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Romania Internationally
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Liga Nationala Standings
 1. Sf.Gheorghe 9-1 
 2. Cluj Napoca 8-2 
 3. Targoviste 8-2 
 4. Brasov 7-3 
 5. Galati 6-4 
 6. Satu Mare 4-6 
 7. ICIM Arad 3-7 
 8. Alexandria 2-8 
 9. Sirius TgM 2-8 
 10. Iasi 1-9 
Full Standings
Liga I Standings
Group 1
 1. Rapid 2-0 
 2. Sepsi Sic 2 1-1 
 3. Targu Secuiesc 1-1 
 4. Iasi 2 0-0 
 5. Phoenix GL 2 0-2 
Group 2
 1. Timisoara 4-0 
 2. Cluj Napoca 2 3-1 
 3. Alba Iulia 2-0 
 4. Oradea 2-2 
 5. Satu Mare 2 1-2 
 6. ICIM 2 Arad 0-3 
 7. Targu Mures 2 0-4 
Group 3
 1. Alexandria 2 4-0 
 2. Agronomia 1-1 
 3. Targoviste 2 1-1 
 4. Brasov 2 1-2 
 5. Ploiesti 0-3 
Eurocup Standings
Group A
 1 Maccabi Ashdod 4-0 
 2 Cegledi EKK 3-1 
 3 Sparta&K MR 1-3 
 4 H-Sirenos 0-4 
Group B
 1 Abdullah Gul 4-0 
 2 PEAC-Pecs 2-2 
 3 MBA 2-2 
 4 PINKK-Pecsi 0-4 
Group C
 1 Galatasaray 4-0 
 2 TTT Riga 2-2 
 3 Dynamo NR 1-3 
 4 Samsun 1-3 
Group D
 1 Yakin Dogu BGD 4-0 
 2 Olympiacos 2-2 
 3 Good Angels 2-2 
 4 Miskolc 0-4 
Group E
 1 Nymburk 3-1 
 2 Ragusa 3-1 
 3 Nantes 2-2 
 4 Belfius Namur 0-4 
Group F
 1 Girona 4-0 
 2 Keltern 2-2 
 3 Castors Braine 2-2 
 4 Uniao Sportiva 0-4 
Group G
 1 Nice 3-1 
 2 Venezia 3-1 
 3 Fribourg 1-3 
 4 Landes 1-3 
Group H
 1 Flammes 4-0 
 2 Wasserburg 3-1 
 3 Udominate 1-3 
 4 Lulea Basket 0-4 
Points Per Game
  Avg: 22
 1. Galdeira, Iasi22.0 
 2. Marshall, Sf.Gheor.21.0 
 3. Coker, Targoviste18.4 
 4. Webb, Brasov17.6 
 5. Daniel, Sirius TgM16.6 
 6. Stroman, ICIM A.16.5 
 7. Houser, Brasov16.1 
 8. Harrison, Cluj N.16.1 
 9. Pesovic, Brasov16.1 
 10. Laudermill, Siriu.16.0 
Rebounds Per Game
 Kristina HIGGINS
  Avg: 12.3
 1. Higgins, Brasov12.3 
 2. Bartee, Alexandria11.0 
 3. Coker, Targoviste10.7 
 4. Steenholdt, Galati9.4 
 5. Covile, Galati9.3 
 6. Whittington, Satu8.8 
 7. Baltic, Satu Mare8.5 
 8. Green, Targoviste8.2 
 9. Marshall, Sf.Gheor.7.9 
 10. Mosley, Iasi7.8 
Assists Per Game
 Annemarie PARAU
  Avg: 6.4
 1. Parau, Sf.Gheorghe6.4 
 2. Houser, Brasov5.3 
 3. Green, Targoviste4.8 
 4. Pesovic, Brasov4.5 
 5. Arnold, Alexandria4.4 
 6. Hadzovic, ICIM A.4.3 
 7. Ross, Cluj Napoca4.1 
 8. Tavic, Satu Mare4.1 
 9. Medley, Cluj N.3.9 
 10. Mandache, Cluj N.3.7 
Steals Per Game
 Corin ADAMS
  Avg: 3.1
 1. Adams, Iasi3.1 
 2. Laudermill, Sirius3.0 
 3. Stroman, ICIM A.2.8 
 4. Marshall, Sf.Gheor.2.7 
 5. Jeffery, Sf.Gheor.2.5 
 6. Green, Targoviste2.5 
 7. Galdeira, Iasi2.0 
 8. Houser, Brasov2.0 
 9. Whittington, Satu1.8 
 10. Mullings, Alexand.1.7 
Blocks Per Game
 Teonia MCCUNE
  Avg: 1.6
 1. McCune, Sirius TgM1.6 
 2. Whittington, Satu1.3 
 3. Craciun, Brasov1.1 
 4. Karakasevic, ICIM0.9 
 5. Mandache, Cluj N.0.8 
 6. McKinney, Cluj N.0.8 
 7. Green, Targoviste0.7 
 8. Davis, Cluj Napoca0.7 
 9. Mullings, Alexandr.0.7 
 10. Aursulesei, Iasi0.6 
Player of the week
Round: 10

 Tyaunna Marshall

Next Round Schedule

Round 11 (Regular Season)

Brasov 94% Dec.10 Sirius TgM
Sf.Gheorghe 72% Dec.10 Targoviste
Iasi Dec.10 Satu Mare 69%
Cluj Napoca 81% Dec.10 ICIM Arad
Alexandria Dec.10 Galati 73%
Next Round Schedule

Round 5 (Regular Season)

Group A
Sparta&K MR Dec.8 Cegledi EKK 73%
H-Sirenos Dec.8 Macc.Ashdod 98%
Group B
MBA 83% Dec.8 PINKK-Pecsi
Abdullah Gul 79% Dec.7 PEAC-Pecs
Group C
Galatasaray 90% Dec.7 Samsun
Dynamo NR Dec.7 TTT Riga 66%
Group D
Olympiacos 94% Dec.8 Miskolc
Good Angels Dec.8 Yakin Dogu 79%
Group E
Nantes 50% Dec.8 Ragusa
Belfius Namu Dec.7 Nymburk 94%
Group F
Castors Brai 97% Dec.7 Girne Univ.
Keltern 94% Dec.7 Uniao Sporti
Group G
Fribourg Dec.7 Nice 80%
Landes Dec.7 Venezia 84%
Group H
Wasserburg 77% Dec.8 Udominate
Flammes 98% Dec.7 Lulea Bsk
ICIM Arad and Targoviste won the Semifinal openers - Apr 21, 2012

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ICIM Arad - Satu Mare 61-54 (1-0)

Satu Mare was ahead by 7 points after three quarters before a 22-8 charge of ICIM Arad, which allowed them to win the game. They also forced 21 Satu Mare turnovers. It was a very good performance for the former international center Gabriela Toma (192-74) who helped to win the game recording 12 points, 7 rebounds and 4 assists. The former international swingman Monika Boriga (176-74) contributed with 10 points, 5 rebounds, 6 assists and 4 steals (made all of her eight free throws) for the winners. Five ICIM Arad players scored in double figures. International forward Claudia Pop (185-89) answered with 13 points, 9 rebounds and 5 assists and American power forward Shanika Freeman (183-83, college: Jacksonville St.) added 10 points and 10 rebounds in the effort for Satu Mare.
Top scorers:
ICIM Arad: S.Milovanovic 13+4reb+3ast, G.Toma 12+7reb+4ast, S.Graham 11+6reb+1ast, M.Boriga 10+5reb+6ast, P.Green 10+6reb+1ast, K.Campbell 3+1reb
Satu Mare: C.Pop 13+9reb+5ast, S.Freeman 10+10reb+1ast, A.Parau 9+6reb+4ast, K.Whittington 7+2reb, A.Meszaros 6+2reb+1ast, A.Orosz 4+2reb
gschID: 175061

Targoviste - Targu Mures 72-50 (1-0)

The game without a history. CSM Targoviste led from the first minutes and controlled entire game increasing their lead in each quarter. They dominated on the defensive end, holding Targu Mures to just 7 points in third quarter. CSM Targoviste forced 19 Targu Mures turnovers and outrebounded them 51-21 including a 17-5 advantage in offensive rebounds. American forward Chrissy Givens (180-85, college: Middle Tenn.St.) fired 19 points and 7 rebounds for the winners. The former international guard Florina Diaconu (176-82) chipped in 18 points and 6 rebounds. CSM Targoviste's coach Florin Nini felt very confident using 11 players which allowed the starters a little rest for the next games. American guard Cherrise Graham (170-82, agency: Merit Sports) produced 13 points and 6 rebounds and the other American import guard Veronica Hicks (175-89, college: Michigan) added 16 points respectively for lost side.
Top scorers:
Targoviste: C.Givens 19+7reb+2ast, F.Diaconu 18+6reb+3ast, M.Coker 12+12reb+1ast, O.Zherzherunova 8+14reb+2ast, P.Cristina Ciocan 7+7reb, G.Rus 5+1reb+1ast
Targu Mures: V.Hicks 16+3reb, C.Graham 13+6reb+2ast, D.Gobeljic 8+5reb, B.Vulic 6+3reb, A.Cutas 3+1reb, C.Cutas 2+3reb+2ast
gschID: 175060

5-8 places
Alba Iulia - Craiova 98-63

The game without a history. Alba Iulia led from the first minutes and controlled entire game increasing their lead in each quarter. They dominated down low during the game scoring 76 of its points in the paint compared to Craiova's 32. Alba Iulia forced 28 Craiova turnovers. Their players were unselfish on offense dishing 34 assists comparing to just 20 passes made by Craiova's players. Worth to mention a great performance of American forward Breanna Salley (180-87, college: Seattle) who helped to win the game recording 21 points, 8 rebounds, 7 assists and 5 steals. Her fellow American import center Nadia Parker (191-87, college: USC) contributed with a double-double by scoring 19 points and 11 rebounds (perfect from the field making all nine shots !!!) for the winners. Parker is a former Eurobasket Summer League player, which is considered top international summer league in the market. Four Alba Iulia players scored in double figures. Coach Tomas Bilek's team controlled all game and the coach could let to play 10 players and allowed the starting five to rest. American forward Carla Bartee (182-85, college: Mississippi) answered with a double-double by scoring 18 points and 13 rebounds and forward Andreea Stefan (184-91) added 16 points and 4 assists in the effort for Craiova.
Top scorers:
Alba Iulia: B.Salley 21+8reb+7ast, N.Parker 19+11reb+1ast, R.Tobin 19+7reb+1ast, T.Harrison 14+2reb+2ast, A.Stoenescu 9+3reb+11ast, V.Dinca 8+3reb+5ast
Craiova: C.Bartee 18+13reb+2ast, A.Stefan 16+4reb+4ast, J.Simionca 11+2reb+3ast, I.Bors 7+5reb+3ast, C.Gavrila 7+3reb+5ast, C.Bonciog 4+3ast
gschID: 175062

Alexandria - Timisoara 68-78

The game was mostly controlled by Timisoara. Alexandria was better in fourth quarter 21-13. But it was not enough to take a lead and get a victory that evening. Strangely Alexandria outrebounded Timisoara 45-28 including a 24-6 advantage in offensive rebounds. Worth to mention a great performance of Serbian guard Biljana Pesovic (180-83) who helped to win the game recording 25 points and 6 rebounds (on 11-of-14 shooting from the field). American guard Tiffany Brown (165-86, college: Georgia South) contributed with 19 points and 5 rebounds for the winners. Four Timisoara players scored in double figures. Serbian forward Maja Vucurovic (188-91) answered with a double-double by scoring 20 points, 13 rebounds and 5 assists and American center Natasha Graboski (190-88, college: Stetson) added 16 points and 19 rebounds in the effort for Alexandria.
Top scorers:
Timisoara: B.Pesovic 25+6reb+2ast, T.Brown 19+5reb+1ast, J.Vukoje 12+3reb+3ast, A.Stoiedin 10+6reb, A.Haas 7+1reb, N.Saponjic 5+7reb+2ast
Alexandria: M.Vucurovic 20+13reb+5ast, M.McIntyre 18+4reb+4ast, N.Graboski 16+19reb+1ast, A.Chivu 6+3reb, M.Mihai 3+1reb, M.Prlja 3+6ast
gschID: 175063

Group Play-out
Oradea - Iasi 57-68

The game was mostly controlled by Iasi. Oradea was better in third quarter 12-10. But it was not enough to take a lead and get a victory that evening. They outrebounded Oradea 42-22 including a 32-14 advantage in defensive rebounds. It was a very good performance for American center Ceciley Johnson (188-87, college: W.Texas A&M) who helped to win the game recording a double-double by scoring 12 points, 16 rebounds and 4 assists. Guard Lavinia Mitachi (163-91) contributed with 15 points and 6 rebounds for the winners. Five Iasi players scored in double figures. Forward Alexandra Vlaicu (178-91) answered with 19 points and 7 rebounds and the former international guard Florentina Ardeleanu (171-83) added 9 points in the effort for Oradea.
Top scorers:
Iasi: L.Mitachi 15+6reb+3ast, D.Walker 14+8reb+1ast, G.Necula 13+5reb, C.Johnson 12+16reb+4ast, D.Panait 10+5reb+2ast, M.Cioroiu 4+4ast
Oradea: A.Vlaicu 19+7reb+2ast, M.Adi 10+3reb+1ast, F.Ardeleanu 9+2reb+3ast, A.Adams 7+2reb, A.Maria Meszaros 6+2reb+1ast, L.Ulica 4+4reb+2ast
gschID: 175290

Marshall number one in Romania for round 10 - 17 hours ago

American Swingman Tyaunna Marshall (175-G/F-92) had a very impressive game in the last round for top-ranked Sf.Gheorghe, receiving a Player of the Week award for round 10. The 24-year old player was the main contributor (29 points, seven rebounds and two assists) to her team's victory, helping them to outclass Alexandria (#8, 2-8) with 26-point margin 80-54. It allowed Sf.Gheorghe to consolidate first place in the Romanian Liga Nationala. Sf.Gheorghe has a very good season...   [read more]

Ashley Walker selected the top Romanian playing abroad in last week's games - 1 day ago

Here is the weekly review of the top performing Romanian players, who play currently abroad. This week's number one is an international power forward Ashley Walker (187-87). She led Venezia to a victory over the tenth-ranked Vigarano in the Italian Serie A1 in Sunday night's game.    [read more]

Liga Nationala Round 10: Satu Mare defeats Brasov in the closest game of the week - 1 day ago

The most exciting game of round 10 in the Liga Nationala took place in Satu Mare. This derby game ended with only two-point defeat on the road of higher ranked Brasov (7-3) to seventh ranked Satu Mare (4-6) 73-71 on Saturday evening. It ended at the same time the two-game winning streak of Brasov. Brasov was trailing by 2 points at halftime but managed to get 6-point lead after three quarters before a 21-15 charge of Satu Mare, which allowed them to win the game. Satu Mare outrebounded Br...   [read more]

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