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Men News


Adriatic league: BOSNA beat Olimpija 79:76 (OT), don`t address real problems - by Sead Buljina
Bosna ASA BHT beat Olimpija 79:76 in overtime. Bosna again couldn`t count on Zlatko Jovanovic and Zarko Rakocevic who were on roster but unrecovered. Game was played following a Bosna`s players` strike last week due to late payments. Namely, Bosna has been late with making payments to players for a couple of years now. Every time payments would be made 5-6 months late. After club fired coach Vukoicic it seemed that Bosna existence was in danger since the club owed Vukoicic half a million euros. Despite all problems host put on a great effort and with help from referees beat Olimpija. It was obvious in the second half and overtime that refs made calls in favor of hosts. However, that doesn`t provide an excuse to Olimpija for an unexpected loss. Refs helped hosts in the second half. However, in the first quarter Olimpija defense allowed 25 points! Refs had little to do with that. Guests have obviously underestimated hosts.And don`t forget that Olimpija simply had no answer for Milan Milosevic (206-SF-85) who scored at will against oposing big men trying to guard him. Thus, Olimpija can blame themselves for the loss. Fans in Sarajevo have witnessed refereeing to the guests` favor all too many times. Teams would come to Sarajevo sure that they will have 'friendly' treatment by referees. This time refs worked for Bosna, no big deal after all games Bosna lost in the past due to poor refereeing.

Bosna won one game but did more damage in a long run. Although short at center positions there was no spot on the roster for Bosna`s maybe best center Aldin Klinac (212-C-90). There was no spot for Eldin Camdzic (195-SG-90), either. 'Young' Muhamed Pasalic (190-PG-87) sat out the whole game although he is the only true point guard on the roster. Of course. Nothing new. 'Young players' especially domestic have never had a chance in Bosna. Djedovic is an exception since he came as a complete player from RIN Academy at age of 15 and was sold next year for one million euros. Emir Zimic (217-C-86) was probably better player when he came to Bosna at age of 17 than now. Real Madrid was offering big money for him. He has been sitting his first two and a half years on the bench. After five bitter years he recently left the club. Same thing with Sead Sehovic (200-SG-89), although Sehovic did not wait that long before running from Bosna. Let`s not forget that Bosna management also 'managed' to lose top NBA prospects such as Rasid Mahalbasic (209-F/C-90) this season and Jadranko Jusufagic two years ago. Is it coincidence that Mahalbasic left after Elmedin Konakovic brought 'BeoBasket' agent Misko Raznatovic to club`s office 'in order to help with paperwork' although Mahalbasic had his own agent?? Is it coincidence that Jusufagic left after unpleasant experience with (back then) club`s director, Konakovic? Rasid Mahalbasic is since 2006 top European prospect, only Bosna was late to recognize it. Jadranko Jusufagic (208-PF-88) was our only player on the NBA list of 21 automatically eligible players from the whole World at the 2008 NBA draft. List of young players who`ve been mistreated by Bosna is way too long.

Instead of trying to identify the real issues within the club Bosna management celebrates a win with refs` help. The club management either does not know what the problems are or does not want to know. Publicly they`re talking about avoiding the last place in the Adriatic league. Sure, it would be nice to avoid such embarrassment, but who cares about results in current situation!!?? Club has been slowly but surely brought to its knees while two people were getting rich. Careers of over 35 top prospects have been destroyed during the last 5 years. There is no single player in youth selections that deserves to be promoted to the first team. Youth selections exist only in order to take money from the kids and their parents. So, besides 'A' youth selections brilliant minds have formed 'B' and 'C' selections, so they can grab more money from parents. It`s a public secret that Bosna is a club owned by 'BeoBasket' and this agency is not to blame. Just opposite, they`re doing good job, great job for themselves. Question is how it is possible that Bosna governing board allows two-three people to destroy B.C. Bosna, former European champion?

For the last four years Bosna hasn`t won 2 titles and 1 Cup. Bosna has lost 2 Championships and 3 Cup titles!! U18 selections of B.C. Bosna won only one title in the last five years. Some rural teams are taking titles, while individual (s) within Bosna governing board work (s) for Serbian agency making huge damage to B.C. Bosna. Club`s fans would love to know who is responsible for that. Who is responsible for changing four-five expensive players on the roster at the half of the each previous seasons except the 2008/09? How come Bosna brought Que Greer for $12,000/month in 2007/08 although it was clear in early August that he was not good fit for the club, how come Kyle Hill was brought for $20,000/month that same season although everybody knew he was not going to stay due to drugs and locker room issues? Just in that season Bosna brought 6-7 Americans who were regularly paid while domestic players had to wait their payroll checks for months. Let`s try to recall all Americans who played for Bosna just in season 2007/08: Greer (12,000), Hill (20,000), Jerremy Veal ($10,000), Jefferson ($10,000), Jackson (10,000), Lance Williams ($20,000), Brian Bailey ($10,000). And, what exactly is doing Gorjan Radonjic in Bosna uniform this season?? His father has done a lot for Bosna and Bosnian basketball but that`s not a reason to take his son as a reinforcement who never plays? He only takes a spot to better domestic players. Of course, agents got their provisions...actually they got provisions twice since contracts were guaranteed as usual. Of course, somebody within the club also received half of agent provisions for several seasons.

Why Bosna did not accept Vukoicic`s resignation when he offered it? Instead they fired him a month later knowing that in such a case Bosna will have to pay the man (and BeoBasket) almost a half a million euros!! It`s unbelievable that club president does not see what`s going on. He is also being robbed. Unfortunatelly, he listens to same advisors who`re stealing money from his pocket. Same president says the goal is to stay in the Adriatic league. Like result is important at this point. Bosna decision makers don`t want to hear experts. Everybody who knows something about basketball knows that the only solution for Bosna now is to get rid of expensive foreign players and start making a team with its own players that will be competitive in 2-3 years. That`s what Sabit Hadzic suggested during negotiations for coaching job with Bosna, but he was accused of asking too much and offering nothing in return. Actually, one of our best players and coaches had a plan and vision that`s not desirable in Bosna these days. It does not bring money for a couple of years...Yes, Bosna won one game. With fully recovered Jovanovic and Rakocevic Bosna will win many more. However, as long as the club does not start working with youth selections and coaches there will be no long-term progress.


Two successful Cape Verdeans basketball player in Spain - by Pedro Gomes
Leche Rio Breogan Lugo, a Spanish basketball team for which two Cape Verdean athletes are starters, are in the fight for the LEB Gold league title.
Cape Verde National team player, Jeffrey Xavier (185-G-85, agency: Bradley Sports Management, college: Providence), and Cape Verdean born, Betinho, have helped the team climbed up to the 5th spot, and hoping to reach
the 1st. Jeff has been the star of several of those games, with a season high 33 points, and Betinho has also contributed with the success of the team, with his season high at 27 points.

The current stats for the two players:
Jeffrey Xavier 15.1pts, 3.2rbs, and 1.5asst
Joao Gomes (199-F-85) (Betinho) 11.5pts, 5.1rbs, and 1.4steal

CV National team player still waits for his final Pay Check from Maccabi Ironi Ramat Gan - by Pedro Gomes
Cape Verde national team Guard Joshua Gomes (190-G-83, agency: ZAG Advocates, college: E.Illinois),spent 2008-09 in Israel playing for Ironi Kfar Hamaccabia Ramat Gan, who based on his testimonial still owes him $10,000 (USD). Josh sigend a contract with Ramat Gan in July 2008 and played the entire season until May 2009. The season was over with on May 12th, he played 20 games and averaged 8.5ppg and 2.5rpg; and he was told he will get the rest of the money before he leaves the country.
Josh also has information about other American players who still haven't got paid yet from Ramat Gan or other Premier league's teams.

Josh is very concerned, and stated the following 'the more people who know about it, I feel like the more it will be out and about and this won't happen to anyone else with my old team'.

Curently Josh is playing in France at ALM Evreux Basket, he already played 14 games and is averaging 14.6 ppg, 2.1 rpg, and 1.4 apg.


Gezira participates in Dubai tournement - by Eurobasket

Gezira flys to dubai with the assistance of (Bank of Alexandria) , Gezira players will try to pass their last defeat from Itthad in the fianl game in dubai,Coach Ahmed Marie said (we are in dubai to prove that we are still on the right track & to prepare our team for the Egyptian super league,we are getting better every day and we hope to well repersent the Egyptian Basketball there).However, Omar tarek will not join the team according to his comitment with a colledge for a schocolarship in the USA, Naim Dhifallah the tunisian power forward and the misr insurance current player will replace Omar tarek.

# Group A:
Sporting Al Riyadi Beirut 'Lebanon' - Title holders
Mahram 'Iran'
Al Gezira 'Egypt'
UAE National Team
Al Wehda Damascus 'Syria'

# Group B:
Zain 'Jordan' - Runner ups
Al Jalaa Aleppo 'Syria'
Smart Gilas 'Philippines'
An Nasr 'UAE'
Champville 'Lebanon'

# Tournament system:
1st round: round robin
2nd round: diagonals from 1st to 4th (1st X 4th & 2nd X 3rd)
Semi Finals
Naim Dhifallah (196-G-82)


HOUSTON,TX - The Houston PTS for years have been known to put up 100 points a game in anyones gym, and with newcomer Houston Gladiators on the schedule it looks to be a big night in Houston,tx. Gladiators owner, Sean Crawley, is excited about joining the TPBL and believes his team will have what it takes to make the post season tournament and win the TPBL'S 10th anniversary championship title. for more information on the PTS vs. GLADIATORS match up call TPBL league owner chris cardenas at: 325-763-6630


Women News

  EUROCUP - Women  

1/16 Finals: Second games - by Eurobasket News
Saarlouis - Dexia 69-63
Saarlouis did a great job in Game 1 and tonight just sealed a spot for 1/8 Finals. It two meetings the German squad collected 164-134. Stina Barnert (176-G-89) scored 14 pts for the hosts, while Petra Manakova (192-F/C-82, college: Oakland) and Tyresa Smith added 13 pts each. Jennifer Fleischer responded with 24 pts and 12 rebounds in defeat.

Dynamo-NPU - Energa Torun 70-63
Dynamo-NPU did a great job in Game 2 advancing to EuroCup 1/8 Finals. In the first meeting it was 64-61 for Energa Torun, but they did not survive in Kyiv tonight. Marinela Agalareva (178-F/G-77, agency: Global Sports Plaza) and Davineia Payne (175-G-83, college: La Salle) drained 23 points each in victory. Agalareva grabbed 6, while Payne pulled down one rebounds less. In defeat, Alicia Gladden had 17 points and 9 boards.

Dynamo M. - Sierre 77-58
Dynamo Moscow aggregated 139-119 in two games against Sierre. Marina Kuzina (195-C-85) once again was the leading player in victory registering double-double of 22 points and 10 rebounds. Ekaterina Sytnyak (185-F-82, agency: LBM Management) delivered 18 pts. On the other side, Ildiko Szakacs scored 19 pts in loss.

Hemofarm - Zeljeznicar 86-64
After 69-69 in Game 1, Hemofarm blasted Zeljeznicar 86-64 booking a spot for 1/8 Finals. Center Dara Kovacevic (197-C-83) scored 18 points and grabbed 6 rebounds for the hosts, while Tamara Radocaj (168-G-87) and Zorica Mitov helped with 14 pts each. The Bosnian squad got 16 pts from Ana Baletic.

Dunav - AEL 77-75
Dunav celebrated tonight, but AEL made impressive 93-65 in Game 1 and of course advanced to the next stage. Charel Allen (181-G-86, agency: LBM Management, college: Notre Dame) stepped up for the hosts with 20 points and 11 rebounds. Tanisha Wright (180-G-83, agency: LBM Management, college: Penn St.) collected 24 pts and 7 boards for the Cypriot powerhouse.

CCC Polkowice - Botas 69-64
CCC Polkowice celebrated tonight, but Botas is the one who advanced to EuroCup 1/8 Finals thanks to great performance in Game 1, 74-50. Amisha Carter (188-F/C-82, college: Louisiana Tech) shined for the hosts with 22 points and 10 rebounds. Courtney Paris (193-C-87, college: Oklahoma) collected with 23 points and 14 rebounds in loss.

Targoviste - MBK Ruzomb. 84-51
Targoviste celebrated in Game 1 68-90 and tonight once again had an easy job advancing to 1/8 Finals with 174-119 in total. Tina Thompson (188-F-75, agency: Merit Sports, college: USC) came up with 23 points and 7 rebounds, while Shay Doron (175-F-85, college: Maryland) also helped with 23 pts. Simona Podesvova collected 14 pts and 8 rebounds for the guests.

SEAT Lami - Lemminkain. 83-68
Second win for SEAT Lami, who celebrated in Lithuania last week 60-74. Of course, the Hungarian squad booked a spot for 1/8 Finals. Orsolya Englert (170-G-80) scored 16 and Anna Vida (184-F-85) added 15 pts in this victory. Lemminkainen got 25 points from Marina Solopova.

Athinaikos - Medvescak 100-62
Athinaikos once again trashed Medvescak collecting 180-116 in 80 minutes of play. Gintare Petronyte (196-C-89) led the Greek squad tonight with 20 points and 6 rebounds. Candice Wiggins (180-G-87, college: Stanford) followed with 18 pts. In Medvescak, Iva Badanjak had 18 pts and 6 boards.

Mann Filter - Sf. Gheorghe 92-55
Mann Filter did a great job in Game 1 and tonight just sealed a spot for 1/8 Finals. In two games the Spanish squad created impressive 177-112. Allison Feaster-Strong (181-F-76, college: Harvard) top-scored with 19, Paula Palomares had 14 and Tiina Sten (185-G/F-85, college: St.John's) helped with 13 pts. Florina Diacone collected 20 points and 6 rebounds in defeat.

EBE Ibiza-PDV - Dnipro 75-55
EBE Ibiza-PDV blasted Dnipro tonight going though the EuroCup 1/16 Finals with 132-114 in two games. Nakia Sanford (193-F/C-76, college: Kansas) led the Spanish squad with 16, Shanon Johnson (169-G-85) scored 15 and Krisys Bade netted one point less. Iuliya Iakhina had 15 pts in loss.

Dynamo K. - Besiktas 93-72
Another win for the Russian squad, who collected 188-141 in two games. Jillian Robbins (185-F-84, agency: LBM Management, college: Tulsa) shined in victory with 21 points and 12 rebounds, and Donnette Snow (196-C-80, agency: LBM Management, college: Tennessee) added 19 pts, 13 boards and 5 assists. In Besiktas, Nykesha Sales exploded with 29 pts.

Nadezhda O. - Hatis Yerevan 80-65
160-134 in two games for Nadezhda. Sheana Mosch (177-G/F-81, college: Duke) top-scored in victory today with 25 points. Olga Ovcharenko (184-F-79) also had very important role netting 22, while Oksana Zakalyuzhnaya added 12 points and 12 boards. Visitors got 24 pts from Milica Dabovic.

Gran Canaria - Sibenik 71-45
Sibenik had great 62-40 after first game, but Granca demonstrated fantastic performance tonight celebrating 71-45 win for 111-107 in total and of course ticket for EuroCup 1/18 Finals. Morgan Warburton (180-G-87, agency: LBM Management, college: Utah) and Carmen Sanchez Ventura (89) had 15 pts each for the hosts, and Aneika Henry added 14 pts and 16 boards. Sibenik got 10 pts and 6 boards from Monika Veselovski.

Mondeville - ICIM Arad 99-53
Impressive 183-121 for Mondeville in two games against ICIM Arad. Clarisse Costaz (170-G-86) top-scored for Mondeville with 22, while Lenae Williams (186-F-79, college: De Paul) added 2 points less. Suzana Milovanovic collected 23 pints and 9 rebounds in loss.

Lattes Montpe. - Spartak N. 77-58
Great win for Montpellier, who collected 144-119 in two games against Spartak Noginsk. Each of Montpelier's players managed to score at least 3 points in this game. Pauline Krawczyk (180-F-85) led the way with 12 pts. In Spartak, Victoria Shagan (178-G-79) netted 17 pts.

  EUROLEAGUE - Women  

Euroleague Round: 9 (Qualifying Round) - by Eurobasket News
Group A
TTT Riga - TEO Vilnius 59-57
TTT Riga celebrated the second victory in the season as they nipped TEO Vilnius in the Latvian capital. TTT Riga grabbed 59:57 victory to leave the last spot. When both teams play each other no matter if it is Baltic league, Euroleague campaign or something else, it is always a pleasure to see the way they try to win. Both squads started well and the hosts grabbed only 16:15 at the end of the opening quarter due to the three-pointer from Lisa Willis (183-G/F-84, college: UCLA). Three times the score was tied in the second frame as TEO took the lead at the end of it. Milka Bjelica brought her side 32:28 and Karklina closed the half at 32:30. TEO managed to keep the advantage with the same difference entering the last stanza. After 14-14 in the third period the guests enjoyed 46:44 in the court. Harding scored for 55:54 midway through the last quarter however it became the last lead for the guests. Karklina and Eibele ensured the victory for the Latvian team as TTT Riga jumped to the 5th spot. Kristine Karklina scored 23 points to pace the hosts. Lisa Willis added 17 points and 7 rebounds in the win. Milka Bjelica answered with 16 points and 14 boards for TEO Vilnius. Riga will finish the season facing UMMC Ekaterinburg next Wednesday, while Vilnius will travel to Italy to play Cras Basket Taranto.

Ros Casares - Taranto 87-59
Ros Casares remained one win away from group leading UMMC as they posted the seventh victory. The Spanish powerhouse cruised past Taranto in Valencia 87:59. Snell and Elodie Godin exchanged the leads as later the Spainish powerhouse took the control of the game. Amaya Valdemoro (184-F-76) scored for 13:7 and Ris Casares finished the first quarter at 18:11. Moreover they increased to 26:11 early in the second period. The game however was not over for the guests. The latter came back into the game and after 16-1 run tied the game at 27:27 when Rebekkah Brunson made tip in. The Spanish team immediately took the bigger lead as Montanana closed the half at 39:31. The third frame was decisive in the game as the hosts were too good in the court for the opponents. They produced 28-13 in the next 10 minutes for 67:44 advantage. Montanana scored for 69:44 entering the last stanza and Amaya Valdemoro delivered two for 72:47. Another run led to 81:47 as Hammon nailed a three-pointer. She also scored the last points for the hosts with 2 minutes remaining in the game. Taranto closed the game with 5-0 run as Elodie Godin made two lay-ups in the very end. Amaya Valdemoro scored 20 points to lead the charge. Delisha Milton-Jones contributed 16 points in the victory. Rebekkah Brunson and Elodie Godin answered with 12 points each for the Italian team.

Galatasaray - UMMC 64-69
UMMC improved to 8-2 record after a hard trip to Turkey. The favorite of EuroLeague needed 17-12 in the last frame to seal the 69:64 victory over Galatasaray. Cappie Pondexter (175-G-83, college: Rutgers) top-scored for the winners with 20 points and Agnieszka Bibrzycka produced 16. Candace Parker debuted with 8 points and 10 rebounds, whilst Sandrine Gruda and Ann Wauters scored 7 each. Jia Perkins ended up with 23 points in the losing case and Yelena Leuchanka notched 16. Jia Perkins opened the game for the hosts, while Stepanova brought 6:5 for the guests. Jia Perkins again was successful for the hosts and after her shot the Turkish team had 16:10 midway through the first quarter. UMMC however tied the game as Candace Parker tied the game at 19:19 at the end of the first quarter. The second frame became another battle in the court as the squads stayed even in the game. Galatasaray won the period 17-16 to take 36:35 advantage at the halftime. Moreover the shot by Leuchanka gave her team 42:37 early in the third period. UMMC tied the game again as Cappie Pondexter closed thirty minutes at 52:52. Sencebe's three pointer gave the hosts 55:52 lead, however it was their last in the game. The Russian team scored 9 points in a row to take 61:55 and Cappie Pondexter made it 66:60 with 1.30 to play. She also was the last to score in the game bringing the final 69:64 win.

Group B
Familia Schio - TS Wisla Can-Pak 92-88
Familia Schio beacme the first team in EuroLeague 2009/2010 that upset the Polish team. TS Wisla Can-Pak remained unbeaten for eight games but fell short in Italy, 88:92. Fernandez Marta brought the first points for Wisla and Ewelina Kobryn (193-C-82, agency: Data Plus Group) added for 4:0. The Polish side played better in the first quarter, but could not take the deficit to the second frame. The Italian squad scored the last four points of the opening quarter for 28:24 advantage. Antibe Nicole scored later for 34:25 and it was the first sign for the first Wisla loss. The latter immediately rearranged and Castro pulled her team to42:41 advantage. She also closed the half at 49:43 to remain alive with her team. The second half however belonged to the hosts. At first they managed to ti the game at the end of the third period, 68:68. Sauret-Gillespie drew for 72:72 and Masciadri Raffaella nailed for 74:74. After some baskets from Italians, Fernandez Marta reduced to 78:77 with 3.30 to play in the game. Cohen kept the difference as she delivered for 81:80. Wisla kept it close and had a chance to pull level in the last minute after Audret Sauret-Gillespie's jump shot was off target. Macchi was perfect from the free throw line as she brought the final victory. Macchi Laura poured in 24 points for the winners that improved to 7-2 record. Antibe Nicole was responsible for 21 and Masciadri Raffaella posted 14. Ewelina Kobryn and Fernandez Marta combined 49 points in the losing case.

Villeneuve - Perfumerias 72-97
Halcon Avenida posted the seventh win in the Euroleague season as they coasted past Villenueve in France. The victory gave the Spanish team the top spot in Group B awaiting for Wisla to play their game. Sancho Lyttle came up with 11 points in the opening frame as the visitors stamped authority. Halcon Avenida fired 32 points in the starting quarter to enjoy a 32:17 lead. Halcon Avenida maintained the safe cushion throughout the second stanza and arrived at halftime up by 18 points 50:32. Anke De Mondt stepped up with three consecutive triples midway through the third quarter and Halcon Avenida cleared off to a 21-point distance. Villenueve had little chance to save the game in the fourth stanza. Halcon Avenida stayed in control and rallied to a comfortable win at the end. Anke De Mondt finished with 24 points to lead Halcon Avenida. Sheila Alana (191-C-82) and Sancho Lyttle added 13 points each in the win. Lady Comfort notched 16 points for Villenueve. Ana-Maria Cata-Chitiga and Laurie Datchy netted 12 points apiece in defeat. Halcon Avenida will wrap up the qualifying round against Schio at home court. Lille will travel to Hungary to face MiZo Pecs.

MiZo Pecs - Gospic 90-78
Pecs recorded the third win in the Euroleague season. They held off visiting Gospic to clinch the fourth spot in Group C. Gospic fell at 1-8 record at the bottom of the standings. The teams traded baskets throughout the opening frame. But gradually MiZo Pecs started to get away. Nicole Ohlde (193-F/C-82, college: Kansas St.) scored 8 points in the starting frame as MiZo Pecs ensured a 22:17 lead at the first break. Ivezis helped Gospic to draw things level at the start of the second quarter. MiZo Pecs pulled away once again and enjoyed a 45:40 advantage at halftime. Augustine and Jelena Ivezic kept Gospic in the game at the beginning of the third stanza. Kelly Mazzante, Nicole Ohlde and Kmjic boosted the hosts lead to 8 points late in the frame. Alexandria Quigley opened a double-digit advantage for MiZo Pecs in the fourth quarter and the home team kept a tight grasp on the lead throughout the rest of the journey. Pecs finalized the win and booked the ticket into the next round. Nicole Ohlde scored 23 points and grabbed 9 rebounds to lead MiZo Pecs. Kelly Mazzante knocked down 17 points in the winning effort. Jelena Ivezic responded with 22 points for Gospic. Carla Thomas and Ivana Jurcevic scored 16 points each in the loss.

Group C
USK Praha - Dobri Anjeli 75-89
Dobri Anjeli earned a crucial road win in Czech Republic to boost their position in Group C of Euroleague qualifying round. Angel McCoughtry stepped up with 28 points and 15 boards to dominate the court. Candice Dupree was helpful with 23 points and 11 rebounds to help Dobri Anjeli clinch the second position in the pool. USK Praha opened the game with six points in a row and led throughout the opening frame. The Czech team enjoyed a narrow 23:21 lead at the first intermission. However Miljana Musovic (181-G-87) put the visitors ahead early in the second frame. Then Cadice Dupree and Angel McCoughtry stepped into the limelight. They combined for 14 points in a row as Dobri Anjeli took a 13-point lead. Michulkova and Miljana Miljana Musovic capped the half with back-to-back three-pointers as the margin grew at 14-point mark. USK Praha tried to change the course of the clash in the third period but all they could do was to cut the distance to 10 points. Maltsi and Sonja Kireta gave the home team hope when they trimmed the deficit to just 3 points in the fourth quarter. However Angel McCoughtry and Candice Dupree uttered the last word sealing the winning outcome for the visitors. Miljana Musovic delivered 12 points, 6 assists and 4 boards for Dobri Anjeli. Sonja Kireta responded with 21 points for USK Praha. Lindsay Whalen knocked down 15 points, grabbed 6 boards and issued 4 assists in defeat.

Bourges - Gorzow 84-57
Bourges Basket coasted to a home win against Gorzow to improve at 4-5 record in Euroleague Group C. The victory put the French outfit in the third place in the ladder. Bourges will host Rivas Ecopolis in the final round. Bourges played aggressive defence in the opening frame. Gorzow accounted for just 10 points trailing by 4 at the first break. Emmeline Ndongue and Styliani Kaltsidou (188-C/F-83) stretched the margin at 10 points late in the second period. Miyem and Styliani Kaltsidou opened the second half with 7 points in a row as Bourges jumped to a 17-point advantage. Gorzow did not figure out an adequate response and the hosts finished the period ahead by as many as 28 points. Gorzow did not have a single chance in the final quarter as Bourges rally to the victory. Styliani Kaltsidou tallied 26 points, 7 rebounds and 4 assists to lead the charge. Emmeline Ndongue produced 15 points and 15 rebounds for Bourges. Justyna Zurowska answered with game-high 27 points for Gorzow. Izabela Piekarska had 7 points and 12 boards in defeat. Bourges outrebounded their opponents 44:32 and forced those into 22 turnovers.

Rivas Ecopolis - MKB Eurol. 67-71
MKB Euroleasing surprised Rivas Ecopolis in Spain to grab 4-5 record in Group C. The Hungarian team needed the win more than the hosts and remain alive for the next level after 71:67 win. Although Rivas won already the group, the team continues to show great game. They started well and took 17:14 lead to finish at 22:19 after the first 10 minutes. MKB Euroleasing however made a run early in the second as they created a 9-0 run for 28:22. Ujhelyi later tied the game at 32:32 and Varga closed the half at 39:33 for the guests. Rivas again took the lead back later in the third quarter and stayed tought until the end of the frame. At first Langhorne Crystal tied the game at 46:46 and then Cruz Anna gave the hosts 48:46 advantage. The Spanish outfit took 57:52 lead after three quarters played.Their lead remained until last 4 minutes in the game when MKB Euroleasing desired the victory more. Milovanovic nailed 5 points in a row for the guests to have 64:62 lead. Amber Holt (183-G/F-85, college: Middle Tenn.St.) later scored from the perimeter for 68:67 and Eordogh made two free throws for 70:67. Honti scored the last points for the Hungarian side that won the game in Spain. Amber Holt poured in 18 points for the winners that need to beat Praha on January 20th to advance to the next stage. Milovanovic Jelena followed her with 12 points and Honti Kata posted 11. Langhorne Crystal finished the night with 19 points in defeat and Cruz Anna notched 13.

Group D
Fenerbahce - Szeged 98-78
Fenerbahce edged Szeged at home to take 6-3 record in Group D. In the first game of the group of the Qualifying Round 9 the hosts celebrated 98:78 victory. Emoke Furesz scored from the perimeter and Nicole Powell (188-G/F-82, college: Stanford) replied from the same distance for the hosts. The teams stayed tough until 7:7, while then the Turkish side took the lead fro good. Vardarli closed the first period at 31:17. In the second frame however the guests started to reduce and came within 42:41 as Vaida Sipaviciute nailed a jump shot. Nevriye Yilmaz sent the teams to the lockers at 44:41 as the intrigue remained in the game. The women from Hungary were destroyed in the third quarter, however, as they were outscored 33-8. That effectively put the result beyond doubt. Nicole Powell brought her team 71:49 after thirty minutes of the game.The task for the last time the hosts saw in keeping the score for good and reaching three digits win. Nicole Powell delivered 98th point as she made a jump shot with 11 seconds remaining. Emoke Furesz was the last player to score at the game for the final score. Six players scored in double digits for the winners as Nevriye Yilmaz led all of them with 22 points and 6 rebounds. Nicole Powell posted 19, while Esmeral Tuncluer notched 15. Vaida Sipaviciute finished the night with 25 points in the losing case.

Tarbes - Spartak V MR 75-78
Diana Taurasi (182-F/G-82, college: Connecticut) fired 33 points to lead the three-time defending champions to the ninth straight win at the tournament. Spartak Moscow Region escaped Tarbes GB with a 78:75 victory to remain undefeated in Group D of the EuroLeague Women. It was an easy start for the guests that took 9-0 lead in the game. Tarbes responded with 7-0 as Frida Eldebrink brought 9:7 on the board. Sylvia Fowles delivered the last points for the Russian team at the end of the quarter for 23:20 advantage. Tarbes was too far to step back and Houston gave the hosts 28:27 lead. In a back-to-back period Spartak grabbed 49:42 advantage at the halftime. Nothing had change in the third period as the leader held off their lead and even increased to 8 points at the end of the third frame. Tarbes however got ready for the final stanza. The French side pushed the tempo and tied the game at 73:73 when Yacoubou-Dehoui made two free throws. Taurasi and Jekabsone-Zogota scored the last points for Spartak, while again Yacoubou-Dehoui made it 78:75 with 3 minutes in the game. Those points were however the last in the game as defense preserved in the court in the last minutes. Spartak Moscow Region managed to save the lead and improved to 9-0 record on top of Group D. Sylvia Fowles added 17 points for Spartak in France. Frida Eldebrink notched 19 points for Tarbes as they suffered the seventh loss.

Lotos Gdynia - Frisco Sika 77-73
Lotos Gdynia that had some changes in the roster after the New Year celebrated an important victory in Round 9. In the last game of Group D EuroLeague the Polish side beat Frisco Sika Brno 77:73. Phillips Erin opened the game for the hosts, while Viteckova nailed a jump shot for the guests. Both teams were tied at 16, 18 and 19 as Jujka made a lay-up for 21:20 lead after the first quarter. The second frame was the nightmare for the team from Czech Republic that could not stay on race with Lotos. After 27-15 in the frame the Polish side took 48:35 halftime advantage. Moreover Ivana Matovic (197-C-83) brought plus 15 for the hosts early in the third quarter. The team from Brno was too far to give up and McWilliams's three brought 53:49. Skerovic nailed another three-pointer for 59:56 as the teams left the court after 30 minutes. Frisco Sika Brno could not step in front and trailed in the whole last frame, however was too close even to win the game. Kulichova Petra tied the game at 67:67 and Grima trailed one with her team after 70:69. Ivana Matovic nailed last seven points for the winners to win the important clash with her team. She top-scored for the winners with 17 points in the game. Phillips Erin followed her with 16 and Tomialowicz Olivia added 12. Kulichova Petra ended up with 19 points in the losing effort, while Bonner DeWanna added 14.

  GERMANY - Women  

Evo New Basket Oberhausen sign Desire Almind - by Eurobasket
evo New Basket Oberhausen strengthened their roster with addition of 28-year old American forward Desire Almind (180-F-82, college: Bucknell, agency: LBM Management). Almind played most recently at Szeviep Szeged (Hungary). While playing EuroCup for Szeged her stats were: 8 games: 9.3ppg, 4.8rpg, 2.0spg; Hungarian League: 9 games: 7.4ppg, 5.0rpg and 1.1spg. and was awarded: Hungarian League Finalist -09
in her first game with Oberhausen, Almind played 27 minutes and scored 12 points 11 rebounds and 2 assists.
By Eurobasket Data Center

  ICELAND - Women  

First round 2010 - by Eurobasket
First round in Iceland Express league tonight. No upset this time.
Grindavik beat Valur 69-59. Petrunella Skuladottir with good game for Grindavik 21 pts. Michele DeVault added 19. For Valur Dranadia Roc 28 points.
Snaefell 65 Keflavik 81 Sherell Hobbs 17 Bjorg Einarsdottir 15 for Snaefell. Birna Valgardsdottir 19 Bryndis Gudmundsdottir 18 for Keflavik.
KR 77 Hamar 49. Top team KR struggling most of first half but in second half team run over Hamar. Jenny Pfeiffer-Finora with good game from the bench for KR 18 pts Hildur Sigurdardottir & Gudrun Thorsteinsdottir 13. For Hamar Kristrun Sigurjonsdottir 18 pts.
Haukar had a easy night beating Grindavik. Heather Ezell (175-G-87, college: Iowa St.) hot in first half 35 pts and ended game with 40 pts. 10 rebs & 13 assist. 8/10 from three point line. Kiki Jean Lund 17 pts
For Njardvik Shandrell Moss 30 pts & 15 rebs.Olof Helga Palsdottir 17

  NIGERIA - Women  

Nigeria will shock the World if ... - Sadiq - by Olusegun Ikuesan
United States of America-based Nigeria senior women national team DTigress forward, Rashidat Sadiq, in a recent interview with Bunmi Ogunyale declared among other issues that the former African Champions will shock the world if the team is given adequate preparation ahead of major international competitions. Excerpts;

The dwindling fortunes Nigeria national teams in recent time?

To me, the dwindling fortunes can be associated to the relatively young players in the team and I believe that with a little exposure, the young ones would mature. I also believe that poor preparation ahead major championships are also a big problem for us because we don't get to prepare for any tournament well ahead of time. It's surprising that we have always got the job done in spite of constant poor preparations. But it is better to improve especially as it concern preparation, so that we can avoid embarrassment in the future.

What are your gains as a basketball player so far?

Basketball has done a lot for me. It has taken me to places where I never thought that I would ever visit when I was coming up in the game. The game gave me exposure because I was fortunate to travel overseas to play basketball professionally after my college years. Above all, the game has really enlightened me.

Your greatest moment in the national team player?

Yes, one of my greatest moments was when we played against Mozambique in the Olympic qualifiers in Maputo in 2003 and I was able to make some vital points which assisted our team to pick the Olympic ticket ahead of other teams at the Africa Championship. I believe that remained my most memorable moment in the national team.

Regrets as a player?

No, I don't have any because basketball has been good to me and nothing at all can separate me from the game. I don't have any regret playing basketball. And I don't think my friends have any too.

Your sojourn abroad?

It was really easy for me because I am a hardworking player and I have the desire to take my career to the next level. So, it was very easy for me when I got to the States. I was able to create an impression and they all knew there was a Nigerian in the Central Arizona College team. I was able to set records with the team and they still remember my exploits in the US up till this moment.

Target as a player?

I still dream of playing for a Women National Basketball Association (WNBA) team in the US and also taking my country to the World Cup.

Would you have chosen to play for another country instead of Nigeria ?

In basketball, it is a win or lose situation and I don't regret playing for my country because its an honour to be called-up by your national team, it shows your effort is being appreciated and that you are recognize by your fatherland.
Who is Rashidat Sadiq?

Rashidat Sadiq is an easy going and hard working young lady born in Ibadan South-west Nigeria I had my high school education at Ibadan Methodist Girls (IMG), also known as Sharp Corner.

I was a former tennis and soccer player. It was at that time that the school authority constructed a basketball court and they invited other schools for a competition. So, I decided to join the school team and I enjoyed every moment of it. It was fun. So, they got a basketball coach to train us the basics of the game.

In the first week, I was able to learn few tricks and I started training with the boys. I got so acquainted with the game and I always go to train at the Adamasingba Stadium, Ibadan whenever the school is not on session. I was able to develop my work ethics to the extent that the Police team saw me practicing and they asked me to join their team. And when I told my mum about it, she was initially skeptical about me joining the Police team, but after mush persuasion she gave that was how it all started.

I then traveled with the Police team to Kano and Bauchi for a national competition where I was spotted by officials of First Bank basketball club of Lagos .

I later joined the First Bank team where I remained until I left for the UAS to further my studies and today I play professional basketball.

I would say First Bank basketball club gave me the break in my career because I won the Nigeria domestic league for a number of times and represented the country with the club winning the African title twice in 2003 and 2009

About marriage?

Oh! Marriage, for now, I reserve my comment about marriage, (laughs).
By: Olusegun Ikuesan & Bunmi Ogunyale

Rashidat Sadiq (188-F-81)

  RUSSIA - Women  

UMMC Ekaterinburg sign Candace Parker - by Eurobasket
UMMC Ekaterinburg strengthened their roster with addition of 24-year old American power forward Candace Parker (193-F/C-86, college: Tennessee). Parker played most recently at Los Angeles Sparks (WNBA) in the U.S. While playing 31 games for L.Angeles S. her stats were: 14.1ppg, 9.9rpg ( best in the league), 2.4apg and 2.1bpg ( best in the league). and she was awarded All-WNBA Defensive 2nd Team -09 and All-WNBA 2nd Team -09
in her first game with UMMC, Parker played 19 minutes and scored 18 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists
By Eurobasket Data Center