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Serbia Internationally

Darko Pekic


Igor Obradovic


Zoran Popovic
Ivan Milenkovic


KLS Standings
 1. Dynamic BG 2-1 
 2. Beovuk 72 2-1 
 3. Dunav SB 2-1 
 4. Mladost ZE 2-1 
 5. Borac 2-1 
 6. Vrsac 2-1 
 7. Metalac 2-1 
 8. Spartak 2-1 
 9. OKK Beograd 1-2 
 10. Smederevo 1-2 
 11. Tamis 1-2 
 12. Sloga 1-2 
 13. Napredak K. 1-2 
 14. Konstantin 0-3 
Play in international cups:
 1. Crvena Zvezda
 2. FMP
 3. Mega Leks
 4. Partizan
Full Standings
2MLS Standings
 1. Napredak 3-0 
 2. Zlatibor 2-1 
 3. Radnicki 1950 2-1 
 4. Pirot 2-1 
 5. Jagodina 2-1 
 6. Sloboda Uzice 2-1 
 7. Vojvodina NS 2-1 
 8. Mladost SP 1-2 
 9. Proleter Naftagas 1-2 
 10. Kolubara 1-2 
 11. Velika Plana 1-2 
 12. Futog 1-2 
 13. Boljevac 1-2 
 14. Srem 0-3 
Full Standings
1MRL Standings
 1. Astra Beograd 0-0 
 2. Barajevo 0-0 
 3. BKK Radnicki 0-0 
 4. Borac ZM 0-0 
 5. Grocka 0-0 
 6. Kolubara 0-0 
 7. Milan Trivic 0-0 
 8. Slodes 0-0 
 9. Torlak BG 0-0 
 10. Vitez BG 0-0 
 11. Zarkovo 0-0 
 12. Zemun 0-0 
 13. Zitko Basket 0-0 
 14. Zvezdara 0-0 
 1. Boljevac 0-0 
 2. Dimitrovgrad 0-0 
 3. Jablanica M. 0-0 
 4. Jastrebac A. 0-0 
 5. Junior Nis 0-0 
 6. Knjazevac 0-0 
 7. Kursumlija 0-0 
 8. Mladost BP 0-0 
 9. Morava 0-0 
 10. Prokuplje 0-0 
 11. Radan Lebane 0-0 
 12. Radnik 0-0 
 13. Soko Banja 0-0 
 14. Zone Boys Blace 0-0 
 1. Akademik 0-0 
 2. Crvenka 0-0 
 3. Dunav 2014 0-0 
 4. Hajduk Kula 0-0 
 5. Jedinstvo NB 0-0 
 6. Nova Pazova 0-0 
 7. Pancevo 0-0 
 8. Radnicki Kovin 0-0 
 9. Sloven Ruma 0-0 
 10. Stara Pazova 0-0 
 11. Sveti Djordje 0-0 
 12. Topola 0-0 
 13. Vrbas 0-0 
 14. Zeleznica IND 0-0 
 1. Crnokosa 0-0 
 2. KK Ub 0-0 
 3. Klik Arilje 0-0 
 4. Novi Pazar 0-0 
 5. Polet Ratina 0-0 
 6. Priboj 0-0 
 7. Prva Petoletka 0-0 
 8. Radnicki 1950 0-0 
 9. Sabac 0-0 
 10. Student BB 0-0 
 11. Svilajnac 0-0 
 12. Zekas 0-0 
 13. Zeleznicar C. 0-0 
 14. Zlatar NV 0-0 
1A Standings
 1 CSKA 2-0 
 2 EA7 Armani 2-0 
 3 Fenerbahce 2-0 
 4 Real Madrid 2-0 
 5 Panathinaikos 1-1 
 6 Darussafaka 1-1 
 7 Brose Bask. 1-1 
 8 FC Barcelona 1-1 
 9 Olympiacos 1-1 
 10 Crvena Zvezda 1-1 
 11 Zalgiris 1-1 
 12 Baskonia 1-1 
 13 Anadolu Efes 0-2 
 14 Galatasaray 0-2 
 15 Maccabi T-A 0-2 
 16 Unics 0-2 
Adriatic League Standings
 1 Buducnost 6-0 
 2 Crvena Zvezda 6-0 
 3 Partizan 6-0 
 4 Cibona 5-1 
 5 Cedevita 3-3 
 6 Igokea 3-3 
 7 Zadar 3-3 
 8 Krka 2-3 
 9 Mornar Bar 2-4 
 10 FMP 2-4 
 11 Un.Olimpija 1-4 
 12 Mega Leks 1-5 
 13 MZT Skopje 1-5 
 14 Karpos Sokoli 0-6 
Points Per Game
 Stefan FUNDIC
  Avg: 26.7
 1. Fundic, Beovuk 7226.7 
 2. Manojlovic, OKK B.24.0 
 3. Djukanovic, Metal.23.3 
 4. Zorcic, Dunav SB20.3 
 5. Dimic, Vrsac19.5 
 6. Gavrilovic, Dynam.19.3 
 7. Ffriend, OKK B.19.3 
 8. Stevanovic, Dynam.19.0 
 9. Marelja, Vrsac17.7 
 10. Bogavac, Konstan.17.7 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 13
 1. Ffriend, OKK B.13.0 
 2. Fundic, Beovuk 7212.0 
 3. Zorcic, Dunav SB10.7 
 4. Vitkovac, Napredak.10.0 
 5. Todorovic, Borac9.0 
 6. Blagojevic, Smede.8.7 
 7. Jankovic, Metalac8.5 
 8. Marelja, Vrsac8.0 
 9. Matovic, Sloga8.0 
 10. Gavrilovic, Dynam.7.7 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 6.7
 1. Katnic, Dynamic BG6.7 
 2. Djukanovic, Metal.6.3 
 3. Davis, Napredak K.5.7 
 4. Radulovic, Dynam.5.3 
 5. Manojlovic, OKK B.5.3 
 6. Jovanovic, OKK B.5.3 
 7. Vasic, Metalac4.3 
 8. Andjelkovic, Konst.4.3 
 9. Vucicevic, Beovuk4.3 
 10. Simeunovic, OKK B.4.0 
Steals Per Game
 Milos DIMIC
  Avg: 4
 1. Dimic, Vrsac4.0 
 2. Todorovic, Borac3.3 
 3. Djukanovic, Metal.2.7 
 4. Pejic, Beovuk 722.5 
 5. Popovic, Spartak2.5 
 6. Radivojevic, Metal.2.5 
 7. Pavlovic, Smede.2.5 
 8. Hukic, Metalac2.5 
 9. Simovic, Sloga2.3 
 10. Manojlovic, OKK B.2.3 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 5
 1. Zorcic, Dunav SB5.0 
 2. Dujkovic, Metalac3.0 
 3. Prokopenko, Dynam.2.0 
 4. Todorovic, Dynam.2.0 
 5. Bojic, Mladost ZE1.7 
 6. Zigeranovic, Borac1.3 
 7. Ffriend, OKK B.1.3 
 8. Miladinovic, Napre.1.3 
 9. Gudzic, Konstantin1.0 
 10. Brkic, Mladost ZE1.0 

Next Round Schedule

Round 4 (Regular Season)

Mladost ZE 73% Oct.29 Sloga
Smederevo 58% Oct.29 Napredak K.
Beovuk 72 83% Oct.29 OKK Beograd
Metalac 57% Oct.29 Spartak
Vrsac 56% Oct.29 Borac
Tamis 82% Oct.29 Konstantin
Dunav SB 58% Oct.29 Dynamic BG
Next Round Schedule

Round 4 (Regular Season)

Kolubara Oct.29 Radnicki 195 68%
Velika Plana 56% Oct.29 Proleter Naf
Srem Oct.29 Pirot 93%
Zlatibor 60% Oct.29 Slob.Uzice
Boljevac Oct.29 Napredak 85%
Jagodina 62% Oct.29 Vojvodina N
Mladost SP Oct.29 Futog 55%
Next Round Schedule

Round 3 (Regular Season)

Brose Bask. 56% Oct.26 Panathinaiko
Crvena Zvezd 56% Oct.26 FC Barcelona
Fenerbahce 79% Oct.26 Zalgiris
Maccabi T-A 58% Oct.26 Galatasaray
Anadolu Efes Oct.25 CSKA 98%
Olympiacos Oct.25 EA7 Armani 77%
Real Madrid 81% Oct.25 Baskonia
Unics Oct.25 Darussafaka 90%
Next Round Schedule

Round 7 (Regular Season)

Mornar Bar Oct.31 Crvena Zvezd 85%
Karpos Sokol Oct.31 Un.Olimpija 66%
Mega Leks Oct.30 MZT Skopje 56%
Igokea Oct.30 Cedevita 57%
Partizan 54% Oct.29 Buducnost
Cibona 87% Oct.29 FMP
Krka Oct.28 Zadar 52%
Interview with Nikola Kuga - May 29, 2012

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Nikola Kuga
Nikola Kuga (200-F/G-86) is a 25 years old shooting guard. He was born in Bihac, in the north-western part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. He lived in Croatia , then during the war moved to Montenegro, and finaly to Serbia. So he can call himself a truef Yougoslavian: 'It was a really hard childhood time, but I look at it in a positive way. I can say I was lucky because I met many different people as a kid.'

Kuga's basketball time was also interesting. The 200cm serbian grew up in the famous basketball school of FMP Belgrade (the same youth program of many Euroleague players like Milos Teodosic and Nemanja Aleksandrov). Nikola collected dozens of caps in the Serbia Cadet and Junior teams. He played in Serbia (FMP) , Cyprus (Achilleas), Macedonia (Amak Ohrid), Slovenia (Polzela), Iceland (Skallagrimur) and again in Cyprus (AEK Larnaca) before being a legit pioneer on the other continents: Morocco (Sport Plazza), Dubai (Al Sharjah), the Maldives (RLC). He played in South America (Colombia, the first European ever) and in Asia (Vietnam),and was a top 5 player in the Gran Canaria 2007 Summer League and one of the best in the Malaga 2010 Summer League. Time for an interview:

Hey Nikola, your story is pretty interesting. As a product of the Serbian basketball school you decided early to play abroad. Tell us a little bit about you and your career so far.

I love challenges. As a young player I had a chance to go and play abroad. I left Serbia very early. After Serbia I played in Cyprus, Slovenia, Macedonia, Iceland... after afew years in Europe I was offered to play out of Europe. It was an great chance for me to discover new basketball worlds and start to write the second chapter of my basketball story. My first contact out of the Europe was Morocco. I was fascinated by the different lifestyle, culture, people and history, so I never regretted that decision. I spend one great year and season there, with great success. After that I went back to Europe for one season. At the end of the season I got a lovely offer from the Maldives to play a summer tournament. It was a great preparation for the next season, and a really amazing and relaxing time.

The 2011 season brought big challenges. I went to Latin America, and was the first player from Europe in Colombia ever. It was a crazy
time: four games per week, 24 games in less than 2 months, and play offs. It was a really tough league, with some NBA-players. I can describe it in a few words: games, practice, travel, sleep... Of course I had some days off, but only a few times I was able to go out and see the really amazing girls in Colombia.

After this 3 month competition I shortly moved to Dubai and spend a great time with Arabic 2011 Champion Sharjah . One of the best coaches in The Middle East area, Abdul Hamid, called me to help his team for some tournaments there . I couldn't play the championship, because only 1 import' player is allowed over there, and they allready had a US Point gueard. But it was a great expierience. After that I went to Vietnam, my last stop so far.

You have played in so many countries, from Europe to Africa, South America and Asia. What did you learn from this countries and what are the main differences of the game in these different areas?

Playing basketball in all those countries and experiencing different basketball and cultures made me a really better person and a better player. I feel very blessed and thankful for my basketball experiences. I'm focused on working hard, making teams happy and enjoying basketball. I'm a player who's trying to get better and better, this is my challenge and my job.

There are many differences between the game in Europe and other places I played. Out of Europe the game is much more focused on offense.
Playing as an import means you have to score 20, 25, 30 points. It's more NBA-style, the game is fast. There's more motion, many fast breaks, people like to see their teams score 100 points in a game. In Europe, teams are more focused on defence, tactics, the position game... so that's the main difference. As a player you have to be a bit more athletic and get individual skills, because you can expect to play a lot of 1 on 1 games, and have to create your own space. Also, almost 80 procent of the points come from import players. Teams are expecting points from you each and every game, while in Europe there are at least 8 or 9 players able to have a high score almost every game. It's not an easy job, but every day you learn new things and that is why I really love basketball.

Do you have funny stories about different local cultures ?

Well, you have to be flexibile and adjust your lifestyle to the local culture. There are many more differences then in basketball. My career brought me in so many countries, experiencing cultures and different mentalities and always learn more about the world we live in.
Adjusting is not always easy of course, and there are a lot of funny situations happening every time. People in Asia are so friendly it's always funny walking along the streets every day, where you can just meet people asking you something: it's amazing. It's always a lot of attention. In Morocco it was always funny. Really nice people, but not so organized about basketball. On the day before a game, on the practice all team owners appear and ask the same question: Are you ok?'. Then, the next 5 days, nobody come. The taxi drivers in Vietnam were also funny. They don't speak English. They drive you around the city for 40 minutes, before they drive you to your address. All you can do is wait. Now it's really funy, but there it wasn't .

Food is a special story. You need at least a month to adjust to the local food. In Asia they always make food spicy. On the Maldives, every single meal was spicy. I told them: please bring me an un-spicy meal the next time. Always they answered: sure. And always the next meal was the same as the previous. But hey, now I like spicy food...

Who is Nikola Kuga off court in everyday life?

Well, I am not much of a different person on and off the court. I love sports. Off season time, I try to stay at least 1 month out of basketball. But I play tennis and I like to swim. The last few years, I use the summer to go in a Hiperbaric Chamber to recover after the season.

I love to discover new things. I love music, the internet. Not so much different things than everybody I guess . I like to spend time with my family. Summer time is great for that, because during the season most of the time we're not together.

What's your next challenge as a player?

Well , I am 25 years old . My previous expierience told me never to say I will go there'. So I hope I will continue to write new chapters of my basketball story somewhere in the world.

Serbian Cadet and Serbian Junior league 2016-2017 - 19 hours ago

This weekend Belgrade Junior teams finish second round of qualification for Serbian Junior league. Eight teams in two groups compete for 4 places in Serbian Junior league. Partizan and Crvena Zvezda junior teams made perfect score of 3 won and 0 lost games. Dynanik Bg and Zarkovo had score of 2 won and 1 lost games. Group A Crvena Zvezda-Beko 107-57 Zemun-Dynamic BG 77-95 Beko-Dynamic BG 61-88 Crvena Zvezda-Zemun 94-62 Zemun-Beko 80-70 Dynamic BG-Crvena Zvezda 69-80 Group B Slodes-Ml...   [read more]

Fundic number one in Serbia for round 3 - 20 hours ago

Forward Stefan Fundic (199-F-94) put on an extraordinary performance in the last round for second-ranked Beovuk 72, receiving a Player of the Week award for round 3. The 22-year old player was the main contributor (38 points, eight rebounds) to his team's victory, helping them to crush Spartak (2-1) with 20-point margin 94-74. Beovuk 72 is placed at 2nd position in Serbian KLS. They would have been even better if they hadn't lost that single game earlier this season. Beovuk...   [read more]

Stojanovic number one in Serbian 2MLS for round 3 - 20 hours ago

Naturalized Hungarian Shooting guard Srdjan Stojanovic (197-SG-91) put on an extraordinary performance in the last round for Radnicki 1950, receiving a 2MLS Player of the Week award for round 3. The 25-year old player was the main contributor (31 points, five rebounds and five assists) to his team's victory, helping them to beat Proleter Naftagas (#9, 1-2) 91-83. Radnicki 1950 is placed at 3rd position in Serbian 2MLS. They would have been even better if they hadn't lost th...   [read more]

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