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Ukraine Internationally
Julija Moroz
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Superleague Standings
 1. Khimik 6-0 
 2. Budivelnyk 5-3 
 3. Dnipro 4-1 
 4. Zaporizhya 4-1 
 5. Kryvbas 4-2 
 6. Mykolaiv 4-2 
 7. Bipa Basket 2-5 
 8. Cherkasy 2-5 
 9. VolinBasket 1-4 
 10. Kremen 1-5 
 11. Avantazh-Polit. 1-6 
Full Standings
Higher Standings
Group 1
 1. Azovmash 2-0 
 2. Krivbas-2 2-0 
 3. Dnipro-2 1-1 
 4. Kremen-2 1-1 
 5. SumDU 0-0 
 6. Niko-Basket 0-2 
 7. Zolotoi Vek 0-2 
Group 2
 1. Ternopil-TNEU 2-0 
 2. Hoverla 1-1 
 3. Khimik-2 1-1 
 4. Politekhn.Lvov 1-1 
 5. BC-93 RSzVSM 1-1 
 6. KPZO DYUSH 0-0 
 7. Ch.Mavpy 2 0-2 
Full Standings
FIBA Europe Cup Standings
Group A
 1 Benfica 1-0 
 2 Chalon 1-0 
 3 Alba 0-1 
 4 Brussels 0-1 
Group B
 1 Gravelines 1-0 
 2 Kormend 1-0 
 3 Groningen 0-1 
 4 Limburg United 0-1 
Group C
 1 Sodertalje 1-0 
 2 Telekom Bsk 0-0 
 3 Mons-Hainaut 0-1 
Group D
 1 Antwerp 1-0 
 2 Nanterre 1-0 
 3 FC Porto 0-1 
 4 Sopron KC 0-1 
Group E
 1 Oberwart 1-0 
 2 Pau-Lacq-Orthez 0-0 
 3 TU/Rock 0-1 
Group F
 1 Lukoil Acad. 1-0 
 2 Prievidza 1-0 
 3 Bnei Hertzeliyya 0-1 
 4 Steaua CSM 0-1 
Group G
 1 Gaziantep 1-0 
 2 UBT Cluj Napoca 1-0 
 3 AEK 0-1 
 4 Peja 0-1 
Group H
 1 Demir IBB 1-0 
 2 Enisey 1-0 
 3 Rilski 0-1 
 4 Sigal Prishtina 0-1 
Group I
 1 Targu Mures 1-0 
 2 Vytautas 0-0 
 3 TLU/Kalev 0-1 
Group J
 1 BK Pardubice 1-0 
 2 Tsmoki-Minsk 1-0 
 3 Apoel 0-1 
 4 Siauliai 0-1 
Points Per Game
 Jaime SMITH
  Avg: 19
 1. Smith, Khimik19.0 
 2. Kushnirov, Mykolaiv17.1 
 3. Burenko, Zaporizhya16.2 
 4. Konate, Zaporizhya16.0 
 5. Best, Avantazh.15.2 
 6. Funderburk, Bipa B.15.1 
 7. Ovdeyenko, Zapor.14.8 
 8. Balashov, Kremen14.4 
 9. Chemiakin, VolinBa.14.2 
 10. Rochnyak, Avanta.14.0 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 8.8
 1. Tyshchenko, Kremen8.8 
 2. Kushnirov, Mykolaiv8.6 
 3. Chemiakin, VolinBa.8.2 
 4. Rochnyak, Avantaz.7.9 
 5. Petrov, Khimik7.7 
 6. Konate, Zaporizhya7.7 
 7. Chumakov, Cherkasy7.5 
 8. Davis, Cherkasy7.3 
 9. Tymofeyenko, Dni.7.2 
 10. Stolicker, Avanta.6.7 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 7
 1. Artamonov, Bipa B.7.0 
 2. Tonchenko, Mykol.6.0 
 3. Dugat, Budivelnyk5.1 
 4. Funderburk, Bipa B.5.0 
 5. Smith, Khimik5.0 
 6. Woodson, Kremen4.8 
 7. Mishula, Dnipro4.7 
 8. Sizov, Cherkasy4.6 
 9. Boyarkin, Kryvbas4.4 
 10. Burenko, Zaporizh.4.2 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 2.9
 1. Lipovtsev, Kryvbas2.9 
 2. Popov, Kryvbas2.5 
 3. Mishula, Dnipro2.5 
 4. Rybalko, Zaporizhya2.3 
 5. Boyarkin, Kryvbas2.3 
 6. Revzin, Dnipro2.2 
 7. Woodson, Kremen2.0 
 8. Dugat, Budivelnyk1.9 
 9. Funderburk, Bipa B.1.9 
 10. Arabadzhy, Avant.1.7 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 1.6
 1. Godfrey, Budivelnyk1.6 
 2. Stolicker, Avantaz.1.5 
 3. Best, Avantazh.1.5 
 4. Petrov, Khimik1.3 
 5. Popov, Kryvbas1.2 
 6. Drozdov, Budivelnyk1.0 
 7. Tymofeyenko, Dni.1.0 
 8. Tsykalyuk, Khimik0.9 
 9. Anisimovas, Budiv.0.8 
 10. Zagreba, Dnipro0.8 

Next Round Schedule

Round 8 (Regular Season)

Dnipro 63% Oct.23 Mykolaiv
Zaporizhya 58% Oct.23 Kryvbas
Khimik 97% Oct.22 VolinBasket
Next Round Schedule

Round 3 (Regular Season)

SumDU 58% Oct.29 Niko-Basket
Dnipro-2 Oct.29 Krivbas-2 74%
Azovmash 80% Oct.29 Kremen-2
Ternopil-TN 98% Oct.29 KPZO DYUSH
Hoverla 94% Oct.29 Ch.Mavpy 2
Khimik-2 Oct.29 BC-93 RSzVS 87%
SumDU 58% Oct.28 Niko-Basket
Next Round Schedule

Round 2 (Regular Season)

Group A
Alba 58% Oct.26 Brussels
Chalon 55% Oct.25 Benfica
Group B
Limburg Unit 56% Oct.25 Groningen
Gravelines 55% Oct.25 Kormend
Group C
Telekom Bsk Oct.25 Sodertalje 97%
Group D
Nanterre 96% Oct.26 FC Porto
Antwerp 98% Oct.25 Sopron KC
Group E
Pau-Lacq-Ort 58% Oct.26 TU/Rock
Group F
Bnei Hertzel Oct.26 Prievidza 98%
Steaua CSM Oct.25 Lukoil Acad 96%
Group G
Peja 58% Oct.26 AEK
Gaziantep 59% Oct.26 UBT Cluj Na
Group H
Sigal Prisht 56% Oct.26 Rilski
Enisey 55% Oct.25 Demir IBB
Group I
Vytautas Oct.26 Targu Mures 97%
Group J
BK Pardubice 55% Oct.26 Tsmoki-Minsk
Siauliai 56% Oct.26 Apoel
Interview with BC Donetsk head coach - Sasa Obradovic - Mar 4, 2012

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BC Donetsk head coach Sasa Obradovic-quarterfinalist of EuroCup '12

Sasa, your team managed to qualify to the Eurocup quarterfinals and you did it from the first place in group J where Khimki Moscow Region was supposed to be the main favorite.
For BC Donetsk being one of the best eight teams in Eurocup is really historical success because it is our debut in this competition. Im very satisfied with the way we performed in LAST-16 stage. The key factor was our victory in away match against Asvel in the first game day of the group. The team found its confidence and realized that we are capable to go further. I would say that game in Villeurbanne, as well as home match against Khimki, were our best games in this season so far.

Before the last game against Aris your team had one week break with Superleague All-Star Game in this period. Werent you afraid that this break could affect team game tonus?
In order to keep practices rhythm we made the decision to go to Kyiv, where All-Star was held, by whole team. We had several practices in BC Kyiv gym and then went to Thessaloniki one day earlier than usually on Sunday, to have a possibility to practice two times next day. And finally the game showed that it was a good plan.

In most of the games Donetsk dominates under the basket. In LAST-16 stage one of the best players in the paint was Darnell Jackson though mass-medias multiply predicted his leaving of the team.
That were just rumors and absolutely unfounded. In the moment when some names appeared in internet as our possible freshmen period of registration of new players for Eurocup was already over that is why any changes in team roster were impossible.

In last two months Jackson noticeably improved his game. I knew that Darnell needs certain credit to find his rhythm. In NBA he mostly played as power forward but in Europe his physical ability allows him to play more under the basket and fight in defense against classical centers. Also you need to count one more thing: in NBA Darnell was a rotation player but here he must take a role of the key player. It doesnt mean that he must be a team leader but he definitely should be the one you can rely on.

Frankly speaking I can be satisfied with the way our front line looks now. We have three absolutely different big guys (Radenovic, Jackson and Kravtsov) that helps me to vary half-court offence. And of course that helps to avoid foul-trouble for one of the centers.

To continue with the names: what can you say about Vojdan Stojanovski?
Vojdan improves his game with every new day. Especially I can be satisfied with his desire to work hard in defense. In Thessaloniki it was his aggressiveness and steals that gave additional energy to the whole team. I really like the way he reads the game. He can make a good pass in the paint and be dangerous in pick-n-roll game.

But you must admit that so far Vojdan didnt show his best as a shooter. And also whole team 3-point percentage leaves much to be desired...
I believe that we will solve this problem. Most important that our offensive systems give opportunity to make open shots. Confidence and stability will come and I have no doubt in this.

After Sojanovski appeared in team Oleksandr Lypovyy almost lost his time on the court. Whats his problem?
If Lypovyy wants to become a real player he has learn how to prove his place in the roster. There is nothing I can say against his game in defense but offensively he still has to improve.

In last Superleague games I wanted to have good rotation on guard positions that is why all three foreign guards (Avdalovic, Curry and Stojanovski) were in the game roster. But with the schedule we have in March and April I will have to give more time to rest for one of them. That will give Lypovyy possibility to prove himself on the court.

So far Maksym Pustozvonov doesnt meet expectations but you still give him a lot of time in the game.
Now Maksym has a bad period but I want to bring him back to his rhythm. I worked with Pustozvonov in BC Kyiv and know that he can play better, thats why I believe in him. For me its important that Max could find good spot for shot and make it, and Im sure that he can do this.

What are the chances for Donetsk in Eurocup quarterfinals against Lietuvos Rytas?
Rytas is led by Aleksandar Dzikic very talented and good educated coach who worked in NBA and won Eurochallenge. To compete with him will be very interesting for me. Who is the favorite? I dont like to give any prognoses. We have 6 games before March, 20st and now Im more concerned on the idea how to stand this crazy schedule and come to Eurocup games in the best shape.

Artamonov number one in Ukraine for round 7 - 6 hours ago

Former international Point guard Klym Artamonov (185-PG-93) put on an amazing game in the last round for Bipa Basket, receiving a Player of the Week award for round 7. The 23-year old player got a double-double of 25 points and 11 assists, while his team crushed VolinBasket (#9, 1-4) with 19-point margin 78-59. Bipa Basket is placed at 7th position in Ukrainian Superleague. Too late to salvage the team, which is currently ranked such low. They already lost 5 games and recor...   [read more]

Superleague Round 7: Kryvbas lose to Dnipro in the game between Top 4 teams - 1 day ago

The game between Top Four teams took place in Dnepropetrovsk. Second ranked host Dnipro (4-1) defeated 4th placed Kryvbas (4-2) 55-48. It ended at the same time the three-game winning streak of Kryvbas. The hosts took control from the first minutes by winning the initial quarter 20-13. But Kryvbas won second period 15-10. However it was not enough to take a lead and get a victory that evening. The game was decided in the last minutes when Dnipro won last quarter 14-8. They held Kryvbas to...   [read more]

Enisey adds Lukashov to their roster - 2 days ago

Enisey Krasnoyarsk (VTB) added to their roster 27-year old Ukrainian international point guard Denys Lukashov (190-82kg-89, agency: Stanislav Ryzhov). He played last season at Lietuvos rytas in Lithuania LKL league. Lukashov managed to play in three leagues in two countries last year. In 23 LKL games he recorded 4.3ppg, 2   [read more]

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