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Men News


ABA adds Los Angeles Slam to this season, and the team is looking for players - by Gianni Pascucci

The American Basketball Association announced that the Los Angeles Slam professional basketball team has been added to its West Coast expansion. According to Joe Newman, ABA CEO, the LA Slam were originally set to begin play next season - but Coach Don had come a long way in developing his organization and team so they were added to the teams playing this season - and they have been very competitive, recently defeating the very powerful Beijing Aoshen Olympian. The Slam is a great addition to the ABA and Coach Don, the Head Coach and GM is a very special person indeed.' The team is owned by Donald Sanchies , who stated:. 'I have coached basketball for over 30 years at various levels, including youth basketball, high school traveling teams, pro-am and now the ABA. I am very excited about this great opportunity. I have extensive experience with building and marketing business on the internet; I have been Editor of several popular websites and have been interviewed by many national radio programs. The Los Angeles SLAM organization is looking forward to a long and lasting relationship with the ABA.'

Also, coach Don told to that HIS TEAM IS LOOKING FOR A COPUPLE OF NEW PLAYERS, see the advertisement here:
The Los Angeles SLAM Pro Basketball Organization Is currently seeking qualified and talented basketball players to help solidify the Los Angeles SLAM into a championship contender for the 2008-09 ABA title. The Los Angeles SLAM is already stacked with many talented and well-known basketball players from California. We would like to add a legitimate power forward to our present line up. However, we will consider players that can play SG, SF, or center. The SLAM is looking for only local players right now. All interested parties should send their resume or a short bio to: coach@LosAngelesSlam.Com
For more information, email or visit


Adriatic L. Standings
 1. Partizan 17-2 
 2. Crvena Zvez. 16-3 
 3. Hemofarm 14-5 
 4. Cibona 13-6 
 5. Zadar 13-6 
 6. Buducnost 11-8 
 7. Bosna S. 8-11 
 8. FMP 8-11 
 9. Olimpija 8-11 
 10. Krka 6-12 
 11. KK Split 6-13 
 12. Vojvodina 4-14 
 13. KK Zagreb 4-15 
 14. Helios 4-15 

Stats Leaders

Points Per Game
  Avg: 11.6
 1. Labovic, FMP18.9 
 2. Vukosavljevi., Hemof.17.5 
 3. Jacobson, Helios16.3 
 4. Shields, Krka16.3 
 5. Ikonic, Bosna S.15.3 
 6. Tomic, KK Zagreb15.1 
 7. Shannon, KK Split14.9 
 8. Stemberger, KK Sp.14.7 
 9. Simon, KK Zagreb14.5 
 10. Gecevski, Zad.14.5 
Rebounds Per Game
 Hrvoje PERIC
  Avg: 4.7
 1. Tomic, KK Zagreb8.8 
 2. Gecevski, Zadar7.6 
 3. Samardziski, FMP7.4 
 4. Borovnjak, Vojvo.7.1 
 5. Ivanov, Zadar7.0 
 6. Lasme, Partizan6.6 
 7. Velickovic, Partizan6.5 
 8. Pavic, Krka6.5 
 9. Labovic, FMP5.9 
 10. Fisher, Vojvodi.5.9 
Assists Per Game
 Vladimir MICOV
  Avg: 2.4
 1. Ilievski, U.Olimpija4.5 
 2. Shannon, KK Split4.3 
 3. Stipcevic, Zadar4.2 
 4. Dordevic, Bosna S.3.9 
 5. Covic, FMP3.5 
 6. Mocnik, Helios3.5 
 7. Marinovic, Crvena Z.3.3 
 8. Dixon, Zadar3.3 
 9. Calloway, Cibona3.3 
 10. Popovic, Vojvodi.3.2 
Steals Per Game
  Bosna S.
  Avg: 1.3
 1. Marshall, Cibona2.5 
 2. Shannon, KK Split2.3 
 3. Dasic, Buducnost2.3 
 4. Markovic, Hemofarm1.9 
 5. Calloway, Cibona1.8 
 6. Micov, Buducnost1.8 
 7. Mocnik, Helios1.7 
 8. Otasevic, Buducnost1.7 
 9. Ozbolt, U.Olimpija1.7 
 10. Popovic, Vojvodi.1.6 
Blocks Per Game
 Smiljan PAVIC
  Avg: 0.6
 1. Begic, U.Olimpija2.5 
 2. Lasme, Partizan1.9 
 3. Vranes, Partizan1.8 
 4. Samardziski, FMP1.4 
 5. Bajic, Vojvodina1.3 
 6. Zoric, KK Zagreb1.2 
 7. Zimic, Bosna S.1.2 
 8. Misanovic, Buduc.1.2 
 9. Gecevski, Zadar1.1 
 10. Roberts, Crvena.1.1 


Standings - LigaA
LigaA Standings
 1. Atenas 40-5 
 2. Estudiantes 37-0 
 3. Independ.N. 37-5 
 4. Penarol 35-0 
 5. Libertad 35-5 
 6. Gimn.CR 35-5 
 7. Sionista 34-5 
 8. Obras 33-0 
 9. El Nacional 33-5 
 10. Cicl.Olimpico 33-5 
 11. Boca Jrs 32-5 
 12. Quilmes MP 32-5 
 13. Regatas C. 31-0 
 14. Lanus 29-0 
 15. Quimsa 28-5 
 16. Ben Hur 27-5 

Stats Leaders - LigaA

Points Per Game
 Cedric MOODIE
  Avg: 20.9
 1. Moodie, Independ.20.9 
 2. Nelson, Estudiantes20.9 
 3. Jackson, Penarol18.6 
 4. Robinson, Sionista17.7 
 5. Assie, Independ.N.17.7 
 6. Taylor, Lanus17.4 
 7. Glover, Cicl.Olimpico16.9 
 8. Gomez, El Nacional16.1 
 9. Osborne, Libertad16.1 
 10. Gonzalez, Penar.15.3 
Rebounds Per Game
  Regatas C.
  Avg: 10.7
 1. Kammerichs, Regat.10.7 
 2. Assie, Independ.N.8.7 
 3. Williams, Cicl.Oli.8.7 
 4. Nelson, Estudiantes8.1 
 5. Levy, Estudiantes7.8 
 6. Borrell, Obras7.3 
 7. Gomez, El Nacional7.3 
 8. Taylor, Lanus7.1 
 9. Kante, Atenas7.1 
 10. Spillers, Sionis.7.0 
Assists Per Game
 Hernando SALLES
  Quilmes MP
  Avg: 4.9
 1. Salles, Quilmes MP4.9 
 2. Rodriguez, Penarol4.0 
 3. Treise, Quimsa4.0 
 4. Franco, Estudiantes3.8 
 5. Cantero, Sionista3.8 
 6. Titarelli, Obras3.2 
 7. Olmedo, Lanus3.2 
 8. Montecchia, Regat.2.9 
 9. La Bella, Estudiantes2.9 
 10. Villares, Sionis.2.7 
Steals Per Game
 Anthony JOHNSON
  Avg: 6.7
 1. Johnson, Boca Jrs6.7 
 2. Assie, Independ.N.2.7 
 3. Marin, Independ.N.2.5 
 4. Moodie, Independ.2.4 
 5. Aguirre, Boca Jrs2.2 
 6. Treise, Quimsa2.0 
 7. Casini, Boca Jrs2.0 
 8. Sciutto, Gimn.CR1.9 
 9. Glover, Cicl.Olimpico1.8 
 10. Bortz, Boca J.1.8 
Blocks Per Game
 Ramel ALLEN
  Avg: 1.9
 1. Allen, Quimsa1.9 
 2. Smith, Quimsa1.9 
 3. Miller, Quimsa1.9 
 4. Bortz, Boca Jrs1.9 
 5. Moore, El Nacional1.5 
 6. Smith, Lanus1.3 
 7. Kammerichs, Regat.1.3 
 8. Assie, Independ.N.1.0 
 9. Williams, Cicl.Oli.0.9 
 10. Gonzalez, Penar.0.9 

LigaA Round: 16 (Regular Season, second phase) - by Eurobasket News
Estudiantes - Lanus 94-79
Estudiantes outplayed Lanus 94-79 coming closer to Independiente and Atenas, which suffered defeats in this round. Edward Nelson again was a key player for Estu collecting 28 points and 11 rebounds. Jon Smith answered with 16 points and 13 boards in loss.

Libertad - Obras 74-76
Obras grabbed thriller road victory against Libertad improving on 8-8 record in the second phase. On the other side, the hosts fell on 9-6 (35.5 pts in total). Tyler Field had 14 pts and 11 rebs, while Lazaro Borrell added 13 pts and 5 boards for the winners. Alejandro contributed with 15 pts and 9 rebs in defeat.

Sionista - Atenas 86-80
Sionista managed to crush powerful Atenas mostly owing to Chuck Robinson and Javier Martinez, which combined 41 points. Juan Pablo Canter scored 17. Bruno Labaque, who came off the bench, top-scored in Atenas with 18 pts.

Boca Jrs - El Nacional 97-86
Juan Espil came up with 22 points, Macros Casini had 14 and Fernando Calvi added one point less for the hosts. On the other side, Camargo Dionisio Gomez produced 19 pts for El Nacional, plus 7 boards. Both teams now have the same 5-9 record in the second phase.

Independ.N. - Penarol 78-84
The second ranked Independiente faced with home defeat vs Penarol, but remained behind the leading Liga A team - Atenas. David Jackson (196-G-82, college: Penn St.) was totally the best player of this game draining 30 points. Cedric Moodie collected 29 points and 8 boards for the hosts, but with many missed shots.

Cicl.Olimpico - Ben Hur 69-53
As it was expected, Ciclista Olimpico outplayed poor Ben Hur by 16 points. James Williams shined for the hosts registering double-double, 22 points and 13 rebounds. The last ranked Ben Hur got 14 pts and 6 boards from Walter Storani.

Quilmes MP - Gimn.CR 85-95
Gimnasia CR cruised past Quilmes MP on the road 95-85 staying at the top part of the Liga A standings. Mariano Fraco led the scorers in victory with 17 points, including 4 triples for 20 minutes. Diego Romero had 13 and Jimmy Boston netted 12 points. The hosts got 25 points and 5 boards from Jazwin Cowan.

Regatas - Quimsa
Scheduled for February 10th.

Stats Leaders - TNA

Points Per Game
  San Mart.C.
  Avg: 20.3
 1. Carcamo, San M.20.3 
 2. Ghirardi, Firmat S.18.8 
 3. Warren, Argentino18.3 
 4. Tomatis, Alma Juniors17.9 
 5. Nwankwo, San M.17.8 
 6. Ford, P.Echague17.8 
 7. Sucre, Union17.6 
 8. Miller, A.Italiana17.5 
 9. Rollins, Ciclista17.3 
 10. Ceruti, San.16.9 
Rebounds Per Game
  San Mart.C.
  Avg: 10.6
 1. Carcamo, San M.10.6 
 2. Rollins, Ciclista9.8 
 3. Johnson, Belgrano.8.9 
 4. Williams, A.Espanola8.7 
 5. Sucre, Union8.1 
 6. Brown, Firmat SF8.1 
 7. Brezzo, San M.7.1 
 8. Pardal, C.Entrer.6.8 
 9. Fabio, Obera TC6.6 
 10. Centeno, C.Entr.6.5 
Assists Per Game
 Cristian CADILLAC
  Avg: 5.1
 1. Cadillac, C.Entrer.5.1 
 2. Sureda, Argentino3.7 
 3. Costa, La Union3.7 
 4. Gornatti, San M.2.8 
 5. Saul, A.Italiana2.8 
 6. Rivero, Atl.Echague2.8 
 7. Belvedere, San M.2.7 
 8. Palacios, Alma J.2.6 
 9. Martin, Union2.4 
 10. Schoppler, A.E.2.3 
Steals Per Game
 Juan Angel LOPEZ
  Avg: 2.6
 1. Lopez, A.Italiana2.6 
 2. Martin, Union2.3 
 3. Eiguren, P.Echague2.2 
 4. Pau, La Union2.2 
 5. Bendel, GimnasiaLP2.1 
 6. Ford, P.Echague2.1 
 7. Eseverri, Belgrano.2.0 
 8. Ledesma, Atl.Echa.1.9 
 9. Luchino, Union1.8 
 10. Eiguren, P.Echag.1.8 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 1.9
 1. Rollins, Ciclista1.9 
 2. Espinoza, Argentino1.7 
 3. Nwankwo, San M.1.6 
 4. Brezzo, San M.1.1 
 5. Porta, Atl.Echague0.9 
 6. Brown, Firmat SF0.9 
 7. Carcamo, San M.0.8 
 8. Centeno, C.Entrer.0.8 
 9. Robinson, Alma J.0.8 
 10. Whorton, Obera0.8 


A Bundesliga Round: 15 (Regular Season) - by Eurobasket News
Oberwart - St.Polten 87-78
Oberwart Gunners were too strong for St. Polten remaining on top of A Bundesleague with 12-3 record. Marko Moric led the scorers in the winning squad with 21 points. He missed just one rebound for double-double. Hannes Artner had 17 and Jason Johnson added 15 pts, plus 14 rebs. Martin Speiser and Thomas Schreiner scored 20 points apiece for St. Polten (6-9).

Gussing - Klosterneub. 93-91
Gussing escaped with a tiny home victory against Klosterneuburg, so both teams now have the same 6-9 score. Jermaine Thomas stepped up for the hosts with 24 points and 7 assists. Jason Chappell was behind him with 20 pts and 14 boards. On the other side, Andreas Diwald netted 19 pts.

Wels - Vienna 68-76
Vienna made great surprise outplaying Wels on the road 76-68. It is the second win this season for the guests, which got 29 points and 8 rebounds from Ravone George. Brandon Thomas replied with 25 points for the hosts.

Kapfenberg - Arkadia 109-100
Kapfenberg outgunned Arkadia in very important game as both teams had 10-4 before it. Wayne Arnold (193-G-84, agency: Court Side, college: Tennessee St.) propelled the Bulls to victory draining fantastic 39 points and grabbing 8 rebounds. Jeremy Fars scored 22 and Ramiz Suljanovic had one point less. Titus Nicoara and Fabricio Vay combined 58 points in loss.

Furstenfeld - Gmunden 94-92
Furstenfeld outsmarted Gmunden joining Wels and Arkadia with 10-5 score. Kapfenberg is on the second place with 11-4. Bryan Lucas shined for the hosts collecting 23 points and 14 rebounds. Shawn Ray followed adding 21 pts. Gmunden got 22 pts from Deteri Mayes and 20 from Matthias Mayer.

Worthersee - UBSC Graz 88-83 OT
Worthersee had to work very hard in order to beat the last ranked UBSC Graz in overtime. Tim Burnette was a key player for the winners with 25 points, 6 rebounds and 5 assists. John Richard Leasure helped with 19 pts. Dusan Virijevic had double-double in defeat, 21 points and 12 rebounds. Worthersee 6-9, UBSC Graz 2-13.

Standings - A Bundesliga
A Bundesliga Standings
 1. Oberwart 12-3 
 2. Kapfenberg 11-4 
 3. Wels 10-5 
 4. Furstenfeld 10-5 
 5. Arkadia 10-5 
 6. Gmunden 9-6 
 7. St.Polten 6-9 
 8. Worthersee 6-9 
 9. Klosterneub. 6-9 
 10. Gussing 6-9 
 11. Vienna 2-13 
 12. UBSC Graz 2-13 

Stats Leaders

Points Per Game
 Mladen SOSKIC
  UBSC Graz
  Avg: 15.4
 1. Mitchell, Arkadia23.9 
 2. Mayes, Gmunden23.5 
 3. Moric, Oberwart20.5 
 4. Burnette, Worth.20.2 
 5. Fears, Kapfenberg19.8 
 6. Youngblood, Oberw.19.7 
 7. Nagler, Klostern.19.2 
 8. Speiser, St.Polten18.8 
 9. Thomas, Gussing18.8 
 10. George, Vien.18.7 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 5.5
 1. Rhodes, Vienna11.5 
 2. Chappell, Gussing9.6 
 3. Bakovic, St.Polten9.5 
 4. Johnson, Oberwart8.4 
 5. Grier, UBSC G.7.8 
 6. Ledoux, Gussing7.6 
 7. Moric, Oberwart7.6 
 8. Nelson, Wels7.5 
 9. Colwell, Gmunden7.1 
 10. Lucas, Furstenfe.7.1 
Assists Per Game
 Ricky MOORE
  Avg: 2.5
 1. Burnette, Worth.5.7 
 2. Schreiner, St.Po.5.5 
 3. Boone, Furstenfeld5.2 
 4. Danek, Arkadia5.2 
 5. Lanegger, UBSC G.4.9 
 6. Fisher, Gmunden4.5 
 7. Mascoll, UBSC G.4.5 
 8. Thomas, Gussing4.3 
 9. Grum, Furstenfeld4.3 
 10. Youngblood, Obe.4.2 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 1.3
 1. Mitchell, Arkadia2.9 
 2. Ledoux, Gussing2.0 
 3. Hartley, Worth.2.0 
 4. Ray, Furstenfeld1.9 
 5. Burnette, Worth.1.9 
 6. Fears, Kapfenberg1.9 
 7. Mascoll, UBSC G.1.8 
 8. Creddle, Klostern.1.8 
 9. Artner, Oberwart1.6 
 10. Danek, Arkad.1.6 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 0.5
 1. Grier, UBSC G.2.1 
 2. Schranz, Arkadia0.8 
 3. Speiser, St.Polten0.8 
 4. George, Vienna0.8 
 5. Bakovic, St.Polten0.8 
 6. Huffman, Gmunden0.8 
 7. Kugerl, Kapfenberg0.7 
 8. Mayer, Gmunden0.7 
 9. Youngblood, Oberw.0.7 
 10. Colwell, Gmund.0.7 


Stats Leaders

Points Per Game
 Joosep TOOME
  Avg: 14.2
 1. Bankevics, Valmiera20.1 
 2. Kolesnikov, VEF R.20.1 
 3. Clark, Valmiera19.8 
 4. Vares, Valga Welg18.8 
 5. Varnelis, Alytus A.18.5 
 6. Beard, TU/Rock17.8 
 7. Alexander, Ba.17.7 
 8. Kjellbom, Norrkoping17.5 
 9. Kazevicius, Alytus A.17.3 
 10. Runkauskas, Sudu.17.1 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 6.3
 1. Beard, TU/Rock9.6 
 2. Anderson, Valga W.9.5 
 3. Vasylius, Neptunas8.6 
 4. Alexander, Ba.8.5 
 5. Dimsa, Aisciai8.0 
 6. Butkevicius, Kaunas T.7.9 
 7. Varnelis, Alytus A.7.6 
 8. Clark, Valmiera7.4 
 9. Valukonis, Suduva7.3 
 10. McNaull, Norrkopi.7.2 
Assists Per Game
 Armands SKELE
  Avg: 3.2
 1. Tsintsadze, TU/Rock5.9 
 2. Grant, Norrkoping5.5 
 3. Sirsnins, Valmiera4.8 
 4. Gabrans, ASK/.4.6 
 5. Hill, Techasas4.4 
 6. Runkauskas, Suduva4.3 
 7. Viskontas, Nevezis4.3 
 8. Eidson, Lietuvos4.2 
 9. Kazevicius, Alytus A.4.0 
 10. Jeromanovs, VEF.4.0 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 1.6
 1. Linehan, Kalev/Cr.3.3 
 2. Bolds, Techasas2.6 
 3. Skele, Ba.2.2 
 4. Kolesnikov, VEF R.2.2 
 5. Mazutis, ASK Riga2.2 
 6. Slesers, Keiza.2.1 
 7. Gabrans, ASK/.2.1 
 8. Fox, Kalev/Cramo2.0 
 9. Jeromanovs, VEF R.2.0 
 10. Valukonis, Sudu.1.9 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 0.8
 1. Silinskis, Nevezis2.0 
 2. Kjellbom, Norrkoping1.9 
 3. Woods, Zalgiris1.5 
 4. Lyde, Kalev/Cramo1.4 
 5. Anderson, Valga W.1.4 
 6. Berzins, Ba.1.3 
 7. Elliott, Valmiera1.3 
 8. Talts, TU/Rock1.3 
 9. Toome, TTU K.1.1 
 10. Selakovs, VEF Ri.1.1 

Standings - Men
BBL Standings
Group 1
 1. Lietuvos 12-2 
 2. ASK Riga 9-4 
 3. Kalev/Cramo 8-5 
 4. Zalgiris 7-4 
 5. TU/Rock 6-8 
 6. Siauliai 5-6 
 7. Valmiera 5-7 
 8. Barons/LMT 5-8 
 9. Ventspils 5-8 
 10. Nevezis 2-12 
Group C
 1. Aisciai 0-0 
 2. Norrkoping 0-0 
 3. VEF Riga 0-0 
 4. Kaunas Tr. 0-0 
 5. Neptunas 0-0 
 6. Sakalai 0-0 
Group D
 1. Liepaja 0-0 
 2. Keizarmezs 0-0 
 3. Tallinna Kalev 0-0 
 4. TTU KK 0-0 
 5. Zemgale 0-0 
 6. Alytus Alita 0-0 


Vitalyur grabs the Cup! - by Eurobasket News
Four best teams struggled in the semifinals of the Belarusian Cup and all of them could reach the Final. Vitalyur grabbed the Cup as later in the Final the team beat OZAA 101:74.
In the first semifinal OZAA survived over Grodno-93 trailing almost in the entire game. Grodno produced 31-14 and was in front until the end of the campaign. With 25-13 however OZAA took the ticket to the Final. Vabishevich top-scored for the winners with 21 points. Andrei Maksimov (200-F-83) collected 16 points and 8 rebounds whilst Alexander Osipovich (206-F/C-82, college: W.Carolina) netted 12. Chunda had 18 points, 10 assists and 5 boards in defeat.
Vitalyur overcame Minsk-2006 81:77 to reach the Final. Trailing 20-25 the winners of the Cup won three other periods to seal the victory. Lemik led the winners with 22 points, 7 rebounds and 4 assists. Dzianis Korshuk (202-C/F-78, agency: Agency No 10) ended up with 19 points and 7 boards in the losing effort.
Vitalyur had no difficulties to lift the Cup over the heads after 101:74 over OZAA in the Final. Maksim Shustau (184-G-86) top-scored for the winners with 22 points and 11 assists, while Zaytsev netted 18. Lemik collected 16 points, 9 boards and 4 assists, whilst Dadikin added 14. Ivanov produced 20 points in the losing effort.
In the game for the third place Minsk-2006 smashed Grodno-93 85:65 as Vergun posted 15 points for the winners.

Grodno-93 - OZAA (
Alexander Osipovichy) - 76:78 (31:14, 12:18, 20:21, 13:25)
Grodno: Charikov 16, Chunda 18, Mostov(3), Holin (4), Mishukov (2); Olszewski 9, Skydan (9), Kachan (8), Vasilevko (7), A. Dmitry Sviridov (212-C-85) (0), Dydik (0).
OZAA: Wolf (9), Vabitchevich (21), Ivanov (4), Andrei Maksimov (16), Fedorchuk (5 + 2 block); Alexander Osipovich (12), Milos Ristic (197-F-82) (8 ), Gubko(3), Nalivajko (0).

Vitalyur (Minsk) - Minsk, 2006 - 81:77 (20:25, 13:8, 25:24, 23:20)
VITALYUR: Maksim Shustau (13), Pogribny (0), Efremov (9 + 2 block), Dadykin (4), Lemik (22); Patsevich (14 + 5 under) D. Dmitry Sviridov (13), Zaitsev (6).
MINSK: Dante Stiggers (188-G-82, college: S.Mississippi) (8), Sharko(15), Trostinetsky (14), Dzianis Korshuk (19), Kul (9 + 6 under); Hurt ( 7), Verenich (5 ), Vergun (0).

OZAA - Vitalyur - 74:101 (26:32, 17:31, 14:20, 17:18)

OZAA: Wolk (7), Vabitchevich (12), Ivanov (20), Alexander Osipovich (14), Fedorchuk (6); Milos Ristic (9), Andrei Maksimov (4), Antoshchenko (2), Nalivajko (0), Dovnar (0).
VITALYUR: Maksim Shustau (22), Pogribny (7), Efremov (4), Dadykin (14), Lemik (16); Zaicev 18, Patsevich (12 ), D. Dmitry Sviridov (8 + 6 under), Gubanov (0), Bibik (0), Gabrusevich (0).

Belarusian teams started signing foreigners - by Eurobasket
Belarusian teams followed the Ukrainian way and started to catch up quickly to attract their league by signing import players.
Minsk-2006 signed American forward J.R. Harrison (198-F-84, college: Rice), Lithuanian center Sarunas Velius (207-C/F-83). They also added to their roster local sniper Pavel Yakovitsky from Temp-OSHVSM. Harrison played previously in Portugal, Luxembourg and Czech Republic. Velius played also in France, but started this season back in Lithuania.
Vitalyur made additions of similar U.S.-Lithuanian-Belarusian trio agreeding terms with American small forward Spencer Rhynes (196-G/F-74, college: Huston-Tillotson), Lithuanian guard Linas Juknevicius (188-G-84) and bringing back from Ukraine domestic forward Arseni Kuchinsky (202-F-79, college: Fordham). Rhynes played almost whole pro career in Austria starting this season at BasketClubs Vienna. Juknevicius is well-known in this region. He already played in Croatia, Latvia, Czech and Ukraine before starting this season at Liepajas Lauvas (Latvia) and then moving to Zalgiris-Sabonio Kaunas in Lithuanian 2nd division.
OZAA signed Bosnian guard Srdjan Bozic (196-G-84) from Slavija Sarajevo. He also played pro in Iceland.
Grodno-93 brought from Ukraine forward Evgeni Tkachenko (202-F-83) from Hoverla Ivano-Frankivsk and Lithuanian center Paulius Joneliunas (211-C-84, college: American) from Marijampole Suduva-Arvi (Lithuania).
But the real record was done by BNTU, which signed 8 (!!!) new players. They are former international guard Dmitri Akulich (189-G-86, agency: AB Agency) from Slovakian SKP Banska Bystrica, forward Sergei Gubanov (199-F-79), center Dimitry Tumashyk (208-C-88), both from Vitalyur, forwards Aleksandr Golovskiy (200-F-87) and Aleksei Maysturk (197-F-84), both ex Minsk-2006, forward Yegor Duvakin (201-F-81) (ex Ireland and Kazakhstan), center Pavel Orlov (204-F/C-83) (played here last season) and young guard Pavel Podolyakov (197-F/G-91).


Penn double double - by David Edole
Central Arkansas canned the last two baskets of the first half, took a three point lead into intermission and went on to a 58-54 Southland Conference basketball victory over McNeese State here Saturday afternoon.
The Cowboys made a run late in the second half after trailing by as many as 12 points but came up short on a couple of shots. They did cut the margin to two points at 53-51 on a three point jumper by Stephan Martin with 43 seconds left but then had to foul and the Bears made their free throws.
In fact, they made five of their last six free tries to cinch the win.
It was the first road win for Central Arkansas this season in six attempts and it was only the second home loss for the Cowboys in eight games.
The victory lifted the Bears record to 9-8 overall and to 2-2 in conference play while McNeese State fell to 7-10 and 1-3.
McNeese coach Dave Simmons said following the game that little things killed the Cowboys in the contest.
Until we figure out as a team how to do the little things in a game, this is going to happen. Were 1-3 but Ive been around this game too long to count us out. On the positive side we got our rebounds and we got to the line. We also havent had this many threes in a good while.
Central Arkansas Brooks Taylor led his team and the game in scoring with 18 points while teammate Marcus Pillow had 16 and Mitch Rueter scored 10.
Stephan Martin came off the bench to score 15 points for the Cowboys and Kleon Penn (211-C-86) had 10 points along with 11 rebounds and four blocked shots.
Diego Kapelan and John Pichon, the Cowboys leading scorers on the season, were held to eight and four points, respectively.
McNeese outrebounded Central Arkansas 49-34 and the Cowboys had 10 more free tries than the Bears. The Cowboys were 18 of 28 at the line while the Bears were 13 of l9.
Central Arkansas made 18 field goals nine of them three pointers while McNeese made 15 and had six three pointers (17 attempts).
Turnovers hurt the Cowboys and they had 15 to Central Arkansas 10.


Standings A1
NBL Standings
 1. Lukoil A. 12-1 
 2. Levski 10-4 
 3. Spartak P. 8-4 
 4. ChernoMore 8-6 
 5. Rilski S-list 8-6 
 6. Yambol 5-8 
 7. CSKA 3-11 
 8. Sliven 0-14 

Stats Leaders

Points Per Game
 Marcus HALL
  Avg: 22.3
 1. Hall, Levski22.3 
 2. Sakota, CSKA19.0 
 3. Dimitrov, Spart.18.4 
 4. McIntosh, Chern.18.0 
 5. Preston, Spartak P.17.2 
 6. Peterson, Rilski S.17.0 
 7. Papic, Rilski S-list16.4 
 8. Stoykov, Lukoil A.15.5 
 9. Tenev, Sliven15.0 
 10. Doychinov, CS.14.8 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 12.8
 1. Sanders, Yambol12.8 
 2. Adeleke, Lukoil A.12.7 
 3. Santos, ChernoMore8.9 
 4. Doychinov, CSKA8.8 
 5. Peterson, Rilski S.8.3 
 6. Preston, Spartak P.8.2 
 7. Georgiev, Levski7.7 
 8. Tenev, Sliven7.1 
 9. Topchov, Spartak P.6.8 
 10. Sakota, CS.6.8 
Assists Per Game
  Rilski S-list
  Avg: 5.4
 1. Mirkovic, Rilski S.5.4 
 2. McIntosh, Chern.4.6 
 3. Hall, Levski4.5 
 4. Velikov, Levski3.9 
 5. Dimitrov, Spart.3.5 
 6. Govedarov, Yambol3.5 
 7. Benchev, Sliven3.4 
 8. Stoykov, Lukoil A.3.4 
 9. Lilov, Rilski S-list3.2 
 10. Gruev, Rilski S-li.3.1 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 2.2
 1. Velikov, Levski2.2 
 2. Pickett, Lukoil A.2.0 
 3. Belberov, Rilski S.1.9 
 4. McIntosh, Chern.1.9 
 5. Sanders, Yambol1.8 
 6. Tsvetkov, CSKA1.7 
 7. Lilov, Rilski S-list1.6 
 8. Stoykov, Lukoil A.1.6 
 9. Dimitrov, Spart.1.6 
 10. Nikolov, Lukoil.1.5 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 1.8
 1. Sanders, Yambol1.8 
 2. Earl, ChernoMore1.7 
 3. Peterson, Rilski S.1.4 
 4. Doychinov, CSKA1.3 
 5. Adeleke, Lukoil A.0.9 
 6. Ilchev, Sliven0.9 
 7. Skumatov, Yambol0.7 
 8. Tsvetkov, CSKA0.7 
 9. Preston, Spartak P.0.6 
 10. Morton, Levs.0.6 


Nunez will coach Provincial Llanquihue - by Daniel Valencia
Provincial Llanquihue announced the signing of the head coach Cipriano Nunez for the 09/10 Dimayor season. Nunez has an extended coaching career in the country, with ten season as the leader for Universidad de Concepcion and one season with Deportes Ancud.

Llanquihue ended in the last place of the competition the past season and now is looking to establish once again as a playoff team. They already resign guards Ignacio Navarrete (175-G-87), Nicolas Ulloa (170-G-90) and center Pedro Sands (200-C-84).

Allende is back in Osorno - by Daniel Valencia
The argentinian Daniel Allende became the new head coach for Provincial Osorno. He already worked for 5 seasons with the club, winning two Dimayor titles (2004 and 2006). After this he coached the chilean national team for two years and now he is back with the team that gave him glory.

Osorno is looking to regain their place as a top team in the league and they have resign Cristian Perez (194-F/G-74), Emilio Paris (196-F/C-74), Rodrigo Zuniga (198-F-76), Sebastian Suarez (189-F-91), Ronald Cruces (177-G-87) and Renato Vera (199-C/F-87).


Stats Leaders - CBA

Points Per Game
  Avg: 20.8
 1. Muoneke, Yunnan34.6 
 2. Wells, Shanxi Zh.34.3 
 3. White, Zhejiang G.34.1 
 4. Rodgers, Jilin33.4 
 5. Jones, Beijing33.2 
 6. Harris, DongGuan32.2 
 7. Benson, Shaanxi31.5 
 8. Snyder, Zhejiang C.31.1 
 9. Tuck, Shandong30.8 
 10. Harvey, Jiang.29.2 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 10.1
 1. Oyedeji, Shanxi Zh.19.3 
 2. Benson, Shaanxi18.7 
 3. Harvey, Jiangsu15.4 
 4. Harris, DongGuan15.1 
 5. Thompson, Shandong14.5 
 6. Jones, Beijing14.2 
 7. Watkins, Jiangsu13.9 
 8. Watkins, TianJ.13.4 
 9. Porter, Fujian13.0 
 10. Lauderdale, Sha.12.9 
Assists Per Game
 Shuo HAN
  Avg: 3
 1. Lu, Fujian8.7 
 2. Hu, Jiangsu7.4 
 3. Tuck, Shandong5.9 
 4. Benson, Shaanxi5.7 
 5. Allen, Xinjiang5.7 
 6. White, Zhejiang G.5.6 
 7. Li, Qingdao DS5.4 
 8. Mengke, Xinjiang5.1 
 9. Zhang, Liaoning4.9 
 10. Smith, Shanxi.4.7 
Steals Per Game
  Zhejiang C.
  Avg: 2
 1. Lu, Fujian4.8 
 2. Williams, Qingd.4.5 
 3. Wells, Shanxi Zh.3.8 
 4. Allen, Xinjiang3.7 
 5. Robinson, Shaanxi3.4 
 6. Hu, Jiangsu3.1 
 7. Li, Qingdao DS3.1 
 8. Tuck, Shandong2.9 
 9. Smith, Shanxi Zh.2.8 
 10. Wang, Ba.2.4 
Blocks Per Game
 Dontae JONES
  Avg: 1.2
 1. Closs, Yunnan4.5 
 2. Lauderdale, Shand.3.7 
 3. Harrison, Beijing2.3 
 4. Steyn, Qingdao DS2.1 
 5. Benson, Shaanxi2.0 
 6. Mo, Bayi2.0 
 7. Watkins, Jiangsu2.0 
 8. McCaskill, Qingd.1.9 
 9. Thompson, Shandong1.9 
 10. Wang, Ba.1.8 


Johnson Demarshay released by Ydra Asfalistiki Enad - by Michael Aristidou
Due to his performance Demarshay Johnson (206-F-82, agency: Duran International, college: Nevada) was released by his team Ydra Asfalistiki ENAD Agios Dometios. Coach Marios Argyrou was not satisfied by Demarshay and suggested his release from the club. Despite Demarshay release Ydra Asfalistiki ENAD Agios Dometios will not look for a replacement at the time being. The team will go on with their current squad for the rest of the seazon. Ydra Asfalistiki ENAD Agios Dometios is in 7th place in the league for the moment.

Keravnos excellent win over Proteas EKA AEL - by Michael Aristidou
Keravnos Strovolou won the derby in Cyprus league by 74-78 in Limassol! That was the first defeat ever for Proteas EKA AEL Limassol by any other cypriot team in Limassol after they enter into their new home! Last time Proteas EKA AEL Limassol lost home was back in 2005 by DKV Joventut Badalona!. Keravnos Strovolou now has the advantage in the scoresheet to win the first place in regular season. The game was a real derby except the beginning of the second quarter when Proteas eka Ael got a lead of 15p(30-15).Tthen Keravnos Strovolou played better and half time score was 40-33 for Limassol team. Second half was exciting with Proteas EKA AEL Limassol leading all the game from 2-8 points. Last two minutes Keravnos Strovolou got the lead for the first time and never look back. Eventually won 74-78.

Keravnos used a punishing final quarter to upset AEL in Limassol - by Nemanja Bjedov
LaMarr Greer poured in 29 points including five three-pointers as Keravnos Strovolos topped Proteas EKA AEL 78-74 in the opening game of the national basketball championship Round 13 on Friday night at the Melford Arena in Limassol.

This is the first win for the ruling champions over Proteas EKA AEL in Limassol after seven years during which they played 20 games; however, from the tip-off it did not look that the visitors would return to Nicosia with a victory. Both teams are now leveled at the top of the league with a 10-2 record.

The hosts took a 19-13 lead in the first quarter and then increased it to 15 points at 30-15 midway through the second period, but Haris Mujezinovic went into foul trouble with three fouls which definitely helped the Nicosia team cut their deficit to only seven points by the half-time break at 40-33. Greer and the Serbian power forward Aleksandar Damjanovic then led Keravnos Strovolos in the third period as they reduced their deficit even further at 57-52 with the final ten minutes left to play. Dragan Racas men came out strong in the beginning of the last quarter and they went nine points ahead at 61-52. However, led by Greer the visitors took the lead at 73-72 with 1:17 remaining on the clock and managed to keep it until the final buzzer claiming an against the odds victory that makes this championship the most interesting in the last five years.

This victory means lots in our fight for the top league position prior to the play-offs. Now, again, we have our destiny in our own hands. I think that we showed character as a team. Although we were trailing throughout the game we never gave up and that effort paid off in the end. The game was a very difficult one to play, but we showed that we are capable of winning games as such, by simply playing as a team, said Damjanovic after the game.

Darrel Mitchell and Quincy Taylor each had 15 points for Proteas EKA AEL, while LaVell Blanchard added 14. Vujadin Subotic finished the game with 10 points.

Aleksandar Damjanovic and Guy Pniny had 16 and 13 points respectively for Keravnos Strovolos.



NBL Round: 24 (Regular Season) - by Eurobasket News
Pardubice - Ostrava 67-74
Marcus Arnold banked 23 points and 14 rebounds to lift Ostrava to a hard road success against Pardubice. Mike Mitchell nailed 18 points for the visitors. Levell Sanders answered with 25 points for Pardubice in the losing case.

Prostejov - Geofin 90-95
Geofin eked out a narrow away from home win against Prostejov. Emanuel Ubilla drained 33 points, issued 6 assists and pulled down 6 rebounds to lead the visitors. Corey Muirhead added 18 points for the winning team. Shaun Pruitt netted 23 points and collected 8 boards for Prostejov in defeat.

Nymburk - Liberec 88-62
Nymburk cruised past Liberec in Round 24 opener. Michal Kremen stepped up with 18 points and 7 rebounds for the defending champions. Ales Chan had 14 points and 9 boards in the victory. Boris Meno was solid for Liberec with 19 points and 10 boards in the loss.

USK Praha - Podebrady 56-82
Pardubice got to a surprisingly easy victory against USK Praha on the road. Pavel Benes, Ricky Soliver and Jan Tomanec had 15 points each for the winners. David Spicka added 11 points as Podebrady celebrated the 8th victory. Roderick Platt tallied 14 points and 9 rebounds for USK Praha.

Decin - Kolin 87-80
Decin pulled away with a narrow home win over Kolin. William Hatcher came up with 21 points, while Tarvis Williams had impressive 14 points and 19 rebounds to lead Decin to the 14th victory. Rashaan Ames shone for Kolin with 27 points in the loss.

Standings - NBL
NBL Standings
 1. Nymburk 21-1 
 2. Geofin 18-4 
 3. Decin 14-8 
 4. Prostejov 11-11 
 5. Liberec 9-13 
 6. Pardubice 9-13 
 7. USK Praha 9-13 
 8. Ostrava 8-13 
 9. Opava 8-13 
 10. Podebrady 8-14 
 11. Kolin 5-17 

Stats Leaders - NBL

Points Per Game
 Tomas HRUBY
  Avg: 12.5
 1. Hampton, Liberec19.9 
 2. Arnold, Ostrava18.5 
 3. Pruitt, Prostejov17.0 
 4. Benes, Podebrady16.7 
 5. Sanders, Pardubice16.5 
 6. Hatcher, Decin16.1 
 7. Sarovic, Geofin16.0 
 8. Walker, Geofin15.7 
 9. Steffel, Pardubice15.6 
 10. Brown, Kol.14.6 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 4.9
 1. Pruitt, Prostejov10.2 
 2. Rogers, Kolin8.6 
 3. Walker, Geofin8.5 
 4. Steffel, Pardubice8.2 
 5. Arnold, Ostrava8.0 
 6. Platt, USK Praha7.5 
 7. Sarovic, Geofin7.4 
 8. Bohacik, Ostrava6.4 
 9. Ofoegbu, Decin6.3 
 10. Castleberry, Pod.6.0 
Assists Per Game
 Lubos STRIA
  Avg: 2.2
 1. Ubilla, Geofin7.0 
 2. Sanders, Pardubice5.1 
 3. Carnecky, Opava5.0 
 4. Hatcher, Decin4.9 
 5. Ames, Prostejov4.7 
 6. Toth, Liberec4.1 
 7. Skibniewski, Prost.4.0 
 8. Lepinaitis, Kolin3.8 
 9. Kotas, USK Praha3.7 
 10. Czudek, Opa.3.4 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 1.5
 1. Ames, Prostejov2.5 
 2. Kotas, USK Praha2.2 
 3. Pumprla, Opava2.0 
 4. Lee, Nymburk2.0 
 5. Ubilla, Geofin2.0 
 6. Soliver, Podebrady1.9 
 7. Beechum, Prostejov1.9 
 8. Hampton, Liberec1.9 
 9. Benes, Podebrady1.8 
 10. Sanders, Pardubi.1.8 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 0.4
 1. Rogers, Kolin2.6 
 2. Meno, Liberec2.2 
 3. Walker, Geofin1.3 
 4. Hamm, USK Praha1.3 
 5. Benda, Nymburk1.3 
 6. Williams, Decin1.3 
 7. Payne, Pardubice1.0 
 8. Marek, Liberec0.9 
 9. Pelikan, Geofin0.9 
 10. Arnold, Ostra.0.8 


Standings - 1st Division
1st Division Standings
 1. Aalborg 12-0 
 2. Herlev 10-2 
 3. Vaerlose 8-4 
 4. Aarhus BF 8-4 
 5. Skjold 7-5 
 6. Falcon 7-5 
 7. Hobas 6-6 
 8. Lemvig 5-7 
 9. Jonstrup 3-9 
 10. Odense 2-10 
 11. Virum 2-10 
 12. ALBA 2-10 

1. div. back on track - by Thomas Quaade

After a long Christmas vacation the 1. division is now back on track. Last weekend the teams we're in action again and there was some really good games.

Odense - Stevnsgade
In Odense there was some fight for two teams that has played well but lost many games in November and December. BK Skjold/Stevnsgade was visiting and in a game that Fjordager BK Odense completely controlled BK Skjold/Stevnsgade keept coming back and it was a really crazy impressive comeback where BK Skjold/Stevnsgade at one time was down 17 points late in the 2. half - then they hit a couple of important shots in the end and the game goes to overtime. Here Bjarke Petersen his a reverse layup at the buzzer to win the game 75-76. Michael Guldbaek (188-G/F-80) was topscorer with 30 points for Fjordager BK Odense while Jes Hansen (205-C-76, agency: Globalsports/Globalevents, college: Hawaii-Hilo), back in BK Skjold/Stevnsgade again had 19 points in his comeback debut.

Lemvig - Aalborg BK
In Lemvig BK the top team Aalborg BK was still playing without the injured Lasse Kristiansen (196-G-82) but Dreshawn Vance (203-F-85, college: Cal Poly - SLO) and especially Christian Thomsen (199-F-84), who has been a monster this season, played well. Vance finished with 23 points but Thomsen had an impressive line in 34 points, 21 rebounds, 5 assists, 3 steals and 2 blocks whille only commiting 1 turnover. Aalborg BK won big 73-98.

Other scores from round 12:

Herlev Basket - Vaerlose BBK 76-63

Hobas - Virum 90-76

Jonstrup - ALBA 63-66

Falcon - Aarhus BF 80-66


D-League Round: 50 (Regular Season) - by Eurobasket News
Rio Grande - Austin 109-104
The Vipers grabbed nice 5-point road win against the Toros improving on 10-15 record. Trent Strickland (6'5''-G-84, college: Wake Forest) once again was on high level delivering 27 points and pulling down 7 rebounds. Alpha Bangura helped the winners with 23 pts and 7 boards. The hosts got 28 points from Malik Hairston and 23 from Marcus Williams. Toros 15-17.

Ft.Wayne - Albuquerque 114-116
Will Conroy scored 29 and David Noel added 21 points as the Thunderbirds won for the ninth time in their last 10 games. Conroy also dished out 11 assists beside the points. Taj McCullough netted 25 in defeat, while Russell Walker replied with 23 points and 13 assists. Thunderbirds 11-11, Mad Ants 9-12.

Colorado - Idaho 111-129
The Idaho Stampede outgunned Colorado at home having 5 players with 15 or more points. Luke Jackson was the leading one with 26, Dwayne Jones had 15 and Jamaal Tatum added 23 pts. Trey Gilder poured in 27 points for the guests. Stampede 16-7, 14ers 13-7.

Tulsa - Utah 95-105
12-9 for the Flash and 6-16 for the 36ers. Ronald DuPree stepped up for the winning squad collecting 28 points and 8 rebounds. Dontell Jefferson was behind him with 20 pts and 8 assists. Tulsa got 27 points and 16 rebounds from Ryan Humphrey.

D-League Standings
Central Division
 1. Dakota W. 14-11 
 2. Sioux Falls S. 13-10 
 3. Iowa E. 12-6 
 4. Erie BH 11-12 
 5. Ft.Wayne MA 9-12 
Southwest Division
 1. Austin T. 15-7 
 2. Colorado 14ers 14-7 
 3. Albuquerque T. 11-11 
 4. Rio Grande VV 10-16 
 5. Tulsa 66ers 6-16 
West Division
 1. Idaho S. 16-7 
 2. Bakersfield J. 15-8 
 3. Utah F. 12-9 
 4. Reno B. 8-15 
 5. Anaheim A. 7-16 
 6. LA D-Fenders 5-16 

Stats Leaders

Points Per Game
 James WHITE
  Avg: 25.7
 1. White, Anaheim25.7 
 2. Conroy, Albuquerque25.0 
 3. Sims, Iowa22.4 
 4. Daniels, Erie21.0 
 5. Hairston, Austin20.9 
 6. Crawford, Los A.20.8 
 7. Williams, Austin20.2 
 8. Martin, Iowa20.2 
 9. Meeking, Reno20.0 
 10. Johnson, Bakers.19.7 
Rebounds Per Game
 Courtney SIMS
  Avg: 11.6
 1. Sims, Iowa11.6 
 2. Davidson, Idaho10.8 
 3. Gaines, Austin10.3 
 4. Hunter, Ft.Wayne10.0 
 5. Daniels, Erie9.8 
 6. Monds, Albuquerque9.7 
 7. Brown, Austin9.5 
 8. Allred, Idaho9.1 
 9. Meeking, Reno8.6 
 10. Lewis, Bakersfie.8.5 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 11.9
 1. Russell, Ft.Wayne11.9 
 2. Gill, Colorado8.2 
 3. Cleaves, Bakersfield8.0 
 4. Conroy, Albuquerque7.9 
 5. Parker, Rio Grande7.5 
 6. Stinson, Iowa7.3 
 7. Jordan, Rio Grande6.2 
 8. Clinkscales, Erie6.0 
 9. Ahearn, Dakota5.8 
 10. Karl, Ida.5.5 
Steals Per Game
 Dominique COLEMAN
  Avg: 2.8
 1. Coleman, Colorado2.8 
 2. Noel, Albuquerque2.7 
 3. Elliott, Sioux Falls2.6 
 4. Russell, Ft.Wayne2.6 
 5. Jordan, Rio Grande2.4 
 6. Conroy, Albuquerque2.3 
 7. Parker, Rio Grande2.3 
 8. Major, Dakota2.1 
 9. Williams, Austin2.0 
 10. Johnson, Aust.2.0 
Blocks Per Game
 Cheikh SAMB
  Avg: 4.1
 1. Samb, Colorado4.1 
 2. Williams, Colorado3.9 
 3. Giles, Los Angeles2.4 
 4. Sims, Iowa2.3 
 5. Alexander, Sioux F.2.0 
 6. Felix, Anaheim2.0 
 7. Petway, Idaho1.9 
 8. Hendrix, Dakota1.8 
 9. Looby, Rio Grande1.7 
 10. Dabbert, Colora.1.6 


Felipe Lopez Arrives Mexico - by Kerwin Abreu
Mexico: Felipe Lopez (197-G/F-74, college: St.John's) finally arrives Mexico after bein announced to play in Japan. He was watching Fuerza Regia's Game last nignt in a victory over Potros Itson 86-71. Lopez will be with Marlon Martinez (204-F/C-79) in the same team since next game schedule for this coming Sunday. Jose Pepo Martinez has great expectation in the Dominican Felipe Lopez as an experienced player who played in the NBA for teams as Minnesota, Dallas and Vancouver.

Marlon Martinez in this game finished with 8 points, 3-9 fgs, 8 rebounds, 1 assits, 1 st. in 33 minutes in court. It was a bad game for me 'Marlon Said' But finally we won the game.

It is not sure that Felipe Lopez will be playing In the Santiago Regional Tournament in February due to the signing with fuerza regia.

Charlie Villanueva In Great Shape - by Kerwin Abreu
USA: Charlie Villanueva (209-F-84, college: Connecticut) playing in the NBA for the Milwakee Bucks this season is having a great time lately. He has moved to the top players in the NBA in his last games. He is averaging 22 points per game, 8 rebounds and 2 asists in his last 5 games. This is the type of play we expect from him said Michael Reed. He has been great and we need him to become a better team.

Villanueva who was drafted by the Toronto Raptors in the 7th spot, is today one of the top future players in this league. Remember that the Bucks let go Jianlian Yi (212-C/F-87) to put Charlie to play.

Dominican Republic expect Charlie Villanueva to join the National Team for the next Pre world championship wich will be held in Mexico. Also Francisco Garcia (201-F-81, agency: Octagon, college: Louisville), Alfred Horford (208-F/C-86, college: Florida) and Trevor Ariza (203-F-85, agency: David Lee services, college: UCLA) are expected to join the team.


Bulldogs add Lawal to roster - by Gianni Pascucci
The Elmira Bulldogs released Demontric Doddles (6'7''-F-78, college: Mansfield (PA)). He will replaced in roster by NGR-USA forward Peter Lawal (6'5''-F, college: Post) who is a native of Uniondale, NY, and who was playing with tthe ABA team New York City Internationalz.


Stats Leaders

Points Per Game
 Justin CAGE
  Avg: 14.5
 1. Draper, Hyeres-T.20.7 
 2. Nichols, Hyeres-T.19.6 
 3. De Colo, Cholet19.4 
 4. Kadziulis, Siauliai19.2 
 5. Perry, CSK V.18.8 
 6. Szewczyk, Lok.R.17.7 
 7. Greer, Keravnos17.0 
 8. Taylor, AEL16.9 
 9. Beard, TU/Rock16.8 
 10. Greene, Sumykh.16.8 
Rebounds Per Game
 Devonne GILES
  Avg: 6
 1. Watson, Jerusalem11.4 
 2. Tomic, KK Zagreb9.3 
 3. Kuzminskas, Siauliai8.8 
 4. Kuso, Sumykhimpr.8.8 
 5. Beard, TU/Rock8.8 
 6. Talts, TU/Rock8.7 
 7. Thomas, Liege8.7 
 8. Besok, Galatasaray8.5 
 9. Bajramovic, BC Ky.8.0 
 10. Harrison, Fribou.7.8 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 3.3
 1. Oliver, Eiff.Towers6.6 
 2. Draper, Hyeres-T.6.5 
 3. Boykins, La Forte.5.5 
 4. Sumic, Siroki Eronet5.3 
 5. Green, Antalya5.0 
 6. Tsintsadze, TU/Rock4.7 
 7. Linehan, Kalev/Cr.4.6 
 8. Maceina, Siauliai4.6 
 9. Conlan, M.Hainaut4.5 
 10. Mitchell, A.4.4 
Steals Per Game
 Quincy TAYLOR
  Avg: 1.7
 1. Braswell, Cholet3.5 
 2. Langford, La Forte.2.5 
 3. Bowers, Jerusalem2.4 
 4. Sloan, Fribourg2.4 
 5. Greene, Sumykhim.2.4 
 6. House, Lok.Rostov2.4 
 7. Bakic, En.Czarni2.2 
 8. Mokongo, Cholet2.2 
 9. Linehan, Kalev/Cr.2.2 
 10. Jackson, Khim.2.2 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 0.8
 1. Lyde, Kalev/Cramo1.7 
 2. Johnson, Telek.1.7 
 3. Haryasz, Oostende1.7 
 4. Burlacu, Ploiesti1.3 
 5. Williams, Banvit1.3 
 6. de Jong, Vichy1.3 
 7. Ford, La Fortezza1.3 
 8. Falker, Cholet1.2 
 9. Wyatt, Amsterdam1.2 
 10. Triguero, Cajas.1.2 


Standings - Korisliiga
Korisliiga Standings
 1. Kouvot 18-7 
 2. Kataja 17-8 
 3. Lahti 17-8 
 4. KTP 16-9 
 5. Korihait 15-10 
 6. Honka 14-11 
 7. LrNMKY 11-14 
 8. ToPo 10-15 
 9. Componenta 9-16 
 10. FoKoPo 9-16 
 11. Pyrinto 8-17 
 12. Tarmo 6-19 

Stats Leaders - Korisliiga

Points Per Game
  Namika Lahti
  Avg: 15.1
 1. Wood, Kataja21.9 
 2. Blair, Kataja20.1 
 3. Blassingame, LrNM.19.5 
 4. Coleman, LrNM.19.4 
 5. Brown, LrNM.18.8 
 6. Smith, KTP18.6 
 7. Richards, Compo.18.4 
 8. Scott, Honka18.2 
 9. Williams, KTP17.4 
 10. Hunter, FoKo.17.1 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 6.6
 1. Richardson, Tarmo14.4 
 2. Wood, Kataja12.9 
 3. Cunningham, FoKoPo10.4 
 4. Williams, KTP10.2 
 5. Jones, Componenta9.7 
 6. Nikkila, Pyrinto9.4 
 7. Coleman, LrNM.9.4 
 8. Waters, Componenta9.1 
 9. Smith, KTP8.5 
 10. Zoller, Koriha.8.4 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 2
 1. Blassingame, LrNM.6.5 
 2. Blair, Kataja4.4 
 3. Williams, KTP4.4 
 4. Colman, LrNM.4.2 
 5. Richards, Compo.4.0 
 6. Vuori, Namika Lahti3.6 
 7. Sarcevic, Korihait3.5 
 8. Kataja, Kouvot3.4 
 9. Barnes, Tarmo3.3 
 10. Jalonen, FoKo.3.0 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 1.4
 1. Scott, Honka2.8 
 2. Williams, KTP2.6 
 3. Blair, Kataja2.5 
 4. Wood, Kataja2.2 
 5. Cummings, Honka1.9 
 6. Jones, Componenta1.8 
 7. Jalonen, FoKoPo1.8 
 8. Richards, Compo.1.8 
 9. Zoller, Korihait1.8 
 10. Hester, Pyrin.1.7 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 0.6
 1. Nikkila, Pyrinto1.9 
 2. Williams, KTP1.8 
 3. Epps, ToPo1.5 
 4. Hunter, FoKoPo1.4 
 5. Messy, Tarmo1.4 
 6. Spencer, ToPo1.3 
 7. Wood, Kataja1.0 
 8. Lehtoranta, Kataja1.0 
 9. Perkins, Honka1.0 
 10. Matinen, Hon.1.0 

Korisliiga Round: 25 (Regular Season) - by Eurobasket News
Kataja - ToPo 69-103
ToPo came up with the most surprising result of the round as they knocked down Kataja on the road. James Allen nailed 27 points and grabbed 7 rebounds to pace the visitors. Jean Francois contributed 21 points and 8 boards in the tenth win for ToPo. Jeremiah Wood had 16 points as Kataja slipped at 17-8 record in the second position in the table.

Pyrinto - Korihait 88-69
Pyrinto earned just the eighth win in the season as they held off Korihait at home court. Kurtis Rice exploded with 26 points to lea Pyrinto in Round 25 opener. Chris Hester and Kenny Lowe added 20 points apiece for the winners. Alain Laroche responded with 22 points and 8 boards for Korihait. Mark Zoller dropped 13 points in defeat.

Honka - Namika Lahti 75-61
Honka slowed down one of the league leaders Lahti at home court. Kimmo Muurinen nailed 19 points to lead the way for the hosts. Monte Cummings added 15 points for the winners. Ray Nixon registered 17 points and 16 rebounds for Lahti as they fell at 17-8 record at the third spot.

Kouvot - LrNMKY 76-59
Kouvot maintained the lead in the league as they handled Lappeenranta before the home fans. Jukka Kataja netted 20 points, dished out 6 assists and grabbed 5 boards for the winning team. Brian Swift added 16 points for the league leaders. Demetrius Brown and Pasi Riihela had 14 points each in the loss.

FoKoPo - KTP 68-71
Toni Ilmonen drained a buzzer-beating three-pointer to lift KTP past FoKoPo on the road. The visitors were led by Damon Williams and Toni Ilmonen with 16 points each. Steve Smith and Durell Vinson had 13 points apiece as KTP gained the 16th victory. Ronald Yates answered with 24 points for FoKoPo in the losing case.

Tarmo - Componenta 67-70
Damion Dantzler, Frank Richards and Kimmo Tolvanen chipped in a free throw each in the final two minutes of the game to ensure Componenta got away with a narrow win over Tarmo. Damion Dantzler finished with 20 points and 10 boards for Componenta as they improved at 9-16 record. Frank Richards secured 18 points for the winners. DeWayne Richardson had 20 points and 11 boards for Tarmo in the 19th loss for the franchise.

KORISLIIGA: Kouvot now on the top - by Rauno Hurmalainen

Korisliiga, Round 25: Basketball is round - also in Finland. Tonight's biggest upset took place in Joensuu, where local Kataja was without chances vs visitor Torpan Pojat (Helsinki). Kataja, # 1 Team before tonight, scored at home only 69 pts, lost all four quarters and the game by 34 points (69-103)! ToPo was shooting much better and played so well. James Allen (194-G-79, agency: Interperformances, college: Montevallo) led ToPo with 27 pts. Newcomer Jean Francois (197-F-80, agency: AMI, college: Georgia Southern) added 21 pts. Jeremiah Wood (200-F-85, agency: Court Side) was again Kataja's moste effective with 16 pts.
At the same time Kouvot (Kouvola) beat YMCA Lappeenranta at home 76-59 and Kouvot (18-7) is now alone on the top. Jukka Kataja (197-F-82) (Kouvot) had his season best 20 pts. Demetrius Brown (197-F-83, college: San Jose St.) scored 14 pts for YMCA LPR. In Espoo Honka got Team Captain Jukka Matinen (203-F-78) back in action and YMCA Lahti left the arena once again with the loss: 75-61. Kimmo Muurinen (202-F-81, college: UALR) netted 19 pts for Honka. YMCA Lahti had only two players in double digits. Ray Nixon (203-F-84, agency: Court Side, college: Wisconsin) scored 17 pts. Newcomer Chris Rodgers (193-G-84, college: Arizona) had four pts in 18 minutes. And then two thrillers. In Porvoo local Tarmo's American players bungled at the end and visitor Team Componenta (Karkkila) thanked by winning by
three 67-70. DeWayne Richardson (202-C-77, college: Fairmont St.) had this time 20/11 for Tarmo ja Damion Dantzler (202-F-76, college: Louisville) 20/10 for TC. In Forssa local FoKoPo was already concentrating for the OT (68-68) with 2,8 seconds to go, but visitor KTP used the Time Out and gave the ball to Toni Ilmonen (187-G-77), whose 3-pointer was good and KTP had won 68-71. Ronald Yates (201-F-83, college: St.Peter's) led FoKoPo with 24 pts. Toni Ilmonen netted 16 (treys 4/8) for KTP.

Kataja - Torpan Pojat 69-103 (37-46) (Jeremiah Wood 16, Quinnell Brown 13, Sami Lehtoranta 12 - James Allen 27, Jean Francois 21, Eero Lehtinen 18).

Kouvot - YMCA Lappeenranta 76-59 (38-36) (Jukka Kataja 20, Brian Swift 16, Matt Williams 12 - Demetrius Brown 14, Pasi Riihela 14, HL.Coleman 11).

Honka - YMCA Lahti 75-61 (34-33) (Kimmo Muurinen 19, Monte Cummings 15, Anselmi Vanjoki 10 - Ray Nixon 17, Ilkka Vuori 12).

Tarmo - Team Componenta 67-70 (36-42) (DeWayne Richardson 20/11, Victor Morris 17, Magen McNeil 13 - Damion Dantzler 20/10, Frank Richards 18, Clifton Jones 11)

FoKoPo - KTP 68-71 (33-31) (Ronald Yates 24, Ray Cunningham 16/14, Mikko Jalonen 12 - Toni Ilmonen 16, Damon Williams 16/13, Durell Vinson 13/12)..


Standings - ProA
ProA Standings
 1. Orleans 13-2 
 2. ASVEL 12-3 
 3. Gravelines 10-4 
 4. Le Mans 9-5 
 5. Nancy 9-6 
 6. Roanne 8-6 
 7. Strasbourg 7-7 
 8. Chalon 7-7 
 9. Rouen 6-8 
 10. Hyeres-Toulon 6-8 
 11. Le Havre 5-9 
 12. Vichy 5-9 
 13. Cholet 5-9 
 14. Dijon 5-9 
 15. Besancon 5-10 
 16. Pau 2-12 

Stats Leaders - ProA

Points Per Game
  Avg: 23.4
 1. Nichols, Hyeres-T.23.4 
 2. Rush, Strasbourg22.1 
 3. Gray, Roanne19.5 
 4. Banks, Orleans18.3 
 5. Thompson, Le Havre16.9 
 6. Boddicker, Chalon16.4 
 7. Skinn, Gravelines16.1 
 8. Chatfield, Dijon15.9 
 9. Monroe, Roanne15.2 
 10. Moss, Vic.14.8 
Rebounds Per Game
  Le Havre
  Avg: 10
 1. Merriex, Le Havre10.0 
 2. Issa, Vichy9.0 
 3. Masingue, Hyeres-T.9.0 
 4. Vaty, Pau8.3 
 5. Koffi, Le Mans7.9 
 6. Boddicker, Chalon7.4 
 7. Gray, Roanne7.3 
 8. Troutman, AS.7.1 
 9. Krupalija, Dijon7.1 
 10. Greer, Nan.7.1 
Assists Per Game
 Kareem REID
  Avg: 7.3
 1. Reid, Vichy7.3 
 2. Wright, Chalon6.6 
 3. Thompson, Le Havre6.5 
 4. Sciarra, Orleans5.6 
 5. Draper, Hyeres-T.5.1 
 6. Jeanneau, AS.5.1 
 7. Greer, Nancy4.9 
 8. Pellin, Roanne4.9 
 9. Chatfield, Dijon4.7 
 10. Houston, Rou.4.6 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 3.3
 1. Wright, Chalon3.3 
 2. Dobbins, Orleans2.5 
 3. Krupalija, Dijon2.4 
 4. Rush, Strasbourg2.2 
 5. Causeur, Le Havre2.0 
 6. Banks, Orleans2.0 
 7. Diabate, Dijon1.9 
 8. Greene, Orleans1.9 
 9. Grier, Cholet1.8 
 10. Dorsey, Rou.1.7 
Blocks Per Game
 Brion RUSH
  Avg: 1.4
 1. Rush, Strasbourg1.4 
 2. Wright, Chalon1.4 
 3. Houston, Rouen1.3 
 4. Grier, Cholet1.2 
 5. Bojic, Le Havre1.2 
 6. Greer, Nancy1.2 
 7. Krupalija, Dijon1.1 
 8. Nascimento, Rouen1.1 
 9. MBaye, Dijon1.1 
 10. Mendy, P.1.1 

Stats Leaders - ProB

Points Per Game
 Errick CRAVEN
  Avg: 20.7
 1. Craven, Clermont20.7 
 2. Fein, St.Quentin19.1 
 3. Olivero, Le Portel18.9 
 4. Carter, St-Etienne18.4 
 5. Ingram, Bourg17.9 
 6. Bing, Clermont17.1 
 7. Barnette, St.Vallier17.1 
 8. Mohammed, Limoges17.0 
 9. Gay, Brest16.6 
 10. McCord, Antib.16.4 
Rebounds Per Game
 Erroyl BING
  Avg: 9.5
 1. Bing, Clermont9.5 
 2. Melicie, St.Vallier8.8 
 3. Emerson, Limoges8.6 
 4. Sullivan, Maurienne8.4 
 5. Mathis, Evreux8.1 
 6. Vounang, Charleville7.9 
 7. McCord, Antibes7.9 
 8. Almonte, Nanterre7.9 
 9. Lalugba, Bourg7.8 
 10. Joseph, Maurien.7.1 
Assists Per Game
 Ronnie TAYLOR
  Avg: 5.7
 1. Taylor, Boulazac5.7 
 2. Williams, St-Etienne5.6 
 3. Ingram, Bourg5.6 
 4. Dunn, Maurienne5.3 
 5. Gomez, Poitiers5.3 
 6. Ball, Paris-Levall.5.0 
 7. Craven, Clermont4.7 
 8. Mollinari, Antibes4.5 
 9. McCord, Antibes4.2 
 10. Karim, Evre.4.1 
Steals Per Game
 Errick CRAVEN
  Avg: 2.9
 1. Craven, Clermont2.9 
 2. Barnette, St.Vallier2.7 
 3. Dunn, Maurienne2.4 
 4. Traore, Boulazac2.3 
 5. Sullivan, Maurienne2.2 
 6. Block, Quimper2.1 
 7. Ingram, Bourg2.0 
 8. Ball, Paris-Levall.2.0 
 9. Boire, Le Portel1.9 
 10. Bing, Clermo.1.9 
Blocks Per Game
 Gabriel KENNEDY
  Avg: 1.5
 1. Kennedy, Antibes1.5 
 2. Hollins, Nantes1.4 
 3. Tucker, St.Quentin1.4 
 4. Fein, St.Quentin1.3 
 5. Dunn, Maurienne1.3 
 6. Mathis, Evreux1.2 
 7. Darnauzan, St.Vallier1.2 
 8. Vounang, Charleville1.1 
 9. Jean-B., Paris-Le.1.1 
 10. Mohammed, Limog.1.1 


Standings - 1. Bundesliga
1.Bundesliga Standings
 1. Goettingen 13-3 
 2. Oldenburg 13-4 
 3. ALBA 12-4 
 4. Bonn 12-5 
 5. Frankfurt 12-5 
 6. Ulm 12-6 
 7. Bamberg 9-9 
 8. Ludwigsb. 9-9 
 9. Braunschweig 8-9 
 10. Paderborn 8-9 
 11. Trier 8-10 
 12. Duesseldorf 8-10 
 13. Art.Dragons 8-10 
 14. Noerdlingen 7-11 
 15. Koeln 99ers 6-12 
 16. Tuebingen 6-12 
 17. Giessen 5-13 
 18. Bremerhaven 1-16 

Stats Leaders - 1.Bundesliga

Points Per Game
  Avg: 12.8
 1. Westley, Noerdlingen17.6 
 2. Hess, Art.Dragons15.9 
 3. Bowman, Telekom B.15.9 
 4. Jeanty, Noerdlingen15.8 
 5. Bailey, Goettingen15.4 
 6. Gardner, EWE B.14.9 
 7. Fenn, Art.Dragons14.6 
 8. Esterkamp, Pad.Bask.14.4 
 9. Rowland, Telek.14.1 
 10. Gibbs, ratiopha.14.1 
Rebounds Per Game
 Roderick TRICE
  Avg: 5.3
 1. Ensminger, Pad.Bask.10.2 
 2. Slaughter, Bremerha.10.0 
 3. Gibbs, ratiopharm9.9 
 4. McGhee, Noerdlin.8.1 
 5. Gordon, Dt.7.8 
 6. Fenn, Art.Dragons7.5 
 7. Katic, Walter Tigers7.4 
 8. Westley, Noerdlingen6.5 
 9. Drevo, NY Phantoms6.1 
 10. Perkovic, EWE.5.9 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 2.6
 1. Jenkins, ALBA4.6 
 2. Gardner, EWE B.4.6 
 3. Watson, Bremerha.4.4 
 4. Joyce, ratiopharm4.3 
 5. Anderson, Walter T.4.2 
 6. Rowland, Telek.4.2 
 7. Gordon, Koeln 99ers4.1 
 8. Rivera, Brose B.4.0 
 9. Franklin, NY Phant.4.0 
 10. Bailey, Goetting.3.8 
Steals Per Game
 Andrew DREVO
  NY Phantoms
  Avg: 1.2
 1. Trice, Goettingen3.1 
 2. Gordon, Koeln 99ers2.7 
 3. Slaughter, Bremerha.2.6 
 4. McGhee, Noerdlin.1.8 
 5. Lee, Goettingen1.8 
 6. Yarbrough, Telek.1.7 
 7. Franklin, NY Phant.1.6 
 8. Rivera, Brose B.1.4 
 9. Foster, EWE B.1.4 
 10. Peete, Duesseldo.1.4 
Blocks Per Game
 Bjorn SCHOO
  Koeln 99ers
  Avg: 0.6
 1. Johnson, Telek.2.9 
 2. Slaughter, Bremerha.1.3 
 3. Gadri-N., Bremerha.1.1 
 4. Sesay, ALBA1.0 
 5. Dennis, Noerdlingen1.0 
 6. Boumtje Boum., EWE B.0.9 
 7. Ohlbrecht, Brose B.0.9 
 8. Gibbs, ratiopharm0.9 
 9. Bowman, Telekom B.0.8 
 10. Drevo, NY Phanto.0.8 

Stats Leaders - 2.Bundesliga

Points Per Game
 Jeremy WEDDLE
  Avg: 15.3
 1. Lischka, Lich24.5 
 2. Watkins, Cuxhaven22.9 
 3. Freese, Lich20.3 
 4. Baumann, Kirchheim19.9 
 5. Oppland, Bayreuth18.9 
 6. Hall, Schalke17.9 
 7. Parker, B.Muenchen17.7 
 8. Freeman, Hagen17.3 
 9. Benzing, Langen17.3 
 10. Griffin, Hag.17.0 
Rebounds Per Game
 Christopher THOMPSON
  Avg: 6.1
 1. Hamilton, Bayreuth10.3 
 2. Baumann, Kirchheim10.3 
 3. Jeffers, Langen10.1 
 4. Howard, Karlsruhe9.8 
 5. Gilbert, MBC9.6 
 6. Seward, Cuxhaven9.3 
 7. Sabourin, Bremen9.1 
 8. Gerwig, Chemnitz9.1 
 9. Freese, Lich9.0 
 10. Lischka, Li.8.7 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 2.7
 1. McNeil, Heidelberg7.3 
 2. Pfeifer, Chemnitz5.0 
 3. Griffin, Hagen4.9 
 4. Crawford, Kirch.4.8 
 5. Watkins, Cuxhaven4.6 
 6. Ruffin, teckproB.4.5 
 7. Holcomb-Faye, Bayre.4.4 
 8. Parker, B.Muenchen4.1 
 9. Williamson, Jena4.1 
 10. Pryor, Hag.3.8 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 1.5
 1. McNeil, Heidelberg3.6 
 2. Pfeifer, Chemnitz2.4 
 3. Scott, Kirchheim2.4 
 4. Williamson, Jena2.4 
 5. Paeley, teckproB.2.3 
 6. Hamilton, Bayreuth2.1 
 7. Mueller, Bremen2.0 
 8. Crawford, Kirch.1.9 
 9. Parker, B.Muenchen1.8 
 10. Thomas, ETB.1.8 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 0.6
 1. Williams, B.Muenchen2.7 
 2. Seward, Cuxhaven1.4 
 3. Hamilton, Bayreuth1.3 
 4. Shaw, ETB Wohnbau1.2 
 5. Benzing, Langen1.1 
 6. Sabourin, Bremen1.1 
 7. Hornig, Kirchheim1.0 
 8. Zyskunov, teckproB.0.9 
 9. Fleetwood, Hagen0.9 
 10. De Michael, Je.0.9 

Wiley joins Braves - by Moritz Korff
Veteran post player Du Juan Wiley (206-C-75, college: Michigan St.) has joined the teckpro Braves (2. Bundesliga Pro A). The 33-year-old from Detroit, MI has been playing in Europe since 1998. He spent most of the time in Hungary, but also had a stint with the Fuerstenfeld Panthers of the Austrian Bundesliga. During 2007-08 Wiley appeared in 22 games of the Hungarian A-League and led the division in blocks per contest (1.9). He also averaged 12.5 points and 5.9 boards a game for Planet Leasing Dombovar KC, that is now coached by German Peter Stahl. In December 2008 Wiley, who is a product of Michigan State University, made the move to Cyprus, but left B.M.C. AEK Larnacas after just one game played, in which he had netted six points.

Phillip Freeman: In Germany and available - by Moritz Korff
You won't find too many players of his size shooting threes constantly. At 2,11 meter Phillip Freeman (211-C-79, college: Miles) is what you call in basketball, a big man. However, the 29-year-old New Orleans, LA native is more of a wing player than a banger in the middle. When he played for the Iserlohn Kangaroos in the 2. Bundesliga Pro B in this past season Freeman hit 38 shots from beyond the arc (37.6%), more than any other player on the team. After 21 games played (13.9ppg, 6.7rpg, 1.8bpg) he moved to another Pro B club, hapa Ansbach. For the Piranhas he averaged 11.7 points, 7 boards and 2.6 blocked shots through nine contests until the end of the 2007-08 campaign. He spent the summer in the US and then returned to Ansbach, that had been relegated to the Regionalliga in the meantime. He had eleven appearances in the South-East division and posted 17.6 points a game.
Freeman is looking for team to play for the remainder of the season and is available immediately. He can be contacted by e-mail or phone +491-512-007-2193

Perioli shines in Germany debut - by Moritz Korff
Nick Perioli (175-G-85, college: Oswego St.) had a perfect debut in a Titan uniform, as he led the Dresden team to 107:99 overtime win at Gotha on Saturday night. It was a much needed victory as the Titans went through hard times in the Regionalliga South-East so far this season. Now Perioli's 39 points (including 6 threes and 5 out of 6 from the foul-line) secured the second win of the season. The Point Guard from Liverpool, NY had joined the Titans earlier this week, as a replacement for veteran Larry Johnson (191-G-79, college: Niagara). Dresden defeated the Rockets who got 27 points from each of their two imports, Terrell Towns (194-G-79, college: SE Oklahoma) and Kevin Hopkins (208-C-85, agency: Scorers 1st Sportmanagement, college: Amherst), while the new Titan guard was joined in double figure scoring by his fellow countryman Joseph Polite (200-C-84, agency: Weller Sports - Entertainment, college: SE Louisiana), who had 19 points and the Germans Robert Zobel (198-F-87), who netted 15 points, Robert Haas (181-G-88) and Benjamin Beyer (202-C-88) with 10 points.
Perioli, a speedy playmaker, was a four-year starter and three-year captain at Oswego State University of New York (NCAA3) and averaged 15.3 points, 5.5 assists, 4.5 boards and 2.5 steals per game for the Lakers as a senior in 2007-08. Before heading to Germany he played for Buffalo Stampede in the PBL.

1.Bundesliga Round: 18 (Regular Season) - by Eurobasket News
Pad.Baskets - Walter Tigers 78-70
Paderborn Baskets beat Walter Tigers 78:70 as Ensminger Chris shined with 28 points and 11 rebounds for the winners. Peavy Nathan followed him with 14 and Esterkamp Steven supported with 11. Anderson Jermaine poured in 19 points for the guests.

Art.Dragons - ALBA 78-90
ALBA is 12-4 after a road 78:90 victory over the Dragons. Jenkins Julius scored 23 points for the EuroLeague representative from the country. McElroy Immanuel notched 14 and Jacobsen Casey added 12. Fenn Darren brought 15 points for the home side.

LTi 46ers - EWE Baskets 70-83
LTi 46ers were defeated by EWE Baskets 70:83 in Regular Season Round 18. Foster Je'Kel netted 21 points to lead the guests, while Paulding Rickey produced 18. Jeffers Maurice posted 17 in defeat and Lischka Johannes chipped in 16.

TBB Trier - Goettingen 71-76
Goettingen improved to 13-3 on top after a road win over TBB Trier 76:71. Brown, Clif ended up with 21 points for the league leaders and Bailey Kyle posted 18. Evans George, Shuler Jamal and Richardson Norman combined 51 points for the hosts.

Koeln 99ers - Duesseldorf 80-78
Koeln 99ers improved to 6-12 record after the win over Duesseldorf 80:78 in Regular Season Round 18. Hunt Jeremy top-scored for the winners with 18 points and Jordan Michael added 14. Bailey Brant produced 22 points in the losing effort.

ratiopharm - Brose Baskets 96-79
Humphrey Lee nailed 21 points as his ratiopharm outscored Brose Baskets 96:79. Travis Romeo scored 17 and Finn Sean brought 16 points for the hosts. Dickau Dan ended up with 20 points for the visitors.

EnBW L'burg - Noerdlingen 71-54
EnBW edged Noerdlingen 71:54 behind 13 points from Watts Dane, Woudstra Brandon and Nagys Tomas. They all scored the same number of points for 9-9 record. Westley Omari produced 17 points for the Giants and McGhee Monta scored 15.

Landshut and Franken Hexer capture new players - by Moritz Korff
In their effort to pull out of the danger zone of the 2. Bundesliga Pro B both TG Renesas Landshut and Franken Hexer have chosen to boost their squads by adding fresh players. Both clubs currently sit in a relegation spot, the Nuernberg team second from the bottom of the table and the LA-Knights in 14th place.
Landshut brought in Greg Miller (193-G-77, agency: Rasmussen Services, college: Delaware) to the roster who arrives on a transfer from Rhone Herens Basket of Switzerland. The 2001 University of Delaware graduate, an Italian passport holder, is a veteran in German basketball. His former teams include Telekom Baskets Bonn and Crailsheim Merlins. He was named to the All-German 2.Bundesliga South All-Bosmans Team in 2007 and to the All-German 2. Bundesliga Pro B All-Bosmans Team the following year, after he had averaged 18.1 points, 4.0 rebounds and 2.6 assists through 30 contests during 2007-08. Miller started this current season at Rhone Herens Basket. In 8 LNA-games for the team he posted 7.0 points per outing.
Meanwhile, also Erik Hood (196-G/F-78) makes his return to German basketball. The 30-year-old Guard/Forward wore the jersey for the Delaware Destroyers in the EBA most recently. He was the second-leading scorer of the Iserlohn Kangaroos during the 2006-07 and had averages of 22.0 points and 6.2 rebounds (25 games) in the 2. Bundesliga back then. The versatile Philadelphia, Pa. native should help the team of Coach Alex Krueger, that parted with Sajmen Hauer (190-G-88) only a couple of days ago, with his routine and ability to score, as the Nuernberg team is last in the league in points per game.

Deutsche Bank Skyliners - Telekom Baskets Bonn Pregame report - by Moritz Korff

Article by Miles Schmidt-Scheuber

The Deutsche Bank Skyliners Seek Revenge Against The Magenta After Losing Game Five Of The 2008 BBL Semi Final And The First Game Of The 2008-2009 Season To The Telekom Baskets Bonn On Sunday January 25th.

Telephone Banking has been a great development saving a trip to the bank for the customer and goes hand in hand like a hamburger and french fries, but when The Telekom Baskets Bonn host The Deutsche Bank Skyliners on Sunday January 25th, the harmony will not be as kind, but competitive as Telephone vs Bank will search separately for the most direct connection to the basket. Bonn is known as the birth place of famous classical composer Ludwig Van Beethoven, who was famous for composing the masterpiece, the ninth symphony, but that wont hinder Frankfurt from being hungry to display their own Basketball masterpiece. Our team will have to be on the same page of music in order to have our masterpiece, stressed Ilian Evtimov. The Telekom Baskets Bonn have been playing great basketball as of late winning six of their last seven games including a commanding win against The EWE Baskets Oldenburg in cup play to reach the BBL Top4. I think that we are not always playing well, but we when to play well and what it takes to win, warned American Ken Johnson. The game will mark the return of coach Murat Didin and American Ken Johnson, who were not always on the same Basketball page last season. Ken always had potential and talent, but if he had had more hardworking habits as a youth, then he would be playing at another level now. He is doing his job in Bonn blocking shots. God bless his two daughters, stated Skyliner coach Murat Didin.

The Deutsche Bank Skyliners are coming off a huge win in Braunschweig and even though the BBL Top 4 is still five weeks away, it didnt hinder coach Murat Didin from having some thoughts about the Hamburg cup weekend. The Braunschweig win was a money game and our ticket to Hamburg. We will have a strong belief to win and hope to have 51% chance of winning while the other teams only 49%. Hamburg will not be a sightseeing trip. We are going to Hamburg to win, stressed Murat Didin. Even though Frankfurt left the Volkswagonhalle by keeping the phantoms from creating any havoc and securing the ticket for Hamburg, the importance of the win didnt change anything with the team. The win gave us extended confidence, but we are still the same team. We have to concentrate on the next 4-5 games, but take each game at a time, expressed American forward Derrick Allen. A big strength of Frankfurt this year is that even if they are turned off for one quarter like in Braunschweig, then they have the means to come back and it is extremely tough to play really strong for long periods of time against Frankfurt. It is important for the team to have that belief that even in bad periods, the defense has enough power and character to bring strong play; expressed Murat Didin. That was proved in Ludwigsburg and Braunschweig as Frankfurt was capable of almost completely shutting down the opponents offense, which carried over into wins.

The Telekom Baskets Bonn have been successful for many years being the BBL finalist four times in 1997, 1999, 2001, and 2008. It took many years, but the new Telekom Arena was finished for the 2008 BBL finals. The new arena has a capacity of 6000 and it will be the first visit for The Deutsche bank Skyliners. The Telekom Baskets Bonn have a 7-1 record in the new home and their sixth man never has to come on the court, because they are all around the court making noise. There is always a playoff atmosphere in Bonn. I watched the Oldenbug Cup game and when Bonn was up by 15 and Oldenburg scored five points in a row, all the fans in the arena would stand up and chant. The fans are incredible knowing exactly at what time in the game, what support the team needs. A team really needs warrior players to play there, added Skyliner assistant coach Klaus Perwas.
Currently The Telekom Baskets are in third place with 12 wins and five loses and continue to be one of the most competive teams that will challenge eight time BBL champ Alba Berlin for the title. Coach Michael Koch, the minister of defense keeps finding the right players and then forms teams that are always playing at the top.Koch does a great job finding the right athletic players that fit into his concept, said Skyliner assistant Klaus Perwas. At times, it seems like Bonn doesnt want to run any set plays, simply because all they are doing is running transition.. They are very athletic and play at a high tempo. We will have to control their speed, stressed American Derrick Allen. Even though Bonn is known as having a defense that could probably guard Ft Knox, the offense is just as formidable ranking sixth in the BBL this season in scoring.

But it continues to be the defense that gets the most respect from opponents. They are great at anticipating on defense getting steals and getting easy fast break baskets, which we will have to stop, warned Skyliner assistant Klaus Perwas. One big asset to the Bonn defense has been American Ken 'the giant Jonhson, who is leading the BBL in blocks with 3,0bpg. Just his presence in the zone has limited teams to going inside, but the tall figure of Johnson wont scare Ilian Evtimov from unleashing his running hook shot We practiced a lot together last year. I know him well. Everyone knows that he likes to block. He blocked me some times in practice last season and I scored some on him. I will use my body and just play it by feel, explained Ilian Evtimov

The team has enough offensive weapons starting with American Brandon Bowman, who is the second best scorer in the BBL beind Omari Westley of Nordlingen and is averaging 15,9ppg, 5,4rpg and 1,1 apg. He might bring back memories to ex Skyliner Chris Williams with his play, but as a BBL rookie has never heard of the American who is playing in China now. Bowman is an all rounder, who can score, create his own shot and defend anyone. He played at the famous Georgetown University averaging 11,0 points and 5,0 rebounds in his last season there. He also played in Italy and last season had strong stats in the D-league for Bakersfield with 11,4 points, 5,7 rebounds and 1,9 assists per game. American EJ Rowland is averaging 14,1 ppg, 3,3 rpg and 4,2apg. He had a good season coming from the bench in Quackenbrck, but his development has been staggering this season. Michael Koch went a certain risk making him his point guard, but his choice has sewn the seeds for his strong play. Rowland is a strong penetrater, but never known for an outside shot has developed into one of the top point guards in the BBL. He can be top scorer in games as well as dish out 6-7 assists on a regular basis. Rowland is very quick and plays very controlled this season, added Klaus Perwas.

American Winsome Frazier is averaging 13, 2ppg, 3,3rpg, and 1,1apg. When he is hot, then there is no cooling him down. He showed his force on offesne bringing the BBL South back into the game in the fourth quarter with his explosevness last week in the 2009 All Star game. He has a deadly shot and seems to know exactly how to hurt a team best with his shot. He played in Hungary last season and this is his second season in the BBL. American Ken Johnson often lauded with his defense is the fourth top scorer for Bonn averaging 8,2ppg and 4,0rpg. He is very experienced being drafted by the Miami Heat in 2001. He played 16 games for the Miami Heat and has played in countries like China, Spain, France and Switzerland. He can block on an efficient rate and give any defense a boost. Does the Ohio State alumnist believe that his offense game has improved under coach Michael Koch? No I dont believe so,.but I am not necessarily an offense player. I have always focused on defense. As soon as American John Bowler returns, he will be the post player again. Everyone knows how I play the game. It is great that I have absolutely no stress in Bonn how to play the game, added American Ken Johnson. It will be fun playing against Ken again. He is doing well in Bonn. But it is just a normal game for me, said American Derrick Allen.

A big blow for Bonn has been the loss of American Vincent Yarbrough, who is out for three months due to an injury. He is averaging 7,3ppg and 3,9rpg.Yarbrough, who has a lot of experience. He was drafted by the NBA Denver Nuggets in 2002 and played 59 NBA games. He has played in Italy and Belgium and knows the BBL having won a BBL title with Bamberg in 2007 and also playing in Ludwigsburg last season. He is a good defender and likes to show his smooth touch from outside. He will be dearly missed for Bonn .

Moussa Diagne is averaging 5,8ppg and 1,8rpg this season. He has quick moves in the paint, runs the fast break like a guard and can help on defense with his long arms with blocking. He showed his scoring qualities making 14 points in the cup game against The EWE Baskets Oldenburg. German A-2 National player Johannes Strasser has turned into a very fine backup point guard. He is averaging 5,3ppg, 1,8rpg and 1,6apg.He has a good outside shot and the opponent should never forget not to leave him open because he will nail the open shot often. He is a guy that wont shy away from taking a big shot in crunch time. Patrick Flomo is averaging 3,0ppg and 2,3rpg. He gives a lot of support under the boards and sometimes gives the fans you tube moments with his flying and leaping jumps through the zone with acrobatic dunks.

Ex Skyliner Alex King is averaging 2,9ppg and 2,1rpg averaging ten minutes per game. A guy that was never known for his shooting has career bests with 64% from the field and 36% from three point land. Alex is a quick defender and with his size and playing style, he fits perfectly into Michael Kochs systemstated Klaus Perwas. Even though King is doing his thing in Bonn, he has not forgotten his ex Frankfurt teammates. We still have contact as I talked a lot with Alex last summer and He called me after the Oldenburg win. He is playing well and with a lot of confidence now, expressed Derrick Allen. Alex plays with a lot of hustle and can change a game with his hustle, warned Ilian Evtimov.

German Artur Kolodziejski is averaging 2,7ppg. He is the fan favourite and energy source off the bench. Last season he averaged 5.0 points and 1,2 assists per game. He comes on the floor and always gives 110%. American Tim Clifford is averaging 1,9ppg and 1,2rpg. Even though he has not played much, coach Koch thinks highly of him. Clifford is a BBL rookie and played last season at Holy Cross averaging 18,0 points, 5,4 rebounds and 2,3 blocked shots per game. He had a pre draft workout with the Boston Celtics and worked out with Skyliner Keith Simmons last summer. American John Bowler is still out since the beginning of the season and will return soon. When Bowler does return and with Clifford having a supporter with Koch, will there be any room for Ken Johnson? No, I am not afraid at all of getting les playing time. I will continue to play and will be more than satisfied playing 15-20 minutes per game, added Ken Johnson.

The Deutsche Bank Skyliners continue to have a reasonably fit team after already having played six games in 2009. American Lorenzo Gordon hurt his ankle against The Artland Dragons, but was back in the lineup in Braunschweig even if he was not 100% fit and had to put up with opponents big bodies inside. He is similar to German Konrad Wysocki that his tolerance level of pain is high. The best example for Lorenzo is comparing him to a kid, who hurts itself on the playground. Some kids will go home crying to mommy while another kids wont, but stick it in. Lorenzo is tough, added Murat Didin. The other small construction site continues to be captain Pascal Roller, but coach Murat Didin has absolute no worries about him regaining his top form. Pascal has been playing non stop for 18 months. He is fit, but just tired. When he is not tired anymore, then his performance will go up. He will play like he always has, stressed Murat Didin.

With the carnival season just around the corner, The Deutsche Bank Skyliners want to wear their special warrior suits and drive away the Bonn lion mascot quickly. We will need a colorful suit to create harmony on the court, warned Murat Didin. From the team stats, Bonn scores a little better, but Frankfurt have a edge on the boards. Just as was the case with Braunschweig, Bonn makes only 10,0 assists per game. The man to shut down is American EJ Rowland, but that has been difficult for most teams this season as he has scored in double figures in 13-16 games. He has had four or more assists in 7 of 16 games. It will be vital for Frankfurt not to let him get Bonn into a healthy offensive rhythm. We will have to play great defense, control the crowd, stop their fast break and get the ball inside, stressed Derrick Allen. Even though teams have to focus on stopping the other team, Bonn understands that winning starts with their own team. We just have to go out and play our Basketball and play hard and not let the Frankfurt style disrupt our play, added Ken Johnson. Frankfurt needs to keep a close watch over two Americans. They have dangerous players who can always take over a game. We have to keep Brandon Bowman and Winsome Frazier under control. We have to control the boards and just play smart. They tend to hang out in the paint and collapse in ,so we need to be aware to pass all the time, warned Ilian Evtimov. The Telekom Baskets Bonn host The Deutsche Bank Skyliners on Sunday January 25th at 17:00.


First quarter: Maroussi Panathinaikos 18-21 - by Chris Mammides
Maroussis home court is an attraction for many ex basketball celebrities, among other the ex international player with the Italian NT Claudio Coldebella and the ex head coach Aggelos Koronios. The First Quarter has just begun in Aghios Thomas
The two teams started with the following players:
Maroussi: Keys, Stevenson, Charalambidis, Mavrokefalidis, Mavroidis
Panathinaikos : Diamantidis, Jasikevicius, Kecman, Fotsis and Pekovic
The first point was scored 7.50 before the end by Mavrokefalidis, one free throw, and 12 seconds after Steevenson continue his three point crescent when he scored two three pointers and made the score 7-0, with 7.02 before the end of the game. Haralambidis scored the third three pointer 6.32 before the end of the game making the score 10-0. Panathinaikos is doing exactly the same game as one week ago (especially the second half) in the same court, Fotsis didnt make twice and alone for three pointers while Kecman cant help the team. Obradovic replace the Serb with Stratos Perperoglou (203-G-84) and Pekovic scored the first basket 6.12 before the end and 5.45 Jasikevicius scored the second. Gliniadakis is the first replacement as he replaces Mavroidis who scored the 1out of 2 free throws in the foul earned by Pekovic. The Monte Negro center scored his first points from the charity line from the foul earned by Gliniadakis. The score 4.44 before the end is 11-8 after the two free throws from Diamantidis. Jasikevicius is shouting at Stratos Perperoglou for a useless foul made on Glyniadakis, 4.22 before the end. Stratos Perperoglou scored the first 3pointer for the Greens. Batiste replaces Pekovic, 3.40 before the end of the first quarter. Stratos Perperoglou has 1 out of 2 free throws but wins the ball and scores another basket balancing the game 14-14, 3.05 before the end. Stratos Perperoglou seems to be the man of Panathinaikos as he gets another foul and scores another two free throws becoming he top scorer with 8 points, 2.40 before the end of the game. Hatzivretas replaces Jasikevicius. Stratos Perperoglou gains another foul and scores 3 consecutive points.The score is now 1.09 before the end, the score is 16-19. Keys is scoring his first basket, 13 seconds before the end. Spanoulsi joins the game 4.3 seconds before the end.

Stratos Perperoglou is the MVP of this first quarter with his 11 points.

Half Time: Maroussi Panathinaikos 36-32 - by Chris Mammides
Half Time: Maroussi Panathinaikos 36-32
Soulis Markopoulos added Kaimakoglou in the starting five of the second quarter, while Obradovic added Tsartsaris and Spanoulis
The first basket of the second quarter came from Diamantopoulos and it was for three. Once more the score was balanced, 21-21, 8.22 before the end. Perperoglou continues to score, Diamantopoulos is adding another easy basket as Jasikevicius cant play defence. Spanoulis is adding his first basket, 6.02 before the end; the score is 23-25 while Mavrokefalidis is balancing once more the game. Diamantopoulos cant defence Diamantidis and after his third personal foul, Markopoulos replaces him with Stefanidis. The greens are not playing well at all. Gliniadakis scores and brings Marousi in the leading position 27-26, 3.09 before the end of the first half. Diamantidis scores 2 free throws while Haralambidis is adding another 2 points. Markopoulos is playing the last five minutes with a pure Greek team. Pekovic replaces Batiste but looses both the free throws. Maroussi is now two points ahead as Tsartsaris fouls Mavroidis who just joined the game. The score is now 30-28 with 1.47 to go. Pekovic is creating some troubles for Markopouloss team but the giant from Monte Negro scores 1 out of 4 free throws. Billy Keys is scoring another basket and gives a three points lead to his team. Panathinaikos scores its second three pointer with Fotsis but its obvious that is not as fresh as it used to be. The score is now 33-32, with Maroussi has the ball and 18 seconds to the end of the first half. Stevenson didnt play the last 14 minutes at all! It seems that Markopoulos is following a specific strategy, lets see if Obradovic has the answers. The score became 36-32 with the three pointer of Jarod Stevenson (200-F-75, college: Richmond) in a zero time.

Regullar time: Maroussi Panathinaikos 63-63 - by Chris Mammides
Regular Time: Maroussi Panathinaikos 63-63
Soulis Markopoulos started with Haralambidis Diamantopoulos and Stefanidis while Obradovic let Spanoulis and Pekovic in the court.

A technical foul over Jasikevicius who lost a basket gave a lead of 7 to Maroussi. Panathinaikos is tired and cant really harm Maroussi at these first 32 minutes, Perperoglou is the only player that really tried, with his last basket he reached the 17 points, the only Green player with double digits. Obradovic is replacing Tsartsaris with Nicholas while the difference is once more +7, 54-47, 8.03 before the end. Spanoulis is scoring a goal-foul and is minimising the deficit to +4. Spanoulis is succeeding the one and only fast break of Panathinaikos and 7.36 before the end of the game the score is 54-52. Billy Keys is once more in after the time-out which Markopoulos asked. In the second fast break for Panathinaikos, Spanoulis earned the 3rd foul from Billy Keys but he lost the first free throw. The game was 54-53 before the heroic basket from Mavrokefalidis and the stupid foul from Pekovic over Haralambidis. Panathinaikos scored with Spanoulis in another fast break. Haralambidis gave an amazing assist to Mavroidis and the Greek center made the deficit +3. With the score being 58-55 and 4.13 to go, Spanoulis got the foul from MAvroidis and he, once more scored another two points. Obradovic replaces the negative Nicholas with Diamantidis. Obradovic replaces Pekovic with Batist while Diamantidis looses both the free throws. The score is now 58-57 with Maroussi having the ball and 3.27 to go. Mavrokefalidis looses both free throws. 3.04 before the end Coach Obradovic gets a time out. The game is at its end, Panathinaikos and Maroussi tonight are more or less equal teams, Markopoulos is playing his best card now as Keys and Stevensson joined the game. Panathinaikso is really bad from the peripheral. Batiste is succeeding a basket in the paint after some time but he looses the free throw. MAvrokefalidis is scoring over Batiste quite easily and Maroussi is getting the lead once more with Kaimakoglou receiving a gift from the referee over Fotsis and scoring the one out of two free throws. The score is now 61-59 and 1.47 before the end. Spanoulis is scoring another basket but once more is loosing the free throw. 61-61, 1.28 before the end with Panathinaikos loosing the ball but Maroussi is scoring a crucial basket in the fat-break. Spanoulis is scoring both free throws and balancing the game once more 63-63. Is it the time for Stevensson? The American guard is loosing the shot but Spanoulis cant score the last basket, but he is lucky enough when the referee gives the ball to Panathinaikso with 5.2 before the end. The game ends in the regular time 63-63.

Third Quarter: Maroussi Panathinaikos 50-45 - by Chris Mammides
Third Quarter: Maroussi Panathinaikos 50-45
Soulis Markopoulos started with Haralambidis while Obradovic added Nickoals who didnt play the slightest second in the first half.
Drew Nicholas lost three free throws at the very beginning as it is obvious that is out of the climate, the technical foul that he received proved for second time in less than a minute that he is not ready at all for such a game. Kaimakoglou scored one of two free throws while Nicholas lost another 3pointer and made a false ball in the same minute. Nicholas was counting 3 false balls in less than two minutes. Billy William Amar Keys (188-G-77, college: N.Mexico St.) scored another 3pointer and gave the biggest lead to his team, 40-32, 7.20 before the end of the game. Perperoglou added a basket but William Amar Keys was on fire as he scored another 3pointer and gave to Maroussi a plus nine 43-34, 6.15 before the end of the game. Obradovic replaced Nicholas with Jasikevicius. Diamantidis scored the 3rd 3pointer for Panathianikos, while Kaimakoglou answered with another 3pointer, the score was 46-37 and 4.11 before the end Stevensson entered the game. Mavrokefalidis brought the difference in double digits, 48-37 before Batiste scores in the paint after quite some time. The game is really very good, with strong defences from both teams and very big passion. The score is now 48-42 with Diamantidis succeeding an amazing block shot over Mavrokefalidis. This was definitely the highlight of the game. Stefanidis scored another basket for Maroussi and brought the difference to 7 points with less than 28 seconds to go. Spanoulis replaced the tired Diamantidis while Batiste scored one of two free throws. Panathinaikos has the amazing 65% on the free throws. Perperoglou scores one out of two free throws and the third quarter ends with Maroussi having a five points lead, 50-45

Greek Cup: Panathinaikos in the finals after beating Marousi 72-76 - by Chris Mammides

Final Score: Maroussi Panathinaikos 72-76
Waoo!! What a game the adrenaline is very high and both team have an amazing thirst for the victory.
Soulis Markopoulos starts with all his tools, and the same goes for Zeljko Obradovic .

The first basket in the game comes with a dunk from Batiste, after another easy basket from Mavrokefalidis. Panathinaikos is loosing the basket but Maroussi cant get the advantage as Keys is loosing the 3pointer.
Jasikevicius is scoring both free throws in the first foul which was actually received from the referees, after more than 25 minutes in the court. William Amar Keys (188-G-77, college: N.Mexico St.) is scoring also both the free throws and is equalising the game once more, 67-67 with 1.56 before the end of the regular time. Vassilis Spanoulis (193-G-82, agency: Beo Basket) is scoring his first 3pointer, but Maroussi after the time-out from Soulis Markopoulos is loosing the ball with William Amar Keys being the fatal player. After another assist from Jasikevicius, Batiste is gaining the foul from Gliniadakis and is scoring both the free throws for the first time in the game. Kaimakoglou is loosing the 3pointer and Jasikevicius is scoring once more both the free throws, Haralambidis is scoring a three pointer and Vassilis Spanoulis is doing five seconds with the ball but Stevensson cant score twice from the 3pointer line. The score is now 70-74 with 16.6 seconds to the end and the ball in Panathinaikos. Vassilis Spanoulis scored the one of two free throws and Panathinaikos is officially in the finals.

MVP of the game was Vassilis Spanoulis with his 18 points and his amazing good fourth quarter and extra time.


Thursday's games - by Tamas Deri
Szolnoki Olaj KK - Soproni Sordogok 82-70
(24-19, 22-21, 19-11, 17-19)
Szolnok, Att.: 1500, Referees: Forrai, Adam, Kiraly
Szolnoki Olaj KK: Ronnie Ross (187-G-79, college: Utah St.) 25/9, Ken Tutt (185-G-84, agency: Strategic Sports, college: ORU) 18/3, Kornel Varadi (198-G-87, agency: Laszlo Vinko Services) 14/6, Jurkunas 5/3, Harazin 12, Cseh 8, Szabo, Coach: Por Peter
Soproni Sordogok: Alvin Cruz (186-G-82, agency: Paris Global Sports, college: Niagara) 15/3, Brooks 11, Couisnard 12/6, Gergely Kortelyesi (203-C-83, agency: Laszlo Vinko Services) 20/6, Dies 1, Csorvasi 6, Boldizsar 3/3, Vesztergom 2, Halmai, Coach: Meszlenyi Robert
2pointers: 53% - 48%
3pointers: 7/21 - 6/17
Free Throws: 23/24 - 12/20
Rebounds: 29 (Cseh 8) - 34 (Brooks, Gergely Kortelyesi 9-9)
Assists: 15 (Ross, Tutt 5-5) - 20 (Cruz 8)
Steals: 11 (Jurkunas 3) - 5
Blocks: 7 (Harazin, Jurkunas 3-3) - 1 (Gergely Kortelyesi)
Fouls: 19 - 22

Pecs, Att.: 1300, Referees: Palla, Kiss L., Farkas G.
Pecsi VSK-PANNONPOWER: Thomas Kelley (188-G-76, agency: Avi Zilberman, college: Michigan St.) 16/6, Wittmann 9/3, Denes 7, Grebenar 5, Czigler 2, Zoltan Bencze (213-C-81) 20, Aleksic 18/6, Toth N. 6, Kapov 1, Kovacs P., Eilingsfeld, Head Coach: Stojan Ivkovic
Zalakeramia ZTE KK: Louis Hinnant (193-G-84, college: Boston Coll.) 22, Gaspar 10, Kaman 8, Jones 2, S. Helbich 11, Simon L. 2, Trepak 2, Wilson 2, Baki 2, Toth A. 2., Coach: Volgyi Peter

Standings - A Division
A Division Standings
 1. Albacomp 9-2 
 2. Dombovar 9-4 
 3. Atomeromu 8-3 
 4. PVSK Panth. 8-4 
 5. Soproni 8-6 
 6. Falco 7-4 
 7. Kormend 7-5 
 8. Univer KSE 7-5 
 9. ZTE KK 7-6 
 10. Kaposvari 6-7 
 11. Szolnok 5-8 
 12. Marso-Vagep 3-9 
 13. Debreceni 1-11 
 14. EnterNet-NTE 0-11 

Szolnok invited Barro for a tryout - by Tamas Deri
Belarus National Team Center Mikalai Aliakseyeu left Szolnok as he got injured on the first day after his arriving in Hungary. For this reason the management of the club was looking for a new big man and invited senegalese big man Ousmane Barro (208-F-84, college: Marquette) for a 10-days tryout. The 208 cm tall inside player graduated this summer on the University of Marquette and averaged 5.5ppg, 5.5rpg, 1.2bpg, FGP: 54.1%, FT: 66.2% in his senior season. He signed his first pro-deal with Gornik Walzbrych in Poland but left the team because of financial reasons. In his 17 games could make a double double with 10.7 points and 10.1 rebounds per game.

A Division Stats Leaders

Points Per Game
  Avg: 15.5
 1. Bell, Albacomp25.0 
 2. Booker, Marso-Va.22.4 
 3. Welton, Kaposvari20.4 
 4. Banks, Kormend20.4 
 5. Dill, Dombovar20.1 
 6. Gulyas, Atomeromu19.5 
 7. Ciric, Falco19.1 
 8. Kalman, Falco18.2 
 9. Watson, ZTE K.18.1 
 10. Cruz, Sopro.18.1 
Rebounds Per Game
 Laszlo OROSZ
  Avg: 5.1
 1. Horvath, Falco9.8 
 2. Dill, Dombovar9.1 
 3. Bell, Albacomp8.5 
 4. Ware, Debreceni8.3 
 5. Bencze, PVSK P.8.1 
 6. Bialek, Kormend8.1 
 7. Morrison, Albacomp7.9 
 8. Basit, Szolnok7.8 
 9. Clark, Dombovar7.6 
 10. Banks, Korme.7.4 
Assists Per Game
 Marton FODOR
  Avg: 2.3
 1. Kalman, Falco6.6 
 2. Marciulionis, Kapos.6.5 
 3. LaGrange, Dombovar5.1 
 4. Kelley, PVSK P.4.8 
 5. Simon, Albacomp4.8 
 6. Hinnant, ZTE K.4.8 
 7. Dagostino, Debre.4.8 
 8. Savic, Marso-Vagep4.5 
 9. Coleman, Szolnok3.8 
 10. Cruz, Sopro.3.7 
Steals Per Game
 Balazs SIMON
  Avg: 1.8
 1. Sitku, Marso-Vagep3.1 
 2. Ciric, Falco2.7 
 3. Savic, Marso-Vagep2.6 
 4. Morrison, Albacomp2.5 
 5. Hanga, Albacomp2.4 
 6. Clark, Dombovar2.4 
 7. Coleman, Szolnok2.3 
 8. Brooks, Soproni2.3 
 9. Fodor, Kormend2.3 
 10. Booker, Marso-.2.2 
Blocks Per Game
 Ferenc BODI
  Avg: 0.5
 1. Dill, Dombovar1.1 
 2. Simon, En.1.0 
 3. Wilson, Szolnok0.9 
 4. Booker, Marso-Va.0.9 
 5. Dale, Univer KSE0.9 
 6. Horvath, Falco0.8 
 7. Helbich, ZTE K.0.8 
 8. Ware, Debreceni0.7 
 9. Bell, Albacomp0.7 
 10. Hudson, Fal.0.7 


courtesy The Explosion is back for its third season with the largest international schedule yet so far in the IBL,playing teams from Canada,China and Japan. The Snohmish County Explosion look forward to new teams and a few changes in 2009. We start the changes with the new head coach,former Explosion player Chris Weakly, taking the helm. With only 2 players retained from last years team, a new crop of players should bring excitement to the Monroe Sports Arena,.


Maccabi Tel Aviv sign Dee Brown - by Yoni Janis
The former Illinois star signed with Maccabi Electra Tel-Aviv till the end of the season.
The guard who played last season in Turkey for Galatasaray Cafecrown Istanbul, started this season playing for
the Washington Wizards, playing 17 games and scoring 2.4 points per game, after that he left the Wizards
for the Phoenix Suns where he only played in 2 games. Maccabi felt that it needed to strengthen its backcourt
before the top 16, Dee Brown (185-G-84, college: Illinois) will make around 50,000 $ till the end of the season.


Market rumor: Price to join Milano ? - by Gianni Pascucci
Hollis Price (186-G-79, college: Oklahoma) agreed to part ways with Dynamo Moscow and should be announced today as a new player of Olimpia Armani Jeans Milano. There are rumors that he will sign a contract till the end of the current season, plus an option for the next, 2009-10 season.


David Hobbs named new head coach of Japanese national team - by Kenny
The Japan Basketball Association (JBA) announced this week that they have hired former University of Alabama head coach David Hobbs as the new head coach of the national team. The 59-year old Pennsylvania native spent time as an assistant with Alabama before becoming the head coach of the Crimson Tide from 1992-98. After leaving Alabama, Hobbs spent time as an assistant coach with the University of Kentucky.

Hobbs takes over a young, but talented group of players with the Japanese national team led by the twin towers, 2nd year pros Kosuke and Joji Takeuchi, the dyanmite 6-10 twin brothers who currently dominate the JBL. The Japanese national team, last coached by Aisin head coach Kimikazu Suzuki, failed to qualify for the 2008 Beijing Olympics although they had the services of naturalized C J.R. Sakuragi (Henderson). Hobbs will look to lead Japan to the next major event, the 2010 world championships to be held in Turkey.

Standings - JBL
JBL Standings
 1. Panasonic 18-6 
 2. Aishin 16-8 
 3. Hitachi S. 15-10 
 4. Toyota 13-12 
 5. Tochigi Brex 11-14 
 6. Toshiba 10-15 
 7. Hokkaido 8-16 
 8. Mitsubishi 7-17 

Stats Leaders - JBL Superleague

Points Per Game
  Avg: 19.3
 1. Henderson-S., Ais.19.3 
 2. Kawamura, Tochigi .19.1 
 3. Takeuchi, Aishin19.0 
 4. Violette, Toshiba17.3 
 5. Takeuchi, Hitachi S.16.8 
 6. Takahashi, Toyota16.6 
 7. O'Bannon, Toyota16.3 
 8. Newton, Hokkaido15.0 
 9. Rice, Hitachi S.14.5 
 10. Orimo, Hokkai.14.1 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 9.6
 1. Violette, Toshiba9.6 
 2. Takeuchi, Hitachi S.8.8 
 3. Takeuchi, Aishin8.7 
 4. Henderson-S., Ais.8.1 
 5. Takahashi, Toyota7.7 
 6. Parada, Mitsubishi6.9 
 7. Orr, Tochigi Brex6.8 
 8. Custis, Panasonic6.7 
 9. Honeycutt, Panas.6.4 
 10. Newton, Hokkai.6.3 
Assists Per Game
  Tochigi Brex
  Avg: 5.6
 1. Tabuse, Tochigi .5.6 
 2. Kinoshita, Panasonic4.2 
 3. Sakurai, Hokkaido4.1 
 4. Kashiwagi, Aishin4.0 
 5. Kashiwakura, Mitsu.3.9 
 6. Henderson-S., Ais.3.3 
 7. Ishizaki, Toshiba2.9 
 8. Igarashi, Hitachi S.2.9 
 9. Takahashi, Toyota2.8 
 10. Campbell, Toyo.2.5 
Steals Per Game
  Tochigi Brex
  Avg: 2.3
 1. Tabuse, Tochigi .2.3 
 2. Kashiwagi, Aishin2.0 
 3. Kawamura, Tochigi .1.4 
 4. Sakurai, Hokkaido1.3 
 5. Hirose, Panasonic1.3 
 6. Violette, Toshiba1.3 
 7. Tanaka, Tochigi .1.3 
 8. O'Bannon, Toyota1.3 
 9. Sakai, Hitachi S.1.1 
 10. Sato, Hitachi.1.1 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 1.8
 1. Takeuchi, Aishin1.8 
 2. Orr, Tochigi Brex1.5 
 3. Parada, Mitsubishi1.3 
 4. Takeuchi, Hitachi S.1.2 
 5. Aono, Panasonic1.0 
 6. Newton, Hokkaido0.9 
 7. O'Bannon, Toyota0.8 
 8. Sakurai, Hokkaido0.7 
 9. Takahashi, Toyota0.7 
 10. Violette, Toshi.0.6 

JBL Round: 14 (Regular Season) - by Eurobasket News
Mitsubishi - Hitachi S. 75-91
Mitsubishi was beaten by Hitachi 75:91 as Rice Lamar paced all the winners with 22 points. Sakai Taiji netted 18 and Takeuchi Joji had 17 points and 9 rebounds. Sato Takuya chipped in 21 points in defeat.

Hokkaido - Toshiba 83-73
Hokkaido reached 8-16 record defating Toshiba 83:73 on January 18. Lewis Jai had 27 points and 10 boards to lead all the winners in the game. Violette Cory posted 22 in defeat and Kikuchi Shohei notched 20.

Mitsubishi - Hitachi S. 72-85
Rice Lamar led Hitachi over Mitsubishi in a 85:72 victory. Kan Yuichi followed him with 14 and Smith Tyler posted 12. Sato Takuya produced a great night for the hosts finishing with 30 points and 8 rebounds.

Toyota - Hitachi S. 77-73
Toyota overcame Hitachi 77:73 to take 13-12 record. Campbell Louis and Takahashi Michael top-scored for the winners with 21 points each. Takeuchi Joji collected 19 points and 12 boards in defeat, while Rice Lamar scored 14.

Tochigi Brex - Toshiba 83-95
Tochigi Brex lost to Toshiba 83:95 in the latest game of the round played on January 24th. Violette Cory paced all the winners with 20 points and 16 rebounds, while Kikuchi Shohei added 18. Orr Randy produced 32 points in the losing effort.

Toyota - Aishin 101-96
Toyota handed Aishin another 101:96 loss behind 22 points and 10 caroms from Takahashi Michael. Okada Yusuke poured in 20 points and Shonaka Takeki added 14. Takeuchi Kosuke and Henderson-Sakuragi J.R. combined 50 points in defeat.

Tochigi Brex - Panasonic 91-73
Tochigi Brex stun Panasonic 91:73 in the first apppearance of the teams. Orr Randy finished the night with 20 points and 13 rebounds, while Tabuse Yuta and Kawamura Takuya added 17 each. Kinoshita Hiroyuki produced 19 points in the losing effort.

Toyota - Aishin 102-95
Toyota overcame Aishin 102:95 to upset them for the second time. Takahashi Michael and Campbell Louis combined 51 points for the winners. Takeuchi Kosuke scored 30 in defeat, while Henderson-Sakuragi J.R. collected 23 points and 14 boards in defeat.

Tochigi Brex - Panasonic 83-87
Tochigi Brex lost to the league leaders Panasonic 83:87. Aono Fumihikoled the Trains with 21 points and Honeycutt Jerald posted 18. Kawamura Takuya brought 20 points for his team and Tabuse Yuta netted 19.

Hokkaido - Toshiba 82-75
Hokkaido edged Toshiba 82:75 as Orimo Takehiko top-scored with 24 points to lead all the winners in the game. Violette Cory ended up with 27 points and 16 rebounds in the losing effort.


Standings - Premier League
Premier Standings
Elite Group
 1. ASU 1-0 
 2. Orthodox 0-0 
 3. Zain 0-0 
 4. Al Riyadi 0-1 
Group 5-8
 1. Al Aqaba 1-0 
 2. Hussein Erbid 1-0 
 3. Arena 0-1 
 4. College SC 0-1 


D1 Standings
 1. Al Kuwait 11-0 
 2. Al Qadsia 9-1 
 3. Al Jahraa 8-3 
 4. Al Arabi 7-3 
 5. Al Sahel 7-4 
 6. An Nasr 5-4 
 7. Kazma 5-5 
 8. Sulaibikhat 2-9 
 9. Al Tadhamon 2-9 
 10. Al Yarmook 2-9 

D1 Stats Leaders
Stats Leaders
Rickey Huckaby (188-G-83, college: Tex.A&M-Kingsv.) Andre Pitts (185-G-73, college: Huston-Tillotson) <<>><<>> Cedric Taylor (202-F-79, college: Pikeville) Ira Clark (203-C-75, college: Texas) Jeryl Sasser (198-G-79, college: SMU) Mikey Marshall (196-G-81, agency: 011 Sports, college: Texas Tech) Norman Nolan (202-F/C-76, college: Virginia)


LBL D2 Round: 23 (Regular Season) - by Eurobasket News
Livani - Saldus 85-75
Saldus dropped the second straight game and allowed Livani to come as close as one win in the ladder. Raimonds Feldmanis exploded with 27 points, 8 boards and 6 assists to lead Livani. Oskars Kalnins contributed 21 points for the winners. Janis Licitis responded with 20 points for Saldus in the loss.

Ventsp.Aug. - Valmiera U21 56-70
Valmiera U21 widened the distance to their closest rivals in the ladder Ventspils Augustskola beating them on the road. Einars Tukiss scored 18 points for the winners. Aigars Strelis contributed 17 points and 13 boards for Valmiera U21. Martins Auns knocked down game-high 20 points for VA in the loss.

Zemgale/Juniors - Cesis 85-65
Zemgale/Juniors toppled Cesis for the eleventh win. Kalvis Krumins nailed 16 points to pace balanced offense. Armands Senkans and Gatis Meilkans had 13 points each in the win. Davis Rozitis responded with 19 points and 11 boards for Cesis.

ASK/Juniors - Kandava 90-81
ASK/Juniors cut the gap on the league leading Saldus to minimal beating Kandava at home court. ASK/Juniors are now just one win shy of the league's best squad. Roberts Mednis scored 21 points to lead the hosts to the eleventh win. Martins Steinbergs produced 16 points and 5 assists in the winning case. Elgars Kilps had 24 points for Kandava as they fell at 3-12 record.

LBL standings
LBL Standings
 1. Valmiera 10-6 
 2. Liepaja 9-7 
 3. Ventspils 8-2 
 4. VEF Riga 8-8 
 5. Barons/LMT 7-3 
 6. ASK Riga 6-2 
 7. Zemgale 6-9 
 8. ASK/Buki 4-10 
 9. Keizarmezs 2-13 

Stats Leaders

Points Per Game
 Alexey ZORIN
  Avg: 11.3
 1. Kolesnikov, VEF R.18.6 
 2. Skele, Ba.16.9 
 3. Clark, Valmiera16.8 
 4. Alexander, Ba.16.5 
 5. Jansons, ASK/.16.2 
 6. Brunins, ASK/.15.8 
 7. Bankevics, Valmiera15.4 
 8. Berzins, Ba.14.9 
 9. Zakis, Ventspils14.8 
 10. Gustas,.14.8 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 4.6
 1. Clark, Valmiera8.5 
 2. Elliott, Valmiera8.0 
 3. Tsiakos, Ventspils8.0 
 4. Selakovs, VEF Riga6.7 
 5. Jansons, ASK/.6.5 
 6. Alexander, Ba.6.4 
 7. Berzins, Ba.6.3 
 8. Blaus, Keizarmezs6.1 
 9. Veselovs, Ventspils6.0 
 10. Raiskums, Zemga.5.9 
Assists Per Game
 Gundars RAUZA
  Avg: 2.3
 1. Gabrans, ASK/.5.9 
 2. Slesers, Keiza.4.8 
 3. Sirsnins, Valmiera4.8 
 4. Skele, Ba.4.4 
 5. Cooper, VEF Riga4.4 
 6. Aleksic, ASK Riga4.0 
 7. Jeromanovs, VEF R.3.9 
 8. Brazelton, Ventspils3.8 
 9. Bergmanis, Zemgale3.8 
 10. Brewer, ASK Ri.3.5 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 1.1
 1. Skele, Ba.2.5 
 2. Kolesnikov, VEF R.2.3 
 3. Aleksic, ASK Riga2.0 
 4. Mazutis, ASK Riga2.0 
 5. Gabrans, ASK/.1.9 
 6. Vilums, Liepaja1.8 
 7. Gailitis, VEF Riga1.8 
 8. Slesers, Keiza.1.8 
 9. Kanbergs, Ventspils1.7 
 10. Strupovics, Kei.1.6 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 0.5
 1. Rozitis, Zemgale1.7 
 2. Elliott, Valmiera1.4 
 3. Berzins, Ba.1.2 
 4. Cukinas, Ba.1.0 
 5. Veselovs, Ventspils0.9 
 6. Selakovs, VEF Riga0.9 
 7. Aleksejevs, VEF R.0.9 
 8. Strelis, Valmiera0.8 
 9. Blaus, Keizarmezs0.8 
 10. Zorin, Liepa.0.7 

LBL Round: 22 (Regular Season) - by Eurobasket News
Ventspils - Zemgale 78-63
Ventspils coasted to a comfortable win over Zemgale at home court. Ronalds Zakis stepped up with 25 points and 9 rebounds for Ventspils. Mareks Jurevicus added 19 points in the 8th win for the hosts. Edgars Rekis responded with 13 points for Zemgale.

Keizarmezs - Liepaja 70-67
Keizarmezs secured a tough home win against Liepaja as Reinis Strupovics exploded with 20 points. Janis Lasmanis contributed 16 points as Keizarmezs improved at 2-13 record. Janis Porzingis nailed 20 points in the 7th defeat for Liepajas Lauvas in the championship.

VEF Riga - ASK/Buki 87-66
Edgars Jeromanovs had 21 points and 6 assists and VEF Riga breezed past ASK/Buki at home court. Jurijs Aleksejevs delivered 17 points and 11 boards for the winning side. Andrejs Jansons topscored with 22 points for ASK/Buki.


Standings - LKL
NKL Standings
 1. Juventus 24-2 
 2. Rudupis Pr. 21-4 
 3. Mazeikiai 21-5 
 4. Meresta Pak. 17-8 
 5. Pieno Zv. 17-9 
 6. Akademija 17-9 
 7. Nafta Univ. 16-10 
 8. Naglis-Ad. 15-10 
 9. Malsta Jon. 13-11 
 10. Puntukas An. 13-12 
 11. LKKA-Atletas 12-13 
 12. Delikatesas 12-14 
 13. Perlas 11-15 
 14. Silute 10-16 
 15. ABRO-Univ. 9-17 
 16. KKM-Aisciai 5-20 
 17. Zalgiris-Sab. 4-20 
 18. Bremena T. 4-22 
 19. Alytus/Alr. 1-25 


T71 beats DBBL Leader Amicale by 6 at home!! - by Alex Meyers
January 18, 2009

T 71 93 - Amicale Steinsel 87

When T71's Martin Rajniak (205-F-78, college: CSU Bakersfield) and Tim Whitworth (198-G/F-81, agency: Court Side, college: Drexel) score 30 points each, their team is most likey going to win the game. When you throw in Gilles Ruffato's 14 and 8 points each from forwards Michael Kostur and Franck Siebenbour it adds up to a winning formula. Despite making only 10 turnovers, blocking 3 shots, taking 7 steals and shooting 64% from the field and 40% from the three point line, Amicale could not find a way to win in Dudelange last Sunday afternoon. When you look closely at the stats, this was a very, very close game. The major difference and what was mostly responsible for the upset win for T71, was that they outrebounded Amicale 35 to 24 and they missed a few more three point attempts than their opponent. Travis DePree (201-F/C, college: Albion) had a double-double notching 26 points and 11 rebounds. He had help from several players including Chris Scholtes with 17, Christian Schartz with 15 and Tom Rausch had 10. For T71, Whitworth and Rajniak shared the scoring honors with 30 points a piece, but it was Rajniak's domination on the boards(15 rebounds) that was the huge key for the home team's success and subsequent victory. Amicale was forced to foul in the final minutes where T71 took the the lead and sealed Amicale's fate. Gilles Ruffato had 14 big points and dished for 4 assists. With the win, T71 improved its record to 9-6, good enough for a solid 4th place in the DBBL standings almost close enough to secure a spot in the playoffs for the title. With only 3 games remaining in the 2nd round of qualification, T71 looks good for the top 6 with a home game next against Racing and their last 2 on the road, one in Heffingen and the other at Sparta. T71 leads the league in scoring with an average of nearly 83 points per game. If they can find a way to defend a bit better where they rank 8th (78.2 ppg)on the list defensively, they will have no problem to stay in for the playoffs. Time will tell. As for Amicale, they are solidly tied for first place in the DBBL with Sparta. Their place in the top 6 is already secure.

T71: 34 field goals, 4 three pointers, 21 for 27 free throws, 35 rebounds, 17 fouls and 18 turnovers
Rajniak 30, Ruffato 14, Whitworth 30, Steinmetz, Siebenbour 8, Abreu 3, Kostur 8, Bemtgen and Laures
Amicale: 32 field goals, 6 three pointers, 17 for 25 free throws, 24 rebounds, 21 fouls and 10 turnovers
DePree 26, Scholtes 17, Schartz 15, Rausch 10, Jones 7, also Haan 7, Birenbaum and Kartheiser 5

Fouled out: '35 Siebenbour(T71), '40 DePree(A) and '40 Scholtes(A); Technical Foul '40 Scholtes(A)
Score by quarters: 1st Q 20-20, Halftime 49-51, 3rd Q 66-64, Final 93-87
400 spectators

Black Star hands Etzella 6th loss remaining hopeful for playoffs!! - by Alex Meyers

January 15, 2009

Black Star 84 - Etzella 72

Mersch, Luxembourg
Etzella was off to a great start going up by ten early in the first period. Then Black Star went on an 8-0 run to end the quarter thinking victory as they pulled within 4. It gave them all the momentum and confidence they needed for total 2nd quarter domination of Etzella. By halftime, Black Star was up by 10 and in control of the game as they held Etzella to only 9 points in the second quarter. Etzella fought its way back in the 3rd and went into the last period down by only 2 points. Etzella got nervous and dropped their focus late as Marcus Kennedy (193-F-84, college: Montevallo) fouled out and Tim Giver received a technical foul. Black Star finished strong going up by as many as 13 before the final buzzer. One unusual stat is that Etzella struggled from 2 point range shooting 27% on 11 for 42 shooting. They made more threes than twos as they hit 12 of 36 three pointers.

Billy McDaniel (201-F/C-84, agency: 540 Sports, college: Ark.-Monticello) dominated the glass ripping down 24 rebounds and scored 28 for Black Star. Jannik Tuffel came up with 20 points to help his team's cause. Patrick Arbaut added 14 points, 8 rebounds, 5 assists and 3 steals. Yannnick Arbaut and Tom Becker scored 9 each. For Etzella, Marcus Kennedy led the game in scoring with 32 points and took 15 rebounds. Nelson DelGado and Tim Giver scored 14 points each and Jairo DelGado added 12. One of the big factors for Black Star's win was that only those four players scored for Etzella while Black Star even got 13 points from its bench. Black Star's Dan Norell and Sascha Muepu did not play.

Black Star: 29 field goals, 6 three pointers, 20 for 25 free throws, 44 rebounds 13 fouls and 15 turnovers
Tuffel 20, McDaniel 28, Becker 9, Pat. Arbaut 14, DiBartholomeo, also Hoffmann 4 and Y. Arbaut 9
Etzella: 23 field goals, 12 three pointers, 14 for 17 free throws, 42 rebounds, 22 fouls and 17 turnovers
N. DelGado 14, J. DelGado 12, Kennedy 32, Giver 14, Albaladejo, also E. Ferreira, Garganese, Benseghir and Kerger

Fouled out: Kennedy(Etz) 40' ; Technical Foul: Giver(Etz) 38'

Score by quarters: 1st Q 20-22, Halftime 41-31, 3rd Q 55-53, Final 84-72
220 Spectators

Racing wins the battle of the bottom! Musel Pikes downs Residence by 20!! Rick Brooks back to Etzella as Carsten Pohl was asked to step down as Sparta thumps Etzella hard at home 54-68! - by Alex Meyers

January 18, 2009

Racing 71 - Heffingen 64

Racing got the best of Heffingen winning in the final quarter in an otherwise very tight contest. Technical fouls from Claude Weyrich and from Heffingen's bench seem to have cost them the loss in the last 5 minutes. Willie Irick (198-F-84, agency: Warren Sports International, college: Oklahoma City) was held to way under his average scoring only 11 while grabbing 13 rebounds. He also committed 8 costly turnovers. also reaching double figures were Daniel wyrich 12, Joel Thesen 10 and Manou Scholtus 10. Heffingen was tuff from behind the three point arc hitting 9 of 16 for 57%. Racing's Corey Largent (201-F-80, college: W.Carolina) led with 21 points, 13 rebounds and blocked 2 shots. Speaking of shot blocking, Enrique Garcia-Bourne blocked 3 of Heffingen's shots. Dave Schroeder added 13 ponts of Racing followed by Louis Haas with 11. Racing(3-12) will face T71 in Dudelange tonight, January 24th. T71(9-6) needs this one to ensure their place in the playoffs for the title. Heffingen(1-14) will travel to Contern(9-5).

Racing: 20 field goals, 4 three pointers, 27 for 39 free throws, 19 fouls

Largent 21, Pires 7, Haas 11, Weynandt 4, Schroeder 13, also Garcia-Bourne 5 , G. Schmit 5, Klose and Grand 4

Heffingen: 24 field goals, 9 three pointers, 5 for 16 free throws, 27 fouls

J.Thesen 11, c. Weyrich 7, Scholtus 10, Irick 11, D. Weyrich 12, also Hetto 4, Schmit 9, and M. Weyrich

Technical fouls: D. Weyrich (H) 25'. Bench (H) 34'; Unsportsmanlike Foul: Schmit (H) 31'; Fouled out: Pires (R) 35' , Schmit (H) 36' and D. Weyrich (H) 40'
Score by quarters: 1st Q 20-15, Halftime 32-30, 3rd Q 44-42, Final 71-64
105 spectators

Musel Pikes 83 - Residence 63

Musel Pikes won with defense holding Residence to below 18 points per quarter winning their 10th game to remain in a good position for the playoffs. Musle Pikes was led in scoring by Laurent Schwartz with 25 points Samy Picard scored 21 points for the home team and Guy Schmit added 18. Braier was held to 6 points but he took 12 rebounds. Nearly everyone got involve is scoring on a good shooting night for Musel Pikes going 27/50 for 57% and 14 for 16 for 88% from the free throw line. Residence's bench produced only 4 point. Musel Pikes' bench delivered 13. Pikes' also took excellent care of the ball turning it over only 7 times compared to Residence's 23. Residence had three players in double-figures with Julien Yannick leading the way with 21 points and 11 rebounds. Chris Braier (195-F-84, college: Lawrence), condsidered one of the best import defenders held scoring machine Matt Hall (198-F-84, agency: Scorers 1st Sportmanagement, college: Harding) to only 17 points. That's no easy task considering Hall leads the DBBL in that category with an average of over 30 ppg. Pitt Koster also dropped 14 points for Residence(5-10), who will face Etzella(8-7) tonight in Walferdange. Etzella has dismissed its coach Carsten Pohl and has brought Rick Brooks (formerly at Amicale Steinsel) back to Luxembourg to take his place.

Fouled out: Braier(MP) 37'
Score by quarters: 1st Q 17-15, Halftime 38-31, 3rd Q 59-48, Final 83-63
250 Spectators

Etzella 54 - Sparta 68

The Sparta and Etzella rivalry continues and this time Sparta got the best of the home team crushing them with a hard blow forcing the Club to make a change.
Etzella will now have a new look as it has realesed its coach Carsten Pohl and has brought in Rick Brooks again as head coach to try and salvage what is left of the 2nd round of qualification for the top 6 in the DBBL playoffs. Etzella possibly also lost its import due to a knee injury. Marcus Kennedy (193-F-84, college: Montevallo) could be temporarily replaced by Parnell Smith (198-F-84, college: Buffalo), who played lastly for Aanekosken Huima of Finland. Its day by day with Kennedy's injury. We will have to wait until game-time to see if he plays or not. Anyway, the game was an extremely low scoring affair this time with Sparta dominating the 2nd quarter with a huge run putting Etzella down too far for them to make a comeback. The game was not as close as the score would let you think as Sparta was ahead by as many as 21 points in the fourth quarter. Nelson DelGado scored 21 and Tim Giver 11. Raphael Albaldejo added 10 before fouling out in the 4th. The injured Marcus Kennedy had only 1 point, but somehow managed to take 10 rebounds. Julien Hublart was Sparta's MVP knocking down a fair share of 2's and 3's and went 2 for 2 from the charity stripe. Larrie Smith scored 16 points trailed by Christian Wulff with 12. Sparta improved their w/l record to 11-4 and as a result are now tied for first place in the DBBL with Amicale. Sparta will face Amicale tonight, January 24th in an interesting battle for the top spot. Etzella(8-7) who is in 6th place will go to Walferdange where it will face Residence. Etzella, with their new look is in a must win situation. A victory would be a good start for Rick Brooks, Nelson DelGado and Company.

Etzella: 18 field goals, 3 three pointers, 15 for 26 free throws, 28 rebounds, 17 fouls and 13 turnovers
N. DelGado 21, J. DelGado 4, Kennedy 1, Albaladejo 10, Giver 11, also Derek Wilson Jr., Pravisani, Kerger, Jacoby, Garganese 5, E. Ferreira 2 and Bensighir
Sparta: 25 field goals, 7 three pointers, 11 for 23 free throws, 31 rebounds, 19 fouls and 17 turnovers
Smith 16, Wulff 12, Hublart 24, Klein, Hoffmann 2, also Wolzfeld, Palumbo 4, Evans 1, Engel 4 and De Marchi 2

Fouled out: Albaladejo (E) 35'
Score by quarters: 1st Q 13-18, Halftime 27-45, 3rd Q 42-58, Final 54-68
375 Spectators


test - by Eurobasket
GMAC Real Estate Bologna decided to release Qyntel Woods (204-F/G-81, college: N.Mississippi JC), the official announcement is expected for today. In lega 2, Carmatic Pistoia agreed to terms with Sylvere Bryan (208-C-81, agency: Interperformances, college: Tampa), last at Seven 2007 Roseto


Dorados defeat Bravos - by Chris Terrell
Piedras Negras - Dorados de Chihuahua defeated Bravos Piedras Negras - Eagle Pass on Thursday night by the score of 103-72. A lethal combination of 'Tang' Tephen Hamilton (201-F-78, agency: HM Sports Agency, college: Mississippi St.) and Sammy Villegas (198-G-83, agency: Next Level, college: Toledo) inside for Dorados proved to be the difference as Hamilton connected for 30 on the night with Villegas scoring 29. The two big men were featured as a part of a patient offensive attack for the Dorados that consistently went inside to their strength. Darryl Hepburn (205-F/C-80, college: Fairmont St.) battled with both all night and held his own by scoring 24 points to go along with 12 rebounds. Mario Kinsey (188-G-82, college: Kansas, Sam Houston St.) had 18 first half points en route to a 22 point performance while Bayi Handy (183-G-81, college: Maine-Mahias) had another solid performance with 13 points and 10 assists. The Bravos are much improved with their recent acquisitions but, other than Hepburn, a lack of size, experience, and depth in the middle. You can get more information by visiting the Liga Nacional en linea @


Standings - 1A
1A Standings
 1. Ulcijn 9-2 
 2. Danilovgrad 8-2 
 3. ABS Primorje 7-4 
 4. Primorje-M. 7-4 
 5. Mornar Bar 7-4 
 6. Mogren 6-5 
 7. Lovcen 5-5 
 8. Jedinstvo 4-7 
 9. Rudar 1-10 
 10. Niksic 0-11 

MNT1A 11 Round : Primorje win in City derby , new win for Mogren and Ulcinj - by Dragan Scepanovic
Basketball Club's Primorje from Herceg Novi , Mogren from Budva and Ulcinj win in first games of 11 Round of Montenegrin 1A Opportunity basketball league.Basketball Club Primorje win in city derby against Basketball Club ABS Primorje 76-68 , Basketball Club Mogren form Budva win without playing game against Basketball Club Niksic 20-0 and Basketball Club Ulcinj win in city of B.Polje against Basketball Club Jedinstvo 94-77.

PRIMORJE ABS PRIMORJE 76:68 (24:14, 20:21, 16:20, 16:13)
Herceg Novi - SC Igalo. Spest : 700. Reff: Rutesic (Niksic), Jokic (Podgorica), Popovic (Podgorica)

PRIMORJE: Arapovic, Petar Jovanovic (192-G/F-80) 7, Sinisa Tepavcevic (201-F-86) 9, Miljanic, Milan Stojanovic (191-F/G-83) 16, Oldrih, Goran Pejovic (203-F-77) 19, Zambelic, Najdenov 8, Zarko Dragicevic (188-G-81) 1, Kovacevic, Boris Lalovic (206-C-81) 16
ABS PRIMORJE: Pekovic, Radovanovic 23, Boricic 9, Djecevic 2, Pajevic 7, Ilic, Medic, Bacovic, Vujovic 2, Vasilije Seferovic (193-G/F-85) 6, Mandic 19, Vidojevic.

JEDINSTVO B.Polje - ULCINJ 77-94 ( 26:14, 20:27, 20:30, 11:23)
Bijelo Polje - SC Nikoljac. Spect: 600. Reff: Dragojevic, Sundic (Podgorica), Muhadinovic (Cetinje)
JEDINSTVO : P. Popovic 13,Babaca 17,Gemaljevic 19, Vladimir Grdinic (190-G-78) 10.- ULCINJ: Zeljko Jovanovic (192-F/G-86) 11, Ivanovic 22 , Miljan Vukotic (204-F/C-77) 15

MOGREN Budva - NIKSIC 20-0
Budva - Mediteran SC .


NBA Round: 86 (Regular Season) - by Eurobasket News
Suns - Bobcats 76-98
Gerald Wallace stepped up for the Bobcats collecting 28 points, 8 rebounds and 5 assists. Boris Diaw also shined delivering 26 pts and grabbing 11 boards. With this victory the hosts jumped on 18-25. On the other side, Phoenix Sun fell on 23-18, despite 20 points and 7 boards registered by Shaquille O'Neil.

Mavericks - Pistons 112-91
Dirk Nowitzki and Josh Howard combined 48 points leading their Dallas to victory in Detroit. Richard Hamilton led the scorers in loss with 17 points. Mavs 25-18, Pistons 24-18.

Rockets - Pacers 102-107
The Pacers grabbed 107-102 home win vs Houston Rockets mostly owing to Danny Granger and TJ Ford. Granger came up with 25 points, 6 rebs and 5 as, while Ford added 21 pts and 6 rebounds. Troy Murphy helped with 14 pts and 16 boards. Luis Scola replied with 25 points and 7 rebs. Pacers 16-27, Rockets 27-17.

Bucks - Hawks 87-117
Ronald Murray was almost unmistakable last night for the Hawks nailing 25 points in 22 minutes. Josh Smith followed him with 24 pts and 8 boards. Charlie Villanueva had 27 points and 7 rebs in loss. Hawks 26-16, Bucks 21-25.

Grizzlies - Knicks 88-108
The Knicks outplayed Memphis Grizzlies at the Madison Square Garden improving on 18-24 score. David Lee again was a key player in his team and again with double-double, 19 points and 14 rebounds. Rudy Guy had 20 pts and 9 boards for the Grizzlies (11-31).

Hornets - Timberwolves 108-116
Randy Foye and Al Jefferson delivered 24 points each in Wolves' victory against the Hornets last night. Jefferson had 14 rebounds beside that, while Foye added 5 rebs and 8 assists. James Posey scored 24 point for New Orleans. CP3 (Chris Paul) stopped on 23 pts and 12 assists. Wolves 14-27, Hornets 26-14.

Raptors - Bulls 114-94
The Toronto Raptors cruised past Chicago Bulls at the United Center moving up on 17-28 record. Jose Manuel Calderon stepped up with double-double, 23 points and 10 assists. Andre Barganani had 22, while Chris Bosh posed 17 pts. The hosts got 19 points from Ben Gordon, 17 from Kirk Hinrich and 15 from Andre Nocioni.

Nets - Spurs 91-94
Tim Duncan was totally unstoppable last night nailing 30 points and pulling down 15 rebounds. Tony Parker had 17 and Roger Mason 14 points. Devin Harris and Vince Carter posted 43 pts together for the loosing side. Spurs 29-13, Nets 19-24.

Cavaliers - Warriors 106-105
LeBron James pulled up a 19-footer under pressure from Ronny Turiaf and knocked it down barely beating the final buzzer and lifting his Cavs to nice road win against the Warriors. James scored 32 points in total, also registering 9 rebounds and 8 assists, Stephen Jackson shined in defeat with 24 points, 8 rebounds and 8 assists. Cavs 33-8, Warriors 13-31.

Thunder - Clippers 104-107
Rookie Eric Gordon (6'4''-G-88, college: Indiana) drained 41 (5 triples) and Al Thornton helped the Clippers with 34 points. Kevin Durant also demonstrated fantastic performance collecting 46 points and 15 rebounds. Clippers 10-32, Thunder 9-35.

Stats Leaders

Points Per Game
 Dwyane WADE
  Avg: 28.8
 1. Wade, Heat28.8 
 2. James, Cavaliers27.9 
 3. Bryant, Lakers26.4 
 4. Granger, Pacers26.1 
 5. Nowitzki, Mavericks26.0 
 6. Durant, Thunder24.6 
 7. Bosh, Raptors23.1 
 8. Jefferson, Timberwo.22.3 
 9. Roy, Trail Blazers22.3 
 10. Harris, Ne.21.9 
Rebounds Per Game
 Dwight HOWARD
  Avg: 14
 1. Howard, Magic14.0 
 2. Camby, Clippers13.8 
 3. Biedrins, Warriors12.0 
 4. Lee, Knicks11.5 
 5. Murphy, Pacers11.4 
 6. Okafor, Bobcats10.9 
 7. Jefferson, Timberwo.10.7 
 8. Bogut, Bucks10.4 
 9. Duncan, Spurs10.4 
 10. Bosh, Rapto.9.8 
Assists Per Game
 Chris PAUL
  Avg: 11
 1. Paul, Hornets11.0 
 2. Williams, Jazz9.9 
 3. Nash, Suns9.1 
 4. Calderon, Raptors8.6 
 5. Kidd, Mavericks8.3 
 6. Davis, Clippers8.0 
 7. Duhon, Knicks8.0 
 8. Rondo, Celtics7.9 
 9. Wade, Heat7.3 
 10. Billups, Nugge.6.8 
Steals Per Game
 Chris PAUL
  Avg: 2.7
 1. Paul, Hornets2.7 
 2. Wade, Heat2.3 
 3. Kidd, Mavericks2.2 
 4. Rondo, Celtics2.2 
 5. James, Cavaliers2.0 
 6. Wallace, Bobcats1.9 
 7. Chalmers, Heat1.8 
 8. Butler, Wizards1.7 
 9. Iguodala, 76ers1.7 
 10. Ariza, Lake.1.7 
Blocks Per Game
 Dwight HOWARD
  Avg: 3.2
 1. Howard, Magic3.2 
 2. Camby, Clippers2.6 
 3. Turiaf, Warriors2.1 
 4. Lopez, Nets2.0 
 5. Duncan, Spurs1.9 
 6. Andersen, Nuggets1.9 
 7. Thomas, Bulls1.8 
 8. Yao, Rockets1.7 
 9. Okafor, Bobcats1.7 
 10. Bynum, Lake.1.7 

NBA Standings
Eastern Conference
Atlantic Div.
 1. Celtics 36-9 
 2. 76ers 20-21 
 3. Nets 19-24 
 4. Knicks 18-24 
 5. Raptors 17-28 
Central Div.
 1. Cavaliers 33-8 
 2. Pistons 24-18 
 3. Bucks 21-25 
 4. Bulls 18-26 
 5. Pacers 16-27 
Southeast Div.
 1. Magic 33-9 
 2. Hawks 26-16 
 3. Heat 22-19 
 4. Bobcats 18-25 
 5. Wizards 9-33 
Western Conference
Northwest Div.
 1. Nuggets 28-15 
 2. Trail Blazers 25-17 
 3. Jazz 25-18 
 4. Timberwolves 14-27 
 5. Thunder 9-35 
Pacific Div.
 1. Lakers 34-8 
 2. Suns 23-18 
 3. Warriors 13-31 
 4. Clippers 10-32 
 5. Kings 10-33 
Southwest Div.
 1. Spurs 29-13 
 2. Rockets 27-17 
 3. Hornets 26-14 
 4. Mavericks 25-18 
 5. Grizzlies 11-31 


Jarvis suspended for today's game - by Kevin Cochran
Florida Atlantic has suspended coach Mike Jarvis for today's game with Arkansas St. after he received three technical fouls in Thursday's game with Louisiana Monroe. The Owls were called for 4 technical fouls in the game, which they lost 94-88.

Florida Atlantic has now lost 11 consecutive games, and sits at 4-16 overall (0-8 Sun Belt).

This may not be the only game Jarvis will miss as the Sun Belt Conference is reviewing the situation and could hand down additional penalties. Mike Jarvis II, the coach's son, will coach the team in his absence.

GMU loses 2nd leading scorer - by Kevin Cochran
George Mason guard John Vaughan (6'3''-G-86), who suffered a concussion on Wednesday night during the Patriots' game at Northeastern, will miss Saturday's contest at VCU. The fifth-year senior saw George Mason team physician Dr. Frank Pettrone on Thursday evening after returning from Boston and he was alert, comfortable, well-oriented and very responsive. Vaughan will see a neurologist on Friday.

'John will follow a regular progression of rehabilitation over the next five to seven days,' Pettrone said. 'He'll be evaluated daily by the training staff and every two to three days by the medical staff.' Pettrone added that he was very encouraged by Vaughan's condition.

Vaughan was injured with a little more than two minutes to play in Wednesday's game when Eugene Spates (6'8''-F-87) inadvertently hit him in the forehead with an elbow. A foul was called on a Mason player during the battle under the boards and Vaughan was helped to his feet and remained in the game as Nkem Ojougboh (6'9''-C-87) shot the first of two free throws. Between attempts, Vaughan collapsed to the floor where he remained for more than 15 minutes before being taken to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center for evaluation. He was released later that night and returned to the team hotel.

Vaughan, who is Mason's active leader in scoring, rebounding, assists, steals and 3-pointers, was Mason's leading scorer on Wednesday night with 19 points.

Courtesy: George Mason Athletics


Mitchell's 27 Leads Millrats past Montreal - by Carl Berman
The Manchester Millrats blew past the Montreal Sasquatch 131-113 at the Pierre Charboneau Centre in Canada, behind reserve guard Tommy Mitchell's (6'3''-G-82, college: Siena) 27 points. Manchester used a 9-0 run to blow open a 58-39 halftime lead. Manchester's lead swelled to as many as 25 points in the 3rd quarter. Mitchell, who joined the Millrats two weeks ago, was a star player for the Montreal Royal ABA team a year ago. Manchester also got strong performances from Desmond Ferguson with 21 points, Sam Carey 16, and PJ Young 15. Montreal was lead by Randy Gill with 19. With the win Manchester improved to 4-2 on the season, and are currently riding a four game winning streak.

Manchester returns to the Fieldhouse on the campus of Southern New Hampshire University to face the Quebec Kebs at 2:30pm. Tickets are available online or at the door. Doors open one hour prior to tip off.

Rochester dominates in Chicago - by Carl Berman
James Reaves (6'8''-F-82, college: Niagara) hit for a game high 27 points, including 17-19 from the line; he also pulled down 11 rebounds to lead Rochester to a convincing 112-83 matinee victory over Chicago. After playing a night game last night, the Throwbacks came out flat and were down 17 at the end of one and trailed by as many as 30. The Throwbacks turned the ball over a season high 33 times and could not contain both Reaves and Keith Friel. Friel hit for 20 including 4-12 from three point range. After the game Chicago coach Donnie Boyce said, Our guys were a step slow today and it showed. I explained to the team the importance of being ready to play back to back games. We just have to rebound at home Monday against Mid-Michigan.

Outside of Reaves and Friel, Rochester had three others in double figures including Jerice Crouch with 15. Chicago was lead by Dameon Masons 22; James Booyer had a double double with 12 points and 12 boards. Rochester improves to 2-3 on the year and are a game behind Wilmington and Augusta in the Eastern Division. Chicago drops to 3-4 on the year and are 1 games behind unbeaten Battle Creek in the Midwest Division. Chicago is back in action on Monday at Attack Athletics against Mid-Michigan. Rochester travels to Wilmington to take on the Sea Dawgs with tip time set for 5:00 Eastern Time on Sunday. Rochester scored 42 points off 33 Throwbacks turnovers. Jerice Crouch, John Halas and Sammy Monroe each had four steals.

Halifax comes from behind to top Buffalo - by Carl Berman
Jimmy Twyman (6'0''-G-80, college: Detroit Mercy) had a team high 20, and Buffalo went only 1-13 from beyond the arc as Halifax moves into a tie with Manchester for first place in the Atlantic with a 112-108 victory over Buffalo. Halifax streaked out to an early 18-7 lead as Jimmy Twyman scored seven of his 18 first half points in the first six minutes on a pair of jumpers and a bomb from three point range. Buffalo then went on a run of their own and closed the lead to four after one. Buffalo would keep the momentum going in the second quarter as they took their first lead of the game, 35-34 on an Edmund Rainey jumper; but then it went back and fourth and turned into a good one with Buffalo leading 57-55 at the half. For the Stampede, Karl Rainey had a team high 13.

Buffalo looked like they had the momentum coming out of the locker room, and opened up an eight point lead on a Marcus Price jumper, but then Halifax came back. Glen Dandridge hit a three and former Maryland Nighthawk David Bailey added to the quick 5-0 with an inside runner and the Rainmen cut the lead to three, but after going back and forth, Buffalo lead 89-84 going into the final stanza. The fourth quarter went back and forth with a total of six ties and eight lead changes. Halifax took the lead for good with under two to go on a pair of free throws by Rodney Mayes, and a Jimmy Twyman mid-range jumper with 1:24 to go. Buffalo tried to get the lead back, but the Halifax defense was stifling and the Rainmen came out with the victory. Halifax moves to 4-3 on the season while Buffalo is now 1-4. Halifax and Buffalo are back in action on Sunday as they finish up their home and home series south of the border in a 4:00 Eastern Time start.

Augusta maintains division lead with win in Detroit - by Carl Berman
The Detroit Panthers just didnt have enough answers for the highest scoring team in the PBL Saturday night. The Augusta Groove, averaging 120 points through their first five games, easily bettered that mark as they raced to a convincing 131-115 victory over the Panthers before an enthusiastic crowd at Birmingham Groves High School. Seven players reached double figures led by a 29-point performance from the PBLs leading scorer AJ Millien as the Groove improved to 4-0 on the season.

All our players are jelling, Groove defensive head coach Gary Perry said. Were coming together and everybody knows the system and what we expect and everybody plays their role. Much of that role consisted of draining long-range threes and working hard on the offensive glass. Augusta finished 14-of-29 from outside the 3-point arc and posted a decisive 54-41 edge on the boards. It was a 45-point third quarter that swayed the game Augustas way as time after time Groove players shredded the Panthers defense with drives to the bucket and open looks from downtown.Forty-five points is unacceptable, Panthers head coach C. Bill Jones said. We come out and get a six-point lead (in the third quarter) and after that it all goes down hill. You cant blame nobody but the coach for that. We just got to give a better effort and find out where we want to be.

The Panthers, who were looking to draw even on the season with a victory, came out looking like the highest scoring team in the league as Brian Woodland sparked an attack that saw the hosts grab a 35-28 lead after one period. The Panthers maintained the advantage throughout the second period before settling on just a 59-57 lead at halftime. But in the third quarter, Millien, Demetrius Howard (6'5''-G-85, college: Augusta St.) and Donielle Davis lit up the Panthers with trey after trey, and when the period ended, the Groove had turned a two-point deficit into a 102-93 lead. The Panthers could get no closer than seven points in the final quarter and fell for the fourth time in six games. They went out there and showed why theyre they highest scoring team, Jones said. They brought good offense, good players and they made tough shots. To go along with his game-high total in scoring, Millien also grabbed 18 rebounds and collected three blocks. Howard chipped in 28 points, including a 6-for-11 showing from 3-point land, and Davis finished with 16. Stanes Bufford and Willie Mitchelll did their best to keep the Panthers in the game, scoring 27 and 26 points, respectively. Mitchell also snared a team-high 10 rebounds and Bufford grabbed nine. Chuck Bailey turned in a strong showing with 18 points and six rebounds and Woodland was the fourth Panther in double digits with 13 points. Ill tell you what, were getting outworked all six games, Jones said. Its the coachs fault. Hes got to get his players prepared to come out and play 100 percent, and when they dont, you got to look at the coach. I take full responsibility. Thats been our problem all year playing with a sense of urgency. Every team that we have played this year has outworked us.


Stats Leaders - 1Liga

Points Per Game
  AZS Kalisz
  Avg: 12.4
 1. Dloniak, Znicz Basket21.6 
 2. Pacocha, Big Star19.7 
 3. Misiewicz, Zubry17.0 
 4. Wiekiera, Zastal Z.16.4 
 5. Berisha, Polonia 201116.3 
 6. Pluta, MOSiR K.16.2 
 7. Donigiewicz, AZS A.15.6 
 8. Salamonik, MOSiR K.15.2 
 9. Wisniewski, Zastal Z.14.6 
 10. Kulig, Big St.14.5 
Rebounds Per Game
  MOSiR Kr.
  Avg: 5.7
 1. Wojdyla, Sudety JG9.9 
 2. Mis, Siarka T.8.5 
 3. Bartosz, Polonia .8.1 
 4. Pisarczyk, Sokol L.8.1 
 5. Dluski, LKS Lodz7.9 
 6. Wiekiera, Zastal Z.7.6 
 7. Piotrkowski, AZS A.7.6 
 8. Chodkiewicz, Zastal Z.7.6 
 9. Mielczarek, Big Star7.4 
 10. Kulig, Big St.7.4 
Assists Per Game
 Grzegorz MORDZAK
  LKS Lodz
  Avg: 2.3
 1. Kalinowski, MOSiR K.5.7 
 2. Pacocha, Big Star4.9 
 3. Baran, Siarka T.4.6 
 4. Swietonski, Prokom I.4.5 
 5. Basinski, MMKS D.4.5 
 6. Snieg, Polonia 20114.0 
 7. Krupa, Siarka T.4.0 
 8. Pustelnik, Big Star3.5 
 9. Trepka, LKS Lodz3.4 
 10. Wilczek, Zastal3.3 
Steals Per Game
  AZS AWF K-ce
  Avg: 2.4
 1. Malecki, Resovia3.9 
 2. Krupa, Siarka T.3.6 
 3. Trepka, LKS Lodz3.4 
 4. Pacocha, Big Star3.4 
 5. Wisniewski, Zastal Z.3.3 
 6. Berisha, Polonia 20113.1 
 7. Baran, Siarka T.3.1 
 8. Snieg, Polonia 20113.1 
 9. Mroczek-T., Sokol L.3.0 
 10. Babiarz, Resov.3.0 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 0.7
 1. Pisarczyk, Sokol L.2.7 
 2. Milewski, MMKS D.1.8 
 3. Lisewski, Stal SW1.6 
 4. Czech, Sudety JG1.5 
 5. Mis, Siarka T.1.4 
 6. Kulikowski, Zubry1.3 
 7. Karwowski, Polonia .1.3 
 8. Olejnik, AZS Kalisz1.3 
 9. Lapeta, Prokom II1.3 
 10. Konare, Zub.1.2 

Standings - DBE
1Liga Standings
 1. MOSiR Kr. 16-3 
 2. Big Star 15-5 
 3. Polonia 2011 15-6 
 4. Siarka T. 13-8 
 5. LKS Lodz 12-8 
 6. Zastal ZG 12-9 
 7. Zubry 11-9 
 8. MMKS DG 11-9 
 9. Stal SW 9-10 
 10. AZS Kalisz 9-11 
 11. Sokol L. 9-11 
 12. Sudety JG 7-13 
 13. Prokom II 7-14 
 14. AZS AWF K-ce 7-14 
 15. Znicz Basket 6-13 
 16. Resovia 2-18 

DBE Stats Leaders

Points Per Game
  Avg: 12.7
 1. Adams, Polonia17.4 
 2. Logan, Prokom16.9 
 3. Wojcik, PBG Basket16.8 
 4. Straight, En.Czarni16.5 
 5. Mojica, AZS K.16.4 
 6. Hicks, Polpharma16.2 
 7. Weeden, Bank BPS16.1 
 8. Harrington, Polonia15.7 
 9. Mills, Kotwica15.6 
 10. Reese, AZS Koszal.15.6 
Rebounds Per Game
 Julien MILLS
  Avg: 5.3
 1. Landry, Sportino I.10.9 
 2. Barro, Gornik W.10.1 
 3. Johnson, Polonia8.4 
 4. Burke, Prokom8.0 
 5. Reynolds, Znicz J.7.8 
 6. McLean, PBG B.7.6 
 7. Tica, Bank BPS7.5 
 8. Dixon, Bank BPS7.5 
 9. Naymick, Kotwica7.4 
 10. Bigus, PBG Bask.7.4 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 2.5
 1. Hamilton, Kotwica5.9 
 2. Koszarek, Anwil5.6 
 3. Straight, En.Czarni4.9 
 4. Eldridge, Polpharma4.7 
 5. Harrington, Polonia4.7 
 6. Milicic, AZS K.4.3 
 7. Szubarga, Atlas S.4.3 
 8. Garner, Bank BPS4.2 
 9. Greene, Gornik W.4.1 
 10. Lee, Sportino.3.9 
Steals Per Game
 Lukasz ZYTKO
  Sportino I.
  Avg: 2
 1. Hamilton, Kotwica3.8 
 2. Lee, Sportino I.3.5 
 3. Straight, En.Czarni3.2 
 4. Harrington, Polonia2.9 
 5. Eldridge, Polpharma2.6 
 6. Reynolds, Znicz J.2.5 
 7. Frasunkiewic., Polon.2.4 
 8. Nesovic, Prokom2.4 
 9. Koszarek, Anwil2.4 
 10. Mojica, AZS.2.2 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 0.6
 1. Townes, Turow2.0 
 2. Naymick, Kotwica1.8 
 3. Dixon, Bank BPS1.6 
 4. Barro, Gornik W.1.5 
 5. Turek, Turow1.4 
 6. Reynolds, Znicz J.1.3 
 7. Frasunkiewic., Polon.1.0 
 8. Coleman, Polpharma1.0 
 9. Gomez, Sportino I.0.9 
 10. Barrett, Kotwi.0.9 


BSN makes available New Player Registration Form - by Luis Ramirez
For all those players who qualify and wish to play in the upcoming season in the BSN, the League has made available the required registration form. You can get a copy of this form at . The last date you can submit this form is February 6, 2009.One of the requirements to be eligible is that the player must have been born on or before January 1, 1991. For more information on other requirements please contact BSN at


Div.A Round: 17 (Regular Season) - by Eurobasket News
Pitesti - Mures 64-59
Pitesti overcame Mures 64:59 for 9-7 record. Pantelic Djordje collected 17 points and 15 rebounds, while Lawrence David followed him with 15. Pociukonis Marius finished the night with 14 points in the losing effort.

Gaz Metan - CSU Brasov 83-107
CSU Brasov is 11-5 after 107:83 over Gaz Metan. Dawson LeRoy poured in 25 points for the guests, whilst Milovic Zoran and Hadjibulic Enes added 22 each and Dragusin Ionut collected 17 points and 17 caroms. Soltau Thomas chipped in 17 points for the hosts.

Dinamo B. - U.Mobitel.CN 70-72
Dinamo lost a thriller to U.Mobitelco 70:72 as Gibson Matthew and Krstanovic Zoran paced all the winners with 23 points apiece. Williams Demetrius brought 16 for the hosts and Paul Mihail-Octavian netted 15.

Oradea - Craiova 82-86
Oradea lost a tough game to Craiova 82:86 in Regular Season Round 17. Tomic Branislav paced all the winners with 23 points, while Jermaine Green nailed 19. Mijuskovic Predrag produced 20 points for the home side.

Rapid B. - Targoviste 64-87
Targoviste had a road 64:87 victory over Rapid as Jamal Ward and Tasic Marjan notched 14 points for the winners. Andrei Dragos scored 13 and Nanev Ilko had 10. Bulancea Marius top-scored not only for his team with 39 points, but became the top-scorer in Regular Season Round 17.

Div.A Standings
 1. Ploiesti 13-2 
 2. CSU Atlassib 12-3 
 3. Timisoara 12-4 
 4. U.Mobitel. CN 11-5 
 5. CSU Brasov 11-5 
 6. Rovinari 10-5 
 7. Otopeni 9-6 
 8. Pitesti 9-7 
 9. Gaz Metan 7-9 
 10. Mures 7-9 
 11. Craiova 6-10 
 12. Dinamo B. 5-10 
 13. Targoviste 5-11 
 14. Oradea 1-15 
 15. Rapid B. 0-16 

Stats Leaders - Men

Points Per Game
 Arthur DAVIS
  Avg: 13.9
 1. Matthews, CSU A.20.5 
 2. Tomic, Craiova20.1 
 3. Gibson, U.Mobite.19.5 
 4. Lawrence, Pitesti19.1 
 5. Broadus, CSU Brasov18.2 
 6. Darby, Rovinari18.1 
 7. Popescu, Rovinari16.9 
 8. Dzambic, Timisoara16.7 
 9. Cepulis, Ploiesti16.3 
 10. Paul, Dinamo.16.0 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 6.1
 1. Dragusin, CSU B.11.2 
 2. Green, Rovinari9.9 
 3. Wingate, Mures9.5 
 4. Carutasu, Ploiesti9.4 
 5. Pavlovski, Dinamo B.8.6 
 6. Lazar, Oradea8.4 
 7. Holmes, Craiova8.2 
 8. Osby, U.Mobitel.CN7.7 
 9. Jucan, Gaz Metan7.6 
 10. Vlaicu, Rapid.7.3 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 2.7
 1. Cooley, Mures7.1 
 2. Blidaru, Otopeni4.6 
 3. Radmanovac, Gaz M.4.5 
 4. Cuic, U.Mobitel.CN4.2 
 5. Dzambic, Timisoara4.1 
 6. Gibson, U.Mobite.4.0 
 7. Lawrence, Pitesti4.0 
 8. Marjanovic, Gaz M.4.0 
 9. Fometescu, Dinamo B.3.8 
 10. Osmokrovic, Ploies.3.8 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 1.5
 1. Johnson, CSU A.3.3 
 2. Gibson, U.Mobite.3.0 
 3. Fometescu, Dinamo B.2.9 
 4. Cooley, Mures2.8 
 5. Matthews, CSU A.2.5 
 6. Velickovic, Timisoara2.5 
 7. Mitchell, Craiova2.4 
 8. Blidaru, Otopeni2.2 
 9. McKenna, Mures2.1 
 10. Jackson, Rovina.2.0 
Blocks Per Game
  Rapid B.
  Avg: 0.5
 1. Dragusin, CSU B.2.3 
 2. Tibarna, Otopeni2.3 
 3. Lazar, Oradea2.0 
 4. Pavlovski, Dinamo B.1.5 
 5. Pantelic, Pitesti1.4 
 6. Wingate, Mures1.3 
 7. Bubanja, Gaz Metan1.2 
 8. Osby, U.Mobitel.CN1.2 
 9. Gibson, Craiova1.2 
 10. McKenna, Mur.1.1 


Standings - Superleague A
A Superleague Standings
 1. CSKA 13-0 
 2. Khimky 11-2 
 3. Dynamo M. 9-4 
 4. Unics 8-5 
 5. Spartak SP 7-6 
 6. Krasnoyarsk 6-7 
 7. Triumph 6-7 
 8. Lok.Rostov 5-7 
 9. Ural Great 4-9 
 10. CSK VVS 3-9 
 11. Univ.Surgut 2-10 
 12. Spartak-P. 2-10 

Stats Leaders - Superleague A

Points Per Game
  Avg: 11.3
 1. Chalmers, Univ.Sur.21.7 
 2. Perry, CSK V.17.9 
 3. Wisniewski, Spart.16.1 
 4. Nachbar, Dynamo M.15.8 
 5. Hansen, Dynamo M.15.8 
 6. Lampe, Khimky14.1 
 7. Bailey, Spartak-P.13.9 
 8. Surovtsev, Ural G.13.9 
 9. Meshcharakou, Sparta.13.9 
 10. Washington, Ural.13.8 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 4.8
 1. Khryapa, CSKA8.5 
 2. Blair, Spartak SP8.0 
 3. Trushkin, Spart.6.5 
 4. Plisnic, Ural Great6.2 
 5. Kirksay, Unics6.2 
 6. Loncar, Unics6.2 
 7. Szewczyk, Lok.R.6.0 
 8. Meshcharakou, Sparta.5.9 
 9. Lampe, Khimky5.7 
 10. Nachbar, Dynamo.5.5 
Assists Per Game
  Ural Great
  Avg: 2.7
 1. Pargo, Dynamo M.5.4 
 2. Collins, Lok.Rostov5.3 
 3. Ponkrashov, Khimky4.8 
 4. Wisniewski, Spart.4.6 
 5. Chalmers, Univ.Sur.4.5 
 6. Dalmau, Ural Great4.2 
 7. Bremer, Triumph4.2 
 8. Zisis, CSKA3.8 
 9. Holden, CSKA3.7 
 10. Komarovski, Univ.S.3.3 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 1.3
 1. Toya, Spartak-P.2.6 
 2. Millage, Krasnoyarsk2.2 
 3. Surovtsev, Ural G.2.2 
 4. House, Lok.Rostov2.1 
 5. Lyday, Unics2.0 
 6. Ginevicius, Spart.2.0 
 7. Biggs, Ural Great1.9 
 8. Khryapa, CSKA1.9 
 9. Kirksay, Unics1.9 
 10. Bremer, Trium.1.9 
Blocks Per Game
  Spartak SP
  Avg: 0.5
 1. Javtokas, Dynamo M.1.1 
 2. Likholitov, Ural G.1.1 
 3. Pervukhin, Univ.Sur.1.0 
 4. Krstic, Triumph1.0 
 5. Morris, CSKA1.0 
 6. Loncar, Unics0.9 
 7. Szewczyk, Lok.R.0.8 
 8. Monya, Dynamo M.0.8 
 9. Lavrinovic, Dynamo M.0.8 
 10. Mozgov, Khim.0.8 

A Superleague Round: 14 (Regular Season) - by Eurobasket News
Dynamo M. - CSK VVS 106-77
Dynamo rolled past CSK VVS in Moscow. Travis Hansen nailed 21 points, grabbed 7 boards and dished out 4 assists to lead the hosts. Jannero Pargo contributed 20 points and 11 assists as Dynamo climbed at 9-4 record. Marque Perry answered with 14 points for CSK VVS in defeat.

Khimky - Triumph 68-65
Khimky overcame a 6-point deficit before the final term to celebrate a narrow victory over Triumph. Kelly McCarty nailed 14 points to lead Khimky. Milton Palacio and Carlos Delfino netted 13 points each in the win. Egor Vyaltsev had 15 points for Triumph in the loss.

CSKA - Unics 75-68
CSKA overcame an early deficit to defeat Unics in the anticipated game in Moscow. Matjaz Smodis stepped up off the bench to lead the defending champions with 19 points. Ramunas Siskauskas added 12 points for the winners. Kresimir Loncar scored 17 points, while Marko Popovic had 13 in the losing effort.

Spartak SP - Ural Great 96-95
Spartak Saint Petersburg first forced overtime and then eked out a narrow win against Ural Great at home court. Nikita Kurbanov drained two free throws to send the game into extra period and later hit go-ahead bucket late in the extra period to seal the outcome. The game hero finished with 28 points and 10 boards for Spartak. Milovan Rakovic contributed 17 points for the winners. Aleksei Surovtsev knocked down 25 points for Ural Great. Vanja Plisnic tallied 20 points and 11 boards in the loss.

Lok.Rostov - Krasnoyarsk 98-104
Kaspars Kambala pitched in outstanding 42 poitns and 13 rebounds to lead Enisey past Lokomotiv Rostov on the road. Stanislav Makshantsev and Fred Warrick added 15 points apiece as the visitors climbed at 6-7 record. Rawle Marshall responded with 35 points for Lokomotiv.


Standings - A Liga
A Standings
 1. Swiss.Lions 15-2 
 2. Borac 13-4 
 3. Napredak 11-6 
 4. Metalac 11-6 
 5. Ergonom 9-8 
 6. Mega HL 9-8 
 7. Radnicki 034 8-9 
 8. Vizura 8-10 
 9. Radnicki I. 7-10 
 10. Novi Sad 7-10 
 11. Masinac 6-11 
 12. Tamis 6-11 
 13. Sloga 6-12 
 14. Zdravlje 4-13 
Will join on later stage:
 1. Crvena Zvez.
 2. Partizan
 3. Vojvodina
 4. FMP
 5. Hemofarm

Stats Leaders - 1A

Points Per Game
 Slavisa BOGAVAC
  Avg: 21.9
 1. Bogavac, Ergonom21.9 
 2. Bolic, Radnicki I.20.8 
 3. Stojacic, Mega HL19.9 
 4. Stefanovic, Sloga18.6 
 5. Markovic, Napredak18.6 
 6. Mirkovic, Masinac18.3 
 7. Kljajevic, Radnicki.18.3 
 8. Mladenovic, Ergon.18.1 
 9. Martinic, Novi Sad16.9 
 10. Sinovec, Vizu.16.2 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 8.9
 1. Mirkovic, Masinac8.9 
 2. Draskovic, Radnicki.7.6 
 3. Dokic, Tamis6.9 
 4. Mihajlovic, Tamis6.8 
 5. Bogavac, Ergonom6.8 
 6. Zigeranovic, Borac6.4 
 7. Nikolic, Mega HL6.3 
 8. Dramicanin, Borac6.1 
 9. Pobric, Novi Sad6.0 
 10. Kljajevic, Radnic.6.0 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 6.2
 1. Jovicic, Tamis6.2 
 2. Duvnjak, Radnicki.4.5 
 3. Stefanovic, Sloga4.3 
 4. Teodosic, Metalac4.2 
 5. Stefanovic, Borac4.1 
 6. Vukotic, Sloga3.9 
 7. Maric, Ergonom3.6 
 8. Pejovic, Napredak3.5 
 9. Martinic, Novi Sad3.5 
 10. Tomasevic, Masin.3.4 
Steals Per Game
  Novi Sad
  Avg: 2.6
 1. Martinic, Novi Sad2.6 
 2. Bolic, Radnicki I.2.1 
 3. Dramicanin, Borac1.9 
 4. Jovanovic, Zdravlje1.9 
 5. Bogavac, Ergonom1.9 
 6. Mirkovic, Masinac1.8 
 7. Sinovec, Vizura1.7 
 8. Katnic, Mega HL1.7 
 9. Majstorovic, Ergon.1.7 
 10. Dasic, Slo.1.6 
Blocks Per Game
  Radnicki 034
  Avg: 1.5
 1. Draskovic, Radnicki.1.5 
 2. Zigeranovic, Borac1.3 
 3. Bircevic, Metalac1.2 
 4. Mladenovic, Ergon.1.1 
 5. Tanaskovic, Metal.1.1 
 6. Nikolic, Mega HL0.9 
 7. Gavranovic, Ergon.0.9 
 8. Buric, Vizura0.9 
 9. Dramicanin, Borac0.8 
 10. Arsic, Masin.0.7 


Krka, Zlatorog, Slovan clicnh League Play-Off (Round 16) - by Zeljko Zule
Krka, Zlatorog and Geoplin Slovan already advanced to the UPC League Play-Off.
UPC League - Riund 16: CPG Nova Gorica-Zlatorog 60-67: Zlatorog opened the last quarter with eight straigh points to make it 59-53. Dario Krejic scored 17 points points and Uros Lucic and Salih Nuhanovic added 12 apiece. Gorica wasplayin without its top scorer Marko Marcetic and in second half scored just 24 points. Marko Likar finished with 17 points, Dalibor Petrovic scored 16 and Vlado Pasalic 19.
Geoplin Slovan-Alpos Sentjur 87-78: Slovan used a 13-2 run in the third quarter to pull ahead by eight and outrebounded Sentjur 38-23, picking up 14 offensive rebounds. Dejan Delic posted 17 points, Dejan Cigoja added and Zoran Dragic had 16 points and 12 rebounds. Asmir Sadibasic netted 19 points, Takais Brown 15 and Armin Avdibegovic 14.
Epic Misel-Elektra Esotech 77-83: The game saw as many as 16 lead changes before Dejan Cup (202-F/C-83) hit a jumper for a 54-52, iginiting a 17-3 run that was was enough for Elektra to earn their third road win. Dejan Cup shot 14-of-19 in leading Elektra with 30 points and 11 rebounds, Nikola Ivanovic scored 21 points while Vjeran Soldo finished with 22 points for Epic Misel. Bojan Jovanovic collected 18 points and 5 assists and Tilen Zalar scored 16 points.


KBL Standings
 1. Dongbu Promy 24-10 
 2. Mobis Phoebus 23-12 
 3. Samsung Th. 19-15 
 4. LG Sakers 19-16 
 5. KCC Egis 18-17 
 6. KT&G Kites 17-17 
 7. SK Knights 15-19 
 8. ET Land B.Sl. 15-20 
 9. Orions 14-21 
 10. KTF M.Wings 9-26 

KBL Round: 25 (Regular Season) - by Eurobasket News
Mobis Phoebus - LG Sakers 76-71
Mobis Phoebus edged LG Sakers 76:71 in Regular Season Round 25 for 23-12 record on the second position. Park Goo-Young top-scored for the winners with 24 points, while Dunston Bryant and Blankson Odartey posted 11 each. Crump Brandon produced 19 points in the losing effort.

Orions - KCC Egis 99-105
Orions lost to KCC Egis 99:105 as Choo Seung-Kyun stepped up with 26 points to lead all the winners. Brand Micah nailed 22 and Mitchell Carl posted 21 for the victory. Okosa Reggie ended up with 30 poiints for Orions.

Mobis Phoebus - Orions 78-73
Mobis Phoebus overcame Orions 78:73 on January 22, 2009. Dunston Bryant top-scored for the winners with 23 points and Blankson Odartey collected 16 points and 11 rebounds in defeat. Sneed Dillon chipped in 24 points for the visitors.

KCC Egis - LG Sakers 73-87
KCC Egis lost to LG Sakers 73:87 as Crump Brandon was responsible for 20 points and 10 rebounds. Johnson Ivan scored 19 and Cho Sang-Hyun added 17. Brand Micah produced 28 points for the home side.

SK Knights - KT&G Kites 89-64
SK Knights beat KT&G Kites 89:64 for 15-19 record. Shannon Terrence paced all the winners with 25 points and 15 boards, whilst Kim Julian netted 20. Warner Calvin chipped in 17 points in defeat.

ET Land B.Sl. - Samsung Th. 83-89
Samsung is third with 19-15 record after 89:83 over ET Land. Leather Terrence being the top-scorer in the league ended up with 32 points and 13 rebounds. Powell Carlos produced 29 points in the losing effort.


Stats Leaders-LEB Silver

Points Per Game
  Avg: 21.9
 1. Bouldin, Matchmind21.9 
 2. Echols, Cantabria18.9 
 3. Mortellaro, ADT T.17.4 
 4. Williams, Matchmind17.1 
 5. Llorente, Archena16.6 
 6. Nelson, Huelva16.3 
 7. Harry, Archena16.2 
 8. Nunes, Merida15.7 
 9. Turner, Promobys15.6 
 10. Stribling, ADT.15.6 
Rebounds Per Game
 Johnny MATHIS
  Avg: 9.6
 1. Mathis, Alcazar9.6 
 2. Thompson, Molina9.3 
 3. Turner, Promobys8.9 
 4. Andrews, Guadalaj.8.6 
 5. Mortellaro, ADT T.8.5 
 6. Williams, Matchmind8.4 
 7. Bouldin, Matchmind8.1 
 8. Echols, Cantabria8.0 
 9. Mugica, Archena7.6 
 10. McLemore, Huel.7.6 
Assists Per Game
 Rafael Ramon MONCLOVA
  Avg: 6.2
 1. Monclova, Alcazar6.2 
 2. Camps, Cantabria5.7 
 3. Llorente, Archena4.7 
 4. Darbo, Huelva4.6 
 5. Baquer, Alaior3.9 
 6. Nunez, Guadalajara3.8 
 7. Inigo, Guadalajara3.7 
 8. Sanchez, Cantabria3.6 
 9. Comas, Girona3.6 
 10. Cami, ADT Tarr.3.3 
Steals Per Game
 Jermaine TURNER
  Avg: 2.6
 1. Turner, Promobys2.6 
 2. Llorente, Archena2.4 
 3. Monclova, Alcazar2.3 
 4. Rueda, Promobys2.1 
 5. Martinez, Navalcar.2.0 
 6. Sanchez, Cantabria2.0 
 7. Bataller, Girona1.9 
 8. Comas, Girona1.9 
 9. Gomez, Huelva1.7 
 10. Elizagaray, Matchmi.1.7 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 2.4
 1. McLemore, Huelva2.4 
 2. Bouldin, Matchmind1.3 
 3. Williams, V..1.3 
 4. Bain, ADT Tarrag.1.3 
 5. Thomasson, Alaior1.2 
 6. Nunes, Merida1.2 
 7. Farley, Archena1.2 
 8. Hilliman, Promobys1.2 
 9. Williams, Matchmind1.1 
 10. Mathis, Alcaz.1.0 

Standings - ACB
LEB Bronze Standings
 1. Cantabria 11-4 
 2. Promobys 11-4 
 3. Molina 10-5 
 4. V.Siglo XXI 10-5 
 5. Matchmind 9-6 
 6. Huelva 9-6 
 7. ADT Tarrag. 9-7 
 8. Alcazar 8-8 
 9. Archena 8-8 
 10. Guadalajara 8-8 
 11. Navalcarnero 6-9 
 12. Alaior 6-10 
 13. Girona 5-10 
 14. Oviedo 5-10 
 15. Merida 4-11 
 16. Real M. II 4-12 

Curro Segura out, Angulo take the charge in Zaragoza - by Francisco Martinez
Curro Segura has been fired as Head Coach of CAI Zaragoza. His place in the bench of the Red team will be hold by Alberto Alberto Angulo . Alberto Angulo is a former player who grew in Zaragoza but got his best years as player wearing the jersey of Real Madrid and Spanish National Team. Now, he will face a great challenge, lead his team as Head Coach and get the main objective: remain in ACB after the first season there in the new history of the club.

Stats Leaders - LEB Gold

Points Per Game
 Ricardo GUILLEN
  Los Barrios
  Avg: 18.9
 1. Guillen, Los Barrios18.9 
 2. Garcia, Burgos18.1 
 3. Kiefer, Vic17.6 
 4. Simien, Caceres17.3 
 5. Detrick, La Laguna17.0 
 6. Prestes, Cl.Rincon15.3 
 7. Terrell, La Palma15.3 
 8. Battle, Valladolid15.2 
 9. Blair, Mallorca15.2 
 10. Victor, Melil.15.2 
Rebounds Per Game
  La Laguna
  Avg: 9.4
 1. Donaldson, La La.9.4 
 2. Prestes, Cl.Rincon9.1 
 3. Battle, Valladolid8.9 
 4. Simien, Caceres8.5 
 5. Hamilton, Tenerife8.0 
 6. Guillen, Los Barrios7.8 
 7. Blair, Mallorca7.2 
 8. Baez, Leon7.0 
 9. Nana, Rosalia6.8 
 10. Sinanovic, Burg.6.7 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 6.6
 1. Ciorciari, Melilla6.6 
 2. Corrales, Burgos4.8 
 3. Sala, La Palma4.1 
 4. Bernabe, Leon4.0 
 5. Mendiburu, Plus Pujol3.9 
 6. Lopez, Leche Rio3.8 
 7. Brown, Caceres3.7 
 8. Colom, Plus Pujol3.4 
 9. Dumas, Valladolid3.3 
 10. Jimenez, Illesc.3.2 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 2.3
 1. Blanch, Mallorca2.3 
 2. Van Lacke, Valladolid2.3 
 3. Bernabe, Leon2.1 
 4. Ciorciari, Melilla1.9 
 5. Lopez, Leche Rio1.9 
 6. Hill, Alicante1.8 
 7. Baez, Leon1.6 
 8. Hernandez, Valladolid1.6 
 9. Garcia, Burgos1.5 
 10. Gilbert, Le.1.5 
Blocks Per Game
 Robert BATTLE
  Avg: 2.1
 1. Battle, Valladolid2.1 
 2. Hamilton, Tenerife1.8 
 3. Donaldson, La La.1.5 
 4. Cusworth, Leche R.1.5 
 5. Southall, Melilla1.4 
 6. Lewis, Plus Pujol1.4 
 7. Simien, Caceres1.4 
 8. Sinanovic, Burgos1.2 
 9. Nana, Rosalia1.2 
 10. Andriuskevic., Ali.0.9 


Standings - LNA
LNA Standings
 1. Vacallo 15-1 
 2. Fribourg 11-5 
 3. Monthey 10-6 
 4. The Starwings 9-6 
 5. Lugano Tigers 9-7 
 6. Nyon 8-7 
 7. Herens 7-4 
 8. Lausanne 7-8 
 9. Boncourt 7-9 
 10. Geneve 4-11 
 11. SAM Massa. 2-13 
 12. MGS 2-14 


metro miracles to take on West tx storm (standings after week 2 ) - by Chris Cardenas
Snyder,Tx- Western Texas College will be the site for the showdown on sunday Jan.25th between the metroplex and one of west tx finest. Coach/ owner Torrence Moody is confident his Metro Miracles can go into Snyder and beat the west tx storm. The Storm are led by Ex-London basketball league player Dee Hudson who's averaging 25 pts per game in the TPBL. Game time is set for 3pm at the Western Tx College gymnasium. For more info call the tpbl at : 325-763-6630

standings after weeks 1 & 2

Houston p.t.s. 4-0
Turo Zuniga has houston ready to take on any minor league team in the nation. his team is solid fundamentally, big and fast with good team discipline.

Midland heat 2-2
Defending tpbl champs hit a few bumps in the road, but looked good Jan. 21st with a big win on the road against the San Angelo Chaparrals 127-99. Led by Ray Williams 39 points, the heat never trailed in the game.

central tx blackhawks 2-2
Coach Wittman of the blackhaws is very confident his team can play for the tpbl title.

west tx Storm 1-2
with a tough loss on the road in midland and a big win on the road vs. the chaparrals , the storm are looking find a playoff spot for '09.

san angelo chaparrals 0-3
two tough,close, losses on the road and a blowout loss at home have the Chaps looking for some anwers to slow start. the Chaps are led by marlow rockwells 26 points per game.

cypress tx synergy 0-3
john carswells team is finding that playing in the tpbl is no easy task.

metro miracles 0-0
taking on west tx storm sunday jan. 25th.

east tx trailblazers 0-0
taking on cypress synergy sunday jan. 25th

TPBL Standings
1. Houston pts 4-0
2. Central tx blackhawks 2-0
3. Midland H. 2-2
4. West tx Storm 1-3
5. San Angelo Chaparrals 0-3
6. Cypress Tx Synergy 0-3
7. Trailblazers 0-1
8. Metro Miracles 0-0


Superleague Round: 17 (Regular Season) - by Eurobasket News
Sumykhimpr. - Azovmash 64-88
Azovmash had little problems against Sumykhimprom on the road. Khalid El-Amin nailed 6/8 three-pointers and the visitors cruised to the 14th win in the season. The point guard finished with 22 points, while Hasan Rizvic added 14 points and 6 rebounds in the win. Brian Green responded with 18 points for the hosts as they slipped at 5-11 record.

Mykolaiv - Khimik 69-81
Khimik got solid debuts from Vassil Evtimov and Nenad Canak to romp past Mykolaiv on the road. Nenad Canak, Olu Famutimi and Oleksandr Kolchenko scored 15 points each to lead the visitors. Vassil Evtimov had 6 points, 9 boards and 5 assists in the win. Mykolaiv were not rescued by game-high 36 points from Sergiy Gladyr.

Poltava - BC Kyiv 80-90
BC Kyiv held off Poltava away from home to post the 15th win in the season. Clay Tucker scored 22 points to lead Kyiv. Oleg Saltovets had 16 points for the winners. Jayson Wells answered with 18 points for Poltava in the fifth straight defeat for the hosts.

BC Donetsk - Pulsar 96-82
BC Donetsk outscored Pulsar to open Round 17 action. Milutin Aleksic scored 26 points and grabbed 9 boards to pace the hosts. Igor Kryvych added 24 points, while Andres Rodriguez orchestrated the game well issuing 13 assists. Pavel Ulyanko answered with 26 points and 10 boards for Pulsar as they suffered the 13th loss.

Stats Leaders - Men

Points Per Game
  Real Madrid
  Avg: 11.2
 1. Tucker, BC Donetsk22.0 
 2. Owens, BC Donetsk17.9 
 3. Greene, Sumykhim.17.1 
 4. Gladyr, Mykolaiv15.7 
 5. Jarutis, Poltava15.6 
 6. Ulyanko, Pulsar14.9 
 7. Bajramovic, BC Ky.14.8 
 8. Thompson, Azovmash13.8 
 9. Guinn, Poltava13.8 
 10. Kuso, Sumykhim.13.6 
Rebounds Per Game
 Wykeen KELLY
  Avg: 4.7
 1. Aleksic, BC Donetsk9.0 
 2. Kuso, Sumykhimpr.8.6 
 3. Greene, Sumykhim.7.3 
 4. Thompson, Azovmash7.2 
 5. Guinn, Poltava7.0 
 6. Tucker, BC Donetsk6.9 
 7. Owens, BC Donetsk5.9 
 8. Kieza, Poltava5.7 
 9. Van Den Spie., Azovm.5.4 
 10. Bajramovic, BC.5.3 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 1.9
 1. Rodriguez, BC Do.6.9 
 2. El-Amin, Azovmash5.6 
 3. Clemons, Poltava4.5 
 4. Kelly, Khimik3.4 
 5. Jarutis, Azovmash3.0 
 6. Jarutis, Poltava3.0 
 7. Butskyy, Sumykhim.2.8 
 8. Shemosyuk, Pulsar2.8 
 9. Rayevskyy, Mykol.2.7 
 10. Aleksic, BC Donet.2.7 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 1.1
 1. Rodriguez, BC Do.3.0 
 2. Greene, Sumykhim.2.7 
 3. Clemons, Poltava2.2 
 4. Zabirchenko, BC Do.1.6 
 5. Drozdov, BC Kyiv1.6 
 6. Famutimi, Khimik1.6 
 7. Scales, BC Kyiv1.6 
 8. Thompson, Azovmash1.6 
 9. El-Amin, Azovmash1.6 
 10. Guinn, Polta.1.5 
Blocks Per Game
 Haywood OWENS
  BC Donetsk
  Avg: 0.4
 1. Blair, Mykolaiv1.6 
 2. Gumenyuk, Pulsar1.3 
 3. Rizvic, Azovmash1.3 
 4. Lishchuk, Azovmash1.1 
 5. Kuso, Sumykhimpr.1.1 
 6. Djapa, Pulsar1.0 
 7. Ulyanko, Pulsar0.9 
 8. Van Den Spie., Azovm.0.9 
 9. Kravtsov, BC Kyiv0.8 
 10. Guinn, Polta.0.8 

Standings - Superleague
Superleague Standings
 1. BC Kyiv 15-2 
 2. Azovmash 14-3 
 3. BC Donetsk 11-5 
 4. Khimik 10-7 
 5. Sumykhimpr. 5-11 
 6. Mykolaiv 5-12 
 7. Pulsar 4-13 
 8. Poltava 3-14 


Dmitry Sviridov wins the Cup and participates in All Star game - by Eurobasket News
Dmitry Sviridov (212-C-85) wins the Cup and participates in All Star game spending a wonderful season in Belarus. Four best teams struggled in the semifinals of the Belarusian Cup and all of them could reach the Final. His Vitalyur grabbed the Cup as later in the Final the team beat OZAA 101:74.
In the first semifinal OZAA survived over Grodno-93 trailing almost in the entire game. Grodno produced 31-14 and was in front until the end of the campaign. With 25-13 however OZAA took the ticket to the Final. Vabishevich top-scored for the winners with 21 points. Andrei Maksimov collected 16 points and 8 rebounds whilst Alexander Osipovich netted 12. Chunda had 18 points, 10 assists and 5 boards in defeat.
Vitalyur overcame Minsk-2006 81:77 to reach the Final. Trailing 20-25 the winners of the Cup won three other periods to seal the victory. Lemik led the winners with 22 points, 7 rebounds and 4 assists and Dmitry Sviridov scored 13. Dzianis Korshuk ended up with 19 points and 7 boards in the losing effort.
Vitalyur had no difficulties to lift the Cup over the heads after 101:74 over OZAA in the Final. Maksim Shustau top-scored for the winners with 22 points and 11 assists, while Zaytsev netted 18. Lemik collected 16 points, 9 boards and 4 assists, whilst Dadikin added 14. Dmitry Sviridov ended up with 8 points to triumph with his team. Ivanov produced 20 points in the losing effort.

Recently the All-Star Game took part in Belarus. The Eastern All-Stars dominated and pulled away with a spectacular victory at the end. Aliaksei Trostinetskiy was trumped the MVP for the Eastern All-Stars Team. Sergei Charikau was named the Most Valuable Player for the West.
The West team got to the better start in the game as they piled up a 22:18 lead after the opening term. They maintained the lead and were up by 5 at halftime. The Western team opened up a double-digit lead in the third quarter but the East easily denied it. The teams showed some high-flying ball game in the final quarter before the East eked out a narrow victory at the end.
Aliaksei Trostinetskiy finished with 23 points, 8 rebounds and 5 assists for the East. Dzianis Korshuk topscored for the winners with 26 points and 13 rebounds. Maksim Shustau paced the West Team with 23 points. Dmitry Sviridov and Sergei Dadikin added 10 points apiece in the loss.
Shustau also celebrated the victory in the three-point shootout. Ilyas Salsanau won the Slam Dunk contest.


Jonathan Polanco getting ready for Venezuela in Quisqueya - by Wolfgang Lucena

Outstanding 6'4'' Venezuelan guard Johnathan Polanco (190-G-82) received a two months contract with Pueblo Nuevo Basketball Club over the Dominican Republic.
Jonathan Polanco played in the Mexican League; Venados de Nuevo Laredo where he shared wins and loses with Roque Osorio another Venezuelan star. Polanco helped Venados de Nuevo Laredo every game with 9.6 Points, 4.2 rebounds, 5 assist and 2 steals. Polanco will join Club Pueblo Nuevo in Dominican Republic on February 16th.

Johnathan Polanco (190-G-82) is member of Guaiqueries de Margarita; he could join the Guaiquery tribe after his compromises over Dominican Republic.
' I'm working out really hard trying to reach two championships this year; Pueblo Nuevo in the Dominican Republic and Guaiqueries in Venezuela ' Jonathan Polanco


Women News


Adriatic L. Standings
 1. Sibenik 11-0 
 2. Jedinstvo 8-3 
 3. Ragusa 5-4 
 4. Gospic 5-6 
 5. Medvescak 5-6 
 6. Vojvodina 4-6 
 7. Merkur Celje 3-5 
 8. Buducnost 3-6 
 9. M.Kraj. BL 0-8 

  AUSTRIA - Women  

UBBC post seventh straight win - by Eurobasket News
UBBC kept on chasing the AWBL leaders Flying Foxes as they posted the seventh straight win in the season improving at 9-2 record. Thus UBBC set up a mouth-watering clash between the league leaders that is scheduled for Sunday. In Round 16 UBBC eased past Baden 89:45 on the road. The visitors limited their opponents to just 20 points in the first half and enjoyed a 26-point lead at halftime. Baden had little to answer with in the second half and surrendered at the end. Lisa Richard (172-G-90) scored 20 points to lead Herzogenburg. Monikka Anthony (188-C-85) came up with 13 points in the win. Marlies Kiefer (158-G-83) responded with 13 points for Baden in defeat.
Wels also celebrated a road success as they thumped Graz 80:59 away from home. It was the seventh victory for Wels as they stayed in the third spot in the standings. Eva Breuer (168-G-83) topscored with 21 points for Wels. Svetlana Odnovolenko (188-C-87) added 17 points in the win. Elisabeth Lutter (173-F-86) had 18 points for Graz.
Vienna 87 cut the distance to Klosternueburg defeating them 103:89 at home court. The teams kept it close in the first half as Vienna led by just 3 points at halftime. But the hosts cleared off for good in the third frame and climbed at 6-8 record. Stefanie Pavelka (185-C/F-79) shone with 36 points for Vienna 87. Sophie Meisinger (183-F-89) had 29 points for the winners. Sophia Plank (178-G/F-83) exploded with 44 points for Klosternueburg.


Standings - ZBL (W)
ZBL Standings
 1. USK Praha 19-1 
 2. Gambrinus 18-2 
 3. Trutnov 11-9 
 4. Valosun B. 11-9 
 1. Strakonice 10-10 
 2. Hradec Kralove 10-10 
 3. Slovanka 7-13 
 4. Karlovy Vary 7-13 
 5. Sparta Praha 5-15 
 6. BK Tabor 2-18 

USK Praha defeat Gambrinus - by Eurobasket News
USK Praha handed Gambrinus the second loss in the season edging them 100:83 in Prague today. The teams played the second round of action of the second stage of the ZBL. The win allowed USK Praha to climb at 19-1 record, while Gambrinus slipped to 18-2. The Brno team led throughout the major part of the first period before Cash Swin (187-F-79, college: Connecticut) gave the hosts their first lead of the game with under two minutes remaining in the stanza. However Hamchetou Maiga (184-G/F-78, college: ODU) and Linda Frohlich (188-F/C-79, agency: LBM Management, college: UNLV) capped the period with 3 straight points and Gambrinus led 21:19 at the intermission. USK Praha finally found their rhythm in the second term. They went on a 14:2 run to grab a 38:28 advantage. Lindsay Whalen (173-G-82, college: Minnesota) and Maltsi secured a 56:36 lead for the home team at the interval. Petra Kulichova (198-C-84), Eva Viteckova (190-F-82) and Tamika Whitmore (187-C/F-77, college: Memphis) opened the third frame with 7 straight points to give hope for Gambrinus. But Lindsay Whalen and Michaela Ferancikova (190-F-77) ensured a 77:65 lead for USK Praha at the final break. The hosts tipped off the final term with a 9:4 rally to clear off for good in this one. Lindsay Whalen topscored with 26 points and 10 boards for USK Praha. Michaela Ferancikova added 20 points and 13 boards for the winners. Tamika Whitmore had 19 points for Gambrinus in the loss.
In the meantime Trutnov trailed for almost the whole game against Valosun on the road but still managed to prevail 89:83 at the end. Kamila Stepanova (191-C-88) finished with game-high 30 points to lead the way for Trutnov. Katerina Hindrakova (176-G/F-88) added 17 points for the winners as they improved at 11-9 record. Veronika Vlkova (175-G/F-84) answered with 26 points for Valosun.

  FINLAND - Women  

D1 Round: 18 (Regular Season) - by Eurobasket News
FoA - Catz 57-88
Catz improved at 14-1 record on top of the standings as they thumped FoA on the road. Joi Scott nailed 25 points to lead Lappeenranta. Elena Reshetko added 16 points and 8 boards for the winners. Toniqua Frasier replied with 18 points and 11 rebounds for FoA in the loss.

PeKa - HoNsU 91-58
PeKa overwhelmed HoNSU at home court as Sherida Triggs notched 18 points and 13 boards for the winners. Rebekah Parker and Dionne Pounds had 16 points each in the winning case. Raquel Collier secured 19 points for HoNSU as they fell at 3-12 record.

BC Nokia - Espoo Team 44-106
Nokia could not challenge Espoo Team at home court suffering another upsetting defeat. Ashley Haynes pitched in 33 points and 12 rebounds to lead one of the league leaders. Whitney Allen delivered 24 points and 14 rebounds for the visitors. Stephanie Jones had 23 points and 6 rebounds for Nokia as they fell at 0-15 record.

Huima - S-Hameen. 101-69
Huima thrashed S-Hameenmaa in the round's opener. Kalika France topscored with 28 points and 11 boards for Huima. Alshaa Hodges added 17 points and 6 rebounds for the winners. Jazz Covington dropped 23 points and collected 11 rebounds for S-Hameenmaa in the losing effort.

Standings - Women
D1 Standings
 1. Catz 14-1 
 2. Espoo Team 12-3 
 3. PeKa 11-4 
 4. Huima 9-6 
 5. S-Hameen. 7-8 
 6. FoA 4-11 
 7. HoNsU 3-12 
 8. BC Nokia 0-15 
Will join on later stage:
 1. PuHu

Stats Leaders - Women
Points Per Game
  Espoo Team
  Avg: 13.8
 1. Marlow, S-Hameen.24.0 
 2. Parker, PuHu22.3 
 3. Bailey, Huima20.0 
 4. Covington, S-Ham.19.9 
 5. Haynes, Espoo Team18.7 
 6. Freeman, PeKa18.2 
 7. Frasier, FoA17.4 
 8. Pellom, FoA17.4 
 9. Collier, HoNsU17.3 
 10. Gidden, HoN.16.4 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 7
 1. Covington, S-Ham.13.9 
 2. Gidden, HoNsU13.4 
 3. Roukanoja, PuHu12.2 
 4. Robinson, Huima11.8 
 5. Haynes, Espoo Team11.5 
 6. Yates, BC Nokia10.5 
 7. Triggs, PeKa10.4 
 8. Freeman, PeKa10.2 
 9. Solovyeva, Catz9.9 
 10. Zwarich, F.9.1 
Assists Per Game
  Espoo Team
  Avg: 1.6
 1. Kesanen, Catz3.8 
 2. Pellom, FoA3.1 
 3. Covington, S-Ham.2.6 
 4. Frasier, FoA2.5 
 5. Rivers, PeKa2.5 
 6. Robinson, Huima2.4 
 7. DeCoud, HoNsU2.4 
 8. Parker, PuHu2.4 
 9. Jamsen, Huima2.4 
 10. Haynes, Espoo Te.2.3 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 1.8
 1. DeCoud, HoNsU4.0 
 2. Bailey, Huima4.0 
 3. Haynes, Espoo Team3.4 
 4. Collier, HoNsU3.2 
 5. Haynes, Catz3.1 
 6. Pellom, FoA3.1 
 7. Parker, PeKa2.8 
 8. Vapamaa, S-Hameen.2.8 
 9. Pounds, PeKa2.6 
 10. Allen, Espoo Te.2.6 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 0.4
 1. Gidden, HoNsU1.7 
 2. Roukanoja, PuHu1.5 
 3. Solovyeva, Catz1.4 
 4. Triggs, PeKa1.0 
 5. Scott, Catz1.0 
 6. Tuure, Catz0.9 
 7. Sten, Catz0.8 
 8. Zwarich, FoA0.8 
 9. Reshetko, Catz0.8 
 10. Jamsen, Hui.0.7 

  GREECE - Women  

Standings - Women
A1 Standings
 1. Athinaikos 15-0 
 2. Esperides 13-2 
 3. Panathinaikos 10-4 
 4. P.Faliro 10-5 
 5. Apollon K. 10-5 
 6. Ano Liosa 8-7 
 7. Apollon P. 8-7 
 8. Panionios 8-7 
 9. Aris H. 6-8 
 10. Olympiada L. 5-10 
 11. M.Aleksandros 3-11 
 12. Siemens 3-12 
 13. Paghiakos 2-12 
 14. Kastoria 0-15 

  HUNGARY - Women  

Standings - Women
A Standings
 1. MKB Eurol. 12-0 
 2. Pecsi 12-1 
 3. BSE 10-2 
 4. Szeged 10-3 
 5. Foton 8-5 
 6. ZTE 7-5 
 7. Szolnok 6-7 
 8. Vasas-Csata 4-8 
 9. Atomeromu 4-9 
 10. BEAC 2-11 
 11. Cegledi EKK 1-12 
 12. Savaria 0-13 

Stats Leaders - Women
Points Per Game
  Cegledi EKK
  Avg: 11.8
 1. Robinson, Savaria23.7 
 2. Vajda, MiZo Pecs20.0 
 3. Milovanovic, MKB E.15.9 
 4. Varga, ZTE15.5 
 5. Gardner, Savaria15.5 
 6. Zherzherunov., Sze.14.6 
 7. Holt, MKB Eurol.14.5 
 8. Quennan, MiZo Pecs14.5 
 9. Djelmis, Szolnok14.5 
 10. Horti, MKB Eur.14.3 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 4.9
 1. Robinson, Savaria9.8 
 2. Wilson, Atomeromu8.4 
 3. Gardner, Savaria7.5 
 4. Horvath, ZTE7.0 
 5. Serban, Cegledi EKK6.8 
 6. Milkova, BSE6.8 
 7. Radunovic, Foton6.7 
 8. Fejes, Vasas-Csata6.4 
 9. Coelho, MiZo Pecs6.3 
 10. Zherzherunov., S.6.1 
Assists Per Game
 Judit FRITZ
  Avg: 2.4
 1. Ivanyi, MiZo Pecs5.4 
 2. Furesz, Foton3.5 
 3. Orban, Cegledi EKK3.4 
 4. Djelmis, Szolnok3.3 
 5. Furesz, Szeged3.1 
 6. Nemeth, Szeged3.0 
 7. Sandor, Savaria3.0 
 8. Mansare, Vasas-Cs.2.8 
 9. Radunovic, Foton2.8 
 10. Darida, Szoln.2.8 
Steals Per Game
 Melinda BAGI
  Avg: 2.1
 1. Ivanyi, MiZo Pecs3.5 
 2. Wilson, Atomeromu3.5 
 3. Varga, ZTE3.3 
 4. Koncz, BSE3.2 
 5. Vajda, MiZo Pecs3.1 
 6. Gardner, Savaria3.1 
 7. Darida, Szolnok3.0 
 8. Milovanovic, MKB E.2.9 
 9. Takacs, ZTE2.7 
 10. Czank, Vasas-Csa.2.6 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 0.3
 1. Robinson, Savaria1.6 
 2. Sandor, Savaria0.9 
 3. Gardner, Savaria0.8 
 4. Fritz, Vasas-Csata0.8 
 5. Vajda, MiZo Pecs0.6 
 6. Szondy, Vasas-Csata0.6 
 7. Milkova, BSE0.5 
 8. Hegedus, Cegledi .0.5 
 9. Baksa, Cegledi EKK0.5 
 10. Szabadfi, Savar.0.4 

  JUCO - Women  

Women's Top Players of the Week - by C Martin
The three student-atheletes that have been selected as having the best play this week are Leondra Doomes-Stephens out of Fort Scott Community College, Crystal Harris from Union County College and Willeen Capehart from Roxbury Community College.

(NJCAA D-I) Leondra Doomes-Stephens, had two double-doubles for Fort Scott Community College. The 5'10' guard recorded 32 points, 17 rebounds, six assists, three steals and a block in a 74-70 win over Independence. Then had 29 points, 13 rebounds, four assists, five steals, and two blocks during a game over the weekend, shooting shot 51 percent from field through both games.

(NJCAA D-II) Crystal Harris, got her sixth and seventh double-double of the season from Union County College. She scored 26 points and grabbed 14 rebounds with three blocks against Harcum and then had 20 points, 12 rebounds, two assists, two steals and two blocks in a 59-57 win over Genesee C.C. Harris was 12-for-16 from the line.

(NJCAA D-II) Willeen Capehart, was putting up 19 ppg and 8.3 rpg per game last week for Roxbury Community College. Capehart posted a double-double with 22 points, 11 assists and seven assists against Bristol. She put up 15 points and seven assists against Springfield Tech and 20 points and seven assists against Bunker Hill. The 5'7' guard is currently ranked second in the nation in three point percentage, eighth with 5.6 assists and 11th in free throw percentage at 80 percent. She has helped her team to a 16-3 overall record, also has a 3.2 GPA.

  KUWAIT - Women  

Kuwait Womans National Team takes on US Camp Arifjan Ladies team - by Corey Washington
The Kuwait Womans National team will take on the US Camp Arifjan womans Basketball team in a friendly game at 1:00PM. 25 January 2009 at Camp Arifjan. These two teams have met before and it's sure to be a great game. The last time the two teams met, Kuwait womans team came out with the Victory. The Kuwait Womans team is beginning to establish a presence here in Kuwait, and with the right sponsorships they may soon see longer season schedules with more teams responding to their ability to win games.

  LITHUANIA - Women  

TEO and Arvi with routine victories in Round 17 - by Eurobasket News
TEO Vilnius stretched their winning streak in LMKL to 17 games. They posted two consecutive victories in Round 17. First the defending champions held off Laisve 78:53 at home court. TEO dominated throughout the action and deservedly earned yet another success. Crystal Langhorne (188-F/C-86, college: Maryland) scored 23 points and grabbed 8 rebounds for the winners. Gintare Petronyte (195-C-89) contributed 20 points and 9 boards for TEO. Jolanta Marmiene (181-F-79) and Kristina Alminaite (204-C-90) had 16 points each in the loss.
Next TEO took care of Alytus 100:42 on the road. The reigning champs used a 27:6 run in the opening term to never look back again. Six TEO players scored in double digits in this one. Gintare Petronyte produced 29 points and 7 boards, while Ausra Bimbaite (179-G-82) had 18 points and 9 rebounds in the win. Dalia Kacinkeviciute (187-C-88) replied with 12 points for Alytus as they remained at the bottom of the table at 1-15 record.
Arvi stayed in the race for the trophy as they registered the 14th success in the season. This time Arvi took the scalp of Egle at home court. The hosts built a massive 61:17 advantage at halftime and eased to the victory in the second half. Ligita Kinkeviciene (173-G-76) scored 22 points for Arvi. Milda Sauliute (175-G-81) contributed 20 points for the winners. Evelina Rapkeviciute (185-F-89) tallied 15 points and 8 caroms for Egle in defeat.

Standings - LMKL
LMKL Standings
 1. TEO Vilnius 17-0 
 2. Arvi 14-2 
 3. Lemminkain. 10-6 
 4. Aistes-Atletas 8-8 
 5. Ruta Siauliai 4-11 
 6. Egle Panev. 2-14 
 7. Alytus 1-15 

  POLAND - Women  

Standings - PLKK
PLKK Standings
 1. AZS Gorzow 14-2 
 2. Wisla Can-Pak 14-3 
 3. Lotos PKO BP 13-2 
 4. CCC 11-4 
 5. Utex Row 10-7 
 6. Inea AZS P. 10-7 
 7. Energa Torun 10-8 
 8. Duda Leszno 8-10 
 9. AZS J.Gora 7-10 
 10. Cukierki 5-13 
 11. MUKS Pozn. 4-14 
 12. PTK Pabian. 2-14 
 13. LKS 2-16 

PLKK Round: 19 (Regular Season) - by Eurobasket News
Duda Leszno - CCC 78-87
Duda Leszno lost to CCC 78:87 as Robbins Jillian stepped up with 21 points and 9 rebounds to lead all the winners. Mieloszynska Daria nailed 17 and Jeziorna Justyna posted 15. Shields Ashley and Krysiewicz Edyta brought 22 points each in defeat.

Utex Row - Wisla Can-Pak 50-77
Wisla Can-Pak improved to 14-3 after 77:50 road win over Utex Row. Skerovic Jelena top-scored for the winners with 16 points and Maksimovic Sladana nailed 13. Radwan Magdalena chipped in 15 for the hosts and Trafimava Nataliya collected 13 points and 19 rebounds.

Cukierki - AZS J.Gora 84-73
Petillon Amber scored 19 points and made 14 boards as Cukierki outscored AZS J.Gora 84:73. Gawronska Magdalena followed her with 16, whilst Coleman Ryan top-scored for the guests with 21 points.

MUKS Pozn. - Energa Torun 57-54
MUKS Poznan overcame Energa Torun 57:54 in Regular Season Round 19. Krawiec Monika led the winners with 17 points, while Moore Sheena added 11. Sissoko Djenebou finished the night with 15 points and 11 boards in defeat.

Inea AZS P. - LKS 75-56
Inea AZS improved to 10-7 record defeating LKS 75:56. Sibora Monika led the way with 17 points, whilst Skobel Agnieszka posted 16. Perlinska Alicja produced 22 points in the losing effort.

  RUSSIA - Women  

Stats Leaders
Points Per Game
  Spartak V MR
  Avg: 19.1
 1. Taurasi, Spartak .19.1 
 2. Jekabsone-Z., Dynamo M.17.3 
 3. Christon, Nadezhda.17.1 
 4. Snell, Dynamo M.17.0 
 5. Kuzina, Dynamo M.15.2 
 6. Wauters, CSKA14.7 
 7. Bokareva, Chevakata14.2 
 8. Fowles, Spartak .13.9 
 9. Burse, Dynamo M.13.9 
 10. Iakovleva, Spa.13.6 
Rebounds Per Game
 Anastasiya VEREMEENKO
  Nadezhda O.
  Avg: 10.8
 1. Veremeenko, Nadezhda.10.8 
 2. Bokareva, Chevakata8.3 
 3. Zakalyuzhnay., Dynamo M.8.1 
 4. Wauters, CSKA7.6 
 5. Iakovleva, Spart.7.6 
 6. Myasoedova, Dynamo N.7.5 
 7. Fowles, Spartak .7.5 
 8. Burse, Dynamo M.7.3 
 9. Psareva, Dynamo K.7.2 
 10. Kiseleva, Slavyan.7.1 
Assists Per Game
  Dynamo N.
  Avg: 5.9
 1. Berseneva, Dynamo N.5.9 
 2. Snell, Dynamo M.5.2 
 3. Bird, Spartak V MR4.7 
 4. Taurasi, Spartak .4.4 
 5. Volkova, Chevakata4.0 
 6. Khammon, CSKA3.8 
 7. Firsova, Spartak SP3.8 
 8. Moore, Chevakata3.7 
 9. Bibrzycka, UMMC3.6 
 10. Babusheva, Sla.3.5 
Steals Per Game
 Loree MOORE
  Avg: 3.6
 1. Moore, Chevakata3.6 
 2. Fomina, Dynamo K.2.3 
 3. Bolsunovskay., Dynamo N.2.3 
 4. Bokareva, Chevakata2.2 
 5. Volkova, Chevakata2.2 
 6. Douglas, CSKA2.1 
 7. Nolan, UMMC2.1 
 8. McCarville, CS.2.1 
 9. Snell, Dynamo M.2.1 
 10. Valuzyte, Dynamo.2.1 
Blocks Per Game
 Anastasiya VEREMEENKO
  Nadezhda O.
  Avg: 2.5
 1. Veremeenko, Nadezhda.2.5 
 2. Stepanova, CSKA2.5 
 3. Myasoedova, Dynamo N.1.8 
 4. Kiseleva, Slavyanka1.7 
 5. Fowles, Spartak .1.5 
 6. Kuzina, Dynamo M.1.5 
 7. Baranova, UMMC1.4 
 8. Vizbariene, Dynamo K.1.2 
 9. Osipova, Spartak .1.1 
 10. Prystupa, Dynamo.1.0 

Standings Women D1
A Superleague Standings
 1. CSKA 11-0 
 2. Spartak V MR 11-1 
 3. UMMC 10-2 
 4. Dynamo M. 7-5 
 5. Chevakata 6-6 
 6. Nadezhda O. 5-6 
 7. Dynamo K. 4-7 
 8. Dynamo N. 2-9 
 9. Spartak SP 1-10 
 10. Slavyanka 0-11 

  SERBIA - Women  

Monika Veselovski signed for Mladi Krajisnik - by Dragana Vukovic
Afther she finished contract with ZKK Sibenik Jolly JBS,she signed till the Christmas,Monika Veselovsky (183-F-77) decided to join to Mladi Krajisnik Banja Luka.She will try to help them to win Bosnian title and Cup and she will also play Adriatic League.Monika Veselovsky played Women Euroleague with ZKK Sibenik Jolly JBS averaging 4.1 points,2.0 rebounds and 2.4 assists for 19.9 minutes.In Adriatic League she was averaging 8.0 points,3.9 rebounds and 2.6 assists during 22.0 minutes.

Stats Leaders - 1A women
1A Stats Leaders
Points Per Game
1 VIdovic Rada 20.8
2.Vidacic Jela 20.1
3.Todorovic Ivana 18.9
4.Moraca Marina 17.8
5.Scekic Maja 17.2
Rebounds Per Game
1.Stjepanovic Biljana 10.7
2.Moraca Marina 10.5
3.Jovanovic Tina 9.7
4.Vidacic Jela 9.0
5.Vukovic Dragana 8.2
Assists Per Game
1.Ristic Marina 6.3
2.Stankovic Biljana 5.1
3.Krnjetin Natasa 5.0
4.Scekic Maja 4.3
5.Mihailovic Ivana 4.2
Steals Per Game
1.Ristic Marina 4.1
2.Damjanovic Jelena 4.0
3.Tsikhamuirava H. 3.6
4.Krnjetin Natasa 3.5
5.Stupar Anja 3.2
Blocks Per Game
1.Stjepanovic Biljana 1.7
2.Jovanovic Tina 1.5
3.Dzuver Vesna 1.0
4.Kovacevic Dara 0.9
5.Skoric Maja 0.9
1.Vidacic Jela 25.9
2.Moraca Marina 21.9
3.Stjepanovic Biljana 21.0
4.Roglic Iva 20.3
5.Todorovic Ivana 19.9

  SPAIN - Women  

Standings - LFB
LFB Standings
 1. Ros Casares 15-1 
 2. Halcon A.Per. 13-2 
 3. Rivas Ecopolis 12-3 
 4. Olesa 10-5 
 5. Mariana 10-5 
 6. Real C.Vigo 8-7 
 7. San Jose 8-8 
 8. Hondar.-Irun 6-9 
 9. Mann Filter 5-9 
 10. EBE Ibiza-PDV 5-9 
 11. Cadi la Seu 4-11 
 12. Gran Canaria 3-11 
 13. Estudiantes 3-12 
 14. Extrugasa 2-12 

Stats Leaders - LFB
Points Per Game
 Eshaya MURPHY
  San Jose
  Avg: 21.1
 1. Murphy, San Jose21.1 
 2. Valdemoro, Ros C.18.1 
 3. Lovelace-T., Hondar.17.7 
 4. Price, Mariana16.7 
 5. Dubljevic, Rivas E.15.9 
 6. Vega, Mariana14.7 
 7. Thomas, Mann F.14.7 
 8. Page, Mariana14.5 
 9. Da Silva, Cadi l.14.5 
 10. Ciudariene, Real.13.7 
Rebounds Per Game
 Linda PAGE
  Avg: 10
 1. Page, Mariana10.0 
 2. Turner, Mann F.9.6 
 3. Snow, Halcon A.8.5 
 4. Murphy, San Jose8.3 
 5. Ujhelyi, Rivas E.8.1 
 6. Lovelace-T., Hondar.7.6 
 7. Wyckoff, Estudian.7.5 
 8. Thomas, Mann F.7.1 
 9. Nicholls, Real C.7.1 
 10. Podkovalniko., Ole.7.1 
Assists Per Game
  Halcon A.Per.
  Avg: 4.4
 1. Dominguez, Halcon A.4.4 
 2. Bermejo, Rivas E.4.0 
 3. Morales, EBE I.3.9 
 4. Cruz, Olesa3.9 
 5. Santos Luz, Hondar.3.6 
 6. Aguilar, Ros C.3.6 
 7. Castillo, Mariana3.3 
 8. Palau, Ros Casares3.1 
 9. Montanana, Ros C.3.0 
 10. Price, Maria.3.0 
Steals Per Game
 Eshaya MURPHY
  San Jose
  Avg: 3.3
 1. Murphy, San Jose3.3 
 2. Palau, Ros Casares2.8 
 3. Price, Mariana2.7 
 4. Vesela, Ros Casares2.3 
 5. Valdemoro, Ros C.2.3 
 6. Santos Luz, Cadi l.2.1 
 7. Ygueravide, Estudian.2.1 
 8. Cruz, Olesa2.1 
 9. Wyckoff, Estudian.2.0 
 10. De Mondt, Halcon.2.0 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 1.7
 1. Podkovalniko., Olesa1.7 
 2. Ble, Gran Canaria1.7 
 3. De Souza, Ros C.1.5 
 4. Snow, Halcon A.1.2 
 5. Lyttle, EBE I.1.2 
 6. Pirsic, EBE I.1.1 
 7. Holmes, EBE I.0.7 
 8. Torrens, Real C.0.7 
 9. Page, Mariana0.6 
 10. Ujhelyi, Rivas.0.5 

  SWEDEN - Women  

Standings - Damligan
Damligan Standings
 1. Solna Vikings 13-1 
 2. 08 13-2 
 3. Telge Energi 12-2 
 4. Lulea BBK 11-2 
 5. Norrkoping 7-7 
 6. Visby 7-7 
 7. Marbo Basket 7-8 
 8. Sundsvall 6-9 
 9. Jamtland 5-9 
 10. Brahe 2-12 
 11. Umea 1-12 
 12. Eskinstuna 1-14