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Telemach Standings
Championship Group
 1. Krka 8-2 
 2. Union Olimpija 7-3 
 3. Helios 6-4 
 4. Zlatorog 5-5 
 5. Elektra 4-6 
 6. Sentjur 0-10 
 1. Polzela 18-10 
 2. Maribor Messer 18-10 
 3. Rogaska 13-15 
 4. Geoplin Slovan 12-16 
 5. LTHcast Mercator 5-23 
 6. Parklji 1-27 
Stage One Standings
Telemach Stage One Standings
 1. Helios 16-2 
 2. Zlatorog 13-5 
 3. Elektra 12-6 
 4. Sentjur 12-6 
 5. Maribor Messer 10-8 
 6. Polzela 9-9 
 7. Rogaska 8-10 
 8. Geoplin Slovan 7-11 
 9. LTHcast Mercator 2-16 
 10. Parklji 1-17 
Play in international cups:
 1. Krka
 2. Union Olimpija
Season 2011-2012
All Games
List of Players
List of Imports

Union Olimpija wins the Cup (Photo:

Krka claim SuperCup title (Photo:
Points Per Game
 Travis NELSON
  Avg: 17.5
 1. Nelson, Sentjur17.5 
 2. Prepelic, Helios16.7 
 3. Tomic, Rogaska15.8 
 4. Hohler, Polzela14.0 
 5. Pajic, Geoplin Slo.14.0 
 6. Maric, Sentjur13.9 
 7. Mahkovic, LTHcas.13.9 
 8. Rupnik, Geoplin13.3 
 9. Panic, Zlatorog13.1 
 10. Dragic, Krka13.0 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 8.6
 1. Miljkovic, Rogaska8.6 
 2. Djugum, Geoplin8.2 
 3. Pajic, Geoplin Slo.7.4 
 4. Omic, Zlatorog7.1 
 5. Nuhanovic, Elektra6.9 
 6. Sviridov, Polzela6.8 
 7. Nelson, Sentjur6.8 
 8. Mucic, Maribor6.7 
 9. Soldo, LTHcast6.6 
 10. Zolotic, Maribor6.0 
Assists Per Game
  Geoplin .
  Avg: 5.3
 1. Rupnik, Geoplin5.3 
 2. Rembert, Sentjur5.1 
 3. Hohler, Polzela4.4 
 4. Tomic, Rogaska4.1 
 5. Vujasinovic, Zlato.3.9 
 6. Fon, Geoplin Slovan3.8 
 7. Prepelic, Helios3.8 
 8. Jovanovic, Maribo.3.8 
 9. Nissim, Krka3.6 
 10. Gay, Helios3.1 
Steals Per Game
 Boban TOMIC
  Avg: 1.9
 1. Tomic, Rogaska1.9 
 2. Vasl, Polzela1.8 
 3. Dasic, Union Olimp.1.8 
 4. Fon, Geoplin Slovan1.7 
 5. Rupnik, Geoplin1.6 
 6. Gay, Helios1.6 
 7. Dragic, Krka1.6 
 8. Mahkovic, LTHcas.1.5 
 9. Panic, Zlatorog1.5 
 10. Urbas, Parklji1.5 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 1.4
 1. Nuhanovic, Elektra1.4 
 2. Nelson, Sentjur1.3 
 3. Omic, Zlatorog1.2 
 4. Sviridov, Polzela1.0 
 5. Thompson, Union O.1.0 
 6. Djugum, Geoplin0.9 
 7. Hannibal, Polzela0.8 
 8. Cresnar, Helios0.7 
 9. Miljkovic, Rogaska0.6 
 10. Primorac, Sentjur0.6 
Slovenian men teams in Euro cups 2011-2012
  • Krka: took 2nd place (4-2) in Group F of Regular Season, took 4th place (1-5) in Group K of Top 16
 Adriatic League:

Krka Novo Mesto wins the Slovenian Telemach League 2011-2012 title (Photo:

Krka Novo Mesto 2011-12
Aleksandar Sekulic Aleksandar Sekulic Sekulic
Mustafa Abdul-Hamid
Afik Nissim
Zoran Dragic
Jure Balazic
Smiljan Pavic
# Name CM (INCH) Pos Bo NAT
4  Abdul-Hamid Mustafa 188 (6'2'') G 88 USA
10  Nissim Afik 180 (5'11'') PG 81 Israel France
11  Dragic Zoran 196 (6'5'') F/G 89 Slovenia
15  Balazic Jure 204 (6'9'') F 80 Slovenia
9  Pavic Smiljan 210 (6'11'') F/C 80 Slovenia
21  Lalic Jure 212 (7'0'') C 86 Croatia
8  Muric Edo 202 (6'8'') F 91 Slovenia
5  Lucic Uros 207 (6'10'') C 83 Serbia
13  Krivec Bojan 188 (6'2'') G 87 Slovenia
7  Petrov Simon 189 (6'3'') G 76 Slovenia
6  Rojc Matej 198 (6'6'') G 93 Slovenia
13  Osolnik Jan 203 (6'8'') F 93 Slovenia
14  Bratoz Domen 183 (6'0'') PG 83 Slovenia
14  Mezan Martin 192 (6'4'') G 93 Slovenia
5  Kastelic Marko 187 (6'2'') G 94 Slovenia
Head Coach: Aleksandar Sekulic All-Slovenian League Awards 2011-12 - May 26, 2012

All-Slovenian League 1st Team 2012
Zoran Dragic
Afik Nissim
Klemen Prepelic
Jure Balazic
Deon Thompson

Player of the Year: Zoran Dragic (196-F/G-89) of Krka
Guard of the Year: Klemen Prepelic (195-G-92) of Helios
Forward of the Year: Zoran Dragic of Krka
Center of the Year: Deon Thompson (203-F-88, college: N.Carolina) (203-F-88) of Union Olimpija
Newcomer of the Year: Miha Lapornik (192-G-93) of Zlatorog
Domestic player of the Year: Zoran Dragic of Krka
Import Player of the Year: Afik Nissim (180-PG-81, agency: Beo Basket) (180-PG-81) of Krka
Defensive Player of the year: Zoran Dragic of Krka
Most Improved Player of the Year: Klemen Prepelic (195-G-92) of Helios
Coach of the Year: Aleksandar Sekulic of Krka

1st Team
PG: Afik Nissim (180-81) of Krka
G: Klemen Prepelic (195-92) of Helios
F/G: Zoran Dragic (196-89) of Krka
F: Jure Balazic (204-80) of Krka
F: Deon Thompson (203-88) of Union Olimpija

2nd Team
PG: Ziga Zagorc (188-84) of Elektra
F: Igor Maric (196-F-85) (196-85) of Sentjur
G: Jaka Blazic (193-90) of Union Olimpija
F: Drazen Bubnic (205-86) of Helios
C: Alen Omic (213-92) of Zlatorog

Honorable Mention
Sasu Salin (190-PG-91) of Union Olimpija
D.J. Gay (183-G-89) of Helios
Vladimir Panic (194-F-82) of Zlatorog
Salih Nuhanovic (209-C-82) of Elektra
Travis Nelson (211-C-87) of Sentjur
Marko Pajic (204-F-92) of Geoplin Slovan
Dejan Hohler (188-G-86) of Polzela

All-Domestic Players Team
PG: Ziga Zagorc (188-84) of Elektra
G: Klemen Prepelic (195-92) of Helios
F/G: Zoran Dragic (196-89) of Krka
F: Jure Balazic (204-80) of Krka
C: Alen Omic (213-92) of Zlatorog

All-Imports Players Team
Afik Nissim of Krka
Igor Maric of Sentjur
Dorde Lelic (197-F-89) of Elektra
Vladimir Dasic (206-F-88, agency: Beo Basket) of Olimpija
Deon Thompson of Olimpija

All-Defensive Team
Ziga Zagorc (188-PG-84) of Elektra
Sasu Salin (190-PG-91) of Union Olimpija
Zoran Dragic of Krka
Jure Balazic (204-F-80) of Krka
Salih Nuhanovic (209-C-82) of Elektra

All-Newcomers Team
Dejan Milasinovic (179-G-89) of Rogaska
Matic Urbas () of Parklji
Miha Lapornik (192-G-93) of Zlatorog
Marko Filipovic (93) of Parklji
Luka Zavrsnik (202-F/C-90) of LTHcast Mercator

Krka wins third straight title in Slovenia - May 24, 2012

Finals, Game 4: Union Olimpija - Krka 55-67 (1-3)

Krka won its third straight title in the country. They cruised past Union Olimpija tonight on the road 55-67 closing the series with almost perfect 3-1. Krka quickly recovered from the home loss in Game One and after that managed to beat its rival three times in a row (twice in Ljubljana).
The guests trailed by 1 point after three quarters before their 20-7 charge, which allowed them to win the game. Krka dominated on the defensive end, holding Union Olimpija to just 7 points in fourth quarter. They made 19-of-24 free shots (79.2 percent) during the game. 25 personal fouls committed by Union Olimpija helped opponents get some easy free throw opportunities. Point guard Afik Nissim (180-81, agency: Beo Basket) fired 18 points for the winners. Jure Balazic (204-F-80) had 14 points, while international swingman Zoran Dragic (196-89) chipped in 8 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists. American forward Deon Thompson (203-88, college: N.Carolina) produced 18 points and Montenegrin forward Vladimir Dasic (206-88, agency: Beo Basket) added 13 points and 5 rebounds respectively for lost side.
Krka was the regular season champion with 8-2 record. They eliminated Zlatorog with perfect 2-0 in the Semis. It is important to mention that Union Olimpija won the Slovenian Cup this season.

Union Olimpija: D.Thompson 18+4reb, V.Dasic 13+5reb+1ast, J.Blazic 11+4reb+1ast, J.Mocnik 9+1reb+2ast, G.Jeretin 2+2ast, G.Jagodnik 2+5reb
Krka: A.Nissim 18+1reb+1ast, J.Balazic 14+3reb+1ast, J.Lalic 11+7reb, Z.Dragic 8+5reb+5ast, M.Abdul-Hamid 6+2reb+3ast, E.Muric 5+6reb

Union Olimpija celebrates 18th Cup Trophy in its history! - Feb 20, 2012

KRKA: UNION OLIMPIJA 68:63 (22:13, 15:18, 9:16, 22:16)
Jeretin 13 (4 assists), Salin 12, Dragic 19, Pavic 10 (10 rebounds).

Union Olimpija for the 18th time became Cup champions of Slovenia. In the last five minutes of the finals of the tournament in the Spar Breice 18:10 turnaround allowed to celebrate a deserved cup trophy. Most Valuable Player of the tournament was awarded player of Union Olimpija Deon Thompson.

All-Star Game: Foreigners grab 89-88 win, Deon Thompson MVP - Jan 17, 2012

Domestic players - Foreigners 88-89

It was very exciting All-Star Game played on January 2 in Domzale. Foreigners grabbed 89-88 thriller win against the Domestic players team. Deon Thompson (203-F-88, college: N.Carolina) was named the MVP of this event. He led Foreigners with 24 points. D.J. Gay (183-G-89, college: San Diego St.) followed him with 13 points and 7 assists, while Igor Maric (196-F-85) had 12 pts. For Domestic players, Jure Balazic (204-F-80) was the only one with double-digits in scoring - 16 points (7 rebounds). Jaka Blazic (193-G-90) (5 rebs) and Zoran Dragic (196-F/G-89) netted 9 points each. Quarters - 28:23, 16:26, 23:25, 21:15. Head Coach of the Domestic players team was Slovenian specialist Zmagoslav Sagadin. Aleksandar Sekulic led Foreigners from the bench. There were more than 2.000 fans at Hala Komunalnega Centra in Domzale.

Domestic players: Prepelic 8, Rupnik 6 (6 as, 5 rebs), Lapornik 4, Muric 8 (4 as), Omic 8, Dragic 9, Pajic 8 (8 rebs), Blazic 9, Nuhanovic 8, Jovanovic 4, Mahkovic, Balazic 16 (7 rebs)
Foreigners: Skific, Rembert, Maric 12, Thompson 24, Kastrati 3, Lelic 2, Rizvic 2, Sviridov 6, Gay 13 (7 as), Salin 11, Sockic 9, Pasalic 7

Krka clinch SuperCup title - Oct 5, 2011

Krka - Union Olimipja 80:72

Krka clinched the first trophy of the season. They overcame Union Olimpija to celebrate SuperCup title. Jimmy Baxter (198-G-80, college: S.Florida) stepped up with 20 points to pace the winners.
Krka grabbed the initiative in the opening frame. They registered a 20:13 lead after ten minutes of action. Union Olimpija adjusted their offence in the second frame. The Slovenian powerhouse got within 6 points at the interval 31:37. But Krka did not allow their opponents to take over in the second half. Nenad Trajkovic team controlled the tempo posting a 56:48 lead with ten minutes to go. Krka unloaded 24 points in the fourth frame and rallied to a confident win at the end. Curtis Stinson (187-G-83, college: Iowa St.) posted 18 points, while Jerome Jordan (213-C-86, college: Tulsa) contributed 11 points for the winning team. Danny Green (198-G/F-87, college: N.Carolina) answered with 19 points for Union Olimpija. Aleksandar Capin (186-PG-82, agency: Beo Basket) notched 15 points in the loss.

Krka: Jimmy Baxter 20, Curtis Stinson 18, Jerome Jordan 11
Union Olimpija: Danny Green 19, Aleksandar Capin 15

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