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Zeljko Zule

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SKL Stage Two Standings
Places 1-6
 1. Athlete Celje 27-1 
 2. Triglav 24-4 
 3. AJM Maribor 17-11 
 4. Ilrija 16-12 
 5. Grosuplje 14-14 
 6. Jezica 9-19 
Places 7-9
 1. Rogaska 9-13 
 2. Pomurje 7-15 
 3. Domzale 3-19 
Stage One Standings

Celje claim Cup title (photo:
Season 2011-2012
All Games
List of Players
List of Imports

The country enjoyed All-Star 2012 (Photo:
Points Per Game
  Athlete .
  Avg: 19.6
 1. Trebec, Athlete19.6 
 2. Baltic, AJM M.18.2 
 3. Oblak, Athlete Cel.16.5 
 4. Rupnik, Jezica16.5 
 5. Vukovic, Domzale16.4 
 6. Kuzma, Pomurje15.8 
 7. Orozovic, Athlete15.0 
 8. Jevtovic, Grosuplje15.0 
 9. Svetic, Rogaska14.9 
 10. Radulovic, Triglav14.5 
Rebounds Per Game
 Kristina BALTIC
  AJM M.
  Avg: 11
 1. Baltic, AJM M.11.0 
 2. Gajic, Athlete Cel.10.3 
 3. Vukovic, Domzale9.1 
 4. Skof, Ilrija8.8 
 5. Muhovic, Rogaska8.6 
 6. Drozg, AJM Maribor8.0 
 7. Lesjak, Rogaska7.7 
 8. Pirsic, Triglav7.6 
 9. Lisec, Grosuplje7.4 
 10. Jevtovic, Grosupl.7.2 
Assists Per Game
  Athlete Celje
  Avg: 5
 1. Oblak, Athlete Cel.5.0 
 2. Jurse, Rogaska4.4 
 3. Zupancic, Grosuplje4.2 
 4. Duric, Triglav4.1 
 5. Gabrovsek, Athlet.3.4 
 6. Meden, Ilrija3.1 
 7. Skof, Ilrija2.9 
 8. Rupnik, Jezica2.8 
 9. Panic, Grosuplje2.7 
 10. Kuzma, Pomurje2.7 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 3.1
 1. Rupnik, Jezica3.1 
 2. Drozg, AJM Maribor2.8 
 3. Gjerkes, Grosuplje2.4 
 4. Kuzma, Pomurje2.3 
 5. Zupancic, Grosuplje2.2 
 6. Bajrektarevi., Ilr.2.2 
 7. Oblak, Athlete Cel.2.2 
 8. Jakovina, Grosuplje2.2 
 9. Zdolsek, Triglav2.1 
 10. Krajnik, Rogaska2.0 
Blocks Per Game
 Kristina BALTIC
  AJM M.
  Avg: 0.8
 1. Baltic, AJM M.0.8 
 2. Vukovic, Domzale0.8 
 3. Lisec, Grosuplje0.8 
 4. Lesnjak, Ilrija0.8 
 5. Sekolonik, Jezica0.6 
 6. Drozg, AJM Maribor0.6 
 7. Trebec, Athlete0.6 
 8. Orozovic, Athlete0.5 
 9. Gajic, Athlete Cel.0.5 
 10. Grobisa, Ilrija0.4 
Slovenian women teams in Euro cups 2011-2012

ZKK Athlete Celje wins the Slovenian SKL 2011-2012 title (Photo:

ZKK Athlete Celje 2011-12
Sanja Orozovic
Rebeka Abramovic
Teja Oblak
Lea Jagodic
Tina Trebec
# Name CM (INCH) Pos Bo NAT
6  Orozovic Sanja 184 (6'1'') G 90 Serbia
4  Abramovic Rebeka 170 (5'7'') PG 93 Slovenia
7  Oblak Teja 171 (5'8'') G 90 Slovenia
12  Jagodic Lea 182 (6'0'') F 91 Slovenia
13  Trebec Tina 189 (6'3'') F/C 90 Slovenia
10  Gajic Marica 192 (6'4'') C 95 Bosnia
5  Gabrovsek Nina 168 (5'6'') PG 94 Slovenia
11  Macura Ziva 187 (6'2'') F/C 95 Slovenia
8  Petrovic Jelica 177 (5'10'') F 94 Slovenia
14  Brisnik Tjasa 174 (5'9'') G 94 Slovenia
9  Klavzar Anja 177 (5'10'') F 90 Slovenia
15  Bosnjak Maja 186 (6'1'') F/C 95 Slovenia All-Slovenian League Awards 2011-12 - May 11, 2012 All-Slovenian League 1st Team 2012
Tina Trebec
Teja Oblak
Ziva Zdolsek
Natasa Radulovic
Marica Gajic

Player of the Year: Tina Trebec (189-F-90) of Athlete Celje
Guard of the Year: Teja Oblak (171-G-90) of Athlete Celje
Forward of the Year: Natasa Radulovic (180-G-82) of Triglav
Center of the Year: Tina Trebec (189-F-90) of Athlete Celje
Newcomer of the Year: Eva Lisec (191-C-95) of Grosuplje
Most Improved Player of the Year: Sara Meden (170-PG-94) of Ilrija
Import Player of the Year: Marica Gajic (192-C-95) of Athlete Celje
Domestic Player of the Year: Tina Trebec (189-F-90) of Athlete Celje
Defensive Player of the Year: Ziva Zdolsek (178-G-89) of Triglav
Coach of the Year: Damir Grgic of Athlete Celje

1st Team
G: Teja Oblak (171-90) of Athlete Celje
G: Ziva Zdolsek (178-89) of Triglav
G: Natasa Radulovic (180-82) of Triglav
C: Marica Gajic (192-95) of Athlete Celje
F: Tina Trebec (189-90) of Athlete Celje

2nd Team
G: Bojana Duric (174-91) of Triglav
G: Sandra Bajrektarevic (168-90) of Ilrija
G: Sanja Orozovic (184-90) of Athlete Celje
F/C: Kristina Baltic (187-90) of AJM Maribor
F: Masa Pirsic (184-86) of Triglav

Honorable Mention
Barbara Skof (181-F-80) of Ilrija
Eva Rupnik (177-F-92) of Jezica
Sandra Jevtovic (187-C-93) of Grosuplje

All-Domestic Players Team
G: Teja Oblak (171-90) of Athlete Celje
G: Ziva Zdolsek (178-89) of Triglav
G: Natasa Radulovic (180-82) of Triglav
F: Tina Trebec (189-90) of Athlete Celje
F/C: Maja Drozg (179-81) of AJM Maribor

All-Defensive Team
Teja Oblak (171-G-90) of Athlete Celje
Bojana Duric (174-G-91) of Triglav
Ziva Zdolsek (178-G-89) of Triglav
Marica Gajic (192-C-95) of Athlete Celje
Tina Trebec (189-F-90) of Athlete Celje

All-Newcomers Team
Manca Jelenc (172-PG-96) of Triglav
Sabina Ajkic () of Domzale
Martina Peric () of Jezica
Tina Stihec () of Pomurje
Eva Lisec (191-C-95) of Grosuplje

Athlete Celje wins SKL title - May 7, 2012

SKL Finals, Game 3: Athlete Celje - Triglav 71-56 (3-0)

Athlete Celje is the new champion of Slovenia. They handed 71-56 loss to Triglav tonight winning the Finals with perfect 3-0. The game was mostly controlled by Athlete Celje. Triglav managed to win third quarter 14-13. But it was not enough to take a lead and get a victory that evening. Athlete Celje dominated down low during the game scoring 48 of its points in the paint compared to Triglav's 28. It was a great evening for international forward Tina Trebec (189-90, agency: Kotnik Sports Agency) who led her team to a victory scoring 22 points and 9 rebounds. Serbian guard Sanja Orozovic (184-90) helped adding 12 points and 7 rebounds. The best for the losing side was the former international guard Natasa Radulovic (180-82, agency: Kotnik Sports Agency) with 21 points and forward Masa Pirsic (184-86) scored 7 points and 10 rebounds. Athlete Celje was the regular season champion in SKL with impressive 27-1 record. They eliminated Ilrija in the Semifinals with 2-0. This is the second trophy for Athlete Celje this season as they already won the Slovenian Cup. They beat Triglav in the Big Final 89-67.

Athlete Celje: T.Trebec 22+9reb+1ast, S.Orozovic 12+7reb+2ast, M.Gajic 8+10reb+1ast, T.Oblak 8+1reb+7ast, L.Jagodic 7+7reb+3ast, R.Abramovic 5+3reb+2ast
Triglav: N.Radulovic 21+2reb+1ast, A.Ljubenovic 8+8reb, M.Pirsic 7+10reb, K.Spacapan 7+4reb, Z.Zdolsek 3+6reb+3ast, B.Adamovic 3

Celje claim eight Cup titles, Oblak MVP - Mar 26, 2012

Celje enter its fifteenth consecutive Slovenian Cup final, chasing an eighth triumph, 89-67 over Triglav. Celje trailed by only two possessions and took its first double digit lead at 41-30 in the second quarter. They made a 12-1 run early in the second quarter to go ahead 64-43 and made all 19 free throws in the game. Teja Oblak (171-G-90) finished with 23 points and 7 asissts and was honored and MVP of Final-Four. Sanja Orozovic and Tina Trebec both added 19 points and Marica Gajic had 13 points and 13 rebounds.
Celje 89 (29+23+20+17): Abramovic 4, *Gajic 13+13 rbs, *Orozovic 19, *Oblak 23+7 as, Petrovic, Klavzar 2, Gabrovsek 2, Macura 3, *Jagodic 2, *Trebec 19+8 rbs, Brisnik, Bosnjak 2. Coach: Grgic. Assistant: Bortek.
Triglav 67 (22+18+11+16): *Zdolsek 14, *Duric 7, Jelenc, *Radulovic 10, Adamovic 3, Sever, Spacapan 7, Zalar 5, Zibert, Purkat, *Ljubenovic 12+7 rbs, *Pirsic 6. Coach: Oresnik. Assistant: Goran Popovic.

Vukovic wins All-Star MVP, Spacapan defends 3-point shootout title - Jan 16, 2012

Red shirt team defeated Black shirt team, 81-80, the 2012 All-Star Game in Lucija. Romana Vukovic (180-F-88) was honored as All-Star MVP and Katja Spacapan (187-F-87) defend her title in the 3-Point Shootout.
RED SHIRT TEAM (13+17+32+19): *K. Oblak 3, *Zdolsek 2, Orozovic 4, *T.Oblak 15+7 as, Cuk, Bajrektarevic 5, Svetic 7, Ljubenovic, Vukovic 24, *Trebec 9, Lesnjak 6, Klavzar 6. Coach: Damir Grgic.
BLACK SHIRT TEAM (16+13+33+18): *Kuzma 10, Samec 1, Kerin 2+5 as, *Rupnik, Jakovina 10, *Baltic 6+10 rbs, Spacapan 11, *Zalar 9, A.Lesjak 8, Novi 7, *Jevtovic 12+7 rbs, Vene 4. Coach: Teo Hojc.

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