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World Championships U17 Basketball (Women)

Play-Off bracket1

Next Day Schedule

Day 7 (Semifinals)

Italy 50% Jul.1 China
USA 50% Jul.1 Australia
Places 11-12
Mali Jul.1 Portugal 63%
Places 13-14
Mexico Jul.30 Brazil 95%
Places 5-8
Canada 50% Jun.30 Spain
France 50% Jun.30 Czech R.
Places 9-10
Latvia Jul.1 Japan 70%
Preliminary Round: Day Two in Rodez and Toulouse - Jul 17, 2010

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Group A
Canada - Japan 80-87
Japan grabbed the first win in Rodez. After defeat in Day One against Russia, Japan managed to beat Canada 80-87 for 1-1 record in Preliminary Group A. On the other side, Canada faced with the first loss and also has 1-1 record now. Moeko Nagaoka (180-F-93) exploded in this game with 34 points and 11 rebounds. Fifteen fouls were made on her and Nagaoka was the MVP of this meeting with valuation 39. Yuki Miyazawa (181-F-93) also was great as she added 27 points and 13 rebs. In the loosing squad, Nirra Fields (173-G-93) shined with 36 points and 9 boards. Karly Roser (178-G-93) had 14 points and 5 rebs. First quarter was pretty leveled as neither of two teams was able to make a bigger lead. Still, it was Japan who ended first ten minutes with 15-17. Moeko Nagaoka and Yuki Miyazawa were on fire in Japan, who made 23-27 in Q2 for six-point lead at the half time. Third quarter was the crucial one today. Two above mentioned players were unstoppable, while Canada had just Nirra Fields in a game mood. Japan drained 28 points in Q3 and stopped Canada to 16 for unreachable 18-point advantage. Canada seriously threatened in the last quarter, but was not able to make it. Japan will meet Turkey on Sunday. Canada will play against powerful USA in North American derby.

France - Turkey 51-54
Both teams faced with defeats in Day One so this game was very important for them. Turkey grabbed tiny 51-54 victory joining Canada and Japan to 1-1 record in Group A. France is currently the last ranked team in this pool with 0-2. Ozge Kavurmacioglu (187-F-93) stepped up for Turkey with 16 points and 7 rebounds. Their second scorer was Betul Kalfali (180-F-93) with 9 points. On the other side, France did not have anyone with double-digits. Margaux Galliou (184-F-93) top-scored for them with just 8 points. Olivia Epoupa (163-G-94) had 7 pts. France looked good at the beginning and grabbed 13-8 lead in the first ten minutes. Turkey improved after that, but was not able to make a turn. France was strong enough to keep plus five at the half time as the score stood at 26-21. Than, the third period belonged to Turkey 15-17 and the game went to crucial ten minutes. There, teams fought for every ball, but it was Turkey who was better and more productive in offense. Ozge Kavurmacioglu and her teammates finished last quarter with 10-16 for the final 51-54 victory. On Sunday, Turkey will take on Japan. France will try to grab the first win and they will meet Russia.

USA - Russia 82-38
USA demonstrated their power once again. This time Russia faced with the strong USA team and faced with 82-38 defeat. It means that Americans kept the perfect score in Rodez and currently are No.1 in Group A. Russia dropped to 1-1. Elizabeth Williams (92) shined for the winners with 20 points and 14 rebounds for just 19 minutes on the court. She was the MVP of this meeting with valuation 23. Breanna Stewart (94) followed her with 12 points and 9 boards. She was the last one with double-digits in scoring in USA. In Russia, Ekaterina Posylkina (182-F-93) was the leading player with 9 points and 5 boards. Russia managed to resist only in the first quarter today. USA players ended first ten minutes with ‘only' 15-12. However, they totally took control on Russia in the second frame making the first double-digit lead. After twenty minutes of play USA was 41-26 up. Elizabeth Williams and her teammates intensified defense after the breather end limited Russia to just 12 points for the entire second half. At the same time, they drained impressive 41 for the final 82-38 blowout. Tomorrow in Rodez, USA will meet Canada. Russia will play against France.

Group B
Mali - Spain 42-112
As expected, Spain registered an easy win against Mali for 1-1 record in Preliminary Group B. It means that Spain joined Belgium, Australia and Argentina, who have the same numbers. Mali on the other hand stays winless and it will be very tough job for them to beat anyone in Toulouse. Itziar Llobet (177-G-93) was the MVP of this game with valuation 26. She spent just 16 minutes on the court collecting 18 points. Julia Marti (178-F-93) and Elena De Alfredo (168-G-94) helped Spain with 13 and 12 points respectively. Spain also had five more players with double-digits in scoring. In Mali, Aussata Toure shined with 17 points. Fanta Guindo had 9. Spain was a way better team today. They sent a clear signal what to expect from this meeting already in Q1, as they finished it with huge 11-31. The second period ended 17-28 for Spain and the only question was how big difference it will be at the end. Spain improved even more after the breather. They limited Mali to just 14 points for the entire second half, while draining 53 on the other side. At the end it was 42-112 devastation of Mali in Toulouse. On Sunday, Spain will play against Belgium. Mali will take on undefeated China.

Australia - China 75-92
China had another joyful day in Toulouse. After victory in Day One against Argentina, China was too strong for Australia today remaining the only perfect team in Group B (2-0). Australia on the other side faced with the first loss joining Belgium and Argentina with 1-1 record. Li Meng (185-G-95) was great today with 24 points and 7 rebounds for 24 minutes in the court. She reached valuation 29 and grabbed the MVP award for this game. Zhang Liting (199-C-94), Cui Hongyang (176-G-94) and Yang LiWei (175-G-95) helped China with 14 points each. In the loosing squad, Tayla Roberts (191-F/C-93) had 14 points and 5 boards. Gretel Tippett (190-F-93) also was good adding 13 points, 14 rebs and 5 assists. Both teams were on fire at the beginning. It was kind of run-and-gun game, where China managed to take 27-32 lead. Teams slowed down in the second quarter, which once again belonged to China (12-15). Li Meng was great and she helped her team to keep the lead after the breather. Australia improved, but still that was not enough against strong China. With ten minutes left in the game China was 7 points up. Than in the last period China exploded with 12-22 finishing this game in style, 75-92. On Sunday, China will play against Mali and almost sure will extend its winning steak. Australia will meet Argentina in very important game.

Argentina - Belgium 55-53
It was the opening game of Day Two in Toulouse. Argentina survived a late comeback by Belgium to beat them 55-53 for 1-1 record in Group B. Belgium, who celebrated in Day One, has the same numbers now. Rocio Diaz (170-F-93) was the leading scorer in Argentina with 20 points and she grabbed 5 rebounds beside that. Melisa Gretter (167-G-93) collected 17 points and 7 boards. Actually, Gretter finished as MVP of this meeting with valuation 28. In defeat, Emma Meesseman (188-C-93) shined with 17 points and 10 rebounds. Their second scorer was Hanne Mestdagh (180-F-93) with 9 points (14 rebs). Argentina had a great start making 18-10 lead in the first ten minutes. However, Belgian players woke up after that and managed to close the gap to 29-26 (HT). Third quarter was pretty leveled. Teams exchanged baskets, but still it was Argentina who finished it with 17-15 for plus five before the last frame. Belgium intensified defense immediately after that and seriously threatened to take this one. Argentina was limited to 9 points while Belgium scored 12, what however was not enough for the win today. Argentina will play against Australia on Sunday. Belgium will meet Spain.

Semifinals are set in Zaragoza - 13 minutes ago

France - USA 45-56 USA outlasted France 56-45 as Christyn Williams (177-F/G-00) dropped 17 points for the winners. Emmanuelle Tahane (180-F-99) responded with 13 points and 6 rebounds for France. Americans will match up against Australia. Australia - Czech Republic 83-53 History also came the way of Australia too as the Sapphires recorded an 83-53 win over Czech Republic. Eziyoda Magbegor (176-F/G-99) came up with a terrific 20 points, 8 rebounds and a sensational 6 blocks, while captain...   [read more]

Recap of 1/8 Finals in Zaragoza - 2 days ago

Czech Republic - Portugal 49-31 Czech Republic threw a defensive blanket over Portugal to take a 49-31 success in a repeat of the FIBA U16 Women's European Championship 2015 Final. They will meet Australia who had advanced directly to the Quarter-Finals. USA - Brazil 79-62 Reigning champions USA stamped their passport to the Last Eight by beating Brazil 79-62 as Christyn Williams (177-F/G-00) and Janelle Bailey (190-C-99) had 19 points apiece. Japan - France 52-58 France shrugged off a...   [read more]

Recap of Day 4 in Zaragoza - 3 days ago

Group A Japan - Canada 55-70 Leaticia Amihere (185-C) lead Canada to victory against Japan on this game with 20 points and 16 rebounds. That gives her for sure MVP of this game. Haruki Takahara (173-PF-99) responded in Japan with 12 points, while Rui Mima(184-C-99) had only 4 points but 13(!) rebounds on this match. Unfortunately for Japanese players and their fans, that was not enough for the victory as Canada win this game by 15 point margin. Canada had 60 rebounds on this match and Jap...   [read more]

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Men Women

World Championships U17 Standings
Group A
 1. Canada 3-0 
 2. Japan 2-1 
 3. Latvia 1-2 
 4. Nigeria 0-3 
Group B
 1. Australia 3-0 
 2. China 2-1 
 3. France 1-2 
 4. Mexico 0-3 
Group C
 1. USA 3-0 
 2. Italy 2-1 
 3. Czech Rep. 1-2 
 4. S.Korea 0-3 
Group D
 1. Spain 3-0 
 2. Mali 1-2 
 3. Portugal 1-2 
 4. Brazil 1-2 
Points Per Game
 Jihyun PARK
  Avg: 16.5
 1. Park, KOR16.5 
 2. Wang, CHN15.6 
 3. Han, CHN15.2 
 4. Kourouma, MLI15.0 
 5. Gulbe, LAT14.8 
 6. Ramos, POR14.6 
 7. Williams, USA14.4 
 8. Yamamoto, JPN14.4 
 9. Galeron, ESP13.0 
 10. Amihere, CAN13.0 
Rebounds Per Game
 Laeticia AMIHERE
  Avg: 14.5
 1. Amihere, CAN14.5 
 2. Decosta, USA11.8 
 3. Han, CHN10.2 
 4. Kourouma, MLI10.0 
 5. Ayala, MEX9.5 
 6. Nelson-Ododa, USA9.2 
 7. Madera, ITA9.2 
 8. Da Silva, BRA8.8 
 9. Galeron, ESP8.4 
 10. Bailey, USA8.4 
Assists Per Game
 Jiaqi WANG
  Avg: 5.8
 1. Wang, CHN5.8 
 2. Henderson, USA5.6 
 3. Ayuso, ESP4.2 
 4. Simmons, AUS4.0 
 5. Yamamoto, JPN4.0 
 6. Rodriguez, ESP3.6 
 7. Pinzan, ITA3.4 
 8. Ramos, POR3.4 
 9. Conti, AUS3.3 
 10. Nicoletti, BRA3.2 
Steals Per Game
 Jiaqi WANG
  Avg: 4
 1. Wang, CHN4.0 
 2. Park, KOR3.3 
 3. Lee, KOR3.0 
 4. Simmons, AUS2.5 
 5. Li, CHN2.4 
 6. Da Silva, BRA2.2 
 7. Fassina, ITA2.2 
 8. Zhang, CHN2.2 
 9. Lim, KOR2.2 
 10. Madera, ITA2.2 
Blocks Per Game
 Laeticia AMIHERE
  Avg: 4.5
 1. Amihere, CAN4.5 
 2. Han, CHN2.8 
 3. Magbegor, AUS2.5 
 4. Brown, CAN2.0 
 5. Decosta, USA1.6 
 6. Dodson, USA1.6 
 7. Nelson-Ododa, USA1.6 
 8. Jordao, POR1.4 
 9. Cubaj, ITA1.4 
 10. Septe, LAT1.2 
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