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Men News


Adriatic L, 23rd Round: Split - Bosna 69:68 - by Sead Buljina
At the first basketball game played in a new 12,000 capacity 'Spaladium Arena' Split with a lot of luck won against Bosna by one point. Namely, after a blocked shot by Zimic (217-C-86), the same player had a chance in the last second to score for a win on the road, but his shot from the paint did not go in. Thus, Bosna missed out on a great chance for a win on the road although playing without three key members of the rotation: Elvir Ovcina, Nikola Vucurovic and Kemal Avdic. That's why Sehovic has played whole game, Muhamed Pasalic 38 minutes and Ivanovic 35 min. Seid Hajric in his first game after recovering from an injury contributed big time scoring 12 points, pulling down 4 rebounds to go along with an assist in only 16 minutes of playing time. Split led in the first half by 8 points, but guests won the third quarter by 13 points allowing hosts to score only 8 points. Bosna led by 5 points at the start of the 4th quarter. In a down-to-wire game Split had more luck and kept one-point lead at the very end of the game. The player of the game was Suad Sehovic (195-G-87) with 21 points, 7 rbs, 2asts and 2 stls. Ivan Ivanovic had 11 points, 5 rbs and 3 stls. Muhamed Pasalic (190-PG-87) had a good game while leading Bosna's 3rd quarter charge with three 3-pointers on a 3 of 5 shooting. Pasalic also added 3 assists, 1 steal and 1 rebound. Zimic ended up with 7 points, 5 rebs, 1 blocked shot in 24 minutes of playing time. Surprisingly, host coach Teo Cizmic rotated only 7 players although it was guests who came with only ten players. All Bosna players except Suljagic have played. Cizmic kept four players on the bench and one of host players got only 3 minutes on the court. Four host players have played 35 or more minutes. Jamon Lucas had 19 pts, 4 rbs and 3 asts in 36 minutes on the court. Eddie Shannon had 15 pts, 4 asts and 2 stls. Sinisa Stemberger had 16 pts, 3asts and 4 stls in 37 minutes. Although both teams have deserved to win, at the end Split celebrated a win in front of 2,500 fans.

Adriatic L. Standings
 1. Partizan 21-2 
 2. Crvena Zvez. 18-5 
 3. Cibona 17-6 
 4. Hemofarm 16-7 
 5. Zadar 15-8 
 6. Buducnost 13-10 
 7. Bosna S. 10-13 
 8. FMP 10-13 
 9. Olimpija 9-14 
 10. KK Split 9-14 
 11. Krka 7-16 
 12. KK Zagreb 6-17 
 13. Helios 6-17 
 14. Vojvodina 4-19 

Stats Leaders
Points Per Game
  Avg: 18.2
 1. Labovic, FMP18.2 
 2. Jacobson, Helios16.5 
 3. Ikonic, Bosna S.15.9 
 4. Shields, Krka15.9 
 5. Shannon, KK Split15.6 
 6. Gecevski, Zadar15.1 
 7. Tomic, KK Zagreb14.8 
 8. Simon, KK Zagreb14.0 
 9. Stemberger, KK Sp.13.9 
 10. Micov, Buducno.13.6 
Rebounds Per Game
  KK Zagreb
  Avg: 8.9
 1. Tomic, KK Zagreb8.9 
 2. Gecevski, Zadar8.0 
 3. Borovnjak, Vojvo.7.1 
 4. Ivanov, Zadar6.9 
 5. Lasme, Partizan6.8 
 6. Samardziski, FMP6.7 
 7. Velickovic, Partizan6.7 
 8. Labovic, FMP6.2 
 9. Pavic, Krka6.1 
 10. Roberts, Crvena.5.9 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 4.6
 1. Stipcevic, Zadar4.6 
 2. Ilievski, U.Olimpija4.5 
 3. Shannon, KK Split4.2 
 4. Dordevic, Bosna S.4.0 
 5. Covic, FMP3.5 
 6. Calloway, Cibona3.5 
 7. Mocnik, Helios3.5 
 8. Dixon, Zadar3.3 
 9. Pavkovic, Hemofarm3.2 
 10. Marinovic, Crvena.3.2 
Steals Per Game
  KK Split
  Avg: 2.4
 1. Shannon, KK Split2.4 
 2. Dasic, Buducnost2.3 
 3. Micov, Buducnost2.1 
 4. Calloway, Cibona2.0 
 5. Markovic, Hemofarm1.8 
 6. Otasevic, Buducnost1.7 
 7. Ozbolt, U.Olimpija1.7 
 8. Mocnik, Helios1.6 
 9. Stemberger, KK Sp.1.5 
 10. Roberts, Crvena.1.4 
Blocks Per Game
 Mirza BEGIC
  Avg: 2.5
 1. Begic, U.Olimpija2.5 
 2. Lasme, Partizan1.9 
 3. Vranes, Partizan1.7 
 4. Samardziski, FMP1.3 
 5. Misanovic, Buduc.1.2 
 6. Roberts, Crvena Z.1.1 
 7. Bajic, Vojvodina1.1 
 8. Tomic, KK Zagreb1.0 
 9. Gecevski, Zadar1.0 
 10. Zimic, Bosna.1.0 


Stats Leaders - NBL
Points Per Game
  Avg: 23.7
 1. Penney, Breakers23.7 
 2. Ere, Tigers21.9 
 3. Whitehead, Blaze20.4 
 4. Harvey, Blaze20.0 
 5. Redhage, Wildcats19.6 
 6. Williams, Crocodiles19.6 
 7. Ballinger, 36ers18.5 
 8. Franklin, Hawks18.4 
 9. Knight, Spirit18.1 
 10. Worthington, Dra.17.9 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 15
 1. Whitehead, Blaze15.0 
 2. Ellis, Crocodiles10.5 
 3. Schenscher, 36ers10.2 
 4. Anstey, Tigers9.9 
 5. Rychart, Hawks8.3 
 6. Redhage, Wildcats8.2 
 7. Rickert, Breakers7.9 
 8. Saville, Hawks7.8 
 9. Ballinger, 36ers7.8 
 10. Knight, Spir.7.7 
Assists Per Game
 Shane HEAL
  Avg: 5.1
 1. Heal, Blaze5.1 
 2. Dann, Spirit5.0 
 3. Crosswell, Tigers4.7 
 4. Boucher, Breakers4.6 
 5. Bruce, 36ers4.6 
 6. Franklin, Hawks4.5 
 7. Hinson, Wildcats4.3 
 8. Bruton, Breakers4.3 
 9. Maher, 36ers4.2 
 10. Williams, Crocodil.4.1 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 2.5
 1. Saville, Hawks2.5 
 2. Williams, Taipans2.1 
 3. Ellis, Crocodiles2.0 
 4. Boucher, Breakers1.7 
 5. Crawford, Wildcats1.7 
 6. Martin, Spirit1.6 
 7. Bowen, Blaze1.6 
 8. Anstey, Tigers1.6 
 9. Bruton, Breakers1.6 
 10. Hinson, Wildca.1.5 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 2.1
 1. Anstey, Tigers2.1 
 2. Mee, Taipans1.4 
 3. Saville, Hawks1.3 
 4. Frank, Blaze1.2 
 5. Burston, Dragons1.1 
 6. Bowen, Blaze1.1 
 7. Darden, Dragons1.1 
 8. Victor, Wildcats1.0 
 9. Abercrombie, Break.0.9 
 10. Hinder, Crocodil.0.8 

Isaac Ansah signs in Australia - by Interperformances
6'2' guard Isaac Ansah (186-G-84, agency: Interperformances, college: Cuesta JC) has signed with the Craigieburn Eagles in Australian Big V Division. He has both passports, Ghanaian and Canadian. He played with the Manitoba Bisons for the 2008-09 season in the Canadian CIS League, where he averaged 22 ppg, 5 rpg and 3 apg. Isaac has a great vision and understanding of the game and can provide leadership to play the point guard and can play also the shooting guard spot, because of his great shooting even from long distance.


Joynes returns to Oberwart - by Stefan Heinrich
The Oberwart Gunners announced today that they brought back center Byron Joynes (206-C-85, college: Rutgers). Due to the injury of Tomislav Gaspar (200-F-83) the Gunners are in the need of some size under the basket. Joynes already played 9 games for the Gunners this season before he got cut out of financial reasons. He avereaged 2.3ppg and 4.3rpg in 13 minutes of action. He back upped Center Jason Johnson (202-F/C-77, college: Tennessee St.) at the beginning of the season when Johnson fought a finger injury.

Standings - A Bundesliga
A Bundesliga Standings
 1. Furstenfeld 16-6 
 2. Oberwart 15-6 
 3. Gmunden 14-7 
 4. Arkadia 14-7 
 5. Wels 13-8 
 6. Kapfenberg 13-9 
 7. Klosterneub. 10-11 
 8. St.Polten 9-13 
 9. Gussing 9-13 
 10. Worthersee 7-14 
 11. UBSC Graz 5-16 
 12. Vienna 3-18 

Stats Leaders
Points Per Game
  Avg: 23.9
 1. Mitchell, Arkadia23.9 
 2. Mayes, Gmunden22.2 
 3. George, Vienna19.8 
 4. Burnette, Worth.19.6 
 5. Youngblood, Oberw.19.3 
 6. Moric, Oberwart19.3 
 7. Thomas, Wels19.3 
 8. Speiser, St.Polten19.0 
 9. Fears, Kapfenberg18.7 
 10. Vay, Arkad.18.4 
Rebounds Per Game
 Nicholas RHODES
  Avg: 11
 1. Rhodes, Vienna11.0 
 2. Chappell, Gussing9.4 
 3. Bakovic, St.Polten8.7 
 4. Johnson, Oberwart8.3 
 5. Grier, UBSC G.8.2 
 6. Ledoux, Gussing7.6 
 7. Strait, Wels7.3 
 8. Moric, Oberwart7.2 
 9. Lucas, Furstenfeld6.9 
 10. Colwell, Gmund.6.7 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 6
 1. Schreiner, St.Po.6.0 
 2. Burnette, Worth.5.5 
 3. Lanegger, UBSC G.5.5 
 4. Boone, Furstenfeld5.0 
 5. Mascoll, UBSC G.4.6 
 6. Rowland, Furstenf.4.3 
 7. Danek, Arkadia4.3 
 8. Grum, Furstenfeld4.2 
 9. Thomas, Gussing3.8 
 10. Fisher, Gmund.3.7 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 2.6
 1. Mitchell, Arkadia2.6 
 2. Ray, Furstenfeld2.1 
 3. Creddle, Klostern.2.1 
 4. George, Vienna2.1 
 5. Burnette, Worth.1.9 
 6. Ledoux, Gussing1.9 
 7. Artner, Oberwart1.8 
 8. Moore, Wels1.8 
 9. Thomas, Gussing1.7 
 10. Fears, Kapfenbe.1.7 
Blocks Per Game
 Bryan GRIER
  UBSC Graz
  Avg: 2.2
 1. Grier, UBSC G.2.2 
 2. Colwell, Gmunden1.3 
 3. Bakovic, St.Polten1.0 
 4. Barbary, Furstenf.1.0 
 5. Mascoll, UBSC G.0.9 
 6. Mitchell, Arkadia0.7 
 7. Speiser, St.Polten0.7 
 8. Huffman, Gmunden0.7 
 9. Schranz, Arkadia0.7 
 10. Ray, Furstenfe.0.6 


Ahli wins key match - by Yousef Ahmed
AL AHLI stunned Manama 81-77 last night in the Zain Bahrain Basketball League.

The backcourt pairing of Hussain Shaker (175-G) and Maytham Jameel (182-G) orchestrated the hard-earned victory, coming up with the big plays down the stretch that helped foil a dangerous Manama comeback.

Shaker floated in a driving basket that gave Ahli an 80-75 lead with under half-a-minute remaining in the contest. And after Manama's Ahmed Abdulaziz scored from close range, Jameel made it a two-possession game with less than 10 seconds to play after sinking one of two free-throws and peg the final four-point margin.

Earlier, Jameel sank two key baskets including a dead-eye three-pointer that momentarily cooled a mounting Manama rally.

Their heroics made up for the early exit of American professional Johnny Anthony who fouled out of the contest early in the fourth quarter after being saddled with foul trouble for much of the game.

The win helped Ahli stay on pace with league leaders and defending champions Muharraq in the standings. Both clubs have 11 wins from 13 games each. Manama, on the other hand, dropped to third place after suffering their third loss of the season and first since winning the Zain Basketball Cup earlier this month.

Both teams matched each other well, trading baskets for much of the opening minutes before Manama took a slim 24-20 lead behind the strong play of US import Jarred Merrill.

But Ahli found life in the second quarter and came out with guns blazing with successive quick transition baskets from Shaker, Jameel, and Sayed Hashim that helped them build a 37-31 lead.

Ahli continued to push the tempo and were looking unstoppable on the fast-break. Manama were unable to match their speed, and the victors slowly extended their advantage to 43-34 late in the half.

Hashim then gave Ahli their first double-digit advantage, 46-34, with a three-pointer, and Jameel closed out their red-hot quarter with two baskets late on, including a half-time buzzer-beater that put them comfortably ahead 49-34, In typical Manama fashion, however, they bounced back with a flurry in the third period. They went on a 14-4 run - capped by a Merrill three-point play - that saw them cut the deficit to as close as five, 48-53, midway through the quarter.

They were also now matching Ahli's pace, with the insertion of their own lightning quick trio of Abdulaziz, Mohammed Hussain, and Hassan Ebrahim.

The pressure-packed fourth brought out the best from Ahli court generals Shaker and Jameel. The pair not only contributed some crucial baskets, they also kept the ball movement alive as Manama pressed defensively.

Jameel made a key assist after Merrill made it a 71-76 with just over a minute to play, finding Ahmed Malallah under the basket for an uncontested lay-up that put them comfortably ahead by seven points and virtually icing the win.

Standings (wins-losses): 1 Muharraq 11-2; 2 Al Ahli 11-2; 3 Manama 10-3; 4 Nuwaidrat 9-4; 5 Al Hala 8-5; 6 Sitra 6-7; 7 Isa Town 6-7; 8 Al Ettehad 3-10; 9 Al Najma 2-11; 10 Bahrain Club 0-13.

Source GDN


Standings - Division I
D1 Standings
 1. Aalstar 15-4 
 2. M.Hainaut 15-5 
 3. Charleroi 14-5 
 4. Antwerp 10-10 
 5. Liege 9-10 
 6. Oostende 8-12 
 7. Leuven 7-12 
 8. Verviers-Pep. 6-14 
 9. Gent 4-16 

Standings - Division II
D2 Standings
 1. Bree 21-3 
 2. Hasselt 16-6 
 3. Sint-Jan Antw. 16-6 
 4. Waregem 15-8 
 5. Willebroek 13-9 
 6. Fleurus 13-9 
 7. De Westhoek 13-9 
 8. Essor Charleroi 9-13 
 9. Falco Gent 9-13 
 10. Pitzemburg 8-13 
 11. Wevelgem 7-4 
 12. Boom 7-15 
 13. Ninane 7-16 
 14. Carnieres 5-17 
 15. Nivelles 3-21 

Stats Leaders - Division I
Points Per Game
  Avg: 19.2
 1. Lojeski, Aalstar19.2 
 2. Banks, Verviers.17.9 
 3. Hopkins, Antwerp17.5 
 4. Freeman, Gent17.4 
 5. Hill, Liege17.3 
 6. Miller, Leuven16.7 
 7. Green, M.Hainaut15.5 
 8. Huffman, Aalstar14.9 
 9. Cage, Liege14.8 
 10. Black, Antwe.14.4 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 9.7
 1. Cantrell, Aalstar9.7 
 2. Brown, Gent8.3 
 3. Randle, Gent7.7 
 4. Ebong, M.Hainaut7.6 
 5. Pelle, Aalstar7.3 
 6. Melson, Gent7.1 
 7. Thomas, Liege6.9 
 8. Beghin, Antwerp6.3 
 9. Sensley, M.Hainaut6.2 
 10. Dove, Verviers-P.6.1 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 5.4
 1. Huffman, Aalstar5.4 
 2. Draper, Oostende5.0 
 3. Atkins, Oostende4.1 
 4. Conlan, M.Hainaut3.5 
 5. Black, Antwerp3.3 
 6. Loubry, Gent3.1 
 7. Moors, Gent2.9 
 8. Wilson, Liege2.9 
 9. Miller, Leuven2.9 
 10. Green, Oosten.2.8 
Steals Per Game
 Christopher HILL
  Avg: 2.4
 1. Hill, Liege2.4 
 2. Hopkins, Antwerp2.2 
 3. Conlan, M.Hainaut2.1 
 4. Atkins, Oostende2.1 
 5. Freeman, Gent2.1 
 6. Dove, Verviers-Pep.1.9 
 7. Lojeski, Aalstar1.9 
 8. Huffman, Aalstar1.8 
 9. Broyles, Charleroi1.8 
 10. Owens, Lie.1.7 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 1.4
 1. Haryasz, Oostende1.4 
 2. Riddick, Charleroi1.3 
 3. Pelle, Aalstar1.2 
 4. Wilkinson, Charleroi1.0 
 5. Ibrahim, Leuven0.9 
 6. Sensley, M.Hainaut0.9 
 7. Fields, Liege0.9 
 8. Dove, Verviers-Pep.0.8 
 9. Green, Oostende0.8 
 10. Erwin, Vervie.0.8 


Standings - BIH League
D1 Standings
 1. Igokea 18-1 
 2. Sloboda Dita 16-4 
 3. Zrinjski MC 15-4 
 4. BoracNektar 12-7 
 5. Siroki Eronet 12-7 
 6. SL IAT Leotar 12-7 
 7. Mladost MG 8-12 
 8. Hercegovac 7-12 
 9. Grude 7-13 
 10. Posusje 7-13 
 11. Slavija 6-13 
 12. Vitez 6-13 
 13. Novi Grad 0-20 
Will join on later stage:
 1. Bosna S.

Adriatic L, 23rd Round: Split - Bosna 69:68 - by Sead Buljina
At the first basketball game played in a new 12,000 capacity 'Spaladium Arena' Split with a lot of luck won against Bosna by one point. Namely, after a blocked shot by Zimic (217-C-86), the same player had a chance in the last second to score for a win on the road, but his shot from the paint did not go in. Thus, Bosna missed out on a great chance for a win on the road although playing without three key members of the rotation: Elvir Ovcina, Nikola Vucurovic and Kemal Avdic. That's why Sehovic has played whole game, Muhamed Pasalic 38 minutes and Ivanovic 35 min. Seid Hajric in his first game after recovering from an injury contributed big time scoring 12 points, pulling down 4 rebounds to go along with an assist in only 16 minutes of playing time. Split led in the first half by 8 points, but guests won the third quarter by 13 points allowing hosts to score only 8 points. Bosna led by 5 points at the start of the 4th quarter. In a down-to-wire game Split had more luck and kept one-point lead at the very end of the game. The player of the game was Suad Sehovic (195-G-87) with 21 points, 7 rbs, 2asts and 2 stls. Ivan Ivanovic had 11 points, 5 rbs and 3 stls. Muhamed Pasalic (190-PG-87) had a good game while leading Bosna's 3rd quarter charge with three 3-pointers on a 3 of 5 shooting. Pasalic also added 3 assists, 1 steal and 1 rebound. Zimic ended up with 7 points, 5 rebs, 1 blocked shot in 24 minutes of playing time. Surprisingly, host coach Teo Cizmic rotated only 7 players although it was guests who came with only ten players. All Bosna players except Suljagic have played. Cizmic kept four players on the bench and one of host players got only 3 minutes on the court. Four host players have played 35 or more minutes. Jamon Lucas had 19 pts, 4 rbs and 3 asts in 36 minutes on the court. Eddie Shannon had 15 pts, 4 asts and 2 stls. Sinisa Stemberger had 16 pts, 3asts and 4 stls in 37 minutes. Although both teams have deserved to win, at the end Split celebrated a win in front of 2,500 fans.


NBB Round: 9 (Regular Season) - by Eurobasket News
Pinheiros - Saldanha 83-75
Alexandre Nascimento (202-F-83) scored 20 points and grabbed 13 boards to lead Pinheiros past Saldanha at home court. Marquinhos Vinicius added 19 points as the hosts climbed at 3-6 record. Case Santos dropped 20 points for Saldanha in defeat.

GRSA/Bauru - Vivo/Franca 92-74
GRSA/Bauru toppled Vivo/Franca as File Souza (204-F/C-81) notched 25 points and 7 rebounds. Larry Taylor delivered 19 points, 11 assists and 8 boards to pace Bauru to the third success in the season. Deivisson Costa responded with 16 points for Vivo/Franca in the loss.

Conti/Assis - Lupo/Araraq. 81-79
Conti/Assis eked out a narrow home win against Lupo as Jorge Seraphim (196-G/F-80, college: Furman) had 21 points and 6 assists. Rodrigo Bahia Bispo netted 16 points in the winning case. Arlindo Neto knocked down game-high 28 points and dished out 7 assists for Lupo.

Flamengo - Univates/Bira 110-69
Flamengo coasted to the sixth victory in the season as they knocked down Univates/Bira. Marcelinho Machado (199-F/G-75, agency: Interperformances) topscored with 24 points and 9 boards for the league leaders. Jefferson Antonio delivered 18 points for the winners. Audrei Parisotto and Ildes dos Santos answered with 17 points each for Univates/Bira.

Winner/Limeira - Universo/BRB 88-85
Shamell Stallworth (197-F-80, agency: Interperformances, college: USF) explided with 36 points, 5 rebounds, 3 steals and 3 assists to lift Winner/Limeira over Universo/BRB for the 4th win in the season. Eric Tatu Romualdo added 20 points for the winners. Diego Pinheiro answered with 19 points for Universo/BRB in defeat.

Paulistano - CETAF 78-67
Paulistano held off CETAF behind 16 points from Andre Stefanelli (195-F/G-84). Thomas Gehrke added 14 points and 8 rebounds in the winning case. Amiel Morejon had 18 points and 10 boards for CETAF.

Standings - BNL
NBB Standings
 1. Flamengo 6-1 
 2. Universo/BRB 6-2 
 3. CISER/Araldite 6-2 
 4. Pitagoras/Minas 5-2 
 5. Vivo/Franca 5-3 
 6. Conti/Assis 4-3 
 7. Lupo/Araraq. 4-4 
 8. Winner/Limeira 4-4 
 9. Paulistano 4-5 
 10. GRSA/Bauru 3-4 
 11. CETAF 3-5 
 12. Pinheiros 3-6 
 13. Univates/Bira 2-6 
 14. Saldanha 2-6 
 15. S.Jose/Vinac 2-6 

Stats Leaders - BNL
Points Per Game
 Marcelinho MACHADO
  Avg: 25.7
 1. Machado, Flamengo25.7 
 2. Taylor, GR.22.9 
 3. Klafke, Vivo/Franca19.6 
 4. dos Santos, Winner.19.4 
 5. Vinicius, Pinheiros19.4 
 6. Stefanelli, Pauli.19.0 
 7. Morejon, CE.18.3 
 8. Stallworth, Winner.17.4 
 9. Neto, Lupo/Araraq.17.3 
 10. Shipp, Pitago.17.3 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 11.9
 1. dos Santos, Joinville11.9 
 2. Bambu, Lupo/Ara.10.0 
 3. Nascimento, Pinheiros9.4 
 4. Cipriano, Unive.8.8 
 5. da Rosa, Pitago.8.6 
 6. Teichmann, Winner.7.6 
 7. Taylor, GR.7.6 
 8. Drudi, Vivo/Franca7.3 
 9. Morejon, CE.7.1 
 10. Felipe, Vivo/Fran.7.1 
Assists Per Game
 Fernando PENNA
  Avg: 9.7
 1. Penna, Paulistano9.7 
 2. Sucatzky, Pitago.6.9 
 3. Taylor, GR.5.9 
 4. Neto, Lupo/Araraq.5.6 
 5. Costa, Vivo/Franca5.4 
 6. Giannecchini, Conti/.5.1 
 7. Silva, Un.5.0 
 8. dos Santos, Winner.5.0 
 9. Ferreira, S.Jose/V.4.9 
 10. Soares, Joinvil.4.4 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 3.6
 1. Taylor, GR.3.6 
 2. Garcia, Vivo/Franca3.3 
 3. Pinheiro, CE.2.8 
 4. Penna, Paulistano2.7 
 5. Ferreira, Saldanha2.6 
 6. Machado, Flamengo2.3 
 7. Felipe, Vivo/Franca2.1 
 8. Machado, Flamengo2.1 
 9. Neto, Lupo/Araraq.2.0 
 10. Azevedo,.1.9 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 1.5
 1. Toledo, Lupo/Ara.1.5 
 2. Vinicius, Lupo/Ara.1.5 
 3. Castro, S.Jose/V.1.5 
 4. Teichmann, Winner.1.4 
 5. Mathias, Paulistano1.3 
 6. Morro, Pinheiros1.1 
 7. Fiorotto, Winner.1.0 
 8. Garcia, Un.1.0 
 9. Felipe, Vivo/Franca1.0 
 10. Ferreira, Uni.0.9 


Scottish Rocks 84 London Capital 68 - by David Edole
Scottish Rocks 84 (22,36,63) (Murray 19, Yanders 13, Randy George (200-F-81, college: Henderson St.) 12)
PAWS London Capital 68 (16,28,48) (Gariba 19, Jivens 15, Popoola 15)

The Scottish Rocks made it three wins in their last four home games after beating the PAWS London Capital 84-68 in Glasgow. It was another vital win for one of the sides in the compacted top five, and it leaves the Capital still winless since October.

Scotlands international captain, Gareth Murray, led the scoring with 19 points for the hosts. That was matched by Ibrahim Gariba for the Capital.

The teams could barely be separated in the first quarter until Sterling Daviss three-pointer gave the Rocks a 15-10 lead, which became 20-13 after five consecutive points from Marc Pratt. London native Chi Lewis-Parry scored on the buzzer to ensure that the Rocks held a 22-16 lead after the first ten minutes.

However, the Capital tied the game at 22 immediately in the second stanza as Gariba scored four of the first six points. That run was halted as the Rocks scored the next ten points, including six for Yanders, to lead 32-22. Lekan Popoola connected from long-range to cap another 6-0 run for the visitors, but further scores from Yanders and Randy George maintained the Rocks cushion at 36-28 going into the locker rooms.

Another early run got the Capital back into the game as Knight and Gariba shared the first five points to make it 36-33. However, Murray made three three-pointers in two and a half minutes, in a 13-5 run, to put the Rocks back in command at 49-36. They flirted with a twenty-point lead as back-to-back Lewis-Parry scores made it 61-42, and they still led 63-48 going into the final quarter.

The Rocks all-but sealed the win with a 9-3 start to the fourth, which was capped by three points from Scott Russell and pushed them through the twenty point barrier at 72-51. The lead peaked at 79-56 before the visitors made a go of it late on. Milek Jivens scored three consecutive three-pointers in a 12-1 burst that made the score 80-68 with one minute to go; but it was too little too late as the Rocks saw the game out from the free-throw line.

Scottish Rocks maintained the pressure on British Basketball League leaders Newcastle Eagles thanks to a 84-68 triumph against bottom side London Capital.
Rocks are second after claiming their third win in four home games in Glasgow as Scotland captain Gareth Murray top-scored with 19 points.
Everton Tigers remain third despite losing a third game in a row in all competitions, this time going down 90-74 to the Guildford Heat as Andre Smith's 26 points for the Tigers proved to be in vain.
In the race for the lower play-off places, MK Lions hammered Worthing Thunder 100-84, while Chester Jets made it six wins in a row with a 108-95 victory over fellow play-off chasers Worcester Wolves.


Standings A2
Division A Standings
 1. Balkan 12-0 
 2. Dunav 2007 8-4 
 3. Overgas 8-4 
 4. Slavia 7-5 
 5. Chernomor. 7-5 
 6. Vidabasket 7-5 
 7. Beroe SZ 5-7 
 8. Dunav 3-9 
 9. NSA 3-9 
 10. Sportist Svoge 0-12 

Stats Leaders
Points Per Game
 Marcus HALL
  Avg: 22.9
 1. Hall, Levski22.9 
 2. Sakota, CSKA19.0 
 3. Dimitrov, Spart.18.5 
 4. McIntosh, Chern.18.5 
 5. Pickett, Lukoil A.17.9 
 6. Peterson, Rilski S.16.8 
 7. Preston, Spartak P.16.6 
 8. O'Gallagher, Yam.16.6 
 9. Papic, Rilski S-list16.3 
 10. Adeleke, Lukoil.15.8 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 12.6
 1. Adeleke, Lukoil A.12.6 
 2. Sanders, Yambol11.7 
 3. Doychinov, CSKA8.8 
 4. Santos, ChernoMore8.6 
 5. Peterson, Rilski S.8.1 
 6. Preston, Spartak P.7.9 
 7. Georgiev, Levski7.8 
 8. Tenev, Sliven6.9 
 9. Sakota, CSKA6.8 
 10. Tsenov, ChernoMo.6.7 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 5.3
 1. Akins, Lukoil A.5.3 
 2. Mirkovic, Rilski S.4.9 
 3. Hall, Levski4.7 
 4. Burks, Lukoil A.4.6 
 5. McIntosh, Chern.4.5 
 6. Velikov, Levski3.7 
 7. Dimitrov, Spart.3.4 
 8. Benchev, Sliven3.3 
 9. Lilov, Rilski S-list3.2 
 10. Govedarov, Yamb.3.2 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 2.2
 1. McIntosh, Chern.2.2 
 2. Dimitrov, Spart.2.1 
 3. Velikov, Levski2.1 
 4. Pickett, Lukoil A.1.9 
 5. Belberov, Rilski S.1.7 
 6. Sanders, Yambol1.7 
 7. Tsvetkov, CSKA1.7 
 8. Lilov, Rilski S-list1.5 
 9. Stoykov, Lukoil A.1.4 
 10. Kostov, Lukoil.1.4 
Blocks Per Game
 Michael EARL
  Avg: 1.7
 1. Earl, ChernoMore1.7 
 2. Sanders, Yambol1.5 
 3. Doychinov, CSKA1.3 
 4. Peterson, Rilski S.1.3 
 5. Adeleke, Lukoil A.1.0 
 6. Mijovic, Lukoil A.1.0 
 7. Skumatov, Yambol0.9 
 8. Ilchev, Sliven0.8 
 9. Tsvetkov, CSKA0.7 
 10. Morton, Levs.0.6 

Standings A1
NBL Standings
 1. Lukoil A. 13-2 
 2. Levski 12-4 
 3. ChernoMore 10-6 
 4. Spartak P. 9-7 
 5. Rilski S-list 9-7 
 6. Yambol 7-10 
 7. Sliven 0-16 


Xinjiang and Guangdong Win, Jiangsu Loses Without Harvey - by Arthur Volbert
Mengke Bateer had 34 points and 12 rebounds as Xinjiang defeated Fujian 101-93 to bring its record to 37-5. Juan Mendez had 24 points and 15 rebounds while Myron Allen had 18 points, 12 rebounds and 4 assists. Xirelijiang Muhetaer had 12 points, 3 rebounds and 2 assists. Chris Porter had 25 points, 9 rebounds and 8 steals for Fujian. Luo Yudong scored 22. Gong Songlin scored 16 and Yang Chao had 15 points and 5 rebounds. Lu Xiaoming had 9 points, 10 assists and 4 steals.

Zhu Fangyu had 25 points and 7 rebounds as CBA co-leader Guangdong defeated Jilin 109-100. Du Feng had 19 points and 5 assists. Jason Dixon had 15 points and 14 rebounds. Wang Shipeng scored 12 and Smush Parker scored 10. Leon Rogers scored 44 points for Jilin. Wang Bo had 17 points and 5 assists. Soumaila Samake had 10 points and 12 rebounds.

Third-place Jiangsu lost to Shanxi Zhongyu 125-114 as Donnell Harvey did not play. Jiangsu's record is now 32-10. Tim Pickett led Zhongyu with 46 points, 7 rebounds and 8 assists. Olumide Oyedeji had 28 points and 21 rebounds. Yu Xuelin scored 17. Zhang Xuewen scored 11 and Pan Jiang had 10. Hu Xuefeng had 45 points, 4 rebounds and 6 assists for Jiangsu. Yi Li scored 21 and Meng Da had 16. Jameel Watkins had 11 points, 10 rebounds and 3 blocks.

Shanxi outscored Bayi 26-11 in the fourth quarter to win 87-86. Bayi had jumped out to a 36-15 first quarter advantage but still managed to blow the game. Bayi's record is now 21-21 and it is two games out of eighth place and the playoffs with 8 games to go. Shaanxi is 25-17 and in fourth place. Benson Lee (208-F/C-73, agency: Paris Global Sports, college: Brown Mackie) led Shaanxi with 26 points, 18 rebounds and 4 assists. Zhang Wei, whose birth year was changed this season from 1986 to 1984, had 21 points and 9 rebounds. Chen Zhaosheng had 19 points and 10 rebounds. Liu Jiulong had 9 points, 9 rebounds and 3 assists. Brandon Robinson had 8 points and 4 rebounds in 12 minutes. Wang Lei scored 18 for Bayi. Mo Ke had 16 points and 8 rebounds. Wang Zhongguang had 17 points, 5 assists and 5 steals. Chen Ke scored 13.

Tianjin lost to Qingdao 108-81 as Theron Smith did not play. Qingdao outscored Tianjin 42-22 in the fourth quarter. Losing an import hurt Tianjin, which is normally evenly matched with Qingdao, as both teams now have 11-31 records. Chris Williams led Qingdao with 26 points, 15 rebounds, 10 assists and 4 steals. Frans Steyn had 23 points and 14 rebounds. Lu Keming scored 21. Li Guang had 18 points, 5 rebounds and 6 assists to 2 turnovers. Liu Mingtao scored 12. Darryl Watkins had 18 points, 13 rebounds, 3 assists and 7 steals to lead Tianjin. Xu Guijun and Liu Hao scored 14. Wang Hao scored 13 and point guard Li Gangfeng had 12 points, 9 rebounds, 11 assists and 2 steals to 3 turnovers.

Sometimes losing a domestic player can hurt as much as losing an import. Liu Wei did not play for Shanghai as it was destroyed by Shandong 131-101. Guo Lei led Shandong with 25 points and 7 rebounds. Sui Ran (193-G-92), a highly-hyped shooting guard listed as born in 1992, scored 21 points in 18 minutes. Mack Tuck had 20 points, 6 rebounds, 7 assists and 4 steals. Hou Bing and Wang Gang each scored 16. DaJuan Tate led Shanghai with 24 points. Luo Xudong scored 20. Li Gen had 18 points and 5 rebounds. Wu Yang had 15 points and 14 rebounds.

Despite using one import to two for Liaoning, Dongguan defeated Liaoning 124-117. Dongguan's domestic players outperformed Liaoning's highly-touted domestic players. Qiu Biao and Meng Duo each scored 31 points. Meng is listed as born in 1990, but there are rumors that he is two years older. Michael Harris had 23 points and 8 rebounds. Zhang Kai had 19 points and 9 rebounds. Wang Yong, a pass-first point guard who appears extremely important to Dongguan, had 7 points, 5 rebounds, 6 assists, 3 steals and 4 turnovers in 37 minutes. Awvee Storey scored 43 for Liaoning. Chris Alexander had 24 points, 12 rebounds, 3 steals and 3 blocks. Bian Qiang scored 14. Zhang Qingpeng had 10 points, 11 rebounds and 5 assists. Li xiaoxu had only 6 points and 1 rebound in 17 minutes, committing 5 fouls.

Zhejiang defeated last-place Yunnan 87-82. Kirk Snyder had 25 points, 10 rebounds and 6 assists. Deng Li had 18 points and 11 rebounds but also 7 turnovers. Zhang Dayu had 13 points and 4 rebounds. Zhang Yongpeng had 9 points and 5 rebounds. Liu Ziqui had 29 points, 13 rebounds, 6 assists and 4 steals for Yunnan but also 8 turnovers. Li Tao scored 23. Li Lin had 13 points, 5 rebounds and 3 assists.

Zhejiang Guangsha plays Beijing tomorrow.

Player Replacement - by Robert Wang
CBA has been going well so far this season and most team are hapy with their imports. But still 2 teams are wanting to change their current imports. Guang Dong Dong guan team decided to release their big guy Corey Underwood who played 1 game for this team and got an injury on his ankle and team will release him and only keep the 1 forward Michael Harris to finiched the whole season.
Shan Dong team decide to cut Garnett Thompson and can't fit this team and will sign the former NBA big guy Samaki Walker. Samaki will play his first game next Tuesday while thompson will play his last game tonight against shanghai team. Samaki walker is in the tryout now and passed the trial today. Good luck!


Standings - Ozujsko A1 League
A1 Standings
 1. Cedevita 12-3 
 2. Sibenka 11-5 
 3. Dubrovnik 9-7 
 4. Borik 8-8 
 5. Svjetlost 8-8 
 6. Trogir 7-8 
 7. Kvarner NR 7-9 
 8. Alkar Sinj 6-10 
 9. Dubrava 6-10 
 10. Zabok 5-11 
Will join on later stage:
 1. KK Split
 2. KK Zagreb
 3. Cibona
 4. Zadar

Stats Leaders - A1
Points Per Game
  Avg: 23.5
 1. Bizaca, Trogir23.5 
 2. Mance, Kvarner NR21.1 
 3. Mimica, Sibenka20.1 
 4. Bradley, Cedevita19.0 
 5. Vranjes, Dubrovnik18.5 
 6. Petkovic, Sibenka17.9 
 7. Rimac, Svjetlost17.9 
 8. Delic, Svjetlost15.9 
 9. Sakic, Dubrava15.7 
 10. Bilan, Siben.14.9 
Rebounds Per Game
  KK Zagreb
  Avg: 9.6
 1. Zoric, Zabok9.6 
 2. Ramljak, Alkar Sinj8.3 
 3. Spahija, Kvarner NR8.1 
 4. Bilan, Sibenka7.9 
 5. Bizaca, Trogir7.1 
 6. Delic, Svjetlost6.3 
 7. Colak, Cedevita6.3 
 8. Vranjes, Dubrovnik6.2 
 9. Brkic, Trogir6.2 
 10. Pehar, Zab.6.0 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 6.1
 1. Petkovic, Sibenka6.1 
 2. Norac, Svjetlost5.5 
 3. Sumic, Alkar Sinj5.0 
 4. Bradley, Cedevita3.7 
 5. Tomeljak, Cedevita3.7 
 6. Cosic, Dubrava3.5 
 7. Prejean, Dubrovnik3.5 
 8. Ticina, Svjetlost3.4 
 9. Glavinic, Kvarn.3.1 
 10. Bubalo, Trog.2.8 
Steals Per Game
 Domagoj NORAC
  Avg: 3.5
 1. Norac, Svjetlost3.5 
 2. Glavinic, Kvarn.2.1 
 3. Maric, Dubrava2.1 
 4. Prejean, Dubrovnik2.0 
 5. Ivanov, Zabok1.8 
 6. Bosnjak, Dubrava1.6 
 7. Kovacevic, Cedevita1.5 
 8. Bradley, Cedevita1.4 
 9. Lucic, Trogir1.4 
 10. Ramljak, Alkar Si.1.4 
Blocks Per Game
  KK Zagreb
  Avg: 3
 1. Zoric, Zabok3.0 
 2. Krolo, Dubrava2.0 
 3. Bilan, Sibenka1.1 
 4. Bizaca, Trogir1.0 
 5. Sobin, Trogir0.9 
 6. Delic, Svjetlost0.5 
 7. Vidacak, Dubrava0.5 
 8. Kuljanin, Cedevita0.5 
 9. Parezanovic, Cedev.0.5 
 10. Blesic, Kvarner0.4 


Stats Leaders - NBL
Points Per Game
 Maurice HAMPTON
  Avg: 20.7
 1. Hampton, Liberec20.7 
 2. Arnold, Ostrava18.1 
 3. Pruitt, Prostejov16.4 
 4. Sarovic, Geofin16.1 
 5. Benes, Podebrady16.1 
 6. Hatcher, Decin15.8 
 7. Steffel, Pardubice15.5 
 8. Beechum, Prostejov15.2 
 9. Walker, Geofin15.1 
 10. Sanders, Pardubi.14.9 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 9.9
 1. Pruitt, Prostejov9.9 
 2. Steffel, Pardubice8.3 
 3. Arnold, Ostrava8.2 
 4. Rogers, Kolin8.1 
 5. Walker, Geofin7.8 
 6. Platt, USK Praha7.6 
 7. Sarovic, Geofin7.5 
 8. Payne, Pardubice6.6 
 9. Bohacik, Ostrava6.3 
 10. Hamm, USK Pra.5.8 
Assists Per Game
 Emanuel UBILLA
  Avg: 6.3
 1. Ubilla, Geofin6.3 
 2. Ames, Kolin5.1 
 3. Mitchell, Ostrava4.8 
 4. Carnecky, Opava4.8 
 5. Sanders, Pardubice4.8 
 6. Hatcher, Decin4.7 
 7. Ames, Prostejov4.7 
 8. Skibniewski, Prost.4.4 
 9. Toth, Liberec4.1 
 10. Kotas, USK Pra.3.9 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 2.8
 1. Hanavan, Prostejov2.8 
 2. Mitchell, Ostrava2.6 
 3. Ames, Prostejov2.5 
 4. Soliver, Podebrady2.1 
 5. Kotas, USK Praha2.1 
 6. Sanders, Pardubice2.0 
 7. Hampton, Liberec2.0 
 8. Beechum, Prostejov1.9 
 9. Ubilla, Geofin1.9 
 10. Lee, Nymbu.1.8 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 2.3
 1. Rogers, Kolin2.3 
 2. Walker, Geofin1.4 
 3. Williams, Decin1.3 
 4. Hamm, USK Praha1.2 
 5. Payne, Pardubice1.2 
 6. Benda, Nymburk1.2 
 7. Meno, Liberec1.1 
 8. Miller, Prostejov1.0 
 9. Pelikan, Geofin0.9 
 10. Diakite, Prostej.0.8 


D-League Standings
Central Division
 1. Iowa E. 20-11 
 2. Dakota W. 20-15 
 3. Sioux Falls S. 19-15 
 4. Erie BH 18-16 
 5. Ft.Wayne MA 11-22 
Southwest Division
 1. Austin T. 24-9 
 2. Colorado 14ers 21-10 
 3. Albuquerque T. 17-13 
 4. Rio Grande VV 10-22 
 5. Tulsa 66ers 7-25 
West Division
 1. Idaho S. 22-13 
 2. Bakersfield J. 19-14 
 3. Utah F. 18-13 
 4. Reno B. 12-19 
 5. Anaheim A. 12-22 
 6. LA D-Fenders 10-22 

Stats Leaders
Points Per Game
  Avg: 26.5
 1. Conroy, Albuquerque26.5 
 2. White, Anaheim25.6 
 3. Ahearn, Dakota24.0 
 4. Sims, Iowa22.6 
 5. Williams, Austin21.8 
 6. Crawford, Los A.21.7 
 7. Hairston, Austin21.1 
 8. Daniels, Erie21.0 
 9. Johnson, Bakersfi.20.1 
 10. Martin, Io.20.1 
Rebounds Per Game
 Richard HENDRIX
  Avg: 11.8
 1. Hendrix, Dakota11.8 
 2. Sims, Iowa10.8 
 3. Gaines, Austin10.3 
 4. Daniels, Erie10.0 
 5. Monds, Albuquerque9.8 
 6. Hunter, Ft.Wayne9.7 
 7. Brown, Austin9.5 
 8. Jeffers, Iowa8.9 
 9. Allred, Idaho8.9 
 10. Coleman, Colora.8.5 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 11.4
 1. Russell, Ft.Wayne11.4 
 2. Gill, Colorado8.6 
 3. Cleaves, Bakersfield8.1 
 4. Stinson, Iowa7.9 
 5. Conroy, Albuquerque7.8 
 6. Parker, Rio Grande7.5 
 7. Jordan, Rio Grande6.5 
 8. Ahearn, Dakota6.0 
 9. Clinkscales, Erie5.6 
 10. Jefferson, Ut.5.5 
Steals Per Game
 Dominique COLEMAN
  Avg: 2.9
 1. Coleman, Colorado2.9 
 2. Elliott, Ft.Wayne2.8 
 3. Elliott, Sioux Falls2.6 
 4. Noel, Albuquerque2.4 
 5. Parker, Rio Grande2.3 
 6. Major, Dakota2.3 
 7. Russell, Ft.Wayne2.3 
 8. Jordan, Rio Grande2.2 
 9. Williams, Austin2.1 
 10. Robinson, Re.2.1 
Blocks Per Game
 Cheikh SAMB
  Avg: 4.1
 1. Samb, Colorado4.1 
 2. Williams, Colorado3.9 
 3. Mensah-Bonsu, Aus.2.5 
 4. Giles, Los Angeles2.1 
 5. Petway, Idaho2.1 
 6. Alexander, Sioux F.2.0 
 7. Sims, Iowa2.0 
 8. Felix, Anaheim2.0 
 9. Looby, Rio Grande2.0 
 10. Hendrix, Dako.1.9 

Latest Transactions - by Surujh Roopnarine
NBA --> D-League Player Assignments

The Toronto Raptors assigned rookie center Nathan Jawai (6'10''-C-86, college: Midland CC) to their NBA D-League affiliate Idaho Stampede. Jawai, a 6'10' Australian center is the first indigenous Australian to play in the NBA. Missing most of the season due to complications from an enlarged heart condition, Jawai has played a total of 12 minutes while scoring two points and collecting two rebounds in five games. His stint with Idaho will serve as another training camp as he gets himself back to game condition. In his second game with the Stampede last night, Jawaii started, logged 32 minutes and scored 12 points on 2-7 shooting to go along with five rebounds and three blocked shots in a 104-96 victory over the Utah Flash.

Player Movement

Reno: Signed Ford Alton (6'10''-C-81, agency: Huss Sport Agency, college: Houston) and waived Garry Hill-Thomas (6'5''-G-82, college: Nevada) due to injury. Ford, a former NBA Draft pick of the Phoenix Suns in 2001 (2rd, #51) was with the Rio Grande Valley Vipers for 21 games before leaving for China. Unfortunately he was back quickly in the States and played his first game for the Bighorns on Friday night. In 28 minutes he scored three points and pulled down five rebounds. Hill-Thomas, a Nevada product appeared in 24 games for Reno averaging 4.5 points and 2.5 rebounds.

Iowa: announced that Anthony Tolliver (6'9''-C-85, college: Creighton) has left the team. The former Creighton Blue Jay split this season with San Antonio and New Orleans in the NBA as well as spending six games with Austin and 10 games with the Energy. In 10 games for Iowa, he averaged 12.4 points, 8.5 rebounds and 1.5 assists in 35 minutes per game.

Colorado: Signed former Hawaii standout Julian Sensley (6'9''-F-82, agency: Pro One Sports, college: Hawaii) and waived Jamar Brown (6'9''-F/C-80, college: Colorado St.-Pueblo) due to injury. Sensley, originally drafted with the 46th selection of the 2006 D-League Draft by Colorado, appeared in seven games for them last season before being waived in December. He began this season with Dexia Mons-Hainaut (Belgium) before leaving in January.

Austin: Signed Jamaal Thomas (6'8''-F-80, college: Angelo St.). Thomas, a D-League veteran was with Reno earlier this season before being released in January. In 20 games he averaged 6.1 points and 1.9 rebounds in 14 minutes per contest.

Utah: Signed Ryan Diggs (6'2''-G-83, agency: R.H.Consultancy, college: W.Washington) and re-acquired Brian Jackson (6'9''-F-80, college: Oregon St.). Waived Eddie Ard (6'5''-G/F-85, college: Lipscomb) and Steve Newman (6'9''-F-84, agency: Sports Plus International, college: Georgia)

Albuquerque: Signed James Wright (6'2''-G-81, agency: Elfus-Siegel Management (ESM), college: Colorado) and Brad Stricker (6'11''-C/F-77, college: Georgia St.). Waived Toree Morris (6'10''-C-82, agency: Passing Lane) and Fred Gibson (6'4''-G-81, college: Georgia).

Tulsa: Signed Marcus Hill (6'5''-G-78, college: Tulsa) and waived Chris Richard (6'9''-F/C-84, college: Florida) due to injury.


1.DIVISION: Ura Basket winning after OT - by Rauno Hurmalainen

1. Division, Round 18-19: Two close games tonight. LoKoKo (Loimaa) defeated Huima (Aanekoski) 99-93 (55-57). Huima controled the rebounding (28-45),
but had 10 TOs more (15-25) than hosting LoKoKo and lost the advantage rbs were giving. It was also the battle of three Americans vs three Americans as
LoKoKo foreigner players combined 81/99 pts and Huima's American players 58/93 pts. Eryk Thomas (198-F-85, agency: Heinrich Sports, college: E.Tenn.St.) led LoKoKo with 31 pts. Jonathan Heard (198-G/F-86, agency: David Lee services) added 29 pts. Huima's Jason Hartford (206-F/C-85) and Ted Morris (208-C-84, college: Montana St.) had double-doubles. In Kaarina Ura Basket beat JKS (Jarvenpaa) 91-89 (81) after OT. Even the second OT was possible, but JKS (Ville Viita) missed two FTs two seconds before the final buzzer. JKS loss was ninth in a row. Derrick Crayton (202-F-75, college: UALR) led Ura Basket with 21 pts and 11 rbs.

LoKoKo - Huima 99-93 (55-57) (Eryk Thomas 31, Jonathan Heard 29/12, Anthony Davis 21/7a - Jason Hartford 21/14, Ted Morris 19/14, Allen Morill 18).

Ura Basket - JKS OT 91-89 (81)(43-43) (Derrick Crayton 21/11, Miska Ahokas 18, Armondo Surratt 17 - Toni Honka 18/10, Matias Ojala 18, Tomi Jarvinen 18/5a).

1st Division Round: 21 (Regular Season) - by Eurobasket News
Salon Vilpas - Kauhajoki 75-72
Salon Vilpas celebrated the home win over Kauhajoki 75:72 in the key game of Regular Season Round 21 and the top two teams of the league. Amani Daanish (201-F-83, college: Indiana St.) and Quennell Green (198-G/F-84, college: SE Louisiana) combined 40 points for the winners. Washington Eric ended up with 27 points in defeat, while Polk Brandon nailed 22.

Lapua - BC Nokia 112-76
Lapua smashed BC Nokia 112:76 on the last day of February. Kyle Carhart (191-G/F-83, college: Grand Valley St.) top-scored for the winners with 30 points and Piplovic Marko had 20 points and 13 rebounds. Holmes Jason responded with 30 points in the losing effort.

Ura Basket - JKS 91-89
Ura Basket overcame JKS 91:89 in Regular Season Round 21. Derrick Crayton (202-F-75, college: UALR) paced all the winners with 21 points and 11 rebounds, while Ahokas Miska netted 18. Ojala Matias, Honka Toni and Jarvinen Tuomas posted 18 points each in defeat.

LoKoKo - Huima 99-93
LoKoKo won over Huima 99:93 in the first day of March. Eryk Thomas (198-F-85, agency: Heinrich Sports, college: E.Tenn.St.) and Heard Jonathan combined 60 points to lead the winners. Hartford Jason had 21 points and 14 rebounds for the guests and Morris Ted collected 19 points and 14 boards.

KORISLIIGA: Three Rounds (33 games) is done - by Rauno Hurmalainen

Korisliiga, Round 33: Three rounds (33 games) out of the regular season is now done. Today it was almost too difficult to win at home court. The only victory at home for Honka (Espoo) by one, when FoKoPo (Forssa) missed three FTs out of four during the last 44 seconds. Akeem Scott (186-G-83, college: High Point) didn't miss his two FTs or the lay up four seconds to go and Honka won 76-75. Newcomer Tuukka Kotti (205-F/C-81, college: Providence) was at once Honka's best scorer and rebounder: 22/10. Ray Cunningham (199-F-79, agency: Warren Sports International, college: Murray St.) led FoKoPo with 16 pts.
Kouvot (Kouvola) was in trouble with Pyrinto (Tampere) big men at home. Damon Williams (199-F-73, college: Colorado St.-Pueblo) (13/11) had returned 'back home' and was helping Pyrinto a lot. Especially Antti Nikkila (210-F/C-78, college: Valparaiso) (23/12) enjoyed and American PG Kenny Lowe (191-G-80, agency: Warren Sports International, college: Purdue) (26) was in good mood after the injury. Pyrinto will win still many regular season games and might reach into the play-off-games? Team Componenta (Karkkila) got tired after three quarters (48-41) vs Torpan Pojat (Helsinki) by losing the last 10 minutes 14-34 and the contest 62-75. Also ToPo wants to be among the eight best after 44 rounds.

Kataja (Joensuu) wants to be # 1 and is number one right now. Seven wins in a row and a lot of points even vs YMCA Lahti on the road. YMCA Lahti is

famous for tough defense, but Kataja scored 107 pts and 62 pts during the second half. Visitors made 16/36 treys (44,4%) with Larry Blair (183-G-84, college: Liberty) (26) and Sami Lehtoranta (205-C/F-79, agency: ANYPEX) (20) on the top. Lehtoranta reached also the 5000 pts mark and has now scored 5012 pts in 378 games (average 13,3) in 13 years.YMCA Lahti got 30 pts from Ray Nixon (203-F-84, agency: Court Side, college: Wisconsin).

And one more win on the road. Korihait (Uusikaupunki) lost at home vs KTP (Kotka) 71-81. Korihait had only two players (Alain Laroche (198-F-83, agency: Court Side, college: N.Florida), Mark Zoller (200-F-85, agency: Pro One Sports, college: Pennsylvania)) in double digits. Team's both Guards Bojan Sarcevic and Josh Gonner were shooting 1/11 from the field. Petri Heinonen (207-F/C-88) (Honka) had joined Korihait roster for the rest of this season. Zero pts in three minutes. KTP had four players over 10 pts and team is still waiting Robert Owens (201-F-82, college: Ball St.) to come. KTP seems to be able to make the top four.

Honka - FoKoPo 76-75 (33-36) (Tuukka Kotti 22/10, Akeem Scott 14, Kimmo Muurinen 11 - Ray Cunningham 16, Ronald Yates 15, Jarno Nissinen 15).

Kouvot - Pyrinto 78-90 (44-54) (Tuomas Iisalo 20, Brian Swift 14, Antti Kanervo 11 - Kenny Lowe 26, Antti Nikkila 23/12, Chris Hester 17, Damon Williams 13/11).

YMCA Lahti - Kataja 96-107 (54-45) (Ray Nixon 30, Kurtis Rice 24, Teemu Laine 16 - Larry Blair 26, Sami Lehtoranta 20, Jeremiah Wood 17/19).

Korihait - KTP 71-81 (36-45) (Alain Laroche 29, Mark Zoller 22 - Durell Vinson 21/12, Steve Smith 21, Sami Ikavalko 12).

Team Componenta - ToPo 62-75 (32-30) (Frank Richards 21, Dainmon Gonner 20, Damion Dantzler 13/14 - Jean Francois 19, Isaac Spencer 18/13, James Allen 17/11).

Standings - Division I
1st Division Standings
 1. Kauhajoki 15-2 
 2. Salon Vilpas 13-3 
 3. Lapua 10-7 
 4. Huima 9-8 
 5. LoKoKo 8-9 
 6. BC Nokia 7-11 
 7. JKS 7-12 
 8. HNMKY 6-9 
 9. Honka 6-9 
 10. Jyvaskyla 6-10 
 11. Ura Basket 5-13 

Stats Leaders - Division I
Points Per Game
  Avg: 27.3
 1. McNeil, JKS27.3 
 2. Holmes, BC Nokia26.3 
 3. Surratt, Ura Basket26.2 
 4. Heard, LoKoKo24.7 
 5. Cooper, BC Nokia23.2 
 6. Francis, JKS23.0 
 7. Piplovic, Lapua21.7 
 8. Dlouhy, BC Nokia21.6 
 9. Jackson, Jyvaskyla21.4 
 10. Washington, Kau.21.4 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 12.1
 1. Piplovic, Lapua12.1 
 2. Francis, JKS11.4 
 3. McNeil, JKS11.2 
 4. Daanish, Salon Vilpas10.9 
 5. Morris, Huima10.6 
 6. Kraznotzhon, HN.10.3 
 7. Collins, Jyvaskyla9.9 
 8. Green, Salon Vilpas9.8 
 9. Polk, Kauhajoki9.7 
 10. Hartford, Hui.9.6 
Assists Per Game
 Anthony DAVIS
  Avg: 5.6
 1. Davis, LoKoKo5.6 
 2. Surratt, Ura Basket4.5 
 3. Conerly, Salon Vilpas4.2 
 4. Graham, Huima4.0 
 5. Carhart, Lapua4.0 
 6. Holmes, BC Nokia3.6 
 7. Horton, Kauhajoki3.2 
 8. Silvonen, HN.3.1 
 9. Naukkarinen, Jyvas.2.9 
 10. Hartford, Hui.2.9 
Steals Per Game
 Armondo SURRATT
  Ura Basket
  Avg: 3.2
 1. Surratt, Ura Basket3.2 
 2. Horton, Kauhajoki3.1 
 3. Holmes, BC Nokia2.8 
 4. McNeil, JKS2.8 
 5. Carhart, Lapua2.7 
 6. Little, HN.2.6 
 7. Conerly, Salon Vilpas2.6 
 8. Salin, Honka2.5 
 9. Davis, LoKoKo2.4 
 10. Williams, Hon.2.2 
Blocks Per Game
 Mike KING
  Avg: 2.2
 1. King, Jyvaskyla2.2 
 2. Collins, Jyvaskyla1.3 
 3. Still, Lapua1.2 
 4. Washington, Kauha.1.2 
 5. Daanish, Salon Vilpas1.2 
 6. Thomas, LoKoKo1.2 
 7. Watson, BC Nokia1.0 
 8. Francis, JKS0.9 
 9. Morris, Huima0.9 
 10. Dlouhy, BC Nok.0.9 


Standings - ProA
ProA Standings
 1. ASVEL 15-4 
 2. Orleans 15-4 
 3. Roanne 12-7 
 4. Nancy 12-7 
 5. Strasbourg 11-8 
 6. Gravelines 11-8 
 7. Le Mans 11-8 
 8. Chalon 11-8 
 9. Vichy 9-10 
 10. Cholet 8-11 
 11. Dijon 7-12 
 12. Hyeres-Toulon 7-12 
 13. Le Havre 7-12 
 14. Rouen 7-12 
 15. Besancon 6-13 
 16. Pau 3-16 

Standings - ProB
ProB Standings
 1. Paris-Levall. 19-3 
 2. Bourg 17-5 
 3. Poitiers 16-6 
 4. Clermont 15-7 
 5. Limoges 14-8 
 6. Saint-Etienne 12-10 
 7. Charleville 12-10 
 8. Antibes 11-11 
 9. Nantes 10-12 
 10. Maurienne 10-12 
 11. Nanterre 10-12 
 12. Le Portel 9-13 
 13. Brest 9-13 
 14. Evreux 8-14 
 15. St.Vallier 8-14 
 16. Boulazac 8-14 
 17. St.Quentin 7-15 
 18. Quimper 3-19 

Standings - N1
N1 Standings
 1. Lille 20-4 
 2. Bordeaux 18-5 
 3. Challans 18-6 
 4. Fos Ouest 18-6 
 5. Angers 16-8 
 6. Blois 16-8 
 7. Reims 15-9 
 8. Chalons 12-12 
 9. Get Vosges 11-13 
 10. Boulogne 11-13 
 11. St Chamond 11-13 
 12. Lievin 10-14 
 13. Bayonne 9-15 
 14. Longwy 9-15 
 15. Prisse Macon 7-16 
 16. Roche-la-Moliere 7-17 
 17. Juvisy 4-20 
 18. CFBB 3-21 

Stats Leaders - ProA
Points Per Game
  Avg: 23.7
 1. Nichols, Hyeres-T.23.7 
 2. Rush, Strasbourg22.0 
 3. Gray, Roanne19.5 
 4. Thompson, Le Havre18.9 
 5. Banks, Orleans17.3 
 6. Chatfield, Dijon16.3 
 7. Boddicker, Chalon16.1 
 8. Skinn, Gravelines15.7 
 9. Harper, Roanne15.5 
 10. Sy,.15.5 
Rebounds Per Game
  Le Havre
  Avg: 9.9
 1. Merriex, Le Havre9.9 
 2. Issa, Vichy8.3 
 3. Vaty, Pau8.1 
 4. Falker, Cholet7.8 
 5. Sanders, Dijon7.4 
 6. Greer, Nancy7.1 
 7. Koffi, Le Mans7.1 
 8. Thioune, Rouen7.1 
 9. Troutman, AS.7.0 
 10. Krupalija, Dij.6.8 
Assists Per Game
 Kareem REID
  Avg: 7.9
 1. Reid, Vichy7.9 
 2. Wright, Chalon6.7 
 3. Thompson, Le Havre6.2 
 4. Heurtel, Pau5.5 
 5. Sciarra, Orleans5.3 
 6. Draper, Hyeres-T.5.1 
 7. Jeanneau, AS.5.0 
 8. Greer, Nancy4.8 
 9. Pellin, Roanne4.8 
 10. Chatfield, Dij.4.6 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 3
 1. Wright, Chalon3.0 
 2. Dobbins, Orleans2.6 
 3. Krupalija, Dijon2.2 
 4. Rush, Strasbourg2.2 
 5. Causeur, Le Havre2.1 
 6. Banks, Orleans1.9 
 7. Greene, Orleans1.9 
 8. Grier, Cholet1.7 
 9. Perincic, Hyeres-T.1.7 
 10. Stanley, Gravelin.1.6 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 1.3
 1. Houston, Rouen1.3 
 2. Rush, Strasbourg1.2 
 3. Gray, Roanne1.1 
 4. MBaye, Dijon1.1 
 5. Wright, Chalon1.1 
 6. Krupalija, Dijon1.1 
 7. Greer, Nancy1.0 
 8. Traore, AS.1.0 
 9. Covile, Orleans0.9 
 10. Gunn, Besanc.0.9 

Stats Leaders - ProB
Points Per Game
 Errick CRAVEN
  Avg: 19.7
 1. Craven, Clermont19.7 
 2. Fein, St.Quentin19.2 
 3. Olivero, Le Portel18.5 
 4. Ingram, Bourg17.6 
 5. Mohammed, Limoges17.4 
 6. Carter, St-Etienne17.3 
 7. Younger, Poitiers17.3 
 8. Wright, Poitiers17.2 
 9. Barnette, St.Vallier17.0 
 10. Bing, Clermo.16.6 
Rebounds Per Game
 Christophe HUMBERT
  Avg: 9.5
 1. Humbert, St.Qu.9.5 
 2. Melicie, St.Vallier8.8 
 3. Bing, Clermont8.3 
 4. Almonte, Nanterre8.2 
 5. Mathis, Evreux8.0 
 6. McCord, Antibes7.8 
 7. Sullivan, Maurienne7.8 
 8. Emerson, Limoges7.8 
 9. Lalugba, Bourg7.7 
 10. Younger, Poitie.7.5 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 5.7
 1. Williams, St-Etienne5.7 
 2. Gomez, Poitiers5.6 
 3. Taylor, Boulazac5.4 
 4. Ingram, Bourg5.2 
 5. Ball, Paris-Levall.5.1 
 6. Craven, Clermont4.7 
 7. Dunn, Maurienne4.7 
 8. Morlende, St.Qu.4.5 
 9. Thomas, St.Vallier4.2 
 10. McCord, Antib.4.0 
Steals Per Game
 Errick CRAVEN
  Avg: 3.1
 1. Craven, Clermont3.1 
 2. Sullivan, Maurienne2.9 
 3. Barnette, St.Vallier2.6 
 4. Dunn, Maurienne2.4 
 5. Ball, Paris-Levall.2.1 
 6. Traore, Boulazac2.1 
 7. Block, Quimper2.1 
 8. Ingram, Bourg1.9 
 9. Boire, Le Portel1.9 
 10. Karim, Evre.1.9 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 2
 1. Lukovski, Limoges2.0 
 2. Tucker, St.Quentin1.4 
 3. Dunn, Maurienne1.2 
 4. Hollins, Nantes1.2 
 5. Kennedy, Antibes1.1 
 6. Mohammed, Limoges1.1 
 7. Bing, Clermont1.0 
 8. Fein, St.Quentin1.0 
 9. Barnette, St.Vallier1.0 
 10. Craven, Clermo.1.0 


Standings - ProA
ProA Standings
 1. MBC 20-2 
 2. Bayreuth 18-4 
 3. Hagen 18-4 
 4. Jena 13-9 
 5. Kirchheim 13-9 
 6. Karlsruhe 13-9 
 7. B.Muenchen 11-11 
 8. Chemnitz 11-11 
 9. Cuxhaven 10-12 
 10. Bremen 9-12 
 11. teckproBraves 9-13 
 12. Langen 9-13 
 13. ETB Wohnbau 7-15 
 14. Heidelberg 5-16 
 15. Schalke 5-17 
 16. Lich 4-18 

Standings - Pro B
ProB Standings
 1. proveo Merl. 18-4 
 2. Wolfenbuettel 16-6 
 3. Rhoendorf 16-6 
 4. Herten 15-7 
 5. Osnabrueck 13-9 
 6. Telemotive 12-10 
 7. Ehingen 11-11 
 8. Hannover 11-11 
 9. SU Braunsch. 11-11 
 10. B'guessbach 10-12 
 11. Stahnsdorf 10-12 
 12. Freiburg 8-14 
 13. Mainz 8-14 
 14. Landshut 7-15 
 15. Franken Hexer 6-16 
 16. Speyer 4-18 

Stats Leaders - 2.Bundesliga
Points Per Game
 Johannes LISCHKA
  LTi 46ers
  Avg: 24.1
 1. Lischka, Lich24.1 
 2. Watkins, Cuxhaven22.5 
 3. Khartchenkov, Chemn.18.7 
 4. Hall, Schalke18.7 
 5. Benzing, Langen18.2 
 6. Baumann, Kirchheim18.1 
 7. Komarek, Heide.17.7 
 8. Griffin, Hagen17.6 
 9. Hodges, Heidelberg17.5 
 10. Oppland, Bayreu.17.2 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 10.8
 1. Baumann, Kirchheim10.8 
 2. Seward, Cuxhaven10.2 
 3. Jeffers, Langen10.1 
 4. Hamilton, Bayreuth9.8 
 5. Howard, Karlsruhe9.6 
 6. Gilbert, MBC9.4 
 7. Gerwig, Chemnitz8.9 
 8. Sabourin, Bremen8.9 
 9. Freese, Lich8.5 
 10. Lischka, Li.8.5 
Assists Per Game
 Japhet MCNEIL
  Avg: 7.5
 1. McNeil, Heidelberg7.5 
 2. Bannister, Schalke6.1 
 3. Pfeifer, Chemnitz5.4 
 4. Watkins, Cuxhaven4.4 
 5. Williamson, Jena4.4 
 6. Griffin, Hagen4.4 
 7. Holcomb-Faye, Bayre.4.3 
 8. Ruffin, teckproB.4.3 
 9. Parker, B.Muenchen4.2 
 10. Crawford, Kir.4.2 
Steals Per Game
 Japhet MCNEIL
  Avg: 3.5
 1. McNeil, Heidelberg3.5 
 2. Williamson, Jena2.3 
 3. Scott, Kirchheim2.2 
 4. Pfeifer, Chemnitz2.2 
 5. Hamilton, Bayreuth2.1 
 6. Crawford, Kirch.2.0 
 7. Paeley, teckproB.2.0 
 8. Mueller, Bremen2.0 
 9. Harris, Bayreuth1.9 
 10. Reed, Li.1.8 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 2.7
 1. Williams, B.Muenchen2.7 
 2. Seward, Cuxhaven1.4 
 3. Shaw, ETB Wohnbau1.3 
 4. Hamilton, Bayreuth1.3 
 5. Benzing, Langen1.1 
 6. Zyskunov, teckproB.1.1 
 7. Sabourin, Bremen1.1 
 8. Fairley, Jena1.0 
 9. Hornig, Kirchheim0.9 
 10. Fleetwood, Hag.0.9 

ProA Round: 22 (Regular Season) - by Eurobasket News
Lich - Bayreuth 58-92
Bayreuth stayed in the second position in the ladder as they held off Lich. Jermain Raffington (205-F/C-85, college: Southeastern CC) and Jaivon Harris (197-G-82, college: Ohio) came off the bench to chip in 18 points apiece for Bayreuth. Dan Oppland added 16 points and 10 boards for the winners. Johannes Lishchka had 20 points and 7 rebounds for Lich in the loss.

Jena - Chemnitz 89-91
Chemnitz sneaked past Jena away from home. Nikita Khartchenkov (201-F-87) fired 28 points to lead the visitors. Dustin Pfeifer had 14 points and 13 assists for the winners. Henry Uhegwu responded with 19 points for Jena as they slipped at 13-9 record.

ETB Wohnbau - Hagen 73-81
Hagen overcame ETB Wohnbau as Bernd Kruel (210-C/F-76) delivered 18 points and 7 boards. Zach Freeman had 16 points, while Matthias Grothe pitched in 15 to lead Hagen to the 18th win in the season. Brandon Lincoln managed 22 points for Wohnbau in the losing case.

Karlsruhe - Kirchheim 82-76
Karlsruhe held off Kirchheim to register the 13th win in the season as the opponents appeared tied at 13-9 record in the ProA standings. Rouven Roessler (200-F-80, agency: Pro One Sports) knocked down 21 points to lead the way for Karlsruhe. Justin Howard contributed 16 points in the win. Phillipp Heyden was responsible for 21 points for the Knights.

Schalke - Cuxhaven 75-77
Cuxhaven upset Schalke on the road as Brandon Watkins (182-G-81, college: Penn St.) had 25 points in the win. Edward Seward posted 17 points and 11 rebounds for the visitors. Melvin Hall came up with 25 points and 7 boards as Schalke suffered the 17th loss in the season.

Langen - B.Muenchen 89-82
Langen celebrated the ninth win in the tournament as they outlasted Bayern Muenchen at home court. Robin Benzing (208-F-89) was impressive with 27 points and 8 boards. Kai Barth delivered 16 points and 5 assists for Langen. Michael Buse had 16 points for Bayern in defeat.

Chris Copeland (TBB Trier) Interview - by Manuel Schust

American forward Christopher Copeland (203-F-84, agency: 540 Sports, college: Colorado) has been one of the biggest discoveries and a big help for TBB Trier so far. The 24-year old proved to be a versatile leader for his team, producing 13.6 points, 5.1 rebounds and 2.3 steals per game.
Chris took some time to talk with correspondent Manuel Schust about his career, his teammates and his season with TBB Trier.

Hi Chris, thanks for taking some time to talk to
After a disastrous last season
TBB Trier seems to be back in the play-off race despite some injury problems on the roster. Did you expect this when you signed with a team that almost got relegated last year?

- I didn't know what to expect when I signed to Trier knowing how the year went before... but once I got here I could see we had a very talented squad... So since day one, making the playoffs has been a very reachable goal in my mind.

How is your relationship to coach Yves Defraigne and was he one of the reasons to sign with Trier?

- I didn't know him before getting here, but I have a great relationship with Coach. I have learned a lot from him in a very short time. Its cool working with him because I can see how much he is helping my game grow...

After your college days with the Colorado Buffaloes you signed with D-League club Fort Worth Flyers. How tough is the competition there and how can players cope with those long and exhausting bus rides through the whole country?

- The competition was real tough. Every team had guys that were either in the league at some point or on their way. So there was a huge amount of talent. As for the bus rides... it helped that I had some entertaining teammates... but at the end of the day your ipod quickly becomes your best friend...

Your eurobasket profile describes you as a Pick and Pop NBA Prospect. You're just 24-years old. Do you still believe in making it to the NBA some day or do you feel comfortable in Europe?

- The NBA would be great and is still a goal of mine but I am definitely comfortable in Europe. I am blessed to have been given the opportunity to continue to play the game I love over here...

In 2007 you spent a few weeks with two clubs of Spanish LEB Gold. Why did you leave Spain so soon and then joined Matrixx Magix Nijmegen in the Netherlands?

- Very long stories... But have to say, I was very fortunate to land in Nijmegen. The people there were great to me and I am glad I got the chance to play for them.

Alba Berlins headcoach Luka Pavicevic (agency: Beo Basket ) recently said that the german league is not realy a European basketball league because of all the american players. How would you rate the BBL compared to the D-League and the experiences you made in Spain and the Netherlands?

- It would be too hard to compare the D-League to the BBL... just two different brands of basketball. Actually, every league that I have played in has different styles of play (DL, Dutch, Spanish or German...) As for BBL and Spain, the BBL is definitely more americanized because of the amount of americans on teams here.

Who was your toughest opponent so far in BBL? And did you know any BBL players before you arrived in Trier?

- I don't want to show too much love to my opponents... So my toughest battles are with my teammates everyday in practice... I know a couple guys in the BBL but the only one I knew was playing in this league before I arrived in Trier was Yemi Gadri-Nicholson (208-C-83, college: Denver).

Especially in the beginning of this season you had some outstanding games (scoring 31 points against Paderborn for example). With the return of veteran center George Evans (202-F/C-71, agency: Court Side, college: George Mason) youre role seems to have changed a bit. How would you describe your role in general?

- We have a very talented squad and every game we look to different guys depending on match-ups... So its hard to define a role for myself.

After making it to the All-Star game in the Netherlands in 2008 you were not nominated for this years german All-Star game despite your impressive numbers. Were disappointed after finding out that you are not invited?

- Of course it would have been great to have made it... But one of the first things Coach told me early in the season was 'Oil floats.' In other words, everything happens how it should... I just have to keep working...

Trier lost the last two games. But still you guys are just one win behind the 8th place that would allow you to play in the post season. Looking at the schedule Trier seems to be too much of an up and down down team. For example you managed to beat Oldenburg at home, but just a few weeks later lost at Giessen. Could this inconsistency finally break your backs in the play-off race?

- Inconsistency would definitely hurt us... But I think every team has ups and downs throughout the season... We still have a long way to go and I am sure we will find more consistency as the season finishes. Either way, 'Oil floats...'

Headcoach Yves Defraigne plays with a core of 7 americans on the team. What can you say about your german teammates Maksym Shtein (206-C-80, agency: LimeLight), talented big man Maik Zirbes (205-C-90), young Point Guard Christian Hoffmann (184-G-87) and Kosta Karamatskos (197-G-86)?

- Maksym Shtein, skilled. He doesnt get a lot of credit for his ability but he is a very talented post player... one of the best I have ever played with as far as being able to finish with either the left or right hand around the basket. Maik Zirbes, upside. He is learning fast. Anyone who knows him knows he has a lot of potential and its cool to watch him improve everyday. Christian Hoffmann, dedicated. He works extremely hard. After practice is over you can almost always catch him getting up extra shots. Not to mention he is always there extra early before practice doing ballhandling and other drills. Kosta Karamatskos, sleeper. I don't think he gets a lot of recognition for his ability but he is a smooth slasher and strong defender. He made big plays for us in games like ludwigsburg and I am sure he will in games to come...

From a distant perspective the chemistry of the team looks very good. Who is your closest friend on the team?

- Yeah, the chemistry of this team is great... Everyone has fun with everyone. My closest on the team is Derek Raivio (190-G-84, agency: Priority Sports, college: Gonzaga).

When it comes to talk about TBB Trier many people obviously talk about you, gulf war veteran George Evans, ex-NBA player Norman Richardson and former Gonzaga-Point Guard Derek Raivio. But to me Jamal Shuler (191-G-86) is the unsung hero. As a rookie he already proved to be a versatile player. What do you think about his impact on the team?

- I definitely agree with the Jamal being an unsung hero on this team. He is big for us because he can bring more than just scoring. We all know he can score but he is also our best perimeter defender. He forces a lot of turnovers and makes perimeter players uncomfortable with his aggressive pressure. And at the end of the day he can score when needed so he is definitely huge for us.

Your contract expires at the end of the season. All TBB Trier fans would love to see you to stay with the team. How big are the chances for that?

- It would definitely be great to return to Trier... I am very comfortable here so as far as I can see the chances are great. We will have to see how everything pans out...

Thanks for the chat and good luck for the rest of the season.

- Thank you...

Alba lifts the German Cup trophy - by Eurobasket News
Telekom Baskets Bonn -ALBA Berlin 44:69
Telekom Baskets Bonn: Ken Johnson (210-C-78, college: Ohio St.) 13 points, E.J. Rowland 10
ALBA Berlin: Julius Jenkins (187-G-81, agency: Pro One Sports, college: Georgia Southern) 25, Immanuel McElroy (193-G-80, college: Cincinnati) 10

Alba Berlin became German Cup champion. Hamburg saw a TOP FOUR 2009 on Sunday, March 1st.
At first Alba Berlin overcame Deutsche Bank 81:69 in the semifinal opener. Nadjfeji top-scored for the winners with 15 points and Jenkins added 14. Telekom Baskets edged Dusseldorf 83:62 to reach their final.
The Final game brought lots of interest and intrigue on the first day of March. Winsome Frazier (193-G/F-82, agency: Interperformances, college: Mississippi St.) gave Telekom an 8:4 lead however Jenkins tied it at 10:10. The first quarter became more defensive as the teams produced 22 points each. Winsome Frazier restored a 12:10 Telekom edge after 10 minutes. In the second period Alba took a control of the game and was much better than the opponent. After 7-0 run the favorites had 24:17 and finished the first half at 34:22. The game became equal in the third period as Alba held the score for good, while Telekom Baskets Bonn tried to catch up. The teams finished three quarters of the game as Alba enjoyed 45:35, while Julius Jenkins sealed the outcome with under 7 minutes to go. Alba kept the advantage and won the Cup. Julius Jenkins became the MVP of the tournament.
In the third place game the Skyliners edged Dusseldorf 73:69 as Ilian Evtimov netted 15 points.

Telekom Baskets-Giants Dusseldorf 83-62
Alba Berlin - Deutsche Bank 81-69

3rd Place Giants Dusseldorf - Deutsche Bank 69-73
Final Telekom Baskets -Alba Berlin 44-69

Alba Berlin Reach Top 4 Final Knocking Out The Deutsche Bank Skyliners 81-69 - by Miles Schmidt-Scheuber

The Deutsche Bank Skyliners wanted to seek revenge after their blow out loss in the O-2 arena to Alba Berlin two months ago, but were given a rude cup exit with a 81-69 loss to Alba Berlin. Frankfurt came to play, but Alba Berlin were simply to much to handle. 'This was a very disappointing loss. We had some big time lapses in the third quarter. They scored too much inside, Jacobson and Jenkins hit big time three pointers and we just couldnt recover after that', stated Skyliner forward Derrick Allen (203-F-80, agency: Pro One Sports, college: Mississippi) After a lacklustre loss to FC Barcelona in Euroleague play, Alba Berlin played a strong game displaying an annoying defense. 'We didnt let them get easy baskets and we stopped their transition game', said American guard Immanuel McElroy (193-G-80, college: Cincinnati).

The Deutsche Bank Skyliners had the better start taking a 4-2 lead on hoops by Titus Ivory and Lorenzo Gordon (201-F-83, agency: Hart Sports Mngm, college: Oklahoma City), but Berlin quickly struck back going on a 7-0 run with hoops by Immanuel McElroy, Casey Jacobsen (198-G/F-81, agency: Octagon, college: Stanford) and Steffen Hamann to lead 11-4. Frankfurt tried their luck going inside and became successful as Ivory made an easy layup and Gordon followed with a mini hook shot. Berlin Forward Ansu Sesay (206-C/F-76, college: Mississippi) gave Berlin the lead back 11-8, but the shooting accuracy of captain Pascal Roller (180-G-76) held up as he nailed a three pointer. The game had a high intensity as there was no clear better team, but in the closing minutes of the first quarter, Frankfurt lost a little concentration allowing Berlin to end the quarter going on a 7-0 run. Aleksander Nadjefji scored inside off a crisp feed from Jenkins and Casey Jacobsen hit a seemingly impossible shot way behind the three point line, that it felt like he was falling into the AOL Arena near by. After one quarter, Berlin led 21-14. Alba Berlin was shooting over 50% while Frankfurt was struggling at 31%. Frankfurt had the rebound edge at 10-8 and there had only been one turnover .

In the second quarter, Alba Berlin started to pull away going on a 9-4 run to lead 30-18. American Lorenzo Gordon came in and made two buckets in the zone and Frankfurt trailed only 23-18. However it was Julius Mr fabulous Jenkins who nailed a three pointer. He is a player, who has the killer instinct and so often makes small leads into bigger ones quite quickly through his deadly shooting. 'Jenkins is a great player. He is a big part of this team and you simply have to respect him', added Immanuel McElroy. After Gordons mini highlight show, it was time for the Derrick Allen highlight reel as he scored six points bringing Frankfurt back to 32-24 at halftime. Both teams were shooting poorly from the three point area under 40%, but Berlin was respectable at 46% from the field. Frankfurt had lost the rebound battle back to Berlin 17-15 and both teams had minimal turnovers showing that they were playing organized Basketball.

In the third quarter, The Deutsche Bank Skyliners stayed on the tail of Alba Berlin showing their fighting spirit and keeping pace with Alba Berlin. Pascal Roller sunk a catch and pop jumper and Frankfurt was only trailing 32-31. Both teams kept trading Baskets for a while. Derrick Allen continued his valuable and almost unstoppable inside/out game making a jumper. The teams kept pace and no team showed any signs of collapsing. Little used German Dominik Bahiense de Mello (190-G-85) jumped off his chair from the bench and nailed a three pointer, which was followed by another clutch three pointer by Pascal Roller. After 30 minutes, Alba Berlin had a tight lead of 52-50. 'The defense of Alba Berlin was very strong and that carried them to victory', added Bremerhaven center Jared Reiner (211-C-82, agency: Priority Sports, college: Iowa). Frankfurt had improved their shooting a bit to 44%, while Alba Berlin was shooting 49%. Frankfurt had regained their rebounding lead 23-20 and the turnovers were no real factor as both teams were keeping them low.

At the start of the fourth quarter, the man making a string of baskets could have been a Michael Jordan (199-F-63, college: N.Carolina) disguised with long hair, but it was really American Julius Jenkins (187-G-81, agency: Pro One Sports, college: Georgia Southern), who scored six points in a row. All of a sudden, Berlin had made a quick lead and Frankfurt was asking was that really Michael Jordan in disguise and is that guy unstoppable? 'We had great chances of coming back, but we didnt get key stops. Jenkins had a great game. You have to be concentrated for 40 minutes, but we werent', expressed American Derrick Allen Frankfurt did have answers on offense with hoops from Roller, Allen and Evtimov, but Berlin always had an answer as Jacobson and Rashad Wright (189-G-82, agency: Pro One Sports, college: Georgia) hit huge three pointers and Frankfurt was stil trailing 70-59 and asking if they had been possessed with the big arena phobia of not being able to win? Alba Berlin kept up the pressure as Mcelroy scored a basket and drew some fouls. Alba Berlin still led 76-63. Frankfurt kept fighting, but couldnt find any extra energy as Berlin was able to close the game with a win and date in the BBL final. 'Frankfurt played hard in the fourth quarter, but Jenkins was the difference in this game', added ex NBA player Jared Reiner. 'I got the ball and just did my job. We were well prepared for the changing defenses and executed well on offense and defense',stressed Alba Berlin guard Julius Jenkins.

The Deutsche Bank Skyliners were led by Derrick Allen with 21 points. Captain Pascal Roller added 13 points and Lorenzo Gordon chipped in with ten points. Alba Berlin was led by Aleksander Nadfjeji with 15 points. Julius Jenkins pitched in with 14 points and Immanuel McElroy chipped in with 12 points.

The Deutsche Bank Skyliners finish The Top 4 In Third Place Disposing The Dusseldorf Giants 73-69. - by Miles Schmidt-Scheuber
The Deutsche Bank Skyliners bit their lips together and came together to dismantle the Dusseldorf Giants 73-69 to win third place in the 2009 BBL Top Four. At the beginning it seemed like Frankfurts thoughts were some where else, because it took some time to find their rhythm, but it all came together in the fourth quarter.' We didnt want to go 0-2 in the Top 4.We wanted to win this to get some momentum going into the Ludwigsburg game. This was an important, but tough win', stressed Skyliner American Keith Simmons (196-G-85, college: Holy Cross). A win is a win and always important, but not playing in the final really hurt. 'It was not the greatest feeling playing in the consolation game. We played hard and showed that when you are focused, you can win', said Skyliner guard Titus Ivory (193-G-79, college: Penn St.). The Dusseldorf Giants played an inspired game, but ran out of gas in the fourth quarter. 'Frankfurt hit big shots in the fourth quarter even though we were playing pretty good defense. They made the big plays at the right moments', declared Giant guard Brendan Winters (195-G/F-83, college: Davidson). Even though there were less fans at the game then for the final, the arena witnessed good basketball. 'It was great that both teams showed that you can play respectable basketball in a consolation game. Last night we played a midnight game and today a brunch game. We sent our fans home with a smile', joked Murat Didin (agency: Interperformances ).

The first few minutes of the first quarter had two faces as The Deutsche Bank Skyliners rushed out on a 5-0 lead, but Dusseldorf showed that they had been good boys and went to bed early and let the fans roam the Reeperbahn, because they were wide awake giving Frankfurt a dose of their own medicine back as they went on a 7-0 run to take the lead. Brant Bailey (202-F-77, college: Wisc.-Stevens Point) made two buckets and Brendan Winters a runner. Both teams seemed a bit nervous at the start as nobody wanted the sour apple 4th place finish. Pascal Roller (180-G-76) tied the score with a three pointer at nine a piece. Ex Artland Dragon guard Zack Whiting (193-G-84, college: Chaminade) who returned to his former team gave the Giants a 11-10 lead as he went around Derrick Allen (203-F-80, agency: Pro One Sports, college: Mississippi) in the lane. Dusseldorf led 13-12 after ten minutes. Frankfurt seemed like they were still in bed shooting only 31% from the field and 14% from the parking lot.' It is hard playing at 12. It takes a bit longer to get a feel for the ball', warned Skyliner American Titus Ivory. Frankfurt had the rebounding edge at 10-8, but already had six turnovers. This was a quick turn around of playing two games in two days. We were frustrated losing to Berlin. We let that effect our game. We should of focused more on game then on past, stated Skyliner Keith Simmons.

In the second quarter, Dusseldorf went on a quick 4-0 run with hoops from Gordon Geib (180-G-83, agency: LimeLight) and Marcus Carter (193-G). Ilian Evtimov (201-F-83, agency: Interperformances, college: N.Carolina St.) started to slowly find his shooting touch as he hit a three pointer. However Dusseldorf was doing a fine job getting points in the paint and some how scaring off the big Skyliner players. American Todd Hendley (206-F-84, agency: Pro One Sports, college: NC-Wilmington) did damage in the zone scoring two mid distance jumpers and making a two handed stuff. 'We didnt rotate the way we should of. They spread out the offense well getting easy shots inside and from the wing', said Skyliner guard Keith Simmons. Dusseldorf closed out the second quarter with a fluid offense getting points inside and out. American Logan Kosmalski (203-F-81, agency: Pro One Sports, college: Davidson) scored two inside which was followed by two points inside from American Zack Whiting who used the mismatch against Pascal Roller and scoring underneath. Brendan Winters nailed a three pointer and Frankfurt trailed 40-29 at half time. They played good Basketball hitting big shots while we were still finding our rhythm, added Skyliner Keith Simmons. Dusseldorf had upped their shooting to 50%, but the 15% shooting from three point land was hoping for more. Frankfurt was shooting 31% from the field and 25% from the parking lot. The rebounds were pretty even, but the 10 Frankfurt turnovers were simply too much. But what was more strange was the dominance of Dusseldorf with points in the paint at 24-8. Dusseldorf was doing a good job attacking the strong point of Frankfurt and having high success.

In the third quarter, The Deutsche Bank Skyliners showed a sense of urgency as Evtimov and Konrad Wysocki (202-F-82, agency: Pro One Sports, college: Princeton) hit three pointers, which cut the Dusseldorf lead to 44-40. Now there finally seemed to be a light at the end of the tunnel for Frankfurt, but German Gordon Geib blocked that ray of hope with a timely three pointer. Dusseldorf led 55-46 after three quarters. Frankfurt couldnt get back quicker, because they were not consistent enough making turnovers and losing concentration. Dusseldorf was shooting 43% from the field, but only 17% from three point land, which would have had game visitor and German Basketball legend Detlef Schrempf offering his services for three point shooting assistance. Frankfurt was still shooting under 40%, but were leading the rebounding 27-24. The 17 turnovers brought back unfond memories of the high turnover rate in Gottingen four days earlier.

The Big Deutsche Bank Skyliner comeback in the fourth quarter didnt happen right away, but Frankfurt continued to fight and not let Dusseldorf run away with the game. Titus Ivory played smart sneaking below the hoop faking a shot and letting Whiting fall on him and scoring and drawing the foul. Frankfurt still had lapses on defense as young German Tom Spoler hit a three pointer as Wysocki didnt defend him closely enough. Dusseldorf led 58-50 and the fans hearts might of began to sink, but Skyliners Keith Simmons and Pascal Roller nailed three pointers and the hearts quickly began to rise again. Frankfurt only trailed by a few points, and it seemed like the time for Frankfurt to change the momentum had arrived.' We played smart Basketball As Wysocki got big hoops and Allen made nice assists', added Skyliner guard Titus Ivory. However Giant Matt Lottich (193-G-82, agency: Interperformances, college: Stanford) slapped Frankfurt in the face with a giant three pointer. Then as if their had been a secret calling from the Basketball gods, the missing Mr swish Evtimov from the Berlin game made two huge three pointers knotting the game at 63-63.

American Brant Bailey gave Dusseldorf the lead one more time 65-63, but Titus Ivory also found his shot giving Frankfurt the 66-65 lead back. Frankfurt would never look back again. 'We showed mental toughness down the stretch and self confidence', stressed Skyliner Keith Simmons. Giant Brendan Winters had an open three pointer from the top of the key, but missed. 'That was a tough shot by Winters. My little brother played with Brendan at Davidson. We work out a lot together during the summer and the next time, I can help him with his shot', joked Skyliner American Titus Ivory. 'Next time, Titus should try to guard me and not have Simmons guard me', joked Brendan Winters. American Matt Lottich sunk one more three pointer with 20 seconds to play to get the Giants back to 72-69, but that was the last scoring that they would have. The Dusseldorf Giants controlled the game for three quarters, but The Deutsche Bank Skyliners finally blasted off in the fourth showing what can happen if they hit their shots on a consistent level.

The Deutsche Bank Skyliners had five players in double figures. Ilian Evtimov had 15 points. Pascal Roller had another excellent game with 14 points and four assists. Derrick Allen continues to be the foundation adding 12 points and nine rebounds. Keith Simmons chipped in with 12 points. The Dusseldorf Giants were led by Zack Whiting with 16 points. Brant Bailey added 14 points and American Todd Hendley 10 points.

Market News - by Moritz Korff

Only a couple hours before the transfer period expired EnBW Ludwigsburg (1. Bundesliga) signed Frank Robinson (193-G-84, agency: Priority Sports, college: Cal.St. Fullerton) to a contract for the the remainder of the season.
The 24-year-old out of Compton, California graduated from California State University, Fullerton (NCAA1) in 2008. As a senior Robinson had averaged 15.8 points, 6.9 rebounds and 2.5 assists per game for the Titans. He worked out with NBA's Atlanta Hawks in pre-season, but joined Union Olimpija Ljubljana of Slovenia in October 2008. He appeared in eight Euroleague contests and posted 6.8 points as well as 3.3 rebounds per outing. In 17 games of the Adriatic League he averaged 4.5 points for Union.

Marcus Watts (201-F-86, college: Chattanooga) has joined LTi Lich (2. Bundesliga Pro A). The versatile wing player is a product of the University of Tennessee - Chattanooga (NCAA1). He started this current season in Finland and averaged 16.8 points as well as 6.5 rebounds in eight games for Team Componenta Karkkila.

USC Freiburg (2. Bundesliga Pro B) added two players to the roster. Christoph Roquette (203-F/C-82) returned from a stint in England and topscored with 25 points (plus 11 rebounds) in his comeback game, an away-win at RSV Eintracht Stahnsdorf. Meanwhile, Mike Kinsella (213-C-84, college: Marquette) contributed 14 points, 3 boards, 3 assists and 2 steals. The 24-year-old Post Player started this current season in Romania and played in Hungary last year. Since only two import players are allowed to suite up per team, Phillip Sellers (196-F-78, agency: Scorers 1st Sportmanagement, college: St.Rose (NY)) had to sit out, while Kinsella and Domonique Crawford (193-G-84, agency: Strategic Sports, college: Youngstown St.) were active.


Stats Leaders - A1

Points Per Game
 Steven SMITH
  VAP Kolossos
  Avg: 18.4
 1. Smith, VAP K.18.4 
 2. Francis, AEL 196416.6 
 3. Vasiliadis, PAOK15.9 
 4. Childress, Olympiakos15.6 
 5. Nikolaidis, Trikalla15.1 
 6. King, Olimpia L.15.1 
 7. Grundy, Panellinios15.0 
 8. Avery, Trikalla14.8 
 9. Gregory, PAOK14.1 
 10. Mejia, AEL 19.14.0 
Rebounds Per Game
  AEL 1964
  Avg: 8.6
 1. Francis, AEL 19648.6 
 2. Wesson, PAOK8.4 
 3. Tomasevic, PAOK7.4 
 4. Nelson, Aris7.2 
 5. Massie, Trikalla6.9 
 6. Bourousis, Olympiakos6.9 
 7. Bryant, AEK6.7 
 8. Sekulic, Aris6.0 
 9. Baxter, Panionios5.9 
 10. Golemac, Panellini.5.8 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 4.9
 1. Papaloukas, Olymp.4.9 
 2. Diamantidis, Panath.4.1 
 3. Keys, C.C. Marousi4.0 
 4. Grundy, Panellinios4.0 
 5. Avery, Trikalla3.9 
 6. Mulaomerovic, PAOK3.8 
 7. Dickel, Trikalla3.1 
 8. Thomson, AEK3.1 
 9. Miles, Panionios3.0 
 10. Apostolidis, AE.2.9 
Steals Per Game
 Aaron MILES
  Avg: 2.6
 1. Miles, Panionios2.6 
 2. Grundy, Panellinios1.9 
 3. Belser, Olimpia L.1.8 
 4. Thomas, Kavala/P.1.7 
 5. Childress, Olympiakos1.5 
 6. Papaloukas, Olymp.1.5 
 7. Papamakarios, Panell.1.4 
 8. Thomson, AEK1.3 
 9. Smith, VAP K.1.3 
 10. Batis, Olimpia.1.3 
Blocks Per Game
  ESTIA Egaleo
  Avg: 1.7
 1. Hardin, ESTIA E.1.7 
 2. Francis, AEL 19641.3 
 3. Massie, Trikalla1.3 
 4. Glyniadakis, C.C. M.1.0 
 5. Bryant, AEK0.9 
 6. Johnsen, PAOK0.8 
 7. Bryant, AEK0.8 
 8. Childress, Olympiakos0.8 
 9. Dikoudis, Panionios0.7 
 10. Kavaliauskas, Kav.0.7 

Standings - A1
A1 Standings
 1. Olympiakos 19-1 
 2. Panathinaikos 17-3 
 3. Aris 15-5 
 4. Panellinios 14-6 
 5. Panionios 13-7 
 6. C.C. Marousi 12-8 
 7. AEK 10-10 
 8. PAOK 9-11 
 9. VAP Kolossos 9-11 
 10. Olimpia L. 6-14 
 11. Kavala/P. 6-14 
 12. ESTIA Egaleo 5-15 
 13. Trikalla 4-16 
 14. AEL 1964 2-18 

A1 Round: 20 (Regular Season) - by Eurobasket News
Olympiakos - Panathinaikos 77-75
The big derby belonged to the Reds. They grabbed nice 77-75 victory against the reigning champion staying on top of A1 with impressive 19-1 record. At the same time PAO fell to 17-3 (second place). Giannis Bourousis (212-C-83, agency: FCM) shined for the winners collecting 18 points and 8 rebounds. Nikola Vujcic had 14 pts and 6 boards, while Lynn Greer helped with 13 pts. Mike Batiste and Vassilis Spanoulis scored 19 points for the Greens. Batiste also had 9 rebounds beside that. Sarunas Jasikevicius followed them with 15 pts.

ESTIA Egaleo - AEK 59-61
AEK outsmarted Egaleo on the road for 10-10 record in A1. Periklis Dorkofikis (206-F-80) and Istvan Nemeth top-scored in victory with 10 points each. Avra Kallinikidis and Donnie McGrath had 13 points apiece in loss.

Olimpia L. - PAOK 74-80
Victory number 9 for PAOK, who this time got the most from Britton Johnsen (208-F-79, college: Utah) - 22 points and 6 rebounds. Christos Harisis also shined delivering 19 pts. Terrell Castle was better than the others in loss with 21 points and 5 rebounds.

Panionios - C.C. Marousi 70-84
Nice road win for CC Marousi, who now jumped to 12-8. Panionios dropped to 13-7 record. Jarod Stevenson (200-F-75, college: Richmond) stepped up for the winners with 22 points. William Amar Keys had 17 and Konstantinos Charalampidis stopped on 11 pts. Lonny Baxter answered with 19 points and 6 rebounds for the hosts.

Panellinios - VAP Kolossos 70-66
No.4 Panellinios had to work very hard in order to beat dangerous Kolossos 70-66. Georgios Kalaitzis (195-G-76) came up with 15 points and 5 rebounds, while Manolis Papamakarios helped with 11 pts and 5 as. Nikos Papanikolopoulos scored 14 for the guests.

Trikalla - AEL 1964 79-70
Trikalla outplayed last ranked AEL registering the fourth victory of the season. The big guy Savo Djikanovic (211-C-75, agency: Beo Basket) was a key player for the hosts nailing 22 points and pulling down 14 rebounds. Prodromos Nikolaidis added 14 pts. Visitors got 19 points and 7 boards from Torin Francis.

Aris - Kavala/P. 78-59
15-5 for No.3 Aris and 6-14 for Kavala after this game. Keydren Clark (173-G-84, college: St.Peter's) nailed 18, Savvas Iliadis had 12, while Nikos Argyropoulos and Andrew Bets scored 11 points apiece. Antanas Kavaliauskas netted 13 points for Kavala.


Standings - Promotie Divisie
Prom.Divisie Standings
 1. MSV 18-2 
 2. MyGuide 2 18-2 
 3. Gorinchem 13-7 
 4. Initial H5 12-7 
 5. Landstede 2 12-8 
 6. BV Rooi 9-10 
 7. Leiden 2 9-10 
 8. Groene 9-11 
 9. Akrides 9-11 
 10. Punch 7-13 
 11. EBBC 7-13 
 12. Red Giants 6-13 
 13. Cangeroes 4-16 
 14. Pigeons 3-17 

Standings - Eredivisie
Eredivisie Standings
 1. Amsterdam 26-4 
 2. Eiff.Towers 20-10 
 3. Hanzev.Cpt 19-12 
 4. M.Magix 17-12 
 5. West-Brabant 17-12 
 6. Rotterdam 17-13 
 7. Landstede 13-17 
 8. Upstairs Weert 10-19 
 9. ZZ Leiden 10-19 
 10. Aris Friesland 9-21 
 11. Den Helder 5-24 

Eredivisie Round: 32 (Regular Season, with box-scores) - by Eurobasket News
Landstede - M.Magix 85-87
Matrixx Magix grabbed tiny road win against Landstede joining West-Brabant Giants with 17-12 record in Eredivisie. Darnell Wilson (198-F-85, agency: Court Side, college: Canisius) top-scored for the winners with 28 points. Frank Tolbert had 17, while Ryan Sears and Gerrit Brigitha netted 12 points apiece. Brigitha also grabbed 11 boards beside that. On the other side, the hosts got 27 points and 6 boards from Robby Bostain (194-G/F-84, college: Furman).

Den Helder - Aris Friesland

In Den Helder, Aris Friesland withstood a strong 1st half by BlueStream Seals, keeping the playoff window open and winning in 104-91. After being down 27-19 at the end of the 1st quarter, and with a slight halftime lead at 50-47, a 15-0 3rd quarter start by Aris put the game out of reach for BlueStream Seals. The Aris quartet of Matt Bauscher (188-G-85), Tristan Blackwood, Rein Van der Kamp and Keith Spencer all had little resistance from the BlueStream Seals defense, with Matt Bauscher scoring a 28 pts, Blackwood (4 of 4 three-pointers), van der Kamp and Spencer (9 of 12 FG) adding 18 pts. each. Matt Witt scored a game-high 31 pts. *More comments for this game already posted in the previous news by the local correspondent Sanders Jackson

Upstairs Weert - Amsterdam 87-69
In Weert, Upstairs Weert came up with a signature win in their quest for a playoff spot, thanks to a strong 2nd quarter that started the onslaught, halting road-weary Eclipse Jet/MG's nine-game winning streak and winning convincingly 87-69. The Limburgers led as much at one point at the end of the 1st half 50-30, thanks to the efforts of PG Nick Stapleton (186-G-79, agency: Court Side, college: Austin Peay St.), who was unstoppable, scoring 24 of his 31 pts. in the 1st half, with 6 three-pointers. Upstairs led at one point in the 2nd half 73-44. In the second half Upstairs forward Steve Ross showed also his true grit, adding in total outstanding numbers of 30 pts. and 16 rebounds. *More comments for this game already posted in the previous news by the local correspondent Sanders Jackson

Rotterdam - Landstede 81-57
In the Topsportcentrum, Rotterdam Challengers gave interim head coach Maarten van Gent a strong defense effort, including helping put the clamps on Landstede leading scorer Robby Bostain, winning easily 81-57. The Rotterdammers got off to a strong start, leading 21-8 at the end of the 1st quarter and would not relinquish the pressure or grasp on the game tempo. Rotterdam forced Landstede into shooting numbers of 37% FG and 9 of 34 from the three-point line, while also dominating the glass at a 45-29 difference. On the flip side, the Rotterdammers shot the ball well from the three-point line, making 13 of 25 total. *More comments for this game already posted in the previous news by the local correspondent Sanders Jackson

West-Brabant - ZZ Leiden 76-73
In Bergen-op-Zoom West-Brabant Giants managed to keep pace in the race for the 1st round homecourt advantage spot, while preventing ZZ Leiden from gaining ground in their quest fro a playoff spot, winning a close battle by the score of 76-73. Tim Blue led all scorers with 18 pts. *More comments for this game already posted in the previous news by the local correspondent Sanders Jackson

Hanzev.Cpt - Aris Friesland 103-85
Hanzevast Capitals got off to a strong 1st quarter start, leading 34-20 at the end of the 1st quarter setting the tone for the rest of the game, as the team of Marco van den Berg cruised to an 103-85 win over Aris Friesland. Hanzevast led 57-41 at halftime, made 7 of 13 three-pointers in the 1st half, and had good balanced scoring. Torey Thomas (180-G-85, agency: Interperformances, college: Holy Cross) led six Hanzevast players in double figures with 24 pts. Thomas has been on a surge as of recent, averaging 20.2 ppg in the winning streak. *More comments for this game already posted in the previous news by the local correspondent Sanders Jackson

Rotterdam - Hanzev.Cpt 86-83
In the Topsportcentrum, the Rotterdam Challengers continue on a roll, winning its 5th straight, this time at the expense of previously hot Hanzevast Capitals, winning 86-83. The Rotterdammers first put the pressure on Hanzevast with a strong 14-4 start, thanks to good perimeter shooting. But Hanzevast were able to answer with their own three-point barrage, with Hanzevast guard Will Whittington (191-G/F-84, agency: 540 Sports, college: Marist) also finding the mark, making 3 three-pointers to tie things up at 21-21. From then on, the game would remain within striking distance, with neither team able to build a sizable margin, with 10 lead changes and 12 tied scores total. *More comments for this game already posted in the previous news by the local correspondent Sanders Jackson

FEB Results: Round 32 - by Sanders Jackson

This weekend in FEB action, a few streaks came abruptly to an end, with Upstairs Weert pulling off a home upset over defending Dutch champions Eclipse Jet/MyGuide, Aris Friesland ending their slide, and Rotterdam Challengers remaining hot in the tenue of head coach Maarten van Gent. They halted the winning streak of Hanzevast Capitals. Meanwhile West-Brabant Giants got back on track again with a home win over ZZ Leiden.

In Weert, Upstairs Weert came up with a signature win in their quest for a playoff spot, thanks to a strong 2nd quarter that started the onslaught, halting road-weary Eclipse Jet/MG's nine-game winning streak and winning convincingly 87-69. The Limburgers led as much at one point at the end of the 1st half 50-30, thanks to the efforts of PG
Nick Stapleton (186-G-79, agency: Court Side, college: Austin Peay St.), who was unstoppable, scoring 24 of his 31 pts. in the 1st half, with 6 three-pointers. Upstairs led at one point in the 2nd half 73-44. In the second half Upstairs forward Steve Ross (201-G/F-80, agency: Court Side, college: Santa Clara) showed also his true grit, adding in total outstanding numbers of 30 pts. and 16 rebounds. The battle-tested Eclipse Jet/ MG team were led by CC Harrison (194-G-76, agency: Court Side, college: N.Carolina St.) with 17 pts. The win helps Upstairs remain in the playoff picture and are tied with ZZ Leiden at 10-19, while the defending Dutch champions fall to 26-4.

In Den Helder, Aris Friesland withstood a strong 1st half by BlueStream Seals, keeping the playoff window open and winning in 104-91. After being down 27-19 at the end of the 1st quarter, and with a slight halftime lead at 50-47, a 15-0 3rd quarter start by Aris put the game out of reach for BlueStream Seals. The Aris quartet of

Matt Bauscher (188-G-85), Tristan Blackwood (183-G-85), Rein Van der Kamp (202-F-79, agency: R.H.Consultancy) and Keith Spencer (203-F-85, agency: Hart Sports Mngm) all had little resistance from the BlueStream Seals defense, with Bauscher scoring a 28 pts, Blackwood (4 of 4 three-pointers), van der Kamp and Spencer (9 of 12 FG) adding 18 pts. each. Matt Witt (183-G-84, agency: Court Side, college: E.Kentucky) scored a game-high 31 pts. The eight-game losing streak for Aris Friesland is ended, and they remain in the playoff picture. Meanwhile BlueStream Seals dropped its 10th straight.

In the Topsportcentrum, the Rotterdam Challengers continue on a roll, winning its 5th straight, this time at the expense of previously hot Hanzevast Capitals, winning 86-83. The Rotterdammers first put the pressure on Hanzevast with a strong 14-4 start, thanks to good perimeter shooting. But Hanzevast were able to answer with their own three-point barrage, with Hanzevast guard Will Whittington (191-G/F-84, agency: 540 Sports, college: Marist) also finding the mark, making 3 three-pointers to tie things up at 21-21. From then on, the game would remain within striking distance, with neither team able to build a sizable margin, with 10 lead changes and 12 tied scores total. With the score tied 71-71 in crunch time, Rotterdam forward Tyrone Sally (201-F-82, agency: 540 Sports, college: W.Virginia) would make the go-ahead basket that would give the Rotterdammers the lead for good. Sally led six Rotterdammers in double figures with 20 pts. In the five-game winning streak, Rotterdam guard Ties Theeuwkens (190-G-85, agency: Court Side) has averaged 11.3 ppg., including scoring in double figures 4 of the 5 games. Julian Khazzouh (209-C-86) led Hanzevast with 22 pts. and Whittington added 18. The Rotterdammers improve to 17-13 and a half-game out of 4th place behind West-Brabant Giants.

In Bergen-op-Zoom West-Brabant Giants managed to keep pace in the race for the 1st round homecourt advantage spot, while preventing ZZ Leiden from gaining ground in their quest fro a playoff spot, winning a close battle by the score of 76-73. Tim Blue (205-F-84, college: Middle Tenn.St.) led all scorers with 18 pts. The Giants are now 17-12 and remain in 4th place.

Stats Leaders - Eredivisie

Points Per Game
  Aris Friesland
  Avg: 23.5
 1. Bauscher, Aris F.23.5 
 2. Bostain, Landstede19.9 
 3. Pope, West-Brabant19.8 
 4. Walker, Rotterdam18.6 
 5. Blue, West-Brabant17.0 
 6. Ross, Upstairs.16.9 
 7. Beasley, Eiff.Tow.16.8 
 8. Wilson, M.Magix16.6 
 9. Smith, Upstairs.16.3 
 10. Punch, Landste.15.9 
Rebounds Per Game
  Upstairs Weert
  Avg: 11.7
 1. Jackson, Upstairs.11.7 
 2. Johnson, West-Bra.10.3 
 3. Khazzouh, Hanze.9.8 
 4. Briggs, Rotterdam9.5 
 5. Chiotti, ZZ Leiden9.4 
 6. Beasley, Eiff.Tow.8.6 
 7. Dialls, Den Helder8.1 
 8. Spencer, Aris F.7.9 
 9. Brempong, Hanze.7.8 
 10. Krstanovic, Han.7.5 
Assists Per Game
  Aris Friesland
  Avg: 5.9
 1. Bauscher, Aris F.5.9 
 2. Thomas, Hanzev.Cpt5.3 
 3. Richardson, Rotte.4.8 
 4. Nash, ZZ Leiden4.8 
 5. Bostain, Landstede4.6 
 6. Oliver, Eiff.Towers4.6 
 7. Blackwood, Aris F.4.5 
 8. Downey, Eiff.Tow.4.2 
 9. Pope, West-Brabant4.1 
 10. Witt, Den Held.4.0 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 3.3
 1. Richardson, Rotte.3.3 
 2. Thomas, Hanzev.Cpt3.0 
 3. Sears, M.Magix3.0 
 4. Greene, Amsterdam2.6 
 5. Bauscher, Aris F.2.5 
 6. Nelson, M.Magix2.4 
 7. Smith, Upstairs.2.2 
 8. Punch, Landstede2.2 
 9. Walker, Rotterdam2.1 
 10. Bostain, Landste.2.1 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 1.8
 1. Khazzouh, Hanze.1.8 
 2. Steenberge, Aris F.1.7 
 3. Brempong, Hanze.1.4 
 4. Gladness, M.Magix1.2 
 5. Iti, Rotterdam1.2 
 6. Blue, West-Brabant1.1 
 7. Richardson, Eiff.Tow.1.0 
 8. Briggs, Rotterdam1.0 
 9. Nelson, M.Magix0.9 
 10. Patten, Upstai.0.9 


Weekend's games - by Tamas Deri
(18-12, 16-18, 14-23, 17-12, 9-14)
Kaposvar, Att.: 900, Referees: Forrai, Torok R., Nemeth Cs.
KAPOSVAR: Kestutis Marciulionis (188-G-76, agency: Laszlo Vinko Services, college: Delaware) 19/6, Kiss K. 3/3, Vojvoda 8, Larry Welton (196-F, college: Aurora) 17/6, Gergely David (206-F-83) 15, Orosz 12, Hoffmann, Csirke, Coach: Krivacevic Dragoljub
PVSK: Thomas Kelley (188-G-76, agency: Avi Zilberman, college: Michigan St.) 18/3, Wittmann 6, Gabor Denes (197-F-82) 16/9, Grebenar 5, Bencze 10, Toth N. 2, Dragan Aleksic (196-G-70, agency: Beo Basket) 22/3, Kapov, Coach: Stojan Ivkovic

(24-15, 27-23, 11-26, 13-19)
Zalaegerszeg, Att.: 2000, Referees: Palla, Toth K., Kiss L.
ZALAEGERSZEG: Louis Hinnant (193-G-84, college: Boston Coll.) 23/3, Wilson 6, Kaman 4, Michael Jones (206-F-82, college: Arkansas) 17/6, S. Helbich 11, Toth A. 6, Gaspar 5/3, Trepak 3/3, Baki, Coach: Volgyi Peter
PAKS: Meszaros 2 , Nick Williams (192-G-83, agency: Beo Basket, college: Cincinnati) 14/6, Charles Gosa (202-F-77, agency: Arik Krayn Services, college: N.Mexico St.) 11/3, Ian Johnson (205-F-84, college: Davidson) 19 , Csaplar-Nagy 7/3, Zsolt Kiss (195-F-79, agency: Laszlo Vinko Services) 15/12, English 12, Medve 3, Coach: Branislav Dzunic

(24-17, 14-15, 18-14, 21-20)
Kecskemet, Att.: 1200, Referees: Benczur, Kapitany, Marton L.
KECSKEMET: Haynes 13/3, Akos Horvath (194-G/F-81) 15, Molnar A. 6, Gordon Klaiber (206-F-83, college: Fairleigh Dickinson) 19, Greg Danielson (206-C-81, agency: Global Sports Plaza, college: Drake) 18/3, Dale 4, Szabo Zs. 2, Toth P., Coach: Zsoldos Andras
NYIREGYHAZA: Branko Savic (181-G-79) 16, Siska 3/3, Darko Vujacic (201-G-79) 17/9, Sitku E. 6, Helbich 14, Farkas A. 10, Coach: Ferenczi Tamas

(21-32, 28-20, 27-26, 26-14)
Szekesfehervar, Att.: 2000, Referees: Cziffra, Adam, Farkas
Albacomp: Balazs Simon (188-G-80, agency: Court Side) 21/6, Rashad Bell (201-F-82, college: Boston U.) 28/6, Velibor Radovic (202-F/G-72, agency: Beo Basket) 25/6, Adam Hanga (201-G-89, agency: FCM) 10, Morrison 8, Doyne, Gobi 2, Soos 8/3, Coach: Peresztegi Nagy Akos
Kormend: Marton Fodor (191-G-81, agency: Laszlo Vinko Services) 12/6, Chris Rodgers (193-G-84, college: Arizona) 24/6, Mulligan 10/3, Bialek 10, George Banks (202-C/F-72, agency: Elfus-Siegel Management (ESM), college: UTEP) 26, Ferencz 6/6, Toth G. 4, Coach: Peter Stahl


McGhee leaves Nahariya - by Yarone Arbel
The first piece to fall off Nahariya's roster is Aaron McGhee (202-F-79, college: Oklahoma) who left the team due to the financial crisis the club is involved in. The players were on strike for the past days, but showed up to the BSL game @Bnei tonight, apart from McGhee. One of the best inside players in the league averaged in 14 games no less than 17.9 ppg and 6.8 rpg in his comeback season to the European game. It's likely McGhee is not the last piece to separate from Nahariya in the upcoming period.

Trade on Hold - by Tamar Goldman
The Trade between the big men of Galil/Gilboa and Ironi Ashkelon, that was announcement last week might be Canceled. Amit Tamir (210-C-79, agency: Arik Krayn Services, college: California) has will play tonight with Ashkelon Vs. Givat Shmuel, while Nir Cohen (202-F/C-81, agency: Gross Zeev ISA, college: San Diego) is still a member of Galil/Gilboa. The trade failed after both players arrived to the same practice in Ashkelon. Tamir claimed he didn't receive his signed contract from Glil/Gilboa. In response Galil called Cohen back to the north and for now the trade is on hold and might not take place at all


Prato moves to Cantu - by Gianni Pascucci
NGC Action Cantu announced the signing of ARG-ITA Patricio Prato (193-G-79, college: St.Bonaventure), from Solsonica Rieti, where he was averaging 11,5 ppg and supplying the usual hustle at the both sides of the court. His addition will be very important in the battle to reach the Serie A playoff grid.

Saturday night wins for Treviso and Bologna - by Gianni Pascucci
Two of the main contenders of Montepaschi Siena, Benetton Treviso and Virtus Bologna, won their anticipated games of the Serie A Round 20 yesterday nigh, but in both cases it wasn' t an easy job. In front of its fans, Treviso had to build a furious comeback in the last quartter, after that guest team Solsonica Rieti had ended the third partial ahead 65-53. Another time more, Massimo Bulleri (188-G-77) showed all its hustle to lead Treviso, and Gary Neal (193-G-84, college: Towson) helped him. They ended teh game with 19 points each, and CJ Wallace added 12 pts and 11 rebounds at the winning side. The game ended 82-79 for Treviso, and with 16 points, Omar Thomas (197-F-82, agency: Interperformances, college: UTEP) was the best in Rieti, while Pervis Pasco (206-F/C-81, college: Kansas St.) (14 pts and 7 rebs at the end) had been the main factor of the first rush of his team. The game between Air Avellino and La Fortezza Bologna was played very well and ended with a heart-breaker alternation in the score. Virtus Bologna took the game 65-64 on the road, after that the two teams had been head to head almost all the last quarter long. The home team managed to keep the lead two times thanks to Radulovic and Warren, but Keith Langford (193-G/F-83, college: Kansas) scored 6 consecutive points and hit two FTs at only 5 seconds to the buzzer to claim the win for Bologna. He scored 23 pts and is our saturday night MVP, Earl Boykins (168-G-76, college: E.Michigan) played very well he too, adding 19 pts, Tamar Slay (204-F-80, college: Marshall) was the main performer in Avellino with 17 pts and 4 rebs, Chris Warren (196-F-81, agency: Higher Vision Sports, college: S.Carolina) added 12 ts and 3 assists.

Eldo Caserta signs Brent Darby - by Antonello Varallo
Brent Darby (185-G-81, college: Ohio St.) joined Eldo Caserta after 11 games played with Carmatic Pistoia (10.5 ppg). Darby is the third american playmaker of the season for Caserta, after Jamar Butler (185-G-85,college:OhioSt.), who played 3 games with 7.3 ppg before moving to Mutlu Aku Selcuk Universitesi Konya (Turkey-TBL), and Horace Jenkins (186-G-74,college:William Pater.), who played 12 games with 9.5 ppg before being released

Prima Veroli won Legadue Cup 2009 - by Antonello Varallo

Prima Veroli won Legadue Cup 2009 after a great game with Vanoli Soresina.

Kyle Hines (198-F/C-86) has been named MVP, while Silvio Gigena (200-F-75) has been awarded as best italian player of the Final.
Hines scored 20 points with 10/12 from the line, grabbed 9 rebounds and added 5 steals Double - double for his teammate Dawan Robinson (189-G-82,college:Rhode Island), with 15 points and 11 rebounds.
Vanoli Soresina played without his leader Quadre Lollis (200-PF-73, college:MontanaSt). Troy Bell ((186-G-80, college: Boston College) was the top scorer with 21 points, but he had 6/15 from the field and 6 turnovers.Silvio Gigena scored 14 points with 6/9 from the field.
The two finalists of last year, Jesi (the winner) and Ferrara were promoted at the end of the season.

SerieA Round: 20 (Regular Season) - by Eurobasket News
Angelico BI - Premiata 92-74
Angelico Biella bettered Premiata at home court. James Gist (203-F-86) was solid with 24 points and 13 boards, while Pietro Aradori had 23 points for the winners. Ricky Minard answered with 16 points and 6 boards for Premiata.

Banca Tercas - NGC Cantu 83-75
Banca Tercas maintained their winning rhythm as they posted the third win in last 4 games. This time they defeated NGC Cantu as David Moss (196-F-83, agency: SportsTalent, college: Indiana St.) had 20 points and 8 rebounds. Jaycee Carroll delivered 18 points for the winning side. Herve Toure responded with 21 points and 9 boards for NGC Cantu. Kevinn Pinkney delivered 12 points and 8 boards in the loss.

Benetton - Solsonica 82-79
Benetton narrowly defeated Solsonica at home court. Massimo Bulleri (188-G-77) and Gary Neal scored 19 points apiece for the winners. Judson Wallace added 12 points and 11 boards in the win. Folarin Campbell contributed 16 points for Solsonica in the loss.

Air AV - La Fortezza 64-65
La Fortezza eked out a tough road win over Air Avellino. Keith Langford (193-G/F-83, college: Kansas) notched 23 points off the bench to lead La Fortezza. Earl Boykins produced 19 points for the visitors. Tamar Slay had 17 points for Air Avellino in defeat.

Lottomatica - Snaidero 83-70
Ibrahim Jaaber (187-G-84, college: Pennsylvania) netted 26 points, pulled down 6 boards and dished out 5 assists to lead Lottomatica Roma past Snaidero. Primoz Brezec added 14 points as Roma imrpoved at 14-6 record. Rashad Anderson answered with 20 points, 5 boards and 5 assists for Snaidero.

Armani MI - Carife FE 76-74
Armani Jeans sneaked past Carife Ferrara at home court. Luca Vitali (201-G-86) dropped 17 points for Armani Jeans. Mike Hall delivered 16 points and 8 boards in the victory. Andre Collins topscored with 24 points for Carife.

Scavolini - Eldo Caserta 91-84
Scavolini secured the ninth win in the season as they held off Eldo Caserta. Ramel Curry (191-G-80, agency: Elfus-Siegel Management (ESM), college: CSU Bakersfield) paced the charge with 20 points. LeRoy Hurd and Carlton Myers produced 15 points apiece for Scavolini. Guillermo Diaz and Shan Foster had 17 points apiece for Eldo Caserta. Alesandro Frosini delivered 18 points in the losing effort.

Standings - SerieA
SerieA Standings
 1. Montepaschi 19-0 
 2. Lottomatica 14-6 
 3. Banca Tercas 13-7 
 4. La Fortezza 13-7 
 5. Benetton 11-9 
 6. NGC Cantu 11-9 
 7. Armani MI 10-10 
 8. Scavolini 9-11 
 9. Angelico BI 9-11 
 10. Air AV 9-11 
 11. Premiata 9-11 
 12. Fortitudo 7-12 
 13. Solsonica 7-13 
 14. Eldo Caserta 7-13 
 15. Carife FE 6-14 
 16. Snaidero 5-15 

Stats Leaders - SerieA

Points Per Game
 Michael HICKS
  Avg: 18.8
 1. Hicks, Scavolini18.8 
 2. Anderson, Snaidero18.7 
 3. Minard, Premiata17.4 
 4. Smith, Angelico BI16.9 
 5. Hawkins, Armani MI16.7 
 6. Carroll, Banca T.16.6 
 7. Diaz, Eldo Caserta16.1 
 8. Boykins, La Forte.16.0 
 9. Neal, Benetton16.0 
 10. Collins, Carife15.7 
Rebounds Per Game
 Brandon HUNTER
  Avg: 10.4
 1. Hunter, Premiata10.4 
 2. Pasco, Solsonica9.2 
 3. Ford, La Fortezza9.0 
 4. Wallace, Benetton7.8 
 5. Romero, Snaidero7.8 
 6. Hall, Armani MI7.2 
 7. Slay, Eldo Caserta7.2 
 8. Pinkney, NGC Cantu6.9 
 9. Stonerook, Montepas.6.8 
 10. Toure, NGC Can.6.7 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 5.4
 1. McIntyre, Montepas.5.4 
 2. Jackson, Snaidero5.4 
 3. Spinelli, Angelico.4.5 
 4. Poeta, Banca Tercas4.4 
 5. Smith, Angelico BI4.3 
 6. Dixon, Benetton3.8 
 7. Forte, Snaidero3.7 
 8. Stanic, Scavolini3.5 
 9. Best, Air AV3.5 
 10. Boykins, La For.3.4 
Steals Per Game
 Ramel CURRY
  Avg: 3.5
 1. Curry, Scavolini3.5 
 2. Boykins, La Forte.3.4 
 3. Hicks, Scavolini3.2 
 4. Dixon, Benetton3.1 
 5. Slay, Eldo Caserta3.1 
 6. Poeta, Banca Tercas3.1 
 7. Becirovic, Lottomat.3.0 
 8. Stanic, Scavolini2.9 
 9. Toure, NGC Cantu2.9 
 10. Smith, Angelico2.9 
Blocks Per Game
 Sharrod FORD
  La Fortezza
  Avg: 1.8
 1. Ford, La Fortezza1.8 
 2. Akindele, Scavolini1.6 
 3. Eze, Montepaschi1.6 
 4. Ebi, Carife FE1.5 
 5. Crosariol, Air AV1.4 
 6. Pasco, Solsonica1.3 
 7. Achara, Fortitudo0.9 
 8. Toure, NGC Cantu0.9 
 9. Nnamaka, Carife FE0.8 
 10. Nicevic, Benett.0.8 


Standings - BJ League
BJ Standings
 1. Phoenix 25-11 
 2. Apache 23-13 
 3. 89ers 18-18 
 4. Albirex 15-21 
 5. Broncos 14-22 
 6. Grouses 10-26 
 1. Golden Kings 28-8 
 2. Five Arrows 26-10 
 3. Evessa 22-14 
 4. Rizing 15-21 
 5. Lakestars 13-23 
 6. Heat Devils 7-29 

BJ League Round: 36 (Regular Season) - by Eurobasket News
Phoenix - Grouses 109-82
Phoenix overcame Grouses 109:82 as Marcus Morrison (198-G/F-84, agency: Interperformances, college: Middle Tenn.St.) was unstoppable with 29 points and 12 rebounds. Gardener Michael collected 25 points and Sun Ming Ming netted 14. Ward Jerod brought the guests 25 points.

Albirex - 89ers 84-103
Albirex was beaten by 89ers 84:103 in Regular Season Round 36. Bobby St.Preux (196-G/F-80, college: N.Kentucky) led 5 other players who reached the double digits for the winners with 25 points. Burks Antonio top-scored in defeat with 17 points and Hasegawa Makoto posted 16.

Rizing - Five Arrows 96-93
Michael Parker (200-G/F-81, agency: ProSportsCareers, college: Evergreen St.) paced Rizing over Five Arrows in a 96:93 win with 30 points and 16 rebounds. Mitomo Kohei produced 22 points and Marlin Bryant had 21. Garrison Matt ended up with 23 points and 10 boards for the guests.

Broncos - Apache 87-94
Broncos lost to Apache 87:94 as John Humphrey (188-G/F-80, college: Middle Tenn.St.) and Aoki Cohey combined 43 points for the winners. Warren Reginald recorded 42 points and 10 rebounds in the losing effort.

Lakestars - Golden Kings 69-70
Golden Kings improved their positions on top after 80:69 win over Lakestars. Chris Ayer (208-C-83, college: Loyola Marymount) top-scored for the winners with 19 points and 12 boards, while Newton Jeff netted 17. Rourke Ryan ended up with 22 points and 12 rebounds in defeat.

Evessa - Heat Devils 90-67
Evessa stun Heat Devils 90:67 behind 24 points, 7 rebounds and 7 assists from Ryan Blackwell (203-F-76, college: Syracuse). Walton Eric posted 22 and Murry Nile scored 16. Price Jefferey scored the same number of points for the guests.


Standings - Superleague
SuperLeague Standings
 1. Peja 12-2 
 2. Sigal Prishtina 12-3 
 3. Bashkimi 8-6 
 4. Trepca Mitrov. 6-9 
 5. Drita 3-11 
 6. Bambi Mitr. 1-11 
 7. Coll.Eurosport 0-0 
 8. SHB 12 0-0 
 9. Kastrioti 0-0 
 10. Kosova V. 0-0 


ASK Riga wins against Barons - by Emiliano Carchia
ASK Riga - Barons / LMT 98:75 (28:27, 23:21, 28:11, 19:16)
ASK: Bertans 23, Graf 23, Runkausks 16, Helmanis 15, Vitols 10, Mautis 7, Mednis 4.
Baron: kele 26, Adomaitis 19, 11 Berzins, Brunin 9, Kravcenko 3, Vilums 3, Okafors 2, Skirmantas 2, Abernetijs.

ASK Riga outperformed Barons/LMT Riga in a principal Riga derby. Barons/LMT Riga was able to play equally for the first half of the game, however then ASK Riga made a run and Barons/LMT Riga could not come back in the game. The final result was 98:75 (28:27, 23:21, 28:11, 19:16) in the favour of ASK Riga.

Starters: ASK Riga - Bertans, Vitols, Mazutis, Helmanis, Grafs

Barons/LMT Riga - Abernethy, Vilums, Skele, Adomaitis, Skirmants

This evening both teams had added new names to their rosters. For ASK Riga it was Lithuanian Marius Runkauskas (189-G-86) but for Barons/LMT Riga it was Patrick Okafor (203-F-79, college: Houston). ASK Riga got a fast lead in the game 5:0 but Barons/LMT Riga came back making the result 5:5 and further on 7:7. Next on Barons/LMT Riga with the effort of Skele took over the lead 7:12. Now it was time for ASK Riga to come back and they did it. The result now was 13:12. Then again the game was equal 17:17 but on the next episodes Barons/LMT Riga was a little bit better being ahead 19:23. However till the end of the quarter ASK Riga took over the lead and finished it being in front 28:27.

The second quarter of the game started with a run by ASK Riga as they increased the lead till plus 7 points. Next on ASK Riga hold their lead for a while and did not let their opponents to come closer in the result. When there was three minutes left to play in this half it was 45:36 still ASK Riga being in front. Then Barons/LMT Riga had successful play and made the result 45:42. The first half of the game ended up with the result 51:48.

After the big break Barons/LMT Riga could not score, however ASK Riga continued to score. It was a 58:48 lead for ASK Riga. Then finally Skele scored for Barons/LMT Riga. ASK Riga continued to play very well and an effort came from all the team. They managed to increase their lead till 67:52. Then at one moment of the game ASK Riga had a lead of plus 20 points making the result 76:56. The increase was even plus 23 points but the quarter ended up with the result 79:59.

In the final quarter of the game it was just a formality as ASK Riga continued to increase their lead. The final result of the game was 98:75 ASK Riga being victorious in a principal Riga derby. The best players were Grafs and Bertans for team ASK Riga. They both scored 23 points. Bertans added 7 steals but Grafs grabbed 10 Rebounds. For Barons/LMT Riga Skele scored 26 points. The newcomers in both teams had quite different performances. Okafor for Barons/LMT Riga scored 2 points but Runkauskas for ASK Riga scored 16 points. (source:

ASK Riga wins against Barons - by Emiliano Carchia
ASK Riga - Barons / LMT 98:75 (28:27, 23:21, 28:11, 19:16)
ASK: Bertāns 23, Graf 23, Runkausks 16, Helmanis 15, Vitols 10, Mautis 7, Mednis 4.
Baron: ķēle 26, Adomaitis 19, 11 Berzins, Brūniņ 9, Kravcenko 3, Viļums 3, Okafors 2, Skirmantas 2, Abernetijs.

ASK Riga outperformed Barons LMT in a principal Riga derby. Barons LMT was able to play equally for the first half of the game, however then ASK Riga made a run and Barons LMT could not come back in the game. The final result was 98:75 (28:27, 23:21, 28:11, 19:16) in the favour of ASK Riga.

Starters: ASK Riga - Bertans, Vitols, Mazutis, Helmanis, Grafs

Barons LMT - Abernethy, Vilums, Skele, Adomaitis, Skirmants

This evening both teams had added new names to their rosters. For ASK Riga it was Lithuanian Marius Runkauskas but for Barons LMT it was Patrick Okafor. ASK Riga got a fast lead in the game 5:0 but Barons LMT came back making the result 5:5 and further on 7:7. Next on Barons LMT with the effort of Skele took over the lead 7:12. Now it was time for ASK Riga to come back and they did it. The result now was 13:12. Then again the game was equal 17:17 but on the next episodes Barons LMT was a little bit better being ahead 19:23. However till the end of the quarter ASK Riga took over the lead and finished it being in front 28:27.

The second quarter of the game started with a run by ASK Riga as they increased the lead till plus 7 points. Next on ASK Riga hold their lead for a while and did not let their opponents to come closer in the result. When there was three minutes left to play in this half it was 45:36 still ASK Riga being in front. Then Barons LMT had successful play and made the result 45:42. The first half of the game ended up with the result 51:48.

After the big break Barons LMT could not score, however ASK Riga continued to score. It was a 58:48 lead for ASK Riga. Then finally Skele scored for Barons LMT. ASK Riga continued to play very well and an effort came from all the team. They managed to increase their lead till 67:52. Then at one moment of the game ASK Riga had a lead of plus 20 points making the result 76:56. The increase was even plus 23 points but the quarter ended up with the result 79:59.

In the final quarter of the game it was just a formality as ASK Riga continued to increase their lead. The final result of the game was 98:75 ASK Riga being victorious in a principal Riga derby. The best players were Grafs and Bertans for team ASK Riga. They both scored 23 points. Bertans added 7 steals but Grafs grabbed 10 Rebounds. For Barons LMT Skele scored 26 points. The newcomers in both teams had quite different performances. Okafor for Barons LMT scored 2 points but Runkauskas for ASK Riga scored 16 points. (source:


Riyadi stop lucky streak of Champville - by Maarouf Mawloud

After 3 consecutive Lucky win for Champville against Blue Stars, Moutahed, Tebnin, Champville entered the game to beat Sporting Al Riyadi Beirut at home but Coach Fouad Abou Chakra and his team was ready
First five was from Champville Ramy Akiki (186-G-82, agency: Pro Management Agency, college: Cypress JC) Elie Stephan (193-F) Chris Charles (213-F/C-81, agency: Rice and Rice, college: Villanova) Pippen and Nadim Hawi And from the other side Sporting Al Riyadi Beirut: Mahmood Ali Ali Fakhreddine Joseph Vogel (211-C-73, agency: Pro Management Agency, college: Colorado St.) Mohamed Ibrahim (192-G-83) and Lee Nailon (204-F-75, agency: Octagon, college: TCU)..
First five minutes 10-8 for Champville
First Quarter finished 17-15 first quarter for home team
Mahmood Ali had very good start... he did 6 assists and he made a Sporting Al Riyadi Beirut team running.......6 turnovers for both team ..Champville not so great on 3pts but they stayed in game by second chance rebounds
Sporting Al Riyadi Beirut did a comeback by Lee Nailon who made 12 pts... first half finished 33-31, 2 pts for Champville
First half stats: 3pts% Champville( 5-14) Sporting Al Riyadi Beirut (1-10) rebounds Champville 22 Sporting Al Riyadi Beirut 18 best scorer was till now Ramy Akiki by 13 pts
The second Half...Sporting Al Riyadi Beirut entered third quarter and was really very concentrated....4 minutes long Champville didnt score any point but Champville stayed in the game because of lots of turnovers from both TEAM's.
Third quarter finished 40-49 for Sporting Al Riyadi Beirut who played very comfortable...but Champville made another comeback in the game and make the score 53-57 for Sporting Al Riyadi Beirut before 4 minutes from the end
30 seconds before the finish, Home team was down by 3 points 60-63...and they get 4 chances after 3 offensive rebounds but chance wasnt on Champville side.
Final score was 60-63 for Sporting Al Riyadi Beirut
Best score was Ali Fakhreddine (202-C-83) from Sporting Al Riyadi Beirut with 25 pts and from Champville Ramy Akiki and Chris Charles by 15 pts for both players

Mahmood Ali did the first LEBANESE TRIPLE DOUBLE in this season
Referees was Marwan Eiguo from Lebanon and Ivan Zaskar from Czech and Makave Diluvia from Croatia
Other game between Tebnin and Sagesse-beirut is postponed because of bad weather and water in the home court guy of tebnin City Complex

Important game...but EASY win for Al-Mouttahed - by Maarouf Mawloud

After two losses from Blue Stars…one in Hussam-Din HARIRI tournament and another one in the season …Coach Toni Vujanic and his players finished their game against Blue Stars in Tripoli in an easy way…by 26 points win.

Full Safadi centre didn't enjoy the start of this important game.

Game started not so good for home team...Al Moutahed Tripoli start the game passive, on other side Blue Stars started strong…and finished the first quarter with 10-13 lead.

The second quarters continue with bad offenses from home team and Blue Stars stayed in the game, Al Moutahed Tripoli managed to finish the second quarter with 37-32.

The Third quarter was totally another game…coach Toni Vujanic knows that the first five minutes in this quarter is the most important time for his team in this game…well Al Moutahed Tripoli players did great job playing hard and aggressive defense where Tony Williams (202-F-78, agency: ACMT, college: Louisville) and Elie Roustom (191-F-87)tom shut down Jean and Nick Zakhery...under the sublime leading of Darren Kelly (190-G-78, college: Texas).... Al Moutahed Tripoli finished third quarter with 69-51

The fourth quarter was an easy one for Al Moutahed Tripoli and home team was up by 33 pts…because of that, seven minutes before the end of the game coach Toni Vujanic played with five Lebanese bench players who did a great job and finished the game 83-57

From Al Moutahed Tripoli: leader Darren Kelly had 25 points 6 rebounds 8 assists, Tony Williams was great in defense and had 23 points 8 rebounds, 5 assists and added 6 STEALS, constant good Elie Roustom 10 points and 3 assists and 3 steals, Mario Abboud (204-C-81) surprised with 7 points, Mohamed Akary (185-G-85) 6 points, Tarek Hauchar (208-C-88) 3 points, Mazen Mneimneh (192-G-86) 2 points and Mohammad Fahes (195-F-82) 6 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists.

At the end Coach Toni Vujanic gave small interview for Eurobasket he said:'Blue Stars team was this season very difficult for us...Style and small lineup didnt mach up very good with our system..Game started slow for us and we wasn't very aggressive and concentrated...our defense was soft in the beginning...but in second half and especially third quarter I congratulate my players for great performance and very good defense.'

Standings - Division A
Div.A Standings
 1. Al Riyadi 13-2 
 2. Moutahed 11-3 
 3. Champville 11-4 
 4. Sagesse 10-4 
 5. Blue Stars 7-8 
 6. Tebnine 5-9 
 7. Antranik 5-9 
 8. Anibal 4-10 
 9. Kahraba 4-11 
 10. Feytroun 2-12 


Phoenix gets historic win - by Numennie Williams
Phoenix female basketball club has recorded a historic win in the ongoing national league of the Liberia Basketball Federation.
Phoenix on last over the weekend massacred Supreme Sister 112-27 points in the female version of the league. The Sekou Kromah girls dominated the four quarters with fine ball displays. Defending female champion K-Delta dragged Timberwolves 59-44 points. In the last match Monrovia Rockers fell heavily to Mighty Barrolle 44-92 points.
On Sunday Phoneix sliced Rockers Angel Shooters 55-45 points in a female showdown and in the first division Dream Team knock Dream Team with a 71-61 points defeat.
On Friday, Uhuru Kings whipped Flames 72-68 points in division one in a highly contest encounter that kept the many spectators standing. Before that match Cardinal whipped Flip Star 70-41 points in the second division.
The championship chase will continue today at the Sports Commission. In the opening match, Star1 will rub shoulders with SOS Trotters in the third division and un the female version, Destiny Queens will hustle Supreme Sisters and the match of the day will come on between Flames and Mighty Barrolle.


Standings - LKL
LKL Standings
 1. Zalgiris 13-0 
 2. Lietuvos 13-1 
 3. Siauliai 9-4 
 4. Nevezis 8-5 
 5. Neptunas 8-7 
 6. Sakalai 7-8 
 7. Aisciai 5-9 
 8. Kaunas Tr. 5-10 
 9. Techasas 4-10 
 10. Alita 3-11 
 11. Suduva 2-12 


Standings - CIBACOPA
CIBACOPA Standings
Northern Division
 1. Trigueros 2-0 
 2. Fuerza Guinda 1-1 
 3. Mineros 1-1 
 4. Hermosillo 1-1 
 5. Ostioneros 1-1 
Southern Division
 1. Caballeros 2-0 
 2. Lobos UAD 2-0 
 3. Pioneros 0-2 
 4. Frayles 0-2 
 5. Coras 0-2 

Caballeros' BJ Puckett gets 36, tough win in Guasave - by Chris Terrell

Guasave, Sinaloa, MX - The game started the opening night of the season and the emotion of the crowd after the innuaguartion celebration and opening remarks continued on into the game as Frayles de Guasave broke out to an early lead against the visiting Caballeros de Culiacan 23-10. However, an adjustment in strategy and some bench depth helped Culiacan fight back and take the 2nd quarter 25-10 to go to the locker room with a slight advantage 35-33. The game was back and forth from there as the two teams showed that they both intend on contending for bigger meaning later in the season.

B.J. Puckett (205-F-83, college: Clayton St.) (Culiacan) and Leroy Davis (194-F-81, agency: ProSportsCareers, college: Georgia St.) (Guasave) did all they could for their respective teams to get the W in the opener. Both Puckett and Davis have crossed paths more than once having both played in the WBA and ABA prior to taking their careers to Mexico. Puckett has one of the smoothest strokes you'll see in a player his size at 6'9 combined with the ability to defend the box and take command on the glass. Davis is a big guard that can knock it down with the best of them and both players put their skills on display in this one.
For Culiacan B.J. Puckett was the man with 36 on the night. Omar Lopez (203-C-80, college: Cal.Baptist) with 25 points and Joe Chapman (193-G-84, college: Marquette) with 14.

Frayles did all they could to win their home opener with Leroy Davis collecting 32 points, Washington 21, and Enrique Zuniga (193-G-75, college: Grand Canyon) with 13. But in the end it was too much BJ, hitting a back to back pair of 3 pointers to go with a monster dunk in the second half to help get Culiacan over the hump. Final score in Guasave: Caballeros 84, Frayles 77. Scouting and insight can be found on a regular at

Trigueros open with win against Pioneros despite 46 from James Parker - by Chris Terrell
Obregon, Sonora, MX- The grand innauguration of the 2009 CIBACOPA season began brilliantly with the celebration and a capactiy audience, the home team Trigueros de Ciudad Obregon were ready to do their part towards working for a title shot this season. The game however, was a little slow to go the Triguero way due in large part to James Parker (183-G-82, college: Robert Morris) of Pioneros Los Mochis. Parker couldn't be controlled connecting from inside and out in what we would prove to be a long evening for Triguero perimter defenders.
Obregon would battle back with the effort of Ramses Benitez (210-C-79), Manuel Esteva (196-F/C-83), and Carlus Groves (201-F-71, college: San Diego St.) work on the interior. The matchup of the Pioneros guard play against the home team's post play would have to work itself out as the evening went on. The 2nd and 3rd quarters began to see a change in momentum as Obregon continued to control the inside play. Parker almost singe handedly made it a contest with his 46 on the night. The most prominent men for the winners were Ramses 'Lulo' Benitez with 26 units, 22 for Marco Valenzuela (185-G-81), Bilal McIntyre with 19, while Manuel Esteva and Carlus Groves had 14 and 12 respectively. For the visitors, the aforementioned James Parker had 46, Marcos Calderon had 13 and Carlos Uribe (202-F/C-79) 11. The one thing learned in this one is that Obregon may have a problem defending quicker guards and that Los Mochis may have a problem with depth defending bigs. Obregon wins going away in this one 96-89.

Nogales defeats Cananea 96-93 - Jennings gets 38 - by Chris Terrell
Nogales, Sonora, MX - It came down to free throws in a very exciting game in the season opener for both teams Fuerza Guinda Nogales defeating Mineros de Cananea 96-93. The star for the night was Timothy Jennings (191-G-83, college: Gardner-Webb), helping the Fuerza Guinda get out to a good start ending the first quarter up 24-22. The second quarter with a good bunch of the points from each team's respective local players kept each in the game but Nogales continued to hold on to a 49-38 lead at the half. An up and down game that came down to the wire was led wire to wire by the home team, due in large part to the play of Jennings, connecting for 38 points in the win. Both teams look to regroup quickly as the home and away series moves to Cananea for game 2 tonight. Final score in the opener: Fuerza Guinda 96, Caneros 93.

Doss gets 34 - Hermosillo takes opener - by Chris Terrell
Hermosillo, Sonora, MX - For the home team, Rays de Hermosillo, Marcus Doss (203-F/G-80, agency: ProSportsCareers, college: Auburn-Montgomery) scored 34 points including two 3 pointers helping the Rays defeat Ostioneros de Guaymas in the opener for both teams this season. Hermosillo's Rudy Bogan (201-F-83, college: Grand Canyon) contributed 17 in the win. For Guaymas, Larry Satchell (206-F/C-80, college: Arkansas) and got 18 Gildardo Ortega (182-G-86) and Manuel Soto (192-F-76) had 16. Brandon Lee (188-G, college: Tarleton St.), a key part of the Guaymas line-up this season, had his shoulder seperated early in the game. A complete medical report and date of clearance is expected from the team shortly. Ostioneros, short handed, battled to the end but fall by way of the Ray 67-64.

The north is tied - by Carlos Chapa
Tecos de la UAG tied the semifinal series against Soles de Mexicali, a team that comitted many mistakes at the beggining of the game
and lost concentration; Soles got charged for four technical fouls in the game.

Tecos started the game on a 11-0 scoring streak and had a biggest lead of 28 points in the second frame, Mexicali never had control
and went on to lose the game, the final score is:
Tecos 93-84 Soles, series tied 2-2

Anthony Pedroza made 28 points for the visitors.
Noe Alonzo helped Tecos wih 29.

Hector Hernandez had 11 boards.
Antonio Garcia achieved 12 rebounds.

Game 3 is taking place in Mexicali on March 1, 18:00 (Local Time).

08 Champ Mazatlan takes 2 from Expansion Tepic - by Chris Terrell
Tepic, Nayarit, MX - Coras de Nayarit, in front of their home crowd, battled with the 2008 Champion Lobos UAD Mazatlan in their attempts to even the standing after a road loss in Mazatlan one night earlier. Lobos forward Ron Selleaze (197-F-76, college: CSU Bakersfield) continued to be a force for the champs getting a double-double in the 2nd part of the 2 game set, collecting 24 points and 10 boards to help Mazatlan remain undefeated on the young season . A clamp down defensive effort proved to be the difference in the game as the Lobos defended penetration and closed out to shooters quickly along with a knack for cleaning up the glass; especially in the final quarter as Mazatlan used a 26-11 4th to pull away on the road. Antwan Sutton (183-G-82, college: Solano CC) kept it interesting until late with 20 points and 4 steals in the setback for the expansion Coras. Final score in Tepic, Lobos 80 - Coras 67.


Last games - Wade stops on 46 pts against NY Knicks - by Eurobasket News
Magic - 76ers 106-100
The Magic celebrated in Philly 106-100 jumping to 43-16 record. Hidayet Turkoglu (6'9''-F-79) and Rashard Lewis led the scorers in victory with 23 points each. Courtney Lee followed them delivering 18 pts. Andre Miller had 23 points, 8 rebounds and 7 assists for the hosts, while Andre Iguodala added one point less. Their team fell to 29-29.

Knicks - Heat 115-120
Dwyane Wade (6'4''-G-82, college: Marquette) once again stepped up for the Heat draining impressive 46 points. He was pretty close to triple-double registering 8 rebounds and 10 assists beside the points. Jermaine O'Neal was second scorer of the team with 18 pts. On the other side, the Knicks got 29 points and 8 rebounds from Nate Robinson. Heat 31-27, Knicks 24-35.

Thunder - Grizzlies 99-92
Victory number 14 for the Thunder mostly owing to Jeff Green (6'9''-F-86, college: Georgetown) and Russell Westbrook, which collected 27 and 25 points respectively. Green also grabbed 10 rebounds, while Westbrook handed out 7 assists. Rudy Gay contributed with 20 points and 7 rebounds in loss. Grizzlies 15-43.

Rockets - Bulls 102-105
The Bulls outsmarted Houston Rockets at the United Center thanks to impressive last quarter 14-34. Derrick Rose (6'4''-G-88, college: Memphis) stepped up for the hosts with 22 points, 8 rebounds and 7 assists. Tyrus Thomas had 19 pts and 9 boards. Ron Artest replied with 32 points an 6 rebs for the guests. Bulls 27-33, Rockets 37-22.

Wizards - Bucks 93-109
Charlie Villanueva (6'10''-F-84, college: Connecticut) and Richard Jefferson combined 47 points last night leading their Milwaukee Bucks to home win against the Wizards 109-93. Antawn Jamison shined in loss registering double-double, 21 points and 14 rebounds. Bucks 29-33, Wizards 14-45.

Kings - Jazz 89-102
Utah Jazz was too strong for the Kings moving up to 36-23. Mehmet Okur (6'11''-C/F-79) and Ronnie Brewer were the key players in victory nailing 26 points apiece. Deron Williams helped with double-double, 16 pts and 11 assists. Kevin Martin scored 19 in defeat. Kings 13-48.

Bobcats - Clippers 100-95
Emeka Okafor (6'9''-F/C-82, college: Connecticut) shined for the Bobcats last night delivering 28 points and pulling down 9 rebounds. Raja Bell scored 21 and Boris Diaw stopped on 15 pts for the winners. Zach Randolph was on fire for the Clippers draining 33 points. Bobcats 25-35, Clippers 15-45.

Stats Leaders
Points Per Game
 Dwyane WADE
  Avg: 29
 1. Wade, Heat29.0 
 2. James, Cavaliers28.3 
 3. Bryant, Lakers28.0 
 4. Durant, Thunder26.0 
 5. Nowitzki, Mavericks25.2 
 6. Granger, Pacers25.0 
 7. Jefferson, Timberwo.23.2 
 8. Roy, Trail Blazers22.6 
 9. Bosh, Raptors22.4 
 10. Harris, Ne.22.3 
Rebounds Per Game
 Dwight HOWARD
  Avg: 14.1
 1. Howard, Magic14.1 
 2. Camby, Clippers12.6 
 3. Lee, Knicks11.9 
 4. Murphy, Pacers11.8 
 5. Biedrins, Warriors11.6 
 6. Jefferson, Timberwo.11.0 
 7. Duncan, Spurs10.7 
 8. Okafor, Bobcats10.7 
 9. Yao, Rockets9.5 
 10. Bosh, Rapto.9.5 
Assists Per Game
 Chris PAUL
  Avg: 11
 1. Paul, Hornets11.0 
 2. Williams, Jazz10.3 
 3. Nash, Suns9.7 
 4. Calderon, Raptors8.5 
 5. Rondo, Celtics8.5 
 6. Kidd, Mavericks8.4 
 7. Duhon, Knicks7.9 
 8. Davis, Clippers7.8 
 9. Wade, Heat7.4 
 10. James, Cavalie.7.1 
Steals Per Game
 Chris PAUL
  Avg: 2.7
 1. Paul, Hornets2.7 
 2. Kidd, Mavericks2.2 
 3. Wade, Heat2.1 
 4. Rondo, Celtics1.9 
 5. Chalmers, Heat1.9 
 6. Wallace, Bobcats1.8 
 7. Davis, Clippers1.8 
 8. James, Cavaliers1.7 
 9. Iguodala, 76ers1.7 
 10. Artest, Rocke.1.7 
Blocks Per Game
 Dwight HOWARD
  Avg: 2.9
 1. Howard, Magic2.9 
 2. Camby, Clippers2.4 
 3. Andersen, Nuggets2.2 
 4. Turiaf, Warriors2.2 
 5. O'Neal, Raptors2.0 
 6. Duncan, Spurs1.9 
 7. Lopez, Nets1.9 
 8. Thomas, Bulls1.8 
 9. Bynum, Lakers1.8 
 10. Dalembert, 76e.1.8 

NBA Standings
Eastern Conference
Atlantic Div.
 1. Celtics 47-14 
 2. 76ers 29-29 
 3. Nets 26-33 
 4. Knicks 24-35 
 5. Raptors 23-38 
Central Div.
 1. Cavaliers 46-12 
 2. Pistons 29-29 
 3. Bucks 29-33 
 4. Bulls 27-33 
 5. Pacers 26-36 
Southeast Div.
 1. Magic 43-16 
 2. Hawks 33-26 
 3. Heat 31-27 
 4. Bobcats 25-35 
 5. Wizards 14-45 
Western Conference
Northwest Div.
 1. Nuggets 39-21 
 2. Trail Blazers 37-22 
 3. Jazz 37-23 
 4. Timberwolves 18-41 
 5. Thunder 14-45 
Pacific Div.
 1. Lakers 48-12 
 2. Suns 34-25 
 3. Warriors 21-39 
 4. Clippers 15-45 
 5. Kings 13-48 
Southwest Div.
 1. Spurs 39-19 
 2. Rockets 38-22 
 3. Hornets 36-22 
 4. Mavericks 35-23 
 5. Grizzlies 15-43 


Academic All-America Teams (University Division) - by Eurobasket





ESPN The Magazine Academic All-America Teams (University Division)

Player of the Year: Brett Winkelman (6'6''-F-86) of North Dakota State

1st Team
Jason Holsinger (5'11''-G-86) of Evansville
Aaron Linn (6'3''-G) of Gardner-Webb
Bryan Mullins (6'1''-G-87) of Southern Illinois
Alex Ruoff (6'6''-G) of West Virginia
Brett Winkelman of North Dakota State

2nd Team
Jimmy Baron (6'3''-G-86) of Rhode Island
Matt Howard (6'8''-F) of Butler
Yves Lionel Mekongo Mbala (6'7''-F-87) of La Salle
Mike Schachtner (6'9''-F-86) of Wisconsin Green Bay
Ryan Schneider (6'7''-F) of Marist

3rd Team
Patrick Foley (6'2''-G) of Columbia
David Kool (6'3''-G-87) of Western Michigan
Kevin Lisch (6'2''-G) of Saint Louis
Greg Paulus (6'1''-G-86) of Duke
Andy Wicke (6'2''-G-85) of Belmont

Academic All-District Teams (University Division) - by Eurobasket
ESPN The Magazine Academic All-District Teams (University Division)

Academic All-District I Team
Jimmy Baron (6'3''-G-86) of RHODE ISLAND
Patrick Foley (6'2''-G) of COLUMBIA
Ross Morin (6'7''-F-86) of YALE
Joey Henley (6'5''-F) of SACRED HEART
Ryan Schneider (6'7''-F) of MARIST

Academic All-District II Team
Jason Duty (6'1''-G) of DUQUESNE
Marquis Hall (5'11''-G) of LEHIGH
Yves Lionel Mekongo Mbala (6'7''-F-87) of LA SALLE
Danny Morrissey (6'3''-G) of PENN STATE
Alex Ruoff (6'6''-G) of WEST VIRGINIA

Academic All-District III Team
Giedrius Knysas (6'10''-C-87) of CHARLESTON SOUTHERN
Aaron Linn (6'3''-G) of GARDNER-WEBB
Phillip Martin (6'6''-F-87) of RADFORD
Greg Paulus (6'1''-G-86) of DUKE
Brian Zoubek (7'1''-C-88) of DUKE

Academic All-District IV Team
Frank Davis (6'2''-G-88) of TENNESSEE TECH
Joe Jakubowski (6'2''-G-87) of BOWLING GREEN STATE
David Kool (6'3''-G-87) of WESTERN MICHIGAN
Marc Larson (6'9''-C-87) of BOWLING GREEN STATE
Andy Wicke (6'2''-G-85) of BELMONT

Academic All-District V Team
David Dubois (6'5''-G-86) of WESTERN ILLINOIS
Jason Holsinger (5'11''-G-86) of EVANSVILLE
Matt Howard (6'8''-F) of BUTLER
Bryan Mullins (6'1''-G-87) of SOUTHERN ILLINOIS
Mike Schachtner (6'9''-F-86) of WISCONSIN-GREEN BAY

Academic All-District VI Team
Michael Lance (6'3''-G-87) of ARKANSAS STATE
Roman Martinez (6'6''-G/F-88) of NEW MEXICO
Logan McConathy (6'0''-G) of NORTHWESTERN STATE
Michael McConathy (5'9''-G-86) of NORTHWESTERN STATE
George Odufuwa (6'8''-F-88) of NORTH TEXAS

Academic All-District VII Team
Devon Beitzel (6'0''-G-88) of NORTHERN COLORADO
Adam Koch (6'8''-F-88) of NORTHERN IOWA
Kevin Lisch (6'2''-G) of SAINT LOUIS
Paul Velander (6'2''-G-85) of NEBRASKA
Brett Winkelman (6'6''-F-86) of NORTH DAKOTA STATE

Academic All-District VIII Team
Nedeljko Golubovic (6'8''-F-86) of FRESNO STATE
Daven Harmeling (6'7''-F-86) of WASHINGTON STATE
Taylor Rochestie (6'1''-G-85) of WASHINGTON STATE
Matt Stucki (6'6''-G-83) of IDAHO STATE
Benny Valentine (5'7''-G-87) of EASTERN WASHINGTON


Academic All-America Teams (College Division) - by Eurobasket





ESPN The Magazine Academic All-America Teams (College Division)

Player of the Year
Jimmy Bartolotta (6'4''-G-86) of Massachusetts Institute of Tech.

1st Team
Jimmy Bartolotta of Mass. Inst. Of Tech.
Ben Falkenberg (5'11''-G) of Mt.Vernon Nazarene
Scott Morton (6'6''-G) of Geneseo State
Kent Raymond (6'3''-G) of Wheaton College (IL)
Jesse Wagstaff (6'8''-F-86) of Metropolitan State College

2nd Team
Kyle Goldcamp (6'10''-F) of Gannon
Kyle Holliday (6'3''-F) of Ohio Wesleyan
Bryce Pendleton of Southern Virginia
Brian Small of Suffolk
Matt Sosna of Widener

3rd Team
Chris Bach (6'8''-F) of East Stroudsburg
Mark Carson (6'6''-F-87) of RIT
Mark Gillingham of Illinois College
Aaron Hill (6'1''-G) of Rockhurst
Cameron Smith (6'5''-F-87) of Washington (Mo)

Johnson C. Smith repeats as CIAA Champions - by Eurobasket





The Johnson C. Smith University men's basketball team seized their second consecutive Central Intercollegiate Athletics Association (CIAA) championships by defeating Virginia Union University 70-63 Saturday night at the Time Warner Cable Arena before an overflow crowd.
Johnson C. Smith (23-7 overall) completed a memorable evening for the University by becoming the first school to win the men's and women's championships in the same year since Norfolk State in 1996. The JCSU women beat Bowie State, 49-36 earlier in the evening.
All-CIAA junior guard and Charlotte, NC native, Jerry Hollis (6'6''-F-87) scored 11 of his 19 points in the first half to earn tournament MVP honors and help the Golden Bulls earn a return ticket to the NCAA Division II tournament. The Golden Bulls used a balanced scoring attack to get even for a pair of regular season defeats to Virginia Union.
All-CIAA senior guard Ryan Scott (6'3''-G-86) (Reston, VA/College of Charleston) scored 13 points and senior guard Tavaris Little (Elgin, SC/Aiken Tech) added 12 points. Freshman forward Michael Cooper (New Rochelle, NY/New Rochelle) rounded out the top scorers for JCSU with nine points.
Gregg Thondique (6'6''-F) (Norfolk, VA/Douglas Freeman) paced Virginia Union with 23 points and 13 rebounds. Braxton Byerson (6'3''-G) (Colonial Heights, VA/Thomas Dale) contributed with 16 points for VUU. Virginia Union, which was ranked second in the latest Atlantic Regional rankings, most likely will still be invited to the NCAA tournament as well.
The biggest basket of the game was delivered by Scott. With the shot clock winding down and JCSU clinging to a 62-58 lead, Scott drained a three-pointer from the top of the key with 1:22 remaining to give the Golden Bulls the space they needed to subdue the Panthers. On Virginia Union's next two possessions, Hollis and Little blocked shots to help the CIAA crown stay in Charlotte.
After playing seven minutes in the first half because of foul trouble, Scott scored all of his points in the second half.
The Panthers refused to go away easily. Trailing by 11 points with less than 11 minutes remaining, Virginia Union sliced JCSU's advantage to four points on three occasions in the final 4:30. The last was at 62-58 following a Braxton Byerson 3-pointer from the corner with 2:39 remaining.
Johnson C. Smith shot a blistering 53.8 percent (14-for-26) in the first half. Although Virginia Union only made 39.1 percent (9-for-23), it only trailed, 34-27, at intermission. Hollis scored 11 points in the opening 20 minutes on 4-of-6 shooting. Sophomore guard Ronald Thornhill made a pair of three-pointers in the opening four minutes for his six points. Thondique paced Virginia Union with 11 points.
Hollis along with a suffocating defensive effort fueled a 16-2 Golden Bull burst during a seven-minute stretch of the first half. That helped Johnson C. Smith turn an 11-8 deficit into a 24-13 lead with 9:09 remaining. Hollis scored nine points during the scoring surge for the Golden Bulls. More impressively, was JCSU limited the normally efficient Virginia Union offense to just one basket during that stretch. The Golden Bulls did all of their damage with leading scorer Scott on the bench saddled with a pair of fouls.
The game began with a bang as the teams combined for five lead changes and three ties before the first television timeout. All-CIAA junior forward James Dillard (6'5''-F-87) (Apex, NC/East Carolina) capped off JCSU's second straight title with a two-handed dunk in the final seconds to bring the Smithites in the arena to their feet.
Courtesy of Johnson C. Smith

CIAA Regular Season Standings
Eastern Division
1. Virginia Union 7-1 14-4 21-5
2. Bowie St. 5-3 10-8 15-13
3. Elizabeth City 4-4 13-5 21-7
4. Virginia St. 3-5 7-11 14-18
5. St.Paul's 1-7 3-15 6-22
Western Division
1. Johnson C. Smith 8-0 12-6 22-7
2. St.Augustine 5-3 11-7 19-10
3. Shaw 4-4 8-10 12-16
4. Livingstone 2-6 6-12 14-14
5. Fayetteville St. 1-7 6-12 13-15

Tournament Final: Johnson C. Smith - Virginia Union 70-63
Virginia State - Johnson C. Smith 56-63
St. Augustine's - Virginia Union 54-57

CIAA All-Tournament MVP: Jerry Hollis of JCSU

All-CIAA Team
Brandon Byerson (6'1''-G) of Virginia Union University of VUU
Braxton Byerson of VUU
Ryan Scott of JCSU
Will Gill (6'0''-G) of SAC
Tayloe Taylor (6'3''-G-86) of LC
Gregg Thondique of VUU
James Dillard of JCSU
Anthony Hilliard (6'4''-G/F-86) of ECSU
Duke Crews (6'7''-F-88) of BSU
Hayward Fain (6'5''-F) of SAC
Anthony Wynn (6'5''-F) of SPC
Jerry Hollis of JCSU

CIAA All-Rookie Team
J.C. Chaney (6'8''-F/C) of Virginia St.
Greg Henry (6'4''-G) of Livingstone
Harvey Mills (5'10''-G) of Virginia St.
Ibn-Saed Rasoull (6'4''-G) of Saint Pauls
Kedrick Williams (5'8''-G) of Saint Pauls

CIAA Player of the Year: Anthony Hilliard of Elizabeth City
CIAA Defensive Player of the Year: James Dillard of Johnson C. Smith
CIAA Rookie of the Year: J.C. Chaney of Virginia St.

Academic All-District Teams (College Division) - by Eurobasket
ESPN The Magazine Academic All-District Teams (College Division)

Academic All-District I 1st Team
Jimmy Bartolotta (6'4''-G-86) of MASS. INST. OF TECH.
Jeff Bostic (6'5''-C/F) of ITHACA
Brock Bradford of HUSSON
Mark Carson (6'6''-F-87) of ROCHESTER INST. OF TECH.
Scott Morton (6'6''-G) of GENESEO STATE
Brian Small of SUFFOLK

Academic All-District I 2nd Team
Michael Chmielowiec (6'3''-F/G) of ROCHESTER
A.J. Rudowitz (6'6''-F-88) of STONEHILL
Aaron Smith (6'6''-F) of MIDDLEBURY
Kevin Snyder (6'3''-G) of WILLIAMS

Academic All-District II 1st Team
Chris Bach (6'8''-F) of EAST STROUDSBURG
Matt Drakeley (5'10''-G) of WASHINGTON & JEFFERSON
Kyle Goldcamp (6'10''-F) of GANNON
Matt Sosna of WIDENER

Academic All-District II 2nd Team
Dan Capkin (6'2''-G) of GETTYSBURG
Ryan Einwag (6'5''-F-87) of CARNEGIE MELLON
Todd Green of WASHINGTON (MD.)
Petre Petkovski (6'7''-F-88) of BETHANY
Mike Yocum (6'8''-F-87) of PHILADELPHIA

Academic All-District III Team
Patrick Fox (6'3''-G) of QUEENS (N.C.)
John Kresse of EMORY
A.B. Lehmann (6'0''-G) of METHODIST
Bryce Pendleton of SOUTHERN VIRGINIA
Tony Blake (6'0''-G) of MARS HILL

Academic All-District IV 1st Team
Ben Falkenberg (5'11''-G) of MOUNT VERNON NAZARENE
Kyle Holliday (6'3''-F) of OHIO WESLEYAN
David McFarland (6'1''-G-86) of NORTHERN KENTUCKY
Jesse Reimink (6'4''-F) of HOPE

Academic All-District IV 2nd Team
Brett Asher (-F) of ADRIAN
Casey Brown (6'5''-C/F-85) of CAPITAL
Danny Noll (6'5''-F) of CENTRE
Bryan Yelvington of KENYON

Academic All-District V 1st Team
Mike Dowden of ST. NORBERT
Mark Gillingham of ILLINOIS COLLEGE
Wes Ladwig (6'2''-G) of CARROLL
Tim Madson (6'1''-G) of BETHEL (MN)
Kent Raymond (6'3''-G) of WHEATON (IL)

Academic All-District V 2nd Team
Kevin Andrews (6'4''-G/F) of SW MINNESOTA STATE
Steve Djurickovic (6'3''-G-88) of CARTHAGE
Tristian Gregory of EARLHAM
Matt Pelton (6'2''-G) of AUGUSTANA (IL)
Andy Wiele (6'8''-C) of WHEATON (IL)

Academic All-District VI 1st Team
Garrett Bell (6'7''-F) of INCARNATE WORD
Taylor Land (6'0''-G) of ST.EDWARDS (TX)
Ernest Lowery (6'1''-F) of TEXAS-DALLAS
Chad Songy (5'9''-G) of MILLSAPS
Eric Spencer (6'5''-G) of DELTA STATE

Academic All-District VI 2nd Team
Braxton Adamson (6'0''-G) of DALLAS BAPTIST
Charles Houston (6'2''-F) of TRINITY (TX)
Taylor Mullenax (6'7''-F) of ST.EDWARDS (TX)
Kelechi Okoroha (6'4''-F-86) of XAVIER (LA)
Jason Taylor (6'7''-C) of OKLAHOMA CHRISTIAN

Academic All-District VII 1st Team
Chris Handke of CORNELL (IA)
Aaron Hill (6'1''-G) of ROCKHURST
Nick Kovacevich (6'5''-G-85) of SOUTHWEST BAPTIST
Cameron Smith (6'5''-F-87) of WASHINGTON (MO)
Jesse Wagstaff (6'8''-F-86) of METROPOLITAN STATE

Academic All-District VII 2nd Team
Hunter Henry (6'9''-F-86) of NW MISSOURI STATE
Tyler Nading (6'7''-F-87) of WASHINGTON (MO)
Brian Metz (6'8''-F/C-88) of WAYNE STATE (NE)
Ryan Turk of WEBSTER (MO)
Jason Warncke of WESTMINSTER (MO)

Academic All-District VIII 1st Team
Lucas Alves (6'9''-F/C) of BRIGHAM YOUNG-HAWAII
Corey Costantino of WILLAMETTE
Tyson Papenfuss (6'5''-F) of LEWIS & CLARK (OR)
Calin Schell (6'7''-F) of WESTERN WASHINGTON

Academic All-District VIII 2nd Team
Colin Koach (6'0''-G) of PUGET SOUND
Nate Montgomery (6'8''-C) of WHITWORTH
Matt Ochs (6'5''-F/C) of CONCORDIA (OR)
Austen Powers (6'8''-F-87) of SEATTLE
Casey Reed (6'5''-F) of SEATTLE PACIFIC
Drew Schroeder (6'1''-G) of LINFIELD

Central Washington and Western Washington in First Place Tie - by Sanjey Noriega

Jake Linton (5'11''-G), Bill Richardson and Blake Poole (6'5''-F) combined for 71 points and Saint Martins held off a second-half rally by Seattle Pacific (18-8, 11-4) to defeat the Falcons 85-72 in a Great Northwest Athletic Conference contest at Marcus Pavilion Saturday.

The SPU loss enabled Central Washington (17-5, 11-3) and Western Washington (19-5, 11-3) to move into a first-place tie in the GNAC ahead of the Falcons.

It also set the stage for Saint Martin's (21-7, 9-5) to earn its first-ever NCAA playoff berth next weekend when it travels to Alaska for a pair of season-ending road games.

Meanwhile, CWU, SPU and WWU will battle it out for the GNAC title and for the best seedings in the regional playoffs.

Western Washington plays at SPU Thursday before hosting Central Washington on Saturday. The Wildcats host MSU Billings in their final home game of the season before taking on their arch-rivals.

Freshman guard Cameron Severson came off the bench to lead a balanced attack with 12 points as Western Washington defeated Montana State Billings 76-68 at Alterowitz Gymnasium to earn its share of first place.

Central Washington beat Alaska Fairbanks 85-71 at Nicholson Pavilion and now will have an opportunity to win its first conference title since 1998-99 with a pair of victories.

In another game Saturday, Northwest Nazarene won its third straight game defeating Alaska Anchorage 76-71.

Linton scored 26 points to increase his career total to 2,009 becoming just the fourth player in GNAC history to score 2,000 career points. The SMU guard also had a game-high eight assists.

Richardson produced a double-double, scoring 25 points and pulling down 11 rebounds. He made nine of 12 shots and also rejected two SPU attempts.

Poole had 20 points as Saint Martin's won its ninth game in 11 starts since starting the conference season with three losses. The sophomore forward was perfect, making all seven of his field goal attempts and six of six foul shots.

Rafael Moreira (6'9''-C-86) led Seattle Pacific with 17 points and Brandon Larrieu had 14. Casey Reed and Adam Wardell each had 10. SPU played the contest without leading scorer Chris Banchero (15.7 ppg), who injured his wrist in Wednesdays 98-65 win at Montana State Billings.

SMU led 37-27 at halftime and extended that margin to 53-38 with an 8-2 run started by five points from Linton.

The Falcons staged a rally midway through the second half. The run culminated with an 8-1 surge that cut the deficit to 65-62 with 7:44 left to play.

Saint Martins, however, answered with a 10-2 run to repel SPU and take control of the game for good. Twelve of the final 18 points were scored from the free throw line by the Saints, who made 26 of 35.

Western Washington 76, Montana State Billings 68

Five players scored in double figures for Western Washington in its eight-point road win at Billings.

Joining Severson with double digit point totals were three starters - Ira Graham (6'2''-G), Calin Schell and Morris Anderson - who had 11 each and Michael Duty with 10.

Anderson nearly had a triple-double finishing with 11 assists and eight rebounds.

MSUB (9-16, 4-10), which has lost seven straight, was led by Derrick Wright with 23 points and nine rebounds. Travis Bunker had 12 points, 10 rebounds and seven assists. Brad Hodge chipped in with 11 points and six rebounds.

MSUB took a 35-34 lead 90 seconds into the second half, but the Vikings responded with a 14-3 run to take a 46-38 lead on an Anderson three-pointer with 16 minutes left. Western led the rest of the way by as many as 11.

The Yellowjackets pulled to within three at 71-68 with 2:40 to play, but committed two turnovers and missed a layup on their next three possessions, and the Vikings hit five of six free throws in the final 37 seconds to put the game away.

Central Washington 85, Alaska Fairbanks 71

Brandon Foote and Jake Beitinger had double-doubles and Central Washington pulled away from Alaska Fairbanks early in the second half to post an 85-71 win at Nicholson Pavilion.

Foote, who has scored 20 or more points in five of seven contests since being inserted into CWU's starting lineup, had a team-high 22 points and 10 rebounds, while Beitinger scored 16 points and pulled down a game-high 11 rebounds.

The Wildcats also got 13 points from Giovonne Woods on six of eight shooting and 10 from Johnny Spevak.

Colin Matteson led the Nanooks (6-17, 3-11) with 24 points, while Emmanuel Jenkins had 19 and Jon Moe added 14.

UAF only trailed by three at halftime, but Central scored 10 straight points early in the second period, including five by Jon Clift, to go ahead 53-38 and maintained a double-digit lead for all but 71 seconds the rest of the half.

CWU finished the contest with a 40-31 rebounding advantage and six fewer turnovers (10-16). They also held UAF to just one three-pointer in 13 attempts.

Northwest Nazarene 76, Alaska Anchorage 71

Adam Shildmyer made five of eight three-pointers and scored 23 points to lead Northwest Nazarene to a 76-71 win over Alaska Anchorage at the Johnson Sports Center in Nampa.

The Crusaders (12-13, 5-10), who have bounced back from a seven-game losing streak to win their last three contests, also were led by Brian Barkdoll with 18 points and Kendall Gielow with 11 points and six rebounds.

Jeremiah Trueman led Alaska Anchorage (13-14, 7-7) with 23 points, making 11 of 19 shots. Kenny Barker had 18 points and nine rebounds. Barker also had six assists. Brandon Walker chipped in with 11 points and nine rebounds.

NNU trailed 59-54 with 8:11 remaining but fought back to tie the game at 68-68 on Truemans final basket with 1:30 left.

Shildmyer, however, then made two free throws with 43 seconds left and after a UAA turnover, Tyler Roberts made it 72-68 with a pair of foul tosses.

UAA's Kevin White hit a three-pointer from the corner to cut it to 72-71 with 5.8 seconds remaining, however Gielow sank two free throws with four seconds left.

Gielow then stole the inbounds pass at midcourt and made two more foul shots to establish the final five-point margin.


Wesley College wins CAC Championship - by Eurobasket
Second-seeded Wesley College broke open a back-and-forth contest with a 16-0 run over four minutes midway through the second half on the way to a 64-51 victory over fourth-seeded Marymount to win the 2009 CAC Men's Basketball Championship.
The Wolverines (18-9), in just their second season in the conference, earned the automatic bid to the 2009 NCAA Tournament behind the 15-point performance of guard Alphonzo Wright (6'0''-F-86). Rudy Thomas (6'1''-G/F-87) came off the bench to add 14 points in 17 minutes while James Stratton (6'1''-G) chipped in 12 markers.
Marymount (15-13), which upended top-seeded St. Mary's in Thursday's semifinal round, was led by Tarek Ammoury (6'3''-G), who finished with a game-high 17 points. Patrick Prewitt (6'0''-G) also reached double-digits in the scoring column with 10 points while Rockwell Moody (6'10''-C) gathered in a game-high 10 rebounds.
The game was a tale of two halves as Marymount shot 54.2% (13-for-24), including 3-for-4 from long range while Wesley knocked down just 24.2% (8-for-33), including just 2-for-16 from three-point land in the opening 20 minutes.
In the second half, the Saints' shooting dipped to just 30% from the field (9-for-30), including misses on all six three-point shots. Wesley, meanwhile, rebounded with a 48.4 shooting performance in the last 20 minutes, hitting half of its 14 treys in the process.
Marymount also had 19 total turnovers, including 11 in the second half, while Wesley had just 13 miscues, including five in the final 20 minutes.
Prewitt did all of his scoring in the first half as Marymount took a 31-21 lead to the break. Wesley bounced back quickly, scoring the first eight points of the second frame before an Ammoury free throw stopped the run and gave the Saints a 32-29 lead with 16:38 remaining.
The teams traded hoops over the next seven minutes before a Sam Sentz layup with 9:08 left gave Marymount a 42-40 advantage -- the Saints' last lead of the game.
Thomas knocked down the first of consecutive three-pointers with 8:55 left to ignite Wesley's 16-point surge. Stratton followed with a trey, and Thomas drained another long-range shot - his third in less than two minutes - to give the Wolverines a 52-42 lead. Marymount never got closer than eight the rest of the way.

Courtesy of CAC Sports

CAC Regular Season Standings
1. St.Mary's (MD) 14-2 21-5
2. Wesley 12-4 18-9
3. Mary Washington 10-6 14-12
4. Marymount 8-8 15-13
5. Salisbury St. 8-8 11-15
6. York (PA) 7-9 9-17
7. Hood 6-10 9-16
8. Stevenson 5-11 6-19
9. Gallaudet 2-14 11-14

Tournament Final: Wesley - Marymount 64-51
Tournament Semifinals:
St.Mary's - Marymount 81-86, OT
Mary Washington - Wesley 79-98

Medaille College wins AMCC Championship 2009 - by Eurobasket

Just four years ago the Mavs sat at the bottom of the Division III basketball world. Today, they are champions of the AMCC and heading to the programs first ever NCAA Tournament. The Mavs used blistering shooting, (62.7%) for the game, to outgun Pitt.-Bradford (82-71) in the AMCC title game. It was a game that saw the Mavs hit big shot, after big shot and an MVP type performance from junior, guard, Keith Hack (6'4''-G) (Hopewell Junction, NY/John Jay) who played the game of his life. Hack finished the game shooting (11 of 13) from the floor, including (2 of 2) from behind the three point arc and (5 of 7) from the charity stripe, for a career high (29) points, he also tied a game high by collecting (7) caroms. Both teams came out sizzling as they were trading buckets early. The Mavs hit a trio of three pointers in the span of (2:30) to build an early (7) point edge, and they would go up by as many as (13) with (4:28) remaining in the first half. The tide would change at that point as Pitt.-Bradford went on a (17-2) run to end the half with a (38-36) lead. As the Mavs have done all year, they came out of the locker room and had answers for what the Panthers were trying to do. In the first five minutes of the second half the Mavs turned a two point deficit into a seven point lead, they would never trail again. The lead would balloon to as many as (16) points in the final half as the Mavs received clutch plays from many different players, including Chris Moscato (5'10''-G) (Buffalo, NY/Canisius) who parlayed his huge semifinal performance into an encore presentation, knocking down three more triples and finishing with (12) points. Each one of Moscatos three pointers came at a critical time for the Mavs. Senior, forward, Bill Gersitz (6'5''-F) (Buffalo, NY/Kenmore East) played one of the most complete games of his career as he scored (10) points, pulled down (7) boards and, most importantly, dished out a career high (6) helpers. The Mavs played the game in front of a frenzied capacity crowd which created an electric atmosphere and the game did not disappoint. As the clocked ticked away to zeroes the fans showed their overwhelming appreciation for the Mavs as they got to see Medaille cut down the nets. The win gives the Mavs a (21-6) record and they await the NCAA Division III Tournament Selection show on Monday morning (3/2), to see where they are headed and who they will play.

Courtesy of Medaille Sports

AMCC Regular Season Standings
1. Medaille 14-4 20-6
2. Penn St. Behrend 13-5 17-9
3. Pitt.-Bradford 13-5 17-10
4. Frostburg St. 13-5 17-10
5. Penn St. Altoona 11-7 14-12
6. La Roche 10-8 14-12
7. Pitt-Greenburg 7-11 8-17
8. Mount Aloysius 5-13 8-17
9. Hilbert 3-15 4-21
10. Franciscan 1-17 4-21

Tournament Final: Medaille - Pitt-Bradford 82-71
Tournament Semifinals:
Medaille - Frostburg St. 86-64
Pitt-Bradford - PS-Behrend 62-54

AMCC All-Tournament MVP: Keith Hack of Medaille

Univ. of New England wins TCCC Championship - by Eurobasket




Senior Johnnie Jefferson (6'4''-F) of New England University (Dallas, Texas) and first-year guard Quentin Thompson (6'3''-G) (Austin, Texas) combined for 28 second-half points to propel the top-seeded University of New England Nor'easters to their first-ever NCAA Tournament appearance with a 90-79 win over second-seeded Colby-Sawyer College in The Commonwealth Coast Conference Championship before a record crowd of 1,093 at the Campus Center.
The win provides UNE with its first The Commonwealth Coast Conference championship in any male sport. In the process, the Nor'easters picked up their 24th win to tie a school record. Colby-Sawyer stands at 20-7 and awaits a possible ECAC Tournament bid.
Trailing by one (49-48) at the half, the Nor'easters started the second frame with a 16-5 run over the opening 6:12 to establish a 65-55 lead. After scoring just two points in the first half, Jefferson scored half of UNE's 16 points during the spurt.
The two teams went back-and-forth the ensuing eight minutes, and the Nor'easters still held a double-digit advantage (74-64) with 6:11 left.
Colby-Sawyer chipped away and was able to cut its deficit to five on three separate occasions - the last coming on two free throws by senior Andrew Cousins (South Portland, Maine) with 2:56 remaining.
On the Nor'easters' next possession, junior guard Marchale Robinson (Baton Rouge, La.) buried a three from the right corner just before the shot clock expired to push the lead to eight (81-73).
Junior Jon Chaloux (6'6''-F) (Barre, Vt.) made 1 of 2 at the line for Colby-Sawyer before senior Jaykyri Simpson (6'3''-G) of New England University (East Cleburne, Texas) knocked down a pair at the line for an 83-74 cushion.
A long 3-pointer by Chaloux got the Chargers back within six (83-77) at the 1:15 mark.
After a timeout, Jefferson threw a long in-bounds pass to Simpson streaking down the right side, which Simpson collected and layed-in while being fouled. He subsequently missed the free throw, but the layup with 1:10 remaining gave UNE an 85-77 and effectively put the game out of reach.
The Nor'easters made 5 of 6 at the charity stripe in the final 55 seconds to seal the win.
Thompson finished with a game-high 20 points to go with seven rebounds for UNE. Jefferson had 16 of his 18 points after halftime, including four 3-pointers. The first team all-conference selection made a pair of critical shots to beat the shot clock in the second half.
Senior Steve Belmonte (Levittown, N.Y.) also played a strong game for the winners, knocking down four treys and finishing with 16 points and seven assists. Simpson contributed 15 points, nine rebounds, four assists and three blocked shots.
Senior Duncan Szeliga (6'5''-F) (Newmarket, N.H.) led five Colby-Sawyer players in double figures with 18 points. He also collared a game-best 10 boards and dished out six assists. Chaloux scored 15 points and first-year Will Bardaglio (Wayne, Maine) added 14 -- all in the first half.
Senior point guard Matt Lemieux (Manchester, N.H.) chipped in 13 points and six assists for the Chargers, while Cousins added 10.
The Nor'easters shot 52.6 percent (30 of 57) for the game and made half (13 of 26) of their shots from beyond the arc.
Colby-Sawyer built a slim one-point halftime lead by shooting a solid 55.2 percent (16 of 29) from the floor. Bardaglio buried four 3-pointers, and Szeliga was strong inside with 10 points. Belmonte answered for UNE with 13 points, including three shots front outside the arc.
The entire field for the 2009 NCAA Division III National Championship will be made public Sunday (March 1) evening, but host sites and pairings for first and second-round games will be released Monday morning at 11:00 am ET.

Story courtesy of Univ. of New England Sports Infomation

TCCC Regular Season Standings
1. University of New England 12-1 24-4
2. Colby-Sawyer 10-3 20-7
3. Gordon 9-4 20-7
4. Salve Regina 8-5 14-13
4. Nichols 8-5 13-13
4. Roger Williams 8-5 12-14
7. Wentworth 7-6 10-16
7. Western New England 7-6 9-16
9. Curry 6-7 9-16
10. Endicott 5-8 10-15
11. Regis 4-9 10-14
11. Eastern Nazarene 4-9 7-18
13. Anna Maria 3-10 6-19
14. New England College 0-13 2-22

Tournament Final: New England defeats Colby-Sawyer 90-79
Tournament Semifinals:
University of New England - Salve Regina 77-75
Colby-Sawyer - Gordon 72-54

All-TCCC 1st Team
Todd Doyle (6'0''-G) of Wentworth Institute of Technology of Wentworth
Johnnie Jefferson of Univ. of New England
Jaykyri Simpson of Univ. of New England
Aaron Trigg (6'1''-G) of Gordon College of Gordon
Justin Woodworth (-G) of Salve Regina University of Salve Regina

All-TCCC 2nd Team
Matt Abbott (6'6''-F) of Wentworth
Brady Bajema (6'2''-G) of Gordon
Jon Chaloux of Colby-Sawyer
Derrick Neal of Regis
Duncan Szeliga of Colby-Sawyer

All-TCCC Honorable Mention
Billy Barrett of Roger Williams
Patrick Flanagan of Roger Williams
Kyle Fredette of Western New England
Windell Hinkson (-G) of Salve Regina
Quashed Simmons of Curry
Graham Whitelaw of Endicott

TCCC Player of the Year: Todd Doyle of Wentworth
TCCC Defensive Player of the Year: Jaykyri Simpson of Univ. of New England
TCCC Rookie of the Year: Quentin Thompson of Univ. of New England
TCCC Coach of the Year: Jason Mulligan of Univ. of New England
TCCC Senior Scholar-Athlete of the Year: Brad Bryant (5'11''-G) of Wentworth


BLNO Stats Leaders
BLNO Stats Leaders
Points Per Game
1 Timus, Tromso 29.0
2 Paunovic, Fjellh. 23.2
3 Sharma, Fjellh. 22.8
Rebounds Per Game
1 Finger, Tromso 10.7
2 Christensen, Trom 10.4
3 Bullock, Ulriken 9.8
Assists Per Game
1 Rogers, Harstad 9.0
2 Defares, Ammerud 5.7
3 Issalhi, Tromso 5.0

Standings - 1Div.
1Div. Standings
 1. Froya 17-1 
 2. Sandvika 14-4 
 3. Centrum 13-5 
 4. Langhus 11-8 
 5. Kristiansand 8-8 
 6. OSI 8-10 
 7. Varden 7-10 
 8. NTNUI 7-11 
 9. Persbraaten 5-13 
 10. Trondheim 5-13 
 11. Stavanger 3-15 

Div1 Stats Leader
1Div Stats Leaders
Points Per Game
1 OT Trobe, Tr.h. 23.8
2 K. Osland,OSI 20.4
3 S. Enge,Sandvika 19.7
Rebounds Per Game
1 R.Beqiri, Kr.sand 11.4
2 R.Paulsen, Stav. 9.9
3 D.Walker Persb. 9.9
Assists Per Game
1 A.Torsvoll, Stv. 6.1
2 T.Randolph,Langh. 5.6
2 CA Wessmann, Per. 5.6

Home court advantage - by Kaare Vangen

So far in the playoff home court has been an advantage. All four matches have ended with wins for the home team. In the quarterfinals Asker eliminated Gimle and Harstad eliminated Ammerud. Both matches were close in the final minutes but the teams that came from behind didn't have enough steam to complete the job.

The semis are played best-of-three and the lowest ranked teams play their home match first. In Harstad both teams missed one of their biggest stars. Jeff Rogers has gone back to USA due to illness in his family and Marco Elsafadi of Eagles gave priority to being with the mother of his newborn baby during the birth. (Congratulations Marco and Marte!)

The decision in Harstad fell in the final minutes of the third period when Harstad had a 12-0 run. Eagles were never able to plug the hole and Vikings could celebrate being up 1-0. Surprise of the match was Fredrik Knutsen (194-F/G-78) of Vikings with 18 points. Knutsen has been in the shadow of Rogers and Myhrer so far but was very important this weekend. 527 fans of Vikings could celebrate their team.

Asker Aliens took a 6 point lead after the first period, built on it and could see the numbers 86-63 on the screen after the match. Man of the match was Ronny Karlsen (203-F-78, college: Independence CC) with 22 points and 17 boards. Mustafa Mahnin (182-G-80) had 15 points and 13 assists for Aliens.

The series now turn to Bergen and Tromso. Match 2 and 3 are played on Friday/Sunday.


Round 10 results - by Gianni Pascucci
Universidad Autonoma upset Sol de Ameirca 103-69 in the 10th round of Metropolitan League, this means that only Felix Perez Cardozo and Libertad, winners over UCA and Deportivo San Jose, respectively, keep the first place in the table. See here down all teh results, and some of teh main performers
San Jose 73 - Libertad 84 (Carlos Jorge Riveros (190-G-85) 25; Ricardo Ozuna (185-G/F-82) 25, Daniel Perez (190-G/F-84) 25)
Univ. Catolica 69 - Felix Perez 80 (Daniel Bonhaure (-F) 18, Norbert Aguero (-G) 22; Alcides Fernadez 20, Edison Ortiz (197-F) 17)
Olimpia 89- Ciudad Nueva 69 (Cesar Marecos (191-F) 19; Oscar Laconich (184-G/F) 28) .
UAA 103 - Sol de America 69
Sp.San Lorenzo 73 - Deportivo Sajonia 67

Metropolitan League Standings
Metropolitan L. Standings
 1. Felix Perez 9-1 
 2. Libertad 9-1 
 3. Sol de Amer. 8-2 
 4. D.San Jose 5-5 
 5. Ciudad Nueva 5-5 
 6. Univ.Autonoma 5-5 
 7. Sportivo SL 4-6 
 8. Univ.Catolica 3-7 
 9. Olimpia 2-8 
 10. Dep.Sajonia 0-10 


Standings - 1 Liga
1Liga Standings
 1. Polonia 2011 21-7 
 2. MOSiR Kr. 21-7 
 3. Big Star 20-7 
 4. Siarka T. 18-10 
 5. Zastal ZG 17-11 
 6. Stal SW 16-12 
 7. LKS Lodz 15-12 
 8. MMKS DG 15-13 
 9. Zubry 14-14 
 10. Sokol L. 13-14 
 11. Sudety JG 13-15 
 12. Znicz Basket 11-17 
 13. AZS Kalisz 10-18 
 14. AZS AWF K-ce 8-20 
 15. Prokom II 7-21 
 16. Resovia 3-24 

Standings - 2 Liga
2Liga Standings
Group A
 1. Tempcold 20-2 
 2. Astoria 18-3 
 3. Rosasport 16-4 
 4. Nowy Dwor Gd. 15-6 
 5. SIDEn 13-8 
 6. AZS Kutno 12-9 
 7. Bonduelle 11-10 
 8. UKS Leczyce 10-10 
 9. Norgips 9-12 
 10. Tur B.Podl. 8-13 
 11. AZS Olsztyn 8-13 
 12. Ksiezak L. 3-17 
 13. Legia W-wa 1-18 
 14. OSSM Sopot 1-19 
Group B
 1. Spojnia S. 16-3 
 2. AZS Szczecin 15-4 
 3. AZS Opole 14-5 
 4. Tarnovia 14-5 
 5. Open Basket 12-7 
 6. Pogon P. 11-8 
 7. AZS Big Plus 9-10 
 8. Tytan 9-11 
 9. Doral-Nysa 7-11 
 10. MKKS Rybnik 7-14 
 11. Slask II W. 6-14 
 12. VB Leasing 4-16 
 13. OSSM Wroc. 0-20 
Group C
 1. Start Lublin 18-2 
 2. UMKS Kielce 18-4 
 3. MKKS Zabrze 15-7 
 4. Basket K. 13-7 
 5. Alba 11-9 
 6. Cracovia 11-10 
 7. Pogon RS 10-11 
 8. MCKiS Jaw. 9-9 
 9. Limanowa 9-12 
 10. SKK S-ce 8-13 
 11. Wisla Krakow 8-13 
 12. HK Zory 7-12 
 13. AZS Radom 6-14 
 14. OSSM W-wa 0-20 

Stats Leaders - 1Liga
Points Per Game
  Znicz Basket
  Avg: 21.2
 1. Dloniak, Znicz Basket21.2 
 2. Pacocha, Big Star19.1 
 3. Salamonik, MOSiR K.16.7 
 4. Misiewicz, Zubry16.6 
 5. Wiekiera, Zastal Z.16.3 
 6. Berisha, Polonia 201116.2 
 7. Wisniewski, Zastal Z.15.8 
 8. Kulig, Big Star15.7 
 9. Pluta, MOSiR K.15.5 
 10. Donigiewicz, AZS.15.4 
Rebounds Per Game
  Sudety JG
  Avg: 9.4
 1. Wojdyla, Sudety JG9.4 
 2. Mis, Siarka T.8.1 
 3. Bartosz, Polonia .8.0 
 4. Pisarczyk, Sokol L.7.6 
 5. Dluski, LKS Lodz7.5 
 6. Misiewicz, Zubry7.5 
 7. Kulig, Big Star7.5 
 8. Chodkiewicz, Zastal Z.7.5 
 9. Wiekiera, Zastal Z.7.2 
 10. Piotrkowski, AZS.7.0 
Assists Per Game
  MOSiR Kr.
  Avg: 6
 1. Kalinowski, MOSiR K.6.0 
 2. Ecka, Znicz Basket5.3 
 3. Baran, Siarka T.5.0 
 4. Pacocha, Big Star4.8 
 5. Basinski, MMKS D.4.6 
 6. Snieg, Polonia 20114.2 
 7. Krupa, Siarka T.4.2 
 8. Swietonski, Prokom I.3.9 
 9. Kalinowski, Zastal Z.3.8 
 10. Pustelnik, Big St.3.3 
Steals Per Game
 Grzegorz MALECKI
  Avg: 3.7
 1. Malecki, Resovia3.7 
 2. Krupa, Siarka T.3.6 
 3. Baran, Siarka T.3.4 
 4. Pacocha, Big Star3.4 
 5. Snieg, Polonia 20113.1 
 6. Trepka, LKS Lodz3.1 
 7. Piechowicz, Stal S.3.1 
 8. Berisha, Polonia 20113.1 
 9. Wisniewski, Zastal Z.3.0 
 10. Zalucki, Prokom2.9 
Blocks Per Game
  Sokol L.
  Avg: 2.4
 1. Pisarczyk, Sokol L.2.4 
 2. Milewski, MMKS D.1.7 
 3. Czech, Sudety JG1.5 
 4. Lisewski, Stal SW1.5 
 5. Mis, Siarka T.1.4 
 6. Kulikowski, Zubry1.4 
 7. Lapeta, Prokom II1.2 
 8. Kulig, Big Star1.2 
 9. Karwowski, Polonia .1.2 
 10. Konare, Zub.1.2 

1Liga Round: 28 (Regular Season) - by Eurobasket News
Sudety JG - AZS Kalisz 73-58
Sudety JG outscored AZS Kalisz 73:58 with 19 points from Krzysztof Samiec (186-G-77). Czech Jakub collected 17 points and 14 rebounds, while Grygiel Artur notched 16. Krajewski Michal poured in 15 points for the guests.

MMKS DG - Znicz Basket 83-54
MMKS DG improved to 15-13 after the home win over Znicz Basket 83:54. Pawel Bogdanowicz (197-F-87) top-scored for the winners with 18 points and Milewski Tomasz notched 17. Dloniak Jakub chipped in 19 points in defeat.

AZS AWF K-ce - MOSiR Kr. 66-93
Mosir improved to 21-7 record after a road 93:66 win over Katowice. Marcin Salamonik (202-F-83) and Pluta Piotr led the leaders with 23 points apiece. Halas Piotr and Wojsz Wojciech netted 14 points each in the losing effort.

Zastal ZG - Resovia 101-41
Zastal ZG overwhelmed Resovia 101:41 as six players reached the double digits for the winners. Lukasz Wisniewski (186-G-85, college: Barton County CC) paced all of them with 21 points and Wilczek Marcel had 18 points and 9 rebounds. Malecki Grzegorz produced 13 points for the guests.

Polonia 2011 - Zubry 79-59
Polonia 2011 outgun Zubry 79:59 in Regular Season Round 28. Dardan Berisha (191-G-88, agency: Global Sports Plaza) led the winners with 19 points that increased to 21-7 record. Misiewicz Andrzej ended up with 12 points and 14 rebounds in the losing effort.

Stal SW - Prokom II 90-65
Stal SW smashed Prokom II 90:65 as Michal Woloszyn (202-F-84) top-scored for the winners with 23 points. Swietonski Tomasz, Hrycaniuk Adam, and Lapeta Adam posted 10 points each in defeat.

Sokol L. - Siarka T. 66-55
Sokol beat Siarka 66:55 behind 12 points from both Bartosz Dubiel (195-F-84) and Chromicz Ireneusz. Bielak Maciej finished the night with 13 points in the losing effort, while Krupa Bartosz nailed 12.


Stats Leaders - Men
Points Per Game
  CSU Atlassib
  Avg: 22.3
 1. Matthews, CSU A.22.3 
 2. Gibson, U.Mobite.19.2 
 3. Lawrence, Pitesti18.9 
 4. Tomic, Craiova18.4 
 5. Popescu, Rovinari17.9 
 6. Vlaicu, Rapid B.16.9 
 7. Darby, Rovinari16.7 
 8. Cepulis, Ploiesti16.6 
 9. Bulancea, Rapid B.16.5 
 10. Broadus, CSU Bras.15.9 
Rebounds Per Game
  CSU Brasov
  Avg: 11.9
 1. Dragusin, CSU B.11.9 
 2. Carutasu, Ploiesti10.5 
 3. Wingate, Tirgu M.8.9 
 4. Pavlovski, Dinamo B.8.4 
 5. Lazar, Oradea7.9 
 6. Green, Rovinari7.8 
 7. Jucan, Gaz Metan7.7 
 8. Holmes, Craiova7.6 
 9. Matthews, CSU A.7.5 
 10. Osby, U.Mobitel..7.2 
Assists Per Game
  Tirgu Mures
  Avg: 7.2
 1. Cooley, Tirgu M.7.2 
 2. Blidaru, Otopeni5.0 
 3. Dzambic, Timisoara4.5 
 4. Osmokrovic, Ploiesti4.3 
 5. Cuic, U.Mobitel.CN4.0 
 6. Gibson, U.Mobite.3.9 
 7. Radmanovac, Gaz M.3.6 
 8. Lawrence, Pitesti3.5 
 9. Johnson, CSU A.3.5 
 10. Fometescu, Dinamo.3.5 
Steals Per Game
 Brandon JOHNSON
  CSU Atlassib
  Avg: 3
 1. Johnson, CSU A.3.0 
 2. Cooley, Tirgu M.2.9 
 3. Gibson, U.Mobite.2.9 
 4. Matthews, CSU A.2.6 
 5. Reaves, Dinamo B.2.4 
 6. Fometescu, Dinamo B.2.4 
 7. Mitchell, Craiova2.3 
 8. Holmes, Craiova2.1 
 9. Velickovic, Timisoara2.1 
 10. Blidaru, Otope.2.0 
Blocks Per Game
  CSU Brasov
  Avg: 2.3
 1. Dragusin, CSU B.2.3 
 2. Tibarna, Otopeni2.0 
 3. Lazar, Oradea1.7 
 4. Pantelic, Pitesti1.7 
 5. Pavlovski, Dinamo B.1.4 
 6. Harrison, CSU A.1.3 
 7. Wingate, Tirgu M.1.2 
 8. Bubanja, Gaz Metan1.2 
 9. Gibson, Craiova1.2 
 10. Osby, U.Mobitel..1.1 

Div.A Standings
 1. Ploiesti 18-2 
 2. Timisoara 16-6 
 3. CSU Atlassib 15-6 
 4. CSU Brasov 15-6 
 5. U.Mobitel. CN 14-6 
 6. Rovinari 14-8 
 7. Otopeni 13-7 
 8. Pitesti 12-10 
 9. Mures 10-10 
 10. Gaz Metan 10-11 
 11. Craiova 8-14 
 12. Dinamo B. 7-14 
 13. Targoviste 5-16 
 14. Oradea 2-20 
 15. Rapid B. 0-22 

Div.A Round: 23 (Regular Season) - by Eurobasket News
Gaz Metan - Timisoara 86-99
Timisoara improved to 16-6 record on the second place after the road win against Gaz Metan 99:86. Dan Paltinisanu (208-C-79, agency: Court Side) led the winners with 30 points and 10 rebounds, while Velickovic Uros nailed 22. Washington Andrew posted 20 points in defeat.

CSU Brasov - CSU Atlassib 108-82
CSU Brasov overcame CSU Atlassib 108:82 in a key game of Regular Season Round 23. Andrei Mandache (190-G-87) paced all the winners with 27 points and Rashaun Broadus (183-G-84, college: BYU) nailed 20. Matthews Bryant ended up with 33 points in the losing effort. Both teams are not with 15-6 record in the top part of the standings.

Dinamo B. - Craiova 69-59
Chris Reaves (191-G-84, college: Chaminade) led Dinamo over Craiova with 25 points in a 69:59 win. Lekic Aleksandar finished the night with 13 points in the losing effort and three other players scored 9 each.

Targoviste - Ploiesti 56-92
Targoviste lost to Ploiesti 56:92 as the latter crown the league with 18-2 record. Dumitru Carutasu (204-C-76) led the league leaders with 19 points and 10 rebounds, while Burlacu Catalin notched 14. Tasic Marjan produced 15 points for the hosts.

Rapid B. - Oradea 69-79
Horia Hora (190-G-88) brought 22 points and Lazar Laszlo collected 16 points and 14 rebounds as Oradea celebrated a 79:69 over Rapid to leave them at 0-22. Bulancea Marius top-scored for the home side with 25 points.

Rovinari - Pitesti 91-83
Rovinari outscored Pitesti 91:83 as Josh Jackson (188-G, college: Warner Pacific) led the winners with 24 points and Darby Louis posted 20. Lawrence David ended up with 25 points in the losing effort.


Serbian B league, Round 19 (Regular season): Proleter lost against young Vojvodina team, OKK Beograd and Superfund won - by Zoran Popovic

KK Vojvodina- Proleter Naftagas Zrenjanin 97-93 (22-19, 16-22, 25-24, 34-28)

KK Vojvodina: Nem.Knezevic 16, Neb.Knezevic, Glisic 24, Bjelica 6, Roncevic 4, Djuric 1, Drakulic 2, Kostic, Danilo Andjusic (190-G-91, agency: Beo Basket) 32, Kitanovic 12, Petrovic, Segedinski.
Proleter Naftagas Zrenjanin: Vulin 12, Becin 18, Stanojevic 27, Rajkovic 12, Zarkovic 6, Djordjevic 9, Kravic, Vukosavljevic 9, Bordos, Bozovic, Tomic, Nikolic.

Young KK Vojvodina team surprised leader of Serbian B league, Proleter Naftagas Zrenjanin. From the beginning of the match KK Vojvodina played strong and aggressive. Guests from Zrenjanin answer in the second quarter and finished first half with +3 advantage for theme (38-41). In the third period of the match both teams were equal, but in the last quarter led by Danilo Andjusic, KK Vojvodina made break and won the match. The best role showed young Andjsic who scored 32 points and for the guests Stanojevic scored 27 points.

KK Sloboda Uzice-OKK Beograd 71-75 (19-23, 22-22, 22-11, 8-19)

KK Sloboda Uzice: Tasic, Malesevic 10, Bodic 5, Obrenovic 6, Zaric 7, Petronijevic 4, Perisic 11, Vasiljevic, Djokic 3, Bukovic, Cvetkovic 12, Bakralcic 13.
OKK Beograd: Mitrovic 7, Kruscic 14, Dragovic 10, Vukadinov 4, Korac 8, Simic, Andjic 20, Zivanovic, Vasic 3, Suzic 9, Covic, Stojancev

OKK Beograd made and 14th won this season, this time as a guest against KK Sloboda Uzice Uzice. Guests from Belgrade had better open the match and made small advantage of +4 points. During the second quarter, teams were equal rivals, but beginning of the second half domestic players started much stronger and aggressive. In the middle of that period, KK Sloboda Uzice made break finished third quarter with +7 advantages for them. In the fourth quarter, OKK Beograd played with more patient then domestic players and punished every mistake of KK Sloboda Uzice. Three minutes before the end of the match OKK Beograd again took advantage and after that routinely finished the match.

Kikinda-KK Beovuk 72 Beograd 79-74 (22-25, 17-17, 22-18, 18-14)

Kikinda: Mladenovic 7, Ilic 4, Tesla, Petrovic 6, Krainovic 6, Vokic 12, Cvetkovic 10, Banjanin 3, Trkulja, Simic 15, Zeljkovic 6, Mihajlovic 10.
KK Beovuk 72 Beograd: Dragojevic 15, Riboskic, Socanac, Knezevic 9, Jovanovic, Dzakovic 8, Torlak 10, Apic 27, Aleksic, Matic, Stankovic 3, Bulatovic 2.

With 6th won this season Kikinda prolong their chances to survive and stay in Serbian B league. Both teams were equal during the all match, but in last two minutes Simic scored three points shot and offensive rebound and two points shot by Zeljkovic, decided who won the match. The most efficient player in Kikinda was Simic with 15 points and Vokic with 12 points. For the guests Apic scored 27 points and Dragojevic add 15 points.

Superfund BP Beograd-OKK Vrbas Carnex 85-81 (18-18, 26-24, 19-22, 22-17)

Superfund BP Beograd: Markovic 9, Ljubicic 18, Filipovic, Lesic 4, Hukic, Malidzan 10, Barac, Veinovic 28, Kankaras, Kostic 6, Petrovic 10, Matic 1
Vrbas Carenx: Doknic, Perunovic, Bajic 26, Zvijer, Popovic, Vojvodic, Matic 15, Kovacevic 4, Pap 2, Markovic 30, Vujacic 4.

With new won in Serbian B league championship Superfund BP Beograd stays in the race to won the place in Serbian Swisslion league next year. In the same time, guests from Vrbas lost very important match for them, to stay in Serbian B league. During the all match both teams were equal, but led by Veinovic who scored 28 points and Ljubicic who add 18 points, Superfund BP Beograd won in this match in last two minutes, For the guests the best role showed Markovic with 30 points and Bajic with 26 points.

Standings - A Liga
A Standings
 1. Swiss.Lions 20-3 
 2. Borac 16-7 
 3. Napredak 14-9 
 4. Metalac 14-9 
 5. Radnicki 034 13-10 
 6. Mega HL 12-11 
 7. Novi Sad 11-12 
 8. Radnicki I. 11-12 
 9. Ergonom 10-13 
 10. Sloga 9-14 
 11. Vizura 9-14 
 12. Tamis 8-15 
 13. Masinac 8-15 
 14. Zdravlje 6-17 
Will join on later stage:
 1. Crvena Zvez.
 2. Partizan
 3. Vojvodina
 4. FMP
 5. Hemofarm

Standings - B Liga
B League Standings
 1. Proleter Naft. 16-3 
 2. Beograd 14-5 
 3. Superfund 13-6 
 4. Mladost C. 12-7 
 5. FMP II 12-7 
 6. Radnicki O. 11-8 
 7. Crnokosa 11-8 
 8. Vojvodina Z. 10-9 
 9. Sloboda U. 7-12 
 10. Beovuk 72 7-12 
 11. Vrbas 6-13 
 12. Kikinda 6-13 
 13. Crvena Zv. 2 6-13 
 14. Maraton 2-17 

Stats Leaders - 1A
Points Per Game
 Zlatko BOLIC
  Radnicki I.
  Avg: 22.3
 1. Bolic, Radnicki I.22.3 
 2. Bogavac, Ergonom21.0 
 3. Stojacic, Mega HL20.5 
 4. Mirkovic, Masinac19.3 
 5. Kljajevic, Radnicki.18.8 
 6. Markovic, Napredak18.7 
 7. Martinic, Novi Sad18.3 
 8. Stefanovic, Sloga18.3 
 9. Mladenovic, Ergon.17.1 
 10. Sinovec, Vizu.16.9 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 8.4
 1. Mirkovic, Masinac8.4 
 2. Draskovic, Radnicki.7.5 
 3. Bogavac, Ergonom7.0 
 4. Dokic, Tamis6.7 
 5. Buric, Vizura6.5 
 6. Mihajlovic, Tamis6.5 
 7. Dramicanin, Borac6.2 
 8. Kljajevic, Radnicki.6.0 
 9. Nikolic, Mega HL5.8 
 10. Zigeranovic, Bor.5.7 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 6.3
 1. Jovicic, Tamis6.3 
 2. Duvnjak, Radnicki.4.7 
 3. Stefanovic, Sloga4.2 
 4. Teodosic, Metalac4.1 
 5. Stefanovic, Borac4.0 
 6. Vukotic, Sloga3.6 
 7. Tomasevic, Masinac3.5 
 8. Maric, Ergonom3.5 
 9. Martinic, Novi Sad3.4 
 10. Pejovic, Napred.3.2 
Steals Per Game
  Novi Sad
  Avg: 3
 1. Martinic, Novi Sad3.0 
 2. Bolic, Radnicki I.2.1 
 3. Jovanovic, Zdravlje1.9 
 4. Sinovec, Vizura1.7 
 5. Mirkovic, Masinac1.7 
 6. Bogavac, Ergonom1.7 
 7. Fekete, Radnicki I.1.7 
 8. Dramicanin, Borac1.7 
 9. Ocokoljic, Swiss.Li.1.5 
 10. Majstorovic, Erg.1.5 
Blocks Per Game
  Radnicki 034
  Avg: 1.4
 1. Draskovic, Radnicki.1.4 
 2. Vucicevic, Vizura1.3 
 3. Mladenovic, Ergon.1.0 
 4. Buric, Vizura1.0 
 5. Zigeranovic, Borac1.0 
 6. Tanaskovic, Metal.1.0 
 7. Bircevic, Metalac1.0 
 8. Nikolic, Mega HL0.9 
 9. Janjusevic, Zdrav.0.8 
 10. Pavlovic, Radnic.0.7 


Standings - 1A
Liga Standings
 1. Krka 17-3 
 2. Helios 16-4 
 3. Zlatorog 15-5 
 4. Slovan 14-6 
 5. Polzela 11-9 
 6. Luka Koper 8-12 
 7. TCG Mercator 8-12 
 8. Zagorje 8-12 
 9. Elektra 7-13 
 10. Postojna 7-13 
 11. Alpos S. 5-15 
 12. Nova Gorica 4-16 
Will join on later stage:
 1. Olimpija

Stats Leaders - 1A
Points Per Game
  Avg: 22.9
 1. Goodrich, Zagorje22.9 
 2. King, Polzela21.8 
 3. Ivanovic, Elektra17.3 
 4. Strnad, Zlatorog17.2 
 5. Delic, Slovan17.1 
 6. Paris, Zagorje15.8 
 7. Jovanovic, Epic Misel15.6 
 8. Berdiel, Zlatorog15.3 
 9. Cup, Elektra14.6 
 10. Bubnic, Luka Kop.13.7 
Rebounds Per Game
 Shawn KING
  Avg: 14.9
 1. King, Polzela14.9 
 2. Johnson, Zagorje12.1 
 3. Paris, Zagorje8.8 
 4. Brown, Alpos S.7.6 
 5. Cup, Elektra7.0 
 6. Pavic, Krka6.9 
 7. Pasalic, Nova Gorica6.7 
 8. Jelesijevic, Polzela6.6 
 9. Lucic, Zlatorog6.2 
 10. Soldo, Epic Mis.5.9 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 5.7
 1. Vujasinovic, Polzela5.7 
 2. Berdiel, Zlatorog4.6 
 3. Cmer, Luka Koper4.5 
 4. Goodrich, Zagorje4.2 
 5. Ivanovic, Elektra3.9 
 6. Krivec, Krka3.5 
 7. Jovanovic, Epic Misel3.4 
 8. Perko, Nova Gorica3.4 
 9. Shields, Krka3.3 
 10. Mocnik, Heli.3.2 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 2.5
 1. Berdiel, Zlatorog2.5 
 2. Dragic, Slovan2.2 
 3. Dunovic, Alpos S.2.0 
 4. Goodrich, Zagorje2.0 
 5. Lapornik, Alpos S.1.8 
 6. Strnad, Zlatorog1.8 
 7. Snow, Helios1.8 
 8. Avdibegovic, Alpos S.1.7 
 9. Percel, Zagorje1.7 
 10. Horvat, Elekt.1.6 
Blocks Per Game
 Shawn KING
  Avg: 3.1
 1. King, Polzela3.1 
 2. Nuhanovic, Zlatorog1.4 
 3. Todorovic, Helios1.4 
 4. Lucic, Zlatorog1.3 
 5. Hunter, Zlatorog1.2 
 6. Brown, Alpos S.1.0 
 7. Soda, Nova Gorica1.0 
 8. Johnson, Zagorje0.9 
 9. Klepo, Slovan0.9 
 10. Bajramlic, Zagor.0.9 

1B Stats Leaders
1B Standings
 1. Parklji 18-2 
 2. Rudar 17-3 
 3. Rogaska 17-3 
 4. MFC.2 Marib. 15-5 
 5. Triglav K. 12-8 
 6. Kraski Zidar 11-9 
 7. Sencur 11-9 
 8. Hrastnik 9-11 
 9. Gradisce 8-12 
 10. Jance 7-13 
 11. Litija 6-14 
 12. Rogla 4-16 
 13. Konjice 3-17 
 14. Radenska 2-18 

Epic Misel score 100 points for the first time in a season - by Zeljko Zule
Epic Misel hit 100 points for the first time in a season. Zlatorog managed to slip past Elektra, the runner-up of Cup Spar, without two injuried staters. Shawn King earned his 17th double-double and it was his 9th consecutive double-double as Hopsi defeated Alpos.
UPC League - Round 20: Elektra Esotech-Zlatorog 63-81: Played without injuried starters Nejc Strnad and Uros Lucic, Zlatorog dominated in second half. A 12-2 run spanning halftime gave Zlatorog a 37-29 lead early in second half and went on a 15-2 run to finish the game. Ali Berdiel had 19 points and 6 assists, Vincent Hunter collected 17 points and 11 rebounds, Dario Krejic scored 14 points and Luka Dimec 12. Zlatorog shot 67-percent (8-of-12) from 3-point line while Elektra hit just 4-of-19 (21 percent). Nikola Ivanovic netted 23 points and Luka Sjekloca and Balsa Radunovic added 11 apiece.
Hopsi-Alpos Sentjur 85-71: Hopsi in second quarter mad a 11:2 run as the pulled ahead 36-27. Shawn King notched his 9th consecutive double-double with a 22-point and 18-rebound performance, Andrej Podvrsnik scored 14 points and Nemanja Jelesijevic had 11 rebounds and 7 assists. Alpos extended their road losing streak to 7 games. Armin Avdibegovic posted 20 points, Stanko Sebic 12 and Jason McCoy grabbed 11 rebounds.
Epic Misel-Zagorje 109-94: Epic made 14 3-pointers and hit 100 points for the first time in a season. Bojan Jovanovic (186-G-82, agency: Interperformances) scored 29 points on shooting 11-of-14 from the field and grabbed 7 rebounds, David Moro collected 24 points and 7 rebounds and Jan Mocnik in his debut had 20 points and 8 assists. Zagorje trailed by as many as 20 points at the half. David Paris scored 22 points, Joshuan Johnson had 20 points and 14 rebounds and Miroslav Juric scored 17 points. League leading scored Gilbert Goodrich posted 22 points, shot 1-of-8 from 3-point line and is now shooting 2-of-30 (!!!) from the downtown in his last four games.
Geoplin Slovan-CPG Nova Gorica 87-71: The first quarter made the difference as Slovan outscored the guests, 33-11, to take the contol of game. Slovan had six scorers in double figures. Zoran Dragic finished with 20 points and 8 rebounds, Dejan Cigoja posted 13 points, Milan Klepo 11 and Dejan Delic, Marin Han and Sasa Doncic 10 apiece. Vladimir Gojnic had 15 points for Gorica and Rok Perko added 13.


Stats Leaders-LEB Silver
Points Per Game
  Avg: 22.3
 1. Bouldin, Matchmind22.3 
 2. Echols, Cantabria19.3 
 3. Williams, Matchmind17.3 
 4. Mortellaro, ADT T.17.1 
 5. Turner, Promobys16.5 
 6. Llorente, Archena16.5 
 7. Nelson, Huelva15.9 
 8. Harry, Archena15.4 
 9. Camps, Cantabria15.3 
 10. Ausina, Moli.15.3 
Rebounds Per Game
 Cristopher MORTELLARO
  ADT Tarrag.
  Avg: 9.3
 1. Mortellaro, ADT T.9.3 
 2. Andrews, Guadalaj.9.3 
 3. Turner, Promobys9.2 
 4. Mathis, Alcazar9.2 
 5. Williams, Matchmind8.6 
 6. Thompson, Molina8.4 
 7. Echols, Cantabria8.2 
 8. Mugica, Archena7.8 
 9. Ausina, Molina7.7 
 10. Bouldin, Matchmi.7.5 
Assists Per Game
 Salvador CAMPS
  Avg: 7
 1. Camps, Cantabria7.0 
 2. Monclova, Alcazar5.6 
 3. Rufian, Huelva5.5 
 4. del Tio, Merida4.6 
 5. Darbo, Huelva4.5 
 6. Llorente, Archena4.4 
 7. Nunez, Guadalajara3.9 
 8. Sanchez, Cantabria3.6 
 9. Inigo, Guadalajara3.5 
 10. Castello, Matchmi.3.5 
Steals Per Game
 Jermaine TURNER
  Avg: 2.5
 1. Turner, Promobys2.5 
 2. Martinez, Navalcar.2.3 
 3. Llorente, Archena2.3 
 4. Monclova, Alcazar2.1 
 5. Comas, Girona2.0 
 6. Rueda, Promobys1.9 
 7. Sanchez, Cantabria1.8 
 8. Camps, Cantabria1.8 
 9. Zalvide, Molina1.7 
 10. Matamalas, Alai.1.7 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 2.3
 1. McLemore, Huelva2.3 
 2. Bain, ADT Tarrag.1.7 
 3. Williams, Matchmind1.3 
 4. Farley, Archena1.2 
 5. Williams, V..1.2 
 6. Bouldin, Matchmind1.2 
 7. Hilliman, Promobys1.1 
 8. Turner, Promobys1.1 
 9. Rodrigo, Navalcar.1.1 
 10. Cabeza, Giro.1.1 

ACB Round: 24 (Regular Season) - by Eurobasket News
Pamesa V. - Unicaja 79-83
Unicaja escaped with 83-79 win in Valencia mostly owing to Marcus Haislip (207-F-80, college: Tennessee), who drained 23 points and pulled down 6 rebounds. Joseph Gomes netted 15 and Thomas Kelati had 13 pts. The best Pamesa's player was Vule Avdalovic, who delivered 21 points. Unicaja 16-7, Pamesa 12-11.

CB Murcia - Granada 78-75
Very important win for the survival by CB Murcia (7-16). Lamont Barnes (208-F/C-78, college: Temple) shined for the hosts collecting 16 points and 17 rebounds (9 off). Pedro Robles also nailed 16 pts, but he came off the bench. Curtis Borchardt had double-double in defeat, 19 points and 11 rebounds.

DKV Joventut - Bruesa 106-70
DKV Joventut devastated Bruesa in Badalona 106-70. Ricky Rubio (192-G-90) scored 17, Demond Mallet had 16, while Jerome Moiso and Luka Bogdanovic nailed 14 points apiece. Sergio Sanchez also had 14 points, but for the loosing side. Joventut 17-6 (3rd place), Bruesa 7-15.

Iurbentia B. - Real Madrid 88-81
Bilbao crushed Real Madrid handing it the 6th defeat of the season. With this victory Bilbao jumped to 10-13. Luke Recker (198-G/F-78, college: Iowa) netted 15, while Salvador Guardia, Drago Pasalic and Damir Markota delivered 12 points apiece. Louis Bullock had 21 and Felipe Reyes added 20 points, plus 13 rebounds for the guests.

Tau - Cajasol 92-75
As it was expected, No.1 Tau was too strong for the last ranked Cajasol Sevilla improving to impressive 21-2. Mirza Teletovic (203-F-85, agency: Beo Basket) led powerful Tau collecting 19 points and 5 rebounds. Igor Rakocevic scored 18 and Tiago Splitter had 17 points, including 8 rebs. Clay Tucker and Andre Miso scored 16 points each in loss.

A.G. Fuenla - MMT Estudia. 97-89
Fuenla scored 97 points outgunning Estudiantes at home for 11-11 record in ACB. Brad Oleson (191-G-83, agency: Duran International, college: Alaska-Fairb.) once again led the scorers in victory with 29 pts (5 triples). Kristaps Valters followed him delivering 22 points. Tom Wideman replied with 17 points in loss. His Estu dropped to 7-16 (same as Murcia).

CAI Zaragoza - Vive Menorca 83-70
Very important victory for CAI Zaragoza as both teams had just 5 wins before this game. Paolo Quinteros (185-G-79) scored 18, Darren Phillip had 17 points and 10 rebounds, while Loren Woods helped the winners with 15 points and 11 rebs. On the other side, Menorca got 15 points from Mario Stojic.

Kalise G.C. - Ricoh Man. 89-65
Easy one for Granca, who now has 3 wins more than No.7 Pamesa. Melvin Sanders (196-G/F-81, college: Oklahoma St.) this time was a key player for the hosts netting 17 points. Joel Freeland, who also came off the bench, added 13 points and 7 boards. Josh Asselin netted 11 pts and was the only one with double-digits in scoring for Manresa.

Standings - LEB Gold
LEB Gold Standings
 1. Alicante 18-4 
 2. Valladolid 15-7 
 3. Tenerife 15-7 
 4. Leche Rio 14-8 
 5. Melilla 14-8 
 6. Burgos 13-9 
 7. Caceres 12-10 
 8. Axarquia 12-10 
 9. Los Barrios 11-11 
 10. Leon 11-11 
 11. Plus Pujol 11-11 
 12. La Laguna 10-12 
 13. La Palma 10-12 
 14. Mallorca 9-13 
 15. Vic 9-13 
 16. Illescas 5-17 
 17. Aguas Gandia 5-17 
 18. Rosalia 4-18 

Standings - LEB Silver
LEB Silver Standings
 1. Palencia 16-6 
 2. Vigo 15-7 
 3. Torrons Vic. 15-7 
 4. Plasencia 14-8 
 5. Caja Rioja 14-8 
 6. Navarra 13-9 
 7. Ourense 12-10 
 8. CB Tarrag. 12-10 
 9. Cornella 11-11 
 10. Jerez 10-12 
 11. Huesca 9-13 
 12. Gijon 8-14 
 13. CajasurCord. 8-14 
 14. Prat 8-14 
 15. Coruna 7-15 
 16. Qalat Caja Sol 4-18 

Stats Leaders - ACB
Points Per Game
  A.G. Fuenla
  Avg: 20.9
 1. Oleson, A.G. Fuenla20.9 
 2. Rakocevic, Tau20.6 
 3. Quinteros, CAI Z.19.0 
 4. Reyes, Real Madrid17.4 
 5. Dean, CB Murcia16.7 
 6. English, Kalise G.16.6 
 7. Haislip, Unicaja16.5 
 8. Jeter, Vive M.16.2 
 9. Splitter, Tau16.1 
 10. Bullock, Real Madr.15.7 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 10
 1. Borchardt, Granada10.0 
 2. Reyes, Real Madrid9.9 
 3. Caner-Medley, Cajas.8.4 
 4. Ilyasova, Regal B.7.7 
 5. Panko, Bruesa7.0 
 6. Vazquez, Regal B.6.5 
 7. Banic, Iurbentia B.6.1 
 8. Barnes, CB Murcia5.9 
 9. Splitter, Tau5.8 
 10. Augustine, Kalise.5.8 
Assists Per Game
 Ricky RUBIO
  DKV Joventut
  Avg: 6.2
 1. Rubio, DKV Joventut6.2 
 2. Rodriguez, Ricoh M.5.9 
 3. Prigioni, Tau4.8 
 4. Cook, Unicaja4.8 
 5. Valters, A.G. F.4.7 
 6. Thomas, CB Murcia4.5 
 7. Salgado, Iurbenti.4.4 
 8. Williams, Pamesa V.3.9 
 9. Lakovic, Regal B.3.9 
 10. Mallet, DKV.3.7 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 2.3
 1. Prigioni, Tau2.3 
 2. Rubio, DKV Joventut1.9 
 3. Popovic, Bruesa1.9 
 4. Rodriguez, Ricoh M.1.8 
 5. Splitter, Tau1.8 
 6. Jasen, MMT E.1.7 
 7. Thomas, CB Murcia1.7 
 8. Jeter, Vive M.1.7 
 9. Cook, Unicaja1.7 
 10. Guerra, CAI.1.6 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 1.7
 1. Borchardt, Granada1.7 
 2. Barnes, CB Murcia1.7 
 3. Vazquez, Regal B.1.5 
 4. Asselin, Ricoh Man.1.4 
 5. Haislip, Unicaja1.1 
 6. Ibaka, Ricoh Man.1.1 
 7. Splitter, Tau1.1 
 8. Gutierrez, Granada1.1 
 9. Moss, CB Murcia1.0 
 10. Eley, Vive Menor.1.0 

Standings - ACB
ACB Standings
 1. Tau 21-2 
 2. Barcelona 18-4 
 3. Joventut 17-6 
 4. Real 16-6 
 5. Unicaja 16-7 
 6. G.Canaria 15-7 
 7. Pamesa 12-11 
 8. Fuenlabrada 11-11 
 9. Ricoh Man. 11-12 
 10. Bilbao 10-13 
 11. Granada 9-14 
 12. Bruesa 7-15 
 13. Estudiant. 7-16 
 14. Murcia 7-16 
 15. Zaragoza 6-16 
 16. Menorca 5-18 
 17. Cajasol 4-18 

Stats Leaders - LEB Gold
Points Per Game
 Antwain BARBOUR
  Avg: 18.9
 1. Barbour, Tenerife18.9 
 2. Guillen, Los Barrios18.7 
 3. Garcia, Burgos17.6 
 4. Detrick, La Laguna17.5 
 5. Kiefer, Vic17.4 
 6. Simien, Caceres16.8 
 7. Cusworth, Leche R.16.3 
 8. Terrell, La Palma15.9 
 9. Blair, Mallorca15.2 
 10. Prestes, Cl.Rinc.15.2 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 9.7
 1. Prestes, Cl.Rincon9.7 
 2. Donaldson, La La.9.4 
 3. Battle, Valladolid8.8 
 4. Simien, Caceres8.2 
 5. Hamilton, Tenerife7.8 
 6. Guillen, Los Barrios7.5 
 7. Baez, Leon7.2 
 8. Moss, Caceres7.2 
 9. Blair, Mallorca7.1 
 10. Cusworth, Leche.6.9 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 6.5
 1. Ciorciari, Melilla6.5 
 2. Corrales, Burgos4.8 
 3. Sala, La Palma4.3 
 4. Mendiburu, Plus Pujol4.1 
 5. Bernabe, Leon3.7 
 6. Brown, Caceres3.7 
 7. Dumas, Valladolid3.6 
 8. Lopez, Leche Rio3.5 
 9. Cortaberria, Cl.Ri.3.4 
 10. Colom, Plus Puj.3.4 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 2.3
 1. Blanch, Mallorca2.3 
 2. Van Lacke, Valladolid2.0 
 3. Lopez, Leche Rio1.9 
 4. Ciorciari, Melilla1.9 
 5. Bernabe, Leon1.8 
 6. Baez, Leon1.6 
 7. Hill, Alicante1.6 
 8. Cusworth, Leche R.1.6 
 9. Battle, Valladolid1.5 
 10. Victor, Melil.1.5 
Blocks Per Game
 Robert BATTLE
  Avg: 2
 1. Battle, Valladolid2.0 
 2. Southall, Melilla1.7 
 3. Hamilton, Tenerife1.7 
 4. Donaldson, La La.1.5 
 5. Cusworth, Leche R.1.4 
 6. Simien, Caceres1.3 
 7. Lewis, Plus Pujol1.3 
 8. Nana, Rosalia1.2 
 9. Sinanovic, Burgos1.2 
 10. Harris, La Lagu.1.0 


Standings - BasketEttan
Basketettan Standings
 1. Lidingo 19-3 
 2. Haga Haninge 17-5 
 3. Blackeberg 16-6 
 4. KFUM Uppsala 13-9 
 5. Talje 12-7 
 6. Akropol 11-9 
 7. Lulea Steel 11-12 
 8. Hallsta 9-12 
 9. Alvik Basket 8-13 
 10. Lulea BG 7-13 
 11. Polisen 6-16 
 12. Umea 5-15 
 13. Orongo 4-18 
 1. Fryshuset 14-5 
 2. Nassjo 14-5 
 3. Srbija 13-7 
 4. Kalmar 12-6 
 5. Orebro 12-8 
 6. NUBF 11-8 
 7. Kvarnby 10-10 
 8. Sanda 9-9 
 9. S:t Helena 7-12 
 10. Norrkoping BK 6-13 
 11. Eos 4-15 
 12. Saltsjobaden 3-17 
 13. Soder 0-0 


Mladjan back in Lugano - by Dimitri Toumayeff
The Lugano Tigers signed Dusan Mladjan (1986, 199, 2-3) for the remainder of the season. Mladjan tried to make it on Premiata Montegranaro's roster but finally ended up playing for Lega2 team Pallacanestro Roseto 1946, where he only played one game. The young Swiss international played two full season for Lugano (2003-2005), and also finished last season with this club. Mladjan should play his first game against Geneva next week.

Nyon to play against Fribourg in League Cup Final - by Eurobasket News
Nyon became the first League Cup finalist as they defeated Vacallo 77:70 in the semifinal yesterday. Vacallo is having a great season as they dominate in the LNA championship however Nyon found the right arguments to prevail in this one. The teams traded baskets throughout the opening term and Nyon enjoyed a narrow 16:15 advantage. The things got better for Nyon in the second frame and as they managed to run away to a 9-point distance. Nyon consolidated their position in the third stanza as their balanced offense worked smoothly. Vacallo finally adjusted in the fourth term and tried to save the game. Martin Mihajlovic (208-C-81) led a comeback charge for Vacallo but they came up short and lost the game at the end. Yuanta Holland (202-F/C-78, college: Dayton) finished with 17 points and 10 boards for Nyon. Ivan McFarlin (203-F-82, agency: Octagon, college: Oklahoma St.) delivered 15 points and 10 rebounds for the winners. Martin Mihajlovic answered with 18 points for Vacallo. Matt Schneidermann (205-F/C-81, college: N.Iowa) posted 13 points in defeat.
The two-time defending League Cup champions Fribourg joined Nyon in the final after they had edged Lausanne 72:52. Dennis Harrison (201-F-79, college: Colorado) scored 19 points and grabbed 13 caroms to pace the winners. Fribourg took the lead after a storming 28:12 first frame and never looked back en route to the victory. Brock Gillespie (186-G-82, college: Rice) nailed 14 points in the winning effort. Brendon Polyblank (197-G/F-78, college: Texas St.-San Marcos) secured 21 points for Lausanne in the loss.
The final game is scheduled for today.

"Magic Harrison and "The Warrior"Sloan lead Fribourg to 3rd straight Coupe de la Ligue - by Alexander Davis
Benetton Fribourg Olympic captured its 3rd consectutive Coupe de la ligue in an epic battle with rival Nyon. Nyon came out early and aggressive and jumped out to a commanding 27-15 1st quarter lead. Led by point guard J ean-Baptiste Bah , and Julien Rahier, the Nyon backcourt outplayed Fribourg in the 1st quarter. But the 2nd quarter is where Fribourg Olympic showed why they are the 3 time champs. Down by 15 points Dennis 'Magic' Harrison (201-F-79, college: Colorado) erupted for 17 straight points, and singlehandedly brought Fribourg back to life. He shredded the Nyon defense with drives, and outside shots, and Nyon had no answer. Nyon went into the half with a 42-38 advantage, and having saddled all 3 Fribourg interior players with 3 fouls! The beginning of the 3rd quarter was a lot like the 1st as Nyon came out on fire, led by Yuanta Holland, who scored 20 points. But he was answered shot for shot by Vladimir Buscaglia, who played amazing in the 2nd half. With Sloan and Vogt both with 3 and 4 fouls respectively, Buscalgia had to play the 4 position. He battled Holland and McFarlin inside, and hit key baskets to bring Fribourg back in the game, and eventually they would take the lead with a 57-55 advantage. The 4th quarter is where the difference in the game took place. Led by 'The Warrior'Marcus Sloan (205-F-82, agency: Octagon, college: TCU) , who didn't play his best offensively this weekend, but he made up for it with is intensity and toughness, and Fribourg suffocated Nyon defensively. Nyon couldnt match Fribourg's intensity, especially on defense, where the game was won. Fribourg stretched the lead out to 10 points and never looked back. Fribourg was led by DJ harrison with 32 points,Vladimir Buscaglia had 19, and Olivier Vogt had 16 and 10 rebounds. Nyon in the losing effort was led by Yuanta Holland's 20 points and Jean-Baptiste Bah had 19 points, and Julien Rahier finished with 13.


Standings - D1
D1 Standings
 1. Jalaa 18-0 
 2. Jeish 16-2 
 3. Wehda 14-4 
 4. Ittihad 10-8 
 5. Yarmouk 9-9 
 6. Karameh 9-9 
 7. Wathba 8-10 
 8. Talee'a 8-10 
 9. Hurriya 8-10 
 10. Kasyoun 4-14 
 11. Nawayeer 4-14 
 12. Hutteen 0-18 


2009 UBA final round results - by Chris Wang
The UBA entered the single-elimination final round which the men's and women's title will be determined among eight men's teams and eight women's teams in three days.

Fo Guang University shocked TPEC, last season's runner-up, while the defending champion Chinese Culture University routed Shih Hsin University 133-46. Both teams advanced to the final four.

March 1 Women's results:
Fo Guang Univ. (FGU) 89-83 Taipei Physical Education College (TPEC)
Chinese Culture Univ. (CCU) 133-46 Shih Hsin Univ.
National Taiwan Normal Univ. (NTNU) 77-32 National Taiwan Sports Univ. - Taoyuan Campus (NTSU-Taoyuan)
National Taipei University of Education (NTUE) 86-69 National Taiwan Sports Univ. - Taichung Campus (NTSU-Taichung)

Women's final four matchup:

Four men's games will be played in two days. Hsing Wu College upset 4th seed National Taiwan University of Art (NTUA) 93-82 Sunday night and advanced to the final four. National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) beat National Kaohsiung Normal University (NKNU) 101-46.

Two final four seeds will be decided tomorrow, when Fu Jen University meets NTSU-Taoyuan and CCU meets TPEC.

Men's final four seeds will be:
Hsing Wu College
Winner of FJU/NTSU-Taoyuan
Winner of CCU/TPEC

If you are familiar with Taiwanese basketball, you should have no trouble knowing that most SBL players are still in college. Therefore, they have to play for their schools too. Players such as Wu Tai-hao and Su Yi-chieh played in UBA games too.


Play-off - 7th round the good affaire of ESS and USM - by Carlos Pereira
Winner of CA away in Tunis by 8 points (72-80), ES transfered at the head classification. Better, it was qualified officially with the super play-off in company of the USM thanks to their respective advantages of 4 and 3 points compared to EZS. SN could win again with ESR and remains with CA the two other favorite clubs to pass to the super play-off.

C Africain-ES Sahel 72-80
S Nabeulien-ES Rads 63-55
US Monastir-Ezzahra 84-81


1) ESS 13
2) CA 12
-) USM 12
4) SN 11
5) EZS 96) ESR 8


Standings - TBL
TBL Standings
 1. Efes Pilsen 19-1 
 2. Galatasaray 16-4 
 3. T.Telekom 15-5 
 4. Fener.Ulker 14-7 
 5. Besiktas 12-9 
 6. Antalya 11-9 
 7. Karsiyaka 11-10 
 8. Mersin 10-10 
 9. Darussafaka 9-11 
 10. Banvit 9-12 
 11. Aliaga 8-12 
 12. Oyak Renault 8-12 
 13. Erdemir 8-13 
 14. Kepez Bld 6-14 
 15. Selcuk Uni. 6-15 
 16. TED Koleji 1-19 

Stats Leaders - D1
Points Per Game
 Aubrey REESE
  Avg: 22.2
 1. Reese, Aliaga22.2 
 2. Crispin, Banvit20.8 
 3. Lofton, Mersin19.5 
 4. Williams, Banvit19.3 
 5. Gordon, Oyak R.19.2 
 6. Mims, Karsiyaka18.5 
 7. Davis, Aliaga18.3 
 8. McCalebb, Mersin17.9 
 9. Ibekwe, Selcuk U.17.7 
 10. Graves, Galatasar.17.4 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 12.2
 1. Williams, Karsiyaka12.2 
 2. Thomas, Erdemir11.7 
 3. Besok, Galatasaray9.1 
 4. Traylor, Kepez Bld8.8 
 5. Saunders, Selcuk U.8.4 
 6. Ffriend, Mersin7.9 
 7. Benton, Karsiyaka7.9 
 8. Williams, Banvit7.7 
 9. Davis, Aliaga7.5 
 10. Gonlum, Efes Pils.7.4 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 7.2
 1. Koseoglu, Karsiyaka7.2 
 2. Acik, T.Telekom5.5 
 3. Chatman, Besiktas5.4 
 4. Crispin, Banvit5.2 
 5. King, Antalya5.1 
 6. Senturk, Darussaf.5.1 
 7. Reese, Aliaga4.9 
 8. Atkins, Galatasaray4.6 
 9. Gordon, Oyak R.4.5 
 10. McCalebb, Mers.4.5 
Steals Per Game
 Edward BASDEN
  Avg: 2.9
 1. Basden, Mersin2.9 
 2. McCalebb, Mersin2.7 
 3. Atkins, Galatasaray2.2 
 4. Martin, Kepez Bld1.9 
 5. Ibekwe, Selcuk U.1.9 
 6. Chatman, Besiktas1.9 
 7. Koseoglu, Karsiyaka1.9 
 8. Graves, Galatasaray1.8 
 9. Senturk, Darussaf.1.8 
 10. Smith, Efes Pils.1.7 
Blocks Per Game
  TED Koleji
  Avg: 2.8
 1. Hansen, TED Koleji2.8 
 2. Benton, Karsiyaka2.4 
 3. Solak, Aliaga2.1 
 4. Stiemsma, Oyak R.1.9 
 5. Traylor, Kepez Bld1.8 
 6. Ibekwe, Selcuk U.1.8 
 7. Davis, Aliaga1.6 
 8. Ffriend, Mersin1.3 
 9. Johnson, Aliaga1.2 
 10. Douthit, Antal.1.1 


Boys Dem win Ron Charles 13-15 Championship