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6.Puerto Rico

Group A

1.Austral. 3-0
2.Turkey 2-1
3.Argent. 1-2
4.S.Korea 0-3
Group B
1.Greece 3-0
2.P.Rico 2-1
3.Angola 1-2
4.Iran 0-3
Group C
1.USA 3-0
2.Slovenia 2-1
3.Nigeria 1-2
4.China 0-3
Group D
1.Croatia 3-0
2.Lithuan. 2-1
3.Venezu. 1-2
4.Malaysia 0-3

Bogut got MVP award

Australia won 2003 titleont

  Australia is the World Champion!!!
The Australian basketball doesn't enjoy a lot of respect around the world. Sure, some of you can mention Andrew Gaze and some other names that became a big name outside "Down Under" in the last 15 years, but how many of you would consider an Aussie NT as a gold candidate in a World Championship. As of tonight, you are asked to make a switch. Sure, it's still not likely to happen in the "real" World Championship of the big guys, but the Australian basketball won a lot of respect here in Thessaloniki in the last days.
The Junior NT of Australia is the new World Champion in basketball. The Aussies demolished Lithuania in the finals and celebrate their win with their supporting fans that showed their presence in any game of their team with some "Made in Australia" cheers. It's worth mentioning that Australia, that didn't play a lot of practice games before the championship, doesn't have more than one SuprerStar, but the assisting team of Andrew Bogut , did a great great job throughout the entire tournament.
The Aussies were on the edge of elimination in the last game of the QF round. They faced the unbeatable USA and had to win in order to advance. Piece of cake. Australia won 106-85, and the Americans were out of the Semi Finals. Then they faced the European Champion  -  Croatia in the Semi Finals. No big deal. Australia won "only" 97-84 after leading by double than that during the 3rd quarter. Finals? No sweat. Australia averaged 101.5 pts in the Semi Finals and the game vs. the USA, but in the finals scored 100 points already after 30 minutes. Amazing! Lithuania was probably still celebrating the big win in the Semi Finals vs. the hosting Greek team, and was totally out of the game. Lithuania was totally denied but they too deserve a lot of good words for their performance in the championship.

Andrew Bogut was named the MVP of the Juniors World Championship. Along with him in the All star 5 of the championship are Linas Kleiza (Lithuania  -  8 votes as well as Bogut), Kostas Vassiliadis (Greece  -  6 votes), Roko-Leni Ukic (Croatia  -  5 votes) and Jose Barea (Puerto Rico  -  5 votes). Other mentioned players are D. Brown (USA), Darius Silinskis (Lithuania), Drago Pasalic (Croatia) and Sofoklis Schortsanitis (Greece).

Final: Australia 126  -  Lithuania 92

Both teams met already in the QF group. Back then Lithuania stunned Australia with a huge first half, that kept Australia behind by 20+ points in the first half already. A great war and by Australia in the 2nd half was enough only to reduce the margin, but not to complete a comeback. That was Australia's only loss in the championship. The finals game was the exact opposite.
The Lithuanians went strong on Andrew Bogut, the MVP of the Aussie team, but not only Bogut had 10 pts already in the first quarter, the Aussie guards were strong in the game. Three pointers, a great full court press defense that produced a lot of steals and easy points and great fight in the rebound erased the Lithuanian defense that brought them to the finals. 35-23 to Australia after 10 minutes.
Kleiza took the game on his shoulders and tried to bring Lithuania back to the game, but the Aussie guards, especially Steven Marcovic, and Bogut himself, were unstoppable. After 15 minutes Australia already scored 59 points. Amazing pace. The Lithuanians scored 20 pts less than that, and no time out by the Lithuanian coach helped. The Aussies continued to run, steal, jump, fight and score. After 20 minutes Australia had 71 against only 50 of Lithuania. Bogut had a double-double of 21 pts and 10 rebounds already after one half. Marcovic had 21 pts in 75% from the field as well. 3 players of the Australian team that shot in 61% 2FG and 60% of 3FG, had an evaluation of more than 1.0. Something that even old stats people in Greece can't remember. Kleiza had 18 pts for Lithuania in the first half.
The 2nd half was pure garbage time. Australia continued to play with their opponent. Bogut dunked, Marcovic hit and after 3 quarters the score was 100-74. With 5 minutes to play Marcovic fouled out after scoring 30 points and earned his cheers from the crowd. 2.5 minutes after him Andrew Bogut finished his championship and watched the last minutes of the game from the bench. Bogut got the deserved respect from the crowd. Sam Harris, the Aussie giant, that didn't play a lot of minutes in the games, got the honor to dunk one of the finals baskets in the finals. 126-92 is the score to be memorized.
Andrew Bogut had 35 pts in 11/17 from the field, 14 rbs and 3 assists, Steven Marcovic added 30 pts in 11/19 from the field, Matthew Knight scored 17 in 8/10 from the field and Brad Newley had 16. Linas Kleiza had 26 for the silver medal winners, Barbauskas nailed 20 and Jomantas had 15.

3-4 place: Greece 73  -  Croatia 64
The two teams met already a few days ago and Croatia won by one point from a big 3 pointer in the last seconds. The battle for the bronze was a close game as well, but the final minutes were different. For 3 quarters the teams were close to each other and after 30 minutes Greece had a 62-56 lead. In the first 7 minutes of the last quarter both teams had a big difficulty to find the ring. Greece scored only 1 point, Croatia responded with 4, but was only one possession behind. Perperoglou and Vassiliadis made sure this time Ukic won't take the lead, and secured the bronze for Greece. Vougioukas, that didn't get many chances so far, was the MVP of the game for Greece with 20 pts and 11 rbs, Schortsanitis added only 10 pts and 5 rbs while Perperoglou had 10 and 7 rbs. Ukic finished the games with 21 pts and 7 assists, Tomas added 15 and Pasalic made 10 pts and only 6 rbs.

5-6 place: USA 82  -  Puerto Rico 80
The USA dominated the first half but a great comeback of PR in the 3rd called for a close end. Barea was everywhere and was only 4 assists short of a triple double. Deron Williams nailed the last shot of the game the broke the 80-80 tie, while PR failed to exploit its last chance. Pittsnogle had 17 pts including 5/8 from 3 for the Americans, Williams and Graham Brown scored 12 each. Barea had 32 pts in 10/17 from the field and 4/8 from 3, 10 rebounds and 6 assists. Verdejo added 16.

7-8 place: Slovenia 67  -  Turkey 63
Turkey finishes the championship in the 8th place after it was so close to the Semi Finals. Both teams didn't have too much energy for this game, and Turkey was the one who took advantage of that in the first 3 quarters. Slovenia made a big effort in the last quarter to avoid a 5th loss in a row, and a missed 3 point shot by the Turkish Atsor in the last seconds helped them end the games with some sweet taste. Zagorac with 21 pts. 8 rbs and 4 assists ruled, Lorbek added 20 and 11 rbs while Smigic nailed 10 with 8 rbs. In Turkey Engin ATsor had 20 pts and 7 rebounds while Pastal had 8 pts and 10 rbs.

9-10 place: Venezuela 78  -  Argentina 76
Argentina didn't lose since the end of the 1st phase, until Venezuela put an end to that. Venezuela was accurate from the line in the last seconds and Argentina only made a 3 pointer in the last seconds to cut it down to a 2 point loss. Carlos Sandes and Patricio Rodriguez scored 18 pts each for Argentina. Urdaneta led the winners with 30 pts and Cedeno added 19. Marriaga finished the games with 6 pts and 12 rbs.

11-12 place: Nigeria 99  -  Korea 70
Korea was better in the first quarter but Nigeria knocked them out in the other 3 quarters and won by 29 pts, including a 52-23 score in the 2nd and 3rd quarters. Churchill Odia had 24 pts and Echefu added 17 for Nigeria. Yim with 15 and Lee with 14 made it for the Koreans. Ha finished the games with 8 pts, 3 rbs and 4 blocks.

  Austalia and Lithuania in the finals!
Greece is in shock. The local team, that crushed every opponent in the a game that mattered until now, and was the #1 gold contender, was eliminated in the Semi Finals by Lithuania. The team from Lithuania displayed a great team work in front of thousands crazy Greek fans and won 75-72. In the finals they will meet Australia, that showed once again they are not the most talented team in the games, but when you play like a team and fight even the European Championship goes down. After eliminating the USA in the QF with a 20+ pt win, they routed Croatia too 97-84 and made it to the finals for the 2nd time in the last 3 championships.

Once again it was proved that not the teams with the most talented players and biggest stars make it to the gold. Greece and Croatia will probably send more players to the high level of world basketball in the future, but Lithuania and Australia are the best coached national teams here. The 2 best forwards in the championship, Linas Kleiza of Lithuania and Andrew Bogut of Australia, will meet in the finals. Both teams already played each other in the QF group, and Lithuania won. Now it's time for a rematch.

Semi Finals

Lithuania 75  -  Greece 72

There was no big basketball in this game, but what a war. Lithuania scored its first points only after 3 minutes, and Greece scored its 4th point after 6. The Lithuanians made double and triple team every time Baby Shaq got the ball, and when they made it in time he was stopped. Big pressure of Greece on defense made it possible to keep Lithuania behind in the 2nd quarter and only Kleiza kept Lithuania in the game, 42-32 at half time.
Lithuania stayed around 10 pts behind during the 3rd and got ready quietly to the last quarter. Kleiza was huge in the 4th quarter and Silinskis made a huge job in defense on Baby Shaq, that committed his 4th foul early in the 4th. Kleiza slowly cut down the lead and Jankunas completed his job and put Lithuania on top with a 5 pt lead. Baby Shaq had to leave the court after he started bleeding. Before that he chased a little after Silinskis, that hurt him, and at that moment Silinskis was the most scared 215 cm guy in the history. Baby Shaq hit a few more objects on the way to the locker room, but once he was back the whole arena was pushing Greece back to the game.
Greece cut the margin down to 2, and everything was set for a Greek comeback. Baby Shaq had to leave the court once again to take care of his bleeding, and all of a sudden it took one minute to clean every sweat spot on the floor. Vassiliadis, in a terrible game, missed for the 10th time from behind the arc (2/12), Arturas Jomantas nailed only one from the line and Greece had 18 seconds to close a 3 pt difference, 73-70.Perperoglou scored a quick 2 and with 7.25 seconds to play Kleiza was sent to the line. The Lithuanian forward nailed them both and Greece failed to get a good shot in the last seconds. 75-72 for Lithuania. Greece, just like in the European Championship, is out in the Semi Finals.
The Lithuanians, that displayed great team play on both ends of the floor, were led by Linas Kleiza who scored 27 pts in 50% from the field, 11/13 from the free throw line, grabbed 13 rebounds, passed 3 assists, stole 4 balls and blocked 3 shots. Silinskis in his best game in the championship had 18 pts and 7 rbs while Jankunas had 10 pts and 10 rbs. Perperoglou scored 24 for Greece, Baby Shaq added 17 pts, 10 rbs and 4 assists and Vassiliadis was terrible with 8 pts in 3/19 from the field.

Australia 97  -  Croatia 84
This one was decided already in the 3rd quarter, but the big run started in the 2nd. Croatia was better in the first minutes, but once Australia was in the game there was no stop. During the Aussie run in the 2nd quarter Damian Martin tried a ¾ court pass, but the ball, accidently, went right into the hoop and added 3 more point for the Aussies on the way to a 49-35 half time lead. Andrew Bogut had 21 pts and 17 rbs already in the first half. The Croatians lost their head and made too many turnovers already in their half court. In the last quarter Croatia made a come back and was down by only 10 with 3 minutes to go, but continued to play like there's 10 more minutes and didn't pressure the ball enough. Australia managed to keep the lead and win by 13. Andrew Bogut was the MVP of the game and could be the one of the entire championship. Tonight he had 39 pts in 14/22 from the field and 25 rbs in a crucial game. Ukic led Croatia with 16 pts but in very bad percentages 6/23 and 7 assists, Pasalic had 15 pts and 14 rbs while Kedzo added 14.

5-8 games:
Puerto Rico 85  -  Turkey 78

Turkey was one Croatian three pointer from the Semi Finals but they will play for the 7th place after all. Turkey took off in the 3rd but great full court pressure and fighting of Puerto Rico turned the game upside down. Barea was great with 24 pts and 5 assists, Ramos had a very good performance with 17 pts, 21 rbs and 5 blocks while Orozco added 17 and 9 rbs. Pastal displayed his best game so far with 23 pts and 15 rbs. Kacaniku had 21 and Atsor scored only 11
USA 77  -  Slovenia 72
Many believed that just like in Indianapolis the Americans will continue to fall after the elimination from the SF, but turns out Slovenia wasn't in the right mood and lost for the 4th time in a row. One close first half came to an end with Slovenia up by 4, but the USA took over in the 3rd quarter and sailed to the 5-6 games. Paul Davis had 20 pts and 8 rbs, Daniel Brown added 17 pts and Abdush Shakur nailed 10. Sasa Zagorac scored 26 pts and grabbed 7 rbs, Smigic added 15 and Eraze, Lorbek had 12 pts with 15 rbs.

13-14 Game
Angola 85  -  China 73

Angola finish the WC in the 13th place while China drops to 14th. Angola dominated the 2nd half and won it 49-25 on the way to the 12 pt win. Dos Santon had 23 pts, Rosa Barros added 19 and Mieze finished the games with 18 pts and 9 rbs. Yi, one of the most promising players in the games, played the entire 40 minutes and finished with 13 pts. 10 rbs and 5 blocks.

15-16 game
Malaysia 77  -  Iran 67

First win for Malaysia in its last game in the championship. Malaysia is officially NOT the weakest team in the WC. Iran, that was outscored 20-8 in the 2nd quarter, will finish last in the 16th place while Malaysia grab the 15th. Phang nailed 15 pts, and Soo added 13. Zamani was the leading scorer of Iran with 18 while Jaber Rouzbahani had 11 pts, 15 rbs and 3 blocks.

  Just a warm up for the Semi Finals
Today only the 9-16 teams played in hope to grab a better position. The Semi Finals between Greece - Lithuania and Croatia - Australia will take place tomorrow night. The result of today's games are that Venezuela will face Argentina for the 9th place, Korea and Nigeria will play for 11th place, China and Angola will place for 13th place and Iran will probably set Malaysia as the 16th place in the games.

Places 9-12
Argentina 89 - Korea 83

Korea was very close to upset the team from Argentina, but didn't have enough experience to keep the 7 point lead it had less than 5 minutes to go. Argentina played full court pressure in the last minutes, nailed some 3 point shots, and will play for the 9th place. Lee scored 20 points for Korea, Yang had a double double of 17 pts and 13 rebounds while Ha finished with 11 pts and 11 rbs. Muruaga had 15 for Argentina, Sandes added 14 with 13 rebounds, Zago 12 and Figueroa 11 with 8 assists.
Venezuela 76 - Nigeria 74
After a first half controled by Nigeria the team from Venezuela took over and was on its way to an easy win. But then came a huge comeback of Nigeria, with some crazy 3 point shots and a flagrent foul of Venezuela that gave Nigeria a chance to win. Marriaga made the winning block in the last possession of Nigeria and Venezuela celebrated its win. Odia had 20 for Nigeria, Tat added 15. Cedeno ruled for the winners with 24 pts and 9 rebounds, while Marriaga had 18 pts, 12 rbs and 1 winning block.

Places 13-16
China 101 - Malaysia 71

Easy win for China. The Chinese coach didn't win a lot of popularity here after he didn't let his big prospect Jianling Yi play in the 2nd half at all. The few people that came to the game, and were expecting to watch the prodigy, were highly disappointed. Malaysia proved once again as the weakest team in the games. Yi still managed to have 12 pts and 6 rbs in the first half. Zhao nailed 20 while Wang and Chen added 16 each. Phang led Malaysia with 11 pts.
Angola 63 - Iran 60
One of the worst games in the championship, but someone must win, and this time it was Angola. Iran made a big run in the 3rd quarter, but Angola was dominating in the 4th and with another performance of Dos Santos (13 pts) and Roza Barros (14 pts) will play for the 13th place. Rouzbahani had a very good game with 22 pts, 8/13 from the field, 7 rebounds and 5 blocks.

  SF: Omerhodzic carry Croatia with a 3 pointer; USA is out!
Greece  -  Lithuania and Croatia  -  Australia. These are the Semi Finals of the 2003 Junior World Championship. 3 European teams and 1 from down under. 8 years ago, in the same country, Greece made it to the finals and beat Australia. Can a rematch take place on the 20th? The USA was eliminated from the Semi Finals after a huge upset against Australia that celebrated on the floor their huge win for a long time. The USA, that lost for the first time today, will face Slovenia and Puerto Rico will play Turkey in the first phase of the 5-8 games.
Croatia 73  -  Greece 72
Greece, that didn't win by less than 20 so far, faced Croatia, that had to win in order to qualify to the Semi Finals. Any other result would have sent Turkey to the Semi Finals with Greece. In other words, Greece had to lose in order to keep Turkey out of the Semi Finals. And what do you think happend?
Let's start from the top. Croatia had the ball with 2 down, and less than 30" to play. Ukic, that just nailed a huge 3 pointer to tie the game, called the play after Baby Shaq hit 2 free throws to set the score on 70-72 for Greece. Ukic almost made a turnover, but somehow the ball went to Damir Omerhodzic (210-C/F-85)'s hand. The young forward stood on the 3 point line, and nailed probably the biggest shot of his career. A 3 point shot that won the game for Croatia, and sent them to the Semi Finals vs. Australia. Greece lost for the first time in the championship. Pasalic had 20 points with 14 rebounds, Ukic made 19 pts, Tomas added 15 and Omerhodzic finished with 7 points and 2/4 from behind the line. Baby Shaq had 16 pts and 12 rebounds, while Vassiliadis had 16 pts.

Turkey 87  -  Slovenia 60
Slovenia is one big disappointment in the QF group. The EC runner up lost all the 3 games, and 2 of them by a huge margin. Turkey, that didn't play well in the first round, beat both Croatia and Slovenia quite easily. Turkey took a double-digit lead already in the first quarter and didn't let go until the very end. This time Atsor cleared the way for his friends and the big stars were Murat Kaya with 19 pts in 7/8 from the field, Valentin Pastal with 14 pts in 5/6 from the field and 13 pts each from Halil Kutruza and Caner Topaloglou. Mocnik nailed 14 pts in 6/7 FG and Zagorac had 10, but that's all for Slovenia that will play for 5-8. Erazem Lorbek had a disappointing game with 6 pts and 5 rebounds. Turkey was sure they are going for the Semi Finals after the game, but then came Omerhodzic…

Group 5
Australia 106  -  USA 85
It happened last season in Indianapolis, it's happening here once again. It's not a dream team, but the USA team will play for the 5-8 places in the Junior WC too! The Americans could afford a 7 pt loss to Australia, that enjoy the most colorful and noisy group of fans here, but lost their head and the game by 21 pts. The Aussies took off in the 2nd quarter and increased to lead in the 2nd half. Bogut was everywhere and finished with 22 pts, 18 rebounds and 5 assists, Aaron Bruce had 25 pts in 10/15 from the field while Bradley Robbins and Matthew Knight had 13 each. Paul Davis had 28 pts and 15 rebounds for the Americans, Alexander nailed 15 and Brown only 14 with 7 assists.
Lithuania 90  -  Puerto Rico 77
Lithuania is in the Semi Finals after another sweet win in the QF group. Puerto Rico, as always, showed a big heart, and played very emotionally but that wasn't enough against a very skilled team from Lithuania, that took off in the 4th quarter. Linas Kleiza nailed 42 points and pulled 10 rebounds for the winners. Jankunas added 16 pts and 15 rebounds. Jose Barea, the star of PR, finished with 26 pts and 9 assists, while Verdejo had 18 points.

9-16 games
China will face Malaysia and Angola will play Iran in the first phase of the 13-16 games in 2 days. Argentina will face Korea and Nigeria will face Venezuela in the 9-12 games.

Group 7
Iran 79  -  Malaysia 58

Easy win for Iran vs. the weak team of Malaysia. Rouzbahani nailed 20 pts in 8/11 from the field with 5 rebounds and 9 blocks.

Argentina 91  -  Nigeria 73
Another easy win for Argentina in the 9-16 games. Nigeria will still play for the 9-12 spots. Muruaga nailed 19 pts, and Sandes had 16 pts and 13 rebounds. Usman led Nigeria with 21 pts.

Group 8
Venezuela 71  -  Angola 62

Venezuela wins again, for the 3rd time, in Group H. Angola lose for the 3rd time in a row and will compete for the 13-16 spots. Marriaga had 15 pts and 9 rbs, Palacios added 19 and 9 rebounds himself. Dos Santos nailed 17 for the losing team.

Korea 101  -  China 72
In the match up of the teams from the Far East Korea had the upper hand already after one quarter (22-8) and the lead just kept growing. Ha finally had impressive numbers with 21 pts, in 9/12 from the field, 14 rebounds and 3 blocks. Lee nailed 20 pts including 6/9 from three. Yi replied with 21 pts and 11 rebounds for China.

  Greece above all
Phew! What a day! After lots of one-sided games in the first phase and 2 of them in the first day of the QF groups we had 3.5 great games tonight in the QFs including one with a double-overtime between the 2 finalists of the last European Championship for Juniors. Greece seems like the top candidate for the gold and if the hosting team won't make it at least to the finals it will be a huge surprise. In 5 games only one team managed to score more than 65 points against the Greeks, and that team lost by 20 pts as well (the smallest win of the Greece Juniors…).

Quarter Final Groups

Group 5
USA 87  -  Lithuania 84
The two winners of the first day met for a big fight. The Lithuanians played very aggressive in the first quarter and kinda shocked the Americans, who soon were trailing by 13 points and more. Daniel Brown closed the gap for the Americans in the 2nd quarter and until the end both teams were close to each other. Jankunas in a great 3rd quarter and Kleiza in a great 4th kept them in the game versus an amazing show by Brown. In the last 2 minutes he scored 3 times from behind the arc and by himself put the Americans on a 6 point lead. Lithuania cut the lead by half and had the final ball, but missed the last shot from 3 and lost 87-84. Jankunas had 22 points and 13 rebounds, Kleiza made 28 points while Brown finished with great numbers. 47 points, 9/14 for 2, 9/15 for 3, 6 as and 6 steals.
Australia 83  -  Puerto Rico 82
Puerto Rico was so close, but lost for the 2nd time in a row in the QF group. A big comeback of PR in the last minutes gave them the last ball with one point down, but Australia forced a jump-ball with 2 seconds to go, and PR failed to connect the final attempt. Bogut had another double-double with 18 pts and 12 rebounds. Ramos, the giant of PR, had a good performance with 22 pts, 9/14 from the field and 14 rebounds while Barea was sweet as honey once again with 25 points, 8 assists and 5 rebounds.

Group 6
Croatia 113  -  Slovenia 103 Double OT
The two finalists of the European Championship of last season met again for another big drama. It took 50 minutes but once again Croatia had the upper hand. A great three point shot by Pasalic with 8 seconds to go in regulation finished a big Croatian comeback for an 86-86 tie. Slovenia failed to score in the last seconds and the game went to overtime. Croatia opened with a 7-0 run, Slovenia tied and the last ball was in Ukic hands. The Croatian PG took a mid-range shot for the win, but like most of his shots in the paint it went out. 97-97. In the 2nd overtime Croatia got a payback from Ukic with a huge 8 meters 3 pointer that left Slovenia with another loss. Ukic had 36 pts, 6 as and 8 rebounds but check out his field goal numbers. 1/13 for 2, 7/12 for 3. Pasalic scored 30, pulled down 22 rebounds and blocked 2 shots. For the Slovenians E. Lorbek scored 37 points, added 13 rebounds and blocked twice, Zagorac scored 18 while Mocnik had 21 pts and 6 assists.
Greece 79  -  Turkey 58
Greece is just too damn strong for the other teams here. It's not the fact they didn't lose any game so far, it's the fact their smallest win was by 20 pts, and most of them were against 1-8 teams (PR, Slovenia & Turkey). The Turks gave a good fight for about one quarter and a half, until Schortsanitis and his gang took off for a 40-27 lead at half time. The 2nd half was pure garbage time. Greece is going strong for the gold. Schortsanitis nailed 21 pts and added 15 rebounds for Greece, while Vassilopoulos gave his best game so far with 18 pts and 11 rbs. Costas Vassiliadis added 15 in a bad shooting day  -  4/19 FG. Astor was stopped on 13 pts for Turkey in 5/15 from the filed. No other Turkish player scored in double-digits.

9-16 Groups

Group 7
Argentina 94  -  Iran 62
Another win by a big margin for Argentina in the 9-16 games, this time by 32 points over Iran. Rouzbahani nailed 15 pts in 5/5 from the field, added 9 rebounds and 3 blocks for Iran. Rodriguez led Argentina with 18 pts, while Alloatti nailed 14 and added 9 rebounds.
Nigeria 96  -  Malaysia 64
Another big defeat for Malaysia, that just wishes for the games to be over. Churchill Odia had 21 pts for Nigeria while Ugboaja had 16 and 14 rebounds.

Group 8
Korea 101  -  Angola 78
Korea got its first win in the 9-16 games over Angola. 101-78 was the final score. Barros Rosa had 30 points for Angola with 13 shots from the perimeter. Kwang Lee scored 37 for Korea with 9/11 for 2 and 5/10 for 3 while the giant Ha had 10 pts and 8 rebounds.
Venezuela 76  -  China 58
Venezuela won for the 2nd time this time over China, 76-58. Yi of China had 11 pts and 13 rebounds. Marriaga had 23 pts and 10 rebounds for the winners.

  Greece and USA rule the games - Jul 14, 2003 - by Yarone Arbel

The first day of the QF games delivered one and a half surprise, and 2 big defeats. Greece and the USA continue to dominate while Turkey surprised the European Champion Croatia, and Australia lost to Lithuania.

Quarter Finals Groups
Group 6
Greece 81  -  Slovenia 51
Greece continues to route whoever stand in its way to the gold, only this time it wasn't anyone like Iran but one of the best teams in this championship  -  Slovenia. Erazem Lorbek? Sofoklis Schortsanitis made sure no one will have any doubt who's the most dominate player in the games. Half way through the first quarter the Slovenian coach needed to look for another body to try to stop Baby Shaq. No one was able to do that. Greece decided the game already in the first half. Schortsanitis finished with 28 points and 11 rebounds with only 2 misses from the field (9/11). Vassiliadis added 15 points. Erazem Lorbek was the only player in Slovenia in double digits, and he had no more than 13 points and 7 rebounds. None of the other players in Slovenia passed the 6 point limit.

Turkey 87  -  Croatia 78
Everyone expected an easy win for Croatia, but the team from Turkey made a big surprise. After 3 quarters of a close game Turkey took off and left Croatia behind. Atsor was unstoppable and made Ukic foul out toward the end. Atsor finished with 41 points in 15/24 from the field. Daloglu had 14 and Kutruza 12. For Croatia Tomas nailed 18, Pasalic added 17 and 11 rebounds while Ukic had 11 and 5 rebounds.

Group 5
Lithuania 96  -  Australia 87
Easy win for Lithuania in the QF phase opener. A huge first half by Lithuania decided the game, and covered for a very weak 2nd half. The Aussies were down by 20+ during the 2nd quarter, but managed to cut the margin to no more than 6 with only a few minutes to play with the help of a very effective full court press defense. Lithuania, what else, nailed some 3 pointers in the last minutes to make sure the win will stay on their side. Marius Prekevicius did a great job with 25 points, 7 rebounds and a some sweet 3 point shots. Linas Kleiza led with 30 points and 7 rebounds. Markovic was the leading scorer of Australia with 20 while Andrew Bogut was stopped by the Lith defense on 16 points and 8 rebounds.

USA 106  -  Puerto Rico 72
The USA opens the QF with an easy win as well, only they made it easy all the way. Puerto Rico wasn't a real opponent for the majority of the game, and finished the game with 34 points less than the USA. Jose Barea was sweeter than chocolate in the PG of Puerto Rico and he finished with 35 points in 13/22 from the field and 4 assists. De'Angelo Alexander led the Americans with 23 points and 9 rebounds, while Daniel Brown added 17 and Maurice Ager had 15.

9-16 Games
Group 7
Nigeria 78  -  Iran 53
An easy win for Nigeria in the opener. Iran got 4 pts, 6 rebounds and 6 blocks from the giant Rouzbahani, but lost 78-53. Churchill Odia nailed 19 for the winners.

Argentina 105  -  Malaysia 38
Another big loss for the weakest team in the games. Malaysia scored only 2 points in the 3rd quarter and helped Argentina take some aggression out on the way to a 67 point win. Jose Muruaga and Carlos Sandes had 15 points each for Argentina. Alloatti and Ingrata added 12 a piece. The leading scorer of the Malaysian team was Tun Kaw Ang with…7 points.

Group 8
Venezuela 104  -  Korea 84
Without the giant Ha that played for no more than 5 minutes Korea didn't have much to offer other than 3 pointers. So Young Lee took 20 of them and somehow finished with 20 points, and Sul Kim added 21 points with 5/7 from 3. Against Venezuela it was enough for no more than a 19 point loss, 103-84. Miguel Marriaga shined once again with 32 points and 12 rebounds.

China 87  -  Angola 64
An easy win for China in the opening day of the 9-16 games. 87-64 over Angola.  Jianlian Yi was once again the big star with 25 points, 7/10 from the field and…18 rebounds. And he's only 16 years old…Tang, the Chinese center, had a good game too with 20 points and 7 rebounds. Barros Rosa had 23 points for Angola.

  Quarter Finals are set

The first phase is over. Tomorrow is a rest day but on Monday the 16 teams will open the 1-8 games and the 9-16 games. USA, Australia, Croatia and Greece finished the first phase with a perfect 3-0 record. The top 8 will play in 2 groups of 4 each. In group 5 Australia, USA, Puerto Rico and Lithuania will fight for the top 2 spots that lead to the Semi Finals. In Group 6 we will have 4 European teams  -  Croatia, Slovenia, Greece and Turkey that made it to the elite 8 in the last minute. In Group 7 Argentina will try to fix the disappointing display so far against Iran, Nigeria and Malaysia while in group 8 Korea will face Angola, China and Venezuela.

Group A

Turkey 71  -  Argentina 65
The two teams fought for the last spot in the QF. The teams knew the loser will be crowned as "The Most Disappointing Team in the Games”, and Argentina had the unlucky honor to win this title and will play for the 9-16 places. Turkey made it to the QF with a 71-65 win, but didn't display good basketball so far. Engin Atsor was held on no more than 2 points tonight, but Turkey had Murat Kaya with 15 points and Halil Kutruza (193-G-84) with 16 points to save the game. Valentin Pastal (204-C/F-84) woke up in a way and finished with 12 points and 10 rebounds. Argentina too suffered from a very weak game by its star  -  Alejandro Alloatti who scored only 2 points as well. Ernesto Zago and Jose Muragua scored 19 points each.
Turkey: Kutruza 16, Kaya 15, Pastal 12, Daloglu 10, Topaloglu 6, Saygin 4, Goktug 4, Koroglu 2, Atsur 2
Argentina: Muragua 19, Zago 19, Rodriguez 9, Treise 5, Ingrata 4, Weigand 3, Alloatti 2, Figueroa 2, Sandes 2
Australia 124 - Korea 95

Easy win for Australia that finish the first round with a perfect record. Bugot had 33 pts, 25 rebounds and 5 assists and said after the game he would like to be like Toni Kukoc.
Australia: Bogut 33, Bruce 15, Robbins 13, Janev 12, Harris 10, Newley 8, Carter 7, Martin 7, Markovic 6, Selwood 6, Knight 4, Maric 3
Korea: K.Lee 26, Yang 13, T.Kim 12, Yim 11, Cha 9, Jung 8, Y.Lee 6, Ha 4, Chung 2, Yun 2, Ham 2

Group B

Puerto Rico 85  -  Angola 71
PR is in the QF after an easy win over Angola. Jose Juan Barea (180-G-84, college: Northeastern), the short fast PG of PR, was once again the star of the team this time with 28 points and 6 assists. Jesus Verdejo (F/G-) had 9 points but not a single three pointer Angola displayed 21 points by Barros Rosa.
Puerto Rico: Barea 28, Ramos 10, Vassalo 10, Verdejo 9, Orta 9, Vega 7, Orozco 5, Colon 4, Sanchez 2, Rosas 1
Angola: Rosa 21, Mieze 14, J.Dos Santos 13, M.Dos Santos 12, Da Silva 6, Alcantara 5

Greece 103  -  Iran 56
The Iranians gave a good fight for one quarter and a half, but were down by 9 at half time, 45-36, but in the 3rd quarter Greece was much more aggressive on defense and left Iran behind, on the way to a perfect 3-0 record in the first round. Vassiliadis nailed 28 points and added 10 rebounds, Perperoglou added 20 points, 6 rebounds and 5 steals while Schortsanitis was out of focus today and finished with only 4 points, 10 rebounds and 3 blocks. The Iranian giant, Rouzbahani, showed some good moves but also a very confused game and finished with 8 points, 5 rebounds and 3 blocks.
Greece: Vassiliadis 28, Perperoglou 20, Sakota 14, Theos 14, Koupidis 12, Sourlis 8, Schortsanitis 4, Vougioukas 3
Iran: Zamani 16, Forooghi 11, Amini 9, Rouzbahani 8, Monavari 3, Sahakian 3, Faridani 2, Bagheri 2, Baheran 2

Group C

USA 88  -  Nigeria 69
The Americans finish the first group with a perfect record after another easy win. This time over Nigeria. DeAngelo Alexander (193-G-) nailed 13 points and C.J. Watson (186-G-84) added 12 for the winners. Solomon Tat connected 18 for the losing team.
USA: DeAngelo Alexander (193-G-) 13, Watson 12, Ager 10, D.Brown 9, Williams 9, Hollins 8, P.Davis 6, Pittsnogle 6, Burgess 6, Shakur 5, G.Brown 4
Nigeria: Tat 18, Odia 15, Soroye 9, Ugboaja 7, Echefu 6, Ibikunle 5, Usman 4, Ejike 3, Alayande 2

Slovenia 87  -  China 78
Slovenia made it to the QF after an easy win over China. Slovenia took a double digit lead in the first half and surfed to a 9 point win although the Chinese team made a comeback to minus 6 with 30" to go. Sasa Zagorac with 23 points  and Erazem Lorbek (210-F/C-84) with 20 points and 8 rebounds dominated the paint but the best player in this game was the Chinese prospect Jianlian Yi (212-C/F-87) that had 29 points in 13/21 from the field, 12 rebounds and 3 blocks. And he's only 16….
Slovenia: Zagorac 23, E.Lorbek 20, Mocnik 13, Mali 8, Smigic 6, Fon 6, D.Lorbek 4, Rizvic 4, Urbanc 3
China: Yi 29, Zhao 20, Tang 12, Wang 8, Hu 4, Chen 3, Q.Zhang 2

Group D

Croatia 110  -  Malaysia 65
After 2 close games Croatia finally got it right, but against the weakest team in the championship it's not much of a problem. 30-13 already at the end of the first quarter and from there it was an easy ride to a 45 point win. Roko-Leni Ukic broke the basket board with a dunk attempt in the last quarter. First time in Ukic career but 3rd time in the Evosmos court in this championship. Ukic had 22 points, 7 steals and 6 assists, Kedzo finally connected with 19 points, 6 rebounds and 5 steals and Omerhodzic expressed himself with 18 points and 10 rebounds.
Croatia: Ukic 22, Kedzo 19, Omerhodzic 18, Pasalic 15, Novacic 7, Peric 6, Tomas 6, Filipovic 4, Kralj 2
Malaysia: Chan 12, Phang 10, Sarjeet 10, Soo 8, Ahmad 7, J.Cheong 7, Koo 6, Y.Cheong 3, Ang 2

Lithuania 108  -  Venezuela 60
The Liths had to win to qualify to the QF and had a very easy job, leading 31-11 already after 1 quarter. Linas Kleiza (203-F-85) had an easy job with 26 points and 9 rebounds, Mazeika nailed 28 points, and Jankunas finished with 12 points and 7 boards. Marriaga, the star of the team from Venezuela, was stopped on 9 pts and 6 rebounds.
Lithuania: Maceina 28, Kleiza 26, Jankunas 12, Prekevicius 12, Babrauskas 9, Dabkus 8, Silinskis 4, Jomantas 3, Maciulis 2, Joneliunas 2, Lekavicius 2
Venezuela: Palacios 10, Marriaga 9, Santos 9, Centeno 7, Parra 6, Urdaneta 6, Quintero 6, Cedeno 5, J.Urbina 2

  Day 2 - Jul 11, 2003 - by Eurobasket

Day 2 did not bring too many surprises. However Korea gave lots of troubles to favorite Turkey and Venezuela almost beat one of the tournament gold medal candidate - Crostia. Both Turkey and Croatia won their games, but just only by 1 point. All Asian teams lots their games, while Lithuania almost killed Malaysia (definitely the weakest team at the event) beating them by ...68 points. In other interesting games, USA beat easily China 109-84, Strong Australia did not give too much chance to Argentina (75-57). Greece, Puerto Rico and Slovenia got easy victories.

Group A
Australia - Argentina 75-57

Australia: Andrew Bogut (206-F/C-85) 25, Markovic 11, Bruce 10, Knight 8, Janev 6, Martin 5, Carter 3, Newley 3, Maric 2, Harris 1, Robbins 1, Selwood
Argentina: Alloatti 14, Muragua 11, Sandes 8, Fioretti 6, Rodriguez 5, Mainoldi 4, Treise 3, Figueroa 2, Ingrata 2, Chami 2, Zago
Korea - Turkey 80-81
Korea: Lee Y. 25, Yang 20, Ha 15, Lee K. 10, Yim 6, Kim 4, Yun, Ham, Cha
Turkey: Murat Ali Kaya (204-F-84) 20, Atsur 15, Topaloglu 12, Kutruza 11, Daloglu 9, Postal 8, Goktug 4, Koroglu 2, Demirel, Kacaniku

Group B
Angola - Greece 65-87

Angola: Rosa Barros 31, Dos Santos J. 11, Mieze Mbunga 8, Dos Santos M. 7, Alcantara 4, Da Silva 4, Mayzer, Joao Maria, Wilson
Greece: Costas Vasiliadis (200-G/F-84) 23, Schortsanitis 21, Perperoglou 10, Koupidos 8, Theos 7, Mavrokefalidis 5, Sakota 3, Vougioukas 3, Vasilopoulos 2, Xanthopoulos 2, Sourlis 2, Apostolidis 1

Puerto Rico - Iran 92-66

Puerto Rico: Barea 19, Verdejo 13, Ramos 12, Vega 10, Orta 9, Orozco 9, Vassalo 5, Sanchez 5, Rosas 4, Hernandez 4, Colon 2, Lopez
Iran: Amini 20, Rouzbahani 12, Sahakian 11, Bagheri 10, Zamani 9, Faridani 3, Baheran 1, Amel

Group C

USA - China 109-84

USA: Williams 23, P.Davis 20, Alexander 20, Ager 14, Hollins 8, D.Brown 7, Pittsnogle 7, Watson 4, G.Brown 4, Bourgess 2, Shakur
China: Wang 18, Yi 16, Meng 16, Zhao 14, Tang 10, Hu 7, Q.Zhang 3, Z.Zhang, Liu

Nigeria - Slovenia 65-102

Nigeria: Tat 21, Odia 12, Soroye 10, Usman 8, Ugboaja 6, Ejike 5, Ibikunle 3, Alayande, Gumut, Adepoju, Ogunsola, Echefu
Slovenia: Jure Mocnik (190-G-85) 18, E.Lorbek 16, D.Lorbek 16, Zagorac 16, Fon 12, Kosir 9, Smigic 9, Urbanc 4, Rizvic 2, Bajramlic, Mali, Sebic

Group D

Malaysia - Lithuania 39-107

Malaysia: Ang 7, Koo 7, Phang 7, Sarjeet 6, Soo 4, Ahmad 3, Khor 2, Ng 2, Lai 1, Y.Cheong, J.Cheong, Chan
Lithuania: Linas Kleiza (203-F-85) 28, babrauskas 14, Jankunas 11, Maciulis 10, Joneliunas 9, Peciukaitis 8, Jomantas 7, Lekavicius 7, Prekevicius 5, Maceina 4, Dabkus 2, Silinskis 2

Croatia - Venezuela 75-74

Croatia: Marko Banic (204-F-84) 16, Tomas 14, Ukic 13, Kralj 10, Pasalic 8, Peric 7, Kedzo 7, Filipovic
Venezuela: Palacios 20, Cedeno 15, Marriaga 14, Urdaneta 7, Santos 4, Urbina Evias 3, Adrian 1, Quintero, Urbina Bolivar

  Day 1 - Jul 10, 2003 - by Eurobasket

Group A
Australia 80 - Turkey 74

A big and important win for Australia over Turkey. The Aussies took the lead early in the game, and climbed to a 13 point lead at half time. Pastal had a disappointing performance, so Atsur took over and led a small comeback by the Turks with his 37 points. Andrew Bogut had one of the best individual performances of the first day with 23 points in 66%FG and 20 rebounds as Australia won it nice and clean.
Australia (25+20+19+16): Bogut 22 - 10/15 FG + 20 rbs, Knight 16, Carter 13, Markovic 12, Bruce 5, Janev 5, Martin 4, Robbins 2, Maric 1
Turkey (17+15+21+21): Atsur 37 - 13/29 FG + 7 to, Pastal 9 - 3/9 FG + 12 rbs, Kaya 9, Kutruza 9, Topaloglou 6, Goktug 3, Koroglu 1

Argentina 87 - Korea 67
It took Argentina 3 quarters to open a gap from Korea. Ha, the sensation of Korea, finished with a double-double of 16 points and 10 rebounds and will be followed closely in the next days as well. Alejander Alloatti dominated for Argentina with 22 points and 14 rebounds as the South Americans took off in the 4th to a 20 point win.
Argentina (18+14+20+25): Alloatti 22, Figueroa 12, Treise 12, Fiorretti 12, Ingrata 9, Sandes 7, Mainoldi 6, Chami 5, Muragua 2
Korea (17+17+18+11): Ha 16 + 10 rbs, Yang 14, Lee 11, Kim 10, Cha 6, Lee 5, Yim 5

Group B
Greece 103 - Puerto Rico 80

The game started with a battle of power in the paint between Sofocles Schortsianitis (206-F-85) and the 220 Ramos of PR. Sofocles Schortsianitis (206-F-85) had the upper hand but PR had Jesus Verdejo, a great shooter that connected 23 points in the first half. Early in the 2nd quarter Sofocles Schortsianitis (206-F-85) broke the board of the basket and the game was renewed after about 20 minutes. Greek had 17 points of Perperoglou as the first half ended with a 45-45 tie. Then came the 3rd quarter and Costas Vassiliadis. The Greek shooter made 19 points in the 3rd and led his team to a double digit lead. Barea, a small fast PG, covered for Verdejo that was stopped in PR, and the 3rd finished with Greece leading 72-63. Greece continued to pressure and forced a lot of turnovers on the visiting team. The fast breaks that finished with great dunks, including a steal and dunk move by "Baby Shaq", woke the fans, and Greece cruised for its first win in the championship.
Greece (25+20+27+31): Vassiliadis 32, Sofocles Schortsianitis (206-F-85) 26 + 14 rbs, Perperoglou 22. Vassilopoulos 15, Sakota 4, Sourlis 2, Theos 1, Mavrokefalidis 1
Puerto Rico (23+22+18+20): Barea 27, Verdejo 27, Ramos 8 + 8 rbs, Orozco 7, Rosas 5, Vassalo 4, Sanchez 3, Vega 2

Angola 74 - Iran 50
Easy win for Angola in the opening day. Iran had the upper hand in the first half, but went to sleep in the second and was outscored 50-17. Jose Santos shot from 3 like there's no tomorrow but made 8 of his 18 shots from behind the arc, and kept Iran from behind. The Iranian giant Rouzbahani had 10 points and 7 rebounds.
Angola (13+11+18+32): Santos 26, Barros 17, Neto 10, Divaldo 7, Domingos 7, Carlos 4, Maria 2, Maizer 1
Iran (17+16+9+8): Monavari 11, Rouzbahani 10 + 7 rbs, Zamani 10, Sahakian 7, Amini 4, Foroghi 3, Mohammadpoor 2, Bagheri 2, Beheshti 1

Group C

USA 84 - Slovenia 83

What an exciting game! Slovenia with Erazem Lorbek that was once again unstoppable dominated the first quarter and led by 10 after 10 minutes. The Americans made a come back and finished the 1st half trailing by 1, 43-44. The USA had Daniel Brown, who scored 3 of his 4 three pointers in the last 6 minutes, and with 30" to go hit the winning shot. Slovenia had two more chances but Smigic and Domen Lorbek couldn't connect it.
USA (18+25+21+20): Davis 24 + 14 rbs, Brown 20, Alexander 11, Watson 9, Shakur 8, Williams 5, Hollins 4, Pittsnogle 3
Slovenia (28+16+15+24): Lorbek E. 28, Smigic 16 + 11 rbs, Zagorac 16, Mocnik 13, Rizvic 8, Lorbek D. 2

China 69 - Nigeria 92
A big surprise on the first day. China opened strong as expected and led by 11 at the end of the first quarter, but a huge drought in the 2nd quarter, in which the Chinese scored only 4 points, allowed Nigeria to take a 33-37 lead at half time. In the 2nd half there was only one team on the floor. Churchill Odia and Nurudeen Adepoju led Angold to a huge win by 23 points over China. Nigeria enjoyed a good team work in rebounding and pulled 27 rebounds on offense. Yi, the young giant of Chinese showed a lot of good moves and finished with a double-double but China is in big trouble now.
China (29+4+16+20):Yi 24 + 12 rbs, Tang 17, Meng 10, Zhao 9, Zhang Z. 6, Zhang Q. 3
Nigeria (18+19+26+29): Odia 21, Adepoju 18, Tat 16, Ugboaja 10, Usman 9, Ibikunle 6, Echefu 6, Ogunsola 2, Ejike 2, Gumut 2

Group D
Croatia 73 - Lithuania 69

The game was postponed by 30 minutes because one of the boards broke during the warm up, but once the game began, it was one big party.
Croatia presented the players of Split Roko-Leni Ukic with great work at the PG position and Drago Pasalic under the boards (20 points and 22 rebounds!). Lithuania however put its trust in the hands of Linad Kleiza, that play in the US, and here he showed what he learned over there with 26 points, 13 rebounds and some very efficient moves in the paint. Paulius Jankunas was his helping hand in the paint, but that wasn't enough for a win. Croatia's boys were more experienced than the Lithuanians and it showed in the last minutes.
Croatia (18+17+14+20): Ukic 20, Pasalic 20 + 22 rbs, Kralj 9, Tomas 8, Banic 7, Kastropil 4, Omerhodzic 3, Kedzo 2
Lithuania (16+22+17+18): Kleiza 26 + 13 rbs, Jankunas 15 + 12 rbs, Silinskis 9 + 11 rbs, Lekavicius 8, Mazeika 3, Jomantas 3, Dabkus 2, Prekevicius 2, Maciulis 1

Venezuela 88 - Malaysia 60
It took one quarter for Venezuela to take off and escape from Malaysia. Urdaneta and Marriaga, very nice player that was picked as MVP of the Pan American championship, combined 42 points, and easily beat the game for Venezuela.
Venezuela (16+36+20+16): Urdaneta 27, Marriaga 15 + 13 rbs, Centeno 14, Santos 11, Adrian 9, Centeno 4, Quintero 4, Palacios 2, Urbina 2
Malaysia (12+22+11+15): Cheong 18, Phang 8, Koo 7, Ng 7, Lai 5, Soo 5, Chan 5, Cheong 3, Khor 1, Ang 1

Jose Dos Santos 174-G-84
Milton Barros -185-G-85
Emanuel Neto -199-C-84
Mieze Divaldo -197-F-85
Domingos Bonifacio -185-G-84
Alcantara Moral Carlos -184-F-85
Sanu Zola Maria -188-F-84
Alexandre Joaquim Mayzer -183-G-84
Francisco Manuel Wilson -194-F-85
Michel Dos Santos -192-F-86
Paulo Muquixe -195-F-85
Mvumbi Tsheke -178-G-85

Alejandro Alloatti -202-C-84 Obras
Juan Pablo Figueroa -184-G-86 Atenas
Jonatan Treise -186-G-85 Conarpesa
Matias Fioretti -199-G-84 Boca
Bruno Ingrata -202-C-85 Atenas
Matias Carlos Sandes - 201-F-84 Boca
Leonardo Mainoldi -204-F/C-85 Pamesa Valencia
Gabriel Chami Paz -204-C-84 Atenas
Jose Muruaga -188-G-84 Tucuman BB
Patricio Rodriguez -193-F-85 Regatas (San Nicolás)
Ariel Zago -203-C-85 Libertad
Axel Weingand -201-F-85 Boca
Diego Brezzo -207-F-84 Atenas
Andrew Bogut -207-F-84 AIS
Matthew Knight 201-F-85 AIS
Rhys Carter -190-G-84 Victoria Giants
Steven Markovic -190-G-85 West Sydney Razorbacks
Aaron Bruce -188-G-84 AIS
Blagoj Janev -203-F-84 NSW
Damian Martin -186-G-84 AIS
Brad Robbins -186-G-85 Dandenong
Aleksandar Maric -209-F-84 AIS
Sam Harris -221-C-84 AIS
Brad Newley G-85 AIS
Mitch Selwood
 -209-F-84 AIS
Head Coach: Rob Beveridge
Asst. Coach: Marty Clarke
Jianlian Yi -212-C-87 Guandong Southern Tigers
Zhengdong Tang -214-C-84 Jangsu Nangang Dragons
Meng Da -195-F-84 (Meng Da)
Hong Xiang Zhao -190-G-84
Zhan Zhang -183-G-86 (Zhan Zhang)
Qingpeng Zhang -187-G-85 Liaoning Hunters
Weiwei Liu -193-G-86
Lei Wang -200-F/C-86 (56752)
Da Wei Chen -202-C-85 Guandong Southern Tigers
Ke Hu -209-C-86 Bayi Rockets
Li Yang -193-G-85 Jiangsu Nangang Dragons Nanjing
Li Yi
 -201-F/G-87 Jiangsu Nangang Dragons Nanjing
Roko Leni Ukic -195-G-84 Split
Drago Pasalic -209-F/C-84 Split
Mario Kralj -194-G-84 Zabok
Marko Tomas -199-G-85 Zagreb
Marko Banic -204-F/C-84 Zadar
Franko Kastropil -213-C-84 Split
Damir Omerhodzic -210-F-85 Karlovac
Mateo Kedzo -206-F/C-84 Split
Hrvoje Peric -203-F-85 Split
Davor Filipovic -203-F-84 Fairleigh Dickinson (NCAA)
Martin Previsic -195-G-84 Karlovac
Ivan Novacic -202-F-85 Zadar
Costas Vasiliadis -198-G-84 PAOK
Sofocles Schortsianitis -206-C-85 Iraklis
Stratos Perperoglou -201-G-84 Ilysiakos
Panagotis Vasilopoulos -202-F-84 PAOK
Dusan Sakota -207-F-86 (56754)
Gioros Sourlis -185-G-85 (56753)
Makis Theos -204-F-84 Panathinaikos
Loukas Mavrokefalidis -208-C-85 PAOK
Vasilis Xanthopoulos -184-G-84 Near East
Themis Koupidis -192-G-84 Near East
Giorgios Apostolidis -197-G-84 PAOK
Ian Vougioukas
Siyavash Monavari -190-F-84
Jaber Robahani -222-C-86 Zob Ahan Esfahan
Navid Zamani -190-F-84
Eoshin Sahakian -194-F-86
Amir Amini -185-G-84
Arashk Foroghi -186-G-86
Y. Mohammadpoor -204-C-84
Toloe Bagheri -190-F-84
Ali Beheshti -202-C-85
Mohammad Amel Khabazan -188-G-85
Mohammad Akbari Bishen -192-F-86
Ali Shamsaldin
Seung-Jin Ha -220-C-85
Hee-Jong Yang -193-F-84
Young-Hyun Lee -193-F-84
Tae-Sul Kim -180-G-84
Jae-Young Cha -196-F-84
Kwang-Jae Lee -190-G-84
Hwi-Jong Yim -188-G-85
Young-Sam Jung -188-G-84
Jae-Hoen Kim -195-C-85
Byung-Kook Chung -186-G-84
Ho-Young Yun -198-C-84
Ji-Hoon Ham
Linas Kleiza -202-F-85 Montrose Christian HS (USA)
Paulius Jankunas -203-F-84 LKKA-Zalgiris
Darius Silinskis -216-C-84 Zalgiris Kaunas
Linas Lekavicius -185-G-84 American Univ. (NCAA)
Martynas Mazeika -192-G-85 Neptunas Klaipeda
Arturas Jomantas -198-G/F-85 Laurinburg Normal HS (USA)
Valdas Dabkus -202-F-84 Anwil Wloclawek (POL)
Marius Prekevicius -195-G-84 Florida Air Academy (USA)
Jonas Maciulis -197-F-85 LKKA-Zalgiris
Laurynas Peciukaitis -182-G-85
Steponas Babrauskas -197-G-84 Sakalai Vilnius
Gediminas Maceina -187-G-84 LKKA-Zalgiris
Paulius Joneliunas
 -210-C-84 Catholic HS of Roanoke (USA)
Yow Keen Cheong -176-G-84
Wai Cheong Phang -179-G-84
Chen Jye Koo -185-G-84
Khai Sean Ng -189-F-84
Chze Wei Lai -185-F-85
Eng Heng Soo -179-G-84
Kek Thal Chan -194-C-84
Jai Hui Cheong -187-F-84
Eng Choong Khor -193-C-84
Tun Kaw Ang -192-F-84
Yasier Rashid Ahmad -185-G-85
Harjinder S. Sarjeet Singh
Churhill Odia -199-G/F-85 Oak Hills HS (USA)
Nurudeen Adepoju -193-G-85 Lagos Islanders
Solomon Tat -86
Christophe Ugboaja 202-F-85 Yelwa Hawks
Abubakar Usman -86
Femi Ibikunle 206-F-84 New Hampton HS (USA)
Uchechukwu Echefu -86
Adendayo Ogunsola -85
Alonna Ejike -85
Stanley Gumut 197-F-86 Yelwa Hawks
Adesola Alayande 178-G-84 Lagos Islanders
Olatunji Soroye
Puerto Rico
Jose Juan Barea -183-G-84 Indios de Mayaguez
Jesus Verdejo -193-G-85 Indios de Mayaguez
Peter John Ramos -220-C-85 Criollos de Caguas
William Orozco -207-F-85 Toritos de Cayey
Samuel Rosas -155-G-85 Maratonistas de Coamo
Angel Vassallo -201-F-86
Ricardo Sanchez -213-C-87 Criollos de Caguas
Christopher Vega -165-G-84 Titanes de Morovis
Raul Orta -189-G-85 Florida HS (USA)
Ivan Lopez -210-C-85 Indios de Mayaguez
Samuel Hernandez -195-F-86 Indios de Mayaguez
Luis Colon

Erazem Lorbek -212-C-84 Michigan St. (NCAA)
Danilo Smigic -194-G-84 (Union Olimpija)
Saso Zagorac -206-C-84 (Union Olimpija)
Jure Mocnik -182-G-85 (Helios)
Hasan Rizvic -210-C-84 (Pivovarna Lasko)
Domen Lorbek -200-G-85 (Triglav)
Miha Fon -195-G-84 (Triglav)
Gregor Mali -198-G-84 (Union Olimpija)
Matej Kosic -190-G-85 (Helios)
Sanel Bajramlic -201-F-85 (Helios)
Stanko Sebic -204-F-84 (Krka)
Aljaz Urbanc -198-F-84 (Radovljica)
Matej Venta
 -188-G-84 (Krka)
Head Coach: Memi Becirovic
Engin Atsur -193-G-84 Pertevniyal
Valentin Pastal -204-C-84 Efes Pilsen
Murat Ali Kaya -204-F-84 Buyuk Kolej Ankara
Halil Kutruza -192-G-84 Tofas Bursa
Caner Topaloglou -198-F-85 Ulker
Akgor Goktug -193-G-84
Gokhan Koroglu -200-F-84 Tofas Bursa
Hakan Demirel -192-G-86 Tofas Bursa
Ulug Kacaniku -203-F-85 Tofas Bursa
Ibrahim Daloglu -203-C-84 Ulker
Selin Saygin -206-F-85 Pertevniyal
Eren Beyaz
Paul Davis -211-F-84 (Michigan State / Rochester, Mich.)
Dee Brown -186-G-84 (Illinois / Maywood, Ill.)
Graham Brown -206-C-84 (Michigan / Mio, Mich.)
DeAngelo Alexander -196-F-84 (Oklahoma / Midwest City, Okla.)
C.J. Watson -188-G-84 (Tennessee / Las Vegas, Nev.)
Mustafa Shakur -191-G-84 (Philadelphia Friends Central / Wynnewood, Pa.)
Deron Williams -191-G-84 (Illinois / The Colony, Texas).
Ryan Hollins -211-C-84 (UCLA / Pasadena, Calif.)
Kevin Pittsnogle -208-F/C-84 (West Virginia / Martinsburg, W.Va.)
J.J. Redick -194-G-84 (Duke / Roanoke, Va.)
Maurice Ager 193-G-84 (Michigan State / Detroit, Mich.)
David Burgess
-208-F-86 (Woodbridge High School / Irvine, Calif.)
Kenji Urdaneta -185-G-85 Junior National Team
Miguel Angel Marriaga -206-C-84 Limpia, Zulia Region
Jesus Centeno -188-F-85  Junior National Team
Derson Santos -190-G-84
Guillermo Adrian -189-G-85
Carlos Cedeno -198-G-85 Frank Phillips JC (USA)
Carlos Quintero -200-G/F-85
Kevin Palacios -202-G/F-84 St. Benedicts Prep HS (USA)
Jesus Urbina -200-G-84
Boris Urbina -198-G-84
Jorge Parra -206-C-84
Juan Briceno

Sao Paolo (Brasil) 1979: 1.USA, 2.Brasil, 3.Argentina.
Palma de Mallorca (Spain) 1983: 1.USA, 2.USSR, 3.Brasil.
Bormio (Italy) 1987: 1.Yugoslavia, 2.USA, 3.Italy.
Edmonton (Canada) 1991: 1.USA, 2.Italy, 3.Argentina.
Athens (Greece) 1995: 1.Greece, 2.Australia, 3.Spain.
Porto (Portugal) 1999: 1. Spain, 2. USA, 3. Croatia

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