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Men News


Vojvodina Srbijagas inks Uros Mirkovic -by Dragan Jankovski
Vojvodina Srbijagas from Novi Sad agreed to terms with power forward Uros Mirkovic (205-F/C-82), who was the leading rebounder of Serbian A league with 7.9 rebounds per game. Mirkovic grew up in Masinac where he played the last 9 seasons. He participated in the All-Star game of A league 2006 and at the beginning of 2008 was chosen for the best team of Serbian A league which played against the All-Star team of Srpska (Bosnia and Herzegovina).


Changes for the next season -by Facundo Iatzky
Team managers of Liga A were having a conversation this week about the changes for the next league. There is nothing official but The next season will probably have 18 teams instead of 16. Teams also would an have 3 foreigners instead of 2. The schedule would be similar with two games by week. And the ADC(clubs associaction) will be stricter with health problems in the games and with the irregularities. Last, the descent playoffs will return.


Stats Leaders
Hauptrunde 1 Stats Leaders
Points Per Game
1 Mayes, Swans 24.1
2 Youngblood, Gunners 20.7
3 Dale, Panthers 19.9
4 Miletic, Panthers 19.8
5 Lamesic, Lions 19.4
6 Watson, Dukes 18.5
7 Suljanovic, Bulls 17.3
7 Kohlmaier, UBC 17.3
7 Goljovic, Panthers 17.3
7 Ray, Bulls 17.3
Rebounds Per Game
1 KJohnson, Swans 9.8
2 Fraser, Panthers 9.2
3 JJohnson, Gunners 9.0
4 Martin, Dukes 8.8
5 Suljanovic, Bulls 7.7
Assists Per Game
1 Schreiner, UBC 7.6
2 Shavies, Panthers 7.3
3 Boylan, Swans 5.0
4 Zeleznik, Bulls 4.9
5 Danek, Lions 4.7
Steals Per Game
1 Artner, Gunners 2.6
2 Schreiner, UBC 2.2
3 Shavies, Panthers 2.2
4 Boylan, Swans 2.1
5 Ray, Bulls 1.8
Blocks Per Game
1 Colwell, Panthers 1.8
2 Martin, Dukes 1.5
3 Kohlmaier, UBC 1.2
4 Fraser, Panthers 1.2
5 Anderson, WBC 1.0
1 Fraser, Panthers 67.8
2 JJohnson, Gunners 62.4
3 Bjelica, Lions 62.3
4 Suljanovic, Bulls 59.6
5 Kohlmaier, UBC 59.4
1 Goljovic, Panthers 51.3
2 Diwald, Dukes 47.1
3 Bjelica, Lions 46.7
4 Schoninger, Swans 45.9
5 Forrestal, Bulls 45.6
Free Throws
1 Vickery, Lions 98.1
2 Forrestal, Bulls 93.6
3 Nagler, Dukes 93.4
4 Goljovic, Panthers 87.1
5 Mayes, Swans 85.7
1 JJohnson, Gunners 20.1
2 Schreiner, UBC 20.0
3 Lamesic, Lions 19.9
4 Kohlmaier, UBC 19.4
5 Suljanovic, Bulls 19.0


Division II - Second stage (to start next weekend) -by Bertrand Larsimont

The second stage of the Division II season will start next weekend.
Teams ranked 1, 3, 5 and 7 after the regular season will join Division II - Group A while teams ranked 2, 4, 6 and 8 after the regular season will join Division II - Group B.
The winner of Group A will play the winner of Group B for the title.
Group C will be played with teams ranked 9th to 12th after the regular season.

Here is how the groups will look like:

Group A (games to be playd from 2008-03-15 to 2008-04-26)

Falco Ghent
Bent Schoenen Waregem
BT Power Wevelgem
Sint-Jan Antwerp

Group B (games to be playd from 2008-03-15 to 2008-04-26)

CEP Fleurus
Kangoeroes Willebroek
Xenia Tours Sint-Truiden
BBC Boom

Group C (games to be playd from 2008-03-15 to 2008-04-26)

Jaga Radiators Hasselt
BC Ninane
De West Hoek Zwevezele
Royal Alsec Nivelles

Div 1 News -by Peter Buyse

Liege filed a protest against the 86-87 loss vs Bree. The home team claims that Odel Hodge's half-court 3pt shot came after the buzzer.

Antwerpen had to do without Brandon Gay and Kris Sergeant in their road game in Charleroi with knee and foot problems respectively.

Matt Walsh the Charleroi forward missed the game vs Antwerp because of a banged up knee the previous weekend. Because of his ailing knee he was not able to practise at full strenght and missed the game.
According to the team's website their coaching staff would like to add a guard to the roster to replace Michael Jordan.

The top game of the week was played in Oostende where the home team met Mons-Hainaut.

If this is a previuew of the cup final which those 2 teams will be playing then we can look forward to a great final.

Oostende's Petrovic stole the ball and scored the with 13 seconds to tie the game at 72-72. The OT period proved to much for Mons and Oostende came away with the 85-80 win.

It was also announced that the Cup Final will take place in the Spiroudome in Charleroi on April 26th.

Gent guard Brandon Freeman (191-G-83, college: UALR) scored 36 pts in this weekend's win over Verviers-Pepinster, the second best individual score this season behind the 39 pts by Doron Perkins. Gent also won 2 consecutive games for the first time this season and tied Leuven again for last place, with Leuven coming to Gent in 2 weeks.


Malone outlines basketball plans -by David Edole
Paul On The Ball Hewlett 02.APR.08
With the league now due to open in just a few weeks President of the BVI Basketball Federation Guy Malone took time out to outline to BVI News Online some of the plans he has for basketball in 2008 and beyond. He first had a look at the mini basketball, the youth program and women's basketball.

'There is a mini basketball program that we want to roll out because down in October. FIBA is asking us to have a mini basketball week. I am presently talking to Mr Patrick Harrigan down at the Department of Youth Affairs and Sport to help me with what we have to do.

'We also need to have a women's basketball league going as there are a number of competitions that we have to take part in overseas as well. We are also in the process of putting a junior national team together, sixteen and under, to go to a tournament in Santo Domingo in the latter part of June and early part of July to compete for a position to go to Central Basketball;from here the guys will have the opportunity to qualify for a position to go to the World Championships in Turkey in 2010 from August 23rd to 5th September.

'We are working along with Brian ‘Bash' Brewley who already has a school team and he is going to have additions from the Virgin Gorda guys and the other high schools because we are trying to get the best of the best. They have already started working out and we are going to pick the junior national team from there and hope to get them to the next level,' said Malone.

Still on the youth program, Malone continued: 'We are also seriously looking at getting some youngsters into college. In fact there is one young guy in particular—I got an email from a coach in Florida—they are having a summer league and they say they need a big man so we are looking at Leslie Smith if he is interested; so you know they are seeing them. One of the things which I want to say to these young guys is your school work is very important. A lot of these guys, they love basketball, but they are kind of reluctant to keep their grades up.

'At present we are trying to establish a new constitution and get it out there, and one of the things in that new constitution is that once you are a member of a basketball team that is affiliated with the Federation we are asking the young guys to maintain a ‘C' average or better in order to be eligible to play because this is something which has been handed down to us from CBC and FIBA that it is our responsibility to encourage the guys to do their school work and keep their grades up because when it comes down to it and they want to go international, their school work will play a big part in how they succeed.'

Malone also sent kudos to the Recreation Trust.

'One thing I must commend the BVI Recreation Trust. I have had meetings with them in the past and a lot of the guys love basketball and want to use basketball for their personal interest. They go outside the league and they organize tournaments. We are asking the Recreational Trust to work along with the BVI Federation that any scheduled game must be sanctioned by the BVI Basketball Federation, so when they go to Mr. Scatliffe he would pass them onto me. This is one of the issues I am not getting the guys to understand that it is unfair to basketball in the BVI.'

Malone continued, 'The Trust have been working with us over the years when summer comes around with respect to the times we wish to use the facility. We give them the times we need and anything else has to be scheduled around us, so I really have to commend them for being to co-operative. I had a meeting with Mr. Scatliffe last week and there is an obstacle which they have thrown in: he told me that as of the 1st April 2008 the Trust would not be giving out the concession, so I am having talks with him.

'One of the things a lot of people don't understand is that basketball has many overheads. We have to pay the scorers, we have to pay the referees, we have to pay the people to work in the bar, we have to pay for security, we have to pay the Trust 40% of the gate earning per night so if you take away the concession from us it is impossible to run a league effectively.'

Malone concluded: 'Nevertheless, the gym is always clean and they are always on time to open and close it. One final thing I must bring to everyone's attention and in particular the officials and referees is that a lot of times you can't get the referees to come to the games on time and the games run to after two in the mornings when you have three games in one night.

'Well Mr. Scatliffe has now told me that they have put a timer on the air condition and it will go off exactly 12 midnight, so I must drive it home to my officials that we must start on time if we are to play three games on a Friday or Saturday night. Sundays we will start earlier so that won't be a problem.

'I will also be discussing with the Trust the possibility of practice times for the teams, as since the gym was built there hasn't been much places for the guys to practice and of course we have never had the use of the gym off season for the teams to practice. I think all year round we could use the gym , maybe even an old timers league for the older guys,' he said.


Spartak Pleven without a win against Levski -by Valentin Anguelov
New head coach of Levski Yulian Aladjov started with a win as his team defeated Spartak in Pleven convincingly 92-68. Levski are playing very well against this opponent this season as the team won all four of the games.

The game in Balkanstroy Hall started even as the first quarter finished 19-19. The second quarter was much stronger for the visitors as they managed to take a 12-point lead at the break. After the break the hosts tried to come back in the game but not only didn't manage to cut the deficit but instead it went up by four more points. The final ten minutes were all for Levski as they had no problems securing the win.

Best scorer for Levski was the playmaker Asen Velikov (188-G-86). Playing against the team of his father he finished with 17 points, 4 assists and 2 steals. Strong game had also Stefan Georgiev with 16 points and 10 rebounds. Veselin Veselinov and Zlatin Georgiev scored 14 apiece.

Hrisimir Dimitrov was on top for Spartak Pleven with 18 points, as Bojo Barac added 12. Sasha Topchov and Tsvetoslav Ostrev finished with 11 points each.




Sterianopoulos: I pay more often, than CSKA Moscow, Barcelona, Olympiacos and Panathinaikos -by Vladi Lazarova
The president of CSKA Georgios Sterianopoulos was in a great mood after the loss of his team tonight from Rilski sportist 91-92. With the biggest smile on his face, 46-years old Greek businessman talked for Channel 3 TV. Vulpine Sterianopoulos crafty went around the question of the reporter did all the players got their salaries. He said: 'In CSKA we don't have an economical problems. I pay more often than CSKA Moscow, Barcelona, Olympiacos and Panathinaikos', was the answer of Sterianopoulos, which words were translated to Bulgarian from his right hand and translator in Bulgaria and in his firm 'Interlogic' Boriana Medarova.
Sterianopoulos doesn't speak Bulgarian and has never spoken in English to the Bulgarian media as well, but gave another big news to the press: 'This attack against me is not an accidental. It is coming in a moment when I am preparing the future of CSKA and together with Bane Prelevic we are very close in our negotiations to build a stronger team with American players for next season.'
Two weeks ago Sterianopoulos announced his friend and PAOK legend Prelevic, who was released from Greek 2nd Division Ionikos Lamias in the beginning of March, for the new sports director of CSKA.
The businessman from 'Interlogic', who was named for president of CSKA in the beginning of this season and thanks to him 'The Reds' started the championship, declared to the media at the same press conference with Prelevic that he is going together with 42-years old Serbian with Greek passport to visit NBA clubs and to talk with some teams overseas and to participate at Euroleague Final Four in Madrid, where he and Prelevic will meet some other club leaders too. In Spain Sterianopoulos told there is another great guy with who he will discuss the future of CSKA and the ways of development - Serbian legend and General manager of Barcelona Zoran Savic.
46-years old Sterianopoulos
must pay very soon to the half of his players and coaches. The president refuse to admit, but four of his best players are waiting for their salaries for February and March. The captain of the team Georgi Davidov, starting point guard Ludmil Hadjisotirov, starting forward Hristo Nikolov and seriously injured American star of the squad Mike Henderson haven't been paid.

Heartbreaking loss for CSKA and still no money -by Vladi Lazarova
CSKA lost a heartbreaking game from Rilski sportist 91:92 in front of the empty stands of the 'red' arena 'Hristo Botev' in Sofia. 185 cm tall Serbian playmaker Branko Mirkovic became a hero for the guest team, after showing strong nerves and scoring two free throws 5 seconds before the end. 26-years old Mirkovic turned the game in the 2nd half after pouring three 3-pointers.
The match transformed into a horror for CSKA best player on the court - Ludmil Hadjisotirov 'Udo'. 189 cm tall guard was the main reason 'The Reds' to have 12 points advantage in the third quarter. Former Boston college prospect started with huge desire to prove, that no matter of money absence he has a heart to give it all for his team. After the first half Hadjisotirov had 11 points, including series of beautiful single actions and a fantastic 3-pointer from the central line in the last second of the first period.
Couple of seconds before the end of the match, when the result was 91:90 for CSKA Udo lost his nerves and missed two consecutive free throws and in defence fouled Mirkovic, who didn't make a wrong move from the line and stollen the victory.
The captain of CSKA Georgi Davidov had an outstanding performance in the first 20 minutes and finished with 14 points and 8 rebounds. 204 cm tall center is in the same group of players, who are still waiting for their salaries for February and March. Others are Hadjisotirov, Hristo Nikolov and injured American point guard Mike Henderson, who underwent a surgery 10 days ago and will miss the remain of the season.
The problem in CSKA became not just financial, but psychological since Saturday. Then the sports director of the club Branislav Prelevic paid secretly the money to other four players of the team, including two Americans Lavell Payne and Josh Washington, who made a good game against Rilski sportist. The president of the 'red' club Georgios Sterianopoulos officially was abroad, but on Saturday sent his 'right hand' Prelevic to negotiate with the players and ask them to stop the strike, which they started on Friday - two days after finished 4th for the Cup. The players didn't practice on that day and worked out individually at the next day.
The 'smart' move to pay to the half of the team worked, because on Sunday the squad was back on the track united. But the confrontation between the players is real and the dangerous and already poison the climate. The guilt for it can be and must be divide now between 42-years old former PAOK legend Prelevic and 46-years old Greek businessman from 'Interlogic' firm Sterianopoulos, who continue to lie impudently that he doesn't owe anything and the atmosphere in CSKA is perfect.
Even the fans of the greatest Bulgarian club know that this is a lie and they found the best way to show it - just didn't attend at the game. This is happening for the first time in this championship.

Standings A1
A1 Standings
1. Lukoil A. 28-0
2. Levski 20-8
3. Balkan 18-10
4. Spartak P. 14-14
5. CSKA 14-14
6. Cherno More 13-15
7. Yambol 9-19
8. Rilski S-list 9-19
9. Dunav 2007 0-0
10. Sliven 0-0


Standings - NBL
NBL Standings
1. Nymburk 38-1
2. Geofin 30-9
3. Prostejov 27-12
4. Decin 24-15
5. Pardubice 24-15
6. Ostrava 19-19
7. A Plus B. 17-22
8. Sadska 16-22
9. USK Praha 15-24
10. Liberec 12-27
11. Kolin 8-31
12. Usti n/Labem 3-36


Bobby Jones Earns Third Call-Up of Season -by Surujh Roopnarine
Former University of Washington swingman Bobby Jones (6'6''-F-84, college: Washington) has been signed by the San Antonio Spurs. San Antonio will be Jones' fifth NBA team this season, having been called up from the D-League by Houston and Miami previously, and also playing with Denver and Memphis earlier this season. Jones has appeared in five games with the Skyforce, averaging 12.4 points, 5.6 rebounds and 2.4 assists in 28.0 minutes. In 43 NBA games this season, the 37th selection of the 2006 NBA Draft (by Minnesota), has averaged 3.9 points and 2.0 rebounds in 11.7 minutes. His best game of the season came on January 18th while with Memphis as he recorded career highs in points (20), rebounds (13), assists (7) and minutes (40) against Seattle.



In Santiago weekend action, GUG defeated defending champion SAMEJI 81-77 and with their 6-2 record have a solid hold on 1st place. Felipe Lopez (197-G/F-74, college: St.John's) had 23 points & 8 rebounds, he was aided by Julius Nwosu (207-C-71, agency: Pro Management Agency, college: Liberty) with 19 points & 13 boards.

For Sameji, Manuel Fortuna (187-G) pumped in 25 points, 13 assists, 3 steals & 8 rebounds. However it was not enough as Sameji is missing the services of Marlon Martinez (204-F/C-77, agency: Duran International) (suspended). Amaury Filion (206-C/F-81) poured in 21 points with 11 rebounds & Joel Ramirez (191-G-81) 17 points & 6 assists in the losing cause as they could not overcome the renewed GUG team featured in this years' Santiago Tourneo.
In the second game, Pueblo Nuevo defeated Plaza 81-79 behind 30 points from Eddie Elisma (205-F/C-75, college: Georgia Tech).

In tonight's action, CUPES & CDP will play in a game to decide who classifies to the playoff round. And in the second, also pivotal game, Sameji will face Plaza to decide who will round out the playoffs and join GUG in the playoffs scheduled to begin on April 9!

GUG 6-2 , Cupes 4-3 Sameji 4-4, CPN 4-4, CDP 3-4 y Plaza 2-6


Super League Standings
Superleague Standings
Group A
1. Gezira 2-0
2. Zamalek 1-1
3. Ahly 1-1
4. Al Ittihad 1-1
5. Sporting 1-1
6. Somouha 0-2
Group B
1. Gazco 0-0
2. Damenhor 0-0
3. Eastern Co. 0-0
4. Shorta-Police 0-0
5. Shams 0-0
6. Geish Army 0-0


MBC parts with coach Uwe Sauer -by Moritz Korff
Only three match-days prior to the end of the season Mitteldeutscher BC (2. Bundesliga Pro A) has put headcoach Uwe Sauer on leave. The Wolves fell short to TV Langen (64:75) on Sunday and have won seven of the past ten games. The team is currently fifth in the standings. Assistant Dirk Dittrich will take over for the remainder of this campaign. The 31-year-old is working for the club already in his sixth season.


Standings - A2
A2 Standings
1. Trikalla 2000 20-4
2. Dafni 18-6
3. Panorama 17-7
4. Ionikos Lamias 15-9
5. DASH Perist. 15-9
6. HSBC Pagrati 14-10
7. Iraklis 13-11
8. ICBS 13-11
9. Panerythrai. 11-13
10. Xanthi 10-14
11. MENT 10-14
12. Ilysiakos 9-15
13. Apollon 9-15
14. Halkida 7-17
15. Sporting 6-18
16. P.Faliro 5-19


Liga Metro releases calendar for the coming games of Torneo de Apertura -by Victor Padilla

After 5 dates, Liga Metro updated its calendar for Torneo de Apertura 2008, to be played at two venues during the month of April (Gimnasio Teodoro Palacios Flores and Parque La Democracia).

Thursday, April 3
20:30 (M) ESTUDIANTES vs. U.R.L.

Saturday, April 5
20:00 (M) ELITE B.C. vs. LEMANS

Sunday, April 6
13:00 (M) CORPOEVISA vs. R.L.

Tuesday, April 8
20:30 (M) SAT CYBERTEC vs. U.R.L.

Thursday, April 10
19:00 (F) U.R.L. vs. SAGRADO CORAZON
20:30 (M) U.S.A.C. vs. R.L.

Sunday, April 13
10:00 (F) U.S.A.C. vs. MYSTICS
11:30 (M) U.S.A.C. vs. LEMANS
13:00 (M) MILLONARIOS vs. U.R.L.

* Favorite teams in black

Favorite teams Elite Sport and Sat Cybertec add wins at Liga Metro 2008 -by Victor Padilla
In a comfortable 114-76 win over Creaciones RL, Elite Sport added a second victory in their road to what may be a retake of the championship obtained last year for Torneo de Apertura. The top scorers for Elite Sport were Hector Vandeveire with 25 pts, Juan Jose Rosales 21 and Alejandro Carrillo 18, while for the losing side Jaime Hercules led his team with 16 points. On the other hand, Sat-Cybertec encountered a fierce resistance with Compusys in a game that was not defined until the last seconds with a spectacular 3-point shot made by Diego Berreondo (177-G-88) and an under-the-board shot made by Thomas Gillespie (204-F/C-74, college: Regis). The final score of 77 to 76 demonstrated that all teams in Liga Metro will fight every inch at the court during the present tournament. Top scorers for Sat-Cybertec were Diego Berreondo 18 and Victor Padilla 14, and for Compusys, veteran player Rudy Rosales led his team with 18 points.


Clive Bentick first year coach from Guyana to take over for the St. Francis Terriers -by Patrick Haynes

Clive Bentick first year coach from Guyana to take over for the St. Francis Terriers.

Clive Bentick enters his first season with the St. Francis Terriers Men's basketball coaching staff.

Bentick earned four letters on the Golden Griffin basketball team from 1997-2001. The New York City native finished 15th in the MAAC in scoring (13.6/gm) and fifth in assists (4.03/gm) as a senior.

He was named to the MAAC All-Tournament Team after leading the Griffs into the MAAC Championship contest, a run that included a 26-point effort and the game-winning bucket in a semifinal victory over Niagara.

Bentick ranks 39th on the Canisius all-time scoring list with 840 points and sixth in assists with 354. He recently received honorable mention honors on the Canisius College Post-1970s All-Century Team.

He earned his bachelor's degree in Business Management and Marketing from Canisius in 2001 and graduated from Canisius with a Master's Degree in Sports Administration in 2006. He spent one season at D'Youville as an assistant coach under Brian Miller. He also served as an assistant coach at Catholic Central Junior High and worked the Eastern Invitational Basketball camp in 2004.

Bentick earned a spot on the Guyana Senior National Basketball Team as a point guard, but was unable to travel with the team to Puerto Rico this summer due to the coaching opportunity offered by St. Francis College in Brooklyn, NY.

GSSBA - Grand Champions!! -by Patrick Haynes
Grand Champions: Cummings Lodge Secondary displays the hardware of a perfect 14-0 along with a commanding post season run of 3-0 to emerge as the overall Champions of the GSSBA inaugural playoffs.
Cummings Lodge Secondary School (CLSS) capped a perfect season and flawless post-season run with a commanding 70-64 win against Linden Technical Institute (LTI) yesterday to become the grand-champions of the inaugural Guyana Secondary School Basketball Association's Playoff.
Before the game, the Cummings Lodge team had boasted of what might possibly be the most outstanding win-streak in school basketball during the last decade as they had won an unprecedented 16 games.
The LTI players and the many supporters that accompanied that team however, did not seem to be intimidated by this record and their hyped-up behaviour even during the warm ups, seemed to have been born of confidence more than bravado.
The CLSS team, however, took their high-tempo style to their opponents from the start and got out to an early lead.
Just as many of the Georgetown teams had tried, albeit unsuccessfully, LTI instituted a zone defence but the CLSS players were prepared for this and punished LTI with back-to-back three-pointers from Andrew Quintyn and Colin Nurse to gain an early 13-5 advantage.

Those three-pointers forced the LTI team to make adjustments to its defence, but CLSS too tightened up in the paint and forced many steals which automatically led to many explosive points being converted on the fast break by CLSS.
With CLSS continuing to hurt LTI on the fast break, LTI had no chance to set up their zone defence and they would eventually trail 20-7 half-way through the first half.
LTI's Travis Leitch did, however, manage to energize the LTI bench and all the Linden supporters when he rose and completed a rim-shaking dunk which eventually began a LTI run to finish out the quarter.

This run began with four minutes, 38 seconds remaining on the clock as LTI upped their intensity and finished the quarter on a 12-3 run to trail 25-32 at halftime.
In the second half, Cummings Lodge began In the second half, Cummings Lodge began playing half court basketball and could not score as frequently as they did in the first half.
The LTI team began to draw closer and a dagger of a three-pointer at the top of the key from Orin Rose helped LTI close the deficit to four points.
All the Linden fans rose to their feet and chanted 'defence…defence…defence….' to motivate their players, but Nurse emerged once again to hit two crucial mid-range jumpers to calm the crowd.
At this critical stage of the game, LTI had problems rotating the ball while CLSS shot the lights out at the other end with 17-foot jumpers from Travis Williams and Nurse and a three-pointer from the shortest player on both team's rosters, Quintyn which gave their team a 15- point lead.
LTI would never manage to overcome the lead and although Nurse fouled out with less than 13 minutes remaining in the second half, he had already done damage as he registered a game-high of 22 points to secure the Most Valuable Player award.

Point guard Bevon Spooner scored 14 points while Keon Hayles and Williams scored 12 and 10 points respectively.
Rose ended with 18 points while teammate Jahson Braithwaite followed with 13 points.
In the battle for third place Travis Burnett registered a triple double of 23 points 13 rebounds and 12 steals to lead central past Mackenzie High School 68-66.

Guyana National Team 2007 -by Patrick Haynes




Lorenzo Withrite (204-F/C-81) of Scarlet Vilvoorde (BEL)
Kevin Creppy (193-G/F-87) of Bethune-Cookman College (USA)
Gordon Klaiber (206-F-83) of Brooklyn Kings (USA)
Carl Benn (-G) of U. of Massach. - Lowell (USA)
Robert Davis (-G) of Lees-McRae (USA)
Shawn Powell (-G) of Salisbury State (USA)
Michael Creppy (190-G) of University of California, Riverside (USA)
Antric Klaiber (208-C/F-76) of Eintracht Frankfurt (GER)
Head Coach: Steve Nurse
Coach Assistants: Larry Davis


Standings - Eredivisie
Eredivisie Standings
1. Amsterdam 28-7
2. West-Brabant 25-12
3. M.Magix 24-13
4. Eiff.Towers 22-13
5. Hanzev.Cpt 21-15
6. Rotterdam 20-14
7. Zwolle 16-19
8. Leiden 15-22
9. Weert 14-23
10. Aris Friesland 8-28
11. Den Helder 4-31
12. Almere 0-0

Eiffel Towers Pull Away In 4th Quarter, Win Over Aris Friesland -by Sanders Jackson

In the Maaspoort on Tuesday night, the defending Dutch champions and new Dutch Cup champions Eiffel Towers had a difficult time shaking off Aris Friesland in the first thre quarters, but in the 4th their depth advantage and quality got the best of their opponents, cruising to a 90-75 win. Eiffel won the battle of the boards 50-38, and outscored Aris by a +17 difference in the 2nd half. Leading the way for Eiffel was old reliable
Travis Young (184-G-79, agency: Interperformances, college: Marshall), who scored 23 pts., with Darrell Tucker (206-F-80, agency: Hart Sports Mngm, college: USF) adding 19. Dillion Sneed (203-C-84, agency: Court Side, college: E.Tenn.St.) had a monster game for Aris, scoring a game-high 31 pts. With the win, Eiffel moves to 22-13 and remain in 4th place.


Kaposvar wins junior title -by Balazs Radics

Kaposvar wins junior title -by Balazs Radics
Team Kaposvar wins U18 championship after beating MAFC in the final 71-65. Vojvoda scored 29 points against Takacs who finnished with 27 in their personal duel! Kaposvar took an early 20 points lead against the hosts and than they managed to keep 6 for the end of the game.
Kaposvar improved a lot as a team over the past year, very young squad with a great leader (Vojvoda) who already plays for the senior team permanently.
MAFC both phisically and tacticly the most trained team of the championship, but couldn t realize their potential as they lost twice to Kaposvar.
Debrecen was well organized and their teamwork finally payed off as the get the bronze medal of their long time rival.
Nyiregyhaza was one of the favorit before the games started, but they couldn t overcame their short bench.
VASAS had a very difficult group as they only lost against the 2 best teams, they might have been in the best 3 from the other group.
ELITE has a young and ambitious squad, a great favorite for the next year's competition.
PVSK had his best player injured (Ellingsfeld), without him the didn t have any chance.
Albacomp quailfication was a great achievent in itself.

Final Standings:
1. Kaposvar
3. Debrecen
4. Nyiregyhaza
8. Albacomp

Eurobasket MVP:
David Vojvoda (191-G/F-90, agency: Laszlo Vinko Services) (Kaposvar)

Eurobasket Hungary ALL STAR:
David Vojvoda (Kaposvar)
Norbert Takacs (MAFC)
Andras Balogh (Debrecen)
Mate Mohacsi (Nyiregyhaza)
Tamas Angyal (VASAS)

Best Defender
Mark Misek (MAFC)

Honorable mentions:
Levente Juhos (Kaposvar)

Kaposvar wins Junior title -by Balazs Radics

Kaposvar wins junior title -by Balazs Radics

Kaposvar wins junior title -by Balazs Radics

Kaposvar wins junior title -by Balazs Radics

Kaposvar wins Junior title -by Balazs Radics

Kaposvar wins junior title -by Balazs Radics

Kaposvar wins Junior title -by Balazs Radics

Kaposvar wins junior title -by Balazs Radics


Jazz of Tacoma have two games on tap this weekend -by Trask Frost
Tacoma, WA - the Jazz of Tacoma are 2-2 through four games on the young 2008 IBL season. Tacoma is coming off a 152-111 dismantling of the USA-All Stars last Sunday, and looks to keep the positive momentum going in two upcoming games this weekend; the Jazz will travel to Vancouver, Washington on Friday, April 4 to take on a red-hot Vancouver Volcanoes (4-1) squad. On Sunday, April 6, the Jazz return home to face the Portland Chinooks at 5:00pm. All Jazz home games will be played at Mount Tahoma High School (4634 South 74th Street, Tacoma).

The Jazz return their top five scorers from last season, led by two-time IBL All-Star Dontay Harris (6'8''-F/C-78, college: Drake) (21.2 points per game in 2007). A new face, 6' 8' Aleksey Adediran, was an IBL All-Star in 2006 for the Seattle Mountaineers, and will provide a solid interior presence for the Jazz this season. Adediran currently leads the team in scoring at 21.0 points per game.

Tacoma Mayor Bill Baarsma tossed the ceremonial jump ball to start the action at Tacoma's first home game last Sunday, and remained in the stands for the duration of the game to watch the Jazz triumph. 'It was wonderful to see Mayor Baarsma come out and support the Jazz,' said IBL Commissioner Mikal Duilio, who was also in attendance. 'Community support is obviously an integral part of succeeding as a team, and the Jazz have a lot to offer for the community—the owners of this team are in their second year of ownership, they are Tacoma residents and community minded and active people… the team is not just fun to watch, they have a lot of local talent on the roster as well.' Mayor Bill Baarsma offered support to the Jazz after the game and expressed the same thing IBL Commissioner expressed 'the team is in its fourth year and Tacoma has local, solid ownership, it is time for Tacoma to know about and support their team'.

The Jazz have a home schedule with international flair in 2008. The Jazz will twice host the Shanxi Kylins, a member of the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) that has joined the IBL for the '08 season. The CBA is the same league that spawned NBA superstar Yao Ming, as well as Yi Jianlian, a lottery pick in the most recent NBA draft. The Edmonton Chill (Canada) will also be visiting Tacoma this season.

Season and single game tickets are on sale now. For more information, contact the Jazz at (253) 370-3369 or visit Tacoma's team page at Tickets can be purchased at the door.

2007 IBL All-Star Keith Gayden returns to Racers -by Trask Frost
Elgin, IL - Keith Gayden (6'8''-F-83, college: Duquesne), a 6'8, 230 pound power forward has rejoined the Elgin Racers. Last season Gayden averaged 19 points and 12 rebounds per game for the Racers and was instrumental in leading the franchise to the Midwest Division Championship. His play earned him a spot on the IBL Star Team.

After finishing the season with the Racers, Gayden earned a tryout with the Chicago Bulls. After being cut by the Bulls, Gayden played briefly for the Iowa Energy in the NBA Developmental League. He finished out the winter season this year with the Quad Cities Riverhawks of the newly founded Premier Basketball League. Gayden led the Riverhawks to the regular season Western Division Championship.

Prior to playing professionally, Gayden played collegiately at Kennedy King Junior College in Chicago and at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh. Gayden and Racer guard Parrish Brown played together at Kennedy King and will be reunited on the floor for the first time in 4 years.

Racers President/Head Coach Michael Murphy on Gayden: 'The entire community is ecstatic Keith will be suiting up for the Racers again. His highlight reel dunks are a crowd favorite at Racer home games. Keith is an explosive athlete who plays above the rim and is the best rebounder I have been around in 16 years of coaching. We expect big things from Keith this season.'

The Racers open their third IBL season with a trip to the Genesis Center in Indiana to take on the Gary Steelheads. The Racers' home opener is on Saturday, May 10 against the Holland Blast. All Racers' home games will be played at Judson University (1151 N. State Street, Elgin, IL). For ticket information, contact the Racers at (847) 208-1766, or visit the Racers' team page at

Explosive guard tandem revitalizes Snohomish County -by Trask Frost
Monroe, WA—The Snohomish County Explosion are off to a 4-2 start, and currently sit a half game out of first place in the IBL's West Division. The Explosion's victory over the Jazz of Tacoma in their last outing ended the first two-game losing skid in team history. The outstanding play of newcomers Jermaine Blackburn (6'7''-G/F-83, college: Boise St.) and Jamie Booker played a key role in getting Snohomish County back on track.

Booker, 6'4', has been on the Explosion's roster all season, but saw his first action of the year against the Jazz because of an injury. Booker is a familiar face to area basketball fans, as he was a standout for the University of Washington during the 1993-1996 seasons. Booker's pro career has taken him across the globe, including stints in Brazil and Mexico—and also with the Harlem Globetrotters. The sharp-shooting Booker made his season debut against the Jazz with a 21 point effort—going 7 of 13 from behind the arc.

Blackburn, 6'7', averaged 15.4 points per game as a senior at Boise State University, before beginning his pro career in 2005. Blackburn has played in the NBDL, USBL, and, most recently, with the Yakama Sun Kings in the CBA, where he earned All-Star honors this season. In his first two contests, Blackburn has led the Explosion in scoring, and is currently averaging 28.0 points per game.

Explosion Head Coach Randy Redwine - 'There's no question that having those guys in the line-up makes us stronger. They both create match-up problems. At 6'7' Jermaine is probably the tallest two guard in the league. Besides being a great shooter, Jamie is strong and physical enough to post guys up and defend the two, three or four spots.'

The Explosion travel to Bellingham to take on the Slam on Friday, April 4. A victory would make the Explosion's Saturday, April 5 game versus the Vancouver Volcanoes (4-1) a battle for first place in the West Division.

For ticket information, contact the Explosion at (425) 329-BALL (2255) or visit

Vancouver, B.C.'s new IBL squad announces team name -by Trask Frost

Vancouver, British Columbia— The International Basketball League is excited to announce that the Vancouver, British Columbia team has announced its new team name as nominated and voted for by their fan base. The official new name is the 'Vancouver Titans'.

After accepting over 100 name nominations the Vancouver Titans made the Top 10 list and then over the past 30 days were voted in as the number one name. The person nominating the name, Michael Orosz, is the lucky recipient of 2 courtside season tickets ($2,000 value) for the 2009 season of the Vancouver Titan's IBL schedule. The Vancouver Titans would like to thank Basketball BC for conducting the name nomination and voting process through their website, .

As announced in September of 2007, Vancouver will join the IBL for the 2009 season. The team is owned by Vancouver resident Jonathan Mara. Mara has been a member of the Basketball BC Board of Directors for the past four years and Assistant Coach of the White Rock Christian Warriors senior boys' high school basketball team for the past five years.

'We are very excited to now have a great name in the Titans that our brand development advisors can now create the official logo and colors to launch our 2009 season with' said Mara. 'The Naming of The Team process reflects our goal of truly being a community based team and we look forward to continuing with initiatives with the community to promote the game of basketball'.

Mara believes the people of Vancouver will embrace the IBL and the up-tempo style that has become the league's hallmark. 'The games are entertaining for even casual fans of the sport because the pace and scoring are so consistently high,' said Mara.

In three seasons, IBL teams have averaged over 126 points per contest in games that last about two hours. For more information about the IBL, or for pictures and video of teams and players, visit

Experienced core back in '08 for Elgin Racers -by Trask Frost
Elgin, IL - The core of last seasons 17-6 squad is back on board for the Elgin Racers. Center Nick Michael, guard, Derik Hollyfield (6'4''-G/F, college: Bemidji St.), and forward Brandon Moore are set to return to the Racers. Additionally, point guard Emmanuel Dildy, is set to make his Racers debut Friday night against the Gary Steelheads.

Michael, a 6'10' center, averaged 6 points and 6 rebounds per game last season for the Racers. He has played professionally in Ireland (Sea of Belfast) and in the newly founded Premiere Basketball League (Rockford Fury). Michael played his college ball at Elmhurst College where he earned All CCIW honors three consecutive seasons.

Hollyfield, a 6'3' guard, averaged 14 points, 5 assists, and 4 rebounds last season for the Racers. He has played professionally in the ABA (Sauk Valley Rollers) and recently led his team, the Rochester Razorsharks, to the inaugural PBL championship. Hollyfield played collegiately at Eastern Illinois University and Bemidji State University. Hollyfield played his high school basketball at one of the most prestigious programs in Illinois, West Aurora, and led the Blackhawks to the state championship in 2000.

Moore, a 6'4' guard/forward, is the most experienced Racer, as he begins his fourth season with the franchise. Brandon earned IBL All Star honors during the 2005 campaign and averaged 10 points and 4 assists per game last year. Moore played collegiately at both Saint Xavier and Saint Francis universities. His ability to play multiple positions and finish around the basket will again make him a key contributor to the Racers.

Dildy, a 6'2' point guard, will be joining the Racers for the first time this season. Dildy played collegiately at both New Mexico State University and Eastern Illinois University and professionally in Germany (USC Heidelberg). Dildy averaged 21 points and 4 assists per game while leading the league in three point field goals made. He is a coach on the floor and has a great understanding of the game.

The Racers open their third IBL season with a trip to the Genesis Center in Indiana to take on the Gary Steelheads. The Racers' home opener is on Saturday, May 10 against the Holland Blast. All Racers' home games will be played at Judson University (1151 N. State Street, Elgin, IL). For ticket information, contact the Racers at (847) 208-1766, or visit the Racers' team page at


FSU to Iceland Express League -by Siggi Hjorleifsson
FSU will follow Breidablik up to Iceland Express League next season after they beat Valur 67-63 tonight. This team was formed 3 years ago by Brynjar Karl Sigurdson when he started with basketball Academy in Selfoss. Great job and it will be interested to see how team will do in top league.
Terrible freethrow shooting 16,7% from Valur and only 29 rebounds to 49 was the main reason Valur lost the game.
Matt Hammer & Saevar Sigmundson were the key players for FSU with 19 points each.
For Valur Rob Hodgson 17 pts. Ragnar Gylfason 10. Craig Walls 10 + 9 rebs + 9 assist
Congratulation FSU.


Wade slams his way to dunk title -by Leonard Whyte
Decatur, IL (4-2-2008) - Senior forward Demeatrio Wade, formerly of Excelsior High School, ended a brilliant career at Decatur Christian School by winning the slam dunk contest at the Illinois All-Star Game over the weekend. Wade then went on to score 20 points and haul down 11 rebounds in the game but his team went down 126-120 in a classic shootout. Next season Wade will take his show to a college somewhere in the United States, but the college is yet to be revealed.

Tulsa goes for CBI title tonight -by Leonard Whyte
Peoria, IL (4-2-2008) - The University of Tulsa will try to end their late season charge on a high note tonight when they go in search of the inaugural College Basketball Invitational (CBI) title. Tulsa, a program rich in basketball history with 13 conference crowns and two NIT titles, won game one of the best-of-three series on Monday night 73-68, behind Jerome Jordan's 18 points and 13 rebounds. Tulsa has won 14 of its last 17 games, including a 7-1 mark since the end of the regular season, but Bradley hopes to earn a victory and send the series back to Tulsa for a deciding Game 3 on Friday night.


LBL standings
LBL Standings
Division I
1. Barons/LMT 11-2
2. BK Ventsp. 11-2
3. Valmiera 11-8
4. VEF Riga 10-9
5. Liep.Lauvas 10-10
6. ASK Riga 9-2
7. Bum./ASK 3-17
8. Keizarmezs 2-17
Division II
1. Zemgale 27-5
2. Ventspils au. 24-7
3. RNS-D/Livani 20-12
4. ASK/Juniors 20-12
5. Jurmala 14-18
6. LU/Ridzene 13-18
7. Roja 12-20
8. Saldus 7-25
9. Cesis/Remarks 6-26


Hodges Past ,Present and Future -by Alex Yams
During the early 1990's marked an era of basketball's finest NBA dynasties. In particular, this is the era where the Chicago Bulls were dominating the league by winning 6 championships. During that specific timeframe, a player that played a pivotal role in the Bulls first two championships was no other than sharp shooter Craig Hodges. Was Craig undersized? Some may say yes. However, if you compare the size of a player with his work ethic and heart, then I would say no he wasn't. Plus, point blank he won NBA championships. Not only did he win 2 straight championships in 1991 and 1992, he also won 3 consecutive NBA Three-Point Shootouts (1990, 1991, and 1992). So, putting aside how the stereotypical NBA guard is supposed to be built, Craig was one who epitomized what a winner was. Now, sixteen years later, a familiar name, yet new player takes center stage to create his own path. Jibril Hodges, who is virtually the same size as his father was, is on track to make his own mark in the game of basketball. Jibril, who stands 6 feet 2 inches tall bulked up for the 2007-08 season. He added 20Ibs of muscle and went from his college weight of 175Ibs to a solid 195Ibs. He did this to prove that he could physically compete on the professional level. Jibril's agent Newton Mayenge says this about Jibril's professional progress. 'One of the biggest things I enjoy about Jibril is his desire to get better.' 'He never complains when it was time to workout and he sometimes exceeded my expectations when he would still do two a days while in season.' He has a shot just like his dad did, but has worked diligently within the last year and a half to hone his point guard skills. For the 2007-08 season, Jibril signed a contract to play in the CBA for the Butte Daredevils. Jibril states that 'Butte was the perfect situation for me because my agent negotiated with the organization a promise to play a lot of point guard.' This was great because even though I had other options like the D-League and overseas, I decided to play here because the Coach really wanted to help me prove that I could play the point.' And that is exactly what he did. Jibril started for the Daredevils. Early on he was asked to score, so he played the role of scoring point guard. His season averages by Christmas break was 19.5 ppg and 5.6 apg. However, midway throughout the remainder of the season, he settled into his point guard role. He ended the season averaging 14.7 ppg and 2.9 apg. He had game highs of 28 points and 10 assists all in the same game. This kid, even though assists went down, within the right NBA system can effectively add five plus assists per game. This mostly is due to coming from a good pedigree and being a coachable and a hard working player. So the future looks bright for young Hodges. Now, it's up to him to etch his legacy in the history books. For more information on Jibril Hodges, email his agent, Newton Mayenge at or check out:


Alexandria is heating up the engines -by Gianni Pascucci
Some days ago, the new NPBL team Alexandria Avengers had a exhibition game against the First State Fusion of the ABA. The Avengers routed the Fusion 116-85, pointing on their energy fast break game, boosted by Daryl Owens (6'2''-G-76, college: Nova CC) and Justin Moore (5'9''-G-80, college: St.Augustine), with Devon Neckles (6'7''-F/C, college: St.Francis,NY) dominating inside. The next NPBL game of the Avengers is scheduled for the next weekend, in Alexandria, Virginia, vs. the New York Strikeforce. It is expected to be a high scoring game, the Avengers will try to revenge their loss in league debut.


FPC inks a new coach -by Gianni Pascucci
Argentinean coach Victor Jose Del Barba agreed to terms with Felix Perez Cardozo Asuncion, inking a two years contract. Del Barba was coaching Mineros de Cananea, in Mexican CIBACOPA, a team that was at the top of the league table with a 15-6 record. Then, he decided to pursue a new career in Paraguay. In his first statements to, coach Del Barba said that he found a good organization in FPC and that the team is looking for two import players, a 3 and a 5, to compete as best as possible in the upcoming National League


Peruvians around the World -by Andres Seminario

Luis Ramirez (195-G-73), is a former player of San Marcos who used to play en the late 90s in the Peruvian League.
He was one of the best 3 point shooters in Peru, and helps his team to be one of the most complicated teams at that time in Peru.
Like all amateurs players here in Peru, he also studied in San Marcos and traveled to Europe, to Holland, to study a MBA in The Hague University were he also continue his love for the game and coach some teams.
He also studied in Moscow -Russia- a Master in HR in the University of Mesi, were he also continue his basketball career.
These days he is living in Italy and working and also playing in Basket 2000 were he continues his amazing story of a player who continues with his academic and professional development and also continues his love for the game.
From here we wish the best for Kiko in all his activities.


Nigerian behemoth wants to be naturalized -by Hector Santos
Nigerian behemoth Samuel Ekwe (203-C) yesterday said he's willing to become a naturalized Filipino and undergo the long process to be able to represent the country in future international competitions.

'I've been in the Philippines for three years. I love everything here, the food, the basketball and the Filipinos. There's no way to say no,' said the 6-9 Ekwe during the weekly Philippine Sportswriters Association Forum at the Shakey's Pizza UN Ave. branch in Manila.

Amateur basketball godfather and Harbour Centre team owner Mikee Romero welcomed Ekwe's move, saying the 24-year-old cager would be of big help in RP's future international campaigns.

'If it pushes through, he would be the main guy in every national basketball team in the next five years,' said Romero.

Ekwe's mettle will be tested in the import-laced SEABA (Southeast Asian Basketball Association) Champions Cup slated April 4-6 in Jakarta, Indonesia as spearhead of the Harbour Centre-backed Nationals.

Ekwe, who powered San Beda to back-to-back NCAA titles in 2006 to 2007, will play alongside Harbour Centre standouts Jayson Castro, Beau Belga, Jonathan Fernandez, Al Vergara, Jeff Chan and Boyet Bautista in the country's quest to defend the title it won last year.

'I'm excited to play, it's my first time to represent the Philippines,' said Ekwe, who is also aspiring to play in the PBA someday.

'Yes, I also dream of playing in the PBA in the future,' he said. (JoeyVillar/Philstar)


Final 8 of the Portuguese Cup -by Portugal Eurobasket
On the next few days Elvas will received the Final 8 of the Portuguese Cup.
Ovarense, Porto, CAB Madeira, Casino Figueira Ginasio and Barreirense from LCB and Benfica, Vitoria and Fisica from Proliga.
This is the 1st time that so many teams fm Proliga (2nd level in Portugal) reach the Final 8 of the Portuguese Cup.
Sangalhos was the only team so far to reach this stage on the past.
VSC -M.Couto Alves - Fisica T. Vedras - 03/04/08 - 18.00 - Coliseu Elvas
Ovarense Aerosoles - CAB Madeira - 03/04/08 - 20.00 - Coliseu Elvas
F.C. Barreirense - FC Porto Ferpinta - 04/04/08 - 19.00 - Coliseu Elvas
Sport Lisboa e Benfica - Casino Fig Ginasio - 04/04/08 - 21.00 - Coliseu Elvas
Dia 04/05/08 - semifinals - 15.00 and 17.00
Dia 04/06/08 - Final - 15.40


Standings - BSN
BSN Standings
1. Arecibo 11-6
2. Ponce 9-7
3. Caguas 7-8
4. San German 6-9
5. Guayama 4-11
6. Mayaguez 4-11
1. Santurce 10-5
2. Carolina 10-5
3. Guaynabo 9-7
4. Fajardo 8-7
5. Humacao 7-7
6. Bayamon 7-9


Rams And Hitters Make It Lucky 13 -by Jay

Basseterre,St.Kitts (April 1st 2008) :-The RAM's Group of Companies has once again sponsored the multi-time St.Kitts Amateur Basketball Association national, the Harmonites Hitters for the twelfth year consecutively. In a brief, simple but significant, handing over ceremony viewed by Mrs. Kiran Chandiramani-Perkins, Marketing Director of the RAM;s Group of Companies, Mr. James 'Barman' Hanley President of the Harmonites Hitters Basketball Club , accepted a sponsorship check from Ms Shirley Julius of the RAM's Group at the companies head office situated at the RAM's complex, Bird Rock. Mr. Hanley expressed his gratitude to RAM's on behalf of the long established team and club. The President went on to state that the sponsorship will go a long way in ensuring the team's regaining the Premier Division championship after their losing to the St.Pauls Tuff Knots in last years finals and assisting the rebuilding process of the junior team. This programme will be spearheaded by former Hitters and National team player Ramesh 'Sabu' Walters.
Ms. Julius responded by expressing her pleasure to the Hitters club for allowing and affording her company the opportunity to demonstrate it's civic duty in continuing it's sponsorship for the 13th straight year. The Marketing Executive went on to wish the community and sports group good fortune in all it's endeavors for 2008 and beyond.
Mr. E. James Hanley III, Coach and President of the Hitters organization remarked that the Hitters team have reflected in their performances the high standard that their esteemed sponsors the Ram's Group have maintained within the business community and the community on a whole.
'As aresult of the relationship forged with Hitters and the Rams group the club has produced a number of scholarship athletes including most recently, Marvin Davis who gained a scholarship to Santa Fe Community College , a two-year college in Gainesville Florida,' said Hanley. 'Marvin is expected to join the team during the season when he returns for his summer break,' Hanley continued
The basketball subdivision of the Harmonites community group was formed in 1980 and they have participated in every national junior and senior tournament since that time. The Hitters basketball club is expected to begin their quest for a record 18th Championship title on April 20th which will mark the official opening of the 2008 SKABA basketball season.

Courtsey of


Euroleague quarterfinals: TAU vs Partizan 1-0 -by Dragan Jankovski
Spanish TAU Ceramica beat Partizan Igokea 74-66 in the first game of Euroleague quarterfinals and took lead in series 1-0. TAU is now a step closer to its fourth consecutive trip to the Final 4. It was not an easy win for the team from Vitoria. Both teams played not so good in the first half, with a lot of missed shots, which Partizan exploited in the second period. Milenko Tepic made jumper after pick and roll setting the score on 31-33 after 20 minutes. TAU started the third quarter much better making 7-0 run for immediate time-out of Partizan's head coach Dusko Vujosevic. Later, in 33rd minute Planinic hit 3-pointer for 63-54 but very good Kecman revenged with successful 3-pointer on the other side. TAU succeeded to make the biggest advantage at the middle of the last quarter which was plus 10. After that Partizan came closer two times on minus 6 but it was their maximum last night.

Zoran Planinic (198-G-82) led the winners scoring 18 points while Igor Rakocevic (191-G-78) netted 15. Partizan's centers stopped Tiago Splitter (211-C/F-85, agency: Interperformances) on just 8 points. Reining Serbian and Adriatic league champion got 13 points and 5 rebounds from Dusan Kecman (197-G/F-77, agency: Beo Basket), who is playing in a life shape this season. The best European center Nikola Pekovic (210-C-86, agency: Beo Basket) collected 12 points and 5 rebounds while Novica Velickovic (205-F-86) had 10 points and 8 rebounds.

Like it was expected Partizan was better under the basket having 5 rebounds more than TAU but it wasn't enough for the win.

Next game will be played on Thursday in Belgrade's arena Pionir where Partizan will try to remains in battle for the Final 4. Black and whites showed they can beat every team this season so it won't be a surprise if quarterfinal series finish in Vitoria.

TAU Ceramica - Partizan Igokea 74-66

Planinic 18, Rakocevic 15, McDonald 8 (6 rebs), Splitter 8
Partizan: Kecman 13 (5 rebs), Pekovic 12 (5 rebs), Velickovic 10 (8 rebs), Palacio 10 (5 rebs, 4 as)

Tomislav Tomovic returns to BC Bosna, Hemofarm STADA signed tallented Arnautovic -by Dragan Jankovski
After almost a year point guard Tomislav Tomovic (195-G-83, agency: Beo Basket) returned to BC Bosna from Sarajevo. Tomovic played for Bosna where he got injured on February 2007 and was sidelined for the rest of the season. Later he recovered and previous summer signed contract with participant of Serbian A league BC Mega Aqua Monta from Belgrade.

Very talented young player Nemanja Arnautovic (191-G-90) signed the first professional contract with Hemofarm STADA. Management of the team from Vrsac decided to sign 4-yers deal with young Arnautovic after his wonderful performance on Euroleague qualification tournament for juniors, which was held previous weekend in Belgrade.

Vojvodina Srbijagas inks Uros Mirkovic -by Dragan Jankovski
Vojvodina Srbijagas from Novi Sad agreed to terms with power forward Uros Mirkovic (205-F/C-82), who was the leading rebounder of Serbian A league with 7.9 rebounds per game. Mirkovic grew up in Masinac where he played the last 9 seasons. He participated in the All-Star game of A league 2006 and at the beginning of 2008 was chosen for the best team of Serbian A league which played against the All-Star team of Srpska (Bosnia and Herzegovina).

Standings - A Liga
A Standings
1. Crvena Zv. 0-0
2. Partizan 0-0
3. Vojvodina 0-0
4. FMP 0-0
5. Borac 0-0
6. Hemofarm 0-0
7. Swisslion Tak. 0-0
8. Vizura 0-0
Others in Stage One
1. Radnicki 034 13-9
2. Mega AM 12-10
3. Sloga 12-10
4. Novi Sad 11-11
5. Masinac 10-12
6. Zdravlje 9-13
7. Radnicki NS 9-13
8. Napredak 9-13
9. Ergonom 2-12


Short Interview With Mitar Trivunovic On Scoring 42 Points -by Jan Flac

Mitar Trivunovic achieved 42 points on the Wednesday's game of UPC Telemach League For The Existence against Alpos from Sentjur. This is the second highest achievement in The UPC Telemach League this season and is only one point behind Goodrich's record of scoring 43 points against Polzela on March 15th. We asked Trivunovic what was going on in his head during the game, as we were curious how someone can achieve something like this.

Trivunovic answers: 'Before coming to Kraski zidar Jadran, I had a lot of problems with my heart and was not able to play basketball for three months. It was a big challenge for me to come back and it still is, as I believe I can do even a lot more than that, when I bring my game to the level, on which it once already was. Now, I am determined to help Kraski zidar Jadran to achieve the goals that we set. This is the highest priority and all the players in the team work for that. For this game, my friend helped me to get extremely motivated and it seems like the players were able to recognize I have this special energy inside of me today. I appreciate them more than you could imagine. They are so smart, they know I have a lot of experiences and skills and they let me play the role that I like the most. I would like to thank them for that from the depth of my hearth! I really enjoyed this game and I hope this step on our way will bring us to our final destination.'

UPC Telemach League - 6th round of The League For The Existence -by Jan Flac
Kraski Zidar Sezana won against Alpos Sentjur with 93:86 (27:16, 24:24, 27:24, 15:22). For Kraski Zidar Sezana Pavlovski achieved 10, Kobe 11, Sekulic 13 and Trivunovic 42 points. Kobale scored 21, Kadic 18 and Nedeljkovic 22 points for Sentjur.

Hopsi Polzela won against Rogla Zrece with 87:80 (27:29, 15:18, 26:17, 19:16). For Polzela Podvrsnik achieved 20, Breze 9 and Dawson 21 points. The best scorers for Zrece were Cigoja (14 pts), Sivka (24 pts), P. Brolih (11 pts), and Grkovic (22 pts).


Standings - ACB
ACB Standings
1. Real 24-4
2. Joventut 21-7
3. Barcelona 20-8
4. Tau 20-8
5. Pamesa 17-11
6. Lagun Aro 16-12
7. Akasvayu 15-13
8. Unicaja 15-13
9. G.Canaria 15-15
10. Menorca 12-16
11. Murcia 11-17
12. Granada 10-16
13. Cajasol 10-18
14. Grupo Capitol 10-18
15. Fuenlabrada 10-18
16. Ricoh Man. 10-18
17. Estudiant. 9-19
18. Leon 7-20


Sodertalje claims semifinal birth -by Eurobasket News
Sodertalje became the first team to clinch the semifinal spot in Basketligan. They swept the quarterfinal series against 08 Stockholm and advanced to the next stage. The third game did not look like the last one in this series. The Stockholm outfit got off to a brave start and kept it in front through the first half. They stretched the lead to 6 points at the interval but could not endure the winning tempo after the break. The Kings' well-balanced offense took charge and eventually came back to close the defecit. Sodertalje accounted for 31 points in the fourth period and it was just enough to surpass their opponents. Jonathan Skjoldebrand (203-C/F-83, agency: Arik Krayn Services) notched 22 points to pace the Kings. Rickard Eriksson had 21 points, while Thomas Massamba (185-G-85) scored 19 for the winners. Jeremiah Johnson (183-G-77, agency: Court Side, college: Niagara) replied with 26 points and Joakim Blom (211-C-76, agency: Court Side) chipped in 18 in defeat.
The Solna Vikings grabbed a 2-1 lead in the series against Oresundskraft. Solna edged their opponents 83:56 at home and now are one step away from the semifinal appearance. Rudy Mbemba (181-G-87) tallied 16 points and Brandon McKnight (188-G-83, college: Purdue) added 12 to lead the Vikings to an impressive victory. Herman Favors (173-G-84, agency: R.H.Consultancy, college: Georgia St.) nailed 14 points in a loss. Game 4 is scheduled for Friday.
Plannja pulled away a narrow win over Uppsala 96:94 at home to claim a 2-1 lead in the series. Terry Williams (187-G-83, agency: Interperformances, college: Georgia Southern) knocked down 33 points to ensure the winning outcome. John Rosendahl (203-F/C-77, college: Wyoming) had 27 points for the hosts that overcame a 13-point halftime deficit to roll on to some hard-fought success. Danny Gathings (193-F-80, college: High Point) netted 27 points for Uppsala. Borislav Djordjic (203-F/C-82, college: Stetson) nailed 17 in a loss.
Finally Sundsvall thrashed Norrkoping 87:57 to surge ahead in the series. Mike Palm (208-C-79, agency: R.H.Consultancy, college: W.Washington) came up with 21 points and Adam Alexander (176-G-80) dropped 18 points for the Dragons to succeed. The Dolphins were steered by Gee Gervin (188-G-76, college: Houston) with 21 points. Ian Johnson (206-F-84, college: Davidson) secured 17 points in a losing clause.


Yulon, Taiwan Beer lead 2-0 -by Chris Wang
Two days into the SBL playoffs, we were probably only one game away from the SBL Finals matchup everyone would love to see as Yulon Dinos and Taiwan Beers both jumped on a 2-0 lead in their first round playoff series.

It did not surprise anyone that Yulon took the first two games. After all, it is the No. 1 seed and have everyone healthy. Kudos to PY, which entered the post season without second leading scorer James Mao, however. PY played its heart out and actually made both games entertaining.

In Game 2, Tseng Wen-ting scored 12 of his 17 points in the final period to break the game open for Yulon, which was upset by Dacin in the opening round playoff series last season.

The defending champ Taiwan Beer, on the other hand, was not the usual No. 3 seed. It was only one game behind the No. 2 seed dmedia Numen (20-10) in the regular season and everyone knew it tanked its last two regular season games to rest its starters.

Lin Chih-chieh and Wu Tai-hao rose to the occassion. Lin, who had a subpar regular season, tallied 47 points and 22 rebound while Wu had 43 points and 18 boards in two games.

TB's defense was also brilliant. It limited high-scoring Jon Sanders (21.3 points, 16.6 rebounds, 5.8 assists) to only 7 points in Game 1 and, most unbelievably, held SBL's No. 3 scorer Ouyang Ching-heng (19.4 points in the regular season) to THREE points iin two games.

As soon as April 4, we will have our 2007-08 Finals matchup. I'll be home for a three-day vacation and probably don't get to write the story before the first round is over. Stay tuned.

Apr. 2
Yulon 88-75 PY
Yulon: Tseng Wen-ting 17p, Chen Hsin-an 12p+7rb+5a, Lu Cheng-ju 12p+8rb, Chen Chih-chung 13p+9rb+7a
PY: Chen Shih-chieh 14p+10rb, Wu Chien-lung 12p+16rb, Chien Chia-hung 13p, Lin Ching-pang 10p

TB 101-74 dmedia
TB: Lin Chih-chieh 27p+10rb, Wu Tai-hao 18p, Yang Ching-min 13p
dmedia: J. Sanders 22p+12rb+6a, Lee Chun-wei 18p, Ouyang CHing-heng 1p

Apr. 1
Yulon 95-87 Pure Youth
Yulon: Chen Chih-chung 21p+7rb+4a, Chen Hsin-an 18p+12rb, Lee Chih-yi 13p+11rb+7a, Yang Che-yi 18p, Lee Hsueh-lin 18p
PY: Chien Chia-hung 21p+7rb, Chen Shih-chieh 16p, Lin Chin-pang 16p, Wu Chien-lung 11p

TB 90-73 dmedia
TB: Wu Tai-hao 25p+12rb, Lin Chih-chieh 20p+12rb+6a, Ho Shou-cheng 14p+7rb
dmedia: Lin Kwan-lun 22p, J. Sanders 7p(1-11 FG)+11rb+6a, Ouyang Ching-heng 2p, Wu Chia-lung 11p


Garcia Morales will join Cocordrilos, in Venezuela -by Hector Lopez
Leandro Garcia Morales (186-G-80, college: Texas A&M), the MVP of the Uruguayan League 1007-08, travelled to Caracas today, where he will join Cocodrilos de Caracas, it was announced by
the web site Urubasket. Garcia Morales was voted as the best player after his team, Bigua won the Uruguayan League. Garcia was also the best scorer of the tournament with a
25.9 average per game. A memebee of the Urugayan NT he won the bronze medal in the last Panamerican Games, played one year ago in Rio de Janeiro.


Richard Lugo dominant in Puerto Rico's BSN -by Francisco Vega
Venezuelan center Richard Lugo (209-C-73) played his first match as imported player of Atleticos de San German in Puerto Rico's Baloncesto Superior Nacional (BSN) 2008 season, and he debuted with 9 points, 10 rebounds, 6 blocks, 4 assists, just 3 turnovers and 4 fouls. San German defeated Indios de Mayaguez 92-84.

Lugo, who had played before in this country for teams such as Vaqueros de Bayamon and Brujos de Guayama, netted 4 of 14 two-point shots and 1 of 2 free-throws. 5 of his 10 rebounds were in the attacking end.

Sammy Villegas (198-G-83) was the top scorer for San German with 22 points, followed by Omar Alvarado (180-G-83) with 19 and Mexican Victor Avila (209-C-77) with 13 points and 10 boards. For Mayaguez, Carl Krauser (188-G-81) scored 24 points, Hiram Fuller (206-F-81) added 18 points and 14 rebounds and Keenan Jourdon (202-F-74) finished up with 15 points and 9 boards.

Greg Echenique chooses Rutgers for 2009 -by Francisco Vega
Barquisimeto, Venezuela.- Venezuelan young center Gregory Echenique (208-C-90), a starter in Venezuela's U19 NT that will play the U19 FIBA Americas Tournament this year in Argentina, looking for a ticket to the 2009 World Cup in Bulgaria, has verbally comitted to play for Rutgers University, the Scarlet Knights, after he finishes high school duties at for Saint Benedict's Prep School in Newark, New Jersey, which is gonna be in 2009.

Echenique averaged 11.2 points, 9.2 rebounds and 3.3 blocks per match which made him 5th in the United States High School basketball rankings and had been followed by other universities such as Duke, Maryland, Villanova, Creighton, Notre Dame, Miami and Penn. He led Saint Benedict to a 24-1 record that put his team second in the nation's ranking.

A tall player who's only 17 years old and is already 2.05m tall, he's the son of former Venezuela's Senior NT player Jose Echenique, now retired. In fact, his parents were an important factor in his decision to choose Rutgers over other scholarship offers. He's projected as the future center of Venezuela's Senior NT and his name is in the surface as one of the top young players in the country alongside talents such as Maryland's Greivis Vasquez (196-G-87), Marquette's David Cubillan (183-G-87) or Colorado's Robert Palacios (187-G), among other young players.

Stats Leaders - LPB
LPB Stats Leaders
Points Per Game
Washington (Guai) 19.8
K. Capers (Gat) 18.7
O. Bradley (Gig) 18.2
J. Vargas (Tro) 17.7
R. Blackshear (Gua) 17.3
Rebounds Per Game
R. Allen (Gig) 11.0
A. Sucre (Mar) 10.5
T. Aguilera (Tro) 8.5
H. Bayona (Guai) 8.3
A. Flores (Gat) 7.6
Assists Per Game
K. Houston (Coc) 4.8
E. Mijares (Gat) 4.7
C. Mitchell (Pan) 4.4
G. Vargas (Pan) 4.2
C. Cedeno (Guai) 4.1
Steals Per Game
E. Mijares (Gat) 3.9
C. Cedeno (Guai) 3.5
L. Wallace (Tro) 3.3
H. Guillent (Gua) 3.1
J. Vargas (Tro) 3.1
Blocks Per Game
R. Allen (Gig) 3.7
A. Patterson (Gat) 1.8
A. Barrios (Tro) 1.2
L. Bethelmi (Coc) 1.1
M. Marriaga (Gai) 0.9
A. Quiroz (Guai) 67.0%
L. Bethelmi (Coc) 65.0%
M. Dumont (Pan) 62.0%
H. Salcedo (Gai) 61.0%
E. Mijares (Gat) 61.0%
C. Morris (Tach) 65.0%
J. Vargas (Tro) 49.0%
Dominguez (Gig) 49.0%
H. Paez (Coc) 47.0%
F. Sanabria (Gat) 45.0%
Free Throws
L. Wallace (Tro) 93.0%
V.D. Diaz (Coc) 91.0%
C. Mitchell (Pan) 91.0%
H. Paez (Coc) 90.0%
J. Leon (Gai) 89.0%

Hector Romero contributes with 4 points in Euroleague's Quarter Finals -by Francisco Vega
Venezuela's Senior NT member Hector Romero (202-F-80) played almost 8 minutes and contributed with 4 points and a rebound in the italian team Montepaschi Siena's victory against Fenerbahce Ulker of Turkey, 73-66, in game 1 of the 2008 Euroleague's Quarter Finals Round.

Romero, who started the season in Italy's Lega A with Legea Scafati but was signed by Montepaschi Siena last December, has mainly become a reserve player for coach Simone Pagianini since his arrival. Siena rules Lega A with only two defeats in 28 matches and they're well on their way to the Euroleague's Finals with an impressive display match after match.

Montepaschi Siena's top scorers were Ksystof Lavrinovic (210-C-79) with 16 points, Bootsy Thornton (194-G-77) with 14 and Terrell McIntyre (175-G-77) with 12. For Fenerbahce, Tarence Kinsey (200-G-84) netted and Semih Erden (211-C-87) netted 12 points each.

The small forward, who started his career in Venezuela with Marinos de Anzoategui and played in the NCAA for New Orleans, has also played in the past for Ramat Hasharon (Israel), LG Sakers(Korea), AEL Larissa (Greece) and Polaris Murcia (Spain), and he also played in the NBA's Las Vegas Summer League for the Portland Trail Blazers last year.


The WCPBL is coming -by Eurobasket
The Santa Barbara Breakers, who successfully competed last year in IBL, will be one of the main league teams. Thirteen of the Breakers' 20 games will be played at SBCC's Sports Pavilion. The WCPBL will be made of eight teams, all based in the West Coast, along with several others from the American Basketball Association, which completes its season this month. Rules of teh new league include a 23-second shot clock, eight seconds to get the ball over the halfcourt line and the 'Oop Play,' which awards three points for a lob pass from inside halfcourt (and outside the 3-point line) that leads to a dunk by a player who takes off from outside the key. The inaugural WCBPL season will conclude on June 13th, followed by the play-offs. The League Championship Game is scheduled for Saturday, June 21. The 2008 franchises will be located in Santa Barbara, Ventura, Pasadena, Newport Beach, Carlsbad, Palm Springs, Hollywood, High Desert. The official league website is at

WCBPL Standings


Women News

BRAZIL - Women

Brazilian National Team for South America Championship 2008 in Ecuador -by Kasia

da Costa


de Andrade


Karla da Costa (173-G-78) of Acucar Cometa/Unimed/Catanduva
Michelle Splitter (-C-89) of Unimed/Americana
Flavia Luiza (187-C-83)
Karina Jacob (185-F-85) of Acucar Cometa/Unimed/Catanduva
Tatiana Conceicao (188-C-81) of Colchões Castor/Fio/Unimed/Ourinhos
Izabela de Andrade (182-F-86) of Colchões Castor/Fio/Unimed/Ourinhos
Chuca Ferreira (180-F/G-79) of Colchões Castor/Fio/Unimed/Ourinhos
Tayara Pesenti (180-F-82) of Faculdade Maurico de Nassau/Sport
Karen Rocha (175-G-84) of Colchões Castor/Fio/Unimed/Ourinhos
Vanessa Gattei (169-G-80) of Colchões Castor/Fio/Unimed/Ourinhos
Gislaine Jose (169-G-80) of Faculdade Maurico de Nassau/Sport
Natalia Burian (162-G-84) of Acucar Cometa/Unimed/Catanduva
Head Coach: Cesar Guidetti

CYPRUS - Women

In a do or die game Keravnos beat AEL and equalized the finals into 2-2 -by Chris Mammides

The fifth and most crucial game will be played at the end of this week in Melford Arena, where, the host team of AEL will try to prove that is the best team in the league once more. The problem for Linos Gabriel's team is that Head Coach Konstantinos Filippopoulos might have a different opinion and that was proved in the 3 out of 4 games until now. ‘
The Volos born, Limassol head Coach proved to be 'fox' in coaching, and with his high-quality coaching skills beat last night the all mighty team of AEL with a check mate move he did in the final period upon the Limmasol girls loose their coordination and the very good three quarters stopped somewhere there!! Taking the things from the beginning, the game begun with the visiting site wanted to sweep the game and winning the title on the road, so with very good shooting from the parameter, Head Coach Linos Gabriel 's girls took the lead from the early beginning, with the two foreigners, Stoenescu and Biljana Pavicevic (191-F-80) being in a very good performance. During the second period and initially, the Strovolos girls balanced the game to 21-21 with 5 unanswered points but then and on with very good air-control / rebounding from AEL and very bad shooting from Keravnos, AEL took a lead which kept until the end of the half time with 26-33. The third period was more or less like the second half of the first quarter with the only difference that the deficit was smaller for the visiting site (3-6 points) Keravnos was trying unsuccessfully to balance the game but due to the fact that key players were not in their best, in terms of shooting, AEL was keeping the leading role simply due to their control basket.
The fourth and most amazing period, Coach Konstantinos Filippopoulos having nothing (and everything) to loose change his team's mode after saw his team loosing the game and the title when 7 minutes before the end of the game the difference went to 9 points and the psychology obviously was not an ally for the home team, the Greek-Cypriot Coach asked their girls to overplay their opponents with an amazing 'man to man' allover the court. Coach Linos Gabriel 's girls lost the truck with the score, the home team was stealing, rebounding, doing the dirty job much better than the visitors and in 5 minutes they balanced the game to 55-55, with an amazing 12-3. A minute afterwards, Michaela Vezenkova (191-F-84, college: NC-Wilmington) scored both baskets from the charity line and gave the final knock to AEL, as the Limassol players lost control and psychology with Keravnos winning the game and taking the series to Limassol for the final countdown. The quarters of the game were: 15-21, 26-33, 39-45, 58-55. with top scorers being on behalf of Keravnos Antonia Makri (174-G-79) with 15 and on behalf of AEL, Ancuta Stoenescu (171-G-80) with 20.

It is obvious that Head coach Konstantinos Filippopoulos is of very good material with skills that can not be found easily, and is about time the Cyprus Basketball to begin trusting its own people rather than importing every now and then coaches allover the world without even knowing their 'real past'.


SM-SARJA: PeKa - Catz 1-0 -by Rauno Hurmalainen

SM-sarja, Finals, Game 1: The Finals have taken place. In the first game tonight PeKa (Kotka) defeated Catz (Lappeenranta) in Kotka 87-78 (41-45).
Quarters: 24-15, 17-30, 24-14, 22-19. PeKa had five players in double figures. PeKa was shooting a bit better and had only 17 turnovers (Catz had
29 TOs). Catz won the rebounds 50-36. Ashley Haynes (176-G/F-84, college: Austin Peay St.) led PeKa both in pts (22) and rbs (11). Shanika Freeman (183-F/C-83, college: Jacksonville St.) added 18/10. Lizanne Murphy (185-F-84, college: Hofstra) led Catz with 27 pts and 17 rbs. Catz had four players in double figures. The next game on Saturday, April 5.

PeKa - Catz 87-78 (41-45) (Ashley Haynes 22/1, Shanika Freeman 18/10, Susanna Rinta (176-G-79) 15/3, Tiffany Porter-Talbert 14/6, Dionne Pounds 14/3, Laura Lehtoranta 2/1, Maiju Pekkarinen 2/0 - Lizanne Murphy 27/17, Tamara Tatham 17/4, Kirbria Lewis 12/7, Yelena Solovyeva 10/12, Kaisa Valtakari 7/1, Elena Reshetko 5/6.

GUYANA - Women

Guyanese National Miriam McKenzie is the All-Metro Player of the Year -by Patrick Haynes

Oakland Mills' Miriam McKenzie is the All-Metro Player of the Year for girls basketball. Averaging 27 points, guard Miriam McKenzie has managed a double double in all but three games this season.

Looking for the spectacular? McKenzie was a one-girl highlight reel. The senior guard seemed able to score any way she wanted.
'She can stick the three, she can handle the ball and she's a great rebounder,' Mount Hebron coach Scott Robinson said. 'She has unbelievable body control, she's so strong and she has great range.'

The Howard County Player of the Year did everything but dunk, although she could get up for being 5 feet 8.
'She was unstoppable,' Atholton coach Maureen Shacreaw said. 'I scouted them against Reservoir and Mount Hebron. At one point against Reservoir, she went through four bodies and scored and she didn't touch anybody. Against [Hebron], they threw an alley-oop to her and she got it and put it in. You don't see a girl do that.'
McKenzie was the main reason for the Scorpions' ascent over the past four years.
When she arrived, they were 5-15, but they steadily rose, finishing 18-5 this season with a No. 15 ranking.

She scored 634 points this season, averaging 28. She also averaged 13.6 rebounds, 4.4 steals and four assists. In 23 games, she posted 21 double doubles and four triple doubles. She scored 30 points or more nine times, and her 1,744 career points came within 35 of the Howard County record. She also had 981 career rebounds.
Perhaps her best performance came in her career finale, scoring 35 of her team's 53 points in the regional playoff loss to a tough Gwynn Park squad.
'She got our program back on the map, as far as us trying to get back to winning and get a little respect from some of the other teams in the county,' Oakland Mills coach Seth Willingham said. 'Every year, our wins have gone up and we've become very competitive. A lot of that is due to her not just scoring and what she does on the court, but she's a great kid.'

McKenzie, who has an academic average of 3.67, signed early to play at Loyola College in downtown Baltimore, Maryland.
McKenzie had represented Guyana at the 19th CBC Championship last August in Puerto Rico where she averaged 12.6 points, 5.4 rebounds, 1.8 assists, 3.8 steals and 36:35 minutes in 5 games.

Vanderbilt star and Guyanese National Carla Thomas, drafted by Chicago Sky, was the 10th pick overall in the WNBA 2007 draft. -by Patrick Haynes
2006-07: Most Valuable Player of the 2007 Southeastern Conference Tournament... Earned honor for second time in her career, becoming only the third SEC student-athlete to be so recognized... Unanimous first-team All-SEC selection by league coaches... Second-team pick by the Associated Press... Ranks sixth all-time at Vanderbilt in scoring with 1,774 career points... Ranked fourth in the league in scoring, 15th in rebounding... Also in the Top 10 in field goal percentage and free throw percentage... Season-high 32 points to go along with 11 rebounds at UAB... Also posted double-doubles against Arkansas (twice) and Bowling Green... Back-to-back 23-point games against LSU and Tennessee came right after she sprained her ankle in practice... Did not start first game of season due to injury, but did play a reserve role... Led Vanderbilt in scoring on 12 occasions, including six conference games... Semi-finalist at the College 3-Point Shootout which preceded NCAA Men's Final Four.

2005-06: Earned honorable-mention All-Southeastern Conference honors from the Associated Press... With a lay-up less than a minute into the Mississippi State game, Thomas became the 26th Commodore to reach the 1,000-point plateau... She is only the 11th VU player to reach 1,000 points prior to her senior campaign... Team's leading scorer in games against conference opponents, averaging 12.1 points per game... Scored in double-figures in 23 games, including a season-high 24 points to lead the Commodores over Colgate in the Vanderbilt Thanksgiving Tournament championship game... Named the tourney's Most Valuable Player for her efforts that weekend as she averaged 21 points and eight rebounds, and connected on a career-best 10-of-10 free throws against Charleston Southern... Led the team in rebounding, averaging 5.9 boards per game... Posted three double-doubles on the season... First double-double performance came in non-conference finale against Western Kentucky (14 points, 10 rebounds)... In VU's next game, Thomas scored 11 points and added 14 rebounds... Thomas' third double-double came in the quarterfinals of the SEC Tournament, where she scored a team-high 13 points and added 10 rebounds against third-seeded Georgia... Suffered a concussion in VU's loss to North Carolina which caused her to miss the next two games... Made a team-high 91 free throws, connecting on over 83.5 percent of her charity tosses... Posted a career-high five steals in VU victory at Alabama... Ranks among the SEC's statistical leaders in five categories: 12th in scoring; 16th in rebounding ; 12th in field goal percentage; fifth in free throw percentage; ninth in defensive rebounds.

2004-05: Named second-team All-SEC by the coaches and the AP... Finished second on the team in scoring (15.9 ppg) and second in rebounding (6.5)... Fourth in the SEC in scoring (18.3 ppg) during conference play... Scored a career-high 33 points and grabbed a career-best 17 rebounds in the come-from-behind win at Miss. State, which was third double-double of the season... Registered fourth double-double of the season with 11 points and 10 rebounds in SEC Tournament quarterfinal win over Arkansas... Picked up first double-double of the season after scoring 21 points and grabbing 10 rebounds at Miami (Ohio)... Second double-double came against N.C. State when she scored 12 points and grabbed 12 rebounds... First career 30-point game came when she had 32 points in the win at Auburn... Posted six 20-point games and scored in double figures in 26-of-32 games... Started all 32 games for the Commodores... Had three 23-point efforts, including wins over St. Francis (Pa.), Arkansas and at Florida... Shot 54.1 percent from the field and 80.2 percent from the free-throw line (97-of-221) which was second the team... Led the team in blocked shots (44) and ranked second on the team in rebounding (208 total).

2003-04: Posted one of the great freshman seasons in Vanderbilt history... Played in all 34 games for VU with 23 starts... Averaged 10.0 points, 5.1 rebounds and 1.3 blocks per game, while rating second on the squad in field goal percentage at .552 (138-of-250)... A unanimous selection to the coaches' SEC All-Freshman team... The Associated Press tabbed the rookie as an All-SEC third-team choice... Named to the national All-Freshman squad by Basketball Times... Truly began making her mark once SEC play began, upping her averages to a team-best 14.1 ppg to go along with 6.1 rpg during the rugged 14-game schedule... Shot at a .595 clip during conference play to rate fourth in the SEC... Tabbed as the SEC's Player of the Week (Feb. 22) following a week in which she totaled 17 points against #3 Tennessee and 22 points and 11 rebounds in a win over #15/14 LSU... Reached double-figures 18 times overall and in 16 of VU's last 22 contests... Topped the 20-point plateau four times during the season, including a season-high 24 points in the 83-67 loss to #16/14 Georgia, 22 points in both the 61-55 upset of #15/14 LSU in Baton Rouge and the SEC Tournament Championship game victory over #20/16 Georgia and 20 in the regular-season finale at South Carolina... Posted four double-doubles on the campaign... Was at her best against ranked teams, registering squad-best averages of 14.8 ppg and 6.3 rpg in 10 matchups against programs in the national polls.

High School: Named 2003 McDonald's All-American, Dream 100, 2003 Parade All-America Fourth Team, 2003 Associated Press First Team All-State (Class 4A), 2003 First Team All-State, District III All-Tournament... Earned Mount Lebanon All-Tournament team honors... Named 2003 Mid-Penn Commonwealth First Team All-Star, All-PowerBar Team (East Region) and USA Today Player of the Week... Averaged a double-double in points and rebounds as a junior and senior... Averaged 17.2 points, 12.8 rebounds and 4.0 blocks as a senior... Finished career with 1,772 points, third on the all-time scoring list (boys and girls) at Cumberland Valley. Ranks first on girls' all-time list for rebounds (1,285) and blocks (425)... Helped lead Cumberland Valley to a 32-2 record and AA state crown in 2002... Direct Cumberland Valley to the Mid-Penn Conference crown her sophomore through senior seasons... Named 2002 and 2003 First Team All-Sentinel, 2001 and 2002 Honorable Mention Street & Smith All-American, 2002 Associated Press Big School All-State Second Team...Captained team her junior and senior years... Played softball as a freshman.

Worth Noting: Became the first freshman since Mississippi State All-American LaToya Thomas to be chosen as the SEC Tournament's Most Valuable Player for averaging an incredible 14.0 ppg and 8.5 rpg over four games (three against ranked teams), as VU picked up the program's fourth SEC Tourney title... Brother, Art, played on the University of Virginia football team... Parents immigrated from South American country of Guyana in the early 1970s... Chose Vanderbilt over Stanford and Penn State.

Vandy star Carla Thomas ('07), drafted by Chicago Sky, was the 10th pick overall in the WNBA 2007 draft. Thomas Taking Her Game To New Heights
Forward Carla Thomas, who went 10th in the Draft, is very much a part of the future of the Sky. With the tenth pick in the 2007 WNBA Draft, the Chicago Sky continued to build towards a promising future in drafting Vanderbilt forward Carla Thomas. Yet even before her outstanding performance at WNBA Pre-Draft Camp and her being named Most Valuable Player of the 2007 SEC Tournament, Sky Coach Bo Overton indicated that he was hoping to get Thomas in the first round. With her size, she can do more than just score in low block and finished her career sixth all-time at Vanderbilt in scoring with 1,774 points. While still in Cleveland, Thomas spoke with's Matt Wurst.

Q. What qualities or skills or strengths will you bring to your new team?
Thomas: 'My versatility. I'm not just going to post you up. I like to step outside and I like to drive and do different things.'

Q. What skills do you feel you still need to improve or work on in Chicago?
Thomas: 'Everything. Nothing is ever perfect. I'd like to be more consistent shooting 3's. I didn't take as many as I probably could have in college. Defensively, everything. Every aspect of the game.'

Q. Did you have a favorite team growing up?
Thomas: 'Everyone loved the Sparks and Comets. It was like the big-name teams and famous players that we all watched. You don't ever really forget that.'

Q. Is there a WNBA player that you are looking forward to playing against now?
Thomas: 'Well, I would really love the opportunity to play against Lisa Leslie. She is someone you watch on television all the time and cannot help but admire.'

Q. Well I think you may have to wait a year since she is out this year
Thomas: 'I know this. But in playing against her, I feel like it would be an opportunity to learn a lot. What she's done for women's basketball has been pretty amazing.'

Q. Now that the days at Vanderbilt are over and you embark on a new career, what will you remember or miss most about your college experience?
Thomas: 'The memorable college experiences are all about being around teammates. This is the closest team that I have ever been on. This is a great group of girls and it has been something amazing to be a part of. I will remember that for years. It's not over yet, but it's getting there. A lot of the big games, upsets that people didn't expect us to have, winning SEC tourney as a senior and freshman year. Those are the huge accomplishments that I will always remember.'

Q. And the competition you faced in college, has that prepared you for the WNBA in your opinion?
Thomas: 'I definitely think playing in the SEC has made me a better all-around player.'

Q. What can you tell us about your fellow Vanderbilt running mate Dee Davis?
Thomas: 'I obviously know her game pretty well and it is impressive. She can score at will but chooses to make the great pass to whoever is open and she is consistent with it. She has always been an unselfish player, which I can appreciate a lot. She works on game constantly and is always trying to improve. She is also quick, which goes without saying.'

Q. What do you think she will bring to the Comets?
Thomas: 'You can learn so much from her work ethic and intelligence. She knows the game as well as anyone else. She can pass and score and will be tremendous for a WNBA team.'

Q. Looking back at things now as a first round draft pick, is there anything that has stuck out for you that a coach or perhaps a family member has told you?
Thomas: 'Basketball is an opportunity for life. It opens doors for life and is something that can teach you so much about yourself and strengthen you in so many ways.'

Q. And you have already gotten that all figured out while still in school?
Thomas: 'I thought I'd figure that out when I got out of college, but I saw it my senior year in seeing the end. I didn't understand it at the time, but I do now.'

8th Annual Gillian Brazier Basketball Shoot-out Result of Final -by Patrick Haynes
8th Annual Gillian Brazier Basketball Shoot-out Result of Final

Big Banana Lady Express successfully defended their title of the Gillian Brazier shoot-Out, for the third consecutive year, defeating new-comers to the tournament, Guyana, 47pts - 24pts. In the first quarter, Lady Express led 7pts - 2pts, and 23pts - 17pts at the half. At the end of the third quarter, Lady Express pushed the score to 34pts -
23pts, but with 3:55 remaining in the game, Guyana had to concede the title to Lady
Express because of a design flaw of the JSC gymnasium, which allowed rain to blow
into the building, causing a dangerous slippery surface under both baskets.
USA officials Darryl Lamps and Cliff Hinton commented on the design of the building and suggested the installation of a overhang to prevent the rain from blowing into the building.
However, local officials said they have advised the Ministry of Sports on numerous
occasions, but such advise seemed to have fallen on deaf ears or the preference of
erecting multiple fences, lights and beautification instead of improving the structure of the gymnasium. According to one official, 'What's the sense of spending all that money on the surroundings and the games still can't play when it rains'.
Nevertheless, Tyesha Lake and Amanda Edwards dominated for Lady Express with
12pts and 10pts, respectively.
For Guyana, Natasha Nader shot 10pts while Nyota Peters contributed 6pts. The first encounter for 3rd place, between St. Kitts and La Femme Braves was also conceded to St. Kitts, in the first quarter, after a La Femme Braves player got injured on the slippery surface.
At the end of Finals, the presentations of trophies were awarded to the winning teams
and outstanding players.
Big Banana Lady Express dominated the awards:

Most points: Amanda Edwards .......Big Banana Lady Express
Most Assists: Dalia Clarke '
Most Offensive Rebounds: Kebra Nanton '
Most Defensive Rebounds: Dalia Clarke '
Most Steals: Amanda Edwards '
Most Block Shots: Dalia Clarke '
MOST VALUABLE PLAYER (MVP): Dalia Clarke - Big Banana Express
MOST OUSTANDING ROOKIE: Nichola Jacobs - Guyana

The MVP and Rookie were also awarded a two year scholarship each, to the Antigua/Barbuda International Institute of Technology.

Amanda Edwards .................Big Banana Lady Express
Dalia Clark .........................Big Banana Lady Express
Kebra Nanton .....................Big Banana Lady Express
Charmaine Wetherill .............Big Banana Lady Express
Tyesha Lake ......................Big Banana Lady Express
Leandra Cotton .................. St. Kitts
Amanda French .................. St. Kitts
Shacarma Warner ............... St. Kitts
Natasha Nader ................... Guyana
Michaela Burnette ................ Guyana
Nyota Peters ...................... Guyana
Nichola Jacobs .....................Guyana

The 8th Annual Gillian Brazier Basketball Shoot-Out was mainly sponsored by DETTOL, agents, O.D.Brisbane/Hutchinson (Antigua) Ltd., ALLUMINAT, ABIIT, ANICO & American Airlines.
The 9th Annual Gillian Brazier Basketball Shoot-Out is scheduled for November 26 -30, 2008.


Keflavik won again -by Siggi Hjorleifsson
Keflavik is close to win the Championship after they beat KR 84-71 at KR. Next game friday at Keflavik. Win there gives them the trophy.
Keflavik started in agressive pressure defense and shooting well. At same time KR players did not well in get through the full court press and had many turnovers (23 in the game) (41-31 at halftime)
It was only in the end KR start playing well but it came too late.
Now it's in Keflavik players hand to finish it next friday
Leading scorers for KR. Candaca Futrell 28 + 12. Sigrun Amundadottir 17 + 17 boards.
For Keflavik TaKesha Watson 22. Player of the game Palina Gunnlaugsdottir (170-G-87) 21

LATVIA - Women

Avantis and Liepaja enter semifinal stage -by Gunars Gailitis

Latvian Woman`s League

1/4 final, second games

TTT-Rapa - Avantis/Turiba 64-81 (16-23; 19-24; 10-15; 19-19), series 0-2

Liga Surkusa (194-C-91) 17+6reb, A.Eglite 11+6reb, D.Ozolina 11; Anda Eibele (170-G-84) 14, Vitola 12, Horelika 11+7reb, D.Zarina 10+11reb

RTU/Klondaika - Liepajas metalurgs 45-68 (9-10; 17-11; 10-29; 9-18), series 0-2

Liene Indrane (186-C-84) 10+6reb, Klintsone 8; Kristina Cirsa (176-F-87) 22, Nazarova 15, Niedola 11+15reb


Antranik 2-0 in the Women's Final -by Asia-Basket Lebanon
Antranik - Beirut is one step away from wining its 6th consecutive championship title and the 9th in the past 11 years after wining the second game in the Women's Finals against Homentmen - Antelias on the score of 67-56 in Mezher . This game saw the biggest number of fans that have attend a basketball game this season. The court was fully loaded with very enthusiastic fans who cheered for their teams all 40 minutes.

Like in game 1,The game was full of intensity and excitement from its first minutes ,Homentmen - Antelias once again had a great start and they led from the first minutes through their fighting spirit and big time scoring of Sanadra Najem who scored from everywhere and kept her team dominate the first quarter , the quarter finished on the score of 18-12 , it was very obvious that Antranik - Beirut players were feeling the big pressure due to the presence of the fans, in the second quarter the same tempo continued a dominance by the home team until Nisrine Dandan (172-G-77) started the come back and gave her team the lead to finish in the end of the first half on the score of 30-30.

In the 3rd quarter the tempo shifted for Antranik who started imposing their rhythm and led the game and outscored Homentmen - Antelias 18-9.The score at the end of the 3rd was 39-48.In the 4th quarter the same tempo continued and The Arab Champions led as much as 15points ,but Homentmen - Antelias answered back and reduced the difference to 7 points through the great offensive rebounding which gave them second chance points. Antranik's players regained the tempo in the last minutes and managed to win the second game in the series on the score of 67-56.

Game 3 of the finals will be on Sunday April 06th , 2008 in Demirdjian Center .

Best Performances :

Antranik - Beirut :Chada Nasr (16pts) ,Nisrine Dandan (16pts), Christelle Chalouhi ( 10pts), Cherine Cherif ( 9pts) , Nayla Alameddine (8pts), Tamara Khalil (7pts)

Homentmen - Antelias : Sandra Najem(21pts),Caroline Mofarej(13pts) , Nathalie Sevajian (8pts) ,

Q1 : 18-12 Q2: 30-30 Q3: 39-48 Q4: 56-67

Antranik Beirut - Homenetmen Antelias 2-0 -by Raffi Kassabian
Antranik Beirut won the second game of the final series in the lebanese league against Homenetmen Antelias with the score 67-56. The game that was played in Homenetmen's court infront of a record number of fans (estimated more than 600 Homenetmen fans), saw Homenetmen Antelias lead the first quarter with the score 18-12 and extend the lead in the mid of second quarter to 8 points but just like the first game couldn't keep the points difference and Antranik were able to level the score at the end of the second quarter (30-30). In the third quarter Antranik scored 18 points with Homenetmen scoring only 9, and the quarter ended 48-39. The last quarter was almost equal with Antranik players knew how to keep the difference and win the game with the final score 67-56. In the third position games Champville that won the first game 55-47, lost the second game 55-52 and the third game 69-45 against Riyadi Beirut who ended a dissapointing season in the third position.

Results - Final Series Game 2
Homenetmen Antelias - Antranik Beirut 56-67
Homenetmen Antelias: Sandra Najem 21, Caroline Moufarej 13, Nathalie Sevajian 8, Sanan Markarian 5, Alek Tabakian 3, Tsoline Kazandjian 3, Leila Fares 3.
Antranik Beirut: Shada Nasr 17, Nisrine Dandan 16, Christell Chalouhi 12, Nayla Alammeddine 8, Tamara Khalil 7, Cherine Al Sharif 7.

Schedule - Final Series Game 3
Sunday 6/4/2008 15:00 Antranik's court
Antranik Beirut vs Homenetmen Antelias

RUSSIA - Women

Standings Women D1
A Superleague Standings
1. CSKA 21-0
2. Spartak MR 20-1
3. UMMC 17-4
4. BC Moscow 12-9
5. Vologda 11-9
6. Dyn.-Energia 10-11
7. Dynamo M. 9-12
8. Dynamo K. 9-12
9. Nadezhda 8-13
10. Spartak SP 5-16
11. Cheliabinsk 2-18
12. Shelen 1-20

Stepanova brings success in overtime win over UMMC -by Eurobasket News

Just some minutes ago one of the most interesting matches of Superleague took place in Ekaterinburg. CSKA team beat UMMC in an overtime period though these two constant rivals are always nice to watch - so unpredictable the results can be. Of, course one would rather observe the game, but still things started to happen after the first half with UMMC ahead - 43:35. Despite all the efforts of Rebecca Hammon (168-G-77, college: Colorado St.) she didn't manage to bring victory to the team - she missed the throw on the last minute of equal score. It was Maria Stepanova (202-C-79) who closed the match with a siren and got a decisive point, thus making the score 88:87. Maria Stepanova finished the game with 28 points and 17 rebounds, while Ann Wauters (194-C-80) nailed 25. Penny Taylor (185-F-81) had 20 points in the losing effort.

She did not expect an easy game for the reason that the games with UMMC had never been easy. But their resistance was very fundamental and explainable. As for the low percentage of the penalties this time, that was just an occasion, moreover, they've never had problems with those either. Maria Stepanova was happy to have helped the team this time keeping in mind her zero contribution to the probable Final Four acceptance. The team resisted till the last second of the game which helped to drive the thought of defeat away. The opponents surprised them in no way, though the fortune played a great role.
No one knew where Maria Stepanova's last throw could bring the team, but she definitely did not feel like throwing penalties. It's a known fact it's psychologically hard to commit decisive actions with the siren, but she did and succeeded. This game was a real battle and all the CSKA players showed their character and fought till the last point. That also made happy the main coach Hundars Vetra. And as for the upcoming Sunday match with Spartak, who are rather motivated to win, CSKA in no way is going to give up.


Elfic Fribourg Basket: coach Dimitri TOUMAYEFF's contract not extended -by Dimitri Toumayeff
Elfic Fribourg's comitee decided not to renew Dimitri TOUMAYEFF's contract as their coach for the 2008-09 season. That decision was based on technical and 'club orientation' reasons. At the end of an injured-plagued season, Elfic's season ended two weeks ago with a loss to 3rd-seeded Canti Riva Basket in the first round of the playoffs. Elfic will now be looking for its fifth coach in five seasons.

Universite BC Neuchâtel: next season already in sight -by Dimitri Toumayeff
Willing to work with the same group of players next season, Neuchâtel announced the re-signing of the following players:

- Sophie CHARLIER (3,4-180-1982)
- Katalin KURTOSI (4,5-193-1981)
- Nina CRELOT (1,2-170-1987)
- Alexia ROL (2,3-175-1989)
- Caroline TURIN (1,2-172-1987)
- Marielle SCHMIED (3,4-176-1978)
- Fanny EPPNER (3,4-172-1988)
- Emilie RABOUD (1,2-173-1990)

The status from both Cameo HICKS (1,2,3-178-1984) and Stephanie SLAVIERO (1,2-172-1987) is unknown at the moment.

Ukrainian prospect Taisiia BOVYKINA (4,5-190-1989) should join French top division's team Tarbe Gespe Bigorre.

Coach Thibaut PETIT extended his contract with the reigning Swiss champion until 2010-2011.