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Men News


1 Agosto beat ASA by 108-65 !!!! - by Carlos Pereira
1 Agosto make a great game against ASA and beat them by 108-65.
Next game 1 Agosto x Petro.

Box score:

1 de Agosto : Mayzer Alexandre ( 9 pontos) Armando Costa ( 2 ) , Adilson Baza ( 2 ) , Joaquim Gomes ( 8 ) , Felizardo Ambrsio (8 ), Vladimir Geronimo ( 9 ), Francisco Jordo ( 9 ) , Carlos Almeida (15 ) , Miguel Lutonda (12 ) , Rodrigo Mascarenhas ( 6 ) , Simo Joo ( 6) .
Coach: Lus Magalhes (portuguese)

Atltico Sport Aviao: Edmundo Ventura ( 5 ) , Joaquim da Mata (00) , Cristvo Oliveira (4 ) , Carlos Quibato ( 00) , Adolfo Quimbamba (13 ) , Filipe Abrao (9 ) , Jos Santos ( 7 ) , Wilson Carvalho ( 21 ) , Idelfonso Kiteculo ( 2 ) , Le Roy Watkius ( 00) , Afonso Rodrigues ( 4 ) , Francisco
Gonalves ( 00).
Coach : Carlos Dnis (from Angola).

Referees: Fernando Pacheco, Wilson Boaventura

1 Agosto beat ASA by 108-65 !!!! - by Carlos Pereira
1 Agosto make a great game against ASA and beat them by 108-65.
Next game 1 Agosto x Petro.

Box score:

1 de Agosto : Mayzer Alexandre ( 9 pontos) Armando Costa ( 2 ) , Adilson Baza ( 2 ) , Joaquim Gomes ( 8 ) , Felizardo Ambrsio (8 ), Vladimir Geronimo ( 9 ), Francisco Jordo ( 9 ) , Carlos Almeida (15 ) , Miguel Lutonda (12 ) , Rodrigo Mascarenhas ( 6 ) , Simo Joo ( 6) .
Coach: Lus Magalhes (portuguese)

Atltico Sport Aviao: Edmundo Ventura ( 5 ) , Joaquim da Mata (00) , Cristvo Oliveira (4 ) , Carlos Quibato ( 00) , Adolfo Quimbamba (13 ) , Filipe Abrao (9 ) , Jos Santos ( 7 ) , Wilson Carvalho ( 21 ) , Idelfonso Kiteculo ( 2 ) , Le Roy Watkins ( 00) , Afonso Rodrigues ( 4 ) , Francisco Gonalves ( 00).
Coach : Carlos Dnis (from Angola).

Referees: Fernando Pacheco, Wilson Boaventura


Liga A playoffs 4th game: Sionista and Olimpico advance to Quarterfinals - by Facundo Iatzky
Quilmes 74- Sionista 77 (1-3)
Sionista took advantage of the problems of Quilmes( lost Jazwin Cowan (205-F-83, college: Hampton) and Pablo Gil during the first half, and Nicolas Romano was not at 100 %) and they advanced to Quarterfinals, where they will meet Gimnasia Comodoro. Sionista did not show a great level as they had benn doing in the last term of the regular season, but in the last quarter Juan Pablo Cantero, 15 points, and specially Chuck Robinson (201-F-72, college: E.Carolina) with 24 points appeared and defined the game.

Quimsa 72 - Olimpico 75 (1-3)
Olimpico won the classic game and Quimsa finished their season in a dissapointing 11th place. Diego Cavaco (202-F-79) was unstoppable beyond the arc (20 points) and Anthony Glover (196-F-79, agency: Passing Lane, college: St.John's) added 17 points. Jermaine Walker scored 20 in Quimsa.

Independiente 95- Boca 78 (2-2)
Indepte tied the serie and sent it to a 5th game to be played on monday in Buenos Aires. the bench of independiente was very important to guide the victory, specially Juan Levrino (188-G-90) and Jeff Agba. Cedric Moodie (187-G-78, college: Indianapolis) was the top scorer with 19. Juan Espil scored 21 in a losing effort.

TNA Round: 1 (Play-Offs) - by Eurobasket News
1/8 finals
San Mart.MJ - GimnasiaLP 71-83
Emiliano Agostino (191-G-84) came up with 20 while Nicolas Ojeda added 14 points and 8 boards for the winning squad. Ije Nwankwo answered with 20 pts and 9 rebounds in loss. The hosts have 1-0 in the 1/8 finals series.

Alma Juniors - C.Entrerriano 65-62
1-0 for Alma Juniors mostly owing to Sylbrin Robinson (201-F-80, college: Northeastern), who drained 14 points and grabbed the same number of rebounds. Sebastian Pardal was better than the others in defeat with 17 pts.

Belgrano SN - Argentino 80-72
Harold Arceneaux (198-F-77, college: Weber St.) was a key player for Belgrano in this game as he collected 18 points and 6 rebounds. Maximiliano Rios also shined netting 2 pts less. Pablo Espinoza had 16 in defeat.

P.Echague - A.Italiana 78-77
Pedro Echague grabbed 1-0 lead in the 1/8 finals against Asociacion Italiana. Kevin Frey (202-F-80, college: Xavier) top-scored for the winners with 20 points. Diego Eiguren had 15 for the loosing side.

13-16 place
Firmat SF - A.Espanola 81-89
First step to the survival and 1-0 for Asociacion Espanola. Fred Hooks (198-F-82, college: Humboldt St.) demonstrated impressive performance in this win collecting 19 points and 15 rebounds. Matias Pasquineli scored 21 pts for the hosts.

Atl.Echague - Obera TC 73-70
1-0 for the hosts thanks to Diego Bernardi (197-F-76) and Derrick Miller, which combined 35 points together. Obera got double-double from Jose Fabio, 21 pts and 11 rebs.

Stats Leaders - LigaA

Points Per Game
 Edward NELSON
  Avg: 20.1
 1. Nelson, Estudiantes20.1 
 2. Moodie, Independ.19.9 
 3. Jackson, Penarol19.3 
 4. Mazzaro, Quimsa18.6 
 5. Assie, Independ.N.17.5 
 6. Robinson, Sionista16.8 
 7. Espil, Boca Jrs16.7 
 8. Glover, Cicl.Olimpico16.4 
 9. Taylor, Lanus15.9 
 10. Osborne, Libert.15.7 
Rebounds Per Game
  Regatas C.
  Avg: 10.6
 1. Kammerichs, Regat.10.6 
 2. Williams, Cicl.Oli.9.5 
 3. Assie, Independ.N.8.8 
 4. Nelson, Estudiantes7.9 
 5. Allen, Quimsa7.7 
 6. Levy, Estudiantes7.4 
 7. Mikulas, Quimsa7.2 
 8. Kante, Atenas7.1 
 9. Taylor, Lanus7.1 
 10. Cowan, Quilmes7.0 
Assists Per Game
 Hernando SALLES
  Quilmes MP
  Avg: 4.8
 1. Salles, Quilmes MP4.8 
 2. Cantero, Sionista4.3 
 3. Rodriguez, Penarol4.1 
 4. Treise, Quimsa3.9 
 5. Franco, Estudiantes3.8 
 6. Titarelli, Obras3.4 
 7. La Bella, Estudiantes3.2 
 8. Martinez, Sionista3.2 
 9. Montecchia, Regat.3.1 
 10. Cequeira, Reg.3.0 
Steals Per Game
 Brice ASSIE
  Avg: 2.2
 1. Assie, Independ.N.2.2 
 2. Casini, Boca Jrs2.0 
 3. Sciutto, Gimn.CR2.0 
 4. Marin, Independ.N.2.0 
 5. Aguirre, Boca Jrs2.0 
 6. Treise, Quimsa1.9 
 7. Moodie, Independ.1.9 
 8. Bortz, Boca Jrs1.8 
 9. Moore, El Nacional1.7 
 10. Johnson, Penar.1.6 
Blocks Per Game
 Nakiea MILLER
  Avg: 1.9
 1. Miller, Quimsa1.9 
 2. Moore, El Nacional1.9 
 3. Smith, Quimsa1.9 
 4. Bortz, Boca Jrs1.9 
 5. Allen, Quimsa1.8 
 6. Kammerichs, Regat.1.4 
 7. Alston, Boca Jrs1.3 
 8. Williams, Cicl.Oli.1.3 
 9. Smith, Lanus1.1 
 10. Gonzalez, Penar.1.0 

Stats Leaders - TNA

Points Per Game
  Avg: 23
 1. Marshall, C.Entrer.23.0 
 2. Carcamo, San M.20.6 
 3. Frey, A.Italiana18.9 
 4. Warren, Argentino18.7 
 5. Ghirardi, Firmat S.18.2 
 6. Tomatis, Alma Juniors17.8 
 7. Ford, P.Echague17.8 
 8. Sucre, Union17.6 
 9. Fabio, Obera TC17.2 
 10. Nwankwo, San.17.2 
Rebounds Per Game
  San Mart.C.
  Avg: 9.4
 1. Carcamo, San M.9.4 
 2. Rollins, Ciclista9.1 
 3. Johnson, Belgrano.8.9 
 4. Frey, A.Italiana8.8 
 5. Williams, A.Espanola8.7 
 6. Robinson, Alma J.8.6 
 7. Sucre, Union8.1 
 8. Brown, Firmat SF7.8 
 9. Pardal, C.Entrer.7.4 
 10. Gibson, La Uni.7.4 
Assists Per Game
 Cristian CADILLAC
  Avg: 4.9
 1. Cadillac, C.Entrer.4.9 
 2. Sureda, Argentino3.8 
 3. Costa, La Union3.7 
 4. Sartorelli, San M.3.3 
 5. Rivero, Atl.Echague3.2 
 6. Saul, A.Italiana2.9 
 7. Perez, GimnasiaLP2.7 
 8. Schoppler, A.Esp.2.5 
 9. Ederra, Firmat SF2.3 
 10. Palacios, Alma.2.3 
Steals Per Game
 Gregorio ESEVERRI
  Belgrano SN
  Avg: 2.4
 1. Eseverri, Belgrano.2.4 
 2. Lopez, A.Italiana2.3 
 3. Martin, Union2.3 
 4. Saul, A.Italiana2.2 
 5. Eiguren, P.Echague2.1 
 6. Ford, P.Echague1.9 
 7. Robinson, Alma J.1.9 
 8. Pau, La Union1.9 
 9. Ledesma, Atl.Echa.1.8 
 10. Schoppler, A.E.1.7 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 1.8
 1. Espinoza, Argentino1.8 
 2. Rollins, Ciclista1.7 
 3. Nwankwo, San M.1.6 
 4. Hooks, A.Espanola1.6 
 5. Robinson, Union1.5 
 6. Brown, Firmat SF1.1 
 7. Porta, Atl.Echague1.0 
 8. Marshall, C.Entrer.1.0 
 9. Gibson, La Union0.9 
 10. Robinson, Alma.0.9 


Standings - A Bundesliga
A Standings
Group 1
 1. Furstenfeld 19-7 
 2. Gmunden 18-8 
 3. Kapfenberg 17-10 
 4. Arkadia 17-10 
 5. Wels 16-11 
 6. Oberwart 15-12 
Group 2
 1. Klosterneub. 13-13 
 2. Gussing 12-14 
 3. Worthersee 11-16 
 4. St.Polten 10-16 
 5. UBSC Graz 7-19 
 6. Vienna 4-23 

Stats Leaders

Points Per Game
  Avg: 22.9
 1. Mitchell, Arkadia22.9 
 2. Mayes, Gmunden22.0 
 3. Burnette, Worth.20.3 
 4. George, Vienna19.9 
 5. Thomas, Wels19.9 
 6. Speiser, St.Polten19.2 
 7. Youngblood, Oberw.18.9 
 8. Moric, Oberwart18.7 
 9. Fears, Kapfenberg18.5 
 10. Nagler, Kloste.18.3 
Rebounds Per Game
 Nicholas RHODES
  Avg: 11.1
 1. Rhodes, Vienna11.1 
 2. Chappell, Gussing9.3 
 3. Bakovic, St.Polten9.0 
 4. Grier, UBSC G.8.1 
 5. Johnson, Oberwart7.8 
 6. Ledoux, Gussing7.6 
 7. Strait, Wels7.3 
 8. Lucas, Furstenfeld7.3 
 9. Moric, Oberwart7.2 
 10. Colwell, Gmund.7.1 
Assists Per Game
 Alexander LANEGGER
  UBSC Graz
  Avg: 5.9
 1. Lanegger, UBSC G.5.9 
 2. Schreiner, St.Po.5.7 
 3. Burnette, Worth.5.5 
 4. Boone, Furstenfeld5.0 
 5. Danek, Arkadia4.6 
 6. Mascoll, UBSC G.4.4 
 7. Grum, Furstenfeld4.0 
 8. Rowland, Furstenf.3.8 
 9. Thomas, Gussing3.8 
 10. O'Neal, Vien.3.7 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 2.4
 1. Mitchell, Arkadia2.4 
 2. George, Vienna2.3 
 3. Ray, Furstenfeld2.1 
 4. Moore, Wels2.0 
 5. Creddle, Klostern.2.0 
 6. Burnette, Worth.1.9 
 7. Fears, Kapfenberg1.8 
 8. Ledoux, Gussing1.8 
 9. Youngblood, Oberw.1.8 
 10. Artner, Oberwa.1.8 
Blocks Per Game
 Bryan GRIER
  UBSC Graz
  Avg: 2.2
 1. Grier, UBSC G.2.2 
 2. Colwell, Gmunden1.3 
 3. Barbary, Furstenf.1.0 
 4. Mascoll, UBSC G.1.0 
 5. Bakovic, St.Polten0.8 
 6. Huffman, Gmunden0.7 
 7. Mahalbasic, Worth.0.7 
 8. Speiser, St.Polten0.7 
 9. Vay, Arkadia0.7 
 10. Mitchell, Arkad.0.7 


Baltic-League Round: 2 (Quarter-Finals) - by Eurobasket News
Sakalai - Liepaja 86-65
Sakalai paved their way through to the Final Four as they stunned Liepajas Lauvas at home court. Vilmantas Dilys (208-F-87, agency: Interperformances) scored 19 points to lead Sakalai. Rokas Uzas contributed 14 points, 7 assists and 4 boards in the win. Curtis Nash responded with 9 points for Lauvas.

VEF Riga - TTU KK 85-60
VEF Riga scorched TTU KK in Latvia as Jurijs Aleksejevs (204-C-85) tallied 23 points and 8 rebounds. Evgeniy Kolesnikov added 18 points, while Edgars Jeromanovs had 13 points, 6 rebounds and 6 steals for the winners. Joosep Pokla responded with 16 points and 7 rebounds for TTU KK in defeat.

Elite Group
Siauliai - ASK Riga 44-61
ASK Riga drew things level in the quarterfinal series against Siauliai. They upset the Lithuanian team on the road to stay alive in the matchup. Ernests Kalve (200-F-87) scored 15 points and pulled down 6 rebounds to lead ASK Riga. Uvis Helmanis delivered 14 points for the Latvian powerhouse. Stefhon Hannah and Mindaugas Kuzminskas responded with 12 points each for Siauliai.

TU/Rock - Kalev/Cramo 56-84
Kalev/Cramo showed they are not done in the season as they thumped TU/Rock in Tartu to level the quarterfinals series. John Linehan (175-G-78, college: Providence) managed 20 points, 6 steals and 4 assists for Kalev/Cramo. Nate Fox added 12 points, 5 assists and 4 rebounds for the Tallinn team. Gert Kullamae answered with 16 points for TU/Rock in the losing case.

Stats Leaders

Points Per Game
  Avg: 20.8
 1. Strupovics, Keiza.20.8 
 2. Bankevics, Valmiera19.6 
 3. Kolesnikov, VEF R.19.4 
 4. Clark, Valmiera19.1 
 5. Vares, Valga Welg18.8 
 6. Varnelis, Alytus A.18.4 
 7. Alexander, Ba.17.7 
 8. Runkauskas, Suduva17.1 
 9. Vasylius, Neptunas17.1 
 10. Beard, TU/Ro.17.0 
Rebounds Per Game
 Tanoka BEARD
  Avg: 9.6
 1. Beard, TU/Rock9.6 
 2. Anderson, Valga W.9.5 
 3. Alexander, Ba.8.5 
 4. Jankunas, Zalgiris7.8 
 5. Vasylius, Neptunas7.7 
 6. Varnelis, Alytus A.7.7 
 7. Bambis, Zemgale7.3 
 8. Clark, Valmiera7.1 
 9. Berzins, Ba.7.1 
 10. Cipriano, Norrkopi.7.0 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 5.3
 1. Tsintsadze, TU/Rock5.3 
 2. Gabrans, ASK/.4.6 
 3. Sirsnins, Valmiera4.4 
 4. Hill, Techasas4.4 
 5. Grant, Norrkoping4.3 
 6. Runkauskas, Suduva4.3 
 7. Viskontas, Nevezis4.3 
 8. Jeromanovs, VEF R.4.2 
 9. Eidson, Lietuvos4.1 
 10. Kazevicius, Alytus.4.0 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 3.3
 1. Linehan, Kalev/Cr.3.3 
 2. Bolds, Techasas2.6 
 3. Jeromanovs, VEF R.2.2 
 4. Slesers, Keiza.2.2 
 5. Mazutis, ASK Riga2.2 
 6. Gabrans, ASK/.2.1 
 7. Pilk, TTU K.2.0 
 8. Skele, Ba.1.9 
 9. Kolesnikov, VEF R.1.9 
 10. Eidson, Lietuv.1.9 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 1.9
 1. Silinskis, Nevezis1.9 
 2. Kjellbom, Norrkoping1.8 
 3. Woods, Zalgiris1.5 
 4. Anderson, Valga W.1.4 
 5. Lyde, Kalev/Cramo1.3 
 6. Berzins, Ba.1.3 
 7. Selakovs, VEF Riga1.3 
 8. Talts, TU/Rock1.2 
 9. Toome, TTU K.1.1 
 10. Viiask, TTU.1.1 


Standings - Division I
D1 Standings
 1. Charleroi 17-6 
 2. M.Hainaut 17-6 
 3. Aalstar 16-7 
 4. Antwerp 13-10 
 5. Liege 11-12 
 6. Oostende 10-13 
 7. Leuven 8-15 
 8. Verviers-Pep. 7-17 
 9. Gent 5-18 

Stats Leaders - Division I

Points Per Game
  Avg: 18.4
 1. Lojeski, Aalstar18.4 
 2. Banks, Verviers.17.8 
 3. Hopkins, Antwerp17.7 
 4. Hill, Liege17.3 
 5. Miller, Leuven16.9 
 6. Hite, Oostende16.7 
 7. Freeman, Gent16.4 
 8. Green, M.Hainaut15.3 
 9. Cage, Liege15.0 
 10. Pelle, Aalst.14.4 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 9.7
 1. Cantrell, Aalstar9.7 
 2. Brown, Gent8.5 
 3. Randle, Gent8.0 
 4. Ebong, M.Hainaut7.7 
 5. Pelle, Aalstar7.7 
 6. Thomas, Liege6.9 
 7. Melson, Gent6.7 
 8. Young, Leuven6.3 
 9. Beghin, Antwerp6.3 
 10. Sensley, M.Haina.6.2 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 5.3
 1. Huffman, Aalstar5.3 
 2. Draper, Oostende4.9 
 3. Atkins, Oostende4.1 
 4. Conlan, M.Hainaut3.5 
 5. Black, Antwerp3.4 
 6. Moors, Gent3.2 
 7. Loubry, Gent3.0 
 8. Wilson, Liege3.0 
 9. Miller, Leuven2.8 
 10. Zecevic, Vervie.2.8 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 2.3
 1. Hopkins, Antwerp2.3 
 2. Hill, Liege2.3 
 3. Freeman, Gent2.0 
 4. Conlan, M.Hainaut1.9 
 5. Dove, Verviers-Pep.1.9 
 6. Huffman, Aalstar1.8 
 7. Lojeski, Aalstar1.8 
 8. Black, Antwerp1.6 
 9. Broyles, Charleroi1.6 
 10. Petrovic, Oosten.1.6 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 1.4
 1. Haryasz, Oostende1.4 
 2. Riddick, Charleroi1.4 
 3. Pelle, Aalstar1.3 
 4. Sensley, M.Hainaut0.9 
 5. Wilkinson, Charleroi0.9 
 6. Dove, Verviers-Pep.0.9 
 7. Fields, Liege0.8 
 8. Green, Oostende0.8 
 9. Ibrahim, Leuven0.8 
 10. Erwin, Vervie.0.8 


Standings - BNL
NBB Standings
 1. Flamengo 13-2 
 2. CISER/Araldite 12-3 
 3. Universo/BRB 12-4 
 4. Pitagoras/Minas 11-3 
 5. Winner/Limeira 11-5 
 6. Vivo/Franca 10-6 
 7. GRSA/Bauru 8-7 
 8. Conti/Assis 7-7 
 9. Pinheiros 6-10 
 10. Paulistano 6-10 
 11. Lupo/Araraq. 6-10 
 12. CETAF 5-11 
 13. Univates/Bira 4-11 
 14. Saldanha 3-13 
 15. S.Jose/Vinac 2-14 

Stats Leaders - BNL

Points Per Game
 Marcelinho MACHADO
  Avg: 26.3
 1. Machado, Flamengo26.3 
 2. Stefanelli, Pauli.21.9 
 3. Stallworth, Winner.20.7 
 4. Vinicius, Pinheiros20.5 
 5. Taylor, GR.19.9 
 6. Morejon, CE.18.7 
 7. da Rosa, Pitago.18.3 
 8. Klafke, Vivo/Franca17.8 
 9. Shipp, Pitagora.17.7 
 10. Nascimento, Pinheir.17.1 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 12
 1. dos Santos, Joinville12.0 
 2. Nascimento, Pinheiros9.3 
 3. da Rosa, Pitago.8.8 
 4. Bambu, Lupo/Ara.8.6 
 5. Cipriano, Unive.7.8 
 6. Ferreira, Saldanha7.7 
 7. Morejon, CE.7.2 
 8. Teichmann, Winner.7.1 
 9. Costa, CE.6.9 
 10. Drudi, Vivo/Fran.6.8 
Assists Per Game
 Fernando PENNA
  Avg: 9.8
 1. Penna, Paulistano9.8 
 2. Neto, Lupo/Araraq.6.5 
 3. Taylor, GR.6.3 
 4. Sucatzky, Pitago.6.2 
 5. Costa, Vivo/Franca5.8 
 6. dos Santos, Winner.4.8 
 7. Silva, Un.4.8 
 8. Lima, Flamengo4.6 
 9. Pinto, Winner/L.4.6 
 10. Soares, Joinvil.4.5 
Steals Per Game
 Fernando PENNA
  Avg: 2.8
 1. Penna, Paulistano2.8 
 2. Taylor, GR.2.7 
 3. Machado, Flamengo2.5 
 4. Felipe, Vivo/Franca2.3 
 5. Neto, Lupo/Araraq.2.2 
 6. Ferreira, Saldanha2.2 
 7. Machado, Flamengo2.2 
 8. Pinheiro, CE.2.0 
 9. Teichmann, Winner.1.9 
 10. Gustavo, Saldan.1.9 
Blocks Per Game
 Guilherme TEICHMANN
  Avg: 1.8
 1. Teichmann, Winner.1.8 
 2. Vinicius, Lupo/Ara.1.5 
 3. Castro, S.Jose/V.1.2 
 4. Ferreira, Unive.1.2 
 5. Toledo, Lupo/Ara.1.2 
 6. Mathias, Paulistano1.1 
 7. da Rosa, Pitago.1.1 
 8. Fiorotto, Winner.1.1 
 9. Bispo, Conti/Assis1.1 
 10. Felipe, Vivo/Fran.1.0 

NBB Round: 17 (Regular Season) - by Eurobasket News
Lupo/Araraq. - Saldanha 79-63
Luisinho da Silva (181-G-78) scored 21 points and Lupo/Araraquara celebrated home win over Saldanha. Arlindo Neto added 12 points in the victory. Eddy Carvalho responded with 21 points for Saldanha as they fell at 3-13 record.

Vivo/Franca - CETAF 88-67
Vivo/Franca posted the second straight victory as they dealt with CETAF at home. Rogerio Klafke (201-F-71, agency: Interperformances) secured 22 points, 4 rebounds and 4 assists to lead the way for the home team. Marcio Dornelles and William Drudi had 13 points each for Vivo/Franca. Lucas Costa answered with 20 points and 8 rebounds for CETAF. Amiel Morejon finished with 16 points in the loss.

Pitagoras/Minas - Pinheiros 91-70
Pitagoras/Minas eased past Pinheiros for the 11th win in the season. Joseph Shipp (197-F-81, agency: Octagon, college: California) came up with 20 points and 6 rebounds for Minas. Murilo da Rosa added 17 points and 8 boards in the victory. Leonardo Morro had 19 points as Pinheiros slipped at 6-10 record.

Flamengo - Paulistano 105-71
Flamengo crushed Paulistano as Jefferson Antonio (207-F/C-83) notched 23 points and 11 caroms. Marcelinho Machado added 21 points, 6 rebounds and 5 assists in the winning clause. Thomas Gehrke answered with 15 points for Paulistano.

Joinville - S.Jose/Vinac 83-79
Jefferson Sobral (203-F-80) knocked down 25 points to pivot Joinville to a narrow win over Sao Jose. Shilton dos Santos contributed 16 points and 16 boards for the winning side. Paulo Nery answered with 16 points in defeat.

Univates/Bira - Winner/Limeira 82-87
Winner/Limeira bettered Univates/Bira away from home. Shamell Stallworth (197-F-80, agency: Interperformances, college: USF) posted 19 points and 6 rebounds for Winner/Limeira. Guilherme Teichmann added 17 points in the winning case. Audrei Parisotto responded with 23 points for Univates/Bira in the loss.

GRSA/Bauru - Universo/BRB 100-97
GRSA/Bauru eked out a narrow win over Universo/BRB at home court. The hosts led by 8 points at the interval but nearly wasted the advantage before pulling away with victory. Fernando Fischer (190-F-81) scored 25 points to lead the charge. Larry Taylor delivered 18 points for the winners. Diego Pinheiro and Arthur Luiz Belchior scored 29 points apiece for Universo/BRB.


Standings - Ozujsko A1 League
A1 Standings
Group 1-8
 1. KK Zagreb 2-0 
 2. Cibona 1-0 
 3. Dubrovnik 1-0 
 4. KK Split 1-1 
 5. Zadar 1-1 
 6. Sibenka 1-1 
 7. Svjetlost 0-2 
 8. Cedevita 0-2 
Group 9-14
 1. Alkar Sinj 4-0 
 2. Dubrava 2-2 
 3. Borik 2-2 
 4. Trogir 1-2 
 5. Kvarner NR 1-2 
 6. Zabok 1-3 

Stats Leaders - A1

Points Per Game
 Marijan MANCE
  Kvarner NR
  Avg: 22.7
 1. Mance, Kvarner NR22.7 
 2. Bizaca, Trogir22.5 
 3. Mimica, Sibenka20.9 
 4. Prejean, Dubrovnik20.7 
 5. Bradley, Cedevita18.3 
 6. Rimac, Svjetlost18.1 
 7. Vranjes, Dubrovnik17.7 
 8. Delic, Svjetlost17.3 
 9. Petkovic, Sibenka16.7 
 10. Spahija, Kvarner14.7 
Rebounds Per Game
  KK Zagreb
  Avg: 9.6
 1. Zoric, Zabok9.6 
 2. Spahija, Kvarner NR8.8 
 3. Bilan, Sibenka8.0 
 4. Ramljak, Alkar Sinj8.0 
 5. Kastropil, Cedevita7.4 
 6. Delic, Svjetlost6.8 
 7. Bizaca, Trogir6.7 
 8. Sobin, Trogir6.3 
 9. Vranjes, Dubrovnik6.0 
 10. Sakic, Dubra.5.8 
Assists Per Game
 Domagoj NORAC
  Avg: 5.9
 1. Norac, Svjetlost5.9 
 2. Sumic, Alkar Sinj5.2 
 3. Petkovic, Sibenka5.2 
 4. Tomeljak, Cedevita3.7 
 5. Cosic, Dubrava3.7 
 6. Glavinic, Kvarn.3.6 
 7. Ticina, Svjetlost3.4 
 8. Bradley, Cedevita3.4 
 9. Prejean, Dubrovnik3.4 
 10. Bubalo, Trog.2.9 
Steals Per Game
 Domagoj NORAC
  Avg: 2.8
 1. Norac, Svjetlost2.8 
 2. Prejean, Dubrovnik2.8 
 3. Maric, Dubrava2.3 
 4. Sumic, Alkar Sinj2.1 
 5. Glavinic, Kvarn.2.0 
 6. Ivanov, Zabok1.9 
 7. Bosnjak, Dubrava1.7 
 8. Bizaca, Trogir1.4 
 9. Kovacevic, Cedevita1.4 
 10. Ramljak, Alkar Si.1.4 
Blocks Per Game
  KK Zagreb
  Avg: 3
 1. Zoric, Zabok3.0 
 2. Krolo, Dubrava2.0 
 3. Bilan, Sibenka1.1 
 4. Sobin, Trogir1.0 
 5. Bizaca, Trogir0.9 
 6. Kuljanin, Cedevita0.6 
 7. Delic, Svjetlost0.5 
 8. Ramljak, Alkar Sinj0.5 
 9. Vidacak, Dubrava0.4 
 10. Parezanovic, Ced.0.4 


Keravnos take the lead! - by Michael Aristidou
Keravnos Strovolou took the lead in the raw for the semifinal against Pizza Express Primetel Apollon after their win tonight 87-85. Keravnos Strovolou now lead the raw 2-1 and need another wil to get to the final. Next game will be 1/4/2009 in Primetel Apollon stadium. This third game between the two teams was just like the previous one. Close game with Keravnos Strovolou having a small lead in the game and dramatic end! Last two games ended 68-66 and 75-76! Quarters 25-16,44-36,62-56,87-85. In a suprise way LaMarr Greer (196-G-76, college: Florida St.) didnt play in the game because his paper had some problem!

Proteas Eka Ael releases Raca!!! - by Michael Aristidou
Dragan Raca is history from Proteas Eka Ael after their last defeat from Seastar Apoel. Along with the ex coach of Proteas Eka Ael left also his assistant coach Mile Protics and Thanasis Mastoris. Raca connected his name with the only european cup that Proteas Eka Ael had in 2003. Dragan Raca also won 3 championships and two cup with Proteas Eka Ael. Proteas Eka Ael signed Miroslav Nikolic (agency: Beo Basket ) as head coach and cypriot coach Kyriakos Yiangoulis as his assistant.

Seastar Apoel reday for the final! - by Michael Aristidou
Seastar Apoel Nicosia won Proteas EKA AEL Limassol 82-69 in the second game and now lead the raw 2-0. Seastar Apoel Nicosia needs one more win to be in the championship final. Third game will be on 31/3/2009 in Melford arena. In the game now Seastar Apoel Nicosia had the lead from the beggining and didnt let Proteas EKA AEL Limassol to controll the game. In the first quarter Seastar Apoel Nicosia was excellent leading the match by 9 (23-14). Second quarter didint change much in the game with Seastar Apoel Nicosia having a lead from 10-12 points. Only at the end Proteas EKA AEL Limassol manage to reduce to 8 in half time. (44-36). Third quarter was the most exciting with Proteas EKA AEL Limassol trying to get back to the game and Seastar Apoel Nicosia to maintain their lead. Finally Proteas EKA AEL Limassol manage to be back after they outscore their opponents 22-25. Third quarter ended 66-61. In the fouth quarter Seastar Apoel Nicosia play determined and didint let Proteas EKA AEL Limassol to reduce even more. Final score was 82-69. From Seastar Apoel Nicosia first scorer was Lonnie Cooper (193-G-76, college: Louisiana Tech) with 18(2) and from Proteas EKA AEL Limassol Goran Nikolic (205-C-76, agency: Beo Basket) and Quincy Taylor (196-G-82, college: UAB) had 18 also.

APOEL SENDS A MESSAGE - by Nasios Orinos

With Garcia being unstoppable under the basket (had 14 points), Cooper (18 points) and Kantic (11 points) sanking 3-pointers, APOEL has won the second semifinal against AEL and has advanced to 2-0.

Brokenboro and Zeno were also very good (had 16 points respectively). Anastasiades with excellent defense reminded the old good days and as he notes 'Playoff games are those that matter'. We have to note that Anastasiades was also very good at the games against Achilleas.

Special refence needs to be made to Garcia who has been drugging, along with Cooper, his team since the beginning of the season. Garcia is a very good player with excellent abilities under the basket. He is distinguished by his passion as well as by his leadership skills.

Regarding the game, APOEL got a quick lead and was ahead to the score, leading even by 11, (21-10) and finishing the 1st period by 23-10 and the half by 44-36. AEL stepped in determined in the 2rd half, outscored APOEL 22-25 and with good defence managed to cut the lead to 4 in the 3rd (52-48).

APOEL's persistence though was enough to lead to the second victory by 82-69. APOEL needs one more game to advance to the final.

AEL was very bad from the perimeter, hitting only 5 in 29 3-pointers.

In total, APOEL went to the fee throw line 29 times, with 18 being successful, whereas AEL hit only 4 out of 13.

Special reference needs to be made to the fans of APOEL who literally packed the Lefkotheo Stadium and gave a great push towards their teams victory.

Quarters: 1st=23-10, 2nd=44-36, 3rd=66-61, 4th=82-69


Standings - NBL
NBL Standings
 1. Nymburk 35-1 
 2. Geofin 27-9 
 3. Decin 20-16 
 4. Prostejov 19-16 
 5. Ostrava 16-20 
 6. Liberec 15-20 
 7. USK Praha 15-21 
 8. Opava 14-22 
 9. Pardubice 13-24 
 10. Kolin 12-24 
 11. Podebrady 12-25 

Stats Leaders - NBL
Points Per Game
 Maurice HAMPTON
  Avg: 20
 1. Hampton, Liberec20.0 
 2. Arnold, Ostrava18.2 
 3. Pruitt, Prostejov16.4 
 4. Benes, Podebrady16.3 
 5. Hatcher, Decin16.2 
 6. Sarovic, Geofin15.8 
 7. Steffel, Pardubice15.6 
 8. Sanders, Pardubice15.1 
 9. Platt, USK Praha14.9 
 10. Beechum, Prostej.14.9 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 9.9
 1. Pruitt, Prostejov9.9 
 2. Arnold, Ostrava8.2 
 3. Platt, USK Praha8.2 
 4. Steffel, Pardubice8.1 
 5. Rogers, Kolin8.0 
 6. Walker, Geofin7.8 
 7. Sarovic, Geofin7.5 
 8. Meno, Liberec7.1 
 9. Williams, Decin6.9 
 10. Payne, Pardubi.6.4 
Assists Per Game
 Emanuel UBILLA
  Avg: 6.2
 1. Ubilla, Geofin6.2 
 2. Hatcher, Decin4.9 
 3. Ames, Kolin4.8 
 4. Sanders, Pardubice4.8 
 5. Ames, Prostejov4.7 
 6. Skibniewski, Prost.4.6 
 7. Carnecky, Opava4.6 
 8. Mitchell, Ostrava4.4 
 9. Kotas, USK Praha4.1 
 10. Toth, Liber.3.9 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 2.8
 1. Hanavan, Prostejov2.8 
 2. Ames, Prostejov2.5 
 3. Kotas, USK Praha2.2 
 4. Mitchell, Ostrava2.1 
 5. Soliver, Podebrady2.0 
 6. Hampton, Liberec2.0 
 7. Ubilla, Geofin1.9 
 8. Beechum, Prostejov1.9 
 9. Pumprla, Opava1.8 
 10. Lee, Nymbu.1.7 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 2.1
 1. Rogers, Kolin2.1 
 2. Williams, Decin1.8 
 3. Walker, Geofin1.3 
 4. Hamm, USK Praha1.2 
 5. Miller, Prostejov1.2 
 6. Payne, Pardubice1.1 
 7. Benda, Nymburk1.1 
 8. Meno, Liberec1.0 
 9. Castleberry, Podeb.0.9 
 10. Houska, Dec.0.8 


D-League Standings
Central Division
 1. Iowa E. 26-18 
 2. Sioux Falls S. 25-22 
 3. Dakota W. 23-20 
 4. Erie BH 23-23 
 5. Ft.Wayne MA 17-28 
Southwest Division
 1. Colorado 14ers 31-12 
 2. Austin T. 27-16 
 3. Albuquerque T. 22-22 
 4. Rio Grande VV 19-26 
 5. Tulsa 66ers 13-32 
West Division
 1. Idaho S. 28-17 
 2. Utah F. 27-15 
 3. Bakersfield J. 25-20 
 4. Reno B. 20-24 
 5. LA D-Fenders 15-29 
 6. Anaheim A. 15-32 

Stats Leaders
Points Per Game
  Avg: 26.1
 1. Conroy, Albuquerque26.1 
 2. White, Anaheim25.9 
 3. Ahearn, Dakota23.8 
 4. Sims, Iowa22.8 
 5. Williams, Austin22.6 
 6. Daniels, Erie21.0 
 7. Johnson, Bakersfi.20.8 
 8. Crawford, Los A.20.8 
 9. Jeffers, Iowa20.6 
 10. Davis, Colora.18.9 
Rebounds Per Game
 Richard HENDRIX
  Avg: 11.7
 1. Hendrix, Dakota11.7 
 2. Sims, Iowa11.0 
 3. Gaines, Austin10.3 
 4. Daniels, Erie10.2 
 5. Monds, Albuquerque9.6 
 6. Hunter, Ft.Wayne9.2 
 7. Jeffers, Iowa9.1 
 8. Allred, Idaho9.0 
 9. Ewing, Reno8.9 
 10. Campbell, Anahe.8.8 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 10.9
 1. Russell, Ft.Wayne10.9 
 2. Jordan, Rio Grande8.7 
 3. Cleaves, Bakersfield8.5 
 4. Gill, Colorado8.5 
 5. Conroy, Albuquerque8.0 
 6. Stinson, Iowa8.0 
 7. Parker, Rio Grande7.5 
 8. Johnson, Austin5.6 
 9. Ahearn, Dakota5.6 
 10. Karl, Ida.5.5 
Steals Per Game
 Dominique COLEMAN
  Avg: 2.8
 1. Coleman, Colorado2.8 
 2. Elliott, Ft.Wayne2.7 
 3. Elliott, Sioux Falls2.6 
 4. Russell, Ft.Wayne2.4 
 5. Noel, Albuquerque2.3 
 6. Parker, Rio Grande2.3 
 7. Robinson, Reno2.1 
 8. Major, Dakota2.1 
 9. Jordan, Rio Grande2.0 
 10. Jeffers, Io.2.0 
Blocks Per Game
 Cheikh SAMB
  Avg: 4.1
 1. Samb, Colorado4.1 
 2. Williams, Colorado3.9 
 3. Benson, Reno2.8 
 4. Looby, Rio Grande2.4 
 5. Giles, Los Angeles2.1 
 6. Petway, Idaho2.1 
 7. Felix, Anaheim2.0 
 8. Sims, Iowa2.0 
 9. Hendrix, Dakota1.8 
 10. Haddadi, Dako.1.6 

Knicks Pluck Crawford from Los Angeles D-Fenders - by Surujh Roopnarine
The New York Knicks have signed Los Angeles D-Fenders star guard Joe Crawford (6'5''-G-86, college: Kentucky) to a 10-day contract. He joins Iowa Energy center Courtney Sims as the second current D-Leaguer on the Knicks current roster, and the fourth ex-D-Leaguer signed this month (Cheikh Samb and Demetris Nichols previously received 10-day contracts prior to Sims and Crawford).
The 6-5 Crawford has averaged 20.8 points, 4.6 rebounds, 2.7 assists and 1,0 steals in 43 games for the D-Fenders this season, including a career-high 44 points against the Utah Flash on January 9.
Originally drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers in the second round (58th overall) of the 2008 NBA Draft, Crawford played with the Lakers during the 2008 preseason before being waived on Oct. 22, 2008, and joining the Lakers NBA D-League affiliate D-Fenders.
The Kentucky product averaged 17.9 points per game as a senior and left school ranking in the top-20 all-time in scoring. He did not play in last nights 103-93 victory over New Orleans.

Last games (4) - 14ers cruise past BayHawks, Weems 36 points - by Eurobasket News
Anaheim - Utah 82-109
Morris Almond (6'6''-F-85, college: Rice) stepped up for the Flash last night nailing 25, while Kostas Koufos helped with 4 points less. On the other side, the Arsenal got 26 points from Cedric Bozeman and 24 from Kedrick Brown. Flash 25-15, Arsenal 15-30.

Tulsa - Rio Grande 112-110
Tulsa grabbed 12th victory of the season mostly owing to Shaun Livingston (6'7''-G-85) and Keith Clark, which combined 41 points. Clark also pulled down 10 rebounds beside that. Jawad Williams and Trent Strickland netted 29 pts each in defeat.

Albuquerque - Sioux Falls 95-108
Kasib Powell (6'7''-F-81, agency: Court Side, college: Texas Tech) came up with 26 points, 5 rebounds and 9 assists, while David Bailey also had very important role in victory collecting 24 points, 5 rebs and 6 assists. Antoine Agudio responded with 21 pts for the loosing side.

Colorado - Erie 119-103
Nice road victory for the 14ers, who again got the most from Sonny Weems (6'6''-G/F-86, college: Arkansas) - 36 points and 9 rebounds. Josh Davis scored 18 and Joe Dabbert had 14 pts. Maureece Rice delivered 24 pts for the hosts.


Standings - District National
SRT Standings
 1. Sameji 6-1 
 2. Cupes 5-3 
 3. GUG 5-4 
 4. CPN 4-4 
 5. CDP 2-6 
 6. Plaza 2-6 


KORISLIIGA: Korihait winning 500 time - by Rauno Hurmalainen

Korisliiga, Round 40: Korihait (Uusikaupunki) was winning 500 time on top level today, when they defeated YMCA Lahti in the thriller 94-92. American G
Josh Gonner (188-G-82, college: S.Carolina) made two FTs three seconds to go and by scoring game high 24 pts, Gonner became the game hero. FoKoPo (Forssa) sport club was celebrating Team's 40 year existence and beat Tarmo (Porvoo) 96-87. Tarmo's captain Mikael Holme (191-G-79) played his 300 game on top level. Holme has scored 2540 pts (average 8,5 ppg) and grabbed 688 rbs (2,3). YMCA Lappeenranta crushed Team Componenta (Karkkila) 100-74 and Honka won over KTP (Kotka) on the road 63-85.

Korihait - YMCA Lahti 94-92 (48-46) (Josh Gonner 24, Mark Zoller 16/14, Bojan Sarcevic 15 - Jason Conley 20, Ray Nixon 18, Kurtis Rice 14).

FoKoPo - Tarmo 96-87 (50-44) (Ray Cunningham 26/10, Mikko Jalonen 21, Nick Wallery 17 - DeWayne Richardson 24/11, Victor Morris 19, Ville-Pertti Lind 16).

Team Componenta - YMCA Lappeenranta 74-100 (41-52) (Frank Richards 21, Sami Marouf 19 - Adrian Penland 22/8a, Demetrius Brown 20, HLColeman 17).

KTP - Honka 63-85 (36-48) (Ville Makalainen 20, Robert Owens 13, Markus Myllyla 11 - Chanan Colman 18, Tuukka Kotti 18, Jukka Matinen 14).


Standings - ProA
ProA Standings
 1. ASVEL 17-6 
 2. Orleans 16-7 
 3. Roanne 15-8 
 4. Nancy 14-9 
 5. Strasbourg 14-9 
 6. Le Mans 14-9 
 7. Chalon 14-9 
 8. Gravelines 12-11 
 9. Cholet 10-13 
 10. Vichy 10-13 
 11. Rouen 9-14 
 12. Dijon 9-14 
 13. Hyeres-Toulon 8-15 
 14. Le Havre 8-15 
 15. Besancon 8-15 
 16. Pau 6-17 

Standings - ProB
ProB Standings
 1. Paris-Levall. 21-5 
 2. Bourg 19-7 
 3. Poitiers 19-7 
 4. Clermont 18-8 
 5. Limoges 18-8 
 6. Saint-Etienne 15-11 
 7. Charleville 15-11 
 8. Nantes 14-12 
 9. Maurienne 13-13 
 10. Nanterre 11-15 
 11. Antibes 11-15 
 12. Brest 11-15 
 13. St.Vallier 10-16 
 14. Evreux 9-17 
 15. Boulazac 9-17 
 16. Le Portel 9-17 
 17. St.Quentin 8-18 
 18. Quimper 4-22 

Standings - N1
N1 Standings
 1. Lille 22-5 
 2. Bordeaux 20-6 
 3. Fos Ouest 19-7 
 4. Challans 19-8 
 5. Angers 18-9 
 6. Blois 18-9 
 7. Reims 17-10 
 8. Chalons 14-13 
 9. Boulogne 13-14 
 10. St Chamond 13-14 
 11. Lievin 11-16 
 12. Get Vosges 11-16 
 13. Bayonne 10-17 
 14. Longwy 10-17 
 15. Prisse Macon 8-18 
 16. Roche-la-Moliere 8-19 
 17. Juvisy 6-21 
 18. CFBB 4-23 

Stats Leaders - ProA
Points Per Game
  Avg: 23.1
 1. Nichols, Hyeres-T.23.1 
 2. Rush, Strasbourg21.5 
 3. Page, Pau19.4 
 4. Thompson, Le Havre19.4 
 5. Chatfield, Dijon16.6 
 6. Harper, Roanne15.8 
 7. Greer, Nancy15.8 
 8. Banks, Orleans15.8 
 9. Boddicker, Chalon15.5 
 10. Spencer, Le Ma.15.3 
Rebounds Per Game
  Le Havre
  Avg: 9.7
 1. Merriex, Le Havre9.7 
 2. Slaughter, Le Havre9.0 
 3. Masingue, Hyeres-T.8.7 
 4. Sanders, Dijon8.3 
 5. Falker, Cholet8.3 
 6. Issa, Vichy8.2 
 7. Vaty, Pau8.0 
 8. Greer, Nancy7.5 
 9. Koffi, Le Mans7.2 
 10. Lewin, Strasbou.6.9 
Assists Per Game
 Kareem REID
  Avg: 7.4
 1. Reid, Vichy7.4 
 2. Wright, Chalon6.5 
 3. Thompson, Le Havre6.1 
 4. Heurtel, Pau5.3 
 5. Draper, Hyeres-T.5.1 
 6. Pellin, Roanne5.0 
 7. Sciarra, Orleans4.9 
 8. Jeanneau, AS.4.9 
 9. Greer, Nancy4.6 
 10. Houston, Rou.4.6 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 2.9
 1. Wright, Chalon2.9 
 2. Dobbins, Orleans2.4 
 3. Rush, Strasbourg2.3 
 4. Krupalija, Dijon2.1 
 5. Greene, Orleans2.0 
 6. Banks, Orleans1.9 
 7. Causeur, Le Havre1.9 
 8. Grier, Cholet1.7 
 9. Stanley, Gravelines1.7 
 10. Dorsey, Rou.1.7 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 1.3
 1. Houston, Rouen1.3 
 2. Rush, Strasbourg1.1 
 3. Laing, Le Havre1.0 
 4. Krupalija, Dijon1.0 
 5. Greene, Orleans1.0 
 6. Wright, Chalon1.0 
 7. MBaye, Dijon1.0 
 8. Grier, Cholet0.9 
 9. Bojic, Le Havre0.9 
 10. Gunn, Besanc.0.9 

Stats Leaders - ProB
Points Per Game
 Shaun FEIN
  Avg: 20.3
 1. Fein, St.Quentin20.3 
 2. Craven, Clermont19.5 
 3. Olivero, Le Portel18.5 
 4. Mohammed, Limoges18.2 
 5. Ingram, Bourg18.0 
 6. Carter, St-Etienne17.3 
 7. Younger, Poitiers17.1 
 8. Wright, Poitiers16.5 
 9. Bing, Clermont16.4 
 10. Hollins, Nant.16.4 
Rebounds Per Game
 Christophe HUMBERT
  Avg: 9.5
 1. Humbert, St.Qu.9.5 
 2. Melicie, St.Vallier9.2 
 3. Bing, Clermont8.3 
 4. Almonte, Nanterre8.0 
 5. Cornett, Quimper7.8 
 6. Mathis, Evreux7.6 
 7. Sullivan, Maurienne7.6 
 8. Younger, Poitiers7.6 
 9. Lalugba, Bourg7.5 
 10. Joseph, Maurien.7.5 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 5.9
 1. Williams, St-Etienne5.9 
 2. Taylor, Boulazac5.6 
 3. Gomez, Poitiers5.5 
 4. Ingram, Bourg5.1 
 5. Craven, Clermont4.8 
 6. Ball, Paris-Levall.4.8 
 7. Morlende, St.Qu.4.6 
 8. Dunn, Maurienne4.6 
 9. Thomas, St.Vallier4.1 
 10. Richardson, Bre.3.8 
Steals Per Game
 Errick CRAVEN
  Avg: 3.3
 1. Craven, Clermont3.3 
 2. Sullivan, Maurienne2.5 
 3. Barnette, St.Vallier2.5 
 4. Dunn, Maurienne2.3 
 5. Ball, Paris-Levall.2.2 
 6. Block, Quimper2.1 
 7. Ingram, Bourg2.0 
 8. Traore, Boulazac2.0 
 9. Karim, Evreux1.9 
 10. Williams, St-Etien.1.9 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 1.4
 1. Tucker, St.Quentin1.4 
 2. Hollins, Nantes1.2 
 3. Fein, St.Quentin1.0 
 4. Bing, Clermont1.0 
 5. Kennedy, Antibes1.0 
 6. Mathis, Evreux1.0 
 7. Mohammed, Limoges1.0 
 8. Barnette, St.Vallier1.0 
 9. Dunn, Maurienne1.0 
 10. Craven, Clermo.0.9 


Standings - 1. Bundesliga
1.Bundesliga Standings
 1. Oldenburg 21-5 
 2. ALBA 18-5 
 3. Goettingen 18-7 
 4. Ulm 18-8 
 5. Bonn 18-8 
 6. Frankfurt 16-10 
 7. Bamberg 13-12 
 8. Paderborn 13-12 
 9. Ludwigsb. 13-14 
 10. Trier 12-15 
 11. Tuebingen 11-14 
 12. Braunschweig 10-15 
 13. Art.Dragons 10-15 
 14. Duesseldorf 10-16 
 15. Noerdlingen 10-17 
 16. Koeln 99ers 7-18 
 17. Giessen 7-19 
 18. Bremerhaven 5-20 

Standings - ProA
ProA Standings
 1. MBC 22-4 
 2. Bayreuth 20-5 
 3. Hagen 20-6 
 4. Karlsruhe 16-9 
 5. Kirchheim 15-10 
 6. Jena 15-11 
 7. Chemnitz 13-12 
 8. B.Muenchen 13-12 
 9. teckproBraves 11-14 
 10. Bremen 10-14 
 11. Cuxhaven 10-16 
 12. Langen 10-16 
 13. ETB Wohnbau 9-17 
 14. Heidelberg 8-17 
 15. Schalke 6-20 
 16. Lich 5-20 

Standings - Pro B
ProB Standings
 1. proveo Merl. 20-5 
 2. Wolfenbuettel 20-6 
 3. Rhoendorf 17-9 
 4. Osnabrueck 17-9 
 5. Herten 17-9 
 6. Telemotive 12-13 
 7. B'guessbach 12-13 
 8. Ehingen 12-14 
 9. Hannover 12-14 
 10. Stahnsdorf 11-14 
 11. SU Braunsch. 11-15 
 12. Mainz 10-16 
 13. Freiburg 10-16 
 14. Landshut 10-16 
 15. Franken Hexer 8-18 
 16. Speyer 7-19 

Stats Leaders - 1.Bundesliga
Points Per Game
  Avg: 16.5
 1. Westley, Noerdlingen16.5 
 2. Hess, Art.Dragons15.4 
 3. Gardner, EWE B.14.8 
 4. Suput, Brose B.14.7 
 5. Katic, Walter Tigers14.6 
 6. Bowman, Telekom B.14.4 
 7. Bailey, Goettingen14.4 
 8. Paulding, EWE B.14.3 
 9. Hunt, Koeln 99ers14.2 
 10. Jeanty, Noerdling.14.2 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 10.6
 1. Ensminger, Pad.Bask.10.6 
 2. Gibbs, ratiopharm10.3 
 3. McGhee, Noerdlin.8.4 
 4. Katic, Walter Tigers7.7 
 5. Gordon, Dt.7.6 
 6. Fenn, Art.Dragons7.1 
 7. Westley, Noerdlingen6.9 
 8. Rouse, LTi 46ers6.4 
 9. Drevo, NY Phantoms6.4 
 10. Visser, NY Pha.6.0 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 4.9
 1. Joyce, ratiopharm4.9 
 2. Gardner, EWE B.4.2 
 3. Watson, Bremerha.4.0 
 4. Anderson, Walter T.4.0 
 5. Franklin, NY Phant.4.0 
 6. Rowland, Telek.3.8 
 7. Jenkins, ALBA3.7 
 8. Rivera, Brose B.3.6 
 9. Schaffartzik, LTi 3.5 
 10. Bailey, Goetting.3.3 
Steals Per Game
 Roderick TRICE
  Avg: 2.7
 1. Trice, Goettingen2.7 
 2. Gordon, Koeln 99ers2.7 
 3. McGhee, Noerdlin.1.8 
 4. Foster, EWE B.1.7 
 5. Yarbrough, Telek.1.7 
 6. Lee, Goettingen1.7 
 7. Franklin, NY Phant.1.6 
 8. Peete, Duesseldorf1.5 
 9. Paulding, EWE B.1.4 
 10. Triplett, ratiopha.1.4 
Blocks Per Game
  Telekom B.
  Avg: 2.8
 1. Johnson, Telek.2.8 
 2. Slaughter, Bremerha.1.3 
 3. Reiner, Bremerha.1.1 
 4. Gadri-N., Bremerha.1.1 
 5. Boumtje Boum., EWE B.1.0 
 6. Sesay, ALBA0.9 
 7. Drevo, NY Phantoms0.9 
 8. Ohlbrecht, Brose B.0.8 
 9. Gibbs, ratiopharm0.8 
 10. Grunheid, Koel.0.8 

ENBW Ludwigsburg Arrive On Time And Leave On Time With a Hard Fought 78 To 71 Victory Against The Giessen 46ers - by Miles Schmidt-Scheuber

Losing a Basketball game by 40 points is embarrassing, but not being able to arrive on time to play a game in Ludwigsburg is simply nasty, but the Giessen 46ers couldnt make the same mistake again since they were playing at home. ENBW Ludwigsburg made no wrong turns and simply had to turn right at the Burger King and then left to reach the Osthalle and later left the Giessen Osthalle with a huge win defeating the Giessen 46ers 78 to 71. It was the first time the two teams had played each other this season and the 300 Ludwigsburg fans that had come to the game had made a clear signal not letting the Giessen fans forget the blunder that happened months ago with a comical sign. 'As a precaution we travelled with seven buses and we all arrived on time'. The 300 Ludwigsburg fans witnessed a very exciting and aggressive game as their team were a bit more clever in the crunch time. 'It was important to win in this fashion. We had three or four leads by ten or more points, but Giessen was able to fight back, but we never panicked. We always found an answer and made our free throws down the stretch', stated Ludwigsburg coach Rick Stafford . Just like two weeks ago against Ratiopharm Ulm at home, Giessen was not able to gain the momentum in the last minutes and get a needed win at home. 'We made some crucial mistakes and didnt get stops. They controlled us at the end and capitalized on our mistakes', said Giessen guard Michael Umeh (188-G-84, agency: Pro One Sports, college: UNLV).

The game also brought back an old friend to the region with Ludwigsburg assistant coach Tyron McCoy , who played for Giessen and Lich from 1998 to 2000. It seemed like he had more effort shaking hands and saying hi to old friends then he had helping coach Stafford run the team, but he took it all in stride, flashed his big smile and made everyone happy just being there. 'It is always a pleasure to come back to Giessen. I always wish them well, since I had my start in Germany here', stated American Tyron McCoy . Besides the normal game stress, American Brandon Woudstra (191-G-80, agency: Pro One Sports, college: Northwestern (IA)) also had his parents, wife and little daughter cheering him on and he didnt disappoint anyone finishing with 13 points, five rebounds, five assists and two steals. Any players biggest fan is always his dad and he was thrilled with the performance of his son. 'It was fun being able to see him play. It was great seeing the guys work together. The team played together and Dane Watts (203-F-86, agency: Pro One Sports) made big shots near the end. There was a time where it looked difficult for the team to win, but I was very happy that Brandon made his free throws', commented Earl Woudstra.

German Heiko Schaffartzik (182-G-84, agency: Pro One Sports) received the biggest applause as he was introduced, which was fuelled by the support of the 300 Ludwigsburg fans where he played last season. Both teams came out of the starting gates shooting very well as Michael Umeh showed early on that his three pointer motor was running well giving Giessen the first lead 5-4. Ludwigsburg then unravelled a nifty alley-op as American Frank Robinson (193-G-84, agency: Priority Sports, college: Cal.St. Fullerton) made a perfect pass to German Marco Sanders (202-F-79, agency: Elfus-Siegel Management (ESM), college: Point Park) tieing the game 6-6. Giessen then cruised on a 5-0 run as Germans Gerrit Terdenge (205-F-75, college: Fresno St.) nailed a three pointer and Johannes Lischka (203-F/C-87, agency: Court Side) found an opening in the Ludwigsburg defense and layed it in. Giessen led 11-6, but then as if a little hurricane had found its way into the tiny Osthalle, Ludwigsburg gave the sport Basketball the famous name, Basketball is a game of runs going on a 14-0 run and retaking the lead 20-11. This run resulted after a Stafford timeout. Even though Ludwigsburg didnt use the typical big man inside play in this phase, all baskets except the Woudstra three pointer were made in the paint as Giessen was sloppy on defense. American Domonic Jones (186-G-81, agency: Pro One Sports, college: Va Commonwealth) scored twice as did athletic American Frank Robinson. Michael Umeh stopped the run with a penetration and lay in, but most of the damage had been made in this run as ENBW Ludwigsburg led 23-15 after one quarter. 'We had a good stretch after the time out. We were able to take the lead and finish the quarter with a comfortable lead,' stated Ludwigsburg guard Brandon Woudstra.

ENBW Ludwigsburg were not able to hold the momentum of the first quarter as The Giessen 46ers returned taking a 9-0 run and retaking the lead 24-23. German Johannes Lischka made two hoops and Brandon Worthy (188-G-84, college: Loyola Marymount) scored in the zone. One of the biggest problems for Ludwigsburg was letting Giessen come back time in and time out, which is a weakness they will have to turn off in the next weeks, if they want to be a playoff team. 'There were times that we lost focus, but Giessen understood when they really had to execute. Schaffartzik and Umeh made big shots. Basketball always has runs for both teams', added Ludwigsburg assistant coach Tyron McCoy . In the next few minutes, there would be three lead changes. In the battle of the snails, it was American Kelvin Gibbs (201-F-78, agency: Passing Lane, college: Pepperdine), who spun around Robert Maras (216-C-78, agency: Court Side) and Gibbs could have been half way to Lich before Maras even knew who had passed him. Ludwigsburg led 25-24, but Lischka stayed active in the paint scoring two points, but Ludwigsburg got the lead back at 28-26 as big guy Gibbs nailed a three pointer off a beautiful feed from Woudstra. Even though Ludwigsburg was hardly getting any points from their big men inside, it was the guards like Robinson supplying the production in the paint. American rookie Dane Watts nailed a three pointer off the pick and role pass from Woudstra. Ludwigsburg led 35-29.

A big problem of Giessen was not being able to establish their inside game as German Robert Maras was on the court, but not getting the ball in the paint. 'We tried to get the ball inside, but had problems. We should of simply done a better job establishing the post', said Giessen guard Michael Umeh. Ludwigsburg kept the momentum and the bench stepped up as long time injured American De Angelo Alexander came in a sunk a three pointer. Tomas Nagys (208-F-80, agency: Edge Sports, college: Clemson) who had been quiet finished the second quarter tipping in a Brian Jones (191-G-78, agency: Rasmussen Services, college: Santa Clara) miss. ENBW Ludwigsburg led 41-35 after 20 minutes.' We played well and maintained the lead. This gave us confidence and we were able to keep the lead. If they had retaken the lead then I think that the place would of erupted', expressed Ludwigsburg American Brandon Woudstra. ENBW Ludwigsburg were shooting an astronomical 52% from the field and 50% from three point land. The Giessen 46ers were still searching for their shot as they were shooting 38% from the field and only 25% from three point land. Giessen was playing catch up in the rebound department trailing 16-11 and only had one assist at halftime. The turnovers were pretty even.

American Kelvin Gibbs may look like a stronger version of Jeff Gibbs (188-F-80, college: Otterbein), have the same name, and be able to suit up for a football team anytime, but his ability to knock down the three pointer is another fortitude that you normally wouldnt expect, but he hit two three pointers in the game. Giessen did a pretty good job keeping Nagys and Gibbs in check inside. 'We tried to get the ball inside more, but Giessen did a good job with their perimeter defense. It was not easy running our plays with their three quick guards', stated Ex Skyliner Tyron McCoy . Ludwigsburg led 44-35, but Giessen with absolute little big man play had to rely on their small ball skills and Ludwigsburg wasnt able to make any permanent resistance on defense. Giessen fought back going on a 11-0 run and retaking the lead 46-44. Terdenge scored from the baseline and Lischka hit an open three pointer and Giessen trailed only 44-40. If there is one player that is all business, then it is German Heiko Schaffartzik, who is becoming more and more a big play player not only making the near impossible three pointers as if he was blindfolded playing pin the tail on the donkey for a kids birthday, but also making big hoops on the penetration.

He brought Giessen closer back to 44-42 as he went in the zone and shot the ball very high of the glass. This was followed by a masterpiece by Michael Umeh, who dribbled around his back to his left got open and nailed a shot with one second left on the shot clock and tied the game at 44. Lischka gave Giessen the long awaited lead back to 46-44 as he again scored in the zone taking the Ludwigsburg defense apart. Ludwigsburg coach Rick Stafford must have been fuming inside and thinking if Basketball had been this tough in Bamberg? For the next few ball possessions, it was Ludwigsburg guard Domonic Jones who made two runners tieing the score. Ludwigsburg closed out the third quarter with a Woudstra lay in and the lead 53-49. 'We made too many turnovers and our intentional fouls hurt us. They capitalized on their extra possessions', added Brandon Woudstra.

With ENBW Ludwigsburg having the slight lead, it was time for Giessen to make a run, but they couldnt as Ludwigsburg stayed very strong on offense. Dane Watts made a two handed dunk off a Nagys miss as he was hanging out under the Giessen basket picking cherries as he got little competition on the boards. Giessen doesnt have Superman, but Mr big shot Heiko Schaffartzik who continued to show why German National coach Dirk Bauermann will not be able to abstain from getting him for the Euro 2009 as he made big jumper after big jumper. He nailed one with Woudstra in his face and bringing Giessen back to 58-54. Brandon Woudstra responded with a jumper, but it was Schaffartzik again who nailed a top of the key three pointer cutting the Ludwigsburg lead to 60-57. He was so hot from outside that the only thing that could of really cooled him down was if he would have been forced to keep shooting with handcuffs on, but then again even then he could probably make some shots.

Both teams were looking to take the momentum and out of no where it was big American talent and BBL rookie Dane Watts who scored seven unanswered points and gave Ludwigsburg the 67-57 lead. 'I got some open shots and our guards did a good job getting their defense to go to them which left me open', stated American Dane Watts. Watts seems to come from the bench and do his job, but will his continuing good play earn him with a starting job? 'Watts played excellent making shots, getting rebounds and playing good defense. He has a good focus. We like him coming from the bench. Our starting five changes about as much as does that from Murat Didin', (agency: Interperformances ) joked American Tyron McCoy . Watts seems to be comfortable coming from the bench. 'Every one wants to start, but I feel that the best is for me to come from the bench. If it is helping us win, then I will continue to come from the bench, because the most improtant thing is that we win', stressed American Dane Watts. 'Dane is capable of hitting from inside and out. He is developing very well in his first year in Germany', said Iowa native Brandon Woudstra.

Giessen was not finished yet as they went on a 6-0 run to cut The Ludwigsburg lead to 68-63. After some free throws, it was Schaffartzik again who sunk a three pointer. After a Robinson coast to coast stroll, Giessen retaliated with a Worthy bucket and free throw. Ludwigsburg led 70-66, but had some unlucky calls that Giessen couldnt compensate from. American Ricky Hickman (190-G-83, college: NC-Greensboro) made an errand pass to Lischka that never arrived. Brandon Woudstra then made two free throws giving Ludwigsburg the 72-66 lead. Hickman then missed a shot in crunch time. Robinson followed with a two handed dunk on a fast break and Ludwigsburg led 75-67. However it was Schaffartzik again that got open and nailed another three pointer bringing Giessen back to 75-70. 'We kept our composure in the crunch time and stayed focused. We weathered the storm and need to continue to do this in the next seven games', warned Ludwigsburg assistant coach Tyron McCoy . However Time was running out and Robinson and Woudstra sealed the victory for Ludwigsburg with free throws in the last minute. It was a huge win for Ludwigsburg for the climb into the playoffs, while Giessen will continue to fight with the Cologne 99ers for the last spot in the BBL. 'We should of rebounded better and executed better down the stretch', explained Giessen guard Michael Umeh.

ENBW Ludwigsburg was led By Creighton graduate Dane Watts with 17 points and six rebounds. American Kelvin Gibbs added 14 points and six rebounds. Brandon Woudstra added 13 points and Domonic Jones 11 points. Giesen was led by Heiko Schaffartzik with 17 points. Michael Umeh added 16 points and Johannes Lischka chipped in with 15 points.

ENBW Ludwigsburg outshot the Giessen 46ers 53% to 40%. Giessen had very little to offer besides the two future German National players Schaffartzik and Lischka who kept Giessen in the game with their consistent shooting. ENBW Ludwigsburg out rebounded Giessen 32-22 and didnt really get to use their inside duo of Nagys/Gibbs to the fullest, but still had little problems dominating the boards. 'We didnt work hard enough to get inside. We didnt get the second chances and werent tough enough', stated Giessen center Jannik Freese (208-F/C-86, agency: Liman Sports) Giessen also had a surprising four assists in the game. 'Our defense was ok, but there was a lot we didnt do that we should of added on defense', said Janick Freese. This was a tough loss for The Giessen 46ers, but they are still alive and simply need to win some games. 'This loss hurt a lot, but we have to stay positive and keep working', stated Michael Umeh. ENBW Ludwigsburg continue to fight for the playoffs and hope that The Deutsche Bank Skyliners and Artland Dragons can help out their playoff cause with wins against Bamberg and Paderborn today. 'The playoffs are there for us. We have to take it one game at a time and prepare for each game like it was our last game', warned Ludwigsburg assistant coach Tyron McCoy . Both teams play next on April 1st as Giessen travel to Paderborn and Ludwigsburg clash at home against The Telekom Baskets Bonn.

Stats Leaders - 2.Bundesliga
Points Per Game
 Johannes LISCHKA
  LTi 46ers
  Avg: 23.9
 1. Lischka, Lich23.9 
 2. Watkins, Cuxhaven22.3 
 3. Khartchenkov, Chemn.18.6 
 4. Benzing, Langen18.0 
 5. Baumann, Kirchheim18.0 
 6. Hodges, Heidelberg17.8 
 7. Hall, Schalke17.8 
 8. Griffin, Hagen17.3 
 9. Komarek, Heide.17.2 
 10. Oppland, Bayreu.17.0 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 10.7
 1. Baumann, Kirchheim10.7 
 2. Seward, Cuxhaven10.5 
 3. Howard, Karlsruhe9.6 
 4. Jeffers, Langen9.6 
 5. Hamilton, Bayreuth9.5 
 6. Gilbert, MBC9.2 
 7. Lischka, Lich8.9 
 8. Gerwig, Chemnitz8.8 
 9. Freese, Lich8.7 
 10. Sabourin, Brem.8.3 
Assists Per Game
 Japhet MCNEIL
  Avg: 7.5
 1. McNeil, Heidelberg7.5 
 2. Pfeifer, Chemnitz5.7 
 3. Bannister, Schalke5.5 
 4. Ruffin, teckproB.4.5 
 5. Williamson, Jena4.4 
 6. Watkins, Cuxhaven4.4 
 7. Griffin, Hagen4.3 
 8. Crawford, Kirch.4.3 
 9. Parker, B.Muenchen4.3 
 10. Holcomb-Faye, Bay.4.0 
Steals Per Game
 Japhet MCNEIL
  Avg: 3.5
 1. McNeil, Heidelberg3.5 
 2. Williamson, Jena2.3 
 3. Pfeifer, Chemnitz2.3 
 4. Scott, Kirchheim2.3 
 5. Hamilton, Bayreuth2.0 
 6. Crawford, Kirch.2.0 
 7. Paeley, teckproB.1.9 
 8. Harris, Bayreuth1.8 
 9. Parker, B.Muenchen1.7 
 10. Brooks, B.Muench.1.7 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 2.7
 1. Williams, B.Muenchen2.7 
 2. Seward, Cuxhaven1.4 
 3. Hamilton, Bayreuth1.4 
 4. Shaw, ETB Wohnbau1.3 
 5. Zyskunov, teckproB.1.1 
 6. Benzing, Langen1.0 
 7. Fairley, Jena1.0 
 8. Hornig, Kirchheim1.0 
 9. Sabourin, Bremen0.9 
 10. Wiley, teckpr.0.9 


Standings - A2
A2 Standings
 1. Ilysiakos 19-4 
 2. DASH Perist. 19-4 
 3. Dafni 17-6 
 4. Iraklis 15-8 
 5. Rethymno 14-9 
 6. Near East 14-9 
 7. Apollon 12-11 
 8. KAOD 11-12 
 9. HSBC Pagrati 11-12 
 10. ICBS 10-13 
 11. Ermis L. 9-14 
 12. Panerythrai. 8-15 
 13. Xanthi 8-15 
 14. Olimpias 8-15 
 15. Keravnos Aigio 6-17 
 16. MENT 3-20 


Standings - Promotie Divisie
Prom.Divisie Standings
 1. MyGuide 2 19-3 
 2. MSV 19-4 
 3. Landstede 2 16-8 
 4. Gorinchem 15-8 
 5. Initial H5 14-9 
 6. BV Rooi 12-10 
 7. Leiden 2 10-12 
 8. Groene 10-12 
 9. Akrides 10-13 
 10. Punch 9-13 
 11. EBBC 8-15 
 12. Red Giants 8-15 
 13. Cangeroes 4-19 
 14. Pigeons 4-19 

Standings - Eredivisie
Eredivisie Standings
 1. Amsterdam 29-5 
 2. Eiff.Towers 24-11 
 3. M.Magix 22-14 
 4. Hanzev.Cpt 21-13 
 5. Rotterdam 20-15 
 6. West-Brabant 20-16 
 7. Upstairs Weert 14-21 
 8. ZZ Leiden 13-21 
 9. Landstede 13-23 
 10. Aris Friesland 10-24 
 11. Den Helder 6-29 

Stats Leaders - Eredivisie
Points Per Game
  Aris Friesland
  Avg: 23
 1. Bauscher, Aris F.23.0 
 2. Bostain, Landstede20.0 
 3. Walker, Rotterdam19.0 
 4. Pope, West-Brabant18.6 
 5. Wilson, M.Magix18.0 
 6. Beasley, Eiff.Tow.16.8 
 7. Ross, Upstairs.16.7 
 8. Blue, West-Brabant16.3 
 9. Witt, Den Helder15.8 
 10. Chiotti, ZZ Leid.15.5 
Rebounds Per Game
  Upstairs Weert
  Avg: 11.4
 1. Jackson, Upstairs.11.4 
 2. Johnson, West-Bra.10.4 
 3. Chiotti, ZZ Leiden9.3 
 4. Briggs, Rotterdam9.2 
 5. Khazzouh, Hanze.9.0 
 6. Beasley, Eiff.Tow.8.6 
 7. Dialls, Den Helder8.0 
 8. Spencer, Aris F.7.9 
 9. Brempong, Hanze.7.8 
 10. Boxley, ZZ Leid.7.2 
Assists Per Game
  Aris Friesland
  Avg: 5.9
 1. Bauscher, Aris F.5.9 
 2. Thomas, Hanzev.Cpt5.3 
 3. Oliver, Eiff.Towers5.0 
 4. Richardson, Rotte.4.8 
 5. Nash, ZZ Leiden4.8 
 6. Bostain, Landstede4.6 
 7. Blackwood, Aris F.4.3 
 8. Downey, Eiff.Tow.4.2 
 9. Witt, Den Helder4.1 
 10. Jansen, Hanzev.Cp4.0 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 3.3
 1. Richardson, Rotte.3.3 
 2. Thomas, Hanzev.Cpt3.1 
 3. Sears, M.Magix3.0 
 4. Greene, Amsterdam2.6 
 5. Bauscher, Aris F.2.5 
 6. Nelson, M.Magix2.3 
 7. Punch, Landstede2.2 
 8. Bostain, Landstede2.2 
 9. Walker, Rotterdam2.1 
 10. Smith, Upstai.2.1 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 1.8
 1. Khazzouh, Hanze.1.8 
 2. Steenberge, Aris F.1.7 
 3. Brempong, Hanze.1.4 
 4. Iti, Rotterdam1.2 
 5. Richardson, Eiff.Tow.1.0 
 6. Blue, West-Brabant1.0 
 7. Briggs, Rotterdam1.0 
 8. Gladness, M.Magix1.0 
 9. Patten, Upstairs.0.9 
 10. Kuijper, ZZ Leid.0.9 


A Division Stats Leaders
Points Per Game
  Avg: 22.2
 1. Booker, Marso-Va.22.2 
 2. Bell, Albacomp21.6 
 3. Dill, Dombovar21.4 
 4. Banks, Kormend20.9 
 5. Ciric, Falco19.4 
 6. Brooks, Soproni18.8 
 7. Welton, Kaposvari18.8 
 8. Gulyas, Atomeromu18.4 
 9. Cruz, Soproni18.4 
 10. Kelley, PVSK.17.6 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 9.4
 1. Horvath, Falco9.4 
 2. Dill, Dombovar8.3 
 3. Morrison, Albacomp8.2 
 4. Basit, Szolnok7.8 
 5. Ware, Debreceni7.7 
 6. Bialek, Kormend7.6 
 7. Bell, Albacomp7.3 
 8. Bencze, PVSK P.7.3 
 9. Clark, Dombovar7.1 
 10. Banks, Korme.7.1 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 6.6
 1. Marciulionis, Kapos.6.6 
 2. Kalman, Falco6.4 
 3. Savic, Marso-Vagep5.5 
 4. Ross, Szolnok5.5 
 5. Kelley, PVSK P.4.9 
 6. Simon, Albacomp4.8 
 7. LaGrange, Dombovar4.6 
 8. Dagostino, Debre.4.6 
 9. Hinnant, ZTE K.4.3 
 10. Cruz, Sopro.3.9 
Steals Per Game
 Branko SAVIC
  Avg: 3.3
 1. Savic, Marso-Vagep3.3 
 2. Sitku, Marso-Vagep2.9 
 3. Kelley, PVSK P.2.7 
 4. Wittmann, PVSK P.2.5 
 5. Coleman, Szolnok2.3 
 6. Hanga, Albacomp2.2 
 7. Ciric, Falco2.2 
 8. Fodor, Kormend2.1 
 9. Williams, Atomeromu2.1 
 10. Rujak,.2.1 
Blocks Per Game
 Anthony DILL
  Avg: 1.3
 1. Dill, Dombovar1.3 
 2. Ross, Szolnok1.0 
 3. Horvath, Falco0.9 
 4. Wilson, Szolnok0.9 
 5. Dale, Univer KSE0.8 
 6. Bell, Albacomp0.7 
 7. Spivey, PVSK P.0.7 
 8. Kennerly, Debreceni0.7 
 9. Helbich, ZTE K.0.7 
 10. Welton, Kaposva.0.7 


KR beat Keflavik in 4 overtime - by Siggi Hjorleifsson
What a great game was between KR & Keflavik last night. KR 2-0 up in the serie so last years Champion Keflavik with their back to the wall. Keflavik not ready to give up and came to this game more than ready to give their all as they did. Leading 15-24 after first period and 58-46 at halftime. KR defense was not there in first half were Keflavik players made many easy basket.
In second half KR put the defense on and start catching up the lead. Finally late in the game the got the lead but Jesse Pelot-Rosa tight the game up 88-88 on the buzzer. So first overtime, KR leading but again Keflavik tight the game up with a basket for Sigurdur Thorsteinsson and again on the buzzer. Score 97-97 In second over time Gunnar Stefanson made a three ponter 6 second before the end and came Keflavik up 108-105.
KR took time and on a buzzer Jon Stefansson made unbeleable three pointer with 3 players on him and tight the game up again.
Third overtime where Jason Dourisseau tight the game on on the freethrow line 116-116.
In fourth overtime KR was much stronger. Both teams had lost out players with 5 fouls at that time. Dourisseau. Fannar Olafsson Jon Stefansson from KR. Gunnar Einarsson. Sverrir Sverrisson. Jon Hafsteinsson & Sigurdur Thorsteinsson all got 5.
Final score in this game which is a history in Iceland play-offs ended 129-124 for KR.
They won the serie 3-0 and are in the finals.
Many players had great game. Jesse Pelot-Rosa 51 pts & 14 rebs. Jon Hafsteinsson 22. Sigurdur Thorsteinsson 19+17 rebs. Hordur Vilhjalmsson 17 and played all 60 minutes of the game.
For KR Jakob Sigurdarson (192-G-82, college: Birmingham Souther) with a triple double 31 pts. 10 rebounds. 12 assist. 6 steals. Jason Dourisseau 30 + 13 rebs. Jon Stefansson with his miracle 3 point shot 27 pts. Fannar Olafsson 18 + 12 rebs.
What a game.

Fjolnir beat Valur - by Siggi Hjorleifsson
Division 1 finals started well for Fjlnir with away win against Valur and if they win the home game tomorrow they move up to top league again
Good first quarter was key for the win ( 11-22) and Valur always behind after that. Score at halftime Valur 36 Fjolnir 41. Third period was won by Fjolnir 30-14 and game over for Valur
Leading scorers for Valur. Rob Hodgson 20. Alexander Dungal 13. For Fjolnir Aegir Steinarsson 16. Roy Smallwood (202-F-81, college: UTEP) 16 + 18 boards. Sindri Karason 13


UCC Demons take it all - by Eurobasket News
UCC Demons - DART Killester 81:76

UCC Demons claimed another title in Ireland after they defeated DART Killester in todays Superleague Final. The victory added more glory to incredible UCC Demons season.
UCC Demons stunned Killester early scoring first eight points of the game. But soon Killester found the rhythm and John Behan (193-G-85) helped them to narrow the margin. UCC Demons kept in front and managed to win the opening stanza 21:17. Niall Murphy (180-G-86) stretched the Demons lead but Killester stayed within striking distance. Michael Westbrooks (193-G-82) and Eoin McDermott (194-C-87) pushed Killester within just a single point. Ryne Hamblet (196-G-85, college: Bowling Green) however gave back some breathing space to UCC Demons as they enjoyed a 47:40 advantage at halftime.
The teams traded baskets throughout the tense third quarter as the distance remained. UCC Demons arrived at three-quarter time ahead by 4 points 62:58. UCC Demons used a 6:2 rally to extend the margin to 8 points early in the fourth. Colin O'Reilly (197-F-84, college: Post) built a 10-point lead for UCC Demons soon as they seemed to take over. John Behan stayed impressive for Killester as he drained 5 points to cut the deficit to 4 points with under 30 seconds to go. But UCC Demons were deadly from the stripe in the closing seconds to triumph in this battle.


Forgein coaches for youth NTs - by Mohammed Malas
The Jordanian Basketball Federation are looking to have the best preperation not only for the men national team, But also youth national teams including the U18 and U16 national teams.

Serbian coach Nenad Hrvoic will take over the trainings of the U18th national for next period, He coached Arena Amman club last season and led them to the final 4 of the league adding to his experience in coaching different ages teams in Jordan.

While the Nigirian well known head coach Fredrick Oniga came back to Jordan to be controling the U16 national team for the next tournaments, He has a bright career in the area as he coached in Syria, Bahrain, Iran and Jordan for so many years.

Wish the best to these coaches for the upcoming tournaments....


The End of the Regular Season - by Eurobasket News
The Regular Season in Kazakhstan went to the end as Astana Tigers became the winner of it! The team finished with 14-2 record that was the best in the standings of the league. Topol settled down second with 10-6 record, while BK Almaty is third with 9-7 record. Barsy Atyrau clinched the Semifinal birth with 6-10 record finishing fourth in the League. Kaspiy Aktau managed to win only one game and ended up with 1-15 record.
In the last round of the Regular Season BK Almaty handed the leader Astana Tigers 84:82 loss. It was a very interesting game as both teams tried hard to finish the last game. BK Almaty pushed the tempo in the end of the game and grabbed the win. In another game Tobol smashed Kaspiy Aktau 94:46.
At the end of the Round 5 some players were awarded for their outstanding effort. Roman Muraviev (196-G/F-84) from BK Almaty became the top Point Guard and also the top-scorer of the Round. Dimitri Gavrilov (201-F-86) was named the best Forward in the latest round, while Sergei Krasavtsev (208-C-82) became the best Center. Anton Ponomarev (209-C-88) received MVP award of the Regular Season Round 5.
The Semifinal series will start on March 29th in Pavlodar. Astana Tigers will play against Barsy Atyrau and Tobol will face BK Almaty. The series will last up to two wins.

Standings -D1
D1 Standings
 1. Ast.Tigers 14-2 
 2. Tobol 10-6 
 3. BK Almaty 9-7 
 4. Barsy Atyrau 6-10 
 5. Kaspiy Aktau 1-15 


Standings - Superleague
SuperLeague Standings
 1. Sigal Prishtina 16-3 
 2. Peja 15-4 
 3. Bashkimi 12-7 
 4. Trepca Mitrov. 8-11 
 5. Drita 5-14 
 6. Bambi Mitr. 1-13 
 7. Coll.Eurosport 0-0 
 8. SHB 12 0-0 
 9. Kastrioti 0-0 
 10. Kosova V. 0-0 

Aim of Bashkimi and Trepca is to take win in their homeside courts - by Fidan Begolli
Today we will have in programme 9th week of the TechnoMarket Superleague A, and we will have two attractive games that will gather more spectators in basketball arenas in Prizren and Mitrovica. In sports hall 'Minatori' in Mitrovica, Trepa will be home side to Sigal Prishtina. Therefore Sigal Prishtina has got more quality team for the moment, and the game is expected to be interesting and attractive knowing that teams have made some reinforcements. Interesting will be also between Bashkimi and Peja, that will be played in 'Sezai Surroi' sports hall. Basketball players of Bashkimi will have make efforts in this game to take a win after a loss that they have suffered last week in capital, mean while players of BC 'Peja' that made a break a week before, will be commited to confirm their role of the main candidate for the championship title.

Saturday 28th of March 2009:

Trepa - Sigal Prishtina (18:00)
Bashkimi - Peja (18:30)


LBL D2 Round: 34 (Regular Season) - by Eurobasket News
Cesis - BA Riga 103-57
Cesis cruised past BA Riga at home court as Davis Krastins scored 25 points. Davis Rozitis (211-C-90) added 24 points and massive 19 rebounds in the win. Kaspars Vecvagars had 17 points for BA Riga in the losing case.

Livani - LU/Ridzene 81-58
Livani outlasted LU/Ridzene as Raimonds Feldmanis (192-G-82) tallied 30 points and 10 boards. Maris Baranovskis added 15 points and 6 rebounds for the winners. Arturs Duselis responded with 20 points and 7 boards for LU/Ridzene in defeat.

Saldus - Valmiera U21 82-93
Valmiera U21 shot down Saldus on the road to earn the 13th victory. Einars Tukiss (193-G/F-88) fired 27 points to pace the visitors. Aigars Strelis produced 21 points and 12 boards for Valmiera U21. Toms Celmins and Janis Licitis had 21 points each for Saldus in defeat.

ASK/Juniors - Liep.Papirs 76-75
ASK/Juniors eked out a tough home win over Liepajas Papirs. Ricmonds Vilde (203-F/C-90) notched 17 points and 6 rebounds to lead ASK/Juniors. Martins Laksa had 15 points in the 14th win for the hosts. Mareks Mejeris replied with 23 points, 8 boards, 5 assists, 2 steals and 2 blocks for Liepajas Papirs.

Keizarm.U21 - Zemgale/Jun. 80-90
Zemgale/Juniors toppled Keizarmezs U21 away from home for the 15th success. Andris Justovics (200-F-89) paced balanced effort with 17 points. Mizis Lauris provided 16 points and 7 rebounds in the winning case.

LU/Ridzene - Cesis 84-81
LU/Ridzene prevailed against Cesis and improved at 10-9 record. Kristers Zeidaks (202-F-90) topscored with 22 points and 7 rebounds for LU/Ridzene. Jorens Sprogis contributed 17 points for the hosts. Davi Rozitis responded with 25 points and 9 boards.

Standings - LBAL
LBL Standings
 1. RNS-D/Livani 17-4 
 2. Jurmala 16-5 
 3. Zemgale/Juniors 15-6 
 4. Saldus 15-7 
 5. ASK/Juniors 14-8 
 6. Valmiera-2 13-7 
 7. Ridzene/Barons 10-10 
 8. Ventspils au. 10-11 
 9. SK Cesis 8-15 
 10. Keizarmezs-2 6-14 
 11. Kandava 6-15 
 12. Liepajas Papirs 5-17 
 13. BA Riga 3-19 


Stats Leaders - LKL

Points Per Game
  Alytus Alita
  Avg: 22.2
 1. Varnelis, Alytus A.22.2 
 2. Motiejunas, Aisciai21.4 
 3. Mazeika, Neptunas19.4 
 4. Runkauskas, Suduva18.9 
 5. Dabkus, Nevezis15.5 
 6. Griskenas, Techasas14.9 
 7. Vasylius, Neptunas14.8 
 8. Kadziulis, Siauliai14.4 
 9. Salenga, Zalgiris14.2 
 10. Maciulis, Zalgir.14.2 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 8.9
 1. Butkevicius, Kaunas T.8.9 
 2. Motiejunas, Aisciai7.5 
 3. Vasylius, Neptunas7.4 
 4. Jankunas, Zalgiris7.2 
 5. Masiulis, Aisciai7.1 
 6. Klimavicius, Zalgiris6.8 
 7. Varnelis, Alytus A.6.8 
 8. Ramanauskas, Kaunas T.6.7 
 9. Kuzminskas, Siauliai6.4 
 10. Petravicius, Lietuv.6.3 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 6.8
 1. Viskontas, Nevezis6.8 
 2. Jomantas, Lietuvos4.4 
 3. Runkauskas, Suduva4.2 
 4. Stasaitis, Techasas4.0 
 5. Vasiliauskas, Kaunas T.3.9 
 6. Kalnietis, Zalgiris3.9 
 7. Rinkevicius, Aisciai3.7 
 8. Hill, Techasas3.6 
 9. Dainys, Neptunas3.4 
 10. Mazeika, Neptun.3.3 
Steals Per Game
 Stefhon HANNAH
  Avg: 2.5
 1. Hannah, Siauliai2.5 
 2. Lukauskis, Lietuvos2.4 
 3. Bolds, Techasas2.1 
 4. Kutra, Techasas2.0 
 5. Mazeika, Neptunas2.0 
 6. Runkauskas, Suduva1.9 
 7. Eidson, Lietuvos1.9 
 8. Hill, Techasas1.9 
 9. Salenga, Zalgiris1.7 
 10. Vileita, Siauli.1.7 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 2.7
 1. Silinskis, Nevezis2.7 
 2. Woods, Zalgiris1.8 
 3. Zukauskas, Zalgiris1.5 
 4. Leonavicius, Nevezis1.4 
 5. Kuzminskas, Siauliai1.2 
 6. Dimsa, Aisciai1.2 
 7. Butkevicius, Kaunas T.1.0 
 8. Sarakauskas, Sakal.0.9 
 9. Motiejunas, Aisciai0.9 
 10. Volkus, Siauli.0.9 

Standings - LKL
LKL Standings
 1. Zalgiris 18-0 
 2. Lietuvos 17-1 
 3. Siauliai 13-5 
 4. Nevezis 12-6 
 5. Neptunas 9-9 
 6. Sakalai 8-10 
 7. Kaunas Tr. 7-11 
 8. Aisciai 6-12 
 9. Alita 4-14 
 10. Techasas 4-15 
 11. Suduva 2-17 

LKL Round: 20 (Regular Season) - by Eurobasket News
Kaunas Tr. - Suduva 91-74
Kaunas overcame Suduva 91:74 in the first game of Regular Season Round 20. Vytenis Jasikevicius (187-G-85) led the winners with 21 points and Juskevicius Adas nailed 17. Gvezdauskas Darius finished the night with 16 points for the guests.

Zalgiris - Alytus Alita 104-72
Zalgiris improved to 18-0 record on top after the win over Alytus Alita 104:72. Paulius Jankunas (203-F-84, agency: Interperformances) led the winners with 33 points and 11 rebounds, whilst Kalnietis Mantas notched 19. Gabsys Vilius responded with 22 points in defeat.

Siauliai - Lietuvos 64-73
On March 21st Siauliai lost to Lietuvos 64:73 as the latter was led by Arturas Jomantas (200-G/F-85)'s 17 points. Kadziulis Gintaras produced 16 points in the losing effort.

Aisciai - Nevezis 75-78
Aisciai was beaten by Nevezis 75:78 as Gintaras Leonavicius (194-G-83) paced all the winners with 17 points and Viskontas Aidas had 15. Motiejunas Donatas brought 29 points and 11 rebounds in the losing effort.

Lietuvos - Nevezis 92-80
Lietuvos improved to 17-1 record defeating Nevezis 92:80. Arturas Jomantas top-scored for the winners with 18 points and Zavackas Donatas added 15. Sakinis Povilas led the way for his team with 18 points.

Techasas - Alytus Alita 88-92
Techasas lost to Alytus Alita 88:92 in the last game of Regular Season Round 20. Nerijus Varnelis (200-F-78) was unstoppable with 30 points and 19 rebounds, while Gabsys Vilius netted 19. Stasaitis Audrius ended up with 23 points for the hosts.


Standings - DBBL
Diekirch Standings
Group A
 1. Contern 15-7 
 2. Amicale 15-7 
 3. Sparta 14-8 
 4. Etzella 13-9 
 5. Musel Pikes 13-9 
 6. T71 12-10 
Group B
 1. Black Star 8-12 
 2. Racing 7-13 
 3. Residence 7-13 
 4. Heffingen 2-18 


Standings - CIBACOPA
CIBACOPA Standings
Northern Division
 1. Mineros 15-2 
 2. Trigueros 10-7 
 3. Ostioneros 8-9 
 4. Hermosillo 7-10 
 5. Fuerza Guinda 4-13 
Southern Division
 1. Lobos UAD 11-6 
 2. Caballeros 10-7 
 3. Frayles 9-8 
 4. Coras 5-7 
 5. Pioneros 5-12 


Stats Leaders

Points Per Game
 Dwyane WADE
  Avg: 29.8
 1. Wade, Heat29.8 
 2. James, Cavaliers28.4 
 3. Bryant, Lakers27.6 
 4. Durant, Thunder25.9 
 5. Nowitzki, Mavericks25.5 
 6. Granger, Pacers24.9 
 7. Martin, Kings24.2 
 8. Jefferson, Timberwo.23.2 
 9. Roy, Trail Blazers23.2 
 10. Harris, Ne.22.6 
Rebounds Per Game
 Dwight HOWARD
  Avg: 13.9
 1. Howard, Magic13.9 
 2. Camby, Clippers12.0 
 3. Lee, Knicks11.9 
 4. Murphy, Pacers11.8 
 5. Biedrins, Warriors11.5 
 6. Jefferson, Timberwo.11.0 
 7. Duncan, Spurs10.6 
 8. Okafor, Bobcats10.1 
 9. McDyess, Pistons9.9 
 10. Yao, Rocke.9.7 
Assists Per Game
 Chris PAUL
  Avg: 11
 1. Paul, Hornets11.0 
 2. Williams, Jazz10.6 
 3. Nash, Suns9.6 
 4. Calderon, Raptors8.7 
 5. Rondo, Celtics8.5 
 6. Kidd, Mavericks8.3 
 7. Davis, Clippers8.1 
 8. Wade, Heat7.5 
 9. Duhon, Knicks7.4 
 10. James, Cavalie.7.3 
Steals Per Game
 Chris PAUL
  Avg: 2.8
 1. Paul, Hornets2.8 
 2. Wade, Heat2.3 
 3. Kidd, Mavericks2.2 
 4. Chalmers, Heat1.9 
 5. Rondo, Celtics1.8 
 6. James, Cavaliers1.8 
 7. Wallace, Bobcats1.8 
 8. Brewer, Jazz1.7 
 9. Davis, Clippers1.7 
 10. Harris, Ne.1.7 
Blocks Per Game
 Dwight HOWARD
  Avg: 3
 1. Howard, Magic3.0 
 2. Andersen, Nuggets2.3 
 3. Camby, Clippers2.2 
 4. Turiaf, Warriors2.2 
 5. O'Neal, Raptors2.0 
 6. Perkins, Celtics1.9 
 7. Yao, Rockets1.9 
 8. Duncan, Spurs1.8 
 9. Dalembert, 76ers1.8 
 10. Bynum, Lake.1.8 

NBA Standings
Eastern Conference
Atlantic Div.
 1. Celtics 55-19 
 2. 76ers 37-34 
 3. Nets 30-43 
 4. Knicks 30-44 
 5. Raptors 27-45 
Central Div.
 1. Cavaliers 59-13 
 2. Bulls 36-38 
 3. Pistons 35-37 
 4. Bucks 31-43 
 5. Pacers 30-43 
Southeast Div.
 1. Magic 54-18 
 2. Hawks 42-31 
 3. Heat 39-34 
 4. Bobcats 33-40 
 5. Wizards 17-57 
Western Conference
Northwest Div.
 1. Nuggets 49-26 
 2. Trail Blazers 46-27 
 3. Jazz 45-27 
 4. Thunder 20-52 
 5. Timberwolves 20-53 
Pacific Div.
 1. Lakers 59-14 
 2. Suns 40-33 
 3. Warriors 25-48 
 4. Clippers 18-56 
 5. Kings 15-56 
Southwest Div.
 1. Spurs 48-24 
 2. Rockets 48-26 
 3. Hornets 44-28 
 4. Mavericks 43-30 
 5. Grizzlies 18-54 

Last games (10) - Melo leads Nuggets to win with 43 points - by Eurobasket News
Lakers - Nets 103-95
Pau Gasol (7'0''-F/C-80) stepped up for the LA Lakers last night collecting impressive 36 points, 11 rebounds and 7 assists. Derek Fisher had 18 and Kobe Bryant followed with 14 pts and 9 assists. Vince Carter led the scorers in Nets with 20 pts. Lakers 58-14, Nets 30-42.

Hornets - Knicks 93-103
Al Harrington (6'9''-F-80) was a key player for the Knicks last night draining 23 points and pulling down 8 rebounds. David Lee again had double-double, 18 points and 11 boards, while Wilson Chandler added 15 pts and 8 rebs. David West of the NO Hornets led all the scorers with 29 pts.

Nuggets - Mavericks 103-101
The Nuggets celebrated in thriller against the Mavs jumping to 47-26 record. On the other side, the hosts fell to 43-29. Carmelo Anthony (6'8''-F-84, college: Syracuse) was totally the best player in this victory draining 43 points and grabbing 11 rebounds. Dirk Nowitzki replied with double-double in defeat.

Bucks - Magic 94-110
The Magic had couple of players in game mood last night celebrating 54th victory. Rashard Lewis (6'10''-F-79) top-scored with 19, while Hidayet Turkoglu and Dwight Howard nailed 18 points each. Charlie Bell and Ramon Sessions delivered 19 pts apiece in loss.

Bobcats - 76ers 100-95
The Bobcats grabbed this one mostly owing to Boris Diaw (6'8''-F/C-82) and Raymond Felton, which combined 44 points. Gerald Wallace also had very important role registering double-double, 14 pts and 11 rebs. The hosts got 25 points from Andre Iguodala. Bobcats 32-40, 76ers 34-34.

Thunder - Raptors 96-112
27th win for the Raptors in 72 appearances. Chris Bosh (6'11''-F-84, college: Georgia Tech) came up with 21 points, 13 rebounds and 76 assists, while Shawn Marion added 20 pts and 11 boards. Nick Collison answered with 21 pts and 7 boards for the loosing side.

Celtics - Hawks 99-93
The reigning champion celebrated in Atlanta thanks to Ray Allen (6'6''-G-75, college: Connecticut) and Paul Price which combined 43 points. Joe Johnson and Josh Smith had 44 pts in defeat. Celtics 55-19, Hawks 42-31.

Timberwolves - Cavaliers 85-107
LeBron James (6'8''-F-84) one more time was pretty close to triple-double for the Cavs: 25 points, 12 rebounds and 7 assists. Maurice Williams helped with 22 pts. The Wolves got 18 pts from Kevin Love, as well as from Radny Foye. Cavs 59-13, Wolves 20-53.

Clippers - Spurs 98-111
Tony Parker scored 18, Drew Gooden and Manu Ginobili had 14 pts each, while Tim Duncan nailed one point less for the Spurs. Mike Taylor (6'2''-G-86, college: Iowa St.) shined in loss netting 23 pts. Spurs 48-24, Clippers 18-55.

Grizzlies - Kings 113-95
18-53 for the Grizzlies and 15-56 for the Kings after this game. Marc Gasol (7'0''-C-85, agency: Interperformances) led the winners with 27 points and 5 rebounds. Kevin Martin responded with 31 pts for Sacramento.


#3Villanova is in the Final 4 for the first time since '95. They are also first to send a #1 seed home this year. Win over #1 Pitt 78:76. - by Rangi Gescheit
#1 Pittsburgh kept all their key players in the game (unlike vs. W.Virginia, their last loss), but still could not defeat their Big East rivalry #3Villanova. Coach Jay Wright (Big East Coach of the Year) made his guys trap the post, and they added an amazing 22 of 23 from the line to win over the Panthers 78:76 to advance to the Final 4 in Detroit.

This game is one of the reasons fans are going to the NCAA tournament and call it in different nick names to show it their love. It was a March Madness game. It was a Big Dance (at least for one of the teams) and it attracted everybody to stay focused and look closely because they had lead changes almost as many as baskets.
Pitt brought their heavy weapons, at DeJuan Blair (6'7''-F-89), Sam Young (6'6''-F-85) and Levance Fields (5'10''-G-87). On the other hand, Villanova, which saw Fields abusing Xavier two days ago, did not let him run his team, from the get go. Fields straggled and finished with 10 points and 4 assists, which are below his average (10.7 ppg, and 7.5 assists per show). So Sam young showed up. He scored 28 points and took a lot of attention from the wildcats. DeJuan Blair stayed out of trouble most of the game and added 20 points and 10 rebounds, but it was enough only for almost.
Jay Wright had his guys running the same stuff. Without a true big man (Dante Cunningham (6'8''-F-87) is a 4 that fit himself to the teams needs), they run a lot of drive and kick and once they feed anybody in the post, they make sure he can pass it outside for a shot or another penetration.
3 minutes to end of regulation, Nova took a time out, after Dixon extended Pitts lead to 67:63.
The wildcats came back and went wild. Dwayne Anderson scored, and fouled. He made the bonus shot. Sam young (with a great performance) turn the ball over. Novas Reggie Redding (6'5''-G-88) penetrated from the middle, and Corey Fisher (6'1''-G-88) made a back door just to lay the ball is the basket and capture the lead, again, 67:68 .
2 minutes on the clock and Levance Fields was fouled, and made both free throws. Pitt up 69:68.
Novas ball movement in action, allowing Corey Fisher to hit Dwayne Anderson for a clear view 3 point shot. The ball went down, and put Nova up, again 69:71.
Pitt ran their offense, but the cats were too wild. Pitt missed a shot, and Brad Wanamaker (6'4''-G) foul to put Corey Fisher on the line. He made them both. 69:73 Novas favor.
Sam Young with a big 3 for Pitt to cut the lead for 1 72:73. Brad Wanamaker made a quick foul to stop the clock at 36 seconds to the buzzer and send Corey Fisher to the free throw line. Fisher made these 2 as well.
Lavence Fields ran a quick offense and pulled a shot, just like 2 days ago. This time it did not go in. Wanamaker had to foul again to stop the clock on 20 seconds to the end. This time it was his end though, and he had to leave the game with 5 personal fouls. Reggie Redding went to the line and missed the first one. Villanova shot successfully 21 free throws in a row, and was 1 shot shy of braking 22 in a row record of Fordham. With this record gone, and a game and Final 4 trip on the line, Redding made the second shot, 72:76 Nova.
So Pitt ran a quick Pick and Roll and Fields found Blair for a layup. Pitt down only 2, 12 seconds to go.
Nova called a time out, and Pitt set their full court pressure. Redding throws a deep full court pass to Dante Cunningham, which turns the ball over. Levance Fields draw a foul from Corey Fisher. Fields made them both, to tie the game at 76, 6 seconds to the buzzer.
Scottie Raynolds got the inbound pass and took everything he had to the hoop. He beat his own man off the dribble, and had to face a caution help which came but was avoiding fouling more than stopping the Wildcat from winning the game. Raynolds scored and put Nova on top for the last time of the night. 76:78 to the Novas favor which are probably will dance till midnight. After all, no Wildcats had the privilege to go to the Final 4 since 1995.


One more to go! Findlay in National Championship Game! - by Lucius Jones
The Findlay (OH) Oilers are now one game away from the National Championship and an undefeated season to boot. Findlay (OH) beat Cent.Missouri St. 67-65 in a heated contest that came right down to the wire as their last two games have as well. Findlay (OH) was led by the tandem of Morgan Lewis (6'4''-F-87) and his 16 points on 7-10FG, 11rebounds(6 off), 1assist, and 1steal. NCAA D2 POY Josh Bostic (6'5''-F-87) had his usual all around contribution type of game with 19points, 6rebounds, 4 assists, 3 steals, 1 block. The other seniors were very effective in this game as well with Lee Roberts (6'7''-F/C-87) scoring 6pts and grabbing 8rebounds of which 4 were offensive. Tyler Evans (6'2''-G-86) made 3-4FG and 2-3 3pt shots. Also Aaron Laflin (5'11''-G) was 1-1 on 3pt shots. They play today at 1pm on CBS for it all.

NABC Division II All-District Teams 2008-09 - by Eurobasket
Atlantic District

1st Team

Ted Scott (6'2''-G) of West Virginia State
Joe Jones (6'3''-G) of Edinboro
Stan Hall (6'3''-G) of Alderson Broaddus
Thad McFadden (6'2''-G-87) of Fairmont State
Dave Ben (6'4''-G) of Kutztown
Denell Stephens (6'3''-G-86) of Slippery Rock
2nd Team
Anthony Hilliard (6'4''-G/F-86) of Elizabeth City
Ryan Scott (6'3''-G-86) of Johnson C. Smith
Kyle Goldcamp (6'10''-F) of Gannon
Stephen Dennis (6'5''-G) of Kutztown
Marcus Tullis (6'6''-F) of Pitt-Johnstown
Coach of the Year: John Reilly of Gannon

Midwest District

1st Team

Josh Bostic (6'5''-F-87) of Findlay
Brandon Dagans (6'1''-G) of Lewis
Lavontay Fenderson (6'4''-F-85) of UW-Parkside
Aaron Hill (6'1''-G) of Rockhurst
Tim Vanoudheusden (6'4''-G) of Lake Superior State
Chartrael Hall (6'2''-G) of Bellarmine
2nd Team
Kale Richardson (6'8''-F-87) of Ashland
Justin Keenan (6'6''-F/C) of Ferris State
Tony Gugino (6'9''-C) of Hillsdale
Pete Trammell (6'5''-G/F) of Grand Valley State
Dustin Maguire (6'5''-G-87) of Northern Kentucky
Coach of the Year: Ron Niekamp of Findlay

Central District

1st Team
Kevin Ratzsch (6'7''-F) of Northern State
Ross Demasi (6'8''-F) of Southwest Minnesota State
Travis Nelson (6'11''-C-87) of Minnesota State-Mankato
John Vaudreuil (6'8''-C) of Minnesota-Duluth
Jesse Wagstaff (6'8''-F-86) of Metro State
David Johnson (6'2''-G) of Winona State
2nd Team
Ben Fischer (6'1''-G) of Winona State
Drake Beranek (6'4''-F) of Nebraska Kearny
Kirk Archibeque (6'9''-C-84) of Fort Lewis College
Brian Sykora (6'7''-F) of Minnesota Duluth
Taylor Witt (6'2''-G-88) of St. Cloud State
Coach of the Year: Greg Stemen of Southwest Minnesota State

East District

1st Team
Darren Duncan (5'10''-G-88) of Merrimack
Jason Westrol (6'3''-G-88) of Bentley
Laurence Ekperigin (6'7''-F) of Lemoyne
Lew Finnegan (6'4''-G-85) of Bentley
Jonathan Schmidt (6'0''-G) of C.W. Post
Teairez Stennis (6'5''-G/F) of Bridgeport
2nd Team
Omari Knox (6'2''-G) of Bloomfield
A.J. Rudowitz (6'6''-F-88) of Stonehill
Nick Carter (6'2''-G) of C.W. Post
Cassius Chaney (6'6''-F) of New Haven
Malcolm Ingram (6'4''-F-87) of Philadelphia
Coach of the Year: Greg Herenda of Massachusetts - Lowell

South District

1st Team
Nick Kohs (6'8''-C-87) of Christian Brothers
Tyrone Curnell (6'7''-F) of Valdosta State
Thomas Fraise (6'6''-C-82) of North Alabama
Nick Wolf (6'6''-G-88) of Rollins
Chris Hall (6'2''-G-88) of Lynn
Kenny Johnson (5'11''-G-86) of North Alabama
2nd Team
Rob Eldridge (6'2''-G-87) of Florida Southern
Rashad Callaway (5'10''-G-89) of Tampa
Rion Rayfield (6'1''-G-87) of Florida Southern
Thiago Cordeiro (6'10''-C-85) of Arkansas Tech
Tim Coenraad (6'7''-G/F-85) of Nova Southeastern
Coach of the Year: Mike Nienaber of Christian Brothers

Southeast District

1st Team
Garret Siler (7'0''-C-86) of Augusta State
Chris Commons (6'8''-F) of USC-Aiken
Kendrick Easley (6'1''-G) of Mount Olive
Ben Madgen (6'4''-G-85) of Augusta State
Kyle Moore (6'3''-G-87) of Tusculum College
Shaun Keaton (6'3''-G) of Georgia College & State
2nd Team
Brandon Wright (6'2''-G) of Erskine College
L.J. Dunn (6'3''-F) of Barton College
Elliott McDowell (6'4''-G/F) of Lenoir-Rhyne College
Jonathan Whitson (6'7''-F/C) of Brevard College
Antonio Houston (6'3''-G) of Catawba College
Coach of the Year: Dip Metress of Augusta State

South Central Dictrict

1st Team
Matt Rogers (6'11''-C-87) of Southwest Baptist
Nolan Richardson (6'2''-G) of Midwestern State
Lance Harper (6'6''-F-86) of Central Oklahoma
Sanijay Watts (6'4''-F) of Central Missouri
Michael Jenkins (6'3''-G-86) of Nebraska-Omaha
Lionel Brown (5'10''-G-84) of Angelo State
2nd Team
D'Ante Harrison (6'3''-G-87) of Southwest Baptist
Hunter Henry (6'9''-F-86) of Northwest Missouri State
Kenneth White (6'2''-G-85) of Southwest Oklahoma State
Alex Moosmann (6'0''-G) of Central Missouri
Nick Morey (6'6''-F) of St. Marys
Coach of the Year: Jeff Guiot of Southwest Baptist University

West District

1st Team
Larry Gordon (6'5''-F) of Cal Poly-Pomona
Lucas Alves (6'9''-F/C) of BYU-Hawaii
Brandon Brown (6'7''-F) of Cal State-San Bernardino
Michael Hernandez (6'2''-G-85) of Cal State-Dominguez Hills
Ira Graham (6'2''-G) of Western Washington
Jake Linton (5'11''-G) of St. Martins
2nd Team
Jerrell Smith (6'9''-F-85) of Cal State-Dominguez Hills
Devin Montgomery (6'0''-G) of Cal State-San Bernardino
Zac Tiedeman (6'1''-G) of Humboldt State University
Matt Penoncello (6'5''-G) of Central Washington
Kenny Barker (6'3''-G-86) of Alaska Anchorage
Jay Demaestri (6'6''-F-84) of Hawaii-Hilo
Coach of the Year: Greg Kamansky of Cal Poly - Pomona

West Rolls East In NABC All-Star Game - by Eurobasket
Nolan Richardson (6'2''-G) needed just 15 minutes to pour in 22 points and lead the West All Stars to a 138-117 win over the East All Stars Friday, March 27 in the National Association of Basketball Coaches' Division II All-Star Game at the Basketball Hall of Fame.
Richardson was named Most Outstanding Player after pouring in six 3-pointers while pulling in five rebounds, dishing out a pair of assists and collecting four steals off of the bench.
The West All Stars rolled out to a 70-52 halftime lead then cruised to the win.
Western Washington's Ira Graham (6'2''-G, college: W.Washington) scored 21 points, South Carolina-Aikens' Chris Commons dropped in 20 more while Saint Martin's Jake Linton (5'11''-G) (19 points), Central Oklahoma's Lance Harper (6'6''-F-86) (15 points) and Wisconsin-Parkside's Lavontay Fenderson (6'4''-F-85) (12 points) all scored in double figures for the West All Stars.
Richardson was the lone West reserve to score in double digits.
The East All Stars were paced by Elizabeth City State's Anthony Hilliard (6'4''-G/F-86) who finished with 24 points and 10 rebounds. Hilliard was named the East's Most Outstanding Player after notching the double-double.

Courtesy of D2Basketball

#1 Oilers Win National Title In Dramatic Fashion - by Eurobasket
Box Score
The University of Findlay mens basketball team, ranked first in the National Association of Basketball Coaches (NABC) poll, made history on Saturday, March 28 by finishing 36-0 after a 56-53 last second victory over Cal Poly Pomona in the NCAA Division II National Championship. The win in Springfield, Massachusetts at the MassMutual Center marked the first time a NCAA Division II national champion had won 36 games and lost zero.
Tied after regulation, the Oilers headed into overtime for the third time in the past four games and got off to a good start when senior forward Morgan Lewis (6'4''-F-87) connected on a jumper in the lane.
Leading 44-42, Larry Gordon (6'5''-F) tied the game for Pomona but senior forward Josh Bostic (6'5''-F-87) answered with a lay-up of his own before picking up his fifth foul of the game.
After a few lead changes, Pomona jumped out to a 51-48 lead with 2:01 remaining when Gordon scored four straight points. The Oilers were not out of it however as junior guard Marcus Parker (5'9''-G-87) weaved his way into the paint and scored to make the score 51-50 with 1:33 left.
Trailing by one, Parker again converted in the lane while being fouled but missed the ensuing free throw to put Findlay up 53-51 with only 24 seconds showing on the clock.
Up by two, Gordon splashed a jumper with 13 ticks remaining to tie the game but the Oilers raced the other way and got a good luck from Parker who missed. Roberts then collected the offensive rebound and time was called with just over two seconds remaining in the game.
Tied at 53-53, the Oilers ran an inbounds play for senior guard Tyler Evans (6'2''-G-86) who dribbled to the left, took a step back and drained a three pointer at the buzzer to give Findlay a thrilling win and their first national title.
The shot by Evans will no doubt be remembered for years to come and it was his only make of the game.
As a team, the Oilers really struggled to score offensively as they hit on only 34.5 percent (20-of-58) of their field goal attempts. Findlay also struggled from the three point line, hitting only 22.7 percent (5-of-22) of their shots, but pounded the offensive glass for 14 boards to get extra chances.
Bostic led the way with 13 points and six rebounds as he was named the MVP of the tournament.
Lewis, who also earned a spot on the all-tournament team, added 12 points and six boards while senior center Lee Roberts (6'7''-F/C-87) chipped in nine points, eight rebounds and three steals.
Parker and sophomore guard Nathan Hyde (6'3''-G-88) each scored eight points while Evans, the hero of the day, scored four.
Pomona was led by Gordons 17 points and nine rebounds while Tobias Jahn (6'9''-F-86) scored 14 to go along with eight boards.
The Oilers will now return home on Sunday as the 2009 NCAA Division II Mens Basketball National Champions.

Courtesy of Findlay


Battle Creek escapes with 3 point win at Buffalo - by Chris Terrell
Buffalo, NY Kenny Langhorne (6'5''-F/G-81, agency: ProSportsCareers, college: S.Arkansas) hit a three pointer with 25 seconds to go in regulation and then ten seconds later hit a pair of free throws as Battle Creek holds off a pesky Buffalo squad 109-106. Battle Creek would show why they are the top team in the PBL as they shot out of the gate in the third and were down only one after three quarters. In the final minute, Tyrone Rayson (6'6''-F-80, college: East Central) hit a pair of free throws as Buffalo took a one point lead with 38 seconds to play. After Langhorne hit his three and a subsequent pair of free throws, with six seconds to go, Langhorne had a chance to wrap it up, but missed both freebies and Buffalo had a chance to tie. Buffalo then missed a deep three and Battle Creek was able to run out the clock and secure the three point victory.

For the Knights it was Langhorne with 23 points; Rashi Johnson (6'2''-G-82, college: Michigan St.) added 17 for Battle Creek who finish the season at 18-2 and have the best record in the PBL as they head into next weeks first round of the playoffs. Buffalo was led by Tyrone Rayson who had a game high 37 to go with his 12 rebounds and 6 assists in a complete 48 minutes of play; Derick Payne (6'6''-F-83, college: Bowie St.) added 35 and 15 while Ernest Jones (6'0''-G-80) had 13 points and 6 assists. Battle Creek's bench outscored the bench of the Stampede 49-10.
Expect the Stampede to reload in the off-season, the first year franchise will utilize the draft and key free agent signings to bolster their depth and frontline. Their fans and sponsors were incredibly supportive all season and the proud franchise will take that next step in year #2.


PBA Stats Leaders

Points Per Game
  Avg: 27
 1. Nealy, Ginebra27.0 
 2. Lewis, Rain or Shine27.0 
 3. Sullinger, Coca-Cola26.6 
 4. Thorpe, Purefoods21.5 
 5. Santos, Burger King20.7 
 6. David, Burger King20.4 
 7. Freeman, San M.20.0 
 8. Salvacion, Ginebra19.3 
 9. Yap, Purefoods16.3 
 10. Simon, Purefoo.16.0 
Rebounds Per Game
  Rain or Shine
  Avg: 20.8
 1. Lewis, Rain or Shine20.8 
 2. Johnson, Santa L.20.0 
 3. Nealy, Ginebra15.8 
 4. Freeman, San M.13.2 
 5. Taulava, Coca-Cola12.7 
 6. Daniels, Burger King11.1 
 7. Clark, Rain or Shine11.0 
 8. Hamilton, Puref.10.3 
 9. Sullinger, Coca-Cola10.2 
 10. Norwood, Rain.8.7 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 6
 1. Cabagnot, Coca-Cola6.0 
 2. Mercado, Rain o.5.2 
 3. Helterbrand, Gineb.5.2 
 4. Nealy, Ginebra5.0 
 5. Arboleda, Burger K.4.7 
 6. Hamilton, Puref.4.5 
 7. Villanueva, San M.4.2 
 8. Taulava, Coca-Cola4.0 
 9. Yap, Purefoods3.8 
 10. Daniels, Burger Ki.3.6 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 3
 1. Hamilton, Puref.3.0 
 2. Daniels, Burger King2.0 
 3. Yap, Purefoods1.5 
 4. Robinson, Purefoods1.5 
 5. Baguio, Burger King1.4 
 6. Nealy, Ginebra1.3 
 7. Norwood, Rain o.1.2 
 8. Yap, Purefoods1.2 
 9. Villanueva, San M.1.2 
 10. Vergara, Purefoo.1.2 
Blocks Per Game
  Burger King
  Avg: 2.1
 1. Daniels, Burger King2.1 
 2. Hrabak, Barako Bull2.0 
 3. Aquino, Santa Lucia2.0 
 4. Lewis, Rain or Shine1.8 
 5. Santos, Burger King1.4 
 6. Mamaril, Ginebra1.3 
 7. Yeo, Santa Lucia1.0 
 8. Rodriguez, Barako B.1.0 
 9. Pingris, San Miguel1.0 
 10. Hamilton, Pur.1.0 


DBE Stats Leaders

Points Per Game
 David LOGAN
  Avg: 18.8
 1. Logan, Asec.Prokom18.8 
 2. Adams, Polonia17.4 
 3. Hicks, Polpharma16.7 
 4. Mojica, AZS K.16.6 
 5. Wojcik, PBG Basket16.1 
 6. Reese, AZS Koszalin15.8 
 7. Harrington, Polonia15.1 
 8. Mills, SKK Kotwica15.1 
 9. Reynolds, Sokol Znicz15.0 
 10. Miller, ISS.15.0 
Rebounds Per Game
  ISS Sportino
  Avg: 10.3
 1. Landry, ISS S.10.3 
 2. Barro, Victoria.10.1 
 3. Johnson, Polonia8.5 
 4. Burke, Asec.Prokom7.7 
 5. Naymick, SKK K.7.5 
 6. Dylewicz, Asec.Pro.7.5 
 7. Reynolds, Sokol Znicz7.5 
 8. Howell, En.Czarni7.1 
 9. Okafor, Atlas Stal6.9 
 10. McLean, PBG.6.8 
Assists Per Game
  SKK Kotwica
  Avg: 6.2
 1. Hamilton, SKK K.6.2 
 2. Koszarek, Anwil5.9 
 3. Straight, En.Czarni4.9 
 4. Eldridge, Polpharma4.8 
 5. Harrington, Polonia4.4 
 6. Milicic, AZS K.4.2 
 7. Szubarga, Atlas S.4.2 
 8. Burks, En.Czarni4.1 
 9. Greene, Victoria.4.0 
 10. Davis, PBG Bask.3.9 
Steals Per Game
  SKK Kotwica
  Avg: 3.7
 1. Hamilton, SKK K.3.7 
 2. Harrington, Polonia3.3 
 3. Lee, ISS Sportino3.2 
 4. Straight, En.Czarni3.2 
 5. Koszarek, Anwil2.8 
 6. Greene, Victoria.2.6 
 7. Eldridge, Polpharma2.6 
 8. Zytko, ISS Sportino2.3 
 9. Szubarga, Atlas S.2.2 
 10. Reynolds, Sokol Zni.2.2 
Blocks Per Game
  SKK Kotwica
  Avg: 2
 1. Naymick, SKK K.2.0 
 2. Townes, PGE Turow2.0 
 3. Dixon, Bank BPS1.6 
 4. Barro, Victoria.1.5 
 5. Reynolds, Sokol Znicz1.3 
 6. Coleman, Polpharma1.2 
 7. Turek, PGE Turow1.2 
 8. Booker, En.Czarni1.1 
 9. Barrett, SKK K.0.8 
 10. Gomez, ISS.0.8 

Stats Leaders - 1Liga

Points Per Game
  Znicz Basket
  Avg: 20.4
 1. Dloniak, Znicz Basket20.4 
 2. Pacocha, Big Star19.0 
 3. Misiewicz, Zubry16.8 
 4. Salamonik, MOSiR K.16.5 
 5. Berisha, Polonia 201116.5 
 6. Wisniewski, Zastal Z.16.1 
 7. Wiekiera, Zastal Z.15.6 
 8. Donigiewicz, AZS A.15.4 
 9. Pluta, MOSiR K.15.4 
 10. Kulig, Big St.15.2 
Rebounds Per Game
  Sudety JG
  Avg: 9.6
 1. Wojdyla, Sudety JG9.6 
 2. Mis, Siarka T.8.3 
 3. Bartosz, Polonia .8.0 
 4. Dluski, LKS Lodz7.9 
 5. Chodkiewicz, Zastal Z.7.7 
 6. Misiewicz, Zubry7.7 
 7. Wiekiera, Zastal Z.7.5 
 8. Pisarczyk, Sokol L.7.4 
 9. Kulig, Big Star7.2 
 10. Mielczarek, Big St.7.1 
Assists Per Game
  MOSiR Kr.
  Avg: 5.9
 1. Kalinowski, MOSiR K.5.9 
 2. Pacocha, Big Star4.8 
 3. Baran, Siarka T.4.8 
 4. Basinski, MMKS D.4.7 
 5. Ecka, Znicz Basket4.7 
 6. Krupa, Siarka T.4.2 
 7. Kalinowski, Zastal Z.4.1 
 8. Swietonski, Prokom I.4.0 
 9. Snieg, Polonia 20114.0 
 10. Wilczek, Zastal3.5 
Steals Per Game
 Bartosz KRUPA
  Siarka T.
  Avg: 3.8
 1. Krupa, Siarka T.3.8 
 2. Malecki, Resovia3.8 
 3. Baran, Siarka T.3.4 
 4. Trepka, LKS Lodz3.3 
 5. Pacocha, Big Star3.3 
 6. Snieg, Polonia 20113.1 
 7. Berisha, Polonia 20113.1 
 8. Wiekiera, Zastal Z.3.0 
 9. Swietonski, Prokom I.3.0 
 10. Sikora, Prokom2.9 
Blocks Per Game
  Sokol L.
  Avg: 2.4
 1. Pisarczyk, Sokol L.2.4 
 2. Milewski, MMKS D.1.6 
 3. Czech, Sudety JG1.5 
 4. Lisewski, Stal SW1.5 
 5. Lapeta, Prokom II1.5 
 6. Kulikowski, Zubry1.4 
 7. Mis, Siarka T.1.3 
 8. Kulig, Big Star1.3 
 9. Konare, Zubry1.2 
 10. Karwowski, Poloni.1.2 

1Liga Round: 3 (Quarter-Finals) - by Eurobasket News
Zastal ZG - Siarka T. 66-52
Zastal ZG swept the Quarter-Finals over Siarka beating them 66:52 in Game 3. Marcin Chodkiewicz (200-F-82) collected 14 points and 15 rebounds for the winners. Baran Michal finished with 14 points in the losing effort.

LKS Lodz - Big Star 65-64
LKS Lodz grabbed 2-1 lead over Big Star after 65:64 at home. Jakub Dluski (200-F-87) led the winners with 18 points and 10 rebounds, while Nogalski Tomasz netted 13. Mielczarek Krzysztof produced 15 points in the losing effort.

Stal SW - MOSiR Kr. 68-61
Stal SW beat MOSiR 68:61 as Michal Woloszyn (202-F-84) and Andrzejewski Tomasz combined 30 points for the winners. Oczkowicz Dariusz ended up with 13 points for the guests.

Zubry - Polonia 2011 91-98
Polonia 2011 advanced to the Semifinals after 98:91 over Zubry in Game 3. Dardan Berisha (193-G-88, agency: Global Sports Plaza) paced all the favorites with 20 points and Snieg Tomasz added 17. Konare Brahim produced 17 points for the home side.


Resovia - Sudety JG 79-80
Sudety JG won the series over Resovia 3-0 as in the last game they clinched 80:79 victory. Rafal Niesobski (189-G-82) top-scored for the winners with 23 points and Czech Jakub nailed 14. Biela Sebastian posted 18 points for the hosts.

Prokom II - Znicz Basket 78-76
Prokom II overcame Znicz Basket 78:76 as Mateusz Kostrzewski (201-G/F-89) chipped in 21 points to lead all the winners. Dloniak Jakub had a great night with 32 points for the guests.

AZS AWF K-ce - AZS Kalisz 66-58
AZS AWF Katowice rolled past AZS Kalisz 66:58 as Artur Donigiewicz (185-G-84) top-scored with 18 points and 8 rebounds. Olejnik Lukasz produced the same number of points in the losing effort.

PLK Round: 3 (Play-Offs) - by Eurobasket News
En.Czarni - Bank BPS 71-63
Energa Czarni beat Bank BPS 71:63 to take the last ticket to the Quarterfinals of PLK. Demetric Bennett (193-G-85) led the winners with 13 points, while Sroka Marcin and Cesnauskis Mantas netted 12 each. Tica Vladimir answered with the same number of points in defeat.


LPB Round: 19 (Regular Season) - by Eurobasket News
Ginasio - Porto Ferpinta 81-64
Joao Manuel (192-G/F-79) scored 22 points to lead Ginasio to just the 12th win as they fired down Porto Ferpinta. Ajay Calvin and John Torson had 15 points each in the winning effort. Christian Burns responded with 26 points and 6 boards for Porto Ferpinta.

Academica - CAB 75-89
CAB Madeira upset Academica away from home as Lance Soderberg (206-F/C-82, college: Azusa Pacific) pouredin 23 points and collected 9 rebounds. Jason Smith provided 22 points and 5 assists for Madeira. Anthony Williams and Manuel Johnson had 19 points apiece in defeat.

Benfica - AD Vagos 91-87
Benfica rallied to the 25th straight win in LPB as they held off AD Vagos at home court. Sergio Ramos (200-F-76) knocked down 21 points and grabbed 6 rebounds to lead Benfica. Seth Doliboa topscored with 27 points for the league leaders. Pedro Nuno responded with 23 points and 8 assists for AD Vagos.

VSC Guimar. - Ovarense 85-78
VSC Guimaraes posted the 14th win in the season outscoring Ovarense. Louis Graham (203-F-84) and Donte Minter (203-F-84, agency: AMI, college: Virginia) nailed 27 points apiece. Sergio Correia added 10 points and 5 rebounds in the victory. John Waller came up with 23 points for Ovarense in the loss.

Standings - LPB
LPB Standings
 1. Benfica 25-0 
 2. CAB 21-4 
 3. Ovarense 20-5 
 4. AD Vagos 18-7 
 5. Academica 16-9 
 6. VSC Guimar. 14-11 
 7. Porto Ferpinta 14-12 
 8. Barreirense 13-11 
 9. Ginasio 12-13 
 10. Fisica 8-16 

Standings - Proliga
Proliga Standings
 1. Illiabum 18-10 
 2. Sampaense 16-11 
 3. Queluz 14-13 
 4. Galitos FC 13-15 
 5. Esgueira 12-14 
 6. Sangalhos 9-18 
 7. Electrico FC 8-18 
 8. Barcelos 8-19 
 9. Angra 8-19 
 10. Maia 7-20 
 11. Seixal 6-20 
 12. Atletico 2-25 

Stats Leaders - UZO Liga

Points Per Game
 Jason SMITH
  Avg: 22.8
 1. Smith, CAB22.8 
 2. Marcal, Porto F.21.7 
 3. Coleman, AD Vagos20.2 
 4. Burns, Porto F.19.4 
 5. Hill, AD Vagos18.7 
 6. Waller, Ovarense18.7 
 7. Doliboa, Benfica18.6 
 8. Ramos, Benfica18.4 
 9. Bowman, Barreire.18.3 
 10. Graham, VSC.17.6 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 10.1
 1. Johnson, Academica10.1 
 2. Ferguson, Fisica10.0 
 3. Martin, Porto F.9.8 
 4. Roberts, Ovarense8.5 
 5. Minter, VSC G.8.3 
 6. Doliboa, Benfica8.3 
 7. Brown, Barreirense8.2 
 8. Hill, AD Vagos8.1 
 9. Coleman, AD Vagos7.8 
 10. Torson, Ginas.7.7 
Assists Per Game
 Julian BLANKS
  VSC Guimar.
  Avg: 6.8
 1. Blanks, VSC G.6.8 
 2. Pires, Barreirense5.7 
 3. Figueiredo, Porto F.5.1 
 4. Minhava, Benfica5.0 
 5. Costa, Ginasio4.7 
 6. Smith, CAB4.7 
 7. Reed, Benfica4.4 
 8. McKenzie, Barreire.3.9 
 9. Reveles, AD Vagos3.7 
 10. Carreira, Benfi.3.5 
Steals Per Game
 Julian BLANKS
  VSC Guimar.
  Avg: 2.5
 1. Blanks, VSC G.2.5 
 2. Smith, CAB2.1 
 3. Coleman, AD Vagos2.0 
 4. Calvin, Ginasio2.0 
 5. Bowman, Barreire.1.9 
 6. Tavares, VSC G.1.9 
 7. Cunha, Porto F.1.9 
 8. Davis, Fisica1.9 
 9. Madison, CAB1.8 
 10. Costa, Ginas.1.8 
Blocks Per Game
 Gregory STEMPIN
  Avg: 2
 1. Stempin, Ovarense2.0 
 2. Truscott, Benfica2.0 
 3. Roberts, Ovarense2.0 
 4. Brown, Barreirense1.8 
 5. Coleman, AD Vagos1.6 
 6. Martin, Porto F.1.5 
 7. Minter, VSC G.1.5 
 8. Billmeier, AD Va.1.3 
 9. Graham, VSC G.1.2 
 10. Doliboa, Benfi.1.2 


Ricky Sanchez to attend Team Practice - by Luis Ramirez

According to Associate Press, Ricky Sanchez will finally report to the Lions Team practice on Monday. Sanchez who apparently was not happy with the trade that brought him from the Humacao Grays to the Ponce Lions had failed up to this point to report to the teams workout sessions. A meeting which was scheduled for this past Friday at the Leagues Headquarters was suspended due to the fact that League President Carlos Beltran had received word that the situation had been resolved between the Lions and Sanchez and that the player would indeed play for the Lions this season.

In other news from the BSN the Cano Girau Cup got underway last night at Caguas where San German came from behind to beat the Caguas team. In the other night game the Arecibo Captains, defending BSN Champions had to muster all their strength to defeat a stubborn Lions team who playing with their reserve players gave the Captains more than they had bargained for. The game ended 93-91 in favor of the Captains. Play for the Cup continues tomorrow with San German and Arecibo playing for the Cup Championship.


Stats Leaders - Superleague A
Points Per Game
  Avg: 21
 1. Chalmers, Univ.Sur.21.0 
 2. Perry, CSK V.17.3 
 3. Kambala, Krasnoya.17.2 
 4. Nachbar, Dynamo M.16.5 
 5. Hansen, Dynamo M.15.4 
 6. Bailey, Spartak-P.15.2 
 7. Wisniewski, Spart.15.1 
 8. Meshcharakou, Sparta.14.7 
 9. Warrick, Krasnoya.14.7 
 10. Washington, Ural.14.6 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 8
 1. Khryapa, CSKA8.0 
 2. Clancy, CSK V.7.2 
 3. Kambala, Krasnoya.6.7 
 4. Kirksay, Unics6.4 
 5. Szewczyk, Lok.R.6.2 
 6. Meshcharakou, Sparta.5.9 
 7. Plisnic, Ural Great5.8 
 8. Trushkin, Spart.5.8 
 9. Javtokas, Dynamo M.5.8 
 10. Jones, Ural Gre.5.6 
Assists Per Game
 Jannero PARGO
  Avg: 5.4
 1. Pargo, Dynamo M.5.4 
 2. Collins, Lok.Rostov5.3 
 3. Chalmers, Univ.Sur.5.2 
 4. Wisniewski, Spart.4.6 
 5. Bremer, Triumph4.6 
 6. Ponkrashov, Khimky4.0 
 7. Bailey, Spartak-P.3.5 
 8. Biggs, Ural Great3.5 
 9. Holden, CSKA3.3 
 10. Perry, CSK.3.3 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 2.4
 1. House, Lok.Rostov2.4 
 2. Millage, Krasnoyarsk2.4 
 3. Surovtsev, Ural G.2.0 
 4. Kirksay, Unics1.9 
 5. Komarovski, Univ.Sur.1.9 
 6. Khryapa, CSKA1.8 
 7. Lyday, Unics1.8 
 8. Biggs, Ural Great1.8 
 9. Marshall, Lok.R.1.7 
 10. Bremer, Trium.1.7 
Blocks Per Game
 Timofey MOZGOV
  Avg: 1.3
 1. Mozgov, Khimky1.3 
 2. Javtokas, Dynamo M.1.3 
 3. Likholitov, Ural G.1.2 
 4. Pervukhin, Univ.Sur.1.2 
 5. Lavrinovic, Dynamo M.1.2 
 6. Savrasenko, Spart.1.1 
 7. Likhodey, Triumph1.0 
 8. Krstic, Triumph1.0 
 9. Khryapa, CSKA0.9 
 10. Monya, Dynamo.0.9 

Standings - Superleague A
A Superleague Standings
 1. CSKA 21-0 
 2. Dynamo M. 15-6 
 3. Khimky 15-6 
 4. Unics 14-6 
 5. Triumph 10-8 
 6. Lok.Rostov 9-11 
 7. Spartak SP 9-11 
 8. Krasnoyarsk 7-13 
 9. Ural Great 6-13 
 10. Univ.Surgut 6-16 
 11. Spartak-P. 4-15 
 12. CSK VVS 4-15 


Standings - B Liga
B League Standings
 1. Proleter Naft. 19-3 
 2. Beograd 18-5 
 3. FMP II 14-8 
 4. Superfund 14-8 
 5. Mladost C. 14-9 
 6. Radnicki O. 11-11 
 7. Vojvodina Z. 11-11 
 8. Crnokosa 11-11 
 9. Vrbas 10-13 
 10. Sloboda U. 9-13 
 11. Beovuk 72 8-14 
 12. Crvena Zv. 2 8-14 
 13. Kikinda 7-16 
 14. Maraton 2-20 


Standings - 1A
Liga Standings
Places 1-8
 1. Helios 3-0 
 2. Krka 3-0 
 3. U.Olimpija 2-1 
 4. Slovan 1-1 
 5. Polzela 1-2 
 6. Luka Koper 1-2 
 7. Elektra 0-2 
 8. Zlatorog 0-3 
Places 9-13
 1. Zagorje 11-15 
 2. TCG Mercator 10-15 
 3. Epic Misel 8-17 
 4. Alpos S. 7-18 
 5. Nova Gorica 6-19 

Stats Leaders - 1A
Points Per Game
  Avg: 21.8
 1. Goodrich, Zagorje21.8 
 2. King, Polzela21.2 
 3. Ivanovic, Elektra17.4 
 4. Paris, Zagorje17.3 
 5. Strnad, Zlatorog16.6 
 6. Delic, Slovan16.5 
 7. Jovanovic, Epic Misel16.0 
 8. Cup, Elektra15.3 
 9. Berdiel, Zlatorog15.3 
 10. Brown, Alpos.13.9 
Rebounds Per Game
 Shawn KING
  Avg: 14.5
 1. King, Polzela14.5 
 2. Johnson, Zagorje11.5 
 3. Paris, Zagorje9.5 
 4. Brown, Alpos S.8.2 
 5. Pasalic, Nova Gorica7.8 
 6. Jelesijevic, Polzela7.1 
 7. Pavic, Krka7.1 
 8. Cup, Elektra6.6 
 9. Lucic, Zlatorog6.0 
 10. Miljkovic, Zlator.5.9 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 4.9
 1. Vujasinovic, Polzela4.9 
 2. Cmer, Luka Koper4.7 
 3. Berdiel, Zlatorog4.6 
 4. Ivanovic, Elektra4.6 
 5. Goodrich, Zagorje4.0 
 6. Mocnik, Helios3.5 
 7. Shields, Krka3.3 
 8. Krivec, Krka3.3 
 9. Perko, Nova Gorica3.3 
 10. Jovanovic, Epic Mis.3.1 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 2.5
 1. Berdiel, Zlatorog2.5 
 2. Dragic, Slovan2.1 
 3. Dunovic, Alpos S.2.0 
 4. Lapornik, Alpos S.1.9 
 5. Goodrich, Zagorje1.8 
 6. Percel, Zagorje1.8 
 7. Snow, Helios1.7 
 8. Strnad, Zlatorog1.7 
 9. Avdibegovic, Alpos S.1.7 
 10. Zagorc, Heli.1.5 
Blocks Per Game
 Shawn KING
  Avg: 3.1
 1. King, Polzela3.1 
 2. Radunovic, Elektra1.7 
 3. Todorovic, Helios1.4 
 4. Nuhanovic, Zlatorog1.4 
 5. Lucic, Zlatorog1.2 
 6. Hunter, Zlatorog1.1 
 7. Brown, Alpos S.1.0 
 8. Klepo, Slovan0.9 
 9. Bajramlic, Zagorje0.9 
 10. Sjekloca, Elekt.0.9 

1B Stats Leaders
1B Standings
 1. Parklji 21-2 
 2. Rudar 20-3 
 3. Rogaska 20-4 
 4. MFC.2 Marib. 18-6 
 5. Sencur 14-10 
 6. Kraski Zidar 13-11 
 7. Triglav K. 13-11 
 8. Gradisce 11-13 
 9. Hrastnik 10-14 
 10. Jance 9-16 
 11. Litija 7-17 
 12. Konjice 6-18 
 13. Rogla 4-21 
 14. Radenska 2-22 

Helios beats defending champion Olimpija - by Zeljko Zule

Helios beat Olimpija 79-78 in a battle of unbeaten teams. Krka went on a 12-4 run in final 4:12 minutes and knocked off Koper 89-86. Hopsi beat Zlatorog for first win since March 13, 1999. Slovan win thriller over Elektra.

UPC League Play-Off - Round 3: Helios-Union Olimpija 79-78: Helios led as many as 14 points after first quarter and had their largest lead at 56-37 in the third period. Olimpija cut the deficit to 72-75 with 27 seconds left, but Jasmin Hukic and Saso Ozbolt missed 3-pointers. Hukic finished with 21 points and Ozbolt added 15. Helios committed 19 turnovers but outrebounded their opponent by 34-22. Nicholas Jacobson scored 19 points, Alvin Snow (187-G-81, college: E.Washington) 18 including four 3-pointers and Alexei Lashkevich had 15 points.
Krka-Luka Koper 89-86: Krka trailed 77-82 and scored 8 consecutive points to take a lead 85-82. Simon Petrov posted 23 points, Richard Shields added 22 and Smiljan Pavic had 11 points and 13 rebounds. Koper committed 32 personal fouls while Krka had just 18 fouls. Miha Cmer had 22 points for Koper and Jernej Mihalic added 18.
Hopsi-Zlatorog 77-70: Hopsi used a 14-5 run to finish the game. Nemanja Jelesijevic scored 19 points, Shawn King had 14 points and 13 rebounds and Vladimir Anzulovic posted 12 points. Hopsi shot 10-of-19 from 3-point range while Zlatorog made just 3 of 16 3-pointers. Nejc Strnad netted 18 points, Vincent Hunter 13 and Tadej Kostomaj 10.
Geoplin Slovan-Elektra Esotech 72-70: Dejan Mlakar made a layup with 4 seconds left in the game. Marko Lekic collected 18 points and 10 rebounds and Dejan Delic scored 16 points. Elektra had a chance to win but Balsa Radunovic missed 3-pointer at the buzzer. Dejan Cup finished with 22 points and 11 rebounds and Nikola Ivanovic had 15 points and 5 assists.
Zagorje's starters combined for 84 of the team's 93 points in Round 4 of UPC League Play-Out.
Zagorje-Alpos Sentjur 93-72: Zagorje never trailed and scored 11 straight points in first quarter. Gilbert Goodrich posted 34 points on shooting 7-of-11 from the downtown and handed out 8 assists, David Paris collected 16 points and 15 rebounds, Joshua Johnson added 16 points and Ziga Percel had 15 points and 9 assists. Alpos was outrebounded by 23-35. Takais Brown collected 19 points and 9 rebounda and Armin Avibegovic scored 15 points.
TCG Mercator-CPG Nova Gorica 64-62: Primoz Skok made a game winning 2-pointer with 25 seconds remaining. Igor Jokic scored 22 points, Mensud Julevic added 15 and Simon Finzgar grabbed 12 rebounds. Gorica had a chance to win but Dejan Cikic missed a 3-pointer and Darko Kastratovic missed a potential tying jumper. Dejan Cikic scored 15 points and Vlado Pasalic 14.

Epic Misel bye.


KBL Round: 1 (Quarter-Finals) - by Eurobasket News
KCC Egis - ET Land B.Sl. 109-81
KCC Egis took the first win over ET Land 109:81 in the Quarter-Finals Round 1. Six players scored in double digits as Brand Micah (210-C-80, college: Massachusetts) tled all of them with 25 points. Powell Carlos (199-F-83, college: S.Carolina) responded with 29 points in the losing effort.

Samsung Th. - LG Sakers 90-82
Samsung overcame LG Sakers 90:82 to win the opener of Quarter-Finals Round 1. Leather Terrence (204-C-81, college: S.Florida) paced all the winners with 27 points and 13 rebounds, while Lee Kyu-Sup added 23. Cho Sang-Hyun (190-G/F-76) finished the night with 18 points fo the guests.


Stats Leaders-LEB Silver
Points Per Game
  Avg: 21.9
 1. Bouldin, Matchmind21.9 
 2. Echols, Cantabria20.2 
 3. Mortellaro, ADT T.16.8 
 4. Williams, Matchmind16.4 
 5. Llorente, Archena16.0 
 6. Turner, Promobys16.0 
 7. Nelson, Huelva15.8 
 8. Harry, Archena15.4 
 9. Martinez, Navalcar.15.2 
 10. Matamalas, Alai.15.1 
Rebounds Per Game
 Zachary ANDREWS
  Avg: 9.6
 1. Andrews, Guadalaj.9.6 
 2. Mortellaro, ADT T.9.2 
 3. Turner, Promobys9.1 
 4. Mathis, Alcazar8.8 
 5. Williams, Matchmind8.6 
 6. Thompson, Molina8.4 
 7. Echols, Cantabria8.2 
 8. Mugica, Archena8.0 
 9. Bouldin, Matchmind7.8 
 10. Ausina, Moli.7.7 
Assists Per Game
 Salvador CAMPS
  Avg: 7
 1. Camps, Cantabria7.0 
 2. Monclova, Alcazar5.3 
 3. Rufian, Huelva5.2 
 4. del Tio, Merida4.7 
 5. Llorente, Archena4.5 
 6. Darbo, Huelva4.3 
 7. Nunez, Guadalajara3.9 
 8. Sanchez, Cantabria3.6 
 9. Castello, Matchmind3.6 
 10. Inigo, Guadalaja.3.5 
Steals Per Game
 Jermaine TURNER
  Avg: 2.5
 1. Turner, Promobys2.5 
 2. Martinez, Navalcar.2.4 
 3. Llorente, Archena2.2 
 4. Camps, Cantabria2.1 
 5. Gomez, Huelva2.0 
 6. Monclova, Alcazar2.0 
 7. Comas, Girona1.9 
 8. Sanchez, Cantabria1.9 
 9. Rueda, Promobys1.8 
 10. Matamalas, Alai.1.7 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 2.2
 1. McLemore, Huelva2.2 
 2. Bain, ADT Tarrag.1.6 
 3. Williams, Matchmind1.5 
 4. Herndon, Alaior1.3 
 5. Farley, Archena1.2 
 6. Cabeza, Girona1.2 
 7. Williams, V..1.2 
 8. Rodrigo, Navalcar.1.1 
 9. Bouldin, Matchmind1.1 
 10. Turner, Promob.1.0 

Standings - LEB Gold
LEB Gold Standings
 1. Valladolid 19-7 
 2. Alicante 19-7 
 3. Melilla 18-8 
 4. Tenerife 17-9 
 5. Leche Rio 16-10 
 6. Burgos 15-11 
 7. Axarquia 15-11 
 8. Caceres 14-12 
 9. Leon 13-13 
 10. La Laguna 13-13 
 11. Los Barrios 13-13 
 12. Plus Pujol 12-14 
 13. La Palma 11-15 
 14. Mallorca 11-15 
 15. Vic 11-15 
 16. Aguas Gandia 7-19 
 17. Illescas 5-21 
 18. Rosalia 5-21 

Standings - LEB Silver
LEB Silver Standings
 1. Torrons Vic. 18-8 
 2. Palencia 18-8 
 3. Vigo 17-9 
 4. Navarra 16-10 
 5. Caja Rioja 15-11 
 6. Plasencia 15-11 
 7. Cornella 15-11 
 8. CB Tarrag. 15-11 
 9. Ourense 13-13 
 10. Jerez 13-13 
 11. Huesca 12-14 
 12. Prat 11-15 
 13. CajasurCord. 9-17 
 14. Gijon 9-17 
 15. Coruna 7-19 
 16. Qalat Caja Sol 5-21 

Stats Leaders - ACB
Points Per Game
  Avg: 20.2
 1. Rakocevic, Tau20.2 
 2. Oleson, A.G. Fuenla19.5 
 3. Quinteros, CAI Z.18.8 
 4. Dean, CB Murcia17.9 
 5. Reyes, Real Madrid17.0 
 6. English, Kalise G.16.8 
 7. Haislip, Unicaja16.7 
 8. Navarro, Regal B.16.1 
 9. Jeter, Vive M.16.1 
 10. Splitter, T.15.8 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 9.9
 1. Borchardt, Granada9.9 
 2. Reyes, Real Madrid9.7 
 3. Caner-Medley, Cajas.8.0 
 4. Ilyasova, Regal B.7.4 
 5. Panko, Bruesa6.9 
 6. Vazquez, Regal B.6.8 
 7. Barnes, CB Murcia6.2 
 8. Banic, Iurbentia B.6.1 
 9. Splitter, Tau6.0 
 10. Eley, Vive Menor.5.7 
Assists Per Game
 Ricky RUBIO
  DKV Joventut
  Avg: 5.9
 1. Rubio, DKV Joventut5.9 
 2. Rodriguez, Ricoh M.5.8 
 3. Thomas, CB Murcia4.9 
 4. Cook, Unicaja4.8 
 5. Prigioni, Tau4.7 
 6. Salgado, Iurbenti.4.5 
 7. Valters, A.G. F.4.4 
 8. Williams, Pamesa V.3.7 
 9. Mallet, DKV J.3.7 
 10. Sada, Regal Bar.3.6 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 2.2
 1. Prigioni, Tau2.2 
 2. Rubio, DKV Joventut2.0 
 3. Lescano, CAI Z.1.8 
 4. Popovic, Bruesa1.8 
 5. Jasen, MMT E.1.7 
 6. Rodriguez, Ricoh M.1.7 
 7. Thomas, CB Murcia1.7 
 8. Cook, Unicaja1.7 
 9. Splitter, Tau1.6 
 10. Jeter, Vive.1.6 
Blocks Per Game
 Lamont BARNES
  CB Murcia
  Avg: 1.7
 1. Barnes, CB Murcia1.7 
 2. Vazquez, Regal B.1.7 
 3. Borchardt, Granada1.6 
 4. Asselin, Ricoh Man.1.3 
 5. Ibaka, Ricoh Man.1.2 
 6. Splitter, Tau1.2 
 7. Haislip, Unicaja1.1 
 8. Gutierrez, Granada1.1 
 9. Eley, Vive Menorca1.0 
 10. Moss, CB Murc.1.0 

Standings - ACB
ACB Standings
 1. Tau 22-3 
 2. Barcelona 21-5 
 3. Real 19-6 
 4. Unicaja 19-8 
 5. G.Canaria 17-8 
 6. Joventut 17-9 
 7. Pamesa 14-13 
 8. Ricoh Man. 13-14 
 9. Fuenlabrada 12-14 
 10. Bilbao 11-14 
 11. Estudiant. 9-17 
 12. Granada 9-18 
 13. Zaragoza 8-17 
 14. Bruesa 8-17 
 15. Cajasol 8-18 
 16. Murcia 7-19 
 17. Menorca 6-20 

Stats Leaders - LEB Gold
Points Per Game
 Ricardo GUILLEN
  Los Barrios
  Avg: 18.1
 1. Guillen, Los Barrios18.1 
 2. Detrick, La Laguna17.5 
 3. Garcia, Burgos17.1 
 4. Kiefer, Vic17.0 
 5. Simien, Caceres16.8 
 6. Terrell, La Palma16.2 
 7. Cusworth, Leche R.15.7 
 8. Robinson, Gandia B.15.1 
 9. Prestes, Cl.Rincon14.8 
 10. Riera, Mallor.14.6 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 9.8
 1. Prestes, Cl.Rincon9.8 
 2. Donaldson, La La.9.5 
 3. Battle, Valladolid8.9 
 4. Simien, Caceres8.2 
 5. Hamilton, Tenerife7.8 
 6. Guillen, Los Barrios7.6 
 7. Baez, Leon7.4 
 8. Nana, Rosalia7.4 
 9. Moss, Caceres7.1 
 10. Cusworth, Leche.7.1 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 6.3
 1. Ciorciari, Melilla6.3 
 2. Corrales, Burgos4.8 
 3. Mendiburu, Plus Pujol4.3 
 4. Sala, La Palma4.3 
 5. Bernabe, Leon3.8 
 6. Brown, Caceres3.8 
 7. Dumas, Valladolid3.7 
 8. Lopez, Leche Rio3.5 
 9. Cortaberria, Cl.Ri.3.4 
 10. Jimenez, Illesc.3.4 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 2.4
 1. Blanch, Mallorca2.4 
 2. Van Lacke, Valladolid2.0 
 3. Ciorciari, Melilla1.8 
 4. Lopez, Leche Rio1.8 
 5. Hill, Alicante1.8 
 6. Baez, Leon1.7 
 7. Bernabe, Leon1.7 
 8. Battle, Valladolid1.6 
 9. Cusworth, Leche R.1.6 
 10. Victor, Melil.1.5 
Blocks Per Game
 Robert BATTLE
  Avg: 2.2
 1. Battle, Valladolid2.2 
 2. Hamilton, Tenerife1.7 
 3. Southall, Melilla1.6 
 4. Donaldson, La La.1.5 
 5. Cusworth, Leche R.1.3 
 6. Simien, Caceres1.3 
 7. Lewis, Plus Pujol1.2 
 8. Sinanovic, Burgos1.2 
 9. Nana, Rosalia1.1 
 10. Campbell, Los Barri.1.0 


Stats Leaders LNA
Points Per Game
  Avg: 20.8
 1. Muirhead, Herens20.8 
 2. Almanson, Lugano T.19.3 
 3. Alston, Monthey18.9 
 4. Volcy, Monthey18.7 
 5. Fahnbulleh, Bonco.18.7 
 6. Scott, MGS17.7 
 7. Brown, Lausanne17.1 
 8. Siggers, Boncourt17.0 
 9. Wells, Lugano Tigers16.8 
 10. Grimm, SAM Mas.16.8 
Rebounds Per Game
 Chris GRIMM
  SAM Massa.
  Avg: 10.4
 1. Grimm, SAM Massa.10.4 
 2. Passos, Herens10.4 
 3. Wells, Lugano Tigers9.6 
 4. Fahnbulleh, Bonco.9.6 
 5. Sloan, Fribourg9.3 
 6. Thomas, Starwings9.3 
 7. McFarlin, Nyon9.2 
 8. Volcy, Monthey9.1 
 9. Durant, Lausanne8.7 
 10. Allen, Fribou.8.4 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 7.6
 1. Perrier-D., Fribo.7.6 
 2. Coffin, Starwings7.2 
 3. Pleux-D., Lausanne6.3 
 4. Jefferson, Geneva5.4 
 5. Gray, Lugano Tigers5.1 
 6. Brown, Lausanne4.8 
 7. Bah, Nyon4.5 
 8. Maio, Monthey4.5 
 9. Angley, SAM Massa.4.4 
 10. Gibson, Vacal.4.4 
Steals Per Game
 Jean-Richard VOLCY
  Avg: 3.5
 1. Volcy, Monthey3.5 
 2. Angley, SAM Massa.3.3 
 3. Gray, Lugano Tigers3.1 
 4. Wright, Starwings2.7 
 5. Pleux-D., Lausanne2.4 
 6. Sloan, Fribourg2.4 
 7. Dacevic, Vacallo2.4 
 8. McFarlin, Nyon2.3 
 9. Gibson, Vacallo2.3 
 10. Muirhead, Here.2.3 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 3.4
 1. Salaam, Lausanne3.4 
 2. Allen, Fribourg3.3 
 3. Niang, Lausanne1.8 
 4. Volcy, Monthey1.3 
 5. Wells, Lugano Tigers1.2 
 6. Valmera, Boncourt1.1 
 7. Sloan, Fribourg1.0 
 8. Messy, Boncourt0.8 
 9. Martins, Herens0.8 
 10. Holland, Ny.0.8 


Standings - D1
D1 Standings
 1. Jalaa 20-0 
 2. Jeish 19-2 
 3. Wehda 16-5 
 4. Yarmouk 11-9 
 5. Talee'a 11-10 
 6. Ittihad 11-10 
 7. Hurriya 9-11 
 8. Karameh 9-11 
 9. Wathba 8-12 
 10. Kasyoun 5-15 
 11. Nawayeer 4-17 
 12. Hutteen 0-21 


Standings - SBL
SBL Standings
 1. Yulon Luxgen 14-4 
 2. Dacin 14-5 
 3. Taiwan Beer 13-6 
 4. Pure Youth 7-10 
 5. KKL 7-11 
 6. Taiw.Mobile 5-13 
 7. Bank of Taiw. 3-14 

SBL Notes: Boggan out? - by Chris Wang
-- BOGGAN'S STATUS: Local media reported that U.S. import Boggan Mario (200-F/C-83, college: Oklahoma St.) could be released by Taiwan Mobile as early as next week due to Boggan's subpar performance.

Boggan, who was out of Oklahoma State, has appeared in 10 of TM's 18 games so far this season and averaged 13.3 points and 6.2 rebounds.

TM head coach Cheng Chih-lung was quoted as saying that Boggan has never lived up to TM's expectation and his physical condition has been questionable.

Boggan will be the second import fired by Taiwan Mobile this season if he is released next week. TM let go 6-10 German-Taiwanese center Juefan Geiger earlier this year.

-- YANG JOINS TB: Ex-Taiwan National Yang Yu-ming returned to Taiwan and joined Taiwan Beer after spending a season with Jilin Northeast Tigers of China's CBA.

Yang appeared in 49 games and averaged 8.5 points, 2.2 assists and 1.3 steals in 24 minutes per game at shooting guard for Jilin, which missed the playoffs with 23 wins and 27 losses.

Two Taiwanese point guards also spent time in China this year. Wang Shin-kai turned in 6.6 points in 24 games he's played for Yunnan Honghe Running Bulls (6-44) while Sun Hwan-bo averaged 1.5 points in eight games with Shanxi Zhongyu (26-24).

-- PAY DAY FOR KKL: United Daily News reported that KKL players will -- finally -- get their first paychecks in almost six months since the liquor company agreed to sponsor the team.

Player salaries have been withheld by the company due to unclear status of TV broadcast negotiation. As ESPN Taiwan and SBL Committee have reached agreement once again last week, the company will be sending out paychecks, KKL team management said.

Imagine what it will be like if you haven't got paid for a few months. Life must be difficult during the last four and a half months for KKL players. Seldom-used reserve Chang Ming-che has signed a 40-day deal to work as an A/C installer, local media reported.

TB upset Dacin on Lin's three - by Chris Wang
'The Beast' Lin Chih-chieh walked out of his slump and proved his worth, knocking down a game-winning three with 9.3 seconds to go as Taiwan Beer upset Dacin 68-67 Saturday.

In other games, Yulon almost squandered a 20-point first-half lead before holding off a BOT rally. The Pure Youth-Taiwan Mobile game became a showdown of Tsai-shin High School alumni as Chien Chia-hong, Chen Shih-chieh and Hong Chih-shan each scored 21 for PY and TM's Ouyang Ching-heng tallied a season-high 29 points.

Dacin 68-67 TB
TB: Lin Chih-chieh 18p, Yang Ching-min 16p, Ho Shou-cheng 13p
Dacin: B. Allen 21p+17rb+3blk, Chang Chih-feng 17p, Lin Yi-hui 12p, Tien Lei 9p+7rb

Yulon 73-62 BOT
Yulon: Tseng Wen-ting 18p+9rb+5s, Lee Hsueh-lin 19p+5a, Lu Cheng-ju 15p
BOT: Chen Shun-hsiang 18p, Doug Creighton 11p+8rb

PY 97-93 TM
PY: Chien Chia-hong 21p, Hong Chih-shan 21p, Chen Shih-chieh 21p
TM: Ouyang Ching-heng 29p


Getting to Know...Banvit's Joe Crispin (Part 1) - by James Mullins

In a small Turkish port town, off the coast of the Marmara Sea, a small American family makes their home. That family is the Crispin family consisting of Joe, Erin, and three adorable children. They make Bandirma, Turkey their home because Joe is the All-Star point guard for Banvit Basketbol Kulubu, a team known for being family oriented and successful despite the small market.

Not too long ago, Joseph Crispin (186-G-79, agency: Interperformances, college: Penn St.) was using his deadly three-point shooting to lead his Penn State Nittany Lions past the North Carolina Tarheels in order to advance to Sweet 16 of the NCAA tournament. He also played in the NBA for a few years, playing for the famous Los Angeles Lakers, and with teammates like Shaq and Kobe Bryant.

Bandirma is a small city thats drastically different from the bright lights of Los Angeles, or even Istanbul for that matter. The pace of life in Bandirma is very slow and very calm. But that all changes on game day where you will find a gym packed full of passionate fans and a six-foot-nothing point guard hitting shots from well beyond the three-point line.

As Joe and the rest of the Banvit Basketbol Kulubu squad are making their final push toward the playoffs, we caught up with Joe for an interview, asking Joe about his personal life, his thoughts about basketball, and things that transcend basketball.

How would you describe Banvit Basketbol Kulubu as a team this year?

We've had our ups and downs. We haven't played as consistently as we would like, but I think we can move in the right direction. Right now we are disappointed at where we are because we had a good start, but have just had a hard second half (of the season). We lost our confidence and our swagger. But, I think that's just a part of the journey. It's a long season. As a team, we are figuring each other out, figuring out how we can win games. So, right now I'm hopeful that we'll play our best basketball toward the end of the season. That's my hope--that well continue to improve, get better, learn from mistakes, and then just keep improving. That's what I keep telling our guys--that we just want to become the best team that we are capable of becoming and were not there yet.

How would you describe your role on the team?

To do everything I can to put everyone in the best position to succeed, to keep us focused on our goals, maintain consistency, encourage confidence from a team standpoint, and then I need to score a lot offensively. Thats what I do. Finding that balance has never been an easy thing, never will be an easy thing. But it's coming--where I can score, create for others, and still help the team form a positive identity so we keep improving and become the best team we can be.

How have you developed your leadership ability?

Its definitely been developed and I still have a long way to go in my estimation. I was always strong willed and always had a great drive to win. But sometimes I would make others better, but not all of the time.

Being a leader is really just serving, especially from a Christian standpoint--learning how to serve and helping others be at their best. You are at your best when you are helping others be at their best. That has been a really long process for me. Even when I was in high school and college, I just went and played hard and went at it. But, it has taken me some time to really learn how to find the right mindset on and off the court that I am making an investment in my teammates.

Leadership is about service, but its also about genuinely caring for those around you. I want my teammates to know that I genuinely care about them--not what they can do on the basketball court, or for me, or for the team--but just for them as humans. Thats something simple. You are who you are. I want to show my teammates and the club that I genuinely care about their well being and want to help them be at their best. I have a long way to go, but I am learning.

How do you prepare for big games?

I used to be much more scheduled than I am now. Now, I'm a little more relaxed. I guess after you have kids and you work for so many years, you are just ready to play games. But, there's a few key things: reading books specifically on eating, books on something that is specifically on basketball, sports psychology--to remind me of the principles of how I want to think through of the game.

I also try to take a nap for about an hour. And then when it comes time for the game, I keep reading that same book and then I have a little memo on my phone of reminders, things I want to do like making my teammates better, do this, do that. I have a list that I review that I pray through and think upon. Those are really the main things that I do. Eating differently...I'm not into that. But these are the things that I definitely need to do before each game.

You mentioned that there are some principles regarding the game and sports psychology that you remind yourself of. What are some of those principals?

The one thats at the top right now is finding my game by helping others (my teammates) find their game. That is something that I am really trying to work at and improve right now. When I'm doing that well, I'm at my best as a player and our teams at our best, so thats something that I really try to think about every game.

Another one is finding a good basketball rhythm--just relaxing and trying to find the rhythm of the game, because every game has a rhythm to it. My job as a leader and a point guard is to get my team in a good rhythm and to get the right guys involved.

The other one is really just being free and fearless. Not really worrying about doing well or not worrying about failure or missing a shot or loosing the game. Just play hard, do your best, be free, and just go from there. Those are the main things right now. There's no need to fear. Trust in God, play the game, do the best you can to help you other teammates, and find a rhythm of the game. If you do that, it usually goes well for you.

What's the difference between the international game and the college game in the U.S.?

There are actually three games. There is the college game, international game and NBA game. They all have their different nuances. I think that the international game is more comparable to the college game. The NBA game is more spread out because of the NBA rules, which I actually prefer. The college game is different not so much because you have guys with different skills. These guys who are 19-20, I cant imagine how they could play twice a day. You think the world is on the line when you are in college. It's really super intense. Europe has that same feel, because you're playing more mature players. You have your different sets, you run through your offenses, you space the floor very well, and your best guys make plays. The college game is moving toward that, but still the coaches and teams run a lot of motion offense. Spacing isn't usually as good or effective. The 35 second shot clock changes everything, even though 11 seconds doesnt seem like a lot, with the 24 second shot clock you get the ball up, you run a quick set, you go through something quick, you have a few different options, and youre done. Youve got to take a shot.

In the college game, you can kind of walk it up, run around in circles for 20 seconds and you still have 5 seconds to get a half decent shot off. I would like to see a blending of the three, the college, NBA, and international game. As far as spacing and the different defensive principles, there are a lot of differences, but there are some similarities. The European game is more of a professional game, more mature. The college game needs more of that. I think college coaches need to get that so that they can train their players better to become better players and really become prepared for the professional game. European coaches are not interested in NCAA players coming right out of the NCAA, because the NCAA doesn't prepare them well for the professional game. They come out of the NCAA and are not prepared to play over here the way they should be.

This is Part 1 of the interview with Joe Crispin. Feel free to send any comments to

Stats Leaders - D1
Points Per Game
 Aubrey REESE
  Avg: 21.8
 1. Reese, Aliaga21.8 
 2. Crispin, Banvit20.7 
 3. Lofton, Mersin19.4 
 4. Williams, Banvit19.3 
 5. Gordon, Oyak R.19.2 
 6. Davis, Aliaga18.6 
 7. Ibekwe, Selcuk U.18.0 
 8. McCalebb, Mersin17.8 
 9. Baxter, Besiktas17.3 
 10. Graves, Galatasar.16.6 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 12.1
 1. Williams, Karsiyaka12.1 
 2. Thomas, Erdemir11.2 
 3. Besok, Galatasaray9.2 
 4. Traylor, Kepez Bld8.8 
 5. Saunders, Selcuk U.8.4 
 6. Benton, Karsiyaka8.0 
 7. Saunders, Kepez Bld7.8 
 8. Ffriend, Mersin7.7 
 9. Ibekwe, Selcuk U.7.5 
 10. Gonlum, Efes Pils.7.5 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 7.8
 1. Koseoglu, Karsiyaka7.8 
 2. Fitch, Kepez Bld5.9 
 3. Chatman, Besiktas5.6 
 4. Acik, T.Telekom5.6 
 5. Crispin, Banvit5.0 
 6. Senturk, Darussaf.5.0 
 7. Reese, Aliaga4.9 
 8. Gordon, Oyak R.4.6 
 9. McCalebb, Mersin4.6 
 10. Preldzic, Fener.Ulk.4.4 
Steals Per Game
 Edward BASDEN
  Avg: 2.8
 1. Basden, Mersin2.8 
 2. McCalebb, Mersin2.7 
 3. Mims, Antalya2.1 
 4. Atkins, Galatasaray2.1 
 5. Chatman, Besiktas1.9 
 6. Koseoglu, Karsiyaka1.9 
 7. Hammonds, Darussaf.1.9 
 8. Ibekwe, Selcuk U.1.9 
 9. Martin, Kepez Bld1.9 
 10. Smith, Efes Pils.1.8 
Blocks Per Game
  TED Koleji
  Avg: 2.8
 1. Hansen, TED Koleji2.8 
 2. Benton, Karsiyaka2.4 
 3. Solak, Aliaga2.1 
 4. Stiemsma, Oyak R.1.9 
 5. Traylor, Kepez Bld1.8 
 6. Ibekwe, Selcuk U.1.8 
 7. Davis, Aliaga1.5 
 8. Ffriend, Mersin1.3 
 9. Douthit, Antalya1.2 
 10. Thomas, Erdem.1.0 

Standings - TBL
TBL Standings
 1. Efes Pilsen 22-2 
 2. T.Telekom 19-5 
 3. Galatasaray 17-7 
 4. Fener.Ulker 16-7 
 5. Antalya 14-10 
 6. Mersin 13-11 
 7. Besiktas 13-11 
 8. Oyak Renault 11-13 
 9. Karsiyaka 11-13 
 10. Banvit 10-14 
 11. Darussafaka 9-14 
 12. Erdemir 9-15 
 13. Selcuk Uni. 9-15 
 14. Kepez Bld 8-16 
 15. Aliaga 8-16 
 16. TED Koleji 2-22 


Stats Leaders - Men
Points Per Game
 Anthony TUCKER
  BC Donetsk
  Avg: 19.3
 1. Tucker, BC Donetsk19.3 
 2. Owens, BC Donetsk17.1 
 3. Gladyr, Mykolaiv16.3 
 4. Greene, Sumykhim.16.3 
 5. Ulyanko, Pulsar15.7 
 6. Aleksic, BC Donetsk15.1 
 7. Bajramovic, BC Ky.14.2 
 8. Clemons, Poltava13.8 
 9. El-Amin, Azovmash13.7 
 10. Thompson, Azovma.13.7 
Rebounds Per Game
 Abdullahi KUSO
  Avg: 7.6
 1. Kuso, Sumykhimpr.7.6 
 2. Aleksic, BC Donetsk7.5 
 3. Greene, Sumykhim.7.2 
 4. Guinn, Poltava7.0 
 5. Thompson, Azovmash6.3 
 6. Owens, BC Donetsk6.2 
 7. Gumenyuk, Pulsar6.2 
 8. Tucker, BC Donetsk6.1 
 9. Wells, Poltava6.0 
 10. Kieza, Polta.5.9 
Assists Per Game
  BC Donetsk
  Avg: 6.7
 1. Rodriguez, BC Do.6.7 
 2. El-Amin, Azovmash5.7 
 3. Kelly, Khimik4.0 
 4. Jackson, Mykolaiv3.6 
 5. Jarutis, Azovmash3.1 
 6. Jarutis, Poltava3.0 
 7. Clemons, Poltava3.0 
 8. Shemosyuk, Pulsar3.0 
 9. Lekavicius, Sumykhim.2.9 
 10. Butskyy, Sumykh.2.8 
Steals Per Game
  BC Donetsk
  Avg: 3.3
 1. Rodriguez, BC Do.3.3 
 2. Greene, Sumykhim.2.8 
 3. Jackson, Mykolaiv1.9 
 4. Drozdov, BC Kyiv1.9 
 5. Clemons, Poltava1.9 
 6. Famutimi, Khimik1.8 
 7. Thompson, Azovmash1.8 
 8. Lekavicius, Sumykhim.1.7 
 9. El-Amin, Azovmash1.6 
 10. Aleksic, BC Donet.1.5 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 1.5
 1. Gumenyuk, Pulsar1.5 
 2. Blair, Mykolaiv1.4 
 3. Rizvic, Azovmash1.3 
 4. Lishchuk, Azovmash1.2 
 5. Kravtsov, BC Kyiv1.1 
 6. Djapa, Pulsar1.0 
 7. Ulyanko, Pulsar1.0 
 8. Kuso, Sumykhimpr.1.0 
 9. Van Den Spie., Azovm.0.9 
 10. Hlebowicki, Mykola.0.8 

Standings - Superleague
Superleague Standings
 1. Azovmash 23-3 
 2. BC Kyiv 21-4 
 3. BC Donetsk 18-8 
 4. Khimik 13-13 
 5. Mykolaiv 10-16 
 6. Pulsar 7-18 
 7. Poltava 6-20 
 8. Sumykhimpr. 5-21 

Superleague Round: 26 (Regular Season) - by Eurobasket News
Sumykhimpr. - Pulsar 60-66
Pulsar got back into the 6th position in the ladder after they rallied past Sumykhimprom on the road. Ilya Shemosyuk (188-G-85) scored 13 points, collected 7 boards and dished out 4 assist to lead the way for Pulsar. Dmitri Dyatlovsky, Roman Gumenyuk and Dmitri Briantsev added 12 points each in the win. Yevgeniy Podorvannyy and Osvaldas Macernis responded with 19 points each in defeat.

Mykolaiv - Poltava 80-72
Mykolaiv gained the second win in last three games played as they overcame Poltava at home court. Tyrelle Blair (211-C-85, college: Boston Coll.) came up with the best performance in the season tallying 20 points, 13 boards and 6 blocks to lead the hosts. Jarrius Jackson contributed 17 points for the winners. Jurica Zuza responded with 22 points and 8 boards for Poltava in defeat.

Azovmash - Khimik 77-55
Dijon Thompson (201-G/F-83, college: UCLA) scored 24 points and pulled down 10 rebounds to lead Azovmash past Khimik in Mariupol. Simonas Serapinas was helpful with 22 points and 6 rebounds in the 23rd win for the home side. Nenad Canak delivered 14 points and 6 rebounds for Khimik in the loss.

BC Donetsk - BC Kyiv 75-68
BC Donetsk proved their title ambitions with a hard-fought win over BC Kyiv. BC Kyiv woes started in the midweek in EuroChallenge and continued today in the local scene in Donetsk. Haywood Owens (204-F-79, agency: Pro One Sports, college: Texas) notched 20 points and 9 boards to lead the hosts to the 18th win. Deetrius Alexander contributed 16 points for the winners. Manuchar Markoishvili responded with 21 points and 5 assists for BC Kyiv in the loss.

Goliakhov's here again - by Alexander Muzyka
- BC Poltava added another guard. After Ricky Clemons has been out of Ukraine Poltava had to find somebody to help Saulius Kazevicius. Young Aleksei Goliakhov (190-G-84) became the best solution for Ramunas Cvirka's team. Russian guard is known in Ukraine by season 2007/08 performance in BC Odesa and Politekhnika, FBU informs.

- Politekhnika (UBL) parted ways with Aleksandar Djuric (210-F/C-82) as well as Ferro-ZNTU (UBL) decided to say good-bye to Gert Dorbek (190-G-85). Serbian has to threat his injury in Austria. Estonian seemed to play a bad level.


Eagles Extend Lead - by Andy Webb
The race for the play-off positions is becoming more and more exciting as the end of the season beckons and important victories for the Sheffield Sharks, Marshall MK Lions and Newcastle Eagles meant that they kept up their respective pushes for those postseason places.

The Sheffield Sharks picked up the result of the night as they defeated the Airwaves Plymouth Raiders 96- 73 at the EIS, Sheffield. This result, coupled with the BiG Storage Cheshire Jets' 93-76 defeat to the Newcastle Eagles, meant that the Sharks and Jets are tied for the final play-off position.

The Sharks enjoyed an impressive third quarter outscoring their opponents 27-10 to lead 69-43 going into the final stanza and enjoyed their biggest lead at 71-43 midway through the final period.

The Eagles' victory over the Jets at the Metro Radio Arena also meant that the Eagles could open up a six point lead over the Everton Tigers at the top of the BBL Championship table. The home side broke the game open in the second quarter with a 16-5 tear to take the score out to 42-27 and never relinquished the lead from that point.

In the night's other game, the Marshall MK Lions kept hold of seventh place in the table thanks to a comfortable 90-65 victory over the PAWS London Capital. The visitors kept themselves in the game throughout the first half, but Lions tears of 12-2 and 13-3 in the third period saw the home side take the score out to 70-48 going into the final stanza.

BBL Championship
Marshall MK Lions 90 (24,43,70) (Obazuaye 28, Brown/Eddie 14)
PAWS London Capital 65 (16,36,48) (Gariba 21, Knight 19, Sturgeon 13)

Marshall MK Lions kept their feet in the door of the play-offs thanks to a comfortable 90-65 victory over PAWS London Capital at the Bletchley Leisure Centre on Friday evening. A 14-4 start to the game for the home side signalled their intentions from the outset, but the Capital rallied a little and enjoyed a 6-0 tear of their own to trim the deficit back to six points at 18-12, but the Lions held on to take a 24-16 advantage into the second period. The second quarter saw both sides trading baskets throughout the majority of the quarter. A Jason Obazuaye basket had the Lions leading by as many as twelve points at 36-24, but the visitors again rallied to trim the deficit back to seven point at 43-36 going in at the half. In the second half a Darren Mills three-pointer to open the third period trimmed the gap to just four points at 43-39, but the Lions responded by breaking the game open with a 12-2 burst to take the score out to 55-41. A further 13- 3 run to close out the third period took the score out to 70-48 going into the final stanza. In the final period the Lions enjoyed their biggest lead of the game at 83-56. The visitors responded to this by netting the next six points to get back to 83-62, but this was as close as they could get as the Lions ran out comfortable winners. Obazuaye led all scorers in the game with an impressive 28 points for the Lions, while Ibrahim Gariba led the scoring for the Capital with 21 points personal.

BBL Championship
Newcastle Eagles 93 (22,47,71) (Moore/Smith 17, Defoe 16)
BiG Storage Cheshire Jets 76 (16,31,55) (Myers/Perre 18, Virgil 10)

Newcastle Eagles opened up a six point lead over the Everton Tigers at the top of the BBL Championship table thanks to a comfortable 93-76 victory over the BiG Storage Cheshire Jets. The result leaves the Jets tied for the final play-off position with the Sheffield Sharks. Both teams traded baskets in the early going before an 8-1 burst for the home side took the score out to 17-9. The sides continued to trade baskets for the remainder of the opening period to leave the Eagles leading 22-16 at the close of the first period. In the second quarter the Eagles eventually broke the game open thanks to a 16-5 burst to take the score out to 42-27 towards the end of the second period. The Eagles maintained their advantage at the end of the half to go into the locker rooms leading 47-31. In the second half the Jets closed the gap to thirteen points at 53-40, but an 18-9 Eagles tear took the score out to 71-49 midway through the period. The Jets bagged the final six points of the quarter to leave the Eagles leading 71-55 going into the final stanza. In the final period the Eagles enjoyed the biggest lead of the game at 91-69 with 1:21 remaining in the game as the home side held on for the comfortable victory. A combination of Trey Moore and Charles Smith (198-F-75, college: Rider) led the scoring for the Eagles with 17 points a-piece, but it was another combination of Shawn Myers and Philip Perre led all scorers with 18 points for the Jets.

BBL Championship
Sheffield Sharks 96 (24,42,69) (Brown 22, Whyte 20, Gorman 17)
Airwaves Plymouth Raiders 73 (16,33,43) (Robinson 13, Hundert 10, Gall/Beasley/Beckles 9)

Sheffield Sharks picked up an impressive 96-73 victory over the Airwaves Plymouth Raiders at the EIS, Sheffield to leave themselves level on points with eighth-placed BiG Storage Cheshire Jets in the race for that final play-off berth. Both sides traded baskets in the early going and were tied at 13-13 before the home side made the first break of the game with an 11-3 burst to close out the opening period leading 24-16. In the second quarter the Raiders kept the game close with some good defensive stops and execution of their offensive game-plan and got to within three points at 36-33, but another 6-0 tear from the Sharks gave them the advantage at 42-33 going in at the half. In the second half, the Sharks began to take control of the game. A 6-0 start to the third period gave the home side a 48- 33 advantage. The Sharks continued to dominate their visitors and extended their lead to nineteen points at 62-43 midway through the quarter. A 7-0 completed the impressive third period as they restricted the Raiders to just ten points in the quarter to lead 69-43 going into the final stanza. In the final period the Sharks enjoyed their biggest lead of the game at 71-43, before the Raiders enjoyed a 9-1 tear to trim the deficit to twenty points at 72-52 and despite the visitors best efforts to trim the gap still further, the Sharks held on for the comfortable victory. Marshall Brown led all scorers in the game with 22 points for the Sharks, while Gerald Robinson led the Raiders in scoring with 13 points.

Standings - BBL
BBL Standings
 1. Newcastle E. 24-4 
 2. Everton T. 22-5 
 3. Guildford H. 18-10 
 4. Plymouth R. 18-12 
 5. Leicester R. 17-12 
 6. Scottish R. 16-13 
 7. MK Lions 12-16 
 8. Cheshire J. 12-17 
 9. Sheffield S. 12-18 
 10. Worcester W. 12-19 
 11. Worthing T. 11-20 
 12. London C. 2-30 


Mijares hero in Margarita - by Yelitza La Torre
Toros de Aragua defeated Guaiqueries de Margarita 81-80. In this match between Puerto Rican coaches' strategies, Ernesto Mijares (190-G-76, college: McClennan CC) was the hero. Kenya Carper made a three point shot to put the score 78-78. Then after that, Guaiqueries didn't hesitate to give the ball to Cesar Silva who put the score 80-78 for Guaiqueries, but with few seconds remaining to go, Ernesto Mijares made a three point shot to win this exciting game 81-80. Kenya Capers (194-F-73, college: Houston) was the best Toro with 21 points followed by Alejandro Flores (202-F-81,college: E.Oklahoma St. JC) with 15 points and 12 rebounds, Ruben Pachano (185-G-76) 13 and the final seconds hero Ernesto Mijares whom finished the game with 11 points. Guaiqueries had it best men on Cesar Silva (187-G/F-81) with 24 points, Kelvin Pena (193-G-81, college: Southeastern CC) 17 points.


Women News

  AUSTRIA - Women  

Klosterneuburg surprise Herzogenburg in Round 26 - by Eurobasket News
Klosterneuburg came up with the biggest surprise in Round 26. A Kenan Jahic team toppled Herzogenburg at home court to post the 12th win in the season. UBBC on the other hand appeared two wins shy of Wels in the third spot in the standings. The visitors looked better in the first half as they built a 34:32 advantage at the interval. The lead grew at 9 points with one quarter and UBBC seemed to cruise. But Klosterneuburg had their own thoughts about it. They outscored UBBC 24:6 in the fourth period and celebrated a 70:61 victory at the end. Katharina Podoschek (168-G-80) knocked down 20 points to lead the home team. Kata Takacs (183-F-91) added 13 points in the winning case. Annamaria Trubswasser (187-C-85) answered with 12 points for UBBC. Martina Riel (175-F-82) had 10 points in defeat.
Flying Foxes registered the 21st victory as they toppled Graz 93:38. The reigning champions piled up a 22-point advantage at halftime and never looked back again. Renee Taylor (158-G, agency: Ronsport, college: Miami, FL) nailed 23 points to lead the way for Flying Foxes. Romana Vynuchalova (193-F/C-86, college: Penn St.) had 16 points in the winning case. Elisabeth Lutter (173-F-86) delivered 13 points for Graz.
Wels maintained the winning tempo as they breezed past Vienna 87 on the road. Victoria Crawford (170-G-83, college: Memphis) topscored with 18 points as Wels earned a 94:57 win. Caroline Nwafor (174-F-83) had 16 points for the visitors. Sophie Meisinger (183-F-89) replied with 14 points for Vienna 87.

Standings - AWBL
AWBL Standings
 1. Fl.Foxes 21-1 
 2. Wels 17-5 
 3. UBBC 15-7 
 4. Jocher's D. 12-10 
 5. Vienna 87 9-14 
 6. Baden 2-20 
 7. Graz 2-21 


BWBL Standings
Group A
 1. TEO Vilnius 1-0 
 2. Cesis 1-0 
 3. Berezina 0-1 
 4. Tim-Scuf 0-1 
Group B
 1. TTT Riga 1-0 
 2. Arvi 1-0 
 3. Lemminkain. 0-1 
 4. BC Star 0-1 

Vilnius and Klaipeda opened the Semifinals - by Eurobasket News
Vilnius and Klaipeda opened the semifinals of BWBL. First four games were played for the Final Four road.
In Vilnius SK Cesis beat Berezina-RCOR 69 : 46 mostly due to the second half. Both teams started even and the Latvian side could enjoy only 17:13 at the end of the opening quarter. Berezina bounced back and reduced to 31:29 at the halftime providing 16-14 in the second period. The game however belonged to the favorites as they improved in the second half with 19-7 in the third and 19-10 in the last quarters. Kristen Mann (188-F-83, college: UCSB) top-scored for the winners with 22 points, Young nailed 12 and Tare scored 10. Dureika ended up with 14 points in the losing effort.
TEO outscored TIM-SCUF 78 : 62 in another game in Vilnius. Lithuanian EuroLeague representative lost the opening period 16:19 but produced 21-11 in the second. TEO won also the third and the last frames to reach the first victory. Gintare Petronyte (195-C-89) top-scored for the winners with 21 points, Bimbaite netted 19 and Langhorne notched 12. Kateryna Dorogobuzova (187-F-90) shined with 21 points for the Ukrainian side.
Arvi beat Lemminkainen in the Lithuanian battle in Klaipeda. The latter started with 20-15 but then Arvi answered with 20-10 in the second quarter. The winner of the Regular Season produced 11-7 in the third period and finished the game with 17-11 in the last. Lizanne Murphy (185-F-84, college: Hofstra) paced all the winners with 19 points, Pacauskiene posted 13 and Murauskaja chipped in 12. Egle Siksniute (196-F/C-91) was responsible for 11 points for Lemminkainen.
TTT Riga destroyed BC Star 85 : 52 in Klaipeda. Estonian side struggled hard in the opening quarter and trailed only 14:17 at the end of it. TTT Riga pushed the tempo for good and produced 33-9 in the second period for 50:23 at the halftime. A 18-15 in the third and 17-14 in the fourth periods led TTT Riga to the easy win in the opener. Merike Anderson (181-G/F-81) led the winners with 26 points, while Ozolina scored 18 and Eglite had 9. Ashley Wallace (183-C-85, college: Pace) ended up with 23 points in the losing effort.

SK Cesis -Berezina-RCOR 69 : 46 ( 17 : 13, 14 : 16, 19 : 7, 19 : 10)
SK Cesis: Kristen Mann 22, Young 12, Tare 10
Berezina-RCOR: Dureika 14, Anzhela Duboiskaya (185-F-73) 11, Dauharukava 8

Arvi - Lemminkainen 63 : 48 ( 15 : 20, 20 : 10, 11 : 7, 17 : 11)
Arvi: Lizanne Murphy 19, Pacauskiene 13, Murauskaja 12
Lemminkainen: Egle Siksniute 11, Milieskiene 7, Zygelyte 7

TEO -TIM-SCUF 78 : 62 ( 16 : 19, 21 : 11, 17 : 15, 24 : 17)
TEO: Gintare Petronyte 21, Bimbaite 19, Langhorne 12
TIM-SCUF: Kateryna Dorogobuzova 21, Kochubey 13, Krasnikova 12

TTT Riga - BC Star 85 : 52 (17 : 14, 33 : 9, 18 : 15, 17 : 14)
TTT Riga: Merike Anderson 26, Ozolina 18, Eglite 9
BC Star: Ashley Wallace 23, Rannaveski 9, Kostla 8


USK Praha stay alive in ZBL Final - by Eurobasket News
Gambrinus - USK Praha 73:78

USK Praha survived the first test as they stayed alive in their Finals series against Gamrbinus. USK Praha entered the game with their backs against the wall trailing 0-2 in the best-of-five series. But an inspirational performance from Lindsay Whalen (173-G-82, college: Minnesota) allowed USK Praha to come back from Brno with a vital victory.
The teams exchanged baskets in the opening frame with neither team taking a decisive lead. Tamika Whitmore (187-C/F-77, college: Memphis) and Horakova gave the hosts a 22:17 lead late in the frame. But Evanthia Maltsi (180-F-78) fired from downtown and USK Praha trailed 20:24 at the first intermission. USK Praha made the push late in the second quarter. They capped the half with a 14:2 run and the visitors managed a 44:34 lead at halftime.
Nykesha Sales (183-F/G-76, college: Connecticut) and Lindsay Whalen stretched the gap to 12 points early in the third period. Gambrinus notched ten straight points and cut the deficit to 3 points. Hamchetou Maiga (184-G/F-78, college: ODU) closed the third stanza with a free throw and Gambrinus entered the fourth quarter down by one 54:55. Nykesha Sales nailed 4 points in a row to open the fourth period proceedings. Back-to-back trebles from Elhotova and Lindsay Whalen made it 68:61 for USK Praha midway though the final frame. Zirkova reacted with two trebles of her own as Gambrinus stayed in the game. Tamika Whitmore contributed 5 consecutive points as the home team surged in front 72:71 with under three minutes to go. However Evanthia Maltsi and Ferancikova gave USK Praha some breathing space 76:72 with 56 second left. Kulichova split free throws, while Ivanka Matic (195-F/C-79) sealed the outcome with a jumper.
Lindsay Whalen topscored with 28 points and 8 rebounds for USK Praha. Evanthia Maltsi added 18 points, while Nykesha Sales had 16 points and 6 rebounds in the win. Tamika Whitmore responded with 22 points for Gambrinus. Hamchetou Maiga banked 15 points in defeat.
Game 4 is scheduled for April 1.

Gambrinus: Tamika Whitmore 28, Hamchetou Maiga 15
USK Praha: Lindsay Whalen 28, Evanthia Maltsi 18, Nykesha Sales 16

  FRANCE - Women  

Standings - LFB
LFB Standings
 1. Bourges 22-1 
 2. Tarbes 22-1 
 3. Villeneuve 15-8 
 4. Union Hainaut 12-10 
 5. Challes 12-11 
 6. Montpellier 12-11 
 7. COB Calais 12-11 
 8. Pays d'Aix 11-12 
 9. Arras 11-12 
 10. Reims 9-13 
 11. Mondeville 9-14 
 12. Landes 7-16 
 13. Clermont 4-19 
 14. Nantes 2-21 

LFB Stats Leaders

Points Per Game
  Avg: 18.4
 1. Randall, Clermont18.4 
 2. Yacoubou-D., Tarbes16.7 
 3. Mosch, Montpellier16.4 
 4. Das Neves, Clerm.16.1 
 5. Grima, Aix-en-P.15.8 
 6. Mosby, Arras15.5 
 7. Robert, ESB V.14.9 
 8. Williams, Mondeville14.5 
 9. Wright, Tarbes14.2 
 10. Laborde, Land.13.7 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 10.9
 1. Yacoubou-D., Tarbes10.9 
 2. Robert, ESB V.10.9 
 3. Randall, Clermont10.8 
 4. Neaves, COB Calais9.6 
 5. Grima, Aix-en-P.8.6 
 6. Mosby, Arras7.8 
 7. Diouf, Landes7.7 
 8. Berezhynska, Reims7.6 
 9. Moore, Nantes7.4 
 10. Ndiaye, Tarb.7.2 
Assists Per Game
 Florence LEPRON
  ESB Villeneu.
  Avg: 4.8
 1. Lepron, ESB V.4.8 
 2. Wright, Tarbes4.8 
 3. Dumerc, Bourges4.5 
 4. Mitchell, Arras4.4 
 5. Sharp, Aix-en-Prov.4.4 
 6. Bouderra, Nantes4.2 
 7. Das Neves, Clerm.4.2 
 8. Wambe, Union H.4.1 
 9. Melain, Bourges4.0 
 10. Englert, Rei.3.7 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 6.3
 1. Michel, Arras6.3 
 2. Luptakova, Challes3.0 
 3. Dumerc, Bourges2.9 
 4. Robert, ESB V.2.6 
 5. Stansbury, Union H.2.0 
 6. Mosch, Montpellier2.0 
 7. Anderson, ESB V.1.9 
 8. Williams, Mondeville1.8 
 9. Nikipolskaia, Clerm.1.8 
 10. Skrela, Montpelli.1.8 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 1.1
 1. Sipaviciute, Arras1.1 
 2. Van Gorp, Nantes0.9 
 3. Evtoukhovitc., ESB V.0.9 
 4. Ndongue, Bourges0.9 
 5. Yacoubou-D., Tarbes0.8 
 6. Drljaca, ESB V.0.6 
 7. Coulibaly, Landes0.6 
 8. Moeggenberg, Tar.0.6 
 9. Melain, Bourges0.6 
 10. Ndiaye, Tarb.0.6 

  ICELAND - Women  

Haukar takes the lead - by Siggi Hjorleifsson
Haukar takes the lead in play-offs final by beating KR 74-65 in overtime.
Haukar leading at halftime 31-28 and 49-43 after third period
Slavica Dimovska came Haukar up with a three pointer 3 second left of the game and were 3 pts up. Haukar foul Hildur Sigurdardottir on last second and she tight the game up by making all 3 foul shots.
But Haukar were much stronger in the overtime.
Slavica Dimovska 17 pts. Ragna Margret Ragna Margret Brynjarsdottir (188-C-90) 16 + 13 rebs. Monika Knight 14.
For KR Hildur Sigurdardottir 20 Sigrun Amundadottir 16. Margret Kara Sturludottir 14

  IRELAND - Women  

Hotel Cork win Superleague - by Eurobasket News
Hotel Cork - DCU Mercy 87:67

Hotel Cork came up with an outstanding performance in the Final game edging DCU Mercy for the title. Niamh Dwyer (176-G-82, college: Monmouth) paced Hotel Cork to the win as they claimed the double in Ireland this season. Hotel Cork did not waste too much time to get adjusted. They unleashed a 9:0 rally in the starting minutes to leave DCU Mercy wondering. DCU Mercy needed some time to find touch from distance before the shot began to drop. Helena Kenny (176-G-83) and Sarah Woods (174-G-88) capped the starting frame with back-to-back trebles as DCU Mercy trailed by just two points 20:22. Helena Kenny and Jill Martin (185-F-85, college: Drake) allowed DCU Mercy to jump ahead 25:22 early in the second quarter. Jill Martin continued to find easy baskets as DCU Mercy mounted their lead. They avalanched to a 49:38 advantage at the interval and Hotel Cork had some a lot to discuss during the major break. Jennifer Strong (183-F-84, college: Dayton) and Dwyer had to step up for Hotel Cork to change the complexion of the encounter. Jennifer Strong buried consecutive jump shots to retain the lead for Hotel Cork 58:57 late in the third frame. Valerie O'Driscoll (175-F-90) followed with four more points and Hotel Cork started to clear off. Niamh Dwyer crowned the period with two points of her own and Hotel Cork entered the final stanza ahead by 9 points 66:57. The things worsened for DCU Mercy at the beginning of the fourth stanza as Hotel Cork went on a 7:2 run. Trailing by 14 points at the moment DCU Mercy found no way back into the game. Hotel Cork controlled the situation and rallied to the title at the end.

  KAZAKHSTAN - Women  

Astana and Irtysh advance to the Finals - by Eurobasket News
Astana and Irtysh advance to the Finals of the National league in Kazakhstan. Both squads swept their semifinal series over the opponents.
Astana Tigers overcame Okzhetpes 69:64 in the first Semifinal game, while Irtysh took 58:57 over BK Almaty. In Day 2 the winner of the Regular season Astana Tigers smashed Okzhetpes 80:49 taking the full responsibility of the game from the first minutes. Natalia Kuzmicheva (194-F) and Anastassiya Alishauskaite (170-G-88) shied for the winners to bring the Final birth. In another game Irtysh beat BK Almaty 56:41 to sweep the series 2-0.
Due to the semifinal games some players were awarded for their outstanding effort. Hustitdinova became the top points guard from BC Almaty and tried hard in the semifinals against Irtysh. Kristina Koldobenko (-F) from Okzhetpes and Zalina Kurazova (184-F-85) from Irtysh became the best Forwards. Natalia Kuzmicheva was named as the Best Center and Anastasia Alishauskaite got MVP of the Round.
The Final series will be held in Shikment from April 14-20. Astana and Irtysh will play up to three victories and will find out the best team in Kazakhstan season 2008/2009. Okzhetpes and BK Almaty will play for bronze medals in the League. Their series will be also up to three wins.

Standings - Women
D1 Standings
 1. Astana T. 17-1 
 2. Irtysh 14-4 
 3. BK Almaty 12-6 
 4. Okzhetpes 10-8 
 5. Kustanay 7-11 
 6. MKTU 3-15 
 7. Taraz 0-18 

  LATVIA - Women  

TTT Riga and SK Cesis are victorious in the openers - by Eurobasket News
TTT Riga and SK Cesis were victorious in the openers of Baltic League Semifinals played last night in Lithuania. In Vilnius SK Cesis beat Berezina-RCOR 69 : 46 mostly due to the second half. Both teams started even and the Latvian side could enjoy only 17:13 at the end of the opening quarter. Berezina bounced back and reduced to 31:29 at the halftime providing 16-14 in the second period. The game however belonged to the favorites as they improved in the second half with 19-7 in the third and 19-10 in the last quarters. Kristen Mann (188-F-83, college: UCSB) top-scored for the winners with 22 points, Young nailed 12 and Ieva Tare (185-F-74) scored 10. Dureika ended up with 14 points in the losing effort.
TTT Riga destroyed BC Star 85 : 52 in Klaipeda. Estonian side struggled hard in the opening quarter and trailed only 14:17 at the end of it. TTT Riga pushed the tempo for good and produced 33-9 in the second period for 50:23 at the halftime. A 18-15 in the third and 17-14 in the fourth periods led TTT Riga to the easy win in the opener. Merike Anderson (181-G/F-81) led the winners with 26 points. Diana Ozolina (179-F-89) scored 18 and Eglite had 9. Ashley Wallace (183-C-85, college: Pace) ended up with 23 points in the losing effort.

  LITHUANIA - Women  

TEO and Arvi reach the first wins - by Eurobasket News
TEO, Arvi and Lemminkainen started the Semifinals of the Baltic League in Vilnius and Klaipeda. TEO outscored TIM-SCUF 78 : 62 in another game in Vilnius. Lithuanian EuroLeague representative lost the opening period 16:19 but produced 21-11 in the second. TEO won also the third and the last frames to reach the first victory. Gintare Petronyte (195-C-89) top-scored for the winners with 21 points, Ausra Bimbaite (179-G-82) netted 19 and Langhorne notched 12. Kateryna Dorogobuzova (187-F-90) shined with 21 points for the Ukrainian side.
Arvi beat Lemminkainen in the Lithuanian battle in Klaipeda. The latter started with 20-15 but then Arvi answered with 20-10 in the second quarter. The winner of the Regular Season produced 11-7 in the third period and finished the game with 17-11 in the last. Murphy paced all the winners with 19 points. Vaida Pacauskiene (176-G-79) posted 13 and Murauskaja chipped in 12. Egle Siksniute (196-F/C-91) was responsible for 11 points for Lemminkainen.
Tonight TEO will face Berezina from Belarus in Vilnius. Arvi will take on BC Star and Lemminkainen will play against TTT Riga.

  LUXEMBOURG - Women  

Standings - Women
Diekirch Standings
Group A
 1. Musel Pikes 16-6 
 2. Etzella 16-6 
 3. T71 Dudelange 16-6 
 4. Basket Esch 14-8 
 5. Residence 13-9 
 6. AB Contern 12-10 
Group B
 1. Amicale 10-10 
 2. Grengewald 5-15 
 3. Racing 4-16 
 4. Black Frogs 0-20 

  NCAA2 - Women  

Minnesota State Claims NCAA National Championship - by Eurobasket
The #4 Minnesota State womens basketball team claimed the 2008-09 NCAA Championship with its 103-94 win over #14 Franklin Pierce.
The win brings MSUs final season record to 32-2, while FPU ends its season with a 29-6 record.
Im so proud of our team right now, interim head coach Pam Gohl said. This group is so special. They know if we play our game no one can beat us.
Minnesota State has had five other teams bring home national titles during in its history. The mens cross country team was the last team to win a share of a national championship in 1988. The mens hockey team won an NCAA Division II national title in the 1979-80 season. The wrestling team has won three national championships including one NCAA title in the 1964-65 season and two NAIA national championships in the 1958 and 1959. The 1946-47 men's basketball team made it to the National Association of Intercollegiate Basketball (NAIB) championship game where it fell to Marshall by a 78-59 score.
The first four minutes of the contest saw the Mavericks jump out to a nine point lead at 20-11, with junior guard Tiffany Moe (5'9''-G-88) leading the way with seven points. MSU still maintained the advantage with 10:15 left in the half with a 33-27 lead. Senior forward Alex Andrews (5'11''-F-87), senior guard Heather Johnson (5'8''-G-87) and Moe led the Mavericks with seven points each.
The scoring continued as the Mavericks still held a six point lead at 44-38 with 6:04 left in the first half. The Ravens outscored MSU 18-14 in the final six minutes to pull within two of the Mavericks at 58-56 heading into the locker room. The combined 114 points are the most scored in a first half this season in a Minnesota State game.
Both teams remained close early in the second half as MSU held a one-point lead at 74-73 with 12:50 left in the half. Franklin Pierce would then go on a 9-0 run to take an eight-point lead at 82-74 with 10:57 left in the game.
With the championship on the line MSU responded with a 12-2 run, behind two three point field goals from Johnson to tie the score at 88 all with 5:25 left in the game. The Mavericks finished the final 5:25 of the game outscoring the Raven 15-6 to win its first NCAA Championship.
We knew defensively we werent getting the job done, Johnson said. It was a high-scoring game, but down the stretch we were able to stop them.
Johnson, who was named tournament MVP, led the Mavericks in scoring with 29 points, while connecting on 5-of-9 shots from behind the three point line. With her five three point field goals, Johnson became the all-time leader in three point field goals made at MSU with 246, passing Kelli Freemans record of 241.
Andrews, who was named to the All-Tournament team, posted a career-high 25 points, on 11-of-13 shooting from the field, as well 11 rebounds for her 13th career double-double. Andrews also recorded five steals.
Moe chipped in with 18 points, to go along with her eight rebounds, four assists and four steals.
Senior guard Joanne Noreen (5'8''-G-86) earned all-tournament honors and scored 18 points, along with six rebounds, five assists and three steals.

Courtesy: MSU Mankato

  ROMANIA - Women  

Standings - Women
D1 Standings
 1. Targoviste 26-0 
 2. Alexandria 21-5 
 3. Sf.Gheorghe 19-6 
 4. Arad 19-7 
 5. Satu Mare 18-8 
 6. Govora 17-9 
 7. Oradea 14-12 
 8. Craiova 12-14 
 9. Cluj Napoca 12-14 
 10. Rapid 10-16 
 11. Olimpia 5-21 
 12. Iasi 5-21 
 13. S.Studentesc 3-23 
 14. Alba Iulia 0-25 

  SPAIN - Women  

Standings - LFB
LFB Standings
 1. Ros Casares 23-1 
 2. Halcon A.Per. 18-6 
 3. Rivas Ecopolis 17-7 
 4. San Jose 15-9 
 5. Olesa 14-9 
 6. Mariana 14-10 
 7. EBE Ibiza-PDV 13-11 
 8. Hondar.-Irun 12-12 
 9. Real C.Vigo 11-13 
 10. Cadi la Seu 9-15 
 11. Gran Canaria 6-18 
 12. Estudiantes 5-18 
 13. Mann Filter 5-19 
 14. Extrugasa 5-19 

Stats Leaders - LFB

Points Per Game
 Eshaya MURPHY
  San Jose
  Avg: 20.6
 1. Murphy, San Jose20.6 
 2. Lyttle, EBE I.18.8 
 3. Valdemoro, Ros C.17.1 
 4. Price, Mariana17.0 
 5. Lovelace-T., Hondar.16.0 
 6. Kresovic, Gran C.15.4 
 7. Perovanovic, Gran C.15.1 
 8. Page, Mariana15.1 
 9. Thomas, Mann F.15.0 
 10. Vega, Maria.14.9 
Rebounds Per Game
 Sancho LYTTLE
  EBE Ibiza-PDV
  Avg: 11.3
 1. Lyttle, EBE I.11.3 
 2. Page, Mariana10.3 
 3. Ble, Gran Canaria9.5 
 4. Snow, Halcon A.9.0 
 5. Turner, Mann F.8.7 
 6. De Souza, Ros C.8.5 
 7. Ujhelyi, Rivas E.8.1 
 8. Murphy, San Jose7.5 
 9. Lovelace-T., Hondar.7.5 
 10. Perovanovic, Gran.7.5 
Assists Per Game
  EBE Ibiza-PDV
  Avg: 4
 1. Morales, EBE I.4.0 
 2. Dominguez, Halcon A.4.0 
 3. Bermejo, Rivas E.3.8 
 4. Aguilar, Ros C.3.7 
 5. Santos Luz, Hondar.3.6 
 6. Cruz, Olesa3.5 
 7. Price, Mariana3.3 
 8. Castillo, Mariana3.1 
 9. Montanana, Ros C.3.0 
 10. Revuelto, San Jo.3.0 
Steals Per Game
 Eshaya MURPHY
  San Jose
  Avg: 2.9
 1. Murphy, San Jose2.9 
 2. Price, Mariana2.7 
 3. Valdemoro, Ros C.2.6 
 4. Palau, Ros Casares2.5 
 5. Lyttle, EBE I.2.4 
 6. Revuelto, San Jose2.1 
 7. Vesela, Ros Casares2.1 
 8. Santos Luz, Cadi l.2.0 
 9. Cruz, Olesa2.0 
 10. Bermejo, Rivas.2.0 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 1.4
 1. Podkovalniko., Olesa1.4 
 2. Lyttle, EBE I.1.3 
 3. De Souza, Ros C.1.2 
 4. Ble, Gran Canaria0.9 
 5. Bavendam, Hondar.-.0.9 
 6. Snow, Halcon A.0.9 
 7. Turner, Mann F.0.8 
 8. Riley, Rivas Ecopolis0.7 
 9. Holmes, EBE I.0.7 
 10. Pirsic, EBE.0.7 

  UKRAINE - Women  

Dnipro improves to 24-1 record - by Eurobasket News
The leader of UBL Dnipro won three times after being defeated by Dynamo. The team from Dnipropetrovsk has now 24-1 record on top.
In the latest round Dnipro beat Donbas 109:74 with the most offensive start from both teams. The latter showed great effort and did not give up against the favorite of the league. Donbas grabbed 37:34 after the opening quarter and struggled hard latter in the game as well. Dnipro pushed the tempo for good and had 23-15 in the second stanza. A 30-7 was more than enough to escape the upset and Dnipro added another 22-15 in the last period. Yuliya Yakhina (187-C-80) top-scored for the winners with 23 points. Kuzmichenko nailed 19 and Anna Pokoiova (188-F-87, agency: Promotex) scored 14. Natalia Isachenko (183-G-79, agency: Promotex) shined for the guests with 17 points.
Dynamo overcame Marel-Cherkasy 85:55 away from home. The second team of the League opened the game with 30:12, however allowed the hosts to reduce at the halftime after 21-15 in the second period. With 15-9 and 25-13 Dynamo clinched 21-4 record on the second place. Joei Clyburn (186-G/F-84, college: Xavier) led the winners with 23 points and 9 rebounds, while Stelmah added 15. Stashuk ended up with 22 points in the losing effort.

Standings - UBL - by Eurobasket News
UBL Standings
 1. Dnipro 24-1 
 2. Dynamo-NPU 21-4 
 3. KPU Zaporoz. 16-9 
 4. Yuzh.Palmira 16-10 
 5. Galitskaya A. 15-10 
 6. Donbas 13-12 
 7. TNU Simf. 11-15 
 8. Luganski Last. 4-21 
 9. Marel-Cherkasy 3-22 
 10. Polit.Galitsiya 3-22