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Basketligan Standings
 1. Boras 3-1 
 2. Uppsala 2-0 
 3. Jamtland 2-1 
 4. BC Lulea 2-1 
 5. Sodertalje 2-1 
 6. Nassjo 2-1 
 7. Norrkoping 1-2 
 8. Malbas 0-3 
 9. Umea 0-4 
Full Standings
Basketettan Standings
 1. AIK 3-0 
 2. Djurgarden 3-0 
 3. Alvik Basket 2-1 
 4. LF Future 2-1 
 5. Jamtland II 2-2 
 6. KFUM Fryshuset 2-2 
 7. KFUM Uppsala 1-2 
 8. BG Lulea 1-3 
 9. Solna Vikings 0-0 
 10. KFUM Blackeberg 0-1 
 11. KFUM Central 0-2 
 12. Norrort 0-2 
 1. Hogsbo 3-0 
 2. IK Eos 2-0 
 3. Koping 2-0 
 4. Wetterbygden 2-1 
 5. Trelleborg 2-1 
 6. Huddinge 2-1 
 7. Eskilstuna 1-1 
 8. Helsingborg 1-2 
 9. RIG Mark 1-2 
 10. Hoganas 0-2 
 11. Talje 0-2 
 12. Lobas 0-4 
Full Standings
FIBA Europe Cup Standings
Group A
 1 Benfica 1-0 
 2 Chalon 1-0 
 3 Alba 0-1 
 4 Brussels 0-1 
Group B
 1 Gravelines 1-0 
 2 Kormend 1-0 
 3 Groningen 0-1 
 4 Limburg United 0-1 
Group C
 1 Sodertalje 1-0 
 2 Telekom Bsk 0-0 
 3 Mons-Hainaut 0-1 
Group D
 1 Antwerp 1-0 
 2 Nanterre 1-0 
 3 FC Porto 0-1 
 4 Sopron KC 0-1 
Group E
 1 Oberwart 1-0 
 2 Pau-Lacq-Orthez 0-0 
 3 TU/Rock 0-1 
Group F
 1 Lukoil Acad. 1-0 
 2 Prievidza 1-0 
 3 Bnei Hertzeliyya 0-1 
 4 Steaua CSM 0-1 
Group G
 1 Gaziantep 1-0 
 2 UBT Cluj Napoca 1-0 
 3 AEK 0-1 
 4 Peja 0-1 
Group H
 1 Demir IBB 1-0 
 2 Enisey 1-0 
 3 Rilski 0-1 
 4 Sigal Prishtina 0-1 
Group I
 1 Targu Mures 1-0 
 2 Vytautas 0-0 
 3 TLU/Kalev 0-1 
Group J
 1 BK Pardubice 1-0 
 2 Tsmoki-Minsk 1-0 
 3 Apoel 0-1 
 4 Siauliai 0-1 
Points Per Game
  Avg: 24.7
 1. Bruesewitz, Jamtl.24.7 
 2. Bizaca, Sodertalje19.7 
 3. Cinac, Jamtland18.0 
 4. Rodgers, Malbas18.0 
 5. Hines, Boras17.3 
 6. Washington, Boras17.0 
 7. Darling, Norrkoping17.0 
 8. Lindqvist, Uppsala17.0 
 9. Oglesby, Umea16.8 
 10. Gutenius, Nassjo16.0 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 12.3
 1. Bruesewitz, Jamtl.12.3 
 2. Anzuluni, BC Lulea11.5 
 3. Zuilhof, Malbas10.0 
 4. Spires, Sodertalje8.7 
 5. Nordstrom, Uppsala8.5 
 6. Bizaca, Sodertalje7.7 
 7. Valentine, Umea7.5 
 8. Kjellbom, Norrkopi.7.5 
 9. Ruffin, Nassjo7.0 
 10. Hines, Boras6.7 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 7.3
 1. Washington, Boras7.3 
 2. Durham, Jamtland6.3 
 3. Ronnqvist, BC Lul.5.7 
 4. Person, Uppsala5.0 
 5. Peltier, Malbas3.7 
 6. Oglesby, Umea3.5 
 7. Nordstrom, Uppsala3.5 
 8. Hansson, Jamtland3.3 
 9. Latkovic, Nassjo3.3 
 10. Andersson, Boras3.3 
Steals Per Game
 Karim WAZZI
  Avg: 2.7
 1. Wazzi, Nassjo2.7 
 2. Plannthin, Norrkop.2.5 
 3. Upshur, BC Lulea2.3 
 4. Anzuluni, BC Lulea2.0 
 5. Barnes, Nassjo2.0 
 6. Hines, Boras1.7 
 7. Andersson, Boras1.7 
 8. Eriksson, Uppsala1.5 
 9. Nordstrom, Uppsala1.5 
 10. Smith, Norrkoping1.5 
Blocks Per Game
 Nicholas SPIRES
  Avg: 3.3
 1. Spires, Sodertalje3.3 
 2. Kjellbom, Norrkopi.2.0 
 3. Wolfram, Umea1.5 
 4. Valentine, Umea1.3 
 5. Purifoy, Jamtland1.0 
 6. Wright, Boras1.0 
 7. Lindell, Uppsala1.0 
 8. Hines, Boras1.0 
 9. Upshur, BC Lulea1.0 
 10. Ruffin, Nassjo1.0 

Next Round Schedule

Round 5 (Regular Season)

Sodertalje Oct.25 Uppsala 63%
Norrkoping Oct.25 Nassjo 65%
Umea 57% Oct.25 Malbas
BC Lulea 57% Oct.24 Boras
Next Round Schedule

Round 5 (Regular Season)

BG Lulea Oct.23 Djurgarden 91%
Hogsbo 62% Oct.23 IK Eos
LF Future 63% Oct.23 Jamtland II
Trelleborg 71% Oct.23 RIG Mark
KFUM Uppsal Oct.23 Alvik Bsk 77%
Solna Viking Oct.23 KFUM Fryshu 96%
Helsingborg Oct.22 Wetterbygden 70%
Eskilstuna Oct.22 IK Eos 76%
Koping 98% Oct.22 Hoganas
Norrort Oct.22 AIK 99%
Huddinge 95% Oct.22 Lobas
Hogsbo 99% Oct.22 Talje
KFUM Blacke 57% Oct.22 KFUM Cent.
Next Round Schedule

Round 2 (Regular Season)

Group A
Alba 58% Oct.26 Brussels
Chalon 55% Oct.25 Benfica
Group B
Limburg Unit 56% Oct.25 Groningen
Gravelines 55% Oct.25 Kormend
Group C
Telekom Bsk Oct.25 Sodertalje 97%
Group D
Nanterre 96% Oct.26 FC Porto
Antwerp 98% Oct.25 Sopron KC
Group E
Pau-Lacq-Ort 58% Oct.26 TU/Rock
Group F
Bnei Hertzel Oct.26 Prievidza 98%
Steaua CSM Oct.25 Lukoil Acad 96%
Group G
Peja 58% Oct.26 AEK
Gaziantep 59% Oct.26 UBT Cluj Na
Group H
Sigal Prisht 56% Oct.26 Rilski
Enisey 55% Oct.25 Demir IBB
Group I
Vytautas Oct.26 Targu Mures 97%
Group J
BK Pardubice 55% Oct.26 Tsmoki-Minsk
Siauliai 56% Oct.26 Apoel
Exclusive interview with Vedran Bosnic, the coach of the year in Sweden! - Aug 12, 2011

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Exclusive interview with Vedran Bosnic , the coach of the year in Sweden, and one of the most talented young coaches in Europe!

- How do you feel as the winner of the best coach reward in Sweden during your first season?

I would lie if I would say that it does not flatter me. However, what makes me really happy is the way my team played last season. I am happy with individual development of all my play-ers who accepted hard work and always gave maximum, and we eventually gained good re-sults. The reward is just an encouragement for us to work even harder and achieve even better results.

-You have a lot of international experience since you played in 9 different countries and at lmost all levels. How much did that help you in your coaching career?

It helped a lot; this experience is a great fortune, especially because I was lucky to have great coaches as Mladen Ostojic, Dule Vujosevic, Jonas Zazlauskas, Vlado Vanjak, If you take a little bit from each of them it can help you a lot, but most important is that you have your own ideas and that your follow your own philosophy.

- What is the difference between Swedish and European basketball?

There are many differences especially in the way of work and in mentality. Swedish basketball league has advanced a lot recently which can be seen from development of young players. There are more and more of them in big European clubs. The Swedish league is much stronger than it is actually perceived in Europe. Unfortunately, only one Swedish club played in Europe last year. It is Norrkoping. They were among 16 in FIBA Challenge. I am of the opin-ion that at least 2-3 of Swedish clubs should take part in European competitions and that would help a lot in basketball development in Sweden.

- What do you think should be done to add more quality to Swedish basketball?

Above all, quality work with young people which automatically means better coaches in youth selections. There is a plenty of talent in Sweden, we just need to keep quality work and invest in youth.
My club and a couple of other clubs have a good vision for youth, but it can not be said in general and for all clubs unfortunately.
I think that the system of competition should be extended from 6 months to 7-8 months, plus there should be a play off organized after the season, so that young players have more room for improvement.

- How do you see Swedish NT in future?

Sweden has a very good potential in young players and in new generations, but these players have to grow up professionally to reach high basketball standards. I see Sweden at the Euro-pean Championship very soon, because with the new system of competition it will be much easier to enter the Championship and compete with European teams of the highest quality. I would be surprised if that does not happen in the coming years.

- What do you expect your team to make during the next season?

It is too early to talk about it because most of the clubs including us have not finalized rosters yet. What I can say at the moment is that my wish is certainly to play quality basketball again, basketball which is very recognizable and solely based on a quality defense. Development of my players in professional and personal sense is my priority and my goal.

- What are your expectations and personal aspirations in terms of development of your career?

First of all I wish to learn more and I hope to get more opportunities to work with top profes-sionals on top levels. Every year basketball gets a larger dimension and that fascinates me. I am totally concentrated on my work with Sodertalje Kings and thats all I am interested in, and whether I will take over a bigger European team is something that time will show soon.

Thank you for the interview Vedran. Eurobasket wishes you a lot of success in your career.


Papy Ndiaye gets MVP of the Week award for Swedish Basketettan - 1 day ago

Talented Papy Ndiaye (187-G-94) had a great game in the last round for Trelleborg and that's him to receive a Basketettan Player of the Week award for round 4. The 22-year old guard had the game-high 26 points adding five rebounds and three assists for Trelleborg in his team's victory, helping them to crush, the league's bottom-ranked team Lobas (#12, 0-4) with 24-point margin 93-69. Trelleborg is placed at 5th position in their group in Swedish Basketettan. They would have...   [read more]

Serkan Inan
Basketettan Round 4: AIK keeps a leadership position - 2 days ago

The game had a very big importance for second-ranked AIK as it allowed them to take a leadership position. AIK smashed bottom-ranked KFUM Central in Solna 79-59. The game was mostly controlled by AIK. KFUM Central managed to win third quarter 20-18. But it was not enough to take a lead and get a victory that evening. AIK forced 25 KFUM Central turnovers. The former international guard Serkan Inan (201-86) fired 18 points and 6 rebounds for the winners. Forward Jonathan Gunnarsson (195-95)...   [read more]

Boggs number one in Swedish Basketettan for round 3 - 4 days ago

American Ronald Boggs (91) put on an extraordinary performance in the last round for Koping, receiving a Basketettan Player of the Week award for round 3. The 25-year old player had a double-double of 19 points and 12 rebounds, while his team outclassed Wetterbygden (#4, 2-1) with 26-point margin 95-69. Koping is placed at 3rd position in their group in Swedish Basketettan. They maintain a perfect record without any lost game in the league. But it's just the very beginning...   [read more]

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