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SAPORTA CUP 2001-2002
In 2002 Saporta Cup merged with Korac Cup creating FIBA Champions Cup

Play-Off bracket

Siena beat Pamesa in the final of last edition of Saporta Cup (Photo: Superbasket)

Elimination groups
Group A

1.Pamesa 7-3
2.Udine 7-3
3.Turk Telekom 6-4
4.Strasbourg 6-4
5.P.Telekom 2-8
6.Lugano 2-8

Group B

1.Siena 7-3
2.Panionios 6-4
3.H.Jerusalem 6-4
4.Estudiantes 6-4
5.Le Mans 4-6
6.Darussafaka 1-9

Group C

1.Lietuvos r. 9-1
2.Telekom 7-3
3.Unics 7-3
4.Anwil 5-5
5.Astronauts 2-8
6.Arkadia 0-10

Group D

1.Pezinok 8-2
2.Iraklis 7-3
3.Zeleznik 7-3
4.CO Split 5-5
5.Igokea 3-7
6.Keravnos 0-10
FIBA merged Saporta and Korac Cups - May 15, 2002
Durign the last meeting in Oostende in Belgium, FIBA definitely confirmed merging both cups: Saporta Cup and Korac Cup into one competition. The name of the new cup was not announced yet.
There will be three conferences: Northern, Southern and Western. The total number of team participating in the new competition will be 72. There will be obviously some teams limits for each country in order to prevent the new competition to be dominated exclusively by teams from top leagues. So each country can have maximum number of 4 teams in the new format cup.
Each conefrence will have 4 groups, and each group will contain 6 teams. There will be 10 games of regular season, and then Conference Final Four for top ranked teams from each group.
The second stage will be called Pan-European. The first team ranked in the twelve groups and the winners of play-offs between the eight teams ranked at the second place in the regional groups with the best record will participate to this phase. A total of sixteen teams in four groups and six games to play.

Final, May 1, 2002:
The last edition of the FIBA Saporta Cup has been won by Italian team Montepaschi Siena, winner over Pamesa Valencia 81-71 on the neurtral court of Lyon, France. The MVP of the game has been MKD-ITA veteran guard Petar Naumoski, who scored 23 points. But this one has also been a great personal success of GM Ferdinando Minucci, who decided on summer to point on some good Eastern Europe players, and this payed a lot, and of Turkish head coach Ergin Ataman, who managed to win an international trophy at his first season in a dificult league as Italian one is, showing great ability in motivating the players and in building a winning team. See boxscore of the game:
Montepaschi-Pamesa 81-71 (14-17, 36-31; 59-53)
MONTEPASCHI SIENA: Stefanov 17 (3/8, 3/4), Zukauskas 2 (1/2, 0/3), Gorenc 4 (1/6, 0/1), Chiacig 9 (1/5), Topic 14 (4/8, 2/4); Naumoski 23 (2/3, 5/8), Tolbert 8 (1/1, 2/3), Bulatovic 4 (1/3, 0/1). N.e.: Rossetti, Oztas. All.: Ataman. PAMESA VALENCIA: Hopkins 20 (9/14), Alston 11 (5/15), Rodilla 18 (5/10, 1/3), Paraiso 9 (2/4, 1/4), Luengo 6 (1/3 da 3); Elson 4 (2/4, 0/1), Schmidt 3 (1/3 da 3), Millera (0/1). N.e.: Albert. All.: Casimiro.
Next year, both Korac Cup and Saporta Cup will disappear, being replaced by an unique European Clubs competition, with a format similar to Euroleague.

Winner: Montepaschi Siena (Italy): Petar Naumoski, Vrbica Stefanov, Roberto Chiacig, Brian Tolbert, Boris Gorenc, Milenko Topić, Mindaugas Žukauskas, Nikola Bulatović, Alpay Oztas, Marco Rossetti, German Scarone, Andrea Pilotti (Coach: Ergin Ataman)

Runner-up: Pamesa Valencia (Spain): Bernard Hopkins, Derrick Alston, Jose Antonio Paraiso, Nacho Rodilla, Victor Luengo, Francisco Elson, Casey Schmidt, Jordi Millera, Brian Clifford, Dante Calabria, Alfonso Albert (Coach: Luis Casimiro)

Semifinalist: Hapoel Jerusalem (Israel): Demetrius Alexander, Meir Tapiro, Sinisa Kelečević, Lamont Jones, Moshe Mizrahi, Erez Katz, Shahar Gordon, Barak Peleg, Itzik Ohanon, Ori Ichaki

Semifinalist: Anwil Włocławek (Poland): Ed O'Bannon, Matthew Santangelo, Jeff Nordgaard, Goran Savanović, Alexander Koul, Mlađan Šilobad, Igor Griszczuk, Armands Šķēle, Roman Prawica, Marek Andruška, Vladimir Anzulović, Robert Witka, Hrvoje Henjak

Game 2 - April 18, 2002: The teams, which got victories in the first leg, won also this time. So Siena will play against Pamesa Valencia in the final, which will take place at Lyon on April 30.
Anwil Wloclawek - Pamesa Valencia 53-58 (117-135)
(Santangelo 14, O'Bannon 12, Nordgaard 6, Koul 6, Grischuk 5, Savanovic 3, Prawica 2, Silobad 2, Anzulovic 2, Andruska 1 - Alston 18, Paraiso 10, Schmidt 7, Luengo 6, Hopkins 6, Rodilla 5, Elson 4, Millera 2, Clifford)
Hapoel Jerusalem - Siena 71-94 (140-192)
(Alexander 18, Tapiro 16, Kelecevic 12, Jones 12, Katz 7, Peleg 4, Ohanun 2, Gordon, Ichaki - Chiacig 24, Gorenc 22, Tolbert 12, Topic 11, Stefanov 9, Zukauskas 7, Bulatovic 7, Oztas 2, Rossetti, Naumoski)
Game 1 - April 11, 2002: Monetpaschi Siena crushed Hapoel Jerusalem 98-69 in the semifinals game 1. In other pair, Anwil was defeated by Pamesa by 12 points.
Pamesa Valencia - Anwil Włocławek 77:65 (24:19, 16:8, 14:21, 23:17)
(Rodilla 17, Hopkins 15, Luengo Ciscar 14, Paraiso Gonzales 11, Alston 11, Elson 8, Millera Mas 1, Schmidt - Nordgaard 15, Santangelo 15, Koul 12, O'Bannon 12, Prawica 7, Griszczuk 2, Skele 2, Silobad 0, Savanovic)
Anwil Włocławek suffer a loss by 12 points in first game with Pamesa. This defeat is quite big becouse till 35 min. resoult was 60:62, but than Anwil lost Koul (5 offences). That was turning point in that game. Next game in Włocławek - 17.04.
Montepaschi Siena - Hapoel Jerusalem 98-69 (23-17;47-29; 70-47)
(Stefanov 7, Zukauskas 16, Gorenc 13, Naumoski 26, Oztas 3, Chiacig 22, Topic 11 - Alexander 20, Peleg 2, Mizrahi 2, Jones 7, Tapiro 22, Katz 6, Kelecevic 10)

Anwil, Jerusalem, Pamesa and Siena in the semifinals
Two big games, one in Wloclawek (POL), and another one in Vilnius (LTU) guaranteed padvance for the team of Anwil and Hapoel. They will face Pamesa and Siena in the semifinals.
Lietuvos Rytas (LTU) - Hapoel Jerusalem (ISR) 65-75
It didn't look possible, facing the mighty Rytas Vilenus, undefeated at home till today, and with a 2 point deposit from the loss at Jerusalem to boot, but nevertheless, Hapoel comes back to Israel with a great road victory, 65-75, and will play Siena in the Semifinals.
After the game at Jerusalem had turned into a shooting contest, Coach Harush pretty much understood he had three options left: Defense, Defense and Defense. And that's exactly what his players provided, and plenty of it. The Lithuanians were denied their treys for the entire first quarter, and seemed completely off balance offensively for the entire game. Jerusalem's offense was not brilliant either, as their main offensive weapon, Kelecevic, was completely out of his zone and only made three field goals the whole night. However, Jerusalem's clutch man, Meir Tapiro, took the scoring task apon himself, seeming unable to miss. Jerusalem's X factor was embodied by swingman Barak Peleg, whose defense and combative attitude are already a known fact, but today has outdone himself and posted a double double. Hapoel's defense brought the Lithuanians to halftime trailing 26-35, and Tapiro's shots managed to hold off the storm as Rytas, headed by Machitauskas, started making its threes in the second half. Near the end of the game both teams run out of air, and started missing alot and making many turnovers, however it was Jerusalem who snapped out of it first, and ended the game with a solid 10 point victory. This is the first time for Hapoel Jerusalem to reach the semifinals in the Saporta cup, and the second time ever for an Israeli team to reach that stage at Europe's secondary competition, Galil Elyon being the first one ('93, cup holders cup semifinal).
Rytas (12+14+21+18) - Siskauskas 22, Macijauskas 14, kaukenas 10, Javtokas A. 7, Sestokas 6, Javtokas R. 4, Marciulionis 2, Vysniauskas 0, Jordan 0
Hapoel (20+15+18+22) - Tapiro 20 - 7/9 2pt, Alexander 17, Peleg 12 + 10 rbs, Jones 12, Kelecevic 7, Mizrahi 5, Gordon 2
Siena (ITA) - Unics Kazan (RUS) 68-58
Siena: Stefanov 11 (3/7, 1/3, 3 ass), Gorenc 13 (3/7, 2/3, 7 reb), Zukauskas 7 (3/3, 0/2), Topic 5 (2/3, 0/3, 11 reb), Chiacig 16 (4/13, 17 reb, 5 rec), Naumoski 6 (2/3, 0/1, 3 ass), Tolbert 4 (2/2, 0/1), Oztas 6 (2/4 da tre, 3 rec). Ne: Rossetti e Bulatovic. Coach: Ataman.
Unics: Samoilenko 7 (2/3, 1/1, 8 reb), Koubrakov 6 (1/2, 0/3), Popovic 7 (2/2, 1/6), Muursepp 12 (3/7, 2/6, 5 per), McDonald 2 (1/1), Earl 14 (5/15, 0/2, 8 reb), Pashutin 2 (1/3), Ioudin, Vicentic 8 (4/8, 0/1). N.e.: Zamanski. All.: Eremin.
Anwil Wloclawek beat Panionios Athens and qualified to the semifinals of Saporta Cup. This is the biggest success in Anwil’s history. Goran Savanovic came back to Anwil after an injury just in third quarter and threw 15 points ! Koul and Santangelo were playing perfectly. Coaches pressed a big input of Polish fasn to the final success. They were the 6th player in Polish team.
Anwil (POL) - Panionios (GRE) 75:59
Anwil will play in the semifinal against Pamesa Valencia.
Anwil: Kul 17, Santangelo 15, Savanovic 15, O'Bannon 10, Andruszka 3, Griszczuk 0, Prawica 0, Skele
Panionios: Diamantopoulos 17, Markovic 16, Jones 13, Shirley 5, Agadakos 3, Sciarra 3, Sklavos 2, Batis 0, Gkagkaoudakis 0, Santos 0.
Pamesa Valencia(ESP) - Telekom Bonn (GER) 84-68
(Rodilla 14, Luengo 14, Paraíso 3, Hopkins 17, Alston 20; Millera 3, Elson 11, Schmidt 2, Albert - Rencher 15, Burke 3, Beechum 16, Nadfeji 8, Mardesich 10; Zecevic 10, Klepac 4, Suhr, Buchmiller 2)
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