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Jun 28: Chengdu (CHN): FIBA 3x3 U18 World Cup 2017 starts
Jun 30: Tarragona (ESP): Mediterranean Games starts
Jul 1: Cairo (EGY) (WCU19): World Champ.s U19 starts
Jul 7: Amsterdam (NED): FIBA 3x3 Europe Cup 2017 starts
Jul 7: Nicosia, Cyprus (ECJ): European Champ.s U18 Div.C starts
Jul 14: Oradea, Romania (ECU20): European Champ.s U20 Div.B starts
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KLS Standings
 1. Crvena Zvezda 13-1 
 2. Partizan 12-2 
 3. FMP 9-5 
 4. Mega Leks 9-5 
 5. Dynamic BG 5-9 
 6. Borac 4-10 
 7. Vrsac 3-11 
 8. Spartak 1-13 
Stage One Standings

Crvena Zvezda roll past Partizan, clinch Radivoj Korac Cup (Photo:
Player of the week

     Ognjen Jaramaz
      Mega Leks
    KLS Stage One Standings
     1. Vrsac 22-4 
     2. Borac 20-6 
     3. Dynamic BG 20-6 
     4. Spartak 16-10 
     5. Beovuk 72 14-12 
     6. Dunav SB 14-12 
     7. Tamis 13-13 
     8. Mladost ZE 13-13 
     9. Metalac 12-14 
     10. Napredak K. 12-14 
     11. OKK Beograd 11-15 
     12. Sloga 8-18 
     13. Smederevo 4-22 
     14. Konstantin 3-23 
    Season 2016-2017
    All Games
    List of Players
    List of Imports
    Points Per Game
      Avg: 21.6
     1. Djukanovic, Metal.21.6 
     2. Fundic, Beovuk 7217.7 
     3. Antic, Konstantin17.4 
     4. Randall, Konstantin16.5 
     5. Jeremic, Napredak.16.1 
     6. Stevanovic, Dynam.15.5 
     7. Bogavac, Konstantin15.3 
     8. Jelenic, Spartak15.1 
     9. Nesovic, OKK B.14.9 
     10. Cakarevic, Dynam.14.6 
    Rebounds Per Game
     Stefan FUNDIC
      Beovuk 72
      Avg: 11.8
     1. Fundic, Beovuk 7211.8 
     2. Veljkovic, Mlado.8.6 
     3. Zorcic, Dunav SB8.4 
     4. Kaba, Mega Leks8.2 
     5. Josilo, Metalac8.1 
     6. Bogavac, Konstantin7.1 
     7. Cakarevic, Dynam.7.0 
     8. Bolden, FMP6.7 
     9. Milincic, Napredak K.6.7 
     10. Kesar, Tamis6.3 
    Assists Per Game
     Filip COVIC
      Avg: 6
     1. Covic, FMP6.0 
     2. Ratkovica, Partizan5.7 
     3. Vasic, Metalac5.7 
     4. Jovic, Crvena Z.5.5 
     5. Popovic, Spartak5.4 
     6. Katnic, Dynamic BG4.9 
     7. Brooks, Dynamic BG4.9 
     8. Nesovic, OKK B.4.8 
     9. Novak, Mega Leks4.8 
     10. Jevdjenic, Beovuk4.6 
    Steals Per Game
     Djukan DJUKANOVIC
      Avg: 2.8
     1. Djukanovic, Metal.2.8 
     2. Katnic, Dynamic BG2.1 
     3. Cakarevic, Dynam.2.1 
     4. Nesovic, OKK B.2.0 
     5. Vasic, Metalac2.0 
     6. Stevanovic, Dynam.1.9 
     7. Rebic, Mega Leks1.8 
     8. Jenkins, Crvena Z.1.8 
     9. Kuzeta, Mladost ZE1.8 
     10. Brooks, Dynamic BG1.8 
    Blocks Per Game
     Lazar ZORCIC
      Dunav SB
      Avg: 2.8
     1. Zorcic, Dunav SB2.8 
     2. Dujkovic, Metalac2.4 
     3. Brkic, Mladost ZE1.3 
     4. Ffriend, Dynam.1.3 
     5. Bitadze, Smederevo1.2 
     6. Veljkovic, Mlado.1.1 
     7. Jovisic, Spartak0.9 
     8. Bircevic, Partizan0.9 
     9. Kaba, Mega Leks0.9 
     10. Milovanovic, Borac0.8 
    Serbian men teams in Euro cups 2016-2017
     Adriatic League:
     Bb Cham.League:

    Crvena Zvezda repeat as KLS champions (Photo: StarSport)

    Crvena Zvezda MTS Beograd 2016-17
    Dejan Radonjic Dejan Radonjic Radonjic
    Charles Jenkins
    Ognjen Kuzmic
    Nemanja Dangubic
    Ognjen Dobric
    Nate Wolters
    # Name CM (INCH) Pos Bo NAT
    22  Jenkins Charles 191 (6'3'') SG 89 USA Serbia
    32  Kuzmic Ognjen 213 (7'0'') C 90 Bosnia Serbia
    6  Dangubic Nemanja 204 (6'9'') G/F 93 Serbia
    13  Dobric Ognjen 198 (6'6'') SF 94 Serbia
    0  Wolters Nate 193 (6'4'') PG 91 USA
    2  Thompson Deon 203 (6'8'') F 88 USA
    51  Bjelica Milko 207 (6'10'') F/C 84 Montenegro Serbia
    19  Simonovic Marko 201 (6'7'') F 86 Serbia
    10  Lazic Branko 195 (6'5'') G 89 Serbia
    24  Jovic Stefan 198 (6'6'') G 90 Serbia
    12  Simanic Borisa 209 (6'10'') PF 98 Serbia
    20  Rakicevic Petar 204 (6'9'') F/C 95 Serbia
    23  Guduric Marko 196 (6'5'') SG 95 Serbia
    Head Coach: Dejan Radonjic
    Coach Assistant: Sasa Kosovic
    Coach Assistant: Velibor Radovic
    Coach Assistant: Nikola Birac
    Coach Assistant: Dragan Gacevic All-Serbian League Awards 2017 - Jun 16, 2017 All-Serbian League 1st Team 2017
    Ognjen Jaramaz
    Marko Cakarevic
    Dejan Davidovac
    Jonah Bolden
    Ognjen Kuzmic

    Finals MVP: Ognjen Dobric (198-SF-94) of Crvena Zvezda
    Player of the Year: Jonah Bolden (208-F-96) of Crvena Zvezda
    Guard of the Year: Ognjen Jaramaz (193-G-95) of Mega Leks
    Forward of the Year: Jonah Bolden (208-F-96) of FMP
    Center of the Year: Ognjen Kuzmic (213-C-90) of Crvena Zvezda
    Most Improved Player of the Year: Dejan Davidovac (202-SF-95) of FMP
    Import Player of the Year: Jonah Bolden (208-F-96) of FMP
    Domestic Player of the Year: Marko Cakarevic (200-F/G-88) of Dynamic BG
    Coach of the Year: Dejan Radonjic of Crvena Zvezda

    1st Team
    G: Ognjen Jaramaz (193-G-95) of Mega Leks
    F/G: Marko Cakarevic (200-F/G-88) of Dynamic BG
    SF: Dejan Davidovac (202-SF-95) of FMP
    F: Jonah Bolden (208-F-96) of FMP
    C: Ognjen Kuzmic (213-C-90) of Crvena Zvezda

    2nd Team
    PG: Wiliam Hatcher (188-PG-84) of Banco di Srd
    G: Devin Brooks (186-G-92) of Dynamic BG
    SG: Marko Guduric (196-SG-95) of Crvena Zvezda
    PF: Luka Mitrovic (204-PF-93) of Crvena Zvezda
    F/C: Stefan Bircevic (210-F/C-89) of Partizan

    3rd Team
    PG: Jovan Novak (188-PG-94) of Mega Leks
    SG: Brano Djukanovic (194-SG-95) of Metalac
    F: Stefan Fundic (199-F-94) of Vrsac
    PF: Sava Lesic (205-PF-88) of Mega Leks
    C: Igor Kesar (210-C-92) of Spartak

    Honorable Mention
    Aleksandar Todorovic (206-C/F-87) of Borac
    Nemanja Todorovic (205-C/F-91) of Borac
    Ognjen Dobric (198-SF-94) of Crvena Zvezda
    Charles Jenkins (191-SG-89) of Crvena Zvezda
    Aleksandar Lazic (201-F/G-96) of Dynamic BG
    Andreja Stevanovic (189-G-95) of Dynamic BG
    Nemanja Nenadic (185-G-94) of Dunav SB
    Lazar Zorcic (205-C-88) of Dunav SB
    Jovan Antic (189-G-89) of Konstantin
    Slavisa Bogavac (200-G/F-80) of Konstantin
    Vanja Marinkovic (198-SG-97) of Partizan
    Marko Marinovic (183-PG-83) of Borac
    Djukan Djukanovic (181-PG-92) of Metalac
    Kimani Ffriend (211-C-77) of Dynamic BG
    Jawan Davis (184-PG-89) of Napredak K.
    Jovan Djordjevic (198-G/F-93) of Napredak K.
    Marko Jeremic (192-SG-91) of Napredak K.
    Ognjen Kuzeta (193-G-87) of Mladost ZE
    Milos Dimic (195-G-89) of Vrsac
    Nikola Jeftic (205-C/F-87) of Vrsac
    Milenko Veljkovic (216-C-95) of Mladost ZE
    Nemanja Manojlovic (193-G/F-93) of OKK Beograd
    Aleksej Nesovic (189-PG-85) of OKK Beograd
    Aleksandar Vasic (185-G-87) of Metalac
    Dejan Pejic (196-G-93) of Beovuk 72

    Awards prepared in cooperation with Ivica Loncar (

    Crvena Zvezda repeat as KLS champions - Jun 16, 2017

    Crvena Zvezda - FMP 87-57

    Crvena Zvezda celebrated KLS title. They coasted past FMP tonight to complete the sweep of the championship series. Crvena Zvezda therefore captured Adriatic League, Radivoj Korac Cup and KLS titles this season. The game was mostly controlled by Crvena Zvezda. FMP managed to win fourth quarter 15-12. But it was not enough to take a lead and get a victory that evening. They made 22-of-22 free shots (100 percent !!!) during the game. Crvena Zvezda looked well-organized offensively handing out 24 assists. It was a good game for Ognjen Dobric (198-94, agency: BeoBasket) who led his team to a victory with 25 points. International swingman Nemanja Dangubic (204-93, agency: BeoBasket) contributed with 16 points for the winners. Crvena Zvezda's coach Dejan Radonjic felt very confident that he used entire bench which allowed the starters a little rest for the next games. Aleksa Radanov (202-98) answered with 13 points and Dejan Davidovac (202-95, agency: BeoBasket) added 4 points and 7 rebounds in the effort for FMP.
    Top scorers:
    Crvena Zvezda: O.Dobric 25+2reb, N.Dangubic 16+1reb+2ast, B.Lazic 7+1reb+2ast, L.Mitrovic 7+6reb+1ast, M.Simonovic 7+3reb+1ast, M.Bjelica 6+5reb+3ast
    FMP: I.Austin 13+1reb, A.Radanov 13+4reb+1ast, D.Apic 8+4reb+1ast, R.Seslija 7+6reb, A.Bursac 6+1reb+3ast, D.Davidovac 4+7reb+3ast
    gschID: 548161

    Crvena Zvezda roll past Partizan, clinch Radivoj Korac Cup - Feb 19, 2017

    Crvena Zvezda - Partizan 74:64

    Crvena Zvezda earned the Radivoj Korac Cup title. They outgunned their arch-rivals Partizan in Nis. Marko Guduric (196-SG-95, agency: BeoBasket) and Marko Simonovic (201-F-86, agency: BeoBasket) scored 18 points each to pace the Reds. Marko Guduric was trumped the MVP.
    Crvena Zvezda and Partizan went neck and neck throughout the first half. The scoreboard read 23:23 after ten minutes. Crvena Zvezda eked out a 36:34 halftime lead. They extended the margin in the third quarter. Crvena Zvezda arrived at the final break up by 5 points 52:47. They did not slow down in the fourth term. Crvena Zvezda poured in 22 points in the final quarter and marched to a comfortable victory. Deon Thompson (203-F-88, college: N.Carolina) provided 15 points for the winners. Adin Vrabac (204-SG-94) answered with 12 points for Partizan. Stefan Bircevic (210-F/C-89) tossed in 11 points in the loss.

    Crvena Zvezda: Marko Guduric 18, Marko Simonovic 18, Deon Thompson 15
    Partizan: Adin Vrabac 12, Stefan Bircevic 11

    by Greg
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