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Men News


Adriatic L. Standings
 1. Partizan 23-3 
 2. Cibona 19-7 
 3. Hemofarm 19-7 
 4. Crvena Zvez. 19-7 
 5. Zadar 17-9 
 6. Buducnost 15-11 
 7. Bosna S. 11-15 
 8. FMP 10-16 
 9. Olimpija 10-16 
 10. KK Split 10-16 
 11. Krka 9-17 
 12. Helios 8-18 
 13. KK Zagreb 8-18 
 14. Vojvodina 4-22 

Stats Leaders

Points Per Game
  Avg: 17.9
 1. Labovic, FMP17.9 
 2. Jacobson, Helios16.0 
 3. Shannon, KK Split15.6 
 4. Shields, Krka15.5 
 5. Ikonic, Bosna S.15.3 
 6. Tomic, KK Zagreb15.2 
 7. Ivanovic, Bosna S.14.7 
 8. Gecevski, Zadar14.4 
 9. Stemberger, KK Sp.13.9 
 10. Simon, KK Zagr.13.5 
Rebounds Per Game
  KK Zagreb
  Avg: 8.8
 1. Tomic, KK Zagreb8.8 
 2. Gecevski, Zadar7.9 
 3. Velickovic, Partizan6.9 
 4. Ivanov, Zadar6.9 
 5. Samardziski, FMP6.9 
 6. Borovnjak, Vojvo.6.8 
 7. Pavic, Krka6.7 
 8. Lasme, Partizan6.6 
 9. Labovic, FMP6.2 
 10. Hajric, Bosna.5.8 
Assists Per Game
  Bosna S.
  Avg: 4.5
 1. Dordevic, Bosna S.4.5 
 2. Ilievski, U.Olimpija4.5 
 3. Stipcevic, Zadar4.4 
 4. Shannon, KK Split4.3 
 5. Mocnik, Helios3.7 
 6. Covic, FMP3.5 
 7. Pavkovic, Hemofarm3.4 
 8. Dixon, Zadar3.3 
 9. Calloway, Cibona3.3 
 10. Marinovic, Crvena.3.1 
Steals Per Game
  KK Split
  Avg: 2.3
 1. Shannon, KK Split2.3 
 2. Calloway, Cibona2.0 
 3. Markovic, Hemofarm1.8 
 4. Ozbolt, U.Olimpija1.7 
 5. Mocnik, Helios1.6 
 6. Stemberger, KK Sp.1.6 
 7. Stipcevic, Zadar1.5 
 8. Roberts, Crvena Z.1.5 
 9. Snow, Helios1.4 
 10. Bakic, Crvena Zv.1.4 
Blocks Per Game
 Mirza BEGIC
  Avg: 2.3
 1. Begic, U.Olimpija2.3 
 2. Vranes, Partizan1.8 
 3. Lasme, Partizan1.7 
 4. Samardziski, FMP1.2 
 5. Bader, Hemofarm1.0 
 6. Zoric, KK Zagreb1.0 
 7. Zimic, Bosna S.1.0 
 8. Roberts, Crvena Z.1.0 
 9. Gecevski, Zadar1.0 
 10. Tomic, KK Zagr.1.0 


Reseults and Standing - by Carlos Pereira
Results and standings after 1 round from second phase.

Recreativo do Libolo Promade de Cabinda 97-41
1 de Agosto Interclube 100-67
Petro de Luanda ASA 83-88


1 1 de Agosto 02 pontos
2 - Libolo 02
3 - ASA 02
4 - Petro de Luanda 01
5 Interclube 01
6 Promade 01


Desportivo da Hula Sporting de Cabinda 20-00 (forfeit)
CDUAN Imbondeiro de Viana 103-51
Universidade Lusadas Vila Clotilde 86-65


1 - CDUAN 02 Pontos
2 Lusadas 02
3 - Desportivo da Hula 02
4 - Vila Clotilde 01
5 - Imbondeiro de Viana 01
6 - Sporting de Luanda 01

ASA beat Petro - by Carlos Pereira
In the first round second phase, Asa beat Petro of Luanda by 88-83.
Is not a surprise, this year the Carlos Diniz team is a top one. They fight for the title also with Petro, 1 Agosto and Libolo.

Best scores Jos Nascimento, from ASA, was the best with 23 points, for Petro de Luanda Carlos Morais make 19.

Box score

Petro de Luanda: Eduardo Mingas (12), Roberto Fortes (06), Carlos Morais (19), Fernando Albano (00), Frederick Gentry (14), Paulo Santana (11), Francisco Horcio (00), Milton Barros (12), Heshimu Evans (06), Victor de Carvalho (03), Vlademir Pontes (00), Abdel Bouckar (00).
Coach: Alberto de Carvalho Ginguba

ASA: Edmundo Ventura (06), Wilson Da Mata (00), Cristvo Oliveira (00), Adolfo Quimbamba (12), Hlder Ortet (00), Filipe Abrao (14), Jos Nascimento (23), Wilson de Carvalho (00), Idelfonso Kiteculo (15), Leroy Wilkins (09), Afonso Rodrigues (06), Francisco Gonalves (03).
Coach: Carlos Diniz


LigaA Round: 1 (Play-Offs) - by Eurobasket News

1/8 finals
Cicl.Olimpico - Quimsa 82-73
Ciclista made a first step to Liga A quarterfinals mostly owing to Anthony Glover (196-F-79, agency: Passing Lane, college: St.John's), who collected 26 points and 10 rebounds. James Williams was behind him with 17 points and 9 rebounds, while Mariano Byro helped with 16 pts. Gabriel Mikulas answered with 15 pts for the loosing side.

Estudiantes - Regatas C. 97-107
Regatas cruised past Estu for 1-0 in the 1/8 finals. Federico Kammerichs (203-F-80) was on pretty high level draining 24 points and pulling down 13 rebounds. Sebastian Acosta scored 22, Emilio Taboada had 21, while Alejandro Montecchia almost registered triple-double: 14 pts, 8 rebs and 10 assists. The hosts got 25 points and 6 boards from Juan Cangelosi.

Boca Jrs - Independ.N. 90-76
Gabriel Fernandez (204-C-76) was a key player for Boca Junior in the first 1/8 finals game collecting 23 points and 6 rebounds. Juan Espil also shined netting 19, while Derrick Alston had 14 pts. Federico Marin contributed with 16 points in defeat.

Sionista - Quilmes MP 79-57
Sionista celebrated in the first game of the 1/8 finals series against Quilmes MP. Eduardo Villares (186-G-79) came up with 14, while Juan Pablo Cantero, Maurice Spillers, Javier Martinez and Chuck Robinson netted 12 points each. On the other side, the guests got 16 points and 5 rebounds from Carlos Dixon.

13-16 place
Obras - Ben Hur 89-61
Obras made a first step forward to the survival in A league. Poor Ben Hur was not able to resist suffering huge 28-point loss. Patricio Rodriguez (193-F-84, agency: Players Group) led the scorers in victory with 13 pts. Fernando Cavagna of Ben Hur led all the scorers with 19.

El Nacional - Lanus (March 23rd)

Stats Leaders - TNA

Points Per Game
  San Mart.C.
  Avg: 20.6
 1. Carcamo, San M.20.6 
 2. Warren, Argentino18.7 
 3. Ford, P.Echague18.2 
 4. Ghirardi, Firmat S.18.2 
 5. Tomatis, Alma Juniors17.7 
 6. Sucre, Union17.6 
 7. Fabio, Obera TC17.2 
 8. Nwankwo, San M.17.1 
 9. Ceruti, San M.17.0 
 10. Rollins, Ciclis.16.6 
Rebounds Per Game
  San Mart.C.
  Avg: 9.4
 1. Carcamo, San M.9.4 
 2. Cutley, Atl.Echague9.1 
 3. Rollins, Ciclista9.1 
 4. Johnson, Belgrano.8.9 
 5. Williams, A.Espanola8.7 
 6. Robinson, Alma J.8.7 
 7. Sucre, Union8.1 
 8. Brown, Firmat SF7.8 
 9. Gibson, La Union7.2 
 10. Pardal, C.Entr.7.2 
Assists Per Game
 Cristian CADILLAC
  Avg: 4.7
 1. Cadillac, C.Entrer.4.7 
 2. Costa, La Union3.8 
 3. Sureda, Argentino3.8 
 4. Sartorelli, San M.3.3 
 5. Rivero, Atl.Echague3.2 
 6. Perez, GimnasiaLP2.7 
 7. Schoppler, A.Esp.2.5 
 8. Saul, A.Italiana2.5 
 9. Palacios, Alma J.2.5 
 10. Belvedere, San.2.4 
Steals Per Game
 Juan Angel LOPEZ
  Avg: 2.6
 1. Lopez, A.Italiana2.6 
 2. Eseverri, Belgrano.2.4 
 3. Martin, Union2.3 
 4. Eiguren, P.Echague2.1 
 5. Ford, P.Echague2.0 
 6. Pau, La Union1.9 
 7. Ledesma, Atl.Echa.1.8 
 8. Saul, A.Italiana1.8 
 9. Robinson, Alma J.1.8 
 10. Schoppler, A.E.1.7 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 1.8
 1. Espinoza, Argentino1.8 
 2. Rollins, Ciclista1.7 
 3. Nwankwo, San M.1.6 
 4. Robinson, Union1.5 
 5. Mattis, GimnasiaLP1.2 
 6. Brown, Firmat SF1.1 
 7. Marshall, C.Entrer.1.0 
 8. Gibson, La Union1.0 
 9. Porta, Atl.Echague1.0 
 10. Brezzo, San.0.8 

Standings - TNA
TNA Standings
 1. Ciclista 8-4 
 2. Union 8-4 
 3. San Mart.C. 7-5 
 4. La Union 7-5 
 5. San Mart.MJ 6-6 
 6. P.Echague 6-6 
 7. Alma Juniors 4-8 
 8. Belgrano SN 2-10 
 1. Argentino 11-1 
 2. C.Entrerriano 8-4 
 3. GimnasiaLP 6-6 
 4. Firmat SF 6-6 
 5. A.Italiana 6-6 
 6. Atl.Echague 5-7 
 7. Obera TC 4-8 
 8. A.Espanola 2-10 

Stats Leaders - LigaA

Points Per Game
 Edward NELSON
  Avg: 20.5
 1. Nelson, Estudiantes20.5 
 2. Moodie, Independ.19.9 
 3. Jackson, Penarol19.3 
 4. Mazzaro, Quimsa18.6 
 5. Assie, Independ.N.17.5 
 6. Robinson, Sionista16.9 
 7. Espil, Boca Jrs16.7 
 8. Taylor, Lanus16.5 
 9. Glover, Cicl.Olimpico16.4 
 10. Osborne, Libert.15.7 
Rebounds Per Game
  Regatas C.
  Avg: 10.7
 1. Kammerichs, Regat.10.7 
 2. Williams, Cicl.Oli.9.5 
 3. Assie, Independ.N.8.8 
 4. Nelson, Estudiantes7.9 
 5. Allen, Quimsa7.7 
 6. Levy, Estudiantes7.4 
 7. Taylor, Lanus7.3 
 8. Mikulas, Quimsa7.2 
 9. Kante, Atenas7.1 
 10. Borrell, Obr.7.0 
Assists Per Game
 Hernando SALLES
  Quilmes MP
  Avg: 4.7
 1. Salles, Quilmes MP4.7 
 2. Cantero, Sionista4.2 
 3. Rodriguez, Penarol4.1 
 4. Treise, Quimsa3.9 
 5. Franco, Estudiantes3.7 
 6. Titarelli, Obras3.3 
 7. Martinez, Sionista3.3 
 8. La Bella, Estudiantes3.3 
 9. Cequeira, Regat.3.1 
 10. Olmedo, Lan.2.8 
Steals Per Game
 Brice ASSIE
  Avg: 2.2
 1. Assie, Independ.N.2.2 
 2. Sciutto, Gimn.CR2.0 
 3. Casini, Boca Jrs2.0 
 4. Aguirre, Boca Jrs2.0 
 5. Marin, Independ.N.2.0 
 6. Treise, Quimsa1.9 
 7. Moodie, Independ.1.9 
 8. Bortz, Boca Jrs1.8 
 9. Moore, El Nacional1.7 
 10. Johnson, Penar.1.6 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 1.9
 1. Smith, Quimsa1.9 
 2. Miller, Quimsa1.9 
 3. Bortz, Boca Jrs1.9 
 4. Moore, El Nacional1.9 
 5. Allen, Quimsa1.8 
 6. Kammerichs, Regat.1.4 
 7. Alston, Boca Jrs1.3 
 8. Williams, Cicl.Oli.1.3 
 9. Smith, Lanus1.1 
 10. Gonzalez, Penar.1.0 


Standings - A Bundesliga
A Standings
Group 1
 1. Furstenfeld 18-7 
 2. Gmunden 18-7 
 3. Arkadia 16-9 
 4. Kapfenberg 15-10 
 5. Wels 15-10 
 6. Oberwart 15-10 
Group 2
 1. Klosterneub. 13-12 
 2. Gussing 11-14 
 3. St.Polten 10-16 
 4. Worthersee 9-16 
 5. UBSC Graz 7-18 
 6. Vienna 4-22 

Stats Leaders

Points Per Game
  Avg: 22.9
 1. Mitchell, Arkadia22.9 
 2. Mayes, Gmunden22.0 
 3. Thomas, Wels19.9 
 4. George, Vienna19.9 
 5. Burnette, Worth.19.8 
 6. Speiser, St.Polten19.2 
 7. Youngblood, Oberw.18.9 
 8. Moric, Oberwart18.7 
 9. Fears, Kapfenberg18.5 
 10. Nagler, Kloste.18.3 
Rebounds Per Game
 Nicholas RHODES
  Avg: 11.3
 1. Rhodes, Vienna11.3 
 2. Chappell, Gussing9.3 
 3. Bakovic, St.Polten9.0 
 4. Grier, UBSC G.8.2 
 5. Johnson, Oberwart7.8 
 6. Ledoux, Gussing7.6 
 7. Strait, Wels7.3 
 8. Lucas, Furstenfeld7.3 
 9. Moric, Oberwart7.2 
 10. Colwell, Gmund.7.1 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 5.7
 1. Schreiner, St.Po.5.7 
 2. Burnette, Worth.5.7 
 3. Lanegger, UBSC G.5.7 
 4. Boone, Furstenfeld5.0 
 5. Mascoll, UBSC G.4.6 
 6. Danek, Arkadia4.6 
 7. Grum, Furstenfeld4.0 
 8. Rowland, Furstenf.3.8 
 9. Thomas, Gussing3.8 
 10. O'Neal, Vien.3.8 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 2.4
 1. Mitchell, Arkadia2.4 
 2. George, Vienna2.3 
 3. Ray, Furstenfeld2.1 
 4. Moore, Wels2.0 
 5. Creddle, Klostern.2.0 
 6. Burnette, Worth.2.0 
 7. Artner, Oberwart1.8 
 8. Fears, Kapfenberg1.8 
 9. Youngblood, Oberw.1.8 
 10. Ledoux, Gussi.1.8 
Blocks Per Game
 Bryan GRIER
  UBSC Graz
  Avg: 2.2
 1. Grier, UBSC G.2.2 
 2. Colwell, Gmunden1.3 
 3. Barbary, Furstenf.1.0 
 4. Mascoll, UBSC G.0.9 
 5. Bakovic, St.Polten0.8 
 6. Huffman, Gmunden0.7 
 7. Schranz, Arkadia0.7 
 8. Hamidovic, Klostern.0.7 
 9. Vay, Arkadia0.7 
 10. Mayer, Gmund.0.7 


Standings - Division I
D1 Standings
 1. M.Hainaut 17-6 
 2. Charleroi 16-6 
 3. Aalstar 16-6 
 4. Antwerp 12-10 
 5. Liege 10-12 
 6. Oostende 9-13 
 7. Leuven 8-14 
 8. Verviers-Pep. 7-16 
 9. Gent 5-17 

Stats Leaders - Division I

Points Per Game
  Avg: 18.4
 1. Lojeski, Aalstar18.4 
 2. Banks, Verviers.17.8 
 3. Hopkins, Antwerp17.4 
 4. Miller, Leuven17.3 
 5. Hill, Liege17.1 
 6. Hite, Oostende16.7 
 7. Freeman, Gent16.4 
 8. Green, M.Hainaut15.4 
 9. Cage, Liege14.6 
 10. Pelle, Aalst.14.4 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 9.7
 1. Cantrell, Aalstar9.7 
 2. Brown, Gent8.5 
 3. Randle, Gent8.0 
 4. Pelle, Aalstar7.7 
 5. Ebong, M.Hainaut7.7 
 6. Thomas, Liege7.0 
 7. Melson, Gent6.7 
 8. Beghin, Antwerp6.4 
 9. Young, Leuven6.3 
 10. Sensley, M.Haina.6.2 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 5.3
 1. Huffman, Aalstar5.3 
 2. Draper, Oostende4.9 
 3. Atkins, Oostende4.1 
 4. Conlan, M.Hainaut3.6 
 5. Black, Antwerp3.3 
 6. Moors, Gent3.2 
 7. Miller, Leuven3.0 
 8. Loubry, Gent3.0 
 9. Wilson, Liege2.8 
 10. Zecevic, Vervie.2.8 
Steals Per Game
 Christopher HILL
  Avg: 2.3
 1. Hill, Liege2.3 
 2. Hopkins, Antwerp2.2 
 3. Conlan, M.Hainaut2.0 
 4. Freeman, Gent2.0 
 5. Dove, Verviers-Pep.1.9 
 6. Huffman, Aalstar1.8 
 7. Lojeski, Aalstar1.8 
 8. Broyles, Charleroi1.6 
 9. Black, Antwerp1.6 
 10. Petrovic, Oosten.1.6 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 1.4
 1. Riddick, Charleroi1.4 
 2. Haryasz, Oostende1.4 
 3. Pelle, Aalstar1.3 
 4. Fields, Liege0.9 
 5. Dove, Verviers-Pep.0.9 
 6. Wilkinson, Charleroi0.9 
 7. Sensley, M.Hainaut0.9 
 8. Erwin, Verviers.0.8 
 9. Green, Oostende0.8 
 10. Ibrahim, Leuv.0.8 


Standings - BIH League
D1 Standings
 1. Igokea 22-2 
 2. Sloboda Dita 19-5 
 3. Zrinjski MC 19-5 
 4. Siroki Eronet 15-9 
 5. SL IAT Leotar 14-10 
 6. BoracNektar 12-12 
 7. Hercegovac 10-14 
 8. Mladost MG 10-14 
 9. Vitez 9-15 
 10. Slavija 9-15 
 11. Grude 9-15 
 12. Posusje 8-16 
 13. Novi Grad 0-24 
Will join on later stage:
 1. Bosna S.


Standings - BNL
NBB Standings
 1. CISER/Araldite 11-2 
 2. Flamengo 11-2 
 3. Universo/BRB 11-3 
 4. Pitagoras/Minas 9-3 
 5. Winner/Limeira 9-5 
 6. Vivo/Franca 8-6 
 7. Conti/Assis 7-6 
 8. GRSA/Bauru 7-7 
 9. Pinheiros 6-8 
 10. Paulistano 6-8 
 11. CETAF 5-9 
 12. Lupo/Araraq. 4-10 
 13. Univates/Bira 3-10 
 14. Saldanha 3-11 
 15. S.Jose/Vinac 2-12 

Stats Leaders - BNL

Points Per Game
 Marcelinho MACHADO
  Avg: 27.5
 1. Machado, Flamengo27.5 
 2. Stefanelli, Pauli.21.8 
 3. Stallworth, Winner.20.6 
 4. Vinicius, Pinheiros20.5 
 5. Taylor, GR.20.2 
 6. dos Santos, Winner.19.4 
 7. Morejon, CE.18.7 
 8. da Rosa, Pitago.18.3 
 9. Klafke, Vivo/Franca17.8 
 10. Shipp, Pitago.17.7 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 11.5
 1. dos Santos, Joinville11.5 
 2. Nascimento, Pinheiros9.3 
 3. da Rosa, Pitago.8.8 
 4. Bambu, Lupo/Ara.8.6 
 5. Cipriano, Unive.8.1 
 6. Ferreira, Saldanha7.7 
 7. Teichmann, Winner.7.4 
 8. Morejon, CE.7.2 
 9. Costa, CE.6.9 
 10. Drudi, Vivo/Fran.6.8 
Assists Per Game
 Fernando PENNA
  Avg: 9.8
 1. Penna, Paulistano9.8 
 2. Neto, Lupo/Araraq.6.5 
 3. Sucatzky, Pitago.6.2 
 4. Taylor, GR.6.2 
 5. Costa, Vivo/Franca5.8 
 6. Silva, Un.5.0 
 7. dos Santos, Winner.5.0 
 8. Soares, Joinville4.7 
 9. Machado, Flamengo4.4 
 10. Pinto, Winner.4.4 
Steals Per Game
 Fernando PENNA
  Avg: 2.8
 1. Penna, Paulistano2.8 
 2. Taylor, GR.2.8 
 3. Machado, Flamengo2.5 
 4. Felipe, Vivo/Franca2.3 
 5. Ferreira, Saldanha2.2 
 6. Neto, Lupo/Araraq.2.2 
 7. Pinheiro, CE.2.0 
 8. Gustavo, Saldanha1.9 
 9. Williams, Joinville1.8 
 10. Machado, Flamen.1.8 
Blocks Per Game
 Guilherme TEICHMANN
  Avg: 1.9
 1. Teichmann, Winner.1.9 
 2. Vinicius, Lupo/Ara.1.5 
 3. Fiorotto, Winner.1.3 
 4. Castro, S.Jose/V.1.2 
 5. Toledo, Lupo/Ara.1.2 
 6. Mathias, Paulistano1.2 
 7. Ferreira, Unive.1.1 
 8. da Rosa, Pitago.1.1 
 9. Morro, Pinheiros1.0 
 10. Felipe, Vivo/Fran.1.0 

Suns' Barbosa to miss 1 to 3 weeks - by Eurobasket News
Suns guard Leandrinho Barbosa (6'3''-G-82) will be out of game action one to three weeks after suffering a bone contusion in his left knee during Wednesday's win against Philadelphia.

Barbosa hyperextended his left knee inward when his leg planted as he ran past the basket and looked back at his layup that was blocked. Barbosa left the game. His X-ray was negative.
Suns head athletic trainer Aaron Nelson said a Thursday MRI exam showed Barbosa's knee did not have ligament damage but had a bone contusion on the top of his left tibia, where the femur hit upon hyperextension. Nelson said a straight-in hyperextension reduced the chance of ligament damage and that his extra step before planting kept his full weight off the hyperextension.

Barbosa can do non-impact workouts for the next week. In a best-case scenario, he could play next Thursday at Portland. If he needs three weeks, he would miss 10 of the final 14 games.

'Anything that will cause the bone to get more action could cause more pain,' Nelson said. 'We've got to let that calm down.'

Barbosa was averaging 19.1 points and 3.7 assists since interim coach Alvin Gentry took over Feb. 16 - until Wednesday's appearance lasted two minutes. He averaged 12.8 points and 2.0 assists before the break on four fewer shots per game.

Jason Richardson scored all 25 of his points Wednesday after Barbosa went out. Alando Tucker and Grant Hill also spent time at shooting guard.

Courtesy of

NBB Round: 15 (Regular Season) - by Eurobasket News
Pinheiros - S.Jose/Vinac 92-86
Alexandre Nascimento (202-F-83) notched 31 points and 14 boards to propel Pinheiros past Sao Jose/Vinac. Leonardo Morro added 24 points and 11 boards for the winners. Paulo Nery had 20 points for the visitors in defeat.

Paulistano - Winner/Limeira 78-99
Shamell Stallworth (197-F-80, agency: Interperformances, college: USF) scored 27 points to orchestrate Winner/Limeira's victory over Paulistano. Renato Pinto was helpful with 22 points and 8 assists. Thiago Rodrigo responded with 25 points for Paulistano as they fell at 6-8 record.

Pitagoras/Minas - Lupo/Araraq. 86-74
Joseph Shipp (197-F-81, agency: Octagon, college: California) knocked down 21 points to lead Pitagoras/Minas to the second straight win in the season as they held off Lupo/Araraquara. Murilo da Rosa added 17 points and 5 boards for the winners. Andre Bambu responded with 26 points and 6 boards for Lupo/Araraquara as they suffered the 10th loss.

Flamengo - Vivo/Franca 93-75
Baby Araujo (211-C-80, college: BYU) provided 22 points and ensured Flamengo beating Vivo/Franca at home court. Marcelinho Machado added 18 points, 7 boards, 7 assists and 6 steals as Flamengo grabbed the 11th victory. Marcio Dornelles responded with 20 points for Vivo/Franca.

Conti/Assis - Saldanha 93-73
Conti/Assis bettered Saldanha at home as Ricardo Giannecchini (184-G-81) fired 20 points. Alfredo Perandini knocked down 16 points in the winning case. Eddy Carvalho responded with 18 points and 5 steals for Saldanha.

GRSA/Bauru - CETAF 77-74
Larry Taylor (186-G-80, college: Missouri Western) came up with another all-around performance to help his GRSA/Bauru celebrate the 7th victory in NBB season. The guard tallied 19 points, 11 assists, 6 boards and 4 steals as the Sao Paulo team toppled CETAF at home. File Souza contributed 14 points for the winners. Manuil De Souza answered with 19 points for CETAF in defeat.

Universo/BRB - Univates/Bira 85-64
Universo/BRB breezed past Univates/Bira at home court to improve at 11-3 record among the league leaders. Arthur Luiz Belchior (200-G/F-82) scored 18 points to lead balanced hosts. Alex Garcia contributed 15 points for the winners. Ildes dos Santos answered with 16 points for Univates/Bira in defeat.


Stats Leaders
Points Per Game
 Marcus HALL
  Avg: 22.7
 1. Hall, Levski22.7 
 2. Sakota, CSKA19.0 
 3. McIntosh, Chern.18.2 
 4. Pickett, Lukoil A.17.9 
 5. Dimitrov, Spart.17.4 
 6. O'Gallagher, Yam.16.6 
 7. Papic, Rilski S-list16.2 
 8. Peterson, Rilski S.16.2 
 9. Adeleke, Lukoil A.15.8 
 10. Preston, Spartak.15.4 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 12.6
 1. Adeleke, Lukoil A.12.6 
 2. Sanders, Yambol11.6 
 3. Doychinov, CSKA8.8 
 4. Santos, ChernoMore8.1 
 5. Peterson, Rilski S.8.0 
 6. Georgiev, Levski7.7 
 7. Preston, Spartak P.7.5 
 8. Tenev, Sliven7.1 
 9. Sakota, CSKA6.8 
 10. Skumatov, Yamb.6.8 
Assists Per Game
 Willie DEANE
  Lukoil A.
  Avg: 5.8
 1. Deane, Lukoil A.5.8 
 2. Akins, Lukoil A.5.3 
 3. Mirkovic, Rilski S.4.9 
 4. Burks, Lukoil A.4.6 
 5. McIntosh, Chern.4.5 
 6. Hall, Levski4.4 
 7. Velikov, Levski3.5 
 8. Govedarov, Yambol3.4 
 9. Benchev, Sliven3.3 
 10. Gruev, Rilski S-li.3.2 
Steals Per Game
 Hrisimir DIMITROV
  Spartak P.
  Avg: 2.4
 1. Dimitrov, Spart.2.4 
 2. McIntosh, Chern.2.0 
 3. Velikov, Levski1.9 
 4. Pickett, Lukoil A.1.9 
 5. Tsvetkov, CSKA1.7 
 6. Belberov, Rilski S.1.7 
 7. Sanders, Yambol1.6 
 8. Lilov, Rilski S-list1.5 
 9. Stoykov, Lukoil A.1.5 
 10. Kostov, Lukoil.1.4 
Blocks Per Game
 Michael EARL
  Avg: 1.7
 1. Earl, ChernoMore1.7 
 2. Sanders, Yambol1.5 
 3. Jelic, ChernoMore1.3 
 4. Doychinov, CSKA1.3 
 5. Peterson, Rilski S.1.2 
 6. Adeleke, Lukoil A.1.0 
 7. Skumatov, Yambol0.8 
 8. Tsvetkov, CSKA0.7 
 9. Ilchev, Sliven0.7 
 10. Mijovic, Lukoil.0.6 

Standings A1
NBL Standings
 1. Lukoil A. 13-3 
 2. Levski 13-4 
 3. ChernoMore 9-7 
 4. Spartak P. 9-8 
 5. Rilski S-list 7-9 
 6. Yambol 6-10 
 7. Sliven 0-16 


Germain Bendengue helps Dalhousie University to conference championship... - by Yann Tientcheu
Dalhousie University, located in Halifax, Nova Scotia (Canada), is the proud and newly holder of the Atlantic University Sports conference
Championship title. The Tigers would have waited thirteen years since their first title in 1996 to renew their alliance with the ultimate coronation to the
detriment of StFix on March 7th,  in front of five thousand spectators. Led by Coah John Campbell, the tigers ended the 2008/2009 season with
an overall 24-10, and a conference mark of 13-7. Dalhousie University achieved an impressive first place in scoring defense in the AUS
conference only allowing 66.6pts per game. The tigers were also notable this past season for their defensive prowess under the basket, which made them deserving of the first position in the AUS conference in defensive rebounds; recording as high as 32.5 defensive rebounds per game. Germain Bendengue (6-6, Forward)
from Yaounde, Cameroon certainly did not stand aloof from the later team achievement. In fact, Bendengue whose years as a tigers came to an end
on March 13th, led the team in rebound with 8.2 rbds per game, and was noted as the fourth best rebounder of the AUS conference (8.1rbds/g). Bendengue
reported 7 double figure games in rebounds this year grabbing a season high 16 rebounds during an encounter with UNB. The Yaounde native also
led the team in blocks having 37 blocks in his account for the year; securing by the same token a 3rd place among the best shot blockers of his conference with
1.15 blocks/g, while recording 4 blocks in one game twice against UNB. Offensively, Bendengue also left his prints this year, scoring in double figure 18 times
displaying a season high 19pts twice against UPEI on nov. 21st, and St Mary's on Feb. 18th. He registered 7 double-doubles during the 2008/2009 campaign
 putting up number as impressive as 19pts and 15rbds against UPEI on nov. 21st, and 19pts and 14rbds against St Mary's on Feb. 18th.
Germain Bendengue, who is renowned in Cameroon as an accomplished player on the national scene ended an undeniably impressive college career on an exquisite note and the best can only be wished for him in his future endeavors. He would certainly be a great addition to the Camerooian national team.


CBA Round 50 The End of the Regular Season - by Eurobasket News
Jiangsu - Shaanxi 121-80
Jiangsu finished third with 36-14 record beating Shaanxi 121:80 that is fourth with 30-20. Zhang Cheng (198-F-78) led Jiangsu with 24 points. Zheng Zhun paced Shaanxi with 23 points and 5 rebounds.

Zhejiang G. - Shanxi Zh. 107-110
Shanxi Zhongyu finished its season in 10th place with a 110:107 win over Zhejiang Guangsha. Pickett Tim (193-G/F-81, agency: Interperformances, college: Florida St.) paced all the winners with 33 points, 11 rebounds, 6 assists and 5 steals. Olumide Oyedeji had 21 points and 11 rebounds. Rodney White erupted with 35 points, 8 rebounds and 6 assists for Guangsha.

Beijing - Shanghai 122-84
Beijing is out of the playoffs on tiebreakers with a 122:84 destruction of Shanghai. Harrison David (213-C-82, college: Colorado) collected 28 points and 11 rebounds, while Dontae Jones had a triple-double of 18 points, 15 rebounds and 11 assists. Peng Fei had 23 points, 12 rebounds, 3 assists and 3 steals for Shanghai.

TianJin R. - Zhejiang C. 122-110
Liu Hao (205-F/C-81) nailed 36 points as Tianjin defeated Zhejiang 122:110. Kirk Snyder finished the night with 45 points for Zhejiang.

Shandong - Qingdao DS 123-88
Shandong grabbed last play-off ticket with a 123:88 blowout over Qingdao. Shandong finished 27-23 record and won out over Beijing for eighth place on tiebreakers. Wang Gang (185-G-83) led Shandong with 25 points and Samake Walker had 23 points and 19 rebounds. Yu Gaofeng had 18 points and 6 rebounds for Qingdao.

DongGuan - Yunnan 109-84
Dongguan overcame Yunnan 109:84 in Regular Season Round 50. Michael Harris produced 28 points and 11 rebounds, whilst Meng Duo had 22 points, 11 rebounds and 4 assists. Liu Xiqui had 21 points, 5 rebounds and 4 assists for Yunnan.

Fujian - Liaoning 104-87
Fujian defeated Liaoning 104:87 as Porter Chris (201-F-78, college: Auburn) top-scored with 30 points and 16 rebounds. Yang Ming led Liaoning with 30 points.

Xinjiang - Guandong 96-106
Guangdong won the CBA Regular Season 2008/2009 with a 106:96 win at Xinjiang in a key game of the championship. Guangdong finished with a 45-5 record while Xinjiang dropped to 44-6. Dixon Jason (205-C-73, college: Liberty) led the winners with 23 points and 12 rebounds, while Smush Parker had 21 points, 4 rebounds and 8 assists. Juan Mendez collected 25 points, 9 rebounds and 3 blocks for Xinjiang.

Jilin - Bayi 101-95
Bayi is out of the playoffs being defeated by Jilin 95:101. Rodgers Leon (199-F-80, college: N.Illinois) top-scored for the winners with 30 points, 14 rebounds, 4 assists and 6 steals. Wang Lei paced Bayi with 39 points, 8 rebounds and 4 assists.

Standings - CBA
CBA Standings
 1. Guandong 45-5 
 2. Xinjiang 44-6 
 3. Jiangsu 36-14 
 4. Shaanxi 30-20 
 5. Fujian 29-21 
 6. DongGuan 29-21 
 7. Zhejiang G. 28-22 
 8. Beijing 27-23 
 9. Shandong 27-23 
 10. Shanxi Zh. 26-24 
 11. Bayi 25-25 
 12. Liaoning 24-26 
 13. Jilin 23-27 
 14. Zhejiang C. 19-31 
 15. TianJin R. 13-37 
 16. Qingdao DS 13-37 
 17. Yunnan 6-44 
 18. Shanghai 6-44 

Stats Leaders - CBA
Points Per Game
 Rodney WHITE
  Zhejiang G.
  Avg: 36.4
 1. White, Zhejiang G.36.4 
 2. Rodgers, Jilin35.0 
 3. Benson, Shaanxi34.1 
 4. Snyder, Zhejiang C.33.6 
 5. Jones, Beijing31.6 
 6. Harris, DongGuan30.7 
 7. Harvey, Jiangsu29.8 
 8. Tuck, Shandong29.2 
 9. Williams, Qingd.27.7 
 10. Porter, Fuji.26.1 
Rebounds Per Game
 Olumide OYEDEJI
  Shanxi Zh.
  Avg: 19.8
 1. Oyedeji, Shanxi Zh.19.8 
 2. Benson, Shaanxi18.8 
 3. Harvey, Jiangsu15.3 
 4. Jones, Beijing14.6 
 5. Thompson, Shandong14.3 
 6. Harris, DongGuan14.1 
 7. Watkins, TianJ.14.0 
 8. Alexander, Liaoning13.5 
 9. Watkins, Jiangsu13.4 
 10. Porter, Fuji.12.8 
Assists Per Game
 Xiaoming LU
  Avg: 9
 1. Lu, Fujian9.0 
 2. Hu, Jiangsu7.3 
 3. Tuck, Shandong6.5 
 4. Allen, Xinjiang6.1 
 5. Benson, Shaanxi5.6 
 6. Williams, Qingd.5.5 
 7. Li, Qingdao DS5.4 
 8. White, Zhejiang G.5.1 
 9. Zhang, Liaoning5.0 
 10. Smith, TianJin.4.8 
Steals Per Game
 Xiaoming LU
  Avg: 4.8
 1. Lu, Fujian4.8 
 2. Williams, Qingd.4.3 
 3. Parker, Guandong3.9 
 4. Hu, Jiangsu3.4 
 5. Allen, Xinjiang3.3 
 6. Li, Qingdao DS3.0 
 7. Robinson, Shaanxi3.0 
 8. Tuck, Shandong2.8 
 9. Jones, Beijing2.7 
 10. Porter, Fuji.2.4 
Blocks Per Game
 Keith CLOSS
  Avg: 4.5
 1. Closs, Yunnan4.5 
 2. Lauderdale, Shand.3.7 
 3. Steyn, Qingdao DS2.5 
 4. Harrison, Beijing2.3 
 5. Watkins, Jiangsu2.1 
 6. Benson, Shaanxi2.0 
 7. Mo, Bayi1.9 
 8. McCaskill, Qingd.1.9 
 9. Oyedeji, Shanxi Zh.1.8 
 10. Samake, Jil.1.7 


Standings - Ozujsko A1 League
A1 Standings
Group 1-8
 1. KK Split 0-0 
 2. KK Zagreb 0-0 
 3. Cibona 0-0 
 4. Zadar 0-0 
 5. Svjetlost 0-0 
 6. Cedevita 0-0 
 7. Dubrovnik 0-0 
 8. Sibenka 0-0 
Group 9-14
 1. Alkar Sinj 2-0 
 2. Dubrava 1-1 
 3. Trogir 1-1 
 4. Borik 1-1 
 5. Kvarner NR 1-1 
 6. Zabok 0-2 


Standings - Division B
Division B Standings
 1. Digenis 19-0 
 2. Paralimni 14-5 
 3. APOP Paphou 14-5 
 4. A.Yermasogias 13-6 
 5. Achilleas Agrou 10-8 
 6. Asteras 10-8 
 7. Olympos A. 10-8 
 8. Doxa 9-9 
 9. Philips Coll. 9-10 
 10. Athanasiou 5-15 
 11. Enosis K. 4-14 
 12. Onisilos 2-16 
 13. Argonaftes 2-17 

Seaster Apoel to face Proteas Eka Ael in semi finals! - by Michael Aristidou
Seastar Apoel Nicosia is the fourth team that qualify in the semi finals. In a third and final game they won Frederick Achilleas Kaimakliou 78-50. It was an eazy win for Seastar Apoel Nicosia and now they will find Proteas EKA AEL Limassol for a place in the final. Proteas EKA AEL Limassol after their qualification in the final four of Eurochallenge cup they had to make the row agains Seastar Apoel Nicosia. First game will be in Melford Arena and the row is best of five. Seastar Apoel Nicosia has to travell in Limassol and make at least one away win to geto to the final.

Keravnos makes the first step! - by Michael Aristidou
In a dramatic game Keravnos Strovolou won Pizza Express Primetel Apollon 68-66 in the first game of the semifinals and lead the row now 1-0. Second game will be on 24/3/09 in Limassol. In the game Keravnos Strovolou and Pizza Express Primetel Apollon show from the first minutes that the game was gonna be closed. First quarter ended 19-17 for Keravnos Strovolou. Second quarter was the same as first and we had a tie in half time. Score was 33-33. In the third quarter Keravnos Strovolou played better and forced Pizza Express Primetel Apollon to make mistakes and got a lead between 5-8 points. Eventually Keravnos Strovolou ended the period by 11. Score was 58-47. In the last quarter Pizza Express Primetel Apollon improved their game and last minutes was dramatic. Pizza Express Primetel Apollon manage to stay behind from 2-5 points but they didnt suceed a lead. Final score 68-66. First scorer for Keravnos Strovolou was Panagiotis Trisokkas (206-C-80) with 14(2) and for Pizza Express Primetel Apollon Sam Jones (188-G-78, college: Northwood) had 18(4) while new signing Bryant Smith (196-G/F-77, agency: SportsTalent, college: Auburn) had 17.


NBL Round: 38 (Regular Season) - by Eurobasket News
Opava - Podebrady 94-86
Ondrej Dygryn (190-G-84) nailed 31 points to propel Opava to the 13th victory in the season as they held off Podebrady. Jakub Sirina notched 17 points for the winners. Ricky Soliver responded with 28 points for Podebrady in defeat.

Ostrava - Decin 93-78
Mike Mitchell (183-G-83, college: N.Mexico St.) canned 23 points as Ostrava defeated Decin before the home fans. Marcus Arnold added 19 points and 11 boards for the winning side as they clinched the 15th victory. William Hatcher answered with 18 points, 5 assists and 4 steals for Decin as they dropped the 16th game.

USK Praha - Geofin 78-88
Geofin gained the 26th victory as they rolled past USK Praha away from home. Zbynek Pospisil (205-C-81, agency: PPGroup) topscored with 24 points to lead Geofin. Juraj Gavlak contributed 18 points and 9 assists for the victors. Roderick Platt answered with 25 points and 12 boards for USK Praha as they suffered the 19th defeat.

Nymburk - Pardubice 90-61
Nymburk rushed to the 33rd win in the championship as they thumped Pardubice. Petr Benda (203-F/C-82, agency: Court Side) knocked down 15 points and grabbed 7 boards for Nymburk. Arthur Lee came up with 14 points for the league leaders. Virginijus Sirvydis responded with 18 points for Pardubice.

Stats Leaders - NBL
Points Per Game
 Maurice HAMPTON
  Avg: 20.5
 1. Hampton, Liberec20.5 
 2. Arnold, Ostrava18.2 
 3. Pruitt, Prostejov16.4 
 4. Benes, Podebrady16.3 
 5. Hatcher, Decin16.2 
 6. Sarovic, Geofin16.0 
 7. Steffel, Pardubice15.6 
 8. Platt, USK Praha15.1 
 9. Beechum, Prostejov14.9 
 10. Sanders, Pardubi.14.9 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 9.9
 1. Pruitt, Prostejov9.9 
 2. Platt, USK Praha8.3 
 3. Rogers, Kolin8.2 
 4. Steffel, Pardubice8.1 
 5. Arnold, Ostrava8.0 
 6. Walker, Geofin7.7 
 7. Sarovic, Geofin7.5 
 8. Meno, Liberec7.3 
 9. Williams, Decin6.9 
 10. Payne, Pardubi.6.3 
Assists Per Game
 Emanuel UBILLA
  Avg: 6.2
 1. Ubilla, Geofin6.2 
 2. Ames, Kolin5.3 
 3. Hatcher, Decin4.9 
 4. Sanders, Pardubice4.8 
 5. Mitchell, Ostrava4.7 
 6. Ames, Prostejov4.7 
 7. Skibniewski, Prost.4.6 
 8. Carnecky, Opava4.6 
 9. Kotas, USK Praha4.1 
 10. Toth, Liber.3.9 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 2.8
 1. Hanavan, Prostejov2.8 
 2. Ames, Prostejov2.5 
 3. Kotas, USK Praha2.2 
 4. Hampton, Liberec2.0 
 5. Soliver, Podebrady2.0 
 6. Beechum, Prostejov1.9 
 7. Sanders, Pardubice1.9 
 8. Pumprla, Opava1.8 
 9. Ubilla, Geofin1.8 
 10. Lee, Nymbu.1.7 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 2.1
 1. Rogers, Kolin2.1 
 2. Williams, Decin1.8 
 3. Walker, Geofin1.3 
 4. Hamm, USK Praha1.2 
 5. Miller, Prostejov1.2 
 6. Payne, Pardubice1.2 
 7. Benda, Nymburk1.1 
 8. Meno, Liberec0.9 
 9. Castleberry, Podeb.0.9 
 10. Diakite, Prostej.0.8 

Standings - NBL
NBL Standings
 1. Nymburk 33-1 
 2. Geofin 26-9 
 3. Decin 19-16 
 4. Prostejov 17-15 
 5. USK Praha 15-19 
 6. Ostrava 15-19 
 7. Liberec 13-20 
 8. Opava 13-21 
 9. Pardubice 13-22 
 10. Podebrady 12-23 
 11. Kolin 11-22 


News from SISU CPH - by Thomas Soltau

SISU Copenhagen is on already on the move. With a somewhat good season behind them the team has already begun the process of preparing for the 2009-2010 season.

The contract of head coach Jesper 'Krone' Rasmussen has not renewed and the teams top scorer Jesse Pellot-Rosa (193-G-84, agency: Pro One Sports, college: Va Commonwealth) has been allowed to leave early in order to finish the season with Icelandic team Keflavik and compete for a Championship there.

SISU Copenhagen has reportedly signed Flemming Danielsen to a long term deal as the teams new head coach. Danielsen is a well know and legendary player in Danish basketball, and have also coached other teams in the best Danish league in the past.

In addition to this great pick up, the club is working on attaching some other very interesting pieces.


Last games (3) - Will Conroy leads Vipers to road win - by Eurobasket News
Rio Grande - Albuquerque 129-127
Will Conroy (6'2''-G-82, college: Washington) led his Rio Grande Valley Vipers to nice 129-127 road victory against the Thunderbirds almost registering triple-double: 27 points, 9 rebounds and impressive 18 assists. Antonio Meeking also shined scoring 22, while Mark Walters scored one less. The hosts got 28 points from Jawad Williams. Vipers 17-24, Thunderbirds 21-20.

Erie - Utah 91-103
Morris Almond (6'6''-F-85, college: Rice) and Ronald DuPree stepped up for the Flash last night combining 48 points. Kyrylo Fesenko helped with double-double, 16 points and 11 rebounds. Maureece Rice netted 22 points for the guests. Flash 24-15, BayHawks 23-20.

Iowa - Anaheim 122-121
25-16 for the Energy and 15-28 for the Arsenal after this game. Othyus Jeffers (6'5''-F-85, college: Robert Morris) and Denham Brown came up with 25 points each, Courtney Sims had 23 points and 16 rebounds, while Jameson Curry added 21 pts in victory. Kedrick Brown collected 32 points, 14 rebounds and 5 assists for the hosts.

D-League Standings
Central Division
 1. Iowa E. 25-16 
 2. Dakota W. 23-19 
 3. Erie BH 23-21 
 4. Sioux Falls S. 22-22 
 5. Ft.Wayne MA 16-27 
Southwest Division
 1. Colorado 14ers 28-12 
 2. Austin T. 27-14 
 3. Albuquerque T. 22-20 
 4. Rio Grande VV 17-24 
 5. Tulsa 66ers 10-32 
West Division
 1. Idaho S. 27-17 
 2. Utah F. 24-15 
 3. Bakersfield J. 24-19 
 4. Reno B. 19-23 
 5. Anaheim A. 15-28 
 6. LA D-Fenders 15-28 

Stats Leaders
Points Per Game
  Avg: 26.1
 1. Conroy, Albuquerque26.1 
 2. White, Anaheim25.9 
 3. Ahearn, Dakota23.8 
 4. Williams, Austin22.9 
 5. Sims, Iowa22.8 
 6. Daniels, Erie21.1 
 7. Crawford, Los A.20.8 
 8. Johnson, Bakersfi.20.8 
 9. Jeffers, Iowa20.6 
 10. Bangura, Rio Gran.18.9 
Rebounds Per Game
 Richard HENDRIX
  Avg: 11.7
 1. Hendrix, Dakota11.7 
 2. Sims, Iowa11.0 
 3. Daniels, Erie10.3 
 4. Gaines, Austin10.3 
 5. Monds, Albuquerque9.6 
 6. Hunter, Ft.Wayne9.2 
 7. Allred, Idaho9.0 
 8. Ewing, Reno8.9 
 9. Jeffers, Iowa8.9 
 10. Ellis, Ida.8.8 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 10.9
 1. Russell, Ft.Wayne10.9 
 2. Jordan, Rio Grande8.5 
 3. Cleaves, Bakersfield8.5 
 4. Gill, Colorado8.5 
 5. Stinson, Iowa8.0 
 6. Conroy, Albuquerque7.9 
 7. Parker, Rio Grande7.5 
 8. Johnson, Austin5.6 
 9. Ahearn, Dakota5.6 
 10. Clinkscales, Er.5.5 
Steals Per Game
 Dominique COLEMAN
  Avg: 2.8
 1. Coleman, Colorado2.8 
 2. Elliott, Ft.Wayne2.7 
 3. Elliott, Sioux Falls2.6 
 4. Russell, Ft.Wayne2.4 
 5. Noel, Albuquerque2.3 
 6. Parker, Rio Grande2.3 
 7. Robinson, Reno2.2 
 8. Major, Dakota2.1 
 9. Jeffers, Iowa2.1 
 10. Jordan, Rio Gran.2.0 
Blocks Per Game
 Cheikh SAMB
  Avg: 4.1
 1. Samb, Colorado4.1 
 2. Williams, Colorado3.9 
 3. Looby, Rio Grande2.4 
 4. Giles, Los Angeles2.1 
 5. Petway, Idaho2.1 
 6. Felix, Anaheim2.0 
 7. Alexander, Sioux F.2.0 
 8. Sims, Iowa2.0 
 9. Hendrix, Dakota1.8 
 10. Haddadi, Dako.1.6 


Standings - District National
SRT Standings
 1. Sameji 5-1 
 2. Cupes 4-2 
 3. GUG 4-3 
 4. CPN 2-4 
 5. CDP 2-4 
 6. Plaza 2-5 


Super League Standings
Superleague Standings
Group A
 1. Zamalek 1-0 
 2. Ahly 1-0 
 3. Al Ittihad 1-0 
 4. Gezira 0-1 
 5. Geish Army 0-1 
 6. Somouha 0-1 
Group B
 1. Shorta-Police 0-0 
 2. Gasco 0-0 
 3. Al Olympi 0-0 
 4. Shark ins. 0-0 
 5. Shams 0-0 
 6. Sporting 0-0 


Standings - Korisliiga
Korisliiga Standings
 1. Kataja 29-9 
 2. Kouvot 26-12 
 3. Lahti 25-13 
 4. Honka 23-15 
 5. KTP 23-16 
 6. Korihait 20-17 
 7. ToPo 17-21 
 8. LrNMKY 16-22 
 9. Pyrinto 16-22 
 10. FoKoPo 15-23 
 11. Componenta 12-26 
 12. Tarmo 6-32 

Stats Leaders - Korisliiga
Points Per Game
 Jeremiah WOOD
  Avg: 20.7
 1. Wood, Kataja20.7 
 2. Blair, Kataja20.1 
 3. Coleman, LrNM.19.8 
 4. Richards, Compo.18.8 
 5. Smith, KTP18.3 
 6. Brown, LrNM.18.1 
 7. Richardson, Tarmo17.5 
 8. Hester, Pyrinto17.4 
 9. Scott, Honka17.3 
 10. Nixon, Namika Lah.17.1 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 13.1
 1. Richardson, Tarmo13.1 
 2. Wood, Kataja12.9 
 3. Dantzler, Compo.11.2 
 4. Cunningham, FoKoPo10.4 
 5. Williams, KTP10.3 
 6. Jones, Componenta10.3 
 7. Coleman, LrNM.9.7 
 8. Waters, Componenta9.1 
 9. Nikkila, Pyrinto8.9 
 10. Smith, K.8.7 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 6.5
 1. Blassingame, LrNM.6.5 
 2. Blair, Kataja4.4 
 3. Williams, KTP4.3 
 4. Colman, LrNM.4.2 
 5. Richards, Compo.4.1 
 6. Vuori, Namika Lahti3.9 
 7. Barnes, Tarmo3.3 
 8. Sarcevic, Korihait3.2 
 9. Swift, Kouvot3.2 
 10. Kataja, Kouv.3.0 
Steals Per Game
 Akeem SCOTT
  Avg: 2.7
 1. Scott, Honka2.7 
 2. Blair, Kataja2.6 
 3. Williams, KTP2.4 
 4. Richards, Compo.2.0 
 5. Wood, Kataja2.0 
 6. Hester, Pyrinto2.0 
 7. Jones, Componenta2.0 
 8. Cummings, Honka1.8 
 9. Yates, FoKoPo1.7 
 10. Gonner, Koriha.1.6 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 1.8
 1. Nikkila, Pyrinto1.8 
 2. Williams, KTP1.8 
 3. Epps, ToPo1.5 
 4. Messy, Tarmo1.4 
 5. Hunter, FoKoPo1.4 
 6. Spencer, ToPo1.3 
 7. Lehtoranta, Kataja1.1 
 8. Wood, Kataja1.0 
 9. Perkins, Honka1.0 
 10. Cunningham, FoKo.1.0 

Korisliiga Round: 38 (Regular Season) - by Eurobasket News
Namika Lahti - LrNMKY 101-65
Namika Lahti is 23-15 after the home win over LrNMKY 101:65. Ray Nixon (203-F-84, agency: Court Side, college: Wisconsin) and Conley Jason combined 51 points for the winners, while Rice Kurtis netted 19. Coleman HL posted 24 points in the losing effort.

Kataja - FoKoPo 101-84
Kataja increased their record to 29-9 beating FoKoPo 101:84. Jeremiah Wood (200-F-85, agency: Court Side) top-scored for the league-leaders with 30 points and 11 rebounds, while Brown Quinnel and Blair Larry nailed 17 apiece. Yates Ronald ended up with 22 points in defeat.

ToPo - Pyrinto 62-72
ToPo lost to Pyrinto 62:72 as Lowe Kenny and Damon Williams (199-F-73, college: Colorado St.-Pueblo) each nailed 22 points to lead all the winners. Heinonen Timo produced 24 points for the home side.

KTP - Tarmo 85-72
Steve Smith (200-F-81, agency: Liman Sports, college: Iona) was responsible for 20 points and Awuah Addae Nanayaw produced 12 as KTP rolled over Tarmo 85:72. Morris Victor chipped in 25 points for the guests and Richardson DeWayne had 18 points and 20 rebounds.

Componenta - Honka 65-79
Honka improved to 23-15 after a road victory over Componenta 79:65. Kimmo Muurinen (202-F-81, college: UALR) led the winners with 22 points, while Matinen Jukka followed him with 15. Richards Frank finished the night with 21 points in defeat.

KORISLIIGA: Pyrinto going to the play-off-games? - by Rauno Hurmalainen

Korisliiga, Round 38/44: Four games tonight, two wins at home and on the road. # 1 Team Kataja (Joensuu) scored 13th time this season over 100 pts and won the 12th game in a row over visitor FoKoPo (Forssa) 101-84. Jeremiah Wood (200-F-85, agency: Court Side) led Kataja with 30 pts, 11 rbs and four blocks. Quinnel Brown (198-G/F-83, agency: R.H.Consultancy, college: Auburn) and Larry Blair (183-G-84, college: Liberty) added both 17 pts (American players combined 64 pts). Ronald Yates (201-F-83, college: St.Peter's) netted 22 pts for FoKoPo. YMCA Lahti defeated YMCA Lappeenranta 101-65 as Ray Nixon (203-F-84, agency: Court Side, college: Wisconsin) was the contest MVP with 31 pts (treys 7/9). Jason Conley (196-G-81, agency: Pro One Sports, college: Missouri) added 20 pts and grabbed 13 rbs. In Karkkila Team Componenta lost at home vs Honka (Espoo) 65-79. Kimmo Muurinen (202-F-81, college: UALR) (Honka) scored game high 22 pts. In Helsinki visitor Pyrinto (Tampere) won the sixth game in a row when beating hosting Torpan Pojat 62-72. Timo Heinonen (198-F-81) scored season high 24 pts, but Pyrinto got 56 pts from three American players. Kenny Lowe (191-G-80, college: Purdue) and Damon Williams (199-F-73, college: Colorado St.-Pueblo) netted 22 pts both.

Kataja - FoKoPo 101-84 (49-43) (Jeremiah Wood 30/11/4b, Quinnel Brown 17, Larry Blair 17 - Ronald Yates 22, Nick Wallery 14, Ray Cunningham 12/12).

YMCA Lahti - YMCA Lappeenranta 101-65 (37-28) (Ray Nixon 31, Jason Conley 20/13, Kurtis Rice 19 - HLColeman 24, Adrian Penland 11, Jouko Jarvinen 10).

Torpan Pojat - Pyrinto 62-72 (34-40) (Timo Heinonen 24, James Allen 11 - Kenny Lowe 22, Damon Williams 22, Chris Hester 14).

Team Componenta - Honka 65-79 (30-42) (Frank Richards 21, Damion Dantzler 14/12, Sami Marouf 11 - Kimmo Muurinen 22, Jukka Matinen 15, Tuukka Kotti 10/15).


Nsonwu extends with Roanne - by Aurelien Hipp
*He came to replace Taj Gray (205-F/C-84, college: Oklahoma) this season, but will stay one more year. Former Center of Villeurbanne, Uchenna Nsomwu (208-F/C-78, agency: Beo Basket, college: Wyoming), has just extended his contract with Roanne til the end of the '10 season.
Despite Roanne's loss vs Villeurbanne yesterday (79-89), Coach Choulet can be very satisfied on his choice for replacing Gray. His new center is posting 13.7ppg and 6.5rpg. Nsonwu also played in Antibes (ProB) and is a player with strong references at the french top level.

Standings - ProA
ProA Standings
 1. ASVEL 16-6 
 2. Orleans 15-7 
 3. Strasbourg 14-8 
 4. Roanne 14-8 
 5. Le Mans 13-8 
 6. Nancy 13-9 
 7. Chalon 13-9 
 8. Gravelines 12-10 
 9. Cholet 10-11 
 10. Vichy 10-12 
 11. Rouen 9-13 
 12. Hyeres-Toulon 8-14 
 13. Le Havre 8-14 
 14. Dijon 8-14 
 15. Besancon 7-15 
 16. Pau 5-17 

Standings - ProB
ProB Standings
 1. Paris-Levall. 21-4 
 2. Bourg 18-7 
 3. Poitiers 18-7 
 4. Clermont 18-7 
 5. Limoges 17-8 
 6. Saint-Etienne 14-11 
 7. Charleville 14-11 
 8. Nantes 13-12 
 9. Maurienne 12-13 
 10. Nanterre 11-14 
 11. Antibes 11-14 
 12. Brest 11-14 
 13. Evreux 9-16 
 14. St.Vallier 9-16 
 15. Le Portel 9-16 
 16. Boulazac 8-17 
 17. St.Quentin 8-17 
 18. Quimper 4-21 

Stats Leaders - ProA
Points Per Game
  Avg: 23.1
 1. Nichols, Hyeres-T.23.1 
 2. Rush, Strasbourg21.5 
 3. Page, Pau19.4 
 4. Thompson, Le Havre19.4 
 5. Chatfield, Dijon16.6 
 6. Harper, Roanne15.8 
 7. Banks, Orleans15.8 
 8. Greer, Nancy15.8 
 9. Boddicker, Chalon15.5 
 10. Skinn, Gravelin.15.3 
Rebounds Per Game
  Le Havre
  Avg: 9.7
 1. Merriex, Le Havre9.7 
 2. Slaughter, Le Havre9.0 
 3. Masingue, Hyeres-T.8.7 
 4. Sanders, Dijon8.3 
 5. Falker, Cholet8.3 
 6. Issa, Vichy8.2 
 7. Vaty, Pau8.0 
 8. Greer, Nancy7.5 
 9. Koffi, Le Mans7.2 
 10. Lewin, Strasbou.6.9 
Assists Per Game
 Kareem REID
  Avg: 7.4
 1. Reid, Vichy7.4 
 2. Wright, Chalon6.5 
 3. Thompson, Le Havre6.1 
 4. Heurtel, Pau5.3 
 5. Draper, Hyeres-T.5.1 
 6. Pellin, Roanne5.0 
 7. Sciarra, Orleans4.9 
 8. Jeanneau, AS.4.9 
 9. Greer, Nancy4.6 
 10. Houston, Rou.4.6 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 2.9
 1. Wright, Chalon2.9 
 2. Dobbins, Orleans2.4 
 3. Rush, Strasbourg2.3 
 4. Krupalija, Dijon2.1 
 5. Greene, Orleans2.0 
 6. Banks, Orleans1.9 
 7. Causeur, Le Havre1.9 
 8. Grier, Cholet1.7 
 9. Dorsey, Rouen1.7 
 10. Stanley, Gravelin.1.7 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 1.3
 1. Houston, Rouen1.3 
 2. Rush, Strasbourg1.1 
 3. Wright, Chalon1.0 
 4. Krupalija, Dijon1.0 
 5. Laing, Le Havre1.0 
 6. MBaye, Dijon1.0 
 7. Greene, Orleans1.0 
 8. Grier, Cholet0.9 
 9. Bojic, Le Havre0.9 
 10. Gunn, Besanc.0.9 

Stats Leaders - ProB
Points Per Game
 Shaun FEIN
  Avg: 20.3
 1. Fein, St.Quentin20.3 
 2. Craven, Clermont19.8 
 3. Olivero, Le Portel18.5 
 4. Mohammed, Limoges18.2 
 5. Ingram, Bourg18.0 
 6. Carter, St-Etienne17.3 
 7. Younger, Poitiers17.3 
 8. Bing, Clermont16.9 
 9. Wright, Poitiers16.4 
 10. Hollins, Nant.16.4 
Rebounds Per Game
 Christophe HUMBERT
  Avg: 9.5
 1. Humbert, St.Qu.9.5 
 2. Melicie, St.Vallier9.2 
 3. Bing, Clermont8.4 
 4. Almonte, Nanterre8.0 
 5. Sullivan, Maurienne7.6 
 6. Mathis, Evreux7.6 
 7. Cornett, Quimper7.5 
 8. Emerson, Limoges7.5 
 9. Joseph, Maurienne7.5 
 10. Lalugba, Bou.7.5 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 5.9
 1. Williams, St-Etienne5.9 
 2. Taylor, Boulazac5.6 
 3. Gomez, Poitiers5.5 
 4. Ingram, Bourg5.1 
 5. Ball, Paris-Levall.4.8 
 6. Craven, Clermont4.7 
 7. Dunn, Maurienne4.6 
 8. Morlende, St.Qu.4.6 
 9. Thomas, St.Vallier4.1 
 10. Richardson, Bre.3.8 
Steals Per Game
 Errick CRAVEN
  Avg: 3.2
 1. Craven, Clermont3.2 
 2. Sullivan, Maurienne2.5 
 3. Barnette, St.Vallier2.5 
 4. Dunn, Maurienne2.3 
 5. Ball, Paris-Levall.2.2 
 6. Block, Quimper2.1 
 7. Ingram, Bourg2.0 
 8. Traore, Boulazac2.0 
 9. Karim, Evreux1.9 
 10. Williams, St-Etien.1.9 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 1.4
 1. Tucker, St.Quentin1.4 
 2. Hollins, Nantes1.2 
 3. Barnette, St.Vallier1.0 
 4. Mohammed, Limoges1.0 
 5. Kennedy, Antibes1.0 
 6. Bing, Clermont1.0 
 7. Fein, St.Quentin1.0 
 8. Mathis, Evreux1.0 
 9. Dunn, Maurienne1.0 
 10. Craven, Clermo.0.9 


Markoishvili is making it by himself - by GEO Basket
Manuchar Markoishvili (195-G-86) who has faithfully served his Ukrainian team 'BC Kyiv' after the financial problems (while all the other import players left the team) had another sensational vicotory over French 'Cholet'. 'BC Kyiv' lost away in France VS Cholet 68:52 but got the revanche back home in Ukraine and tied the series over Cholet Basket in Quarter-Finals. 18 points grabbed by Georgian was crucial for 77:72 home win in the capital of Ukraine. Georgian basketball community is expecting the third game and is hoping Kyiv's qualification to the next round.

Georgian Top Internationals Prospects - by GEO Basket
Georgia is among the countries that produces very skilful players for years. As 4.7 million population small country we are expecting to have one or two big time talents in each generation. Let's take a look of those talents in each generation.

1992 - Merab Bokolishvili
Merab Bokolishvili is a 198cm long-range bomber and has loads of potential. He's athletic wing players, who will most likely have to transition to the point guard position in the big basketball. His extraordinary size for a PG combined with his ability to score with the jumper, make him a tough match up. He glides to the basket with precision and ease and has a great 'feel' for the game. He can take the ball off the dribble and finish or drop a dime. Merab will be probably next European college player in the NCAA D1 after two 2 upcoming seasons.

1991 - Tornike Shengelia
There has been talk of Shengelia being 'The Next Best Thing' ever since he left from Georgia. Tornike has great athleticism, quickness and fantasy. He can step back and knock down the jumper, step even further back and knock down the three, and can even play with his back to the basket with his effective post moves. He is a very versatile player at 207cm with extremely dedicated work ethic. The fact that he's such a big perimeter player, so talented and intelligent, leads us to think that he will be able to adjust to any level of basketball he's thrown in, even NBA.

1990 - Levan Shengelia
Levan is very good athlete. He does what he looks like he should do C bang on the inside, grab rebounds, and with his 216cm wingspan, anchor his team's interior defense. Very competitive and eager to improve, there are no motivation question marks with him. He battles at all times to establish post position and is very active on the court. He is a very good rebounder especially on the offensive glass where he is relentless. He's having professional preparation in the USA currently and most likely he's at least to get full scholarship in one of the high ranked college in the NCAA D1.

1989 - Giorgi Shermadini
Shermadini started playing basketball in January 2005, when he was 16 years old. Despite his brief playing experience, he became top international player in his age category, also ranked by in the summer of 2008. His stats on U20 European Championships 2008 all together appeared highest ever (21.5ppg, 10.5rpg, 3.7bpg, FGP 73.8%). A lot NBA scouts are considering Shermadini as a lottery pick on NBA Draft. Hes more physical Pau Gasol type player, who is currently playing in one of the biggest European team Panathinaikos Athens.


MSN Conference Call Between Frankfurt & Bremerhaven With Michael Hakim Jordan (Cologne 99ers) - by Miles Schmidt-Scheuber

31 year old Michael Jordan (183-G-77, agency: Court Side, college: Pennsylvania) is a 183cm guard from Philadelphia. He played at the University of Pennsylvania graduating in 2000. His first two years found him jumping around leagues in France and Spain before he found a new home in Germany with TSV Quackenbruck. In the 2002-2003 season, he helped lead Quackenbruck into the BBL with exceptional stats in 30 games, 21.1 ppg, 3.9 rpg, 6.9 apg. He helped turn The Artland Dragons into a playoff team in the 2004-2005 season as they lost the BBL Quarterfinal playoff series to The Opel Skyliners in five games. That season he averaged in 34 games: 11.1ppg, 3.4rpg, Ast-1(6.4apg), 1.3spg, 2.6bpg, 2FGP: 52.5%, 3FGP: 31.3%. The enxt season, he was released by The Artland Drgaons, but went to Rhein Energie Cologne and won the BBL championship in 2006 averaging in 33 games: 9.8ppg, 2.3rpg, Assists-4(4.1apg), 1.0spg, 2FGP: 45.3%, 3PT: 40.3%, FT: 52.2%. The next season, he went to Italy and played at Cantu where he eld the league in assists and averaged in 37 games: 13.8ppg, 2.7rpg, Assists-1(5.2apg), 2.0spg, 2FGP: 54.6%, 3PT: 36.1%, FT: 74.0%. The next season, he played in Belgium for Charleroi averaging in15 games: 9.5ppg, 1.6rpg, 3.6apg, 1.0spg, 2FGP: 56.0%, 3PT: 36.0%, FT: 90.0%;. He had injury problems and finished the season in Greece with PAOK. This season after a very short stay in Israel, he played a few months in Bamberg before going to the Cologne 99ers.

Drasko Prodanovic was fired today. Were you surprised by this

We were struggling.Things weren't going well. The atmosphere wasn't great.I guess they figured it was time to make a change. I really don't know anything else about it.

Cologne announced that assistant coach Zoran Kukic will take over the reigns as coach. He played from 2001-2005 in Cologne. He has worked as assistant coach the last years and in the youth programs in Cologne. What is your impression of him?

I think Zorans knowledge of the game and his flexibility will make him a good coach

Since the Game against The Deutsche Bank Skyliners end of January 2009, the Cologne 99ers have lost five of six games. What have been the biggest problems with the team?

Not executing well and not defending like we can

The Cologne 99ers showed in this losing streak that you were able to beat Bonn on the road.
What does the team need now to play like you did in Bonn?

It's not hard to get up to play Bonn and Alba Berlin. We have to go into every game like its the championship, or last game you are ever ever goning to play

You are tied with Giessen in the standings, but they lost Maurice Jeffers (194-G/F-79, college: St.Louis). If you guys play solid Basketball then you should be saved. How is the mental state of the team. You should not get too overconfident now!

We can only worry about things we have control over. We cant control what Giessen or Bremehaven does. We have to win our games and handle our business. We are facing relegation. No one is over confident trust me.

What is game plan against Bremerhaven?

We have to play hard, smart, together and execute our stuff to the best of our abilities. We have to be more disciplined offensively and defensively. They are a good team with lots of talent.

What are your NCAA Final Four Picks?

Louisville, Memphis, Pitt, and The University of North Carolina

If you combine the big smiles of yourself and Deutsche Bank Skyliner Titus Ivory (193-G-79, college: Penn St.), what do you get?

A whole lot of teeth!!!

Coach Drasko Prodanovic sacked by Koeln 99ers - by Moritz Korff
Coach Drasko Prodanovic has been sacked by relegation threatened Koeln 99ers. Under Prodanovic the 99ers won 7 games in the 1. Bundesliga this season and lost 17. The 62-year-old Bosnian came to Koeln in 2005 and worked as Assistant Coach and 'Director of Coaching Staff' under Sasa Obradovic (agency: Beo Basket). He helped the 99ers claim the 2006 German Championship and the German Cup one year later. Koeln is currently 16th in the 1. Bundesliga table, fighting to avoid relegation.
The 99ers announced Zoran Kukic as the successor to Prodanovic. The 35-year-old former Bosnian international, who was born in Austria, spent four years as a player with the Koeln team from 2001 to 2005 and joined the club's coaching staff after he hang up his sneakers. Kukic worked as a coach at the Koeln youth-program and as an Assistant Coach under both Obradovic and Prodanovic. His debut as a Head Coach of the 99ers' Bundesliga squad is scheduled for Sunday, when the team takes on Bremerhaven.

Chris Copeland(TBB Trier) Pregame Thoughts To TBB Trier-Deutsche Bank Skyliners Game March 22nd - by Miles Schmidt-Scheuber
American Christopher Copeland (203-F-84, agency: 540 Sports, college: Colorado) is a 203cm power forward, who was born on March 17th 1984 in Orange New Jersey. From 2002-2006, he played at the University of Colorado. After not getting many minutes in his first two seasons, he became a vital part of the team in his junior and senior years finishing his four year University career averaging in 113 games, 7,3ppg, 3,7rpg and 1,3apg. In the 2006-2007 season, he played in the D-League for the Fort Worth Flyers averaging in 20 games: 9.8ppg, 4.7rpg, FGP: 42.9%, 3PT: 45.3%, FT: 79.4%. Last season, he made the jump to Europe landing in Spain with Beirasar Rosalia (Spain-LEB Gold, starting five) ,but leaving after the pre-season. He then moved to C.B. L'Hospitalet (Spain-LEB Gold), but lasted only 4 games averaging 4.0ppg, 8.0rpg, but left in October 2007 and went north to Holland signing with Matrixx Magix Nijmegen. He had more luck there averaging in 28 games: 18.0ppg, 7.6rpg, 2.1apg, 1.5spg, 1.0bpg, FGP: 49.7%, 3PT: 40.3%, FT: 79.3%. This season, he is playing for TBB Trier in the German BBL and averaging 13,6ppg, 5,1rpg and 2,2 apg. He is an explosive scorer, terrific shooter, has a high knowledge of the game and will battle against Skyliner Derrick Allen on the floor on Sunday March 22nd..

You lost an exciting game in overtime in Dusseldorf. How did you experience the last seconds?

They made big shots and we couldnt turn it around.

That was the third close loss this season after the 102-100 loss at home against Tubingen, and the 65-62 loss against Bamberg. You could be in the playoff range now. How much does that hurt that you arent?

It stinks. We did win some close games as well this season, but losing close games hurt. We have to continue to work hard and not focus on the losses, but look ahead and bounce back.

TBB Trier is very talented, but the team has never won more than two games in a row this season. What are the reasons for this? Could it be that the chemistry is not there yet and the long injury to American George Evans (202-F/C-71, agency: Court Side, college: George Mason)?

The injury woes were an issue early on, but we cant make any excuses. It is not easy really to say what the reasons are. We have to find a way to start winning more games. We are at the edge of the playoffs and need many wins.

What things does the team still need to improve to become a playoff team?

The main thing is that we have get better on defense. If we can get stops and stay consistent, then we will be ok.

TBB Trier only grab 29,7 rebounds per contest. You dont have a dominant rebounder, but seven guys that get 3,0 rebounds or more. You have to take a big load of the rebounding duties. Why doesnt George Evans get more rebounds?

George does a lot of things that you necessarily dont see on the stats. He always has to defend the biggest guy and uses a lot of energy while boxing out. We have a lot of guys on the wing like Jamal Shuler (191-G-86), Brian Brown (191-G-79, agency: Passing Lane, college: Ohio St.) and Norman Richardson (196-F/G-77, college: Hofstra) who help out with the rebounding.

Ex Deutsche Bank Skyliner Maksym Shtein (206-C-80, agency: LimeLight) has scored in double figures ten times this season for TBB Trier. How is his development going?

I am really very impressed by the play of Maksym. He is very talented and finishes strong on both ends of the floor and is a good post player.

This is your first season in Germany. How do you like Trier?

Germany is cool. I like the people. They are all very nice. The fan support is great in Trier and the organization takes good care of me.

The next game is against The Deutsche Bank Skyliners. TBB Trier lost the first game in Frankfurt 76-53. What are your memories of this game?

I dont have good memories of this game. I remember that we were not complete. We were without Norman Richardson and George Evans. We would have been a totally different team with them on the floor. The game Sunday will be completely different than the first game.

What Deutsche Bank Skyliner player do you respect?

Derrick Allen is always tough as is Pascal Roller (180-G-76). I also know Jimmy Mckinney from the Big 12.

TBB Trier is 8-3 at home. What will be the key for victory?

We have to keep the momentum at home and play with a lot of self confidence.

Who was the best player that you have played against in the BBL?

That is tough. I think George Evans and Derek Raivio (190-G-84, agency: Priority Sports, college: Gonzaga), because I have to face them each day in practice.

You played in Holland last season for Nimwegen. What are the biggest differences between the Dutch league and the BBL?

There is more physical play in the BBL. The arenas are bigger in Germany and the game is stronger and faster here as well.

You played at Colorado. Who were the best players that you played against in college?

TJ Ford, and Nick Collision from Kansas who is in the NBA now.

What are your NCAA Final Four picks?

Memphis, UCLA, Duke and Jamal Shulers school Virginia Commonwealth.

What was the craziest shot that you have ever made?

The half court shot. In Trier, we are always shooting them after practice. I am pretty solid at making them.

What was the last DVD that you saw?

Paid & Full

Standings - 1. Bundesliga
1.Bundesliga Standings
 1. Oldenburg 20-5 
 2. ALBA 17-5 
 3. Goettingen 17-6 
 4. Bonn 17-7 
 5. Ulm 16-8 
 6. Frankfurt 16-9 
 7. Bamberg 13-12 
 8. Paderborn 13-12 
 9. Ludwigsb. 12-14 
 10. Trier 11-14 
 11. Tuebingen 11-14 
 12. Braunschweig 10-15 
 13. Art.Dragons 10-15 
 14. Duesseldorf 10-16 
 15. Noerdlingen 10-16 
 16. Koeln 99ers 7-16 
 17. Giessen 7-17 
 18. Bremerhaven 4-20 

Standings - ProA
ProA Standings
 1. MBC 21-3 
 2. Bayreuth 20-5 
 3. Hagen 19-5 
 4. Karlsruhe 16-9 
 5. Jena 15-10 
 6. Kirchheim 14-10 
 7. Chemnitz 13-12 
 8. B.Muenchen 13-12 
 9. teckproBraves 11-14 
 10. Bremen 10-14 
 11. Cuxhaven 10-15 
 12. Langen 9-16 
 13. ETB Wohnbau 9-16 
 14. Heidelberg 6-17 
 15. Schalke 6-19 
 16. Lich 5-20 

Standings - Pro B
ProB Standings
 1. proveo Merl. 20-5 
 2. Wolfenbuettel 18-6 
 3. Rhoendorf 17-8 
 4. Herten 17-8 
 5. Osnabrueck 15-9 
 6. Hannover 12-12 
 7. Telemotive 12-13 
 8. B'guessbach 12-13 
 9. SU Braunsch. 11-13 
 10. Ehingen 11-13 
 11. Stahnsdorf 11-14 
 12. Landshut 10-15 
 13. Freiburg 9-16 
 14. Mainz 9-16 
 15. Franken Hexer 7-18 
 16. Speyer 6-18 

Stats Leaders - 1.Bundesliga
Points Per Game
  Avg: 16.5
 1. Westley, Noerdlingen16.5 
 2. Hess, Art.Dragons15.4 
 3. Gardner, EWE B.14.8 
 4. Suput, Brose B.14.7 
 5. Bailey, Goettingen14.6 
 6. Katic, Walter Tigers14.6 
 7. Bowman, Telekom B.14.6 
 8. Rowland, Telek.14.5 
 9. Paulding, EWE B.14.3 
 10. Hunt, Koeln 99e.14.2 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 10.6
 1. Ensminger, Pad.Bask.10.6 
 2. Gibbs, ratiopharm10.3 
 3. McGhee, Noerdlin.8.4 
 4. Katic, Walter Tigers7.7 
 5. Gordon, Dt.7.6 
 6. Fenn, Art.Dragons7.1 
 7. Westley, Noerdlingen6.9 
 8. Rouse, LTi 46ers6.4 
 9. Drevo, NY Phantoms6.4 
 10. Visser, NY Pha.6.0 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 4.7
 1. Joyce, ratiopharm4.7 
 2. Gardner, EWE B.4.2 
 3. Watson, Bremerha.4.0 
 4. Franklin, NY Phant.4.0 
 5. Anderson, Walter T.4.0 
 6. Rowland, Telek.3.8 
 7. Jenkins, ALBA3.7 
 8. Rivera, Brose B.3.6 
 9. Schaffartzik, LTi 3.5 
 10. Bailey, Goetting.3.4 
Steals Per Game
 Roderick TRICE
  Avg: 2.9
 1. Trice, Goettingen2.9 
 2. Gordon, Koeln 99ers2.7 
 3. Lee, Goettingen1.8 
 4. McGhee, Noerdlin.1.8 
 5. Yarbrough, Telek.1.7 
 6. Foster, EWE B.1.7 
 7. Franklin, NY Phant.1.6 
 8. Peete, Duesseldorf1.5 
 9. Jacobson, Goett.1.4 
 10. Paulding, EWE.1.4 
Blocks Per Game
  Telekom B.
  Avg: 2.9
 1. Johnson, Telek.2.9 
 2. Slaughter, Bremerha.1.3 
 3. Reiner, Bremerha.1.1 
 4. Gadri-N., Bremerha.1.1 
 5. Boumtje Boum., EWE B.1.0 
 6. Drevo, NY Phantoms0.9 
 7. Sesay, ALBA0.9 
 8. Flomo, Telekom B.0.8 
 9. Visser, NY Phant.0.8 
 10. Majstorovic, EWE.0.8 

Stats Leaders - 2.Bundesliga
Points Per Game
 Johannes LISCHKA
  LTi 46ers
  Avg: 23.9
 1. Lischka, Lich23.9 
 2. Watkins, Cuxhaven22.3 
 3. Khartchenkov, Chemn.18.6 
 4. Hall, Schalke18.5 
 5. Benzing, Langen18.2 
 6. Baumann, Kirchheim18.0 
 7. Hodges, Heidelberg17.8 
 8. Griffin, Hagen17.3 
 9. Komarek, Heide.17.2 
 10. Oppland, Bayreu.16.8 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 10.7
 1. Baumann, Kirchheim10.7 
 2. Seward, Cuxhaven10.5 
 3. Jeffers, Langen9.8 
 4. Howard, Karlsruhe9.6 
 5. Hamilton, Bayreuth9.5 
 6. Gilbert, MBC9.2 
 7. Lischka, Lich8.9 
 8. Gerwig, Chemnitz8.8 
 9. Freese, Lich8.7 
 10. Sabourin, Brem.8.3 
Assists Per Game
 Japhet MCNEIL
  Avg: 7.5
 1. McNeil, Heidelberg7.5 
 2. Bannister, Schalke6.1 
 3. Pfeifer, Chemnitz5.7 
 4. Ruffin, teckproB.4.5 
 5. Williamson, Jena4.4 
 6. Parker, B.Muenchen4.4 
 7. Watkins, Cuxhaven4.4 
 8. Crawford, Kirch.4.3 
 9. Griffin, Hagen4.3 
 10. Holcomb-Faye, Bay.4.1 
Steals Per Game
 Japhet MCNEIL
  Avg: 3.5
 1. McNeil, Heidelberg3.5 
 2. Scott, Kirchheim2.3 
 3. Williamson, Jena2.3 
 4. Pfeifer, Chemnitz2.3 
 5. Hamilton, Bayreuth2.0 
 6. Crawford, Kirch.2.0 
 7. Harris, Bayreuth1.9 
 8. Paeley, teckproB.1.9 
 9. Thomas, ETB W.1.7 
 10. Brooks, B.Muench.1.7 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 2.7
 1. Williams, B.Muenchen2.7 
 2. Seward, Cuxhaven1.4 
 3. Shaw, ETB Wohnbau1.3 
 4. Hamilton, Bayreuth1.3 
 5. Zyskunov, teckproB.1.1 
 6. Benzing, Langen1.0 
 7. Hornig, Kirchheim1.0 
 8. Fairley, Jena1.0 
 9. Sabourin, Bremen0.9 
 10. Kruel, Hag.0.9 


Stats Leaders - A1
Points Per Game
 Steven SMITH
  VAP Kolossos
  Avg: 18.1
 1. Smith, VAP K.18.1 
 2. Francis, AEL 196416.4 
 3. Vasiliadis, PAOK15.9 
 4. Childress, Olympiakos15.6 
 5. Nikolaidis, Trikalla15.2 
 6. Grundy, Panellinios15.2 
 7. King, Olimpia L.15.1 
 8. Avery, Trikalla14.6 
 9. Gregory, PAOK14.1 
 10. Mejia, AEL 19.13.7 
Rebounds Per Game
  AEL 1964
  Avg: 8.6
 1. Francis, AEL 19648.6 
 2. Wesson, PAOK8.4 
 3. Tomasevic, PAOK7.4 
 4. Nelson, Aris7.3 
 5. Bourousis, Olympiakos7.0 
 6. Massie, Trikalla6.9 
 7. Bryant, AEK6.8 
 8. Baxter, Panionios6.1 
 9. Sekulic, Aris6.0 
 10. Golemac, Panellini.5.6 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 4.6
 1. Papaloukas, Olymp.4.6 
 2. Grundy, Panellinios4.0 
 3. Keys, C.C. Marousi4.0 
 4. Diamantidis, Panath.3.9 
 5. Avery, Trikalla3.8 
 6. Mulaomerovic, PAOK3.8 
 7. Dickel, Trikalla3.1 
 8. Miles, Panionios3.1 
 9. Thomson, AEK3.0 
 10. Vasiljevic, VAP.2.9 
Steals Per Game
 Aaron MILES
  Avg: 2.5
 1. Miles, Panionios2.5 
 2. Grundy, Panellinios2.0 
 3. Belser, Olimpia L.1.9 
 4. Childress, Olympiakos1.5 
 5. Papaloukas, Olymp.1.4 
 6. Smith, VAP K.1.3 
 7. Halperin, Olympiakos1.3 
 8. Papamakarios, Panell.1.3 
 9. Batis, Olimpia L.1.3 
 10. Clark, Ar.1.2 
Blocks Per Game
  ESTIA Egaleo
  Avg: 1.6
 1. Hardin, ESTIA E.1.6 
 2. Francis, AEL 19641.4 
 3. Massie, Trikalla1.3 
 4. Glyniadakis, C.C. M.1.1 
 5. Bryant, AEK0.9 
 6. Childress, Olympiakos0.8 
 7. Baxter, Panionios0.8 
 8. Bourousis, Olympiakos0.8 
 9. Bryant, AEK0.8 
 10. Johnsen, PA.0.7 

Standings - A2
A2 Standings
 1. Ilysiakos 18-4 
 2. DASH Perist. 18-4 
 3. Dafni 17-5 
 4. Iraklis 15-7 
 5. Rethymno 14-8 
 6. Near East 13-9 
 7. Apollon 12-10 
 8. KAOD 10-12 
 9. HSBC Pagrati 10-12 
 10. Ermis L. 9-13 
 11. ICBS 9-13 
 12. Panerythrai. 8-14 
 13. Xanthi 7-15 
 14. Olimpias 7-15 
 15. Keravnos Aigio 6-16 
 16. MENT 3-19 

Standings - A1
A1 Standings
 1. Olympiakos 21-1 
 2. Panathinaikos 19-3 
 3. Aris 16-6 
 4. Panellinios 15-6 
 5. Panionios 14-7 
 6. C.C. Marousi 13-8 
 7. PAOK 10-12 
 8. VAP Kolossos 10-12 
 9. AEK 9-13 
 10. Olimpia L. 7-15 
 11. Kavala/P. 7-15 
 12. ESTIA Egaleo 5-17 
 13. Trikalla 4-17 
 14. AEL 1964 2-20 

A2: Week 21 Round Up - by Chris Mammides
A2: Week 21 Round Up
During the 21st week of one of the strongest leagues in A2 the last decade the situation of the relegation and the promotion is still not clear with just 6 weeks to go. The tough competition of this season is more obvious than ever as nobody knows which team will be winning and which team will be losing no matter what the game will be the first team against the last team and so on. The week 21 proved that when Rethymno needed Koronidiss injury to win the game in Crete. In the other supposed to be derby, Dafni thrashed Iraklis while KAOD added another road win in Patras against Olimpiada.
The games in more detailed were as follows:

Dafni Iraklis 82-62
Dafni face no trouble at all against the Thessaloniki team. The super scorer Giannis Kakiouzis (205-F-78) scored 37 points while Petrodimopoulos added 13. From Iraklis who played one of his worst games, top scorer was Totsios with 26 points while Radinovic added 18.

Near East Xanthi 81-72
Tolis Karnesis team needed 15 minutes to take the initiatives and never lost them in a derby as Xanthi played very good and if Michalos (24 points) and Koutroulias (20 points) were not so good the team of Coach Souliotis could have been the big winner. Top scorer on behalf of the visitors was once more the Serbian Jelenic with 19 points.

Peristeri - MENT 73-68
Coach Konstantinidis MENT lost all its chances to remain in the division after the new negative result against the very good team of PEristeri. MENT played wonderful against the solid team of Coach Karagiannis but finally the better team won. Top scorer on behalf of the winning side was Moshovitis with 13 followed by Lewis with 13. On behalf of MENT (who already dismiss the American Israeli Fogel, top scorer was Vasileiou with 18 points

Pagrati Keravnos Aigiou 76-68
A derby took place in Athens where PAgrati and Keravnos played a tough game which was a derby for 39 minutes. Coach Liogas had in a very good day his guard Voulgaris who scored 16 points with perfect accuracy from the parameter as he succeed 5/5 three pointers! From the lost side of Coach Pavlou, top scorer was Kiriakidis with 17 points while Kefalas added 16.

ICBS - Ilysiakos 51-71
Without its top scorer Kounas (due to an injury) ICBS lost the game against the strong team of Ilysiakos as Sivorotka was all alone (14 points) this is the worst game of the college in the second round. Top score on behalf of one of the strongest favorite teams for promotion in A1 was, Papanikolaou with 16 while Mali added 15.

Olympiada Patras - KAOD 84-89
A great road win for Coach Grigoriadis was succeeded last week in Patras, over Olympiada. The game was a real derby against two teams who gave it all for the victory. Top scorer for the home team was Spanoulis with 18 followed by Georgaros with 15 while from the winners top scorer was the veteran guard Moulakis with 23 points followed by Kitsoulis with 16

Ermis Lagkada - Panerythraikos 69-63.
The heroic Dimitriadis (21 points) saved his team and coach Koukoulekidis from the negative home result as at the end and after a great defense the team from Lagkadas beat the Erythraia team. The quarters were 12-21, 30-35, 45-52, and the final 69-63. Top scorer for the visitors was Sofogiannis with 15.

Rethymno Apollon Patras 73-65
In another derby the islanders stole the victory from Koronidis team due to the amazingly bad luck of the super scorer Koronidis when he got injured and couldnt shoot the two free throws he won in a very vital minute (2.5 before the end) and with the score being equal, Kaperonis replace the Cyprus International and missed both of them. Top scorer for the Cretans was Panaras with 15 while the usual suspect Koronidis finished the game with 26 points.


Standings - Eredivisie
Eredivisie Standings
 1. Amsterdam 29-5 
 2. Eiff.Towers 23-11 
 3. Hanzev.Cpt 20-13 
 4. M.Magix 20-14 
 5. Rotterdam 20-14 
 6. West-Brabant 19-15 
 7. ZZ Leiden 13-20 
 8. Landstede 13-22 
 9. Upstairs Weert 12-21 
 10. Aris Friesland 10-23 
 11. Den Helder 6-27 

Standings - Promotie Divisie
Prom.Divisie Standings
 1. MyGuide 2 19-2 
 2. MSV 18-4 
 3. Gorinchem 14-8 
 4. Landstede 2 14-8 
 5. Initial H5 13-8 
 6. Leiden 2 10-10 
 7. BV Rooi 10-10 
 8. Akrides 10-12 
 9. Groene 10-12 
 10. Punch 8-13 
 11. Red Giants 8-14 
 12. EBBC 8-15 
 13. Cangeroes 4-18 
 14. Pigeons 4-18 

Stats Leaders - Eredivisie
Points Per Game
  Aris Friesland
  Avg: 23.5
 1. Bauscher, Aris F.23.5 
 2. Bostain, Landstede20.0 
 3. Walker, Rotterdam19.0 
 4. Pope, West-Brabant18.7 
 5. Wilson, M.Magix17.4 
 6. Beasley, Eiff.Tow.16.8 
 7. Ross, Upstairs.16.7 
 8. Blue, West-Brabant16.4 
 9. Witt, Den Helder15.8 
 10. Punch, Landste.15.5 
Rebounds Per Game
  Upstairs Weert
  Avg: 11.4
 1. Jackson, Upstairs.11.4 
 2. Johnson, West-Bra.10.4 
 3. Chiotti, ZZ Leiden9.3 
 4. Briggs, Rotterdam9.2 
 5. Khazzouh, Hanze.9.0 
 6. Beasley, Eiff.Tow.8.6 
 7. Dialls, Den Helder8.0 
 8. Spencer, Aris F.7.9 
 9. Brempong, Hanze.7.8 
 10. Boxley, ZZ Leid.7.2 
Assists Per Game
  Aris Friesland
  Avg: 5.8
 1. Bauscher, Aris F.5.8 
 2. Thomas, Hanzev.Cpt5.3 
 3. Oliver, Eiff.Towers5.0 
 4. Richardson, Rotte.4.8 
 5. Nash, ZZ Leiden4.8 
 6. Bostain, Landstede4.6 
 7. Blackwood, Aris F.4.3 
 8. Downey, Eiff.Tow.4.2 
 9. Witt, Den Helder4.1 
 10. Jansen, Hanzev.Cp4.0 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 3.3
 1. Richardson, Rotte.3.3 
 2. Thomas, Hanzev.Cpt3.1 
 3. Sears, M.Magix2.9 
 4. Greene, Amsterdam2.6 
 5. Bauscher, Aris F.2.5 
 6. Nelson, M.Magix2.4 
 7. Punch, Landstede2.2 
 8. Bostain, Landstede2.2 
 9. Walker, Rotterdam2.1 
 10. Smith, Upstai.2.1 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 1.8
 1. Khazzouh, Hanze.1.8 
 2. Steenberge, Aris F.1.7 
 3. Brempong, Hanze.1.4 
 4. Iti, Rotterdam1.2 
 5. Gladness, M.Magix1.1 
 6. Briggs, Rotterdam1.0 
 7. Blue, West-Brabant1.0 
 8. Richardson, Eiff.Tow.1.0 
 9. Kuijper, ZZ Leiden0.9 
 10. Patten, Upstai.0.9 


Standings - SerieA
SerieA Standings
 1. Montepaschi 22-1 
 2. Lottomatica 15-7 
 3. Banca Tercas 14-8 
 4. La Fortezza 14-8 
 5. Benetton 12-10 
 6. Armani MI 12-10 
 7. NGC Cantu 11-11 
 8. Scavolini 10-12 
 9. Premiata 10-12 
 10. Angelico BI 10-13 
 11. Solsonica 9-13 
 12. Air AV 9-13 
 13. Eldo Caserta 9-13 
 14. Fortitudo 8-15 
 15. Carife FE 8-15 
 16. Snaidero 5-17 

Stats Leaders - SerieA
Points Per Game
  Avg: 18.9
 1. Anderson, Snaidero18.9 
 2. Hicks, Scavolini18.5 
 3. Collins, Carife FE16.8 
 4. Hawkins, Armani MI16.6 
 5. Carroll, Banca T.16.5 
 6. Minard, Premiata16.5 
 7. Diaz, Eldo Caserta16.3 
 8. Smith, Angelico BI16.1 
 9. Neal, Benetton15.8 
 10. Boykins, La For.15.5 
Rebounds Per Game
 Brandon HUNTER
  Avg: 10.2
 1. Hunter, Premiata10.2 
 2. Ford, La Fortezza9.1 
 3. Pasco, Solsonica9.0 
 4. Wallace, Benetton8.2 
 5. Slay, Eldo Caserta7.8 
 6. Romero, Snaidero7.3 
 7. Hall, Armani MI7.1 
 8. Papadopoulos, Forti.7.1 
 9. Akindele, Scavolini6.7 
 10. Stonerook, Montep.6.7 
Assists Per Game
 Jermaine JACKSON
  Avg: 5.4
 1. Jackson, Snaidero5.4 
 2. McIntyre, Montepas.5.3 
 3. Poeta, Banca Tercas4.4 
 4. Spinelli, Angelico.4.2 
 5. Smith, Angelico BI4.0 
 6. Dixon, Benetton3.8 
 7. Stanic, Scavolini3.8 
 8. Forte, Snaidero3.6 
 9. Best, Air AV3.4 
 10. Boykins, La For.3.4 
Steals Per Game
  La Fortezza
  Avg: 3.3
 1. Boykins, La Forte.3.3 
 2. Curry, Scavolini3.2 
 3. Dixon, Benetton3.1 
 4. Hicks, Scavolini3.1 
 5. Collins, Carife FE3.0 
 6. Becirovic, Lottomat.2.9 
 7. Poeta, Banca Tercas2.9 
 8. Elder, NGC Cantu2.8 
 9. McIntyre, Montepas.2.8 
 10. Slay, Eldo Caser.2.8 
Blocks Per Game
 Sharrod FORD
  La Fortezza
  Avg: 1.8
 1. Ford, La Fortezza1.8 
 2. Ebi, Carife FE1.6 
 3. Akindele, Scavolini1.5 
 4. Eze, Montepaschi1.5 
 5. Pasco, Solsonica1.4 
 6. Crosariol, Air AV1.4 
 7. Toure, NGC Cantu0.9 
 8. Gigli, Lottomatica0.8 
 9. Achara, Fortitudo0.8 
 10. Nicevic, Benett.0.8 

Stats Leaders - Lega2
Points Per Game
 Joseph BUNN
  Aget IM
  Avg: 24.4
 1. Bunn, Aget IM24.4 
 2. Dowdell, Fastw.21.5 
 3. Hatten, Enel Brindisi21.2 
 4. Davis, Harem SC20.8 
 5. Bell, Vanoli SO20.2 
 6. Kemp, Basket LI20.2 
 7. Marigney, Edimes P.19.5 
 8. Whiting, Banco S.19.5 
 9. Boyette, Basket LI19.3 
 10. Goss, Crabs19.1 
Rebounds Per Game
  Seven 2007
  Avg: 9.5
 1. Lloreda, Seven 20079.5 
 2. Hines, Prima VE9.5 
 3. Maggioli, Fileni J.9.1 
 4. Killingswort., Enel B.8.7 
 5. Bunn, Aget IM8.5 
 6. George, Umana R.8.3 
 7. Ringstrom, Seven 7.9 
 8. Tyler, Carmatic PT7.8 
 9. Smith, Fastweb CM7.7 
 10. Boykin, Fileni7.3 
Assists Per Game
  Cimberio VA
  Avg: 4.9
 1. Childress, Cimberio.4.9 
 2. Rowe, Banco Sard.4.8 
 3. Allen, Prima VE4.3 
 4. de Assis, Seven 4.3 
 5. Cinciarini, Edimes P.3.9 
 6. Mbemba, Vanoli SO3.8 
 7. Maestranzi, Fileni J.3.7 
 8. Busca, Harem SC3.6 
 9. Nissim, Prima VE3.4 
 10. Passera, Cimber.3.2 
Steals Per Game
 Joseph BUNN
  Aget IM
  Avg: 4
 1. Bunn, Aget IM4.0 
 2. Tyler, Carmatic PT3.9 
 3. Goss, Crabs RN3.9 
 4. Killingswort., Enel B.3.8 
 5. Cuffee, Fileni JE3.5 
 6. Lloreda, Seven 20073.5 
 7. Mbemba, Vanoli SO3.5 
 8. Childress, Cimberio.3.3 
 9. Rowe, Banco Sard.3.3 
 10. Pinnock, Seven 20.3.3 
Blocks Per Game
 Reyshawn TERRY
  La Fortezza
  Avg: 2.1
 1. Terry, Vanoli SO2.1 
 2. Maggioli, Fileni J.2.1 
 3. Hines, Prima VE1.9 
 4. Ostler, Basket LI1.5 
 5. Bryan, Carmatic PT1.4 
 6. Bougaieff, Umana R.1.0 
 7. Bryan, Seven 20070.9 
 8. Dickens, Cimberio.0.8 
 9. Green, Umana Reyer0.8 
 10. George, Umana.0.8 

Standings - Lega 2
Lega2 Standings
 1. Cimberio VA 17-7 
 2. Vanoli SO 15-9 
 3. Prima VE 14-10 
 4. Fileni JE 13-11 
 5. Fastweb CM 13-11 
 6. Basket LI 12-12 
 7. Banco Sard. 12-12 
 8. Edimes PV 12-12 
 9. Crabs RN 12-13 
 10. Enel Brindisi 12-13 
 11. Harem SC 11-13 
 12. Trenkwalder 11-13 
 13. Carmatic PT 11-13 
 14. Umana Reyer 10-14 
 15. Aget IM 9-15 
 16. Seven 2007 9-15 


Stats Leaders - JBL Superleague
Points Per Game
  Tochigi Brex
  Avg: 20.4
 1. Kawamura, Tochigi .20.4 
 2. Henderson-S., Ais.18.4 
 3. Takeuchi, Aishin17.9 
 4. Takahashi, Toyota16.9 
 5. Violette, Toshiba16.1 
 6. O'Bannon, Toyota16.0 
 7. Takeuchi, Hitachi S.15.9 
 8. Newton, Hokkaido14.8 
 9. Rice, Hitachi S.14.6 
 10. Kikuchi, Toshi.14.3 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 9.9
 1. Violette, Toshiba9.9 
 2. Takeuchi, Hitachi S.9.6 
 3. Takeuchi, Aishin9.1 
 4. Parada, Mitsubishi8.4 
 5. Henderson-S., Ais.8.4 
 6. Takahashi, Toyota7.9 
 7. Custis, Panasonic6.5 
 8. Lewis, Hokkaido6.5 
 9. Aono, Panasonic6.5 
 10. Honeycutt, Pan.6.4 
Assists Per Game
  Tochigi Brex
  Avg: 5.6
 1. Tabuse, Tochigi .5.6 
 2. Kashiwakura, Mitsu.4.5 
 3. Sakurai, Hokkaido4.1 
 4. Kashiwagi, Aishin3.9 
 5. Kinoshita, Panasonic3.8 
 6. Henderson-S., Ais.3.6 
 7. Igarashi, Hitachi S.3.5 
 8. Ishizaki, Toshiba3.0 
 9. Takahashi, Toyota2.8 
 10. Takeuchi, Hitachi.2.7 
Steals Per Game
  Tochigi Brex
  Avg: 2.3
 1. Tabuse, Tochigi .2.3 
 2. Kashiwagi, Aishin2.0 
 3. Sakurai, Hokkaido1.6 
 4. Kawamura, Tochigi .1.4 
 5. Sato, Hitachi S.1.3 
 6. Sakai, Hitachi S.1.2 
 7. Violette, Toshiba1.2 
 8. Honeycutt, Panas.1.2 
 9. Selvy, Aishin1.2 
 10. Hirose, Panason.1.1 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 1.7
 1. Takeuchi, Aishin1.7 
 2. Orr, Tochigi Brex1.4 
 3. Parada, Mitsubishi1.3 
 4. Takeuchi, Hitachi S.1.2 
 5. Aono, Panasonic1.1 
 6. Sakurai, Hokkaido0.8 
 7. Takahashi, Toyota0.7 
 8. Newton, Hokkaido0.7 
 9. O'Bannon, Toyota0.7 
 10. Violette, Toshi.0.6 

JBL Round: 2 (Finals) - by Eurobasket News
Aishin - Hitachi S. 62-65
Hitachi tied the Final series over Aishin after 65:62 win in Game 2. Lamar Rice (203-F-82, college: Georgetown, KY) led the winners with 20 points, while Takeuchi Joji collected 18 points and 13 rebounds. Daryan Selvy (197-F/G-79, college: Oklahoma) produced 18 points in the losing effort.

Seahorses late game fury too much for Sunrockers - by John Scribe
With a 56-49 lead going into the fourth quarter of its first-ever game in the JBL Finals, the Sunrockers perhaps felt that they had a chance to secure the game. However, the defending champions Aisin Seahorses had something else in mind.

The Aisin Seahorses withstood a tough first half to stage a furious rally in the fourth quarter and defeated the Hitachi Sunrockers 68-64 in Game One of the 2008-2009 JBL Finals tonight at Tokyo Gymnasium.

Hitachi, making its first ever appearance in the finals started the game on a solid note by putting together a stellar first quarter behind the play of Best Five Member Joji Takeuchi (13 points, 15 rebounds) and Tyler Smith (team-high 17 points) ; after making adjustments to take the ball away from the inside players of Aisin. 'We were able to stop Aisin from doing what they want on the inside', said Hitachi Head Coach Shuji Ono.

Hitachi continued to take control of the game as reserve Shusaku Oya nailed a three to start the second quarter; after making the final three to end the first stanza. From that point on, the Sunrockers gain momentum and took a 30-17 lead with seven minutes remaining. Not to give anymore ground, the inside tandem of J.R. Henderson-Sakuragi (23 points, 12 rebounds) and the Seahorsess regular season MVP Kosuke Takeuchi (16 points, 7 rebounds) responds as they control the paint with baskets and even an occasional three-pointer.

As a result, the Seahorses gain an advantage by stretching the floor and makes its jump shots, as it goes into the break only behind by four points.
In the second half, Aisin shows why it is the champion by ratcheting up its defense, forcing Hitachi into mistakes to earn easier baskets.

'We knew it would be a tough game. We knew we had to be patient from the beginning to the end, and I believe us being able to score easy points off of our defense was the main reason we won', said Seahorses PG Shinsuke Kashiwagi.

Aisin continued to display its tenacity by attacking the Sunrockers with pressure and forcing Hitachi into tough shots, resulting in Hitachi shooting 24.1 percent from three, while Aisin connected on 45.5 percent of its shots from downtown.

The Seahorses then went to Henderson-Sakuragi to dominate the paint with timely scores and rebounds on the inside to rally for a victory for the defending champions. And with such a rally, The Seahorses proved its metal and displayed that the champions arent going anywhere.

However, Hitachi thinks otherwise.

Even though the Sunrockers let the game get away, they may be proving that this series could be a long one and that it wont be a cakewalk.  

'Looking at the game as a whole, I think we were able to do what wanted to do on offense, and especially our defense', said Ono. 'The only regret we have is we ran out of stamina towards the end and got defensive in the fourth quarter. However, we were able to see a lot of good situations and believe we can make it work tomorrow'.

Game Two begins at 15:00 at Tokyo Gymnasium tomorrow.

Big third quarter and defensive Sunblock propels Hitachi to Game Two Win - by John Scribe

After game one of the JBL Finals last night, Hitachis Head Coach Shuji Ono mentioned that his team showed well against Aisin and believed his team could bounce back in game two with a little tweak in his teams game plan. 

He was right.

As mentioned, the Hitachi Sunrockers put the locks on the inside against the defending champion Aisin Seahorses and took game two of the JBL Finals this afternoon, a 65-62 victory at Tokyo Gymnasium.

Like game two, the game was a low-scoring, back-and-forth affair. Hitachi controlled the opening stanza by forcing the Seahorses to work hard on the inside and forcing the duo of J.R. Henderson-Sakuragi (15 points) and Kousuke Takeuchi (six points) to pass the ball outside for long distant shots after Henderson-Sakuragi and F David Young score early. As a result, Aisin, which is notorious for being a marginal outside shooting team, finished 23.1 percent from the arc.

Another key factor was the rockers rebounding as they dominated the glass for the second consecutive game by 39-29 a margin: including 9 offensive rebounds.
Aisin made a run to take the lead in the second quarter, led by Daryan Selvy (18 points), to outscore Hitachi 18-10. During the run, Selvy scored on a away of mid-range jump shots, capped off with a thunderous dunk to help lead the Seahorses to a 31-24 lead. In the meanwhile, Hitachis F Lamar Rice (20 points, 10-17 from the field) keeps the Sunrockers in the game, despite the team struggling from a stagnant offense.

As the third quarter begins, it seemed as if Aisin would continue to control the flow of the game. However, Hitachi toughens up its inside defense and capitalize off big performances from F/C Joji Takeuchi, Rice, and SF Taiji Sakai. As a result, Aisin went into a cold spell for nearly five minutes and allows the Sunrockers to overtake the lead at 46-43.

Not to be undone, Aisins Selvy responded with a furious barrage of buckets in the first five minutes of the final stanza to help the defending champions take a 58-51 lead with four minutes remaining in the game. However, the playoffs is the time for when players step up, and Hitachis Yuichi Kan nailed crucial jump shots to help tie the game at 60-all.

'We got beat pretty badly in the fourth yesterday so, we said to make sure we work harder since its the fourth today', said Kan.

The remaining portion of the game was a seesaw game as the Seahorses Selvy finished two free throws to take 62-60 lead.  

However, that would be the end of Aisins rally, as the Seahorses again went through a dry spell and finish the game scoreless from the field.

Hitachi took advantage of Aisins new Achilles heelreboundingto gain momentum offensively, and Takeuchi of Hitachi took over as he scored a game changing basket on the inside and connected on the game-clinching free throws.

Hitachi may found a common formula to beat the defending champions.

'I think we were able to do what Aisin did to beat us yesterday', said Joji Takeuchi.

'We worked on defending until the end and I believe that allowed us to pull away in the end. Since we worked hard on our defense, it helped us on the offensive end'.
Takeuchi's twin brother, Kousuke of Aisin, had the same sentiments.

'We got beat the same way, we beat Hitachi yesterday', said Takeuchi.

'It is my primary job to rebound, but they beat us on the boards by 10. I am very appointed in that'.

In sports, it is commonly said that defense wins championships, and Hitachi is proving that theory right. And of course, a little offensive fortune helps as Hitachi faces Aisin for a third time tomorrow. It will be interesting to see which team will have the patience and intestinal fortune to fight through these grueling series.
Game Three starts at 15:00 at Tokyo Gynasium and Game Four will be played at 19:15 at Yoyogi 2nd Gymnasium on Wednesday, the 25th.


Zahn inks with Zain - by Mohammed Malas
According to Al Ghad and Al Rai Newspapers, Adam Zahn (203-F/C-84, college: Oregon) signed officially with Zain to appear with them in both Arab Clubs Championship (Beirut, Lebanon Apr. 25 - May 6) and Asian Clubs Championship (Jakarta, Indonesia 12-20 May).

The american power forward impressed everyone in the area after the high performance during his participation with Iraqi team Al Karkh in 12th WABA Champions Cup which ended yesterday.

Zain's president Dr. Nasouh Al Kaderi signed the contract with Zahn and his agent Omar Hassino yesterday in the Final game between Mahram from Iran and Zain which ended for the 1st 96-85.

Zahn was graduated from Oregon St. University (US-NCAA1) in 2007 and then he went to play in Norway then Japan before joining Al Karkh for WABA.


#6 Midland won in a double digits game, again. This time vs Connors St. 75:56 to advance to the National Championship Game vs. #13 Salt Lake. - by Rangi Gescheit
#6 Midland CC won in a double digits game, again. This time to advance to the National Championship Game vs. #13 Salt Lake CC.

At the first round Midland CC beat Allegany CC by 17. At the second round it was S.Georgia Tech CC to suffer; this time it was 22 points. At the semi final Connors State JC was the one to get stormed by the Midland CCs run 75:56.

While Midland CC ran their long patience offense, Connors State JC ran short ones and shot the ball quickly. While Midland CC scored, Connors State JC kept running nowhere. Greg Hill (6'2''-G) nailed 2 three pointers, Kavon Lytch (6'7''-F) added two successful free throws, and a 10:0 Midland CC start became an evident. Till half time Midland CC kept Connors State JC main scorer STEPHON WEAVER on 5 points only, while keeping Connors State JC about 10 points apart the whole half (30:18 at the break).
The second half started at the same way the first one did. It becomes a M.O (method of operation...) for Midland CC. They start every half solid, and efficient to gain the lead, and then run to the bench to share the minutes. At this game they went 9 guys deep, having 12 minutes or more. The solid efficient sart was Kavon Lytchs. Offensive rebounds put back, 2 more lay ups later on and Midland CC is up 40:22.
Then they started calling players off the bench.

Leading Scorers:
Midland CC: Kavon Lytch and David Terrell (6'4''-F) 16 point each, Greg Hill 12
Connors State JC: Stephon Weaver 19, CJ Washington 9


LBL standings
LBL Standings
 1. Valmiera 15-8 
 2. VEF Riga 13-10 
 3. Liepaja 11-10 
 4. Barons/LMT 10-3 
 5. Ventspils 10-3 
 6. ASK Riga 9-4 
 7. Zemgale 9-14 
 8. ASK/Buki 5-16 
 9. Keizarmezs 4-18 

Stats Leaders
Points Per Game
  VEF Riga
  Avg: 19.4
 1. Kolesnikov, VEF R.19.4 
 2. Jansons, ASK/.17.4 
 3. Alexander, Ba.16.5 
 4. Clark, Valmiera16.4 
 5. Brunins, ASK/.16.3 
 6. Skele, Ba.15.5 
 7. Bankevics, Valmiera14.7 
 8. Stalbergs, Liepaja14.6 
 9. Berkis, Zemgale14.6 
 10. Aleksejevs, VEF.14.4 
Rebounds Per Game
 Ronald CLARK
  Avg: 8.7
 1. Clark, Valmiera8.7 
 2. Elliott, Valmiera8.2 
 3. Berzins, Ba.7.3 
 4. Selakovs, VEF Riga6.9 
 5. Alexander, Ba.6.4 
 6. Jansons, ASK/.6.2 
 7. Aleksejevs, VEF R.6.0 
 8. Blaus, Keizarmezs6.0 
 9. Raiskums, Zemgale5.8 
 10. Brunins, AS.5.8 
Assists Per Game
 Edmunds GABRANS
  Avg: 5.9
 1. Gabrans, ASK/.5.9 
 2. Sirsnins, Valmiera4.9 
 3. Cooper, VEF Riga4.6 
 4. Slesers, Keiza.4.4 
 5. Jeromanovs, VEF R.4.2 
 6. Bergmanis, Zemgale4.0 
 7. Metra, ASK/.3.9 
 8. Brazelton, Ventspils3.8 
 9. Brewer, ASK Riga3.5 
 10. Vilums, Liepa.3.3 
Steals Per Game
 Armands SKELE
  Avg: 2.5
 1. Skele, Ba.2.5 
 2. Kolesnikov, VEF R.2.0 
 3. Gabrans, ASK/.1.9 
 4. Vilums, Liepaja1.8 
 5. Mazutis, ASK Riga1.8 
 6. Gailitis, VEF Riga1.7 
 7. Strelnieks, Keiza.1.6 
 8. Jeromanovs, VEF R.1.6 
 9. Metra, ASK/.1.6 
 10. Slesers, Kei.1.5 
Blocks Per Game
 Warren CARTER
  Avg: 2.5
 1. Carter, Ventspils2.5 
 2. Berzins, Ba.1.8 
 3. Rozitis, Zemgale1.5 
 4. Elliott, Valmiera1.2 
 5. Cukinas, Ba.1.0 
 6. Blaus, Keizarmezs0.9 
 7. Selakovs, VEF Riga0.8 
 8. Zorin, Liepaja0.7 
 9. Veselovs, Ventspils0.7 
 10. Alexander,.0.6 


Standings - Division A
Div.A Standings
 1. Moutahed 15-3 
 2. Sagesse 13-5 
 3. Al Riyadi 13-5 
 4. Champville 12-6 
 5. Blue Stars 10-8 
 6. Tebnine 9-9 
 7. Antranik 7-11 
 8. Kahraba 5-13 
 9. Anibal 4-14 
 10. Feytroun 2-16 


Stats Leaders - LKL
Points Per Game
  Alytus Alita
  Avg: 22.2
 1. Varnelis, Alytus A.22.2 
 2. Motiejunas, Aisciai20.6 
 3. Mazeika, Neptunas19.4 
 4. Runkauskas, Suduva18.9 
 5. Dabkus, Nevezis16.3 
 6. Griskenas, Techasas14.9 
 7. Vasylius, Neptunas14.8 
 8. Veikalas, Nevezis14.5 
 9. Petravicius, Lietuvos14.5 
 10. Kadziulis, Siauli.14.4 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 8.9
 1. Butkevicius, Kaunas T.8.9 
 2. Vasylius, Neptunas7.4 
 3. Motiejunas, Aisciai7.3 
 4. Jankunas, Zalgiris7.2 
 5. Klimavicius, Zalgiris6.8 
 6. Varnelis, Alytus A.6.8 
 7. Ramanauskas, Kaunas T.6.7 
 8. Dimsa, Aisciai6.6 
 9. Kuzminskas, Siauliai6.4 
 10. Petravicius, Lietuv.6.3 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 6.9
 1. Viskontas, Nevezis6.9 
 2. Runkauskas, Suduva4.2 
 3. Stasaitis, Techasas4.0 
 4. Kalnietis, Zalgiris3.9 
 5. Vasiliauskas, Kaunas T.3.9 
 6. Rinkevicius, Aisciai3.8 
 7. Hill, Techasas3.6 
 8. Dainys, Neptunas3.4 
 9. Ivanauskas, Alytus A.3.3 
 10. Mazeika, Neptun.3.3 
Steals Per Game
 Stefhon HANNAH
  Avg: 2.5
 1. Hannah, Siauliai2.5 
 2. Lukauskis, Lietuvos2.3 
 3. Bolds, Techasas2.1 
 4. Kutra, Techasas2.0 
 5. Mazeika, Neptunas2.0 
 6. Runkauskas, Suduva1.9 
 7. Hill, Techasas1.9 
 8. Eidson, Lietuvos1.7 
 9. Salenga, Zalgiris1.7 
 10. Vileita, Siauli.1.7 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 2.7
 1. Silinskis, Nevezis2.7 
 2. Woods, Zalgiris1.8 
 3. Zukauskas, Zalgiris1.5 
 4. Leonavicius, Nevezis1.3 
 5. Dimsa, Aisciai1.3 
 6. Kuzminskas, Siauliai1.2 
 7. Butkevicius, Kaunas T.1.0 
 8. Sarakauskas, Sakal.0.9 
 9. Volkus, Siauliai0.9 
 10. Ramanauskas, Kaunas.0.8 

Standings - LKL
LKL Standings
 1. Zalgiris 17-0 
 2. Lietuvos 15-1 
 3. Siauliai 13-4 
 4. Nevezis 11-5 
 5. Neptunas 9-9 
 6. Sakalai 8-10 
 7. Kaunas Tr. 7-11 
 8. Aisciai 6-11 
 9. Techasas 4-14 
 10. Alita 3-13 
 11. Suduva 2-17 

Linas Kleiza to receive more game time - by Eurobasket News
To this point, Linas Kleiza's (6'8''-F-85, agency: Interperformances, college: Missouri) season hasn't been much to write home about, but from this point on the Nuggets forward will be given more chances to succeed.

Nuggets coach George Karl said he'll try to give Kleiza more court time to get the wrinkles in his game ironed out.

'I still think he's a guy that's proven to be very good for us,' Karl said. 'And I'm still going to try to work him into an opportunity where he can, over the next 10-15 games, get back into a groove.'

Getting Kleiza on track is of fairly high importance for the Nuggets, if for no other reason than to keep some peace of mind when J.R. Smith starts. With Smith in the starting lineup, Kleiza is the only true perimeter scorer off the bench, and the Nuggets need more firepower from their reserves.
Kleiza has fought through a roller-coaster season. His scoring average is down from 11.1 in 2007-08 to 10.1 this season. And while that in itself isn't alarming, he had improved his average from 7.6 points to 11.1 from 2006-07 to 2007-08, and there were expectations he would make a similar leap in production this season.

Kleiza's shooting percentage is down from 47.2 last season to 44.3 this season, and his rebounds, assists and steals are all slightly off from last season as well.

There are various theories about why. Karl says it starts with contract issues.

'I think he's had a mentally tough year,' Karl said. 'I think the trade talks and also the contract talks early in the year were a little distracting to him. And he hasn't had enough of those confident games.'

Kleiza's drop in field-goal percentage can be tied to the Nuggets' slower pace. He is an open-court player who excels in getting ahead of the basketball and finishing fast-break layups and dunks. There haven't been as many of those opportunities this season.

'I'm trying to play my role. That's what I'm trying to do,' said Kleiza, who is sporting stitches on his left eye after suffering a deep cut at Memphis on Wednesday. 'It's been different at times. Depends on the situation. But all that matters is that we win.'

In his last five games, Kleiza has averaged 8.4 points. There is a 20-point performance mixed in, which he and the organization had hoped would be a breakout performance. But it hasn't worked out that way. Kleiza hasn't reached double-digit scoring in his last three games and hasn't made a 3-pointer since March 6, a span of six games in which he has gone 0-for-9.

Before that, Kleiza had a stretch in which he made 3-of-5 from behind the arc, exemplifying the up-and-down nature of this season.

'I've had some good games but have been struggling of late,' Kleiza said. 'I've got to break out. I've had a couple tough shooting games.'

One thing Kleiza said he's not worried about is his critics.

'I don't care what people say,' he said. 'I'm here in the gym every day working on it.'

Courtesy of


Standings - CIBACOPA
CIBACOPA Standings
Northern Division
 1. Mineros 11-2 
 2. Trigueros 8-5 
 3. Ostioneros 7-6 
 4. Hermosillo 4-9 
 5. Fuerza Guinda 2-11 
Southern Division
 1. Lobos UAD 9-4 
 2. Frayles 8-5 
 3. Caballeros 7-6 
 4. Coras 5-7 
 5. Pioneros 4-9 


Suns' Barbosa to miss 1 to 3 weeks - by Eurobasket News
Suns guard Leandrinho Barbosa (6'3''-G-82) will be out of game action one to three weeks after suffering a bone contusion in his left knee during Wednesday's win against Philadelphia.

Barbosa hyperextended his left knee inward when his leg planted as he ran past the basket and looked back at his layup that was blocked. Barbosa left the game. His X-ray was negative.
Suns head athletic trainer Aaron Nelson said a Thursday MRI exam showed Barbosa's knee did not have ligament damage but had a bone contusion on the top of his left tibia, where the femur hit upon hyperextension. Nelson said a straight-in hyperextension reduced the chance of ligament damage and that his extra step before planting kept his full weight off the hyperextension.

Barbosa can do non-impact workouts for the next week. In a best-case scenario, he could play next Thursday at Portland. If he needs three weeks, he would miss 10 of the final 14 games.

'Anything that will cause the bone to get more action could cause more pain,' Nelson said. 'We've got to let that calm down.'

Barbosa was averaging 19.1 points and 3.7 assists since interim coach Alvin Gentry took over Feb. 16 - until Wednesday's appearance lasted two minutes. He averaged 12.8 points and 2.0 assists before the break on four fewer shots per game.

Jason Richardson scored all 25 of his points Wednesday after Barbosa went out. Alando Tucker and Grant Hill also spent time at shooting guard.

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Last games (11) - Celtics win in San Antonio, Kings celebrate at MSG - by Eurobasket News
Mavericks - Pacers 94-92
The Mavs grabbed 94-92 victory at the Conseco Fieldhouse mostly owing to Dirk Nowitzki (6'11''-F-78), who collected 23 points and 7 rebounds. Jason Terry followed him with 17 and Antoine Wright added 13 pts. The hosts got double-double from Danny Granger, 18 points and 11 rebounds. Mavs 42-28, Pacers 28-42.

Bobcats - Raptors 102-89
Gerald Wallace (6'7''-F-82, college: Alabama) and Boris Diaw were on fire last night for the Bobcats draining 30 points each. Walalce also had 9 rebounds and 8 assists beside that, while Diaw grabbed 7 rebs. Chris Bosh and Andrea Bargnani combined 62 points and 14 boards in defeat. Bobcats 31-38, Raptors 24-45.

Heat - Nets 88-96
The NY Nets celebrated at home vs Miami Heat jumping to 30-39 record. Jarvis Hayes (6'7''-G/F-81, college: Georgia) and Chris Douglas-Roberts top-scored in victory with 18 points apiece. Interesting is that both players came off the bench. Vince Carter had 17 pts, 9 rebs and 8 as. Dwyane Wade answered with 27 points, 8 boards and 6 assists.

Kings - Knicks 121-94
Kevin Martin (6'7''-G/F-83, agency: Arik Krayn Services, college: W.Carolina) was a key player for the Kings last night scoring 30 points and grabbing 5 boards. Beno Udrih had 20 pts, 7 rebs and 7 as, while Jason Thompson and Spencer Hawes combined 36 points and 25 boards. The Knicks got 19 pts from Nate Robinson. Kings 15-54, Knicks 28-40.

Clippers - Pistons 90-108
Antonio McDyess (6'9''-F-74, college: Alabama) came up with 24 points and 17 rebounds, Tayshaun Prince added one point less, including 12 assists, while Will Bynum helped the Pistons with 22 points and 6 as. The Clippers got 22 points from Eric Gordon. Baron Davis contributed with 19 pts, 7 rebs and 8 as. Pistons 34-34, Clippers 17-52.

Grizzlies - Hornets 84-96
'CP3' Chris Paul (6'0''-G-85, college: Wake Forest) stepped up for the Hornets last night collecting 32 points, 5 rebounds and 9 assists with pretty good shot percentage. David West also had very important role scoring 29 pts and pulling down 7 boards. Rudy Gay answered with 23 pts in defeat. Hornets 43-25, Grizzlies 17-51.

Jazz - Thunder 101-94
The Jazz celebrated in Oklahoma City mostly owing to Deron Williams (6'3''-G-84, college: Illinois), who nailed 24 points and handed out 11 assists. Carlos Boozer helped with 15 pts and 9 rebs, while Paul Millsap netted 14 pts, plus 7 rebs. Kevin Duran replied with 24 points and 12 boards, while Russell Westbrook had 2 points less than him. Jazz 43-26, Thunder 19-50.

Timberwolves - Rockets 88-107
The hosts had 7 players with double-digits in scoring last night. The best once was Ron Artest (6'7''-G-79, college: St.John's), who nailed 20 points and also registered 5 rebounds and 6 assists. Min Yao helped with 14 points and 8 rebs, while Aaron Brooks and Von Wafer scored 13 pts each. The Wolves got 19 pts and 7 rebs from Craig Smith. Rockets 46-25, Wolves 20-49.

Celtics - Spurs 80-77
The reigning champion grabbed valuable win in San Antonio jumping to 52-18 record. Ray Allen (6'6''-G-75, college: Connecticut) led the scorers in victory with 19 points. Rajon Rondo had 16 pts and 12 assists, while Kendrick Perkinc and Kevin Garnett helped with 10 pts apiece. Tony Parker collected 25 points, 7 rebounds and 8 assists for the Spurs.

Wizards - Nuggets 105-116
45-25 for the Nuggets and 16-54 for the Wizards after this game. J.R. Smith (6'6''-G-85) was totally the best player for the hosts as he nailed 40 points in 34 minutes. Carmelo had 20, while Chris Andersen helped with 18 pts and 11 rebs. Antawn Jamison scored 27 in loss.

76ers - Warriors 111-119
Brandan Wright (6'9''-F-87, college: N.Carolina) shined for the Warriors last night collecting 25 points and 6 rebounds. Monta Ellis also was good netting 21 and Anthony Morrow had 16. Philly got 23 pts and 6 boards from Thaddeus Young. Warriors 25-44, 76ers 34-33.

Linas Kleiza to receive more game time - by Eurobasket News
To this point, Linas Kleiza's (6'8''-F-85, agency: Interperformances, college: Missouri) season hasn't been much to write home about, but from this point on the Nuggets forward will be given more chances to succeed.

Nuggets coach George Karl said he'll try to give Kleiza more court time to get the wrinkles in his game ironed out.

'I still think he's a guy that's proven to be very good for us,' Karl said. 'And I'm still going to try to work him into an opportunity where he can, over the next 10-15 games, get back into a groove.'

Getting Kleiza on track is of fairly high importance for the Nuggets, if for no other reason than to keep some peace of mind when J.R. Smith starts. With Smith in the starting lineup, Kleiza is the only true perimeter scorer off the bench, and the Nuggets need more firepower from their reserves.
Kleiza has fought through a roller-coaster season. His scoring average is down from 11.1 in 2007-08 to 10.1 this season. And while that in itself isn't alarming, he had improved his average from 7.6 points to 11.1 from 2006-07 to 2007-08, and there were expectations he would make a similar leap in production this season.

Kleiza's shooting percentage is down from 47.2 last season to 44.3 this season, and his rebounds, assists and steals are all slightly off from last season as well.

There are various theories about why. Karl says it starts with contract issues.

'I think he's had a mentally tough year,' Karl said. 'I think the trade talks and also the contract talks early in the year were a little distracting to him. And he hasn't had enough of those confident games.'

Kleiza's drop in field-goal percentage can be tied to the Nuggets' slower pace. He is an open-court player who excels in getting ahead of the basketball and finishing fast-break layups and dunks. There haven't been as many of those opportunities this season.

'I'm trying to play my role. That's what I'm trying to do,' said Kleiza, who is sporting stitches on his left eye after suffering a deep cut at Memphis on Wednesday. 'It's been different at times. Depends on the situation. But all that matters is that we win.'

In his last five games, Kleiza has averaged 8.4 points. There is a 20-point performance mixed in, which he and the organization had hoped would be a breakout performance. But it hasn't worked out that way. Kleiza hasn't reached double-digit scoring in his last three games and hasn't made a 3-pointer since March 6, a span of six games in which he has gone 0-for-9.

Before that, Kleiza had a stretch in which he made 3-of-5 from behind the arc, exemplifying the up-and-down nature of this season.

'I've had some good games but have been struggling of late,' Kleiza said. 'I've got to break out. I've had a couple tough shooting games.'

One thing Kleiza said he's not worried about is his critics.

'I don't care what people say,' he said. 'I'm here in the gym every day working on it.'

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Memphis hopes to sign Rudy Gay to extension - by Eurobasket News
One of the Grizzlies' offseason priorities will be to sign Rudy Gay (6'9''-F/G-86, college: Connecticut) to a contract extension.

That springtime fact already puts the organization and Gay on the same page for what could be a busy summer.

While the 6-8 forward is focused on finishing this regular season on a strong note, Gay has one eye on his future. And Gay said his offseason goal is to work out a deal that keeps him as an integral part of the Grizzlies' rebuilding.

'As a player and a person, I want to be set going into next season,' Gay said as the Griz prepared to play a road game tonight against the New Orleans Hornets. 'I want to be comfortable and work on trying to be an All-Star. So yeah, (an extension) is important to me.'

Gay is winding down his third NBA season. He is eligible to negotiate a contract extension beginning July 1.

If the Grizzlies and Gay don't reach an agreement before the start of next season, the former Connecticut standout would become a restricted free agent in summer 2010. That would put Gay in the same situation teammate Hakim Warrick is playing through now.

Warrick failed in his bid to get an extension before the start of this season and will become a restricted free agent when this campaign ends. It is plausible that the Griz may allow the league to set Warrick's market value and then exercise their right to match any contract if deemed reasonable.

Atlanta's Josh Smith went through that waiting game last summer when the Griz put down an offer sheet that the Hawks matched.

Gay knows the game.

He would rather mimic the process his buddy, Hornets point guard Chris Paul, went through. An extension was done quickly.

Paul, a first-round pick with the Hornets in 2005, signed a four-year extension worth $68 million in early July 2008. Paul's deal is three years, with a player option for a fourth.

Money aside, Gay sounds as if security is important.

'(Negotiations) can go either way,' Gay said. 'Even without the economic situation, you think about being secure. You can get hurt so it doesn't matter how bad the economy is.

'But this is where I want to be. Playing for a coach that's as passionate as (Lionel Hollins) is and playing for someone who makes you work hard, makes me want to pick up my game. I think I have since (the coaching change), so I'm comfortable that this is where I should be.'

Agent Jeff Austin, who recently took the place of Lance Young in representing Gay and Paul, said Thursday that his client is motivated to remain in Memphis.

'He likes it there,' Austin said. 'It's all good. It's not like there's any negatives. We'll sit down after the season and talk about it.'

Griz general manager Chris Wallace declined comment, calling discussion 'premature' and a possible 'distraction.'

'I have no real thoughts on that either way,' Hollins said. 'If a guy is reasonable, it'll get done. I just don't think anybody can take (negotiations) personal. I don't think Rudy can take it personal. I don't think his agent can take it personal. The organization can't. It's just business.'

Among the factors both sides will consider will be money and the length of a potential deal. Expect Gay to consult Paul, who signed a three-year extension instead of a five-year extension after doing research and talking to LeBron James and Dwyane Wade.

At one time, Gay appeared to be headed toward earning the maximum salary allowed. Those terms may be in jeopardy given Gay's inconsistent season.

His averages in points (18.8), rebounds (5.7), assists (1.7), overall shooting (44 percent) and 3-point shooting (31 percent) are all down from last season.

Despite playing for his fourth coach in a Grizzlies uniform, Gay sounds no less committed to excellence.

'I have the potential to be a franchise player,' Gay said. 'This year didn't really show it. But everybody that's seen me play knows I'm capable. I think this organization's heart is in the right place. I just want them behind me. I guess we'll see this summer how much they support me.'

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Stats Leaders
Points Per Game
 Dwyane WADE
  Avg: 29.8
 1. Wade, Heat29.8 
 2. James, Cavaliers28.5 
 3. Bryant, Lakers27.6 
 4. Durant, Thunder25.9 
 5. Nowitzki, Mavericks25.5 
 6. Granger, Pacers24.8 
 7. Jefferson, Timberwo.23.2 
 8. Roy, Trail Blazers23.1 
 9. Harris, Nets22.6 
 10. Bosh, Rapto.22.6 
Rebounds Per Game
 Dwight HOWARD
  Avg: 14
 1. Howard, Magic14.0 
 2. Lee, Knicks12.1 
 3. Camby, Clippers12.0 
 4. Murphy, Pacers11.9 
 5. Biedrins, Warriors11.5 
 6. Jefferson, Timberwo.11.0 
 7. Duncan, Spurs10.7 
 8. Okafor, Bobcats10.3 
 9. Yao, Rockets9.7 
 10. McDyess, Pisto.9.7 
Assists Per Game
 Chris PAUL
  Avg: 11
 1. Paul, Hornets11.0 
 2. Williams, Jazz10.6 
 3. Nash, Suns9.7 
 4. Calderon, Raptors8.6 
 5. Rondo, Celtics8.4 
 6. Kidd, Mavericks8.3 
 7. Davis, Clippers8.1 
 8. Wade, Heat7.6 
 9. Duhon, Knicks7.6 
 10. James, Cavalie.7.2 
Steals Per Game
 Chris PAUL
  Avg: 2.8
 1. Paul, Hornets2.8 
 2. Wade, Heat2.3 
 3. Kidd, Mavericks2.2 
 4. Rondo, Celtics1.9 
 5. Chalmers, Heat1.9 
 6. Wallace, Bobcats1.8 
 7. James, Cavaliers1.8 
 8. Harris, Nets1.7 
 9. Brewer, Jazz1.7 
 10. Artest, Rocke.1.7 
Blocks Per Game
 Dwight HOWARD
  Avg: 3
 1. Howard, Magic3.0 
 2. Andersen, Nuggets2.3 
 3. Camby, Clippers2.2 
 4. Turiaf, Warriors2.2 
 5. O'Neal, Raptors2.0 
 6. Lopez, Nets1.9 
 7. Perkins, Celtics1.9 
 8. Yao, Rockets1.9 
 9. Duncan, Spurs1.8 
 10. Thomas, Bul.1.8 

NBA Standings
Eastern Conference
Atlantic Div.
 1. Celtics 53-18 
 2. 76ers 34-33 
 3. Nets 30-39 
 4. Knicks 28-41 
 5. Raptors 24-45 
Central Div.
 1. Cavaliers 56-13 
 2. Pistons 34-34 
 3. Bulls 32-38 
 4. Bucks 31-40 
 5. Pacers 29-42 
Southeast Div.
 1. Magic 51-18 
 2. Hawks 41-29 
 3. Heat 36-32 
 4. Bobcats 31-39 
 5. Wizards 16-55 
Western Conference
Northwest Div.
 1. Nuggets 45-25 
 2. Trail Blazers 44-26 
 3. Jazz 43-26 
 4. Timberwolves 20-49 
 5. Thunder 19-50 
Pacific Div.
 1. Lakers 55-14 
 2. Suns 38-31 
 3. Warriors 25-44 
 4. Clippers 17-52 
 5. Kings 15-54 
Southwest Div.
 1. Rockets 46-25 
 2. Spurs 45-23 
 3. Hornets 43-25 
 4. Mavericks 42-28 
 5. Grizzlies 17-52 


March Madness. Day 2 - by Eurobasket News
If Day 1 of the 2009 NCAA tournament was silent for the loud upset, Day 2 brought some unexpected results. Cleveland State's 84:69 rout of Wake Forest in Miami, Dayton beat West Virginia, Wisconsin advances to the second round for the third straight season stunning Florida State, while Arizona sent Utah home.
Cleveland State went on a lead from the very beginning and raced to an early 17-point lead. Wake Forest got 22 points and 8 rebounds from Johnson but that was not enough in the game. Norris Cole (6'1''-G-88) top-scored for the winners with 22 points, while J'nathan Bullock (6'5''-F-87) scored 21 points for Cleveland State, and Cedric Jackson had 19 points and eight assists.
Wisconsin advances to the second round for the third straight season stunning Florida State 61:59 in overtime. Jason Bohannon (6'2''-G-87) led Wisconsin with 16 points, Keaton Nankivil had 14, while Hughes and Marcus Landry (6'7''-F-85) had 10 each for the winners. Douglas ended up with 26 points in the losing effort.
Dayton beat West Virginia 68:60 as Wright scored a career-high 27 points and had 10 rebounds. Dayton advanced to the second round of the NCAA tournament for the first time since 1990. Bryant nailed 21 points for West Virginia.
Wise netted 29 points and Budinger added 20 as12th-seeded Arizona knocked off fifth-seeded Utah 84:71. Kepkay finished the night with 19 points for Utah.
The top team of Midwest Louisville overcame Morehead State 74:54 as Samardo Samuels (6'8''-F-89) led Louisville with 15 points. Terrence Williams (6'6''-F-87) added 13 points and 9 rebounds. Kenneth Faried collected 14 points and 11 rebounds for Morehead State.
Pittsburgh, being the top team from East overcame a sloppy performance and a frightful 40 minutes from East Tennessee State to advance with a 72:62 win. DeJuan Blair (6'7''-F-89) was unstoppable with 27 points and 16 rebounds.

Day 2 results:
Morehead State 54 -Louisville 74
Tennessee State 62 -Pittsburgh 72
Robert Morris 62 -Michigan State 77
Cornell 59 -Missouri 78
Cleveland State 84 -Wake Forest 69
North Dakota State 74 -Kansas 84
Stephen F. Austin 44 -Syracuse 59
Wisconsin 61 -Florida State 59 OT
Temple 57 -Arizona State 66
Portland State 59 -Xavier 77
Utah State 57 -Marquette 58
Tennessee 75 -Oklahoma State 77
Dayton 68 -West Virginia 60
Arizona 84 -Utah 71
USC 72 -Boston College 55
Siena 74 -Ohio State 72 2OT


2009 NABC ATLANTIC ALL-DISTRICT TEAMS - by Joan Manuel Sanchez

Co-Coaches of the Year: Ray Rankis , Baruch College and Erik Smiles , Farmingdale State
Santini Lancioni, Jr., Richard Stockton College
Damien Santana, Sr., Farmingdale State College
Richard Jean-Baptiste, Jr., Brooklyn College
David Acree, Sr., St. Joseph's College (LI)
Tim Wesley, Sr., Ramapo College
Deshawn Singleton, Jr., Rutgers-Newark

Jamaal Hall, Sr., City Tech
Duane Rhoden (6'0''-G), Sr., Lehman College
Jay Frank, Jr., The College of New Jersey
J.J. Walsh, Sr., St. Joseph's College (LI)
George Kunkel, Jr., Baruch College
Courtney Nelson, Sr., William Paterson University

Washington University-St. Louis is D3 National Champion in 2009! - by Moritz Korff
Senior Tyler Nading (6'7''-F-87) scored a game-high 20 points and senior Sean Wallis (6'2''-G-86) added 16 points and 10 assists as the Washington University in St. Louis men's basketball team repeated as NCAA Division III National Champions with a 61-52 victory over No. 6 Richard Stockton College on Saturday at the Salem Civic Center in Salem, Va.

Washington University, which won its 13th-straight postseason game, is the fourth NCAA Division III team to repeat as National Champions joining North Park University (1978-80), University of Wisconsin-Platteville (1998-99) and University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.

'As you have found out all year long with this team, we find ways to win,' said Washington University head coach Mark Edwards.'Its great to be back to the city of Salem, but even greater to walk out of here with the big trophy.'

Wallis was named the Most Outstanding Player of the Tournament after averaging 15.5 points and 7.5 assists per game at the Final Four. He was joined on the All-Tournament Team by Nading, junior Aaron Thompson (6'4''-G-88), Michael Farrow (6'2''-G) of Richard Stockton, Clay Henson (6'1''-G-87) of Guilford and James McNally (6'6''-F) of Franklin and Marshall.

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Marvin Billups turns around Purchase College program - by Joan Manuel Sanchez

Marvin Billups turns around Purchase College program - by Joan Manuel Sanchez
Marvin Billups is a 6-foot-4 swingman who slashes to the basket like a guard and — albeit reluctantly — can rebound with the best forwards in the Skyline Conference. Billups is the leading scorer in the conference at 23.1 points per game, and ranks ninth in field-goal percentage (.516) and No. 4 in steals (2.2 per game). He is a solid candidate for league MVP honors later this week.

That's why the Purchase College gym fills with more students these days and the public address announcer likes to stretch out his last name, 'B-b-b-billups' like they do for Nuggets' Chauncey Billups.

'Basketball was a misery at Purchase College,'' sports information director Bobby Ciarfardini said. 'Having Marvin as a player is a pleasure.''

Purchase coach Jeff Charney said Billups was the one main reason why the quick turnaround.

'Sometimes he knifes through three players and can make a spectacular play look like nothing,'' Charney said.

Billups is a 6-foot-4 swingman who slashes to the basket like a guard and — albeit reluctantly — can rebound with the best forwards in the Skyline Conference. Billups is the leading scorer in the conference at 23.1 points per game, and ranks ninth in field-goal percentage (.516) and No. 4 in steals (2.2 per game). He is a solid candidate for league MVP honors later this week.

Purchase went 3-22 to a 10-15 record this past yar making the Skyline Conference Championship for the first time in school history.


Corey Webster fires Harbour past Manawatu - by Eurobasket News
Corey Webster (180-G-88, college: Lambuth) continued to impress at the start of the NBL season as he stepped up with another astonishing performance to propel the Heat to the third straight win. The Rookie knocked down season-high 43 points and the Heat celebrated a 122:101 victory over the Jets at the Arena Manawatu. The Heat entered the game as the league leaders and lived up to the status in the starting stanza. A high-flying basketball from both teams resulted in the visitors taking a 29:23 edge into the second frame. The advantage was boosted to 14 points at halftime and the Heat took over from that point. Webster was unstoppable as he pivoted the visitors to another win. Mychal Green (193-G-83, college: Ohio) added 24 points for the Heat. Marcel Jones (203-F-85, college: Oregon St.) and Kareem Grant (198-F/G-82, college: Tennessee St.) responded with 24 points each for the Jets slipped at 0-2 record.
In the meantime the Christchurch Cougars registered the first win in the season as they held off the Nelson Giants 77:76. The Giants dominated in the first half building a 10-point lead at the interval. But the ambitious Cougars managed to change the complexion of the game after the major break. They outscored the visitors 28:13 in the third stanza to take a decisive advantage in the game. Gerard Bowden (191-G-83) produced 20 points to pace the Cougars. Tim Behrendorff (211-C-81, college: Gardner-Webb) added 17 points and 12 boards for the winners. Jarryd Lloyd (184-G-86, agency: Interperformances, college: Valparaiso) answered with 20 points for the Giants as they fell at 1-1 record.

Standings Men
NBL Standings
 1. Harbour Heat 3-0 
 2. Waikato 2-0 
 3. Nelson 1-1 
 4. Wellington 1-1 
 5. Auckland 1-1 
 6. Cougars 1-1 
 7. Bay Hawks 0-1 
 8. Manawatu 0-2 
 9. Taranaki 0-2 


Standings - Men
PBBA Standings
 1. Orthodox 6-0 
 2. Ibdaa 6-0 
 3. Arab O. 5-1 
 4. Sarriyet 5-1 
 5. De La Salle 4-1 
 6. Catholic A. 3-2 
 7. Hiteen 3-2 
 8. Huwara 3-3 
 9. Islami 3-3 
 10. Qalandia 3-3 
 11. Al Ahli 2-3 
 12. AlBireh 2-3 
 13. Ebal 2-3 
 14. Thaqafi B.S. 2-4 
 15. Ra'I AlSaleh 1-5 
 16. Al Fara 1-5 
 17. Thaqafi 0-5 
 18. Balata 0-6 

PSL(5): A Tough Win for Orthodoxi Beit Jala & Easy One for Ibdaa - by Tamara Awartani

Orthodoxi Beit Jala vs. Qalandia 72 71
What a tense challenging game especially for Beit Jala who played without their import player
Bradley Hippolyte (191-G, college: St.Andrews) against Qalandia who have a good team with a strong import Brian nominated to be the best import till now! Qalandia started off strong in the first quarter through Nizar Shehadeh while Kamal Mukarker with his 3pointers kept Beit Jala in the game, second quarter is when Beit Jala got in the game leading it through Charlie Qattan the experienced player on the team with beautiful shots, Raed Abu Rumman (188-F-81) with great rebounding & shots, while Qalandia players Brian, Marmar Wahbeh, Ibrahim Abdel Qader didnt give up that easily turning the third quarter into an exciting close one, Rimon Zreineh & Osama Abed Rabo scored for Beit Jala. Qalandia kept on playing strong till the last second specially through Brian and Nizar Shehadeh, however, the experience of Beit Jala led by Khalil Harb who scored 11points in the last quarter along with Kamal Mukarker, Raed Abu Rumman, Charlie Qattan gave them an edge in winning the game.
1st 13-16, 2nd 17-15, 3rd 22-21, 4th 20-19

Ibda vs. Islami Bethlehem 101 - 76
A good game for both teams, Ibda took the chance to play all their players to get good exposure and test their game, while Islami took the chance to strengthen their game. Ibdaa was missing Iyad Yousef Abdalla but led by Yahia Al Khatib (190-G-77) who only played in the 1st quarter scoring 10points, great drives & beautiful assists, while Jimmy Williams (196-G-86, college: Alders.-Broad.) played only in the 4th quarter scoring 16points along with a powerful dunk. The brothers Jaffal stood out in the game, Thaer the 3pointer, Walid in Ibdaa, Ramzi in Islami, the brothers Shalan Nathem & Firas in Ibdaa while Ghaleb AlHreimi with great shots stood out in Islami with Motaz Hawarish & Mohammed Zaghiri. Ibdaa players kept on having an edge with their team play through Yousef Adawi, Nader Yousef, Khaled Khamis who had a beautiful dunk.
1st 27-13, 2nd 23-19, 3rd 17 19, 4th 34-25


Round 16 results - by Gianni Pascucci
All the games of the Round 16 had the expected results. Felix Perez Cardozo and Libertad go on in leading the table, with only one loss each. See here down the scores:
Felix Perez Cardozo - Sajonia 104-36 (Sergio Lopez (189-G/F-85) 21, Hector Vairoletto (188-F) 19)
Univ.Catolica - Sp.San Lorenzo 76-69 (Oscar Vairoletto (198-F/C-84) 19; Oscar Molas (-F) 17)
Libertad - Univ. Autonoma Asuncion 93-66 (Daniel Perez (190-G/F-84) 24; Edgar Morel (185-G-80) 24)
Ciudad Nueva - Sol de America 63-97 (Luis Peralta (-G) 22; Renzo Ferrari (191-G/F-84) 18)
Dep.San Jose - Olimpia 99-57 (Gustavo Torres (175-G-80) 26, Hugo Paredes (198-F-84) 19)

Metropolitan League Standings
Metropolitan L. Standings
 1. Felix Perez 15-1 
 2. Libertad 15-1 
 3. Sol de Amer. 12-4 
 4. D.San Jose 11-5 
 5. Univ.Catolica 7-9 
 6. Univ.Autonoma 6-10 
 7. Sportivo SL 6-10 
 8. Ciudad Nueva 4-12 
 9. Olimpia 2-15 
 10. Dep.Sajonia 2-15 


Stats Leaders - 1Liga
Points Per Game
  Znicz Basket
  Avg: 20.4
 1. Dloniak, Znicz Basket20.4 
 2. Pacocha, Big Star18.5 
 3. Misiewicz, Zubry16.8 
 4. Salamonik, MOSiR K.16.5 
 5. Berisha, Polonia 201116.5 
 6. Wiekiera, Zastal Z.16.2 
 7. Wisniewski, Zastal Z.15.9 
 8. Kulig, Big Star15.4 
 9. Pluta, MOSiR K.15.4 
 10. Donigiewicz, AZS.15.4 
Rebounds Per Game
  Sudety JG
  Avg: 9.6
 1. Wojdyla, Sudety JG9.6 
 2. Mis, Siarka T.8.2 
 3. Bartosz, Polonia .8.0 
 4. Dluski, LKS Lodz7.9 
 5. Misiewicz, Zubry7.7 
 6. Wiekiera, Zastal Z.7.4 
 7. Pisarczyk, Sokol L.7.4 
 8. Kulig, Big Star7.4 
 9. Chodkiewicz, Zastal Z.7.3 
 10. Mielczarek, Big St.7.1 
Assists Per Game
  MOSiR Kr.
  Avg: 5.9
 1. Kalinowski, MOSiR K.5.9 
 2. Baran, Siarka T.4.9 
 3. Ecka, Znicz Basket4.9 
 4. Pacocha, Big Star4.7 
 5. Basinski, MMKS D.4.7 
 6. Krupa, Siarka T.4.3 
 7. Kalinowski, Zastal Z.4.2 
 8. Snieg, Polonia 20114.0 
 9. Swietonski, Prokom I.3.9 
 10. Malecki, Resov.3.4 
Steals Per Game
 Bartosz KRUPA
  Siarka T.
  Avg: 3.8
 1. Krupa, Siarka T.3.8 
 2. Malecki, Resovia3.8 
 3. Pacocha, Big Star3.3 
 4. Baran, Siarka T.3.2 
 5. Berisha, Polonia 20113.1 
 6. Trepka, LKS Lodz3.1 
 7. Snieg, Polonia 20113.1 
 8. Krajewski, AZS K.2.9 
 9. Zalucki, Prokom II2.9 
 10. Wisniewski, Zastal.2.9 
Blocks Per Game
  Sokol L.
  Avg: 2.4
 1. Pisarczyk, Sokol L.2.4 
 2. Milewski, MMKS D.1.6 
 3. Czech, Sudety JG1.5 
 4. Lisewski, Stal SW1.5 
 5. Mis, Siarka T.1.4 
 6. Kulikowski, Zubry1.4 
 7. Lapeta, Prokom II1.3 
 8. Kulig, Big Star1.2 
 9. Konare, Zubry1.2 
 10. Karwowski, Poloni.1.2 

Standings - DBE
DBE Standings
 1. Prokom 19-7 
 2. Turow 17-9 
 3. Kotwica 17-9 
 4. Anwil 17-9 
 5. Polpharma 16-10 
 6. En.Czarni 16-10 
 7. AZS Koszalin 14-12 
 8. Polonia 13-13 
 9. Atlas Stal 11-15 
 10. Sportino I. 10-16 
 11. Bank BPS 10-16 
 12. PBG Basket 9-17 
 13. Znicz J. 8-18 
 14. Gornik W. 5-21 

DBE Stats Leaders
Points Per Game
 David LOGAN
  Avg: 18.8
 1. Logan, Asec.Prokom18.8 
 2. Adams, Polonia17.4 
 3. Hicks, Polpharma16.7 
 4. Mojica, AZS K.16.6 
 5. Wojcik, PBG Basket16.1 
 6. Reese, AZS Koszalin15.8 
 7. Harrington, Polonia15.1 
 8. Jovanovic, Atlas Stal15.0 
 9. Reynolds, Sokol Znicz15.0 
 10. Miller, ISS.15.0 
Rebounds Per Game
  ISS Sportino
  Avg: 10.3
 1. Landry, ISS S.10.3 
 2. Barro, Victoria.10.1 
 3. Johnson, Polonia8.5 
 4. Burke, Asec.Prokom7.7 
 5. Reynolds, Sokol Znicz7.5 
 6. Dylewicz, Asec.Pro.7.5 
 7. Naymick, SKK K.7.4 
 8. Howell, En.Czarni7.1 
 9. Okafor, Atlas Stal6.9 
 10. McLean, PBG.6.8 
Assists Per Game
  SKK Kotwica
  Avg: 6
 1. Hamilton, SKK K.6.0 
 2. Koszarek, Anwil5.9 
 3. Straight, En.Czarni4.9 
 4. Eldridge, Polpharma4.8 
 5. Harrington, Polonia4.4 
 6. Milicic, AZS K.4.2 
 7. Szubarga, Atlas S.4.2 
 8. Greene, Victoria.4.0 
 9. Burks, En.Czarni3.9 
 10. Davis, PBG Bask.3.9 
Steals Per Game
  SKK Kotwica
  Avg: 3.8
 1. Hamilton, SKK K.3.8 
 2. Harrington, Polonia3.3 
 3. Lee, ISS Sportino3.2 
 4. Straight, En.Czarni3.2 
 5. Day, Sokol Znicz2.9 
 6. Koszarek, Anwil2.8 
 7. Greene, Victoria.2.6 
 8. Eldridge, Polpharma2.6 
 9. Zytko, ISS Sportino2.3 
 10. Reynolds, Sokol Zni.2.2 
Blocks Per Game
  SKK Kotwica
  Avg: 2
 1. Naymick, SKK K.2.0 
 2. Townes, PGE Turow2.0 
 3. Dixon, Bank BPS1.6 
 4. Barro, Victoria.1.5 
 5. Turek, PGE Turow1.3 
 6. Reynolds, Sokol Znicz1.3 
 7. Booker, En.Czarni1.2 
 8. Coleman, Polpharma1.2 
 9. Barrett, SKK K.0.8 
 10. Gomez, ISS.0.8 

1Liga Round: 1 (Quarter-Finals) - by Eurobasket News
MOSiR Kr. - Stal SW 65-77
MOSiR sensationally lost to Stal SW 65:77 as Tomasz Andrzejewski (204-F-79) led the winners with 17 points and Partyka Rafal posted 16. Pluta Piotr posted 20 points for one of the top teams of the league.

Polonia 2011 - Zubry 70-61
The winner of the Regular season Polonia 2011 overcame Zubry 70:61. Tomasz Snieg (190-G-89) top-scored for the hosts with 17 points and Berisha Dardan nailed 14. Misiewicz Andrzej collected 13 points and 10 rebounds for the guests.

Siarka T. - Zastal ZG 70-82
Siarka was defeated at home by Zastal ZG 70:82. Lukasz Wisniewski (186-G-85, college: Barton County CC) exploded with 31 points and Kalinowski Jaroslaw brought his team 18. Marciniak Michal ended up with 24 points in the losing effort.

Big Star - LKS Lodz 81-91
LKS Lodz upset Big Star 81:91 away from home in Quarter-Finals Round 1. Piotr Trepka (182-G-80) scored 16 points, while Morawiec Krzysztof and Saran Michal netted 15 each. Pacocha Lukasz resisted with 32 points in defeat.

Znicz Basket - Prokom II 74-72
Znicz Basket edged Prokom II 74:72 behind 21 points from Tomasz Briegmann (202-F/C-75, agency: Promotex). Dloniak Jakub nailed 20 points and Ecka Marcin ended up with 17. Kostrzewski Mateusz finished the night with 25 points for the visitors.

AZS Kalisz - AZS AWF K-ce 57-63
AZS Kalisz lost to AZS AWF Katowice 57:63. Artur Donigiewicz (185-G-84) top-scored for the winners with 24 points and Halas Piotr notched 16. Olejnik Lukasz collected 19 points and 14 rebounds for the home side.

Sudety JG - Resovia 80-71
Sudety JG overcame Resovia 80:71 in the Elimination Round. Five players scored in double figures as Mariusz Matczak (180-G-86) paced all of them with 19 points and 6 rebounds. Balcerzak Sebastian produced 25 points for the guests.

PLK Round: 1 (Play-Offs) - by Eurobasket News
Polpharma - PBG Basket 88-84
Polpharma won the first game of the Play-Offs over PBG Basket 88:84. Michael Hicks (193-G-83, agency: Hart Sports Mngm, college: Cent.Missouri St.) delivered 29 points for the winners and Tuljkovic Mujo nailed 23. Brown Gerald finished the night with 20 points in the losing effort.

En.Czarni - Bank BPS 90-72
Energa Czarni that finished higher than Bank BPS beat them 90:72 in the first Play-off game. Demetric Bennett (193-G-85) paced all the winners with 19 points, while three other players netted 14 each. Tica Vladimir ended up with 16 points for the visiting side.

AZS Koszalin - ISS Sportino 85-68
AZS Koszalin overcame ISS Sportino 85:68 as Javier Mojica (190-G-84, college: Cent.Conn.St.) brought his team 19 points. Grzegorz Arabas (190-F-78) was responsible for 17 and Reese George posted 14. Zytko Lukasz and Gomez David combined 30 points for the guests.

Polonia - Atlas Stal 73-80
The game between Polonia and Atlas Stal became the most interesting on March 21st as the latter grabbed 73:80 win. Nikola Jovanovic (204-C-81) and Hughes Brandun led the winner swith 17 points apiece, while Jocovic Vladan posted 14. Ansley Michael was responsible for 22 points for the home side.


Julio Subero steps down as President of FIBA Americas. - by Luis Ramirez
Following lengthy discussions held during the FIBA Americas Central Board meeting in San Juan on19 March 2009 on future strategic directions, Julio Subero has decided to step down as the Presidentof the Organisation .In accordance with the Statutes of FIBA Americas, the first Vice-President, Horacio Muratore,Argentina, has taken over the responsibility as Acting President with immediate effect. Mr. Muratore said: Mr. Subero has served the organisation faithfully and passionately. We arethankful for his dedication and for his generous gesture to allow FIBA Americas to move ahead.

Also, the Central Board approved unanimously to continue with this important clubs competition in the Continent and, as it has happened twice before since its beginning, the third edition will begin in December 2009 and will end in February 2010. It is important to note that 16 teams from different countries, that are members of FIBA Americas, will be active in this competition.

Courtesy of FIBAAmericas


Al Rayyan Defends Heir Apparent Cup - by Amir Abou-El-Kheir
Al Rayyan has added the Heir Apparent Cup to the League Cup that they won 3 weeks ago, after they beat Qatar Club 104 (40-42) 83 in the final. This is the third straight time that Al Rayyan and Qatar Club have met in a cup final, with Al Rayyan having the upper hand in every contest. Tanguy Ngombo (196-F-89) led Rayyan with 31 points, 8 rebounds and 3 steals. Boney Watson (183-G, college: Sam Houston St.), chipped in with 16 points and 7 assists, while Erfan Ali Saeed (200-F-83) scored 18 to go along with 9 rebounds. Maurice Hargrow (195-G-83, college: Minnesota) led Qatar Club with 25 points in a losing effort. Omar Abdgader Salem (205-C-83) was also a bright spot for Qatar, as he scored 24 and grabbed 19 rebounds; 10 offensive. Both teams are now looking forward to the King's Cup which gets underway today, 21/03/09.
Final Score

Al Rayyan 104 (40-42) 83 Qatar Club

Top Scorers

Tanguy Ngombo (196-F-89) 31
Maurice Hargrow (195-G-83, college: Minnesota) 25
Omar Abdgader Salem 24


Omar Abdgader Salem 19
Yaseen Ismail (204-F-80) 14
Erfan Ali Saeed 9


Boney Watson (183-G, college: Sam Houston St.) 7
Yaseen Ismail (204-F-80) 7
Erfan Ali Saeed 4

Team signings for the King's Cup

Lamar Grimes (182-G-83, college: Indiana St.) (Al Jaysh)
Kenyon Gamble (212-C-82, agency: European Basketball Agency, college: Tuskegee) (Al Rayyan)
Herman Favors (174-G-84, college: Georgia St.) (Al Ahli)
Eric Fiegi (206-C-84, agency: N.E.T., college: Corban) (Al Gharraffah)
Matt Burston (210-F/C-82) (Al Arabi)
Waki Williams (206-F-82, agency: Prossin Sports Management, college: Memphis) (Qatar Club)
Curtis Haywood (198-G-75, college: Oklahoma City) re-signed (As Sadd)

Grimes Re-signs With Al Jaysh Club - by Amir Abou-El-Kheir
Lamar Grimes (182-G-83, college: Indiana St.) who led Al Jaysh Army SC to the Qatari League Championship, and Al Arabi Club to the GCC Championship last season, has re-signed with Al Jaysh Army SC Club for the King's Cup. Grimes started the season in Kuwait with Al Arabi under coach Jaimie Angeli (agency: Huss Sport Agency ), but wanted to return to Qatar, where he had a very successful first season. He is looking forward to adding to that success by trying to help Al Jaysh Army SC capture the King's Cup. Al Jaysh Army SC will need the assistance as they have looked very unorganized of late, and Grimes' acquisition will surely help out in that department.


Div.A Standings
 1. Ploiesti 22-3 
 2. Timisoara 20-6 
 3. U.Mobitel. CN 18-8 
 4. CSU Brasov 18-8 
 5. CSU Atlassib 17-8 
 6. Otopeni 16-9 
 7. Rovinari 15-10 
 8. Pitesti 14-12 
 9. Gaz Metan 13-13 
 10. Mures 12-14 
 11. Dinamo B. 10-16 
 12. Craiova 10-16 
 13. Targoviste 7-19 
 14. Oradea 2-24 
 15. Rapid B. 0-27 

Stats Leaders - Men
Points Per Game
  CSU Atlassib
  Avg: 22
 1. Matthews, CSU A.22.0 
 2. Lawrence, Pitesti18.8 
 3. Tomic, Craiova18.4 
 4. Obradovic, Otopeni18.0 
 5. Gibson, U.Mobite.17.9 
 6. Popescu, Rovinari17.5 
 7. Bulancea, Rapid B.16.9 
 8. Vlaicu, Rapid B.16.5 
 9. Broadus, CSU Brasov16.5 
 10. Reaves, Dinamo.16.3 
Rebounds Per Game
  CSU Brasov
  Avg: 11.8
 1. Dragusin, CSU B.11.8 
 2. Carutasu, Ploiesti10.1 
 3. Wingate, Tirgu M.8.8 
 4. Pavlovski, Dinamo B.8.5 
 5. Jucan, Gaz Metan8.4 
 6. Holmes, Craiova8.2 
 7. Green, Rovinari7.9 
 8. Obradovic, Otopeni7.8 
 9. Lazar, Oradea7.7 
 10. Osby, U.Mobitel..7.5 
Assists Per Game
  Tirgu Mures
  Avg: 6.9
 1. Cooley, Tirgu M.6.9 
 2. Blidaru, Otopeni5.1 
 3. Osmokrovic, Ploiesti4.5 
 4. Cuic, U.Mobitel.CN4.1 
 5. Dzambic, Timisoara4.1 
 6. Gibson, U.Mobite.3.7 
 7. Johnson, CSU A.3.5 
 8. Radmanovac, Gaz M.3.5 
 9. Lawrence, Pitesti3.4 
 10. Broadus, CSU Bras.3.4 
Steals Per Game
  Tirgu Mures
  Avg: 3.2
 1. Cooley, Tirgu M.3.2 
 2. Johnson, CSU A.3.0 
 3. Reaves, Dinamo B.2.7 
 4. Gibson, U.Mobite.2.5 
 5. Matthews, CSU A.2.5 
 6. Mandic, Oradea2.5 
 7. Washington, Gaz M.2.4 
 8. Mitchell, Craiova2.3 
 9. Holmes, Craiova2.3 
 10. Blidaru, Otope.2.3 
Blocks Per Game
  CSU Brasov
  Avg: 2.3
 1. Dragusin, CSU B.2.3 
 2. Tibarna, Otopeni2.0 
 3. Pantelic, Pitesti1.6 
 4. Lazar, Oradea1.5 
 5. Pavlovski, Dinamo B.1.4 
 6. Wingate, Tirgu M.1.3 
 7. Bubanja, Gaz Metan1.2 
 8. Gibson, Craiova1.2 
 9. Harrison, CSU A.1.2 
 10. McKenna, Tirgu.1.1 


Standings - Superleague A
A Superleague Standings
 1. CSKA 21-0 
 2. Unics 14-5 
 3. Khimky 14-6 
 4. Dynamo M. 14-6 
 5. Triumph 10-8 
 6. Spartak SP 9-10 
 7. Lok.Rostov 8-11 
 8. Krasnoyarsk 7-13 
 9. Ural Great 6-12 
 10. Univ.Surgut 6-15 
 11. CSK VVS 4-15 
 12. Spartak-P. 3-15 

Stats Leaders - Superleague A
Points Per Game
  Avg: 21.5
 1. Chalmers, Univ.Sur.21.5 
 2. Perry, CSK V.17.3 
 3. Kambala, Krasnoya.17.2 
 4. Nachbar, Dynamo M.16.5 
 5. Hansen, Dynamo M.15.4 
 6. Bailey, Spartak-P.15.2 
 7. Wisniewski, Spart.15.1 
 8. Warrick, Krasnoya.14.7 
 9. Meshcharakou, Sparta.14.7 
 10. Washington, Ural.14.6 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 8
 1. Khryapa, CSKA8.0 
 2. Clancy, CSK V.7.2 
 3. Kambala, Krasnoya.6.7 
 4. Kirksay, Unics6.4 
 5. Szewczyk, Lok.R.6.2 
 6. Meshcharakou, Sparta.5.9 
 7. Trushkin, Spart.5.8 
 8. Plisnic, Ural Great5.8 
 9. Javtokas, Dynamo M.5.8 
 10. Jones, Ural Gre.5.6 
Assists Per Game
 Jannero PARGO
  Avg: 5.4
 1. Pargo, Dynamo M.5.4 
 2. Chalmers, Univ.Sur.5.4 
 3. Collins, Lok.Rostov5.3 
 4. Bremer, Triumph4.6 
 5. Wisniewski, Spart.4.6 
 6. Ponkrashov, Khimky3.9 
 7. Bailey, Spartak-P.3.5 
 8. Biggs, Ural Great3.5 
 9. Holden, CSKA3.3 
 10. Perry, CSK.3.3 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 2.4
 1. House, Lok.Rostov2.4 
 2. Millage, Krasnoyarsk2.4 
 3. Surovtsev, Ural G.2.0 
 4. Kirksay, Unics1.9 
 5. Komarovski, Univ.Sur.1.9 
 6. Lyday, Unics1.8 
 7. McCarty, Khimky1.8 
 8. Khryapa, CSKA1.8 
 9. Biggs, Ural Great1.8 
 10. Bremer, Trium.1.7 
Blocks Per Game
 Robertas JAVTOKAS
  Dynamo M.
  Avg: 1.3
 1. Javtokas, Dynamo M.1.3 
 2. Mozgov, Khimky1.2 
 3. Likholitov, Ural G.1.2 
 4. Lavrinovic, Dynamo M.1.2 
 5. Pervukhin, Univ.Sur.1.1 
 6. Savrasenko, Spart.1.1 
 7. Krstic, Triumph1.0 
 8. Likhodey, Triumph1.0 
 9. Monya, Dynamo M.0.9 
 10. Khryapa, CS.0.9 


Standings - A Liga
A Standings
 1. Swiss.Lions 22-4 
 2. Borac 18-8 
 3. Metalac 17-9 
 4. Napredak 15-11 
 5. Mega HL 15-11 
 6. Radnicki 034 13-13 
 7. Ergonom 12-14 
 8. Novi Sad 12-14 
 9. Radnicki I. 12-14 
 10. Sloga 11-15 
 11. Masinac 10-16 
 12. Tamis 10-16 
 13. Vizura 9-17 
 14. Zdravlje 6-20 
Will join on later stage:
 1. Crvena Zvez.
 2. Partizan
 3. Vojvodina
 4. FMP
 5. Hemofarm

Standings - B Liga
B League Standings
 1. Proleter Naft. 19-3 
 2. Beograd 16-5 
 3. Superfund 14-8 
 4. Mladost C. 13-8 
 5. FMP II 13-8 
 6. Vojvodina Z. 11-10 
 7. Radnicki O. 11-10 
 8. Crnokosa 11-11 
 9. Sloboda U. 9-12 
 10. Vrbas 9-13 
 11. Beovuk 72 8-13 
 12. Crvena Zv. 2 7-14 
 13. Kikinda 7-15 
 14. Maraton 2-20 

Stats Leaders - 1A
Points Per Game
 Zlatko BOLIC
  Radnicki I.
  Avg: 22.6
 1. Bolic, Radnicki I.22.6 
 2. Bogavac, Ergonom21.3 
 3. Stojacic, Mega HL20.2 
 4. Mirkovic, Masinac19.3 
 5. Markovic, Napredak19.2 
 6. Stefanovic, Sloga18.8 
 7. Kljajevic, Radnicki.18.8 
 8. Martinic, Novi Sad17.6 
 9. Sinovec, Vizura16.9 
 10. Mladenovic, Erg.16.4 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 8.5
 1. Mirkovic, Masinac8.5 
 2. Draskovic, Radnicki.7.4 
 3. Bogavac, Ergonom7.1 
 4. Dokic, Tamis6.4 
 5. Mihajlovic, Tamis6.4 
 6. Buric, Vizura6.1 
 7. Kljajevic, Radnicki.6.0 
 8. Dramicanin, Borac6.0 
 9. Bozovic, Sloga6.0 
 10. Nikolic, Mega6.0 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 6.3
 1. Jovicic, Tamis6.3 
 2. Duvnjak, Radnicki.4.5 
 3. Teodosic, Metalac4.2 
 4. Stefanovic, Sloga4.2 
 5. Stefanovic, Borac4.0 
 6. Tomasevic, Masinac3.5 
 7. Maric, Ergonom3.4 
 8. Martinic, Novi Sad3.3 
 9. Vukotic, Sloga3.3 
 10. Katnic, Mega3.1 
Steals Per Game
  Novi Sad
  Avg: 2.9
 1. Martinic, Novi Sad2.9 
 2. Bolic, Radnicki I.2.1 
 3. Jovanovic, Zdravlje1.9 
 4. Sinovec, Vizura1.7 
 5. Fekete, Radnicki I.1.7 
 6. Mirkovic, Masinac1.7 
 7. Dasic, Sloga1.6 
 8. Bogavac, Ergonom1.6 
 9. Pilcevic, Borac1.5 
 10. Dramicanin, Bor.1.5 
Blocks Per Game
  Radnicki 034
  Avg: 1.4
 1. Draskovic, Radnicki.1.4 
 2. Nikolic, Mega HL1.0 
 3. Tanaskovic, Metal.1.0 
 4. Bircevic, Metalac1.0 
 5. Zigeranovic, Borac1.0 
 6. Buric, Vizura0.9 
 7. Mladenovic, Ergon.0.9 
 8. Janjusevic, Zdrav.0.8 
 9. Gavranovic, Ergon.0.7 
 10. Dramicanin, Bor.0.7 

Partizan already found two reinforcements for 09/10 season? - by Nenad Ilijev
BC Partizan Belgrade already found new acquisition for 2009/2010 season. Starting from new season, Kyrylo Fesenko (213-C-86, agency: Arik Krayn Services) will be a new member of Euroleague most popular team. According to unofficial sources, young Ukrainian said that he already reached a pre-contract agreement with Partizan and that he hope so he will sign a multi year contract soon. Nobody from Partizan management have confirmed this news but there are also rumours that Dejan Milojevic (200-F-77, agency: Beo Basket) will make come-back to 'black-white' shirt next year as well.
Fesenko averaged 2.4ppg and 1.8rpg in 18 games for Utah Jazz this year before he was assigned to Utah Flash in March. He is averaging 11.8ppg and 7.9rpg in D-League.


Liga UPC Round: 1 (Elimination Round) - by Eurobasket News

Group 1-8
Slovan - Zlatorog 71-70
In the last game of the first round Slovan escaped with tiny 71-70 home win vs dangerous Zlatorog. Dejan Delic (199-G-83) and Marko Lekic top-scored for the hosts netting 17 points each. Sasa Doncic helped with double-double, 12 points and 13 rebounds, while Zoran Dragic also delivered 12. Zlatorog got 15 points from Dario Krejic and 14 from D. Jenkins II.

Krka - Polzela 63-53
Krka went on a 10-1 run spanning the third and fourth quarters to take a crucial lead 47-40. Jure Balazic (204-F-80) scored 16 points and Marko Rakocevic and Richard Shields added 10 apiece. Hopsi shot just 31 percent (19-of-61) from the field. Shawn King had 16 points and 14 rebounds and Nemanja Jelesijevic collected 11 points and 9 rebounds while the rest of the team combined just 26 points and 10 rebounds. (by Zeljko Zule)

Elektra - U.Olimpija 79-84
Olimpija closed the first half with a 20-4 run and in last quarter scored 9 straight points to take a 77-63 lead. Mirza Begic (218-C-85) finished with 19 points, Vladimir Golubovic added 14, Saso Ozbolt 12 and Jaka Klobucar 10. Elektra shot 9-of-18 from 3-point line and just 12-of21 from free throw line and was outrebounded by 16-27. Nikola Ivanovic scored 20 points, Balsa Radunovic 17 and Dejan Cup 16. (by Zeljko Zule)

Helios - Luka Koper 114-73
Helios shot 17-of-29 from 3-point line and had 27 assists. Aljaz Janza (188-G-81) scored 25 points off the bench on shooting 8-of-11 from 3-points line, Alexei Lashkevich collected 15 points and 10 rebounds, Jure Mocnik netted 15 points, Nicholas Jacobson 14, Vuk Ivanovic had 12 points and 8 rebounds, Vjeko Petrovic posted 11 points and Ziga Zagorc added 9 points and 7 assists. Koper was outrebounded by 16-32. Ales Kunc and Ivan Drzic scored 13 points, Slavko Duscak 12 and Drazen Bubnic 11. (by Zeljko Zule)

Group 9-13
Zagorje - Epic Misel 73-66
Zagorje snapped their five game losing streak and celebrated its first home win since December, 23. Davis Paric scored 19 points, Gil Goodrich (178-G-82, college: Bowie St.) added 16 and Joshua Johnson had 11 points and 16 rebounds. Epic Misel was outrebounded by 20-44. Vjeran Soldo netted 13 points and Bojan Jovanovic and Klemen Muha added 11 apiece. (by Zeljko Zule)

Nova Gorica - Alpos S. 84-73
Gorica trailed just at 9-10, led as many as 21 points and snapped their six game losing streak. Marko Likar (195-G/F-78) scored 17 points, Vlado Pasalic and Rok Perko added 13, Goran Kuburic 10 and Vladimir Gojnic had 10 points and 9 rebounds. Takais Brown led Alpos with 17 points, Jason McCoy collected 15 points and 11 rebounds off the bench and Marcus Crenshaw scored 14 points. (by Zeljko Zule)

1B Stats Leaders
1B Standings
 1. Parklji 21-2 
 2. Rudar 20-3 
 3. Rogaska 19-4 
 4. MFC.2 Marib. 17-6 
 5. Sencur 14-9 
 6. Triglav K. 13-10 
 7. Kraski Zidar 12-11 
 8. Gradisce 10-13 
 9. Hrastnik 9-14 
 10. Jance 9-15 
 11. Litija 7-16 
 12. Konjice 5-18 
 13. Rogla 4-20 
 14. Radenska 2-21 

Standings - 1A
Liga Standings
Places 1-8
 1. U.Olimpija 1-0 
 2. Helios 1-0 
 3. Krka 1-0 
 4. Slovan 1-0 
 5. Luka Koper 0-1 
 6. Polzela 0-1 
 7. Zlatorog 0-1 
 8. Elektra 0-1 
Places 9-13
 1. Zagorje 10-14 
 2. TCG Mercator 8-15 
 3. Epic Misel 8-16 
 4. Alpos S. 7-17 
 5. Nova Gorica 5-18 

Stats Leaders - 1A
Points Per Game
  Avg: 22.1
 1. Goodrich, Zagorje22.1 
 2. King, Polzela21.2 
 3. Ivanovic, Elektra17.4 
 4. Paris, Zagorje16.7 
 5. Strnad, Zlatorog16.6 
 6. Delic, Slovan16.5 
 7. Jovanovic, Epic Misel16.0 
 8. Cup, Elektra15.3 
 9. Berdiel, Zlatorog15.3 
 10. Brown, Alpos.13.9 
Rebounds Per Game
 Shawn KING
  Avg: 14.5
 1. King, Polzela14.5 
 2. Johnson, Zagorje11.7 
 3. Paris, Zagorje9.1 
 4. Brown, Alpos S.8.2 
 5. Pasalic, Nova Gorica7.8 
 6. Jelesijevic, Polzela7.3 
 7. Pavic, Krka7.1 
 8. Cup, Elektra6.6 
 9. Lucic, Zlatorog6.0 
 10. Miljkovic, Zlator.5.9 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 5.1
 1. Vujasinovic, Polzela5.1 
 2. Cmer, Luka Koper4.7 
 3. Berdiel, Zlatorog4.6 
 4. Ivanovic, Elektra4.6 
 5. Goodrich, Zagorje4.2 
 6. Mocnik, Helios3.5 
 7. Shields, Krka3.3 
 8. Krivec, Krka3.3 
 9. Perko, Nova Gorica3.3 
 10. Lapornik, Alpos.3.1 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 2.5
 1. Berdiel, Zlatorog2.5 
 2. Dragic, Slovan2.1 
 3. Dunovic, Alpos S.2.0 
 4. Goodrich, Zagorje1.9 
 5. Lapornik, Alpos S.1.9 
 6. Avdibegovic, Alpos S.1.7 
 7. Strnad, Zlatorog1.7 
 8. Snow, Helios1.7 
 9. Percel, Zagorje1.6 
 10. Zagorc, Heli.1.5 
Blocks Per Game
 Shawn KING
  Avg: 3.1
 1. King, Polzela3.1 
 2. Radunovic, Elektra1.7 
 3. Nuhanovic, Zlatorog1.4 
 4. Todorovic, Helios1.4 
 5. Lucic, Zlatorog1.2 
 6. Hunter, Zlatorog1.1 
 7. Brown, Alpos S.1.0 
 8. Bajramlic, Zagorje0.9 
 9. Klepo, Slovan0.9 
 10. Sjekloca, Elekt.0.9 


Standings - LEB Gold
LEB Gold Standings
 1. Alicante 19-6 
 2. Valladolid 18-7 
 3. Melilla 17-8 
 4. Leche Rio 16-9 
 5. Tenerife 16-9 
 6. Burgos 14-11 
 7. Axarquia 14-11 
 8. Los Barrios 13-12 
 9. Caceres 13-12 
 10. Leon 13-12 
 11. La Laguna 12-13 
 12. Mallorca 11-14 
 13. La Palma 11-14 
 14. Plus Pujol 11-14 
 15. Vic 10-15 
 16. Aguas Gandia 7-18 
 17. Illescas 5-20 
 18. Rosalia 5-20 

Standings - LEB Silver
LEB Silver Standings
 1. Torrons Vic. 17-8 
 2. Palencia 17-8 
 3. Vigo 16-9 
 4. Caja Rioja 15-9 
 5. Navarra 15-10 
 6. Plasencia 15-10 
 7. CB Tarrag. 15-10 
 8. Cornella 14-11 
 9. Ourense 13-12 
 10. Jerez 12-12 
 11. Huesca 11-14 
 12. Prat 10-15 
 13. Gijon 9-16 
 14. CajasurCord. 8-17 
 15. Coruna 7-18 
 16. Qalat Caja Sol 5-20 

Stats Leaders - ACB
Points Per Game
  Avg: 20.6
 1. Rakocevic, Tau20.6 
 2. Oleson, A.G. Fuenla19.6 
 3. Quinteros, CAI Z.18.8 
 4. Dean, CB Murcia17.0 
 5. Reyes, Real Madrid17.0 
 6. English, Kalise G.16.8 
 7. Haislip, Unicaja16.3 
 8. Jeter, Vive M.16.1 
 9. Splitter, Tau16.1 
 10. Navarro, Regal.15.4 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 9.9
 1. Borchardt, Granada9.9 
 2. Reyes, Real Madrid9.7 
 3. Caner-Medley, Cajas.8.3 
 4. Ilyasova, Regal B.7.6 
 5. Panko, Bruesa6.9 
 6. Vazquez, Regal B.6.4 
 7. Barnes, CB Murcia6.3 
 8. Banic, Iurbentia B.6.1 
 9. Splitter, Tau5.8 
 10. Eley, Vive Menor.5.7 
Assists Per Game
 Ricky RUBIO
  DKV Joventut
  Avg: 6.4
 1. Rubio, DKV Joventut6.4 
 2. Rodriguez, Ricoh M.6.0 
 3. Prigioni, Tau4.8 
 4. Cook, Unicaja4.7 
 5. Thomas, CB Murcia4.5 
 6. Salgado, Iurbenti.4.5 
 7. Valters, A.G. F.4.5 
 8. Williams, Pamesa V.3.7 
 9. Mallet, DKV J.3.7 
 10. Lakovic, Regal.3.6 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 2.3
 1. Prigioni, Tau2.3 
 2. Rubio, DKV Joventut2.0 
 3. Splitter, Tau1.8 
 4. Thomas, CB Murcia1.8 
 5. Lescano, CAI Z.1.8 
 6. Popovic, Bruesa1.8 
 7. Jasen, MMT E.1.7 
 8. Rodriguez, Ricoh M.1.7 
 9. Jeter, Vive M.1.6 
 10. Jimenez, Unica.1.6 
Blocks Per Game
 Lamont BARNES
  CB Murcia
  Avg: 1.7
 1. Barnes, CB Murcia1.7 
 2. Borchardt, Granada1.6 
 3. Vazquez, Regal B.1.6 
 4. Asselin, Ricoh Man.1.4 
 5. Ibaka, Ricoh Man.1.2 
 6. Gutierrez, Granada1.1 
 7. Haislip, Unicaja1.1 
 8. Splitter, Tau1.1 
 9. Eley, Vive Menorca1.0 
 10. Moss, CB Murc.1.0 

Stats Leaders-LEB Silver
Points Per Game
  Avg: 21.9
 1. Bouldin, Matchmind21.9 
 2. Echols, Cantabria20.2 
 3. Mortellaro, ADT T.17.2 
 4. Williams, Matchmind16.4 
 5. Turner, Promobys16.0 
 6. Llorente, Archena16.0 
 7. Nelson, Huelva15.8 
 8. Harry, Archena15.4 
 9. Martinez, Navalcar.15.2 
 10. Matamalas, Alai.15.1 
Rebounds Per Game
 Zachary ANDREWS
  Avg: 9.6
 1. Andrews, Guadalaj.9.6 
 2. Mortellaro, ADT T.9.2 
 3. Turner, Promobys9.1 
 4. Mathis, Alcazar8.8 
 5. Williams, Matchmind8.6 
 6. Thompson, Molina8.2 
 7. Echols, Cantabria8.2 
 8. Mugica, Archena8.0 
 9. Bouldin, Matchmind7.8 
 10. Ausina, Moli.7.7 
Assists Per Game
 Salvador CAMPS
  Avg: 7
 1. Camps, Cantabria7.0 
 2. Monclova, Alcazar5.3 
 3. Rufian, Huelva5.2 
 4. del Tio, Merida4.7 
 5. Llorente, Archena4.5 
 6. Darbo, Huelva4.3 
 7. Nunez, Guadalajara3.9 
 8. Castello, Matchmind3.6 
 9. Sanchez, Cantabria3.6 
 10. Inigo, Guadalaja.3.5 
Steals Per Game
 Jermaine TURNER
  Avg: 2.5
 1. Turner, Promobys2.5 
 2. Martinez, Navalcar.2.4 
 3. Llorente, Archena2.2 
 4. Camps, Cantabria2.1 
 5. Gomez, Huelva2.0 
 6. Monclova, Alcazar2.0 
 7. Comas, Girona1.9 
 8. Sanchez, Cantabria1.9 
 9. Rueda, Promobys1.8 
 10. Matamalas, Alai.1.7 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 2.2
 1. McLemore, Huelva2.2 
 2. Bain, ADT Tarrag.1.6 
 3. Williams, Matchmind1.5 
 4. Herndon, Alaior1.3 
 5. Cabeza, Girona1.2 
 6. Farley, Archena1.2 
 7. Williams, V..1.2 
 8. Rodrigo, Navalcar.1.1 
 9. Bouldin, Matchmind1.1 
 10. Nunes, Meri.1.0 

Standings - ACB
ACB Standings
 1. Tau 22-3 
 2. Barcelona 20-4 
 3. Unicaja 19-7 
 4. Real 18-6 
 5. Joventut 17-9 
 6. G.Canaria 16-8 
 7. Pamesa 14-11 
 8. Ricoh Man. 12-13 
 9. Bilbao 11-14 
 10. Fuenlabrada 11-14 
 11. Granada 9-16 
 12. Bruesa 8-16 
 13. Zaragoza 7-17 
 14. Estudiant. 7-17 
 15. Murcia 7-18 
 16. Cajasol 6-18 
 17. Menorca 6-19 

Stats Leaders - LEB Gold
Points Per Game
 Ricardo GUILLEN
  Los Barrios
  Avg: 18.5
 1. Guillen, Los Barrios18.5 
 2. Detrick, La Laguna17.5 
 3. Garcia, Burgos17.1 
 4. Kiefer, Vic16.9 
 5. Simien, Caceres16.8 
 6. Terrell, La Palma16.2 
 7. Cusworth, Leche R.15.7 
 8. Robinson, Gandia B.15.1 
 9. Prestes, Cl.Rincon14.9 
 10. Blair, Mallor.14.5 
Rebounds Per Game
  La Laguna
  Avg: 9.5
 1. Donaldson, La La.9.5 
 2. Prestes, Cl.Rincon9.5 
 3. Battle, Valladolid9.0 
 4. Simien, Caceres8.2 
 5. Hamilton, Tenerife7.8 
 6. Guillen, Los Barrios7.5 
 7. Nana, Rosalia7.4 
 8. Moss, Caceres7.2 
 9. Baez, Leon7.1 
 10. Cusworth, Leche.7.1 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 6.3
 1. Ciorciari, Melilla6.3 
 2. Corrales, Burgos4.8 
 3. Mendiburu, Plus Pujol4.3 
 4. Sala, La Palma4.3 
 5. Dumas, Valladolid3.8 
 6. Bernabe, Leon3.8 
 7. Brown, Caceres3.7 
 8. Lopez, Leche Rio3.5 
 9. Cortaberria, Cl.Ri.3.4 
 10. Colom, Plus Puj.3.4 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 2.3
 1. Blanch, Mallorca2.3 
 2. Van Lacke, Valladolid2.0 
 3. Hill, Alicante1.8 
 4. Lopez, Leche Rio1.8 
 5. Ciorciari, Melilla1.8 
 6. Bernabe, Leon1.7 
 7. Cusworth, Leche R.1.6 
 8. Angulo, Caceres1.6 
 9. Baez, Leon1.6 
 10. Battle, Valladol.1.6 
Blocks Per Game
 Robert BATTLE
  Avg: 2.2
 1. Battle, Valladolid2.2 
 2. Hamilton, Tenerife1.7 
 3. Southall, Melilla1.6 
 4. Donaldson, La La.1.5 
 5. Cusworth, Leche R.1.3 
 6. Simien, Caceres1.3 
 7. Sinanovic, Burgos1.2 
 8. Lewis, Plus Pujol1.2 
 9. Nana, Rosalia1.1 
 10. Campbell, Los Barri.1.0 


Three exciting finishes in one day - by Chris Wang
Those who paid for SBL tickets got their worth Saturday, when all three games came down to the final minute. Thats more than you can ask for in terms of SBL basketball.

Bank of Taiwan hung on for a 78-77 win, its second win in March, despite a furious rally from KKL which has lost three straight.

Dacin also edged underrated Pure Youth 95-91 thanks to some crucial foul shots made by Chang Chih-feng, who was perfect 13-for-13 from the free-throw line. The Tigers is now leading the league 13-3.

Wu Chien-lung made the last of his four 3-pointers in the second half with 15 seconds to go to cut the deficit to two before Chang Chih-feng sank the ensuing free-throws to ice the victory. Wu scored his career-high 30 points in the absence of Chien Chia-hong.

Point guard Wu Yong-jen made the game-winning three with 32 seconds to go as Taiwan Mobile snapped its six-game losing streak with a 73-70 win over defending champ Taiwan Beer.

BOT 78-77 KKL
BOT: Hsu Chih-chan 18p+8rb, Lin Chun-feng 13p, Chang Jung-hsuan 12p, Chang Po-sheng 12p
KKL: Shan Wei-fan 16+7rb, Cheng Jen-wei 13p+15rb, Chen Ching-hwan 12p+7rb

Dacin 95-91 PY
Dacin: Chang Chih-feng 23p+7rb+5a, Tien Lei 22p+11rb, B. Allen 18p+11rb+4blk, Lin Yi-hui 15p
PY: Wu Chien-lung 30p+11rb+5a, Tsai Wen-cheng 24p+8rb, James Mao 13p+4rb

TM 73-70 TB
TM: Hsu Tse-hsin 13p, Lo Hsin-liang 13p, Liu Sheng-yao 13p, Wu Yong-jen 10p, M. Boggan DNP-illness
TB: Yang Ching-min 17p, Pan Jen-de 16p, Ho Shou-cheng 13p, Lin Chih-chieh 5p+8rb

1. Dacin 13-3
2. Yulon 12-3
3. TB 10-6
4. PY 6-9
5. KKL 6-10
6. TM 5-12
7. BOT 3-12

Song-shan HS eyes first HBL men's title - by Chris Wang
Song-shan HS routed two-time defending champion Nan-shan HS 78-52 Saturday in HBL men's semifinal and will meet Nen-jen HS, which beat Chiang-shu HS 58-47, in the national championship game later today.

The Taipei City school is back in the final after 10 years and is eyeing its first ever men's title in school history. The 16th straight win and a perfect 6-0 season will do just that.

It's a long time coming. Skeptics kept saying that Song-shan was not able to win because it paid too much attention on defense and too little on offense. But as far as I know, defense wins games. Plus, it was probably the only way Song-shan has to play because it's always difficult for a public school to win the recruiting battle here.

But maybe this is the year for Song-shan, which has produced so many talented players -- including Chen Hsin-an, Ho Shou-cheng, Hsu Hao-cheng and Hsu Tse-hsin -- before but yet to win a HBL champion.

Maybe this is the year Song-shan could shout out to the world and tell people that it is not just a school paying attention to defense, a trademark under head coach Huang Wan-lung.

Its offensive game has definitely improved this year. And it has defeated Nen-jen twice this year by the scores of 74-49 and 56-54. I would say Song-shan will be the favorite to win it all this year unless crazy things (see women's semifinals?) happen.

Nen-jen HS was basically a Yulon junior team. Its head coach Lin Cheng-ming is a Yulon assistant.

However, if Yang-ming HS can make it to the women's final, there's no doubt in my mind that Song-shan can hoist up the championship trophy tonight. They have my blessing.


Standings - TBL
TBL Standings
 1. Efes Pilsen 20-2 
 2. T.Telekom 18-5 
 3. Galatasaray 17-5 
 4. Fener.Ulker 16-7 
 5. Besiktas 13-10 
 6. Antalya 13-10 
 7. Mersin 11-11 
 8. Karsiyaka 11-12 
 9. Banvit 10-12 
 10. Oyak Renault 10-13 
 11. Darussafaka 9-14 
 12. Aliaga 8-14 
 13. Selcuk Uni. 8-14 
 14. Erdemir 8-15 
 15. Kepez Bld 7-15 
 16. TED Koleji 1-21 

Stats Leaders - D1