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Serbia Internationally

Darko Pekic


Igor Obradovic


Zoran Popovic
Ivan Milenkovic


KLS Standings
 1. Dynamic BG 2-1 
 2. Beovuk 72 2-1 
 3. Dunav SB 2-1 
 4. Mladost ZE 2-1 
 5. Borac 2-1 
 6. Vrsac 2-1 
 7. Metalac 2-1 
 8. Spartak 2-1 
 9. OKK Beograd 1-2 
 10. Smederevo 1-2 
 11. Tamis 1-2 
 12. Sloga 1-2 
 13. Napredak K. 1-2 
 14. Konstantin 0-3 
Play in international cups:
 1. Crvena Zvezda
 2. FMP
 3. Mega Leks
 4. Partizan
Full Standings
2MLS Standings
 1. Napredak 3-0 
 2. Zlatibor 2-1 
 3. Radnicki 1950 2-1 
 4. Pirot 2-1 
 5. Jagodina 2-1 
 6. Sloboda Uzice 2-1 
 7. Vojvodina NS 2-1 
 8. Mladost SP 1-2 
 9. Proleter Naftagas 1-2 
 10. Kolubara 1-2 
 11. Velika Plana 1-2 
 12. Futog 1-2 
 13. Boljevac 1-2 
 14. Srem 0-3 
Full Standings
1MRL Standings
 1. Vitez BG 3-0 
 2. Zarkovo 3-0 
 3. Zemun 2-0 
 4. Slodes 2-1 
 5. Zitko Basket 2-1 
 6. Barajevo 0-0 
 7. Grocka 0-0 
 8. Kolubara 0-0 
 9. Milan Trivic 0-0 
 10. Zvezdara 0-0 
 11. Astra Beograd 0-3 
 12. BKK Radnicki 0-3 
 13. Borac ZM 0-3 
 14. Torlak BG 0-3 
 1. Dimitrovgrad 3-0 
 2. Morava 2-1 
 3. Prokuplje 2-1 
 4. Radnik 2-1 
 5. Soko Banja 2-1 
 6. Jablanica M. 1-2 
 7. Jastrebac A. 1-2 
 8. Junior Nis 1-2 
 9. Kursumlija 1-2 
 10. Mladost BP 1-2 
 11. Radan Lebane 1-2 
 12. Boljevac 0-0 
 13. Knjazevac 0-0 
 14. Zone Boys Blace 0-0 
 1. Akademik 4-0 
 2. Dunav 2014 4-0 
 3. Sveti Djordje 4-0 
 4. Vrbas 3-1 
 5. Hajduk Kula 2-2 
 6. Radnicki Kovin 2-2 
 7. Sloven Ruma 2-2 
 8. Stara Pazova 2-2 
 9. Topola 2-2 
 10. Jedinstvo NB 1-3 
 11. Nova Pazova 1-3 
 12. Pancevo 1-3 
 13. Crvenka 0-4 
 14. Zeleznica IND 0-4 
 1. Zeleznicar C. 3-0 
 2. Zlatar NV 3-0 
 3. Radnicki 1950 3-1 
 4. Klik Arilje 2-1 
 5. Novi Pazar 2-1 
 6. Priboj 2-1 
 7. Zekas 2-1 
 8. Crnokosa 1-2 
 9. Prva Petoletka 1-2 
 10. Student BB 1-2 
 11. Polet Ratina 1-3 
 12. Sabac 1-3 
 13. Svilajnac 0-0 
 14. KK Ub 0-4 
1A Standings
 1 CSKA 3-0 
 2 Fenerbahce 3-0 
 3 Real Madrid 2-1 
 4 Baskonia 2-1 
 5 Darussafaka 2-1 
 6 Panathinaikos 2-1 
 7 Crvena Zvezda 2-1 
 8 Olympiacos 2-1 
 9 EA7 Armani 2-1 
 10 Brose Bask. 1-2 
 11 FC Barcelona 1-2 
 12 Maccabi T-A 1-2 
 13 Zalgiris 1-2 
 14 Anadolu Efes 0-3 
 15 Galatasaray 0-3 
 16 Unics 0-3 
Adriatic League Standings
 1 Buducnost 6-0 
 2 Crvena Zvezda 6-0 
 3 Partizan 6-0 
 4 Cibona 5-1 
 5 Cedevita 3-3 
 6 Igokea 3-3 
 7 Zadar 3-3 
 8 Krka 2-3 
 9 Mornar Bar 2-4 
 10 FMP 2-4 
 11 Un.Olimpija 1-4 
 12 Mega Leks 1-5 
 13 MZT Skopje 1-5 
 14 Karpos Sokoli 0-6 
Points Per Game
 Stefan FUNDIC
  Avg: 26.7
 1. Fundic, Beovuk 7226.7 
 2. Manojlovic, OKK B.24.0 
 3. Djukanovic, Metal.23.3 
 4. Zorcic, Dunav SB20.3 
 5. Dimic, Vrsac19.5 
 6. Gavrilovic, Dynam.19.3 
 7. Ffriend, OKK B.19.3 
 8. Stevanovic, Dynam.19.0 
 9. Marelja, Vrsac17.7 
 10. Bogavac, Konstan.17.7 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 13
 1. Ffriend, OKK B.13.0 
 2. Fundic, Beovuk 7212.0 
 3. Zorcic, Dunav SB10.7 
 4. Vitkovac, Napredak.10.0 
 5. Todorovic, Borac9.0 
 6. Blagojevic, Smede.8.7 
 7. Jankovic, Metalac8.5 
 8. Marelja, Vrsac8.0 
 9. Matovic, Sloga8.0 
 10. Gavrilovic, Dynam.7.7 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 6.7
 1. Katnic, Dynamic BG6.7 
 2. Djukanovic, Metal.6.3 
 3. Davis, Napredak K.5.7 
 4. Radulovic, Dynam.5.3 
 5. Manojlovic, OKK B.5.3 
 6. Jovanovic, OKK B.5.3 
 7. Vasic, Metalac4.3 
 8. Andjelkovic, Konst.4.3 
 9. Vucicevic, Beovuk4.3 
 10. Simeunovic, OKK B.4.0 
Steals Per Game
 Milos DIMIC
  Avg: 4
 1. Dimic, Vrsac4.0 
 2. Todorovic, Borac3.3 
 3. Djukanovic, Metal.2.7 
 4. Pejic, Beovuk 722.5 
 5. Popovic, Spartak2.5 
 6. Radivojevic, Metal.2.5 
 7. Pavlovic, Smede.2.5 
 8. Hukic, Metalac2.5 
 9. Simovic, Sloga2.3 
 10. Manojlovic, OKK B.2.3 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 5
 1. Zorcic, Dunav SB5.0 
 2. Dujkovic, Metalac3.0 
 3. Prokopenko, Dynam.2.0 
 4. Todorovic, Dynam.2.0 
 5. Bojic, Mladost ZE1.7 
 6. Zigeranovic, Borac1.3 
 7. Ffriend, OKK B.1.3 
 8. Miladinovic, Napre.1.3 
 9. Gudzic, Konstantin1.0 
 10. Brkic, Mladost ZE1.0 

Next Round Schedule

Round 4 (Regular Season)

Mladost ZE 73% Oct.29 Sloga
Smederevo 58% Oct.29 Napredak K.
Beovuk 72 83% Oct.29 OKK Beograd
Metalac 57% Oct.29 Spartak
Vrsac 56% Oct.29 Borac
Tamis 82% Oct.29 Konstantin
Dunav SB 58% Oct.29 Dynamic BG
Next Round Schedule

Round 4 (Regular Season)

Kolubara Oct.29 Radnicki 195 68%
Velika Plana 56% Oct.29 Proleter Naf
Srem Oct.29 Pirot 93%
Zlatibor 60% Oct.29 Slob.Uzice
Boljevac Oct.29 Napredak 85%
Jagodina 62% Oct.29 Vojvodina N
Mladost SP Oct.29 Futog 55%
Next Round Schedule

Round 4 (Regular Season)

FC Barcelona Oct.28 Brose Bask. 56%
Galatasaray Oct.28 Fenerbahce 99%
Panathinaiko 53% Oct.28 Crvena Zvezd
Zalgiris 57% Oct.28 Maccabi T-A
CSKA 99% Oct.27 Unics
Darussafaka 95% Oct.27 Anadolu Efes
EA7 Armani 54% Oct.27 Real Madrid
Baskonia 55% Oct.27 Olympiacos
Next Round Schedule

Round 7 (Regular Season)

Mornar Bar Oct.31 Crvena Zvezd 85%
Karpos Sokol Oct.31 Un.Olimpija 66%
Mega Leks Oct.30 MZT Skopje 56%
Igokea Oct.30 Cedevita 57%
Partizan 54% Oct.29 Buducnost
Cibona 87% Oct.29 FMP
Krka Oct.28 Zadar 52%
Exclusive interview with Vladimir Bosnjak, new head coach of Duhok (Iraq) - Jan 22, 2013

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In January ambitous Iraqi team Duhok made the change at the bench and signed successful coach Vladimir Bosnjak as new head coach. We had a chance to make an exclusive interview with coach Bosnjak just after he arrived to Iraq. For the start, tell us your first impressions of Iraq. What are living conditions and safety at the moment?
Vladimir Bosnjak : ''When we are speaking about sports and safety generally, Iraq becomes more stable every new day especially north part of country, where I'm working now. Unfortunately, we are all familiar with causes of crisis that affects mostly southern Iraq but the same situation is happening somewhere else in the world too or it was already seen in the past. Generally, situation becomes better and better.'' Did you had a chance to evaluate potential and infrastructure of Iraqi basketball?
Vladimir Bosnjak : '' Well, I didnt had a chance to evaluate so much for this short period but I have to highlight that morale and working ethic of domestic players are on high level, I would say even European level which is interesting considering tough living conditions in this country in last 20 years. Of course they are not on Euroleague level but they do not have lower morale than some local leagues of countries like my Serbia is.'' You're coaching for almost 30 years. You have a lot of success in countries like Libya, Bahrain, Jordan, Morocco, Kuwait, etc. Could you compare training methods or mark off somebody from this region?
Vladimir Bosnjak : ''There shouldnt be any difference if you're bringing foreign coach. You're bringing foreign coach not to become Chinese or Arabian, you're bringing him for Chinese and Arabians to become Serbians or Americans, in basketball terms speaking. Unfortunately, some foreign coaches are already too much in Arabian countries, they are practically naturalized so we have situation that Abdul Hamed (UAE), Ghaith Najjar (Jordan), Adel Tlathi (Tunisia) or Fuad Abou Chakra (Lebanon) have much more harder practices, bigger discipline level and they are more strict. Its absurdly! Where is the point of bringing foreign coach then? By my opinion, money is the biggest problem as it comes like the only motive for foreign coaches to come and work in this countries. There are also low basketball educated GM's that lead the team instead of coaches. I never had an interest in such things and I was always coming to make some results and to make changes, not just to make some money. That's why I have big respect for coaches I have mentioned above.'' You have brought Iran to basketball maps, thats a fact. You were involved in rapidly improved basketball skills of many players including Memphis Grizzlies player Hamed Haddadi. You have also won many awards and trophies in Western Asia. What are your new team's ambitions in domestic and international tournaments?
Vladimir Bosnjak : My new team Duhok have big tradition and desire to make success. I can say that conditions in this team are European. Unfortunately, Duhok lost two important games before my arrival so we dropped to third place now. Beside title ambitions in domestic championships, we have a mission to make solid result in WABA League too. Basketball team, town and region Kurdistan are in expansion and I have some positive pressure to push to the end! I do not think that Hamed Haddadi would be the last playe
r from this region that I have coached to play in NBA so I'm inviting scouts to look for some at Duhok too! Are you the only one Serbian in Iraqi basketball at the moment?
Vladimir Bosnjak : ''No, players Milan Medvedj and Aleksandar Belanovic were already here. Bratislav Djordjevic worked here as coach in the 1980s and he made biggest impression and results. What do you think about Serbian players? In your team you have only US players. What is your view on small number of Serbian players in this region?
Vladimir Bosnjak : ''Quality of Serbian players is definitely not the reason. We shouldn't forget that we are a little bit old nation with around 8 million people. Our best players are playing in European best teams. In this region, teams need the player that will make difference, score when others stop or can't do that, to solve situations in defense and offense not just in 1 on 1 situation, it's often in 1 on 2 or 3 situations. Unfortunately, we do not have that number of quality players to export them to other leagues. I see our poor demography as one of the reasons and basketball progress in other countries as well.'' So Serbia definitely records crisis in basketball, like a lot of basketball people notices. Do you think that we do not work well anymore in Serbia or our coaches are not so dominant like in the past?
Vladimir Bosnjak : ''Well I would say that the way of thinking of most of our coaches brought us here. For example, few years ago one of our coaches took one team and brought the team from 11th place to playoff finals in second year. Next year team owner openly criticized him because of one defeat and our coach resigned. People were questioning him why he left the team and didn't got all of money he should upon the contract.Instead of having character to be a leader some of them are just happy to stay with the team and get paid no matter who leads the team, him or GM or someone else. This way of working got us to the point that we are not idols anymore that win trophies.'' You had a chance to cooperate with some of the best Yugoslav and American coaches as you worked with NCAA teams and Milwaukee Bucks from 1991 to 1996. From whom did you learned most?
Vladimir Bosnjak : ''I have learned a lot from all coaches I had a chance to work with. I should mention late Aca Janjic, who was a youth categories specialist, Dale Brown, a personal coach of Shaquille O'Neal and Gene Smithson. Many Yugoslav players and coaches were visiting him to educate in 1980's. At that time I think our coaches were more fanatic while US coaches were more organized. However there are some other differences now...'' You're mentioning differences again. What should be a role of foreign coach by your opinion?
Vladimir Bosnjak : ''This job we are doing represent a life for somebody, somebody do it as hobby while somebody do it to make good money. When I was a basketball player, I was an average player in junior team and I started coaching very quickly. Sporting motive is at first place in my case and I was already looking to make first place with my team or to make players good and win medals. My former team in Jordan and Iranian National Team are the best example if we are considering results. Unfortunately, coaches who know how to earn money are now more suitable than coaches that want to win trophies. If you have a good agent and if you're ''cooperative'' with GM or team owner, it doesnt mean you will lose a job if you have average or low results.'' You have made most of your success in Asia and Africa. Do you plan to come back to Europe?
Vladimir Bosnjak : ''I have a motive to come back to Europe and my natives. It's not easy, competition among coaches is very big but most of my colleagues that work in Europe didnt had a chance to work in such tough conditions like I have worked in. I think most of them wouldnt make results in this region and I will try my best to start coaching in Europe again.'' Starting from 2000 in Beijing, you held a lot of basketball clinics around the globe. Do you have in plan something similar to organize in Iraq? Your experience will probably help a lot to domestic coaches.
Vladimir Bosnjak : ''Yeah, I held it in Teheran, Beijing and other places but now I have a goals with my teams and I didnt considered it yet to be honest with you. It's my 14th country I'm working in now (counting Yugoslavia, Serbia&Montenegro and Serbia separately) and there are not too many coaches that achieved the same. I'm hoping one day I will become FIBA Instructor!'' You have two sons - Jovan and Vuksan. How would you describe your relationship with them?
Vladimir Bosnjak : ''My two sons are great kids and I'm very close to them. My older son Jovan is training disciplines like Krav Maga and MMA and he is very focused. I recognize same passion in Jovan like I had in his age so I think he would be very successful. He is Jean Claude Van Damme type of person! Younger son Vuksan started training basketball, he is left handed and I think he will be really tall guy but I do not want to make any judgement in his case.. I want to follow his progress.'' Thank you for your time coach! All the best in Iraq with wishes for you to come back to Europe and make your career goal!
Vladimir Bosnjak : ''Thank you for your time and best regards to followers of and too! Despite winning a cup or national title every single year, I still didn't had a real chance to prove my work in Europe. Hope so this will become real next summer.''

Serbian Cadet and Serbian Junior league 2016-2017 - 2 days ago

This weekend Belgrade Junior teams finish second round of qualification for Serbian Junior league. Eight teams in two groups compete for 4 places in Serbian Junior league. Partizan and Crvena Zvezda junior teams made perfect score of 3 won and 0 lost games. Dynanik Bg and Zarkovo had score of 2 won and 1 lost games. Group A Crvena Zvezda-Beko 107-57 Zemun-Dynamic BG 77-95 Beko-Dynamic BG 61-88 Crvena Zvezda-Zemun 94-62 Zemun-Beko 80-70 Dynamic BG-Crvena Zvezda 69-80 Group B Slodes-Ml...   [read more]

Fundic number one in Serbia for round 3 - 2 days ago

Forward Stefan Fundic (199-F-94) put on an extraordinary performance in the last round for second-ranked Beovuk 72, receiving a Player of the Week award for round 3. The 22-year old player was the main contributor (38 points, eight rebounds) to his team's victory, helping them to crush Spartak (2-1) with 20-point margin 94-74. Beovuk 72 is placed at 2nd position in Serbian KLS. They would have been even better if they hadn't lost that single game earlier this season. Beovuk...   [read more]

Stojanovic number one in Serbian 2MLS for round 3 - 2 days ago

Naturalized Hungarian Shooting guard Srdjan Stojanovic (197-SG-91) put on an extraordinary performance in the last round for Radnicki 1950, receiving a 2MLS Player of the Week award for round 3. The 25-year old player was the main contributor (31 points, five rebounds and five assists) to his team's victory, helping them to beat Proleter Naftagas (#9, 1-2) 91-83. Radnicki 1950 is placed at 3rd position in Serbian 2MLS. They would have been even better if they hadn't lost th...   [read more]

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