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Upcoming Events
Jul 28: Tallinn (EST) (ECJ): European Champ.s U18 starts
Jul 28: Tallin, Estonia: European Champ.s U18 Division B
Jul 29: Bratislava, Piestany (SVK) (ECJ): European Champ.s U18 starts
Aug 10: Sofia, Bulgaria (ECU16): European Champ.s U16 Div.B starts
Aug 11: Podgorica, Montenegro (ECU16): European Champ.s U16 starts
Aug 19: Taipei (TPE): Universiade starts
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Top agencies on the market with Available Players:
Agent NameAgency Name
Calise Marco Mansfield and Associates (Men)
Capicchioni Luciano Interperformances (Men/Women)
Capicchioni Manuel Interperformances (Men)
Carvalho Hugo Dynamics Global Management (Men)
Catapano Frank Pro Partner Sports Management (Men)
Cevirgen Serdar LBM Management (Men/Women)
Ciafardoni Ernesto SPORTlab Agency (Men)
Condouant David Octagon Europe (Men/Women)
Corti Sebastiano SPORTlab Agency (Men)
Court Side Court Side (Men/Women)
Curtin Daniel Three Eye Sports (Men)

Other agencies:
Caballero Javier Sportlink (Men)
Caban Rey Become Legendary (Men)
Cabeza Cesc Cabeza Cesc (Men)
Cabrera Antonio Antonio Cabrera Agency (Men)
Cabut Laurent Cabut Laurent (Men)
Cadee Grant Playbook (Men)
Caglan Serdar Caglan Serdar (Men)
Cakan Igor IC-Sports (Men)
Caldwell Dan Caldwell Dan (Men)
Calezich Patricia Calezich Patricia (Men)
Call Randall Prince, Yeates … (Men)
Calle Jose Antonio Calle Jose Antonio (Men)
Callero K.C. Perspective Basketball (Men)
Calvo Rafa Elite SM (Men)
Camacho Jose World Wide Basketball (Men)
Cameron Chris New World Sports (Men)
Cameron Keith Cameron Keith (Men)
Campanello Fabrizio Sport Project (Men)
Campi Ryan MK Sports and Entert. (Men)
Canady Raymond Wright Sports Enterprise (Men)
Canning Kevin Carolina Group (Men)
Cantoni Antonello Cantoni Antonello (Men)
Cantor Danielle Fame Basketball Group (Men)
Capasso Andrea Talentsinaction (Men)
Capen Tim IM Sports Services (Men)
Capko Chris Champion Sports Management (Men)
Caponigro John Sports Mngm Network (Men)
Capra Pat Lunar Sports (Men)
Carey Mike Carey Mike (Men)
Carlo Antonio International Sports (Men)
Carlos Siphuentes Carlos Siphuentes (Men)
Carlyle JaQay Law Office of Michael A.Miller (Men)
Carro David Hoops FairPlay Agency (Men)
Carstarphen Victor PSG Prolific Sports (Men)
Carter Janet Advocate's Legal Center (Men)
Carter Marcus Carter Marcus (Men)
Carter Sean Assist Sports (Men)
Carter Shawn Roc Nation Sports (Men)
Cartwright Ramon BALLA Llc. (Men)
Carugati Cristiano Studio Consulenza Sportiva (Men)
Carvalho Alexey ALLL sport (Men)
Carwann Best Aston Sports Group (Men)
Casalvieri Gabriele Casalvieri Gabriele (Men)
Casey Colin GoEmpire Group (Men)
Casey Wayne Sr. Casey Group (Men)
Castano Orlando Castano Orlando (Men)
Castillo David Innovative Sports Group (Men)
Castillo Jacinto Baloncesto Profesional (Men)
Castillo Julio National Pro Mngm (Men)
Catalina Pepe Prisma Gestion (Men)
Catarang Frank Catarang Frank (Men)
Cavalcante Cesar Cesar Cavalcante Services (Men)
CCI CCI Management (Men)
Cebrian Juan Carlos Regeneracom Sports (Men)
Cecchitelli Frank Cecchitelli Frank (Men)
Cedi Frederick PTP Sports Mngm (Men)
Ceferin Aleksander Proglobus (Men)
Ceh Tomislav Ceh Tomislav (Men)
Ceisler Billy Fundamental Commun. (Men)
Cepeda Orlando Jr. Cepeda Orlando Jr. (Men)
Cerisola Angel You First (Men)
Cerisola Carlos Cerisola Carlos (Men)
Cetinoglu Selcuk Diamond Sportsman Agency (Men)
Cevoli Mauro Mauro Cevoli - Sports (Men)
Chabroux Thierry GAgency (Men)
Chalaris Nikos High Post Agency (Men)
Chamblain Michael Chamblain Michael (Men)
Chamoulaud Vincent Chamoulaud Vincent (Men)
Chan Simon Simon Chan Sports (Men)
Chapman Bill Chapman Bill (Men)
Chargo Michael Michael Chargo Agency (Men)
Charles Joe Quincy CG Sports (Men)
Charles Zachary 3pt Sports Management (Men)
Chasman Steve Chasman Steve (Men)
Chatzopoulos Sakis Pro Management Ellas (Men)
Chaves Rafael CSM Basket (Men)
Chavez Darin RKE Entertainment (Men)
Chbat Youssef Chbat Youssef (Men)
Chechitelli Frank Chechitelli Frank (Men)
Chemyakin Yegor New Trend Agency (Men)
Chibani Rayan Probasket Management (Men)
Chiddick Nigel Chiddick Nigel (Men)
Chidiac George Octagon Europe (Men)
Chierici Giuseppe Chierici Giuseppe (Men)
Chilbroff Chilbroff (Men)
Childers Mark Childers Mark (Men)
Chinarian Scott Chinarian Scott (Men)
Choi Ernie Numbers Agency (Men)
Choufani Jaafar Life Sports (Men)
Christensen Steve Morgan Advisory (Men)
Christian Craig Main Line Sports Management (Men)
Christopher George Christopher George (Men)
Christopher Louis MGI (Men)
Chrystal Starling Higher Elevation Sports (Men)
Chulani Ravi Chulani Ravi (Men)
Cicic Novica Vizant Sport Group (Men)
Ciketic Hrvoje Ciketic Hrvoje (Men)
Cindrich Ralph Cindrich Ralph (Men)
Cipin Harold Slingshot Management (Men)
Cipriano Sam Edge Sports (Men)
Clara John Navigators (Men)
Clark Adrian AC Sports Management (Men)
Clark Andre Hoopla Inc (Men)
Clark Pernell ABSG (Men)
Clark Rodney RCMG (Men)
Clay George Clay George (Men)
Clay Logan Clay Sports (Men)
Clay Wallace ProSportsCareers (Men)
Cleary Kevin AI Sports MM (Men)
Clibanoff James James Clibanoff (Men)
Clifton Dwon Envision (Men)
Clifton Greg Bob Wolf and Assoc. (Men)
Cline-Thomas Rudolph Innovative Sports (Men)
Coates Chris T3 Sports (Men)
Cobelo Jose Sport Gestion (Men)
Cocha Gabriel GP Sports (Men)
Cochran Johnnie Cochran Sports (Men)
Cockrell Fletcher Elite Sports (Men)
Cocquerez Hubert Cocquerez Hubert (Men)
Cohen Lee CMI Management (Men)
Cohen Seth Verus Sports Management (Men)
Cokrlija Sejo BBEH Cokrlija (Men)
Colbert Robert Guild Mngm (Men)
Coleffi Pablo Orbi Sport (Men)
Coleman Anwar 1A SportsGroup (Men)
Coleman Dennis Coleman Dennis (Men)
Coleman Herschel Coleman-Giroux (Men)
Collet Florian Comsport (Men)
Collier David Law Office of David CollierLLC (Men)
Collier Gerald Collier Gerald (Men)
Collins Anton Collins Anton (Men)
Colome Gerard Colome Gerard (Men)
Colon Jorge Antonio Colon Jorge Antonio (Men)
Colona Andre Nexxera Sports (Men)
Colton Jerrold D. Colton and Deringer (Men)
Comellini Matteo Sigma Sports (Men)
Coming… 011 Sports (Men)
Commer Stacey Pinnacle Sports (Men)
Compton Alex Compton Alex (Men)
Conley Mike Mac Management (Men)
Conlon Travis W. ProForce Sports (Men)
Conner Isaac CKO Sports (Men)
Considine Mark JEMsports (Men)
Continolo Luigi Side by Side (Men)
Cook Bus Cook Bus (Men)
Cook Kerryann MK Sports and Entert. (Men)
Cooper Brian Haynes and Boone (Men)
Cooper Derek Coop House (Men)
Cooper Eric Eric Cooper Services (Men)
Cooper Lonnie Career Sports Mngm (Men)
Copeland Ketrick KC Enterprises (Men)
Cornette Joel Priority Sports (Men)
Cornstein David Pinnacle Management (Men)
Cornstein Marc Pinnacle Management (Men)
Cornwell David Cornwell David (Men)
Corona Vincenzo Corona-Vincenzo (Men)
Cortez Christian Cortez Christian (Men)
Coskun Caglar You First (Men)
Costalas Steve FPT Sports (Men)
Costantino Charlie Costantino Charlie (Men)
Cound Mike Sportalents (Men)
Courtney Jeff Courtney Jeff (Men)
Coustre Romuald Hoopsit (Men)
Cowan Gerald Cowan Gerald (Men)
Cox Kyle Cox Kyle (Men)
Coyne Michael Evergreen Sports (Men)
Cozman Claudia Cozman Claudia (Men)
Craig Warren Turning Point Management (Men)
Crain Deborah Crain Deborah (Men)
Crawford Arthur SoESE (Men)
Crawford Elbert Lama Sports (Men)
Crecco Kirk K&C Sportz Brothers (Men)
Creekmore Will Allegiance Management (Men)
Creer Sharon SCA Sports (Men)
Crespo Igor Xpheres (Men)
Crider Sonya Crider Sonya (Men)
Cronin Steve Cronin Steve (Men)
Cronson Don Donald Cronson Services (Men)
Croom Noah Goodwin Mngm (Men)
Crosariol Andrea SRBM (Men)
Cross Tom Cross Tom (Men)
Crow Mark Crowsports (Men)
Cruells Pedro Hoops FairPlay Agency (Men)
Crutchfield Peter Crutchfield Sports Management (Men)
Cubas Lawrence Courtside Management USA (Men)
Cuesta Leonard ISM Sports (Men)
Cuesta Tracey ISM Sports (Men)
Cunanan Allan Maximum (Men)
Cuprys-Szwichtenberg J. Data Plus Group (Men)
Curuso Anthony J. Bowe, Curuso … (Men)
Cusmano Gaetano TAT 4 (Men)
Cuthpert Clarence Cuthpert Clarence (Men)
Czepiec Patrycja Czepiec Patrycja (Men)
Czernin Phillip Czernin Phillip (Men)

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