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2014 World Cup: France won Bronze medal game - Sep 13, 2014

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France - Lithuania 95:93
Results by quarters: 22:19, 21:23, 22:21, 31:22

Joffrey Lauvergne (210-PF-91, agency: Beo Basket) has excellent open this game with 7 points and 5 rebounds in only 5 minutes of the game. He controlled defensive rebounds for his team and played smart in offense where he took smart shoots.
On other side, Lithuania after few missing attacks succeed to go back in the game and start control offensiv attacks from France and with good defense stop them from making easy points which they did in first half of first quarter of this Bronze medal match. They also started to play with confidence in offense and they make some points with easy via Jankunas, Valanciunas and Maciulis. At that point, 3:40 to the end of first quarter, Lithuania had a lead 9:7 and that was their first lead of the game.
Nicolas Batum (203-SF-88) continue to play amazing and after yesterday unbelievable game against Serbia in semifinals he start to play really well and this game.
He scored his first points after 7 minutes in the game when he make layup with awarded free throw. Diot joined him with 3 points and led France to 13:9.
In last 3 minutes of first quarter both teams finished they attacks pretty easy and quarter was finished with 3 points by Nicolas Batum (203-SF-88) for 22:19 at the end of this period of the game.
Batum continue to shine for France. 14 minutes was passed and he already was having 13 points alongside his name and he was the key player with Joffrey Lauvergne (210-PF-91, agency: Beo Basket) and main reason because France was leading the game. In Lithuanian National Team, all players was having equal performance. Valanciunas was only having 6 points.
In half of second quarter result was 34:29 for French team.
Lithuanian team was dominating in this period with rebounds. They collect 19 rebounds (10 in offense!) and France only have 10, and bench players from Lithuania was doing great for their National Team because they scored more then half points in this period of the game (18 from 32) on 4:23 until the halftime.
In last three minutes of second period tempo of the game was a little slow but both teams are close.
Lithuania won this quarter by 2 points (23:21) and that was 43:42 for France at halftime.
In start of third part of the game Lithuania started to shoot great from range and scored three times for 3 points while France scored one (Heurtel). 7:41 to the end of 3/4, Lithuania was having their biggest lead in that moment (50:46). France Head Coach,
Vincent Collet was called timeout.
Lithuania started controlling the game. They played great in this third quarter so in 4 minutes until the end of this period of the game they was having +8 lead, and that is all because they are shooting great from 3pt line. They scored five 3 points in only 8 minutes of the quarter.
Third quarter of this game was finished with Lithuanian lead by 29:21 and 71:64 in total. They turned game around with great shooting percentage and they did go into last quarter of this tournament with nice result.
France make 2:6 series in start of last quarter and Lithuanian coach needed to call timeout 7:49 to the end while result on scoreboard was 73:70 for his team.
Nicolas Batum (203-SF-88) hit again three point and Joffrey Lauvergne (210-PF-91, agency: Beo Basket) make the game tied at 6:00 minutes until the end (75:75).
France is again in the lead, this time Boris Diaw (203-PF-82) scored layup for 75:77. But Valanciunas dunk the ball on Seibutis assist and it's tied again. Great game for both teams, great basketball battle in Madrid.
Pietrus from free throw line is tied the game but he missed second and Nicolas Batum (203-SF-88) made a offensive jump. After that Boris Diaw (203-PF-82) is scoring amazing layup and France is again in the lead, this time with 82:80 (last quarter at that point was 18:9 for France).
There is only 1 minute and 27 second left to end of this amazing game.
Boris Diaw (203-PF-82) make again layup for +4 for France and Lithuania was about to lose the game because they missed layup by Valanciunas and then they are not able to took offensive rebound.
Thomas Heurtel was on free throw line where he scored both times for 86:80 and at that point France fans was already celebrating Bronze medal.
But the pinnacle of excitement yet to come. Heurtel was missed two free throws and Juskevicius made 2+1 and it's only one possession game.
Lithuania is making again foul on Heurtel, he scored both times. It's +3 for France (88:85) and only 15.2 seconds to the end.
Batum make personal foul and send Seibutis on free throw line where he scored safely both times. Again only +1 for France and we have 13.0 seconds to the end.
It was free throw line battle in last 10 seconds of the game. On French side Heurtel was calm and scored two times for 90:87 but Seibutis was also safe from FT line and again, game was only on 1 point difference (90:89).
In last free throw at this game Valanciuas scored one time and missed second in purpose with believing that someone will catch offensive rebound and tied the game but ball went to far and France won this game with 95:93 and after winning Eurobasket 2013 in Slovenia they won another medal, this time in Madrid in World Cup.
Tomorrow in program is final game between USA and Serbia at 21:00 CET.

France: Nicolas Batum (203-SF-88) 27pts, 1ast, 3rbd, Joffrey Lauvergne (210-PF-91, agency: Beo Basket) 13pts, 9rbd, Boris Diaw (203-PF-82) 15pts, 2rbd, 4ast, Thomas Heurtel (188-PG-89) 13pts, 3rbd
Lithuania: Jonas Valanciunas (211-C-92) 25pts, 9rbd, Adas Juskevicius (194-SG-89) 14pts, Renaldas Seibutis (196-SG-85) 13pts, 2rbd, 4ast, Martynas Pocius (196-SG-86, college: Duke) 11pts, 4rbd, 3ast

Team statistic:
France: 25/37 for 2P, 7/20 for 3PT, 24/33 from FT, Rebounds: 31 (21/10), Assists: 12
Lithuania: 24/50 for 2P, 7/17 for 3PT, 24/28 from FT:, Rebounds: 36 (21/15), Assists: 12   

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 2. Guinea 0-0 
 3. S.Africa 0-0 
 4. Tunisia 0-0 
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 1. Mali 0-0 
 2. Nigeria 0-0 
 3. Rwanda 0-0 
 4. Uganda 0-0 
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 3. P.Rico 0-0 
 4. USA 0-0 
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 4. US Virg.Isl 0-0 
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 3. Holland 0-0 
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 1. Bulgaria 0-0 
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 1. U.Kingdom 0-0 
 2. Estonia 0-0 
 3. Greece 0-0 
 4. Israel 0-0 
Stats Leaders
Points Per Game
  Avg: 24.2
 1. Boatright, ARM24.2 
 2. Musa, BIH22.8 
 3. Poeltl, AUT20.0 
 4. Theodore, MKD19.5 
 5. Stojanovski, MKD18.8 
 6. Berisha, KOS18.8 
 7. Liutych, BLR17.8 
 8. Mahalbasic, AUT17.0 
 9. Vezenkov, BUL16.8 
 10. Veideman, EST15.3 
Rebounds Per Game
 Aleksander VEZENKOV
  Avg: 10.8
 1. Vezenkov, BUL10.8 
 2. Parakhouski, BLR8.8 
 3. Rancik, SVK8.2 
 4. Fischer, ARM7.8 
 5. Spires, SWE6.8 
 6. Ihring, SVK6.7 
 7. Paliashchuk, BLR6.5 
 8. Mahalbasic, AUT6.5 
 9. Kangur, EST6.5 
 10. Norel, NED6.3 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 5.8
 1. Boatright, ARM5.8 
 2. Berisha, KOS5.3 
 3. Kloof, NED5.0 
 4. Marinov, BUL5.0 
 5. Massamba, SWE4.8 
 6. Bost, BUL4.8 
 7. Theodore, MKD4.8 
 8. Lanegger, AUT4.5 
 9. Williams, NED4.5 
 10. Klepeisz, AUT4.3 
Steals Per Game
 Worthy DE JONG
  Avg: 2.5
 1. de-Jong, NED2.5 
 2. Hallman, POR2.3 
 3. Gaddefors, SWE2.3 
 4. Bost, BUL2.0 
 5. Stojanovski, MKD2.0 
 6. Voorn, NED1.8 
 7. Vezenkov, BUL1.8 
 8. Renfroe, BIH1.8 
 9. Boatright, ARM1.7 
 10. Musa, BIH1.7 
Blocks Per Game
 Nicholas SPIRES
  Avg: 2.3
 1. Spires, SWE2.3 
 2. Fusek, SVK1.2 
 3. Talts, EST1.0 
 4. Parakhouski, BLR1.0 
 5. Guerreiro, POR1.0 
 6. Shima, ALB0.8 
 7. Poeltl, AUT0.8 
 8. Shoshi, KOS0.8 
 9. Mahalbasic, AUT0.8 
 10. Chrabascz, ARM0.8 
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