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United-Kingdom Internationally
BBL Standings
 1. Bristol AF 0-0 
 2. Cheshire P. 0-0 
 3. Glasgow Rocks 0-0 
 4. Leeds Force 0-0 
 5. Leicester R. 0-0 
 6. London Lions 0-0 
 7. Manchester G. 0-0 
 8. Newcastle E. 0-0 
 9. Plymouth R. 0-0 
 10. Sheffield S. 0-0 
 11. Surrey S. 0-0 
 12. Worcester W. 0-0 
NBL D1 Standings
 1. Bradford D. 0-0 
 2. Derby T. 0-0 
 3. Hemel Storm 0-0 
 4. Kent C. 0-0 
 5. Lancashire S 0-0 
 6. Leicester W. 0-0 
 7. London Lituanica 0-0 
 8. Loughborough 0-0 
 9. Manchester M. 0-0 
 10. Northumbria 0-0 
 11. Reading R. 0-0 
 12. Solent K. 0-0 
 13. Team Newcastle U. 0-0 
 14. Worthing T. 0-0 
NBL D2 Standings
 1. Birmingham E. 0-0 
 2. Derbyshire A. 0-0 
 3. Essex L. 0-0 
 4. Ipswich T. 0-0 
 5. Liverpool 0-0 
 6. London GP 0-0 
 7. London W. 0-0 
 8. Middlesex LTBC 0-0 
 9. Nottingham H. 0-0 
 10. Sussex B. 0-0 
 11. Thames Valley C. 0-0 
 12. Westminster W. 0-0 
NBL D3 Standings
 1. Birmingham M. 0-0 
 2. Chester 0-0 
 3. Coventry T. 0-0 
 4. Danum E. 0-0 
 5. Loughborough 2 0-0 
 6. Manchester G. 2 0-0 
 7. Myerscough 0-0 
 8. Sheffield S. 2 0-0 
 9. Stoke-on-Trent K. 0-0 
 10. Sunderland 0-0 
 11. Wolverhampton 0-0 
 12. Worcester W.2 0-0 
 1. Cardiff City 0-0 
 2. Cardiff MA 0-0 
 3. East London 0-0 
 4. Essex B. 0-0 
 5. Greenwich T. 0-0 
 6. London Pride 0-0 
 7. Northants T. 0-0 
 8. Oxford 0-0 
 9. Solent II 0-0 
 10. Swindon 0-0 
Stats Leaders
Points Per Game
  Avg: 21
 1. DiNunno, Cheshire.21.0 
 2. Fletcher, Newcastl.20.8 
 3. Sanders, Leeds F.19.3 
 4. Dixon, Plymouth R.18.9 
 5. Hassan, London L.18.6 
 6. Brown, Cheshire P.18.3 
 7. Grady, Plymouth R.18.2 
 8. Walker, Worceste.18.0 
 9. Parks, Newcastl.17.5 
 10. Cosby, Bristol AF17.1 
Rebounds Per Game
 Maurice WALKER
  Avg: 9.5
 1. Walker, Worceste.9.5 
 2. Wroblicky, Sheffiel.8.8 
 3. Hassan, London L.8.5 
 4. Marsden, Leeds F.8.3 
 5. Brown, Cheshire P.8.1 
 6. Williams, Surrey S.8.0 
 7. Achara, Glasgow .7.9 
 8. King, Leicester R.7.8 
 9. Rollins, Surrey S.7.7 
 10. Grady, Plymouth R.7.7 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 6.7
 1. Fletcher, Newcastl.6.7 
 2. Taylor, London L.6.2 
 3. Klassen, Worceste.6.2 
 4. Wilcher, Cheshire P.6.0 
 5. Clark, Leicester R.5.8 
 6. Davis, Sheffield S.5.6 
 7. Ali, Bristol AF5.6 
 8. Carter, Plymouth.5.3 
 9. DiNunno, Cheshire.5.2 
 10. Sandoval, Leeds F.4.9 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 2.9
 1. DiNunno, Cheshire.2.9 
 2. Taylor, London L.2.1 
 3. Ali, Bristol AF2.1 
 4. Nicholas, Plymouth R.2.1 
 5. Carter, Plymouth.2.1 
 6. Sandoval, Leeds F.1.9 
 7. Neighbour, Surrey S.1.9 
 8. Anderson, Cheshire.1.9 
 9. Bernardini, Leiceste.1.8 
 10. Kennedy, Worceste.1.6 
Blocks Per Game
 Kieron ACHARA
  Glasgow .
  Avg: 1.8
 1. Achara, Glasgow .1.8 
 2. May-Thompson, Cheshire.1.5 
 3. Webster, Manchest.1.4 
 4. Martin, Newcastl.1.1 
 5. Allen-Jordan, Cheshire.0.9 
 6. Grady, Plymouth R.0.9 
 7. Thomas, Glasgow .0.9 
 8. Smith, Bristol AF0.9 
 9. Dixon, Plymouth R.0.9 
 10. Brown, Cheshire P.0.8 

First Round Schedule
London Lions 58% Oct.1 Surrey S.
Glasgow Rock 60% Oct.1 Sheffield S
Bristol AF 61% Sep.30 Plymouth R.
Leeds Force 59% Sep.29 Newcastle E
Manchester G 56% Sep.29 Leicester R
Sheffield S 57% Sep.29 Surrey S.
Worcester W 55% Sep.29 London Lions
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First Round Schedule
Team Newcast 57% Oct.8 Reading R.
Northumbria 58% Oct.8 Solent K.
Worthing T. 55% Oct.7 Leicester W
Manchester M 55% Oct.7 Kent C.
Hemel Storm 59% Oct.7 London Litua
Bradford D. 61% Oct.7 Loughborough
Derby T. 59% Oct.7 Lancashire S
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Local Coach Makes Good - Feb 24, 2017

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From Benfield Schoolboy attending a Hoops for Health session to Assistant Coach to the Esh Group Eagles Newcastle Senior Team and England Under 18's Assistant Coach too, quite a journey for Coach Ian Macleod .

A young man that shows that The Newcastle Eagles Basketball Club is not all about success on the court and allowing young ballers to follow their dreams but also where careers can be carved out in other ways if the attitude and work ethic are right.

Ian Macleod is a shining example of what it means to be an integral part of the Eagles family and how if you have a dream and are prepared to work hard you can make it to the top. I caught up with him after The Eagles had beaten Bristol Flyers 108 - 94 at home last Friday.

We started by discussing the tough run Eagles have had since winning The BBL Cup back in January against Glasgow Rocks and how they've turned it around.

'No-one said we were going to be perfect this year. I think when you've had as much success as we've had previously one game dropped and there's a lot of knee-jerk reactions from ourselves as coaches, from players and from our fans.'

'But, it gave us a chance to re-focus, something to really key in on and we've made a lot of improvements since then and that's our key, to keep on improving. It gave us a bit of a wake-up call which sometimes you need and showed it's not about what happens in January it's about how you finish the season.'

After the bitter disappointment of defeat at Leicester in The BBL Trophy Quarter-Final meant it had been three losses in four games for Newcastle, a get together was called for with all players and coaching staff involved in a clear-the-air meeting.

'It wasn't a case of their being any problems or splits in the camp. It was about putting it all out there. Things like not having a fragmented approach with Coaches having one opinion and players another. It was just a chance to put everything on the table and a chance to air opinions for all.'

'It was a coming together so we can go forward together. We have some internal goal settings and targets we want to achieve and it was about every body having input to those targets so we could set them together.'

So what of Macleod's own role on The Eagles bench and how does he see it.

'I'm enjoying it very much. The first two years were really tough as I'd never really been an assistant coach before. I had to figure out how to be an assistant coach and then it's a whole new thing altogether being an assistant to a player/coach. It is a fragmented approach to how we do things.'

'I think just finding my voice a little more this season. It's a new team with new players and the chance for a fresh start this year is a good thing. But ultimately I don't want to be a career Assistant Coach.'

'I want to get back to having more input at the higher level and climb that ladder once again which Fab (Flournoy) knows. I don't hide that from Fab Things have changed a lot this year and I think its for the good.'

'I get a lot of respect from the guys but it goes both ways. They know that we don't just see them as tools to go out and play. When there are new guys coming in the dynamics change quite a bit but it's also about the character of what you bring in.'

'We have a good locker room Everyone in there is pulling in the same direction and that's also key to be able to have your roles and find your way to have your input in to the team.'
Macleod was fulsome in his praise for Scott Martin's 41-point performance in a good win but he was also focused in on the way the rest of the guys recognised the hot hands and played around Martin to come up with a solid win. Now, he contemplates a two-week break.

'We have got the time off but all the players are different. Some need to rest up, some need to get healthy but also what's been great this year has been the chance to work with the guys individually.'

'To bring maybe one, two, three players in when needed and then work with them individually on what they need for their games. That's very refreshing and something we've been able to do a lot more this year, so that'll continue over the next two weeks.'

'Whatever each individual player needs or the team needs we have to make sure we cater for that and stay ready.'

We turned to his thoughts for the games and the rest of the season coming up.

'Everyone says that the league is the big one which it is but you also want to win your last game which is the play-offs too. It's a marathon it's not a quick sprint where you win a couple of games in a row and suddenly you're going to win the league.'

'It's about grinding it out especially when it gets to the February/March months. The weather's not great, it's dark, there's the long road trips. That's when you have to grind it out those ones too and not just that last game.'

Turning to International matters, Coach Macleod has recently been appointed Assistant Coach of the England Under 18s side, a tremendous honour for him and The Eagles Organisation.

'I've been an Assistant Coach with the England Under 15s programme for five years now. I was very privileged to work with an excellent coach in Jessie Sazant a Canadian who now runs a growing English Basketball programme in Kent.'

'But now I've been moved up to Under 18s with Alan Keane who is an extremely well-read interesting Coach who has a very interesting take on basketball and different philosophies which I'm looking forward to working with.'

'It's a little bit easier being an assistant coach in the England set-up. Your role's very clearly defined and you're not going to get a Player/Coach in Under 18s England level.'

'I'm looking forward to the challenge and hopefully also being involved with The Great Britain set-up in The European Championships as well. It's another step up the ladder and another step forward.'

'The plan is for success moving forward. It's a little bit different now with the Home Nations that are coming together to compete as GB but developing the English talent at this age group and moving it forward is the key responsibility and it's a very exciting opportunity for me.'

None of this of course would have been possible without Newcastle Eagles Basketball Club and The Eagles Community Foundation a fact Macleod is happy to acknowledge.

'The Club have been fantastic particularly in the last few years and in particular Deirdre Tozer-Hayes, Susan Hunter and Paul Blake who have been really supportive of me in helping my find the time and also being flexible with my time at The Eagles to help with National teams.'

'they've also helped me enormously in my new role at The Club as mentoring and Performance Officer which gives me a chance to work with younger coaches and really focus on our performance pathway.'

'Whilst it's great working out Internationally and with England you can't forget about home. In Newcastle and the North East we've come a long way but there are still massive improvements to make within The Eagles Community Foundation and National League set-up as well.'

'The target is to improve the standard of that and hopefully a by-product of that is The North East getting better and a by-product of that will be England getting better so it's all connected. The support of The ECF and Club has been invaluable to me so far and hopefully will continue.'

So, where does Ian Macleod see himself in the future?

'Where Fab is but not on the court! What I've done is no different to what players do. You don't need to be the best player in the world to make it you need to be determined. My wife would definitely say I've committed some time to this.'

'I'm pretty much unseen by my family and friends from September to May. You have to live it, you have to be dedicated to it and I think on all fronts that's what I've done. I'm proud of the fact that I've come through from those days as a Benfield schoolboy to coaching the senior side.'

And proud is what Ian Andrew Macleod should be with his achievements, how far he's come and the fact that he's focused on going even further. One thing we didn't mention is that he's also Head Coach of Gateshead College Basketball Academy.

They play in the Academy Basketball League and his charges currently sit with a 10 - 1 league record showing once again that this is a young man that has the presence and ability to go far in his chosen sport.   

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