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World Championships U17 Basketball (Women)

First Day Schedule
Group A
Nigeria 50% Jun.22 Canada
Latvia 50% Jun.22 Japan
Group B
Australia 50% Jun.22 Mexico
France 50% Jun.22 China
Group C
USA 50% Jun.22 South Korea
Italy 50% Jun.22 Czech R.
Group D
Spain 50% Jun.22 Portugal
Brazil 50% Jun.22 Mali
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Preliminary Round: Day One in Rodez and Toulouse - Jul 17, 2010

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Group A
USA - France 70-45
The USA had an easy job against France in Day One in Rodez. Powerful Americans celebrated comfortable 70-45 win for 1-0 in Group A. They had couple of players in a game mood with Breanna Stewart (94) leading the way with 13 points and 7 rebounds. Elizabeth Williams (92) also shined adding 12 points and 11 boards. Kaleena Lewis (93) (5 rebs), Ariel Massengale (92) and Betnijah Laney (93) followed them with 10 points each. France didn't have anyone with double-digits in scoring. Their best player was Margaux Galliou (184-F-93) with 9 points and 6 rebounds. USA had a great start making 22-12 lead in the first quarter. France woke up after that and replied with 9-16 in Q2 closing the gap to 3 points. When it seemed that France could be able to resist against strong Americans and to make this game interesting, totally different scenario was seen in Rodez. Breanna Stewart and her teammates smashed France in third quarter 25-8 and immediately resolved question about the winner. Last ten minutes were just the formality, but despite that USA ended it with 14-9. In Day Two, USA will meet Russia. France will take on Turkey.

Japan - Russia 68-93
Russia destroyed Japan 68-93 to start FIBA U17 World Championship in Rodez. Both teams are together with USA, France, Canada and Turkey placed to Preliminary Group A. Russia is currently on top with the same 1-0 record as USA and Canada. Ksenia Tikhonenko (190-C/F-93) shined for the winners with 22 points and 16 rebounds. She grabbed the MVP title for this game with valuation 29. Julia Gladkova (183-G-94) was the second scorer in Russia with 12 points, while Mariya-Margarita Davydova (189-F/C-93) added 11 points and 12 boards. In the loosing squad, Yuki Miyazawa (181-F-93) was the leading player with 16 points and 7 rebs. Naho Miyoshi (165-G-93) scored 14 pts. Russa took control on their rivals from the early beginning. Ksenia Tikhonenko was on fire and together with her teammates made 6-24 lead in the first ten minutes. At that time it was clear that Japan will not have a chance in this one. They improved in Q2 (30-24), but still that was not enough even for a small treat. Third quarter ended with 23-23 tie and Russia was going to pick up a comfortable win. They made 9-22 in the last ten minutes for the final 68-93 blowout. In Day Two, Russia will meet USA in derby game. Japan will play against Canada.

Turkey - Canada 73-82
Canada celebrated in the opening day of FIBA U17 World Championship. They managed to beat Turkey for 1-0 record in Preliminary Group A. Beside these two teams, participants of the same pool are also USA, Russia, Japan and France. Nirra Fields (170-G-93) was the leading player in victory. She spent 32 minutes on the court collecting 25 points and 9 rebounds. Fields reached valuation 30 and was the MVP of this meeting. Alexandra Der (183-F-92) secured a nice help with 15, while Karly Roser (175-G-93) added 10 points and 6 boards. In the loosing squad, Ayse Cora (175-G/F-93) delivered 16 points. Ozge Kavurmacioglu (187-F-93) had double-double of 11 points and 10 boards, while Betul Kalfali (178-F-93) and Merve Aydin (174-G-94) also scored 11 pts each. Canada shined in the first half, while the second belonged to Turkey. Nirra Fields and her teammates came out of the gate strongly creating 14-18 and 10-19 in the first two quarters. It means that Canada was already 13 points up at the half time and was on the right way to victory. Turkey improved after the breather finishing Q3 with 24-23, but they needed a way more. Last quarter also belonged to Turkey, but it seemed that Canada played as much as it was necessary for the win. At the end, it was totally deserved 73-82 victory. In Day Two, Canada will meet Japan. Turkey will take on France.

Group B
Belgium - Mali 80-27
Belgium destroyed Mali in Toulouse. It was a Day One of the FIBA U17 World Championship. Belgium and Mali are together with China, Australia, Spain and Argentina placed to Preliminary Group B. Emma Meesseman (188-C-93) was in a game moog collecting 16 points and 9 rebounds for the winners. Sien Devliegher (174-G-93) had 10 points. All Belgian players, except of Biebuyck, managed to score in this game. On the other side, the best player of Mali was Fanta Guindo with 7 points. What to say about this game. Belgia was simply better than Mali in all basketball elements. Emma Meesseman and her teammates limited Mali to 5 points in the first and 2 points in the second quarter. They drained 32 on the other side for 20 minutes. Belgium exploded offensively in third frame scoring 31 points. Mali was once again unable to reach double-digits and they faced with 63-14 deficit. Belgium slowed down in the last ten minutes ending it 17-13 for the final 80-27 devastation. In Day Two in Toulouse, Belgium will meet Argentina. Mali will play against Spain.

Spain - Australia 57-58
Australia grabbed 57-58 thriller win against Spain in Day One in Toulouse. Both teams are placed to Preliminary Group B, together with Belgium, China, Argentina and Mali. Of course, Australia has 1-0 now, while Spain dropped to 0-1. Tayla Roberts (191-F/C-93) and Gretel Tippett (190-F-93) were the leading scorers in victory with 13 points each. They grabbed 9 and 6 rebounds respectively. Carley Mijovic (195-F-94) helped with 11 pts. In Spain, Marles Balart responded with 13 points and 5 rebounds. Andrea Vilaro (179-F-93) had 10 pts and also 5 rebs. Australia had a better start of this meeting. Tayla Roberts and her teammates created 15-20 lead in the first quarter, but they somehow stopped after that. Spain took control on this game, but still was not so productive. So, the second quarter finished 11-8 for Spain who closed the gap to 26-28. Third frame was totally leveled (16-16) with neither team making a bigger lead. Game went to thriller finish. Gretel Tippett s basket with 1:13 left to play proved the difference as Spain could not find the mark in the final minute and lost 58-57. In Day Two, Australia will meet China. Spain will take on Mali.

China - Argentina 72-54
China did a great job in Day One of the FIBA U17 World Championship. They outplayed Argentina with easy 72-54 for 1-0 record in Preliminary Group B, which also includes Belgium, Australia, Spain and Mali. Argentina dropped to 0-1. Cui Hongyang (176-G-94) came up with 15 points and 6 rebounds in this victory. Shen Yi (172-G-93) had 13 points and was the last one with double-digits in scoring for China. In Argentina, Rocio Diaz (170-F-93) shined with 14 pts. China entered to this game with strong willingness to take it. They demonstrated great defense limiting Argentina to 11 points in the first quarter. On the other side, China drained 21 for the first double-digit lead. Nothing has changed after that as China still was in control and looked comfortable. Cui Hongyang and her teammates finished the second frame with 17-10 for 38-21 half time lead. Argentina was not able to resist and faced with 21-14 in Q3, meaning that China already resolved question about the winner. Last quarter belonged to Argentina, but everything was already clear. China will meet Australia in Day Two. Argentina will play against Belgium.

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Men Women

World Championships U17 Standings
Group A
 1. Canada 0-0 
 2. Japan 0-0 
 3. Latvia 0-0 
 4. Nigeria 0-0 
Group B
 1. Australia 0-0 
 2. China 0-0 
 3. France 0-0 
 4. Mexico 0-0 
Group C
 1. Czech Rep. 0-0 
 2. Italy 0-0 
 3. S.Korea 0-0 
 4. USA 0-0 
Group D
 1. Brazil 0-0 
 2. Spain 0-0 
 3. Mali 0-0 
 4. Portugal 0-0 
Points Per Game
  Avg: 19.9
 1. Salvadores, Segle19.9 
 2. Park, KOR N.19.6 
 3. Dubei, WF D.15.6 
 4. Reisingerova, BA S.15.3 
 5. Carleton, CAN N.14.4 
 6. Mohamed, Al Ahly14.3 
 7. N'Diaye, MLI N.13.9 
 8. Samuelson, High S.13.9 
 9. Durr, High S.13.4 
 10. Kiss, PE.13.3 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 14
 1. Park, KOR N.14.0 
 2. Reisingerova, BA S.12.0 
 3. Maley, BA CoE11.4 
 4. Coulibaly, MLI N.9.0 
 5. Cox, High S.8.4 
 6. Kiss, PE.8.3 
 7. Kuttor, UNIQA E.8.0 
 8. Mohamed, Sporting7.6 
 9. Remenarova, MBK R.7.6 
 10. Salvadores, Segle7.4 
Assists Per Game
 Heji AN
  Avg: 3.9
 1. An, KOR N.3.9 
 2. Salvadores, Segle3.6 
 3. Tupaea, Sydney UF3.4 
 4. Durr, High S.3.4 
 5. Junio, Gran Canaria3.0 
 6. Cazorla, Segle XXI3.0 
 7. Maleckova, Lokom.2.9 
 8. Duchet, CFBB2.7 
 9. Kirkpatrick, CAN N.2.6 
 10. Alexandrino, ADC2.4 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 3.7
 1. Salvadores, Segle3.7 
 2. Rodriguez, MEX N.3.0 
 3. Santucci, Castel3.0 
 4. N'Diaye, MLI N.2.7 
 5. Raventos, Segle X.2.6 
 6. An, KOR N.2.6 
 7. Van Leeuwen, CAN2.3 
 8. Park, KOR N.2.2 
 9. Mohamed, Sporting2.1 
 10. Ionescu, High S.2.1 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 4.6
 1. Park, KOR N.4.6 
 2. Cox, High S.2.7 
 3. Lopez, Uni Girona2.4 
 4. Cubaj, Bari2.0 
 5. Reisingerova, BA S.1.7 
 6. Mulkey, High S.1.4 
 7. Djaldi-Tabdi, Toul.1.3 
 8. Chartereau, CFBB1.0 
 9. Nakada, JPN N.1.0 
 10. Yearwood, CAN N.1.0 
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