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Luxembourg Internationally

Paul Missavage
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Players/Coaches Movement in Luxembourg in summer 2017
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Updated on: October 19, 2017

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Players Joined
 Jaylen Bland  (190-G-93)  from Salt Lake City S. (NBA G League)  
 Xavier Ford  USA (201-F-93)  from Shinshu BW (Japan)  
 Tim Steffen  (192-F-93)  from Etzella (Total League)  
Players Stayed
 Yann Besch  (180-G-97)
 Olivier Cano  (182-PG-99)
 Andy Eicke  German (208-C-92)
 Christophe Mertzig  (188-F-99)
 Marc Thoma  (184-G-84)
 Patrick Walravens  (190-F-93)
 Daniel Weyrich  (184-G/F-89)
 Alain Gengler  (203-C-94)
 Raul Birenbaum  (181-PG-89)
 Ben Goergen  (190-SG-94)
 Rene Wolzfeld  (194-F/G-91)
Coaches Joined
 Franck Meriguet  French  from Basket Esch (Total League)  

  AMICALE STEINSEL  (Champion)  
Players Joined
 Steve Fischer  (185-G-92)  from Grengewald (N2)  
 Yann Wolff  (200-C/F-94)  from Etzella (Total League)  
Players Stayed
 Shavon Coleman  USA (196-F-92)
 Pitt Koster  (182-PG-89)
 Jonas Theisen  (193-F-96)
 Jo Hoeser  (193-PF-94)
 Billy McDaniel  USA (199-F/C-84)
 Samy Picard  (195-PF-88)
 Bob Melcher  (189-G-94)
 Bjorn Molitor  (183-G-90)
Free Agents
 Ben Melcher  (184-G-92)

Players Joined
 Jordan Hicks  USA (201-G/F-90)  from Cherbourg (France)  
 Steve Kuhlmann  (194-C/F-91)  from Bascharage (N2)  
 Clancy Rugg  USA (203-F/C-91)  from Musel Pikes (Total League)  
Players Stayed
 Luis De Brito  Cape Verdean (185-G-97)
 Julien Lessel  (188-SG-99)
 Denilson Ramos  Puerto Rican (190-G-98)
 Ben Kovac  (195-SG-0)
 Joe Biever  (184-SG-90)
 Alexandre Rodenbourg  (202-F/C-91)
 Pit Biever  (185-G-91)
 Eric Kesseler  (177-PG-90)
Free Agents
 Devon Austin  USA (202-SF-87)
 Stefan Svitek  Slovakian (203-C/F-77)
Coaches Joined
 Sylvain Lautie  from SAP Vaucluse (France)  

Players Joined
 Elijah Bonsignore  USA (198-G/F)  from BC Mess (N2)  
 Jerome Lanners  (193-F-94)  from BC Mess (N2)  
 Moreno Pagani  (175-PG-0)  from CFBB (EYBL)  
 Jarn Pinto Sousa  Puerto Rican (180-G-98)  from Preizerdaul (N3)  
 Tim Schmit  (194-F/G-95)  from T71 (Total League)  
 Eric Zenners  (195-PF-0)  from CFBB (EYBL)  
Players Stayed
 Derrick Barden  USA (196-F/C-92)
 Dominique Benseghir  (184-G/F-85)
 Jairo Delgado  (188-F/G-85)
 Billy McNutt  Canadian (203-C/F-85)
 Mathis Wolff  (182-F-98)
 Pit Elcheroth  (195-PF-95)
 Philippe Gutenkauf  (181-PG-95)
 Frederic Gutenkauf  (185-SG-92)
 Chris Ittenbach  (192-F/G-87)
 Gilles Polfer  (190-G-93)
Free Agents
 Nelson Delgado  (188-G/F-80)
 Derek Wilson  (195-SF-91)
 Malik Wilson  (185-G-95)
Coaches Joined
 Kresimir Basic  Croatian  from Tajfun (Slovenia)  
 Trenton Wurtz  USA  from Etzella (Total League)  

Players Joined
 Mike Feipel  (198-F-0)  from Bascharage (N2)  
 Yassine R'Biaa  Moroccan Luxembourg (181-PG-89)  from BC Mess (N2)  
Players Stayed
 Nicolas Hittelet  Belgian (195-F-95)
 Brad Reese  USA (200-F-88)
 Titus Robinson  USA (201-F-90)
 Bob Savic  (200-F/C-98)
 Thierry Cames  (189-PF-98)
 Mihailo Andjelkovic  (189-G-98)
 Philippe Arendt  (187-PG-98)
 Paul Schwartz  (171-PG-98)
 Thierry Abdiu  (195-F-87)
 Victor Stein  (189-SF-97)
 Yannick Verbeelen  (191-F-98)
 Dean Gindt  (201-PF-91)
 Xavier Engel  (186-PG-88)
Coaches Joined
 Arnaud Ricoux  from Berck (France)  

Players Joined
 Max Berens  (180-PG-95)  from T71 (Total League)  
 Matt Bingaya  USA (193-G-94)  from Fairmont St. (NCAA2)  
 Gilles Kerschen  (193-F-94)  from BBC Nitia (N3)  
 Ryan Logan  USA (201-F-94)  from Stonehill (NCAA2)  
 Drew Martin  USA (203-F)  from Concordia, OR (NCAA2)  
 David Sturner  USA (206-F/C-90)  from Dresden (Germany)  
Players Stayed
 Anderson Borbon  (189-F/G-93)
 Charel Oly  (187-F-96)
 Gilles Poos  (180-PG-96)
 Tim Schomer  (186-G-93)
 Yves Bellwald  (195-F/C-92)
 Chris Zender  (197-F/C-87)
 Joel Thesen  (185-PG-88)
Free Agents
 Nikola Pavlovic  Serbian (195-F/G-93)
 Gaellan Bewernick  USA (198-F-90)
 Mike Jones  USA (203-F/C-83)
 Daniel Colbach  (188-F-97)
 Jean-Pierre Kunnert  (193-C/F-86)
 Pit Kerger  (197-F/C-89)

Players Joined
 Michael Nwelue  USA (195-F-93)  from Southern T. (Australia)  
Players Stayed
 Quentin Bouttet  (180-G-98)
 Yann Herrmann  (197-C-89)
 Tom Nesser  (185-SG-99)
 Joe Kalmes  (200-F/C-95)
 Tom Schomer  (187-G-97)
 Jarmar Gulley  USA (196-F/G-91)
 Christophe Donnersbach  (195-SF-84)
 Raphael Martin  (187-F/G-94)
 Eric Steffen  German (200-F-78)
 Tom Steffen  (195-F-93)
 Tom Welter  (184-G-93)
 Jean Kox  (196-F-90)
 Laurent Schwartz  (182-PG-89)
Free Agents
 Pit Albert  (190-G/F-98)

Players Joined
 Olivier Braun  (207-F/C-87)  from Residence (Total League)  
 Eric McAlister  USA (204-F-90)  from Korihait (Finland)  
 Luc Weber  (185-G-88)  from T.Hesperange (N2)  
Players Stayed
 Mathieu Gillardin  (200-C-91)
 Max Hilger  (187-PG-95)
 Michel Knaff  (184-G-99)
 Sam Ney  (193-F-87)
 Gaetan Bernimont  (190-F-94)
 Scott Morton  USA (195-G/F-87)
 Louis Soragna  (183-G-94)
Free Agents
 Philippe Arbaut  (183-SG-91)
 Kevin Georg  (180-G-97)
 Ben Moes  (185-G/F-87)
 Sam Hilger  (180-PG-95)
 Pit Schneider  (182-PG-94)
 Michel Wirth
Coaches Joined
 Etienne Louvrier  from Loyers (Belgium)  

Players Joined
 Patrick Arbaut  (186-G/F-87)  from Etzella (Total League)  
 Vincent Bailey  USA (201-F-91)  from FUS Rabat (Morocco)  
 Guillaume Chaussy  (203-F-99)  from Nancy (France)  
 Austin Freeman  USA (194-G-89)  from Caneros LR (Dominican Rep.)  
Players Stayed
 Tom Hansen  (180-G-99)
 Frank Jacoby  (193-PF-99)
 Ted Schleimer  (194-F/G-92)
 Frederick Van Der Windt  Dutch (185-G-99)
 Vic Heuschling  (198-PF-96)
 Max Schmit  (182-PG-92)
 Oliver Vujakovic  (192-F-96)
 Paolo Zahlen  (188-F-93)
 Kevin Moura  (182-PG-94)
Free Agents
 Ryan Nicholas  USA (201-F-91)
 Pit Hoffmann  (202-C-82)
 Jordan McDaniel  USA (196-F-94)
 Jesse Reed  USA (196-G)

Players Joined
 Eric Jeitz  (191-G-86)  from Amicale (Total League)  
 Luca Lombardelli  (192-C-97)  from Bascharage (N2)  
 Vincent Sunnen  (190-G/F-94)  from BC Mess (N2)  
Players Stayed
 Steve Binna  (185-F-91)
 Cory Johnson  USA (202-F/C-88)
 Ben Hurt  (183-G-93)
 Steve Lanners  (188-G-96)
 Michael M'Putu  DR Congolese (185-G-95)
 Denell Stephens  USA (190-F/G-86)
 Claude Bemtgen  (182-PG-89)
 Christophe Laures  (194-F/C-89)
 Tom Schumacher  (190-PG-87)
Free Agents
 Christopher Jones  Belgian Luxembourg (186-G-90)
 Gilles Ruffato  (181-PG-85)
Coaches Joined
 Pascal Meurs  Belgian  from Weert (Holland)  
 Christian Wulff  from Residence (Total League)  

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