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1 ZLS Standings
 1. Radivoj Korac 13-1 
 2. Crvena Zvezda 10-4 
 3. Kraljevo 10-4 
 4. Partizan 10-4 
 5. Vrbas Medela 8-6 
 6. Vrsac 8-6 
 7. Spartak 7-7 
 8. Sabac 7-7 
 9. Student 5-9 
 10. Sumadija KG 4-10 
 11. Novosadska ZKA 1-12 
 12. Vojvodina 0-13 
Full Standings
2 ZLS Standings
North A
 1. Karaburma B. 10-1 
 2. Proleter 023 9-1 
 3. Njegos L. 8-3 
 4. Radnicki B. 8-3 
 5. Celarevo 6-5 
 6. Titel 3-7 
 7. Kos Sombor 2-8 
 8. Kikinda 1-10 
 9. Sivac 1-10 
North B
 1. Beocin 10-0 
 2. Stara Pazova 9-2 
 3. Srbobran 8-3 
 4. Topolcanka 6-5 
 5. Hajduk Kula 5-5 
 6. Bezanija 5-6 
 7. Girl Basket B. 4-7 
 8. Proleter NS 1-10 
 9. Jadran GLB 0-10 
South A
 1. Ljubovija 10-2 
 2. Sabac Duga 10-2 
 3. Loznica 9-3 
 4. Zeleznicar 9-4 
 5. Zvecan 7-4 
 6. Milesevac P. 7-5 
 7. Play Off Uzice 5-7 
 8. Prijepolje 5-7 
 9. CA Basket 3-9 
 10. Uzice OKK 1-11 
 11. LIM Priboj 0-12 
South B
 1. Bor 9-0 
 2. Gimnazijalac 7-2 
 3. Radnicki 2016 7-2 
 4. Aktavis Akad. 5-3 
 5. Paracin 5-4 
 6. Radnicki KG 3-6 
 7. Palanka 2012 2-7 
 8. Toplicanin P. 2-7 
 9. Bagdala K. 0-9 
WABA Standings
 1 Beroe 6-1 
 2 Buducnost 5-2 
 3 Montana 2003 5-2 
 4 Athlete Celje 5-2 
 5 Triglav 3-4 
 6 Play Off 3-4 
 7 Partizan 1-6 
 8 Crvena Zvezda 0-7 
Stage Two Standings
Stats Leaders
Points Per Game
  Avg: 22.9
 1. Orozovic, Spartak22.9 
 2. Marjanovic, Vojvo.20.0 
 3. Stevanovic, Sabac19.4 
 4. Milosevic, Sumadija.18.2 
 5. Mitov, Vrsac17.2 
 6. Corto, Vojvodina17.1 
 7. Jokic, Sabac16.8 
 8. Dusanic, Vrbas M.16.0 
 9. Mijatovic, Vrbas M.15.8 
 10. Vulic, Student15.3 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 11.3
 1. Mitrovic, Novosads.11.3 
 2. Vukicevic, Student9.6 
 3. Stevanovic, Sabac9.2 
 4. Djordjevic, Crvena Z.8.8 
 5. Milovanovic, Partizan8.7 
 6. Orozovic, Spartak8.4 
 7. Stepanovic, Vrbas M.8.2 
 8. Matic, Partizan8.2 
 9. Lukovic, Partizan7.4 
 10. Mandic, Vrsac7.1 
Assists Per Game
 Andjela RADOVIC
  Avg: 6.6
 1. Radovic, Vrsac6.6 
 2. Marjanovic, Vojvo.5.5 
 3. Bajic, Kraljevo5.0 
 4. Dzombeta, Vrbas M.4.9 
 5. Zivadinovic, Partizan4.6 
 6. Orozovic, Spartak4.1 
 7. Stevanovic, Sabac4.1 
 8. Culafic, Partizan4.0 
 9. Nikolic, Radivoj .3.9 
 10. Prlja, Crvena Z.3.7 
Steals Per Game
  Vrbas M.
  Avg: 3.5
 1. Dzombeta, Vrbas M.3.5 
 2. Marjanovic, Vojvo.3.2 
 3. Katanic, Crvena Z.3.1 
 4. Katanic, Crvena Z.2.9 
 5. Naumcev, Crvena Z.2.7 
 6. Jokic, Sabac2.7 
 7. Nikpaljevic, Vrbas M.2.6 
 8. Orozovic, Spartak2.6 
 9. Milovanovic, Partizan2.5 
 10. Preston, Sumadija.2.5 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 1.6
 1. Vukicevic, Student1.6 
 2. Ciric, Crvena Z.1.4 
 3. Radic, Kraljevo1.3 
 4. Mandic, Vrsac1.2 
 5. Vulic, Student1.1 
 6. Mijatovic, Vrbas M.1.1 
 7. Lukovic, Partizan0.9 
 8. Stojcic, Student0.8 
 9. Milovanovic, Partizan0.8 
 10. Rajic, Kraljevo0.8 
Player of the Week

 Bojana Stevanovic
  ( 180-PF-96 )
Serbian women teams in Euro cups 2016-2017

Next Round Schedule

Round 15 (Regular Season)

Vrbas Medela 50% Jan.21 Kraljevo
Crvena Zvezd 97% Jan.21 Vojvodina
Sumadija KG Jan.21 Radivoj Kora 89%
Student Jan.21 Vrsac 51%
Novosadska Jan.21 Sabac 84%
Partizan 60% Jan.21 Spartak
Next Round Schedule

Round 2 (Second Stage)

Montana 2003 87% Jan.25 Partizan
Athlete Celj 74% Jan.25 Play Off
Crvena Zvezd Jan.25 Triglav 81%
Buducnost 58% Jan.25 Beroe
Exclusive Interview with Stevan Cupic - Head Coach of BSE-FCSM BUDAPEST - Jan 7, 2013

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1) Coach Stevan Cupic , this is your 3rd year in Hungary. How have you find this latest season in Hungary? Coming from Serbia, what do u like about Hungary?

I knew a lot about Hungarian basketball from before because I, as a young player, and later as a coach participated in many tournaments in the country. Also, a lot of my coach friends worked here, so I received information from them. I owe a big gratitude to my good friend Laszlo Ratgeber, on whose recommendation I took last and the current club.

2) Having coached abroad, not only in your home country of Serbia, but also in Hungary,what is your view of the level of play across the different regions?

There are many differences in the level of basketball in my country, and in Hungary. In Serbia mostly younger unknown players perform, and all those that are better go abroad. In Hungary, There are many of experienced players and also almost every team has about three international players. I think that the most obvious difference, is the mentality that is very different, however, in Serbia since childhood they develop a hunger for victory while here it must be learned and cherish.

3) What is your take on recent rule changes? For example. Defensive 3 seconds, or the moving blocks that become prevalent in almost every league imaginable, Can you tell us more on that?

Basketball every day progresses and it is necessary to monitor innovations as more and more rules are being adopted from the NBA league. We, coaches are forced to constantly educate ourselves, and also try, with our colleague judges, to find solutions to deal with the new rules and find ways to blend in without any problem.

4) How much the great improvement was up to hard work and how much it was up to mentality?

Each hard and good work , must bring results. The only question is the length of time adjusting the team on the court and his demands, but we know that every team has a limit to which it can progress. The hardest thing is to install winning mentality into the team, it is a job that requires psychological work when you manage to convince your players that they are the best and that no one is invincible, the job becomes much easier, there is a collection of work effort that you have previously invested.

5) What are you plans for this season 2012/2013?

Plans for this season with my team are to have as much as possible wins and in the playoffs to avoid fallout from the league. We are well on track to achieve that. We started from scratch, building a new team, with a lot of young players, with the help of several experienced natives. My biggest wish is to create in young players a winning mentality, so that we can progress as a team in the following years.

6) How you can help a player when the player loses a confidence or have bad games? What would u suggest to the player what to do?

The only thing I ask of the player is to work harder and to believe in themselves . It's hard after a series of bad games to find the right way to move up the hill. For me the player must see that the coach believes in her, and in their work. I think that only a strong player and hard work can overcome the crisis, and also with the full support of the coach.

7) All the clubs in Hungary have some international experienced player. You are the only team in Hungary with domestic players.How do u manage to play this strong league without foreigners?

It's not easy to play against opponents which in their ranks have three great players which bring advantage on the court. Sometimes it is very difficult to prepare for a game that you know in advance has been lost, it is difficult to motivate the team to play a match where there are not many chances. But even so, this season we have beaten two teams from the top rank, which means that I believe in my work.

8) Any other closing thoughts?

Basketball is my life, and I enjoy it and every day spent in the court I experience as a blessing. The court where there is no fraud, and where the only real, true, hard work comes to the fore.

Thank you for you time Coach. Eurobasket and Tamara Ruzic wish you all the best for the rest of the season.   

Stevanovic's double-double lands her Player of the Week award - 2 days ago
20-year old power forward Bojana Stevanovic (180-PF-96) had a great game in the last round for Sabac and receives a Player of the Week award for round 14. She had a double-double of 18 points and 11 rebounds, while her team beat Partizan (#4, 10-4) 77-65. Sabac maintains the 8th position in Serbian 1 ZLS. Sabac is a typical solid league team placed somewhere in the middle or a little bit lower in the standings. They need more victories to improve their 7-7 record. In the te...   [read more]

1 ZLS Round 14: Partizan lose to Sabac - 3 days ago
The most important game in the last round took place in Sabac between second ranked Partizan (10-4) and eighth ranked Sabac (7-7) on Sunday night. Partizan was defeated by Sabac on the road 65-77. The game was mostly controlled by Sabac. Partizan managed to win third quarter 20-17. But it was not enough to take a lead and get a victory that evening. They made 19-of-24 free shots (79.2 percent) during the game. Sabac forced 20 Partizan turnovers. Bojana Stevanovic (180-96) orchestrated the...   [read more]

Sonja Petrovic's double-double lands her Player of the Week award among Serbians playing currently abroad: - 4 days ago
Here is the weekly review of the top performing Serbian players, who play currently abroad. This week's number one is an international forward Sonja Petrovic (189-89, agency: Josep and Nicolas). Sheto an easy victory against the seventh-ranked UNI Gyor in the Euroleague in Wednesday night's game.    [read more]

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