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Men News


1 De Agosto Beat Interclube -by Carlos Pereira
The team of 1 de Agosto reached second position in group A of the second phase of the National Senior Male Basketball Championship with 11 points, after defeating Tuesday evening Interclube by 96-77, in Luanda's Rio Seco pavilion.

In the sixth and last round match, 1 de Agosto played well within 48 minutes, which allowed the team's coach, Lus Magalhes, to put on the field Simo Joo and Hermenegildo Santos, who play in junior category. They scored five and seven points, respectively.
Interclube could bear up to the first half, when they were losing ten points of difference (56-46), but in the following period, they were physically broken and the opponents seized the opportunity to enlarge the score.
With 30 points, Kikas Gomes (1 de Agosto) was the best scorer of the match, followed by Carlos Almeida with 16, whereas Simo Panzo and Fabrice Mokootemapa were prominent for Interclube with 14 and 12 points, respectively.

Results of the sixth round (group A):
ASA - CDUAN (79-76)
1 de Agosto - Interclube (96-77)
Desportivo da Hula - Promade de Cabinda (87-61)


Arab Club Championships Standings
Group E
 1. Zain 3-0 
 2. Sagesse 2-1 
 3. Al Riyadi 1-2 
 4. MAS 0-3 
Group F
 1. Al Kuwait 3-0 
 2. Orthodox 2-1 
 3. An Nasr 1-2 
 4. Al Nasr 0-3 


Quarterfinals to be played on Friday -by Mohammed Malas
Source: FIBA-Asia

Action in the 19th FIBA Asia Champions Cup, which was deferred owing to the death of the former Emir of Kuwait Sheikh Saad Abdullah al-Sabah, will resume on Friday.

The Technical Committee of the Champions Cup, which met on Wednesday decided to hold the quarterfinals which were originally scheduled for Wednesday on Friday.

The committee also decided to hold the semifinals on Sunday and the final on Monday.

The committee further decided to call off the play-off matches to decide the 5-10 positions.



Standings - BNL
BNL Standings
 1. Flamengo 19-3 
 2. Minas 16-6 
 3. Universo/BRB 15-7 
 4. Joinville 14-8 
 5. Ulbra 14-8 
 6. Uberlandia 13-9 
 7. Saldanha 12-10 
 8. CETAF 9-13 
 9. Univates 9-13 
 10. FTC EAD 5-16 
 11. Londrina 5-17 
 12. Iguacu 0-21 

Flamengo and Minas reach the semis -by Eurobasket News
The Quarterfinals come to the end in Brazilian Play-offs as two teams have already finished their series. Flamengo and Minas were first to reach the semis.
The winner of the regular season Flamengo swept the series over CETAF/Garoto/UVV. At first the team won 90:77 at home and then had 79:72. In the third game Flamengo had a road win 70:97 as Marcelinho was unstoppable with 35 points for the winners.
Eduardo Duda Machado (197-F-82) produced 18 and Coloneze Fernando had 14.
Minas also swept the series beating Saldanha da Gama 3-0. The last game was the toughest as Minas played away from home. The team overcame Saldanha da Gama 83:87. Having 5 points advantage at the half time, Saldanha da Gama tied the score in the end of the third period. With 25:29 Minas led the game to the Final whistle.
Johnson Jasper had a very good game with 28 points. Sucatzky Facundo and Maozao nailed 15 points each for the winners. Ricardo ended up with 18 points in the losing effort.
The series between Universo/BRB/Converse and Uberlandia as well as Ulbra-Joinville are still on. Universo/BRB/Converse leads the series over Uberlandia 2-1 after the teams exchanged the victories at home. Joinville in in front of the series against Uberlandia 2-1.


Lukoil up 2-0 after an easy defeat -by Valentin Anguelov

Lukoil Academic didnt have any trouble with Balkan in the second game of the 2008 final series, and defeated Balkan with only 14 points of difference 79-65. For this game, we could just put up the comentary we made about the first game. The difference this time was, that instead of making a final sprint, and crushing the opposition, Lukoil wasnt that serious in the closing minutes.

Tonight, until 8-3, the beginning was a copy of the first game: 0-3 for Balkan, after that Lukoil goes for an unanswered run. This time it wasnt 11-0, but 14-0, and the champions were ahead with 11 points. Riste Stefanov was the main reason for Lukoils good game on offense. Balkan battled for just 4 points of difference after 10 minutes 20-16.

In the beginning of the second period the students decided to play a little more with the opposition, and made a unanswered run again -25-16, but Balkan remained close until halftime, and the difference was about 5 points. At one stage Balkan was down with only 3, but Lukoil pushed the pedal and had 12 points advantage at halftime 43-31.

In the third period the perimeter players of the champions played strong, and Larry OBannon, Riste Stefanov and Willie Deane III (186-G-80, agency: Higher Vision Sports, college: Purdue) trided to finish their opponent, but the guest team didnt give up lead by their veteran star Dwayne Morton. After 30 minutes Lukoil was ahead 66-49.

Early in the fourth the home side finally managed to go ahead with a bigger lead, as they were almost 30 points ahead of Balkan in this case 26. After that they stopped playing, and Balkan made a 0-12 run, for the final score of 79-65. The first 2 points from this run were scored by the only player besides Morton who finished in double digits Lubomir Lilov. The other 10 were done by the youngsters Yanko Yankov, Tsenko Nakov and Kiril Raykov, as the last one even scored two three-pointers.

For Lukoil Academic Willie Deane III scored the most points 21. He added also 4 assists and commited 5 turnovers. Larry OBannon added 17 points and 5 steals, and Riste Stefanov 16 points and 5 rebounds. Pero Antic grabbed 13 boards, but scored only 9 points.

For Balkan Morton had 24 points and 5 rebounds, and Lubo Lilov 12 points and also 5 boards.


by Alexandar Sotirov -

Unbelievable comeback, Levski took 1-0 lead for bronze -by Valentin Anguelov

Spartak Pleven made something rarely seen today, as in Triadica Hall in Sofia they lost against Levski 60-67. Somebody will say So what, they lost to a team which beat them everytime they faced them this season. Well yes, but at halftime Pleven was ahead with 24 points. Yes, they arent that good away from home, but when you are leading against a team who scored 18 points in the first half, that really is an answer to all of Darin Velikovs questions.

In the first half Levski was still going through the shock from the semifinal series against Balkan. The blues played their worst 20 minutes this season, and scored only 18 points. The good thing is that Pini Gershon left earlier and didnt had to be disappointed by a dousin of national players in Levski Radionov and Velikov had 5 points each, Veselinov had 4, and Georgiev and Stanislav Slaveykov (198-F-86, agency: Interperformances) had 2 each. Levski was shooting 2/15 for 3 points and 4/13 for 2 points. They had 12 rebounds agaisnt 22 for Spartak. Hrisimir Dimitrov and Sasha Topcov had 13 and 10 points, 23 total against 18 for Levski.

In the second half both teams seemed to have changed their jerseys because the third quarter will surely go in the history of bulgarian basketball, as Spartak scored only 3 points (1 for Dimitrov, and 2 for Jojic). Levski, thanks to Velikov, Stefan Georgiev and Yulian Radionov made a 16-0 run for 34-42 before Hrisi scored his free-throw 4:18 before the end of the third. After 30 minutes Spartak was leading with only 4 points 41-45.

4 minutes before the end of the game the score was tied at 50-50 after a basket by Stanislav Slaveykov. 3:14 minutes before the final buzzer Stefan Georgiev put his team ahead 52-50. A minute later the difference was 6 points 56-50 after a basket by Radionov, but in the last minute Spartak made an attempt to go back in the game. Bozo Barac scored a three-pointer with 26 seconds remaining and it was 56-55 for Levski. In the final seconds the blues who had trouble from the free-throw line scored all of their 4 free throws and closed the game at 60-57.

This was win number 5 for Levski against Spartak Pleven this season, and Darin Velikovs players dont know what it is to beat Levski since february last year.

Stanislav Slaveykov and Radionov both had 16 points, as that was a personal high for Yuli this season. Radionov was the only player who came in from Levskis bench and scored points.
Stefan Georgiev had his seventh double-double this year 12 points and 10 rebounds, and Veselinov had 11 rebounds, even though he was shooting 0/9.

For Spartak Dimitrov and Topchov had double-doubles Hrisi with 18 points nad 11 boards, and Sasha with 11 points and 12 rebounds.


by Alexandar Sotirov -


Earthquake in China -by Robert Wang
Hello all, this is the news nothing about the basketball in China. It's about the earthquake in China. It's sad because so many people died in China in the last 3 days! The earthquake happened on May 12th 2:28pm in Wen Chuan city which is close to Cheng Du city of Si Chuan province. 44 cities suffered from this earthquake. Military, airforce sent by China governmnet to secure the people there. Too many people died and injuried, homeless kids,etc...Hope the people still can stand up and face the fact and overcome the suffering and live harder tan before. We will pray for you who have been in the heaven and all the people will pray for youin the world. thanks for the suppport who had helped the people in the last days both in and out of China. thank you!


Standings - D1
NL Standings
 1. Barva 11-1 
 2. Santa Cecilia 10-2 
 3. Limon 9-3 
 4. Liceo 7-2 
 5. San Luis Gonzaga 6-6 
 6. Escazu 6-6 
 7. Perez Zeledon 5-8 
 8. UCR 4-7 
 9. Goicoechea 1-12 
 10. Santa Ana 0-12 

Last games results -by Gianni Pascucci
Table headers of Barva destroyed Perez Zeledon 120-62, led by Amir Alvarado (198-G/F-84, college: Marshalltown CC), who scored 23 pts. Liceo de Costa Rica made the same with UCR, winning 92-48, and Alonso Sanchez (174-G-85) and Kendrick Jones (190-G-83, college: Columbus St.) scored 23 points each in the win. Scoring 14 points, veteran Ivan Jaen (201-C-66) led Santa Cecilia to the win, 85-58 over San Luis Gonzaga, ald Limon took an easy win on the road, 83-59 over Santa Ana, a team yet without any win in the season. In teh last game of teh round, Escazu defeated Goicoechea 68-37 with Dario Fraile (194-F-81) leading all the scorers at 17 points.


A1 qualifications! -by Dani Erceg

Vrijednosnice Darda - Cakovec 103-57
Katavic 17, Delic 14, Vrsaljko 12, Cutuk 12 - Novak 16, Horvat 14

Crikvenica - Kvarner Novi Resort 81-92
Dilberovic 17, Vranjic 16, Saric 14 - Anzulovic 26, Samanic 20, Petrovic 14

Trogir - Maksimir 88-79
Bizaca 32, Guja 13, Bilic 11, Vucica 9 - Cvjetkovic 28, Kruljac 18, Bolic 13, Erceg 10


Nymburk and Geofin leading 1:0 in semis -by Ondra Simecek
The semifinals of NBL started in the Czech Republic. Nymburk played against Pardubice on Tuesday. Since Nymburk did not play a league official game for almost 10 days, the four time champions played a bit sleepy at the beginning. But anyway they made 9 points diference even Pardubice, playing without Phillips, were resisting quite well and looked suprisingly fresh after thein long Q-final series. Pardubice wanted to continue in their good performance after the halftime, but Nymburk rolled over them in first few minutes of the second half and proved to be the favorite of this series. In the last quarter Nymburk was just keeping the diference in the score and Pardubice looked tired. The game finnished 89:60, Nymburk was led by Blake Schilb (201-G-83, college: Loyola, IL) (15 pts and 6 assists) who also made few nice action for the fans, Petr Benda (15 pts and and 8 rebds) and Rado Rancik (20 pts). Pardubice had their big support in Levell Sanders (15pts and 6 rbds), former player of Nymburk Jiri Novotny (14 pts and 7 rbds) and Kemaldin Gamma ((12 pts). Next game is scheduled to Friday 16th in Pardubice.
The semifinals that have no favorite or a pure leader in between Geofin Novy Jicin and Prostejov was played last nite. Prostejov opened the game much better and almost the whole first quarter was keeping the score on their side. Geofin had troubles in defense under the basket and let bigman Tomaszek from Prostejov to score most of the points of the team. Anyway Geofin proved their power on the home court and the first quarter finnished with 2 pts diference for Geofin and the first half with the 4 pts diference for the same team. In the second half Prostejov was trying to turn the score on their side but mainly because of the problems with fouls (3 key players had 4 fouls), they let some open shots to Geofin. Geofin confirmed won over Prostejov 76:70 and therefore took the advantage of platiny the first game at home. Geofin was led, as expected, by Sarovic (16 pts), Chapman (14 pts) and Beechum (15 pts), and great Kenneth Walker with double-double (16 pts and 13 rbds). Prostejov had leaders in Robert Tomaszek (18 pts and 7 rbds) and of course Raashan Ames (15 pts and 6 rbds). Next game is scheduled on Saturday 17th in Prostejov.


Super League Standings
Superleague Standings
Group A
 1. Gezira 9-2 
 2. Zamalek 7-3 
 3. Al Ittihad 7-4 
 4. Ahly 5-6 
 5. Sporting 4-7 
 6. Somouha 2-9 
Group B
 1. Geish Army 8-1 
 2. Shorta-Police 7-2 
 3. Shams 7-2 
 4. Gazco 7-3 
 5. Eastern Co. 5-4 
 6. Damenhor 1-8 


UTEC and ExSal win Game 1 -by Jaime Arevalo
The ExSal Gorillas took a clear win on tuesday night, 95-84 over Cosmos. Jerry Echenique (201-C-79, college: High Point) was the game top performer, with 28 points for Cosmos, in which made his debut the new import, Cornelius Roberts (198-F-77, college: Norfolk St.), who replaces Akbar Lawson. The best scorer in ExSal was Oscar Rivera (186-G-80), who scored 21 points. The surprise came in the second game of the night, because worse-ranked UTEC defeated Denver 91-78, led by veteran Bob Hunter (193-F-76), who ended the game at 25 points. Denver was conditioned by the game fouls and had only Ernesto Oglivie (-F-88) very hot. He was the night top scorer at 33 points. Game 2 of the Semifinals will be played tonight


KML: Fausto wins the bronze -by Janar Filippov
BC Fausto Tartu won the bronze medals in Estonian SEB Meistriliiga after beating BC Pirita 102:89 (49:40) in an away game and clinching the series win 2:0. Fausto lost the first quarter 19:30 but won the second 30:10! The quarter included Faustos 12:1 and 12:2 runs. In third, Johnny Gray (186-G-83, college: Pacific) took Pirita within three points only but Fausto continued with good shooting and led by 14 points with 3 minutes left to play. Then Gray, Ivo Uibukant (197-F-80) and Erki Kivinukk (199-F-73) made three consecutive three-pointers, taking the gap to seven points but there was nothing more they could do as Fausto made 13/14 free throws in two last minutes.

Tanel Kaljula (191-G-81) led Fausto with 25 points. His average score was 18.3 ppg in 8 play-off games, much higher than it was in the regular season (11.0). Ando Tagamets (200-F-79) and Ardo Armpalu (207-F/C-80, college: Marshall) added 20 points (Tagamets also 13 rbs), Sven Pugonen (182-G-80) 16 pts + 4 assists, Osvaldas Macernis (197-F-82) 11 points and Augenijus Vaskys 10 points. Gray led Pirita with 24, Uibukant added 18, Indrek Reinbok 17 pts.

KML: BC Fausto wins the bronze -by Janar Filippov

KML: BC Fausto wins the bronze -by Janar Filippov

KML Final: Rock makes it 2:0 -by Janar Filippov
SEB Estonian Meistriliiga Finals Game 2. TU/Rock - BC Kalev/Cramo 83:79 (48:33).
The hosts dominated the first half the same way they did in second half of Game 1. Rock won the 1st quarter 33:16 and the first half 48:33 (21 pts from Brian Cusworth (213-C-84, college: Harvard)). Rock led by 21 (42:21) in 2nd quarter but since then, the guests started to come back. In 3rd, Kalev cut the deficit to 8 points but back-to-back baskets from Cusworth made it 13 again. In 4th, Ed Scott (182-G-81, college: Clemson) and Kristjan Kangur (202-F-82) combined 25 (!) points of guests' 27. First, they made a 10:0 run and made it 'minus 5' only. Janar Talts (204-C-83) hit a three-pointer to hold Rock safely ahead. In last minutes, Kalev fought hard but the hosts were confident enough on a free throw line and escaped with a narrow victory.
Brian Cusworth had a monster game with 34 points and 11 rebounds. Janar Talts added 13 points, 8 rebounds and 5 blocks. Kangur scored 20 for Kalev, Scott added 18.
Game 3 will be played on Sunday.


KORISLIIGA: FoKoPo has now 12 players -by Rauno Hurmalainen
Top League (Korisliiga) newcomer FoKoPo (Forssa) has now 12 Finnish players on the roster as also Jarno Nissinen (195-F-77) joined the team with a 2-year-contract. Nissinen has played 10 seasons on top level in four teams by now. He started his career at Laukaa, but went soon to HoNsU (Jyvaskyla). Then followed Kouvot (Kouvola), Tarmo (Porvoo) and Team Componenta (Karkkila). Last season he averaged 10,2 ppg - 3,1 rpg in 25 mpg and 24 contests on TC roster.


Standings - ProA
ProA Standings
 1. Le Mans 23-7 
 2. Nancy 21-9 
 3. ASVEL 21-9 
 4. Roanne 20-10 
 5. Le Havre 18-12 
 6. Hyeres-Toulon 17-13 
 7. Vichy 17-13 
 8. Cholet 15-15 
 9. Dijon 13-17 
 10. Pau 13-17 
 11. Chalon 13-17 
 12. Orleans 12-18 
 13. Strasbourg 12-18 
 14. Gravelines 11-19 
 15. Paris-Levall. 10-20 
 16. Clermont 4-26 

Julien Sauret: "We were bind together" -by Maxime Weber
Eurobasket: After only one season in Nationale 1 (3rd division), Antibes is going back in ProB. How was your season?
Julien Sauret (184-G-81): It was an excellent season as much as in basketball and human relationship. We succeed to the main objective, to go back in ProB. Its a great performance because no team success to go back in ProB in one season before us. The team was very bind together on the court and off the court thats one of the key of our success.

You completed the season with 7ppg and 3apg. Are you satisfied by your personal season?
Yes, I am. My stats are not outstanding but the group was very talented so everybody was available to score 20 points per game. My priority was to be the starter point guard and to lead the team. We finish the championship 1st two days before the end of the season and I was selected for the All Star Game.

How will you prepare the next season?
With a lot of confidence after a good 2007-2008 season and a lot of news goals for the next season. I will work a lot on my weakness for my return in ProB. Its a new challenge for me to return in ProB. Its a league that I know very well because I did a main part of my career in ProB. The staff gave me responsibility last season so I want to show what I could do in ProB when I got responsibility.


Feni Indistrija and Strumica are ready for the Finals -by Kasia
Feni Indistrija and Strumica advanced to the Finals after 3-1 in the semifinals series against their opponents. Feni Indistrija beat Rabotnichki with 74:55 in the last game to reach the Finals. A bit less than 2000 spectators supported their team entering the Final stage. Trailing 15:22 after the opening quarter Feni Indistrija pushed the tempo in the second half to take the victory. Donald Cole (204-C-81, agency: Edge Sports, college: Sam Houston St.) led the winners with 23 points and 10 rebounds.
Strumica advanced to the Finals after 3-1 over MZT Skopje. So, Feni Indistrija and Strumica are ready to battle in the Final.


Omar Rahim new coach at Waltrop -by Daniel Poerschke
Omar Rahim is the new head coach at GV Waltrop of the 1. Regionalliga West. Omar will follow Raf Obermeit, who coached the team on an interim basis after Boris Kaminski left for Pro A club Schalke 04 in mid-season. Obermeit always made sure, that the sideline job was only temporary. Rahim last coached SV Hagen-Haspe 70 in the 1. and 2. Regionalliga West.

Martin Wasielewski (196-F-79) moves from SV Hagen-Haspe 70 to the Baskets Ldenscheid, both play in the 2. Regionalliga West.

Predrag Lukic will be the new assistant coach at BG Hagen (1. Regionalliga West). he spend the last two seasons as an assistant with the Baskets Ldenscheid.

Bundesliga Playoff results Thursday May 15th! -by Michael Taylor
Thursday night playoff action in the German Bundesliga provided fantastic finishes in two of the three games. ALBA Berlin set the tone for their playoff series against Bremerhaven with a 105-65 blowout win at MaxSchmellinghalle in Berlin. Bayer Leverkusen captured a win in Game 1 of their series over Deutsche Bank Skyliners and Ewe Baskets Oldenburg scored the first big upset of the playoffs winning on the road over brose Baskets Bamberg at JAKO arena. The exciting playoff series will continue this weekend with more great basketball action to come!

Thursday May 15th

Bayer Leverkusen 78 Deutsche Banke Skyliners 75
Playing the final playoff series in historic Wilhelm Dopatka Halle Bayer Leverkusen used a 30-18 2Q to take a 48-35 halftime lead over visiting Deutsche Bank Skyliners before holding off a Frankfurt comeback in Thursdays exciting 78-75 Game 1 home win for Leverkusen. After a Leverkusen turnover from a sideline inbound pass, Skyliners had a chance to tie as Pascal Roller penetrated and fired a pass to Jimmy Mckinney at the top of the key. McKinney's three rimmed out and Leverkusen won Game 1. Head coach Achim Kuczmann and his team used a strong game from Zack Whiting (19pt 8ast) and Rans Brempong (16pt 9reb) in the win. Brendan Winters added 14pt and Gordon Geib 10 for Leverkusen. Pascal Roller led Skyliners attack with 17pt followed by Jimmy McKinney's 16pt 9reb and Derrick Allen's 13pt 9reb. Leverkusen shot 61% from the floor and 9 of 26 from three (34%) compared with Frankfurts 41% and 10 of 40 from three (25%). Skyliners did outrebound Levekusen 46-42. Game 2 is scheduled for 630pm Saturday May 17th at Ballsporthalle in Frankfurt.

Ewe Baskets Oldenburg 55 brose Baskets Bamberg 54
Branimir Longin sank a clutch free throw with 3 seconds to play lifting Ewe Baskets Oldenburg to a fantastic 55-54 upset over brose Baskets Bamberg Thursday night at JAKO Arena. Trailing 53-49 with just over 1min to play, Dan McKlintock drilled a tough turnaround jumper bringing Head coach Predrag Krunic and his Thunderbirds within a bucket at 53-51. After a Bamberg miss, Rickey Paulding scored on a strong drive drawing a foul as he tied the game at 53. Paulding missed the FT and Oldenburg's Pekovic fouled immediately sending Stefan Hamann to the line. Hamann missed the first and sank the second giving Bamberg a 54-53 lead with 18 seconds to play. Demond Greene took a tactical foul with 7 seconds sending Jason Gardner to the line. Gardner missed his first but sank the second to tie the score at 54. Gardner immediately fouled Bamberg's Dwayne Mitchell sending him to the foul line with 5 seconds. Mitchell missed both and in the battle for the loose ball, Bamberg's Ademola Okulaja was called for a foul. With three seconds to play, Branimir Longin cooly gave Oldenburg the lead before missing the second intentionally. In a scramble, Stefan Hamann's halfcourt heave was off and Oldenburg earned the tremendous road win in Game 1. Oldenburg had opened a 15-12 lead after 1Q and held a 31-29 lead at half. Bambergs came back to take a 43-41 advantage into the 4th. Rickey Paulding topscored for the winners with 19pt followed by Longin's 11 in the defensive lowscoring game. Dwayne Mitchell and Demond Greene led Bamberg with 12pt apiece. Oldenburg shot 39% from the floor making 6 of 22 FT (27%) and 9 pf 18 FT while Bamberg made 33% from the floor and 4 of 17 threes (23%). Bamberg had plenty of chances from the foul line as well making 16 of 34 (47%) for the game. Game 2 is set for Sunday May 18th at 530pm in Oldenburg's Ewe Arena.

ALBA Berlin 105 Eisbaren Bremerhaven 65
Julius Jenkins scored 26pt and Bobby Brown added 18pt as ALBA Berlin blew out Eisbaren Bremerhaven 105-65 Thursday night at MaxSchmellinghalle in Berlin. ALBA took an early 25-21 lead but broke the game open in the 2Q to take a 49-36 halftime lead. After halftime, Head coach Luka Pavicevic and his team jumped on Bremerhaven with a 30-16 3Q taking 79-52 lead into the 4th. Immanuel McElroy added 13pt 5reb and Aleksandar Nadjfeji chipped in 11pt for the winners. Young forward Philip Zweiner added 10pt 4reb for Berlin. ALBA shot 60% from the floor and drilled 13 of 27 threes (48%) and converted 20 of 29 FT (69%) while outrebounding Bremerhaven 39-26. Bremerhaven was led by Anthony Tolliver's 19pt 5reb along with Matt Haryasz 11pt and Jan Lipke 10. Bremerhaven shot 39% from the field including 6 of 22 threes (27%) and 11 of 18 FT (61%) in the loss. ALBA takes the 1-0 series lead as the teams prepare for Game 2 Sunday May 18th at 3pm in Stadthalle Bremerhaven.

Artland takes 1-0 lead over Bonn with Wednesday night win! -by Michael Taylor
2007-2008 Bundesliga Playoffs
Wednesday May 14th
Artland Dragons 98 Telekom Baskets Bonn 88 (Artland 1-0)
Tipping off the 2007-2008 Bundesliga basketball playoffs, Head coach Chris Fleming and his Artland Dragons took a 1-0 series lead over Telekom Baskets Bonn Wednesday night at Artland Arena. The intense action was tight throughout as both teams brought terrific effort. The inspired guests edged ahead 21-20 after 1Q before a 2Q run gave the Dragons a 47-44 lead at half. Bonn trimmed the gap to 1 at 67-66 after three but Artlands strong 4Q sealed the Game 1 win. Leon Rodgers led a balanced attack with 14pt on 5-7 shooting followed by Chad Prewitt's 13pt, 12pt 6reb from Adam Chubb and John Goldsberry's 11pt on perfect 4 for 4 from the floor and 3 for 3 from the foul line. A key for the Dragons was EJ Rowland's excellent game from the bench scoring 12pt with 5ast. Bonn was led by Winsome Frazier's 26pt 6reb with help from Miah Davis 18pt 4ast and JJ Strasser's 11. Bonn's top inside players Ronnie Burrell (9pt) and John Bowler (8pt) were held under double figures by the tough Artland defense. Both teams shot well as Artland hit 58% from the floor and Bonn 52%. Both teams made 25 FT (Artland 25 for 38 65% and Bonn 25 for 36 69%). The Dragons sank 8 of 18 threes (44%) while Bonn hit 4 of 12 (33%). Game 2 is set for Saturday May 17th with a 730pm tip in Bonn.

Kulawick signs 3-year deal with Goettingen -by Manuel Schust
Robert Kulawick (191-G-86), who spent last season with Den Helder Seals (Eredivisie), returns to Germany!
BG 74 Goettingen announced today the signing of the 22 year-old guard for the next 3 seasons.

After 2 years with TUS Lichterfelde, Berlin's farm team, and several appearances for Alba in BBL, Kulawick signed in 2006/07 with Eisbaeren Bremerhaven. He played 14 games for the 'Eisbaeren', averaging just 1.6 points per game in 6 minutes on the court. After his first full pro year in BBL, Kulawick decided to leave Germany, heading to the Netherlands to get more playing-time.
He played a decent season with Den Helder Seals, producing 7.9 points, 1.9 rebounds, 1.4 assists and 1.1 steal in 21 minutes per game. Especially his shooting percentage looks impressive, dishing 39.7% of his threes and 84.6% from the charity strike.
After signing Jena's Jason Miller (208-F/C-80, college: Oklahoma St.), Kulawick is the second new signing for Goettingen.


Semi Finals: Panathinaikos sweeps Panionios 98-75 -by Chris Mammides
Panathinaikos beat for a third consecutive time Panionios (as expected) 98-75 and is now waiting Olympikaos who beat Marousi and made the 2-1 in the series with the fourth game taking place in Marousi (Agios Thomas).
Panathinaikos having in a great night the two ex Panionios players, Stratos Perperoglou (203-G-84) (17 points) and Kennedy Winston (198-F-84, college: Alabama) (14 points) finished the semi finals quite easy and is now simply waits its rival. The quarters were: 34-21, 49-51, 69-63, 98-75 and obviously the home team faced some serious problems the first twenty minutes when the ex green player Lonny Baxter (203-C-79, college: Maryland) and Aleksandar Capin (186-G-82) were amazing (13 points each).
In the other game Olympiakos beat Marousi 85-69 witht eh ex Marousi player Roderick Blakney (181-G-76, college: S.Carolina St.) being in a tremendus shape and scoring 22 points with amazing stats..


Givat Shmuel and Haifa are back in the BSL -by Yarone Arbel
Maccabi Givat Shmuel and Maccabi Haifa - two former BSL teams made it back to the league tonight.

Only one season after their departure from the top league Maccabi Givat Shmuel completed the comeback and qualified to the finals of the National League, which secures a spot in the BSL next seasons. Givat beat Qiryat Ata 3-1 in the semi-finals series and head coach Oren Aharoni, who played for long years in Givat and took the bench only this season, completed the mission to bring his team back to where they played so many years.

Haifa re-joins the BSL after a five year break. One of the biggest basketball cities in Israel will have a team in the top division next season, which will bring a lot of color and excitement to the league. Haifa didn't have the home court advantage against Natanya, but won game three on the road and tonight completed the task with a 73-69 home win, to hold a 3-1 win themselves.

Qiryat Ata and Natanya will face each other in the fight for third and last ticket to the 2008/09 edition of the BSL.

Gilboa/Afula, who finished last in the BSL this season, will go back to the National League, as the BSL will turn into a 12 teams league again.


Maggioli is the Lega 2 "Italian player N.1" -by Gianni Pascucci
Michele Maggioli (212-C-77) won the ballot held by weekly magazine 'Superbasket' and has been awarded as the best domestic player in Lega 2. Maggioli plays in Fileni Jesi, a team that is yet in the race to Serie A, wins the prize for the second season in a row, given that he was awarded even last year.

Serie A Quarterfinals Game 3 (Wednesday games) -by Stefano Pini

Montepaschi SI-Upim BO 85-74 (aggregate 3-0) Siena advances to semifinals
Montepaschi Siena is the first team qualified for semifinals. But game 3 against Upim Bologna wasn't a joke. Montepaschi had to play his best basketball to overcome the team well-coached by Sakota. Stefano Mancinelli (202-F-83) inspired his team for all the game, scored 18 points and created trouble to Siena's defense. Upim stayed in the game for the offensive rebounds: 15 (7 by Torres). Siena in the fourth quarter had good answers by his leaders: Terrell McIntyre (175-G-77, college: Clemson) ended the game with 18 points and 6 assists, Ksystof Lavrinovic (210-C-79) 19 with 8 rebounds.

Montepaschi wins this series 3-0, Upim Bologna wasn't a sparring partner and we had 3 great games.
Premiata Montegr.-Armani J. MI 72-90 (aggregate 1-2) Game 4 will schedule Friday night at Milano
This quarter finals seems arrived at a turning point. Melvin Booker (185-G-72, college: Missouri) arrived at Milano in November to lead the team: in the most important game of the season he scored 26 points added 6 rebounds and 4 assists. In this series Dusan Vukcevic (201-F-75, agency: Interperformances) is averaging 18,3 points with 62,5% by 3 points. Unreal. But to win on the road Milano needs that Ansu Sesay (206-C/F-76, college: Mississippi) is involved, opening the court with some shots. In game 3 Ansu had 18 points (4/6 by 3p.). Premiata Montegranaro - at his first playoff experience - resisted for an half. Top scorer for them was Jobey Thomas (193-G-80, college: Charlotte) that wrote 17.

Larry Drew, "Yes I remember him" -by Glenn Wiley
Former Member of the 1989-89 Scavolini Persaro Team still connected with the NBA

Larry Drew, who is entering his 24th year in the NBA as a player or assistant coach, joined the staff of the Atlanta Hawks on August 24, 2004. Since retiring from the game after the 1990-91 seasons, he has spent the last 13 years on the sidelines as a coach.
Before arriving in Atlanta, Drew was an assistant with the New Jersey Nets after spending the previous three seasons with the Washington Wizards in a similar capacity (2000-03). Prior to that, he re-joined one of the teams he previously played for, the Detroit Pistons, as an assistant coach in 1999-2000. Drew returned to Detroit for the first time since playing with the team as a NBA rookie with the Pistons in 1980-81. His coaching career began in 1992-93 when he broke into the ranks with another of his former teams, the Los Angeles Lakers, whom he played for from 1989-91.
A 10-year pro, Drew averaged 11.4 points and 5.2 assists in 714 career games for four NBA teams. After one season in Detroit, he played the next five years with the Kings, in Kansas City and Sacramento (1981-86), and his final four in Los Angeles (1986-91), for the Clippers and the Lakers. He was a teammate of Hawks head coach Mike Woodson and GM Billy Knight in Kansas City (1983-84). Drew averaged 16.4 ppg, Woodson totaled 14.5 ppg and Knight added 12.8. In addition, Drew was a member of Scavolini of the Italian League in 1988-89. There he teamed with the likes of Maurizio Ferro, Darren Daye, Walter Magnifico, and Ario Costa to name a few. He got injured in Mar 90 and was replaced by another former NBA player, Norm Nixon.
A first round pick in the 1980 NBA Draft (17th overall selection), Drew participated in the playoff four times in his career, scoring 3.1 points and dishing out 0.5 rebounds in 31 games. His most productive season as a player came during the 1982-83 campaign, when he averaged 20.1 ppg, 8.1 apg and 1.7 spg for Kansas City.

His son Larry Drew Jr. also plays basketball and is committed to play for powerhouse team North Carolina


When Lynn Washington (200-F-78, college: Indiana) makes a promise, he usually keeps them.

Washington overcame a season in which he missed 30 games due to a career-threatening knee injury and was crowned Most Valuable Player, while leading Osaka Evessa to a 66-56 triumph over the Tokyo Apache in the BJ League title last night.

The two-time MVP started off the season with a promise that he was going to three-peat for the fans and he backed it up with his performance and reminded all spectators during his MVP interview before 9.200 fans in Ariake Coliseum.

I promised my fans that we were going to three-peat. San-renpa! San-renpa!, San-renpa! he proclaimed.

And with the Evessas third championship, they have solidified their place in the history books as the first dynasty in the history of the third-year league. And at the same time, Lynn Washington became the first player to win more than one MVP and Coach Kensaku Tennichi may have placed himself as one of the best coaches in Japanese basketball history.

The game was contest tightly through four quarters as both teams struggled to put points on the board for the first 2 quarters. Both teams played superior defense, limiting easy opportunities. Despite the game being more defensively oriented, the outcome was far from boring. The only disappointment was the Apache losing top Japanese scorer Cohey Aoki to an eye injury, leaving the guard to only play 1 minute.

But even without Aoki, the Apache displayed great discipline with smart plays, only to struggle from the field as leading scorer John Humphrey only scored six points, one of his career lows in the BJ. Former Niigata Albirex bigman Nick Davis also struggled, but he finished 18 rebounds as he anchored the Apache defense. As Davis struggled, reserve big man Dean Browne finished with 14 points to lead Tokyo.

On the other end, the Evessa was lead by Mikey Marshall as he showcased his all around game with 18 points and 18 rebounds. With his size and athleticism, no one was able to contain Marshall from driving at will and caroming important rebounds at crucial points of the game. As Marshall held the team together, Washington eventually find his touch at the end of the game with a classic three-point play and a couple mid-range shots to claim his award.


Barons edges ASK/Riga for the lead in Final -by Eurobasket News
Barons - ASK/Riga 84:75

The regular season champions Barons/LMT opened the LBL Final series with a confident win over their arch-rivals ASK/Riga. Barons prevailed at the Arena Riga in Game 1 and now stayed ahead 1-0 in the best-of-seven series. ASK Riga received a major blow as their leader Sandis Valters was sidelined with an injury and could not take part in the game. Dwayne Broyles stepped up in his place but managed just 5 points in the game and could hardly substitute the visitors charismatic leader. But ASK Riga stayed competitive through three quarters of action. Barons jumped to a 23:17 lead after the starting frame but ASK/Riga struck back in the second frame. They spurred ahead and posted a 42:40 advantage at halftime. Smiljan Pavic (210-F/C-80, agency: VTBM/SRBM) drained a three-pointer to give ASK/Riga a 50:42 lead early in the third stanza. Armands Skele (192-G-83) and Dontell Jefferson (196-G-83, college: Arkansas) soon drag Barons back on level terms with the visitors at 52. But ASK Riga capped the frame with another run to seal the outcome at 65:59. Armands Skele paced the hosts ahead and shortly after the start of the fourth stanza the scoreline was tied at 70. Armands Skele and Demetrius Alexander (204-F/C-75, agency: CAA Sports, college: Alabama) dropped a couple of crucial buckets as Barons accumulated a 79:70 lead. ASK/Riga never recovered in the dying moments and the hosts secured the winning outcome in the first game of the series. Armands Skele was outstanding with game-high 30 points, 6 boards and 5 assists for Barons. Demetrius Alexander added 17 points and 8 boards, while Giedrius Gustas (190-G-80, agency: Interperformances) piled up 13 points for the winners. Curtis Millage (185-G-81, college: Arizona St.) answered with 17 points and 6 boards for ASK/Riga. Dairis Bertans (192-G/F-89) knocked down 10 points in a losing effort. Game 2 is scheduled for Friday.

Barons: Armands Skele 30, Demetrius Alexander 17, Giedrius Gustas 13
ASK/Riga: Curtis Millage 17, Dairis Bertans 10


One more step for Zalgiris -by Eurobasket News
Zalgiris - Lietuvos Rytas 92:79

Zalgiris stepped closer to the LKL title after beating Lietuvos Rytas in Kaunas yesterday. Zalgiris thus picked up a 3-1 lead in the best-of-seven series and look to close out the clash on Saturday in Vilnius. The Kaunas outfit snatched a narrow dramatic win away from home in Game 3. But this time there were no need for last second heroics as Zalgiris prevailed throughout the action. The hosts got to a better start and quickly accumulated a 10:5 lead on 4 points from Marcus Brown (192-G-74, agency: Higher Vision Sports, college: Murray St.). Chuck Eidson and Nielsen teamed up to keep Lietuvos Rytas close. However Popovic and Kalnietis scored the final 4 points of the period and Zalgiris led 27:23 after the starting frame. Dainius Salenga (197-F-77) and Damir Markota (209-C/F-85) knocked down three-pointers early in the second period and Zalgiris stretched the gap to as many as 10 points. Hollis Price (186-G-79, college: Oklahoma) replied with 4 points and trimmed the gap however Damir Markota, Maciulis and Paulius Jankunas (204-F-84, agency: Interperformances) put the home side up by 14 points late in the frame. Hollis Price capped the half with 4 straight free throws and the teams went into the dressing room with Zalgiris leading by 10. The third stanza changed little as Zalgiris maintained the gap and headed into the fourth quarter ahead by 11 points. Dainius Salenga scored 7 quick consecutive points for the hosts early in the final period as the margin grew to 15 points. Gecevicius and then Petravicius closed it to 10 points but it was not enough to spark the intrigue. Zukauskas and Damir Markota posted two more successful attempts from the field to ice the visitors. Damir Markota finished with 20 points for Zalgiris. Marcus Brown added 15 points, while Paulius Jankunas had 11 in a winning clause. Kenan Bajramovic (206-F-81, agency: Beo Basket) scored 19 points and grabbed 6 boards for Lietuvos Rytas. Hollis Price secured 18 points and 8 caroms in defeat.

Zalgiris: Damir Markota 20, Marcus Brown 15, Paulius Jankunas 11
Lietuvos Rytas: Kenan Bajramovic 19, Hollis Price 18


Peppers and Leopardos win over Dorados and Aluxes -by Gianni Pascucci
In the last games of Liga del Sureste, Peppers de Progreso plevailed over Dorados 101-82, surpassing them at the top of the table. Forrest Fisher (193-G-84) was the man of the game, with 35 points, and Rodrigo Perez (200-F-74) added 19 points in Peppers. James Penny (198-F-76, college: TCU) was the best in Dorados, with 26 points. In the other game of the night, Eric Martin (197-F-76, college: Cincinnati) scored 36 points to lead Leopardos to and easy win, 107-70, over Aluxes de Cancun. Newly arrived Harold Arceneaux (198-F-77, college: Weber St.) added 15 points in Leopardos. Aluxes are yet without any win, and seems to be suffering a poor coaching. Also, they were abandoned by Timmy Gibbs (191-G-67, agency: ProSportsCareers, college: Weber St.), who left the team after three games.

Standings - Lower Leagues
Other Standings
CIMEBA Northern
 1. Cuervos 0-0 
 2. Aztecas 0-0 
 3. Chamanes 0-0 
 4. Titanes 0-0 
CIMEBA Southern
 1. Coras 0-0 
 2. Caudillos 0-0 
 3. Indios 0-0 
 4. Guerreros 0-0 
Liga del Sureste
 1. Peppers 6-3 
 2. Dorados 5-3 
 3. Leopardos 4-3 
 4. Marineros 2-3 
 5. Aluxes 0-5 


Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce team up to drop Cleveland -by Eurobasket News
Kevin Garnett (6'10''-F-76) secured 26 points and 16 boards, while Paul Pierce (6'7''-F-77, college: Kansas) added 29 points as the Boston Celtics rolled to their 7th straight home win in the postseason. They handled Cleveland 96:89 at the TD Banknorth Garden to grab a 3-2 lead in the series. LeBron James (6'8''-F-84) led the Cavs to an aggressive start. He notched 23 points in the first two periods and the visitors enjoyed a 14-point lead. However the shooting plague shadowed his performance in the second half as James knocked down 4 of his last 14 shots including 5 treys and Boston took over game. The Celtics went on a run in the fourth period and stretched their lead to 11 points. The Cavaliers trimmed it back to 4 with 46 seconds remaining. But Kevin Garnett collected an offensive rebound after his own miss and Paul Pierce was deadly from free throw line in the final seconds to bring the hosts to the third win in the series. LeBron James finished with game-high 35 points. Delonte West nailed 21 points in a losing case. Rajon Rondo was impressive with 20 points and 13 assists for the Celtics. Game 6 is scheduled for Friday in Cleveland.
The LA Lakers also took a 3-2 lead against Utah after beating the Jazz 111:104 at the Staples Center yesterday. Kobe Bryant came up with 26 points, 7 assists and 6 boards but went for no field goals in the fourth period for the LA Lakers. The MVP missed a couple of the teams practices before the game with back pain but unloaded all of his points tally in three quarters to keep the scoreline tied at 81. But Lamar Odom (6'10''-F-79, college: Rhode Island) and Pau Gasol (7'0''-F/C-80) stepped up in the final period to propel the Lakers to the third victory in the series. Lamar Odom had 22 points and 11 boards, while Pau Gasol chipped in 21 points and dished out 8 assists for the winners. All the Jazz starters scored in double figures. Deron Williams (6'3''-G-84, college: Illinois) led the charge with 27 points and 10 assists. Carlos Boozer contributed 18 points and 12 boards in defeat.

Could Kiki Vandeweghe be Bringing Some Old Friends to New Jersey? -by Bryan Floyd
Nets president Rod Thorn and general manager Kiki Vandeweghe talked of keeping the nucleus together after finishing 34-48 this past season, but that's not what they want. That's not their plan. New Nets general manager Kiki Vandeweghe has some major decisions to make. They would like to do something big. Remember Thorn's specialty has been pulling off blockbusters and Vandeweghe rebuilt the Nuggets when he was their GM. Thinking big, the Nets have had exploratory conversations with Denver about Carmelo Anthony and Marcus Camby, league sources said. Vandeweghe traded for Camby and drafted Anthony in Denver. Vandeweghe would love to bring Carmelo to New Jersey. The Nuggets are not committed to moving Anthony yet. But after his recent legal troubles plus five straight first-round losses, they are listening to offers for their players.More big names could become available by the end of the playoffs and as the draft nears. All the coaching changes could lead teams to shake up their rosters to fit their style. Having said that, the Nets have assets to do something: three draft picks, Keith Van Horn's contract, young players Marcus Williams, Sean Williams, Josh Boone, Richard Jefferson coming off his best statistical season, Nenad Krstic's contract that they can use in a sign-and-trade and one $3.3 million trade exception from the Jason Kidd deal. (It was two, but the league changed it.)


Wellington beats Nelson in Round 12 -by Eurobasket News
Wellington - Nelson 107:87

Wellington stays on the winning path as they outgunned the defending champions Nelson 107:87 at the TSB Bank Arena. The Saints thus registered their 10th win in the season and remained at the second spot in the ladder. They also posted the 8th straight win at home. Ernest Scott (200-F-82, agency: Elfus-Siegel Management (ESM), college: Valdosta St.) finished with 22 points to lead the Saints. Nick Horvath (208-F/C-81, college: Duke) produced 18 points and 14 boards, while Owens Kevin (209-C-80, college: Monmouth) added 17 points and 14 boards to pace the hosts to an impressive victory. Wellington enjoyed the return of Tall Black Lindsay Tait (194-G-82) to action after almost 5 months of treating the injury. He knocked down 13 points, pulled down 5 boards and dished out 4 assists in a winning case. The hosts rolled to a 21-point cushion midway through the third frame but the Giants were not yet done. Mike Fitchett (183-G-82) drained two trebles in a 19:3 rally from the Giants that put them as close as 7 points from the Saints late in the third frame. But the deep rotation of the Saints proved just enough to celebrate an important victory at the end. Michael Harrison (206-F-84, agency: Interperformances) provided 22 points and 7 boards for Nelson. Mike Fitchett scored 20 points, while Phill Jones (196-G-74) registered 19 in a losing effort. Nelson slipped to 8-6 record. Wellington outrebounded the visitors 52:26, while the hosts bench outscored their counterparts 30:7. The Saints converted 56% from the field, while the Giants recorded 45% accuracy from the field.

Wellington: Ernest Scott 22, Nick Horvath 18+14 boards, Owens Kevin 17+14 boards
Nelson: Michael Harrison 22, Mike Fitchett 20, Phill Jones 19

Standings Men
NBL Standings
 1. Waikato 12-2 
 2. Wellington 10-4 
 3. Harbour Heat 9-5 
 4. Nelson 8-6 
 5. G&H Hawks 7-5 
 6. Auckland 6-6 
 7. Taranaki 5-6 
 8. Manawatu 3-9 
 9. Canterbury 3-10 
 10. Otago 2-12 


7th SEABA Under-18 Championship Summary -by Lorenzo Gahol

7th SEABA Under-18 Championship
May 1-5, 2008
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

May 1 (Thu) MABA Stadium
Thailand 82 Indonesia 50
Malaysia 67 Philippines 98

May 2 (Fri) MABA Stadium
Philippines 92 Thailand 76
Singapore 47 Malaysia 101

May 3 (Sat) MABA Staidum
Indonesia 50 Singapore 68
Malaysia 85 Thailand 68

May 4 (Sun) MABA Stadium
Thailand 73 Singapore 54
Philippines 123 Indonesia 43

May 5 (Mon) MABA Stadium
Singapore 55 Philippines 96
Indonesia 48 Malaysia 120

Final Standings
1st - Philippines (4-0)
2nd - Malaysia (3-1)
3rd - Thailand (2-2)
4th - Singapore (1-3)
5th - Indonesia (0-4)

Standings - PBL
PBL Standings
 1. Harbour C. 13-2 
 2. Hapee Toothp. 10-5 
 3. BK Whoppers 9-6 
 4. S.Miguel CK 7-8 
 5. Toyota OS 7-8 
 6. Pharex M. 7-8 
 7. Noosa Shoe 6-9 
 8. Bacchus 5-10 
 9. Phil.Youth T. 0-8 


Ponce Lions take series to the Limit -by Luis Ramirez
The Lions beat the Cariduros 78-68 and the tie breaker will be played on Friday at the Fajardo Arena. The best of three series has been a home victory for each team and now the winner will advance to the final six on Friday. The game was decided in the 1st quarter as the Lions kept the Cariduros to just 9 points in that quarter while the Lions scored 21 points to take a comfortable lead. The 2nd quarter was played at a level pace by both teams but the Lions were leading 40-30 at the end of the 1st half. The Cariduros never gave up and started closing the gap in the 3rd quarter. They came as close as 2 points before the Lions went off on an offensive run once again as Freddy Martinez shot a 3 point bomb to stop the offensive run by the Cariduros. In the 4th quarter the Lions kept pressuring the Cariduros and prevailed for the win. For Ponce, Matt Freije (206-F-81, agency: Priority Sports, college: Vanderbilt) scored 23 points and grabbed 9 rebounds followed by Gabriel Colon with 14 points. For Fajardo, Javier Mojica (190-G-84, college: Cent.Conn.St.) scored 16 points followed by Omar Quintero with 15 points


Johnson signs for Al Rayyan -by Ali Ahmed
Al Rayyan basketball team management agreed terms with the American forward Dalron Johnson (206-F-81, college: UNLV) to play for them the Asian Clubs Championship (Kuwait May 8-16) .

Add depth to the forward position. Outstanding potential. He is a quick forward that can run the floor, shoots the ball and has a nice touch around the basket. He possesses great ability to go to the offensive boards.

Named HS second-team overall division and first-team all-League (El Camino Real) -99
All-Mountain West Newcomer Team -00
Mountain West Co-Freshman of the Year -00
MWC Tournament Finalist -02
All-MWC 1st Team -02
Baltic League All-Star Game -06, 07
Baltic League Quarterfinals -06
Latvian League Regular Season Champion -06
Latvian League Champion -06


Ural Great sent its appeal to Russian Basketball Federation -by Max Brodsky
Ural Great sent its appeal to the Russian Basketball Federation against the decision made by the Department for organization and holding of the Superleague championship to disqualify two players of our club Andrew Wisniewski (191-G-81, college: Centenary) and Brindley Brent Wright (203-F/C-78, college: Florida) for the incident in the fourth game of the semifinals between Ural Great and Khimki. Decision concerning the appeal shall be made by Commission within 72 hours of receipt of the appeal.

Final Four 2008 -by Max Brodsky
The opponent of Ural Great in the national championship playoff series for third place will be Dynamo Moscow which lost semifinals to CSKA 0-3. Series will be played up to three wins, 2-2-1 accordingly. The official website of Russian Basketball Federation say that the first two games will be played in Perm on the 20th, 21st and 28th* of May and in Moscow on the 24th and 25th* of May.

* if necessary.

The fourth match between BC Khimki and Ural-Great Perm was of big interest. The fight on the court exceeded all expectations. BC Khimki built a lead at the end of second period and finally won - 77-70 (17-19, 28-14, 15-22, 17-15). The first final amtch will stage on 22th of May. Our opponent will be determine in series CSKA-Dynamo Moscow. Top scorers: Clay Tucker (17), Maciej Lampe (12).


Superleague - Pekovic and Tripkovic set Partizan Igokea on top -by Dragan Jankovski
Partizan Igokea outplayed FMP in very important postponed derby game in Pionir 98-86. Thus, black-and-white team is on top of Serbian Superleague with 8 wins and 1 defeat while FMP dropped on 8-2. It was a very important game because now Partizan will have an advantage to play in Pionir one more game that its rivals in play-off. Panthers played much better first quarter and first 5 minutes of the second period while at the same time Partizan's players struggled a lot with shots from behind the arc. Partizan succeeded to go on half time with plus 2 thanks to Palacio's successful shot at the buzzer. In the second half hosts totally dominated and mostly owing to center Pekovic and small forward Tripkovic extended lead to 10 what was unreachable for FMP until the end.

Center Nikola Pekovic (210-C-86, agency: Beo Basket) once again was unstoppable in the paint setting his team on top of Superleague. He netted 30 points including 8 rebounds. Uros Tripkovic (197-G-86) also had a good night scoring 25 points. FMP got 20 points and 7 rebounds from Zoran Erceg (211-C/F-85) and 20 points from Dragan Labovic (207-C/F-87).

Partizan Igokea - FMP 98-86

Pekovic 30 (8 rebs), Tripkovic 25, Palacio 15
FMP: Labovic 23, Erceg 20 (7 rebs), Krstovic 13

Standings - A Liga
A Standings
 1. Partizan 8-1 
 2. FMP 8-2 
 3. Hemofarm 7-3 
 4. Crvena Zv. 6-4 
 5. Vojvodina 5-5 
 6. Swisslion Tak. 2-7 
 7. Borac 2-8 
 8. Vizura 1-9 
Others in Stage One
 1. Radnicki 034 13-9 
 2. Mega AM 12-10 
 3. Sloga 12-10 
 4. Novi Sad 11-11 
 5. Masinac 10-12 
 6. Zdravlje 9-13 
 7. Radnicki NS 9-13 
 8. Napredak 9-13 
 9. Ergonom 2-12 


Home wins for Pezinok, Inter -by Eurobasket News
Pezinok might have hesitated at the quarterfinal stage but they showed yesterday Extraliga semis was not the place to mould. The regular season champions got to a winning start of their clash against Handlova. Pezinok stormed past Handlova 90:72 in the first game of the best-of-five series. Glen Whisby (203-C/F-72, college: S.Mississippi) fired 28 points and collected 13 boards to pace the hosts to a comfortable victory. Pezinok led by as many as 7 points after the opening frame but Handlova trimmed the difference to 4 points at halftime. However a strong performance in the second half allowed the hosts to coast to a 1-0 lead in the semifinal. Peter Micuda (206-C-72) dropped 25 points and grabbed 10 boards for the winners. Nenad Milosevic (188-G-83) answered with 26 points for Handlova. Milan Golian (207-C-74) had 14 points in defeat. Pezinok had an obvious advantage under the rims outrebounding the visitors 40:21. Game 2 is scheduled for Saturday.
Inter Bratislava toppled Nova Ves 94:77 in the capital. The teams kept it close in the first quarter with Inter enjoying just a 3-point lead after it. But paced by Dusan Pandula (195-F-84) and Daniel Novak (201-F/G-78, agency: Interperformances) the home side cleared off to a safe 12-point distance at the interval. Nova Ves failed to answer after the break and Inter finalized a confident win in front of the home crowd. Dusan Pandula secured 25 points to lead the charge. Daniel Novak contributed 20 points and 11 boards in a winning case. Marcel Madaj (200-F-78) and Jordan Mason (189-G-80, agency: Pro Agents-Basketball Careers) scored 14 points apiece in a loss.


Fribourg nips Lugano in Game 1 -by Eurobasket News
Fribourg - Lugano 82:60

The LNA defending champions Fribourg looked too good for the Lugano Tigers in the Final series opener. In front of 2000 spectators at the Saint Croix Fribourg routed the second-ranked Tigers to grab the lead in the title series. The teams got to a slow start as Fribourg were up 15:8 after 6 minutes of action. But the tempo gradually rose and Lugano closed the gap to 2 points at the end of the frame 20:22. The teams traded baskets early in the second period and Lugano finally spurred ahead 33:32 late in the quarter. However the hosts capped the first half with an impressive 10:2 run to claim a 42:35 advantage at halftime. The things hardly changed in the third stanza as Fribourg kept the visitors at distance and enjoyed a 7-point cushion heading into the fourth term. But Harold Mrazek (191-G-73) and Tresor Quidome (192-G-80, agency: Interperformances) ignited a 12:0 run for Fribourg as the home side stretched the margin to as many as 16 points midway through the fourth quarter. Lugano did not find enough energy to return into contest and had to surrender at the end. Harold Mrazek finished with 24 points to lead Fribourg. Erroyl Bing (198-F-82, college: E.Carolina) posted 13 points and outstanding 21 boards for the winners. Dusan Mladjan (200-G-86, agency: Interperformances) answered with 13 points for the Tigers. Zainoul Bah (186-G-84) scored 11 points in a loss. Fribourg won the battle on the glass outrebounding the visitors 41:30. They also sank 41% from the field, limiting Lugano to 37%. Game 2 I scheduled for Saturday in Lugano.

Fribourg: Harold Mrazek 24, Erroyl Bing 13+21 boards, Tresor Quidome 10
Lugano: Dusan Mladjan 13, Zainoul Bah 11


BD appoints four to handle Dream Team -by Carlos Pereira
By Renatha Msungu

Basketball Dar es Salaam (BD) has named four coaches who will train its teams in the East and Central Africa Inter-Cities Championship.

The championship will be staged at Dar es Salaam`s Indoor Stadium from June 24-28.
BD official Manase Zablon yesterday named coaches who would train men`s teams as Bahati Mgumba and Dais Makula.
He said women`s team would be coached by Peter Samson and Leonard Kware.
He said the both teams would be training at Zanaki ground everyday in the evening.
He said Dar es Salaam would no longer have four teams as earlier stated after failing to secure a sponsorship.
Players who form men`s teams are George Tarimo, Filbert Matungi, Gilbert Batungi, Mohamed Ally and Edmund Pastory.
Others are Francis Mlewa, Abdallah Ramadhani, Alex John, Tumsifu Apolo, Francis Kisiga, Lucas Nyaga, Alphonce Kisoky, Francis Agustino and Juma Kisoky.
BD has only named few players who form women`s team. They are Khadija Kalambo, Amina Ahmed, Faraji Malachi and Penina Igwe.
Other teams which have so far confirmed are Mwanza, Arusha, Nairobi, Mombasa, Kampala, Addis Ababa and Kigali.


Stats Leaders
ULEB Cup Stats Leaders
Points Per Game
1 Domercant, DynM 21.4
2 Mayes, Gmund. 21.1
3 Allen, Frankfurt 20.0
4 El-Amin, T.Tel. 19.7
5 Williams, BosS. 19.5
Rebounds Per Game
1 Antic, Lukoil A. 9.2
2 Kirksay, Unics 9.2
3 Johnson, Gmunden 9.0
4 Mensah-B., Ben. 8.4
5 Allen, Frankfurt 8.0
Assists Per Game
1 Deane, Lukoil A. 6.7
2 Cook, Crvena Zv. 6.2
3 Williams, Pamesa 5.5
4 Perrier-D., Frib. 5.4
5 Rubio, Joventut 5.0
Steals Per Game
1 Williams, T.Tel. 2.7
2 GAY, Antwerp 2.6
3 Sears, Antwerp 2.5
Blocks Per Game
1 Akingbala, Ventsp. 2.8
2 Riddick, Charl. 2.0
3 Griffith, Ploies. 1.7
1 Stevic, Slask 19.9
2 Kikanovic, CrvZv 72.2
3 Javtokas, DynM 71.3
1 Shason, Jerus. 56.9
2 Domercant, DynM 56.4
3 Hansen, DynM 54.7
Free Throws
1 Fernandez, Joven. 94.6
2 Lee, Nymburk 92.7
3 Domercant, DynM 90.8


Alejandro Flores once again -by Yelitza La Torre

Alejandro Flores surprised to Deportivo Tachira with a three points shot in the last second of the game on Wednesday to defeat them 81 - 79.
Celebration over the Tachira, the score was 79 - 78 , few seconds remaining for Tachira to get this win,
Ernesto Mijares from Gatos, passed the ball to his team mate Alejandro Flores whom kept the ball in his hands, to then takes the winning shot.
Scorers of the game;
Kenya Capers 30 points followed for the hero of the night as Alejandro Flores with 20 points and Roque Osorio 11 units.With this win Gatos de Monagas moves up to the second spot

For Deportivo Tachira; Darian Selvy 19 points Johnell Smith 14 .

It is good to say that Alejandro Flores is the only Community player called for the Technical commission of the LPB to the All-Star game on May 18 in Barquisimeto.

Standings - LPB
LPB Standings
 1. Trotamundos 28-5 
 2. Guaiqueries 19-11 
 3. Gatos 19-11 
 4. Cocodrilos 19-12 
 5. Marinos 18-14 
 6. Gaiteros 18-14 
 7. Guaros 12-21 
 8. Dep.Tachira 10-20 
 9. Panteras 8-25 
 10. Gigantes 7-25 


Women News


Tratsiak-Terglav and Volnaya win the Trophies with their teams -by Eurobasket News
Natalia Tratsiak-Terglav (195-C-80) and Jolly JBS Sibenik celebrated the victory in Croatian Play-offs beating Gospic 3-1 in the Final series. The last game the Champion played away from home where it took Gold medals. Jolly JBS Sibenik outscored Gospic 62:45 and lifted the trophy for the second straight year. Anda Jelavic paced all the winners with 19 points. Natalia Tratsiak-Terglav nailed 14 and Luca Ivankovic scored 8. Sandra Popovic-Mandir was the best in the losing effort with 14 points. It was another game of the best teams in Croatia and another triumph for Sibenik. In March Jolly Sibenik also triumphed in Adriatic League and it was again Gospic that tried to grab a title. With a dominance in the first half, Jolly led the game to the glory. Tihana Juric paced all the winners with 23 points to 72:66 win. Luca Ivankovic nailed 13, while Anda Jelavic scored 11. Marina Mazic was the best in the losing effort with 20 points.
This time Jolly JBS Sibenik used 16:14 in the opening quarter to take a control of the game. Another 19:10 in the second quarter gave more confidence for the guests in the game. Thanks to Gospic, the team played until the end proving one more time that it is the only challenging team to play for the winner.
Sviatlana Volnaya (187-G/F-79, college: Virginia) and her Fenerbahce won the champion title in Turkey. In a Final series against Galatasaray, Fenerbahce won Game 5 74:65 to celebrate the total success. Cappie Pondexter again shows her potential as a team leader. Pondexter scored 17 points, while center Ebony Hoffman ended with double-double, 15 points and 13 rebounds. Sviatlana Volnaya added 2 points for the win.

BRAZIL - Women

Erika De Souza wins in Spain -by Eurobasket News
Erika De Souza (197-C-82) won the Trophy with Spanish Ros Casares last night. The opener of the two best teams in Spain was held in Valencia and saw a loss of Ros Casares. The defending champions could not start the home campaign with a positive result and lost to Perfumerias 71:78. The latter being second after the regular season survived the series over EBE Promoc and now remains on track. Ana Montanana led the winners with 20 points and 8 rebounds. Ivanka Matic netted 19 and Mondt posted 10. Erika De Souza posted 6 points and made 10 rebounds. Evanthia Maltsi and Delisha Milton-Jones top-scored with 20 points each for the hosts. Perfumerias did not feel homesick taking 20:14 win after the opening quarter. Ana Montanana and Ivanka Matic kept the lead for her team in the second quarter as the team even increased to 9 points lead. The squads left the court for the break at 29:40. A third quarter was a real defensive battle and Ros Casares was able to reduce to 7 points after 15:13 in it. In an opposite to the third quarter last period was 27:25 win for the hosts, but that was not enough for Ros Casares to tie the game.
Erika De Souza collected 5 points and 10 boards in game 2 when Ros Casares had a road 69:78 win to tie the series at 1-1. Katie Douglas was unstoppable with 30 points and 9 rebounds last night for 74:52 win in Game 3. Delisha Milton-Jones nailed 14, while Erika De Souza collected 11 points and 13 rebounds. Clara Bermejo ended up with 14 points in defeat, whilst Ivanka Matic and De Mondt Anke produced 12 apiece.
It was a shocking start for the guests that could stay on track with the hosts in the beginning of the game. Ros Casares suggested 28 points in the first 10 minutes and received 12 from Perfumerias Avenida. The latter realized the mistakes in the first period and had an outstanding defense in the second. The visitors left the champions with only 6 points in the period and reduced to 34:25 at the halftime. Montanana and De Mondt Anke tried hard for Perfumerias Avenida and cut the deficit to 44:39. Katie Douglas was not happy with that and after her 4 points the score was 56:43. In the last period Ros Casares not only kept the score for good, but increased the lead in the period. Last quarter saw 16:13 for the hosts and 72:56 as a total.
Ros Casares could enjoy the season so much, but of course desired more in Euroleague. After 10-0 in the Group stage the team lost the Quarterfinal series. That time Czech champions Gambrinus beat the odds and celebrated a tough 75:69 road win over Ros Casares to claim the last available spot in the Euroleague Final Four. Gambrinus were on verge of losing the series after falling short to Ros Casares in the first game of the series. But the Czech outfit recovered and struck back winning back-to-back encounters and came from behind to book the Final Four birth.


Semifinals: The Story of the Sweeps -by Eurobasket News
Lukoil and Dunav completed sweeps in their respective semifinal series and paved their way to the Bulgarian championship Final. The cruising wins in the third encounters allowed the league favorites to enter the decisive stage of the tournament.
Dunav had little problems dealing with Rilski 70:51 away from home. The spectators that gathered in Arena Samokov had their hopes vanish in the starting frame as Dunav jumped to a 22:11 lead after 10 minutes of action. Rilski tried to slow the visitors down but the gap kept on growing and reached 15 points at halftime. Dunav shifted to a lower gear in the second half and coasted to energy-saving victory. Diana Naydenova (171-G-73, agency: Global Sports Plaza) stepped up with 16 points for Dunav. Anna Rimpova (183-F-82) nailed 14 points and grabbed 7 boards for the visitors in a winning case. Agnesa Doychinova launched 24 points and collected 7 boards in a losing effort. Doly Tsankova (175-G-89) dropped 10 points for Rilski.
Lukoil thrashed Beroe 07 in Stara Zagora to claim their ticket to the Final. The game turned into a one-way traffic right from the start as Lukoil stepped on the gas and easily ran away to a 25:15 distance after the first stanza. The visitors overwhelmed the hosts 31:12 to accumulate an insurmountable 29-point advantage at the interval. The game was done and Beroe collapsed in the second half scoring just 14 points and losing by 59 points. Radostina Slavova (186-F-86) poured in 30 points for Lukoil. Katya Kordova (176-G/F-86) had 22 points, while Natalia Topalova netted 18 points and grabbed 8 boards in a win. Neli Pasheva (174-F-81) finished with 12 points for Beroe 07.

CANADA - Women

Sutton-Brown wins the Trophy with Fenerbahce -by Eurobasket News
Tammy Sutton-Brown (193-C-78, college: Rutgers) triumphed in Turkey with Fenerbahce. The series against Galatasaray were even more interesting than expected.
After the home loss in the opener Fenerbahce rebounded after a sour start of the championship series against Galatasaray to celebrate a vital win in the second game of the series. But the road to victory was far from easy. Galatasaray opened the game aggressively, while Fenerbahce once again struggled to find the right tempo. The visitors jumped to an 18:16 lead after the first term and kept the hosts at bay throughout the second one. The buffer reached a 7-point mark at halftime and Galatasaray looked to grab the second straight win. But Fenerbahce had their hero. Cappie Pondexter reminded of her leader status as she ignited massive comeback effort from Fenerbahce. The hosts exploded with 27 points in the third period to outgun Galatasaray and posted a one-point lead heading into the final term. There Fenerbahce were unstoppable dominating on every inch of the court. The hosts ran away to a comfortable distance and never allowed Galatasaray to come any closer in the dying stages. Cappie Pondexter fired 29 points to lead all scorers. Tammy Sutton-Brown (193-C-78, college: Rutgers) scored 13 points, while Sviatlana Volnaya added 9 points and 6 boards for the winners. Isil Alben and Sophia Young had 16 points each for Galatasaray. Esra Sencebe paced the visitors with 18 points. Petra Ujhelyi produced 12 points and 14 boards in defeat. Fenerbahce limited the visitors to 42% accuracy from the field, while sinking 54% of field goals.
Fenerbahce surged ahead in the TBBL Final series after edging Galatasaray 74:73 in overtime in Game 3. The teams were all tied at 1-1 after the first two encounters and the third game lived up to the status of the heated rivalry. The hosts got to a slightly better start as they held to a 16:7 lead early on. However Fenerbahce soon denied the deficit and Cappie Pondexter together with Volnaya tied it all at 19 at the end of the period. The hosts scored 4 points in a row to open the second period but Esmeral Tuncluer came up with some crucial buckets as Fenerbahce stepped in front and rolled to a 36:30 lead at halftime. Tammy Sutton-Brown stretched the gap to as many as 8 points early in the third stanza but Galatasaray were far from being done. Esra Sencebe cut the gap back to a single point with her three-pointer late in the third quarter and Fenerbahce headed into the final part of the clash with 52:51 cushion. The hosts jumped ahead soon but led 67:63 with less than 3 minutes left in regulation. But Cappie Pondexter notched vital basket to square things up at 67 and forced overtime. Esra Sencebe gave the home side a 71:68 lead at the start of the extra frame but once again it was Cappie Pondexter who cut the deficit and later Tammy Sutton-Brown put the visitors up for good 74:73. Cappie Pondexter finished the game with 26 points, 6 boards and 4 assists for Fenerbahce. Tammy Sutton-Brown had 12 points and Esmeral Tuncluer provided 11 in a win. Sophia Young nswered with 17 points and 9 boards for Fenerbahce. Esra Sencebe netted 16 points in defeat.
Galatasaray tied the series in the Super Final against Fenerbahce after 71:62 in Game 4. Both teams will travel back to Fenerbahce's home court for the decisive Game 5. Galatasaray won the encounter due to the third quarter win, when they produced 21:10. Sophia Young led the winners with 25 points and 9 rebounds. Vickie Johnson collected 19 points, 10 assists and 6 rebounds, while Petra Ujhelyi posted 12 points and made 10 boards. Tammy Sutton-Brown ended up with 13 points and 4 rebounds in defeat. Galatasaray took a lead in the early beginning and finished the opening quarter at 18:15. Petra Ujhelyi and Vickie Johnson lifted the hosts to 22:15 in the beginning of the second period. Sophia Young made plus 9 to reach 24:15 with her team. Fenerbahce replied immediately with 8-0 run after Cappie Pondexterand Nevriye Yilmaz baskets.
The third quarter belonged to the hosts that produced 21:10 in it. Galatasaray controlled the game after three quarter having 51:39 advantage. Ebony Hoffman and Cappie Pondexter closed the gap for the visitors to 69:62, but that was ll they could do.
Last night Fenerbahce beat Fenerbahce 74:62 to lift the trophy in Turkey. Tammy Sutton-Brown provided 12 points and celebrated the win with her team.


Kireta gets Gold with Bourges -by Eurobasket News
Sonja Kireta (198-C-76) and her Bourges capped their impressive LFB season in style. They toppled Montpellier in the second game of the Final best-of-three series to celebrate their 8th national title. Once again it was Bourges trademark defense that proved the difference at the end. Montpellier arrived to Bourges for their biggest fight. The tension filled the air in the opening minutes of the game with defense prevailing at the moment. Concentration and some early misses from Bourges allowed the visitors to grab a 13:9 lead after the first frame. The teams shook off nervousness of starting minutes and raised the tempo in the second period. They traded baskets throughout the period however Bourges failed to trim the deficit. Montpellier managed to secure a 4-point buffer at the interval. But their hopes received a major setback in the third quarter. The hosts came of the dressing room ready to fight and quickly changed the complexion of the game. Bourges limited the visitors to only 10 points in the third stanza and surged ahead 43:39 at the end of three quarters. The fourth quarter was plagued by mistakes and misses as nerveux of the game reached its pike. Nevertheless Bourges seemed to be well in control of the situation. They kept on mounting the defensive pressure and held their counterparts to 6 fourth-term points to seal a difficult 52:45 victory at the end. Sonja Petrovic led all the scorers with 16 points and 7 boards for Bourges. Emmeline Ndongue provided 10 points, while Belinda Snell had 6 points and 6 boards for the winners. Grace Daley answered with 10 points for Montpellier. Gunta Basko and Gaelle Skrela dropped 8 points apiece in defeat. Bourges restricted Montpellier to 34% accuracy from the field and outrebounded them 35:32. Celine Dumerc was named the Best French Player of the Year, while Belinda Snell was trumped the Best Import of the season. Sonja Kireta had 5 points and 4 boards for the winners.
In the first game Bourges showed impressive winning rally in the LFB playoffs as they narrowly edged Montpellier in the Final opener. The regular season champions dominated for the major part of the game and held off fierce attempts from the hosts to save the game. The best-of-three series now moves to Bourges for the next two games.
Bourges limited the home side to 12 points in the starting frame and claimed an 18:12 advantage after 10 minutes of action. However Montpellier quickly rebounded and tightened defense to mount the pressure on the visitors. Montpellier outscored Bourges 17:10 in the second period and led 29:28 at halftime. The teams struggled to deliver points in the third frame with the scoreline showing 8:9 for Bourges at the end. The parity remained throughout the fourth stanza with neither side able to surge ahead substantially. All locked up at 49 the teams headed into overtime. Then Celine Dumerc stepped up for Bourges. She put the visitors up and then netted a decisive jumper that allowed Bourges to celebrate a narrow 58:56 victory at the end. Emmeline Ndongue finished with 13 points to pace Bourges. Sonja Kireta ended up with 5 points and 7 rebounds. Celine Dumerc notched 11 points and 8 boards, while Catherine Melain had 8 points for the winners. Elodie Bertal launched 12 points and 7 boards for Montpellier. Aurelie Bonnan scored 11 points, while Gunta Basko and Sandra Dijon accounted for 10 points each in a losing effort.
Sonja Kireta was also included in the All-Bosmans Team of All-French LFB Awards 2007-08.


SM-SARJA: Carrie Bacon next to Finland -by Rauno Hurmalainen

American F Carrie Bacon (183-F-80, college: Wyoming) will play next season in Finland. Bacon and Huima (Aanekoski) have signed a 1-year-contract for the season 2008-09. Bacon has a lot of playing experience, also in Europe. After the graduation out of U. of Wyoming ('03) Bacon has played in the NWBL and in three
countries in Europe (Luxembourg, Spain, Sweden). In Sweden she became regular season champion '07. Carrie is an incredibly strong and athletic
player with great desire, determination and drive.

Also Kaisa Lind, 20, 179 cm, (Saara Lind's younger sister) has decided to join Huima's roster. Kaisa played last season on HoNsU's (Jyvaskyla) roster averaging 2,4 ppg - 0,7 rpg.


PLAY-OFF 2008 - Semi finals: Pecs VS. Sopron of course -by Adam Patonay
The two 'big team' won both games and go to the final. Pecs have the home court, but MKB Euroleasing could win the Hungarian Cup in Pecs this year... They'll start on Monday.

First Games
MKB Euroleasing Sopron - Szeviep Szeged 90:52
Sopron: Gorbunova O. 13/3, Horti D. 15 (7reb), Hotvath Zs. 13/9.
Szeged: Tomova M. 25/6, Zherzherunova O. 14/3

Mizo Pecs 2010 - BSE 76:37
Pecs: Coelho G. 13 (10reb), Richter D. 11/3, Krivacevic T. 16
BSE: Kiss G. 9/3

Second Games
Szeviep Szeged - MKB Euroleasing Sopron 61:65
Szeged: Trk Sz. 20/6, Zherzherunova O. 15/3 (7reb), Tomova M. 14 (8reb)
Sopron: Honti K. 18, Branzova A. 14 (7reb)

BSE - Mizo Pecs 2010 42:75
BSE: Vida A. 9/3
Pecs: Fegyverneky Zs. 15/6, Podrug E. 12, Coelho G. 11 (10 reb), Vajda A. 17/3.

POLAND - Women

News from Gdynia, -by Maciej Schwarz
3 sec changed it all,

Still fresh after tied final in Polish Womens Basketball League PLKK (Lotos PKO BP Gdynia 3:4 Wisla Can-Pack Krakow) Gdynia team authorities cant rest. The amazing shot of Anna DeForge (178-G-76, college: Nebraska) changed it all. At least for the coach. Head coach Roman Skrzecz is no longer on the position, the same with Krzysztof Koziorowicz (Sport Director of the club, Head Coach of Women Team Poland). They both resigned.

And it was just 3 seconds (and 4 points up) to the final victory for Lotos PKO BP Gdynia, when Wislas DeForge took free throws. She hit first, and missed second one, just to grab the rebound and make 3pointer right at the buzzer. In the overtime Wisla took advantage of the Slobodanka Tuvic (Maksimovic) being fouled out and won the game (85:92), and the title. Twentieth in the clubs history.

Gdynias main target for 2007/08 season was not achieved. Despite winning SuperCup and Cup of Poland, the lack of winning Championship results in transformation. The coaching position is now open. Couple of coaches, who could come to the club: Adam Prabucki (Pol), Miroslaw Noculak (Pol), Eugeniusz Kijewski (Pol).

Players, who stay: Magdalena Leciejewska (191-C-86) (Pol), Paulina Pawlak (170-G-84) (Pol), Marta Jujka (191-C-88) (Pol), Ekaterina Snytina (188-F-85) (BLR). The clubs authorities have to think, how to consolidate the team now, the existing players and newcomers along with the coach. Difficult situation, especially if the season starts September 27th 2008.

Koziorowicz in CCC Polkowice -by Maciej Schwarz
Krzysztof Koziorowicz , the head coach of Women Team Poland, has just been announced as head coach of CCC Polkowice. The coach, who is most commonly recognised as employee of Lotos PKO BP Gdynia team, will lead the south of Poland team in 2008/09 campaign.

The Polkowice authorities were looking for the coach, who would change the image of the team. After dissapointing season (finished 5th) CCC, will be out of European Cup and need to focus on local grounds. Hiring Koziorowicz is to help with improving the team standings.

RUSSIA - Women

Stats Leaders
A Superleague Stats Leaders
Points Per Game
1 Lennox, Orenb. 22.2
2 Ekabsone, DynaM 19.4
3 Planet, BCMosc 17.9
4 Jackson, Spar.MR 16.9
5 Simon, DynaM 15.9
Rebounds Per Game
1 Kiseleva, Chelyab. 9.5
2 Stepanova, CSKA 9.0
3 Bokareva, Vologda 8.4
4 Veremeenk, Orenb. 8.4
5 Shakirova, Orenb. 8.3
Assists Per Game
1 Marchenko, DinaE 6.2
2 Edvizh, CSKA 5.4
3 Taurazi, Spar.MR 5.3
4 Bridget, Spar.MR 5.1
5 Berseneva, Orenb.4.5
Steals Per Game
1 Kolosovs, Shelen 3.5
2 Fomina DynamoK 3.0
3 Mohr, Vologda 2.6
4 Vodopya, UMMC 2.5
5 Mironova, SparSP 2.5
Blocks Per Game
1 Veremeen, Orenb. 2.6
2 Kiseleva, Chelyab. 2.2
3 Stepanova, CSKA 2.0
1 Taylor, UMMC 66.6
2 Vouters , CSKA 62.5
3 Nikitina, CSKA 60.7
1 Voroby, Shelen 54.1
2 Popova, DinaE 50.0
3 Bridgit, Spar.MR 50.0
Free Throws
1 Rusakova, DynaM 93.7
2 Masilene, Orenb. 92.3
3 Miller, Spar.MR 92.0


Underground sport: Saudi women shed veils to play basketball -by Eurobasket
The players bounded into the gym, shedding their long black cloaks and veils to take to the basketball court. Up this night: Jeddah United against the Jaguars, as 30 women spectators hooted and hollered from the stands.
Such is the start of women's sports in Saudi Arabia a Muslim country so conservative that the fledgling women's sports teams that have begun to appear in recent years remain almost entirely underground, far from public scrutiny or religious clerics' eyes.
'One day we're going to look back on such events and hopefully say, 'Wow, we've gone a long way,'' said Lina al-Maeena, the founder and team captain of Jeddah United.
'Future generations won't have to start from zero.'
It is a far cry from Title IX, the landmark 1972 U.S. anti-discrimination law that spearheaded women's equal treatment in sports at a time when the women's rights movement was gathering steam across the West.
In Saudi Arabia, women cannot drive or vote and have few legal rights. The restrictions stem from the strict version of Islam the kingdom follows. Many conservative adherents believe that women's emancipation will lead to decadence and a dissipation of Islamic values.
For these religious conservatives, keeping the sexes segregated and maintaining male guardianship over women is not enough. They want to ban anything they believe might encourage women to abandon conservative Muslim values.
Because of the influence conservative clerics have on government and society, sports and physical education classes are banned in state-run girls' schools. Women's games and marathons are canceled when the powerful clergy get wind of them, and female athletes are not allowed to participate in the Olympics.
Despite such obstacles, Saudi women have quietly been forming soccer, basketball, volleyball and other teams throughout the kingdom in the past few years. Some operate under schools and universities, others are under the umbrella of charities. A few, like Jeddah United and the Jaguars, are independent.
The teams have none of the privileges that men's leagues which have existed for decades enjoy.
They're not part of the General Presidency for Youth Welfare, the federation that oversees sports. They find it hard to get corporate sponsorship. They don't have proper facilities where they can train, or even certified referees. And they are not allowed to participate in international competitions.
And while men's games are broadcast on TV and take place in huge stadiums, women rarely advertise their games or even talk openly about them for fear the clergy will stop them. That makes it difficult for them to reach spectators from outside their immediate circle of friends and family. And teams in one city often do not know that teams in another exist.
In March, Sheik Abdul-Aziz Al-Sheik, the kingdom's mufti, or senior cleric, told Okaz newspaper he had ordered a university in the capital, Riyadh, to cancel a women's marathon. Last year, clerics barred a women's soccer game in the Eastern Province.
Abdul-Kareem al-Khudayr, a professor at Imam University, wrote on al-Muslim website that introducing physical education classes for girls at government schools would be tantamount to 'following in the devil's footsteps' an argument conservative clerics make to highlight the corrupting influence of women's sports.
That attitude is one reason why the rate of obesity among Saudi women is higher than among men, health care officials say. About 52% of Saudi men and 66% of women are either obese or overweight, according to Saudi press reports.
The women playing basketball on a recent night last week were conscious of the controversies.
Al-Maeena, 29, stressed that her efforts to promote sports are aimed at combating such 'social ills' as obesity, osteoporosis and depression, and providing healthy alternatives for women, who spend their time shopping and smoking waterpipes. She and the others emphasized they do not seek broader liberties, such as an end to segregation of the sexes or the wearing of veils and abayas, the black cloaks all women must wear in public.
'We look at it as part of our national duty. It's not just for getting into the Olympics or competing in international games,' al-Maeena said before the game started.
Did she worry the game would be canceled?
'The key is to have publicity later,' she said. 'It's also a matter of luck, but you're more likely to get lucky in Jiddah compared to other places' because the seaport city is the kingdom's most liberal.
One of the toughest things for the women's teams is finding coaches, said Lina Abouznada, board member in charge of the sports center at the First Women's Welfare Society, which fields its own team.
The society, which cares for 36 female orphans, was the venue for last week's game. The players bounced into the center around dusk, dressed in loose-fitting, knee-length shorts and jerseys underneath their flowing abayas.
No men were allowed in. The players had trained in courts they rent at gyms, or in those attached to private homes.
Before playing, the women shed their cloaks permitted under the country's laws because no men were around.
Jamila Antone, the Jaguars' American coach, compared the game to amateur league play in the United States even though the two Saudi teams are among Jiddah's top four.
'If the girls had facilities like boys do for all sports, they would do better than the boys,' she said.
Norah Ashrur, a 22-year-old special education teacher, watched as her team, dressed in Jeddah United's colors of raspberry, white and gray, played.
'It bothers me that nobody cares,' said Ashrur, who lived in Fort Collins, Colo., from the age of 7 to 12. 'In the U.S. everybody would be there.'
But because of segregation rules, not even her father could come to the game.
In the end, the Jaguars whose colors are blue, yellow and gray won.
Abouznada insisted the situation of Saudi female athletes will change for the better. 'Doing things step by step is better than doing it in one step,' she said.
'But we need to speed it up,' al-Maeena interjected.

Courtesy of AP

SERBIA - Women

Standings - Women
A Standings
 1. Hemofarm 27-1 
 2. Crvena Zv. 22-6 
 3. Partizan 21-7 
 4. Spartak 18-10 
 5. Vojvodina 15-13 
 6. Proleter 12-16 
Others in Stage One
 1. Kraljevo 9-13 
 2. Kovin 7-15 
 3. Loznica 7-15 
 4. Usce 5-17 
 5. Radnicki NB 4-18 
 6. Stara Pazova 3-19 


Celje holds off Hit Kranjska Gora in Final opener -by Eurobasket News
Celje - Hit Kr. Gora 74:62

The regular season best team opened the SKL Final with a win. Celje handled Hit Kr. Gora at the Celje Center to grab a 1-0 lead in the best-of-five series. The teams played two polar halves with the outcome of the first one actually forecasting the final result. Celje stunned the visitors in the first period. Aggressive defense and well-balanced offense prevailed as Celje stormed past Hit Kr. Gora building a 25:6 lead a quarter into the action. The visitors tried to come back to life in the second stanza meanwhile the hosts stretched the gap to 25 points at halftime. Gradually Hit Kr. Gora started to show some signs of life as they adjusted their defense and began clawing their way back into contest. The second-ranked SKL team outscored Celje 15:12 in the third quarter and went on an impressive run in the final period. Hit Kranjska Gora came as close as 10 points from Celje but still could not spark the intrigue in this one. Celje kept it cool and registered the initial win in the Final battle. Monique Blake (188-F-85, agency: Merit Sports, college: Seton Hall) posted 16 points and 11 boards to lead the hosts. Lucie Conkova (186-F-83) drained 14 points, while Nika Baric (168-G-92) and Milijana Evtoukhovitch (190-C-81) had 12 points apiece in a winning effort. Lidija Becanovic (188-F/C-80) provided game-high 32 points for the visitors in defeat. Hit Kranjska Gora outrebounded the hosts 38:35 but shot just 34% from the field. Celje answered with 41% of field goals. The teams will meet in the second game on Saturday.

Celje: Monique Blake 16+11 boards, Lucie Conkova 14, Nika Baric 12, Milijana Evtoukhovitch 12
Hit Kr. Gora: Lidija Becanovic 32, Domenika Gacner (174-G-85) 7, Mojca Markovic (177-G-79) 7

SPAIN - Women

Douglas paces Ros Casares to another Title -by Eurobasket News
Ros Casares -Perfumerias Avenida 72:56

Ros Casares is the best team in Spain this season! Thanks to Perfumerias Avenida, that made the series more than expected and interesting leaving the last game for Valencia. The latter trailing 0-1 in the Final, grabbed the win and the Trophy.
Katie Douglas (183-G/F-79, college: Purdue) was unstoppable with 30 points and 9 rebounds. Delisha Milton-Jones (186-F-74, college: Florida) nailed 14, while Erika De Souza (197-C-82) collected 11 points and 13 rebounds. Clara Bermejo (178-G-81) ended up with 14 points in defeat, whilst Ivanka Matic (195-F/C-79) and De Mondt Anke produced 12 apiece.
It was a shocking start for the guests that could stay on track with the hosts in the beginning of the game. Ros Casares suggested 28 points in the first 10 minutes and received 12 from Perfumerias Avenida. The latter realized the mistakes in the first period and had an outstanding defense in the second. The visitors left the champions with only 6 points in the period and reduced to 34:25 at the halftime.
Montanana and
De Mondt Anke tried hard for Perfumerias Avenida and cut the deficit to 44:39. Katie Douglas was not happy with that and after her 4 points the score was 56:43. In the last period Ros Casares not only kept the score for good, but increased the lead in the period. Last quarter saw 16:13 for the hosts and 72:56 as a total.
Ros Casares could enjoy the season so much, but of course desired more in Euroleague. After 10-0 in the Group stage the team lost the Quarterfinal series. That time Czech champions Gambrinus beat the odds and celebrated a tough 75:69 road win over Ros Casares to claim the last available spot in the Euroleague Final Four. Gambrinus were on verge of losing the series after falling short to Ros Casares in the first game of the series. But the Czech outfit recovered and struck back winning back-to-back encounters and came from behind to book the Final Four birth.

Ros Casares:
Katie Douglas 30+9 rebs, Delisha Milton-Jones 14, Erika De Souza 11+13 rebs
Perfumerias Avenida:
Clara Bermejo 14, Ivanka Matic 12, De Mondt Anke 12

TURKEY - Women

National Team Roster is Announced -by Cem Guvener
New coach of the National Team, Ceyhun Yildizoglu, has announced the roster for the preliminary games for the 32nd European Champiosnhips.

Nevriye Yilmaz, Esmeral Tuncluer, Birsel Vardarli, Melike Bakircioglu (Fenerbahce)
Isil Alben, Sariye Gokce, Saynur Tozlu (Galatasaray)
Nilay Yigit, Saziye Karsli (Besiktas)
Bahar Caglar, Seda Tekindag, Tugba Tasci (Ceyhan Belediyesi)
Naile Ivegin, Durdane Gulsah Gumusay (Botas)
Melek Bilge (Migros)
Hulya Ozkan (Pankup TED)
Emine Tugba Palazoglu (Mersin)
Seda Tabakci (Istanbul Universitesi)
Yasemin Horasan (Phard Napoli)