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SKL Standings
Places 1-6
 1. Athlete Celje 23-2 
 2. Triglav 22-3 
 3. Grosuplje 17-8 
 4. Ilrija 13-12 
 5. Jezica 9-17 
 6. Domzale 5-20 
Places 7-9
 1. AJM Maribor 6-13 
 2. GVT Konjice 5-14 
 3. Odeja KED 4-15 
Stage One Standings
SKL Stage One Standings
 1. Athlete Celje 15-1 
 2. Triglav 14-2 
 3. Grosuplje 12-4 
 4. Ilrija 10-6 
 5. Jezica 6-11 
 6. Domzale 5-11 
 7. AJM Maribor 5-11 
 8. GVT Konjice 3-13 
 9. Odeja KED 3-14 
Season 2012-2013
All Games
List of Players
List of Imports

Celje takes Cup title (Photo:
Points Per Game
 Helena BOADA
  Avg: 23.8
 1. Boada, Domzale23.8 
 2. Gjerkes, Grosuplje18.1 
 3. Rupnik, Jezica16.5 
 4. Tavic, Ilrija16.1 
 5. Abramovic, Athlet.16.0 
 6. Orozovic, Athlete15.8 
 7. Oblak, Odeja KED14.5 
 8. Unverdorben, AJM M.14.1 
 9. Lisec, Athlete Cel.13.0 
 10. Zdolsek, Triglav12.7 
Rebounds Per Game
 Marica GAJIC
  Athlete Celje
  Avg: 10.2
 1. Gajic, Athlete Cel.10.2 
 2. Prasnikar, Odeja K.10.1 
 3. Zdolsek, Triglav10.1 
 4. Furman, GVT K.10.1 
 5. Skof, Grosuplje9.3 
 6. Pirsic, Triglav7.8 
 7. Klavzar, Ilrija7.8 
 8. Lisec, Athlete Cel.7.6 
 9. Orozovic, Athlete7.4 
 10. Klancnik, GVT K.6.7 
Assists Per Game
 Bojana DURIC
  Avg: 4
 1. Duric, Triglav4.0 
 2. Boada, Domzale3.8 
 3. Skof, Grosuplje3.5 
 4. Zdolsek, Triglav3.2 
 5. Meden, Ilrija3.2 
 6. Gjerkes, Grosuplje3.2 
 7. Rupnik, Jezica3.0 
 8. Gabrovsek, Athlet.2.8 
 9. Abramovic, Athlet.2.8 
 10. Zupancic, Grosupl.2.7 
Steals Per Game
 Helena BOADA
  Avg: 4.1
 1. Boada, Domzale4.1 
 2. Klancnik, GVT K.3.8 
 3. Abramovic, Athlet.2.7 
 4. Zdolsek, Triglav2.6 
 5. Rupnik, Jezica2.5 
 6. Prasnikar, Odeja K.2.2 
 7. Klavzar, Ilrija2.2 
 8. Gjerkes, Grosuplje2.0 
 9. Meglic, AJM M.2.0 
 10. Oblak, Odeja KED1.9 
Blocks Per Game
 Viktoriya POMADINA
  Avg: 0.9
 1. Pomadina, Jezica0.9 
 2. Dimec, Athlete Cel.0.8 
 3. Krznaric, AJM M.0.8 
 4. Furman, GVT K.0.7 
 5. Jakobcic, Triglav0.6 
 6. Lisec, Athlete Cel.0.6 
 7. Zdovc, GVT Konjice0.5 
 8. Pirsic, Triglav0.5 
 9. Skof, Grosuplje0.5 
 10. Lesek, Grosuplje0.5 
Slovenian women teams in Euro cups 2012-2013

ZKK Athlete Celje wins the Slovenian SKL 2012-2013 title (Photo:

ZKK Athlete Celje 2012-13
Damir Grgic Damir Grgic Grgic
Sanja Orozovic
Rebeka Abramovic
Eva Lisec
Alma Potocnik
Ziva Macura
# Name CM (INCH) Pos Bo NAT
6  Orozovic Sanja 183 (6'0'') G 90 Serbia
4  Abramovic Rebeka 172 (5'8'') PG 93 Slovenia
12  Lisec Eva 190 (6'3'') C 95 Slovenia
8  Potocnik Alma 173 (5'8'') PG 97 Slovenia
11  Macura Ziva 190 (6'3'') F/C 95 Slovenia
10  Gajic Marica 187 (6'2'') C 95 Bosnia
15  Bosnjak Maja 190 (6'3'') PF 95 Slovenia
5  Gabrovsek Nina 168 (5'6'') PG 94 Slovenia
13  Ocvirk Larisa 184 (6'1'') F 97 Slovenia
14  Dimec Teja 193 (6'4'') C 97 Slovenia
9  Petrovic Jelica 178 (5'10'') F 94 Slovenia
7  Oblak Teja 171 (5'8'') G 90 Slovenia
13  Pucko Zala 172 (5'8'') G 97 Slovenia
12  Kugonic Neza 181 (5'11'') G 96 Slovenia
Head Coach: Damir Grgic
Coach Assistant: Zane Bortek All-Slovenian League Awards 2013 - May 9, 2013 All-Slovenian League 1st Team 2013
Helena Boada
Rebeka Abramovic
Ziva Zdolsek
Eva Lisec
Sanja Orozovic

Player of the Year: Sanja Orozovic (183-G-90) of Athlete Celje
Guard of the Year: Helena Boada (174-G-87) of Domzale
Forward of the Year: Sanja Orozovic (183-G-90) of Athlete Celje
Center of the Year: Eva Lisec (190-C-95) of Athlete Celje
Newcomer of the Year: Anamaria Prezelj (177-F-97) of Domzale
Most Improved Player of the Year: Eva Lisec (190-C-95) of Athlete Celje
Import Player of the Year: Sanja Orozovic (183-G-90) of Athlete Celje
Domestic Player of the Year: Rebeka Abramovic (172-PG-93) of Athlete Celje
Defensive Player of the Year: Rebeka Abramovic (172-PG-93) of Athlete Celje
Coach of the Year: Damir Grgic of Athlete Celje

1st Team
G: Helena Boada (174-G-87) of Domzale
G: Rebeka Abramovic (172-PG-93) of Athlete Celje
G: Ziva Zdolsek (178-G-89) of Triglav
C: Eva Lisec (190-C-95) of Athlete Celje
F: Sanja Orozovic (183-G-90) of Athlete Celje

2nd Team
G: Bojana Duric (174-G-91) of Triglav
G: Eva Rupnik (177-F-92) of Jezica
G: Alina Gjerkes (178-F-94) of Grosuplje
F/C: Marica Gajic (187-C-95) of Athlete Celje
F: Anja Klavzar (177-F-90) of Ilrija

Honorable Mention
Tina Jakovina (182-F-92) of Triglav
Barbara Skof (180-F-80) of Grosuplje

All-Domestic Players Team
G: Bojana Duric (174-G-91) of Triglav
G: Rebeka Abramovic (172-PG-93) of Athlete Celje
G: Ziva Zdolsek (178-G-89) of Triglav
F: Anja Klavzar (177-F-90) of Ilrija
F/C: Eva Lisec (190-C-95) of Athlete Celje

All-Defensive Team
G: Rebeka Abramovic (172-PG-93) of Athlete Celje
G: Anita Kastelic (172-G-94) of Grosuplje
F: Ziva Zdolsek (178-G-89) of Triglav
FC: Marica Gajic (187-C-95) of Athlete Celje
C: Eva Lisec (190-C-95) of Athlete Celje

All-Newcomers Team
G: Ela Micunovic (181-G-97) of Ilrija
G: Anamaria Prezelj (177-F-97) of Domzale
F: Jerca Cadez (176-G-89) of Odeja KED
F: Zala Lesek (187-F-97) of Grosuplje
F/C: Pia Prasnikar (178-PF-97) of Odeja KED

Celje rallies from 16-point defcit to win title - May 5, 2013

Athlete Celje erased 16-points second half deficit to beat Triglav 69-59 in Game 3 of Play-Off Final to win 2013 Slovenian Championship title. Sanja Orozovic (183-G-90) had 22 points and 6 rebounds, Eva Lisec (190-C-95) collected 15 points and 8 rebounds, Nina Gabrovsek (168-PG-94) came off the bench for 12 points and Marica Gajic (187-C-95) scored 10 points and grabbed 12 rebunds.
After trailing 4-10, Triglav went on a 18-4 run and had their larghest lead of the game at 33-17 earyl in the second half. Nina Gabrovsek hit a 3 pointer to inspire Celje to a 10-0 run to take a lead 45-41 early in the final period and never looked bach from there. Celje were up 58-50 with 2:50 remaing. Triglav cut the deficti to 59-62 with 34 left, but Rebeka Abramovic (172-PG-93) made a pair of free throws to secure a win and back-to-back championship title.
Celje shot 8-34 (24 percent) from the field including 1-of-11 behind the 3-point in the first half and 45-percent in the second half. Triglav was outrebouned 35-44 and had just 3 free throws to Celje's 24. Ziva Zdolsek (178-G-89) just missed a triple-double with 13 points and 9 rebounds, Bojana Duric (174-G-91) and Masa Pirsic (184-F-86) both scored 10 points.
Game 3: Athlete Celje-Triglav 65-59 (12-15, 5-16, 25-10, 23-18)
Athlete Celje: *Abramovic 5, *Gajic 10+12 rbs, *Orozovic 22+6 rbs, *Oblak 1+5 as, Gabrovsek 12, Macura, *Lisec 15+8, Ocvirk, Dimec DNP, Bosnjak, Pucko DNP. Coach: Damir Grgic.
Triglav: *Zdolsek 13+9 rbs, *Duric 10+5 as, *Jelenc 7, Sever DNP, Adamovic DNP, *Jakovina 6, Spacapan 5, Hafner, Zibert 2, Purkat DNP, Jakobcic 6, *Pirsic 10. Coach: Tomo Oresnik.

Celje wins ninth Cup title - Mar 3, 2013

Athlete Celje upset Domzale 79-59 in the finals of the 2013 Slovenian Cup.With the win, Celje won its ninth title Domzale scored the first six points of the game, but Celje answered with a 19-0 run and its defense held Domzale scoreless for a 5:59 span.
Sanja Orozovic (183-G-90) finished with 22 points, 8 rebounds and 6 assists and was honored and MVP of Final-Four. Marica Gajic (187-C-95) collected 20 points and 10 rebounds and Rebeka Abramovic (172-PG-93, agency: Veracity Sports, LLC) scored 15 points. Domzale was led by Helena Boada (174-G-87, agency: Regeneracom Sports) with her 23 points. Anamaria Prezelj (177-F-97) scored 13 points.
Athlete Celje 79 (19+20+21+19): *Abramovic 15, *Gajic 20+10 rbs, *Orozovic 22+8 rebs+6 as, Petrovic, Potocnik 4, *Gabrovsek 3, Macura 5, *Lisec 6+9 rbs, Ocvirk 2, Dimec, Bosnjak 2. Coach: Grgic.
Domzale 59 (10+17+16+16): Zura, *Brekalo 2, *Prezelj 13, *Boada 23, Dremel, *Ivanc 2, Poljansek, Kotnik 2, Klampfer DNP, Ajkic 9, *Vukovic 5, Stupica 2. Coach: Velikonja.

by Simas
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