'1'') PG 86 Luxembourg
6  Jeitz Eric 191 (6'3'') G 86 Luxembourg
12  Hoeser Jo 193 (6'4'') PF 94 Luxembourg
4  Martin Tom 183 (6'0'') G 97 Luxembourg
14  Geille Matthias 190 (6'3'') SF 97 Luxembourg
9  Kapgen Tom 180 (5'11'') PG 96 Luxembourg
Head Coach: Ken Diederich
Coach Assistant: Tom Wagner All-Luxembourg League Awards 2016 - May 16, 2016 All-Luxembourg League 1st Team 2016
Bob Melcher
Tom Schumacher
Jarmar Gulley
Billy McDaniel
Billy McNutt

Finals MVP: Bob Melcher (189-G-94) of Amicale
Player of the Year: Billy McDaniel (199-F/C-84) of Amicale
Guard of the Year: Tom Schumacher (190-PG-87) of T71
Forward of the Year: Billy McDaniel (199-F/C-84) of Amicale
Center of the Year: Billy McNutt (203-C/F-85) of Etzella
Import Player of the Year: Billy McDaniel (199-F/C-84) of Amicale
Domestic Player of the Year: Tom Schumacher (190-PG-87) of T71
Defensive Player of the Year: Eric Anderson (204-F/C-93) of T71
Coach of the Year: Ken Diederich of Amicale

1st Team
G: Bob Melcher (189-G-94) of Amicale
PG: Tom Schumacher (190-PG-87) of T71
F/G: Jarmar Gulley (196-F/G-91) of Musel Pikes
F/C: Billy McDaniel (199-F/C-84) of Amicale
C/F: Billy McNutt (203-C/F-85) of Etzella

2nd Team
F/C: Eric Anderson (204-F/C-93) of T71
G: Everage Richardson (191-G-85) of Residence
PG: Marcus Neal (196-PG-86) of Bascharage
F: Brad Reese (199-F-88) of Heffingen
C/F: Rashad Hassan (203-C/F-89) of Montevideo

Honorable Mention
Nelson Delgado (188-G/F-80) of Etzella
Christopher Jones (186-G-90) of T71
Denell Stephens (190-F/G-86) of T71
Clancy Rugg (203-F/C-91) of Musel Pikes
Zeke Upshaw (198-F/G-91) of Basket Esch
Samy Picard (195-PF-88) of Amicale
Oladapo Ayuba (198-PF-86) of Residence
Kevin Moura (182-PG-94) of Residence
Jalen Nesbitt (198-SG) of Heffingen
Kenny Williams (5'9''-PG-90) of Laredo S.
Derrick Barden (196-F/C-92) of Soleuvre
Pitt Koster (182-PG-89) of Soleuvre
Mike Jones (203-F/C-83) of Arantia
Seth Bachand (198-C/F-92) of Grengewald

All-Domestic Players Team
G: Bob Melcher (189-G-94) of Amicale
PG: Tom Schumacher (190-PG-87) of T71
G: Christopher Jones (186-G-90) of T71
G/F: Nelson Delgado (188-G/F-80) of Etzella
PF: Samy Picard (195-PF-88) of Amicale

All-Imports Team
G: Everage Richardson (191-G-85) of Residence
PG: Marcus Neal (196-PG-86) of Bascharage
F/G: Jarmar Gulley (196-F/G-91) of Musel Pikes
F/C: Billy McDaniel (199-F/C-84) of Amicale
C/F: Billy McNutt (203-C/F-85) of Etzella

Total League Round 2 of Finals. Amicale celebrate the title - May 8, 2016

Musel Pikes - Amicale 83-86

Amicale Steinsel have been crowned the Total League champions. They nipped Musel Pikes on the road to sweep the championship series. The guests trailed by 4 points after first quarter, but they rallied back to get the 1-point lead at the halftime and eventually won the game 86-83. The best player for the winners was international guard Bob Melcher (189-94) who scored 26 points and 6 rebounds. The former international power forward Billy McDaniel (199-84, college: Ark.-Monticello, agency: Pro Partner Sports Management) chipped in a double-double by scoring 22 points and 10 rebounds. American swingman Jarmar Gulley (196-91, college: Missouri St., agency: Pro Partner Sports Management) produced 25 points and 8 rebounds and international forward Jean Kox (196-90) added 19 points respectively for the hosts.
Top scorers:
Musel Pikes: J.Gulley 25+8reb+1ast, J.Kox 19+3reb+1ast, T.Welter 12+3reb+4ast, J.Kalmes 9+2reb, E.Wolf 9+10reb+2ast, C.Donnersbach 7+3reb+1ast
Amicale: B.Melcher 26+6reb+3ast, B.McDaniel 22+10reb+1ast, J.Hasquet 15+4reb+2ast, E.Jeitz 9+1reb, S.Picard 8+3reb, A.Laurent 6+6reb
gschID: 470323

T71 Dudelange celebrate Cup title - Mar 14, 2016

T71 Dudelange - Residence 79:68

T71 Dudelange earned the Cup title. They beat Residence in the Final. Eric Anderson (204-F/C-93, college: New Haven) came up with 18 points and 14 rebounds to lead the winners.
T71 Dudelange accounted for an 18:13 lead after the first period. They maintained the lead throughout the second frame. They secured a 39:31 halftime lead. The gap kept growing in the third quarter. T71 piled up a comfortable 16-point advantage heading into the fourth frame. Residence nailed 24 points in the final stanza but just sweetened the pill at the end. Denell Stephens (190-F/G-86, college: Slippery Rock, agency: Pro Partner Sports Management) had 16 points, while Tom Schumacher (190-PG-87, college: Cal.Baptist) added 14 points and 9 assists at the end. Oladapo Ayuba (198-PF-86, college: UMKC) responded with 16 points and 11 boards for Residence. Oliver Vujakovic (192-F-96) and Everage Richardson (191-G-85, college: Co.Carolina) had 15 points each in the loss.

T71 Dudelange: Eric Anderson 18+14 boards, Denell Stephens 16, Tom Schumacher 14
Residence: Oladapo Ayuba 16+11 boards, Oliver Vujakovic 15, Everage Richardson 15

North edges South 119-116 in Contern - Jan 26, 2016

North edges South 119-116 in Contern. It was a great game and at the same time a wonderful show. Alex Laurent (196-PF-93) (Amicale) was the Dunk Contest winner during the event. Frank Baum (Musel Pikes) and Franck Meriguet (Basket Esch) coached Team South. Amadeo Dias (Residence) and Ken Diederich (Amicale) were the coaches for Team North.

Luxembourg League All-Star Game 2016 Rosters - Jan 27, 2016

North All-Star Team

Nelson Delgado

Samy Picard

Oliver Vujakovic

Bob Melcher

Jairo Delgado

Bob Melcher (189-G-94) of Amicale
Nelson Delgado (188-G/F-80) of Etzella
Samy Picard (195-PF-88) of Amicale
Oliver Vujakovic (192-F-96) of Residence
Jairo Delgado (188-F/G-85) of Etzella
Max Schmit (182-PG-92) of Residence
Eric Jeitz (191-G-86) of Amicale
Dean Gindt (201-PF-91) of Sparta
Kevin Moura (182-PG-94) of Residence
Tim Schmit (194-F/G-95) of Haffingen
Billy McDaniel (199-F/C-84) of Amicale
Billy McNutt (203-C/F-85) of Etzella
Brad Reese (199-F-88) of Heffingen
Everage Richardson (191-G-85) of Residence
Rashad Hassan (203-C/F-89) of Sparta

Head Coach: Ken Diederich of Amicale
Coach Assistant: Amadeo Dias of Residence

South All-Star Team

Tom Schumacher

Christopher Jones

Pitt Koster

Laurent Schwartz

Jean Kox

Tom Schumacher (190-PG-87) of T71
Christopher Jones (186-G-90) of T71
Tom Welter (184-G-93) of Musel Pikes
Pitt Koster (182-PG-89) of Soleuvre
Alexandre Rodenbourg (202-F/C-91) of Basket Esch
Laurent Schwartz (180-PG-89) of Musel Pikes
Jean Kox (196-F-90) of Musel Pikes
Joe Kalmes (200-F/C-95) of Musel Pikes
Raul Birenbaum (182-PG-89) of Contern
Dominique Benseghir (184-G/F-85) of Soleuvre
Kenny Williams (201-F-86) of Contern
Jarmar Gulley (196-F/G-91) of Musel Pikes
Jibril Hodges (188-G-84) of Basket Esch
Reggie Evans (194-G/F-89) of AS Soleuvre
Denell Stephens (190-F/G-86) of T71

Head Coach: Frank Baum of Musel Pikes
Coach Assistant: Franck Meriguet of Basket Esch

by Greg
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