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Men News


Liga A Round: 1 (Quarter-Finals) - by Eurobasket News
Atenas - Regatas C. 91-69
Atenas did not have to work very hard in order to grab 1-0 lead against Regatas. Federico Ferrini (194-G/F-83) came up with 16, Andre Laws and Leonardo Gutierrez added 15 pts each, while Bruno Labaque helped with 13 points. Luis Caqueira scored 19 points in defeat.

Gimn.CR - Sionista 72-77
Sionista grabbed valuable road win last night mostly owing to Javier Martinez (189-G-78), who drained 25 points and pulled down 6 rebounds. Eduardo Villares also shined netting 19 pts. Diego Romero and Jimmy Boston delivered 14 pts each for the loosing side.

Penarol - Boca Jrs 98-91
David Jackson (196-G-82, college: Penn St.) top-scored for Penarol last night with 18, Roman Gonzalez collected 16 points and 8 rebounds, while Sebastian Vega and Alejandro Diez posted 14 pts each. Juan Espil was on fire for the guests scoring 26 pts.

Libertad - Cicl.Olimpico 63-52
1-0 for Libertad, who got double-double from Esteban Batista (208-F/C-83), 20 points and 14 rebounds. Danilo Pinnock helped with 14 pts. Anthony Glover had 15 points and 8 boards for Ciclista Olimpico.

Stats Leaders - LigaA

Points Per Game
 Edward NELSON
  Avg: 20.1
 1. Nelson, Estudiantes20.1 
 2. Moodie, Independ.19.9 
 3. Jackson, Penarol19.2 
 4. Mazzaro, Quimsa18.6 
 5. Assie, Independ.N.17.0 
 6. Robinson, Sionista17.0 
 7. Espil, Boca Jrs17.0 
 8. Glover, Cicl.Olimpico16.5 
 9. Taylor, Lanus15.9 
 10. Osborne, Libert.15.7 
Rebounds Per Game
  Regatas C.
  Avg: 10.6
 1. Kammerichs, Regat.10.6 
 2. Williams, Cicl.Oli.9.5 
 3. Assie, Independ.N.8.5 
 4. Nelson, Estudiantes7.9 
 5. Allen, Quimsa7.7 
 6. Levy, Estudiantes7.4 
 7. Mikulas, Quimsa7.2 
 8. Taylor, Lanus7.1 
 9. Cowan, Quilmes MP7.0 
 10. Kante, Aten.7.0 
Assists Per Game
 Hernando SALLES
  Quilmes MP
  Avg: 4.8
 1. Salles, Quilmes MP4.8 
 2. Cantero, Sionista4.3 
 3. Rodriguez, Penarol4.1 
 4. Treise, Quimsa3.9 
 5. Franco, Estudiantes3.8 
 6. Titarelli, Obras3.4 
 7. Martinez, Sionista3.4 
 8. La Bella, Estudiantes3.2 
 9. Cequeira, Regat.3.0 
 10. Montecchia, Reg.3.0 
Steals Per Game
 Nicolas AGUIRRE
  Boca Jrs
  Avg: 2
 1. Aguirre, Boca Jrs2.0 
 2. Assie, Independ.N.2.0 
 3. Casini, Boca Jrs2.0 
 4. Sciutto, Gimn.CR2.0 
 5. Treise, Quimsa1.9 
 6. Marin, Independ.N.1.9 
 7. Moodie, Independ.1.9 
 8. Bortz, Boca Jrs1.8 
 9. Moore, El Nacional1.7 
 10. Glover, Cicl.Olimpi.1.5 
Blocks Per Game
 Nakiea MILLER
  Avg: 1.9
 1. Miller, Quimsa1.9 
 2. Moore, El Nacional1.9 
 3. Bortz, Boca Jrs1.9 
 4. Smith, Quimsa1.9 
 5. Allen, Quimsa1.8 
 6. Kammerichs, Regat.1.4 
 7. Williams, Cicl.Oli.1.3 
 8. Alston, Boca Jrs1.2 
 9. Smith, Lanus1.1 
 10. Gonzalez, Penar.1.0 

Stats Leaders - TNA

Points Per Game
  Avg: 22.2
 1. Marshall, C.Entrer.22.2 
 2. Carcamo, San M.20.6 
 3. Warren, Argentino18.8 
 4. Ghirardi, Firmat S.18.2 
 5. Ford, P.Echague17.7 
 6. Nwankwo, San M.17.6 
 7. Sucre, Union17.6 
 8. Tomatis, Alma Juniors17.5 
 9. Fabio, Obera TC17.2 
 10. Ceruti, San.17.0 
Rebounds Per Game
  San Mart.C.
  Avg: 9.4
 1. Carcamo, San M.9.4 
 2. Rollins, Ciclista9.1 
 3. Robinson, Alma J.9.0 
 4. Frey, A.Italiana8.9 
 5. Williams, A.Espanola8.7 
 6. Sucre, Union8.1 
 7. Fabio, Obera TC7.8 
 8. Brown, Firmat SF7.8 
 9. Pardal, C.Entrer.7.1 
 10. Ford, P.Echag.7.0 
Assists Per Game
 Cristian CADILLAC
  Avg: 4.8
 1. Cadillac, C.Entrer.4.8 
 2. Costa, La Union3.7 
 3. Sureda, Argentino3.5 
 4. Rivero, Atl.Echague3.0 
 5. Saul, A.Italiana2.9 
 6. Perez, GimnasiaLP2.7 
 7. Schoppler, A.Esp.2.5 
 8. Gornatti, San M.2.3 
 9. Gamboa, Obera TC2.3 
 10. Ederra, Firmat2.3 
Steals Per Game
 Juan Angel LOPEZ
  Avg: 2.4
 1. Lopez, A.Italiana2.4 
 2. Martin, Union2.3 
 3. Eseverri, Belgrano.2.3 
 4. Saul, A.Italiana2.1 
 5. Pau, La Union1.9 
 6. Eiguren, P.Echague1.9 
 7. Robinson, Alma J.1.8 
 8. Ford, P.Echague1.8 
 9. Eiguren, P.Echague1.7 
 10. Schoppler, A.E.1.7 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 1.7
 1. Rollins, Ciclista1.7 
 2. Hooks, A.Espanola1.6 
 3. Espinoza, Argentino1.6 
 4. Nwankwo, San M.1.6 
 5. Robinson, Union1.5 
 6. Robinson, Alma J.1.2 
 7. Brown, Firmat SF1.1 
 8. Porta, Atl.Echague1.0 
 9. Marshall, C.Entrer.1.0 
 10. Gibson, La Uni.0.9 


Stats Leaders

Points Per Game
  Avg: 22.7
 1. Mitchell, Arkadia22.7 
 2. Mayes, Gmunden22.0 
 3. Burnette, Worth.20.1 
 4. George, Vienna19.9 
 5. Thomas, Wels19.8 
 6. Youngblood, Oberw.19.2 
 7. Speiser, St.Polten18.6 
 8. Fears, Kapfenberg18.1 
 9. Moric, Oberwart18.1 
 10. Vay, Arkad.18.0 
Rebounds Per Game
 Nicholas RHODES
  Avg: 11.1
 1. Rhodes, Vienna11.1 
 2. Chappell, Gussing9.3 
 3. Penigar, Furstenf.9.0 
 4. Bakovic, St.Polten8.6 
 5. Johnson, Oberwart8.0 
 6. Grier, UBSC G.8.0 
 7. Ledoux, Gussing7.7 
 8. Strait, Wels7.3 
 9. Lucas, Furstenfeld7.1 
 10. Colwell, Gmund.7.0 
Assists Per Game
 Alexander LANEGGER
  UBSC Graz
  Avg: 5.8
 1. Lanegger, UBSC G.5.8 
 2. Burnette, Worth.5.6 
 3. Schreiner, St.Po.5.6 
 4. Boone, Furstenfeld4.8 
 5. Danek, Arkadia4.3 
 6. Mascoll, UBSC G.4.2 
 7. Thomas, Gussing3.9 
 8. Fisher, Gmunden3.9 
 9. Rowland, Furstenf.3.8 
 10. Grum, Furstenfe.3.8 
Steals Per Game
 Ravone GEORGE
  Avg: 2.3
 1. George, Vienna2.3 
 2. Mitchell, Arkadia2.2 
 3. Ray, Furstenfeld2.1 
 4. Penigar, Furstenf.2.0 
 5. Creddle, Klostern.2.0 
 6. Moore, Wels1.9 
 7. Burnette, Worth.1.9 
 8. Youngblood, Oberw.1.8 
 9. Artner, Oberwart1.8 
 10. Fears, Kapfenbe.1.7 
Blocks Per Game
 Bryan GRIER
  UBSC Graz
  Avg: 2.3
 1. Grier, UBSC G.2.3 
 2. Colwell, Gmunden1.3 
 3. Mascoll, UBSC G.0.9 
 4. Vay, Arkadia0.8 
 5. Mahalbasic, Worth.0.8 
 6. Bakovic, St.Polten0.8 
 7. Mayer, Gmunden0.8 
 8. Mitchell, Arkadia0.7 
 9. Youngblood, Oberw.0.7 
 10. Hamidovic, Kloste.0.6 

All-Star day! - by Stefan Heinrich
On April 8 the All-Star day 2009 will be play in Vienna in the Stadthalle. During this week of Easter there is always the famous youth tournament in Vienna.

Here are the All-Stars 2009 (Starters were voted by the fans)

Starting 5:

Benedikt Danek (174-G-86) of Arkadia Traiskirchen Lions
Deteri Mayes (189-G-74) of Allianz Swans Gmunden
Christoph Nagler (194-G-84) of Xion Dukes Klosterneuburg
Damir Rajkovic (201-F-77) of Xion Dukes Klosterneuburg
Jason Johnson (202-F/C-77) of Oberwart Gunners

Thomas Schreiner (195-G-87) of UBC St. Polten
Samo Grum (194-G/F-79) of BSC Raiffeisen Furstenfeld Panthers
Davor Lamesic (205-F-83) of WBC Kraftwerk Wels
Martin Speiser (200-F-83) of UBC St. Polten
Marko Moric (207-F-81) of Oberwart Gunners
Rasid Mahalbasic (207-F/C-90) of kelag Worthersee Piraten
Heinz Kugerl (211-C-86) of Kapfenberg Bulls

Michael Schrittwieser
Andrea Maghelli

David Jandl (180-G-84) of UBC St. Polten
Fabricio Vay (205-F-86) of Arkadia Traiskirchen Lions
Matthias Mayer (205-C/F-81) of Allianz Swans Gmunden

International Allstars:
Starting 5:

Melvin Creddle (185-G-82) of Xion Dukes Klosterneuburg
Adam Boone (190-G-81) of BSC Raiffeisen Furstenfeld Panthers
Shawn Ray (193-F-80) of BSC Raiffeisen Furstenfeld Panthers
Desmond Penigar (201-F-81) of BSC Raiffeisen Furstenfeld Panthers
Shelton Colwell (202-F-80) of Allianz Swans Gmunden

Brandon Thomas (198-G/F-84) of WBC Kraftwerk Wels
Jermaine Thomas (186-G-84) of UBC okoStadt Gussing Knights
Anthony Fisher (191-G-83) of Allianz Swans Gmunden
Jae Youngblood (196-G-84) of Oberwart Gunners
Deven Mitchell (196-F-84) of Arkadia Traiskirchen Lions
Bryan Lucas (203-F/C-78) of BSC Raiffeisen Furstenfeld Panthers
Bryan Grier (196-F-85) of UBSC Graz

Aaron Mitchell
Bob Gonnen

Ravone George (193-G-83) of BasketClubs Vienna
Wayne Arnold (193-G-84) of Kapfenberg Bulls
Tim Burnette (188-G-82) of kelag Worthersee Piraten

Radio-Energy Dunking-Contest:
Tim Burnette
Julian Mascoll (193-G-84) of UBSC Graz
Wayne Arnold
Marquis Wright (203-F/C-80) of Xion Dukes Klosterneuburg
Sebastian Koch (201-F-88) of UBC okoStadt Gussing Knights
Christian Kollik (203-G/F-80) of UBSC Graz

Spalding 3 Point Shootout:
already qualified (due to the percentage over this season):

Deven Mitchell
Wayne Arnold
Milan Stegnjaic (205-F/C-82) of Oberwart Gunners
David Geisler (186-G-80) of Arkadia Traiskirchen Lions
Ricky Moore (189-G-76) of WBC Kraftwerk Wels
Erik Rhinehart (206-F-82) of kelag Worthersee Piraten
Dusan Virijevic (206-C-86) of UBSC Graz

qualificiation round:
Marianna Kuras (182-F-81) of UBSC Graz Styrian Union Stars
Sophie Blank
Adam Boone
Dzmitry Paliashchuk (196-G/F-85) of Arkadia Traiskirchen Lions
Brandon Thomas
Christian Kollik
Hannes Artner (185-G-84) of Oberwart Gunners
Philipp Seel (193-G/F-85) of BasketClubs Vienna
Aleksandar Trivan (192-G/F-88) of BasketClubs Vienna
Jack Leasure (191-G-86) of kelag Worthersee Piraten
Damir Muharemovic (183-G-87) of UBBC Wien Diamonds
Christoph Bergthaler


Standings - Division I
D1 Standings
 1. Charleroi 18-6 
 2. M.Hainaut 18-6 
 3. Aalstar 17-7 
 4. Antwerp 13-11 
 5. Liege 11-13 
 6. Oostende 10-14 
 7. Leuven 9-15 
 8. Verviers-Pep. 7-17 
 9. Gent 5-19 

Stats Leaders - Division I

Points Per Game
  Avg: 18.8
 1. Lojeski, Aalstar18.8 
 2. Banks, Verviers.17.8 
 3. Hopkins, Antwerp17.6 
 4. Miller, Leuven17.4 
 5. Hill, Liege17.1 
 6. Hite, Oostende16.6 
 7. Freeman, Gent16.3 
 8. Green, M.Hainaut15.1 
 9. Pelle, Aalstar14.9 
 10. Cage, Lie.14.8 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 9.1
 1. Cantrell, Aalstar9.1 
 2. Brown, Gent8.6 
 3. Randle, Gent8.0 
 4. Ebong, M.Hainaut7.9 
 5. Pelle, Aalstar7.5 
 6. Thomas, Liege6.8 
 7. Young, Leuven6.5 
 8. Beghin, Antwerp6.3 
 9. Sensley, M.Hainaut6.2 
 10. Melson, Ge.6.2 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 5.2
 1. Huffman, Aalstar5.2 
 2. Draper, Oostende4.5 
 3. Atkins, Oostende4.1 
 4. Moors, Gent4.0 
 5. Conlan, M.Hainaut3.4 
 6. Black, Antwerp3.3 
 7. Loubry, Gent3.1 
 8. Wilson, Liege3.0 
 9. Zecevic, Verviers.2.8 
 10. Miller, Leuv.2.8 
Steals Per Game
 Robert HITE
  Avg: 2.5
 1. Hite, Oostende2.5 
 2. Hill, Liege2.3 
 3. Hopkins, Antwerp2.3 
 4. Conlan, M.Hainaut1.9 
 5. Freeman, Gent1.9 
 6. Dove, Verviers-Pep.1.9 
 7. Lojeski, Aalstar1.9 
 8. Huffman, Aalstar1.8 
 9. Nesbitt, M.Hainaut1.6 
 10. Broyles, Charler.1.6 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 1.3
 1. Riddick, Charleroi1.3 
 2. Haryasz, Oostende1.3 
 3. Pelle, Aalstar1.3 
 4. Dove, Verviers-Pep.0.9 
 5. Sensley, M.Hainaut0.9 
 6. Wilkinson, Charleroi0.9 
 7. Fields, Liege0.8 
 8. Green, Oostende0.8 
 9. Erwin, Verviers.0.8 
 10. Ibrahim, Leuv.0.7 


Bosnian League 8, 3TH round - Igokea win in Mostar - by Elvir Halilovic
Results 3TH round:
Zrinjski HT Mostar - Igokea Partizan 84:85
Borac Nektar - SL IAT Leotar 72:57
Bosna ASA BH Telecom S- loboda Dita 95:71
Hercegovac - Siroki Eronet (Sunday April 5TH)

Zrinjski HT Mostar - Igokea Partizan 84:85
Mostar - SD Bijeli Brijeg; Att.: 1.000; Ref.: Zurapovic, Obradovic, Jovanic
ZRINJSKI HTM: Vujcic 9, Cular 6, Sarenac 4, Tomovic 7, Petric, Oroz 6, Sesar 22, Dzidic 4, Simovic, Vuckovic, Ceskovic 21, Perajica 5
Coach: Rudolf Jugo
IGOKEA PARTIZAN: Castle 16, Vuksanovic 16, Bocka 6, McCaskill, Djurica, Djerasimovic 10, Taylor 16, Micic, Bilanovic, Misanovic 7, Kovacevic 3, Matic 11
Coach: Dragan Bajic

Bosna ASA BH Telecom - Sloboda Dita 95:71
(25:15, 3325, 28:11, 9:20)
Sarajevo SD Mirza Delibasic Skenderija. Att.: 1.000. Ref.: Adamovic, Kralj, Babic
BOSNA ASA BHT: Ivanovic 8, Sehovic 12, Ikonic 21, Rakic 2, Vucurovic 13, Djurasovic 5, Zimic 7, Hajric 6, Pasalic, Djordjevic 12, Avdic 3, Ovcina 6
Coach: Vlada Vukoicic
SLOBODA DITA: Jakubovic, Jovanovic 18, Halilovic 6, Velimirovic 7, Hrncic 3, Albijanic 11, Persic 5, Leric 6, Milosevic 12, Alibasic, Hodzic, Tanasilovic 3
Coach: Senad Muminovic

1. Bosna ASA BH Telecom 3-0 /278:226/ +52 / 6
2. Igokea Partizan 3-0 /254:222/ +32 / 6
3. Zrinjski HT Mostar 2-1 /261:246/ +15 / 5
4. Borac Nektar 1-2 /227:231/ -04 / 4
5. SL IAT Leotar 1-2 /197:219/ -22 / 4
6. Siroki Eronet 1-1 /171:174/ -03 / 3
7. Sloboda Dita 0-3 /227:268/ -41 / 3
8. Hercegovac 0-2 /126:155/ -29 / 2

Standings - BIH League
D1 Standings
League 8
 1. Bosna S. 3-0 
 2. Igokea 3-0 
 3. Zrinjski MC 2-1 
 4. Siroki Eronet 1-1 
 5. BoracNektar 1-2 
 6. SL IAT Leotar 1-2 
 7. Hercegovac 0-2 
 8. Sloboda Dita 0-3 
League 13
 1. Mladost MG 10-14 
 2. Vitez 9-15 
 3. Slavija 9-15 
 4. Grude 9-15 
 5. Posusje 8-16 
 6. Novi Grad 0-24 


Standings - BNL
NBB Standings
 1. Flamengo 15-2 
 2. CISER/Araldite 14-3 
 3. Universo/BRB 14-4 
 4. Pitagoras/Minas 13-3 
 5. Winner/Limeira 11-7 
 6. Vivo/Franca 10-7 
 7. GRSA/Bauru 8-9 
 8. Pinheiros 8-10 
 9. Paulistano 8-10 
 10. Conti/Assis 7-9 
 11. Lupo/Araraq. 6-11 
 12. CETAF 6-12 
 13. Univates/Bira 4-13 
 14. Saldanha 4-14 
 15. S.Jose/Vinac 2-16 

Stats Leaders - BNL

Points Per Game
 Marcelinho MACHADO
  Avg: 26.9
 1. Machado, Flamengo26.9 
 2. Dornelles, Vivo/Fra.22.4 
 3. Stefanelli, Pauli.21.9 
 4. Vinicius, Pinheiros21.1 
 5. Stallworth, Winner.20.6 
 6. Taylor, GR.20.1 
 7. Nascimento, Pinheiros20.1 
 8. da Rosa, Pitago.18.6 
 9. Shipp, Pitagora.18.6 
 10. Morejon,.18.4 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 11.6
 1. dos Santos, Joinville11.6 
 2. Nascimento, Pinheiros9.7 
 3. Bambu, Lupo/Ara.8.1 
 4. da Rosa, Pitago.8.1 
 5. Ferreira, Saldanha7.6 
 6. Probst, Pitagora.7.4 
 7. Costa, CE.7.3 
 8. Cipriano, Unive.7.2 
 9. Teichmann, Winner.7.2 
 10. Antonio, Flamen.6.9 
Assists Per Game
 Fernando PENNA
  Avg: 9.8
 1. Penna, Paulistano9.8 
 2. Taylor, GR.6.5 
 3. Sucatzky, Pitago.6.4 
 4. Neto, Lupo/Araraq.6.2 
 5. Costa, Vivo/Franca5.1 
 6. Silva, Un.5.1 
 7. Pinto, Winner/L.4.6 
 8. Lima, Flamengo4.5 
 9. Soares, Joinville4.3 
 10. dos Santos, Winn.4.3 
Steals Per Game
 Fernando PENNA
  Avg: 2.8
 1. Penna, Paulistano2.8 
 2. Taylor, GR.2.5 
 3. Machado, Flamengo2.5 
 4. Felipe, Vivo/Franca2.3 
 5. Ferreira, Saldanha2.3 
 6. Neto, Lupo/Araraq.2.2 
 7. Pinheiro, CE.2.0 
 8. Machado, Flamengo1.9 
 9. Sobral, Joinville1.8 
 10. Stallworth, Winn.1.8 
Blocks Per Game
 Guilherme TEICHMANN
  Avg: 1.9
 1. Teichmann, Winner.1.9 
 2. Vinicius, Lupo/Ara.1.7 
 3. da Rosa, Pitago.1.3 
 4. Ferreira, Unive.1.2 
 5. Morro, Pinheiros1.1 
 6. Bispo, Conti/Assis1.0 
 7. Mathias, Paulistano1.0 
 8. Fiorotto, Winner.0.9 
 9. Tischer, Lupo/Ara.0.9 
 10. Toledo, Lupo/A.0.9 

NBB Round: 19 (Regular Season) - by Eurobasket News
Pinheiros - Conti/Assis 89-71
Pinheiros eased past Conti/Assis as Marquinhos Vinicius (207-F-84) scored 31 points. Alex Naschimento added 23 points in the winning effort. Rodrigo Bahia Bispo managed 16 points as Conti/Assis slipped at 7-9 record.

Paulistano - GRSA/Bauru 93-92
Andre Stefanelli (195-F/G-84) nailed 23 points as Paulistano/Amil eked out a narrow home win over GRSA/Bauru. Atilio de Mello had 18 points as the winners improved at 8-10 record. Daniel Gaucho had 22 points for GRSA/Bauru as they lost the second in a row.

CETAF - Univates/Bira 93-80
CETAF snapped four-game losing skid beating Univates/Bira at home court. Alexandre Pinheiro (185-G-85) nailed 21 points to pace the hosts. Amiel Morejon added 19 points and 8 rebounds in the winning effort. Diguinho del Arco delivered 18 points for Univates/Bira in the loss.

Flamengo - Winner/Limeira 76-65
Flamengo held off Winner/Limeira as Marcelinho Machado (199-F/G-75, agency: Interperformances) tallied 24 points and 9 boards. Jefferson Antonio delivered 18 points and 6 boards for the league leaders. Shamell Stallworth responded with 17 points and 7 boards for Winner/Limeira.

Pitagoras/Minas - S.Jose/Vinac 83-78
Murilo da Rosa (208-C-83, agency: Arik Krayn Services) netted 22 points to lead Pitagoras/Minas past Sao Jose/Vinac. Joseph Shipp produced 18 points in the sixth consecutive win for Minas. Marvin Kilgore responded with 15 points for Sao Jose.

Universo/BRB - Vivo/Franca 77-72
Universo/BRB outscored Vivo/Franca to gain the 14th win in the season. Alexandre Garcia (191-G-80, agency: Interperformances) unleashed 28 points to lead Universo/BRB. David Da Silva added 14 points and 6 boards in the victory. MArcio Dornelles had 28 points for Vivo/Franca.

Saldanha - Joinville 61-84
Joinville thumped Saldanha away from home. Andre Luiz Manteguinha nailed 18 points for the visitors. Douglas Viegas (197-G/F-79, college: Wagner) had 14 points as Joinville improved at 14-3 record. Case Santos was the only player to score in double digits for Saldanha as he finished with 14 points and 8 boards.


Standings A1
NBL Standings
 1. Lukoil A. 14-3 
 2. Levski 13-5 
 3. ChernoMore 10-7 
 4. Spartak P. 10-8 
 5. Rilski S-list 9-9 
 6. Yambol 6-12 
 7. Sliven 0-18 

Stats Leaders

Points Per Game
 Marcus HALL
  Avg: 22.6
 1. Hall, Levski22.6 
 2. Sakota, CSKA19.0 
 3. Pickett, Lukoil A.17.9 
 4. Dimitrov, Spart.17.8 
 5. McIntosh, Chern.17.5 
 6. O''Gallagher, Yam.16.6 
 7. Peterson, Rilski S.16.2 
 8. Papic, Rilski S-list16.1 
 9. Adeleke, Lukoil A.15.8 
 10. Preston, Spartak.15.7 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 12.6
 1. Adeleke, Lukoil A.12.6 
 2. Sanders, Yambol11.1 
 3. Doychinov, CSKA8.8 
 4. Santos, ChernoMore8.3 
 5. Peterson, Rilski S.8.1 
 6. Preston, Spartak P.7.7 
 7. Georgiev, Levski7.5 
 8. Tenev, Sliven7.2 
 9. Sakota, CSKA6.8 
 10. Skumatov, Yamb.6.7 
Assists Per Game
 Willie DEANE
  Lukoil A.
  Avg: 5.4
 1. Deane, Lukoil A.5.4 
 2. Akins, Lukoil A.5.3 
 3. Mirkovic, Rilski S.4.8 
 4. McIntosh, Chern.4.6 
 5. Burks, Lukoil A.4.6 
 6. Hall, Levski4.2 
 7. Govedarov, Yambol3.7 
 8. Velikov, Levski3.6 
 9. Dimitrov, Spart.3.4 
 10. Lilov, Rilski S-li.3.2 
Steals Per Game
 Hrisimir DIMITROV
  Spartak P.
  Avg: 2.4
 1. Dimitrov, Spart.2.4 
 2. Velikov, Levski2.0 
 3. McIntosh, Chern.1.9 
 4. Pickett, Lukoil A.1.9 
 5. Belberov, Rilski S.1.8 
 6. Tsvetkov, CSKA1.7 
 7. Govedarov, Yambol1.5 
 8. Lilov, Rilski S-list1.5 
 9. Sanders, Yambol1.5 
 10. Mirkovic, Rilski.1.4 
Blocks Per Game
 Michael EARL
  Avg: 1.7
 1. Earl, ChernoMore1.7 
 2. Sanders, Yambol1.6 
 3. Jelic, ChernoMore1.4 
 4. Doychinov, CSKA1.3 
 5. Peterson, Rilski S.1.1 
 6. Adeleke, Lukoil A.1.0 
 7. Ilchev, Sliven0.9 
 8. Skumatov, Yambol0.8 
 9. Tsvetkov, CSKA0.7 
 10. Morton, Levs.0.7 


Stats Leaders - CBA

Points Per Game
 Rodney WHITE
  Zhejiang G.
  Avg: 36.2
 1. White, Zhejiang G.36.2 
 2. Rodgers, Jilin35.0 
 3. Benson, Shaanxi34.1 
 4. Snyder, Zhejiang C.33.6 
 5. Jones, Beijing31.6 
 6. Harris, DongGuan30.9 
 7. Harvey, Jiangsu29.8 
 8. Tuck, Shandong28.7 
 9. Williams, Qingd.27.7 
 10. Porter, Fuji.26.2 
Rebounds Per Game
 Olumide OYEDEJI
  Shanxi Zh.
  Avg: 19.8
 1. Oyedeji, Shanxi Zh.19.8 
 2. Benson, Shaanxi18.8 
 3. Harvey, Jiangsu15.4 
 4. Jones, Beijing14.6 
 5. Thompson, Shandong14.3 
 6. Harris, DongGuan14.2 
 7. Watkins, TianJ.14.0 
 8. Alexander, Liaoning13.5 
 9. Watkins, Jiangsu13.3 
 10. Porter, Fuji.12.9 
Assists Per Game
 Xiaoming LU
  Avg: 8.9
 1. Lu, Fujian8.9 
 2. Hu, Jiangsu7.5 
 3. Tuck, Shandong6.5 
 4. Allen, Xinjiang6.2 
 5. Benson, Shaanxi5.6 
 6. Williams, Qingd.5.5 
 7. Li, Qingdao DS5.4 
 8. Zhang, Liaoning5.0 
 9. White, Zhejiang G.4.9 
 10. Smith, TianJin.4.8 
Steals Per Game
 Xiaoming LU
  Avg: 4.6
 1. Lu, Fujian4.6 
 2. Williams, Qingd.4.3 
 3. Parker, Guandong4.0 
 4. Allen, Xinjiang3.4 
 5. Hu, Jiangsu3.4 
 6. Robinson, Shaanxi3.0 
 7. Li, Qingdao DS3.0 
 8. Jones, Beijing2.7 
 9. Tuck, Shandong2.7 
 10. White, Zhejiang.2.4 
Blocks Per Game
 Keith CLOSS
  Avg: 4.5
 1. Closs, Yunnan4.5 
 2. Lauderdale, Shand.3.7 
 3. Steyn, Qingdao DS2.5 
 4. Harrison, Beijing2.3 
 5. Watkins, Jiangsu2.3 
 6. Benson, Shaanxi2.0 
 7. Mo, Bayi1.9 
 8. McCaskill, Qingd.1.9 
 9. Oyedeji, Shanxi Zh.1.8 
 10. McCoy, Zhejiang.1.7 


Standings - Ozujsko A1 League
A1 Standings
Group 1-8
 1. KK Zagreb 4-0 
 2. Cibona 4-0 
 3. Dubrovnik 2-1 
 4. KK Split 2-1 
 5. Zadar 1-1 
 6. Sibenka 1-3 
 7. Svjetlost 0-4 
 8. Cedevita 0-4 
Group 9-14
 1. Alkar Sinj 4-2 
 2. Dubrava 3-3 
 3. Kvarner NR 3-3 
 4. Zabok 3-3 
 5. Trogir 2-3 
 6. Borik 2-3 

Stats Leaders - A1

Points Per Game
 Marijan MANCE
  Kvarner NR
  Avg: 22.7
 1. Mance, Kvarner NR22.7 
 2. Bizaca, Trogir22.5 
 3. Mimica, Sibenka20.9 
 4. Prejean, Dubrovnik20.7 
 5. Delic, Svjetlost17.9 
 6. Vranjes, Dubrovnik17.7 
 7. Rimac, Svjetlost17.5 
 8. Bradley, Cedevita17.4 
 9. Petkovic, Sibenka16.7 
 10. Ivanov, Zab.14.7 
Rebounds Per Game
  Kvarner NR
  Avg: 8.8
 1. Spahija, Kvarner NR8.8 
 2. Ramljak, Alkar Sinj8.0 
 3. Bilan, Sibenka8.0 
 4. Delic, Svjetlost7.1 
 5. Bizaca, Trogir6.8 
 6. Colak, Cedevita6.4 
 7. Sobin, Trogir6.2 
 8. Kastropil, Cedevita6.1 
 9. Vranjes, Dubrovnik6.0 
 10. Sakic, Dubra.5.8 
Assists Per Game
 Domagoj NORAC
  Avg: 6.1
 1. Norac, Svjetlost6.1 
 2. Petkovic, Sibenka5.2 
 3. Sumic, Alkar Sinj4.9 
 4. Cosic, Dubrava3.7 
 5. Glavinic, Kvarn.3.6 
 6. Prejean, Dubrovnik3.4 
 7. Tomeljak, Cedevita3.4 
 8. Ticina, Svjetlost3.4 
 9. Bubalo, Trogir3.0 
 10. Bradley, Cedevi.2.8 
Steals Per Game
 Domagoj NORAC
  Avg: 2.9
 1. Norac, Svjetlost2.9 
 2. Prejean, Dubrovnik2.8 
 3. Maric, Dubrava2.3 
 4. Glavinic, Kvarn.2.0 
 5. Sumic, Alkar Sinj1.9 
 6. Ivanov, Zabok1.7 
 7. Bosnjak, Dubrava1.7 
 8. Petkovic, Sibenka1.4 
 9. Bizaca, Trogir1.4 
 10. Bradley, Cedevi.1.3 
Blocks Per Game
  KK Zagreb
  Avg: 3
 1. Zoric, Zabok3.0 
 2. Krolo, Dubrava2.0 
 3. Bilan, Sibenka1.1 
 4. Johnson, KK Split1.0 
 5. Sobin, Trogir1.0 
 6. Gordon, KK Split1.0 
 7. Bizaca, Trogir0.9 
 8. Delic, Svjetlost0.5 
 9. Ramljak, Alkar Sinj0.5 
 10. Kastropil, Cedevi.0.5 


Proteas Eka Ael going to Bologna! - by Michael Aristidou
Proteas EKA AEL Limassol will travel to bologna for FIBA FINAL FOUR EUROCHALLENGE 2008 2009. FIBA inform the teams about their decisions on friday 3/4/2009 by fax. Here is a part of the annoucement made by FIBA. 'FIBA Europe announced on Friday that the 2009 EuroChallenge Final Four will be held in the historic Italian city of Bologna, home of Final Four participant Virtus BolognaFiere'. Proteas EKA AEL Limassol will face home team La Fortezza Bologna while in the other semi final Cholet Basket will face off Triumph Lyubertsy. The event will take place between 24-26/4/2009.


Last Night in the D-League: Playoff Races Tightening - by Surujh Roopnarine
Erie Bayhawks (93) at Los Angeles D-Fenders (83)
Heading into last nights game against the D-Fenders, the Bayhwaks were theoretically the last team left out of the Playoffs. They definitely played like a team that wants to make a postseason run, as they pulled off the 93-83 road victory in Los Angeles. Erik Daniels (6'9''-G/F-82, college: Kentucky) led all scorers with game highs of 30 points to go along with 11 rebounds as the Bayhawks improved to 25-22 while the D-Fenders fall to 16-31. Erie controlled the second quarter after a back and-forth first period, taking a 12-point lead into halftime, but the home team stormed back in the third to cut the deficit to two, 66-64 heading into the fourth. There the Bayhawks put on the pressure and outscored LA 27-19 to take the victory. Tony Bethel (6'2''-G-82, college: N.Carolina St.) and Maureece Rice (6'1''-G-84, college: George Washington) followed Daniels with 18 points a piece for Erie. Dwayne Mitchell (6'5''-G-82, college: La-Lafayette) led LA with a team high 18 points, but on 3-10 shooting.
BAYHAWKS: Erik Daniels (30pt+11rb+5as), Maureece Rice (18pt+6as), Tony Bethel (18pt), Oliver Lafayette (10pt+5st)
D-FENDERS: Dwayne Mitchell (18pt+5rb+5st), Brandon Heath (17pt+5rb), Earl Barron (16pt+7rb), Ryan Forehan-Kelly (15pt+5rb)

Dakota Wizards (92) at Fort Wayne Mad Ants (100)
Chris Hunter (6'11''-F/C-84, college: Michigan) (33 points) and Ron Howard (6'5''-G/F-82, college: Valparaiso) (30 points) were unstoppable, as the Fort Wayne Mad Ants ended their two-game skid by defeating the visiting Dakota Wizards 100-92 last night in the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum. Despite being out shot in every category, Fort Wayne controlled the glass, specifically the offensive side where they collected 21 offensive rebounds on the night (as opposed to 10 for Dakota). Hunter, Howard and Anthony Kent (6'11''-F/C-83, college: Ball St.) all recorded double-doubles as the Mad Ants improved to 18-29 while Dakota dropped to 25-22. Dakota was led by Richard Hendrix (6'8''-F-86, college: Alabama) and his 22 point, 12 rebound effort. Despite shooting better on the night, Dakota was out-rebounded 50-43 and committed 16 turnovers as opposed to eight for the hosts.
WIZARDS: Richard Hendrix (22pt+12rb), David Monds (9pt+13rb), Blake Ahearn (19pt+5rb), Renaldo Major (14pt+5rb+5as)
MAD ANTS: Chris Hunter (33pt+16rb), Ron Howard (30pt+10rb), Anthony Kent (10pt+12rb), Walker Russell (18pt+5rb+8as)

Colorado 14ers (119) at Tulsa 66ers (121)
Colorado had their seven game winning streak snapped as the last-place Tulsa 66ers staged a furious fourth quarter comeback to steal a 121-119 home victory over the number one team in the D-League. The trio of D.J. White (6'9''-F-86, college: Indiana), Kyle Weaver (6'6''-G-86, college: Washington St.) and Gary Forbes (6'7''-G/F-85, college: Virginia) accounted for 74 of the 66ers (14-23) 121 points on the night as the team shot a very impressive 56.8% from the field. Despite 14 Colorado three-pointers on the night, Tulsa was able to make the shots down the stretch to pull off the upset. Josh Davis (6'8''-C/F-80, college: Wyoming) led Colorado (32-13) with a team high 28 points on 9-16 shooting.
14ERS: Josh Davis (28pt+6rb), Eddie Gill (23pt+7as), Dominique Coleman (19pt+5rb+5as+5to), Billy Thomas (17pt+6rb)
66ERS: D.J. White (28pt+7rb), Kyle Weaver (24pt+7rb+11as), Gary Forbes (22pt+7rb+9as+5to), Ryan Humphrey (15pt+6rb)

Albuquerque Thunderbirds (105) at Utah Flash (125)
Utah, which heading into last nights game was only 0.5 games up on idle Idaho in the Western Division, came away with a convincing 125-105 victory over the visiting Albuquerque Thunderbirds. In a meeting of two teams still battling to make the playoffs the home Flash (28-16) took control in the second half after a back and forth first half saw five ties and five lead changes. Utah was led by its NBA assignees as Morris Almond (6'6''-F-85, college: Rice) scored a team-high 27 points on 9-20 shooting, while Kosta Koufos (7'0''-F/C-89, college: Ohio St.) (22) and J.R. Giddens (6'5''-G-85, college: N.Mexico) (21) followed closely. Albuquerque (23-22) was led by Jasper Johnson (6'7''-C-83, college: Delta St.) and his 27 point, 10 rebound performance while D-League leading scorer Will Conroy scored 23 on 9-19 shooting.
T-BIRDS: Jasper Johnson (27pt+10rb), Will Conroy (23pt+5rb+9as), Mouhamed Sene (6pt+10rb), Mark Walters (17pt)
FLASH: Morris Almond (27pt), Kosta Koufos (22pt+8rb), J.R. Giddens (21pt+6as), Ronald Dupree (18pt+5rb)

D-League Standings
Central Division
 1. Iowa E. 26-21 
 2. Dakota W. 25-22 
 3. Sioux Falls S. 25-23 
 4. Erie BH 25-24 
 5. Ft.Wayne MA 18-29 
Southwest Division
 1. Colorado 14ers 33-13 
 2. Austin T. 29-17 
 3. Albuquerque T. 23-23 
 4. Rio Grande VV 20-27 
 5. Tulsa 66ers 15-33 
West Division
 1. Utah F. 29-16 
 2. Idaho S. 29-18 
 3. Bakersfield J. 26-22 
 4. Reno B. 22-24 
 5. LA D-Fenders 16-31 
 6. Anaheim A. 15-33 

Stats Leaders

Points Per Game
  Avg: 25.9
 1. Conroy, Albuquerque25.9 
 2. White, Anaheim25.9 
 3. Ahearn, Dakota23.2 
 4. Sims, Iowa22.8 
 5. Williams, Austin22.8 
 6. Daniels, Erie21.2 
 7. Jeffers, Iowa21.0 
 8. Crawford, Los A.20.8 
 9. Johnson, Bakersfi.20.6 
 10. Davis, Colora.19.2 
Rebounds Per Game
 Richard HENDRIX
  Avg: 11.6
 1. Hendrix, Dakota11.6 
 2. Sims, Iowa11.0 
 3. Gaines, Austin10.3 
 4. Daniels, Erie10.2 
 5. Monds, Albuquerque9.6 
 6. Hunter, Ft.Wayne9.3 
 7. Allred, Idaho9.2 
 8. Jeffers, Iowa9.2 
 9. Ewing, Reno8.9 
 10. Johnson, Albuqu.8.8 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 10.8
 1. Russell, Ft.Wayne10.8 
 2. Jordan, Rio Grande8.9 
 3. Gill, Colorado8.6 
 4. Cleaves, Bakersfield8.3 
 5. Stinson, Iowa8.1 
 6. Conroy, Albuquerque8.0 
 7. Parker, Rio Grande7.5 
 8. Johnson, Austin5.6 
 9. Karl, Idaho5.5 
 10. Baker, Dako.5.4 
Steals Per Game
 Dominique COLEMAN
  Avg: 2.8
 1. Coleman, Colorado2.8 
 2. Elliott, Sioux Falls2.6 
 3. Elliott, Ft.Wayne2.6 
 4. Russell, Ft.Wayne2.4 
 5. Noel, Albuquerque2.3 
 6. Jordan, Rio Grande2.2 
 7. Jeffers, Iowa2.1 
 8. Robinson, Reno2.1 
 9. Major, Dakota2.0 
 10. Stinson, Io.2.0 
Blocks Per Game
 Cheikh SAMB
  Avg: 4.1
 1. Samb, Colorado4.1 
 2. Williams, Colorado3.9 
 3. Sene, Albuquerque3.4 
 4. Benson, Reno2.7 
 5. Looby, Rio Grande2.3 
 6. Felix, Anaheim2.0 
 7. Petway, Idaho2.0 
 8. Sims, Iowa2.0 
 9. Haddadi, Dakota1.7 
 10. Hendrix, Dako.1.6 


Standings - District National
SRT Standings
 1. Sameji 9-1 
 2. Cupes 5-5 
 3. CPN 5-5 
 4. GUG 5-5 
 5. Plaza 3-6 
 6. CDP 2-7 


A Champion of EuroChallenge will be crowned in Bologna - by Eurobasket News
A Champion of EuroChallenge will be crowned in Bologna as Italian side will host Final Four of the tournament. FIBA Europe announced on Friday that the 2009 EuroChallenge Final Four will be held in April 24th-26th. Cholet Basket faces BC Triumph, while the home side Virtus BolognaFiere will meet Proteas EKA AEL. The winners will face each other on Sunday, April 26th.
The road for each team to the Final Four was almost the same. All four teams won their Groups and overcame the oppoenents in the Final Eight. Cholet Basket, BC Triumph and Proteas EKA AEL finished their groups with 5-1 record each, whilst Virtus BolognaFiere advanced to the Quarterfinals with 4-2 record.
For the team from Cyprus it will be the second year in a row in Final Four. Last year Dexia Mons-Hainaut upset them in the Semifinal 70:55, while Proteas EKA AEL won the game for the third place over Tartu Rock 79:70. Barons LMT Riga were the 2008 EuroCup champion after defeating Dexia Mons-Hainaut in a 63:62 thriller in Limassol, Cyprus, Armands Skele (192-G-83, agency: Agency No 10) was the main executor for the Barons the entire night. The athletic Latvian guard showed his classic all-around skills in registering 13 points, seven rebounds and six assists behind huge, hard-nosed fighting spirit. Dexia got 13 points each from their guards Conlon and Nate Reinking the former added five rebounds and four assists, with the latter grabbing six boards. Andrew Sullivan led the Dexia comeback in the third quarter and finished with 12 points and six rebounds.


Eurocup Round: 1 (Semi-Finals) - by Eurobasket News
Hemofarm - Lietuvos 68-73
The Lithuanian powerhouse Lietuvos Rytas became the first EuroCup finalist. They outlasted Hemofarm in the first semifinal clash in Turin today. Marijonas Petravicius (208-F/C-79, college: S.Carolina) scored 23 points to lead the Lithuanian team to the title decider. Mindaugas Lukauskis scored 15 points, while Chuck Eidson had 13 points, 7 assists and 6 boards for the winners. Nebojsa Joksimovic replied with 24 points for Hemofarm. Stefan Markovic and Boban Marjanovic banked 9 points apiece in defeat.

Iurbentia B. - Khimky 73-79
BC Khimki Moscow became the second finalist of the EuroCup campaign beating Bilbao Basket 79:73 in the semifinal game. The Russian squad joined Lietuvos Rytas and will face them tomorrow in the Final. Carlos Delfino (199-G-82) paced all the winners with 18 points, Vitaly Fridzon had 14, Kelly McCarty scored 12 and Jorge Garbajosa nailed 11. Luke Recker (198-G/F-78, college: Iowa) ended up with 21 points in defeat, while Marko Banic netted 15.

Eurocup Round: 1 (Quarter-Finals) - by Eurobasket News
Iurbentia B. - Zadar 76-67
Bilbao wasted a 13-point first frame lead but revived late in the game and stole a hard-fought victory from Zadar. The Spaniards entered the semifinal where they would take on Khimky. Janis Blums (190-G-82) pitched in 21 points to topscore for Bilbao. Drago Pasalic had 12 points, while Javier Salgado managed 10 points for the winners. Hrvoje Peric responded with 17 points for Zadar. Desmon Farmer finished with 11 points in the losing case.

Dynamo M. - Hemofarm 85-93
Dynamo Moscow and Hemofarm tipped off the action as they clashed in the first quarterfinal today. Hemofarm proved their high ambitions claiming quite sensational victory. Bojan Krstovic (194-G-80) dropped 16 points to lead Hemofarm. Nebojsa Joksimovic had 15 points for the winners. Brian Chae and Travis Hansen finished with 19 points apiece for Dynamo. Nachbar had 15 points in the losing effort.

Benetton - Lietuvos 79-85
Lietuvos Rytas upset the home country team Benetton Basket 85:79 to take the place in the Final Four. The EuroCup MVP Chuck Eidson (201-F-80, agency: Court Side, college: S.Carolina) led Rytas with 23 points and 8 rebounds, while Milko Bjelica and Marijonas Petravicius contributed with 12 points each. Gary Neal finished with 18 points in the losing effort.

Pamesa V. - Khimky 73-76
Khimky and Pamesa Valencia opened the action on the second day of the EuroCup Final Eight in Turin. Mike Wilkinson (204-F-81, agency: Interperformances, college: Wisconsin) dropped 15 points and grabbed 6 boards to pace Khimky. Jorge Garbajosa and Carlos Delfino added 12 points apiece for the winners. Albert Oliver responded with 18 points in the loss. Rafael Martinez had 11 points for Pamesa as they stopped one step away from the semis.

Stats Leaders

Points Per Game
  Vive Menorca
  Avg: 18.8
 1. Sundov, ASK Riga18.8 
 2. El-Amin, Azovmash17.9 
 3. Neal, Benetton17.5 
 4. Thompson, Le Havre17.4 
 5. Labovic, FMP17.2 
 6. Hansen, Dynamo M.16.3 
 7. Nachbar, Dynamo M.16.1 
 8. Eidson, Lietuvos16.1 
 9. Fenn, Art.Dragons15.8 
 10. McCarty, Khim.15.4 
Rebounds Per Game
 Demetrius ALEXANDER
  BC Donetsk
  Avg: 9.2
 1. Alexander, Ba.9.2 
 2. Sundov, ASK Riga8.8 
 3. Ivanov, Zadar8.6 
 4. Merriex, Le Havre8.3 
 5. Veremeenko, Unics8.1 
 6. Roberts, Crvena Z.7.7 
 7. Wallace, Benetton7.4 
 8. Dasic, Buducnost7.4 
 9. Dudley, T.Telekom6.9 
 10. Kirksay, Uni.6.9 
Assists Per Game
 Khalid EL-AMIN
  Avg: 5.3
 1. El-Amin, Azovmash5.3 
 2. Eidson, Lietuvos5.1 
 3. Chatman, Besiktas4.7 
 4. Thompson, Le Havre4.5 
 5. Price, Dynamo M.4.3 
 6. Stipcevic, Zadar4.2 
 7. Palacio, Khimky4.1 
 8. Keys, C.C. Marousi4.1 
 9. Marinovic, Crvena Z.4.0 
 10. Neitzel, Art.Dr.3.9 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 3
 1. Chatman, Besiktas3.0 
 2. Lyday, Unics2.3 
 3. Thompson, Azovmash2.2 
 4. Fisher, Kalise G.C.2.1 
 5. Eidson, Lietuvos2.1 
 6. Douglas, Pamesa V.2.0 
 7. Markovic, Hemofarm1.9 
 8. Wallace, Benetton1.8 
 9. Riddick, Charleroi1.8 
 10. Stipcevic, Zad.1.8 
Blocks Per Game
 Darian TOWNES
  Avg: 3.5
 1. Townes, PGE Turow3.5 
 2. Haryasz, Oostende1.8 
 3. Turek, PGE Turow1.8 
 4. James, Bnei H.1.8 
 5. Slaughter, Le Havre1.8 
 6. Mozgov, Khimky1.5 
 7. Lishchuk, Azovmash1.5 
 8. Huffman, Gmunden1.5 
 9. Van Den Spie., Azovm.1.5 
 10. Veremeenko, Uni.1.2 


Stats Leaders - Korisliiga

Points Per Game
 Jeremiah WOOD
  Avg: 20.5
 1. Wood, Kataja20.5 
 2. Blair, Kataja20.1 
 3. Coleman, LrNM.19.2 
 4. Richards, Compo.18.8 
 5. Smith, KTP18.5 
 6. Brown, LrNM.18.4 
 7. Hester, Pyrinto17.6 
 8. Richardson, Tarmo17.5 
 9. Yates, FoKoPo17.3 
 10. Nixon, Namika Lah.17.1 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 13.1
 1. Richardson, Tarmo13.1 
 2. Wood, Kataja12.6 
 3. Dantzler, Compo.10.7 
 4. Cunningham, FoKoPo10.6 
 5. Williams, KTP10.3 
 6. Jones, Componenta9.8 
 7. Coleman, LrNM.9.4 
 8. Waters, Componenta9.1 
 9. Vinson, KTP9.0 
 10. Smith, K.8.7 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 6.5
 1. Blassingame, LrNM.6.5 
 2. Williams, KTP4.3 
 3. Colman, LrNM.4.2 
 4. Penland, LrNM.4.2 
 5. Blair, Kataja4.0 
 6. Richards, Compo.4.0 
 7. Vuori, Namika Lahti3.9 
 8. Barnes, Tarmo3.3 
 9. Sarcevic, Korihait3.3 
 10. Swift, Kouv.3.2 
Steals Per Game
 Akeem SCOTT
  Avg: 2.6
 1. Scott, Honka2.6 
 2. Blair, Kataja2.6 
 3. Williams, KTP2.4 
 4. Hester, Pyrinto2.1 
 5. Richards, Compo.2.0 
 6. Wood, Kataja2.0 
 7. Jones, Componenta1.9 
 8. Cummings, Honka1.8 
 9. Gonner, Korihait1.7 
 10. Yates, FoKo.1.6 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 2
 1. Nikkila, Pyrinto2.0 
 2. Williams, KTP1.8 
 3. Epps, ToPo1.5 
 4. Kotti, Honka1.4 
 5. Hunter, FoKoPo1.4 
 6. Messy, Tarmo1.4 
 7. Spencer, ToPo1.2 
 8. Cunningham, FoKoPo1.0 
 9. Perkins, Honka1.0 
 10. Wood, Kata.1.0 

Honka won Kataja - by Esko Saarinen
Finnish League has three matches leht and the rest of matches are important for top teams. On Saturday leader kataja (Joensuu) visited Honka (Espoo) and had nothing to take to the home. Honka won 94-63 (45-23). Honka started very strongly. Firs quarter was 26-11 with Kimmo Muurinen, Akeem Scott and Jukka Matinen heeavy performance. In 15 minutes the match was over with numbers 35-12 and after that nothing was possible to Kataja. Honka was better in shooting 2- and 3-pointers. Muurinen 12/6, Scott 12/6, Chanan Colman 15/0, Tuukka Kotti 13/5, Matinen 14/3 and Eldar Skamo 10/3, that is the even team. Kataja had only three over ten points: Sami Lehtoranta 10/4, Juho Nenonen 11/5 and Petri Virtanen 16/5 Quinnel Brown played only eight mnutes. Now t Honka is only 2 points behind Kouvot (Kouvola) who is staying in second place.
In other matches PPyrinto (Tampere) won Tarmo (Porvoo) by 87-64 (45-28) and have yet possibilities to play-offs. Kenneth Lowe was again the best player with 24/3 numbers. Damon Williams made 10 points and 9 rebounds. Tampere was more even than Porvoo, which had only nour players in good contitions: Wictor Morris 19/5, Raheem Moss 14/12, Mika Ojala 12/5 and Ville-Pertti Lind 12/6.
Namika (Lahti) gave no possibilities to Componenta. Home match finish 108-71 (44-35) and was from the start easy to home team. Vesa Makalainen 17/10 was most eager in shootng but american Kurtis Rice shoot 23/4 also good numbers. From Componenta Damion Dantzler 13/8 and Frank Richards 26/4 scored best. Lahti is at the same situation than Honka in the table.

Kumpulainen broke limits - by Esko Saarinen
Jussi Kumpulainen, the center of Korihait (Uusikaupunki) broke lately two important limits in Finnish Basketball eague. Last month Kmpulainen,32 broke the limit of 300 matches in regular season and last Friday e broke 3000 poits limt in the match against FoKoPo (Forssa). Kumpulaine started to play basketball in the main league in Kankaantaan Kisa (Nokia) in octoper 1995. In Finland he has played also in LrNMKY (Lappeenranta), ToPo (Helsinki) and Korihait (Uusikaupunki). Before comng to Lappeenranta he played six years as a proessional layer in Belgium, Germany, Greece and Austria. Kumpulainen's point record in one match is 31 points and the average of the career is 9,9 points per match.


Pro A, Round 24: ASVEL jumps to 18-6 - by Eurobasket News
Gravelines - Pau 96-57
Gravelines blasted the last ranked Pau-Orthez at home 96-57 jumping to 13-11 record (8th place). Tony Skinn (185-G-83, agency: Elfus-Siegel Management (ESM), college: George Mason) was a key player for the winners nailing 32 points. Visitors got double-double from Ludovic Vaty, 13 pts and 12 boards.

Rouen - Le Havre 88-81
Victor number 10 for the hosts and this time mostly owing to Ronald Dorsey (197-G/F-83, college: Mc Neese St.) and Cheikhou Thioune, which combined 41 points. Jonathan McClark followed them with 17 pts and 10 boards. TJ Thompson scored 18 for the loosing side.

Dijon - Nancy 80-89
15-9 for Nancy and 9-15 for Dijon after this game. Victor Samnick (203-F-79, college: Georgetown) led the guests today with 22 points and 10 rebounds. Abdoulaye MBaye had 15 pts for the hosts.

Strasbourg - Roanne 86-69
Strasbourg was better than Roanne so both teams joined Le Mans and Nancy with 15-9 record. Brion Rush (186-G-84, agency: Court Side, college: Grambling St.) led the scorers in Strasbourg with 19, while Sacha Giffa added 15 pts. Chris Monroe and Curtis Sumpter also had 15 (each), but in defeat.

Orleans - Cholet 81-74
No.2 Orleans celebrated against Cholet thanks to Kevin Braswell (188-G-79, agency: Priority Sports, college: Georgetown), who nailed 21 points. Rodrigue Beaubois also had important role scoring 14 pts. Cholet got 23 pts and 8 rebs from Cedric Banks. Orleans 17-7, Cholet 10-14.

Chalon - Hyeres-Toulon 75-92
Hyeres-Toulon cruised past Chalon on the road jumping to 9-15 record. Austin Nichols (198-G/F-82, agency: ACMT, college: Humboldt St.) was a key player in this valuable victory scoring 36 points (8 of 9 from behind the arc). Philippe Braud responded with 16 points for the hosts.

Vichy - ASVEL 49-62
The top-ranked ASVEL outplayed Vichy as a guest improving to 18-6 record. J.R. Reynolds (188-G-84, agency: Arik Krayn Services, college: Virginia) came up with 14, while Laurent Foirest and Benjamin Dewar scored 13 points each. Kareem Reid delivered 16 in defeat.

Le Mans - Besancon 75-58
Le Mans was too strong for Besancon joining group of the teams with 15-9 record. Alain Koffi (207-C-83) and David Bluthenthal stepped up for the winners with 14 points each. Yamar Diene posted 15 for the guests.

Standings - ProA
ProA Standings
 1. ASVEL 18-6 
 2. Orleans 17-7 
 3. Le Mans 15-9 
 4. Roanne 15-9 
 5. Nancy 15-9 
 6. Strasbourg 15-9 
 7. Chalon 14-10 
 8. Gravelines 13-11 
 9. Cholet 10-14 
 10. Vichy 10-14 
 11. Rouen 10-14 
 12. Dijon 9-15 
 13. Hyeres-Toulon 9-15 
 14. Le Havre 8-16 
 15. Besancon 8-16 
 16. Pau 6-18 

Standings - ProB
ProB Standings
 1. Paris-Levall. 22-5 
 2. Limoges 19-8 
 3. Bourg 19-8 
 4. Poitiers 19-8 
 5. Clermont 19-8 
 6. Saint-Etienne 16-11 
 7. Nantes 15-12 
 8. Charleville 15-12 
 9. Maurienne 13-14 
 10. Nanterre 12-15 
 11. Antibes 12-15 
 12. Brest 12-15 
 13. Evreux 10-17 
 14. St.Vallier 10-17 
 15. Boulazac 9-18 
 16. Le Portel 9-18 
 17. St.Quentin 8-19 
 18. Quimper 4-23 

Standings - N1
N1 Standings
 1. Lille 23-5 
 2. Bordeaux 20-7 
 3. Fos Ouest 20-7 
 4. Challans 20-8 
 5. Blois 19-9 
 6. Angers 18-10 
 7. Reims 17-11 
 8. Chalons 15-13 
 9. Boulogne 14-14 
 10. St Chamond 14-14 
 11. Lievin 12-16 
 12. Bayonne 11-17 
 13. Get Vosges 11-17 
 14. Longwy 10-18 
 15. Prisse Macon 8-19 
 16. Roche-la-Moliere 8-20 
 17. Juvisy 6-22 
 18. CFBB 4-24 

Stats Leaders - ProA

Points Per Game
  Avg: 23.3
 1. Nichols, Hyeres-T.23.3 
 2. Rush, Strasbourg21.0 
 3. Page, Pau19.5 
 4. Thompson, Le Havre19.2 
 5. Chatfield, Dijon16.0 
 6. Skinn, Gravelines15.8 
 7. Banks, Orleans15.6 
 8. Harper, Roanne15.5 
 9. Boddicker, Chalon15.5 
 10. Greer, Nan.15.3 
Rebounds Per Game
  Le Havre
  Avg: 9.2
 1. Merriex, Le Havre9.2 
 2. Slaughter, Le Havre8.7 
 3. Falker, Cholet8.6 
 4. Masingue, Hyeres-T.8.5 
 5. Sanders, Dijon8.3 
 6. Issa, Vichy8.0 
 7. Greer, Nancy7.7 
 8. Vaty, Pau7.7 
 9. Koffi, Le Mans7.5 
 10. Page, P.7.3 
Assists Per Game
 Kareem REID
  Avg: 7.5
 1. Reid, Vichy7.5 
 2. Wright, Chalon6.3 
 3. Thompson, Le Havre6.1 
 4. Heurtel, Pau5.8 
 5. Draper, Hyeres-T.5.1 
 6. Greer, Nancy4.8 
 7. Sciarra, Orleans4.8 
 8. Jeanneau, AS.4.7 
 9. Pellin, Roanne4.6 
 10. Houston, Rou.4.6 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 2.8
 1. Wright, Chalon2.8 
 2. Rush, Strasbourg2.3 
 3. Dobbins, Orleans2.3 
 4. Greene, Orleans2.0 
 5. Krupalija, Dijon1.9 
 6. Causeur, Le Havre1.9 
 7. Banks, Orleans1.8 
 8. Braswell, Cholet1.8 
 9. Stanley, Gravelines1.7 
 10. Grier, Chol.1.7 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 1.3
 1. Houston, Rouen1.3 
 2. Greer, Nancy1.0 
 3. Rush, Strasbourg1.0 
 4. MBaye, Dijon1.0 
 5. Krupalija, Dijon1.0 
 6. Troutman, AS.0.9 
 7. Nascimento, Rouen0.9 
 8. Laing, Le Havre0.9 
 9. Bojic, Le Havre0.9 
 10. Traore,.0.9 

Stats Leaders - ProB

Points Per Game
 Errick CRAVEN
  Avg: 20
 1. Craven, Clermont20.0 
 2. Fein, St.Quentin19.5 
 3. Mohammed, Limoges19.1 
 4. Olivero, Le Portel17.7 
 5. Ingram, Bourg17.5 
 6. Carter, St-Etienne17.3 
 7. Wright, Poitiers17.2 
 8. Younger, Poitiers17.1 
 9. Bing, Clermont16.5 
 10. Hollins, Nant.16.4 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 9.3
 1. Melicie, St.Vallier9.3 
 2. Humbert, St.Qu.9.0 
 3. Bing, Clermont8.4 
 4. Almonte, Nanterre7.9 
 5. Younger, Poitiers7.7 
 6. Joseph, Maurienne7.7 
 7. Cornett, Quimper7.6 
 8. Sullivan, Maurienne7.6 
 9. Emerson, Limoges7.5 
 10. McCord, Antib.7.5 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 6.3
 1. Williams, St-Etienne6.3 
 2. Gomez, Poitiers5.3 
 3. Taylor, Boulazac5.3 
 4. Ingram, Bourg5.3 
 5. Ball, Paris-Levall.5.0 
 6. Craven, Clermont4.7 
 7. Dunn, Maurienne4.5 
 8. Morlende, St.Qu.4.4 
 9. Thomas, St.Vallier4.2 
 10. Dobie, Nanter.3.9 
Steals Per Game
 Errick CRAVEN
  Avg: 3.2
 1. Craven, Clermont3.2 
 2. Barnette, St.Vallier2.4 
 3. Sullivan, Maurienne2.4 
 4. Dunn, Maurienne2.2 
 5. Ball, Paris-Levall.2.2 
 6. Ingram, Bourg2.0 
 7. Williams, St-Etienne2.0 
 8. Traore, Boulazac2.0 
 9. Phillips, Charleville1.9 
 10. Karim, Evre.1.9 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 1.4
 1. Tucker, St.Quentin1.4 
 2. Hollins, Nantes1.2 
 3. Bing, Clermont1.0 
 4. Mohammed, Limoges1.0 
 5. Dunn, Maurienne1.0 
 6. Mathis, Evreux1.0 
 7. Barnette, St.Vallier0.9 
 8. Carter, St-Etienne0.9 
 9. Fein, St.Quentin0.9 
 10. Kennedy, Antib.0.8 


D1 Standings
Superleague Standings
Group 1-6
 1. F.Rabotnicki 19-3 
 2. Feni Indistrija 19-3 
 3. Swisslion P. 13-9 
 4. AMMAK SP 12-9 
 5. MZT Skopje 10-11 
 6. Ovce Pole 7-15 
Group 7-9
 1. Vardar 2000 5-12 
 2. Torus 4-14 
 3. K.Sokoli 2-15 


Toungui bb offers itself second victory against AO BB - by Tim Ndjiki
After a truce of one week, following the death of the first lady of Gabon, hostilities take late with two matches of the first day of the elite National Championship (CNE):
Yesterday Friday 3 April 2009, TOUNGUI BB surprised AO BB on the score of 79 - 69; since the first minute of the game, the team TOUNGUI BB, of the General Antoine EMBINGA, asphyxiated the one of AO BB, the one of Mr ASSOUMOU Philippe says ' PERICO ', score the half-time 44 - 30 for TOUNGUI BB. Le meilleur joueur de la rencontre tait YEUMO TCHUPU Bertrand qui revient de lquipe de BEAC du Cameroun, il a inscrit 20 points 8 rebonds et 2 passes dcisives
To the resumption of the second half-time, AOBB played a defence regrouped on all the land of basketball, but it not being sufficient to come at boils TOUNGUI BB ; The best player of the meeting was YEUMO TCHUPU Bertrand that comes back of the team of BEAC of Cameroon, he wrote down 20 points 8 rebounds and 2 pass decisive..
This Saturday, it will be a high-quality match between the retiring champion (MANGA B of Moanda) and his dolphin (SOMO B of Libreville)
TOUNGUI BB: 4 PEDGA Dario; 5 MOUKAGA Atsu Rodrigues ,6 EDOUBA Dario ; 7 MOULEKA MOULEKA; MUTAMBA Jean Dominique; 9 MIYADIAMBOU Roland; 10 ZOGNING ELLA Jacques Blaise; 11 BOULI Paulin Arnaud; 12 YEUMO TCHUPU Bertrand; 13 OWONO Jean Eude; 14 NDOYE Jerrie: 15 FABRE Lionel; Coach DIPAKOUET
AO BB: 4 ADEMBA Eddy; 5 BOUSSOUGOU Eddy; 6 NDINGA MAPANGOU Arnaud; 7 OBAME Joseph; 8 NGBANDA Arthur; 9 MBADINGA Ulriche; 10 ADEMBA Stphanie; 11 TCHOUA BIYOGHO Pierrot; 12 ALLOGHO Armel; 13 SADERO Adam; 14 MVE ONDO Renaud Lo; 15 MOUSSEGHOU Gilles. Coach RAPAUMBYA Patrick.


ProA and ProB Players Of The Month - by Manuel Schust
The 2nd Bundesliga has recently announced the names of ProA and ProB Players Of The Month March on their website.

March's ProA Player of the month is 22-year old Power Forward Oliver Komarek (208-C/F-86).
He was one of the main reasons why his team USC Heidelberg could win 4 of the last 5 games producing 17.2 points and 5.4 rebounds per game. As his coach Torsten Daume said, Oliver managed to make the transition from a role-player to a true leader. The german Forward had his best performance so far in a surprise win against Mitteldeutscher BC Weissenfels when he scored 32 points and grabbed 9 rebounds.

ProB Player of the month became 26-year old Center Frank Theis (200-C-82, agency: Heinrich Sports).
He has been a dominant force for his team Herzoege Wolfenbuettel for some years. But this season he has produced very impressive and consistent numbers. Theis averages 18.4 points and 8.3 rebounds and is one of the main reasons why Wolfenbuettel is on second place in the standings.

Also the Youngsters Of The Month were named:

The award for ProA Youngster of the month goes to Phillipp Heyden (208-C-88). The 2.06 meters youngster established himself to be a big help for his team VfL Kirchheim Knights. Next to Adam Baumann (203-C/F-81, college: Youngstown St.) he gets an average of 27 minutes playing time and produces 13.4 points and 4.2 rebounds so far this season.

19-year old Bastian Doreth (183-G-89) gets honoured with the ProB Youngster of the month award. The german Guard and captain of his team led Franken Hexer to an unexpected victory over SOBA Dragons Rhoendorf. Doreth contributed with sensational 29 points that night. This season he averages 11.3 points, 4.1 rebounds and 4.0 assists.

Pete Campbell(Dusseldorf Giants) Interview - by Miles Schmidt-Scheuber
American Pete Campbell (201-F-84, agency: Warren Sports International, college: Butler) is a 24 year old 201cm forward from Muncie Indiana. He is a BBL rookie and is playing his first season for the Dusseldorf Giants. He played at Butler University from 2005-2008. He was not able to play in the 2005-2006 season, but in his last two years, he averaged in 66 games, 10,4ppg and 2,2 rpg, 50fgp and 48,8 3pt fgp. This season, he is averaging 9,5ppg, and 2,8rpg. Pete spoke to Eurobasket about his rookie season in Dusseldorf and his Basketball life before Germany.

Pete, this is your first season in Dusseldorf. How do you like it?

Dusseldorf is a nice city. It has been an easy transition coming from the states and just a good experience. The people are all very friendly and are always able to help me. My neighbor helps me explaining when the trash has to be left outside or takes in a package when I am not there

Have you found a nice comfortable place in Dusseldorf where you like to get away? Maybe the Konigsalle or the Rhine river?

Yes I like going to the Konigsalle and to the Altstadt of the city. I like learning about the German culture.

The team has been very unlucky in the last months and have drifted more and more down the standings. Why have you had problems winning?

It is a lot of the little things and simply not executing well. We are also having problems doing things that you dont see in the stats. We have lost a lot of games with less than five points. We have to learn to win the close games.

The Dusseldorf Giants are often seen as a one dimensional team, because you like to shoot shoot shoot! How do you defend yourself against those kind of accusations?

Achim Kuzmann and Hansi Gnad are good coaches and had a great season last year. We dont have your typical team. We dont have a big post presence. We shoot a lot and at times rely too much on our shooting. If we can step it up more on defense then we will win more games.

You are a strong pure shooter. What other strenghes do you possess?

I think that I play smart and am a team player. My knowledge of the game is good and I just try to do my job day in and day out.

How is your relationship to coach Achim Kuzmann? He tends to be an underrated coach. What have you learned from him this season?

He is a good coach. If he is underrated then I didnt know it. We have a very good relationship. He has given me many tips to how I can improve my game just from watching game film. He has showed me how to become a pro Basketball player. He has done a fine job keeping us focused and I enjoy his coaching style.

What is your impression of The Deutsche Bank Skyliners this season?

Frankfurt is a great team. They are very athletic, have many weapons and have a good mix of inside/outside. If they can get hot down the stretch, they could go a long way.

What Skyliner did you like in the first game in Dusseldorf?

I did not enjoy losing the first game. Titus Ivory and his ability to shoot the three pointer kept us off balance and really impressed me. He really gave us problems on defense. Keith Simmons also impressed me and showed that he can score from inside and outside. They played very well against our zone and got off good shots and played strong defense.

I really like your comfortable Burg Wachter Castello arena. Did you ever play in an arena like that in college?

I never played in an arena like that in USA. It is a small arena, but it looks like brand new. It is very clean and I love to play there. The crowd is great also.

You come from Muncie Indiana. What was your childhood like?

My childhood involved a lot of Basketball. Indiana is a Basketball state. Indiana has many great high school and college teams. Muncie has won the most high school titles in Indiana. I watched a lot of Basketball growing up and Basketball was my life.

Who were your Basketball idols?

Larry Bird and Pete Maravitch

Did you ever visit the famous French Lick(Larry Bird home)?

I have been in French Lick. There is not much there except cornfields. Larry Bird has a nice house as well as a hotel and resort and a beautiful Basketball court.

Does it flatter you when you get compared to Larry Bird or Pete Maravitch for your shooting or does that make you uncomfortable?

I am not on their level. It is nice to be compared to them, but I dont really credit myself as a good shooter.

You played at Butler University and reached the sweet 16 in 2007. What made that team so special?

That sweet 16 Butler team reminds me of the Dusseldorf team this season. We were not a tall or athletic team, but we played smart on offense and defense. We had a great coach and shooters and stuck together as a team. We beat teams that nobody expected us to beat.

Was the Florida team of 2007 the best team ever?

Floridia was defiantly the best college team for two years. They had a great coach, but if they were the best team ever is hard to say.

Who was the best player that you ever played against?

I played against Dwight Howard in high school and also Josh Smith, who was an unbelievable athlete.

How many three pointers have you made in a row in practice?

I made 44 in a row after practice at Butler.

Who are your NCAA Final Four picks?

Butler, North Carolina, Pittsburg, Uconn.

What are your hobbies?

I like listening to music, playing video games and reading.

Thanks for the chat and good luck the rest of the season!

Standings - 1. Bundesliga
1.Bundesliga Standings
 1. Oldenburg 22-5 
 2. Goettingen 19-7 
 3. ALBA 18-6 
 4. Ulm 18-9 
 5. Bonn 18-9 
 6. Frankfurt 17-11 
 7. Bamberg 15-13 
 8. Paderborn 14-13 
 9. Ludwigsb. 14-14 
 10. Tuebingen 13-15 
 11. Art.Dragons 12-15 
 12. Duesseldorf 12-16 
 13. Trier 12-16 
 14. Braunschweig 10-17 
 15. Noerdlingen 10-18 
 16. Giessen 8-20 
 17. Koeln 99ers 7-19 
 18. Bremerhaven 5-21 

Standings - ProA
ProA Standings
 1. MBC 23-4 
 2. Bayreuth 21-6 
 3. Hagen 21-6 
 4. Karlsruhe 18-9 
 5. Kirchheim 15-11 
 6. Jena 15-12 
 7. Chemnitz 14-13 
 8. B.Muenchen 13-14 
 9. teckproBraves 12-15 
 10. Bremen 11-14 
 11. Cuxhaven 11-16 
 12. Langen 10-17 
 13. ETB Wohnbau 9-18 
 14. Heidelberg 8-17 
 15. Schalke 6-20 
 16. Lich 6-21 

Standings - Pro B
ProB Standings
 1. proveo Merl. 22-5 
 2. Wolfenbuettel 21-6 
 3. Herten 18-9 
 4. Osnabrueck 17-9 
 5. Rhoendorf 17-10 
 6. Stahnsdorf 13-14 
 7. Hannover 13-14 
 8. B'guessbach 12-14 
 9. SU Braunsch. 12-15 
 10. Telemotive 12-15 
 11. Ehingen 12-15 
 12. Mainz 11-16 
 13. Freiburg 10-17 
 14. Landshut 10-17 
 15. Franken Hexer 8-19 
 16. Speyer 7-20 

Stats Leaders - 1.Bundesliga

Points Per Game
  Avg: 16.4
 1. Westley, Noerdlingen16.4 
 2. Hess, Art.Dragons15.4 
 3. Suput, Brose B.14.8 
 4. Gardner, EWE B.14.7 
 5. Katic, Walter Tigers14.7 
 6. Paulding, EWE B.14.5 
 7. Bowman, Telekom B.14.4 
 8. Bailey, Goettingen14.4 
 9. Rowland, Telek.14.1 
 10. Jeanty, Noerdling.14.0 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 10.6
 1. Ensminger, Pad.Bask.10.6 
 2. Gibbs, ratiopharm10.2 
 3. McGhee, Noerdlin.8.2 
 4. Gordon, Dt.7.6 
 5. Katic, Walter Tigers7.5 
 6. Westley, Noerdlingen7.1 
 7. Fenn, Art.Dragons7.1 
 8. Drevo, NY Phantoms6.5 
 9. Callahan, Bremerha.6.5 
 10. Rouse, LTi 46e.6.3 
Assists Per Game
 Michael JORDAN
  Koeln 99ers
  Avg: 6.4
 1. Jordan, Koeln 99ers6.4 
 2. Joyce, ratiopharm5.0 
 3. Anderson, Walter T.4.1 
 4. Watson, Bremerha.4.0 
 5. Gardner, EWE B.4.0 
 6. Franklin, NY Phant.3.8 
 7. Rowland, Telek.3.8 
 8. Jenkins, ALBA3.8 
 9. Bailey, Goettingen3.3 
 10. Rivera, Brose.3.3 
Steals Per Game
  KK Split
  Avg: 2.7
 1. Gordon, Koeln 99ers2.7 
 2. Trice, Goettingen2.6 
 3. McGhee, Noerdlin.1.8 
 4. Foster, EWE B.1.7 
 5. Yarbrough, Telek.1.7 
 6. Lee, Goettingen1.6 
 7. Franklin, NY Phant.1.5 
 8. Peete, Duesseldorf1.5 
 9. Jacobson, Goett.1.4 
 10. Hickman, LTi 46e.1.4 
Blocks Per Game
  Telekom B.
  Avg: 2.8
 1. Johnson, Telek.2.8 
 2. Slaughter, Bremerha.1.3 
 3. Gadri-N., Bremerha.1.2 
 4. Boumtje Boum., EWE B.1.0 
 5. Sesay, ALBA1.0 
 6. Drevo, NY Phantoms0.9 
 7. Majstorovic, EWE B.0.8 
 8. Visser, NY Phant.0.8 
 9. Gibbs, ratiopharm0.8 
 10. Grunheid, Koel.0.8 

Stats Leaders - 2.Bundesliga

Points Per Game
 Brandon WATKINS
  Avg: 21.8
 1. Watkins, Cuxhaven21.8 
 2. Khartchenkov, Chemn.18.6 
 3. Benzing, Langen18.3 
 4. Baumann, Kirchheim18.0 
 5. Hodges, Heidelberg17.8 
 6. Hall, Schalke17.8 
 7. Komarek, Heide.17.2 
 8. Griffin, Hagen17.1 
 9. Parker, B.Muenchen16.9 
 10. Weddle, Brem.16.5 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 10.7
 1. Baumann, Kirchheim10.7 
 2. Seward, Cuxhaven10.5 
 3. Jeffers, Langen9.9 
 4. Gilbert, MBC9.3 
 5. Howard, Karlsruhe9.3 
 6. Hamilton, Bayreuth9.3 
 7. Lischka, Lich8.8 
 8. Freese, Lich8.6 
 9. Gerwig, Chemnitz8.4 
 10. Baker, Chemni.8.1 
Assists Per Game
 Japhet MCNEIL
  Avg: 7.5
 1. McNeil, Heidelberg7.5 
 2. Pfeifer, Chemnitz5.5 
 3. Bannister, Schalke5.5 
 4. Ruffin, teckproB.4.7 
 5. Williamson, Jena4.3 
 6. Crawford, Kirch.4.3 
 7. Watkins, Cuxhaven4.3 
 8. Griffin, Hagen4.2 
 9. Parker, B.Muenchen4.1 
 10. Elliott, Karlsru.4.0 
Steals Per Game
 Japhet MCNEIL
  Avg: 3.5
 1. McNeil, Heidelberg3.5 
 2. Scott, Kirchheim2.3 
 3. Williamson, Jena2.3 
 4. Pfeifer, Chemnitz2.2 
 5. Crawford, Kirch.2.0 
 6. Hamilton, Bayreuth1.9 
 7. Harris, Bayreuth1.8 
 8. Brooks, B.Muenchen1.8 
 9. Parker, B.Muenchen1.7 
 10. Thomas, ETB.1.6 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 2.7
 1. Williams, B.Muenchen2.7 
 2. Seward, Cuxhaven1.5 
 3. Shaw, ETB Wohnbau1.3 
 4. Hamilton, Bayreuth1.3 
 5. Wiley, teckproB.1.2 
 6. Zyskunov, teckproB.1.1 
 7. Fairley, Jena1.0 
 8. Benzing, Langen1.0 
 9. Hornig, Kirchheim1.0 
 10. Kruel, Hag.1.0 


Stats Leaders - A1

Points Per Game
 Steven SMITH
  VAP Kolossos
  Avg: 18.1
 1. Smith, VAP K.18.1 
 2. Francis, AEL 196416.4 
 3. Vasiliadis, PAOK15.9 
 4. Childress, Olympiakos15.6 
 5. Nikolaidis, Trikalla15.2 
 6. Grundy, Panellinios15.2 
 7. King, Olimpia L.15.1 
 8. Avery, Trikalla14.6 
 9. Gregory, PAOK14.1 
 10. Mejia, AEL 19.13.7 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 8.6
 1. Francis, AEL 19648.6 
 2. Wesson, PAOK8.4 
 3. Nelson, Aris7.3 
 4. Tomasevic, PAOK7.2 
 5. Bourousis, Olympiakos7.0 
 6. Massie, Trikalla6.9 
 7. Bryant, AEK6.8 
 8. Baxter, Panionios6.1 
 9. Sekulic, Aris6.0 
 10. Golemac, Panellini.5.6 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 4.6
 1. Papaloukas, Olymp.4.6 
 2. Grundy, Panellinios4.0 
 3. Keys, C.C. Marousi4.0 
 4. Diamantidis, Panath.3.9 
 5. Avery, Trikalla3.8 
 6. Mulaomerovic, PAOK3.8 
 7. Dickel, Trikalla3.1 
 8. Miles, Panionios3.1 
 9. Thomson, AEK3.0 
 10. Vasiljevic, VAP.2.9 
Steals Per Game
 Aaron MILES
  Avg: 2.5
 1. Miles, Panionios2.5 
 2. Grundy, Panellinios2.0 
 3. Belser, Olimpia L.1.9 
 4. Childress, Olympiakos1.5 
 5. Papaloukas, Olymp.1.4 
 6. Halperin, Olympiakos1.3 
 7. Smith, VAP K.1.3 
 8. Papamakarios, Panell.1.3 
 9. Batis, Olimpia L.1.3 
 10. Clark, Ar.1.2 
Blocks Per Game
  ESTIA Egaleo
  Avg: 1.6
 1. Hardin, ESTIA E.1.6 
 2. Francis, AEL 19641.4 
 3. Massie, Trikalla1.3 
 4. Glyniadakis, C.C. M.1.1 
 5. Bryant, AEK0.9 
 6. Bryant, AEK0.8 
 7. Baxter, Panionios0.8 
 8. Childress, Olympiakos0.8 
 9. Bourousis, Olympiakos0.8 
 10. Kavaliauskas, Kav.0.7 

Standings - A2
A2 Standings
 1. Ilysiakos 20-4 
 2. DASH Perist. 20-4 
 3. Dafni 18-6 
 4. Iraklis 16-8 
 5. Rethymno 14-10 
 6. Near East 14-10 
 7. Apollon 13-11 
 8. KAOD 11-13 
 9. HSBC Pagrati 11-13 
 10. ICBS 11-13 
 11. Ermis L. 9-15 
 12. Panerythrai. 9-15 
 13. Xanthi 8-16 
 14. Olimpias 8-16 
 15. Keravnos Aigio 7-17 
 16. MENT 3-21 

Standings - A1
A1 Standings
 1. Olympiakos 21-1 
 2. Panathinaikos 19-3 
 3. Aris 16-6 
 4. Panellinios 16-7 
 5. C.C. Marousi 15-8 
 6. Panionios 14-8 
 7. VAP Kolossos 10-12 
 8. PAOK 10-13 
 9. AEK 10-13 
 10. Olimpia L. 7-15 
 11. Kavala/P. 7-16 
 12. ESTIA Egaleo 6-17 
 13. Trikalla 5-18 
 14. AEL 1964 2-21 


Lanco Elite Sport wins again - by Gianni Pascucci
Jose Luis Burbano (186-G/F-85) and Alejandro Carrillo (191-F-88) combined for 96 points in the large win, 147-40, of Lanco-Elite Sport over young team Juventud de La Plata in the last round of Liga Metro. Carrillo produced 54 points by himself, setting the single scoring record for Guatemala in 2009. Jorge Arias (183-G/F-78) added 26 and Hector Vandeveire (180-G-80) 19 at the winning side, Pablo Cruz was the only double digit scorer in Juventud with con 20 points. This was the sixth win in a row for Elite Sport, that is yet undefeated and tops the table together with Le Mans and Sat-Markvision, both at 6-0. D-Team is fourth, with a 4-2 record.

Liga Metropolitana Standings
 1. Le Mans 6-0 
 2. Elite Sport 6-0 
 3. SAT 6-0 
 4. Corpoevisa 4-2 
 5. Wildschine 0-0 
 6. Juventud 0-0 
 7. Fenix 0-0 
 8. Deportivo P. 0-0 
 9. URL 0-0 
 10. Millonarios 0-0 
 11. USAC 0-0 
 12. SLT 0-0 


Standings - Eredivisie
Eredivisie Standings
 1. Amsterdam 30-5 
 2. Eiff.Towers 25-11 
 3. Hanzev.Cpt 22-13 
 4. M.Magix 22-15 
 5. Rotterdam 22-15 
 6. West-Brabant 21-16 
 7. ZZ Leiden 14-22 
 8. Upstairs Weert 14-23 
 9. Landstede 13-25 
 10. Aris Friesland 11-25 
 11. Den Helder 6-30 

Eredivisie Round: 39 (Regular Season, with box-scores) - by Eurobasket News
ZZ Leiden - Aris Friesland 73-75
In Leiden, ZZ Leiden had a chance to overtake Upstairs Weert for 7th place in the FEB standings but layed a goose egg vs. Aris Friesland, once again failing to hold thefort in the 4th quarter and losing 75-73. ZZ, coming off a home loss vs. Hanzevast Capitals in which they blew a 14-point lead, had a chance to make a little distance between themselves and the rest in the playoff race, tied things up at 73-73 on a JS Nash three-pointer, but Aris PG Tristan Blackwood (183-G-85) had the last word, scoring the winning basket in the last seconds. Rein Van der Kamp led all scorers with 18 pts. *More comments for this game already posted in the previous news by the local correspondent Sanders Jackson

West-Brabant - Upstairs Weert 90-77
West Brabant Giants celebrated at home against Upstairs Weert 99-77 jumping to 21-16 record. Patrick Pope (183-G-81, college: St.Augustine) and Gaston Essengue led the winners in scoring with 17 pts each, while Aaron Johnson added 14 pts and 13 boards. Omni Smith and Nick Stapleton combined 43 pts in defeat. Their team fell to 14-22.

Den Helder - Rotterdam 67-107
In Den Helder, Rotterdam Challengers came out of the starting gates swinging the hardest, strongest and fastest, with lameduck BlueStream Seals showing no resistance, with the Rotterdammers winning in a 107-67 blowout. The Rotterdammers shot 61.8% FG and forced 24 BlueStream Seals turnovers. *More comments for this game already posted in the previous news by the local correspondent Sanders Jackson

Landstede - Hanzev.Cpt 72-83
In the ZBC-hal, it appeared that Landstede Basketball would put their seven game losing streak to an end and get themselves back in the playoff race vs. Hanzevast Capitals, but it was not meant to be, as two 13-0 starts were enough to energize Hanzevast with them winning 83-72. Will Whittington (191-G/F-84, agency: 540 Sports, college: Marist) led Hanzevast with 19 pts. Young led all scorers with 21 pts., including 18 in the 1st half. Hanzevast had a whopping 39-9 bench scoring advantage and held Landstede to 39% FG. *More comments for this game already posted in the previous news by the local correspondent Sanders Jackson

Standings - Promotie Divisie
Prom.Divisie Standings
 1. MyGuide 2 20-3 
 2. MSV 20-4 
 3. Landstede 2 16-9 
 4. Gorinchem 15-8 
 5. Initial H5 14-10 
 6. BV Rooi 12-10 
 7. Leiden 2 10-12 
 8. Groene 10-12 
 9. Punch 10-13 
 10. Akrides 10-14 
 11. EBBC 9-15 
 12. Red Giants 9-15 
 13. Cangeroes 4-20 
 14. Pigeons 4-20 

Stats Leaders - Eredivisie
Points Per Game
  Aris Friesland
  Avg: 22.8
 1. Bauscher, Aris F.22.8 
 2. Bostain, Landstede20.1 
 3. Walker, Rotterdam19.2 
 4. Wilson, M.Magix18.0 
 5. Pope, West-Brabant17.8 
 6. Ross, Upstairs.17.3 
 7. Beasley, Eiff.Tow.16.8 
 8. Witt, Den Helder16.4 
 9. Stapleton, Upstai.16.1 
 10. Blue, West-Braba.15.9 
Rebounds Per Game
  Upstairs Weert
  Avg: 11.1
 1. Jackson, Upstairs.11.1 
 2. Johnson, West-Bra.10.5 
 3. Briggs, Rotterdam9.2 
 4. Chiotti, ZZ Leiden9.1 
 5. Beasley, Eiff.Tow.8.6 
 6. Khazzouh, Hanze.8.2 
 7. Spencer, Aris F.7.8 
 8. Brempong, Hanze.7.7 
 9. Dialls, Den Helder7.6 
 10. Boxley, ZZ Leid.7.3 
Assists Per Game
  Aris Friesland
  Avg: 5.9
 1. Bauscher, Aris F.5.9 
 2. Thomas, Hanzev.Cpt5.4 
 3. Oliver, Eiff.Towers5.0 
 4. Bostain, Landstede4.9 
 5. Richardson, Rotte.4.8 
 6. Witt, Den Helder4.3 
 7. Nash, ZZ Leiden4.3 
 8. Blackwood, Aris F.4.2 
 9. Downey, Eiff.Tow.4.2 
 10. Sears, M.Mag.4.1 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 3.3
 1. Richardson, Rotte.3.3 
 2. Thomas, Hanzev.Cpt3.1 
 3. Sears, M.Magix3.0 
 4. Greene, Amsterdam2.6 
 5. Bauscher, Aris F.2.5 
 6. Nelson, M.Magix2.3 
 7. Bostain, Landstede2.3 
 8. Punch, Landstede2.2 
 9. Sykes, Rotterdam2.1 
 10. Walker, Rotterd.2.1 
Blocks Per Game
  AZS Koszalin
  Avg: 1.7
 1. Steenberge, Aris F.1.7 
 2. Khazzouh, Hanze.1.6 
 3. Brempong, Hanze.1.3 
 4. Iti, Rotterdam1.1 
 5. Blue, West-Brabant1.0 
 6. Kuijper, ZZ Leiden1.0 
 7. Richardson, Eiff.Tow.1.0 
 8. Gladness, M.Magix1.0 
 9. Briggs, Rotterdam0.9 
 10. Patten, Upstai.0.9 


Kaposvar: Marciulionis had a great last game - by Tamas Deri
It was the last game of Kestutis Marciulionis (188-G-76, agency: Laszlo Vinko Services, college: Delaware), who parts his ways with Kaposvar. The Lithuanian point guard is leaving the team but helped it to a very important and hard win last night.

EnterNet-NTE Hegyvidek - Kaposvari KK 84-88
(18-18, 22-21, 25-28, 19-21)
Budapest, Att.: 200, Referees: Pali, Teczely, Domokos.
EnterNet-NTE Hegyvidek: Andras Rujak (187-G-88) 18/3, Hajmasy 13/9, Beak 6, Nandor Simon (196-F-81) 19/9, Keresztes 6, Krasznai 14/6, Fulop 6, Will 2, Coach: Sabali Balazs
Kaposvri KK: Kestutis Marciulionis (188-G-76, agency: Laszlo Vinko Services, college: Delaware) 26/3, Vojvoda 9/9, Larry Welton (196-F-85, college: Aurora) 20/6, Hoffmann, Orosz 15, David 12, Kiss K. 4, Markus 2, Kovacs D., Coach: Krivacevic Dragoljub

Standings - A Division
A Division Standings
 1. Albacomp 18-5 
 2. PVSK Panth. 17-6 
 3. Atomeromu 16-7 
 4. Falco 15-8 
 5. Univer KSE 14-9 
 6. Dombovar 13-9 
 7. ZTE KK 13-9 
 8. Szolnok 13-10 
 9. Soproni 13-10 
 10. Kormend 8-15 
 11. Kaposvari 8-15 
 12. Marso-Vagep 8-15 
 13. Debreceni 4-19 
 14. EnterNet-NTE 0-23 


Petrochimi chooses their 3rd player for playoffs - by Mohammed Malas
The costa rican center Hernol Hall (205-C-82, college: Lon Morris JC) will be the 3rd import of Petrochimi Imam Harbour in the Iranian Superleague's playoffs.

Hall was playing this season in Mexico with Halcones Rojos de Veracruz as he averaged 6.2 ppg, 4.4 rpg and 1.1 spg in 40 games.


Saturday night wins for Milano and Virtus Bologna - by Gianni Pascucci
With four players ending the game in double digits, La Fortezza Virtus Bologna defeated Eldo Caserta 86-81 yesterday night at home, but ist wasn' t an easy job. In fact, Caserta played a good game, ending ahead by one point the first half (47-46) and keeping the advantage even at the end of the third quarter (68-65). Performing for 19 pts, 3 rebs and 2 assist, Earl Boykins (168-G-76, college: E.Michigan) was the best in clutch moments of the game for Bologna, Sharrod Ford (206-F-82, agency: Pro One Sports, college: Clemson) added 16 points and 15 rebounds and Alex Righetti (198-G/F-77, agency: Interperformances) 14 points and 3 rebs. Guillermo Diaz (188-G-85, college: Miami, FL) and David Brkic (210-F-82, agency: Interperformances) led Eldo in scoring, with 17 and 14 points, respectively. In another anticipated game of Serie A Round 25, Armani Jeans Milano prevailed over Banca Tercas Teramo, 97-88, confirming its good shape. Teramo started better the game, ending the first qtr ahead 21-15, but Milano came back, taking the lead during the second quarter, and eventually enlarging its gap. With 21 points, 3 rebs and 4 assists in 29 minutes, David Hawkins (193-G-82, college: Temple) was the man of the game, guards Luca Vitali (201-G-86) and Marco Mordente (191-G-79) added 14 and 12 points, and 'new Italian' Maurice Taylor (206-F-76, college: Michigan) scored 10 points in 15 minutes. Brandon Brown (202-F-81, college: Tulane) was the main performer in Teramo, with 19 pts and 10 rebs.


Standings - Superleague
SuperLeague Standings
 1. Sigal Prishtina 17-3 
 2. Peja 16-4 
 3. Bashkimi 13-7 
 4. Trepca Mitrov. 8-12 
 5. Drita 5-15 
 6. Bambi Mitr. 1-14 
 7. Coll.Eurosport 0-0 
 8. SHB 12 0-0 
 9. Kastrioti 0-0 
 10. Kosova V. 0-0 


Playoff Updates - by Corey Washington
1st RD- Kazma falls to Nasar 81-82 , Al Jahra Kills Ttadamon 82-51, Sulaibikhat defeated Alshabab 59-50, Kuwait upsets Sahel 91-84.

Quarter finals- Yarmouk takes care of Sulaibikhat 73-56, Arabi defeats Nasar 83-74, Jahra pulls an upset over Qadsia 100-94

Semifinals- There are 4 teams left, Kuwait club will take on Arabi, and Jahra will have Yarmouk Sunday 5th April 2009.

Arabi has a chance to come back and kick start their season for next year. With their locals performing at new level. Arabi shows they are not out of this race yet, as they prepare for Kuwait Club who has brought more tears to the eyes of most teams than joy. Then there is Jahra who could be 1 step away from a rematch with Kuwait club depending on Arabi's hustle. Last but not least Yarmouk.. Who would have guessed? They are here!!!!!! and its up to Jahra to stop them from going any further.


LBL standings
LBL Standings
 1. Valmiera 15-9 
 2. VEF Riga 14-11 
 3. Liepaja 13-10 
 4. Ventspils 11-3 
 5. Barons/LMT 10-4 
 6. ASK Riga 9-4 
 7. Zemgale 9-15 
 8. ASK/Buki 5-17 
 9. Keizarmezs 5-18 

Stats Leaders
Points Per Game
  VEF Riga
  Avg: 18.8
 1. Kolesnikov, VEF R.18.8 
 2. Jansons, ASK/.17.4 
 3. Clark, Valmiera16.8 
 4. Alexander, Ba.16.5 
 5. Brunins, ASK/.16.3 
 6. Skele, Ba.15.5 
 7. Bankevics, Valmiera15.1 
 8. Strupovics, Keiza.14.8 
 9. Berkis, Zemgale14.6 
 10. Stalbergs, Liepa.14.6 
Rebounds Per Game
 Ronald CLARK
  Avg: 8.4
 1. Clark, Valmiera8.4 
 2. Elliott, Valmiera8.0 
 3. Berzins, Ba.7.8 
 4. Selakovs, VEF Riga7.0 
 5. Alexander, Ba.6.4 
 6. Blaus, Keizarmezs6.3 
 7. Jansons, ASK/.6.2 
 8. Veselovs, Ventspils6.2 
 9. Brunins, ASK/.5.8 
 10. Aleksejevs, VEF.5.8 
Assists Per Game
 Edmunds GABRANS
  Avg: 5.9
 1. Gabrans, ASK/.5.9 
 2. Sirsnins, Valmiera4.9 
 3. Cooper, VEF Riga4.5 
 4. Slesers, Keiza.4.4 
 5. Jeromanovs, VEF R.4.2 
 6. Bergmanis, Zemgale4.1 
 7. Brazelton, Ventspils3.8 
 8. Metra, ASK/.3.7 
 9. Mazutis, ASK Riga3.3 
 10. Skele,.3.3 
Steals Per Game
 Armands SKELE
  Avg: 2.5
 1. Skele, Ba.2.5 
 2. Gabrans, ASK/.1.9 
 3. Metra, ASK/.1.8 
 4. Vilums, Liepaja1.8 
 5. Kolesnikov, VEF R.1.8 
 6. Mazutis, ASK Riga1.8 
 7. Slesers, Keiza.1.6 
 8. Gailitis, VEF Riga1.6 
 9. Jeromanovs, VEF R.1.6 
 10. Strupovics, Kei.1.5 
Blocks Per Game
 Kaspars BERZINS
  Avg: 1.8
 1. Berzins, Ba.1.8 
 2. Carter, Ventspils1.7 
 3. Rozitis, Zemgale1.5 
 4. Elliott, Valmiera1.2 
 5. Blaus, Keizarmezs1.1 
 6. Cukinas, Ba.1.0 
 7. Selakovs, VEF Riga0.9 
 8. Berzins, Ventspils0.7 
 9. Zorin, Liepaja0.7 
 10. Kalve, ASK Ri.0.6 

Standings - LBAL
LBL Standings
 1. RNS-D/Livani 18-4 
 2. Jurmala 17-5 
 3. Zemgale/Juniors 16-6 
 4. Saldus 15-7 
 5. Valmiera-2 14-7 
 6. ASK/Juniors 14-8 
 7. Ridzene/Barons 10-11 
 8. Ventspils au. 10-11 
 9. SK Cesis 8-15 
 10. Keizarmezs-2 6-15 
 11. Kandava 6-16 
 12. Liepajas Papirs 5-18 
 13. BA Riga 3-19 


Al Riyadi finds their bigman - by Mohammed Malas
Sporting Al Riyadi Beirut have finally found what they were looking for after a long research, Aleksandar Radojevic (220-C-76, college: Barton County CC) signed the contract with the lebanese champions for the reminder of the season,

The experienced bosnian bigman has a good combination between playing in NBA and Europe as he was parts of american league for 2 seasons then he decided to go back to Europe in 2001 to play professionally after that in Slovenia, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland and Cyprus in the last 4 seasons.


LKL Round: 21 (Regular Season) - by Eurobasket News
Kaunas Tr. - Techasas 119-89
Kaunas rolled over Techasas 119:89 for 8-11 record. Adas Juskevicius (194-G/F-89) and Zyle Gediminas top-scored for the winners with 17 points each as other five players scored in double digits for the winners. Andrianov Aleksei and Buinauskas Tadas combined 42 points for the guests.

Neptunas - Nevezis 82-100
Nevezis improved to 14-6 after the road win over Neptunas 100:82. Gintaras Leonavicius (194-G-83) and Stankus Zydrunas paced all the winners with 25 points apiece. Morkeliunas Paulius ended up with 18 points in the losing effort.

Alytus Alita - Kaunas Tr. 90-97
Alytus Alita lost to Kaunas 90:97 in the last game of Regular Season Round 21. Vytenis Jasikevicius (187-G-85) and Valukonis Marius combined 45 points to lead the winners. Varnelis Nerijus collected 32 points and 15 rebounds in defeat.

Sakalai - Aisciai 83-82
Sakalai stun Aisciai in the last seconds for 83:82 on April 4th. Grigori Shukhovtsov (211-C-83) notched 14 points for the winners while Labuckas Arnas and Uzas Rokas had 13. Motiejunas Donatas produced 21 points in the losing effort.

Lietuvos - Sakalai 120-77
Lietuvos smashed Sakalai 120:77 in the opener of Regular Season Round 21. Martynas Gecevicius (193-G-88) led the winners with 23 points, while Anisimovas Michailis nailed 15. Sarakauskas Vytautas brought his team 16 points.

Nevezis - Suduva 91-65
On the first day of April Nevezis overcame Suduva 91:65. Gintaras Leonavicius and Stankus Zydrunas top-scored for the winners with 19 points each, while Viskontas Aidas added 15. Gvezdauskas Darius produced 20 points in defeat.

Zalgiris - Aisciai 90-54
Zalgiris improved to 19-0 record defeating Aisciai 90:54. Tadas Klimavicius (204-F-82, agency: Interperformances) and Salenga Dainius led the winners with 18 points each and Maciulis Jonas added 17. Motiejunas Donatas was the only one for the visitors to score more than 10 points, finishing with 15.

Lietuvos Rytas claim spot in EuroCup Final - by Eurobasket News
Hemofarm - Lietuvos Rytas 68:73

The Lithuanian powerhouse Lietuvos Rytas became the first EuroCup finalist. They outlasted Hemofarm in the first semifinal clash in Turin today. Marijonas Petravicius (208-F/C-79, college: S.Carolina) scored 23 points to lead the Lithuanian team to the title decider.
Hemofarm uttered the first word as Macvan put them ahead 2:0. The teams traded baskets in the early minutes but points from Milko Bjelica (207-C-84) and Chuck Eidson (201-F-80, agency: Court Side, college: S.Carolina) set Lietuvos Rytas ahead 17:12. Chuck Eidson, Anisimovas and Steponas Babrauskas (196-G/F-84) stretched the margin at 10 points after ten minutes 24:14. Steponas Babrauskas and Zavackas gave Lietuvos Rytas an 11-point lead early in the second frame. Nebojsa Joksimovic (193-G-81, agency: Beo Basket) accounted for some important baskets as Hemofarm stayed within striking distance. He capped the second term with a free throw as the Serbian team trailed by 8 points at halftime.
Lietuvos Rytas kept on persisting after the major break as they wisely kept their opponents at safe distance. But Hemofarm struck late in the third frame. Savovic hit a three-pointer that ignited a 9:0 rally. Hemofarm cut the margin to just two points with one quarter to go. Chuck Eidson and Steponas Babrauskas nailed 5 points at the start of the fourth stanza as Lietuvos Rytas earned a 60:51 lead. But Nebojsa Joksimovic drained back-to-back trebles as the Serbian team got within one point. Boban Marjanovic (222-C-88, agency: Beo Basket) tied the scoreline at 63 but Mindaugas Lukauskis (198-G-79) poured in a massive trey to put Lietuvos Rytas back in drivers seat. Marijonas Petravicius gave the Lithuanian side a 5-point cushion and Lietuvos Rytas never looked back en route to the win. Mindaugas Lukauskis scored 15 points, while Chuck Eidson had 13 points, 7 assists and 6 boards for the winners. Nebojsa Joksimovic replied with 24 points for Hemofarm. Stefan Markovic (194-G-88) and Boban Marjanovic banked 9 points apiece in defeat.

Hemofarm: Nebojsa Joksimovic 24, Stefan Markovic 9, Boban Marjanovic 9
Lietuvos Rytas: Marijonas Petravicius 23, Mindaugas Lukauskis 15, Chuck Eidson 13

Stats Leaders - LKL
Points Per Game
  Alytus Alita
  Avg: 22.2
 1. Varnelis, Alytus A.22.2 
 2. Motiejunas, Aisciai21.1 
 3. Mazeika, Neptunas19.0 
 4. Runkauskas, Suduva18.9 
 5. Dabkus, Nevezis15.4 
 6. Griskenas, Techasas15.3 
 7. Vasylius, Neptunas15.1 
 8. Jankunas, Zalgiris14.7 
 9. Kadziulis, Siauliai14.4 
 10. Maciulis, Zalgir.14.3 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 8.9
 1. Butkevicius, Kaunas T.8.9 
 2. Jankunas, Zalgiris7.4 
 3. Vasylius, Neptunas7.3 
 4. Motiejunas, Aisciai7.3 
 5. Klimavicius, Zalgiris7.2 
 6. Masiulis, Aisciai6.8 
 7. Varnelis, Alytus A.6.8 
 8. Ramanauskas, Kaunas T.6.7 
 9. Kuzminskas, Siauliai6.4 
 10. Dimsa, Aisci.6.2 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 6.7
 1. Viskontas, Nevezis6.7 
 2. Jomantas, Lietuvos4.4 
 3. Runkauskas, Suduva4.2 
 4. Stasaitis, Techasas4.2 
 5. Kalnietis, Zalgiris4.1 
 6. Vasiliauskas, Kaunas T.3.9 
 7. Rinkevicius, Aisciai3.7 
 8. Hill, Techasas3.6 
 9. Samenas, Sakalai3.4 
 10. Dainys, Neptun.3.4 
Steals Per Game
 Mindaugas LUKAUSKIS
  Avg: 2.6
 1. Lukauskis, Lietuvos2.6 
 2. Hannah, Siauliai2.5 
 3. Bolds, Techasas2.1 
 4. Runkauskas, Suduva1.9 
 5. Kutra, Techasas1.9 
 6. Hill, Techasas1.9 
 7. Mazeika, Neptunas1.8 
 8. Eidson, Lietuvos1.8 
 9. Salenga, Zalgiris1.8 
 10. Kalnietis, Zalgir.1.7 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 2.7
 1. Silinskis, Nevezis2.7 
 2. Woods, Zalgiris1.8 
 3. Zukauskas, Zalgiris1.4 
 4. Leonavicius, Nevezis1.3 
 5. Masiulis, Kaunas Tr.1.2 
 6. Kuzminskas, Siauliai1.2 
 7. Dimsa, Aisciai1.1 
 8. Butkevicius, Kaunas T.1.0 
 9. Volkus, Siauliai0.9 
 10. Sarakauskas, Sak.0.9 

Standings - LKL
LKL Standings
 1. Zalgiris 19-0 
 2. Lietuvos 18-1 
 3. Nevezis 14-6 
 4. Siauliai 13-5 
 5. Neptunas 9-10 
 6. Kaunas Tr. 9-11 
 7. Sakalai 9-11 
 8. Aisciai 6-14 
 9. Alita 4-15 
 10. Techasas 4-16 
 11. Suduva 2-18 


Morale-boosting victory for Compleet over rivals Bupa - by Eurobasket News
BUPA Luxol 59
Compleet IS SW 65
(13-11, 12-15, 22-20, 12-19)

This was a morale-boosting victory for Compleet IS who chalked up their first victory of the season on champions BUPA Luxol after three successive upsets.

These two great rivals of Maltese basketball are set to claim a place in the play-offs final as third-placed Siggiewi Smina are lagging behind in the current Championship Pool standings.

However, the antagonism between the two clans guaranteed another hard-fought match for those present at the pavilion and the stage is now set for another pulsating derby in today's BOV KO final.

Both teams took their time to settle down but Luxol finished ahead in a low-scoring opening quarter thanks to the baskets potted by Abraham Portelli.

Balance prevailed in the second quarter as well but this time the pendulum swung Compleet's way to finish 26-25 in front at the interval.

After the break, Schembri duo Steve and Dirk were very much in the picture for Luxol with Compleet relying mostly on veteran Silvio Cassar (208-C-71) and Julian Naudi (177-G-77) to add points to their tally.

With the top placing in the standings still up for grabs, no team managed to find a breakthrough and the last 10 minutes opened with Luxol 47-46 ahead.
Silvio Cassar maintained his stance in attack and continued to pot crucial points for Joe Galea's team.

Luxol lost their rhythm and Compleet just managed to open a narrow lead. In the end, that was enough for them to secure victory, a success that strengthens belief ahead of more important matches coming up.

Luxol: B. Micallef Trigona, M. Mercieca 4, R. Azzopardi 8, A. Borg 4, A. Portelli 7, N. Vasovic 4, T. Paris, Dirk Schembri 6, E. Caruana Montaldo, M. Matijevic 13, S. Schembri 13.

Compleet: M. Naudi 14, J. Naudi 12, D. Camilleri 8, E. Bezzina 1, C. Sammut, J. Valdiserra, O. Said 3, C. Calleja, K. Baldacchino 4, Silvio Cassar 23.

Courtesy of Times of Malta

BoV KO success for Medsea, BUPA - by Eurobasket News
Holders BUPA Luxol won the BOV KO for a 15th time after beating Compleet IS 71-66. In the women's final, Hibs Medsea claimed the honour for the 13th time thanks to 62-47 victory over Luxol Ergon Projects.

The men's final was balance until Marko Matijevic (200-F-78) potted five vital points that paved the way for BUPA's victory. Medsea were trailing 27-25 at half-time but they overran their opponents after the break with Joselle Cardona finishing as the game's top scorer with 20 points.

The trophies were presented to the winners by Edward Muscat Azzopardi, Head Marketing at BoV.
Courtesy of Times of Malta


Standings - CIBACOPA
CIBACOPA Standings
Northern Division
 1. Mineros 18-4 
 2. Trigueros 13-9 
 3. Hermosillo 10-12 
 4. Ostioneros 10-12 
 5. Fuerza Guinda 6-16 
Southern Division
 1. Caballeros 14-8 
 2. Lobos UAD 14-8 
 3. Frayles 11-11 
 4. Pioneros 7-15 
 5. Coras 5-7 


Standings - 1A
1A Standings
 1. Buducnost 3-0 
 2. Primorje-M. 3-0 
 3. Ulcijn 2-1 
 4. Danilovgrad 1-2 
 5. ABS Primorje 0-3 
 6. Mornar Bar 0-3 
 1. Lovcen 3-0 
 2. Jedinstvo 1-0 
 3. Mogren 1-2 
 4. Rudar 0-1 
 5. Niksic 0-1 
 6. Gorstak 0-1 


Stats Leaders
Points Per Game
 Dwyane WADE
  Avg: 29.8
 1. Wade, Heat29.8 
 2. James, Cavaliers28.3 
 3. Bryant, Lakers27.1 
 4. Durant, Thunder25.6 
 5. Nowitzki, Mavericks25.6 
 6. Granger, Pacers25.3 
 7. Martin, Kings24.6 
 8. Roy, Trail Blazers23.1 
 9. Anthony, Nuggets23.0 
 10. Bosh, Rapto.22.8 
Rebounds Per Game
 Dwight HOWARD
  Avg: 13.9
 1. Howard, Magic13.9 
 2. Murphy, Pacers11.8 
 3. Lee, Knicks11.8 
 4. Biedrins, Warriors11.5 
 5. Camby, Clippers11.4 
 6. Jefferson, Timberwo.11.0 
 7. Duncan, Spurs10.6 
 8. Okafor, Bobcats10.1 
 9. Yao, Rockets9.8 
 10. McDyess, Pisto.9.8 
Assists Per Game
 Chris PAUL
  Avg: 11
 1. Paul, Hornets11.0 
 2. Williams, Jazz10.6 
 3. Nash, Suns9.7 
 4. Calderon, Raptors8.8 
 5. Rondo, Celtics8.5 
 6. Kidd, Mavericks8.4 
 7. Davis, Clippers8.1 
 8. Wade, Heat7.5 
 9. Duhon, Knicks7.5 
 10. James, Cavalie.7.3 
Steals Per Game
 Chris PAUL
  Avg: 2.9
 1. Paul, Hornets2.9 
 2. Wade, Heat2.3 
 3. Kidd, Mavericks2.1 
 4. Chalmers, Heat2.0 
 5. Rondo, Celtics1.8 
 6. Iguodala, 76ers1.7 
 7. Harris, Nets1.7 
 8. Wallace, Bobcats1.7 
 9. Brewer, Jazz1.7 
 10. James, Cavalie.1.7 
Blocks Per Game
 Dwight HOWARD
  Avg: 2.9
 1. Howard, Magic2.9 
 2. Andersen, Nuggets2.3 
 3. Camby, Clippers2.1 
 4. Turiaf, Warriors2.1 
 5. Perkins, Celtics2.0 
 6. O''Neal, Raptors2.0 
 7. Yao, Rockets2.0 
 8. Thomas, Bulls1.9 
 9. Bynum, Lakers1.8 
 10. Lopez, Ne.1.8 

NBA Standings
Eastern Conference
Atlantic Div.
 1. Celtics 58-19 
 2. 76ers 40-35 
 3. Nets 31-46 
 4. Raptors 30-45 
 5. Knicks 30-47 
Central Div.
 1. Cavaliers 61-15 
 2. Bulls 37-40 
 3. Pistons 36-40 
 4. Pacers 32-44 
 5. Bucks 32-46 
Southeast Div.
 1. Magic 57-19 
 2. Hawks 43-34 
 3. Heat 41-36 
 4. Bobcats 34-42 
 5. Wizards 18-60 
Western Conference
Northwest Div.
 1. Nuggets 52-26 
 2. Trail Blazers 48-27 
 3. Jazz 46-30 
 4. Timberwolves 22-54 
 5. Thunder 21-54 
Pacific Div.
 1. Lakers 61-16 
 2. Suns 42-34 
 3. Warriors 27-49 
 4. Clippers 18-58 
 5. Kings 16-59 
Southwest Div.
 1. Spurs 49-26 
 2. Rockets 48-28 
 3. Hornets 47-29 
 4. Mavericks 45-32 
 5. Grizzlies 22-54 

Last games (10) - Lakers celebrate 60th win - by Eurobasket News
Spurs - Pacers 126-121
The San Antonio Spurs celebrated at the Conseco Fieldhouse mostly owing to Tony Parker (6'0''-G-80), who collected 31 points, 5 rebounds and 10 assists. Tim Duncan followed with double-double, 22 pts and 11 rebs. Danny Granger of Indiana led all the scorers with 35 pts. Spurs 49-26, Pacers 32-44.

Hawks - Celtics 92-104
Paul Pierce (6'7''-F-77, college: Kansas), Rajon Rondo and Glen Davis combined 60 points for the Celtics helping them to reach 58th win this season (58-19). Ronald Murray had 21 pts in loss and Michael Bibby contributed with 20.

Mavericks - Grizzlies 102-107
Rudy Gay (6'9''-F/G-86, college: Connecticut) came up with 27 points and 10 rebounds in victory, while Mike Conley helped with 2 points less. OJ Mayo also had important role collecting 19 points and 9 boards. The Mavs got 35 points from Dirk Nowitzki. Grizzlies 21-54, Mavs 45-31.

Trail Blazers - Thunder 107-72
The Blazers blasted Thunder in Oklahoma City jumping to 48-27 score. LaMarcus Aldridge (6'11''-C-85, college: Texas) was in a game mood nailing 35 points and pulling down 18 boards. Kevin Durant scored 13 for the hosts (21-54).

Cavaliers - Magic 87-116
Second loss for the Cavs in just two days. Orlando was better thanks to Rashard Lewis and Dwight Howard (6'10''-F-85), which combined 42 pts. Howard also had 11 rebs beside that. LeBron James collected 26 pts, 9 rebs and 5 as for his squad. Magic 56-19, Cavs 61-15.

Timberwolves - Jazz 103-102
The Wolves celebrated in thriller moving up to 22-54 record. On the other side, the hosts fell to 46-30. Ryan Gomes (6'7''-F-82, college: Providence) and Rodney Stuckey scored 25 pts each in victory. Deron Williams had 34 pts and 11 as for the Jazz.

Kings - Suns 111-139
Another high-scoring win for the Suns and again mostly owing to Steve Nash (6'3''-G-74, college: Santa Clara), who netted 29 points and dished out 9 assists. Francisco Garcia nailed the same number of pts, but for the loosing side. Suns 42-34, Kings 16-59.

Hornets - Warriors 103-111
Jamal Crawford (6'5''-G-80, college: Michigan) led the Warriors with 39, Anthony Morrow had 24 and Anthony Randolph added 20 pts for the winners. Chris Paul and David West combined impressive 74 pts in defeat. All other players had less than 8. Warriors 27-49, Hornets 47-28.

Rockets - Lakers 81-93
Victory number 60 for the LA Lakers this season. Pau Gasol (7'0''-F/C-80) came up with double-double, 23 points and 10 rebounds. Kobe Bryant scored 20 and Derek Fisher stopped on 15 pts. Ron Artest collected 21 pts and 9 boards for the guests. Lakers 60-16, Rockets 48-28.

Heat - Bobcats 97-92
Dwyane Wade (6'4''-G-82, college: Marquette) was a key player in Miami Heat last night draining 27 points and handing out 10 assists. Daequan Cook had 16, Michael Beasley 14, while Jermaine O'Neal netted 13 pts. Gerald Wallace replied with 21 pts and 8 boards in defeat. Heat 40-36, Bobcats 34-42.


Anderson's contract approved at Mizzou - by Kev Co
A run to the Elite Eight has given Mike Anderson a significant raise from the University of Missouri.

The university board has approved Anderson's new contract, which gives him a $500,000 raise to $1.35 million per season. Anderson will also get $200,000 in deferred payments. He was mentioned as a possible coach at Georgia and Alabama. The Bulldogs ended up choosing Nevada's Mark Fox as their coach, while Alabama picked VCU's Anthony Grant.

Carter promoted to Wolfpack head coach - by Kev Co

Nevada introduced David Carter as its new men's basketball head coach at a press conference held Friday afternoon in the Hall of Fame room at Legacy Hall. Carter, 42, has spent the last 10 years as an assistant coach for the Wolf Pack, including the last four as Nevada's associate head coach.

Carter becomes the 17th head coach in the history of Nevada's mens basketball program and replaces Mark Fox , who left Nevada on April 2 after five seasons to become the new head coach at the Georgia.

'David Carter is an excellent choice to be the next head coach at the Nevada. He understands all of the priorities and responsibilities of being a student-athlete and has been an integral part of the success of our program. We agree that success means good citizenship, graduation, and winning for every student athlete,' Nevada President Milt Glick said.

'David brings great integrity and competitiveness to this position and he is the right person to continue to lead the Wolf Pack basketball program forward,' Director of Athletics Cary Groth said. 'He provides continuity and has played a significant role in building the foundation that has made our program so successful.'

Carter takes the reins of a Wolf Pack program that has posted six consecutive 20-win seasons and seven straight postseason appearances. He has played an integral role in Nevada's five Western Athletic Conference titles and four NCAA Tournament invitations. He has also been recognized as one of the top assistant coaches in the nation, making FOXSports.coms list of the top 10 Mid-Major Assistant Coaches in 2007-08 and being named the best assistant coach in the Western Athletic Conference in Street's & Smith's 2004-05 College Basketball National Preview.

'It is truly an honor and a privilege to have the opportunity to lead this program,' Carter said. 'I am thankful to everyone at the Nevada and in this community for supporting me, and I look forward to sustaining the success and values that we have worked hard to achieve here at Nevada.'

An accomplished basketball player himself, Carter has been able to successfully relate his experiences as a guard to the perimeter players on the Wolf Pack roster.

His extensive knowledge of the Nevada offense has helped the program grow from year-to-year, breaking the single-season record for scoring in 2004-05 and again in 2006-07 with 2,632 points as well as the single-season mark for assists with 571 in 2006-07. Two of his guards - Ramon Sessions (2005) and Armon Johnson (2008) - have been named the WAC Freshman of the Year, while Johnson was a first-team All-WAC selection as a sophomore in 2009. Sessions, a 2007 NBA Draft pick by the Milwaukee Bucks, ended his career at Nevada ranked second in all-time assists after only three seasons.

Guard Marcelus Kemp (6'5''-G-84, agency: SportsTalent, college: Nevada) earned first-team All-WAC honors in each of his last two seasons at Nevada. After ranking second on the team in scoring in each of the previous two years, Kemp led the team and ranked second in the WAC with 20.0 points per game in 2007-08.

Carter came to the Wolf Pack in 1999 after spending two seasons as an assistant at his alma mater, Saint Mary's College, in Moraga, Calif. He also had coaching stints at Eastern Washington University and Diablo Valley Community College. In three years at Diablo Valley, Carter helped the team to its first Final Eight appearance.

Prior to his coaching days, Carter played four years (1985-89) at Saint Mary's College. He helped lead the Gaels to an NCAA Tournament berth in 1989, and the team finished the season ranked 17th in the nation with a 25-5 record. He was a four-year starter and team captain. Carter also set the school record for career assists at Saint Mary's, a record that stood from 1989-97, and currently ranks second all time for the Gaels. Carter was inducted into the Saint Mary's Athletics Hall of Fame in 2006.

Carter played high school basketball at Crenshaw High School in Los Angeles, one of the most prominent programs in the country. In three years at Crenshaw, his teams lost only five games and won state championships in 1983 and 1985.

He received his bachelor of arts in liberal studies from Saint Mary's in 1989.

Courtesy: Nevada athletics

Beavers Claim CBI Championship - by Kev Co
Rickey Claitt (6'2''-G) was 5-of-6 on 3-pointers and finished with a game-high 28 points for Oregon St., carrying the Beavers to an 81-73 victory over UTEP in Game 3 of the College Basketball Invitational championship series Friday night.

Oregon St. made 12-of-19 3-point shots for a 2-1 series win, which clinched its first postseason title in school history. Lathen Wallace (6'3''-G) added 13 and Roeland Schaftenaar (6'11''-F/C-88) scored 12 for the Beavers.

'I was shooting and everything was going in,' Claitt said. 'I kept shooting until I missed. This is phenomenal for us. This rockets us into next year.'

Stefon Jackson (6'5''-G-85), the all-time leading scorer for UTEP (23-14) and Conference USA, led the Miners with 26 points. Arnett Moultrie (6'11''-F-90) added 19, and Randy Culpepper (6'0''-G-89) had 16.

Oregon St. shot 56.5 percent from the field to 50 percent for the Miners.

'For us, 19 3-pointers is too many,' said Beavers coach Craig Robinson , whose team was 0-16 in the Pac-10 last season. 'But when you make 12, it's not too many. It just shows our progression from a terrible shooting team to one that shoots 60 percent from the field.'

Oregon St. held the lead for the final 31 minutes after an early 17-4 run, though UTEP trimmed a 10-point deficit to 52-50 on Culpepper's 3-pointer with 9:47 remaining. The Beavers answered with a 14-2 run to stretch the lead to 66-52, and they withstood a late Miners rally for the victory.


The Tar Heels roll over Villanova straight to the final - by Eurobasket

North Carolina overpowered Villanova 83-69 to advance to the NCAA Championship game on Monday night.
Danny Green (6'6''-F/G-87), Wayne Ellington (6'4''-G-87) and Ty Lawson (5'11''-G-87) shot a blistering percentage from the field in the first half to dominate Villanova.
There was never a doubt who was in control of this semifinal contest as the Tar Heels were too talented and have five future NBA players in their roster.
Villanova made a mini-run lead by Dante Cunningham (6'8''-F-87) to cut the lead to 49-40 at the half time.
Throughout the first half Villanova struggled with their outside shooting and bad shot selections.
Ty Lawson show why he was the ACC Player of the Year as the North Carolina machine just cruised to a comfortable margin.
In the second half Villanova came out the gates fast and cut the lead to five points, but continued to shoot poorly from the parameter and North Carolina woke up to dominate the rest of the game.
There was never a doubt who would win this contest with the great Ty Lawson leading the way with 22 points, 7 rebounds and 8 assists. He was supported by Wayne Ellington (20pts+9reb) and Tyler Hansbrough (6'9''-F-85) (18pts+11reb).
Villanova was lead by Scottie Reynolds (6'2''-G-87) (17pts+5ast) and Reggie Redding (6'5''-G-88) (15), but was incostistant during the entire game.
The championship game will feature matchup between the local Spartans, whose campus is located 90 miles away and the favorites North Carolina Tar Heels. These teams met earlier this year and North Carolina blasted Michigan State 93-62.
However this game will be totally different because Michigan State is a better team now and will have the home court advantage.
Michigan State may be the team of destiny due to the fact that this is the 30-year anniversary of their historic Championship in 1979.

Michigan State advances to the Championship Game - by Eurobasket

Thirty years ago the Michigan State Spartans led by Ervin Johnson beat Larry Bird's Indiana State for the National Championship.
With Majic Johnson in the stands Michigan State rocked the Huskies from the University of Connecticut 82-73 to advance to the National Championship game on Monday night.
The spirit of '79' is flowing through the whole state of Michigan with enthusiam which is needed for the area that has been hit hard by economic times.
The party has begun in downtown Detroit and could get bigger after Monday's night championship game.
Ford Field was filled with almost over 75,000 crazy basketball fans from all over the United States to witness the Final Four teams.
As the national anthem played both teams were hyped and were ready for the Big Ten vs. Big East showdown.
The first half was a seesaw battle as Michigan State had the early momentum with excellent play from Kalin Lucas (6'0''-G-89) and Raymar Morgan (6'8''-F-88).
However UConn featured a run of great inside play from Hasheem Thabeet (7'3''-C-87) and Jeff Adrien (6'7''-F-86) and the Huskies took a brief lead.
Michigan State was great on the offensive boards and battled back to take a 38-36 halftime lead.
The second half started with a 6-0 run by the UConn Huskies to take a 42-38 lead but as usual the great defense, running and rebounding of the Spartans switched the momentum back and Michigan State which never trailed again.
The Spartans had excellent chemistry, great defense and out rebounded the Huskies for the rest of the game.
UConn kept fighting and used a full court trapping press to get back in the game in the final minutes but it was a little to late.
The loss snapped Jim Calhoun and Connecticut's perfect run in the Final Four. They'd made it twice before -- 1999 and 2004 -- and went on to win the title each time.
The Player of the Game was definitely Michigan State forward Raymar Morgan, who scored 18 points on 7-for-13 shooting with nine rebounds and five steals.
He had great help from Kalin Lucas (21 points and 5 assists) and great off-the-bench trio Durrell Summers (6'4''-G) (10pts+6reb), Korie Lucious (5'11''-G-89) (11) and Draymond Green (6'7''-F) (8).
UConn was lead by Hasheem Thabeet (17pts+6reb), Stanley Robinson (6'9''-F-88) (15pts+13reb), A.J. Price (6'2''-G-86) (15pts+6reb) and Jeff Adrien (13pts+7reb).


Coaching Carousel expected after Final Four. - by Joan Manuel Sanchez
Just like the NCAA Final Four is a 'can't-wait' event, the coaching carousel that follows the completion of March Madness is a wait-and-see.

This year is expected to be a busy one for athletic directors who will have to make tough decisions on coaches and it's staff.

Already there has being rumors that many changing within the atlantic region will take place.

We'll keep you up to date with the latest coaching transaction as they develop.


DBE Stats Leaders
Points Per Game
 David LOGAN
  Avg: 18.9
 1. Logan, Asec.Prokom18.9 
 2. Adams, Polonia17.4 
 3. Hicks, Polpharma16.7 
 4. Mojica, AZS K.16.6 
 5. Wojcik, PBG Basket16.1 
 6. Reese, AZS Koszalin15.8 
 7. Jovanovic, Atlas Stal15.2 
 8. Mills, SKK Kotwica15.1 
 9. Harrington, Polonia15.1 
 10. Reynolds, Sokol Zni.15.0 
Rebounds Per Game
  ISS Sportino
  Avg: 10.3
 1. Landry, ISS S.10.3 
 2. Barro, Victoria.10.1 
 3. Johnson, Polonia8.5 
 4. Reynolds, Sokol Znicz7.5 
 5. Naymick, SKK K.7.5 
 6. Dylewicz, Asec.Pro.7.2 
 7. Burke, Asec.Prokom7.2 
 8. Okafor, Atlas Stal6.9 
 9. McLean, PBG B.6.8 
 10. Bigus, PBG Bask.6.7 
Assists Per Game
  SKK Kotwica
  Avg: 6.4
 1. Hamilton, SKK K.6.4 
 2. Koszarek, Anwil5.9 
 3. Straight, En.Czarni4.9 
 4. Eldridge, Polpharma4.8 
 5. Harrington, Polonia4.4 
 6. Szubarga, Atlas S.4.4 
 7. Milicic, AZS K.4.2 
 8. Burks, En.Czarni4.1 
 9. Greene, Victoria.4.0 
 10. Davis, PBG Bask.3.9 
Steals Per Game
  SKK Kotwica
  Avg: 3.8
 1. Hamilton, SKK K.3.8 
 2. Harrington, Polonia3.3 
 3. Lee, ISS Sportino3.2 
 4. Straight, En.Czarni3.2 
 5. Koszarek, Anwil2.8 
 6. Eldridge, Polpharma2.6 
 7. Greene, Victoria.2.6 
 8. Burks, En.Czarni2.5 
 9. Zytko, ISS Sportino2.3 
 10. Szubarga, Atlas.2.3 
Blocks Per Game
 Darian TOWNES
  Avg: 2
 1. Townes, PGE Turow2.0 
 2. Naymick, SKK K.2.0 
 3. Dixon, Bank BPS1.6 
 4. Barro, Victoria.1.5 
 5. Booker, En.Czarni1.3 
 6. Reynolds, Sokol Znicz1.3 
 7. Coleman, Polpharma1.2 
 8. Turek, PGE Turow1.2 
 9. Daniels, PGE Turow0.8 
 10. Barrett, SKK.0.8 


Stats Leaders - UZO Liga
Points Per Game
 Jason SMITH
  Avg: 22.8
 1. Smith, CAB22.8 
 2. Marcal, Porto F.21.7 
 3. Coleman, AD Vagos20.2 
 4. Burns, Porto F.19.8 
 5. Hill, AD Vagos18.7 
 6. Waller, Ovarense18.7 
 7. Doliboa, Benfica18.6 
 8. Ramos, Benfica18.4 
 9. Bowman, Barreire.18.3 
 10. Graham, VSC.17.6 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 10.1
 1. Johnson, Academica10.1 
 2. Ferguson, Fisica10.0 
 3. Martin, Porto F.9.3 
 4. Roberts, Ovarense8.5 
 5. Minter, VSC G.8.3 
 6. Doliboa, Benfica8.3 
 7. Brown, Barreirense8.2 
 8. Hill, AD Vagos8.1 
 9. Coleman, AD Vagos7.8 
 10. Torson, Ginas.7.7 
Assists Per Game
 Julian BLANKS
  VSC Guimar.
  Avg: 6.8
 1. Blanks, VSC G.6.8 
 2. Pires, Barreirense5.7 
 3. Minhava, Benfica5.0 
 4. Figueiredo, Porto F.4.9 
 5. Costa, Ginasio4.9 
 6. Smith, CAB4.7 
 7. Reed, Benfica4.4 
 8. McKenzie, Barreire.3.9 
 9. Reveles, AD Vagos3.7 
 10. Carreira, Benfi.3.5 
Steals Per Game
 Julian BLANKS
  VSC Guimar.
  Avg: 2.5
 1. Blanks, VSC G.2.5 
 2. Smith, CAB2.1 
 3. Calvin, Ginasio2.1 
 4. Coleman, AD Vagos2.0 
 5. Tavares, VSC G.1.9 
 6. Bowman, Barreire.1.9 
 7. Costa, Ginasio1.9 
 8. Davis, Fisica1.9 
 9. Madison, CAB1.8 
 10. Cunha, Porto.1.7 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 2
 1. Truscott, Benfica2.0 
 2. Stempin, Ovarense2.0 
 3. Roberts, Ovarense2.0 
 4. Brown, Barreirense1.8 
 5. Coleman, AD Vagos1.6 
 6. Minter, VSC G.1.5 
 7. Martin, Porto F.1.4 
 8. Billmeier, AD Va.1.3 
 9. Doliboa, Benfica1.2 
 10. Graham, VSC.1.2 


Div.A Standings
 1. Ploiesti 25-3 
 2. Timisoara 20-8 
 3. CSU Brasov 20-8 
 4. CSU Atlassib 19-9 
 5. U.Mobitel. CN 19-9 
 6. Otopeni 17-10 
 7. Rovinari 16-12 
 8. Pitesti 15-13 
 9. Gaz Metan 14-14 
 10. Mures 13-15 
 11. Dinamo B. 11-17 
 12. Craiova 11-17 
 13. Targoviste 7-21 
 14. Oradea 3-25 
 15. Rapid B. 0-28 

Stats Leaders - Men
Points Per Game
  CSU Atlassib
  Avg: 21.3
 1. Matthews, CSU A.21.3 
 2. Lawrence, Pitesti19.1 
 3. Tomic, Craiova18.8 
 4. Gibson, U.Mobite.17.9 
 5. Obradovic, Otopeni17.6 
 6. Popescu, Rovinari17.3 
 7. Bulancea, Rapid B.17.1 
 8. Broadus, CSU Brasov16.3 
 9. Reaves, Dinamo B.16.3 
 10. Darby, Rovina.16.2 
Rebounds Per Game
  CSU Brasov
  Avg: 11.6
 1. Dragusin, CSU B.11.6 
 2. Carutasu, Ploiesti10.2 
 3. Wingate, Tirgu M.8.7 
 4. Pavlovski, Dinamo B.8.4 
 5. Jucan, Gaz Metan8.4 
 6. Gnjato, Targoviste8.4 
 7. Obradovic, Otopeni8.2 
 8. Holmes, Craiova8.1 
 9. Lazar, Oradea7.8 
 10. Osby, U.Mobitel..7.5 
Assists Per Game
  Tirgu Mures
  Avg: 7
 1. Cooley, Tirgu M.7.0 
 2. Blidaru, Otopeni5.2 
 3. Dzambic, Timisoara4.4 
 4. Osmokrovic, Ploiesti4.3 
 5. Cuic, U.Mobitel.CN4.1 
 6. Johnson, CSU A.3.7 
 7. Gibson, U.Mobite.3.7 
 8. Fometescu, Dinamo B.3.5 
 9. Radmanovac, Gaz M.3.5 
 10. Krauser, Ploies.3.4 
Steals Per Game
  Tirgu Mures
  Avg: 3.2
 1. Cooley, Tirgu M.3.2 
 2. Johnson, CSU A.2.9 
 3. Reaves, Dinamo B.2.7 
 4. Mandic, Oradea2.6 
 5. Mitchell, Craiova2.5 
 6. Gibson, U.Mobite.2.5 
 7. Matthews, CSU A.2.4 
 8. Blidaru, Otopeni2.3 
 9. Fometescu, Dinamo B.2.3 
 10. Holmes, Craio.2.2 
Blocks Per Game
  CSU Brasov
  Avg: 2.1
 1. Dragusin, CSU B.2.1 
 2. Tibarna, Otopeni2.0 
 3. Lazar, Oradea1.6 
 4. Pantelic, Pitesti1.5 
 5. Wingate, Tirgu M.1.3 
 6. Pavlovski, Dinamo B.1.3 
 7. Gibson, Craiova1.2 
 8. McKenna, Tirgu M.1.2 
 9. Bubanja, Gaz Metan1.2 
 10. Harrison, CSU.1.2 


Standings - Superleague A
A Superleague Standings
 1. CSKA 22-0 
 2. Dynamo M. 15-6 
 3. Khimky 15-6 
 4. Unics 14-6 
 5. Triumph 12-8 
 6. Lok.Rostov 10-11 
 7. Spartak SP 10-11 
 8. Krasnoyarsk 7-14 
 9. Ural Great 6-15 
 10. Univ.Surgut 6-16 
 11. Spartak-P. 4-16 
 12. CSK VVS 4-16 

Stats Leaders - Superleague A
Points Per Game
  Avg: 21
 1. Chalmers, Univ.Sur.21.0 
 2. Perry, CSK V.17.3 
 3. Nachbar, Dynamo M.16.5 
 4. Bailey, Spartak-P.15.6 
 5. Hansen, Dynamo M.15.4 
 6. Kambala, Krasnoya.15.4 
 7. Wisniewski, Spart.15.1 
 8. Meshcharakou, Sparta.14.7 
 9. Warrick, Krasnoya.14.3 
 10. Washington, Ural.13.7 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 7.9
 1. Khryapa, CSKA7.9 
 2. Clancy, CSK V.7.2 
 3. Kirksay, Unics6.4 
 4. Kambala, Krasnoya.6.3 
 5. Szewczyk, Lok.R.6.2 
 6. Plisnic, Ural Great6.1 
 7. Meshcharakou, Sparta.5.9 
 8. Javtokas, Dynamo M.5.8 
 9. Goree, Triumph5.6 
 10. Trushkin, Spa.5.5 
Assists Per Game
 Jannero PARGO
  Avg: 5.4
 1. Pargo, Dynamo M.5.4 
 2. Collins, Lok.Rostov5.3 
 3. Chalmers, Univ.Sur.5.2 
 4. Bremer, Triumph5.1 
 5. Wisniewski, Spart.4.6 
 6. Ponkrashov, Khimky4.0 
 7. Bailey, Spartak-P.3.7 
 8. Holden, CSKA3.5 
 9. Perry, CSK V.3.3 
 10. Biggs, Ural Gre.3.3 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 2.5
 1. Millage, Krasnoyarsk2.5 
 2. House, Lok.Rostov2.4 
 3. Kirksay, Unics1.9 
 4. Komarovski, Univ.Sur.1.9 
 5. Lyday, Unics1.8 
 6. Surovtsev, Ural G.1.8 
 7. Khryapa, CSKA1.8 
 8. Ginevicius, Spart.1.8 
 9. McCarty, Khimky1.7 
 10. Biggs, Ural Gre.1.6 
Blocks Per Game
 Timofey MOZGOV
  Avg: 1.3
 1. Mozgov, Khimky1.3 
 2. Javtokas, Dynamo M.1.3 
 3. Lavrinovic, Dynamo M.1.2 
 4. Likholitov, Ural G.1.2 
 5. Pervukhin, Univ.Sur.1.2 
 6. Savrasenko, Spart.1.1 
 7. Krstic, Triumph1.0 
 8. Likhodey, Triumph1.0 
 9. Savenkov, Univ.Sur.0.9 
 10. Monya, Dynamo.0.9 

BC Khimki Moscow takes the second ticket to the EuroCup Final - by Eurobasket News
BC Khimki Moscow- Bilbao Basket 79:73

BC Khimki Moscow became the second finalist of the EuroCup campaign beating Bilbao Basket 79:73 in the semifinal game. The Russian squad joined Lietuvos Rytas and will face them tomorrow in the Final. Carlos Delfino (199-G-82) paced all the winners with 18 points, Vitaly Fridzon (195-G-85) had 14, Kelly McCarty (201-F-75, agency: Avi Zilberman, college: S.Mississippi) scored 12 and Jorge Garbajosa (205-C/F-77, agency: Interperformances) nailed 11. Luke Recker (198-G/F-78, college: Iowa) ended up with 21 points in defeat, while Marko Banic (204-F-84) netted 15.
Even though Bilbao opened the scoring account in the game, Khimki produced 13-0 to take the pace of the period. Seibutis and Jorge Garbajosa traded driving layups but then Timofey Mozgov restored 21:10 advantage.The Spanish outfit scored some baskets to reduce to 26;21 after the opening quarter.
In the second frame Carlos Delfino and Pasalic traded baskets for 31:25. Jorge Garbajosa managed to bring his team to 37:28, however Bilbao cut the gap again. Recker struck from downtown to get Bilbao to 40:35 at the halftime.
A 8-0 run saw Palasport Olimpico in the third stanza as the Russian side took 51:41 advantage. Carlos Delfino closed the third period from a long range for 58:50. Khimki held 10 points lead at 63:53 and 68:58, while Salgado buried another triple to bring Bilbao back to 71:67. That was all the Spanish team could do as BC Khimki Moscow improved to 79:73 at the end to grab the second ticket to the Final.

BC Khimki Moscow: Carlos Delfino 18 points, Vitaly Fridzon 14, Kelly McCarty 12, Jorge Garbajosa 11
Bilbao Basket: Luke Recker 21 points, Marko Banic 15


D1 Standings
D1 Standings
 1. Al Ittihad 21-1 
 2. Al Hilal 18-5 
 3. Ohod 17-5 
 4. Al Ansar 17-5 
 5. Al Ahli 13-9 
 6. Al Wahda 10-12 
 7. Al Fateh 9-13 
 8. Al Nahda 8-14 
 9. Al Khaleej 7-15 
 10. Al Qadsia 5-17 
 11. Al Maseerah 5-17 
 12. Al Safaa' 3-19 


Lietuvos Rytas claim spot in EuroCup Final - by Eurobasket News
Hemofarm - Lietuvos Rytas 68:73

The Lithuanian powerhouse Lietuvos Rytas became the first EuroCup finalist. They outlasted Hemofarm in the first semifinal clash in Turin today. Marijonas Petravicius (208-F/C-79, college: S.Carolina) scored 23 points to lead the Lithuanian team to the title decider.
Hemofarm uttered the first word as Macvan put them ahead 2:0. The teams traded baskets in the early minutes but points from Milko Bjelica (207-C-84) and Chuck Eidson (201-F-80, agency: Court Side, college: S.Carolina) set Lietuvos Rytas ahead 17:12. Chuck Eidson, Anisimovas and Steponas Babrauskas (196-G/F-84) stretched the margin at 10 points after ten minutes 24:14. Steponas Babrauskas and Zavackas gave Lietuvos Rytas an 11-point lead early in the second frame. Nebojsa Joksimovic (193-G-81, agency: Beo Basket) accounted for some important baskets as Hemofarm stayed within striking distance. He capped the second term with a free throw as the Serbian team trailed by 8 points at halftime.
Lietuvos Rytas kept on persisting after the major break as they wisely kept their opponents at safe distance. But Hemofarm struck late in the third frame. Savovic hit a three-pointer that ignited a 9:0 rally. Hemofarm cut the margin to just two points with one quarter to go. Chuck Eidson and Steponas Babrauskas nailed 5 points at the start of the fourth stanza as Lietuvos Rytas earned a 60:51 lead. But Nebojsa Joksimovic drained back-to-back trebles as the Serbian team got within one point. Boban Marjanovic (222-C-88, agency: Beo Basket) tied the scoreline at 63 but Mindaugas Lukauskis (198-G-79) poured in a massive trey to put Lietuvos Rytas back in drivers seat. Marijonas Petravicius gave the Lithuanian side a 5-point cushion and Lietuvos Rytas never looked back en route to the win. Mindaugas Lukauskis scored 15 points, while Chuck Eidson had 13 points, 7 assists and 6 boards for the winners. Nebojsa Joksimovic replied with 24 points for Hemofarm. Stefan Markovic (194-G-88) and Boban Marjanovic banked 9 points apiece in defeat.

Hemofarm: Nebojsa Joksimovic 24, Stefan Markovic 9, Boban Marjanovic 9
Lietuvos Rytas: Marijonas Petravicius 23, Mindaugas Lukauskis 15, Chuck Eidson 13

Standings - B Liga
B League Standings
 1. Proleter Naft. 20-4 
 2. Beograd 18-5 
 3. Superfund 16-8 
 4. FMP II 15-8 
 5. Mladost C. 14-9 
 6. Vojvodina Z. 13-11 
 7. Crnokosa 11-13 
 8. Vrbas 11-13 
 9. Radnicki O. 11-13 
 10. Sloboda U. 10-14 
 11. Beovuk 72 9-14 
 12. Crvena Zv. 2 8-15 
 13. Kikinda 7-17 
 14. Maraton 2-21 


1B Stats Leaders
1B Standings
 1. Parklji 23-2 
 2. Rudar 21-4 
 3. Rogaska 20-5 
 4. MFC.2 Marib. 19-6 
 5. Sencur 14-10 
 6. Triglav K. 13-11 
 7. Kraski Zidar 13-12 
 8. Gradisce 12-13 
 9. Hrastnik 11-14 
 10. Jance 9-17 
 11. Litija 7-18 
 12. Konjice 6-19 
 13. Rogla 4-22 
 14. Radenska 3-22 

Standings - 1A
Liga Standings
Places 1-8
 1. Krka 5-0 
 2. U.Olimpija 4-1 
 3. Helios 4-1 
 4. Polzela 3-2 
 5. Slovan 2-3 
 6. Luka Koper 1-4 
 7. Zlatorog 1-4 
 8. Elektra 0-5 
Places 9-13
 1. Zagorje 11-16 
 2. TCG Mercator 10-16 
 3. Alpos S. 9-18 
 4. Epic Misel 9-18 
 5. Nova Gorica 7-20 

Stats Leaders - 1A
Points Per Game
  Avg: 22.2
 1. Goodrich, Zagorje22.2 
 2. King, Polzela20.7 
 3. Strnad, Zlatorog17.4 
 4. Ivanovic, Elektra17.3 
 5. Paris, Zagorje17.1 
 6. Delic, Slovan16.8 
 7. Jovanovic, Epic Misel15.5 
 8. Berdiel, Zlatorog15.3 
 9. Cup, Elektra15.1 
 10. Lekic, Slov.15.1 
Rebounds Per Game
 Shawn KING
  Avg: 14.7
 1. King, Polzela14.7 
 2. Johnson, Zagorje11.2 
 3. Paris, Zagorje9.7 
 4. Brown, Alpos S.8.2 
 5. Pasalic, Nova Gorica7.8 
 6. Pavic, Krka7.0 
 7. Jelesijevic, Polzela6.9 
 8. Cup, Elektra6.4 
 9. Soldo, Epic Misel6.4 
 10. Laskevic, Heli.6.0 
Assists Per Game
 Miha CMER
  Luka Koper
  Avg: 5.4
 1. Cmer, Luka Koper5.4 
 2. Vujasinovic, Polzela4.8 
 3. Ivanovic, Elektra4.7 
 4. Berdiel, Zlatorog4.6 
 5. Mocnik, Epic Misel4.4 
 6. Mocnik, Helios4.2 
 7. Goodrich, Zagorje4.2 
 8. Perko, Nova Gorica3.3 
 9. Krivec, Krka3.2 
 10. Percel, Zagor.3.1 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 2.5
 1. Berdiel, Zlatorog2.5 
 2. Dunovic, Alpos S.2.0 
 3. Lapornik, Alpos S.1.9 
 4. Goodrich, Zagorje1.8 
 5. Dragic, Slovan1.8 
 6. Percel, Zagorje1.7 
 7. Avdibegovic, Alpos S.1.7 
 8. Strnad, Zlatorog1.7 
 9. Snow, Helios1.7 
 10. Jovanovic, Epic Mis.1.5 
Blocks Per Game
 Shawn KING
  Avg: 3.1
 1. King, Polzela3.1 
 2. Todorovic, Helios1.4 
 3. Jelesijevic, Polzela1.1 
 4. Nuhanovic, Zlatorog1.1 
 5. Radunovic, Elektra1.1 
 6. Brown, Alpos S.1.0 
 7. Lucic, Zlatorog1.0 
 8. Hunter, Zlatorog0.9 
 9. McCoy, Alpos S.0.9 
 10. Sjekloca, Elekt.0.9 

Olimpija holds Slovan to second lowest points in league history - by Zeljko Zule
In the opening game of UPC League Round 5 Union Olimpija defeated Geopin Slovan 56-39. Saso Ozbolt (188-G-81, agency: World Sport Agency) scored 12 points and Jasmin Hukic and Maravic added 11 points for Olimpija, who held Slovan to second lowest point total in League history. Slovan shot just 23-percent from thefield (2P 9-28, 3P 2-21) and scored just 5 points in second quarter. Marko Lekic finished with 11 points and Dejan Delic 10. Olimpija won last quarter by 8-7 and shot 14-of-46 from the field.


LEB Gold, Round 27: Alicante and Valladolid remain on top - by Eurobasket News
Caceres - Melilla 69-84
Melilla cruised past Caceres on the road 84-69 remaining No.3 in LEB Gold with 19-8 record. Keith Waleskowski (204-C/F-80, college: Dayton) came up with 14, while Cuthbert Victor and Diego Ciorciari netted 13 pts each. The hosts got 16 points and 7 boards from Diego Guaita, falling to 14-3.

Alicante - Tenerife 100-70
Powerful Alicante blasted Tenerife at home 100-70 for 20-7 record. The same numbers also has Valladolid. Jose Urtasun (193-G-84, agency: Interperformances) once again led the scorers in victory with 19 points. Taylor Coppenrath followed him with 14. Patrick Carroll and Francisco Sanchez scored 13 pts apiece in defeat.

Rosalia - Valladolid 76-79
The top ranked Valladolid grabbed this one mostly owing to Dan Grunfeld (198-G/F-84, agency: Octagon, college: Stanford), who nailed 22 points. Chris Hernandez had 15 and Robert Battle registered double-double, 12 points and 10 rebs. Valladolid 20-7, Rosallia 5-22.

La Palma - Leon 73-85
Clarence Gilbert (188-G-80, agency: Arik Krayn Services, college: Missouri) was a key player in Leon scoring 18 points. Martin Leica also shined netting 15. On the other side, Francis Koffi responded with 20 points and 6 boards for the hosts. Leon 14-13, La Palma 11-16.

Vic - Burgos 73-69
Vic outsmarted Burgos having just two players with double-digits in scoring. Mattew Kiefer (208-F-83, college: Purdue) and Matias Nocedal netted 14 and 13 pts respectively. Diego Garcia nailed 16 for the loosing side. Vic 12-15, Burgos 15-12.

Leche Rio - Gandia Basq. 78-67
Leche Rio did not have any troubles to beat Gandia and to join Tenerife with 17-10 record. Brian Cusworth (213-C-84, college: Harvard) was a key player for the winners collected 25 points and 9 boards. Zach Morley and Howard Brown combined 30 for the guests.

Plus Pujol - Illescas 89-76
Rafael Hettsheimeier (206-C-86, agency: Interperformances) stepped up for the winners yesterday pouring in 21 points and grabbing 7 rebounds. Troy DeVries, who came off the bench, also had very important role scoring 19. Dexter Lyons posted 22 for the guests. Plus Pujol 13-14, Illescas 5-22.

La Laguna - Cl.Rincon 79-83
16-11 for Clinicas Rincon and 13-14 for La Laguna after this game. Jonathan Skoldebrand (203-C/F-83, agency: Arik Krayn Services) nailed 18 and Vitor Faverani delivered on point less for the winners. La Laguna got 19 pts from Jakim Donaldson.

Los Barrios - Mallorca 100-65
Los Barrios devastated Mallorca 100-65 mostly owing to Levi Rost (201-F-83, agency: Globalsports/Globalevents, college: W.Michigan), who delivered 21 points. Jason Blair contributed with double-double in defeat, 15 points and 11 boards. Los Barrios 14-13, Mallorca 11-16.

BC Khimki Moscow takes the second ticket to the EuroCup Final - by Eurobasket News
BC Khimki Moscow- Bilbao Basket 79:73

BC Khimki Moscow became the second finalist of the EuroCup campaign beating Bilbao Basket 79:73 in the semifinal game. The Russian squad joined Lietuvos Rytas and will face them tomorrow in the Final. Carlos Delfino (199-G-82) paced all the winners with 18 points, Vitaly Fridzon (195-G-85) had 14, Kelly McCarty (201-F-75, agency: Avi Zilberman, college: S.Mississippi) scored 12 and Jorge Garbajosa (205-C/F-77, agency: Interperformances) nailed 11. Luke Recker (198-G/F-78, college: Iowa) ended up with 21 points in defeat, while Marko Banic (204-F-84) netted 15.
Even though Bilbao opened the scoring account in the game, Khimki produced 13-0 to take the pace of the period. Seibutis and Jorge Garbajosa traded driving layups but then Timofey Mozgov restored 21:10 advantage.The Spanish outfit scored some baskets to reduce to 26;21 after the opening quarter.
In the second frame Carlos Delfino and Pasalic traded baskets for 31:25. Jorge Garbajosa managed to bring his team to 37:28, however Bilbao cut the gap again. Recker struck from downtown to get Bilbao to 40:35 at the halftime.
A 8-0 run saw Palasport Olimpico in the third stanza as the Russian side took 51:41 advantage. Carlos Delfino closed the third period from a long range for 58:50. Khimki held 10 points lead at 63:53 and 68:58, while Salgado buried another triple to bring Bilbao back to 71:67. That was all the Spanish team could do as BC Khimki Moscow improved to 79:73 at the end to grab the second ticket to the Final.

BC Khimki Moscow: Carlos Delfino 18 points, Vitaly Fridzon 14, Kelly McCarty 12, Jorge Garbajosa 11
Bilbao Basket: Luke Recker 21 points, Marko Banic 15

Standings - LEB Silver
LEB Silver Standings
 1. Palencia 19-8 
 2. Torrons Vic. 18-9 
 3. Vigo 17-10 
 4. Navarra 17-10 
 5. Plasencia 16-11 
 6. CB Tarrag. 16-11 
 7. Caja Rioja 15-11 
 8. Cornella 15-12 
 9. Ourense 14-13 
 10. Jerez 14-13 
 11. Huesca 12-14 
 12. Prat 11-16 
 13. CajasurCord. 9-18 
 14. Gijon 9-18 
 15. Coruna 7-20 
 16. Qalat Caja Sol 6-21 

Stats Leaders - ACB
Points Per Game
  Avg: 20.3
 1. Rakocevic, Tau20.3 
 2. Oleson, A.G. Fuenla19.5 
 3. Quinteros, CAI Z.18.6 
 4. Dean, CB Murcia17.9 
 5. Reyes, Real Madrid17.0 
 6. Haislip, Unicaja16.9 
 7. English, Kalise G.16.6 
 8. Navarro, Regal B.16.5 
 9. Jeter, Vive M.16.1 
 10. Splitter, T.15.5 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 10.3
 1. Borchardt, Granada10.3 
 2. Reyes, Real Madrid9.7 
 3. Caner-Medley, Cajas.8.1 
 4. Ilyasova, Regal B.7.5 
 5. Vazquez, Regal B.6.9 
 6. Panko, Bruesa6.9 
 7. Barnes, CB Murcia6.4 
 8. Banic, Iurbentia B.6.1 
 9. Splitter, Tau6.0 
 10. Augustine, Kalise.5.9 
Assists Per Game
  Ricoh Man.
  Avg: 5.8
 1. Rodriguez, Ricoh M.5.8 
 2. Rubio, DKV Joventut5.8 
 3. Thomas, CB Murcia4.9 
 4. Cook, Unicaja4.8 
 5. Prigioni, Tau4.7 
 6. Valters, A.G. F.4.4 
 7. Salgado, Iurbenti.4.4 
 8. Williams, Pamesa V.3.7 
 9. Lakovic, Regal B.3.6 
 10. Sada, Regal Bar.3.6 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 2.2
 1. Prigioni, Tau2.2 
 2. Popovic, Bruesa2.0 
 3. Rubio, DKV Joventut1.9 
 4. Quinteros, CAI Z.1.7 
 5. Lescano, CAI Z.1.7 
 6. Rodriguez, Ricoh M.1.7 
 7. Jasen, MMT E.1.7 
 8. Thomas, CB Murcia1.7 
 9. Cook, Unicaja1.7 
 10. Jimenez, Unica.1.6 
Blocks Per Game
  Regal Barca
  Avg: 1.8
 1. Vazquez, Regal B.1.8 
 2. Barnes, CB Murcia1.6 
 3. Borchardt, Granada1.5 
 4. Asselin, Ricoh Man.1.3 
 5. Ibaka, Ricoh Man.1.2 
 6. Gutierrez, Granada1.1 
 7. Splitter, Tau1.1 
 8. Rey, Cajasol1.1 
 9. Savane, Kalise G.C.1.0 
 10. Eley, Vive Menor.1.0 

Stats Leaders-LEB Silver
Points Per Game
  Avg: 21.6
 1. Bouldin, Matchmind21.6 
 2. Echols, Cantabria19.5 
 3. Williams, Matchmind17.4 
 4. Mortellaro, ADT T.16.3 
 5. Turner, Promobys16.2 
 6. Llorente, Archena15.8 
 7. Camps, Cantabria15.8 
 8. Nelson, Huelva15.2 
 9. Lopez, Cantabria14.8 
 10. Matamalas, Alai.14.7 
Rebounds Per Game
 Zachary ANDREWS
  Avg: 9.6
 1. Andrews, Guadalaj.9.6 
 2. Mortellaro, ADT T.9.1 
 3. Turner, Promobys9.0 
 4. Mathis, Alcazar8.7 
 5. Williams, Matchmind8.6 
 6. Thompson, Molina8.3 
 7. Mugica, Archena8.1 
 8. Echols, Cantabria7.8 
 9. Bouldin, Matchmind7.7 
 10. Ausina, Moli.7.4 
Assists Per Game
 Salvador CAMPS
  Avg: 6.9
 1. Camps, Cantabria6.9 
 2. Rufian, Huelva5.5 
 3. Monclova, Alcazar4.9 
 4. del Tio, Merida4.7 
 5. Llorente, Archena4.3 
 6. Darbo, Huelva4.2 
 7. Nunez, Guadalajara3.8 
 8. Castello, Matchmind3.8 
 9. Sanchez, Cantabria3.6 
 10. Baquer, Alai.3.2 
Steals Per Game
 Tony TATE
  Avg: 2.9
 1. Tate, Oviedo2.9 
 2. Turner, Promobys2.6 
 3. Martinez, Navalcar.2.2 
 4. Camps, Cantabria2.1 
 5. Llorente, Archena2.1 
 6. Rueda, Promobys2.0 
 7. Sanchez, Cantabria1.8 
 8. Gomez, Huelva1.8 
 9. Monclova, Alcazar1.8 
 10. Comas, Giro.1.8 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 2.3
 1. McLemore, Huelva2.3 
 2. Bain, ADT Tarrag.1.8 
 3. Williams, Matchmind1.4 
 4. Herndon, Alaior1.3 
 5. Farley, Archena1.2 
 6. Thomasson, Alaior1.1 
 7. Williams, V..1.1 
 8. Hilliman, Promobys1.1 
 9. Thompson, Molina1.0 
 10. Bouldin, Matchmi.1.0 

Standings - ACB
ACB Standings
 1. Tau 23-3 
 2. Barcelona 22-5 
 3. Unicaja 20-8 
 4. Real 19-7 
 5. G.Canaria 18-9 
 6. Joventut 18-9 
 7. Pamesa 14-13 
 8. Ricoh Man. 13-14 
 9. Fuenlabrada 12-14 
 10. Bilbao 11-15 
 11. Bruesa 9-17 
 12. Cajasol 9-18 
 13. Estudiant. 9-18 
 14. Granada 9-19 
 15. Zaragoza 8-18 
 16. Murcia 7-20 
 17. Menorca 6-20 

Stats Leaders - LEB Gold
Points Per Game
 Ricardo GUILLEN
  Los Barrios
  Avg: 18
 1. Guillen, Los Barrios18.0 
 2. Garcia, Burgos17.0 
 3. Kiefer, Vic16.9 
 4. Detrick, La Laguna16.7 
 5. Terrell, La Palma16.0 
 6. Cusworth, Leche R.15.8 
 7. Prestes, Cl.Rincon14.7 
 8. Robinson, Gandia B.14.7 
 9. Blair, Mallorca14.6 
 10. Riera, Mallor.14.6 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 9.8
 1. Prestes, Cl.Rincon9.8 
 2. Donaldson, La La.9.5 
 3. Battle, Valladolid8.7 
 4. Simien, Caceres8.2 
 5. Guillen, Los Barrios7.6 
 6. Hamilton, Tenerife7.5 
 7. Cusworth, Leche R.7.4 
 8. Baez, Leon7.3 
 9. Nana, Rosalia7.2 
 10. Moss, Cacer.6.9 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 6.2
 1. Ciorciari, Melilla6.2 
 2. Corrales, Burgos4.8 
 3. Sala, La Palma4.3 
 4. Mendiburu, Plus Pujol4.2 
 5. Brown, Caceres3.8 
 6. Bernabe, Leon3.7 
 7. Jimenez, Illescas3.6 
 8. Dumas, Valladolid3.6 
 9. Lopez, Leche Rio3.5 
 10. Cortaberria, Cl.3.4 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 2.4
 1. Blanch, Mallorca2.4 
 2. Ciorciari, Melilla1.9 
 3. Van Lacke, Valladolid1.9 
 4. Lopez, Leche Rio1.8 
 5. Baez, Leon1.7 
 6. Hill, Alicante1.7 
 7. Bernabe, Leon1.7 
 8. Boccia, Tenerife1.6 
 9. Cusworth, Leche R.1.6 
 10. Angulo, Cacer.1.6 
Blocks Per Game
 Robert BATTLE
  Avg: 2
 1. Battle, Valladolid2.0 
 2. Hamilton, Tenerife1.7 
 3. Southall, Melilla1.6 
 4. Donaldson, La La.1.5 
 5. Simien, Caceres1.3 
 6. Cusworth, Leche R.1.3 
 7. Lewis, Plus Pujol1.1 
 8. Sinanovic, Burgos1.1 
 9. Andriuskevic., Alica.1.0 
 10. Campbell, Los Barri.1.0 


Kuso to Al Jalaa - by Mohammed Malas
The nigirian forward Abdullahi Kuso (206-F-84, college: Tallahasse CC) arrived to Aleppo to join the trainings of his new team Al Jalaa Aleppo, He will replace the american center John Thomas (205-F/C-75, college: Minnesota) who left to Ukraine.

The fresh graduate from Gonzaga University played from the begining of this season in Ukraine with Sumykhimprom Sumy but he left the team due to their financial problems esspecially after their elimination from the Eurochallenge.


Short-handed Yulon beat TB in OT - by Chris Wang
Yulon Luxgen beat Taiwan Beer 87-76 in overtime despite only suiting up eight players Saturday to stay on the top of the SBL standing. It is now 15-4, one game and 1 1/2 game ahead of second-place Dacin (15-6) and third-place Taiwan Beer (15-7).

Yulon was without Chen Hsin-an, Chen Chih-chung, Chou Shih-yuan and Lu Cheng-ju, who were all sidelined due to injuries. Yulon had a 12-0 run in the extra session to silence the Beermen.

In other games, Ouyang Ching-heng's season-high 34 points helped Taiwan Mobile to a 16-point win over Bank of Taiwan. The KKL-Dacin game was sloppy with both team combined for 59 fouls and 32 turnovers, leaving coaches from both sides complaining for the officiating after the game. KKL upset Dacin 79-75.

April 4 results:
Yulon 87-76 TB

Yulon: Tseng Wen-ting 19p+8rb, Yang Che-yi 21p
TB: Ho Shou-cheng 19p+8rb, Yang Ching-min 12p+12rb, Lin Chih-chieh 15p+7TO

TM 92-76 BOT
TM: Ouyang Ching-heng 34p (6-8 3PT), Liu Sheng-yao 11p
BOT: Hsu Chih-chan 20p+7rb, Chen Shun-hsiang 13p

KKL 79-75 Dacin
KKL: Chen Ching-hwan 22p+11rb, Lin Kwan-lun 15p
Dacin: Chang Chih-feng 24p, Tien Lei 12p+6rb, Su Yi-chieh 11p+5rb+6a

April 3 results:
TB 92-84 BOT
TB: Ho Shou-cheng 25p+10rb, Lin Chih-chieh 14p+8a, Wu Tai-hao 13p
BOT: Lin Chun-feng 24p, Doug Creighton 15p, Chang Jun-hsuan 13p

PY 82-78 TM
PY: Lin Tsun-ching 22p, Chien Chia-hong 14p
TM: Ouyang Ching-heng 20p+8rb, Liu Sheng-yao 13p

Standings - SBL
SBL Standings
 1. Yulon Luxgen 15-4 
 2. Dacin 15-6 
 3. Taiwan Beer 15-7 
 4. KKL 9-11 
 5. Pure Youth 8-11 
 6. Taiw.Mobile 6-15 
 7. Bank of Taiw. 3-17 


Standings - TBL
TBL Standings
 1. Efes Pilsen 22-2 
 2. T.Telekom 19-5 
 3. Fener.Ulker 18-7 
 4. Galatasaray 18-7 
 5. Antalya 14-11 
 6. Besiktas 13-11 
 7. Mersin 13-12 
 8. Karsiyaka 12-13 
 9. Oyak Renault 11-15 
 10. Banvit 10-14 
 11. Selcuk Uni. 10-15 
 12. Erdemir 10-15 
 13. Darussafaka 9-15 
 14. Aliaga 8-16 
 15. Kepez Bld 8-17 
 16. TED Koleji 2-23 

Stats Leaders - D1
Points Per Game
 Aubrey REESE
  Avg: 21.8
 1. Reese, Aliaga21.8 
 2. Crispin, Banvit20.7 
 3. Gordon, Oyak R.20.1 
 4. Williams, Banvit19.3 
 5. Davis, Aliaga18.6 
 6. Ibekwe, Selcuk U.18.6 
 7. McCalebb, Mersin18.6 
 8. Lofton, Mersin18.5 
 9. Baxter, Besiktas17.3 
 10. Graves, Galatasar.17.0 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 12.2
 1. Williams, Karsiyaka12.2 
 2. Thomas, Erdemir11.3 
 3. Besok, Galatasaray9.0 
 4. Traylor, Kepez Bld8.8 
 5. Ibekwe, Selcuk U.8.2 
 6. Benton, Karsiyaka7.6 
 7. Ffriend, Mersin7.5 
 8. Gonlum, Efes Pilsen7.5 
 9. Williams, Banvit7.4 
 10. Davis, Alia.7.4 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 7.6
 1. Koseoglu, Karsiyaka7.6 
 2. Fitch, Kepez Bld5.8 
 3. Chatman, Besiktas5.6 
 4. Acik, T.Telekom5.6 
 5. Senturk, Darussaf.5.0 
 6. Crispin, Banvit5.0 
 7. Reese, Aliaga4.9 
 8. McCalebb, Mersin4.6 
 9. Gordon, Oyak R.4.4 
 10. Kacar, Selcuk U.4.4 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 2.8
 1. McCalebb, Mersin2.8 
 2. Basden, Mersin2.8 
 3. Mims, Antalya2.2 
 4. Atkins, Galatasaray2.1 
 5. Hammonds, Darussaf.2.0 
 6. Martin, Kepez Bld1.9 
 7. Chatman, Besiktas1.9 
 8. Koseoglu, Karsiyaka1.8 
 9. Smith, Efes Pilsen1.8 
 10. Ibekwe, Selcuk.1.8 
Blocks Per Game
  TED Koleji
  Avg: 2.8
 1. Hansen, TED Koleji2.8 
 2. Benton, Karsiyaka2.2 
 3. Solak, Aliaga2.1 
 4. Stiemsma, Oyak R.1.9 
 5. Ibekwe, Selcuk U.1.8 
 6. Traylor, Kepez Bld1.7 
 7. Davis, Aliaga1.5 
 8. Fobbs, Oyak Renault1.5 
 9. Ffriend, Mersin1.2 
 10. Douthit, Antal.1.1 


Tigers Close the Gap - by Andy Webb
BBL Championship
Everton Tigers 121 (32,65,92) (Smith 35, Gross 27, Jones 14)
Worthing Thunder 91 (19,40,71) (Ivanoskis 30, Patton 25, Woods 18)

Everton Tigers closed the gap to eight points at the top of the BBL Championship table thanks to a 121-91 victory over the Worthing Thunder at the Greenbank Academy on Friday evening. The Tigers started much the stronger side and opened the game with a 10-2 burst. They continued to pile the pressure on their visitors and a further 9-2 tear towards the end of the quarter took the score out to 32-15. Worthing ended the quarter with the final four points to trail 32-19 at the end of the first stanza. In the second period, Josh Gross (201-F-83, agency: Pro One Sports, college: NC-Greensboro) showed his finishing prowess in front of the basket as he bagged seven of the Tigers points in a 9-2 burst to take the score out to 44-26. The home side continued their dominance and broke the game open with a 14-4 tear midway through the period to take the score out to 58-35. Tony Dorsey ended the half for the Tigers the way it had started by hitting five of the last six points to leave the home side leading 65-40 at the half. In the second half the visitors started the third period with a 7-1 tear to trim the deficit back to 66-47 before a further 9-2 run for the Thunder got them to within fifteen points at 75-60. The Tigers got themselves back on track however as an 11-4 tear to finish the third period took them back out to a comfortable 92-71 lead going into the final stanza. In the final period, the Tigers continued to extend their lead and despite a valiant attempt by the visitors to get themselves back into the game, the Tigers held on for the comfortable victory. Andre Smith led all scorers in the game with 35 for the Tigers, while Ivanoskis led the scoring for the Thunder with 30 points personal.

Standings - BBL
BBL Standings
 1. Newcastle E. 24-4 
 2. Everton T. 24-5 
 3. Guildford H. 19-10 
 4. Leicester R. 18-12 
 5. Plymouth R. 18-13 
 6. Scottish R. 16-14 
 7. MK Lions 13-17 
 8. Cheshire J. 13-17 
 9. Sheffield S. 12-19 
 10. Worcester W. 12-20 
 11. Worthing T. 12-21 
 12. London C. 2-31 


Standings - LPB
LPB Standings
 1. Marinos 14-4 
 2. Guaros 12-4 
 3. Cocodrilos 11-6 
 4. Gaiteros 10-6 
 5. Trotamundos 9-7 
 6. Guaiqueries 8-9 
 7. La Guaira BBC 7-10 
 8. Toros 6-11 
 9. Gigantes 5-13 
 10. Panteras 2-14 

LPB 2009 - Week 6 (Friday): Marinos holds on to the lead, La Guaira wins in extra time - by Francisco Vega
Barquisimeto, Venezuela.- Marinos de Anzoategui maintained their one-game margin at the lead of the LPB 2009 standings by taking down Guaiqueries de Margarita as hosts, while La Guaira BBC came out of a bad streak with an away triumph in extra time over the sinking Gigantes de Guayana.

Marinos de Anzoategui 83 - Guaiqueries de Margarita 76
Luis Ramos Arena - Puerto La Cruz, Anzoategui

Quarter by quarter
MAR: 21-28-15-19= 83
GUAI: 21-15-26-14= 76

MAR: Michael Gale (193-G-82) 20 points, Axiers Sucre (198-F-78) 13 points, Hernan Salcedo (198-F-80) 12 points and 6 assists, Diego Guevara (184-G-77) 11 points and 5 assists, Gregory Vargas (182-G-86) 10 points, Hatila Passos (212-C-86) 9 points and 7 rebounds, Uka Agbai (203-F-81) 8 points, David Cedeno (190-G-83) 0 points, Ruben Contreras (196-F-87) 0 points, Jhon Romero (199-F-85) 0 points, Henry Caten (201-F-80) 0 points, Adan Reyes (183-G-83) 0 points
GUAI: Rogers Washington (198-F-77) 18 points and 5 steals, Chris Jackson (208-C-81) 15 points and 8 rebounds, Carlos Cedeno (193-G/F-85) 15 points, Heberth Bayona (210-C-78) 12 points and 6 rebounds, Cesar Silva (187-G/F-81) 7 points, Jackson Zapata (198-F-85) 5 points, Antonio Torcatt (182-G-76) 2 points, Alex Quiroz (185-G-75) 2 points, Giorland Rada (185-G-85) 0 points, Jorge Diaz (195-F-77) 0 points, Douglas Chiquito (193-G-86) 0 points

La Guaira BBC 97 - Gigantes de Guayana 96 (ET)
Hermanas Gonzalez Arena - Puerto Ordaz, Bolivar

Quarter by quarter
GIG: 17-21-18-30-10= 96
LG: 22-22-22-20-11= 97

LG: Mike Campbell (197-G/F-75) 28 points, Aaron Williams (203-C/F-83) 26 points and 12 rebounds, Lennox McCoy (188-G-77) 12 points and 10 assists, Tomas Aguilera (198-F-77) 11 points and 9 rebounds, Elvis Burguillos (194-G/F-82) 6 points, Carlos Morris (194-G-75) 6 points, Oswaldo Gonzalez (203-F/C-79) 4 points, Edgar Lugo (189-G-82) 3 points, Victor Luces (188-G-77) 1 point, Victor Gonzalez (200-F-69) 0 points, Rosmel Blanco (205-C-76) 0 points, Jose Camacho 0 points
GIG: Omar Quintero (183-G-81) 29 points, Levi Stukes (188-G-84) 21 points and 6 assists, Kevin Palacios (203-F/C-84) 19 points, Victor David Diaz (195-F-68) 15 points, Clarence Matthews (201-F-82) 5 points, Ludwing Irazabal (201-C/F-73) 5 points, Jorge Leon (186-G-79) 2 points, Omar Mejias (175-G-80) 0 points, Antonio Sucre (193-F-83) 0 points, Jose Ramos (198-F-71) 0 points, Nestor Moran (178-G-87) 0 points, Pedro Montano (201-F-84) 0 points


Women News

  BULGARIA - Women  

Standings - Women
A1 Standings
First Four
 1. Dunav 3-1 
 2. Lukoil 2-2 
 3. Montana 2003 2-2 
 4. Minor 1-3 
Second Five
 1. Beroe 2007 3-0 
 2. Rilski Sportist 3-1 
 3. Slavia 2-1 
 4. NSA 0-3 
 5. Tony 7 0-3 

  CROATIA - Women  

Standings - Women
A1 Standings
Places 1-6
 1. Gospic 7-0 
 2. Sibenik 5-2 
 3. Medvescak 4-3 
 4. Studenec O. 3-4 
 5. Croatia 2006 1-6 
 6. Ragusa 1-6 
Places 7-12
 1. Mursa 5-0 
 2. Agram 3-2 
 3. Pula 3-2 
 4. Pozega 2-3 
 5. Zadar 2-3 
 6. Novi Zagreb 0-5 


USK Praha are the new ZBL champions! - by Eurobasket News
Gamrbrinus - USK Praha 71:78

USK Praha completed an impressive comeback effort in the ZBL Finals to clinch the title. Today USK Praha held off Gambrinus in Brno to secure the third straight and the decisive win in the best-of-five series.
Gambrinus looked ready for the fight early in the game as Hamchetou Maiga (184-G/F-78, college: ODU) paced the charge. The Malian forward netted 8 points in the first frame as the hosts piled up a 23:20 lead after ten minutes of action. Eva Viteckova (190-F-82) and Zsofia Fegyverneky (178-G-84) stretched the margin at 5 points early in the second term. Ivanka Matic (195-F/C-79) and Evanthia Maltsi (180-F-78) drew things level late in the half. But Horakova had the last word as she secured a 36:34 advantage for Gambrinus at halftime.
Frohlich and Eva Viteckova opened the second half with 6 points in a row to extend the gap to 8 points. Hamchetou Maiga and Petra Kulichova (198-C-84) ensured a 10-point lead for the home team late in the third stanza. But USK Praha remained in the race as Ivanka Matic, Nykesha Sales (183-F/G-76, college: Connecticut) and Evanthia Maltsi responded with 7 points to enter the fourth term down by 3 points. Five consecutive points from Nykesha Sales and Elhotova allowed the visitors to take a 59:58 advantage over two minutes into the final stanza. Evanthia Maltsi fired 5 more points just moments later as USK Praha piled up a 66:61 cushion. Nykesha Sales and Ferancikova maintained the rally as the Prague team earned an 8-point buffer with under three minutes left. Petra Kulichova and Horakova tried to save the situation as they clipped the deficit to 4 points. Petra Kulichova sparked hope for Gambrinus as they got as close as 2 points. Nevertheless Evanthia Maltsi, Nykesha Sales and Ferancikova silenced the home team and USK Praha celebrated the title!
Evanthia Maltsi posted 21 points and 10 boards to lead USK Praha. Lindsay Whalen (173-G-82, college: Minnesota) and Nykesha Sales added 14 points each in the victory. Hamchetou Maiga and Petra Kulichova had 14 points apiece for Gambrinus. Frohlich and Horakova managed 11 points each in the losing effort.

Gambrinus: Hamchetou Maiga 14, Petra Kulichova 14
USK Praha: Evanthia Maltsi 21+10 boards, Lindsay Whalen 14, Nykesha Sales 14

  ESTONIA - Women  

Merike Anderson becomes a real leader of her team. First semifinal result - by Eurobasket News
Merike Anderson (181-G/F-81) becomes a real leader for TTT Riga in Latvia. In the recent Baltic League semifinal stage her team advanced to Final Four as she shined for her team. The game between TTT Riga and Lemminkainen became the most interesting in Day 2. Even though Latvian side was the favorite of the game, Lemminkainen struggled hard and went on a 18:16 lead. TTT Riga bounced back with 15-12 in the second quarter and had 1 points deficit before the second half. Latvian side kept the score for good after 21-17 in the third period and 23-22 in the last. Merike Anderson again top-scored for the winners with 20 points, Dita Krumberga added 19 and Brumermane posted 13. Milieskiene shined for the Lithuanian team with 29 points. Siksniute provided 14 and Zygelyte nailed 11.
Before that TTT Riga destroyed BC Star 85 : 52 in Klaipeda. Estonian side struggled hard in the opening quarter and trailed only 14:17 at the end of it. TTT Riga pushed the tempo for good and produced 33-9 in the second period for 50:23 at the halftime. A 18-15 in the third and 17-14 in the fourth periods led TTT Riga to the easy win in the opener. Merike Anderson led the winners with 26 points. Diana Ozolina scored 18 and Eglite had 9. Ashley Wallace ended up with 23 points in the losing effort.

In the National arena Cesis taught TTT Riga a good lesson in the opening game of the LSBL Finals. Kristen Mann exploded with 32 points to lead Cesis to a stunning victory. The archrivals met in Riga but Cesis did all they could to leave the game without the intrigue. Tamera Young added 31 points as Cesis coasted to the first win in the series. The visitors managed to close Merike Anderson and looked unstoppable offensively.
Cesis did not wait for too long as they rushed ahead in the starting stanza. They outscored the hosts 22:16 in the first stanza to take the lead. TTT Riga slowed their opponents down in the second frame and stayed behind by 6 points at halftime. Cesis went off the dressing room firing from all guns and overwhelmed the home team in the third stanza. Cesis won the period by 16 points and never looked back en route to a comprehensive success.
Ieva Tare knocked down 13 points in the winning case. Merike Anderson responded with 18 points for TTT Riga. Dita Krumberga had 11 points and 7 rebounds in defeat. Cesis outrebounded their opponents 39:24 and forced the hosts into 21 turnovers.
Tallinna Living overcame Tartu Ulikool 100:69 in the Semifinal opener. Kerttu Jallai (180-F-90, agency: Regeneracom Sports) led the winners with 22 points and 15 rebounds, while Kerli Haas (179-F-90) netted 16. Liisi Sokman (168-G-88) finished the night with 20 points for the home side.

  EUROLEAGUE - Women  

Stats Leaders
Points Per Game
  Spartak V MR
  Avg: 19.8
 1. Taurasi, Spartak .19.8 
 2. Carson, TTT Riga18.8 
 3. Mosch, Montpellier18.7 
 4. Troina, TTT Riga18.0 
 5. Harper, Besiktas18.0 
 6. Wauters, CSKA17.8 
 7. Valdemoro, Ros C.17.3 
 8. Langhorne, TEO V.17.1 
 9. Jinks, Sibenik17.0 
 10. Matovic, Lotos.16.5 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 12
 1. Harper, Besiktas12.0 
 2. Hayden-J., Umana R.10.0 
 3. Langhorne, TEO V.9.9 
 4. Fowles, Spartak .9.7 
 5. Snow, Halcon A.9.6 
 6. Robert, ESB V.8.9 
 7. Veremeenko, Nadezhda.8.8 
 8. Kublina, TTT Riga8.7 
 9. Gardin, Sibenik8.5 
 10. Wauters, CS.8.5 
Assists Per Game
  MiZo Pecs
  Avg: 7.5
 1. Ivanyi, MiZo Pecs7.5 
 2. Bird, Spartak V MR5.7 
 3. Cohen, Maxma B.5.3 
 4. Marchanka, Lotos P.4.9 
 5. Vardarli, Fener.4.8 
 6. Dumerc, Bourges4.7 
 7. Pondexter, UMMC4.3 
 8. Taurasi, Spartak .3.8 
 9. Melain, Bourges3.7 
 10. Skerovic, Wisla.3.6 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 3
 1. Horakova, Gambr.3.0 
 2. Hornbuckle, Besik.2.9 
 3. Valdemoro, Ros C.2.7 
 4. Maltsi, USK Praha2.7 
 5. Beard, Lotos P.2.5 
 6. Fernandez, Wisla C.2.5 
 7. Skerovic, Wisla C.2.4 
 8. Gardin, Sibenik2.4 
 9. Doron, Besiktas2.4 
 10. Dumerc, Bourg.2.3 
Blocks Per Game
 Anastasiya VEREMEENKO
  Nadezhda O.
  Avg: 2.7
 1. Veremeenko, Nadezhda.2.7 
 2. Fowles, Spartak .1.6 
 3. Harper, Besiktas1.5 
 4. Hayden-J., Umana R.1.5 
 5. Stepanova, UMMC1.3 
 6. Ndongue, Bourges1.3 
 7. Kublina, TTT Riga1.2 
 8. Tamane, Nadezhda.1.2 
 9. Terglav-T., Sibenik1.1 
 10. Sutton-Brown, Fene.1.1 

  GERMANY - Women  

Semifinals are set - by Moritz Korff
After Oberhausen and Saarlouis had advanced to the semifinals of the DBBL playoffs earlier, Wasserburg and Halle followed on Friday. Both clubs used their third games of the quarterfinal series to make it to the next round. The defending champs from Wasserburg defeated Herner TC 91-69 at home, while the Halle Lions ended the season of BC pharmaserv Marburg with a 72-62 win.

TSV 1880 Wasserburg - Herner TC 91-69
Carlene Hightower (180-F-86, college: La Salle) was nearly unstoppable, as she finished the night with 29 points and guided Wasserburg to the needed win at their home floor. The hosts dominated the paint and outrebounded HTC 47-32. As the second best TSV scorer Rebecca Thoresen (178-F-78) added contributed 15 points to the win. Herne got 19 points each from Nadzeya Drozd (168-G-83, agency: LBM Management) and Teiosha George (193-F/C-85, college: Pepperdine) in defeat.

SV Halle Lions - BC Pharmaserv Marburg 72-62
Susanne Biemer (175-G/F-78) and Tamara Tatham (185-F-85, college: Massachusetts) each scored 16 points and Nadja Proetzig (179-F-89) added 14 to overcome the visiting Blue Dolphins. The guests were led by Anna-Christine Goerg (190-F-87), Amanda Livingston (185-F-84, agency: Rasmussen Services, college: UCLA) and Hicran Oezen (169-G-81) who netted 10 points apiece.

  HOLLAND - Women  

Standings - Women
Eredivisie Standings
 1. HLB Account. 23-1 
 2. ProBuild Lions 20-4 
 3. Woonb./DAS 17-7 
 4. Perik Jumpers 15-9 
 5. AutoCAD Am. 11-13 
 6. BV Lely 11-13 
 7. Celeritas-D. 7-17 
 8. CSR Binnenl. 7-17 
 9. Wereldtick. 5-19 
 10. Grasshoppers 4-20 

  HUNGARY - Women  

Stats Leaders - Women
Points Per Game
  Avg: 23.7
 1. Robinson, Savaria23.7 
 2. Vajda, MiZo Pecs21.5 
 3. Djelmis, Szolnok15.4 
 4. Milovanovic, MKB E.14.8 
 5. Radunovic, Foton14.7 
 6. Milkova, BSE14.3 
 7. Ievtushenko, Atome.14.2 
 8. Varga, ZTE14.0 
 9. Horti, MKB Eurol.13.2 
 10. Hegedus, Szoln.13.2 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 9.8
 1. Robinson, Savaria9.8 
 2. Wilson, Atomeromu8.6 
 3. Radunovic, Foton7.7 
 4. Gardner, Savaria7.5 
 5. Serban, Cegledi EKK6.8 
 6. Fejes, Vasas-Csata6.4 
 7. Coelho, MiZo Pecs6.3 
 8. Vajda, MiZo Pecs6.3 
 9. Horvath, ZTE6.2 
 10. Zherzherunov., S.6.1 
Assists Per Game
  MiZo Pecs
  Avg: 5.8
 1. Ivanyi, MiZo Pecs5.8 
 2. Djelmis, Szolnok3.8 
 3. Darida, Szolnok3.4 
 4. Furesz, Szeged3.4 
 5. Furesz, Foton3.3 
 6. Nemeth, Szeged3.2 
 7. Borovickova, Foton3.0 
 8. Macleod, MKB E.2.8 
 9. Tamis, Atomeromu2.8 
 10. Lakloth, Vasas-.2.8 
Steals Per Game
  MiZo Pecs
  Avg: 3.6
 1. Vajda, MiZo Pecs3.6 
 2. Ivanyi, MiZo Pecs3.5 
 3. Wilson, Atomeromu3.2 
 4. Koncz, BSE2.9 
 5. Darida, Szolnok2.8 
 6. Szasz, BEAC2.6 
 7. Lakloth, Vasas-Cs.2.5 
 8. Czank, Vasas-Csata2.5 
 9. Milovanovic, MKB E.2.4 
 10. Hardy, B.2.4 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 1.6
 1. Robinson, Savaria1.6 
 2. Gardner, Savaria0.8 
 3. Sandor, Savaria0.7 
 4. Fritz, Vasas-Csata0.7 
 5. Vajda, MiZo Pecs0.6 
 6. Krnjic, MiZo Pecs0.6 
 7. Hegedus, Cegledi .0.6 
 8. Szabadfi, Savaria0.5 
 9. Radunovic, Foton0.5 
 10. Szondy, Vasas-Csa.0.4 

Halcon topple MKB Euroleasing to enter Euroleague Final - by Eurobasket News
Halcon Avenida - MKB Euroleasing 85:78

Spanish Halcon Avenida accounted for another Euroleague scalp as they knocked down MKB Euroleasing to reach the title decider. Le'Coe Willingham (183-C-81, college: Auburn) nailed 20 points to pace the Spanish team to impressive success. Milovanovic opened the game with a jumper but Le'Coe Willingham, Basko and Silvia Dominguez (166-G-87) ensured Halcon lead midway through the period. Horvath and Amber Holt (183-G/F-85, college: Middle Tenn.St.) fired back-to-back three-pointers as MKB Euroleasing cut the distance late in the frame but Anke de Mondt matched it with a trey of her own as the Spaniards led 21:14 at the first intermission. Petra Stampalija (190-C-80) and Isabel Sanchez (178-G-76) maintained the lead for Halcon Avenida in the starting minutes of the second frame. When Isabel Sanchez hit two trebles in a row Halcon led by 13 points. But MBK Euroleasing kept the intrigue alive as they capped the half with 6 straight points clipping the margin to 6 points 35:41.
Horti knocked down 5 points for the Hungarian team as they stayed just behind Avenida at the start of the third stanza. Kathleen Macleod (167-G-86) nailed 5 points to narrow the deficit to just three points late in the stanza however it was as close as MKB Euroleasing could get. Basko and Rovira gave Halcon a 61:53 cushion heading into the fourth period. Stampalija and Le'Coe Willingham opened the final term with 5 points in a row as they take some breathing space. Stampalija, Michelle Snow (196-C-80, agency: LBM Management, college: Tennessee), Silvia Dominguez and Isabel Sanchez aggravated MBK situation as they widened the gap to 15 points. The Hungarian powerhouse failed to return into the game and had to surrender at the end.
Michelle Snow finished with 17 points and 18 boards for Halcon Avenida. Petra Stampalija added 14 points in the victory. Amber Holt delivered 21 points and 6 boards for MBK Euroleasing. Katalin Honti (178-G-87) and Kathleen Macleod had 13 points each in the loss.
Avenida will take on Spartak Moscow Region in the final game.

Halcon Avenida: Le'Coe Willingham 20, Michelle Snow 17+18 boards, Stampailja 14
MKB Euroleasing: Amber Holt 21, Katalin Honti 13, Kathleen Macleod 13

  ITALY - Women  

Last Day of the Regular Season - by Juliane Hoehne
The final standings in the A2 North are still open even on the last day of the regular season. Only teams such as Acetum Cavezzo, Le Mura Lucca, Libertas Sporting Udine, Memar Reggio Emilia, Sernavimar Marghera, Meccanica Nova Bologna and Lenzi Profexional Bolzano have secured their play-off seeds. For the teams of New Wash Montichiari, Cantina Sociale Broni, Pilot Italia Biassono, Tecno Allarmi Cervia and Sea Logistic Systems Crema the game today will be determining, if the teams will reach the last play-off seed available, will be done with the season or even will have to play in the play-downs. On the other hand San Martino Di Lupari and Pakelo San Bonifacio will fight for the last play-down seed available. After the victory of San Martino Di Lupari against Pilot Italia Biassono last week, by which Nausicaa Nausica Fassina (178-G/F-90) was leading the team offensively as defensively with 15points and 12 rebounds, Pakelo San Bonifacio will have to win against current number 1 team Acetum Cavezzo and need to hope for a loss by San Martino Di Lupari against New Wash Montichiari to still make the play-downs.

Standings A2 Women - by Juliane Hoehne
A2 Standings
 1. Cavezzo 22-3 
 2. Lucca 22-3 
 3. Udine 20-5 
 4. Reggio Emilia 17-8 
 5. Marghera 16-9 
 6. Bologna 13-12 
 7. Bolzano 10-15 
 8. Montigarda 9-16 
 9. Broni 9-16 
 10. Biassono 8-17 
 11. Cervia 8-17 
 12. Crema 8-17 
 13. San Martino 7-18 
 14. San Bonifacio 6-19 
 1. Pontedera 21-2 
 2. Pomezia 15-8 
 3. Cagliari Tr. 14-9 
 4. Ancona 14-9 
 5. Cagliari CUS 14-9 
 6. Napoli 14-9 
 7. S.Elpidio 13-10 
 8. Siena 10-13 
 9. Chieti 10-13 
 10. Rende 8-15 
 11. Firenze 8-15 
 12. Alcamo 8-15 
 13. Alghero 7-16 
 14. La Spezia 5-18 

  MALTA - Women  

BoV KO success for Medsea, BUPA - by Eurobasket News
Holders BUPA Luxol won the BOV KO for a 15th time after beating Compleet IS 71-66. In the women's final, Hibs Medsea claimed the honour for the 13th time thanks to 62-47 victory over Luxol Ergon Projects.

The men's final was balance until Marco Matijevic potted five vital points that paved the way for BUPA's victory. Medsea were trailing 27-25 at half-time but they overran their opponents after the break with Joselle Cardona finishing as the game's top scorer with 20 points.

The trophies were presented to the winners by Edward Muscat Azzopardi, Head Marketing at BoV.
Courtesy of Times of Malta

Basketball - Women's League - by Eurobasket News
Kaila Agius (183-C-80) played another key role in her team's latest victory in the league last weekend as Depiro McDonald's came from behind to inflict the first defeat of the season on Medsea. The Maltese-Canadian post potted 32 points in a Championship Pool match that went Depiro's way 65-59. At one stage before half-time, Medsea led 35-20 but Kaila Agius ignited her team's rally and now Depiro are only a point behind the champions in the standings.
Courtesy of Times of Malta

  POLAND - Women  

PLKK Round: 3 (Semi-Finals) - by Eurobasket News
AZS Gorzow - CCC 68-52
AZS Gorzow completed the sweep of the semifinal series against CCC. Lindsay Taylor (203-C-81, college: UCSB) scored 16 points to lead Gorzow into the Final. Justyna Zurowska added 13 points and 10 rebounds for the winners. Amisha Carter responded with 18 points and 9 boards for CCC Polkowice. Daria Mieloszynska added 15 points in the losing case.

Wisla Can-Pak - Lotos PKO BP 42-60
Lotos earned the Final appearance as they thumped Wisla on the road. Alana Beard (180-G/F-82, college: Duke) scored 18 points, dished out 5 assists and grabbed 4 boards to lead Lotos. Tamika Catchings added 16 points and 14 boards for the Gdynia team. Dominique Canty responded with 10 points for Wisla as they failed to post a single victory against the regular season champs.

Stats Leaders - PLKK
Points Per Game
  AZS J.Gora
  Avg: 17.5
 1. Coleman, AZS J.17.5 
 2. Shields, Duda L.17.1 
 3. Zohnova, AZS G.16.1 
 4. Sissoko, MUKS P.16.0 
 5. Beard, Lotos P.15.1 
 6. Kobryn, Wisla C.14.3 
 7. Mieloszynska, CCC13.9 
 8. Tulikihihifo, Cukie.13.8 
 9. Robbins, CCC13.8 
 10. Rushing, MUKS.13.5 
Rebounds Per Game
 Djenebou SISSOKO
  MUKS Pozn.
  Avg: 12.6
 1. Sissoko, MUKS P.12.6 
 2. Petillon, Cukierki10.5 
 3. Robbins, CCC10.3 
 4. Beachem, MUKS P.10.3 
 5. Carter, CCC8.8 
 6. Anosike, AZS G.8.8 
 7. Atkinson, Utex Row8.1 
 8. Merideth, AZS J.8.1 
 9. Kobryn, Wisla C.7.8 
 10. Aleliunaite-J., Inea.6.9 
Assists Per Game
 Agata GAJDA
  Avg: 4.6
 1. Gajda, CCC4.6 
 2. Richards, AZS G.3.7 
 3. Wlazlak, LKS3.5 
 4. Atkinson, Utex Row3.3 
 5. Skerovic, Wisla C.3.3 
 6. Howard, Inea A.3.0 
 7. Kenig, LKS3.0 
 8. Krysiewicz, Duda L.2.8 
 9. Marchanka, Lotos P.2.8 
 10. Key, Cukier.2.8 
Steals Per Game
 La''Tangela ATKINSON
  Utex Row
  Avg: 4.4
 1. Atkinson, Utex Row4.4 
 2. Krysiewicz, Duda L.3.7 
 3. Gajda, CCC3.4 
 4. Moore, Energa T.3.3 
 5. Ristic, AZS J.3.3 
 6. Rushing, MUKS P.3.3 
 7. Idczak, Inea A.3.1 
 8. Petillon, Cukierki3.1 
 9. Sissoko, MUKS P.3.0 
 10. Glaszcz, PTK.3.0 
Blocks Per Game
 DeTrina WHITE
  Duda Leszno
  Avg: 2.3
 1. White, Duda Leszno2.3 
 2. Aleliunaite-J., Inea A.1.9 
 3. Taylor, AZS Gorzow1.7 
 4. Coulibaly, MUKS P.1.6 
 5. Palka, Wisla C.1.6 
 6. Anosike, AZS G.1.2 
 7. Walich, Inea A.1.1 
 8. Moore, Energa T.1.1 
 9. Beachem, MUKS P.1.0 
 10. Atkinson, Utex R.1.0 

  ROMANIA - Women  

Alexandria and Targoviste are in the Final of the Romanian Cup - by Nagy Szilveszter
BCT Alexandria and MCM Targoviste will play the Final of the Romanian Cup in this year. The tournament was hosted by Targoviste. Targoviste has won this title in 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007. The other team which won the Romanian Cup is: CSS LMK Sfantu Gheorghe in 2008. The title-holders (Sfantu Gheorghe) were eliminated in this season in the Quarterfinals by Targoviste. The participant teams: MCM Targoviste, BC Teleorman Alexandria, CET Govora and Sportul Studentesc (Romania U 18). The Final Four:

1. Semifinal:
BC Teleorman Alexandria-MCM Targoviste 54-43 (18-12, 8-8, 9-12, 19-11)

Targoviste, Sports hall. Attendance: 200. Referees: Alin Faur and Sorin Drugau.
BCT Alexandria: B. Savic 14 pts, 5 reb; A. Sipos 9 pts, 8 reb; M. Nicolaescu 1 pt, 1 reb, 1 ass; D. Zoric 4 pts, 8 reb, 2 ass; B. Vescan 14 pts, 7 reb, 1 ass - A. Chivu, L. Bue 2 pts, C. Morosan, D. Epure, B. Barbu, C. Teodorescu, V. Rus 10 pts, 2 reb. Coach: Madalin Piperea. Sportul Studentesc (Romania U 18): Al. Ionescu 2 pts, 3 reb, 2 ass; O. Baluta 2 pts, 2 reb; C. Bigica 13 pts, 2 reb, 1 ass; A. Florea 7 pts, 4 reb; M. Chelariu 3 pts, 3 reb - G. Cursaru 4 reb, S, Ursu 4 pts, 3 reb, 1 ass; L. Ulica 2 pts, 3 reb; R. Mitroi, F. Ferenczi 4 pts, 1 reb; Ad. Stefan 4 pts, 3 reb; A. Craciun 2 pts, 3 reb. Coach: George Mandache.

2. Semifinal:
MCM Targoviste-CET Govora 84-38 (21-9, 18-11, 28-9, 17-9)

Targoviste, Sports hall. Attendance: 1500. Referees: Doru Vinasi and Liviu Ionita.
MCM Targoviste: A. Parau 9 pts, 3 reb, 3 ass; L. Toma 16 pts, 4 reb, 1 ass; M. Boriga 13 pts, 5 reb, 3 ass; C. Givens 9 pts, 11 reb, 1 ass; M. Coker 8 pts, 6 reb, 1 ass - E. Dinca 1 pt, 5 reb, 1 ass; O. Masilionene, R. Alecu 4 pts, 1 reb; M. Bukovszki 9 pts, 1 reb; C. Valentin 9 pts, 1 reb; L. Manta 6 pts, 7 reb; E. Maneci. Coach: Catalin Tanase. CET Govora: T. Rus 4 pts, 6 reb; M. Krstajic 1 pt, 3 reb; F. Diaconu 14 pts, 4 reb; L. Latinovic 6 pts, 5 reb, 1 ass; R. Ungureanu 2 reb - I. Bors 5 pts, 2 reb; C. Ceausu, B. Voica, J. Simionca 2 reb, G. Stefan, M. Ivovic 8 pts, 4 reb. Coach: Mihaita Toma.

The final will be today (April 5) at 5 pm (CET) beetween: MCM Targoviste vs. BCT Alexandria. The game for the 3rd position will be at 3 pm (CET) beetween: CET Govora ans Sportul Studentesc (Romania U 18). Both games will be broadcasted by Telesport and YOU can follow LIVE in this link:

  RUSSIA - Women  

Spartak Moscow Region edges UMMC in the Semifinal thriller - by Eurobasket News
Spartak Moscow Region- UMMC Ekaterinburg 83:74

Spartak Moscow Region will defend their title in the game versus Halcon from Spain as the team won over UMMC Ekaterinburg in Russian Semifinal thriller of EuroLeague. Spartak Moscow Region rolled over UMMC Ekaterinburg 83:74 mostly due to the victories in the second-half quarters. Diana Taurasi (182-G-82, college: Connecticut) top-scored for the winners with 33 points, Sue Bird (175-G-80, college: Connecticut) posted 17 and Sylvia Fowles (198-C-85, college: LSU) nailed 14. Agnieszka Bibrzycka (184-F/G-82, college: Abil.Christian) responded with 23 points in defeat, while Deanna Nolan (180-G/F-79, college: Georgia) supported her with 13.
For UMMC the season is already one of the best so far as they won the Russian Cup and became the Winner of the Regular Season. Spartak Moscow Region however hopes for the another EuroLeague title and Russian Trophy. Two-time defending champions opened the game with 12-4 run as Jackson nailed from the far distrance. UMMC did not panic and immediately recovered for 14:13 when Pondexter made a jump-shot. Sue Bird's basket closed the first period for 21:17, Spartak Moscow Region advantage.
In the middle of the second frame Diana Taurasi notched for 31:26. Pondexter's three gave UMMC the first lead in the period at 37:35. It was a real thriller that lasted until the end of the first half when Sylvia Fowles brought her team 44:41 at the halftime.
With 20-17 in the third period Spartak Moscow Region improved to 64:58 however they were far to triumph. Ekaterinburg stayed within striking distance and closed to within 67:66 three minutes into the final quarter after two Penny Taylor free throws. Diana Taurasi closed a 5-0 run and then scored for 79:68 as the game was done at that time. Spartak Moscow Region wins the game to advance to the Final.

Spartak Moscow Region: Diana Taurasi 33, Sue Bird 17, Sylvia Fowles 14
UMMC Ekaterinburg: Agnieszka Bibrzycka 23, Deanna Nolan 13