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Luca Maffioli
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LNA Standings
 1. Fribourg 17-3 
 2. Monthey 14-6 
 3. Lugano Tigers 13-7 
 4. Neuchatel 13-7 
 5. Geneve Lions 13-7 
 6. Starwings 9-11 
 7. Swiss Central 9-11 
 8. Lausanne 7-13 
 9. Boncourt 7-13 
 10. Massagno 6-14 
 11. Winterthur 2-18 
Full Standings
LNB Standings
 1. Vevey 18-3 
 2. Meyrin Basket 14-6 
 3. Pully 14-6 
 4. BBC Nyon 13-7 
 5. Villars 12-9 
 6. GC Zurich 6-14 
 7. Acad.Fribourg 5-16 
 8. Lug.Tigers U23 0-21 
Full Standings
1LN Standings
 1. Soleure-Solothurn 14-4 
 2. Boncourt II 13-5 
 3. BCKE 11-7 
 4. Grasshopp.U23 11-7 
 5. Baden 10-8 
 6. Baeren 10-8 
 7. SAV Vacallo 10-8 
 8. Massagno U23 8-10 
 9. Arbedo 2-16 
 10. Muraltese 1-17 
 1. Lions U23 15-5 
 2. Blonay Basket 14-6 
 3. Saint-Prex 14-6 
 4. Bernex 13-7 
 5. Chene 13-7 
 6. Martigny 13-7 
 7. Sion 10-10 
 8. Sarine 7-13 
 9. Collombey-Muraz 5-15 
 10. Agaune 3-17 
 11. Renens 3-17 
Stats Leaders
Points Per Game
 Rashad WHACK
  Avg: 22.8
 1. Whack, Winterthur22.8 
 2. Cochran, Lausanne22.1 
 3. Ballard, Geneve Lions21.6 
 4. Day, Massagno19.3 
 5. Wilson, Lausanne19.1 
 6. Niles, Massagno19.1 
 7. Jones, Starwings18.7 
 8. Krstanovic, Neuch.18.3 
 9. Carter, Boncourt17.9 
 10. Mladjan, Geneve L.17.8 
Rebounds Per Game
 Nemanja CALASAN
  Avg: 12.6
 1. Calasan, Boncourt12.6 
 2. Vinson, Starwings11.8 
 3. Aw, Lugano Tigers9.8 
 4. Jennings, Winte.9.6 
 5. Bergstedt, Massa.9.5 
 6. Krstanovic, Neuch.9.4 
 7. Taylor, Fribourg9.1 
 8. Sheldon, Winte.9.0 
 9. Heath, Monthey8.6 
 10. Brown, Swiss C.8.5 
Assists Per Game
  Lugano T.
  Avg: 8.2
 1. Williams, Lugano T.8.2 
 2. Parker, Geneve L.7.7 
 3. Young, Monthey6.4 
 4. Everett, Lugano T.6.3 
 5. Kovacevic, Swiss C.5.4 
 6. Wright, Fribourg5.0 
 7. Bavcevic, Monthey4.9 
 8. Williams, Geneve L.4.8 
 9. Jones, Starwings4.4 
 10. Magnani, Massagno4.4 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 3
 1. Cochran, Lausanne3.0 
 2. Wright, Fribourg2.5 
 3. Jones, Starwings2.4 
 4. Wilson, Lausanne2.0 
 5. Williams, Lugano T.1.8 
 6. Taylor, Fribourg1.8 
 7. Carter, Boncourt1.7 
 8. Williams, Geneve L.1.7 
 9. James, Neuchatel1.6 
 10. Pluess, Swiss Central1.6 
Blocks Per Game
 Rhamel BROWN
  Swiss C.
  Avg: 2.2
 1. Brown, Swiss C.2.2 
 2. Heath, Monthey1.8 
 3. Jennings, Winte.1.3 
 4. Swannegan, Lausa.1.1 
 5. James, Neuchatel1.0 
 6. Monteiro, Winte.1.0 
 7. Bergstedt, Massa.0.9 
 8. Cotture, Fribourg0.8 
 9. Evans, Massagno0.8 
 10. Loveridge, Lausanne0.7 

Clint Capela's double-double lands him Player of the Week award among Swiss players playing currently abroad: - Mar 12, 2017

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We bring you last week's top performances from Swiss players who are playing abroad and who all have had prior experience of national team duties at youth or senior level.

Clint Capela
Clint Capela
   #1. This week's number one is former international power forward Clint Capela (208-94, currently plays in NBA). He was the major contributor in a Houston Rockets' victory against the Memphis Grizzlies (36-29) 123-108 in the NBA in Saturday night's game. Capela had a double-double by scoring 24 points and getting 11 rebounds in 29 minutes on the court. The Houston Rockets have a solid 45-21 record this season. Capela has individually a very good year with high stats. He averages: 12.5ppg, 7.8rpg, 1.2bpg, 2FGP: 64.7%(281-434) and FT: 53.8% in 51 games he played so far. Capela played for the Swiss senior national team three years ago.

Thabo Sefolosha
Thabo Sefolosha
   #2. Second place goes to an experienced former international guard Thabo Sefolosha (201-84, currently plays in NBA). He could not help the Atlanta Hawks (36-29) in their last game on Sunday. Despite Sefolosha's good performance the Atlanta Hawks (36-29) were edged 97-96 on the road by the Indiana Pacers. He recorded 12 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists. Sefolosha has relatively good stats this season: 7.5ppg, 4.3rpg, 1.7apg, 1.6spg, 2FGP: 49.8%, 3FGP: 33.7% and FT: 74.6%. He played for the Swiss national team in 2014.

Jonathan Kazadi
Jonathan Kazadi
   #3. The Swiss player who performed third best last week abroad was an international guard Jonathan Kazadi (193-91, currently plays in France). Kazadi was not able to help Entente Orleans 45 in their game against Le Mans (10-11) in the French ProA. He scored 6 points in 19 minutes. Entente Orleans 45 lost 64-71 in Le Mans to the much higher-ranked (#10) Le Mans. It was Entente Orleans 45's fifth consecutive loss in a row. This year Kazadi's overall stats are: 7.0ppg, 3.2rpg, 2.3apg, 2FGP: 53.3%, 3FGP: 30.6% and FT: 65.4% in 21 games. He is also a member of the Swiss senior national team.

Michel-Ofik Nzege
Michel-Ofik Nzege
   #4. Forward Michel-Ofik Nzege (203-92, currently plays college basketball in the States) contributed to E.Carolina's surprising victory against the Temple University (13-3) 80-69 in the NCAA on Thursday night. Nzege scored 7 points and grabbed 6 rebounds. The East Carolina University has not so impressive 4-10 conference record this season. The Regular Season already ended in the NCAA. Nzege's total stats this year are: 3.3ppg and 3.0rpg. He used to play for the Swiss U20 national team back in 2012.

Jonathan Shtarkman
Jonathan Shtarkman
   #5. Former University international point guard Jonathan Shtarkman (188-91, currently plays in Israel) was not able to secure a victory for Hasharon (10-10) in their last game on Tuesday. Despite Shtarkman's good performance Hasharon was defeated 87-78 on the opponent's court by the much lower-ranked Hap.Haifa (#12). He recorded 11 points. There are only four games left until the end of the Regular Season. So now every game will be critical. It's Shtarkman's first season with the team. Shtarkman's total stats this year are: 9.8ppg, 2.2rpg and 3.2apg. He has a dual citizenship: Swiss and Israeli. Despite Shtarkman played previously for the Israeli U20 national team, he is currently in the Swiss university national team roster.

The list of other players, who all have Swiss passport but never been selected to any of Swiss national teams:

   #1. Michael Kessens (206-F-91, agency: Court Side, currently plays college basketball in the States) led FIU to a victory against the University of Alabama at Birmingham (4-9) 68-56 in the NCAA on Saturday night. Kessens had a double-double by scoring 14 points and getting 11 rebounds. He also added 2 blocks and 3 steals in 37 minutes. The Florida International University has rather weak 2-10 conference record this season. The Regular Season already ended in the NCAA. It's Kessens' first year with the team. This season Kessens has relatively solid stats: 12.9ppg, 9.0rpg and 1.1apg in 30 games he played so far. He has a dual citizenship: Swiss and German. Despite Kessens' Swiss passport, he previously played for the German U20 national team and is probably not eligible to play for the Swiss team.

   #2. Alex Vaenerberg (183-G-92, currently plays in Finland) contributed to a 2-point Helsinki Seagulls' victory against the fifth-ranked Lapuan Korikobrat (15-17) 86-84 in the Finnish Korisliiga in Wednesday night's game. Vaenerberg scored 6 points. Helsinki Seagulls (23-8) is placed first in the Korisliiga. Vaenerberg's overall stats this season are: 5.3ppg, 1.3rpg and 1.9apg. He is another player who holds two passports: Swiss and Finnish.

   #3. Robert Zinn (197-SG-95, currently plays in Germany). Zinn could not help the league outsider Nuernberg (0-16) to beat Mitteldeutscher BC (24-3). He scored only 4 points in 18 minutes. Nuernberg lost 68-77 at home to the leading Mitteldeutscher BC. So far Nuernberg lost all sixteen games in the Regular Season. There are only four games left until the end of the Regular Season. So now every game will be critical. It's Zinn's first season with the team. This year Zinn's total stats are: 3.5ppg, 2.0rpg and 2.8apg in 25 games. He has both German and Swiss nationalities.

   #4. Marc Seylan (193-G-92, currently studies in the States) was not able to help the Md-E Shore in their game against the N.Carolina Central (5-10) in the NCAA. Seylan recorded only 4 points and grabbed 4 rebounds in 9 minutes on the court. The Md-E Shore was crushed 77-49 on their home court in Princess Anne by the N.Carolina Central. It was Md-E Shore's first loss after three consecutive victories. The Regular Season already ended in the NCAA. This year Seylan's total stats are: 1.1ppg and 1.8rpg in 30 games.   

Romain Gaspoz to take over BC Boncourt - 3 days ago
Romain Gaspoz will be the new head coach of BC Boncourt. He will take over the team starting next season. The specialist has agreed on terms of 2+1 deal with the team. Romain Gaspoz has worked with Fribourg since 2010. He was named All-Swiss LNA Coach of the Year in 2009, 2011 and 2016. Romain Gaspoz worked also with the Swiss U16 and U18 Women National Teams as well as U16 Men's National Team.   [read more]

Kovacevic number one in Switzerland for round 22 - 5 days ago
Serbian Guard Nemanja Kovacevic (194-G-85) put on an amazing game in the last round for Swiss Central, receiving a Player of the Week award for round 22. The 31-year old player was the main contributor (27 points, seven rebounds and nine assists) to his team's victory, helping them to beat Boncourt (#9, 7-13) 82-72. Swiss Central maintains the 7th position in Swiss LNA. Swiss Central is a typical solid league team placed somewhere in the middle or a little bit lower in the...   [read more]

Karl Cochran
LNA Round 22: Monthey are defeated by Lausanne - 6 days ago
The Regular Season in LNA just ended. Host teams show no mercy winning all games. The most important game in the last round took place in Lausanne between second ranked Monthey (14-6) and ninth ranked Lausanne (7-13) on Saturday night. Monthey was defeated by Lausanne in a tough game on the road 73-80. Monthey trailed by 16 points after 3 quarters before a 25-16 run in the last quarter cut the deficit to 73-80 at the end of the game. Lausanne forced 23 Monthey turnovers. They looked wel...   [read more]

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