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United-Kingdom Internationally
BBL Standings
 1. Newcastle E. 5-0 
 2. Sheffield S. 4-1 
 3. Leicester R. 3-1 
 4. London Lions 3-1 
 5. Surrey S. 3-2 
 6. Glasgow Rocks 2-2 
 7. Cheshire P. 1-1 
 8. Bristol AF 1-2 
 9. Plymouth R. 1-3 
 10. Manchester G. 0-3 
 11. Worcester W. 0-3 
 12. Leeds Force 0-4 
Full Standings
NBL D1 Standings
 1. Manchester M. 2-0 
 2. Reading R. 2-0 
 3. Northumbria 1-0 
 4. Solent K. 1-1 
 5. Kent C. 1-1 
 6. Loughborough 1-1 
 7. Team Newcastle U. 1-1 
 8. Bradford D. 1-1 
 9. Derby T. 1-1 
 10. Worthing T. 1-1 
 11. London Lituanica 0-0 
 12. Hemel Storm 0-1 
 13. Lancashire S 0-2 
 14. Leicester W. 0-2 
Full Standings
NBL D2 Standings
 1. Nottingham H. 2-0 
 2. Derbyshire A. 1-0 
 3. Essex L. 1-0 
 4. Birmingham E. 1-1 
 5. Ipswich T. 1-1 
 6. Liverpool 1-1 
 7. London GP 1-1 
 8. Middlesex LTBC 1-1 
 9. Sussex B. 1-1 
 10. Westminster W. 1-1 
 11. London W. 0-2 
 12. Thames Valley C. 0-2 
NBL D3 Standings
 1. Myerscough 3-0 
 2. Birmingham M. 2-1 
 3. Chester 2-1 
 4. Stoke-on-Trent K. 2-1 
 5. Sunderland 2-1 
 6. Loughborough 2 1-1 
 7. Sheffield S. 2 1-1 
 8. Wolverhampton 1-1 
 9. Danum E. 1-2 
 10. Coventry T. 0-2 
 11. Manchester G. 2 0-2 
 12. Worcester W.2 0-2 
 1. Northants T. 2-0 
 2. Oxford 2-0 
 3. Solent II 2-0 
 4. Cardiff MA 1-1 
 5. East London 1-1 
 6. London Pride 1-1 
 7. Swindon 1-1 
 8. Cardiff City 1-2 
 9. Greenwich T. 1-2 
 10. Essex B. 0-2 
Stats Leaders
Points Per Game
 Jaysean PAIGE
  Avg: 24
 1. Paige, Newcastl.24.0 
 2. Watson, Plymouth.23.8 
 3. Penn, Plymouth R.23.0 
 4. Nimley, Newcastle E.22.8 
 5. Sandoval, Cheshire.21.5 
 6. Beamon, Worceste.20.0 
 7. Flannigan, London L.19.5 
 8. Parrish, Worceste.19.0 
 9. Kadiri, Manchest.18.0 
 10. Palmer, Worceste.18.0 
Rebounds Per Game
 Daniel EDOZIE
  Bristol AF
  Avg: 11
 1. Edozie, Bristol AF11.0 
 2. May-Thompson, Cheshire.9.5 
 3. Wroblicky, Sheffiel.9.3 
 4. Kadiri, Manchest.9.0 
 5. Penn, Plymouth R.8.7 
 6. Wells, Plymouth R.7.8 
 7. Billups, Glasgow .7.7 
 8. Nzenge, Leeds Force7.5 
 9. Jackman, Cheshire.7.5 
 10. Gettys, Cheshire P.7.5 
Assists Per Game
  London L.
  Avg: 7.8
 1. Robinson, London L.7.8 
 2. Watson, Plymouth.6.8 
 3. Paige, Newcastl.6.5 
 4. Lanegger, London L.6.0 
 5. McKnight, Sheffiel.5.3 
 6. Jones, Manchest.5.3 
 7. Nimley, Newcastle E.5.0 
 8. Dusha, Worceste.5.0 
 9. Bunyan, Glasgow .4.7 
 10. Childress, Leeds F.4.5 
Steals Per Game
 Andrew LASKER
  Avg: 3.7
 1. Lasker, Newcastl.3.7 
 2. Riley, Cheshire P.3.0 
 3. Paige, Newcastl.3.0 
 4. Jukic, Newcastl.3.0 
 5. Robinson, London L.3.0 
 6. Childress, Leeds F.2.8 
 7. Harrison, Glasgow .2.3 
 8. McKnight, Sheffiel.2.0 
 9. Sandoval, Cheshire.2.0 
 10. Beamon, Worceste.2.0 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 2
 1. May-Thompson, Cheshire.2.0 
 2. Williams, Sheffiel.1.8 
 3. Nix, Leeds Force1.7 
 4. Jukic, Newcastl.1.5 
 5. Kadiri, Manchest.1.3 
 6. Thomson, Leiceste.1.3 
 7. Hampton, Leiceste.1.3 
 8. Rettig, Manchest.1.3 
 9. Brown, Glasgow .1.3 
 10. Costelloe, Plymouth.1.0 

Next Round Schedule

Round 4 (Regular Season)

Glasgow Rock 92% Oct.22 Manchester G
Cheshire P. Oct.22 London Lions 58%
Leicester R 87% Oct.20 Glasgow Rock
Newcastle E 99% Oct.20 Worcester W
Sheffield S 67% Oct.20 Bristol AF
Next Round Schedule

Round 3 (Regular Season)

Solent K. 58% Oct.22 Team Newcast
Loughborough 94% Oct.21 Lancashire S
Derby T. 56% Oct.21 Kent C.
Worthing T. 95% Oct.21 London Litua
Bradford D. 93% Oct.21 Leicester W
Manchester M 80% Oct.21 Solent K.
Hemel Storm Oct.21 Team Newcast 87%
Tony Brings G-Force To Glasgow - Jun 26, 2017

E-mail Jeff:
Jeff's Articles

As the pre-season continues most fans look towards the internet, websites and social media to see who their Club have signed and then begin to think is he the right player for my Club? Coaching appointments tend to attract less attention but are equally as important.

Nowhere does this strike more truth than in The BBL this season. Long standing stalwarts like Sterling Davis and Nigel Lloyd have stepped down. Manchester and Cheshire have appointed from within to replace Yorick Williams and Robbie Peers and we all await with bated breath the arrival of the new man at the helm in Plymouth.

A huge turnover of Head Play-callers which is something that doesn't happen that often in The BBL and looking at the changes Mariusz Karol is a hugely interesting one at London whilst Glasgow Rocks may well have pulled off the signing of the pre-season in getting Anthony Garbelotto .

Tony G is BBL proven and a winner two in the league. He's been away five seasons now but returns to take over a franchise that challenges almost every season but under Davis never quite made it. EuroBasket talked with Garbelotto and there's no doubting he's a man on a mission.

After two years in Germany and three surprising perhaps year's in Vietnam you're back in The BBL, were Rocks the lure or were you coming back anyway?

It was a tough decision to come back. I really enjoyed my time in Vietnam. It was an incredible project and one that I feel proud how I developed it for the three years I was there. Ultimately it came down to my family and also I felt it was the right time to come back.

It is crazy to think that in my previous time in the UK, I considered myself a young and up and coming I actually feel like an elder statesman!!! I felt that I really needed to come back and effect some change, especially in coaching in the UK.

How much do you think that international experience gained will help you in The BBL?

I hope and believe it will help a lot. The pressure in almost any international job is just much higher than here. Each game is always tough to win and there is huge parity. I think the experience gained in coaching big games in hostile environments will help me back in the BBL

How excited are you to be the Head Coach of The Glasgow Rocks?

Very excited. This is a big organisation with big ambitions. I feel that there is a huge opportunity here to grow and to establish the club at the top of British Basketball.

How much are you looking forward to pitting your ideas/ideals against the likes of Rob Paternostro, Fab Flournoy, Paul James, Atiba Lyons and the rest of The BBL Coaches?

I always have enjoyed coaching against those coaches and I look forward even more to coaching against the new younger coaches as well. This is a tough and unique league and I feel that in some way, we all face the same challenges to try and putting a winning team on the floor week after week. So yes, I am really looking forward to it.

Under Sterling Davis, The Rocks were very solid and always there or thereabouts without every landing a big one. What do you think you need to turn that around?

I hope and believe that we don't need to change much. Sterling did an incredible job and sometimes you just need a little luck. I hope that we can recruit a few difference making players that can compliment the players we already have. But I honestly don't think it is a huge jump to get to a winning situation

Rocks always seemed to be a player short or a game away from doing something big. Do you think your winning mentality and purpose is what The Club needs?

I hope so, but like I said, I don't think that the club has been that far away. We will work hard every day to put ourselves in a winning position. I hope that I can influence outcomes in some games and bring a strong winning mentality to the club.

Before you're appointment Rocks had already signed the Scottish trio of Achara, Bunyan and Murray. Does it worry you that you had no say over that recruitment.

None at all. In matter of fact I would have been distraught if we had not had the opportunity to sign these guys. Which club in the UK would not want Achara or Murray? Scottish basketball has some real talent at the moment.

I want players from here who understand what it will mean if we can win and develop the club to another level. Not many clubs in the UK have a chance to win with so many home grown and local players. I want our supporters to be proud that we not only are going to try to win but we are doing it with local players.

Will the rest of the recruitment be down to you?

Yes, enough said!

You have a reputation as a great recruiter. Have you irons in the fire already?

It is going to be tough. Coaches such as Rob P and Paul James are also excellent recruiters. The internet is such a leveller now. You don't get as much chance to use connections as you once did, but for sure I will be looking for some difference makers to bring on board.

Should Rocks fans be excited about your plans?

They say the proof is in the pudding. We are going to be systematic in our planning and we want to work harder than any team in this league. We cannot be scared of history or what has happened in the past. After this lets see. I hope that the fans see a team that is committed to win every time they step on the floor and that they will be proud to support.

What does Tony Garbelotto want to achieve from both a personal and team point of view?

Anyone who knows or who has worked with me knows that I only care about success for my team and organisation. I will say this though, I don't want this to be a one season wonder. I want to build the club into something bigger and stronger and I want to leave a lasting legacy for Scottish Basketball

Have you a message for The Rocks fans and perhaps The BBL too?

I have to say that I was shocked at the amount of messages of support I got throughout the UK and basketball community when I announced that I was coming to Glasgow. I want to say thank you and that I hope to see many old and some new faces throughout this coming season.

When the Glasgow Rocks announced new ownership and that ownership made some big statements about their plans the excitement was suddenly ramped up. The signing of Garbelotto shows they meant what they said and is a huge statement of intent.

Tony Garbelotto is a proven talent and knows what The BBL is all about. It seems things just got a wee bit more serious and intriguing and that the 2017/18 BBL is going to be one heck of a competition to watch.   

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Kofi Josephs
Rocks add another GB international - 12 hours ago
Glasgow Rocks have added more depth with the signing of Great Britain international Kofi Josephs, for the 2017-18 season. At the age of 26, the 6ft 6in guard from Birmingham has a wealth of basketball experience, having started off his college basketball career at John Brown, before finishing his last 2 years at Fort Lewis NCAA D2, where he averaged over 9 points per game. Josephs started his professional career at Hertener Loewen in Germany where he averaged 20   [read more]

Lefke inks Benjamin Lawson - 23 hours ago
Lefke Avrupa Universitesi (North League) signed 22-year old British forward Benjamin Lawson (216-104kg-95). The North League, which is located in Turkish part of the island is the league which is extremely hard to get any information from. It is not officially recognized by FIBA and practically ignored by any other country that Turkey. Lawson just graduated from W.Kentucky (NCAA). Lawson has played there for the last four years. In 32 games he had 5.3ppg, 3.3rpg and 1.8bpg last season. A...   [read more]

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