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Loan Suffia


Luca Maffioli
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Players/Coaches Movement in Switzerland in summer 2017
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Updated on: October 21, 2017

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Players Joined
 Jules Aw  Senegalese Swiss (202-F/C-86)  from Lugano Tigers (SBL)  
 Milos Jankovic  (206-C-94)  from Metalac (Serbia)  
 Keon Moore  USA (196-G/F-92)  from Tajfun (Slovenia)  
 Tylor Ongwae  Kenyan (199-F-91)  from Taranaki MA (New Zealand)  
 Justin Roberson  USA (186-PG-93)  from Fribourg (SBL)  
 Yuri Solca  (182-PG-0)  from Massagno U23 (2LN)  
 Thomas Strelow  (186-G/F-99)  from Massagno U23 (2LN)  
Players Stayed
 Oliver Huettenmoser  (200-PF-92)
 Andrea Mausli  (193-SG-0)
 Juri Solca  (186-SG-99)
 Francesco Veri  (183-F-99)
 Marco Magnani  Italian Swiss (181-PG-85)
 Peter Ishiodu  (196-F-91)
 Alexander Martino  (183-G-98)
 Andrea Bracelli  (192-SF-97)
 Daniel Andjelkovic  Serbian Swiss (199-PF-94)
 Fabio Appavou  (186-G-94)

  BBC MONTHEY  (Champion)  
Players Joined
 Kevin Blaser  (198-F-99)
 Yoan Granvorka  French Swiss (201-F-98)  from Nancy (France)  
 Terrance Henry  USA (206-F-89)  from Kangoeroes (Belgium)  
 Bijanu Kashama  (195-F-91)  from Lakers (SBL)  
 Dusan Katnic  Serbian (193-PG-89)  from MZT Skopje (FYR Macedonia)  
 Jonathan Kazadi  (193-G-91)  from Orleans (France)  
 Gilles Martin  Spanish Swiss (175-PG-89)  from Lakers (SBL)  
 Dan Solioz  (187-G-96)  from Pully (SBL)  
Players Stayed
 Thomas Fritschi  (187-G-98)
 Markel Humphrey  USA (198-F-86)
 Divin Zayadiaku  DR Congolese (187-G-0)
 Jonathan Dubas  Belgian Swiss (204-F/C-91)
 Rodrigue Maza  French (208-PF-91)
 Jerry Kuba  DR Congolese (185-G-0)
Free Agents
 Pankracije Barac  Croatian (196-G-81)
 Brandon Wood  USA (187-G-89)
 Marin Bavcevic  Croatian Swiss (185-PG-88)
 Ludovic Grau  (197-F-96)

Players Joined
 Brandon Brown  USA (180-PG-91)  from Loyola Mary (NCAA)  
 Maxime Brugnerotto  (185-G-1)  from Boncourt II (NL1)  
 Raimundas Danys  Lithuanian (198-F-85)  from Neuchatel (SBL)  
 Michael Daramola  Nigerian Swiss (190-SF-97)  from Acad.Fribourg (NLB)  
 Marlon Kessler  French Swiss (192-G-98)  from ASVEL (France)  
 Juraj Kozic  Croatian Swiss (198-SF-95)  from Geneve Lions (SBL)  
 Travis Landenbergue  (175-G-0)  from Boncourt II (NL1)  
 Amir Savon  French (201-F-96)  from Winterthur (SBL)  
 Marc Seylan  (193-G-92)  from Md-E Shore (NCAA)  
 Amir Williams  USA (211-C-92)  from Taylor Hawks (New Zealand)  
Players Stayed
 Djo M'putu  DR Congolese Swiss (196-C-98)
Free Agents
 Patrick Sullivan  USA (206-F/C-88)
 Alioune Tew  French (206-C-92)
 Richard Carter  USA (180-PG-92)
 Bastien Gredy  (181-G-95)
Coaches Joined
 Romain Gaspoz  from Fribourg (SBL)  

Players Joined
 Sam Downey  USA (206-C-94)  from Yale (NCAA)  
 Mathias Gredy  (192-F-93)  from Boncourt II (NL1)  
 Jona Hoffmann  (192-G/F-98)  from Baunach (Germany)  
 Jeyvi Miavivululu  (201-F/C-90)  from Neuchatel (SBL)  
 R.J. Price  USA (180-PG-93)  from Dresden (Germany)  
 Leo Schittenhelm  (194-SF-94)  from Neuchatel (SBL)  
 Nikola Stevanovic  Serbian Swiss (195-G-92)  from Swiss Central (SBL)  
 Alex Welsh  USA (200-F-94)  from Siarka (Poland)  
Players Stayed
 Ramirez Ferreras  Spanish (194-F-99)
 Leonard Marchand  (180-PG-91)
 Nicolas Hulliger  (190-G/F-1)
 Cristian Henrici  (187-G-98)
Free Agents
 Shane Southwell  USA (201-F/G-92)
 Badou Diagne  Senegalese (201-F-93)
 Jordan Downing  USA (196-G-92)
 Stefan Petkovic  Serbian Swiss (185-PG-92)
 Sean Sheldon  USA (210-F-93)

Players Joined
 Murphy Burnatowski  Canadian (200-PF-90)  from Apoel (Cyprus)  
 David Fosserat  (190-G-96)  from Monthey (SBL)  
 Warren Hall  USA (188-G)  from Warner (NAIA)  
 Slobodan Miljanic  Montenegrin (201-F-90)  from Peja (Kosovo)  
 Dylan Schommer  (204-G-97)  from Acad.Fribourg (NLB)  
 Mohamed Souare  Guinean Swiss (200-F/C-92)  from Meyrin Basket (NLB)  
 Andrej Stimac  (204-F/C-79)  from Kvarner 2010 (Croatia)  
 Chad Timberlake  USA (194-G-84)  from Geneve Lions (SBL)  
 Babacar Toure  Senegalese (205-C/F-85)  from Lakers (SBL)  
Players Stayed
 Victor Desponds  (178-G-98)
 Jeremy Ebenda  (195-F-98)
 Jeremy Jaunin  (170-PG-91)
 Dusan Mladjan  Serbian Swiss (198-G/F-86)
 Natan Jurkovitz  French Swiss (199-F-95)
 Boris Mbala  (185-G-96)

Players Joined
 Marquis Addison  USA (195-G-91)  from Macc.Rehovot (Israel)  
 Arnaud Cotture  (203-PF-95)  from Fribourg (SBL)  
 Dominique Elliott  USA (203-F/C-91)  from Krka (Slovenia)  
 Brandon Kuba  DR Congolese Swiss (197-F-98)  from Lions U23 (1LN)  
 Lester Medford  USA (178-PG-93)  from Falco-Vulcano (Hungary)  
 Nelson Moke  (183-G-98)  from Lions U23 (1LN)  
 Lucas Pythoud  (174-PG-93)  from Lausanne (NLB)  
Players Stayed
 Paul Gravet  French Swiss (204-PF-95)
 Randon Grueninger  (193-F-95)
 Roberto Kovac  (189-SG-90)
 Eliott Kubler  (198-F/G-98)
 Marko Mladjan  Serbian Swiss (205-PF-93)
 Justin Solioz  (184-PG-0)
Free Agents
 Kelvin Parker  USA (184-PG-82)
 Chris Braswell  USA (206-F-89)
 Brandon Garrett  USA (206-F-90)
 Kevin Madiamba  (199-F-94)
Coaches Joined
 Vedran Bosnic  Bosnia and Herzegovina Swedish  from Sodertalje (Sweden)  

Players Joined
 Christian Bianchi  (183-F/G-97)  from Lug.Tigers U23 (NLB)  
 Dylan Haines  USA (213-F-94)  from Boston U. (NCAA)  
 Westher Molteni  Dominican Rep. Swiss (200-F-87)  from Fribourg (SBL)  
 James Padgett  USA (203-C/F-91)  from Lakeside L. (Australia)  
 Dominique Rambo  USA (183-PG-91)  from BC Timisoara (Romania)  
 Isaiah Williams  USA (201-G/F-92)  from Kangoeroes (Belgium)  
Players Stayed
 Tristan Carey  USA (193-G-91)
 Dusko Lukic  (184-G-98)
 Florian Steinmann  (197-SF-91)
 Fernando Mussongo  Angolan Swiss (195-F-96)
 Derek Stockalper  USA Swiss (196-F-84)
Free Agents
 Antonio Ballard  USA (196-G/F-88)
 Mattia Cafisi  (185-PG-97)
 Terrell Everett  USA (193-G-84)
 Kaylon Williams  USA (190-G-89)
Coaches Joined
 Thibaut Petit  from Liege (Belgium)  

  PULLY BASKET  (Promoted)  
Players Joined
 Tony Brown  USA (193-G-79)  from Neuchatel (SBL)  
 Thomas Bugnon  (171-PG-94)  from Villars (NLB)  
 Shaquille Cleare  Bahamas (203-C-93)  from Lausanne (NLB)  
 Tyran De Lattibeaudiere  Jamaican (201-F-91)  from Swiss Central (SBL)  
 Asase Mawuli-kplim  (176-PG-99)  from Lausanne (NLB)  
 Thomas Petignat  (190-G/F-98)  from Boncourt (SBL)  
 Jonas Rothrock  (181-G-96)  from Lausanne (NLB)  
 Badara Top  (193-F/C-88)  from Lausanne (NLB)  
 Jonathan Wade  USA (193-G-93)  from Norfolk St. (NCAA)  
Players Stayed
 Andres Rodriguez  (193-G/F-88)
 Julien Waelti  (198-F-98)
Free Agents
 Derval Botuna  DR Congolese Swiss (201-F/C-95)
 Dorian Kury  (187-G-97)
 Derrick Lang  USA (192-G-80)
 Gino Martinez  Dominican Rep. Swiss (192-F-83)
 Noe Lopez  (188-G-98)
 Leo Fragniere  (199-SF-97)
 Antoine Schuerch  (203-C-95)
 Timothy Ecott  (191-F-94)
 Marvin King  (185-G/F-94)
Coaches Joined
 Randoald Dessarzin  from Lausanne (NLB)  
 Peter Rothrock  from Lausanne (NLB)  

  RIVIERA LAKERS  (Promoted)  
Players Joined
 Cedric Bonga  DR Congolese Swiss (187-G-85)  from Meyrin Basket (NLB)  
 Ismail Conus  (183-G-99)  from Martigny (NL1)  
 Vincent Gaillard  (203-PF-93)  from Boncourt (SBL)  
 Mansour Kasse  Senegalese (208-C-92)  from Moron (Spain)  
 Eric Katenda  DR Congolese French (206-F-92)  from Le Portel (France)  
 Axel Louissaint  (197-G/F-96)  from Lugano Tigers (SBL)  
 Gardner Louissaint  (197-F-91)  from Boncourt (SBL)  
 Steeve Louissaint  (191-PG-87)  from Geneve Lions (SBL)  
 Stefan Zivanovic  Serbian (196-SG-89)  from Kumanovo (FYR Macedonia)  
Players Stayed
 Yacine Conus  (183-G-99)
 Ismael N'Diaye  Ivorian (197-SF-82)
 Milos Rajic  Serbian Swiss (186-G-91)
 Lucas Ravenel  (206-F/C-99)
 Pedro Pessoa  Portuguese (190-G/F-91)
Free Agents
 Arnaud Barapila  (196-F/C-87)
 Ismal Conus
 Thomas Studer  (199-F/C-84)
 Christian Boveda  Spanish (199-F/C-92)
 Luca Ferrari  (192-G/F-95)
 Mathias Tolusso  (190-PG-95)
 Coco Kashama  DR Congolese Swiss (196-F-81)

Players Joined
 Petar Babic  (190-G-85)  from Zabok (Croatia)  
 Nemanja Calasan  Serbian Montenegrin (204-C-85)  from Boncourt (SBL)  
 Guillaume Gredy  (195-F-96)  from Boncourt (SBL)  
 A.J. Hess  USA Armenian (201-G/F-94)  from S.Dakota St. (NCAA)  
 Branislav Kostic  (180-PG-94)  from Boncourt (SBL)  
 Brunelle Tutonda  (201-F-89)  from Pepinster B (Belgium)  
Players Stayed
 Augusto Carrara  Italian Swiss (192-G/F-0)
 Robert Devcic  Croatian Swiss (192-SF-92)
 Alexis Herrmann  (177-PG-92)
 Aleksa Pavlovic  (187-PG-99)
 Bjoern Schoo  German (213-C-81)
 Luca Streich  (200-PF-99)
 Philippe Sager  (197-F-93)
 Alessandro Verga  (191-G-95)
 Joel Fuchs  (190-PG-89)
Free Agents
 Octavius Brown  USA (206-F/C-93)
 Patrik Hauri  (195-PF-93)

Players Joined
 Austin Chatman  USA (183-PG-93)  from Mornar Bar (Montenegro)  
 Tommy Fankhauser  (185-G/F-97)  from BC AKA (LNB)  
 Martynas Kairavicius  Lithuanian (196-SG-88)  from GC Zurich (NLB)  
 Eric Thompson  USA (204-C-93)  from ETB Wohnbau (Germany)  
 Laurent Zoccoletti  (201-F-99)  from GC Zurich (NLB)  
Players Stayed
 Nemanja Kovacevic  Serbian (194-G-85)
 Marco Lehmann  (186-SG-93)
 Sebastiano Morandi  (176-PG-89)
 Ivo Volic  (196-PF-94)
 Luka Mandic  Croatian Swiss (205-C/F-96)
 Branko Tomic  Serbian Swiss (196-F/C-96)
 Michael Pluess  (190-G/F-90)
Free Agents
 Toni Rocak  Croatian (198-F-99)
 Jerome Domingos  (193-G/F-97)

Players Joined
 Bryan Colon  Dominican Rep. Swiss (181-G-92)  from Indios SFM (Dominican Rep.)  
 Eric Fongue  (201-F-91)  from Fribourg (SBL)  
 Julian Jovanovic  (186-PG-92)  from Neuchatel (SBL)  
 Mikael Maruotto  French Swiss (201-SF-91)  from Monthey (SBL)  
 Kevin Monteiro  Portuguese Swiss (196-F-94)  from Winterthur (SBL)  
 Kaanu Olaniyi  (206-C-98)  from Neuchatel (SBL)  
 Spencer Parker  USA (201-F-93)  from Juventus (Lithuania)  
 David Ramseier  French Swiss (202-C-87)  from Geneve Lions (SBL)  
 Tayloe Taylor  USA (191-G-86)  from Craiova (Romania)  
 Andre Williamson  USA (202-F-89)  from Aix-Maurienne (France)  
Players Stayed
 Cedric Mafuta  (192-G/F-84)
 Brian Savoy  Argentinian Swiss (189-G-92)
Free Agents
 Durand Johnson  USA (198-F/G-92)
 Juwann James  USA (198-F/C-87)
 Zoran Krstanovic  Serbian (204-F/C-82)
Coaches Joined
 Vladimir Ruzicic  Serbian  from Fribourg (SBL)  

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