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SKL Standings
 1. Athlete Celje 19-1 
 2. Triglav 16-4 
 3. Grosbasket 13-7 
 4. Maribor 7-13 
 5. Domzale 5-15 
 6. Odeja KED 0-20 

Celje wins Cup title (Photo:
Points Per Game
  Avg: 17.8
 1. Vujacic, Maribor17.8 
 2. Abramovic, Grosb.16.4 
 3. Gjerkes, Grosbasket13.0 
 4. Kuzma, Maribor12.8 
 5. Trebec, Athlete12.5 
 6. Dojkic, Athlete Ce.12.2 
 7. Prezelj, Athlete12.2 
 8. Ilievski, Domzale11.7 
 9. Okoye, Grosbasket11.3 
 10. Gabrijel, Grosb.10.7 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 9.1
 1. Zdolsek, Triglav9.1 
 2. Drozg, Maribor8.3 
 3. Okoye, Grosbasket8.0 
 4. Ocvirk, Athlete Ce.7.6 
 5. Stefanoski, Domza.7.5 
 6. Rahmanovic, Grosb.6.6 
 7. Jakovina, Athlete6.3 
 8. Klavzar, Grosbasket5.9 
 9. Terry, Grosbasket5.8 
 10. Dover, Maribor5.2 
Assists Per Game
  Athlete Celje
  Avg: 5.4
 1. Dojkic, Athlete Ce.5.4 
 2. Djuric, Grosbasket3.7 
 3. Kuzma, Maribor3.7 
 4. Drozg, Maribor3.3 
 5. Meden, Triglav3.2 
 6. Zibert, Triglav3.2 
 7. Slonjsak, Athlete2.8 
 8. Dover, Maribor2.6 
 9. Zdolsek, Triglav2.6 
 10. Trebec, Athlete2.5 
Steals Per Game
  Athlete Celje
  Avg: 3.3
 1. Dojkic, Athlete Ce.3.3 
 2. Zdolsek, Triglav2.8 
 3. Abramovic, Grosb.2.8 
 4. Dover, Maribor2.4 
 5. Drozg, Maribor2.3 
 6. Ilievski, Domzale2.0 
 7. Ocvirk, Athlete Ce.1.9 
 8. Serdinsek-B., Domz.1.8 
 9. Friskovec, Athlete1.7 
 10. Prezelj, Athlete1.7 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 1.5
 1. Stefanoski, Domza.1.5 
 2. Terry, Grosbasket1.5 
 3. Drozg, Maribor1.1 
 4. Jakobcic, Triglav0.9 
 5. Senicar, Triglav0.9 
 6. Zdolsek, Triglav0.7 
 7. Okoye, Grosbasket0.7 
 8. Dimec, Maribor0.5 
 9. Maric, Athlete Cel.0.4 
 10. Ilievski, Domzale0.4 
Season 2015-2016
All Games
List of Players
List of Imports
Slovenian women teams in Euro cups 2015-2016

ZKK Athlete Celje wins the Slovenian SKL 2015-2016 title (Photo:

ZKK Athlete Celje 2015-16
Damir Grgic Damir Grgic Grgic
Ivana Dojkic
Iva Slonjsak
Tina Trebec
Tina Jakovina
Larisa Ocvirk
# Name CM (INCH) Pos Bo NAT
7  Dojkic Ivana 180 (5'11'') SG 97 Croatia
16  Slonjsak Iva 183 (6'0'') SG 97 Croatia
11  Trebec Tina 190 (6'3'') C 90 Slovenia
9  Jakovina Tina 183 (6'0'') F 92 Slovenia
13  Ocvirk Larisa 184 (6'1'') SF 97 Slovenia
15  Maric Andrea 195 (6'5'') C 97 Croatia
6  Miseljic Milina 186 (6'1'') PF 98 Bosnia
12  Friskovec Zala 174 (5'9'') G 99 Slovenia
8  Gwashavanhu Althea 190 (6'3'') C 97 Slovenia
5  Potocnik Alma 173 (5'8'') PG 97 Slovenia
23  Prezelj Annamaria 177 (5'10'') SG 97 Slovenia
Head Coach: Damir Grgic
Coach Assistant: Zane Bortek All-Slovenian League Awards 2016 - May 13, 2016 All-Slovenian League 1st Team 2016
Ivana Dojkic
Rebeka Abramovic
Ziva Zdolsek
Tina Jakovina
Irma Rahmanovic

Player of the Year: Ivana Dojkic (180-SG-97) of Athlete Celje
Guard of the Year: Ivana Dojkic (180-SG-97) of Athlete Celje
Forward of Year: Ziva Zdolsek (178-F/G-89) of Triglav
Center of the Year: Tina Jakovina (183-F-92) of Athlete Celje
Newcomer of the Year: Eva Prevodnik (166-G-99) of Triglav
Most Improved Player of Year: Larisa Ocvirk (184-SF-97) of Athlete Celje
Import Player of the Year: Ivana Dojkic (180-SG-97) of Athlete Celje
Domestic Player of the Year: Rebeka Abramovic (172-PG-93) of Grosbasket
Defensive Player of Year: Larisa Ocvirk (184-SF-97) of Athlete Celje
Coach of the Year: Damir Grgic of Athlete Celje

1st Team
SG: Ivana Dojkic (180-SG-97) of Athlete Celje
PG: Rebeka Abramovic (172-PG-93) of Grosbasket
F/G: Ziva Zdolsek (178-F/G-89) of Triglav
F: Tina Jakovina (183-F-92) of Athlete Celje
F/C: Irma Rahmanovic (187-F/C-91) of Grosbasket

2nd Team
G: Bojana Djuric (175-G-91) of Grosbasket
SG: Annamaria Prezelj (177-SG-97) of Athlete Celje
G: Alina Gjerkes (180-G-94) of Grosbasket
SF: Larisa Ocvirk (184-SF-97) of Athlete Celje
PF: Sandra Jevtovic (187-PF-93) of Triglav

All-Domestic Players Team
G: Bojana Djuric (175-G-91) of Grosbasket
PG: Rebeka Abramovic (172-PG-93) of Grosbasket
F/G: Ziva Zdolsek (178-F/G-89) of Triglav
F: Tina Jakovina (183-F-92) of Athlete Celje
PF: Sandra Jevtovic (187-PF-93) of Triglav

All-Defensive Team
SG: Ivana Dojkic (180-SG-97) of Athlete Celje
PG: Rebeka Abramovic (172-PG-93) of Grosbasket
F/G: Ziva Zdolsek (178-F/G-89) of Triglav
SF: Larisa Ocvirk (184-SF-97) of Athlete Celje
PF: Maja Jakobcic (184-PF-97) of Triglav

All-Newcomers Team
G: Eva Prevodnik (166-G-99) of Triglav
: Tjasa Galic (98) of Maribor
: Mojca Marusic of Maribor
G: Maja Grintal (177-G-96) of Domzale
PF: Ana Saric (182-PF-0) of Triglav

Celje wins fifth consecutive title, twelfth overall - May 9, 2016

Athlete Celje claimed its fifth consecutive Slovenian Championship and twelth overall, with a 79-59 win over Triglav in Game 3 of 2016 Final best-of-five series. Annamaria Prezelj (177-SG-97) scored 17 points, Tina Jakovina (183-F-92) had 12 points and 10 rebounds, Ivana Dojkic (180-SG-97) and Zala Friskovec (174-G-99) both added 10 points. Triglav was led by Maja Jakobcic (184-PF-97) who posted 17 points on shooting 7-of-9 from the field and grabbed 12 rebounds, Sandra Jevtovic (187-PF-93) and Milica Paligoric (190-C-90, college: Iona) scored 10 points apiece.
Celje, who never trailed, opened the game with a 16-5 run. Triglav cut the deficit to 17-19 early in the second quarter. The home team responded with a 14-0 run to go up 33-17 and its defense held Triglav scoreless for a 5:16 span. Zala Friskovec (174-G-99) scored seven of her total 10 points in that run. Celje had their largest lead of the game at 47-27 early in the second half. At that point, Triglav scored seven straight points and later went on a 17-8 run to make it 53-61 with 6:47 remaining. Celje hit seven straight free throws to ignite a decisive 14-2 run to extend the advantage to 75-55 with 1:35 left.

Celje wins Cup title, coach Grgic ejected, Dojkic named MVP - Mar 6, 2016

Athlete Celje defeated Triglav 71-69 to capture the Slovenian Cup title. Ivana Dojkic (180-SG-97) scored 14 points, handed out 8 assists and was named the MVP of the 2016 Slovenian Cup Final-Four. Tina Trebec (190-C-90) posted 15 points for Celje and Annamaria Prezelj (177-SG-97) added 12 points. Coach Damir Grgic was hit with two technical fouls and ejected late in the third quarter. Celje has dominated the Slovenian Cup, having won 11 of the last 14 editions.
Triglav was led by Urska Zibert (174-G-92) with 22 points and 5 assists, Marusa Senicar (183-SF-97) scored 17 points on shooting 7-of-11 including 3-of-4 from the 3-point line, Sara Meden (171-PG-94) added 11 points and Ziva Zdolsek (178-F/G-89) grabbed 13 rebounds.
After a slow start, 0-7, Celje went on an 11-2 run to take a lead 15-12. They opened the second quarter with a 12-2 span for a 27-18 lead. It was their largest advantage of the night. Triglav tied the game at 27 and after trailing 30-34 early in the third quarter, went on an 11-0 o run to go up 41-34. Triglav had their largest lead of the game at 54-43 with 6:50 remaining. Celje started the huge come back with a five straight points. After a 3-pointer by Marusa Senicar extended Triglav's lead to 61-52 with 3:32 to go, Celje scored a dozen straight points for a 64-61 advantage with 27 seconds left. Urska Zibert (174-G-92), Nina Jesensek (172-SG-98) and Sara Meden all of them for Triglav and twice Celje's Ivana Dojkic made a pair of free throws in the next 11 seconds. Annamaria Prezelj missed both free throws at 68-67, but Tina Trebec grabbed an offensive rebound, was fouled and mad two free throws with eight seconds left to give Celje a three point lead. Triglav cut the deficit to one after Urska Zibert knocked down both free throws and Ivana Dojkic was immediately fouled. With 1.2 seconds left, Croatian teen hit her first free throw and intentionally missed the second . Triglav wasn't able get off a shot.

2016 Slovenian Cup Finals:
ATHLETE CELJE 71 (15+15+9+32): Srot DNP, Potocnik 4, Miseljic, *Dojkic 14, Gwashavanhu 2, *Jakovina 6, *Trebec 15, Friskovec 4, *Ocvirk 6, Maric DNP, Slonjsak 8, *Prezelj 12. Coach: Damir Grgic.

TRIGLAV 69 (14+13+20+22): *Zdolsek 4, Sever DNP, *Meden 11, Jesensek 4, *Jevtovic 6, Jelenc, Prevodnik DNP, *Zibert 22, Paligoric 5, Bosnjak DNP, Jakobcic DNP, *Senicar 17. Coach: Gasper Sluga.

Maribor-Triglav 51-85 (*Kuzma 8, Te.Cvijanovic, *Ti.Cvijanovic 8, *Sevsek 6, Geric, Stegar 2, Dover DNP, Marusic, *Drozg 13, Galic 7, *Dimec 5, Kranjc 2 - *Zdolsek 4, Sever 6, *Meden 6, Jesensek 8, *Jevtovic 17, Jelenc, Prevodnik 8, *Zibert 14, Paligoric 10, Bosnjak, Jakobcic 7, *Senicar 5).
Grosuplje-Athlete Celje 48-86 (Gabrijel, *Abramovic 6, Klavzar DNP, Bajrektarevic 3, *Kastelic 8, A.Jakovina, *Rahmanovic 20, Gorsic 1, Plevnik, *Gjerkes 8, Ajkic 2, *Djuric - Srot, Potocnik 9, Miseljic 3, *Dojkic 19, Gwashavanhu 7, *T.Jakovina 6, *Trebec 8, Friskovec 13, *Ocvirk 3, Maric 2, Slonjsak 13, *Prezelj 3).

by Igor
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